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  1. Karl Ironside looks at the paper and instantly fills it out “Fer tha gloreh ef tha Brathmordakin...” ♢ In-Game name: mateolog ♢ Discord name: mateolog|ᛗᚨᛏᛖᛟᛚᛟᚷ#1400 ♢ Rp name: Karl Irosnide ♢ Rp skills or professions: Carpenter, leather-worker, Stonecrafter, Runemaker.
  2. Hilda the Thief of Grimdugan - Karl Ironside Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, riding through the glen Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, with her band of thieves Feared by the bad, loved by the good Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood She called the greatest archers to a tavern on the green They vowed to help the people of the Braths and the king They handled all the troubles on Urguan’s country scene And still found plenty of time to sing; Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, riding through the glen Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, with her band of thieves Feared by the bad, loved by the good Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood She came to Anbella’s Forest with an obsidian dagger on her side A fighter always ready for a fight Her bow was always ready, and she kept his arrows sharp. She used them to fight for what was right. Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, riding through the glen Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, with her band of thieves Feared by the bad, loved by the good Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood, Hilda Cottonwood With Fryr Ireheart and Loksu Silvervein they had a roguish look, They did the deed the others wouldn't dare. She captured all the money that the evil Kings took, And returned Grimdugan’s treasure to Urguan’s mountains. Based on Carl Sigman’s Robin Hood song. [!] Hilda ‘Oakbow’ Cottonwood – ᚺᛁᛚᛞᚨ 'ᛟᚨᚴᛒᛟᚹ' ᚲᛟᛏᛏᛟᚾᚹᛟᛟᛞ
  3. [!] Karl Ironside prepares a pyre for the heretic.
  4. Scroll of the Runes of Punishment Runes tend to be used for devotion to the Brathmordakin, tattooing or painting holy words and names into one’s own skin. However, branding a rune into one skin while if by oneself can be seen as an act of devotion, one that is branded with a rune of Punishment is branded as the name suggests; to punish them for their actions against the dwarven race and the Brathmordakin. There are three types of Punishment Runes: Runes of Disgrace, Runes of Death, and Runes of Redemption. Runes of disgrace are meant to warn individuals of what kind of individual the one branded is and so they know to keep away from them. Runes of Death signal that the dwarf that bears that brand is not a true dwarf and his death would not be seen as a sin in the eyes of Yemekar. Runes of Redemption are runes that overshadow any other Punishment Rune while the individual is on his/her path to redemption. Punishment Runes cannot be inherited with the exception of the heretic rune. If the leader of the clergy finds out that a particular clan has made the worship of khorvad a normal phenomenon in the clan, then the he/she can declare that said clan is heretical and brand its members spiritually. The most well known case of this would be the Ironborn. Runes of Disgrace: -Rune of Shame- When a Dwarf shames an institution he/she is a part of (be it clan/kingdom/guild) he can be punished by being branded with the rune of shame. This would be placed on a dwarf for acts that are usually looked down upon; Shaving a beard, dishonoring a dead body, insulting an important individual, etc. People that have this rune on their skin are meant to be shamed but killing them is still the same as killing another dwarf. This rune is usually used alongside other Runes of Punishment. When a dwarf dishonors himself upon another clan the clan father of said clan can request the clan father of the individual to be branded with the rune of the wronged clan. This practice can also affect Clan Fathers if the King feels like the punishment is acceptable. An example of this happening is with Kerwyr Frostbeard. -Thief Rune- Stealing from a fellow dwarf is one of the worst sins in dwarven culture. For this reason one that steals is usually branded on their forehead to make it harder for them to steal from their fellow dwarves. This rune tends to be used alongside the rune of shame and/or the Rune of Exile and other Disgrace Runes. To brand someone with this rune you need the approval of the Grand Marshal, the King, or the High Preceptor. These Runes can also be branded on those that practice holy dwarven magics without being dwarves. Any dwarf can brand a non-dwarf that practices dwarven magic. Non-Dwarves with this brand are meant to be disposed of for the sake of protecting dwarven culture and legacy from the other races. -Mixbreeder Rune- Diluting the bloodline