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Found 45 results

  1. I'm new to roleplay and am looking for a little help in creating my character for the application. I'm a little lost on where to find information and where to start with my character, I have no idea what I want her back story to be- where she's from and all that. I know her name is Muya and she's a wood elf. I tried going through the lore but it's a little difficult knowing what cities are being used currently and what lore to include in my backstory as it's hard to know when everything happened and what year the role play is currently in. I'd appreciate any and all kind of help so please, either reply to me here or my Discord is Kytux1103 #3061 Thank you in advance.
  2. When This knife comprised of any kind of pie, pumpkin, strawberry, cake, egg, poop, urin, wood, silver, gold, live ferrets, live bears, live owls, live cats, live bats, a bat, a bear, a cat, or even a blueberry pie, touches a living thing, then that thing will be consumed by the pie and turn the pie into a pie shortsword, then a pie sword, then a pie longsword, then a pie greatsword, then a pie. all with the same properies, except for the pie, which is just a normal cow pie. (pile of cow poop)
  3. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hall, they started experimenting with the gem. Frey started to heat it up to an absurd amount of heat, the pressurized gem started to heat up and melt in the cauldron of the specialized forge, the gem had to be under pressure of the forge, molten steel was added to the gem fluid. The fluid started to turn a pale green color. Upon his first blade, he noticed that it was quite poisonous. The first animal he slashed died within two days of the initial slash, a faint green color surrounding the wound. When in sunlight the blade shines like the still water with sun cast upon it. The strength test proved more than expected, it was a lot stronger than normal steel. The guild of Frey are tempted to use it as their best blade yet, but his slayer steel is the pride of the guild. The mixture of Gem and steel must be cooled down and cast into an ingot for proper use, also cooled down as fast as possible. The ratio of gem and steel must be 3:1. This steel has been perfected for slashing, it has a potent metal poison. The heat needed for the perfect mixture conditions is at least 2500 Fahrenheit (1371 Celsius) The steel needs to be molten separately before adding it to the gem.
  4. Throughout many centuries among the lands of Arcas, Centaurs roamed as a peaceful band of creatures, undisturbed by humanity and the other entirely unaware of their very existence on the plains and islands. This is, until civilization pushed too far out into the islands and the centaurs were forced to move themselves farther away- out of the reach of the human grasp. No one was aware of this, as the lone intruder had been trampled by men and women alike protecting their fillies and colts. This was simply taken as the man had been attacked by a wild beast, partly true by name of being attacked. The descendants and their company moved on throughout the years unbothered until late on a thunderous afternoon. Storms brewed and roared their presence, a downpour breaking away from the sky as a traveler was washed into a flash flood, forced into the river. A shriek loud enough to prove competition for a banshee as the nearby centaur settlement was startled. An arabian stallion made his way out, shoes on his hooves to help keep his ground as he found the source of the sound- Alikar. Fishing the boy out with the help of vines, the centaur reigned him in and cradled him on the journey back to the settlement. Long since used to such weather severities, they had built to withstand and settled the boy aside a fire in a house and let him warm. The boy, of the morning, woke to see these strange beings staring down at him. Half descendant, half equine. Some even proving to be mules, donkeys, or mini-horses as they gathered ‘round the human boy. After hours of talking and the equines explaining that they had been forced off their land, Alikar offered to bring any orphans to his herd of horses. After some back and forth discussion about safety and feeding, an agreement was made upon this. From then on, Alikar’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren tended the herd in secret. Ensuring their wellbeing with an iron fist and a shepherd's axe. …. Centuries later with a creak of a rotted fence, the first centaur is released into civilization with a shiver of hide and a hoof on damp grass. The bright eyes of youth skim over the world ahead, and the thunder of strong hooves beats throughout the forest without a further thought to it. Centaurs follow a nomadic lifestyle, and always did in the olden days. As they forage from fruit trees and sugar cane. Their teeth are unlike a human’s, and are flat for grinding leaves and grass. They commonly snap off branches and chew the leaves for some hours, and rarely if ever finding the need to make a bedding spot. They will, however, avoid dry areas as though they’re a plague and stick more to damp jungle environments where food is plentiful. Horses will, if unable to find a jungle or forest, live on islands or the beach. Though they prefer to have immediate food nearby. Their mindset is more understanding of danger than a horse, but it does not prevent a skittish behavior of one. Once presented with a loud and sudden noise, or a predator a centaur on instinct will avoid conflict as much as possible. The only deliberate conflict that will rise is from stallions and mares deciding pecking order on merging into a new herd, and this will not be fatal under any circumstance unless the stallion is attempting to become the new herd leader. Even then, this only warrants the chasing off of the other stallion. Under no circumstance will a fight be started otherwise by a centaur, it is against their nature and could be considered lore-breaking to do so. They will only fight when being actively injured with no other option but to fight back for survival or if blatantly trapped. The flight response is immediate, and when presented with a sword waving in their face they will instinctively find a way to avoid conflict rather than stirring it. More on Descendant interaction: They can be ridden by descendants and will happily give piggyback rides to children. They offer a more gentle nature to those they recognize as young children of other races, and will prove a bit softer around them. With normal descendants they can prove to become good and trusting friends, even going so far as a saddle to be allowed made for them. This will, however, take a very deep bond and requires at least four IRL months of interaction between the two. They are to be played with no ‘toughboy’ mindset. Albeit they are free to have attitude, the centaurs are skittish creatures and will find absolutely no shame in running or avoiding conflict altogether. Stress is easily brought upon the animal, if being led by a normal person and not by a trusted friend through a marketplace the noise and sudden sounds can provoke shivering and twitchiness. Meaning that a stray kick once or twice isn’t unheard of. As well as trying to force them to adorn clothing they have not chosen. (Yes, your centaur has to wear clothing female or not). Physical Description: Centaurs tower depending on their breed. An average horse of any type will stand between 6’0 and 8’0 of height. Unless which is decided to be a mini horse, which will stand at 2’0 to 4’0 in height. The option of fur coat pattern CAN be chosen by the player but it MUST under all circumstances be a fur coat that has happened in real life. In such a case another player were to ask you to find it, you must be able to via a REAL horse. Fantasy pictures will not suffice for this and nor will drawings unless you have the horse that the drawing was based off of for a commission done by another player. They can wear shoes like a normal horse can, and they will have the organs that a horse and human will in the separate bodies. Such as needed for the function of both bodies, as one heart will not suffice them. Physically, the human ‘half’ will have a horse’s ears that will match their fur pattern, and their hair will only be that of which you can find that a horse has naturally. Being a centaur, their human backside is particularly vulnerable as they cannot twist to protect it often times. Though it is a dangerous venture to mount the creature unwelcomed as this will bring a flurry of shrieking and bucking. The human spine more delicate and weak of the over-all petite like frame. A centaur has no more abilities than a normal horse and human have, and are created by a horse and rider dying out in the forest. Spores floating among the forest combine with that of the rotting carcass and human can combine to form new life after death. Red Lines Re-Stated The option of fur coat pattern CAN be chosen by the player but it MUST under all circumstances be a fur coat that has happened in real life. In such a case another player were to ask you to find it, you must be able to via a REAL horse. Fantasy pictures will not suffice for this Centaurs may ONLY have children with other centaurs and can only have one child in their lifetime, this applies to males as well. After once bred, they are sterile. Their partner may not change unless the other dies, as they mate for life. Choose wisely. A centaur has no more abilities than a normal horse and human have Centaurs may not fight anything but herd leaders and cannot attack unless directly forced upon with a conflict being the ONLY means of safety. This includes surrounding a centaur with ropes, waving swords at them and surrounding them, they do not have to be injured to attack. They will first try to run and if they are assaulted or stop fighting may ensue. Centaurs cannot learn magic of any kind, as they are not advanced enough to comprehend it and will just become confused by learning it but can understand that it is not dangerous after multiple times of exposure. While they can be ridden, centaurs cannot be ridden into conflict or they will buck the rider and run as fast as possible away from it. This can be considered lorebreaking if it is done. While they can help farmers, they can’t be whipped or blinded during work, as this will startle them more than a normal horse since their descendant half will consider this an attack and or abuse and will begin to struggle. Do not mistake any of the above as centaurs cannot have a bad attitude, they can and will the same as any descendant With normal descendants they can prove to become good and trusting friends, even going so far as a saddle to be allowed made for them. This will, however, take a very deep bond and requires at least four IRL months of interaction between the two. Jumping on a centaur and/or beating it before the four month IRL bond will not make the beast trust you and they cannot be ‘tamed’. Once the trust is broken, the player has the right to attack the person in question if they are mounted. The purpose of writing this lore was to help bring a newer aspect to having equine creatures around. We were wanting to have people be able to have another player as their friend but still be able to include the aspect of perhaps western riding or English and not have to worry about playing the horse too. In this sense, they are not quite pets as they do have a slightly higher mental function but not quite as much as humans. Though they do possess the ability to speak common and learn basic greetings of other language by memory. This also offers a unique opportunity to play one of the more ‘wild’ races aside from a kha and offers a bit more variety of the category Please give a HUGE thanks to Space_Gene as I so rudely forgot to include his credits before in this post. This was his idea and I only wrote out what his imagination wanted- so definitely give him a good hunk of credit.
