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  1. Ghasts Eaters of Rot Origin Tainted, cruel, hungry, these all describe the traits of Ghasts. Ghasts are disgraceful and disgusting beings that feed on the flesh of corpses, men tainted by the twisting magick of Iblees, Ghasts will gorge themselves on rotten and fresh meat alike. This depraved act of consuming Descendent flesh g
  2. Master Thieves Guild Written by Raptor and Racker INTRO The Master Thieves guild was one of the first and oldest organisations of criminals, brigands and thieves, banding together with one common goal; to become wealthier. Members of the guild use each other’s talents to help each other out to steal all they can steal, pooling their wide range of skills and talents to accomplish even the most impossible tasks. The guild is the very embodiment of “Honor among Thieves”, backing each other up and bringing their resources, skills and wealth together
  3. THE SER “Man is the cruelest animal.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Lore/Origins Long before the Ser were born, the dragons ruled the lands. These giant beasts flew across the night sky in search of prey, with no mercy. Yet, these beasts were one with nature, and when Horen, the first King Of Man, gained power, the dragons fell into ruin. Before their demise, however, two new creatures were created. Nephilim were the first, the Dragon People. These were the creatures men saw in dragons, yet not what they were. And then the Serpens, also known as The Ser. These
  4. The League of Assassins ATTENTION: Do you seek revenge? Does someone owe you minas? Are you looking to right a wrong that has been done to you? If so, then consider hiring an assassin from the League of Assassins (LoA). The LoA is a guild of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. Rates start as low as twenty minas and your contract is guaranteed to be fulfilled. No deed is too large or difficult to complete. If you wish to hire an assassin, then fill out this application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORU
  5. Iaquith Amu History Love. There is nothing stronger. And, as is common with strong things, there are those that are drawn to it. Iaquith Amu, they are called. Eaters of love. These creatures are drawn to love. They eat it, revel in it, provide it. For when one is filled with love, completely and truly, they will be visited by an Iaquith. If they display enough love for the Iaquith to survive, then the Iaquith will take a form, and begin to live around that person. Often, the person won't even know that they’re there. But they should be careful. For if they anger the Iaquith…
  6. Hey guys, new player here. I was just wondering if some random person could have a look at my character application and tell me if there is anything i’ve missed, should fix up, etc. Fair warning, the story is quite long. mine-craft account = AlphaWyvernGold. Many thanks in advanced!!
  7. So i am getting ready to put together an application for this server and i wan’t sure what forum to field this question in. What i would like to do is have a Human that was raised by a dwarf Redstone smith due to a horrible event that befell his family when he was a child. Is this a valid background? I didn’t notice anything about human/Dwarf relations in the lore per say, though i might have missed it. Thanks for any information and responses. V/R, Blaznhurricane/Volkan#0226
  8. ((SPOILERS ARE WONKY)) ~Pravum~ CHARACTERIZATION There are two subspecies of Pravum: the original beasts, known as the Harried, and their “perfected” successors, the Shikari. Both the Harried and Shikari were created from Descendants that have undergone an extreme alchemical transformation to their body and Soul. This augmentation grants the Pravum a slew of enhancements at the cost of the “Normality” of Descendant life. Credits: @Dymase @Cyprian1034 @NikoNiko @BoyWonderr @JaxonBlues @Archipelego @Ztrog @Temporal @AtrexPieren
  9. NEW PLAYER GUIDE TO APPLYING AS A HUMAN Written by @Draeris and @edelos The first thing you’ll want to do when joining the LotC community, of course, is apply to the server - and honestly, this is the most stressful part of joining LotC. What if you don’t know enough lore? What if you don’t get accepted? To avoid losing sleep over these questions, we will give you several tips to almost certainly pass. We’ll be starting from the parts after the basics - with Character Race, Gender, Age, and the rest. Note: You should already know the definition of Powergaming and Met
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH-SpD4GEq8 Seeking New Talent! Calling all Actors, Musicians, Acrobats, Animal Tamers, Dancers, Singers and everything else in between! This is the opportunity for you! I, Markus Soliel is on the hunt for new and raw talent to perform for the people of Arcas. Whether you are an every day person, be it a soldier, a simple serf to a black smith. If you think you have a hidden or even a trained profession, then I invite you to my theatre to show me what you can do. To those who succeed. You will have a chance to perf
  11. how come when a new person joins no onw cares to help maybe there character is shy and needs friends no I not joined
  12. -The Shikari- Hunters, Bastions Against The Wilds ((This lore is meant to scarcely be known and has to be learned only through roleplay)) [!] It was a cold night when the young boy was taken to the deepest chamber of the keep. “Sir, is it truly my turn?” the boy asked, worry in his voice. The man simply turned and grimaced down at the child. It was at that moment the young one knew his fate was sealed. Entering the darkroom at the end of the corridor, the boy's nose began to burn upon witnessing the smell of strong chemicals. Sitting in the center of the room was
