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  1. H’wong Nation Another year of progress and research in the Republic. With every passing year the Hive grows and adapts. A nexus of learning, deep in the inner areas of Temshu. The Capital now boasted a sister colony, to govern over. Even now this massive influx of labor was boosting the efficiency of the Republic. Proud soilders continue to garrison the two sectors, residing in the half finished sector forts. Other then that life continues as it always has. Peace and Democracy reign supreme. And construction of a Light Cruiser continues, ensuring H’wong supremacy in their local space. No stories or large undertakings happen this year. Merely a a peaceful status quo. Actions Income at start of turn; 20.5k C, 12 L, 4 M, 17 S, 25 R, 19 T Continued Light Cruiser Construction 6/9 M Building 2 Basic Industry Factories -20k C Finishing T1 Basic Industry -13 R Continued T1 Shield research -12 R [24 Total] Stockpile After; .5k C, 10 L, 1 M, 17 S, 0 R, 19 T
  2. Galaharian League Music Duchess Arraign Barbaro stood in the crows nest of her personal Nuncio. A ship that had fought Mistreavers before. They had painted over the burns, in Barbaro blue and silver. But the scars remained underneath. On this very deck the Duchess had taken a previous wound. Ever since she wears a bronze mask, imaged like the Being that had once given her a powerful vision. Two adepts and three others sat in a ring around her. Summoning a wind every once in a while, the League vanguard speared ahead of the Coalition. The other three were merchants, representatives of the Ivory Bank. All were eager to make port again. Though they had no need for water, food supplies were down to hard tack. “I trust we all know our duty by now?” The Duchess cooly queries from behind her mask. The retinue all nod, knowing she was not one for speaking back. “Soon enough we will reach Worsicani, and the rest of our forces. The true hunt will begin, and you all have your part to play.” At this the five nod, and leave the Duchess to ponder from her roost. In a few days land is dighted, the League’s island as expected. Waiting for them are the Coalition’s proud allies, the Danwenti. Their war-fleet and troops were docking in the League’s newest city. Mingling with the Hilmedhi and Galharian fleets, the three become one. The Duchess is placed as their overall commander, while the other two nations choose Admirals to represent and lead their contingents. *From now on the fleet is on complete look out. Their main task is to hunt down the trail the Mistreavers have been leaving. Picking up troops from their island, the League’s contingent of troops is almost doubled. Whilst they had a different job, the main army will stay with the Coalition fleet as far as Eadni. In fact the entie fleet will now be sailing for Eadni waters. A long time ally and trade partner, the League and Eadni were on cordial relations. They also both worshipped the Deep One. It is the Coalitions intent to enlist the Eadni fleet’s help in the hunt for the Mistreavers. Galahar more personally offers troops and aid in the Eadni war with Mongrellia. The Duchess will personally ask for a parlay with the Eadni leadership. – Reaver-Admiral Ormanno Sforza’s rule has been far from cozy. The whisperings of Slave rights and Democracy had been utterly squashed. Cloaked mercenaries and soilders belonging to lord Sforza roam Galahar at night. No one is safe, and many disappear. Ironically Church and State both endorse this move. Giovenco Barbaro’s progressive party was being outnumbered in both resources and senate seats. A conservative opposition had grown, then surpassed the Barbaro senate. In a further stroke of irony however, this led to the reversal of the league’s liberalization. The Senate and Capital is put back under order, and the status quo retained. League rule will remain absolute, in the hands of the Noble and Rich. Slaves will remain where they belong; in chains. **In more official matters of state, Sforza and the Senate continue to reform and enact their ambitions. The growing Mercenary quarter in Batista’s Landing is continued to be allowed to grow. However Sforza will quietly alter it’s growth from behind closed doors. Continued settlement sponsors and state subsidies are granted to these growing Mercenary Companies. But the League will now endorse those more inclined to support Galahar. Some of the more outspoken Captains against Galahar [Though using their City for connivence] even disappear. Captains and men raised to Captains in Companies who are loyal to the League receive the funds, and more brutal help needed. This is all in a move to start a growing pro-Galahar sentiment in the various Merc. Companies in the Capital. ***The Ivory Bank also continues to ramp up the scale of their involvement in the Passan City-States. For an entire decade now Galaharian merchants