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  1. I am Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard born in Anthos in the year 1438, Son of Renlak Grandaxe and Tulip Frostbeard, daughter of Festelia Frostbeard and Uldiir Frostbeard, who is son of Liam Frostbeard the brother of Gorum Frostbeard. I fathered multiple children but these are the ones of the Frostbeard line; Gilvar Frostbeard, Hackhen Frostbeard, Hurundum 'Ironclad' Frostbeard, Deneryn Frostbeard. Had Gardalf Frostbeard and Barle Frostbeard with Irnabel Frostbeard. I am the Father of Haddi Sharpblade who had Karaad Frostbeard with Azkel Frostbeard.
  2. [!] An advertisement would be posted in the city of Krugmar, it would read: Ologs Wanted! Hefrumm is going to have a festival in dedication of Anbella. In said festival we will have multiple events one of which will be an Olog riding contest. We welcome any orc(s) that is willing to bring their olog friend(s) to participate in the contest. Any olog that participates will get a chestful of food. Any orc that brings an olog friend along will be welcome to participate in the other events, the olog can also participate if he/she wishes. In the riding competition the olog will need to t
  3. [!] Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard saves this poem in his shelf.
  4. The Words of a Halfbreed. as remembered by Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard After my exile from the Frostbeard clan at the hands of Verthaik II Frostbeard due to my role in ending the second Frostbeard rebellion I wandered the lands alone. Few were there who would welcome me from my past life, be there Frostbeard or not. Loneliness is the fertilizer that helps the crops of Khorvad grow. But in these dark times I found a hermit, a half dwarf. He was wise beyond his years, and he told me some things I would never forget. I am sure that if it were not for him the flame of Yemekar wou
  5. A Poem to the wind There lived a Frostbeard back in ancient times, It was a time before our great crimes. In a village on top of the mountains he lived, among his clansmen he thrived. His name lost, but he belonged to those of beard and frost. He was a dwarf who loved and sang, directed toward those who above him overhang. But even among them, there was one for who these words stem. It was to her he sang this song; Goddess of the winds from the far north to the far southern shore What can be said of you that has not been said before Your grea
  6. Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeeard would smile as he reads the poem "a' 'ave missed tha ages when tha Frostbeard poets would gift es weth such fine songs. Thes es truleh marvelous."
  7. Baldin Frostbeard frowns when he reads the letter while he sits on the Hefrumm throneroom "Usin tha good name ef Bjor fer yer political goals...tha es shameful. En yer letter ye try to seem caring givin Hefrumm 'fair' options. Truth es whot es right fer 'efrumm es whotever they decide. They do net need anyone giving them the options, they know tha law and tha procedure they would need tu use to change et ef needs be. Tha policies ye propose ar jest tha, proposals. They will still need to be voted en by tha council, which means tha et es irrelevant ef ye become king er net. 'efrumm es net a pla
  8. IGN: mateolog RP Name: Baldin Frostbeard CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  9. Mao Blackroot smiles as he reads the agenda "A' like tha 'e es transparent about 'es plans fer 'efrumm."
  10. RP Name: Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard Candidate: Norli Starbreaker, Durorn Ireheart Question: If you are elected as Grand King, what would you want your reign to be remembered for? RP Name: Mao Blackroot Candidate: Norli Starbreaker, Durorn Ireheart Question: What steps will you take to ensure the protection of Hefrumm's ways?
  11. Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard reads the agenda "When a' wes 'igh Preceptor a' tried to teach tha when one es en tha Kirkja Dverga one should abandon the political and embrace a faith untainted by personal gain. Et saddens mi tha ye choose thes path, as tha path tu ensure tha uniteh ef tha dwed es and always will be tha faith. A' kno ye run weth good intentions, bat tha fact ye ar running at all shows me tha a' 'ave failed tu teach ye properleh"
  12. The Tale of Abba Stonebeard Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard This is the tale of a spirit. A folk tale some could say. This is the tale of Abba Stonebeard. Abba fathered many children and he loved them dearly. He was devoted to his family and to Belka and Anbella the Brathmordakin that blessed him with such a large family. As he grew he taught his children what he was taught in his life and what he learned from experience. The large family of Abba was dangerous and the Ironborn felt threatened by him. They persuaded one of his sons to kill him. Abba did not have the chance to turn
  13. The Rollingstone Interviews: Bhodi Cottonwood, interviewed by Baldin Frostbeard. When asked he describes himself as a friendly forest dwarf, skilled hunter, who liked to have a good time, today we will ask Bodhi Chief of the Cottonwood some questions for journalistic purposes. Baldin Bodhi Chief, as a forest dwed what is your goal in life? My goal in life is to make sure my kin are safe and live long enough so I can share my knowledge of hunting so they can pass down how to be safe. How long have you been a hunter? How compat
  14. [!] a plain leather bound book, its cover simple and unexceptional. If one were to open the book they would be able to smell the aroma of a temperate forest, and cactus green coming from the pages. Animal Guides, Understanding Hefrumm vol.I Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard In my time living among and marrying a hefrumm I have witnessed first hand their traditions and ways. On one hand it has shown to be alien in some aspects, to a agnarumm like myself. On the other hand, hefrumm like agnarumm have shown to be able to look at our world and look beyond to develop a deeper
  15. MC Name: mateolog RP Name: Mao Blackroot Discord: mateolog#1400 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): Europe
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