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  1. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Coffers; 71,500 Marks Investments Road Network: 5k Sugar: 12.2k Heavy Galleons 5k News of the strange new tribe quickly spreads throughout the colony. Word is not encouraged however to spread out of it. Mail is censored, and anyone who has come to the colony must remain. Special passes would be permitted for the sailors and citizens wishing to go home for a while. This would hopefully curtail any word from spreading too quick. For now that is just how they want it. After a grand feast, the initial party leaves. A small team of scholars and guards remain however. They study these strange people, and try to communicate effectively with them. A few weeks later a slightly large fleet returns. With them they carry holds full of food, sugar, gold, and doctors to help with any sick or mothers giving birth. Probably awkward at first, they hope the gifts and scholars will ease the tension. Besides these people however, the land was rather poor. The booming colony towns were filling up. And the need was soon apparent to expand. However the crown had no wish to disturb the natives. And so the best of the Danish navigators are summoned again. They and a small expedition force will sail south. They will hug the coats and explore for any signs of vast resources or suitable places to live and farm. The Great Northern Arms Company was a growing topic for the Crown. With the recent tensions and insults from Spain, they were angry at the display. Denmark-Norway had and would likely always remain a peaceful state. But to them their were other ways of fighting back against outrageous tariffs. Ones that did not need to become a war or even blood spilt. And so another small expedition is readied this year. This one's task is to seek waterways leading to the fabled West African Coast. Denmark-Norway wanted a more accurate map, one they were always expanding in America. They would bring with them sugar, gold, and all sorts of other European/American goods. One particular ship also had a load of the Swedish Muskets so favored by the company. Their mission was to make a small deal with a contractor. It would branch off the main fleet and head for the straights... Work will also begin into an effective pistol. The Swedish had made it apparent their musket would not be beat. And so in an attempt, they will begin to contribute to the company. The Company wishes to make a one for all pistol for it's armies. The Flintlock's they had on hand were poor examples. It was made by a variety of local crafters and arms companies. They instead would take all these individuals they could onto royal payroll. This with Swedish help would begin the first phase. The plan was to eventually make a pistol with a spring loaded cock on the back of it. This way it could be primed and fired, instead of the regular match lock. Work also begins on expanding the Heave Galleon further. Danish ambitions for this were huge. As the kings personal project, the funds would flow. He and his shipwrights wanted a ship capable of flexibility. That, and a massive firepower. Galleons were the staple of any nation. They were all well and good, for trade and skirmishes. But they required a truly ingenious solution. Danish and as a whole viking ships had been works of art in the past. The King now relied on that image. The Heavy Galleon will be overhauled. They seek to make a longer, taller version. With two to three decks for small canons. The true genius will be behind the rigging Instead of a mast or two with large sails, they add more. The ship of course must be proportioned to these four mast. The Sailing will be more complex, and require more men to work it. But instead of large strips, the mast have a variety of different sized and shaped sails to best catch the wind. Actions American Expedition [Red] (1 Galleon, 3 Carracks, 5 Caravels) African Expedition (1 Galleon, 4 Galleys, 3 Caravels) Sending one ship in the official name of the Great Northern Arms Company into the Mediterranean for a private contract. Research and Funding begins into a G.N.A.C project into spring cocked pistols. Simple and uniform for it's armies. (10k Marks) [Redacted] (5k Marks) Further Work into 'Heavy Galleons' (10k. 15k total)
  2. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Frontier Colony Affiliation The battles in the past year or two had been felt hard by the Colonies. Instead almost always peace, they had have a fleet never returning. Regardless of this though the fights have adverse affects. The swamp of a goverment style was vastly inefficient. The F.C.A sat upon a large reserve and diverse population. Their technology was unparalleled in some areas, and the Shock Troops were ferocious. But this all stemmed from Utopie. The colonies they transplanted everywhere were granted their own governance. Besides a tithe in supplies and men, they remain untouched. But they are fragile, the entire galaxy is. In Utopie however, the people remain strong. They do not forget how their city was bombarded, not a single defense in place. Their own colony government stemmed from the glorious city itself. Their armies and navies dominated the