and nobles have settled in the passans. They have become completely interwoven into the passanese economy. From the shadows they had even begun to support and foster Passans loyal to the league. Passan soilders and war heroes had even served with the Duke. The Passan Guardians had even joined the League in arms, defending the Storm Keep, to keep the forest of darkness at bay. led by three illustrious passan commanders, they were considered allies and friends of Galahar. ***With all this in mind, the Bank enacts a new wave of policy. They begin to become more firm in their actions to secure friendship to the league. Using their deep connections, funds, and local merchants, the Bank begins to subtly begin to garner support from each Passan City. While some cities were more backwards, like the rural tribes, other cities were becoming cosmopolitan and mercantile. The overall phase of this new plan is to begin and rally the scattered support bases. They will see how much support each they can get from each City and Passan Tribe. And begin asses just how much the League’s investments have paid off for a decade of work. – Giovenco Barbaro, Duke of the League, Lord of Batista’s Landing, Commander of the Adventure Company, Warden of the Storm Keep, and the League’s first Explorer stands proudly in his war tent. A faint mist enshrouds the tent, and is ringed by Leagues-men and Freed-men. Around the tent was an entire war-host. After the Field of Tears, many of these stood empty. But what remained of the Coalition was stronger for it. They have fought numerous wars, in different regions of the world. The Hakkan still stood tall, their army intact. The League proudly trumpeted and marched about. The Fey cavalry kept to themselves in their camp ringed by trees. The Bourdelaic Knights and foot sparred with any they could find. The Hilmedhi drank and caroused with all, new to the company. The Passan soilders sulked about, foraging for the army. ****Hakkan the Undying, Chosen of God and Master of the Skies had personally prompted the Duke to march. Assessing his Host, Giovenco was far from certain. Even before the Field of Tears they had been a small army. Now, well it went without saying. The wounded and dead pile up. But he would never refuse such a order. The way he went about it however, would be far from straight forward. As the army marches on Karel, Hakkan and Fey outriders are launched in numerous bands. They will be the eyes and ears of the army. Their overall goal, to find and lure the Karel army...... – Population; 6,999,27 Income; 116.5k Mod Actions *Coalition Fleet Continues Hunt/Asking Eadni to join hunt and parlay **Continued Mercenary Manipulation -10k [20k Total] ***New phase of Passan Manipulation -11k [50 total] / Continued Passan bank Growth -5k [12k total] ****Coalition Host marches on Karel, sending scouts. [Map] Building 2 new settlements -10k Financial Actions Continued Danwent bank investment -5k [15k Total] Redacted; 13k Finishing Hermitage; 21.5k Building Port and Merchants Guild in new City; 25k Upgrading 1.5k Med. Inf to T3 [6k]
  3. H’wong Nation Music This year marks a moment of true history within H’wong Nation. For entire generations upon generations, Temshu has been their home. A City-World of technology and democracy. What they had thought to be a sole bastion in a dark galaxy. But science and logic have been taking the place of superstition. Once H’wong had shunned the stars, and kept to their burrows and small lives. But as always a society must progress or die. Bright minds and strong hearts prevailed over the inept and old. And now dozens of years later, in the present, the H’wong Nation was expanding out of their sole home. Last year a colony had been established, closer to the galactic rim. Opportunist, and regular citizens mostly. It soon became apparent what their purpose on this world was to be. Engineers and Scientist land alongside the colonist, and set to work. In order to feed the ships and equipment needed, an industrial hub will be built in the world. This most basic industry will see to the everyday needs of the growing Space power. And already Scientist study the factories themselves. They will get to work on making them more efficient. On Temshu the daily life as always prevails. Peaceful citizens in their millions live their lives. There was some excitement in the upper city this year however. A military parade had been arranged by the Silver Cloak Guild. Their new ‘1st Frontier Regiment’ was a proud assembly of H’wong warriors. Resplendent in their uniforms of various colors depending on their designation in the Regiment. Banner-men carry a panoply of geometric designs on their flags. Their parade is in celebration of the first H’wong ship of war. A glorious Light Cruiser will be built to patrol their territory. For now the ships have no shields, and the troops ballistic weapons. But it is promised they will have superior equipment in under a decade. – Population; 5.15 Billion Income; 21.5k C, 4 L, 3 M, 13 S, 17 R, 19 T Actions; Building 2 Basic Industry Factories on colony world. -20k Starting a Light Cruiser -3 M [3/9] Research into T1 Basic Industry -12 R [12/25] Continued T1 Shield Research –5 R [12 Total] Income After; 1.5k C, 2 L, 0 M, 15 S, 0 R, 19 T -- Sorry Forgot to show colonization map last turn;
