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  1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Song Sparrow ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. Introduction II. Crew Rankings III. Culture and Traditions IV. The Privateers Oath ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. INTRODUCTION The Song Sparrow is a crew of independent privateers who sell their services to any who might want to buy it, be that a trader in need of a shipment being made, or a city looking to hire a vessel to protect their shores from invading nations. While they believe in helping their fellow man from time to time, the crew of The Song Sparrow are no strangers to misdeeds as well, and will plunder other ships and opposing nations, should someone hire them to do so. At it's core, The Song Sparrow was still formed by two outcasts who turned to lives of thievery in order to survive. Joining The Song Sparrow is far more then just setting sail for the fun of it all - on this ship, it's a way of life, and in to survive one must have the courage to look danger in the eye and spit back at it, they must have the knowledge of how to sail the open sea, and they must have the passion to live a life of freedom and independence, answering to no one but their Captain. While freedom for all rests among their core values, one must still be willing to take orders in battle and follow them accordingly, else risk being thrown overboard. If you, or someone you know, is a sea-fairing individual come visit the crew of The Song Sparrow, currently found at dock 3 in Lurin found towards the very back of the city. The Song Sparrow is always looking for brave men and women of the sea to set sail with and while our crew may be small, we treat each other like family. Join us, and set yourself free with one of the finest sailors to grace the high seas, Captain Vicnan Hawkins. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ II. CREW RANKINGS CAPTAIN Vicnan Hawkins QUARTERMASTER Wilamen Macloed HELMSMAN Balkas Balo LOOK-OUT Amir Gonzalez MASTER GUNNER Adrian Falker Heskynne SEA DOG -VACANT- NAVIGATOR Adela Proudbottom SURGEON Marol Malthengolv SHIP WRIGHT Masayoshi DECKHANDS Rafi -VACANT- -VACANT- -VACANT- IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SKILLS THAT YOU BELIEVE MAY HELP OUR CREW, DO NOT HESITATE TO SAY SO! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ III. CULTURE AND TRADITIONS The crew of The Song Sparrow take sailor culture very seriously and partake in many activities that honors the culture of sailing the open seas. DRINKING GAME: GROG & HORSESHOES One of the favorite drinking games of Captain Vicnan Hawkins, Grog and Horseshoes is a rather simple game to play. Two sailors take a pile of horseshoes and try to toss them around wooden poles set up on the ship, should a sailor MISS, they are required to take a swig of Grog. Should one sailor successfully get a horseshoe around the pole, the opposing sailor must take a swig of Grog. The winner is whoever successfully gets all six horseshoes around the wooden poles, the loser is then required to drink an entire tankard of Grog. THE HYMN OF THE SONG SPARROW While the crew of The Song Sparrow take part in singing many sea shanties, the favorite of the ship is one Vicnan wrote himself after he stole his first boat. Where can you find pleasure? Search the world for treasure? Where can you sail the open sea? Make all of your dreams come true, and drink until your face turns blue... It's here in the ocean! Yes, you can sail the open sea! Here in the ocean! And you can drink until you pee! In the ocean! Come on now step aboard and take a stand! Right here in the ocean! THE SEA LEG CEREMONY When a new sailor finally receives their sea legs upon the ship, Captain Vicnan Hawkins takes it upon himself to congratulate them in taking their first major step in becoming a successful privateer of the open sea. He does so by holding a small feast and gifting the new sailor with a golden earring, which is believed by many sailors to prevent one from drowning. It is a small ceremony but one the Captain takes quite seriously. FEASTS Among many other things, the crew of The Song Sparrow loves to host large feasts upon their ship. Whether it be in celebration of a victory in battle, or to honor a fallen comrade, the crew will always find an excuse to host a feast. Any and all who are friends of the crew may join where they may partake in the food and the Grog. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IV. THE PRIVATEERS OATH Before officially coming aboard and joining the crew of The Song Sparrow, every sailor must take this oath and uphold it to the best of their abilities. I. I shall not steal from a fellow privateer, and will only steal from non-privateers. II. I shall remain loyal to my fellow crew members and my captain. III. I shall never harm an innocent woman or child. IV. I swear to protect my ship and my crew until the sea takes me. ANYONE CAUGHT BREAKING THIS OATH OR ANY OTHER LAWS OF THE SEA WILL BE APPTLY PUNISHED BY THE CAPTAIN HIMSELF! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATION OOC INFORMATION Minecraft Username: Discord Username: RP INFORMATION Persona Name: Age: Race: Applicable skills: Affiliations:
  2. SHATTERED SUNS Year 10.421 AE The light of dusk fades away. ====-----<<>>-----==== “They’re closing in around us now. The transports are gone, broken as they tried to escape. I know you will never hear this, but I love you, my darling wife. I curse the day I left you, and I curse this day that I must leave you forever. They’re at the bunker doors. The screams get ever louder. We are going to die in this forsaken place. How I wish I had never set foot on Buath. How I wish I could go ho- [TRANSMISSION ENDED]” -The last recorded transmission from the surface of Buath. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Events THE SIEGE OF NAHKI “Am I not generous, San’var?” “Without equal, my Lord.” [Atuan Infantry advance under fire on C.R.A positions] Far to the west, The Heavenly Kingdom of Atu-an continues its divinely-ordained war against the Colonial Reorganization Authority. In space, the Colonial Navy has been sent into a full rout, forced to abandon the void above the former Colonial capital of Nahki. As the banners of Heaven itself march upon the system, much of the remaining Colonial government flees north into more secure space - leaving the planet’s garrison to hold the world alone. News from the former Colonies suggests that the Atuans have made great progress, having accepted the surrender of several of the largest colonial formations on the planet. The last of Nahki’s resistance is centered around the expansive mega-city of Mo’an-tal, where the remaining Colonial armies have dug in heavily. BLESSED IS THE LINE OF THE EMPEROR RUR-VAI ===----<>----=== THE COMING OF AN HEIR “Do not delay, Admiral, for we have little time to lose.” [The Starcast Throne, in the Imperial Observatory.] From the furthest reaches of civilized space comes a message which slowly but surely filters through to every remaining psykic in the galaxy, “An heir proclaims himself.” The man in question is the Lord Taera, a matriarchal second cousin of the late Emperor Rän-ji. Stationed in the Outer Rim during the Civil War, Taera’s fleets were unable to reach Loyalist lines before Erasmis’ invasion had already penetrated to the core. Since then, they have been wedged between their two foes, only barely scrounging by. With this announcement is a call to aid directed to the Loyalist south, and a plea to the Republic requesting safe passage south - how the Republic will respond to such a request remains to be seen. ===----<>----=== THE PIRATE KING “Let them despair!” [The destruction of the ERTCV Sifter against Aokigahara’s fleet] Chaos continues to engulf the galaxy, and the illustrious Pirate King runs forever rampant among the Eastern Galaxy’s trade routes. 10,421 proves to be an eventful year for Aokigahara’s fleet, though, as the Horseman, Aokigahara’s flagship aswell as its supporting vessels fall upon an ERTC Treasure Fleet returning from the Far Rim. Unknowingly having walked into a pirate ambush, the ERTC escorts were quickly picked apart and destroyed, with the primary escort, ERTCV Sifter, being destroyed in the opening stages of the battle. The entire contents of the ERTC convoy has apparently since been destroyed or otherwise lost to the pirates. Aokigahara’s marauding continues to burn east through Loyalist space. ===----<>----=== GATHERING CLOUDS “500 credits per shipment? What do the Barons need 400 credits for! 300 credits is unbelievable! The Westerners don’t have the gall to ask for 200 credits for fuel..” [The Republic Senate] As another set of terms comes to an end, the clouds of the Republican Senate begin to gather as a host of interests prepare to compete for the trio of newly vacant positions: Tanu Kavan, Kavan Te, and Kavan He-ai and upset the long established rule of the hugely popular Grand Admiral Pepe. While the various factions of the Senate return to their constant scheming, trouble brews on the Republic’s horizon.. The Oil Barons continue to hold the Republic at their mercy through their near total domination of the Outer Rim’s fuel reserves, many within the Senate cry for a response. Indeed, the idea would be attractive to many more if the Republic’s finances were not almost completely sustained by ERTC and Universal loans, huge partners of the Oil Barons. Further still, reports filter in from the border of Admiral Akamu’s efforts to refurbish and salvage Civil War naval vessels en masse, a development which has many of the provincial governors on edge. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Ran-ji lies dead. Man is scattered. The Empire burns. Those who remain shall burn with it.."