F.C.A. The people of the city and massive collection of farmers are getting more vocal. They are outraged with the laziness and greed. Primarily the humans were interested in the ruling affairs. They by and large were the working class of the F.C.A. The soilders, plant workers, garbage men, and all other galactic needs. They were the original settlers, and kept this Colony running. For now only grumbling can be heard by the various Barons and governments. But fear of Galactic invasion was escalating things. For now the F.C.A would focus on repairing it's military forces near the Han. Utopie Ground Command marshals it's coalition of infantry on the Keerim front. They were very small in numbers. Mostly the F.C.A had contributed to that front. Regardless, they were operational. For now they would stick with their transports, avoiding the front. However in any LC plans of a second ring, they would engage. For now they focus on a prioritized worlds defense in the Lithruan's second line of defense. Actions Ap this turn; 37 Investing in improved Force-Blades; 20 AP (42 total, applies for 50% bonus AP upon investment) Building 3 U-Boats; 9 AP Investing into business; 8 AP (24 total)
  3. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Denmark-Norway Coffers; 53,900 Marks The colonies were ever expanding, as was apparent. The profits flooding in from them were growing by the day. With the discovery of gold, theyr fates were sealed. Crown and parliament were rather disinterested with bloody affairs in Europe. Denmark-Norway was a proud member of the coalition with Sweden. But they were not keen on wasting away their precious youth to pointless wars. And with this mentality, the colonies were in everyone's mind. They are growing with every new arrival of ships. Soon even the Royal Crown is talking about the colonies. The King had granted the land to a noble cast. They would manage affairs there for him. But with the discovery of gold things changed even more. Now him and parliament personally took over the island. The Nobles and serfs were still allowed to remain. But the materials and profit would go straight to the crown. The islanders would still make the same, if not more. But now it was officially done in the name of King and Parliament. What had once been a small farming hamlet was quickly growing. The King had ordered more of the navy and army to embark for the island. Farms were popping up and turning into hamlets. The original hamlet was now a bustling coastal town. The army and navy was filling up, as inns popped up to meet the new demand. With these soilders came their families, and logistical clerks. Gold rushers, opportunist, criminals, nobles, merchants, they were all flooding into this new world. With more of the strengthened galleons being ordered to be built, traffic will increase even more. With the looming population boom, even more land was going to be needed. The Gold and Sugar production will continue to be improved and expanded upon. But as the settlers begin civilize the island, the military ramps up their efforts. The Navy having been bolstered in the preceding years set out. For a while they had known of some form of peoples living on the land near them. But they barely knew how the rest of the bay lined up. They would set out to actually map it out, and look for resources. Alongside this they would officially embark to meet whatever peoples populated the main land. Alongside this a small island would be swept upon by the Danish Royal Guard. Accompanied by a small escort and transports, they embark. Not expecting anyone to be there, they merely wish to occupy the island for now. No colony is planned. Blue- Navies key scouting points Red- Island Royal Guard sets out for Actions Increased migration to Colonies Establishing mines for the newly found gold. (5k for two mines) Continuing to expand Sugar Production In America/Market in Europe (5k) Navy/Army movement in Colonies Coffers; 43,900
  4. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Coffers; 47,200 Marks For the past two years things have remained relatively quiet in the kingdom. The Crown and parliament had been more than to content to let their investments build. Now the royal treasury was quite large, and growing by the day. With all the newly gained land and improvements, their work had only just begun. The sugar coming from the new world was instantly bought up. Across the Baltic families now were using it in their dishes. But such a lack meant the price of sugar was always rising. *To settle this once and for all, the Crown enacted it's will. The sugar plantations were bought up at market value by the king. Nobles already in the colony are appointed to now oversee sugar production. Farmers and a Royal Councilmen are sent on the next ship headed west. They will work with the nobles and serfs their to better the crop. They will turn the whole colony into sugar land, and find ways to better grow/cultivate it. **With this immediate influx to the colony, the need to expand is present. First off, the Crown is worried about the voyage itself. Of course Danish navigators were top of the line. And they had Iceland/Greenland as marvelous stopping points. But the ships themselves were ill suited