  4. Galaharian League The ports of Batista’s Landing this year are especially busy. Two of the League’s towering Nuncios dominate the horizon. Anchored beside them is a panoply of carracks, caravels, cogs and galleys. The glue to any naval power, something Galahar knew well. Their fleet had suffered a humiliation from the mistreavers power once. But it would not be so again, Galahar was prepared this time. Long columns of merchants, slaves, soilders, adepts, clerks, lords, and all other sorts are making their way to the ships. Ormanno Sforza leads them in all his splendor. He wears a suit of black armor, stylized into a snarling wolf. Behind him are his renown Wolf Slayers, and row upon row of heavy infantry. However as Sforza approaches his Nuncio, he sees someone else is waiting for him... Duchess Arraign Barbaro used to be a beautiful women. Some may still say so, her husband included. But the truth was her face is hideously scarred. Short a nose, ear, and eye, she has a gash through half her face. And so Arraign takes to wearing a bronze mask, in the image of the Being. It serves it’s uses as well, hiding her emotions. It served to reming Leaguesmen of the more firm side of Barbaro rule. Coincidentally, the Duchess was doing just that this day. As Sforza arrives at the docks, he dismounts and kneels. Arraign picks him back to his feet, smiling behind her mask. “My lady, I did not expect to see you here.” Sforza begins, looking bemused. “I thought you had a League to rule, don’t let the likes of us detract you.” Arraign’s grin grows broader. Always one to enjoy the discomfort of Sforza, she states in a rather monotone voice. “It has been decided differently. You are the one with a League to rule. Don’t let me detract you from that Lord Sforza.” As expected the burly Admiral begins to bluster, quite angrily. “The command is mine! The Duke has prompted me to sail east, we all heard his mes-“ The Duchess icily cuts in “Giovenco is not here, and he has given the ultimate command to me, overriding yours.” A few clerks and scribes murmur their assent. They were sticklers for the rules and protocol after all. “It is personal, Sforza. That mongrel did this to my face.” She takes off her mask, showing her wounds. “He killed my men, spat on my family’s name, and slaughtered many innocents. The Hilmedhi fleet will follow me better, and the Danwenti senators praise House Barbaro. I am sailing east.” An so she does..... *The Galaharian fleet under the stern command of Duchess Arraign Barbaro head along the Revar coast. Stopping to meet some Dourdelaic merchants, they continue down to Aulem’s port. Finally, they arrive at the Ivory City. There they pick up gold and supplies for the final trip. It is also when the grand Hilmedhi fleet meets the League’s. The Hilmedhi greet their long lost Princess with joy, and the two navy powers become one for a time. They make a final joint sail to the League’s easternmost outpost, on the Island off the Aulem peninsula. There they will also meet a strong force of Danwenti galleys. Expecting the voyage to take the whole year, the fleets focus on sailing. But a net is gradually being cast to catch the Mistreaver..... – Leaving a sulking Sforza behind to rule proved most useful however. His personal guard kept order in the city, and senate. No talks of freeing the slaves or democracy are tolerated. Though Duke Giovenco to the west is spouting the new creed, the League overrides him. It was however a delicate balance. Barbaro power will be maintained, but monitored. Neither side can be allowed to go too far, thus putting Sforza right int he middle. He focuses on doing what the League does best, being busy. **The Lord of this mercenary fleet is invited to make way to Batista’s Landing for employment. He is however the first of what will hopefully be thousands. Sforza and the League will start to turn Batista’s Landing into the home seat for all Mercenary regiments of renown. What can be offered is their own district in the city, next to the ports. There Mercenary Captains can make their offices, to recruit and conduct business. It will also give them access to making connections with over twelve different nations arriving in the Capital to trade. The Captains will be given free reign to conduct their business, with no tax. The League simply wants to have them based in their Capital for the prestige it entails. Monetary incentive is also offered to base units in the League’s Capital. ***In other more