  3. Frostwood Bitter Origins: Within the dark, frozen, tundra's of the north, two close friends go searching for a legendary material said to make them rich beyond compare. While exploring these frozen wastelands, the two are forced to cross an icy lake too thin to walk on, causing one of the two to fall deep beneath the ice. Their friend dived after them but quickly found themself trapped in the freezing water, unable to surface or locate their friend. But in an ironic and seemingly cruel turn of fate, they would come across an air pocket they could surface into, find the very material that would make them a fortune, at the cost of a close friend. Description and Properties: Frostwood is a frozen slab of fossilized trees and foliage that has decayed in cold climates surrounded by water, causing them to retain their wood properties while not being able to splinter or break under its own tension. Frostwood slabs has a color mix of grey, charcoal, dark blue and lapis lazuli, and when exposed to light, it would reflect parts of the light as specs of blue, grey, and black particles as if emanating from the wood itself. Its texture and weight would be similar to that of maple wood, with its only additional attributes being that it does burn unless exposed to temperatures of 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius) or greater, and it is very resistant to blunt objects and tools such as hammers. Despite these unique properties, it cannot negate high temperatures from a direct source and is highly susceptible to damage from objects and tools that have pointed or sharpened edges of any kind. Frostwood Location and Harvesting: Frostwood slabs are often located by experienced divers and water mages on the walls of frozen underwater caves located near arctic salt lakes and oceans, most of which are exposed in tight air pockets within these caves. These divers and mages are often equipped with special gear meant to withstand freezing temperatures, as hypothermia would be a great risk to the divers undergoing this task. Because these divers cannot take torches and lanterns down into these caves, or any objects suitable for producing a flame, sea lanterns are often taken as a substitute for a standard light source. Due to the location of the Frostwood slabs, two hundred foot long ropes are tied to the edge of the boat, where one or more person(s) are on standby. Meanwhile, one or more divers equipped in arctic clothing would dive down into the cave, dragging the rope alongside them as they dive. Once they have located the cave, the divers surface in the air pocket and get to work removing the Frostwood slabs from the rock. When gathering Frostwood slabs, ferrum rods are inserted into the grooves and crevices between the rock and the slabs, slowly prying it loose without the aid of chisels, hammers, pickaxes or crowbars. Directly mining the Frostwood slabs or the surrounding rock with conventional mining equipment that has any sharpened edges and points will break the Frostwood slabs into smaller fragments, and make it harder for someone to harvest a slabs worth. To remove a Frostwood slab from the surrounding rock, one simply needs to insert the ferrum rod into the grooves and crevices between the rock and lever it out. Because blunt objects do not damage the Frostwood slabs, a great amount of force can be applied to the slab using the ferrum rod for quick and safe removal, oftentimes cleanly separating from the rock with not much force required. Once the Frostwood slabs have been obtained, all the diver needs to do is tie the slab to the rope the diver brought down initially, and for the person(s) on the boat standing by to pull on the rope as the diver navigates it out. This step is the most important part, as the Frostwood slabs can get such within the walls of the cave, requiring the divers to maneuver the Frostwood slabs out of the cave safely while it is being pulled to the surface. A standard practice used by experienced divers is to have a different colored dummy rope which they tug on inside the cave to indicate when they plan to surface, though these are all improvised prior to the dive and mostly depend upon the skill and experience of the divers and individuals on standby. It is important to clarify that divers attempting to swim to the surface with a Frostwood slab unaided by anyone else is almost guaranteed to drown. As an example of why no one can survive this endeavor, imagine trying to deep dive thirty feet (nearly ten meters) into a frozen lake with a tree branch. Once they have reached the surface with the Frostwood slabs, the harvest is complete and all equipment can be safely retrieved without compilation. Frostwood Slab Application: Frostwood slabs is a frozen wooden slab of blue and grey coloration and when exposed to light, it would reflect parts of the light as specs of blue, grey, and black particles as if emanating from the wood. It is vulnerable to slashing and piercing items such as swords, spears, and arrows but resistant to bludgeoning strikes such as hammers and quarterstaffs. It does not burn unless it reaches temperatures above 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius) and when bent it does not splinter or break under its own tension. This form is not very practical, but improvements can be made to it for a more effective material. Frostwood Block Creation and Frostwood Molding: To convert a Frostwood slab into a Frostwood block, one must submerge a Frostwood slab into a boiling pot of saltwater. From there, it will slowly decrease in volume to half its original size, as the ice particles, heavy metals, fossilized tree sap, and other elements and composites are removed from the material over the course of an hour. Once the Frostwood slab has undergone this process, you can remove it from the boiling water momentarily split the transformed slab into two Frostwood blocks. It is important to note that despite the decrease in size, the density and properties of the Frostwood blocks are identical to that of Frostwood slabs, the only difference being that it can be worked on and retains its shape following the work recently done on a boiled block of Frostwood. Using standard wood molding practices, these Frostwood blocks can be molded into whatever shape you desire, so long as they are regularly brought to a boil every fifteen minutes. In addition, other Frostwood blocks can be molded together using the same wood molding methods, able to chop and press blocks together which will bind to one another when boiled together. It can also be chopped into thin strips and have small holes be created for future application post-molding process. The minimum workable volume of Frostwood blocks is found to be one cubic inch no thinner than half an inch at any point. When working with Frostwood blocks, creating items such as spears, swords, pikes, or any other objects that have sharp edges or points are strictly prohibited during the molding process as these items can cause great damage to the Frostwood in future forging application. Wood carving is accepted, but it is warned against doing unless you are exceptionally skilled at it for similar reasons. Other applications of Frostwood include furniture, wooden sculptures, house frameworks, and standard uses to that of Maplewood are also accepted, though are uncommon due to its rarity. Solidified Frostwood: Once the Frostwood blocks have been molded into the desired shape, one can solidify it by submerging the molded Frostwood in pure water and bringing it to a boil. Once it has come to temperature, take the molded object and submerge it in pure salt until it has cooled over the course of several hours. Once it has been brought to a cool, the molded Frostwood would become solidified and can no longer be worked on using other Frostwood blocks. Unlike Frostwood slabs or blocks, fully formed Frostwood would lack the vulnerability of piercing and slashing items that its slab and block forms had, any points or edges intentionally or unintentionally made during the solidifying process would deform and break upon first use. The breaking of these points and edges would make it a blunt object, and any attempts to create sharpened edges or points post-solidifying will cause similar results. This is why the creation of points of edges during the molding process is strictly prohibited, as it wastes both materials and runs the risk of destroying the newly created Frostwood item. Handles for tools and weapons such as hammers, axes, swords, spears, glaives, halberds, and maces would be a common and practical application for this material, as when striking with blades, it would absorb the blunt trauma from the strike and not be damaged by it. It will also find common use in quarterstaffs, shields, bows, and crossbows, as its ability to not break under its own tension with the bonus of not being able to splinter allows for maximum drawback on even smaller sized bows comparable to longbows and not deform from bludgeoning strikes from quarterstaffs and shield bashes when it would normally snap and splinter over prolonged use. This material, naturally, can be combined with other materials to produce some pleasant weapons. An example being the use of Starsteel as the blade in a sword-spear with a Frostwood acting as the polearm’s grip. Just remember, that when creating these items, using extreme heat to fix them to the Frostwood, if hot enough, can cause it to combust and result in it being lost. Frostwood Application: Frostwood is the item property given to a material created from Frostwood blocks done through the molding and solidifying process. It is blue and grey coloration and when exposed to light, it would reflect parts of the light as specs of blue, grey, and black particles as if emanating from the wood. It is innately resistant to bludgeoning strikes and does not deform or warp when stuck with items such as hammers, quarterstaffs, rocks and shield bashes. It does not burn unless it reaches temperatures above 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius) and when bent it does not splinter or break under its own tension. Its most common applications include the handles of swords, axes, polearms, blunt wooden tools, carvings, shields, bows, crossbows, and furniture. Purpose (OOC): Frostwood would act as a wood alternative for shields, bows, weapon handles, as well as being able to be used in the creation of wood-based items such as carving and furniture work. It would be a viable wood alternative to weapons that desperately need it. There are no wood-based ST nodes on the server and the two unique wood types that exist are not easily obtainable/well integrated with the world. This material would diversify the already existing and implemented ST nodes in a mostly underutilized part of the lore and possibly result in some outstanding lore items that aren’t just swords, axes and armor. (This is my second submission for this material submission, and I have adjusted the post to be more concise and consistent with its formatting, per the request of ST member SquakHawk. Link to the original denied lore post is listed here; https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205966-%E2%9C%97-world-lore-wood-frostwood/?tab=comments#comment-1868321 I would once again like to credit ST Members EdenGlitched and Auric_Saint for assisting me in the creation of this material. Credit also goes to Oh_Ontario#4000 on discord for the creation of the Frostwood texture. They have been of great aid to me in this and I cannot of done this without them.
  4. Frostwood (Tier 4 Material Node) Bitter Origins: Within the dark, frozen, tundra's of the north, two entrepreneurs searching for riches went to daring lengths to find something that would make them rich beyond comparison. Exploring this frozen wasteland, they would cross a not so frozen lake, causing one of the two entrepreneurs to plunge beneath the ice and finding themselves unable to break through the ice. His partner dived down to save them, only to find themselves trapped beneath the ice, unable to surface or locate his partner. But in an ironic and seemingly cruel turn of fate, had managed to find himself in a place with the very thing they were looking for, at the cost of a dear friend. Description and Properties: Frostwood slabs take the form of a discolored frozen bark slab with the chilling touch of ice and a spotted wave pattern of grey, charcoal, dark blue and lapis lazuli. When exposed to light, it would reflect parts of the light as specs of blue, grey, and black particles as if emanating from the wood. Impacts from sharpened or pointed objects would damage the Frostwood slabs, regardless of whether it is in the rock surrounding it or to the Frostwood slab itself. Strikes like these can split and break the Frostwood slabs into unusable splinters, effectively rendering them worthless. It is also combustible at temperatures of 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius), rendering the material unsalvageable. This combustion will not happen if the Frostwood slab is in a location where combustion is impossible, such as underwater or where there is no air. Frostwood Location and Harvesting: Found embedded into the walls of underwater caves and air pockets, the slabs would often be accessible in small pockets of air deep beneath the watery depths, requiring proper diving equipment to prevent hypothermia for the would-be harvesters of the Frostwood slabs. Frostwood is most commonly found embedded within the walls of the underwater caves within enclosed air-pockets, oftentimes resembling routes or veins that have been retracted into the walls themselves. These air pockets are just as cold as the water which one must enter through, and are commonly laced with frost and thin sheets of ice both on the walls, and blocking the way into the air pocket. Though this sheet is easily broken with a firm kick or strike of the hand. Due to the location of the Frostwood slabs, one person must remain at the surface where it was initially discovered, ready to pull on a rope at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, one to three divers dawned in protective swimming gear made of insulated leather, or metal cloth would dive towards the Frostwood slabs, standardly with a form of prying rod, and a rope tied to them. Once they have reached the Frostwood slabs, they would insert ferrum rods into the grooves around the Frostwood slab, and slowly pry them loose from the rock. Standardly, this will cause a large, semi-flat slab to disconnect from the wooden mass, revealing blued and grey tree rings beneath. The grooves that form around the slabs of Frostwood for a decently sized pole or hook to slide in and pry it off without bringing harm to the Frostwood itself, assuming the pole is not sharp or edged at the end that is being inserted into the wood. The use of hammers to insert the rod deeper into the groove by force is not recommended as it could damage the Frostwood during extraction, this advice is allow applied to the use of crowbars, pickaxes, chisels, saws, and other conventional mining tools for the same or similar reasons. When the pole is levered, the Frostwood slabs would separate from the stone, or further remaining-log base and can then be removed by hand. Extraction is now as simple as tying it to the rope and navigating its way back to the surface. Once the Frostwood slabs have been secured to the rope within the cave, the person standing by at the surface would slowly pull the wooden slab to the surface, aided by one or more divers to ensure that the walls of the cave do not clip or snag its sides, or risk of having it fall loose. It is highly advised that one person does not make more than two trips at any time, as the risk of hypothermia would be too great for anyone to pursue any more dives. Frostwood Slab Application: It is a wooden slab of blue and grey coloration and when exposed to light, it would reflect parts of the light as specs of blue, grey, and black particles as if emanating from the wood. It is vulnerable to slashing and piercing items such as swords, spears, and arrows, and temperatures above 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius) will cause it to combust. This form is not very practical, but improvements can be made to it for a more effective material. Frostwood Block Creation and Molding: When introduced into boiling salt water, over an hour, the Frostwood will become incredibly malleable, able to be bent, stretched, and shaped freely without snapping. However, it will condense and its size would decrease to half its original size. Once this process has been completed, a slab or multiple slabs may be layered over itself or each other to laminate and mold it into any given shape. Alternatively, the now malleable slab/slabs can be divided into blocks via the use of a cutting tool, with two blocks being sourced for each Frostwood slab treated. These blocks can be pressed together with other blocks using the same methods to create larger objects. In addition, it can be bent, layered, stretched and thinned out to create intricate or practical shapes such as handles, tool heads, shields, and even intricate objects such as chairs and armor parts with enough blocks. The splitting is optional, but one standard Frostwood Slab is equivalent to two Frostwood blocks when fully treated. During this process, tools (though most applicably pliers, tongs, and mallets) can be used to shape the material into whatever the wielder desires, with a minimum volume of one cubic inch being workable. Its shaping is not unlike shaping hardened leather, requiring a decent amount of effort to pull and pressing into shape. When shaping, creating points and sharp edges are doable but are forbidden in practice as this will cause problems for the item during and proceeding the shaping process. Purified Frostwood: Following the creation of a Frostwood block and the molding of it into a given item via the shaping process, the Frostwood can be solidified permanently by bringing the item to a boil within pure water before being removed and submerged in pure salt to cool. Once it has been brought to a cool, the molded Frostwood would become solidified and can no longer be worked on using other Frostwood. Unlike Frostwood slabs or blocks, fully formed Frostwood would lack the vulnerability of piercing and slashing items that its slab and block forms had, any points or edges intentionally or unintentionally made during the solidifying process would deform and break upon first use. The breaking of these points and edges would make it a blunt object, and any attempts to create sharpened edges or points post-solidifying will cause similar results. This is why the creation of points of edges during the molding process is forbidden, as it wastes both materials and runs the risk of destroying the newly created Frostwood. Tools, armor and weapons reliant on wood such as shields, wooden mullets, swords, glaives, bows, and crossbows would be its most common application, though utensils, furniture and wood carving would be achievable. It should be noted that caving with Frostwood at this state is doable, but not advised unless skilled at carving. It is important to remember that when working with Frostwood, that it cannot withstand extreme heat for prolonged periods. So it is not advised to be within areas or environments above 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius) such as in forge-furnaces or near lava. Frostwood Application: It is a wooden slab of blue and grey coloration, and when exposed to light would give off small, iridescent particles akin to embers, shimmering and emitting shades of blue, grey, and black. However, they're only visible under light and do not glow. Temperatures above 2372 degrees Fahrenheit (1300 degrees Celsius) will cause it to combust, and any attempts to shape or create a point will result in its deformations upon the object with the risk of breaking. It can be used to create shields, bows, crossbows, wooden poles, wooden tools like mullets, and tool and weapon handles. This material would be very difficult to burn, with a unique aesthetic unmatched by regular wood or coating combination. Though it is somewhat possible to hack apart, it is hardy, akin to hardwoods such as Maple. However, it is remarkably bendable, and though it will bend akin to hardwood, it has no point by which it will splinter or snap apart. This immunity to being overbent allows for extremely hardy hafts and backings for shields, and bows of all kinds able to store more power within its limbs. Purpose (OOC): Frostwood would act as a wood alternative for shields, bows, weapon handles, and well as be able to be used in the creation of armor, hammers, and blunt tools like mallets. It would be a viable wood alternative to weapons that desperately need it. There are no wood-based ST nodes on the server and the two unique wood types that exist are not easily obtainable/well integrated with the world. This material would diversify the already existing and implemented ST nodes in a mostly underutilized part of the lore and possibly result in some outstanding lore items that aren’t just swords, axes and armor. (OOC Credit: Credit to ST Members EdenGlitched and Auric_Saint for assisting me in the creation of this material. Credit also goes to Oh_Ontario#4000 on discord for the creation of the Frostwood texture. Without their assistance and willingness to aid me in my goals, it would not have turned out the way it has, and I am grateful for what they’ve done for me.)
