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  1. wrenik

    Agression rp

    this wasn't only about that instant and I'm not saying GM's don't have their reasons, but if you get killed you get killed. that's roleplay if you go to a community climb their tower and ignore the authorities shouting at you to go down, someone gonna go push you down and you'll die... mean... that's how it goes. when people don't really roleplay but simply run in and shout random stuff, using MC mechanics to get to weird places and annoy the ones trying to roleplay in an attempt to get pvp and kill people to take their stuff, I don't think that should be rewarded, if they did stupid ****, let them die stupidly.
  2. wrenik

    Agression rp

    Obviously not what happened, if I as a guard try and arrest someone for committing a crime, they shouldn't be able to call pvp default and kill me? (obviously slightly outside kingdoms border in freebuild) attempting to grab someone isn't an aggressive action enough for pvp, if I grab you, and you resist, if I then attack you, then I attacked you, if I only try and hold your arm, you can't really pvp default me over it? or if I insult someone, attempt and take their weapons etc. there are so many minorly aggressive actions that people call pvp on, where its something has done against them, but it is not yet combated. and I feel unless a Fight is going on, like a real fight where I got my wepond or fists out and so do they and we plan on hitting each other, it is not a combat fight yet. and hence shouldn't be decided between PVP or RP before we actually get into a fight. just because I'm doing an aggressive action, doesn't mean I'm fighting you.
  3. wrenik

    Agression rp

    if the rules are like that, then they are poorly implemented, just today my friend tried to push a guy off a tower he was climbing on, seeing the city didn't want him there, and the person called pvp, and the GM sided with him. and repeatedly I have been told that doing any kind of aggression amounts to pvp being able to be called, even when I ask Gms and the situation in rp doesn't make sense, like when I am about to cut someone's head and they call pvp etc. if this is the rules they must be enforced better seeing the GMs side with the once calling pvp always in situations like this.
  4. wrenik

    Agression rp

    yes, think we could solve it mostly by having combat start, first on the counter emote, aka you don't call pvp or rp before you successfully done one aggressive emote each, and hence are actually in combat. if I just threw a punch towards you, I'd not say we are in combat yet. so if for example, I push you down some stairs, you can't call pvp to stop me, you must do so in rp, if you fail, your at the bottom of the stairs. if I come behind you and lunch a dagger in your back, you gotta survive the dagger somehow to attack back, THEN pvp can be called. so a simple shift to the counter Emote for combats beginning would solve a lot of bad pvp defaults, but defining what Attack means would be great too.
  5. wrenik

    Agression rp

    I agree, that's why I think this rule needs to change slightly so there is demand for it, because I often see stuff like "oh I got pushed so I wanna pvp you" happened today to a friend. pvp or rp doesn't matter, it can be decided by the defender but it shouldn't just be pulled out by baiting or stupid reasons, a fight should always make sense in the roleplay.
  6. wrenik

    Agression rp

    Raomir that has nothing to do with what I suggest, there should be PVP vs RP defult on the Defender, I am simply suggesting we have it desided first after one emote, so people can't bate into a situation where they are fucked Roleplay wise and then just pvp their way out, etc. if someone emotes pushing you down the stairs, and you manage not to fall or do something to continue combat, then obiusly as defender you pick pvp or rp, but it should be first on the second emote. not the first. when it comes to ACTUAL combat we all have our preferences and people can decide Rp, or pvp based on what they want 🙂
  7. wrenik

    Agression rp

    that's the current issue, people call pvp for really harmless stuff, you can't play your character the way you want because if for example, I insult someone that's an aggressive action and PVP DEFAULT, you try and pull someone away from someone else PVP DEFAULT etc. you need to have some way of having Context to the battle to determine who is actually defending, just because I'm doing an Aggressive action doesn't mean I'm attacking you. and hence you shouldn't be able to call pvp and kill me just because I emoted jokingly punching your arm or whatever. this isn't a pvp server, we wanna roleplay.
  8. wrenik

