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  1. Accepted https://discord.gg/CZemnxE
  2. KLAGENFURT https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bM5RvV0ZGvaSJa_zSWb7TdV6uOsKxEbZjPtbwVvG1b4/edit?usp=sharing See the above link for information. Introduction For the first time in one hundred and thirty years, the King of Klagenfurt has left not only a sole heir, but one that is not of age to rule the kingdom. As the Kingdom follows a strict rule of male inheritance, the late King Antonio III Di Scema has left his court to rule the realm. The Court, consisting of the nine Dukes of the realm, rule in the crown’s name until five year-old Thomas II Di Scema will be fit to rule at the age of six-teen. https://imgur.com/a/6Ex7cD1 Geography Each hexagon represents 45 km² of land. The Kingdom of Klagenfurt is not only a political entity, but also a drainage basin. The two major rivers, the Ancre in the west and river Selle in the east feed down into the sea of Balaton in the centre of the region. The Kingdom is bordered to the north by the Alps, the Kingdom of Styria to the west, and the Kingdom of Maribor to the east. Within the Kingdom lies several distinct regions. To the north-west is the remote and fertile Tiber pass, which leads down into the western urban farming region of Klagenfurt. South of that lies the Durrus, a plains and farming region known to cattle herders and centred around a large hilly forest, known for it’s fine gems. East of the Durrus lies a large resource-rich island, Koper Isle. To the north of Koper isle are the central highlands and the tributaries to the river Selle. These places west of the river Selle are considered to be the more populous and urban. To the east lie the poorer Dutchies in the Kingdom. Largely hilly in the centre, it is bordered to the east by the large forest of Oryol which dominates the lumber and meat trade. Further south lies a flat plain ruled by Dukes known as the, “Marsh Dukes”. Although poor, on average the mineral wealth of the region is considered higher than that of the west. Background Note that the Archbishopric of Klagenfurt and Crown Cities are not in red. The Kingdom of Klagenfurt originates from the Styrian Prince Rupert who conquered the region in 1157. Prince Rupert founded the city of Klagenfurt, declaring it his capital. Since then, the kingdom has grown two-fold in the east under the kings Rupert II, and Antonio I. During the early days of the Kingdom, aristocrats from Styria were invited to rule the land. The impact on the local culture is significant in the fertile west with many adopting Styrian customs, and the Styrian language becoming that of the aristocracy. However, in the eastern highlands, the influence has been minimal as local culture has become more detached from that of the west. In more recent times, a bourgeois class has emerged in the cities after the Great Plague ravaged the country in 1376, only four years ago and still lingers in the heart of the kingdom. The former king, Antonio III Di Scemo died from this disease, along with his five brothers, leaving only his wife and son to his name. Player Information Pink Population 50 000 Couple(20s), up to 2 children Purple Population 110 000 Couple(40s), up to 5 children Blue Population 270 000 Couple(20s), up to 1 child Red/Duchy of Arintar Population 300 000 Couple(20s), up to 4 children Green Population 200 000 Couple(30s), up to 4 children Brown Population 60 000 Couple(20s), up to 3 children Olive Population 85 000 Couple(30s), up to 4 children Dark Purple Population 90 000 Couple(40s), up to 6 children Orange/Duchy of Koper Population 165 000 Couple(20s), up to 1 child Brother(44) Crown Lands (Mod) Population 500 000 King Thomas II Di Scema (5), Queen-Regent Theodora Pathakos (22) Church Lands (Mod) Population 170 000 Pope: Pius II (54) Rules & Guidelines Each turn represents one year. Taxes are collected annually. The Church and Clergy are exempt from taxation. Actions are to be declared on the RP thread Population growth, taxes, action results, etc. are tracked in an annual report. Secret actions should be thoroughly explained in private Most actions will be dependent on die rolls How war works Armies are assembled in cities. Armies may be moved each turn that they are raised. Battles will occur when two armies or navies meet. Sieges will be updated annually. How the Economy Works People work and pay taxes annually The clergy collects tithes Trade is conducted and taxed Trade guilds will protect their members Applications must include the following Your chosen Duchy, its name, background, arms, and history. Describe your capital city and castle or palace. Your Duke’s name and Dynasty. Your Discord account (name#xxxx). Any other information you would like to share. A Holy Roman Emperor The Church and King are not playable. Please refer to earlier posts when creating your history. Applications will close when all Duchies are taken, and posts will happen weekly on the weekend.