  5. Ghasts Eaters of Rot Origin Tainted, cruel, hungry, these all describe the traits of Ghasts. Ghasts are disgraceful and disgusting beings that feed on the flesh of corpses, men tainted by the twisting magick of Iblees, Ghasts will gorge themselves on rotten and fresh meat alike. This depraved act of consuming Descendent flesh grants them boons from their dark lord, only just making up for the curse that has been forced upon them. Minds warped by the ever lasting hunger, they develop sadistic behaviors. Descendant kind will starve, famine will take crops, disease and theives will take animals, poachers will take game, all of these add up to the sin that is cannibalism, the act of eating Descendant flesh. Iblees, the Betrayer, saw ample opportunity in twisting Descendant kind. Cursing them with the ever lasting hunger for Descendant flesh, causing populations to turn on each other, chaos, hate. The survivors of these attacks named the creatures Ghasts, after their ghastly actions and appearances. They thrive where rot and decay linger, overgrown graveyards, ancient crypts, and so on. Appearance The Ghast's appearance is a macabre one, pale skin, taloned claws, red eyes, all of these betray the masquerade of normality that a Ghast may try to uphold. Many Ghasts are covered in old wounds, ones that their dead bodies have not healed due to their system being corrupted by dark energies. Their form is lean, ribs showing as their body diminishes from the lack of true nutrition, they have sharpened teeth with longer fangs, meant for tearing flesh, as well as a cat-like tongue, roughened to strip meant from bone. The whites of their eyes dim, and become slightly green in tone, reflecting the decaying nature of their body and mind. Mentality The Ghast's mind is too afflicted by the curse of Iblees, driving them to eating the flesh of Descendants. But most of it is natural, commiting such atrosities will leave one's mind scarred and traumatized. Many face things such as PTSD and depression as a result of their brain trying to deal with their wretched existence. They will often find themselves detached, as they distance themselves from their victims. Creation The creation of a Ghast is a gruesome one, one must first consume an amount of flesh or blood from a Ghast with a TA, then they must slay and eat a whole Descendant's flesh and innards. After the deed is done, the consumer is born anew as a Ghast. If the Ghast is unwilling to turn the consumer, the flesh will instead give them an illness akin to medium food poisoning, non-lethal, but unpleasant. The consumer must eat the Descendant within the OOC day that they eat the Ghast's flesh, or they will suffer the poisoning effects and the turning will fail, thus needing to eat the flesh again. The person who consumes the Ghast flesh will have a nagging feeling in the back of their mind, telling them to eat the flesh of their own kind, to complete the turning, this feeling can be ignored, but it takes effort to do such. The Hunger The hunger a Ghast experiences is not that of normal hunger, but is an everlasting one, one that cannot be sated. A Ghast will attempt to sate this hunger, all but the most savage feedings will fail in this endeavour. There are five stages to the hunger, Engorged, Stirring, Hungry, Ravenous, and Starved. - A Ghast that is Engorged looks human, the skin will gain a blush of life, and is hunger is supressed, but it is still felt. Eyes will gain their normal color, but it is dampened by several shades of grey, their fingers no longer bare the claws of their more bestial self, the teeth in this form are reflective of a normal Descendants, some flat, some sharp. To gain this form, one must consume five Descendants worth of fresh flesh, all within the same OOC day. - A Ghast that is Stirring is pale, their claws are small, much like a cat's claws, although not retractable. The eyes are a dim shade of red, the teeth are somewhat sharp, although the canines are noticable. The hunger still chews at their mind, while in this stage the feeling can be repressed, it still takes considerable effort to do such. To reach Stirring, one must consume one whole Descendant's worth of fresh flesh, or two bodies of rotten flesh. - A Ghast that is Hungry will feel driven to consume flesh, taking any openings they can, while they can stop themselves from attacking a living being, they will stop to feed on the dead. They are very pale, the eyes are a slightly dimmed red, their teeth are all sharp, but just pointed enough to notice. They can small talons for claws. To reach this state one must consume half a Descendant's worth of fresh flesh, or a whole rotten carcass, one may also feed upon a whole cow's worth of fresh, animal flesh. This is the maximum state you can reach by feeding upon animals. - A Ravenous Ghast is feeling the effects of their curse almost in full, in this stage the skin is not just pale, but grey, they are extremely gaunt and their eyes are a bright red. The teeth of a Ravenous Ghast are very sharp, and pointed, the canines are elongated, the mind is also driven to feed upon the living, hardly able to control themselves. They have longer talons then before, several inches in length. They will feel compelled to attack anyone they see as a possible target, thinking closer to a predator than a person, avoiding targets that may get themselves killed, but still aggressive enough to take chances, (eg. they will feed upon a passing caravan, but not wandering up to the king of Norland for a bite.) One can reach this state by feeding on a minimal amount of fresh Descendant meat, or by consuming half of a rotten corpse, a rabbit's worth of fresh animal meat will also do such. - A Ghast that is Starved is completly bestial, losing any and all semblance of humanity or sanity. Their skin is even more grey, losing any and all pigment it may of had before, their eyes gleam crimson, the teeth are all elongated with the canines reaching up to two inches in length. The talons will reach even further, their gaunt form turning emaciated. The hunger is the only driving force keeping them alive, their rational mind is no longer in control at this point, they will take any flesh they can get, animal and Descendant alike. They have no flesh running in their system, this form is reached only by neglect to feed. If a Ghast does not feed, they will be reduced by one step in hunger every OOC week, one may maintain their current stage but eating the proper amount of flesh for their form once every OOC week to keep it. One may progress upward by consuming the listed amount of flesh. Abilities Ghasts will learn how to hone their gifts on their own, being able to consume flesh to use such rewards given to them by their dark lord. [C] = Combative [N] = Noncombative - Toxify Talons - [C] - Tier Three - Active A Ghast may let their talons be poisoned by the dark energy brought about by Iblees, causing a paralyzing affliction if it gets into an injury. By activating this ability, the Ghast will have to make three successful attacks that enter the bloodstream to let the poison take hold, the poison will take [7] emotes to take hold, and the poison will cause paralyzation upon activation. This poison lasts the duration of combat or [1] OOC hour outside of combat. The afflicted may choose for this poison to last longer, but that is completely up to them. - In addition to this it takes [7] emotes to take full hold of an enemy - This poison may be treated by any basic medicinal or magical treatment - If a person succumbs to the paralyzation, they cannot move on their own and may not speak other than in grunts and screams - Can only be used once per combat encounter - Three direct hits that enter the bloodstream must occur for the target to be fully poisoned - May only last combat or [1] OOC hour without OOC consent - Renewal - [N] - Tier One - Active Due to the undead nature of Ghasts, their bodies do not naturally regenerate. Thus, they must consume flesh to restore their bodies. If a Ghast chooses to activate this whilst feeding, they may restore a single injury, leaving them back one stage of hunger, the flesh instead regenerating themselves rather than feeding them A Ghast may choose to activate the ability while they feed, sacrificing the feed as well as one stage of hunger to regenerate an injury they had beforehand, a Ghast does not naturally regenerate any wounds naturally. - The Ghast will always be set back one stage of feeding, meaning it cannot be used by Starving Ghasts - This can only restore one injury, this injury may be of any size, unless it is the loss of a limb, limbs can be restored by placing the limb on the stump and then activating this ability, melding the two together - May only be used once every OOC day - May not be used during combat - Must be taught by teacher - Heightened Senses - [N] - Tier Two - Passive A Ghast is naturally strong in it's senses, being able to make things out in the dark, being able to smell things that a normal person may not. This lets the Ghast tell where things are in the dark, however this sense is not perfect, as they are still fallible. Many things can be detected, blood in the air, rotting corpses nearby, hearing light rustling in the bushes, things of that sort. Ghasts have senses that go slightly beyond a normal Descendant's, and can let the Ghast detect things nearby like shuffling, that might not be as noticable to the normal person, they still cannot detect anything that is not noticable to the normal Descendant, e.g. They can smell the blood from a corpse, but not an invisible creature. - May not be used to metagame player location - The Ghast is still able to be effected by Sensory Illusion and the Siliti's Rite of Binding - Does not give any true advantage over Descendants other than slight RP advantage - Enhanced Strength - [C] - Tier Four - Active Ghasts may choose to burn away some of the meat they feed on in turn for finding strength they had preivously lost, by doing this, they may channel strength of their old form, but never more. A Ghast may choose to reverse their hunger stage by one, to give themselves back the strength of their race, this strength cannot become greater, the maximum being peak preformance of thier Descendant race. This lasts for the course of [4] emotes, the strength being lost further after each emote. - The strength will be that of the peak of their Descendant race, not being able to channel strength any further - Activating this will cause the Ghast's hunger to go back one stage, meaning that Starved Ghasts may not use this ability - May be used only once in combat - Bestial Form - [C] - Tier Five - Active A Ghast that has gained mastery over it's curse may choose to warp itself further, it's monsterous features further becoming more inhuman, but with this comes the price of becoming the beast, a Ghast may only further devolve the current state they are in, needing to feed to regain control. A Ghast of T5 may choose to burn hunger to go down to any hunger stage they want, but this only goes downward, one may not choose to sate the hunger with this ability, only further awaken it. One must face both the benefits and downsides of this hunger. - Can only be used once every OOC day - Can only scale the hunger stage downward (e.g. stirring -> ravenous) - Using this affects your current hunger Feeding A Ghast may only feed upon flesh, anything else tastes of ash. Fresh, Descendant flesh is the most appealing, followed by rotting Descendant flesh, and finally, fresh animal flesh. One may just barely get by on animal flesh, but it provides little, Descendant flesh is much more appealing and filling to animal flesh for a Ghast. A Ghast will chew at bones for hours at end, savouring the flavour of every bite. Ghasts may only feed on corpses, living flesh tasting like ash, much like any other food, needing the Ghast to kill their victim before feeding. A Ghast will gorge itself on a corpse unless stopped, trying to eat every last scrap of meat on the carcass. Purpose (OOC) (Excuse me if the centering is off, also excuse me if the formatting is wrong :P)
  6. THE SER “Man is the cruelest animal.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Lore/Origins Long before the Ser were born, the dragons ruled the lands. These giant beasts flew across the night sky in search of prey, with no mercy. Yet, these beasts were one with nature, and when Horen, the first King Of Man, gained power, the dragons fell into ruin. Before their demise, however, two new creatures were created. Nephilim were the first, the Dragon People. These were the creatures men saw in dragons, yet not what they were. And then the Serpens, also known as The Ser. These creatures looked more like snakes then dragons, where what the dragons really were. The Nephilim were created to punish men, and The Ser was made to let Dragons live on. They lived in peace, away from all men, orcs, and dwarves. A handful of Mali’ame found their way to the Ser, and were, in general, not eaten. Many people have claimed to have seen these beings, as they reach 6’ in height. All sightings have been seen as myths, however. After thousands of years of living in peace and away from modern society, the Dwarves tunneled their way into the Ser’Tarra tunnels. A massacre ensued, leaving many Ser and Dwarves dead. The remaining Ser’Tarra fled, and rallied their siblings, and thus, the Ser were introduced into the modern world. The Ser despised the Dwarves, Humans, and Orcs for disrupting nature, and that the dwarves were the worst. A similar race in the Fae realm, called the Elekhei (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194526-ca-race-lore-elekhei/?tab=comments All credit to her for the Elekhei) was also being evolved at the time. Many believe that the Elekhei are related to the Ser, but it is not certain. Appearance The Ser range in many different looks, some looking like Cobras, and others like Common Garter Snakes. Depending on the subrace, they would have different tints to their scales. The Ser’Tarra would be brown, the Ser’Aquis blue, and Ser’Ven black. They often have jewels attached to their tales, with one joule per year alive. This is a sign of glory, as many Ser died in the first years of their introduction into the modern world. If you were to insult a Ser’s looks, the Ser will attack, with the intention of making you as ugly as you said they were. Unhealthy Ser are smaller, weaker and overall worse. The tail of a Ser can be from 4’ to 6’, depending on the Ser. Many despide the Ser due to their looks, as a common fear of people revolve around snakes. Diet The Ser mainly only eat meat. Their favorite