for the deep ocean. And so the shipwrights would begin work on one of Denmark's Galleons. Using advice from the naval ratings who actually made the voyage, they start. The goal is to outfit a Galleon for extended voyages. They want it to be bigger and more capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of an Atlantic voyage. ***Alongside that Denmark's newest military campaign would begin. Having already scouted the rest of the isle, they expected no resistance. A column of the King's Guard would lead their retinue further inland. If they met no resistance, they would claim the rest of the Island for Denmark-Norway. The land would be given over to the sugar farming nobles. ****Further work begins in the Baltic with marketing. As the only nation to be completely at Peace, Denmark-Norway is stable. Their navy is vast and efficient, and their merchants fair. They begin to push their wares and sugar onto the market. With competing prices and guaranteed shipping, they offer a good bargain. All stemming from the Jutland Peninsula hub, their trade empire begins. Actions *Working to improve/expand sugar crop (- 7,200k) **Work to make a capable vessel for extended travel (- 5k) ***Expanding into the rest of the island colony is on. (100 Cavalry, 800 Infantry) ****Expanding trade influence in Baltic Coffers; 35k
  5. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Kingdom of Denmark-Norway With the true sealing of two nations, this new kingdom rises from the ash. For centuries the royal house had been merged. But now the nations as a whole were a formal union. Trade, people, and troops would flow freely throughout. The Strong Norwegian army and navy will serve side by side. For now this did little to effect the common folk. The lords had been mostly content as well. The few upstarts would continued to be looked into. But for now the lords and people needed to be won over, not tortured. The Danish crown and it's attendant Norwegian parliament would seek to centralize rule. The Royal Council will work with Norwegian statesmen on the job. Granted permission by the crown, they set about enacting policy. For now they will try to standardize the road systems in the two nations. With easier ways to travel about, they could work on better infrastructure later. Instead of repairing every road, the best ones will be selected. From there they will start turning it into a more formal road. Merchants, investors, and lords are all allowed to contribute to the funds for it. In return they will receive prime plots of land laying around these new roads. This whole exchange used different parties and was a prime economic experiment. In less civilized lands, Danish and Norwegian explorers set foot on land. Perhaps for the first time. Or the first time in living memory at least. It was a rather rugged and cold land they had seemed to find. But they were just happy regardless to have survived the storms. They had been lucky, and all had made it. Now it was time for the soilders and colonist to set about. They would begin harvesting the local resources to build. The soilders and Knights would stand vigilant watch. Not quite sure what was on this island, they stayed on edge. The Navy and Royal Guard had their own task. Not sure if this was a peninsula, island, or land mass they were unsteady. The navy would skirt around both coastal sides of where they first landed. Sticking close to land, attendant infantry detachments will scout the nearby land. Actions Starting new Road network. (-5k) Establishing colony on the newly found land. (-5k) Scouting around first landing point. Economy: 20k Left over.
  6. The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    I.Nation- Saudi Arabia II.Leader’s History- Abd al Aziz is the Monarch of the now unified Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud had solidified their power, embedding themselves as leasers and heads of state. A man prone to neutrality in a hostile environment, he was smart. III.Nation’s Recent History- Remaining neutral in the rise of communism, Saudi Arabia had been focused on the oner rising product. Oil. IV. Skype- Yu have it V.Somewhere in this thread, I asked to name something... Abd al Aziz of course. ((Will actually finish after St. Paddies))
  7. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Things were changing at an increasingly fast pace in court. King Hans of the Danes had held royal sessions with ambassadors from the new Sweden. After deliberation, the King had ruled in favor of the swedes leaving peacefully. Being offered two thousand ducats, and a direct apology. Hans, a man of fearful cunning, had shown a streak of mercy. Though they may have been in a lower position, he still could of easily went for war. But the Swedish words rang true, and he heard their moral plea. It would be peace and coalition, not war. Following the exit of Sweden, the Kalmar Union lacks full unity. In an act to secure what is left, Hans sends a decree to Norway. Following the entrance of a new Swedish State, things were now shaky. Though at peace, it was still a neighbor instead of a province now. For so long the Danish and Norwegian royal house had been one. Danish kings had ruled, always with Norway in the back of