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Found 222 results

  1. GrimBeard

    1912 (OOC)

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (1912) In Hindsight; Globalization Characteristic of the pre-1914 decades was what we would now call globalization. Trade may have risen from one thirtieth to one third of world production between 1800 and 1913; between 1855 and 1914 investment flows grew 20 times. Europe accounted for nearly two thirds of global trade and even more of global investment, and from the 1890s Europe’s major currencies were fixed in value in relation to each other under the international gold standard. Hundreds of thousands of foreign-born labourers worked in the heavy industries of French Lorraine and Germany’s Ruhr. The British writer Norman Angell in his 1909 best-seller, Europe’s Optical Illusion, maintained that war between advanced modern economies was now irrational. Yet British naval planners saw economic interdependence as making Germany more vulnerable, and the German General Staff considered war remained a viable option, at least if victory came quickly. Democratization A second 19th-century characteristic was democratization. By 1914 all the European Powers had elected lower houses of parliament, and a majority of the adult male population was enfranchised. The press was relatively free, and citizens could form parties and pressure groups. Nonetheless, in Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia ministers answered to monarchs rather than to a parliamentary majority, and the military chiefs were not subordinate to civilian statesmen. Moreover, as international tension mounted, public opinion polarized, more moderate and progressive tendencies being offset by nationalism and militarism. Europe’s socialist parties opposed wars of conquest and aggression but were willing to endorse a war fought for just cause and in self-defence, which in 1914 all the governments would claim to be fighting. Military Revolutions The 19th century had also witnessed a succession of military revolutions. At sea, steel had superseded wooden hulls and steam had superseded sail. HMS Dreadnought, launched by Britain in 1906 with turbine engines and 10 12-inch guns, made all existing battleships obsolete. On land, Prussia’s combination of universal liability to conscription, forward strategic planning by a General Staff, and railway-borne mobilization helped win the wars of German unification, and was widely emulated. Breech-loading cannon with rifled steel barrels replaced smooth-bore muzzle-loaders, and infantry rifles replaced muskets. Smokeless high explosive replaced powder in bullets and shells, and the modern field gun fired up to 20 rounds per minute. Yet although on balance these developments favored defenders over attackers, military planners concluded from the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War that offensive tactics could still prevail, albeit at much higher cost than before. A balance of power? Peace therefore depended on more traditional devices such as the balance of power and deterrence. In the 1870s and 1880s the newly unified German Second Empire under the Chancellorship of Otto von Bismarck was not only the strongest Continental military power but also spun a web of alliances that left France – resentful of its defeat in 1870 – isolated. The Austro-German alliance of 1879 developed into the Triple Alliance (including Italy) in 1882, and Russia too concluded agreements with the German-led bloc. But after Wilhelm II became Emperor he allowed the connection with Russia to lapse, facilitating the formation in 1891-94 of a Franco-Russian alliance. Even so, for a time the two groupings balanced each other, and Russia and France were in rivalry not only with Germany but also (in Central Asia and in Africa) with Britain. So secure did Germany still feel that from 1898 it too challenged Britain through a major program of North Sea battleship building. The beginning of the 20th century After 1904-07, the line-up became more ominous. Russia was weakened for several years after its defeat by Japan. Germany tried but failed to form a German-Franco-Russian bloc excluding Britain. Instead the British compromised over their extra-European disputes with the French in the ‘Entente cordiale’ of 1904 and over those with the Russians in 1907, and began co-operating diplomatically with their former adversaries. In 1902 Italy had reached a separate understanding with France. Germany’s leaders protested that the Triple Entente ‘encircled’ them, while their one remaining reliable ally, Austria-Hungary, was a multi-national empire that was hobbled by inter-ethnic disputes and menaced by a growing confrontation with its neighbour, Serbia, which with Russian encouragement fomented separatism among Austria-Hungary’s South Slavs. After 1905 Europe experienced a succession of diplomatic crises that heightened antagonism between the two blocs. From 1912 the Anglo-German naval race lost impetus, as a land arms race between the Austro-German and Franco-Russian alliances superseded it. In retrospect it is easy to discern the warning signs. But at the time they were less evident, and as late as spring 1914 tensions seemed to be easing. The French Socialist leader, Jean Jaurès, believed the peaceful resolution of so many crises had bred a dangerous complacency. If you have read all this, congratulations! List a U.S state to answer if you have read all the information in Application area.. Nonetheless, a general war was not inevitable until deliberate decisions created it...... It is the time before what people will call the War to end all wars. Europe is at the zenith of it’s true power. It’s colonies spread all across the globe. The United States at this time was seen as a child. It had no true impact on European affairs. Up until this year history as we know it has continued uninterrupted. But things are changing more rapidly than anyone knows. Leaders and government are becoming more prone to listen to outside elements. And slowly but surely history begins to alter. Things will not play exactly as they once had before. Anything is possible within the realm of realism. Will the Archduke actually be shot? What events will lead up to it. Perhaps the German plan changes, what if they had focused elsewhere? Events were so decisive in history that the world gradually fell into world war. World War is almost certainly inevitable. But many various factors changed or removed could drastically alter how and where it was fought. It will be up to the players leading their nations to try to steer its course. One that may present a massive challenge. The various autocratic and democratic governments are pits of intrigue and politics. OOC ((Please Read the entire Thread. very useful information)) This will be a slightly alternate history Forum thread focusing on the start date 1912. Everything up to this point has been the same as regular history. The governments, leaders, and people all exist and lead in the nations you pick. You can of course introduce your own characters and leaders. But they would have to make their way into power, against any ruling family or government. It will be up to you to decide what alliances and deals are forged. You most of course try to stay within the realm of reason. For instance the Germans and Austrians going to war, or British and Ottomans allying would be rather out of line. Of course you may try anything but the responses will be harsh. This FRp focuses on the question of just how a WW1 could be dictated. What if the British stayed out of the war? Or if the Germans did not invade through Belgium? What if France was the one starting the war. There are many questions it will be up to you to ask, and answer. Players will have the option to take control of the great powers at the time. Smaller nations and colonies are not open for application. It will be focused on a small ring of players making the choices that will dictate the world. Great Powers United Kingdom German Empire French Republic Austrian Empire Italy Russia United States Ottoman Empire Japan China Brazil Lesser Nations Potentially Applicable Belgium Netherlands Spain Serbia Bulgaria At the end of each post you will have an Actions section. Here you will outline the contents of your post into bite sized chunks I can then become aware of and react to. Detail what your nation has done for the time. Each turn is half a year. https://scottmanning.com/content/world-war-i-troop-statistics/ ((To give a view on how large each nation’s army is. It’ll be up to the player to find statistics on their army/navy starting size.)) Application Discord Name; Nation of Choice (and why?); Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); Did you read all the information?; Suggestions or feedback?;
  2. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    A conservationist guild of like-minded individuals from all races and walks of life. They take mercenary contracts as well, like some other ranger guilds, but their main goal is to patrol the wilds of Atlas and preserve the balance of nature and peace between the peoples, animals, and plants of the world. Pursuant to their creed, Rangers of the Wild fill many roles. Some, the Ranger-Sentinels, prefer to walk the lonely roads at night, defending travelers from aggressive and over-populated spiders and undead. Some, the Ranger-Wildsmen, prefer to hunt wild game and feral farm animals to maintain and curtail invasive or otherwise detrimental populations. The latter serves as secondary source of food for the Rangers, as well. Some Rangers prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible, either tending to the Rangers’ crops and animals (Ranger-Keepers), or serving as diplomats for the Rangers and/or the individual’s race in locations where tensions are high. These Ranger Envoys are the mediators and welcoming hand of the Rangers, and are certainly not looked down upon for wishing to stay clear of bloodshed. Another non-combatant rank of the Rangers are the Ranger-Scribes, who collect lore, both fact and fiction, from around the land. Any and all subjects are accepted into the library, even those that some might consider… untoward. Finally, any and all fully inducted Rangers may take quests or task, such as clearing out monstrous beasts from a cavern for a treasure hunter (serving as a sort of body-gaurd or guide), exploring unknown areas and creating maps for cartographers unable to traverse the extremes of the land themselves, hunting down bandits that have preyed upon the weak, et cetera, et cetera. RANKS Ranger-Master: Lythorien Banebow Ranger-Captains: None Ranger-Sentinels: None Ranger Envoys: None Ranger Scribes: None Ranger Keepers: None Ranger-Wildsmen: None Recruits: Sarah Boliver (maiden name: Thompson) (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) Illondr (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Aragwen Arcanscape (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Stevron Gollick (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) Karren Myrsta (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Deceased) Jarsek Myrsta (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) The Rangers of the Wild Creed "I swear to abide by the by-laws of the Rangers of the Wild. I relinquish my former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." OUT of CHARACTER REGULATIONS Don’t be a d**k. No making jokes about sensitive topics, such as suicide, or racial, political, religious, ethnic, and other kinds of slurs (don’t say f***ot or tranny. Just don’t), no accusing someone of being a special snowflake or a cuck. If you don’t like something and have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If someone says something you are doing is bothering them (like repeatedly referencing something that triggers panic episodes or flashbacks in said person), and earnestly means it, just drop it. It’s not worth them reporting you to higher-ups and getting booted. That’s pretty much it. Just tell us if you’re going away for a while if you can, but activity is not required. Not every character that joins is going to be played every day. We get that. Just give us some common courtesy and don’t dip out of a RP or plot in progress without some warning. These regulations are subject to change, be added to, or removed at any time without warning. IN-CHARACTER BY-LAWS: All races, Descendant or no, are welcome in the ranks of the Rangers of the Wild so long as they abide by the tenets set forth here, and do not cause trouble with others of races differing form them. Any Ranger found to be practicing xenophobic activities or using slurs or unequal treatment due to race, gender, social status, sexuality, et cetera, will be subject to a verbal warning, then a monetary fine, then imprisonment, then banishment. Any Ranger caught acting violently to another Ranger or neutral person is subject to imprisonment and/or banishment depending on the severity. Murder will warrant banishment and possible handing over to the authorities of the nation wronged. Relating to By-Law 1, recruits must relinquish their titles and rights held within their native nations if said titles conflict with Ranger custom. All recruits must denounce their allegiances if they conflict with Ranger practices (i.e. Mali’fenn Rangers may not continue to be aligned with the Fenn because this would mean they would be duty-bound to harm other races). Recruits may, however, maintain contact and relationships with members of their former allegiances, as well as protect the cities, towns, and settlements they live in from attackers, so long as said relationships do not conflict with Ranger values in other ways. You must NEVER contribute to attacks, raids, territorial disputes, or any other aggressions associated with a nation or other organization. Such activities invite ire upon the Rangers, and go against our ways. Rangers caught revealing sensitive information or aligning themselves with a specific nation against another nation, are subject to banishment without prior warnings. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Rangers, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, monetary fines, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. Regardless of intent, all Rangers must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. These by-laws are subject to change, be added to, or have tenets removed without warning, though Rangers and recruits will be notified once they are in place. **(To apply, copy and paste-this format into a a reply on this thread. An example of a filled-out application is below the form)** APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: (Required) Discord Username: (Required) Skype Username: (Optional) Nickname Preferred: (If any. State whether you’d like to be referred to by your character or player name) Real-Life Age: (Required) Preferred Pronoun(s): (He/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) Activity Level: (Rangers will not be kicked for inactivity, but they will be assumed lost or killed until they return) Main Character or Secondary Character?: (Required) RP Sample As Applying Persona: (Required) IC Information Character’s Full Name: (First name, middle, last name, and, if you wish, maiden name) Current and/or Former Titles Held: (Titles from other factions and nations) Notable Connections Within a Nation or Other Organization: (Including but not limited to: a guard or noble) Race: (Main/most predominant race) Sub-Race: (If your character has any blood from another race. If not applicable, say N/A) Sex & Gender: (if they are the same, simply state one) Birth Year/Current Age: (Please use in-character LoTC year) Birthplace: (If a character is unwilling to give this information, or does not know, state so in-character) Desired Rank: (Please only choose one Ranger rank) Training Known: (Any skills, including swordsmanship, archery, writing, tracking game, atc) Training Desired/Needed: (I.e. if your character can’t read or write, someone is obviously helping them do this application or it’s being done in person. They’d ask for help with learning that skill in-character) Character's For Wishing to Join the RotW: (Please write in-character using quotation marks) "By signing this document, you agree to the by-laws above and any the Ranger-Master and Ranger-Captains deem worthy of adding. You agree to relinquish your former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." (State yes or no in-character, and type their full name without their title)
  3. Hello, Can I please have my application reviewed? It is now 13 hours old. Treku
  4. Bobtacos