  5. THE EAGLES VIGIL, MILITARY CODE The Vigil is the professional standing army of Courland. This army includes all subordinate nobility pledged to the Duke’s cause. The men and women serving in the Vigil are stalwart soldiers capable of keeping the watch and acting according to the policies set before them. Section I: Tradition Motto: Stand Honorably, Stand Respectfully, Stand Readily. By tradition, Westmarch has been apathetic toward religion, however; as anointed, the Holy Orenian Empire has the final say, and Westmarch follows canonism. However: those of other religions, though not heretical, are permitted to practice in the military. This is to the extent that they do not impede another soldier’s ability to perform. The military is open to all races that understand and can speak, properly, the human language. The exception to this is the Kharajir. This race has been deemed unfit to serve in the Westmarch military by the Duke, and are therefore barred from enlistment. The Eagles Vigil is a professional military, and must present themselves to the public with a professional attitude at all times. This includes being respectful, and honorable. Committing a crime whilst bearing the uniform will not be tolerated. There has always been a bard in the military. The bard is a respected member, as he brings morale to the men, and is expected to bring merriment during celebrations. There is a watchstander at all times. The watchstander must note and pass on any information gathered during his watch to his supervisor, as well as present himself as the direct hand of the Marshal. This is an extremely important duty, and all who stand are the pinnacle of professionalism. Section II: Discipline Discipline is the most important ideal in the military, for it is what separates a soldier from a peasant. Care for one’s armor, grooming, and respect for military tradition is of utmost importance. Failure to uphold the Vigils values means a failure as a soldier. A soldier must keep his gear clean and in good condition. The soldier must respect his living space, keeping it clean and tidy, as it is subject to inspection at all times. A soldier must obey and respect all officers, nobility, and standards not cased. A soldier will present name and rank upon inquisition from all outside entities, with the exception of current hostiles. When performing watch-standing duties, the soldier must remain in a watch-standing station, except to transit to another watch post. When being relieved, regardless of rank, the watch-stander and relief will salute, stating “We change watch at this hour, and so the Vigil continues.” When watch-standing, all guests must be noted, and all situations reported. If in doubt during a situation, a supervisor must be reached. Section III: Rank As it has always been, men must be led, and those chosen must lead, whereas the rest will follow. Rank is the hierarchy of the Eagles Vigil, and the word of the Duke is above all. Senior Command Lord Marshal The Lord Marshal is the master of the Eagles Vigil, in war and peace. He is charged with leading the war effort, and ensuring security and peace throughout Westmarch. Commander The Commander is a skilled strategist, entrusted to lead the military alongside the Lord Marshal. He is chosen from the officers that display the utmost of merit and loyalty. Power over a specific section of the Vigil may be assigned to him. Decurion The Decurion is a stern and charismatic disciplinary that is well-versed in the principles of discipline and stewardship, often spending time with newly-enlisted soldiers to educate them. They also are expected to organize and establish drills and exercises at which all members are encouraged to attend. He is in charge of all training being accomplished, and all discipline being handed out as appropriate. He is charged with making sure the watch schedules are formed, as well as training times. Command Lieutenant The Lieutenant is in charge of ensuring the relationship between officers and enlisted are strong. He performs routine trainings as given by the Decurion, and ensures patrols are being accomplished. Ensign An Ensign is an officer of more manciple tendencies, heading matters such as recruitment, and keeping track of pay. He gives training to the men, and ensures proper procedures are being followed. Enlisted Decanus The elite of the Vigil, the Sergeants are the valiant warriors that have dedicated their lives to attaining discipline and willpower. Once a soldier has proven his prowess in battle, he may be granted such a rank. Decanus wield minor authority, however they are in charge of leading patrols and keeping discipline within the enlisted ranks. Man-At-Arms The Men-at-Arms are the imposing product of the Vigil’s intensive training procedures, weathered soldiers who have been exposed to the rough of battle and have prevailed. They are the backbone of the army. Footman Having endured the drillmasters’ harsh discipline, the Footmen have shown their potential through both adherence to the hierarchy and an aptitude in the martial practices. Although untested by battle, these capable loyal soldiers have earned the respect of their brethren, their fellow order-men. They are prepared to serve the Duke, to enforce his law, and to present a professional output towards the environment. Initiate The new blood of the order, the Initiates have yet to take the oath and to prove their worth. Tasked with grunt work, and subjected to the harsh discipline of the Drillmasters, these green young men are evaluated and pushed to their limits over the course of their initiation, at the end of which they are assigned to the watch. Though young and inexperienced, these aspiring soldiers comprise the future of the Eagle’s Vigil. Application RP: Name: Age: Affiliations, or Past Affiliations (IC, not OOC): Experience, if any: Place of Residence: Are you willing to PK if the proper roleplay permits?: OOC: MC Name: Discord (For an invite): Any questions or comments you may have:
  6. So I’m fairly new to all of this and I’m working on making my first character. I’m wanting to make a Halfling with a bit of a twist and I was hoping I could get some help on this. Especially related to the location in which they come from. I checked the wiki for Halflings and found that all of the locations there are listed as no longer around so I though it best to check here to see what I can find out
  7. ((OOC thread. No metagaming.)) Message Cancer Patient 0#6211 on Discord if you want to play one of Omar Grimmer’Lak’s children.
