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    *Read as a monologue to a dead friend* It’s been many years since those days in Helena. Our lives, deprived, yet unyielding. Eighteen years have passed since I came into this world and not a day goes by that I don’t curse that woman. That whorish drunk, and abusive mother, if you can call her that. *sighs* I was forced to live on my own, but then I found you, having no family either. Never once did we give up, learning to steal to eat; lie to move up; swindle to earn coin. Looking back, I’m sure everyone thought we were monstrous children... However, we were only the consequence of what our upbringing made us. As we entered our teens, we had made quite the name for ourselves. Dual Kings of the Slums! HA! We lined our pockets at the expense of the rich, and boy did we outdo ourselves. How many times were we arrested? Haha! *pauses in remembrance of the good times inside the bad* Do I regret any of it you would always ask? Maybe, but In the end we made our decision. We were not going to let our families define us. I made you a promise that I would become the greatest swordsman in all of Arcus and that is exactly what I will do. I am currently traveling to the Cloud Temple to start on my journey. I intend to make short work of my training there, hopefully completing it in two years. I fear I have a long road ahead of me. Remember me in heaven, Xeroe, for what I must do to achieve our goals, I may not be joining you.
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