food being fish, rats, mice, pork, and steaks. All raw, of course. According to them, fire ruins the world. A healthy Ser will be 6’ tall and giant. An unhealthy one being slim and small, around 4’. Children are around 3’ healthy, and 2’ unhealthy. The unhealthy will die young, at 300 years old instead of 500 years old. If they were to eat anything but meat, they will have a reaction. Their scales would turn deep gray and start to fall off, leaving bare skin behind. This, to the Ser, is very painful and would kill them if not treated. They will not eat meat from Humans, Elves, Dwarves or etc. This, to them, is a sign of disgust, and rarely, can cause Dragon Rot. Disease The Ser don’t suffer from normal disease, yet they do suffer the same diseases, and some new ones, as the dragons. -Scale Wilting. Their scales will fall off, living pink or red skin in their wake. These patches will start to break up in hives, and sting to the slightest touch. -Claw Rot. Their claws will slowly shrink, leaving nubs behind. In time, if not treated, the claws will disappear and never grow back. Having no claws is a common sign of weakness to the Ser, and many will be disgraced for the rest of their lives. -Dragon Rot. The entire body will start to shrivel, making the Ser weak. Its caused by malnutrition mainly, though rarely Ser get it by feasting on Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Etc. This disease makes the Ser VERY weak, and can die from the slightest cut. If the Ser where to do nothing about their sickness, they could die within a year. -Fire Glaze. When a Ser is burned, they can rarely get Fire Glaze. This disease will make the Ser very weak and unable to sit upright. Over a course of one week, the Ser will get temporary bad vision, bad hearing, and bad overall senses. In addition, they will have a constant headache and hives/welts. The Ser can also suffer from The Cold, yet it hardly affects them. Language The Ser speak in a weird tongue, consisting of mostly hissing sounds. They cannot write well, and often the writing looks like a child’s first attempt. Religion The Devourer - Primal god of the Ser The Religion of the Ser, peoples of the snake...from other races’s view on the practice their ways seem alien & strange-yet detailed & of interest. The Ser worship a giant snake, its humongous & strikes fear for all who dwell-its scales are said to be made from Descendant Skin-under the scales, the flames of Hell, if you stand near it you could smell its burning insides as its charcoal clusters around you, wherever it goes comes destruction, however-due to this it doesn't move that often, its constantly in sleep unless the end times comence-which is believed by the Ser. The Ser were touched by this giant snake, seeing it as their god, constantly doing its bidding through worship, they call him SEL’ANK, or the DEVOURER in common...reasoning being they believe at the end of time-the snake shall come out from its resting-awakened from times of troubles, and through this itll slither through the worlds, eating everything in its sight until there is no more signs of life, this is the end story for the Ser-However, the Ser believe they could resist this end event through practicing worship of this demon...this form of worship is done through the removal 0f skin on the snake’s tail, this being with a knife or any form of blade-once done they take the skin & burn it...of course as the Ser are similar to snakes they could regenerate said skin. In the Ser’s mindset their god is the creator of the ser, along with the first snake to ever exist. Rites of Ancient The Ser follow a very strict code, and when they come of age, (100) they will receive the Rites of Ancient. These writes, which can only be found in a single thousand year old book, must be read in the birthplace of the Ser, no matter how far it is. The rites consist of an oath, a pledge to nature, and deep magic. A council member is present at each, and if not, the rites will not happen. If the rites are not done by age 110 years old, the Ser will start to suffer from a curse, The Dragons Curse. This curse makes the Ser lose vision, smell, and senses. The Ser will suffer constant pain and then, in time, turn into a fern. Once the curse starts, there is no stopping it. The Rites go as followed. A 100 year old Ser walks into his/her birthplace, accompanied by their parents. (If alive) Ser being given the rites will say, “I, (Name) give myself to the Aaumin, pledge myself to naturz, and join the Ser in the togetherness of life.” At this point, a Ser elder will accept or deny the rites. If the Ser is denied, they must wait one more year before retrying. If/When rites are accepted a Ser Council member will enter the birthplace, and say the following in Ancient Serpenian “Quis sponzet az natursam izvenzes zias eozam sna auza mazorez, nusquaz ezze tusbaza.” Thus, the rites are complete. Culture The Ser have a strict code of honor, and if broken, the punishment is often death. The Ser, over 5,000 years ago devoted themselves to nature, and if a Ser were to dishonor nature, the Ser will no longer be worth anything to other Ser. The different Ser races have different opinions, however they all come down to the same principals. (I’ve decided that if the Ser are accepted, the different species should be able to make their own culture norms, as I think races should be as up to the player as possible. -Asteodia) Mating The Ser choose one mate, and stick with them for life. If a Ser were to break a bond by cheating, breaking up, etc. The two Ser will be unable to mate again, or have a love interest. They will feel no love for any other Ser ever again. If a Ser breaks a bond with another, the Ser in question will be put on trial, as this ruins the life of the other Ser. The punishment is often life in prison. Over the span of their 500 years, the Ser finds a mate at around 200, any younger will most likely not work out. Government The Ser have a unique government system. In the idea of a hierarchy, there is the Leader of a Ser City, a council consisting of 5, Royalty (The Ser Leader’s or Council’s Family) Guardians, whose job it is to keep the peace with nature and other beings, the common police, business owners/artisans, and then the common people. The roles go as followed: Ruker– Makes the final decision, advised by the council. Keeps the city in check, hires new council members and fires old ones. Oversees the Army, Business, Economy and just overall runs the city. Council of 5 – The council holds meetings with the people. The council listens to the concerns of the common Ser, and then take part in a private meeting in which the Council comes to a conclusion. Most decisions are made by the Council, yet the very big ones by the Serpans Ruler. Royalty – These Ser are family of the Ruler or council, they are normal people except they get honorable treatment. Guardians – These are hand picked Ser who pledge themselves to nature, the Ruler, and dragons. They protect nature, oversee the most dangerous tasks, etc. Common Police – These officials will take care of the majority of problems. The giant problems will go to the Guardians. Business Owners/Artisans – These are normal Ser who simply own a business or possess are useful skill, the Ser officials host more meeting for them than the common folk. Common Ser – These Ser make up the Majority of the population, just being normal, everyday folk. Titles are given by the council, and the Ser apply for them. Arts The Ser build in a very Elvish style, often with dragons and snakes engraved in all the buildings or items. Some examples of Ser what buildings look like are seen below: Ser’Ven Ser’Aquis Ser’Tarra ITEMS
  7. The League of Assassins ATTENTION: Do you seek revenge? Does someone owe you minas? Are you looking to right a wrong that has been done to you? If so, then consider hiring an assassin from the League of Assassins (LoA). The LoA is a guild of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. Rates start as low as twenty minas and your contract is guaranteed to be fulfilled. No deed is too large or difficult to complete. If you wish to hire an assassin, then fill out this application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST IT IN THE THREAD HERE. ROLEPLAY INFORMATION ONLY: Name: Name of target: Purpose of assassination: Information about the target (what city, how old, what race, etc.): HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION Founded 121 years ago, the League of Assassins has maintained its secrecy and notoriety for quite some time. Several decades ago, the Empire was able to destroy the league, but it has been recently revived and headed by a new Master Assassin. Because of its profound secrecy, not much new information is known and disclosed. However, it is known that the League consists of men and women of all races and kind. However, no one knows where the main place of operations is located. The LoA is not necessarily an evil terrorist organization, as they simply fulfill contracts that carry out justice. They never harm an innocent citizen or bystander to take their minas or possessions. You are only targeted if your name is on a contract. If you wish to join the LoA, simply read what follows. DO NOT METAGAME THIS INFORMATION TASK The goal of every assassin is to complete a contract as swiftly and secretly as possible without stirring up too much commotion. Every move and action must be done with haste, intent and secrecy. RANKS (from highest to lowest) Master Assassin: The leader of the guild, as chosen by the guild members once every year. The Master Assassin oversees operations and assigns contracts to different members. Not much is known about the current Master Assassin. Disciple: Once you have proved yourself to be a worthy assassin, you become a Disciple. Disciples, along with the Master Assassin, organize contracts and train newer members. They are also given extremely important contracts and assume the role of the Master Assassin when he is busy or not present. Assassin: The classic rank and contractor. Members of this rank are given difficult contracts (which undoubtedly ends up with bigger rewards and potential repercussions) and have bigger roles within the guild. Novices report their scouting information to these Assassins. Assistant/Apprentice: After a few successful scouting attempts, you become an Apprentice and undergo extensive training. Then, you receive your first contract. If you successfully complete the contract, you become an Assassin. If not, you are banished from the league. Novice/Recruit: Upon being recruited into the league, assassins begin at the rank of Novice. Being only novices at this point, they usually only survey points of interest or gather information, interrogating suspects and pick-pocketing vital letters and documents; at the most providing this information to a higher ranked member for them to decide on how they would proceed in eliminating any assassination targets. NOTICE We are not a guild that simply trolls people. All actions and assassinations must be done with purpose and must involve some roleplay, we do not just randomly kill people. APPLICATION This application is for you to express your interest in joining and for us to determine whether or not we would take interest in your character. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION IN THE THREAD HERE. Minecraft username: Why do you want to join?: Are you committed to roleplaying as an assassin? (you can’t just kill people right away on the spot): Discord Name: RP Name: Race: Age: Traits:
  8. [Guide] Treants Treant Lore Credits: TheBlackBobRoss for helping to write this guide LaffenOutLoud for consultation (At the insistence of Ross) Myself, for editing, polishing, and writing. General Redlines Physiology Weaknesses Blight Abilities Take Root Red Lines Huntsmans Armory Red Lines Entangle Red Lines Regrowth
  9. Iaquith Amu History Love. There is nothing stronger. And, as is common with strong things, there are those that are drawn to it. Iaquith Amu, they are called. Eaters of love. These creatures are drawn to love. They eat it, revel in it, provide it. For when one is filled with love, completely and truly, they will be visited by an Iaquith. If they display enough love for the Iaquith to survive, then the Iaquith will take a form, and begin to live around that person. Often, the person won't even know that they’re there. But they should be careful. For if they anger the Iaquith… Long ago, there was a woman. She lived in a nice, warm, cozy halfling hole. Every day, she woke up, and prepared a meal for all the halfling children, and then went around, helping her neighbors. In the evenings, she watered the village's flowers, tended to her neighbors' crops, and set up little games for the children to play. Nobody asked her to do this, nobody forced her too. She loved helping, she loved her village, she loved her life. And then, after one long day of kindness, she came home, to find an adorable Teddy Bear sitting by her door. “‘ow noice,” She said, picking it up carefully, “Teh chil’ren mus’ ‘ave brough’ me eh gif’.” So she brought the Teddy Bear inside, set it on her counter, and went to sleep. The next morning, she woke up, blinking as the sunlight fell across the window into her eyes. In a flash, she was out of bed, panicking, “O’ nae! Oi mus’ ‘ave slep’ in!” The woman rushed to her kitchen, meaning to prepare the meal, only to find that it was already cooked, and that the Teddy Bear was sitting next to a plate. She blinked, “Oi mus’ ‘ave… forgo’en…” The woman shook her head, “Nae reason to s’an’ aroun’.” And with that, the woman began to do her daily work. Unnoticed, the Teddy Bear nodded, a small grin appearing on its face. Physical Description The Iaquith Amu have one purpose; to provide love. For they feed off love, and without it, they will die. Over millennia of evolution, The Iaquith have discovered a form that is generally liked by all. The Stuffed Animal. Almost universally loved, they have taken this form to provide love, and to be loved. Now, this is a broad term, let me define it in a more clear manner. The Iaquith take the shape of a creature standing at half a foot to a full foot. Their ‘skin’ is made of a cloth-like material, and their insides are filled with stuffing. Usually with a stitched mouth and button eyes, these are the forums that the creatures take when they find someone to attach to. They usually feel soft and fluffy to the touch, and can have a variety of features. (I.E. A lion plush will have a mane and little claws, while a human plush might have hair and a skirt.) By no means are they optimized