    Perthus Alabaster

    Perthus Alabaster Human – Heartlander Height: 6’2’’ Weight: 120 lbs General Attributes: Caucasian, gray eyes, white hair Age: 23 Left Arm is covered in a burn scar and the grip in his left hand is weak Chaotic Neutral Perthus is a very quiet man. When he does talk, his voice isn’t remarkable but still manages to attain a certain tone of authority. He friendly and conversable at most times, but few have the fortune of finding anything regarding his personal life. His father killed and his mother turned a drunk while he was very young, Perthus has never known the pleasure of good parenting. He was taught what he knows of courtesy and chivalry by an uncle who was killed by a band of thieves while on a trade run. He seeks no vengeance, but to help the weak and defenseless at any cost necessary. When protecting his charge, whomever it may be, the law is of no consequence. Only the greater good.
  5. IGN(s): Jondead LookMaNoHaense Age Fourteen turning fifteen in half a year or so. Timezone GMT+1 Discord: Jondead#0753 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes, though I don't like VC'ing with that many new faces that much. Average Daily Play Time? Around five hours if I feel like it. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I have been Event Team in the past as of writing this for a few weeks before my life and trauma got in the way. And I am currently Application Team, and have been for over a full month now. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I have indeed, I am currently a Discord moderator for a Discord group, nothing in real life though so far, that would be more administrative. But as I said I am a Discord Moderator so I know how to handle situations in a mature way. (Even though almost no one breaks the set rules in the discord, but still.) Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Oh boy, this should be fun, well there are a few reasons, I want to help people better, don’t much care about the PEX and stuff, just getting to help people, I also want to moderate because let’s be honest. Not the best GMs around nowadays, far from glorious and stuff, but I think enough arrogance and stuff. I think I could be a good asset to the team, I tend to be level-headed must of the time and honestly pretty mature, says other people at least (huh.) but yes, only reason I want to join is to help people on the server and solve issues, kind of a hobby of mine to help people. Also as a neutral player, I can’t really hold bias, I, in fact, hate the concept of biased staff and their negligence to human decency, and mutual respect, but that is rambling. you got the main points of why. I want to help players and solve problems. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I have indeed: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174787-i-jondead-going-for-blue-game-moderator-application/, and https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173927-deniedijondead-froggydylans-game-moderator-application/ (this one does not really matter though, so don't worry about this one.) Anything else you want to tell us?: I will plan to purge the Global Moderators from filth and bias and other nasty things if I get accepted, else not really, I suppose I could tell you lot that, dying of a broken heart is possible because the more you are sad the more unhealthy you get!
  6. Username HeliosDeWeird Age 14 Time Zone EST Discord: HeliosDeWeird#2972 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: Nope Have you ever received warning points and what did you do to receive those points?: once for using a Skin that was not Mine ((it was a Base with my head)) Moderating the forums is a very time dependent staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: 2-4 hours Have you ever held a staff position here on LoTC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy: Nope Why should you be a FM? What can you bring to our team in regards to moderating and enforcing the rules on the forums? A new era for FM Including new Ideas and New ways to stay with the Rules What traits do you have that make you stand out from any other applicant?: Kind, Can ussualy Be there to help and Never regect People that need help Are you familiar with ModeratorCP? no How long do you plan to stay on the team?: hopefully as long as i play mc which is very long so ill say around 4 to 6 years XD
  7. The Disunited States of America The Prelude 1860 ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Dissolution 1860, a year that will go down as one of the most significant in history; The final year of the great American experiment. Tensions for decades have been rising now. The “Band-Aids” congress put over the open wound of slavery were insufficient. With every new territory the debate was risen again. How long could it go on for? Almost a hundred years is the answer. Leading up to 1860 the south was in almost open revolt. At odds with each other, and the Union as a whole, there was major discontentment. Slave states saw their very way of life being infringed upon. Wealthy aristocrats strove to maintain power over the inferior white and black neighbors. Cotton was booming. The northern states for their part was not a unified utopia. Conflicting business, political, and foreign ideas were leading to clashes. Many simply could not agree. Immigrants flooded the north, forming their own communities and power blocs. Though heavily industrialized and populous, the North was led by cronies and congressional snakes. Policy was geared towards profit, and the Federals were on everyone’s front porch. It all came to a climax in the elections of ‘60. It was a four way run, with various parties involved. The Southern Democrat, Republican, Northern Democrat, and Constitutional Union parties all had candidates. It boiled down to two. Lincoln, and Breckenridge. In the end though it was clear Lincoln would win. This lead to nation breaking machinations… South Carolina was the first to secede Mississippi and the rest of the deep south soon followed. What began was a domino effect, The upper south came next. Virgina, North Carolina, Tennessee, one by one, secession after secession the ‘United’ States slowly collapsed. New York was the first of the Northern states to secede, Ohio came next. In the confusion a New English offer of annexation towards Canada was discovered. As 1860 became 1861 the Union had completely disintegrated in all but the once capital and small forts scattered across the once nation. The United States was no more The Fallout Following the collapse of the United States of America, a major power vacuum was left in its wake. The Federal Armies had evaporated, desertion and defection had set in. Only small bastions of the Federal government remained most notably in scattered forts, arsenals, and Washington D.C. itself. The government of the newly independent states resembled the former nation in one form or another. The vast majority simply kept to their governments, state governments now in power. State militias became the sole military units at the states disposal The tensions of the pre-collapse period remain ever prevalent. The abolitionist movement continues its growth in the free northern states. In the south, african-americans remain in shackles. The massive cotton industry is now fractured, as a trade war of massive proportions brews in the deep south. The North is no stranger to the tensions gripping the continent either. The offer of the upper New English states to join the British Empire has not gone forgotten. A massive conflict between the newly independent states of America is almost bound to occur in one form or another. OOC This FRP will begin in a historical manner with a start date of January 1st, 1861. The Governments, administrations, and leadership (both domestic and militarily) of the individual states will remain the same as they are in our timeline. As the game progresses, and history takes an alternate course, introduction of custom/special characters will be allowed. Alliances, Unions, and confederacies will be permitted within reason. Any U.S. State pictured on the map above is available Application Discord Name; Desired State; History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power);