  8. A conservationist guild of like-minded individuals from all races and walks of life. They take mercenary contracts as well, like some other ranger guilds, but their main goal is to patrol the wilds of Atlas and preserve the balance of nature and peace between the peoples, animals, and plants of the world. Pursuant to their creed, Rangers of the Wild fill many roles. Some, the Ranger-Sentinels, prefer to walk the lonely roads at night, defending travelers from aggressive and over-populated spiders and undead. Some, the Ranger-Wildsmen, prefer to hunt wild game and feral farm animals to maintain and curtail invasive or otherwise detrimental populations. The latter serves as secondary source of food for the Rangers, as well. Some Rangers prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible, either tending to the Rangers’ crops and animals (Ranger-Keepers), or serving as diplomats for the Rangers and/or the individual’s race in locations where tensions are high. These Ranger Envoys are the mediators and welcoming hand of the Rangers, and are certainly not looked down upon for wishing to stay clear of bloodshed. Another non-combatant rank of the Rangers are the Ranger-Scribes, who collect lore, both fact and fiction, from around the land. Any and all subjects are accepted into the library, even those that some might consider… untoward. Finally, any and all fully inducted Rangers may take quests or task, such as clearing out monstrous beasts from a cavern for a treasure hunter (serving as a sort of body-gaurd or guide), exploring unknown areas and creating maps for cartographers unable to traverse the extremes of the land themselves, hunting down bandits that have preyed upon the weak, et cetera, et cetera. RANKS Ranger-Master: Lythorien Banebow Ranger-Captains: None Ranger-Sentinels: None Ranger Envoys: None Ranger Scribes: None Ranger Keepers: None Ranger-Wildsmen: None Recruits: Illondr (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Aragwen Arcanscape (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Stevron Gollick (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) Gray Fullhood (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Daisy Applefoot (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Elawynn Caerme’onn (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) Former Members: Karren Myrsta (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Deceased) Jarsek Myrsta (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) (Deceased) Sarah Boliver (Maiden Name: Thompson) (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) (Missing/Likely Deceased) Kayen (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Missing) Alsulf Venari (Ranger-Sentinel) (Missing/Likely Deceased) Aladar Viathran (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) (Left of Their Own Volition) The Rangers of the Wild Creed "I swear to abide by the by-laws of the Rangers of the Wild. I relinquish my former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." OUT of CHARACTER REGULATIONS Don’t be a d**k. No making jokes about sensitive topics, such as suicide, or racial, political, religious, ethnic, and other kinds of slurs (don’t say f***ot or tranny. Just don’t), no accusing someone of being a special snowflake or a cuck. If you don’t like something and have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If someone says something you are doing is bothering them (like repeatedly referencing something that triggers panic episodes or flashbacks in said person), and earnestly means it, just drop it. It’s not worth them reporting you to higher-ups and getting booted That’s pretty much it. Just tell us if you’re going away for a while if you can, but activity is not required. Not every character that joins is going to be played every day. We get that. Just give us some common courtesy and don’t dip out of a RP or plot in progress without some warning. These regulations are subject to change, be added to, or removed at any time without warning. IN-CHARACTER BY-LAWS: All races, Descendant or no, are welcome in the ranks of the Rangers of the Wild so long as they abide by the tenets set forth here, and do not cause trouble with others of races differing form them. Any Ranger found to be practicing xenophobic activities or using slurs or unequal treatment due to race, gender, social status, sexuality, et cetera, will be subject to a verbal warning, then a monetary fine, then imprisonment, then banishment. Any Ranger caught acting violently to another Ranger or neutral person is subject to imprisonment and/or banishment depending on the severity. Murder will warrant banishment and possible handing over to the authorities of the nation wronged. Relating to By-Law 1, recruits must relinquish their titles and rights held within their native nations if said titles conflict with Ranger custom. All recruits must denounce their allegiances if they conflict with Ranger practices (i.e. Mali’fenn Rangers may not continue to be aligned with the Fenn because this would mean they would be duty-bound to harm other races). Recruits may, however, maintain contact and relationships with members of their former allegiances, as well as protect the cities, towns, and settlements they live in from attackers, so long as said relationships do not conflict with Ranger values in other ways. You must NEVER contribute to attacks, raids, territorial disputes, or any other aggressions associated with a nation or other organization. Such activities invite ire upon the Rangers, and go against our ways. Rangers caught revealing sensitive information or aligning themselves with a specific nation against another nation, are subject to banishment without prior warnings. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Rangers, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, monetary fines, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. Regardless of intent, all Rangers must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. These by-laws are subject to change, be added to, or have tenets removed without warning, though Rangers and recruits will be notified once they are in place. **(To apply, copy and paste-this format into a a reply on this thread. An example of a filled-out application is below the form)** APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: (Required) Discord Username: (Required) Skype Username: (Optional) Nickname Preferred: (If any. State whether you’d like to be referred to by your character or player name) Real-Life Age: (Required) Preferred Pronoun(s): (He/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) Activity Level: (Rangers will not be kicked for inactivity, but they will be assumed lost or killed until they return) Main Character or Secondary Character?: (Required) RP Sample As Applying Persona: (Required) IC Information Character’s Full Name: (First name, middle, last name, and, if you wish, maiden name) Current and/or Former Titles Held: (Titles from other factions and nations) Notable Connections Within a Nation or Other Organization: (Including but not limited to: a guard or noble) Race: (Main/most predominant race) Sub-Race: (If your character has any blood from another race. If not applicable, say N/A) Sex & Gender: (if they are the same, simply state one) Birth Year/Current Age: (Please use in-character LoTC year) Birthplace: (If a character is unwilling to give this information, or does not know, state so in-character) Desired Rank: (Please only choose one Ranger rank) Training Known: (Any skills, including swordsmanship, archery, writing, tracking game, atc) Training Desired/Needed: (I.e. if your character can’t read or write, someone is obviously helping them do this application or it’s being done in person. They’d ask for help with learning that skill in-character) Character's For Wishing to Join the RotW: (Please write in-character using quotation marks) "By signing this document, you agree to the by-laws above and any the Ranger-Master and Ranger-Captains deem worthy of adding. You agree to relinquish your former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." (State yes or no in-character, and type their full name without their title)
  9. Players/Group Requesting: Kaz'Ulrah dwarves What kind of Event are you looking for?: Old school dungeon / monster killing. There general area & antagonists are set, and there are some details to include. Other than that, the ET member taking it has full freedom. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Next Weekend (14th, 15th or 16th) Organizer's Discord: Ronald Reagan#9284
