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  1. Khazaefron eldest of the Blackroots and dwarf epiphytes frowns at the loss of life but is aware of the Norlandic opposition to the Balance of Nature, and hence as a child of Anbella he accepts their doomed fates "Dwed as tha bringers ef balance will iron out tha flawed and cursed systems tha bring disorder to Yemekar's creation. May tha fallen rest en peace." said the Seer and Prophet of Anbella.
  2. The Epiphytes of the Green Collective History The Epiphytes of the Green Collective where the founders of the order in Hefrumm. In 1742 of the First Age the Folk Council of Hefrumm created the Green Collective pushed by the Epihytes of Hefrumm and other Fae related beings that were living in the village. From the start the epiphytes led the organization as they were seen by the community of Hefrumm as dwarves that were chosen by Anbella to be part of her natural realm. Through the years the epiphytes of the Green Collective grew and prospered, creating families, achieving political ranks in the village, and becoming leaders of dwed. The creation of the Green Collective enabled the legal recognition of epiphytes as dwarves in the lands of Hefrumm, something that years later would lead the wider Urguan to also declate Epiphytes born as dwarves to be dwarves. During the war against the Inferi the first dwarves to lend their assistance in the fight against the Khorvadic spawn were the epiphytes of the Green Collective, despite the Inferi flames being more of a danger to them than any other descendant. While the Green Collective has never shied away from battle the way of Anbella teaches them to seek a diplomatic bloodless resolution and only wage battle if diplomacy has failed. Because of their association with Anbella and the fact that some epiphytes are among the oldests members of Hefrumm they tend to serve as keepers of knowledge and culture, with those that do so becoming Seers of Hefrumm. After the Green Collective the Seers of Hefrumm is the order of the forest dwarves with the most epiphyte members. On the opposite side outside the forest dwarf lands there are a couple groups which declare strongly their opposition to epiphytes, with their members believing a variety of things that trigger their hatred for epiphytes, especially epiphyte dwarves. Despite these challenges epiphytes of the Green Collective have been able to reach positions of prevalence even in Urguan, with the Prophet of Belka and Anbella having been an epiphyte, and the daughter of Grand King Garedyn the Emerald also being one. [!] Depiction of Maggie Cottonwood, former Chief of the Cottonwood Clan. Culture Dwarvenhood and Epiphytehood The Dual identity of being dwarves and epiphytes brings honor to members of the Green Collective. Being a dwarf is already generally considered by the dwarven race as being the chosen people by Yemekar to keep his balance, which is an honor that all dwarves value greatly. At the same time being an epiphyte that believes in the Brathmordakin gives the foresters the sense that they have been chosen by Anbella to become epiphytes and hear her call in the call of nature. [!] Depiction of a dworc epiphyte. Caretakers The Green Collective views itself as the protector of the natural balance of Anbella, which is the organization's objective at all times. Because of this, the matter of politics does not matter unless it is to achieve said aim. Wards Foresters have a close connection to all beings of nature, they share fraternal care for other epiphytes as well, even if they do not believe in the Brathmordakin. These epiphytes are viewed as beings that need to be taken care of as they are often unable to perceive Anbella in the call of nature. Wards that are able to hear Anbella in the call of nature and generally worship the Brathmordakin and seek to help the dwarves attain Anbella’s and Yemekar’s Balance are considered members of the Green Collective. [!] Depiction of Fae creatures Cultural Mixingpott Due to it being composed entirely of epiphytes the Green Collective cannot reproduce more members through the matting of their members. Instead, the Organization relies on epiphytes, especially dwarves joining. This results in the accumulation of cultures from various clans. Cultural diversity is not seen as something wrong, rather it serves to reflect the wider nature and Hefrumm itself which like the Green Collective envelops multiple cultures united through a uniting characteristic and belief. Religion Epiphytes of the Green Collective are dwarves and pious ones at that. The order like any other order of dwarves follows the dwarven Brathmordakin and the moral codes of each of the Brathmordakin depending on their trade. Due to most members of the Green Collective being forest dwarves the style of faith of the forest dwarves is prevalent in the way the members of the Green Collective