    Agression rp

    Hello! so I know everyone got opinions on PVP vs RP Default, and I am not here to say one or the other. However, I believe a lot of the issues would go away if we defined what an aggressive action is, after all this isn't a PVP server its roleplay server, so the situation of the roleplay should dictate how it is handled. my suggestion is that we move the beginning of combat from the first aggressive emote to the counter emote, this might sound strange but let us say that I push someone, that would make me the aggressor in a hand to hand combat, however, if the other player pulls a sword, he is the aggressor in a duel with weapons. and its first after this second emote that pvp or rp is decided, this has two effects; it reads the roleplay so if I was only grabbing someone to move them to a prison, and they attempt and take my life, then I am still a defender as the other is attacking me, BUT if I grab someone and attempts to take them to prison and they just push their way out to get away, then I am the aggressor. ((you can obviously not use being the defender to then go and kill the person if that person didn't try and kill you like you can't stay nice and just do a friendly brawl and when you are decided as the defender call pvp and pop the person. unless both agree the rp should still be that the person is knocked out, and can then be looted.) so the idea is in the following steps; 1 Someone does an aggressive act 2 the opponent response 3a First person to do aggression had the most aggressive action and is the attacker 3b the second person overly uses a minor act of aggression to use a lot of violence back and is the attacker 4 Defender calls pvp or RP this would, as I said make sure the situation of the rp is taken into mind, for example, if a character emotes something that would kill the target in one hit, and he doesn't manage to get away, obviously he can't call pvp or rp, even tho the other player is clearly an aggressor, same if the player is pushed for example down a tower. stuff like that doesn't make sense to resolve with pvp since the player wouldn't have survived to defend himself-hence, no fight. with the defends emote being the one starting combat, it means that context is taken into account. it would hopefully also help with pvp bating. sorry if its all a bit unclear, I am dyslexic and can lose my thread sometimes threw posts like this, if you got questions pm me 🙂
  9. wrenik

    The Tournament of the Sun's Smile

    MC Name: Wrenik RP Name: Alfred "Tre Ährlor" Lejon Nation: Svea-Rike Age: 21
  10. Really good creative guy that I enjoy playing with and always brings the adventure, would make a good ET. Love and kisses! +1
  11. wrenik

    A Departure for good

    The Departure of Edel Silvervein into the abyss in the cold mountains near the Firelands Edel stands with his longtime friend he puts his hand on his shoulder "Oi gift ya t'is 'ere works'op me' friend" he then nods to the large golem with them "ya serve t'is lad now" the golem accolade his new Impera. Edel's Freind nods as Edel pats his shoulder slowly and walks off, he would take a deep breath looking into the with wall thundering outside. he takes the first step forward, towards the end of his journey into the blizzard never to be seen again.
  12. wrenik

    Mateolog WT APP

    He is persistent to the truth and seak it out, he sometimes to my dismay keep it very true even when it would mud his own Dwarven clan. I think that he can be trusted with writing lore, as he is very read up on it already and as an older player has played a lot of it. also as for the comments I have seen here saying he writes about only himself, I believe that is taken way out of context seeing that he hadn't been a writer on the WT yet, and this is his application. of course his privet works will be of his own character and he would be consulted on gods of his expertise. that doesn't mean he would do that when he is on the WT. Also in a Dwarven context at least what I heard from several sources other then Mateolog his character Baldin did partake in a large part of Wyrvun Dwarven rp, and hence Later Lore, but I wasn't there myself so can't tell for sure. I can also from my own experience say that I have told him to write down Lore regarding our Clan Silverveins and even in the beginning when he was in it more or less unwillingly and didn't really like it, he wrote down the history unbiestly. of course, ALL people have some Biesty, but Mateolog is one of the people who control it better than most I meet. I'd count on him to write down lore if he stopped playing Dwarf went all out Elven and wroth about wars between us. I'd still say he'd give them justice. You can say he has my Endorsement as a sound addition to the WT. +1
  13. Forum Name: Wrenik Minecraft IGN(s): Wrenik Reason for ban: Pugsy Why should you be unbanned?: I have served my time and learned my lesson. I fully understand the reason why I got banned and recognize the rule I have broken. I will refer from breaking any rules again in the future. Link to Bann report: Think its easier for you admins :)
  14. After the Vote held in the Silvervein Clanhall Edel Silvervein Resumed the title of Clanlord once more on the 19th of Amber Cold, 1644. a majority vote in his favor saddened him, he knew that for the Silvervein clan to evolve it must have new leadership, but a crisis had arisen and he had to return to lead his people back to glory. a glimmer of hope in the vote, with both his sons Kiblo and Tir getting votes as well, however nothing to rival Edels Majority. "It be wit' a 'eavy 'eart I take back t'e tittle o' Clanfat'er, I s'all lead t'e Silverveins well, n' return us to glory, but it be me' dream to nay 'ave to, for t'e clan to be able to stand wit'out me' to lead it. It be me' dream for a great Silvervein clan lead by all great dweds before me', lead by all t'ose w'o sit 'ere today n' vote for me' to lead t'em, its me' dream t'at I don't 'ave to. but now as our clan is still young, n' our kingdom younger still, strong leaders are needed to guide t'e young to glory so t'ey one day will be just as strong! n' lead t'emselves." Edel Silvervein takes a deep breath and lays his hand on the armrest of the throne looking down on the ground before facing the crowd once more "Long Live t'e Silverveins! Long Live Kaz'ulrah!" the words ecos threw the mountain like thunder as the dwarves of kaz'ulrah repeat the cry. Edel Silvervein sits on his throne, clan father of the Silverveins once more. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Silverveins feasting after the Clan meeting and vote, Celebrating their new clan father