  8. Username Jondead, LookMaNoHaense Discord Jondead#0753 Timezone GMT+1 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Humans, Elves, Fae, Magi, and Dwarves! Staff History Been Event Team once before, like a week ago or something, but I needed a break, and I am Application Team! Ban History Only joke bans, no real bans sir! Blacklist History: Not that I know of no. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to make good and fun events for the new and old players to enjoy, I think I could make some good ones in the future, I also want to help the others with their Events and otherwise have a good and fun experience working for the team again, I enjoyed it last time and I have many fun ideas I want to actually make in the future which I can in act if I get this! Why should we accept you onto the Team? I have a good intuitive and I think I could be a good addition to the team, I have a pretty good grasp of the systems intact from the Team, and I think this would make me competent enough as it is! :DDDD What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I do High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, I can do plenty of Quests and Dungeons of needed, I also have a good idea for some Lovecraftian inspired Events. Just Pure Roleplay Events. What makes a good event? Something which uses player interaction at it's highest, making their decisions actually matter, and making them influence in some way, and not being pocketed for a specific group or nation is also a good thing for making a great event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: ~The Grand Summons~ A loud bell rang in the distance of the town as a screeching could be heard in the far distance in a dark castle to the east, two doors lining the castles front archway as a creaking came as the doors opened on a push, the doors would reveal a throne room with an empty hollowed monster in the middle of the room, the undeathly hollowed monster seemed to the festering on things, as the Descendants entered the room it would rattle its body and stop feasting turning to look around the room, upon spotting the fighters it would let out a deafening screech and a rumbling would be felt as it rushed towards them, on the slaying of the beast it would crumble into specks of dust and leave behind a few key items for the future of the Event. Along the Eventline capturing these strange happenings would a hoard of monstrous beings be formed, encompassing elements of horror and mystery, a story would be panned out with the entire span of the map, or until the plot was uncovered, a number of strange happenings would take place throughout the entire realm the descendants were on at the time, bearing fame, and misfortunes for the greedy, as many cursed artefacts and other stuff, would litter the places and almost unbeatable horrors would soon follow. (This Event would be a quest/Dungeon Event which would span a few weeks and have puzzles and other fun jiffy things inside of it, which might make a hidden story come to life.) ~A Yellow Wanderor~ A yellow-haired man strolls into a few cities carrying an array of items and trinkets, these small bits and bobs have a strange aroma to it and ran with strange symbols if you were to use one of these items a voice would speak in a distant, soon after the man leaves over a week or two a band of men would wander around to the different towns speaking of a rumour of this strange man, over a full month this man would wander to the towns selling his items and the people would on intervals, go to the towns and could sometimes be seen wandering the roads on their travels, if a person was to attack anyone of the Events would they be met with brutal force which would need careful planning to pull of, on death the people would carry a stock of items and note on them revealing various story elements and plot points in the events. (A town Event line spanning a few weeks to a month, with an interesting narrative AND good rewards for anyone daring enough.) ~The Valour Festivities~ Posters would be strong to poles around the realm in every city and town, to a village, these posters would describe a grand festival in the name of a foreign realm and it’s people on a visit to the Descendants realm, these people would be throwing a festival in honour of the Aenguls and would encompass many strengths and feats based around the Four Brothers and their tasks, other thing at this festival would be a few stalls with trinkets dedicated to some of the Aenguls, and food and drinks for the festivities and might of the events at at place, many things at this Event could be swayed by player actions and other things, the place could, for example, be looted or raided by a group of people and forced to close down, or perhaps someone could use this festival to their favour and sway the people there to tell them their story and give out items and things in that vicinity, who knows. (A festivity event spanning a few weeks that would just be a time of peace and cheer, nothing too special but I like the idea of something like this.)
  9. KLAGENFURT https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bM5RvV0ZGvaSJa_zSWb7TdV6uOsKxEbZjPtbwVvG1b4/edit?usp=sharing See the above link for information. Introduction For the first time in one hundred and thirty years, the King of Klagenfurt has left not only a sole heir, but one that is not of age to rule the kingdom. As the Kingdom follows a strict rule of male inheritance, the late King Antonio III Di Scema has left his court to rule the realm. The Court, consisting of the nine Dukes of the realm, rule in the crown’s name until five year-old Thomas II Di Scema will be fit to rule at the age of six-teen. https://imgur.com/a/6Ex7cD1 Geography Each hexagon represents 45 km² of land. The Kingdom of Klagenfurt is not only a political entity, but also a drainage basin. The two major rivers, the Ancre in the west and river Selle in the east feed down into the sea of Balaton in the centre of the region. The Kingdom is bordered to the north by the Alps, the Kingdom of Styria to the west, and the Kingdom of Maribor to the east. Within the Kingdom lies several distinct regions. To the north-west is the remote and fertile Tiber pass, which leads down into the western urban farming region of Klagenfurt. South of that lies the Durrus, a plains and farming region known to cattle herders and centred around a large hilly forest, known for it’s fine gems. East of the Durrus lies a large resource-rich island, Koper Isle. To the north of Koper isle are the central highlands and the tributaries to the river Selle. These places west of the river Selle are considered to be the more populous and urban. To the east lie the poorer Dutchies in the Kingdom. Largely hilly in the centre, it is bordered to the east by the large forest of Oryol which dominates the lumber and meat trade. Further south lies a flat plain ruled by Dukes known as the, “Marsh Dukes”. Although poor, on average the mineral wealth of the region is considered higher than that of the west. Background Note that the Archbishopric of Klagenfurt and Crown Cities are not in red. The Kingdom of Klagenfurt originates from the Styrian Prince Rupert who conquered the region in 1157. Prince Rupert I founded the city of Klagenfurt, declaring it his capital. Since then, the kingdom has grown two-fold in the east under the kings Rupert II, and Antonio I. During the early days of the Kingdom, aristocrats from Styria were invited to rule the land. The impact on the local culture is significant in the fertile west with many adopting Styrian customs, and the Styrian language becoming that of the aristocracy. However, in the eastern highlands, the influence has been minimal as local culture has become more detached from that of the west. In more recent times, a bourgeois class has emerged in the cities after the Great Plague ravaged the country in 1376, only four years ago. The former king, Antonio III Di Scemo died from this disease, along with his five brothers, leaving only his wife and son to his name. Player Information Pink Population 50 000 Duke(32), Duchess(31), Son(16)[Unmarried], Son(15), Sister(27), Uncle(48), Aunt(44) Purple Population 110 000 Duke(45), Duchess(39), Son(29)[Son(14), Daughter(12)], Son(20), Son(19), Daughter(13), Brother(39), Sister(43), Sister(40) Blue Population 270 000 Duke(16), Duchess(16), Son(0), Brother(12), Sister(13), Sister(14), Sister(10), Uncle(23), Aunt(33), Aunt(32) Red Population 300 000 Duke(26), Duchess(26), Son(10), Son(9), Daughter(8), Daughter(7), Uncle(44), Father(42), Mother(42) Green Population 200 000 Duke(38), Duchess(33), Son(24)[Wife(22), Son(6), Son(4)], Daughter(18), Daughter(15), Mother(54) Brown Population 60 000 Duke(29), Duchess(30), Son(13), Daughter(9), Daughter(5), Father(50) Olive Population 85 000 Duke(33), Duchess(29), Son(17)[Wife(17), Daughter(1)], Son(10), Daughter(16), Daughter(9) Dark Purple Population 90 000 Duke(20), Duchess(19), Daughter(4), Mother(37) Orange Population 140 000 Duke(63), Duchess(56), Son(47)[Wife(46), Son(30), Son(25), Daughter(20)], Son(40) Daughter(40), Daughter(35), Brother(44) Crown Lands (Mod) Population 525 000 King Thomas II Di Scema (5), Queen Theodora Pathakos (22) Church Lands (Mod) Population 170 000 Pope: Pius II (54) Rules & Guidelines Each turn represents one year. Taxes are collected annually. The Church and Clergy are exempt from taxation. Actions are to be declared on the RP thread Population growth, taxes, action results, etc. are tracked in an annual report. Secret actions should be thoroughly explained in private Most actions will be dependent on die rolls Previous actions and the state of one’s realm will influence outcomes How war works Armies are assembled in cities. Armies may be moved each turn that they are raised. Battles will occur when two armies or navies meet. Sieges will be updated annually. How the Economy Works People work and pay taxes annually The clergy collects tithes Trade is conducted and taxed Trade guilds will protect their members Applications must include the following Your chosen Duchy, its name, background, arms, and history. Describe your capital city and castle or palace. Your Duke’s name and Dynasty. Your Discord account (name#xxxx). Any other information you would like to share. A Hapsburg that ruled over land outside of Austria. The Church and King are not playable. Please refer to earlier posts when creating your history. Applications will close when all Duchies are taken, and posts will happen weekly on Saturday or Sunday.
  10. thaddeus11