practice the faith, focusing mainly on traditional forest dwarf rituals as seen in Hefrumm. Like all dwarves of Hefrumm the Green Collective members have a close connection to the seers, members of the community that serve as advisors and teachers on matters that relate to culture, history, and religion. [!] Depiction of High Chief Karl Blackroot doing a Seer ritual. Yemekar’s Balance Yemekar’s Balance is an important concept for the dwarves. It is in a very real way the essence of their existence, this applies to all organizations created by dwarves like the Green Collective. According to the dwarves it is their duty to achieve and protect Yemekar’s Balance. This means that it is the duty of the dwarves to ensure that creation remains in order in accordance to the will of Yemekar by following the teachings of the other Brathmordakin to be able to achieve the broader balance. Anbella’s Balance Apart from Yemekar’s Balance another important concept to the Green Collective is Anbella’s Balance. Anbella’s Balance is highly important to the forest dwarves and it is seen as an essential section to be able to achieve the broader Yemekar’s Balance. Anbella’s Balance stands for the balance of nature in accordance to Anbella’s teachings and hence in accordance with Yemekar’s will for creation. Chosen of Anbella It is a common belief in the Green Collective and in the larger forest dwarf culture that those dwarves that become epiphytes have made a pact with Anbella where they serve her and dedicate their soul to her. In this process Anbella claims the soul of the dwarf and takes it to her realm directly after the death of the dwarf, ensuring the dwarf that in the after life they will go to Anbella’s realm and not any other Brathmordakin. Epiphytes also hear the call of nature, something that epiphyte dwarves of the Green Collective interpret as Anbella’s call. Because of their belief of dwarves being chosen by Yemekar to keep the balance they view their interpretation of the call as correct interpreting any Fae related thing as somehow being subjugate to Anbella’s will. This perception of the Fae has allowed multiple dwarves of the Green Collective to become druids, and to befriend elves and other groups that revere the Fae. [!] Depiction of epiphytes of the Green Collective. Ranks and Organization Wanderer Dwarven epiphytes that do not play a formal role in the Green Collective are classed as wanderers, due to their position as dwarves and citizens of Hefrumm and/or Urguan they receive full protection, representation, and vote from the Green Collective. Pupil A pupil is an Epiphyte that has decided to learn the teachings of the Green Collective, this includes the teachings of the Brathmordakin, the role of the Epiphytes in Yemekar’s work, and the protection of the Balance of Anbella. Mentor Mentors are those that have learned the teachings of the collective and are able to pass on the knowledge to new generations. Mentors have the ability to vote and run to become Chosen. Chosen The Chosen is the elected representative of the Green Collective, they represent the collective in official meetings with other groups and institutions. [!] Depiction of a Wanderer Epiphyte. “Ranks” outside the organization Outlander Epiphytes Members of other epiphyte communities are considered outlanders. These epiphytes are granted the support and council of the Green Collective as despite not working for the goals of the Green Collective their goals do not go against the Green Collective’s own. Wild Epiphytes Wild epiphytes are those epiphytes that do not believe in the Brathmordakin and do not belong to any epiphyte community. These lone epiphytes are protected by the Green Collective as they can be educated to serve a neutral or positive role in Anbella’s balance by stopping them from becoming feral. Feral Epiphytes Feral epiphytes are those that broke away from Anbella’s Balance and serve a Khorvadic corruption of it. The most wellknown examples of feral epiphytes are those that serve the september prince. [!] Depiction of a Feral Epiphyte. Previous posts of the Green Collective The Green Collective Act : https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196376-the-green-collective-act/ The Green Collective: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204297-the-green-collective/ [Interested in becoming an epiphyte? Interested in joining the Green Collective? Message me in discord at: mateolog. You can also try to join the Hefrumm discord if you are interested in joining the community: https://discord.gg/tZyec7JTU ]
  3. contact me on discord if u need help getting set up with  the dwarven community here is my discord: mateolog


  4. "one that admits to kinslaying and then flees from punishment er possibilities ef repentance es ney dwed at all, tha covenant between this goldhand and Yemekar 'as been broken." Say Khazaefron while chilling in hefrumm.