  10. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  11. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  12. World In Flames 1933 The Reboot! Prologue 12 years ago, the War to End all Wars officially concluded with the Treaty of Versailles. However its name was far from misleading. Its end only brought about more bloodshed than ever before. The great empires of Europe had been exhausted and depleted from the fighting, drained of much of their strength; Their public weary of war. Coupled with the extreme economic downturn of the 1920s, the world was plunged into chaos. In China, the disintegration had long preceded the conclusion of the Great War. Following the death of Yuan Shikai in 1916, the country was torn apart by competing warlords and political movements. In the north the Fengtian Clique makes massive gains, against both what remains of the central government, as well as Communist guerrillas based in Taiyuan. In the south, the government loses ever more influence as the warlords of Guangxi, Fujian, and Jiangsu tighten their grip on the more industrial and developed regions of the country. In The United States, extreme economic hardships brought on by the Great Depression bred radicalism and contempt for the government, this came to a head in October of 1930 when radical communist, syndicalist, and socialist rebels stormed the capital in Washington DC. Though the rebellion had little sustenance, it prompted a chain reaction that rippled through much of the industrial north and rustbelt states. In a matter of months, the rebels had dealt devastating defeats to demoralized and disheartened federal troops. With faith in the federal government eroding rapidly, southern and west coast states systematically broke off from the failing government. Though on the verge of collapse, the rebel onslaught was eventually halted at the Mississippi and a stalemate set in. After roughly 2 years of fighting, a shaky peace sets in across the former United States. In Europe a new ideology rises across the former central powers. Sweden, after being robbed of honor and territory during the Great War is toppled, a fascist dictatorship taking its place. Italy, Hungary, and Germany are no exceptions either; as all three see a rise in similar regimes. The Balkans too remain ever heated, as Austrian and Hungarian claims to the old empire remain ever prevalent and their bitter rivalry continues. The British isles are engulfed in chaos, similar to that of the United States as Ireland and Scotland declare separation from the Empire amidst extreme hardship. Their rebellions have proved relatively successful, the Irish have liberated all but a few ports, where only the might of the Royal Navy cements British influence. Scottish forces to have pushed past their own boundaries, dealing a series of surprising defeats to the British. On the Italian peninsula, the Rise of Mussolini and his fascist rule is not unopposed, in late 1932 rebels seize control of southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia proclaiming a new Kingdom of Sicily. In The Middle East tensions rise, an Egyptian revolt forces the British out of the Suez and much of the province itself. The Empire in scrambles can do little at present to stop it. In Ottoman Arabia, the decaying Empire’s grip continues to loosen as independence, and Arabian nationalists threaten to boot the Turks from the region entirely. Major & Interesting nations Europe British Empire (taken) German Reich (taken) Military Russia France (taken) Austria (taken) Hungary Sweden Italy Kingdom of Sicily Asia Empire of Japan Fengtian Clique People’s Liberation Army Chinese Nationalist Government Guangxi Warlords Fujian Warlords Jiangsu Warlords Middle East Ottoman Empire Sultanate of Egypt North America United States of America Communist States of America Confederate States of America (taken) Pacific States of America Central American Republic Application Discord Name; Country of choice; Head of State; Government type; Suggestions/Feedback/Questions; Join the Discord Server Here → https://discord.gg/pSd78x
  13. Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (1912) In Hindsight; Globalization Characteristic of the pre-1914 decades was what we would now call globalization. Trade may have risen from one thirtieth to one third of world production between 1800 and 1913; between 1855 and 1914 investment flows grew 20 times. Europe accounted for nearly two thirds of global trade and even more of global investment, and from the 1890s Europe’s major currencies were fixed in value in relation to each other under the international gold standard. Hundreds of thousands of foreign-born labourers worked in the heavy industries of French Lorraine and Germany’s Ruhr. The British writer Norman Angell in his 1909 best-seller, Europe’s Optical Illusion, maintained that war between advanced modern economies was now irrational. Yet British naval planners saw economic interdependence as making Germany more vulnerable, and the German General Staff considered war remained a viable option, at least if victory came quickly. Democratization A second 19th-century characteristic was democratization. By 1914 all the European Powers had elected lower houses of parliament, and a majority of the adult male population was enfranchised. The press was relatively free, and citizens could form parties and pressure groups. Nonetheless, in Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia ministers answered to monarchs rather than to a parliamentary majority, and the military chiefs were not subordinate to civilian statesmen. Moreover, as international tension mounted, public opinion polarized, more moderate and progressive tendencies being offset by nationalism and militarism. Europe’s socialist parties opposed wars of conquest and aggression but were willing to endorse a war fought for just cause and in self-defence, which in 1914 all the governments would claim to be fighting. Military Revolutions The 19th century had also witnessed a succession of military revolutions. At sea, steel had superseded wooden hulls and steam had superseded sail. HMS Dreadnought, launched by Britain in 1906 with turbine engines and 10 12-inch guns, made all existing battleships obsolete. On land, Prussia’s combination of universal liability to conscription, forward strategic planning by a General Staff, and railway-borne mobilization helped win the wars of German unification, and was widely emulated. Breech-loading cannon with rifled steel barrels replaced smooth-bore muzzle-loaders, and infantry rifles replaced muskets. Smokeless high explosive replaced powder in bullets and shells, and the modern field gun fired up to 20 rounds per minute. Yet although on balance these developments favored defenders over attackers, military planners concluded from the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War that offensive tactics could still prevail, albeit at much higher cost than before. A balance of power? Peace therefore depended on more traditional devices such as the balance of power and deterrence. In the 1870s and 1880s the newly unified German Second Empire under the Chancellorship of Otto von Bismarck was not only the strongest Continental military power but also spun a web of alliances that left France – resentful of its defeat in 1870 – isolated. The Austro-German alliance of 1879 developed into the Triple Alliance (including Italy) in 1882, and Russia too concluded agreements with the German-led bloc. But after Wilhelm II became Emperor he allowed the connection with Russia to lapse, facilitating the formation in 1891-94 of a Franco-Russian alliance. Even so, for a time the two groupings balanced each other, and Russia and France were in rivalry not only with Germany but also (in Central Asia and in Africa) with Britain. So secure did Germany still feel that from 1898 it too challenged Britain through a major program of North Sea battleship building. The beginning of the 20th century After 1904-07, the line-up became more ominous. Russia was weakened for several years after its defeat by Japan. Germany tried but failed to form a German-Franco-Russian bloc excluding Britain. Instead the British compromised over their extra-European disputes with the French in the ‘Entente cordiale’ of 1904 and over those with the Russians in 1907, and began co-operating diplomatically with their former adversaries. In 1902 Italy had reached a separate understanding with France. Germany’s leaders protested that the Triple Entente ‘encircled’ them, while their one remaining reliable ally, Austria-Hungary, was a multi-national empire that was hobbled by inter-ethnic disputes and menaced by a growing confrontation with its neighbour, Serbia, which with Russian encouragement fomented separatism among Austria-Hungary’s South Slavs. After 1905 Europe experienced a succession of diplomatic crises that heightened antagonism between the two blocs. From 1912 the Anglo-German naval race lost impetus, as a land arms race between the Austro-German and Franco-Russian alliances superseded it. In retrospect it is easy to discern the warning signs. But at the time they were less evident, and as late as spring 1914 tensions seemed to be easing. The French Socialist leader, Jean Jaurès, believed the peaceful resolution of so many crises had bred a dangerous complacency. If you have read all this, congratulations! List a U.S state to answer if you have read all the information in Application area.. Nonetheless, a general war was not inevitable until deliberate decisions created it...... It is the time before what people will call the War to end all wars. Europe is at the zenith of it’s true power. It’s colonies spread all across the globe. The United States at this time was seen as a child. It had no true impact on European affairs. Up until this year history as we know it has continued uninterrupted. But things are changing more rapidly than anyone knows. Leaders and government are becoming more prone to listen to outside elements. And slowly but surely history begins to alter. Things will not play exactly as they once had before. Anything is possible within the realm of realism. Will the Archduke actually be shot? What events will lead up to it. Perhaps the German plan changes, what if they had focused elsewhere? Events were so decisive in history that the world gradually fell into world war. World War is almost certainly inevitable. But many various factors changed or removed could drastically alter how and where it was fought. It will be up to the players leading their nations to try to steer its course. One that may present a massive challenge. The various autocratic and democratic governments are pits of intrigue and politics. OOC ((Please Read the entire Thread. very useful information)) This will be a slightly alternate history Forum thread focusing on the start date 1912. Everything up to this point has been the same as regular history. The governments, leaders, and people all exist and lead in the nations you pick. You can of course introduce your own characters and leaders. But they would have to make their way into power, against any ruling family or government. It will be up to you to decide what alliances and deals are forged. You most of course try to stay within the realm of reason. For instance the Germans and Austrians going to war, or British and Ottomans allying would be rather out of line. Of course you may try anything but the responses will be harsh. This FRp focuses on the question of just how a WW1 could be dictated. What if the British stayed out of the war? Or if the Germans did not invade through Belgium? What if France was the one starting the war. There are many questions it will be up to you to ask, and answer. Players will have the option to take control of the great powers at the time. Smaller nations and colonies are not open for application. It will be focused on a small ring of players making the choices that will dictate the world. Great Powers United Kingdom German Empire French Republic Austrian Empire Italy Russia United States Ottoman Empire Japan China Brazil Lesser Nations Potentially Applicable Belgium Netherlands Spain Serbia Bulgaria At the end of each post you will have an Actions section. Here you will outline the contents of your post into bite sized chunks I can then become aware of and react to. Detail what your nation has done for the time. Each turn is half a year. https://scottmanning.com/content/world-war-i-troop-statistics/ ((To give a view on how large each nation’s army is. It’ll be up to the player to find statistics on their army/navy starting size.)) Application Discord Name; Nation of Choice (and why?); Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); Did you read all the information?; Suggestions or feedback?;