  13. Title [Invention Lore] – Soul Sword Origin/Backstory (Optional) The soul sword was discovered when a swordsman had a strong bond between him and his sword. His mana ended up being emitted into the sword and binding it to his very soul. Upon falling asleep, he ended up in a consciousness with a man claiming to be the sword itself. It told him its name and said to call out his name when he awoke. Later, when he called out his sword's name, the sword changed its form. Description The soul sword is a sword that is bound to the soul of the user. When yo
  14. Origin/Backstory While working on a poison to fit his new creation, the Assassins Blade, Arkean finally found a combination that would work well with the new blades purpose in assassinations and in general combat. Description In short, Dragons Breath is a combination of Corvisange (a herb that can paralyze), Joker’s scum (a plant with a natural acid that can eat through flesh rather quickly), and Concentrated juices from a Desert Berry Bush (which is an extreme poison that will kill if too much is taken in). Its purpose is to paralyze the limb it is put into through th
  15. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on m
  16. The Ruberlands Company est. 1738 Introduction: The Ruberlands Company is a vessel to enlist additional security to the common and noble folk alike. The Company recruits able combatants, commoner or noble the Company hires their soldiers based on merit rather than lineage. Additional benefits of joining the Company shall be the provision of armor, sword, food, shelter and a contract of employment. The Company ensures that all of its employees will reap the benefits of their work. Ranking of the Company: Kapitan
  17. A conservationist guild of like-minded individuals from all races and walks of life. They take mercenary contracts as well, like some other ranger guilds, but their main goal is to patrol the wilds of Arcas and preserve the balance of nature and peace between the peoples, animals, and plants of the world. Pursuant to their creed, Rangers of the Wild fill many roles. Some, the Ranger-Sentinels, prefer to walk the lonely roads at night, defending travelers from aggressive and over-populated spiders and undead. Some, the Ranger-Wildsmen, prefer to hunt wild game and feral
  18. I'm new to roleplay and am looking for a little help in creating my character for the application. I'm a little lost on where to find information and where to start with my character, I have no idea what I want her back story to be- where she's from and all that. I know her name is Muya and she's a wood elf. I tried going through the lore but it's a little difficult knowing what cities are being used currently and what lore to include in my backstory as it's hard to know when everything happened and what year the role play is currently in. I'd appreciate any and all kind of help so please, eit
  19. When This knife comprised of any kind of pie, pumpkin, strawberry, cake, egg, poop, urin, wood, silver, gold, live ferrets, live bears, live owls, live cats, live bats, a bat, a bear, a cat, or even a blueberry pie, touches a living thing, then that thing will be consumed by the pie and turn the pie into a pie shortsword, then a pie sword, then a pie longsword, then a pie greatsword, then a pie. all with the same properies, except for the pie, which is just a normal cow pie. (pile of cow poop)
  20. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hal
  21. Throughout many centuries among the lands of Arcas, Centaurs roamed as a peaceful band of creatures, undisturbed by humanity and the other entirely unaware of their very existence on the plains and islands. This is, until civilization pushed too far out into the islands and the centaurs were forced to move themselves farther away- out of the reach of the human grasp. No one was aware of this, as the lone intruder had been trampled by men and women alike protecting their fillies and colts. This was simply taken as the man had been attacked by a wild beast, partly true by name of being attacked.
  22. THE EAGLES VIGIL, MILITARY CODE The Vigil is the professional standing army of Courland. This army includes all subordinate nobility pledged to the Duke’s cause. The men and women serving in the Vigil are stalwart soldiers capable of keeping the watch and acting according to the policies set before them. Section I: Tradition Motto: Stand Honorably, Stand Respectfully, Stand Readily. By tradition, Westmarch has been apathetic toward religion, however; as anointed, the Holy Orenian Empire has the final say, and Westmarch follows canonism. Howev
  23. So I’m fairly new to all of this and I’m working on making my first character. I’m wanting to make a Halfling with a bit of a twist and I was hoping I could get some help on this. Especially related to the location in which they come from. I checked the wiki for Halflings and found that all of the locations there are listed as no longer around so I though it best to check here to see what I can find out
  24. ((OOC thread. No metagaming.)) Message Cancer Patient 0#6211 on Discord if you want to play one of Omar Grimmer’Lak’s children.
  25. Players/Group Requesting: Kaz'Ulrah dwarves What kind of Event are you looking for?: Old school dungeon / monster killing. There general area & antagonists are set, and there are some details to include. Other than that, the ET member taking it has full freedom. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Next Weekend (14th, 15th or 16th) Organizer's Discord: Ronald Reagan#9284
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