    The Academy of Khronheim

    The Academy of Khronheim ~Founded in 1648~ The Academy of Khronheim has been founded in order to grow the knowledge of the people of Atlas. While the academy will mainly focus on the arcane of the world, among other magics, we will also focus on other matters of knowledge, such as architecture, religion, and history. For the first time as well, the academy will be headed by the Ironguts, who will bring with them all the knowledge the clan has gathered of the arcane in their expansive history with it. The academy can be found in the city of Khronheim. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CURRENT List of Subjects Taught at the Academy Fire Evocation Water Evocation Conjuration Illusion Defense Against the Dark Arts Alchemy War Tatics The Ranks of the Academy Grand Master The Grand Master is the highest rank one can achieve, being voted in by the consul of Masters. Leading the academy in all respects, the grand master is considered to have the final world on all matters. Also, while holding the rank of Grand Master, this scholar is also one of the several Masters. Master The Master is the second highest rank one can achieve. To gain this rank, a scholar must be committed fully to learning, and be considered the academy’s highest authority on one the taught subjects. Because of this, there are several Masters at any time; The Masters of each respective subject. Each of these scholars are granted a position on the consul of the academy. Adept The third highest rank one can achieve, the adept is one of the many at the academy who have finished their apprenticeship, and can now pursue the study of a subject on their own. This is also the rank in which a scholar can begin to teach their talents here at the academy. Apprentice The first official rank of the academy, this is where a scholar has been accepted by an Adept and has officially began their journey into the world of knowledge. They will prove themselves through a couple of stone months before they move onto the title of Adept. Initiate The Initiate has been granted access to the academy, however, they have not been accepted by an Adept yet. The Initiate will wait until they have been assigned someone to teach them. Current Members Grand Master (Vacant) Master's Dorin Iorngut Kardel Irongut Adept's Dimlin Irongut Carsandra Ivydale Garoll Earl Dael'ran Bael Tunnelsmasher Dwalin Irongut Apprenice's Initiate's Hogarth Irongut Arak Robyn Vulnear Mercai Hollowbound Marradak Weatherby Lionheart Gunther Tiberius Iron Enzo Bianchi The Rules of the Academy As far as rules go for the Academy, they are pretty loose. However, that does not mean there aren’t any. #1: Follow your higher ups orders. This rule is pretty simple. Your higher ups are your higher ups for a reason, they more than likely know what they’re talking about! If they tell you to do something, and you do not listen, then you may be suspended for insubordination. #2: No harming others at the academy unless specifically given permission to do so otherwise by a Master or the Grand Master, any use of physical or magical violence towards another will result in suspension or expulsion. #3: No use of the dark arts while the study of the dark arts is highly encouraged, they are NEVER to be used. To do so will result in immediate expulsion, and all ties with the practitioner will be cut. Applications Initiate Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: Do you know any magic currently?: Which subject do you plan to learn?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Adept Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: What subjects do you know?: Are you able to teach?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: We are currently accepting only those who are able to teach their subjects. This includes ALL forms of arcane magic, as well as any forms of scholarly study. If a subject that is not ordinarily taught is offered, we will contact you immediately to discuss the details.
  11. Minecraft Name BDanecker Discord BDanecker#1120 Timezone CST Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Humans are short lived, as that is their curse. Pretty normal to understand, have 3 subraces of highlanders, heartlanders, and far folk. Elves are weaker, but longer lived than humans, and I am not sure of their curse, I believe it is pride. More frequent users of magic, and have taller, slender builds. Incorporate their own language into common, and have multiple subraces, such as snow, dark, and high elves. Dwarves are the ones cursed with greed but blessed with strength of mind and stoutness. Short and have magnificent beards, living with clans and in mountains. Renown for smithing and can live for hundreds of years. Have the three distinct subraces of cave, forest, and mountain dwarves, with mountain being the most popular. Halflings are the race I know the least about, being halfbreeds between dwarves and humans. Peaceful and friendly, but are wary of tall people. Orcs are the largest, with the curse of bloodlust but with the blessing of honor. Speak the blah and like to fight. Come in colors of red and green and blue usually, and come with tusks. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant Specifically race’s customs and their curses. Maybe even forum guides on RP. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I was told by a good GM (Forgot his name, sorry Mr. Unknown) that the best way for me to help other players would be to join the AT team. I have been personally helping two brand new players the past two days, finding them in OOC chat and meeting them at CT to lead them to my settlement where I showed them the basics of the server such as magic learning and plugins. I would love to continue to do that, and if by golly if I can help some people out with what I’m already doing then sign me up. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications I’m not 100% sure this is related to the application process, but I think it would be very beneficial to have a system where a new player doesn’t have to come into the server like an outsider. For example, when I made my dwarf character, I did not know ANY of the dwarf players, and so did not have enough knowledge to say my character had been living a normal life in dwarven society for the past years. It would be instead better to have a way to plug in outsiders where someone of the group/race of choice would be their starting point, and would be their essentially “racial player hub” where they can begin to branch out from there. This would help player retention IMMENSLY, as most players leave in the first week, which I wholeheartedly believe is due to a lack of direction. If we could give them the first steps, they would stick. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made Giving prime examples of what a successful application looks like for each race and sub race would be great, and people wouldn’t have to pay others to write applications for them. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed School starts back, so I plan to be a casual staff member, and plug in when others can’t basically. Plus I play multiple instruments such as the French Horn and the banjo 😉 I am not 100% of all of the duties of an AT so being informed of that would be great Tell a joke The person reading this
  12. nightlight12

    Al- Gul (Character sheet)

    AL-GUL BASIC INFORMATION: NAME: AL-GUL AGE: 35 RACE: HUMAN STATUS: ALIVE NICKNAME: Outlaw SUBRACE: Highlander DESCRIPTION: Body type: ATHLETIC EYE COLOR: DARK BROWN SKIN : WHITE HEIGHT: 6’2 PERSONALITY: Mostly cares about money and himself in situations. Inventory: A small dagger on his side A pouch of money A mask A short blade behind his back
  13. Krefarus

    [✓] Mehkolo [Creature]