for combat, their bodies being too soft and fluffy to do any real damage, and they are too small to wield any real sort of weaponry. Even if they could, they would not want to, since harming others does not produce any sort of love, and being around that much hate could very well kill the Iaquith Amu. An interesting topic is that the Iaquith do not often stay around voidal mages, which has led many to believe that the creature is Fae in nature. This is untrue, and can’t be proven, for Druids cannot comune with them. The reason that Iaquith avoid voidal magic is unknown, though a few have theorized that it is due to the effects that the void has on the body and mind produce an effect averse to love. Now, the Iaquith are not always plushies. In fact, before they find someone to bond to, they appear as little floating lights, which I shall call Form A. These lights cannot speak, hear, taste or touch. All they can do is feel love, which they move towards. Once they are near enough love, then they take the form of a Stuffed Animal, Form B. Their new form is not permanent, however. If their body is destroyed, or they do not get enough love, they return to Form A, and seek love anew. While they are in Form A they cannot be harmed. Any attempt to touch them will be useless, and will phase right through them. Redlines - Cannot be used in combat. -While in Form A, cannot be harmed and cannot harm others. -Cannot reproduce in any way, shape, or form. -While in Form A, they cannot see or hear, so no meta -Experiences in Form A cannot be remembered while in Form B. This means that all they will remember is feeling drawn to a person, then waking up in their new form. Memories between owners carry over between forms. Mentality The Iaquith need love. This is an important part in their mentality, for it is what their lives revolve around. Once they find someone who produces enough love for the Iaquith to want to stick around, they will take their new form, and begin to help them. In the beginning, they are generally not noticed, the person they have bonded to finding it strange that the plush seems to always be found near good happenings. Over time, the person begins to put the pieces together, and the Iaquith may reveal itself. It is important to note that the Iaquith Amu are not unthinking servants, like golems. They simply need love to survive, which leads them to want to make the person more able to produce love, among other positive emotions. While yes, they may bond with the person to the point where they will sacrifice themselves, but they will not execute commands as if they were a slave. The Iaquith are very expressive with their bodies, as they have no funcional mouth. Think of the emotes in Animal Crossing. Very expressive. Redlines -Cannot Speak -Will not obey commands that result in it’s death/death of others -Will not obey a command that will not produce love, or a positive emotion of some kind, without creating negative emotions. Abilities Aura Of Emotion The Iaquith have no functioning mouths, which means that they cannot talk, but they have developed alternate means of expressing themselves. Iaquith are generally more expressive than most, and can create an aura that radiates their feelings. This aura cannot be used to influence others emotions, merely let others know how the Iaquith is feeling. The Iaquith can decide if it wants to share its emotions or not. This only takes one emote. Redlines -Aura Of Emotion cannot influence the emotions of others. -It takes the place of talking, but Iaquith Amu cannot form words with their emotions. Ageless Iaquith Amu are ageless, they never age, and they will never die. While they can be ‘killed’ by having their vessel destroyed, this will only cause them to revert to Form A, and to seek a new bond to someone. While they do retain memories between bonds, their only goal is to bring love to others, so they will never use their information to cause harm. This information is instead used for the betterment of others. Redlines -The memories retained after ‘death’ cannot be used to cause harm, of any sort. All Redlines -Cannot be used in combat. -While in Form A, cannot be harmed. -Cannot harm others. -Cannot reproduce in any way, shape, or form. -While in Form A, they cannot see or hear, so no meta -Experiences in Form A cannot be remembered while in Form B. This means that all they will remember is feeling drawn to a person, then waking up in their new form. Memories between owners carry over between forms. -Cannot Speak -Will not obey commands that result in it’s death/death of others -Will not obey a command that will not produce love, or a positive emotion of some kind, without creating negative emotions. -Aura Of Emotion cannot influence the emotions of others. -It takes the place of talking, but Iaquith Amu cannot form words with their emotions. -The memories retained after ‘death’ cannot be used to cause harm, of any sort. Purpose (OOC) The dwarves have their Golems, the Alchemists their Automatons, I wanted to create something that anybody can have. A friend in the darkest of times. A creature that you can trust, that will be there for you. This is essentially giving everyone a companion, rather than just a select few. ((First time submitting something, constructive criticism, or just criticism would be appreciated. Thanks! -TG))
  10. Master Thieves Guild Written by Raptor and Racker INTRO The Master Thieves guild was one of the first and oldest organisations of criminals, brigands and thieves, banding together with one common goal; to become wealthier. Members of the guild use each other’s talents to help each other out to steal all they can steal, pooling their wide range of skills and talents to accomplish even the most impossible tasks. The guild is the very embodiment of “Honor among Thieves”, backing each other up and bringing their resources, skills and wealth together to strive to greater the guild’s wealth, power and infamy. Every member is expected to have the other’s back and every member is expected to treat their partners in crime as brothers. The guild is not an army, but an independent family and brotherhood of thieves, all working towards the same thing. Disclaimer: All the information on this post is entirely secret. This is not open or public knowledge. It is known to the guild members and the guild members only (with some exceptions). GUILD HISTORY The Master Thieves Guild is one of the oldest organizations in known history, with the founding of the guild occurring over 500 years ago. At the height of it’s powers the guild housed some of the most infamous thieves and criminals of all time. These people include Red Raven and the Upright Man, the founders of the guild, who undertook one of the first heists in recorded history, alongside Dune Walker, another original member. Other members included thieves such as The Faceless Man, Lucas Black and Freema Grenedad. The guild can be attributed to heists that include the theft of the priceless portrait of the Wandering Wizard, the break in of the Salvus Vaults, and the robbery of General Gabriel’s Breastplate. After 150 years of the guild's existence throughout Aegis, Asulon and Anthos, the guild disbanded as many of its members died or disappeared. It was not until a former member of the guild's last sect of members decided to rebuild the guild so thieves and vagabonds could once again make their mark upon the world, and enrich themselves in whatever infamy and fortune awaited them as a result. RANKS Guildmaster The elected leader of the Master Thieves Guild. Technically, the Guildmaster is still a Master Thief and not above them in rank, however he is the chosen head to make the final call and final decisions e.g. Master Thief promotions, benefactors, large heists and alliances. He is the Master of the guild and head of our band of thieves. Master Thief Master Thief is the highest rank in the guild. The Master Thieves must be knowledgeable in all the arts of thievery, stealth and deception. Their job is to teach the lower ranks the necessary skills needed to become a Master Thief themselves. They are in charge of organizing jobs, heists, collecting and setting up dead drops, making contact with new recruits, making contact with benefactors and contacts. All other ranks answer to the Master Thieves. Shadow The elite of the guild. The best of the best. The most skilled and stealthiest thieves among the ranks. The Shadow is the role model for Burglars and Thieves, being the prime example of how they should act. They are unseen, they are swift and they never miss their mark. The Shadows are to assist the Master Thieves in the training and supervision of the Brigands and are also able to orchestrate jobs and heists. Thief You now have free reign over the jobs you pull. You are now permitted to do jobs for the guild stated on the job board, suggest and take part in heists, inform the guild of targets and perform your own jobs without supervision. The Thieves represent the guild now and will act accordingly. Burglar The Burglars are now allowed to start going on certain jobs. Burglars will be under the guidance of a qualified thief who will teach them how to use the skills they studied in practical use. Burglars must follow the directions of their superior, while working on their skills to be promoted. To rank up to Thief, one will be tested by pulling a job where they will take the lead. If they succeed, they will be promoted. If not, then they must do another term (length decided by their superior) of study until they will be tested again. Unbranded The fresh meat, the new bloods, the brand new recruits, fresh off the streets and ready to be turned into professional thieves. The guild has expressed interest in your talents and has decided to induct you into it. You are not permitted to do anything, nor take part in any jobs. At this point, you are not considered part of the guild, nor privy to any information at all. Once we have expressed interest, you will be taken by a Shadow or a Master Thief on a minor job to prove your worth and skill. Should you succeed, you will be branded with the guild mark upon your forearm and made to take the Oath. After this, you will have officially become part of the guild. GUILD LAW Guild Rules Do not betray the Master Thieves Guild. If you are caught, do not reveal that you are a part of the Master Thieves Guild. Do not act above your rank i.e. a Brigand may not orchestrate heists and jobs and a Thief may not command a Shadow or a Master Thief. Do not act against the guild and it’s members. This includes theft, acts of violence and insubordination. Keep business with the Master Thieves Guild and your personal life separate. This includes involving other guilds you may be a part of, in jobs and heists for the Master Thieves Guild. Secrets are secrets for a reason, take them with you to your grave. Guild Expected Standards Thieves are expected to show a certain amount of finesse when performing a job. Killing is restricted unless absolutely 100% necessary and is frowned upon even then. Thieves are expected to leave their guild coin behind as a “calling card”. The guild’s reach has no limits and people must be reminded of this. Thieves are expected not to act against allies and/or contacts of the guild without express permission from a Master Thief. OOC SECTION OOC DISCLAIMER/RULES Understand that you may be ejected from the guild at any time for whatever reason, be it rule breaking (IC or OOC) or we feel you are no longer suitable for the guild, etc. Once ejected from the guild, you may return only if the Master Thieves deem it fit that you should return. Should you choose to leave the guild of your own accord, the guild will grant you free pardons to roam the world without the guild by your side, provided you keep to your oath of secrecy. Should you break this oath whilst not being a part of the guild, you will be treated the same way as if you were ejected from the guild. Understand that if you are forcefully removed from the guild for a serious offense (deemed by us), you will be hunted down RPly until the ends of the earth. If you are caught, understand that you may be tortured, beaten and/or repeatedly killed. DO NOT APPLY FOR THE MASTER THIEVES GUILD IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. APPLICATION AND THREAD RULES THREAD RULES The guild has been recreated to try and innovate thievery roleplay within the server. The aim of the guild is to provide quality RP for both thieves and their victims and anyone applying should want to create RP that is fun for both sides. We hope to fill the guild with quality roleplayers and not a quantity of roleplayers. However anyone and everyone is welcome to apply and will be given equal opportunity within the guild, whether they are an old player with lots of roleplay experience or a new player with little roleplay experience, provided they want to create fun RP for everyone. With that, here are some simple rules you need to keep in mind when posting on this thread. Do not post your application on this thread, please PM it to the OP (myself) via a PM on the forums or message me on Discord, Lefty#7206 The only posts to be made on this thread are that of an RP nature, please PM me if you have any OOC questions. If you do have any OOC comments to make, please put them in a spoiler beneath an RP post. Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in your post being removed (if you do not fix it upon request) and a possible instant denial from the guild. APPLICATION The application is not the only form of joining the guild, however it is the most practical. It is for you to express your interest in joining and for us to determine whether or not we would take interest in your character. Sometimes members will be inducted purely based on RP experiences and will not be required to fill out the application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE OP (MYSELF) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS OR MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD, Lefty#7206 OOC MC Name: Why do you want to join?: How will you provide the guild and the LOTC community with a great RP experience?: Have you read and agreed to the OOC Disclaimers and warnings?: Discord Name: RP Info RP Name: Race: Age: Personality (A paragraph will suffice): Aspirations and Motives for joining:
  11. Hey guys, new player here. I was just wondering if some random person could have a look at my character application and tell me if there is anything i’ve missed, should fix up, etc. Fair warning, the story is quite long. mine-craft account = AlphaWyvernGold. Many thanks in advanced!!