of Urguan is looked down on by the large majority of dwarven society. Because of this individuals that have relations with non-dwarves are branded with this rune. Despite still being protected as dwarves this rune serves the purpose of exposing the shame and secrets of those that have partaken in this sin of the flesh. Children of those with this rune do not suffer from this if they choose to follow dwarven culture and incorporate themselves into it as much as they can. If one refuses to do that they can be branded with the rune of exile. Branding someone with this rune requires the approval of the King, the leader of the clergy, or the permission of the clan father of the individual. -Rune of Exile- The Rune of exile is given to those banned from dwarven lands. This means that the individual has acted in such a way that his/her presence in dwarven society is unwelcomed but does not warrant the death of the individual. A bearer of this rune will always be escorted out of dwarven lands and not killed, unless he/she posses a threat to the lives of their fellow dwarves. Branding someone with this rune requires the approval of the King. Death Runes: -Kinslayer Rune- The Kinslayer rune is the brand imposed on kinslayers so that their shame is known and so they cannot hide from the rage of their kin and the Brathmordakin. One that has been branded with the kinslayer brand is not considered a dwarf in the theological sense. Dwarves are the race chosen to keep Yemekar’s balance by killing a fellow dwarf a kinslayer renounces his/her holy propuse and loses all right to claim to be a dwarf. Branding someone with this rune requires the approval of the King and/or the leader of the Clergy. -Rune of Heresy- The Rune of Heresy is given to those that worship Khorvad and/or practice the dark magics of the world. Those that bear this Rune are to be slayed in sight and their body burned so that they cannot taint the land if they return as an undead. This Rune is the only Rune of Punishment that can be passed on to other relatives of the individual if they all share the same clan and said clan is basis on the worship of Khorvad or in the practice of the dark arts. To brand someone with this rune one would need the permission of the Leader of the Clergy. Redemption Runes: -Slayer’s Rune- Out of the Runes of Punishment the Slayer Rune is the only one with positive connotations. The slayer Rune is Branded on those that decide to become slayers and repent for their sinful and dishonorable pasts. The Rune of the Slayers cancels out any other Rune that the dwarf might have branded on himself and hence protected from those other dwarves that might want to kill the individual. Creating a fake brand of this rune or ignoring the oath made under it is a death sentence for the individual who bears it.
  5. Karl Ironside is confused "mi fatha neva claimed tu be authorised by Yemekar whot es thes lad saying..."
  6. [!] Baldin stands on the shore of Athera, the boats of the descendants now out of sight as they have departed in their voyage back home. Baldin smiles as he sheds a single tear which flows down his long beard and into the sand of the beach. In his hand he holds a pigeon with a message that reads: “It has been over 224 years since the death of my dear Talia, yet the love for my first wife has never died. I wish to remain with her in Athera and take care of her grave and those of my fellow fallen comrades. The thought of leaving their bodies at the hands of Khorvad is something I cannot bear. This might not be the last time we see each other, however the possibility of my return to the land of the descendants seems slim. It is clear that my time has come and my presence and knowledge is no longer required in Urguan, it is time for the younger dwarves to step up as they have been doing ever since the fall of Kaz’Ulrah. I bear no anger to any of my fellow dwarves and I wish good fortune on all of you. I give all my possessions to my sons Karl and Merril, the only ones I know the location of. It is my wish that my ferret Skippy will be given to my grandson Gimli. May Yemekar bless you with good leadership, may Anbella keep our kin honest and our children happy, may Dungrimm give you valor in battle and never let you allow your honor to waver, may Belka always allow you to find your way home, may Ogradhad grant you wisdom in the times where others would opt for violence, may Armakak bless the dwarven economy with prosperity, and may Grimdugan keep our mines rich and filled with ores. This goodbye might be painful, however, it is not the end. Deep inside my heart I know, we will meet again my beloved kin.” Baldin then releases the pigeon and basks in the silence of the once again empty Athera. He then stands and puts on his cloak “Time tu get tu work…”.