    Mehkolo (A lone Mehkolo worm) Mehkolo originate deep within the mountains of Atlas. These worm are one of the more peculiar creatures of the continent, Mehkolo come in a variety of colors, from darker grey/black to a dark orange. Additionally, Mehkolo blood is luminous which gives some a glowing appearance. Individually, the worms possess only basic intelligence, comparable to that of a animal. Mehkolo experience some other limitation, due to largely living underground these creatures have very limited eyesight during the day. Their eyesight improves as the sun sets, but it is still subpar. However, once Mehkolo bind together, the colony of worms is capable of higher thought and intelligence like the other numerous races of Atlas. The larger these colonies grow the more intelligent, sluggish and incapable of basic tasks they become. In terms of size Mehkolo vary greatly, with some being as long as two meters while others being only fifteen centimeters in length. Colonies are much longer, most take bipedal forms and stand around 2.2 to 2.4 meters talls and weigh as much as 1200 pounds. The race survives primarily on naturally occuring minerals though plant and animal life is a viable option. Communication for lone Mehkolo is impossible but colonies are capable of basic communication through the formation sounds via vibrations. In addition to this, colonies are usually extremely reserved, rarely speaking to any race outside their own. All Mehkolo colonies are directed by a single Mehkolo within the colony. The colony leader is usually a deep shade of red and its death almost assures the dissolution of the colony. Not much is known about Mehkolo culture or beliefs due to their intense isolation and limited communication. Mehkolo colonies are fond of violence, they incorporate any available material into their form to serve as armor whether it be logs, rock, or metal. Though they are rarely capable of forging weapons they are still capable of combat with weapons that happen to stumble into their possession. Even without the use of weapons, Mehkolo colonies are a force to be reckoned with, they are extremely strong and robust. Intense heat & fire is known to frighten Mehkolo. Exposure to direct sunlight is deadly to the creatures, without proper materials infused into their form protecting them, they will dry out and die. Upon the death of a Colony leader, the Colony loses cohesion and disperses. There is a off chance that throughout the confusion that a new colony leader can be chosen and keep the colony together but this is a rare phenomenon. Usually after the colony disperses several of the dispersed Mehkolo become Colony leaders forming many weaker colonies from the previous colonies remnants. However this process takes a deal of time and not immediately after original colonies death. (Mehkolo colony wearing a rare set of Mekholo-made armor) Mehkolo communities thrive deep within the cave systems of Atlas, though colonies are normally solitary they sometimes group together into communities. These communities are usually located in wide open caverns where the walls and roof are adorned with glowing larvae. The colonies constantly expand the caverns and tunnels by constantly tunneling for materials to consume. When solitary, Mehkolo colonies asexually reproduce, however, when grouped together they are known to reproduce normally. For Mehkolo living below the surface, minerals are the main source of food. Colonies that have ventured above ground sustain themselves on diets of meats, fruits, & vegetables. Mehkolo rarely domesticate livestock, being so unfamiliar with the surface creatures. (cavern covered in Mehkolo larvae) How the Mehkolo emerged onto the surface is largely a mystery. Many speculate a cavern housing several colonies was breached while mining. Others speculate Mehkolo worms may have burrowed to the surface themselves. Redlines -Mehkolo are incapable of learning magic -If the Colony leader is to die the Colony dies as well -Prolonged exposure to sunlight results in death -Mehkolo weighing more than 1000 pounds experience trouble regarding movement but benefit from increased intelligence -Mehkolo weighing less than 600 pounds benefit from better motor skills but experience much weaker intelligence -Though generally slow, Mehkolo are capable of fast speeds in short bursts -Mehkolo are terrified of fire as well as extreme heat and avoid it at all costs -All Mehkolo suffer from weaker eyesight the brighter their surroundings are
  14. The blackwood legion is a new faction created by a snow elf named vrenic with the goal of offering assistance to the highest bidder, However this cost method does not compromise his honor, (The blackwood legion taking it’s name and ranks from the ancient roman army) The legion serves as an elite corp of the best fighters in the region. They were founded by vrenic to achieve his goal of being the most powerful warrior in atlas. And he will do whatever it takes to obtain his goal. no matter the cost. Him and his men will be feared by those who have no honor. and respected by those who do. That is the goal of the legion..... Power A blackwood legion soldier in his gear ready for battle Vrenic hold the title Legatus Augusti proparetore however he shortens it to Legatus. He holds full power over the legion and can refuse or accept any contract without argument from others. Due to something in vrenic’s early years orcs are forbade from joining the legion, it is that and that vrenic demands honor and the ability to follow orders to the letter, he does not trust the legendary orchish battle fury to not cause a lack of following orders or damage to his own men. All other races are welcome in the legion. If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it. -Vrenic speaking to his men before battle Application template. Rp name- Race- Subrace- Age- Rp Faith- ------------------------------------ Mc username- Discord-
  15. Star Wars Shadows of the Past ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a secluded world in the outer rim, far from the bloody Clone Wars, a local mining operation uncovers what at first is an unknown ‘temple’. Later investigation would fail to decipher the structure’s origin and purpose. Widespread interest in this world would grow, also known as Edichi (Ed-ich-kai). in 20 BBY a Clone army arrives to further investigate the artifact and keep it out of CIS hands. Later in the year CIS forces would follow the clones and conflict across Edichi would erupt. In 19 BBY the Confederacy of Independent Systems systematically collapsed in on itself and the Republic had been reformed into the Galactic Empire. Yet the fighting on the surface had not concluded. CIS forces on the planet remained operational, refusing orders, and Clone units had mysteriously failed to receive new directives since shortly after their initial deployment. Edichi had not been short on new arrivals either, crime syndicates had heard whispers of this ‘artifact’ and slowly rooted themselves within cities and urban areas. Even a group of Mandalorians have arrived on the planet, though little is known of their true intentions. By 18 BBY, widespread conflict on the planet had died down. Scattered clone and CIS forces still dotted the planet, but the arrival of Imperial forces on the planet greatly tipped the balance of powers. Soon after the arrival of the Empire onto the surface of Edichi it seemed the systematic extermination of all opposition was inevitable. The enormous amounts of man and material gave Imperial forces an apparent advantage. However, an Imperial expedition to the original structure produced inexplicable consequences. Though specific details are unknown, it seems the expedition found something inside the structure which led to it being completely or partially destroyed under the mountain. In addition to the mysterious destruction of the site, what observers called a ‘pulse’ echoed through the star system. All outer system communication vanished and a multitude of ship based systems, including hyperdrives were rendered completely or partially useless.. All in the system are now alone _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playable Factions All of the available factions have pros and cons as well as varying levels of equipment and supply. Please keep in mind, since the Edichi system is entirely isolated no help from the galaxy will arrive in any form. An extensive list of each factions equipment can be found here ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UpVniITG3dTJJY_RT2VvkmIjkJjfVte0Cgevr8cx44I/edit?usp=sharing ) Please note that these are not the official faction names, and only ways to identify each faction. In your application you will decide your groups name. Imperial Factions (1-4) Battlegroup 1, Battlegroup 2, Battle group 3, Battle group 4 Republic Remnants (8-10) Remnant 8, Remnant 9, Remnant 10 CIS Holdouts (11) Facility 11 Rebel Factions (5-7) Faction 5, Faction 6, Faction 7 Crime Syndicates (14) Syndicate 14 Mandalorians (12-13) Expedition 12, Expedition 13 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heroes Each faction will have a unique character or Hero. These characters do not have to be the leader of your chosen faction, but they can be if you desire. Heroes will play an important role on the field of battle and in the path your faction takes in the overarching story. You will decide what fields your Hero is proficient in as well as their origin and backstory. To design your character, you will have (10) points initially at your disposal to put into any of the following sections. Keep in mind, as the game progresses you will continue to gain points depending on your actions. Basic Skills (Levels cost 1 point a piece) Piloting (1-10) Commanding (1-10) Combat (1-10) Mechanical/Technical Proficiency (1-10) Knowledge (1-10) Diplomacy (1-10) Force Skills (To become force sensitive it costs 8 points) Force Sensitivity [Y/N] - Force Ability (1-10) - Force Combat (1-10) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Applications will not be accepted on a first come first serve principle Discord: Faction of Choice: Faction Name: Brief Faction History: Hero Name: Brief Hero backstory: Hero Point Acquisition: Any specific items/equipment request: Suggestions?:
  16. Username Paris_Valentine Discord Paris#5329 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? I am mostly involved with the Humans, but i've been in close relations in the past with the dwarves and have worked with halflings quite a bit Staff History I have no prior Staff history on LOTC but I used to be one of the most efficient workers on an old rp team on a Mianite (The series, google it there is a plethora of information online) themed rp server Ban History One ban, I was banned for metagaming as I did not understand that a bird wasn't allowed to help people track someone down if they were in danger and had no note. Blacklist History: N/A Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to be able to bring joy to the people of the server that are usually overlooked. I have been in love with roleplaying and writing stories since I was a child and I feel that with a bit of practice, I would be a very good asset to the team. Why should we accept you onto the Team? am very flexible in my story style, have lots of free time, and am willing to work for hours on a story to make sure the event is of high-quality and enjoyable to all that participate What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I intend to create events that involve quests to the lesser-known/gone to regions of the map and will help players advance in their knowledge of the lands and the many interesting things about the area they live in. What makes a good event? A good event focuses around 3 things. Those being the depth of the story, the challenge to overcome, and the reward for overcoming it. The depth is important because it will help to create a long lasting, strong, and interesting story line that the players will enjoy and want to keep going with. The challenge gets the players involved and gets the adrenaline pumping so they get more and more focused (and even sometimes frustrated) about overcoming it. Finally, the reward. In my opinion there is no point in doing an event that the players cannot gain something from. Whether it be knowledge, artifacts from the past, or just plain objects to build their characters with. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: 1- Adventurers venture into the mountains in the far east (Around Kaz-Ulrah) to hear screaming sounding like that of a small child in a cave nearby. They enter the cave to find a girl sitting there with her eyes closed, hands over her ears. She is screaming at the top of her lungs for seemingly no reason. Someone goes close to her and she opens her eyes. They are entirely black. She stands and seems to almost hover a half inch above the ground. She has been taken over by a Mania. The Descendants attack the child which only makes her more and more mad. The cave slowly begins to move closed behind the Descendants so they know they must move fast for as to not be trapped inside. The actions taken by the players will result in one of two endings. If they are able to defeat the Mania, the little girl will come out alive with them where they will return her to her father the father explains to them that it is common for their bloodline to be attacked and will thank the heroes graciously(the next event in line will involve another member of the family(long lost) being attacked and needing saving from wolves). If not, They must take a leap of faith toward the exit hoping to make it out alive. (A roll 15 or above will come out unscathed, 6-14 will have minor injuries, and 1-5 will likely lose a limb based on how low the number is) Little do they know the beast makes it out with them. (leading to the next event in the line) 2- A man walks into a city (to be decided) and creates conversation. He suddenly crashes to the floor, still conscious but his pupils go purple and a purple foam exits his mouth onto the floor. The people participating will go on a scavenger hunt throughout the area around the city to find three ingredients needed for the "remedy" to this unknown disease (They will be given the list of ingredients by a man in a dark cloak). The different ingredients are contained by different challenges including a maze, a parkour course, and lastly the solving of a riddle given by a talking bat. They bring the ingredients back to the cloaked figure hoping to save the man as he was innocent and loved by everyone whom had met him. The cloaked man slips the ingredients into his bag and takes a small vial out of his cloak. He throws the vial onto the man. Suddenly, he disappears into thin air as if he were not there to begin with. The hooded figure creeps into the shadows looking to escape. If followed, he will get away with a smoke bomb leaving only a small parchment on the floor. The parchment is another riddle. The answer to this riddle will be needed for the next event in the line in which they see the man again and track him back to his home. If not followed, the hooded man will trip, giving the descendants time to capture him and do what they wish. Though little do they know he is just a pawn in the large plan of a secret man known only by the code name Gecko. 3- Explorers stumble upon a mysterious Circus-style tent in the middle of the woods. Inside, they are greeted by a Jester who stands upon a platform. He tells them to enter the ring in the middle of the tent, floored by stone. He would pull a lever next to them and they would fall into the darkness below. After a bit of a fall, they land in water, surrounded by a large stone-brick maze. There are three paths; and all may be taken by only one (variable dependent on number of participants). They travel through the maze, coming along chambers which are locked. They must all work together through means of shouting (/s) to get through them, as each of the player’s chambers contain vital information, needed to pass through. At the end of the maze, theyd find themselves in an open cavern, a skull encompassing the far half. Players could interact with many features of this cavern before moving on. They’d go through the skull to meet the puppetmaster of the whole game, a man in a gray hat, and a purple suit. He’d look down at the players, answering any questions they had before asking the final riddle, one he says has never been answered. If they were correct, they would be allowed to escape with anything they could hold within the cavern behind (3 max items per person) and granted exit. If they could not, they would have to do the entire maze again, taking different routes. If the players could not figure out the answer in three tries, they would have to find a way out before the cave collapsed atop them.