  12. So i am getting ready to put together an application for this server and i wan’t sure what forum to field this question in. What i would like to do is have a Human that was raised by a dwarf Redstone smith due to a horrible event that befell his family when he was a child. Is this a valid background? I didn’t notice anything about human/Dwarf relations in the lore per say, though i might have missed it. Thanks for any information and responses. V/R, Blaznhurricane/Volkan#0226
  13. ((SPOILERS ARE WONKY)) ~Pravum~ CHARACTERIZATION There are two subspecies of Pravum: the original beasts, known as the Harried, and their “perfected” successors, the Shikari. Both the Harried and Shikari were created from Descendants that have undergone an extreme alchemical transformation to their body and Soul. This augmentation grants the Pravum a slew of enhancements at the cost of the “Normality” of Descendant life. Credits: @Dymase @Cyprian1034 @NikoNiko @BoyWonderr @JaxonBlues @Archipelego @Ztrog @Temporal @AtrexPieren [Lucy-Lisett -- DeviantArt] A pair of adventurers caught wind of an abandoned town in the middle of the wilds of Atlas. Upon arriving, they were met with a thick mist throughout the surrounding forest. Once they entered the settlement, the group found the entire place in complete disrepair. Caved-in roofs, doors torn from their hinges, windows were broken, and the entire town covered in a thin layer of ivy and vines. The wind was blowing softly, adding an extra layer of discomfort to the damp and chilled air. The pair made their way down the muddied streets, their footsteps squelching loudly as the men looking for any signs of life. As they neared the outskirts of the village, one noticed an abundance of herbs in an overgrown garden in front of a small house. Deciding that it would be wise to search for anything medicinal, he strode over to the patch and surveyed the overgrowth for anything useful. The other moved cautiously into the house, with his blade drawn. “Oi! C’mere. Now,” the man in the house called out. The other man would let out a short grunt as he pushed himself to his feet. Stepping into the threshold of the abandoned cottage, the second man let out a sigh, saying, “What’s wrong?” The first man raised his arm and pointed to a darkened, far corner of the small lodge, where a skeleton lay, an arm extended towards a blood-stained book. The second man would stoop down once more, this time picking up the book as opposed to flowers. The man would flip through the pages before saying, “Seems like a sort of diary.” “Not much use for it, then. Better to leave it. Don’t want to upset his spirit, eh?” the first man responded, giving his companion a playful punch in the arm. “Right,” the second said with a short scoff. Nevertheless, he found himself placing the diary into his satchel with the plants he had picked earlier. The pair then made their way out of the lodge in search of new adventure and treasure... Origin: [!] The journal would be pawned off to a cloaked figure several days after the pair of adventurers returned to their city. ~The Transformation Elixir~ Description: Effects: Ingredients: Preparation: Mechanics: Redlines: ~Serum Ingredients~ Muscle and Bone enhancement Minor Regeneration Metabolic increase Sense enhancement (Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch) Cardiac Enhancement Respiratory enhancement Serum Creation Brewing ~THE ALTERATION~ OOC: Please keep in mind this will be a very painful and mentally taxing procedure for the soon-to-be new Shikari. Give the patient time to roleplay out their pain. Also remember, for the performer, this isn’t an easy task either. They must be careful to keep the right order or they run the risk of killing the patient. The person creating a Shikari or Harried must have an accepted teacher application in order to do the procedure. The person being turned into a Shikari must be a preexisting character beforehand, you can’t just be brought into the world as a Shikari as they’re not born and must be created through roleplay. Preparations The Procedures Redlines ~The Harried (Event Creature)~ Appearance: Mentality: Muscle and bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Increase (Combat / Non-combat ability) Sense Enhancements (Combat / Non-combat ability) Respiratory Enhancement (Combat/Non-combat ability) Major Regeneration (Combat/ Non-combat ability) Cardiac Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Mimic (Non-Combat ability) ~The Shikari (Playable CA)~ [Monolith Productions: Shadow of War] Appearance Strengths and Weaknesses PK Clause Mentality ~Abilities~ Muscle and Bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Augmentation (Combat / Non-combat ability) Senses Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability Tracking (Non-combat ability) (EVENTS ONLY) Cardiac Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Minor Regeneration (Non-combat ability) Respiratory Enhancement (Non-combat ability) Reverie (Non-Combat Ability)
  14. NEW PLAYER GUIDE TO APPLYING AS A HUMAN Written by @Draeris and @edelos The first thing you’ll want to do when joining the LotC community, of course, is apply to the server - and honestly, this is the most stressful part of joining LotC. What if you don’t know enough lore? What if you don’t get accepted? To avoid losing sleep over these questions, we will give you several tips to almost certainly pass. We’ll be starting from the parts after the basics - with Character Race, Gender, Age, and the rest. Note: You should already know the definition of Powergaming and Metagaming, and fill all of LotC’s other OOC requirements, before using this guide. Character Name and Culture Human names are pretty safe, since 90% of the ones you’d think of will work. You can spice up your application, however, with some neat tricks like picking an LotC culture. IMPORTANT NOTE: To play a Human noble, you need to have acquired prior permission from the head of that house to make a character in it (like if you want to be James Pruvia, you need to ask the head of House Pruvia). Here’s a basic list of the Orenian cultures that we’ve collected; Crownlander/Heartlander - Crownlanders, called by many names, occupy the heart of the Holy Orenian Empire (also called Oren), currently centered around the Imperial Capital of Helena. Helena, which has been fought for over the course of a few different wars (Like the War of Two Emperors, and the AIS War), is ruled by the Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire. He rules with the help of the Imperial Government, a large bureaucracy with many different ministries - think of Harry Potter’s Ministry of Magic for a basic idea - and with a Senate to decide its laws - think of the US Senate for this, or maybe the British one. Helena is the largest city in Arcas, and the people there live in townhomes or slums and fight for the best accommodations. The Crownlanders are bureaucratic and capitalist to the core - if a fast-paced meritocracy where anyone can rise with some good old-fashioned effort is your cup of tea, look no further. Crownlander cultural names are based loosely off of the British Empire, and we’ve added a list of some typical names to help inspire you if you love that idea (most Orenian names are from British Empire-English); Joseph Carl Reeds Edmund Hastings Martin Desmond Green Anton Morgan Mary Jane A lot of Crownlander names, we’ve noticed, have middle names as well, so keep that in mind. Kaedreni/Rhoswenii - The Kaedreni, who occupy the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, find their capital in the City of Owynsburg, and their noble court is centered in the lavish Varoche Palace. Ruled by an elected King, who chooses a regent in the Governor-General, the Kaedreni are steeped in traditional ideals and live a more rural and court-centered life than their Crownlander allies. Until recently, their capital was the City of Ves, which collapsed after the War of Two Emperors. They take the same first names as their kings three hundred years ago (or seven real-life years!), and are focused on a peaceful, happy lifestyle centered around vineyards, farms, and countryside villas. If the Crownlanders are city folk of the British Empire, the Kaedreni are the French aristocrats or countryside of the Napoleonic Empire. If this sounds like it’s for you, here are some typical names - which are usually in the style of older English or French; Thomas Peter Laurence Robert Lorena Louis Mariana Anna Julia Lavinia Hildegard Note that in Kaedrin, many families are named after the lands they rule, or the places they were from. Some notable places in Kaedrin for you to use if you want to go this route are Guise, Mt. Saint Catherine, Ves, Rillsworth, Aldenburg, and Owynsburg. If you’re thinking of something else for your character, try names that sound like they could be villages or towns! Waldenian/Haeseni - The Waldenians of now-extinct Waldenia, and the Haeseni of Hanseti-Ruska, are the last of the Imperial Humans that we’ll be going over. Think of this as a more low-medieval Dark Ages setting, living in thatched huts that surround aged stone castles. They live in the frigid northern reaches of Oren/Arcas, where the population is thinly spread, but hardy and tight-knit. Here are some names we collected; Ludvik Edvard Heinrik Franz Gertrude Ekaterina Character Race After your character name comes race. Since we’re covering how to apply as a human, we’re just going to put good old Human here. You can get a little tricky with it by putting Human – [Culture], if you really want. Character Gender and Age Next is your character’s gender and age. Gender discrimination is slowly being eliminated in the Crownlands and Kaedrin, so don’t let it factor into your choice too much - play what feels right to you. Age, however, is important. Anything older than 30-ish is middle aged, and anything over sixty is ancient. While humans can live to be a hundred, it almost never happens in Oren (and a lot of people tend to frown upon it). Physical Description and Personality Traits A strong would-be knight or General; a thin, intelligent librarian-type; a beautiful maiden. Humans can be anything and everything, and are easily our pick for the most versatile race in LotC. Imagine the type of person you’d be in a such a world; are you a hopeless romantic searching for love through, or maybe a strong, silent agent of the Empire? Here’s where you put it into words. Tell the reviewer how tall you are, what you’d be wearing, if you’re lean, muscular, or even fat, and basic things like eye color and hair color. Brownie points if you add things like smile lines and wrinkles with age. Once you’ve done that, move onto personality traits - most Orenians, for example, are Canonists, or devout followers of the Church of the Canon, and believe in God. Many Orenians are ruthless money-makers, or bookish reader-writers, or avid swordsmen - this is where you’d put their favorite things to do, their religion of choice, and how they feel about such things as the political parties (in Oren that’s the Josephites and Everardines), noble houses (for example, in Kaedrin there’s Pruvia, Helvets, Armas and de Falstaff, to name just a few - and each rule over different counties, baronies, and duchies), and the military (in the Holy Orenian Empire, that’s the ISA - Imperial State Army). Character Biography Here, use the information we’ve given you about your starting location of choice - whether it be Helena or Owynsburg or anything in between - and write up a biography of your character. You can talk about how their parents were farmers in Ves, but passed away in the War of Two Emperors, and so you’ve left home to find a path of your own. You can talk about how you grew up as a street urchin in the streets of Helena, but you made it out of the slums - and now you have the whole world as your oyster. Take your favorite Dungeons and Dragons ideas, or what you imagine as the coolest plot of a personal character in such an era, and write some ideas - then turn those ideas into a story. Roleplay Scenario You’re in the final stretch. This should be easy with what you’ve got so far - now think about the scenario they gave you, and imagine how you’d respond. What might your stalwart warrior do or say? What about your fair lady, just stepping off your carriage? Don’t sweat it too much, just make sure it sounds reasonable! Skin If you didn’t already have a skin, the Skin Archive (Link to that here) has a bunch of basic, free-to-use skins. Otherwise, just make sure you have one that makes sense - a medieval, or 13th to 18th century, human! After you’re Accepted Congratulations! You made it! When you first join the server, a Cloud Temple Monk from the Community Team should be around to help - just go ahead and talk to them, they’ll help you learn how to play LotC, and then you can ask them to direct you to the area of your choice. Also make sure to read the New Player Guide, which covers the basics of RP and PVP mechanics on LotC, as well as how to improve in a huge variety of areas. (Here’s where we get to shill for Kaedrin because we wrote a guide lol) Want to be part of one of the most roleplay meritocracy-centric nations in Arcas (Kaedrin)? Getting involved with our community, at least, is pretty easy, and after you’re done with the CT Monks we can help with some more advanced Roleplay, or RP, guidance. All you need to do is tell the CT Monk you want to be led to Owynsburg or Kaedrin in general, and they’ll take you there. If you can’t find any of us in the city when you arrive, just hit us up on discord! Discords: Draeris#4899 Sliw#0001 cottage cheese#9620 bickando#5883 If you liked this guide, please leave a +1 with the arrow button right here VVV
  15. how come when a new person joins no onw cares to help maybe there character is shy and needs friends no I not joined
  16. -The Shikari- Hunters, Bastions Against The Wilds ((This lore is meant to scarcely be known and has to be learned only through roleplay)) [!] It was a cold night when the young boy was taken to the deepest chamber of the keep. “Sir, is it truly my turn?” the boy asked, worry in his voice. The man simply turned and grimaced down at the child. It was at that moment the young one knew his fate was sealed. Entering the darkroom at the end of the corridor, the boy's nose began to burn upon witnessing the smell of strong chemicals. Sitting in the center of the room was a large table, surrounded by the child's future peers. The boy took one look to his mentor standing nearby, before accepting his fate and laying himself down on the table.” What is a Shikari The Shikari are mutants, undergoing a violent transformation to become one of the most effective hunters on the continent, increasing their base senses such as sight, hearing, and taste. While sacrificing their humanity and the chance of creating offspring. Origin Process & Transformation (The process and recipe can only be discovered IRP) OOC mechanics for brewing Each step takes 1-2 emotes, if during the brewing a day is skipped the serum will be ruined and the process has to be repeated, throwing away what’s left. The mutagens are stored in crimson red-colored bottles, it can only be injected and if drank the body will simply reject it out. The bottle gives off a light gleam in roleplay. The Ritual Appearance: Mentality: Abilities: Those who survive this transformation are granted some immense powers; OOC consent must be given to turn someone into a Shikari Vision Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Muscle and bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Increase (Combat / Non-combat ability) Reflex Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Sense Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Heart Rate (Combat / Non-combat ability) Minor Regeneration (Non-combat ability) General redlines: PK Clause: OOC Purpose The Shikari make a wonderful addition to lore, they bring to the table multiple new enhancements to general roleplay in the world of LoTC. With enhanced abilities, and being made as monster hunters, a race like this could bring back rise and popularity in beast hunting, and guilds within the world. While given specific enhancements, the Shikari are not meant to be a CRP combat mechanism. And instead of a tool to enhance the general roleplay combat experience. There's often not much racial conflict outside of a few very loud minorities, and with a very seemingly political race, it could also add to the mechanics and relationships of the world. The Shikari brings a lot to offer to RP in general, with beast combat roleplay, social roleplay, bringing guilds back into popularity and. Credits IGN - Forum Name Ztrog- @Ztrog Boarbarian- @Boarbarian Vitalian - @NikoNiko Atrex- @AtrexPieren