  3. Qing Empire Organising the Republic With the fall of the Qing dynasty, a one-party republic is formed in Nanking. The Kuomintang of China, headed by Yuan Shikai, is the only party as it would better represent what the Chinese people want. The vice-royalties are disbanded and replaced by provinces which each have a vote on the new president every ten years. Parliament has 100 people each elected by lower party members, and only people of this pool may run for president. incoming political reforms reformation complete Republic of China 中華民國 Ending the Manchu dominance With the republic being established, remaining Qing-loyal politicians are imprisoned for corruption or banned from government jobs, even in Manchuria. Members of the Qing Dynasty are exiled to northern Manchuria in an isolated community. [Mod] The Five Nations Manchuria, Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang are not provinces but autonomous regions with a stronger local government of their traditional style (Theocracy in Tibet, or Khanates in the others). The autonomous regions each have one vote in presidential elections. [Mod] Chinese National Army With rising tensions all around China, the republic must protect itself and its people from invaders. Chinese families must send at least one son into military training for one year upon reaching the age of eighteen. Men who have finished the required training may join the military for further training to join a military branch. [Mod] Chinese soldiers marching outside Nanking. Fighting Corruption With the end of Manchu rule, government documents are seized and brought to Nanking for organisation and archival. A careful eye is kept on documents, court rulings, and party members to ensure no corruption leaks into the government or slips past. Foreign traders, diplomats, or citizens are gaoled until their country of origin seizes them. [Mod] Foreign trade rights and trade posts are guaranteed to remain in their current state. Chinese Spirit Outside of the parliament in Nanking, Yuan Shikai gives a speech after establishing the new state. "People of China, it is a new age for us. After two-thousand years of imperial rule, we as a people have seized the mandate of heaven, god has given us the power to rule our vast land. While we were held down by corruption by the Qing, we are now free to live our lives as Chinese people, no matter which nation we are from. From this day forth, we will become a modern China, a better China." A reporter from Hong Kong catches this speech, spreading it throughout China. [Mod] MOD ACTIONS Qing Dynasty members are exiled + Sinicisation of the government Corruption Fighting Four autonomous regions are established National Army created and conscription started Nationalism and stability propaganda
  4. Dex

    1912 (OOC)

    Dex#1186 Qing China. China is in an interesting position where foreign powers must maintain their influence over China though the dynastic cycle is taking its toll on the Qing dynasty and foreign power in the empire. In 1850, the Taiping Rebellion broke out racking up a death-toll of 30 million people. As China was already heavily under foreign influence, the British and French further solidified their power in China by supporting the Qing government. In 1899, the Boxers attempted to seize power in China and remove foreign influence from the country. Many foreign powers fought against this rebellion to retain their influence. In 1912, Yuan Shikai was given power over the country as the emperor's power has waned. Officially; Absolute Monarchy Unofficially; Republic (Yuan Shikai) Likely a standing army of 200 000 with many soldiers in reserve. The Navy is highly out-dated. Negligible. Michigan
  5. ÖSTERREICH AUSTRIA Diplomatic Maria Theresa and Francis will attend the Russian Empress' ball. A colony and hospital are established in Delagoa Bay in East Africa as a refuge for ships travelling in the Indian Ocean. The St. Maria and St. Joseph forts provide protection from the sea and land. A small expedition is sent to travel up the river(s) which feed into the bay, already partially explored by the Portuguese, to search for anything which may prove useful to the colony. [Mod] Domestic A re-settlement programme is enacted to provide more opportunity and search for talent amongst both Austrian and non-Austrian families across the empire. Eligible non-Austrian families would be allowed to migrate to Austria to work in the cities with Austrian families taking their place. Eligible families include those which own land, or are of a prestigious status. The peasantry is allowed, to a minor extent, to participate in this exchange. [Mod] A universal schooling system based off that of Prussia and the other German states is made to ensure literacy and an education for all Austrians. In Bohemia and Hungary, the schooling system is enacted to a lesser extent in urban areas. Universities and private schooling institutions are not included in this policy. [Mod] Military Following the War of Austrian Succession, the Theresianische Militärakademie (Theresian Military Academy) is created to analyse the train officers in the military, using the experience of the War of Austrian Succession as a base for modern warfare. [Mod] In the hereditary lands of the empire, a militia of 30 000 volunteer soldiers aged 17-40 is assembled to provide protection from unlawful forces, and to serve in the army during war time. Training would be done on Sundays after church services with compulsory training on holidays. [Mod] A new firearm is commissioned for military use to replace the current unreliable light-weight model in use. The new model would need to be durable and reliable, sacrificing its light weight for better use. [Mod] Religious Maria Theresa’s religious reforms are furthered, banning witch burnings, torture, and other cruel practices. Local priests are given more power over the application of religious law in the legal system to increase efficiency of the legal system and promote conversions for those following heresies. [Mod]