  17. Username Crim_Crim Discord Crim#7420 Timezone GMT What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Forest Dwarfs Staff History None Ban History Yes, minor self request ban and ban for exporting the shop plugin Blacklist History: None Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to join the Event team to become an actor to make a more immersive rp experience for the small forest dwarf community and help them out and others out who are in need of someone who needs an event actor Why should we accept you onto the Team? I think you should accept me for the team because I have ideas for people and would like to just help people in rp in general by bringing more people into the rp through an event and give some people which want a purpose to get on to rp to do so and I really enjoy helping people out oocly and rply and added to the team I could help more people have a better rp experience which will be more enjoyable What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I would like to create dungeons and quests some basic stuff which gives some enjoyable rp and rewarding What makes a good event? A good event would be when the player enjoys it for it covers immersion and excitement something which cant be predicted easily and wanting the players in the event to want more Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Scenario One The small party can be seen upon a hill where is none to have a wild bear den, the party would walk around the mountain stubbing onto the bodies of the people who lost there lives to the known bear before following the trail to where the bear may of been inside of a cave at the highest peak of the mountain. Upon entering the cave it would be filled with blood and gore some would be rather disgusted at the sight before finding what would seem to be a sleeping bear upon closer inspection the bear would begin to stick emitting a unholy smell before the party gets close enough to the supposedly sleeping bear showing that the bear isn't asleep but two has been killed with the intestines removed showing symbols upon the floor. Once the party decides to leave the cave as they possible search around to find the cause of the bears death something would be blocking the cave entrance if they decide to turn to look there would be a unknown creature hidden in shadows. Scenario Two A gathering would be in front of a shine to a dwarven god they would be praying upon the shrine before a unknown monk approaches telling the worshipers of a group of heretics in the area approaching the there shrine, with little time to prepare the worshipers would have to ready to defend themselves for the heretics from what they have been told are hostile to those with different views, the worshipers would be given time to ready there shrine on a hostile attack upon them. (can be turned into rp or a pvp wave style event) If the worshipers win they gain the heretics artifact of little magical properties it would just look interesting, if the dwarfs lose they can prepare an assault upon the heretics to drive them away for good from there shrine. If they chose to assault the heretics they can gain more information about them learning of the unknown things they know or chose to destroy there information so no one can find it out. Scenario Three A random encounter of hostile attentions or friendly ones, this one would be a traveling merchant with information on different cities and villages selling different rare or common items having a friendly interesting chat. (One Item can be used in another event to allow that player to start a chain of quests) Before the merchant leaves and travels to a different location selling odd items and giving information also giving objectives to those in need of a quick jobs of killing animals or collecting items.
  18. What is your minecraft username? jdesarno What is your discord? jdesarno#4834 How long have you played on LotC? Three months currently, going onto four months in November How many hours per day/week are you available? Five to ten hours daily, Varies more on the longer side. Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? Not lotc’s specifically. Besides contributing to a small amount of in-game wiki’s to some game’s i’ve forgotten when they’ve first started out In example Rpg-mo, that sorta thing, i’d be more than happy to open up past roots. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Do you believe you'd be able to summarize these pieces in a concise manner? I’ve grasped a good concept of lore with lotc in my past three month’s staying on the server, I would be able to summarize the specific pieces within the wiki with little to marginal error once grown familiarity. Obviously not one person is going to learn off the bat unless you’ve done it plenty of times in the past, i’m more than willing to devote time into learning further. Do you have any creative writing experience? Of course I have, sure i’ve not written much creative writing for lotc at present date, looking back upon giving bestial examples for the sake of gauging where I’d stand, development, blueprints and a basis for what is required is the very fundamentals for creative thought. It’s not that difficult! All you need to do is open your mind, have some sort of direction and the idea’s will come pouring right in!
  19. Minecraft Account Name(s) jdesarno Discord jdesarno#4384 How long have you played on LoTC? Around three months now, going onto fourth month in November. Timezone and Availability Cst Central Texas, around 5-10 hours daily, Varies. What lore are you versed in most? Bestial lore: The monster's of lotc, abnormal, the undead. Everything to do in that Category, I wrote the hunting guide after all didn't I? Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC None currently. Personally would like to change that for the greater!~ Have you ever written lore for LoTC? No but i’d honestly like to, specifically with the increasing additions to lotc’s roster of Event/Creature related monsters!~ For all we know there’s a large untapped layer of potential within roleplay standards! Albeit.. moderated in the right hands, I’d honestly think it’d be a nice thing, no? I’ve noticed a lack of development with creature related items, from one enthusiast to another, why would we let them waste away in our storage's when they could be made into something unique, something you’ve actually worked for, spurred dedication into, the only limit to lore is hard shelving and general direction, your mind is an untapped oyster!~ Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Minus a small ban on a previous server that i've learned and recollected from, yes.. just twice. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? No one, far as I know.
  20. Username Jondead, LookMaNoHaense Discord Jondead#0753 Timezone GMT+1 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Humans, Elves, Fae, Magi, Kha and Dwarves! Staff History Nope! Ban History Zero! Blacklist History: None! Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to help the staff create a Dynamic Eventful future for LoTC for all of the community, and generally improve people's Roleplay experience with Random Events dotting the landscapes and roads, listening for feedback, and hosting Events for people when I have the free time, else I will focus on an Eventline or something. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I think I have an pretty good grasp of the Roleplay people would like to see, and I am an writer of the books of paper, so I think that will also help, I quite enjoy helping people with things like this - being part of big Events, or Small Events would be wonderful and is smehting I have had dreams of for a while. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Quests, Small Festivals, Ruins and Dungeons, High Fantasy and a little Low Fantasy, some Road Events, and Traveling Salesmen! You name it! What makes a good event? A good Event is one both new and old players can casually roleplay into, having it not too complex for the people that don't know the Lore of the Server too well, but also fun for the old players with an good grip of the Server Lore - An good Event for me is also one where you Roleplay, not exactly fighting your way though with your left clicks, but one where you can type to your hearts content, I have ever seen PvE or PvP Events as "Real" and "True" Events, it is an Roleplay Server after all. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The Traveling Sailsman Along the roads towards the cities an elder looking man would wander along carring old ragged cloths on his body and jewlery, his hair thin and frail – he’d calls the people he meets to find these small glowing stones being sold, telling you his story, and that the stones were his to begin with as part of an order of an old religion lost for the most part that was native to the lands – with every stone you bring him he would give you an small reward, or big depending on the stone you brought, everything from an blade that guides you to new lands like an compass if you placed it down, or an crown of an strange wood. Once you have given him all his stones he’d return to his lands where he once was, leaving the people that helped him a gift if they found it, a small ring ornatly encrusted with symbols that can be used to weave the seas for safety. A small ship arrives at the shores of the lands carring these monks of the seas, charted in wooden bridges and irons gaps, these monks begins slowly arriving as the Realm goes though it’s life creating a Dynamic Feeling of “these guys did not just pop out of the blue.” But instead they would begin as rumours and slowly begin their landing on the Realm, perhaps even a counter group within the Monks would form? Perhaps not, thought is too be found out later. These monks left the Realm that the Decendants lived on as the lands was being ravaged by the old darkness creeping uncontrollingly towards their lands, powerless to stop them they sailed across the seas before returning years later to find the missing stones of the sea’s grace. The Blasted Hollowed A croaking on the wind can he heard along the roads as crows would flock to the signs around the cities and conclaves, their eyes glowing red like bloodstones have been embeded into their eyes, after staying there for a while watching the people run along their daily activities they would fly off into the sky and to towards the frozen lands that line the Realm, heading to an black keep covered in an dark shadow-y mist, if one would follow the crows to there point of origin they would be met with sickness and death as inside would be some Undeathly Beings and rotten corpses lining the halls of the keep in mists, inside the halls would be torn stools and tables, the tables lined with dinning urtenshals, rusted and abandoned, shattered and broken, along with tapestries torn and battered, in the middle on an throne made of oaks would lay an small crown covered in rusting gold and with gems inbeded into the front of the crown – the crown itself would seem normal enough in this hellish rotten keep that it resides in, the crows linging the walls and flying though the halls, heading up the spirals of the keep to the top where an Demonic being resides wandering the halls of this forsaken keep that lays in the frozen wastes, and lots of hidden rooms and creveses with old books and tomes to be descovered beyond in the keep. The Undeathly Beasts that reside in the keep themselves would attack anyone that is not an allie or connected to their master almost without thought once you get there, almost like they were commanded to – these keeps would dot the lands of the frozen wastelands each a little different from the other, with different options and problems for you, traps and more. The Vasious Festival A cheery fellow find you along the roads telling you of this festival going up soon! This Festival is an grace of all the gods, an grand feast of friends and enermies coming together for once to drink and feast, dance and sing! The festival will be going for a spanning of a few weeks, influensed by the actions at it of course, this festival will have a little fighting ring, a drinking hall, games to play and a grand show of skills, each set of the skill rounds would be set in teams of five, each round being set in skills ranging from smithing, to alchemy, to fighting, and rock throwing. if the Festival get’s interupted by villans, the fesitval guards will activate and try to stop them, the guards covered in heavy plate armor would be strong, but defeatable – if the gaurds fail in the fighting and are defeating the festival’s goods can be looted and ravaged by the attacking party, and the Event Site would be left as ruins until someone is willing to claim that land if they want – after the defeating the Servants and people of the Festival that did not fight would “fly” to the corners of the Realm leaving behind books and tales of their travels along the ways.
  21. Quintessential