  14. Hello, Can I please have my application reviewed? It is now 13 hours old. Treku
  15. Perthus Alabaster Human – Heartlander Height: 6’2’’ Weight: 120 lbs General Attributes: Caucasian, gray eyes, white hair Age: 23 Left Arm is covered in a burn scar and the grip in his left hand is weak Chaotic Neutral Perthus is a very quiet man. When he does talk, his voice isn’t remarkable but still manages to attain a certain tone of authority. He friendly and conversable at most times, but few have the fortune of finding anything regarding his personal life. His father killed and his mother turned a drunk while he was very young, Perthus has never known the pleasure of good parenting. He was taught what he knows of courtesy and chivalry by an uncle who was killed by a band of thieves while on a trade run. He seeks no vengeance, but to help the weak and defenseless at any cost necessary. When protecting his charge, whomever it may be, the law is of no consequence. Only the greater good.
  16. The Disunited States of America The Prelude 1860 ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Dissolution 1860, a year that will go down as one of the most significant in history; The final year of the great American experiment. Tensions for decades have been rising now. The “Band-Aids” congress put over the open wound of slavery were insufficient. With every new territory the debate was risen again. How long could it go on for? Almost a hundred years is the answer. Leading up to 1860 the south was in almost open revolt. At odds with each other, and the Union as a whole, there was major discontentment. Slave states saw their very way of life being infringed upon. Wealthy aristocrats strove to maintain power over the inferior white and black neighbors. Cotton was booming. The northern states for their part was not a unified utopia. Conflicting business, political, and foreign ideas were leading to clashes. Many simply could not agree. Immigrants flooded the north, forming their own communities and power blocs. Though heavily industrialized and populous, the North was led by cronies and congressional snakes. Policy was geared towards profit, and the Federals were on everyone’s front porch. It all came to a climax in the elections of ‘60. It was a four way run, with various parties involved. The Southern Democrat, Republican, Northern Democrat, and Constitutional Union parties all had candidates. It boiled down to two. Lincoln, and Breckenridge. In the end though it was clear Lincoln would win. This lead to nation breaking machinations… South Carolina was the first to secede Mississippi and the rest of the deep south soon followed. What began was a domino effect, The upper south came next. Virgina, North Carolina, Tennessee, one by one, secession after secession the ‘United’ States slowly collapsed. New York was the first of the Northern states to secede, Ohio came next. In the confusion a New English offer of annexation towards Canada was discovered. As 1860 became 1861 the Union had completely disintegrated in all but the once capital and small forts scattered across the once nation. The United States was no more The Fallout Following the collapse of the United States of America, a major power vacuum was left in its wake. The Federal Armies had evaporated, desertion and defection had set in. Only small bastions of the Federal government remained most notably in scattered forts, arsenals, and Washington D.C. itself. The government of the newly independent states resembled the former nation in one form or another. The vast majority simply kept to their governments, state governments now in power. State militias became the sole military units at the states disposal The tensions of the pre-collapse period remain ever prevalent. The abolitionist movement continues its growth in the free northern states. In the south, african-americans remain in shackles. The massive cotton industry is now fractured, as a trade war of massive proportions brews in the deep south. The North is no stranger to the tensions gripping the continent either. The offer of the upper New English states to join the British Empire has not gone forgotten. A massive conflict between the newly independent states of America is almost bound to occur in one form or another. OOC This FRP will begin in a historical manner with a start date of January 1st, 1861. The Governments, administrations, and leadership (both domestic and militarily) of the individual states will remain the same as they are in our timeline. As the game progresses, and history takes an alternate course, introduction of custom/special characters will be allowed. Alliances, Unions, and confederacies will be permitted within reason. Any U.S. State pictured on the map above is available Application Discord Name; Desired State; History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power);
  17. The Academy of Khronheim ~Founded in 1648~ The Academy of Khronheim has been founded in order to grow the knowledge of the people of Atlas. While the academy will mainly focus on the arcane of the world, among other magics, we will also focus on other matters of knowledge, such as architecture, religion, and history. For the first time as well, the academy will be headed by the Ironguts, who will bring with them all the knowledge the clan has gathered of the arcane in their expansive history with it. The academy can be found in the city of Khronheim. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CURRENT List of Subjects Taught at the Academy Fire Evocation Water Evocation Conjuration Illusion Defense Against the Dark Arts Alchemy War Tatics The Ranks of the Academy Grand Master The Grand Master is the highest rank one can achieve, being voted in by the consul of Masters. Leading the academy in all respects, the grand master is considered to have the final world on all matters. Also, while holding the rank of Grand Master, this scholar is also one of the several Masters. Master The Master is the second highest rank one can achieve. To gain this rank, a scholar must be committed fully to learning, and be considered the academy’s highest authority on one the taught subjects. Because of this, there are several Masters at any time; The Masters of each respective subject. Each of these scholars are granted a position on the consul of the academy. Adept The third highest rank one can achieve, the adept is one of the many at the academy who have finished their apprenticeship, and can now pursue the study of a subject on their own. This is also the rank in which a scholar can begin to teach their talents here at the academy. Apprentice The first official rank of the academy, this is where a scholar has been accepted by an Adept and has officially began their journey into the world of knowledge. They will prove themselves through a couple of stone months before they move onto the title of Adept. Initiate The Initiate has been granted access to the academy, however, they have not been accepted by an Adept yet. The Initiate will wait until they have been assigned someone to teach them. Current Members Grand Master (Vacant) Master's Dorin Iorngut Kardel Irongut Adept's Dimlin Irongut Carsandra Ivydale Garoll Earl Dael'ran Bael Tunnelsmasher Dwalin Irongut Apprenice's Initiate's Hogarth Irongut Arak Robyn Vulnear Mercai Hollowbound Marradak Weatherby Lionheart Gunther Tiberius Iron Enzo Bianchi The Rules of the Academy As far as rules go for the Academy, they are pretty loose. However, that does not mean there aren’t any. #1: Follow your higher ups orders. This rule is pretty simple. Your higher ups are your higher ups for a reason, they more than likely know what they’re talking about! If they tell you to do something, and you do not listen, then you may be suspended for insubordination. #2: No harming others at the academy unless specifically given permission to do so otherwise by a Master or the Grand Master, any use of physical or magical violence towards another will result in suspension or expulsion. #3: No use of the dark arts while the study of the dark arts is highly encouraged, they are NEVER to be used. To do so will result in immediate expulsion, and all ties with the practitioner will be cut. Applications Initiate Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: Do you know any magic currently?: Which subject do you plan to learn?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Adept Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: What subjects do you know?: Are you able to teach?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: We are currently accepting only those who are able to teach their subjects. This includes ALL forms of arcane magic, as well as any forms of scholarly study. If a subject that is not ordinarily taught is offered, we will contact you immediately to discuss the details.