their mind. And now, Denmark and Norway would officially bind. Fully supported by the Swedish, it was seen as a move to solidify. Denmark would absorb all Norwegian colonies, alongside their government and army. They of course would still have members in the royal house. And the famed Norwegian parliament would not be touched, they could remain as always. Ruling over their own people. But Denmark had to assume the mantle of power. For the greater good of the two nations. Following this was Denmark's true plans for expansion. Not through killing their brothers. But through trade and discovery. Already Hans had signed the decree. Select adventurers and attendant crafts were to set out from Norwegian held Greenland this year. Their focus was to explore further east. Danish ships would lead the way. They had always been more proficient in uncharted waters. Their aim would be to find a habitable plot of coast and harbor on the fabled New World. If they were to meet anyone, they would offer gifts. Some gold, alongside European trinkets and commodities are brought with them. Alongside an attendant force of the King's own Royal Unit. Dismounted knights and hobbies, they would ensure the safety of the trip. A Dane known as Captain Mountain leads the expedition. A massive Greenlander by birth, he's rumored to have already seen this so called new world. In fact stories go back already in Danish lore of this grand place. Now they would know for sure. Outline Forming the Denmark-Norway Kingdom Sending an expedition to the new world (1 Galleon, 3 Carracks, 5 Galleys. Roughly 1-2k explorers.) To look, scout for good place for colony. Treasury: 28k Building two mines -5k
  8. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Kingdom of Denmark King Hans Oldenburg's proclamations were ringing through the various cities of the Union. Hans's speech would soon be sent to every European power. His father was no great man, though it was rarely talked about. It had led to far more complicated matters. The Swedish rebels were already filled with the devils anger. It was to this very upstart effort that the proclamation was addressed to; "As king of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, I speak for all people in the Union. This Swedish noble Gustav who calls himself king is arrogant. I do not doubt some today are marching behind him. But this is not how Scandinavia should be run. I did not receive any true emissary or diplomat. I did not have any discussions with the Swedish noble families, or have the people confide to me. There is no due process, nothing to legitimize a new royal power and nation. Instead this Stefan has offered us nothing. That is, nothing, besides the threat of a war. With no legitimate negotiations or basis, a single man is now driving us to civil war. Why? I wish for peace and stability. This dangerous road Stefan and his idea of Sweden pursue will lead to nothing but loss. As for this coalition, is it not clear what is truly going on? The Germanic powers that be are supporting a puppet of their own interest. I do not see any attempts to steer their own minds from this path of war. They are ready to plunge in and take what is rightfully mine on a whim. I will not stand by and let them do this. They could of offered peace. Even an invitation into the coalition on the condition Sweden becomes independent. But nothing like that has reached me ears. So be it." Danish territory in the Scandinavian are receives renewed royal interest. Their borders with Sweden are garrisoned. As troops begin to move in, they are set up in multiple border towns and cities. Mountain units remain at home in their caves and little keeps. The army however is not aggressive over the Danish border. They indeed have daily parlays and allow trade to flows as always. Farmers are paid for what they give to the army, and soilders who disobey laws are hung/whipped. For now life seemed normal as always, except with the troops. But they were friendly enough, only watching out for provocation from the rebels. The power of the Danish navy is soon allocated to their own little regions of the Baltic. The primary focus will be in Gotland and Copenhangen. From there they will patrol the Baltic and keep an eye out for enemy movements. With things so tense, Denmark jockeys it's navy into a superior position. Any attempt from this coalition to send warships out would be responded to. For now merchants are allowed to keep passing as always. But if the Coalition really decides to throw themselves into war they see who controls the seas. The mass mobilization of Danish power was soon apparent in every street. Outline Recruiting 40k Infantry -40k Recruiting 5k Cavalry -10k Recruiting 100 Canons -10k Building 2 Galleons -10k Proclamation issued to Europe.
  9. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Nation: Denmark Ruler: Christian IV Army: 10k Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry, 20 Canons Navy: 6 Galleons, 10 Carracks, 20 Galleys Desired technology from investment: 2 Points into improved artillery Short background on the nation: A part of the kalmar Union, Denmark is a young christian nation. Economy- +7k a turn, 70k Starting Gold. Will fill out tomorrow.
  10. 1000 A.D.

    Republic of Venice Pietro Orseolo II stood at the front of the ship, hands clasped behind his back. A respectful distance away was his attendants and guards. Behind them captains of the ship and their aides ran to and fro. Pietro himself was on the top of the 'castle' mounted on this war galley. The brain of the sip, the officers kept busy. Below them sailors teemed, making adjustments to the galley. For now the winds were good. The oarsmen had a break, one they desperately needed. For their had been a large battle. A moment Orseolo knew would define his wonderful city. Him and his fleet had set out against the Narentine pirates. Hailing from Dalmatia, they were a ferocious band. The Venetian war fleet however was well trained, and built. It had been a very easy campaign. The city-state's control now spanned across the coast of the Adriatic. With this battle they had secured their control on the sea. As Pietro returned home, most of his fleets did not. They are to be stationed across their territory. With the death of the pirates it was now a much safer place. They would ensure it stays this way, on vigilant patrols. With this many citizens and lords from Venice head out to sea at long last. They begin to populate the newly conquered lands. They'd act as the wealthy landowning class, allowing the local romanized dalmatians to remain. However laws for the Landowners themselves would be strict. Pietro and his council ensured the two classes were kept with checks and balances. With Venice's control growing, so too was it's wealth. The Republic throws it's ports open to any wishing to trade. This however would not mean it was lawless. Ships were only allowed to dock in certain trading port cities/zones. They can of course petition for special papers to allow them to land other places. But the trade would be restricted as a steady flow to the major ports. A tariff is enacted on any sale, but it is kept at a steady and fair price. It will adjust to the economies current state. They would be strict with smugglers, all trade must be fair. Actions Quick Post, but little time this week. Expanding patrols/control of Adriatic Sea Solidifying all Venetian claims to it's territory. Opening select Ports to open trade. Politcs Accepting all trade request made by other nation's. Sending a special committee to secure trade with the Levant. Aleppo, the Fatimid, and Abbasid Caliphates are asked for exclusive trade with Venice. They are assured Venice fleets will keep their convoys safe. In the Adriatic sea they would not have to worry. If they wanted a full escort the Venetians would for a lowered price.
  11. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: Venice Leader: Pietro II Orseolo Population: Roughly 100k History: At this time the Republic of Venice is a dominant power in the Adriatic sea. Trade with the Byzantines and power of local groups meant venice was in a comfortable state. Their navy and wealth was a envy of Italy. With Piertro old of age ruling, they were leading into the highest point of Venetian history. Do you have Discord?: No
  12. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Frontier Colony Affiliation Things were keeping to the regular as always in Utopie. Members of the Human Coalition were being invaded and slaughtered. And yet in Utopie flower shops are booming with the heat of the summer. Robots and various species of life walk should to shoulder. Everyone is stopping to talk and gossip. Shock Troop trainees march in long line as citizens host impromptu parades with them. Everything is normal and sane. There is no killer species hell bent on defeating their navy and landing. But everyone knew this was coming at a dear price. Already their more far flung systems were sending troubling reports. Thankfully these systems were now far more connected. The Frontier Colony Affiliation boasted the largest human transport fleet. They were now sending monthly shipments of food and troops to their colonies. Troops were able to spend less time in/waiting for transit. This would also prove useful as the Utopie Expiditionary force gears for war. Already a sizable portion had been shipped off to the Keerim front. In overall command of all human ground forces, their doctrine would stay the same. All forces for now are to pool their resources and train. If the Keerim were not going to attack, they would make sure they were ready. Utopie command shifts up the army units, making them bigger. Now divisions could comprise several various coalition human breeds. They would work together to form cohesive units ready to move or defend at a moment's notice. They will remain off the front line, instead holding the second rim. From here they could move to areas on the potential 1st line that need it the most. With the cargo fleet shaping up, Utopie switches their priority. Now they will focus on the more military side. Woefully lacking in numbers right now, their navy has only good tech on it's side. This was set to change over the next few years. Ships will be produced at a high rate in the Han ship yards. Outline Building a colony ship (4 AP) Building a Corvette (1 AP) Building three Frigates (6 AP) Building three Destroyers (9 AP) Building a Light Cruiser (6 AP) Building three U-Boats (9 AP)