    Seeking Player for Human Son!

    Hi! I'm looking for a player to play my son, please read his details below to see if you are interested! Description of Character A dark-skinned, black hair lad. Son of a southeron and a.. probably farfolk-mix with a large nose. Mother is a 5’6 Southeron by the name of Rivaini Semaili, married to 6’0 Antanios Rutledge. Family resides in Belvitz, yes there is a house. I would prefer if you had MPM, cause it makes things more fun and such. Character Name Medhi S. Rutledge You will receive skin upon due time and acceptance. Preview I swear you’ll get a better skin some day. Application What’s your MC Name? How long have you been a part of this server? Have you played a human child before? Have you ever been interested in playing a human child? How much do you know about Human culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? Please post the application in the comments! Please post your application in a private message with me!
  22. Minecraft Name Jondead LookMaNoHaense Discord Jondead#0753 Timezone GMT+1 Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Long ago in Aegis a war was in the making shaping the future to come, Iblees the Archdaemon after trying to trick the four brothers: Krug Father of the Orcs and who stood against Iblees and did not take his fake kind, Urguan Father of the Dwarfs and fell to false kindness and greed, a long with, Malinor, and Horen, Krug the only one that stood against Iblees winning a fight against the Daemon, Krug was greatly wounded and was cursed. When Iblees was cast back by Aeriel Lady of the Soulstream and Archaengul, and Krug, he cursed the Four Brothers and their Children, he cursed the Elves of Malinor with Infurtility so they may never grow strong in forces, to combat that Aeriel said "Malinor, may your forests be a sanctuary of peace and your children long lived." blessed the Elves with long lives so they can get the chance to grow and peace in their forest homes. Iblees cursed Krug and his children with Blood Lust in his last breath so Aeriel said "Krug, may your people show valor and honor where none exist." making it so that their race and people would show valor when all others failed in doing so. Iblees cursed Urguan and his children with greed, to combat this curse Aeriel said "Unguan, may your descendants be hardy, and strong hearted and strong of mind." Making it so the Dwed would always be strong and hardy in mind, and body. Iblees also cursed Horen with short lives so they might never truly rise to power, so Aeriel said "And horen, may your people one day explore the Seven Skies." Making it be, even if their live in The Mortal Realm is short they could pass quickly to The Seven Skies. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant I am quite familior of the Ascended lore which could come in handy when looking though Applications and reviewing them. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I quite simply want to help people more and quite new people, whilst controlling the flow of people coming in making sure they are ready before letting them in, making sure they understand fully what "Roleplay, Metagaming, and Powergaming." Is, and helping them make it though the Application format and making sure the Application is not lore breaking, one of the things I hold quite dear. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications Talking in the New Player Discord is a sure-fire way to help them, just being supportive and kind yet critical is a great way of doing something like that. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made After reading some old Applications and the new one I think it is way too simple even back in my day it was harder to get in and that one was simple, and this new system we use is way too abusible when making applications, I'd say go back to the Forum Application format, this fill in the blanks also is limiting a bit, sure back ground and stuff is fine, but where is the religion and culture section? Provide any additional information that you believe is needed Nothing for now other then the bluntness of many Application Team Members I have seen over the year I have been in the New Player Discord, being Application Team should need a level of people skill that is acceptable, not being "Yo, I don't like you doing this could you stop now." Ask kindly like "Hello Jon, I don't really like you doing this could you please stop it <3" Basically be kind the decline of standards I have seen in the year is troubling. Tell a joke A Gondorian and a Umbarian walk into a bar, the Umbarian says "Gondor is ours!"The Gondorian says "Umbar is ours!"
  23. Username Jondead and LookMaNoHaense Discord Jondead#0753 Timezone GMT+1 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Right now Human and Fae, as I play a two humans and a Cervitaur, I also play a High elf in the Dominion for now, so I guess you can count that also. Staff History As of writing this I have a GM App yet have not been told a result of it yet. Ban History No ban history! Blacklist History: No Blacklist! I think! Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to help people do randomy events, I also want to make some Fae events and some minor casual events which I think would be fun! Something not too heavy so new people could also get involved but also something for hardcore Roleplayers! Why should we accept you onto the Team? Because @Treaty said this lad is good! What kind of events do you aspire to create?: High Fantasy stuff, maybe some magical shiz with a little casual town events and so on! What makes a good event? A good event is made by enjoy-ment from players, so not the Gaz eventline, which no one liked. A good event is also defined by the script and many paths in my opinion. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: - "You come to a set of runed pathways, which do you pick Alira?" Speaks a whisper on the wind carried by death and cold, the hallways ever twisting, the right one covered with a faint black light calling one closer if listened to for too long, and the left sends out a pulsing energy calling you to it also. (the Right one leads to a chamber with a Artifact of Urguan who made it to keep something in place, the left one just loops around endlessly, unless you complete a Puzzle in the corridor.) The voice would speak again "Pick quickly, for soon you might lose you mind if you do not!" The voice spoke with urgency in his voice, like he was consurned for Alira. - "You seek power yes?" The being in purple croaked "Y-yes." Alaloc answered unsure "Then you must prove to ME your worth, bring me the head of Alira Wolvenhide and I might grand you what you seek." The being commanded with fire on it's tongue "And do not fail me, or test my patience - So do not take too long." The being said with wrath in her eyes before walking away a cloud of dark energy in the air as it left. "I need to kill this Alira." he says setting off to find this person, heading towards Urguan and his realm, towards a grand keep in the mounts. - A keep would shine brightly in the distance as Ulrik Ironside spots a man walking past on the road, Ulrik quickly shouts "Parden me lad, wot brings ye out here to Urguan's Lands?" the man would question slowly moving towards him "I am simply seeking a person Dwed, she goes by the name Alira, have you seen her around?" The man asks slyly as he smiles "Oi have indeed lad, she went to the ruins to the south off here, just past the Dragon mountans." Ulrik simply responded shrugging as he would return to his post - The man simply nods to the Dwed as he walks south though the Mountans towards the ruins, as he gets there he would spot a runed doorway, closed, unopen, as he opens the door, it would kick in a Puzzel (same one in the first, including the voice, it would just speak the man's name instead.) ((A little idea of a Eventline of mine, which I'd call: The Beast of Urguan.))
  24. Username Porkour Discord Porkour#0123 Timezone GMT -7 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Orcs/Dwarves Staff History I was a forum moderator in 2012 for three months, sorting threads to be cast away. I served under Gemmylou at the time. I found a calling towards the Media Team where I served under the guidance of Acerbuddy (Haelphon) from the time I left FM to around early 2014. Ban History Yes, a month into my first time playing on LotC in 2011, I misunderstood the no-rp killing and killed a player orc after being provoked. I was warned by Robin Drake, whose warning point scars my profile to this day. Blacklist History: I have not been blacklisted from the server. What do you want to join the Event Team? From the day ex-admin shiftnative suggested the idea of me becoming and roleplaying a pigman. I knew that I wanted to create a form of dynamic yet within lore, different roleplay. Something that will make regular races question the existence of my being and learn to disfavor or favor the outsider. Through my years on the server, I have learned that everyone has a different take on what to make of the pigman. Some have chosen to befriend it, and welcome it into their community, others have chosen to cast it away usually in the form of consumption or by force. The Event team interests me much to entertain the server, and to provide a sense of meaning and purpose to why we are all here in LotC. I feel that the server could benefit from someone who has lurked among the shadows and patiently watched as time passed by without much interference. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I admire the Event Team because of their strong abilities to keep people engaged in rp. Every time I see an event go on, the community comes out of their holes and unites for a brief moment. I could be a good asset to the team and provide plenty of ideas for the group. I have a unique mind, one that has matured over my years here and have a friendly personality. I was short tempered before, but I have moved on from that time and realize that in order for everyone to be happy, I have to work as a part of the team and not against it. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: The events I aspire to create will mostly consist of high fantasy quests and challenges. The thrill of seeking treasure, casting a curse out from the realm, rescuing an notable icon in the hopes of wealth or recognition, or simply not becoming a lost soul. Quests that involve perilous journeys to a deep dark wood in search of a cure for a town struck with illness while battling plethoras of unworldly creatures, obtaining secret information from a group of bandits terrorizing the streets. One that I would dream of creating, is an ongoing event where characters can prove themselves worthy of being one of the best, if not the best. I want to create events that can be cherished by the community, those that don’t necessarily involve violence and engage everyone in it. What makes a good event? A good event requires time to plan scenarios. Scenarios that arent one-way, and have many paths that could go in case the original plan fails. A good event requires depth, descriptive sentences that paint a vivid scene in the readers mind, so they can picture the event in their own way. It will also require the community to make it a success. A good event may evoke a response from the affected community, it might strike fear in some, or bring rage or purpose to the roleplayers. A good event also requires a good team to help each other make it a good event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The Curse of Droc'Nalthor: Quest - Dynamic Fantasy Event A village has a deep dark secret buried deep underground. The villagers are NPCs that tell of an underground city that was once thriving with life, and is now a sanctuary for the dead. A curse they locked away for many generations has finally leaked itself out, due to seismic activity throughout the island. Those villagers (actors) would then occupy the local populi and bring them news of the impending danger. It is up to the community to decide how to go upon the situation. The villagers would go on about informing the people that this curse derived from the city their ancestors built and buried. Villagers will tell of their village, but not say where, except show them a map that points out the approximate location of their village. They can venture out solo, with a buddy, or a large group. When they arrive, they will see a desolate land that was once the village and encounter an onslaught of creatures that seem to pour out of a crevasse in the ground. After warding the creatures off, a storm will brew above casting bolts of fire down as the players seek shelter wherever they can find. Most houses will offer little to no protection against the elements, the other will lead down into the chasm where they'll find coffins and a river of blood encircling a massive city. This city is also riddled with creatures the players may fight or attempt to avoid. In the center of it all, is the source of the curse, where someone may have to sacrifice themselves to destroy it, or risk the lives of those he/she brought along. The event is concluded when a decision has been made. The chasms and ruined earth will seal itself back up, and the land restored as if nothing has happened, and the village that once buried the dead city, disappears with it. The players will move on and probably get a drink at the local tavern. The Dream Bed: Dungeon - Persistent Fantasy Realm Ever have those dreams where you end up waking up after 'dying'? What if you dont wake up at all? What if you actually die? A poverty stricken mother cries for her missing daughter after kissing her good night and waking up to her not being there. She claims she has never taken trouble for her liking and shown no motive for running away. Villagers(players) would learn that her missing daughter may be trapped in a different dimension where her bed is the portal between our world and her world. The purpose of this event is to rescue the mother's child knowing the risk of going to sleep in the mysterious bed. If a player dies in the dream world, they die in the real world. A mashup between Inception, A Link to the Past and The Matrix. Players will setup their own bed in the house, and event team will teleport the players into the dream realm. The dream realm can be set in the End, the Nether, or the Aether, each with their own fall hazards or realm creatures that may lead players to their untimely end. The event concludes when the mystery behind the disappearance has been solved. A Hall for Heroes: Arena - Dynamic/Persistent Low-Fantasy Realm A time of gathering has been announced from the heavens or via birds, of a city created for those who seek to prove themselves worthy. This may include gauntlets, a test of the mind, or a battle royale. Players will journey to this city where they can congregate amonst each other and participate in activities served by the event team. In this event, death may be a risk players have to take, and they are to come to the city emptyhanded for fear of loss items. This is at their own risk and may choose to bring items that do not give them the upper advantage. Events that happen here are merely for entertainment and bragging rights and include but not limited to; treasure hunts, master sculpting, horse races, spleef tournaments, Player vs Player (1v1, Team, Survival) etc. Victors will be crowded glorious in their event and remembered in the hall for heroes, a golden corridor where their achievements shine with the ascended. Participants who compete will be given free but not private housing for their friends and family should they choose to stay there.
  25. Krefarus