  6. Roman Empire World Archaeology Association Headed in Constantinople, the W.A.A. aims to preserve knowledge and artefacts from across the world as well as protecting and preserving heritage sites such as ruins, historical buildings, palaces, etc. All nations across the world are invited to enter. [Mod] Roman Film Industry Small investments are made into the film industry. As well, a film titled "Η Οδύσσεια της Γενναίας" or "The Triumph of the Brave" in English, one of the five languages the film would be released in (Greek, English, Italian, Russian, and French). The film would be a three-hour epic following Patriarch Benjamin, Emperor George II, and Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos through the recent civil war commonly known as the Anatolian Crusade. The film would cost a whopping £7 800 000, the highest cost of a film ever which would be shown by grandiose battle scenes and a full orchestral sound-track which would be available for purchase. [Mod] American Civil War Americans fleeing the civil war are allowed to settle un-occupied land. Though Greek-Americans are not asked to return, they are asked to serve themselves before either side in the conflict. American scientists, engineers, and professors would be offered jobs upon arrival. [Mod] The Southern Province A radio broadcast by the Emperor; "Men, women, and children of the Empire. Today, I speak to you of the liberation of our kin. For too long have the Roman people been under foreign occupation. Be it by the Moslems, Germans, or, in this case, the Westerners. We must work together to free ourselves from those who hold us hostage in our own land. While the British argue with our Arab oppressors, we will save ourselves." An army of 300 000 soldiers accompanied by aerial support moves into the province of Syria, headed for Damascus, and liberating the people from their oppressors. The U.K. are guaranteed liberal zones in Beirut and Aleppo upon Roman acquisition of the province. [Mod] Technology The turn-over conveyor belt would be created to increase industrial efficiency, and would be used in factories across the Empire once available. An insecticide which is harmless to humans and deters other animals from harming crops is developed. [Mod] Other The previous offer to France and the U.K. still stands. The H.R.D. automatic rifle, the AM-46, would be integrated into the military. [Mod]
  7. Roman Empire Student Exchange Programme With the recovery of academia, top students across the empire would be eligible to participate in a student exchange programme to better develop their learning skills, and to allow for students to experience life in another country or another part of the empire. Requests are sent to the Commonwealth, U.S.S.R., H.R.D., France, Germany, European countries (Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, etc.). [Mod+Requests] The Lost Cities With France and the U.K.'s permission, a group of archaeologists from the three countries would collaborate to reclaim the ruins of the ancient cities of Carthage in Tunisia as well as Petra in Jordan, and search for artefacts from the area. Artefacts collected in this expedition would be split between the three, and those taken by the Empire would be put into a Punic exhibition in the Imperial Museum. [Mod+France/U.K.] Iranian Mission With the approval of the Iranian government, churches would be built in communities across Iran to provide religious, and medical services where they are less available as well as providing education for those who desire it. While being built across the country, Christian communities would be given priority. [Mod] Extended Conscription The year of conscription (which was previously only required for Greeks and Kurds) would be extended to all men (barring Turks) graduating secondary education, and all women would be required to do one year of civil or religious service rather than military service. [Mod] The Bulgarian Solution A meeting is to be held in Adrianople to attempt to unify the country once again. [Mod] The Imperial Museum Plans are made to construct a museum in Constantinople that would rival the British Museum and the Louvre. This museum would hold a plethora of artefacts from across the world as well as having modern security systems such as thermographic cameras. [Mod] War Simulation Top commanders in the Roman military would be given the task of creating war plans and simulating battles against a variety of opponents to better develop the current military doctrines of which they follow. [Mod] Technology A pesticide designed to target. A farming vehicle designed to be affordable and reliable is created. This would allow for quick travel across farmland as well as being compatible with most modern farming equipment. [Mod] Other Villas would be created across Greece in a traditional Greek style with the most luxurious being of the Greco-baroque style.