  17. Title [Invention Lore] – Soul Sword Origin/Backstory (Optional) The soul sword was discovered when a swordsman had a strong bond between him and his sword. His mana ended up being emitted into the sword and binding it to his very soul. Upon falling asleep, he ended up in a consciousness with a man claiming to be the sword itself. It told him its name and said to call out his name when he awoke. Later, when he called out his sword's name, the sword changed its form. Description The soul sword is a sword that is bound to the soul of the user. When you call out its name, it takes the form best suited for the person's soul if they were to take on the form of a weapon. The sword has 2 evolutions, release and full power. Release is the form where the user calls out the sword's name. It could be a flaming sword, a bow that shoots out ice to freeze people temporarily, or a scythe that blasts out some wind to blow people a short distance away as well as send arrows away. Full power is when the user has the sword in release mode and changes the sword's form, usually similar to the release form yet more powerful. For example if it were a big heavy sword, it would be a lighter sword with just as much power. Capabilities The sword can have its name called and go to its release form, taking on the form of the person's soul if they were a weapon. It could be a sword that emits flames, a whip that has blades coming from it, a bow that shoots ice, or scythe that emits wind to blow people a short distance. for example, having properties similar to the person's natural behavior. The soul sword can also go into its second form when trained further. The second form is more draining yet more powerful. Usually it will be a more powerful version of the first form. For example, if it were a scythe, it could become a bigger, dual sided scythe that can emit waves of wind to blow people away a short distance. The forms can be toggled on and off, and they don't change other than when they change from normal to release, and from release to full power. The evolution forms do not change to put it in better words. Siege Information (Optional) The Soul Sword will be used the way it can normally be used, yet some may cause damage to buildings depending on what they are made of and what the spirit sword does. If its a giant hammer that creates shockwaves, it would most likely break a wall. (The shockwaves would be weak just to let you know so you don't decline this thinking its over powered.) Red Lines/Restrictions The Soul Sword should probably be used by a group of people who train in the spirit sword and use it to defend people from dangers, sort of like how the druidic order has certain people get in and train in druidism. The release forms will most likely be sort of weak, more like magic swords. They can be used for 30 ooc minutes, and when the 30 ooc minutes is up, they usually pass out due to overuse. The cool down its 10 ooc minutes. The full power form can only be used for 3 minutes at first, eventually being able to be trained to be used for 15 minutes. Its cool down will be one ooc hour. Purpose (OOC) The Soul Sword exists to bring a new way to fight with magic swords. Instead of just staying the same, it can be trained to grow stronger with the user. Notes -The sword does not change into the human, rather it becomes a weapon that matches the person's personality -If the sword is used beyond its limits in its form, the user will go unconscious for about 10 irl minutes, though they may roll 20 to see if they get to see their sword's spirit. To do this, roll a 15. -The sword must start out weak, and starts out as a normal sword. Once trained, they will meet the sword's spirit and fight it to obtain the release form. To obtain full release form, fight the spirit sword without their sword. The fighting happens in their consciousness after meditating for a set amount of time after being trained or while unconscious. Citation Spoiler https://bleach.fandom.com/wiki/Zanpakutō
  18. Origin/Backstory While working on a poison to fit his new creation, the Assassins Blade, Arkean finally found a combination that would work well with the new blades purpose in assassinations and in general combat. Description In short, Dragons Breath is a combination of Corvisange (a herb that can paralyze), Joker’s scum (a plant with a natural acid that can eat through flesh rather quickly), and Concentrated juices from a Desert Berry Bush (which is an extreme poison that will kill if too much is taken in). Its purpose is to paralyze the limb it is put into through the cut from the blade, spread the concentrated poison and cause sluggish movement, while slowly dissolve or eat through the flesh and bone around the area of the wound. Capabilities/effects The poison will slowly spread throughout the body and eventually kill the person if left untreated. if no medic is available, drink lots of water in hopes of diluting the poison in your system. The paralysis will slow down and weaken the targets movements and strikes though will dissipate with time. The acid will cause burns that will be extremely painful and can cause the loss of that limb if not washed off immediately with water. Weakness, nausea, poisoned, slowness, burning-to simulate the burning of acid and makes water actually important for this. curing this should it enter your system is simple: for the poison, simply drink an entire cauldron of water to dilute the poison in your system, then drink milk afterwards. The milk has special proteins to counter the diluted poison. for the acid, simply wash it off with water. the paralysis will fade with time, returning you to full strength and mobility when fully gone. Creation process/preparation Concentrated Desert Berry juice: Extract the juice from the plant carefully. Let juice sit for 24 hours in a cold enviroment then strain for any remaining chunks of stalk. Add sugar and put into a pot/cauldron and let it boil. put it into jars/bottles with a little bit of space at the top. let bottle sit in boiling water for 10 minutes. its now concentrated. Joker’s Scum: extract the juice with extreme caution! put in a bottle. Done. Mix the 2 together, add some water to dilute and cause an excruciatingly slow but extremely painful death. add it to the corvisange resin and mix well. once it is a decent consitancy put it into a bottle for storage, or put into the Assassins Blades’ poison well. Why am I so sadistic, and why it should be added This is for the use of assassins and fighters that want to ensure the death of their enemies. I took the time to find these ingredients and how to combine them into a decent poison/acid combination. Am I a bit sadistic with this creation? Maybe just a little, but it will be fun to see how well it does in an actual fight or assassination attempt.
  19. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on my discord) Past work:
  20. The Ruberlands Company est. 1738 Introduction: The Ruberlands Company is a vessel to enlist additional security to the common and noble folk alike. The Company recruits able combatants, commoner or noble the Company hires their soldiers based on merit rather than lineage. Additional benefits of joining the Company shall be the provision of armor, sword, food, shelter and a contract of employment. The Company ensures that all of its employees will reap the benefits of their work. Ranking of the Company: Kapitany - The Kapitany are the Captains of the Company are those who hold complete authority over the Zoldak. They are in charge of forming and finalizing contracts for the Company. Also Kapitany are responsible to conduct promotion ceremonies for Kutya. Hadnagy - A Hadnagy is the officer of the Company, they have shown to be reliable and able to persevere through their service. The Hadnagy is responsible for helping the Kapitany find contracts, to help Zoldak recruit and to enforce the Kapitany rulings throughout the Company. Also charged with making sure those of the Kutya rank and employees get their cut of a contract. Zoldak - A Zoldak of the Company are those who make up the core and bulk of the Company’s workers. They are charged with recruitment. Kutya - The kutya, or "dogs" in common speech are the lowest rank of enlisted combatants of the Company. Often referred to as the "Dogs of War". Application: RP Name: RP Gender: RP Age: RP Race: RP Past Experiences: OOC IGN: OOC Discord: -For more info- Fish#5175 on discord or CommissarFish in game Patu#4556 on discord or Anderssn in game
  21. A conservationist guild of like-minded individuals from all races and walks of life. They take mercenary contracts as well, like some other ranger guilds, but their main goal is to patrol the wilds of Arcas and preserve the balance of nature and peace between the peoples, animals, and plants of the world. Pursuant to their creed, Rangers of the Wild fill many roles. Some, the Ranger-Sentinels, prefer to walk the lonely roads at night, defending travelers from aggressive and over-populated spiders and undead. Some, the Ranger-Wildsmen, prefer to hunt wild game and feral farm animals to maintain and curtail invasive or otherwise detrimental populations. The latter serves as secondary source of food for the Rangers, as well. Some Rangers prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible, either tending to the Rangers’ wounds, crops and/or animals (Ranger-Keepers), or serving as diplomats for the Rangers and/or the individual’s race in locations where tensions are high. These Ranger Envoys are the mediators and welcoming hand of the Rangers, and are certainly not looked down upon for wishing to stay clear of bloodshed. Another non-combatant rank of the Rangers are the Ranger-Scribes, who collect lore, both fact and fiction, from around the land. Any and all subjects are accepted into the library, even those that some might consider… untoward. Finally, any and all fully inducted Rangers may take quests or task, such as clearing out monstrous beasts from a cavern for a treasure hunter (serving as a sort of body-gaurd or guide), exploring unknown areas and creating maps for cartographers unable to traverse the extremes of the land themselves, hunting down bandits that have preyed upon the weak, et cetera, et cetera. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ RANKS Ranger-Master: Lythorien Banebow Ranger-Captains: None Ranger-Sentinels: None Ranger Envoys: None Ranger Scribes: None Ranger Keepers: None Ranger-Wildsmen: None Recruits: Illondr (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Aragwen Arcanscape (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Stevron Gollick (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) Gray Fullhood (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Daisy Applefoot (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Elawynn Caerme’onn (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) Former Members: Karren Myrsta (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Deceased) Jarsek Myrsta (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) (Deceased) Sarah Boliver (Maiden Name: Thompson) (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) (Missing/Likely Deceased) Kayen (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Missing) Alsulf Venari (Ranger-Sentinel) (Missing/Likely Deceased) Aladar Viathran (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) (Left of Their Own Volition) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Rangers of the Wild Creed "I swear to abide by the by-laws of the Rangers of the Wild. I relinquish my former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." _________________________________________________________________________________________________ OUT of CHARACTER REGULATIONS Don’t be a d**k. No making jokes about sensitive topics, such as suicide, or racial, political, religious, ethnic, and other kinds of slurs (don’t say f***ot or tranny. Just don’t), no accusing someone of being a special snowflake or a cuck. If you don’t like something and have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If someone says something you are doing is bothering them (like repeatedly referencing something that triggers panic episodes or flashbacks in said person), and earnestly means it, just drop it. It’s not worth them reporting you to higher-ups and getting booted That’s pretty much it. Just tell us if you’re going away for a while if you can, but activity is not required. Not every character that joins is going to be played every day. We get that. Just give us some common courtesy and don’t dip out of a RP or plot in progress without some warning. These regulations are subject to change, be added to, or removed at any time without warning. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ IN-CHARACTER BY-LAWS: All races, Descendant or no, are welcome in the ranks of the Rangers of the Wild so long as they abide by the tenets set forth here, and do not cause trouble with others of races differing form them. Any Ranger found to be practicing xenophobic activities or using slurs or unequal treatment due to race, gender, social status, sexuality, et cetera, will be subject to a verbal warning, then a monetary fine, then imprisonment, then banishment. Any Ranger caught acting violently to another Ranger or neutral person is subject to imprisonment and/or banishment depending on the severity. Murder will warrant banishment and possible handing over to the authorities of the nation wronged. Relating to By-Law 1, recruits must relinquish their titles and rights held within their native nations if said titles conflict with Ranger custom. All recruits must denounce their allegiances if they conflict with Ranger practices (i.e. Mali’fenn Rangers may not continue to be aligned with the Fenn because this would mean they would be duty-bound to harm other races). Recruits may, however, maintain contact and relationships with members of their former allegiances, as well as protect the cities, towns, and settlements they live in from attackers, so long as said relationships do not conflict with Ranger values in other ways. You must NEVER contribute to attacks, raids, territorial disputes, or any other aggressions associated with a nation or other organization. Such activities invite ire upon the Rangers, and go against our ways. Rangers caught revealing sensitive information or aligning themselves with a specific nation against another nation, are subject to banishment without prior warnings. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Rangers, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, monetary fines, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. Regardless of intent, all Rangers must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. These by-laws are subject to change, be added to, or have tenets removed without warning, though Rangers and recruits will be notified once they are in place. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ **(To apply, copy and paste-this format into a a reply on this thread. An example of a filled-out application is below the form)** APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: (Required) Discord Username: (Required) Nickname Preferred: (If any. State whether you’d like to be referred to by your character or player name) Real-Life Age: (Required) Preferred Pronoun(s): (He/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) RP Sample As Applying Persona: (Required) IC Information Character’s Full Name: (First name, middle, last name, and, if you wish, maiden name) Current and/or Former Titles Held: (Titles from other factions and nations) Notable Connections Within a Nation or Other Organization: (Including but not limited to: a guard or noble) Race: (Main/most predominant race) Sub-Race: (If your character has any blood from another race. If not applicable, say N/A) Sex & Gender: (if they are the same, simply state one) Birth Year or Current Age: (Please use in-character LoTC year) Desired Rank: (Please only choose one Ranger rank) Training Known: (Any skills, including swordsmanship, archery, writing, tracking game, atc) Training Desired/Needed: (I.e. if your character can’t read or write, someone is obviously helping them do this application or it’s being done in person. They’d ask for help with learning that skill in-character) "By signing this document, you agree to the by-laws above and any the Ranger-Master and Ranger-Captains deem worthy of adding. You agree to relinquish your former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." (State yes or no in-character, and type their full name without their title)
  22. I'm new to roleplay and am looking for a little help in creating my character for the application. I'm a little lost on where to find information and where to start with my character, I have no idea what I want her back story to be- where she's from and all that. I know her name is Muya and she's a wood elf. I tried going through the lore but it's a little difficult knowing what cities are being used currently and what lore to include in my backstory as it's hard to know when everything happened and what year the role play is currently in. I'd appreciate any and all kind of help so please, either reply to me here or my Discord is Kytux1103 #3061 Thank you in advance.