  5. Hefrumm, The Green Wave of Progress ᚈᚆᚓ ᚌᚏᚓᚓᚅ ᚒᚒᚐᚃᚓ ᚑᚃ ᚚᚏᚑᚌᚏᚓᚄᚄ I write to you to speak of my plans as High Chief of Hefrumm. As most of you know I have seen the birth of Hefrumm from the Cottonwood Village, I was reborn in all the major clans of Hefrumm learning their ways and culture. From High Chief Beorn Cottonwoods' suggestion I created the Blackroots from the Cottonwood clan, for centuries I led the Blackroots into becoming the cultural powerhouse of Hefrumm. The blackroots under my leadership were able to establish the spiritual essence of Hefrumm and protect our uniqueness. As Karl I led as High Chief, inheriting a dead village from the Emberhorns who had abandoned us. In those dark times, I established all the institutions of Hefrumm that have kept us safe even in our darkest moments; the folk's council, the chiefs council, the constitution of Hefrumm, the Green Collective that protects Epiphytes in Hefrumm, and the tribal courts of Hefrumm. This is what Karl Blackroot brought you. But now we are not just Karl, we are all the births and experiences we have lived through after him, Mao, Asketil, and now us Kazaefron, the amalgamation of us all. Kazaefron the Kazad haefron, the dwarf tree. And as Kazaefron I promise an age of prosperity for all the clans of Hefrumm and all the common folk of our lands, through the enactment of my plans for this village. Hefrumm, the Seers, and the Clergy ᚔᚏᚓᚂᚐᚅᚇᚆᚓᚃᚏᚒᚋᚋ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚄᚓᚓᚏᚄ ᚐᚅᚇ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚉᚂᚓᚏᚌᚔ The Reforged and Anbella’s Bears ᚈᚆᚓ ᚏᚓᚃᚑᚏᚌᚓᚇ ᚐᚅᚇ ᚐᚅᚁᚓᚂᚂᚐ ᚁᚓᚐᚏᚄ I seek to expand the role of Anbella’s Bears so they can be able to cooperate with the Reforged Order so that the laws of the dwed and brathmordakin can be balanced and obeyed in dwed lands. For this task, I seek to advocate for the Folk’s Council to have the current Chief of the Blackroots take the lead of the order and cooperate in this endeavor. Da Kirkja Dverga and the Seers ᚇᚐ ᚊᚔᚏᚊᚌᚐ ᚇᚃᚓᚏᚌᚐ ᚐᚅᚇ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚄᚓᚓᚏᚄ I also aim to continue strengthening the ties between Da Kirkja Dverga and the seers of Hefrumm. Always bidding for the spiritual education of our people. By continuing to foment our seer teachings the chair of Hefrumm in the council of the covenant, where the most important religious decisions are taken, will be open for us. Internal matters of Hefrumm ᚔᚅᚈᚓᚏᚅᚐᚂ ᚋᚐᚈᚈᚓᚏᚄ ᚑᚃ ᚆᚓᚃᚏᚒᚋᚋ As High Chief I expect the Folk’s Council to be the place where the most important decisions of our people are taken. After all this council is the heart of Hefrumm where all forest dwarves have a voice. I list here the plans I have as High Chief, which I expect the Folk’s Council’s support, insight, and critical perspective, for a better Hefrumm. Expansion of Hefrumm ᚓᚎᚚᚐᚅᚄᚔᚑᚅ ᚑᚃ ᚆᚓᚃᚏᚒᚋᚋ This is the smallest village our people have ever been in. This brings up the fear that there will not be enough space in the future to house all our people. For this reason, I will push for the building of new homes, and where possible expansion of our lands so that all peoples of Hefrumm can have a proper place to live in accordance with their forest dwarf culture. A Renewal of the Constitution ᚐ ᚁᚓᚈᚈᚓᚏ ᚄᚈᚏᚑᚅᚌᚓᚏ ᚉᚑᚅᚄᚈᚔᚈᚒᚈᚔᚑᚅ Continue to be the vanguard in rights on dwarven lands. For such, I plan to start working on a new constitution of Hefrumm that can better reflect the times and make the lives of the forest dwarves better. As well as establishing laws that have been passed and placing them in the constitution to enable the protections given by the law to be set in stone, like epiphyte rights and the Hefrumm bank. As the Father of our current constitution, I can promise you I am up to the task. Revitalizing the Chiefs’ Council ᚏᚓᚃᚔᚈᚐᚂᚔᚎᚔᚅᚌ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚉᚆᚔᚓᚃᚄ ᚉᚑᚒᚅᚉᚔᚂ During the rule of Garedyn the Green the Chiefs’ Council has been a shadow of what it once was. This was due to the clans of Hefrumm themselves being reduced to just the Blackroots and the Mossborn, and with the Chief of the Mossborn also being the High Chief the Chiefs’ Council was composed of two dwed. This worked, but it is not optimal for Hefrumm’s clans and their stability. To restore the Chiefs’ Council, the body of Hefrumm that deals with policy in all external matters pertaining to Hefrumm I seek to restore the clans of Hefrumm to their former glory, blackroots, cottonwoods, and Mossborn. For this I will be pushing for a new set of leaders in Hefrumm to take over the roles of chiefs. I expect Orsola Cottonwood Frostbeard, Tuzic Mossborn, and Renlak Blackroot to be excellent choices to be the new generation of chiefs. I believe this so strongly that the Blackroots already accepted this option and voted to make Renlak the new chief of the Blackroots. I am aware these clans have their election processes, but consider this a heavy endorsement, as I see them as the best Hefrumm can have in these key positions for the wellbeing of our village. When it comes to the cottonwoods I believe that Orsola has what it takes to lead, great passion, and determination, as well as being the embodiment of cottonwood. Her reaching chiefhood will allow the historic rift between the Frostbeards and the Cottonwoods to heal, which I believe will help bring new life to the clan. The Rings of Hefrumm ᚈᚆᚓ ᚏᚔᚅᚌᚄ ᚑᚃ ᚆᚓᚃᚏᚒᚋᚋ It is my belief that the weakness of our Rings system is linked to the lack of activity in clans. Because of this, I believe that reinvigorating the clans with strong new blood will have a knock-on effect that will bring the rings back into active duty, allowing for Hefrumm’s resources to continue to serve our collective needs. I will also try to propose to the Folks council a plan of taxes linked to the Rings, so that the Rings themselves can pay for their workers, with those that do not fulfill a minimum quota having to pay their taxes themselves. Expanding Hefrumm's Sphere of Influence ᚓᚎᚚᚐᚅᚇᚔᚅᚌ ᚆᚓᚃᚏᚒᚋᚋ ᚄᚚᚆᚓᚏᚓ ᚑᚃ ᚔᚅᚃᚂᚒᚓᚅᚉᚓ With a reinvigorated Chiefs’ Council, we can expect a more vibrant external policy than the one we have had in the past years, one with more ideas coming from a variety of clans. For the time being, I have two plans that pertain to the Chiefs’ Council. Academic Center for Nature ᚐᚉᚐᚇᚓᚋᚔᚉ ᚉᚓᚅᚈᚓᚏ ᚃᚑᚏ ᚅᚐᚈᚒᚏᚓ Hefrumm came a long way from the Cottonwood Village, where most dwed there could not read or write to becoming an academic powerhouse in its own right. However, despite our library, and our great intellectuals, we still lack institutions for them to work in. For this reason, I seek to establish a center of biological research to discover and record the living beings in this new continent. ((This institution is to create fauna to be added to Hefrumm rp to enrich it. Because of its nature, inactive people on LOTC can join it as most of its work is writing and conceptualizing.)) Transnational Forest Folk Association ᚈᚏᚐᚅᚄᚅᚐᚈᚔᚑᚅᚐᚂ ᚃᚑᚏᚓᚄᚈ ᚃᚑᚂᚊ ᚐᚄᚄᚑᚉᚔᚐᚈᚔᚑᚅ For centuries we have kept contact, friendships, and allies among many of the forest folk of the mortal planes. Epipiphytes, Khas, halflings, forest elves, etc, all these communities have resided, helped, or cooperated with Hefrumm in the past in trade and at times in a battle. This cooperation was due to the ethics of these groups being founded to a bigger or lesser extent in the ideals given to us by Anbella, and what we at Hefrumm consider the Balance of Nature. By forming a Transnational Forest Folk Association we will be able to ensure Anbella’s Balance beyond Hefrumm’s borders fulfilling our primary objective as forest dwarves. Signed, Kazaefron, Keeper of the Constitution of Hefrumm, Chosen of the Green Collective, Elder Seer of Hefrumm, Elder of the Blackroot Clan, and Prophet of Belka.