  18. AL-GUL BASIC INFORMATION: NAME: AL-GUL AGE: 35 RACE: HUMAN STATUS: ALIVE NICKNAME: Outlaw SUBRACE: Highlander DESCRIPTION: Body type: ATHLETIC EYE COLOR: DARK BROWN SKIN : WHITE HEIGHT: 6’2 PERSONALITY: Mostly cares about money and himself in situations. Inventory: A small dagger on his side A pouch of money A mask A short blade behind his back
  19. Mehkolo (A lone Mehkolo worm) Mehkolo originate deep within the mountains of Atlas. These worm are one of the more peculiar creatures of the continent, Mehkolo come in a variety of colors, from darker grey/black to a dark orange. Additionally, Mehkolo blood is luminous which gives some a glowing appearance. Individually, the worms possess only basic intelligence, comparable to that of a animal. Mehkolo experience some other limitation, due to largely living underground these creatures have very limited eyesight during the day. Their eyesight improves as the sun sets, but it is still subpar. However, once Mehkolo bind together, the colony of worms is capable of higher thought and intelligence like the other numerous races of Atlas. The larger these colonies grow the more intelligent, sluggish and incapable of basic tasks they become. In terms of size Mehkolo vary greatly, with some being as long as two meters while others being only fifteen centimeters in length. Colonies are much longer, most take bipedal forms and stand around 2.2 to 2.4 meters talls and weigh as much as 1200 pounds. The race survives primarily on naturally occuring minerals though plant and animal life is a viable option. Communication for lone Mehkolo is impossible but colonies are capable of basic communication through the formation sounds via vibrations. In addition to this, colonies are usually extremely reserved, rarely speaking to any race outside their own. All Mehkolo colonies are directed by a single Mehkolo within the colony. The colony leader is usually a deep shade of red and its death almost assures the dissolution of the colony. Not much is known about Mehkolo culture or beliefs due to their intense isolation and limited communication. Mehkolo colonies are fond of violence, they incorporate any available material into their form to serve as armor whether it be logs, rock, or metal. Though they are rarely capable of forging weapons they are still capable of combat with weapons that happen to stumble into their possession. Even without the use of weapons, Mehkolo colonies are a force to be reckoned with, they are extremely strong and robust. Intense heat & fire is known to frighten Mehkolo. Exposure to direct sunlight is deadly to the creatures, without proper materials infused into their form protecting them, they will dry out and die. Upon the death of a Colony leader, the Colony loses cohesion and disperses. There is a off chance that throughout the confusion that a new colony leader can be chosen and keep the colony together but this is a rare phenomenon. Usually after the colony disperses several of the dispersed Mehkolo become Colony leaders forming many weaker colonies from the previous colonies remnants. However this process takes a deal of time and not immediately after original colonies death. (Mehkolo colony wearing a rare set of Mekholo-made armor) Mehkolo communities thrive deep within the cave systems of Atlas, though colonies are normally solitary they sometimes group together into communities. These communities are usually located in wide open caverns where the walls and roof are adorned with glowing larvae. The colonies constantly expand the caverns and tunnels by constantly tunneling for materials to consume. When solitary, Mehkolo colonies asexually reproduce, however, when grouped together they are known to reproduce normally. For Mehkolo living below the surface, minerals are the main source of food. Colonies that have ventured above ground sustain themselves on diets of meats, fruits, & vegetables. Mehkolo rarely domesticate livestock, being so unfamiliar with the surface creatures. (cavern covered in Mehkolo larvae) How the Mehkolo emerged onto the surface is largely a mystery. Many speculate a cavern housing several colonies was breached while mining. Others speculate Mehkolo worms may have burrowed to the surface themselves. Redlines -Mehkolo are incapable of learning magic -If the Colony leader is to die the Colony dies as well -Prolonged exposure to sunlight results in death -Mehkolo weighing more than 1000 pounds experience trouble regarding movement but benefit from increased intelligence -Mehkolo weighing less than 600 pounds benefit from better motor skills but experience much weaker intelligence -Though generally slow, Mehkolo are capable of fast speeds in short bursts -Mehkolo are terrified of fire as well as extreme heat and avoid it at all costs -All Mehkolo suffer from weaker eyesight the brighter their surroundings are
  20. The blackwood legion is a new faction created by a snow elf named vrenic with the goal of offering assistance to the highest bidder, However this cost method does not compromise his honor, (The blackwood legion taking it’s name and ranks from the ancient roman army) The legion serves as an elite corp of the best fighters in the region. They were founded by vrenic to achieve his goal of being the most powerful warrior in atlas. And he will do whatever it takes to obtain his goal. no matter the cost. Him and his men will be feared by those who have no honor. and respected by those who do. That is the goal of the legion..... Power A blackwood legion soldier in his gear ready for battle Vrenic hold the title Legatus Augusti proparetore however he shortens it to Legatus. He holds full power over the legion and can refuse or accept any contract without argument from others. Due to something in vrenic’s early years orcs are forbade from joining the legion, it is that and that vrenic demands honor and the ability to follow orders to the letter, he does not trust the legendary orchish battle fury to not cause a lack of following orders or damage to his own men. All other races are welcome in the legion. If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it. -Vrenic speaking to his men before battle Application template. Rp name- Race- Subrace- Age- Rp Faith- ------------------------------------ Mc username- Discord-
  21. Star Wars Shadows of the Past ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a secluded world in the outer rim, far from the bloody Clone Wars, a local mining operation uncovers what at first is an unknown ‘temple’. Later investigation would fail to decipher the structure’s origin and purpose. Widespread interest in this world would grow, also known as Edichi (Ed-ich-kai). in 20 BBY a Clone army arrives to further investigate the artifact and keep it out of CIS hands. Later in the year CIS forces would follow the clones and conflict across Edichi would erupt. In 19 BBY the Confederacy of Independent Systems systematically collapsed in on itself and the Republic had been reformed into the Galactic Empire. Yet the fighting on the surface had not concluded. CIS forces on the planet remained operational, refusing orders, and Clone units had mysteriously failed to receive new directives since shortly after their initial deployment. Edichi had not been short on new arrivals either, crime syndicates had heard whispers of this ‘artifact’ and slowly rooted themselves within cities and urban areas. Even a group of Mandalorians have arrived on the planet, though little is known of their true intentions. By 18 BBY, widespread conflict on the planet had died down. Scattered clone and CIS forces still dotted the planet, but the arrival of Imperial forces on the planet greatly tipped the balance of powers. Soon after the arrival of the Empire onto the surface of Edichi it seemed the systematic extermination of all opposition was inevitable. The enormous amounts of man and material gave Imperial forces an apparent advantage. However, an Imperial expedition to the original structure produced inexplicable consequences. Though specific details are unknown, it seems the expedition found something inside the structure which led to it being completely or partially destroyed under the mountain. In