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  1. Main document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FBvQYwnsXKY-n-ZLtrsr0OPXMjd68LdDsZFCcEaGctc/edit?usp=sharing Rules Technology progresses at approximately its historical rate, though its employment is limited in most of Africa, and is limited to those nations who employed those technologies historically. Technologies can be bought, sold, or even stolen. However, research or major adaptation of technologies will be limited until the establishment of universities (One research/technology action per turn; may be raised). Populations grow naturally, and migration plays
  2. The Scramble for Africa ---------------------- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FBvQYwnsXKY-n-ZLtrsr0OPXMjd68LdDsZFCcEaGctc/edit Images aren’t embedding for some reason; see theabove link for further details. ---------------------- In late 1879, King Leopold II created and pushed forward the International Association of the Congo, the first major attempt to colonise Africa’s grand interior. Thousands of statesmen from across Europe suddenly cast their eyes onto the vast and unconquered wilderness that lies in the heart of darkness below. Meanwhile, in Egypt, th
  3. Dex

    Klagenfurt RP

    Sewing the harvest for the new year Winter - Spring 1381 In the capital, the regency council was initially slow-going with few issues of any importance being presented, and much anticipation for the assignment of the council’s duties making the wait seem far longer than it ought to be. In the eve of Summer, the Queen-Regent calls council to appoint them their roles as well as to introduce their advisers. Mediator - Queen-Regent Theodora Di Scema Marshal - Duke Jean III Tyzenhaus General to the Marshal - Lord Alberto Brutocci ‘The Bald’ A gruff ma
  4. Accepted! Welcome aboard https://discord.gg/sQGkGjK
  5. Winter, 1381 It is requested that all the nobility of the realm join us in the city of Klagenfurt to pay their respects to the late King Antonio III Di Scema of Klagenfurt, Duke of Cathelia, and to attend the crowning ceremony of his successor, Thomas II Di Scema of Klagenfurt, Duke of Cathelia, and to swear their fealty to him as the King of Klagenfurt. Further, the Dukes of Klagenfurt are expected to remain in Klagenfurt and assume their roles in the regency council under the vision of her majesty the Queen-Regent until the King is of age to rule the realm. Q
  6. Accepted. See the link above.
  7. A little more content please. ? Accepted https://discord.gg/sQGkGjK
  8. Nation Application Discord Name and # [PM if needed]: You have it ? Nation Choice: THE GREAT NATION OF TURKEY Character/Party name: KING CONSTANTINE IMPERIAL Government Have you played a modern nation frp before?: Yes, Constantine will conquer said world Will you be able to post regularly?: Of course.
  9. The four variations as well as one bonus piece. https://imgur.com/a/XyVg9sG
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