  13. Talamh Theocracy Military Pikemen - 20,000 (200 Units) Skirmishers - 10,000 (100 Units) Cavalry - 3,300 (33 Units) Population: 2 Million Economy turn 1: 30k Income for next turn: 3k (Excluding brokered trade deals) Gold Spent this turn: 14k Upkeep this turn: 1,665 Remaining balance at end of turn: 14,335K Murmurs filled the main hall of the Caislean. It was almost full, many having wished to attend such a important hearing. Outside of these hallowed walls was the larger city of Cathair. For many years it has been the capital of Talamh. It is positioned on an island in the middle of the river Eyre. Long ago this river had been much further up on ground. But after long years this particular set of hills had weathered away. All except this one island and a spike of rock in the middle. It lays at the mouth of the river, connected to the Sacred Lake. This was where the city had been started long ago. Now large bridges connect it to the mainland. Merchants, Draoi, citizens, they all come and go. For one’s first visit to Cathair it is quite the sight. The sturdy walls encircling the island are a brilliant white. The Gates at the end of each bridge have small outpost for the garrison. Upon entering, the view would depend on which gate. Every District was of a different design or build. Many had bright colors, or large terraces and rooftops. Inns and Brothels were regulated to their zones. The whole city was carefully built. Variety of design was allowed. But the streets would remain straight and clean. The city was laid out in rings. As one entered closer to the Caislean, it became more grid like. People filled every street, going about their lives. Most citizens were of the Divine Spirits blood as they claimed. They were mostly tall and light of skin. Their eye colors varied, but Draoi and some citizens had bright eyes that seem to glow. Thousands of people’s lives carried on, all under the Caislean. Bringing the visitors and assembled councilmen to the great hall. Siuana Grudaire sits on the Celestial chair with a iron gaze. She was never well liked, as she was very stern and cold. But scholars and warriors alike praised her prowess. Not one Draoi has yet managed to beat her in Curia. A favored game, it was on a hexagon board with pieces suited to different roles. But not one soul forgot the power laying within her mortal body. Assembled around her were the leaders of each Draoi’s Banna. Excepting the leader of the Greys, Yuri. Lined up in rows and standing in front of them were the cities councilmen. Behind them were the wealthy merchants and regular citizens. Radiating light above Siuana was a fire burning in a bronze cast of the Divine Spirits symbol. Standing at the corner of her throne is Julian. Her concubine, and bonded Garda. Together they had ruled in the name of the Spirit for a long time. Nodding to julian, he begins to ask for quiet in the hall. As the murmurs and conversations die down, Siuana stands up. As she does the fire blazes for a second, temporarily blinding the people. “I have brought you all here today under dire news. For many long years we have sat in our city and lived in peace. But world events are speeding up, and we are seeing it. More people travel through our lands than ever. Many of them refugees or raiders to the south. In a vision I was sought out by the spirit itself. It has warned me to prepare Talamh in it’s vision. In concurrence with the leaders of each Banna we have sent members out to our nearby neighbors. Each of their missions will depend, but we must expand the groundwork of a more neighborly. Trade and sharing of resources will be crucial. Already we have secured trade with the Commonwealth of Ruhn abd Blackmarrow. From there we shall exchange ore and other goods. Every other nation bordering us will also be offered the same terms. Trade, in whatever capacity they want, and the construction of diplomatic buildings. To the south matters must immediately shaped to the spirit’s vision. I thank you all for coming, and hope none wish to step in opposition of the spirit’s decree.” At this the conversation begins like wildfire as Siuana walks away. The leaders of each Banna roam through the room, selecting the Draoi for each separate mission. Soon they will depart with their attendant Garda and servants. Every civilized nation bordering Talamh will soon have the Draoi at their gates. They request to meet the respective leadership, and begin trade deals. Talamh has much to offer, and a well educated workforce to produce/distribute their product. The city of Oir produces much of the nations utility goods. Their mines are also rich, with many strains of ore running through the mountains. Around Cathair it is very fertile farmland. The cities are the main focus of the population. However hamlets and small towns dot the nation’s extent. Populating the coast of the Sacred lake are hundreds of pilgrims and Draoi. *As the selected Draoi set out on their journeys, home policy expands too. The city of Talamh will always be kept clean and sanitary. Every week now Draoi and staff from Caislean set out to help support the city. They provide medical aid, and help solve theoretical problems with scholars in nearby universities. The city though massive and heavily populated will always feel like a small loving town. The attendant villages on the mainland side of every bridge are kept well maintained and guarded. **Along the mountain pass to the south the garrisons receive an influx of reinforcements. They will establish a perimeter line of outpost. For now this will be little more than basic camps fed by the local populace. But with the eventual investment of gold fortifications will soon appear. The need for a more secure border is felt strongly in the council. The mountains surrounding them offer some protection, but the pass is a vital artery. ***Some of the brightest Draoi assemble for their newest project. Among them were the most