addition to the mysterious destruction of the site, what observers called a ‘pulse’ echoed through the star system. All outer system communication vanished and a multitude of ship based systems, including hyperdrives were rendered completely or partially useless.. All in the system are now alone _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playable Factions All of the available factions have pros and cons as well as varying levels of equipment and supply. Please keep in mind, since the Edichi system is entirely isolated no help from the galaxy will arrive in any form. An extensive list of each factions equipment can be found here ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UpVniITG3dTJJY_RT2VvkmIjkJjfVte0Cgevr8cx44I/edit?usp=sharing ) Please note that these are not the official faction names, and only ways to identify each faction. In your application you will decide your groups name. Imperial Factions (1-4) Battlegroup 1, Battlegroup 2, Battle group 3, Battle group 4 Republic Remnants (8-10) Remnant 8, Remnant 9, Remnant 10 CIS Holdouts (11) Facility 11 Rebel Factions (5-7) Faction 5, Faction 6, Faction 7 Crime Syndicates (14) Syndicate 14 Mandalorians (12-13) Expedition 12, Expedition 13 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heroes Each faction will have a unique character or Hero. These characters do not have to be the leader of your chosen faction, but they can be if you desire. Heroes will play an important role on the field of battle and in the path your faction takes in the overarching story. You will decide what fields your Hero is proficient in as well as their origin and backstory. To design your character, you will have (10) points initially at your disposal to put into any of the following sections. Keep in mind, as the game progresses you will continue to gain points depending on your actions. Basic Skills (Levels cost 1 point a piece) Piloting (1-10) Commanding (1-10) Combat (1-10) Mechanical/Technical Proficiency (1-10) Knowledge (1-10) Diplomacy (1-10) Force Skills (To become force sensitive it costs 8 points) Force Sensitivity [Y/N] - Force Ability (1-10) - Force Combat (1-10) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Applications will not be accepted on a first come first serve principle Discord: Faction of Choice: Faction Name: Brief Faction History: Hero Name: Brief Hero backstory: Hero Point Acquisition: Any specific items/equipment request: Suggestions?:
  22. Hi! I'm looking for a player to play my son, please read his details below to see if you are interested! Description of Character A dark-skinned, black hair lad. Son of a southeron and a.. probably farfolk-mix with a large nose. Mother is a 5’6 Southeron by the name of Rivaini Semaili, married to 6’0 Antanios Rutledge. Family resides in Belvitz, yes there is a house. I would prefer if you had MPM, cause it makes things more fun and such. Character Name Medhi S. Rutledge You will receive skin upon due time and acceptance. Preview I swear you’ll get a better skin some day. Application What’s your MC Name? How long have you been a part of this server? Have you played a human child before? Have you ever been interested in playing a human child? How much do you know about Human culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? Please post the application in the comments! Please post your application in a private message with me!
  23. Polis 389 CE (City of Polis 389 CE) (Political map of Aegos 389 CE) [Red = Vathacian States, Purple = Knyos, Orange = Myridios, Teal = Amidia, Green = ‘Barbarian' Kingdoms, Yellow = Nomadic peoples & tribes] The city of Polis, once the cultural, economic, and political center of the Vathacian League, later the Vathacian Empire. A city home to the greatest works of the civilized world. A city that once commanded armies across Aegos, and asserted its influence even farther now stands alone. It has been over 40 years since the last Hegemon was ousted by a coalition of Polisian factions and the Periochi were established by the signing of the Práxi Enótitas. After the reign of the Hegemons and the collapse of the Vathacian Empire, The power vacuum left in Polis led to a period of disaster. Foreign powers stripped Polis of control of most of its lands and territories. Hegemony over what remains of Vathacian territory is nothing more than symbolic. Many states flock to foreign powers, believing their fortunes will better there. In the wake of the collapse the Polisian factions waged war across the city, covering Polis in death, disease, and devastation. After over a year of conflict a victorious faction, Illerius, emerged and established the rank of Polemarch. The rise of the Polemarch ceased the city’s internal conflicts and secured peace with Polis’s various neighbors. Finally after almost a decade of instability, there was peace. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Factions Polis is divided into 10 Periochi, or districts. Every Periochi is governed by the Archon of one of Polis’s 10 factions. The Archons, though mostly independent, still bow to the Polemarch who maintains direct rule over key sections of Polis. Each Periochi has vague cultural traits that will serve as a guideline for you to expand upon. However it is to be noted that they all stem from original Polisian culture, a culture very heavily influenced by Vathacian Culture, which is based of that of Ancient Greece Rules [Any questions can be brought me or the discord] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1amSgKuKybeVyMtVBY4S9xewOSJl0BW_K5qk1hgwWwGE/edit?usp=sharing The Periochi (The 10 playable factions are shown and numbered above) (Above is a map displaying the different Periochi & their accompanying Sectors 1. Argos - The second largest economic sector of Polis and a long standing and respected faction. The majority of Argos’s citizens lie in the upper middle class. Population: 310,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sector 4 & 5] 1x Market [Sector 4] 1x Lvl 3 Academy [Great Work | Sector 5] Resources: Scholars [Sector 5] 2. Decelea - The wealthiest Periochi in Polis. Originally head of the Vathacian fleets, this faction quickly secured control over Polis’s waterways and harbours. It is home to the largest marketplaces and wealthiest members of Polisian society. The people of Decelea practice a culture strongly influenced by trade and are widely regarded as the most alien of Polisian peoples. Population: 260,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sectors 1 & 2] 2x Markets [Sector 1] 1x Lvl 1 Dockyard [Sector 1] Other: Great Library of Irae [Sector 1][Great Work][Under Polemarch Occupation] 3. Kleones - The most industrious of the inner Periochi. Kleonesians are an honest and hard working people. They take pride in the superb quality of their goods and the faction hosts the largest industrial base in Polis. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military foundry [Sector 16 , inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Academy [Sector 18] 4x Development [2 in Sector 16 & 2 in Sector 17] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder foundry [Sector 18, inactive due to lack of resources] Resources: Scholars 4. Apamea - Apamea is the poorest of the inner Periochi, apart from the main streets, the district is largely a confusing maze of slums and apartments. Despite supporting the last Hegemon, they managed to remain in control of their section of Polis through their peoples almost fanatic loyalty to the state. They are an opportunistic people, and unlike their southern counterpart, they are seldom considered honest. Population: 320,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 13, one is inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 15] 1x Development [Sector 14] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 13] 5. Phocis - Phocis is the most populous of the inner Periochi. Their control of the river gates and largely trained citizenry allowed them to control large sections of Polis. The people of Phocis are stalwart advocates for democracy and independence Population: 350,000 Improvements 1x Lvl 2 Academy [Sector 9] 3x Development [1 in Sector 