  7. [!] Karl Ironside wonders what kind of Champion of Urguan would give up the fight against Ulrah and then just return once Urguan is re-established by actual individuals that did not give up. “Aight.” says Karl as he returns to grow his tomatoes.
  8. mateolog

    Portrait Shop

    I am making portraits for character for those folks that are interested. The cost of the portraits is based on the difficulty of making them. Upvote if you are satisfied with your purchase. Cost: Animal races: 1000 Mina Orcs: 700 Mina Humans, elves, and halflings: 600 Mina Dwarves: 500 mina Contact: mateolog#1400 Examples: SaviourMeme’s delivered portrait. HolyBejebus’ delivered portrait Ramon’s delivered portrait
  9. ᛝ The Legend of Bjor and the Great Boar of Atlas ᛝ On one of Bjor’s many travels he encountered a village of human farmers. They were poor and their livelihood relied entirely on their harvest. They begged the mighty dwarf to help them slay great boar that had been destroying their crops and leaving them hungry. Without hesitation Bjor agreed to help the farmer, as his kind heart and generosity did not allow him to deny their request. It was not until he saw their farms that Bjor grew skeptical, the land they used to grow crops was land taken from the forest. Bjor was displeased but he understood that he could not allow these people to be hungry. When he entered the forest to face against the boar Bjor realized it was no ordinary creature. The boar was the size of a bear with tusk as big as his arms. Without fear Bjor wrestled the Boar. Minutes turned to hours, and hours turned to days, eventually Bjor was able to immobilize the creature and tie its legs. He took a stoke from the grown and was ready to smash the Boar’s skull when suddenly he felt the forest where he had been battling the boar all this time. He could hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the leaves, it was beautiful, a treasure of Anbella. It was then he understood. Boar was the wrath of Anbella, sending the creature to punish those that have wronged her and the natural world that Yemekar gave to her as her domain. It was only when Bjor understood this that he liberated the beast he had captured. The Boar and Bjor sat together and meditated next to a poplar tree. They sat there for days until Bjor saw the will of Anbella through the eyes of the creature. Blessed Bjor left and taught the farmers how to grow their crops without angering the hearth mother. From that day onwards the boar was never seen again, however, it is said that in times of crisis for the Cottonwoods the boar will once again appear to give council and guide the descendants of Bjor. Paragon Bjor is a symbol of oness with nature and the descendants. Do not let yourself be swallowed by the moment and let the surroundings feel your soul. Only then will you be able to truly see the world that has been gifted to you. [!] ᛝ Paragon Bjor Cottonwood wrestling the Great Boar of Atlas
  10. ((Norkai, Throri, and Edel where the only ones voting *cough cough*)) ((no mention of Edel’s death? 😞 ))
  11. “a’ read ennough...Now get tha feck out ef mi ‘ome ye creep.” Baldin waves at Norli to leave his room.
  12. [!] Baldin reads through the writtings, when he sees Norli has not understood the reason why the thesis are a thing he tosses the reading into the fire place. “Why must ye be so blind lad...”
