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  1. wrenik

    The Deep Forge

    (OOC) MC Name: Wrenik How active are you?: Depends Discord:Wrenik#0933 Timezone: CET (RP) RP Name: Magnar Gender: Male, I think? oh yeah thats it, Im a guy. Note: is drinking allowed?
  2. High King Edel Silvervein steps forward to speak before the population of Kaz’Ulrah. “My friends, brothers and sisters, my Dwedmar kin! I stand before you today as the bearer of dark news. A reactionary cabal within our government has seen fit to attempt a coup on the established government, an action which has already cost the life of a noble Dwarf, Dwifur Goldhand! Dwifur was murdered in cold blood by Hamlin Frostbeard for speaking out against the shadowy council’s attempt to usurp the government! This council was NOT made of the legitimate representatives of the seven clans, but a group of puppets and liars attempting to cling to power, save for a few true-blooded leaders, including noble Dwifur. I hereby denounce the elections they are trying to hold and declare them illegal! All loyal Dwarves of Ulrah, stand by your rightful king in these dark times, and do not fall to the treachery and deceit of the traitors involved in the coup.” “By Yemekar’s Will, We. Shall. Overcome.”
  3. an Lone Dwarf would sit in his office the ink on his table diped by a feather as he writes a decree to the people that just elected him his face iluminated by a lone candle down in the mountains deep Oi Edel Silvervein founder of the Silvervein Clan and newly Elected King of Kaz'ulrah would like to spread the word of welcome to my ralm, all dwarves of all clans will be welcome in the city of Kal'tarak under my protection, all people of all nations and races welcome to my raalm for mead and ravelry, but for those who bring arms and ill will to my gate, you will only find death and sorrow. a great celebration will be held for the people of Kaz'ulrah as they have elected a new king, Me. a Coronation will be held and a great feast enjoyed. move your arse to the gate Happiness to all. High King Edel Silvervein
  4. wrenik

    The future of Kaz'Ulrah.

    Edel Silvervein would nod in approval to the dwarves speech Hekkaes Anvilaxe a friend and ally trusted, Edel would smile proud of his friend. "well said" Edel would say in a firm gravely voice.
  5. wrenik

    The Silvervein Clan

    "didn't ya rape me' Aunt or somet'in? pritty sure oi just read ya bein a symbol o' diss'onour n' s'ite..." Magnar would state drunk of his arse with a bottle of Rum in his hand waving it towards Throri a final load burp and he'd turn away from his grandfather waving to the barkeep to get him another drink
  6. Really good creative guy that I enjoy playing with and always brings the adventure, would make a good ET. Love and kisses! +1
  7. wrenik

    Mateolog WT APP

    He is persistent to the truth and seak it out, he sometimes to my dismay keep it very true even when it would mud his own Dwarven clan. I think that he can be trusted with writing lore, as he is very read up on it already and as an older player has played a lot of it. also as for the comments I have seen here saying he writes about only himself, I believe that is taken way out of context seeing that he hadn't been a writer on the WT yet, and this is his application. of course his privet works will be of his own character and he would be consulted on gods of his expertise. that doesn't mean he would do that when he is on the WT. Also in a Dwarven context at least what I heard from several sources other then Mateolog his character Baldin did partake in a large part of Wyrvun Dwarven rp, and hence Later Lore, but I wasn't there myself so can't tell for sure. I can also from my own experience say that I have told him to write down Lore regarding our Clan Silverveins and even in the beginning when he was in it more or less unwillingly and didn't really like it, he wrote down the history unbiestly. of course, ALL people have some Biesty, but Mateolog is one of the people who control it better than most I meet. I'd count on him to write down lore if he stopped playing Dwarf went all out Elven and wroth about wars between us. I'd still say he'd give them justice. You can say he has my Endorsement as a sound addition to the WT. +1
  8. Forum Name: Wrenik Minecraft IGN(s): Wrenik Reason for ban: Pugsy Why should you be unbanned?: I have served my time and learned my lesson. I fully understand the reason why I got banned and recognize the rule I have broken. I will refer from breaking any rules again in the future. Link to Bann report: Think its easier for you admins :)
  9. wrenik

    [✗] zLipperyznake [BA]

    Not that I remember the event in the slightest, I do remeber your lack of roleplay, I am very sure it didn't happen as you described aswell as the auther stupidety to call pvp before combat ensue, its not agienst the rules its just something that should be as it ruins rp, futher more you did run around hitting people, desterbing our rp and runing into our clanhall in the middel of rp, not rping your entrence to let us stop you, placed signs around infront of people without emoting and sitting on our throne without emoting so we could stop you. disturbing out RP. you should have emoted entering emoted what you wanted to do, and let us attempt to stop you to ensure the flow of RP continued. while instead, you did not create a toxic environment. As I said I don't recall the event in question, but in my own opinion, I think you should remain banned until you realize what you actually did wrong so that everyone can have a nice immersive and nontoxic RP environment.
  10. wrenik

    [Accepted] [Pending][Builder] Algoda's app

    Vi ska see till att fler Svenskar får possitioner här! gött allså! lycka till som fan algoda! kommer bli roligt, inte sätt dig bygga men de behöver ju inte dem veta, du är säkert grym om jag känner dig rätt! Translation: He is a good builder. he should get it.
  11. wrenik

    [Denied] [ET ACTOR] Aevary

    Aevery would make a wonderfull addition to the staff team his creativity would go hand in hand whit many fun events I am sure he could create. Hope to see this getting accepted. :)
  12. wrenik

    [Pending] Epic_Miner1980's LT App

    I can vouge for this guys knowledge on lore.
  13. wrenik

    [Denied]Garronds Second GM Trial Application

    Hope you get it! your a good and fair guy! :)
  14. wrenik

    [Denied]Garronds Trial Application

    I know few people as Profesional as Garrond he is a good guy
  15. wrenik

    The Frostbeard Clan

    Minecraft Name: Alfredasl Roleplay Name: Alfrik "Forgetfull" Frostbeard Roleplay Age: 574 Winters Old Timezone: +1 Role within the Frostbeards: Alfrik doesn't remember who his father was, no one alive does either... Teamspeak/Skype: Alfredasi (you guys already got me ;) ) About Alfrik: Alfrik Use to be a Housekeeper for the Frostbeard clan but disappeared around 430 years ago, nobody quite know what happened to him, he just returned out of nowhere senile and white no recollection of anyone or anything, but as the dutiful dwarf he is he has his mind set on returning to his clan to perform his duties taking care of the other Dwarves. Note: if anyone feels like it, you can have Heard about Alfrik, he will not know about you as he is old Senile and forgetful, but your character can have heard about him as he uses to serve the Frostbeards back in the day.