  6. Chief khazaefron, leader of the Green Collective of Hefrumm, and eldest of the dwarven epiphytes reads the letter sending one of his own back in response. "We are glad that non-dwarves have decided to push for epiphyte rights. We in Hefrumm support your efforts. For centuries our epiphytes have lived in peace under the laws and protection of Hefrumm, being a complete part of our folk and some of us even becoming leaders in the form of spiritual guides, chiefs, and even High Chief. We welcome cooperation among our organizations, however, the green collective is a part of Hefrumm and will not be subject to foreign decrees, neither will our epiphytes. We hope to hear from you, feel free to visit Hefrumm at any time. - Khazaefron, chief of the Blackroots, seer of Hefrumm, Keeper of Hefrumm, and Prophet of Belka."
  7. The Elder Epiphyte of Hefrumm celebrates with the trees the day that the first forest dwarf grand king is crowned, maybe he could teach their individualistic brothers and sisters the path of Gloin for a better future for Urguan.
  8. Former High Preceptor and current Patriarch of the Frostbeard Agnarumm Vikti vouches for the religious achievements of Garedyn the Green "Tha lad es tha leadership we need fer these times."
  9. Beerserkers are zealots of Belka that have dedicated their lives to the worship of this Brathmordakin. Mainly Beerserkers dedicate themselves to the aspects of Belka connected to tavern life, drinking, singing, and brawling. Belka's Bath - Becoming a beerserker To become a beerserker a dwarf has to go through the ritual of Belka's bath. This is a sort of purification ritual where a dwarf is placed in a tub of alcohol or liquor. While the dwarf bathes the liquor is heated causing the fumes to intoxicate the bathing dwarf. The point of this ritual is to cleanse the dwarf of any emotional states that could be manipulated by Khorvad. By doing so the dwarf is distilled from any impurities like the alcohol that they bathed in. After the ritual, the dwarves can choose to keep the flavored liquor from the bath to do with it as they, please. This purified liquor like the dwarf themself is considered blessed by Belka through this ritual. The ritual is expected to be done with a religious figure, be them from Da Kirkja Dverga, the Agnarumm Vikti, the Seers of Hefrumm, or any other members of religious groups whose spiritual authority is held up by the Covenant of the Faith. Belka's Kiss - Consumption of the spirit of Belka The Spirit of Belka is a highly distilled beverage that is made especially for Beerserkers. While it would kill any other descendants or leave them completely discapacitated in the case of uruks or ologs, a dwarf who consumes the beverage would be completely free of mental inhibition. The full liberation of a dwarf from their senses would enable them to be purely guided by their emotions and passions. The Beerserker state The Beerserker state is the state of being completely intoxicated, to such an extent that a dwarf is only guided by their emotions. Institutional loyalties of a Beerserker Beerserkers do not abide by any sort of code but the one dictated by their emotions and base desires. This means that while a Beerserker can have loyalties as an individual their reason for them is purely based on emotional connection when they are in a Beerserker state. Despite this, the Beerserker is in love with Belka and everything the Brathmordakin symbolizes, something that transcends the drunkenness. Other Beerserker abilities Breath of Wyrvun Some Beerserkers can keep with them a fire-breathing kit to show off their skills at social events. The fuel used by Beerserker is ethanol or some other highly distilled liquor, the use of which in the act