  13. -={=+=}=- The Wronged: Baldin Ironside, Clan Father of the Ironside Clan he Assailant: Norli Starbreaker The Wrong: Calling Baldin Ironside a liar and forcing Baldin to take an oath through the presence of armed individuals Terms of Settlement: An apology for his actions and/or the reformation of the clergy by removing the rank of High Preceptor and creating a council, in addition to declaring the oath to be illegitimate and invalid -={=+=}=-
  14. mateolog

    The 30 Theses

    [!]A large piece of paper is nailed to the entrance of the Temple of the Capital of Urguan, the Introduction has been removed from the thesis. Though claiming to be a religious leader that wants to understand the meanings behind the religion of the dwarves, the High Preceptor has imposed during his leadership a number of dogmas that stop any argument that he does not agree with for personal reasons. He has also removed all Preceptors but his fellow clan member; the wise Kazrin Starbreaker. This removal of all representation of Mountain and forest dwarves decent has put the clergy at risk of becoming a dogmatic institution of Cave Dwarf ideals and beliefs. As of late the High Preceptor Norli has shown a lack of understanding of the faith and a weak sense of leadership. Out of love for the Brathmordakin, the truth, and from desire to elucidate it; I Baldin Ironside former High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga make the following statements. Charged as we are by Yemekar. The Brathmordakin are divine and above all others and Yemekar the maker is above them. Yemekar told Urguan to create the Dwarven Clergy to allow all the dwarves to follow a code of ethics and routine that would allow them to reach Khaz'A'Dentrumm and be bidded on by the Brathmordakin. Khaz'A'Dentrumm is located on the moon and Dungrimm is its Lord. The Beard is a holy gift from Yemekar and shaving it or damaging it is heresy. Cutting the beard of an individual is heresy. Killing a heretic is not heresy. The Dwarven race is the holy race created and chosen by Yemekar, killing another dwarf with intent and not out of self defense is heresy. The Dwarven race has been chosen by Yemekar to fulfill Yemekar’s Balance denying such truth is heresy. The dwarven race has had many religious leaders and Paragons, destroying their legacy is heresy. The Dwarven race has been gifted the art of Golemancy by the Brathmordakin. The Dwarven race has been gifted the art of Runesmithing by the Brathmordakin. The Dwarven race has been gifted the art of divination by the Brathmordakin, and all dwarves are able to use it. The Brathmordakin allowed the clergy to have a leader so he/she could balance the religious beliefs and cultures of the different subraces, ignoring this and allowing only the supremacy of one is heretical. The faith depends on knowledge and the correct practice of prayer, ritual, and sacrifice, not on dogma established by the leader of the clergy. That the leader of the clergy tries to centralise the leadership of the clergy into their own clan should be an issue to all dwarves. That the leader of the clergy attempts to impose dogma upon the dwarves is heresy. The faith is a source of social order that unites different clans with different cultures. The Brathmordakin have the ability to manifest themselves in the physical world and take different forms. The Brathmordakin are able to bless individuals. Khorvad is the fallen Brathmordakin claiming he does not exist and/or that he is not something the dwarven race should fight against is heresy. The King or Queen of the Dwarves has been elected democratically by the dwarven race and hence has been chosen by Yemekar to rule as the combined will of the dwarves is surely also the will of the Brathmordakin. The spouse of the King or Queen of the Dwarves has no authority to rule, unless it is as Regent because of the absence of the spouse. No individual dwarf can know without doubt the will of the Brathmordakin even if he/she is the leader of the clergy or any other organization. That the leadership of the clergy attempts to act as a king is blasphemy against Yemekar and an insult to the position. Anbella and Belka communicate through nature with the forest dwarves, assuming this is false or heresy is heresy onto itself as it ignores the culture and tradition of the forest folk. Ignoring the fact that Dungrimm and Grimdugan have blessed the mountain dwarves with prowess in battle and thirst for glory and gold in war is blasphemy and an insult to all those that fought for the dwarven race. Ongradhad and Armakak have blessed the cave dwarves with a keen mind for trade and scholarship, assuming this is false is blasphemy and an insult to the most respected scholars of the dwarven race Dwarf Druids worship the aspect of Anbella, believing this is false is heresy towards Anbella and blasphemy against our paragons. All clans should be allowed to deal with their dead as their customs dictate, trying to stop them from doing so is a n act of heresy. Interrupting the funeral of a dwarf for petty rivalries is blasphemy. These Thesis serve as the standard for what the clergy should be under the teachings of; High Preceptor Baldin, and High Prophet Aldal Ireheart.
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