12, 1 in Sector 11 & 1 in Sector 10] Resources: Scholars Others: Polemarch tax collection center 6. Ephesus - The most militaristic of the Polisian factions & a favorite of the Polemarch. Ephesus was originally formed during the collapse of the Vathacian Empire and was made up mostly of Hegemonic loyalists as well as the largest portion of the remaining Vathacian military. Ephesus is home to the greatest military minds of Polis. Their culture revolves around the good of the Faction and much of the population lives in large communal blocks. Population: 130,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 7] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder Foundry [Inactive due to lack of resources & Polemarch occupation 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 6] 3x Development [2 to Sector 7 & 1 to Sector 8] 7. Iolcus - The most populous district in Polis. Iolcus is a largely unorganized mass of buildings, plazas, and miscellaneous buildings. The district possesses massive amounts of resources in comparison to the inner Periochi. Iolcusian culture is similar to that of Kleones, however the more rural region hosts more traditional values. Population: 550,000 Improvements: 1x Mine [Iron, Sector 23] 1x Barracks [Sector 21, inactive due to Polemarch occupation] Resources (known): 2x Lumber [Sector 20] 1x Iron [Sector 23] 3x Farmlands [1 in Sector 20, 2 in Sector 23] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 21] Polemarchy Tax collection center [Sector 21] 8. Sestos - Sestos is the largest agricultural Periochi. The finest crops of Polis hail from Sestosian fields and many of the inner districts rely heavily on the constant flow of food products from these regions. Up until recently, the people of Sestos have been largely neutral, during the Polisian civil wars Sestos remained the least affected of all Periochi. Population: 300,000 Improvements: 3x Farmlands [1 to Sector 25, 2 to Sector 27 Resources(known): 6x Farmlands [2 in Sector 25, 2 in Sector 27, 2 in Sector 28] 2x Lumber [Sector 27] Other: Polemarchy tax collection center [Sector 27] 9. Oreus - Oreus is the chief supplier of lumber and iron in Polis. Though not as resource rich as their Thespiaen counterparts. Massive destruction of Oreus during the Polisian civil wars forced the economically struggling district to accept mostly unfavorable trade deals with the Inner Periochi, particularly Decelea, in order to gain financial support. These trade agreements remain mostly intact, which has prompted widespread resentment from Oreusians. The culture of Oreus is similar in nature to their Sestosian neighbors, however it is significantly less pacifistic and more traditional in nature. Population: 440,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Mine [Sector 30, Iron] 1x Lvl 1 Lumber Yard [Sector 31] Resources(known): 3x Iron [Sector 30] 1x Lumber [Sector 31] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 29] 10. Thespiae - The least populace of the outer Periochi, but largest in physical size. Thespiae boasts a massive amount of raw material. Of the outer Periochi, Thespiae is the most resentful to the other Archons. During the Polisian civil wars, Thespiaen controlled a large portion of what has become Argos. However they were eventually forced out from the city walls. In recent time Thespiae has become the main antagonizer towards the Inner Archons and the leader of the push to restrict the inner Periochi’s access to raw material. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 37] 1x Barracks [Sector 34 Inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Stables [Sector 39] 1x Mine [Iron Sector 36] 1x Development [Sector 38] Resources: 1x Horses [Sector 39] 3x Iron [1 in Sector 36, 2 in Sector 37] 4x Farmlands [2 in Sector 39, 2 in Sector 35] 1x Lumber [1 in Sector 37] Other: 3x Polemarchy tax collection centers [2 in 39, 1 in 34] Polemarch garrison [Sector 34] Application 1. The District you are applying for 2. Your Archon's (leader) name and history 3. An explanation of your districts culture 4. Unique unit (military) 5. Discord 6. Suggestions
  24. Shadow of the Empire (may have to zoom in to see cities & capitals) Shadow of the Empire is an Alt-history scenario. In this particular scenario, Rome does not rise to dominance. It rises as a republic, presenting ideals and a foundation for a system of government for other nations, But it does not expand outwards, chosing instead to remain as a small city-state. In modern France, a northern tribe, subjugates most of the region before a kingdom is established. Power is cemented in the city of Paris before strings of conquests and campaigns conquer much of modern day Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, North Africa, & Egypt. Any questions regarding this can be brought to me on discord @SUPREME leader#1328 The year is 700, Imperial might that once stretched from the corners of the known world begins to wane. Corruption and poverty runs rampant through Imperial cities that were once the pinnacle of civilization. Death is a commodity, sixteen years ago, the Great Dying killed thousands not only in Imperial lands, but across the Mediterranean world. Only now are population centers recovering. At the height of Imperial power, the British Isles were core Imperial holdings, but no longer. Barbarians and self proclaimed ‘Sea Kings’ alike devastate the province. In Ireland, only one bastion of the Empire remains. Costly wars in Italy and Egypt drained Imperial coffers and almost completely destroyed the once supreme Imperial army. The Empire is beset on all sides... the fringes of the imperial territory is in chaos. Iberian revolts cause devastation and death across the region. Raiders from the north pillage coastal cities, Germanic and Slavic tribes push ever westward, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Invasion from the newly established Republic of Italy seems imminent. Nation Info Nations are organized into different groups, different groups have similar cultures and/or start with different technologies, certain groups may not have access to certain units/technologies. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) All nations are playable! Imperial - The Empire, Imperial State of Egypt Eastern Kingdom - Perisan Empire, Sultanate of Arabia, Kingdom of Jerusalem Iberian Kingdoms - Leon, Andalusia, Iberian Empire English Kingdoms - Kingdom of Mercia, Kingdom of Wales, Summerset Greek States - Epirus, Athens, Ionia, Byzantium, Macedon Sea Kingdoms - Norway, Denmark, Sweden Germanic Tribes - Saxons, Sicrii, Vandals Celtic Tribes - Clan O’Neil, Highland Confederacy Slavic Tribes - Myagars, Crimea Info/Rules Absolutely no meta or powergaming is permitted Starting stats & Game rules can be found on the spreadsheet here ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aUtezeaIMVs_SUE_S4i_PwEIdODPT-1Nv8eYzKRWVtk/edit?usp=sharing ) You are expected to act in a way that seems logical for your nation. I will not allow alliances or agreements that do not make sense within the RP. This FRP will use a AP system similar to Starfare and Onwards. further question regarding this can be brought up with me. (Im aware of how poorly my last frp was executed, but this once is an entirely clean slate, better discord, better system, more fun!) Application Discord: Nation:
  25. Hi! I'm looking for a player to play my new daughter, please read her details below to see if you are interested! Description of Character A yellow-ish brown female Orc, firstborn of the red Rex Shakul'Gorkil and of the green Wargoth Kotturik'Braduk(bloodline). This new kub has green eyes and black hair. She is going to belong to the Gorkil clan. The kub is very likely to grow tall, as she is a mix of 8'2 and 8'7. Character Name Zralah’Gorkil You will receive skin upon due time and acceptance. Application What’s your MC Name? How long have you been a part of this server? Have you played an Orc before? Have you ever been interested in playing an Orc? How much do you know about Orcish culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? Please post the application in the comments!
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