causes the user to get intoxicated in the process. Distillation of image When a Beerserker reaches a certain level of intoxication they might end up calling out individuals and their actions. This act is meant to represent the deconstruction of a person's social image in public resulting in a critique or praise. The deconstruction of the individual is meant to be pure unhindered truth coming from the heart of the Beerserker. The act is in line with art and comedy as a means of criticizing the institutions of power and those in them. Beerserker rampage When entering an emotional space of aggression or hyperactivity a Beerserker can rampage when this happens the Beerserker will become violent and due to their high levels of intoxication will not feel most of the blows against them. In their intoxicated state, however, Beerserker are also less agile and balanced than their sober selves. OOC: This post is one of multiple posts I am working on focused on classes for certain rp sectors that involve the social characteristics of the dwarves, and the religious characteristics of dwarven society. You do not need permission from anyone to become a Beerserker, though it would be recommended to get some knowledge of the Brathmordakin by looking at the forums, wikis, or talking to religious figures IRP. Players are free to evolve their Beeserkers how they see fit, adding to the class whatever they seek, and take the RP where they desire.
  10. Hearing the news Chief and Seer Asketil Blackroot would spend his day in Grimdugan's cave altar taking substances to try to receive a sign of Grimdugan and information that could be pertinent to Ursus' return. Jarl Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard would read the news and headed to the dark lands exploring to make sure that Ursus' soul was not lost in the mortal planes.
  11. Patriarch Baldin Frostbear claps in exitement "Ah great step fer tha dwed, tha faith, and all those tha fight Khorvad's taint."
  12. Jarl Baldin 'Ironside' Frostbeard smiles at the news of the discovery "Ah blessing frem Grimdugan's depths. High Prophet Garedyn shows once more excelence at 'is worship ef Yemekar."
  13. Chief Asketil Blackroot tosses the message to the flames at the fireplace of the tavern "Whot exactleh es tha clergeh politicising? we are working to bring toghetha all denominations ef our faith fer all our kin to worship and do their ceremonies en peace, 'ow es tha political? When it comes to tha grudges do ye realleh think that the dwed 'av ney 'onor? tha they will jest ignore a wrong because a goverment official 'as arbitrerleh said tha now tha wrong es non-existant? Ye ignore tha calls to adress underlying issues en our societeh to make tha lives ef our kin bettah, ye back track en evereh decission ye make, except fer tha ones wher ye gain more authoriteh. Cover tha shet all ye want et es still there, and et still will smell like shet. Whot ar tha dwed ef 'efrumm to make ef thes? Ye came groveling to 'efrumm asking fer our votes to make ye king, ye said ye would make changes to improve tha lives ef all. Instead 'efrumm 'as to spend ets resources keeping ye afloat, keeping tha clergeh afloat, do net ferget we 'av our own organizations tha we use and we are lending our assistance out ef chariteh. Then ye 'av tha balls to say we ar politizising shet? go take a nap, ye seem to be so sleepeh ye fail to notice anything en yer kingdom."
  14. Chief Asketil Blackroot shakes his head "Ef Garedyn wes a mountain dwed er a cave dwed thes mattah would ef been different. Ef tha Rhun cult wes lead by forest dwed they would ef been banished fer sure." The Prophet of Belka places the news away and returns to his duties.
  15. Asketil Blackroot smiles at the ancestral traditions of the forest dwarves in practice.
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