qualified smiths, tacticians, weapon masters, and other sorts. Draoi and regular Valion worked together. They knew their army was primarily light infantry. Many had suggested they begin armoring them better. But the lack of a ranged weapons was far more concerning. Instead they focus on weapons capable of throwing a long distance. They plan to use their knowledge of geometry and forging to make as perfect a disc as possible. With handle in the middle would rest the grip. It'd be aerodynamic and a functional throwing/melee weapon. they hope they could craft them. Training men to wield them would come later. They'd be called Dioscas in the local dialect. Outline Sending Draoi to broker trade deals and establishment of embassies with all bordering nations. Entering trade with BlackMarrow/Ruhn Commonwealth *Increasing Sanitation effort in cities (1k gold invested) **Establishing/Garrisoning border camps along the mountain pass (3k initial gold invested) Forming plans for a sound road system (1k gold invested) Opening universities for foreign students to study abroad Looking for neighbor nations merchants to invest in river trade Starting Construction of four galleys and one caravel (4k gold invested) ***Research begins into Dioscas (5,000 gold invested)
  14. Dawn of a New Era OOC (Fantasy Nation-builder RP)

    State Name: Valion Theocracy Government System: Divine Rule History: The people of Tar Valon have long been a seclusive and internal people's. For many years they have lived in their cities nestled into the crook of the mountains. This land was considered sacred, a holy land for these people. Many young children stepping into adult hood are sent into the desert to find their god. If they return, it is usually with a holy encounter having taken place. They live in peace and farm the fertile lands they host. For almost their entire existence government has fallen to the city of Tar Valon. Under the guidance of the holy spirit a council equal parts men and women rule in it's name. From this centralized city power has always flown out. Though locked away in their own bit of the land, many Valions are well travelled. Knowledge and holy pursuit rules in their minds above all else. Culture: Valions are tall, and fair skinned people. They have always believed in the land they live, and tend it reverently. Valions though seclusive are very hospitable. In the center of the world, they pick up many way ward wanderers. They architecture is tall and sweeping, with light colors and bright roofs. They focus primarily around the city of Tar Valon, but dozens of hamlets and villages fill their lands. The desert and mountains near them are considered lands of the gods. Economy: 3 The Economy primarily relies on the complex mining of ores int he mountain range. The Economy is complex and based on the craftsmanship and utility of the things made. Tar Valon is very secluded, so a regular item to them sells for a high price to a nation far away. Walking into a market place one would see gold jewelry, rugs and carpets, stained glass, incense, and a riot of other things. Education: 8 Tar Valon is the center of learning for the entire nation. They preach logic and knowledge above all else. Besides pursuit of the holy spirit, which would just go without saying. Universities line the upper city and scholars roam the lands, teaching their people. The epicenter of knowledge is focused on the remote Aes Sedai university in the mountains by the desert. There they use this spring of knowledge to practice their magical pursuits. Tar Valon Aes Sedai focus on learning how to manipulate the elements of the planet itself. Using "weaves" of earth, wind, fire, water, air, and spirit they try to make the elements blend and bind to then produce different effects on the material world. It is very difficult but the Valions have always been a nation focused on magic, knowledge, and religion. Size: 4 Boasting two cities, the Valion theocracy is a mid ranged nation. Though sprawling, their population is more focused around the cities and mining towns. Military: 2 The military has always been regarded as a more auxiliary member. Usually comprised of heavy elite infantry, they are meant to support the Aes Sedai dedicated to battle. True threats on the battlefield, they still need accompanying men to cover them as they cast their weaves. Their uniforms are highly ornamental and officer ranks are a highly sought after title. 4 Points; 200 Pikes 100 Skirmishers 9Swordsmen) 33 Cavalry Loyalty: 3 Key figure 1: Siuan Sanche 6/2/6 Head of the Aes Sedai college, she is a fearsome mage and ruler of all who wield the weaves in Tar Valon. Though not directly involved in matters of state settled in the city proper, from the White Tower her and her Aes Sedai manipulate policy. Not well liked, she still commands respect for her power and intellect. Key Figure 2: Julian Al'Thor 3/4/4 Bonded to Siuan, he is her Warder. With the power of the spirit they had formed a bond, allowing him to connect his soul to the inner magics of Siuan's. Many Aes Sedai do this to the opposite sex, to gain a strong and trust worthy companion. Key Figure 3: Lan Cauthon 1/3/4 A street urchin, with little known about him. Word mentioned necessary somewhere in the above post: Yugoslavia Blue- Capital; Tar Valon Orange- Aes Sedai College; The White Tower Purple- Second City; Illium
  15. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Frontier Colony Affiliation (Sorry for just a numbers post. Very busy IRL) Investing Business - 9 AP 2 Large Freighters - 16 AP 1 Freighter - 4 AP 1 U-Boat Colonize New Planet