  8. HAPSBURG EMPIRE The Austrian Hapsburg Empire had been a major power in Central and Eastern Europe for three centuries, gaining land through cunning diplomacy and war, and holding dominion over the Holy Roman Empire. The Hapsburg Empire was unlike the great European powers of the west or Russia as it did not have a colonial empire, but what it lacked in this regard it made up for in the web of people across Europe who had ties to the Hapsburg Empire, and being the protector of Christians in the Ottoman Empire as a result of their many wars between the two. Maria Theresa, by the Grace of God, Empress of the Romans, Queen of Hungary, of Bohemia, of Dalmatia, of Croatia, of Slavonia, of Galicia, of Lodomeria, etc.; Archduchess of Austria; Duchess of Burgundy, of Styria, of Carinthia and of Carniola; Grand Princess of Transylvania; Margravine of Moravia; Duchess of Brabant, of Limburg, of Luxemburg, of Guelders, of Württemberg, of Upper and Lower Silesia, of Milan, of Mantua, of Parma, of Piacenza, of Guastalla, of Auschwitz and of Zator; Princess of Swabia; Princely Countess of Habsburg, of Flanders, of Tyrol, of Hainault, of Kyburg, of Gorizia and of Gradisca; Margravine of Burgau, of Upper and Lower Lusatia; Countess of Namur; Lady of the Wendish Mark and of Mechlin. Maria Theresa had risen to the throne of the Austrian Empire after the death of her father, Charles VI, using the pragmatic sanction. She would later be involved in the war of Austrian succession, losing the province of Silesia to the Kingdom of Prussia. Though losing this war, she was able to solidify her control over the realm which she had inherited.
  9. Country: Persia/Iran Leader: Naser al-Din Shah Qajar assumed the throne in 1848 after the death of his father, Mohammad Shah Qajar. Naser al-Din had brought about many political, economic, and military reforms such as creating the Persian Cossacks which were armed by Russia, centralising the country and empower the government. Naser al-Din was also the first Persian emperor to visit a European nation in centuries, and was knighted by Queen-Empress Victoria of the U.K. into the Order of the Garter in 1873. Recent History: Iran had been in a state of decline since the early 1800's, but as Qajari rule settled in, the empire had been steadily growing back to its past state as a powerful country in the Middle East with British and Russian involvement in the country bringing it closer and closer to becoming a modern state. Discord: Dex#1186
  10. Roman Empire Domestic Automation Due to the vastness of the empire and need for vehicles, the auto-mobile industry is grown to accommodate these needs. Domestic companies as well as foreign companies, notably German companies in Prusa, in the Liberal Zones provide vehicles to the populace. [Mod] Entertainment Both film and theatre are given a large boost due to the massive tourism with films based on the rich history of Greece and adaptations of plays. Films and documentaries are created with optional English subtitles, and the audience of plays are offered a script in both Greek and English. [Mod] Black Sea Expedition With the recent resurgence of the sciences, an expedition is sent to the black sea to study the biology of the region as well as search for rare minerals and unknown species. [Mod] Fixing Bulgaria As the great powers have left Bulgaria in a wrecked state, the Tsar and leader of the communist republic are offered to discuss re-joining each other. [Mod] Technology With the stagnation of work on computation machines, the transistor is put to work with existing technology such as R.A.D.A.R.s and aeroplanes to improve understanding of how they work. L.A.S.E.R. research is conducted alongside similar physics projects, notably the M.A.S.E.R.. [Mod] Iranian Railway A railway between Tehran in Iran and Amed in Roman Kurdistan is planned and proposed to the Iranians to increase trade and travel between the two countries. Minor investments are made into Iran. [Mod] Other The Emperor guarantees that if a war were to break out across Europe, those who cannot fight may seek refuge in the empire. An additional Liberal Zone is created in Lindos specifically for H.R.D. companies [Mod]