  23. When This knife comprised of any kind of pie, pumpkin, strawberry, cake, egg, poop, urin, wood, silver, gold, live ferrets, live bears, live owls, live cats, live bats, a bat, a bear, a cat, or even a blueberry pie, touches a living thing, then that thing will be consumed by the pie and turn the pie into a pie shortsword, then a pie sword, then a pie longsword, then a pie greatsword, then a pie. all with the same properies, except for the pie, which is just a normal cow pie. (pile of cow poop)
  24. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hall, they started experimenting with the gem. Frey started to heat it up to an absurd amount of heat, the pressurized gem started to heat up and melt in the cauldron of the specialized forge, the gem had to be under pressure of the forge, molten steel was added to the gem fluid. The fluid started to turn a pale green color. Upon his first blade, he noticed that it was quite poisonous. The first animal he slashed died within two days of the initial slash, a faint green color surrounding the wound. When in sunlight the blade shines like the still water with sun cast upon it. The strength test proved more than expected, it was a lot stronger than normal steel. The guild of Frey are tempted to use it as their best blade yet, but his slayer steel is the pride of the guild. The mixture of Gem and steel must be cooled down and cast into an ingot for proper use, also cooled down as fast as possible. The ratio of gem and steel must be 3:1. This steel has been perfected for slashing, it has a potent metal poison. The heat needed for the perfect mixture conditions is at least 2500 Fahrenheit (1371 Celsius) The steel needs to be molten separately before adding it to the gem.
  25. Throughout many centuries among the lands of Arcas, Centaurs roamed as a peaceful band of creatures, undisturbed by humanity and the other entirely unaware of their very existence on the plains and islands. This is, until civilization pushed too far out into the islands and the centaurs were forced to move themselves farther away- out of the reach of the human grasp. No one was aware of this, as the lone intruder had been trampled by men and women alike protecting their fillies and colts. This was simply taken as the man had been attacked by a wild beast, partly true by name of being attacked. The descendants and their company moved on throughout the years unbothered until late on a thunderous afternoon. Storms brewed and roared their presence, a downpour breaking away from the sky as a traveler was washed into a flash flood, forced into the river. A shriek loud enough to prove competition for a banshee as the nearby centaur settlement was startled. An arabian stallion made his way out, shoes on his hooves to help keep his ground as he found the source of the sound- Alikar. Fishing the boy out with the help of vines, the centaur reigned him in and cradled him on the journey back to the settlement. Long since used to such weather severities, they had built to withstand and settled the boy aside a fire in a house and let him warm. The boy, of the morning, woke to see these strange beings staring down at him. Half descendant, half equine. Some even proving to be mules, donkeys, or mini-horses as they gathered ‘round the human boy. After hours of talking and the equines explaining that they had been forced off their land, Alikar offered to bring any orphans to his herd of horses. After some back and forth discussion about safety and feeding, an agreement was made upon this. From then on, Alikar’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren tended the herd in secret. Ensuring their wellbeing with an iron fist and a shepherd's axe. …. Centuries later with a creak of a rotted fence, the first centaur is released into civilization with a shiver of hide and a hoof on damp grass. The bright eyes of youth skim over the world ahead, and the thunder of strong hooves beats throughout the forest without a further thought to it. Centaurs follow a nomadic lifestyle, and always did in the olden days. As they forage from fruit trees and sugar cane. Their teeth are unlike a human’s, and are flat for grinding leaves and grass. They commonly snap off branches and chew the leaves for some hours, and rarely if ever finding the need to make a bedding spot. They will, however, avoid dry areas as though they’re a plague and stick more to damp jungle environments where food is plentiful. Horses will, if unable to find a jungle or forest, live on islands or the beach. Though they prefer to have immediate food nearby. Their mindset is more understanding of danger than a horse, but it does not prevent a skittish behavior of one. Once presented with a loud and sudden noise, or a predator a centaur on instinct will avoid conflict as much as possible. The only deliberate conflict that will rise is from stallions and mares deciding pecking order on merging into a new herd, and this will not be fatal under any circumstance unless the stallion is attempting to become the new herd leader. Even then, this only warrants the chasing off of the other stallion. Under no circumstance will a fight be started otherwise by a centaur, it is against their nature and could be considered lore-breaking to do so. They will only fight when being actively injured with no other option but to fight back for survival or if blatantly trapped. The flight response is immediate, and when presented with a sword waving in their face they will instinctively find a way to avoid conflict rather than stirring it. More on Descendant interaction: They can be ridden by descendants and will happily give piggyback rides to children. They offer a more gentle nature to those they recognize as young children of other races, and will prove a bit softer around them. With normal descendants they can prove to become good and trusting friends, even going so far as a saddle to be allowed made for them. This will, however, take a very deep bond and requires at least four IRL months of interaction between the two. They are to be played with no ‘toughboy’ mindset. Albeit they are free to have attitude, the centaurs are skittish creatures and will find absolutely no shame in running or avoiding conflict altogether. Stress is easily brought upon the animal, if being led by a normal person and not by a trusted friend through a marketplace the noise and sudden sounds can provoke shivering and twitchiness. Meaning that a stray kick once or twice isn’t unheard of. As well as trying to force them to adorn clothing they have not chosen. (Yes, your centaur has to wear clothing female or not). Physical Description: Centaurs tower depending on their breed. An average horse of any type will stand between 6’0 and 8’0 of height. Unless which is decided to be a mini horse, which will stand at 2’0 to 4’0 in height. The option of fur coat pattern CAN be chosen by the player but it MUST under all circumstances be a fur coat that has happened in real life. In such a case another player were to ask you to find it, you must be able to via a REAL horse. Fantasy pictures will not suffice for this and nor will drawings unless you have the horse that the drawing was based off of for a commission done by another player. They can wear shoes like a normal horse can, and they will have the organs that a horse and human will in the separate bodies. Such as needed for the function of both bodies, as one heart will not suffice them. Physically, the human ‘half’ will have a horse’s ears that will match their fur pattern, and their hair will only be that of which you can find that a horse has naturally. Being a centaur, their human backside is particularly vulnerable as they cannot twist to protect it often times. Though it is a dangerous venture to mount the creature unwelcomed as this will bring a flurry of shrieking and bucking. The human spine more delicate and weak of the over-all petite like frame. A centaur has no more abilities than a normal horse and human have, and are created by a horse and rider dying out in the forest. Spores floating among the forest combine with that of the rotting carcass and human can combine to form new life after death. Red Lines Re-Stated The option of fur coat pattern CAN be chosen by the player but it MUST under all circumstances be a fur coat that has happened in real life. In such a case another player were to ask you to find it, you must be able to via a REAL horse. Fantasy pictures will not suffice for this Centaurs may ONLY have children with other centaurs and can only have one child in their lifetime, this applies to males as well. After once bred, they are sterile. Their partner may not change unless the other dies, as they mate for life. Choose wisely. A centaur has no more abilities than a normal horse and human have Centaurs may not fight anything but herd leaders and cannot attack unless directly forced upon with a conflict being the ONLY means of safety. This includes surrounding a centaur with ropes, waving swords at them and surrounding them, they do not have to be injured to attack. They will first try to run and if they are assaulted or stop fighting may ensue. Centaurs cannot learn magic of any kind, as they are not advanced enough to comprehend it and will just become confused by learning it but can understand that it is not dangerous after multiple times of exposure. While they can be ridden, centaurs cannot be ridden into conflict or they will buck the rider and run as fast as possible away from it. This can be considered lorebreaking if it is done. While they can help farmers, they can’t be whipped or blinded during work, as this will startle them more than a normal horse since their descendant half will consider this an attack and or abuse and will begin to struggle. Do not mistake any of the above as centaurs cannot have a bad attitude, they can and will the same as any descendant With normal descendants they can prove to become good and trusting friends, even going so far as a saddle to be allowed made for them. This will, however, take a very deep bond and requires at least four IRL months of interaction between the two. Jumping on a centaur and/or beating it before the four month IRL bond will not make the beast trust you and they cannot be ‘tamed’. Once the trust is broken, the player has the right to attack the person in question if they are mounted. The purpose of writing this lore was to help bring a newer aspect to having equine creatures around. We were wanting to have people be able to have another player as their friend but still be able to include the aspect of perhaps western riding or English and not have to worry about playing the horse too. In this sense, they are not quite pets as they do have a slightly higher mental function but not quite as much as humans. Though they do possess the ability to speak common and learn basic greetings of other language by memory. This also offers a unique opportunity to play one of the more ‘wild’ races aside from a kha and offers a bit more variety of the category Please give a HUGE thanks to Space_Gene as I so rudely forgot to include his credits before in this post. This was his idea and I only wrote out what his imagination wanted- so definitely give him a good hunk of credit.
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