    Polis [OOC/APPS]

    Polis 389 CE (City of Polis 389 CE) (Political map of Aegos 389 CE) [Red = Vathacian States, Purple = Knyos, Orange = Myridios, Teal = Amidia, Green = ‘Barbarian' Kingdoms, Yellow = Nomadic peoples & tribes] The city of Polis, once the cultural, economic, and political center of the Vathacian League, later the Vathacian Empire. A city home to the greatest works of the civilized world. A city that once commanded armies across Aegos, and asserted its influence even farther now stands alone. It has been over 40 years since the last Hegemon was ousted by a coalition of Polisian factions and the Periochi were established by the signing of the Práxi Enótitas. After the reign of the Hegemons and the collapse of the Vathacian Empire, The power vacuum left in Polis led to a period of disaster. Foreign powers stripped Polis of control of most of its lands and territories. Hegemony over what remains of Vathacian territory is nothing more than symbolic. Many states flock to foreign powers, believing their fortunes will better there. In the wake of the collapse the Polisian factions waged war across the city, covering Polis in death, disease, and devastation. After over a year of conflict a victorious faction, Illerius, emerged and established the rank of Polemarch. The rise of the Polemarch ceased the city’s internal conflicts and secured peace with Polis’s various neighbors. Finally after almost a decade of instability, there was peace. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Factions Polis is divided into 10 Periochi, or districts. Every Periochi is governed by the Archon of one of Polis’s 10 factions. The Archons, though mostly independent, still bow to the Polemarch who maintains direct rule over key sections of Polis. Each Periochi has vague cultural traits that will serve as a guideline for you to expand upon. However it is to be noted that they all stem from original Polisian culture, a culture very heavily influenced by Vathacian Culture, which is based of that of Ancient Greece Rules [Any questions can be brought me or the discord] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1amSgKuKybeVyMtVBY4S9xewOSJl0BW_K5qk1hgwWwGE/edit?usp=sharing The Periochi (The 10 playable factions are shown and numbered above) (Above is a map displaying the different Periochi & their accompanying Sectors 1. Argos - The second largest economic sector of Polis and a long standing and respected faction. The majority of Argos’s citizens lie in the upper middle class. Population: 310,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sector 4 & 5] 1x Market [Sector 4] 1x Lvl 3 Academy [Great Work | Sector 5] Resources: Scholars [Sector 5] 2. Decelea - The wealthiest Periochi in Polis. Originally head of the Vathacian fleets, this faction quickly secured control over Polis’s waterways and harbours. It is home to the largest marketplaces and wealthiest members of Polisian society. The people of Decelea practice a culture strongly influenced by trade and are widely regarded as the most alien of Polisian peoples. Population: 260,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sectors 1 & 2] 2x Markets [Sector 1] 1x Lvl 1 Dockyard [Sector 1] Other: Great Library of Irae [Sector 1][Great Work][Under Polemarch Occupation] 3. Kleones - The most industrious of the inner Periochi. Kleonesians are an honest and hard working people. They take pride in the superb quality of their goods and the faction hosts the largest industrial base in Polis. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military foundry [Sector 16 , inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Academy [Sector 18] 4x Development [2 in Sector 16 & 2 in Sector 17] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder foundry [Sector 18, inactive due to lack of resources] Resources: Scholars 4. Apamea - Apamea is the poorest of the inner Periochi, apart from the main streets, the district is largely a confusing maze of slums and apartments. Despite supporting the last Hegemon, they managed to remain in control of their section of Polis through their peoples almost fanatic loyalty to the state. They are an opportunistic people, and unlike their southern counterpart, they are seldom considered honest. Population: 320,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 13, one is inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 15] 1x Development [Sector 14] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 13] 5. Phocis - Phocis is the most populous of the inner Periochi. Their control of the river gates and largely trained citizenry allowed them to control large sections of Polis. The people of Phocis are stalwart advocates for democracy and independence Population: 350,000 Improvements 1x Lvl 2 Academy [Sector 9] 3x Development [1 in Sector 12, 1 in Sector 11 & 1 in Sector 10] Resources: Scholars Others: Polemarch tax collection center 6. Ephesus - The most militaristic of the Polisian factions & a favorite of the Polemarch. Ephesus was originally formed during the collapse of the Vathacian Empire and was made up mostly of Hegemonic loyalists as well as the largest portion of the remaining Vathacian military. Ephesus is home to the greatest military minds of Polis. Their culture revolves around the good of the Faction and much of the population lives in large communal blocks. Population: 130,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 7] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder Foundry [Inactive due to lack of resources & Polemarch occupation 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 6] 3x Development [2 to Sector 7 & 1 to Sector 8] 7. Iolcus - The most populous district in Polis. Iolcus is a largely unorganized mass of buildings, plazas, and miscellaneous buildings. The district possesses massive amounts of resources in comparison to the inner Periochi. Iolcusian culture is similar to that of Kleones, however the more rural region hosts more traditional values. Population: 550,000 Improvements: 1x Mine [Iron, Sector 23] 1x Barracks [Sector 21, inactive due to Polemarch occupation] Resources (known): 2x Lumber [Sector 20] 1x Iron [Sector 23] 3x Farmlands [1 in Sector 20, 2 in Sector 23] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 21] Polemarchy Tax collection center [Sector 21] 8. Sestos - Sestos is the largest agricultural Periochi. The finest crops of Polis hail from Sestosian fields and many of the inner districts rely heavily on the constant flow of food products from these regions. Up until recently, the people of Sestos have been largely neutral, during the Polisian civil wars Sestos remained the least affected of all Periochi. Population: 300,000 Improvements: 3x Farmlands [1 to Sector 25, 2 to Sector 27 Resources(known): 6x Farmlands [2 in Sector 25, 2 in Sector 27, 2 in Sector 28] 2x Lumber [Sector 27] Other: Polemarchy tax collection center [Sector 27] 9. Oreus - Oreus is the chief supplier of lumber and iron in Polis. Though not as resource rich as their Thespiaen counterparts. Massive destruction of Oreus during the Polisian civil wars forced the economically struggling district to accept mostly unfavorable trade deals with the Inner Periochi, particularly Decelea, in order to gain financial support. These trade agreements remain mostly intact, which has prompted widespread resentment from Oreusians. The culture of Oreus is similar in nature to their Sestosian neighbors, however it is significantly less pacifistic and more traditional in nature. Population: 440,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Mine [Sector 30, Iron] 1x Lvl 1 Lumber Yard [Sector 31] Resources(known): 3x Iron [Sector 30] 1x Lumber [Sector 31] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 29] 10. Thespiae - The least populace of the outer Periochi, but largest in physical size. Thespiae boasts a massive amount of raw material. Of the outer Periochi, Thespiae is the most resentful to the other Archons. During the Polisian civil wars, Thespiaen controlled a large portion of what has become Argos. However they were eventually forced out from the city walls. In recent time Thespiae has become the main antagonizer towards the Inner Archons and the leader of the push to restrict the inner Periochi’s access to raw material. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 37] 1x Barracks [Sector 34 Inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Stables [Sector 39] 1x Mine [Iron Sector 36] 1x Development [Sector 38] Resources: 1x Horses [Sector 39] 3x Iron [1 in Sector 36, 2 in Sector 37] 4x Farmlands [2 in Sector 39, 2 in Sector 35] 1x Lumber [1 in Sector 37] Other: 3x Polemarchy tax collection centers [2 in 39, 1 in 34] Polemarch garrison [Sector 34] Application 1. The District you are applying for 2. Your Archon's (leader) name and history 3. An explanation of your districts culture 4. Unique unit (military) 5. Discord 6. Suggestions