  11. Roman Empire Foreign Economies With the massive benefit being seen in nations, three "Liberal Zones" are created in Athens, Sinope, and Ancyra. These zones allow foreign companies to control industry with fewer that they normally would due the restrictions on foreign industry. A special German Liberal Zone is created in Prusa. [Mod/Germany] Worker Rights With the major mining incident that happened earlier in the year and the allowance of foreign companies into the country (though only on a small scale), a series of rules enforcing adequate time off, laws implementing over-time pay, and providing insurance in jobs which require it. [Mod] The Syrian Problem With tensions in the Levant building up, the U.K. is offered help in relieving the colony both militarily and socially. The H.R.D. is requested to provide humanitarian aid in Lebanon. [Mod/H.R.D./U.K.] Education System With the failure of the western-style education system, major members of the education boards across the country are brought together to develop an effective system which would teach all students life skills as well as have them well acquainted with the sciences and humanities. Special science-based programmes are provided in more developed and populous regions. [Mod] Foreigners With the recent boom in tourism, a project to build hotels and provide accommodations for visitors in the country is launched. [Mod] Archaeology The Greek Archaeology Association is created to manage, document, and teach about Greek history. In Crete, the mysterious Minoan civilisation is investigated. The joined project with Iran is taken further. [Mod] Technology More work is put into the L.A.S.E.R. and Transistor-computer. Soviet engineers are offered to help develop these. [Mod/U.S.S.R.] Other Austrian citizens who refuse to live under German rule are offered to settle in Anatolia. [Mod]
  12. Early 1947 Roman Empire Imperial Coronation Following the death of Emperor George II, his brother Paul ascended to the throne as George II had no children in his life. Paul lived his early years in exile in England where he was closely connected to both the patrician and plebeian. [Mod for stability] Anatolian Agriculture With innovations in the field of agriculture and the west's growing distance of the industry, the empire takes it upon themselves to provide these needs. Land in fertile areas is given reservation to be used as farm land. As well, farmers are asked to grow luxury crops such as sugar, citrus fruit, olives, and grapes. [Mod] Mineral Wealth As many minerals are discovered in central Anatolia, roads and rails are built to connect the major industrial areas to their resource sources. As well, communities are built around the major mining areas to improve efficiency and provide a better quality of life to settlers. [Mod] Technology Transistors and a transistor-based computation machine are developed to better store data. A light emission device known as the "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" or "L.A.S.E.R." is developed. Russian and British scientists are both offered to aid in these projects. [Mod] Return of the Sciences With many areas of the country being brought back to life, education is given an over-haul based on the British and Russian models of teaching. Current language laws are kept in place (allowing local languages other than Greek or Kurdish only at a primary level, and only allowing Greek at a post-secondary level), but the curriculum is changed to improve knowledge of the sciences and humanities. [Mod] Mission to Persia As both nations share plenty of history, Persia is offered a collaboration project to research and document the history of both nations throughout history as well as to improve relations between the two nations. [Mod/Persia] Military Development Looking back on the war, the military develops tactics for both fighting and countering guerilla war-fare. British and the Italian officers remaining in the nation are offered to aid in this development. [Mod+U.K.+H.R.D.] Other Settlement in Anatolia is opened to Middle Eastern peoples.
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