exciting news Sforza finally gets around to the Wet Throat expedition. A few Banners of his best men are selected for the mission. They will hire Fey living within the League to assist in the march. Their goal is to sail to the Wet Throat, near the League’s newest and westernmost town. Basing there to gather supplies, they will then head right to where the roots meet water. The next part is simple, yet the most dangerous. Follow the roots inward to wherever they may lead.. – Income; 105k Population; 6,795,609 Mod Actions *Combined Fleet sets sail for League’s eastern isle towns. Search begins for Mistreavers. **Starting to base Mercenary Companies in Batista’s Landing -10k [To clarify Merc sell-sails are offered to come meet League for contract. The gold is to making Merc Companies come base in capital] ***Wet Throat Exploration -7k [!] Building Bank in Danwent’s Capital -10k [!] The Coalition Army in the realms of Hakkan the Undying, Chosen of God and Master of the Skies is led by Duke Barbaro to the border, to counter Karel raids, and launch some slave raids of their own. Financial Actions Building a City -15k [Redacted] -11k Passans -5k [39k Total] Starting a Hermitage -21k Building 2 Schools -20k Recruiting 1.5k Medium Infantry -6k
  5. H’wong Nation The Colony ship proudly sat in it’s berth, the final work being done. As the ship is staffed, the first arrivals show up. The Capital-World of Temshu was highly coveted in the Nation. It was all their home, and has been for centuries. But the need for more material, more of everything, has mandated a need for expansion. The more rural and poor of the H’wong have been given a one time chance. To start their own lives and houses on a new world. As all these beaming souls load up, the ship begins to charge it’s engines. They will be close to the Capital, and yet so far away. More close to home, on Temshu, work continues into the divinity of Science. Faculties even now have taken on the newest and brightest minds. Clustered around the Hive spire, they all confer with Government officials. Though it was a daunting task, Shielding for their ships was indeed tangible. Confident in their skill, and resources at hand, the Government green lights continued research. The ultimate goal to make the H’wong nations navy and naval staff safer in their expeditions. Telnor Krahn of the Silver Cloak Guild however had other ideas for the Nations allocated skills. He was the rising star in the growing H’wong Expedition Force. He argued focusing solely on Naval shielding would leave them underhanded in other areas. His troops were working with ballistics, a lack luster rifle in his eyes. And his influence has spread, gaining support form several political factions. Ultimately his plan works, and scientist are sent his way. They will confer with soilders and researchers alike, to study their laser mining equipment. They will try and find a way to refine this tech, into a portable Infantry Rifle. In other news Temshu continues it’s glorious rise as a Capital-City World. Even now it’s shipyards, city, and faculties are expanding exponentially. The growing gem in a beacon of technocratic democracy, it is highly coveted. As such the H’wong continue to ensure their military and defenses are able to rise up to the challenge. Actions Finances; 25k C, 2 M, 12 S, 12 R Continued Research into T1 Shielding -5 R (7 R Total) Starting Research into Infantry Laser Rifles -7R Establishing Colony (Map To Come) Finishing SL2 -5k C Building 1 Research Faculty -15k C Starting T1 Sector Defense in Capital -5k C Recruiting 1 unit of Regulars -1 M -1 S Finances After; 0 C, 1 M, 11S, 0 R
  6. Gaharian League Word begins to filter back of the tremendous war to the East. The battle known as the ‘Field of Tears’ will live in infamy within the League. Having named the battle themselves, as tears and the salt within them were of significance to the Galaharians. Duke Giovenco Barbaro has earned himself great glory, but also great enemies. And not just foreign. Word is filtering back of him seemingly freeing the slaves attached to the army. He had promised them freedom, and they had spurned him. But in the height of the battle, he had earned their trust. These ‘Freedmen’ were now fanatically loyal to the Duke, and converts to the Deep One. Back at home however, the Guilds denounce this motive. They head to the Senate, a archaic and corrupt officials that leads to stale mate. The Clerks and Guilds clamor for reform, and a Danwenti Senator present offers his neutral but democratic opinion. All changes when Sforza docks in Batista’s Landing. Cogs of the League and a few war ships come into the harbor bleating away merrily with trumpets. Sforza rides down the plank on a massive war horse, a gift from the Emperor. Behind him come hundreds of hardened Leagues-Men, each bearing a black wolf pelt on their shield. Bands of his mercenaries and slave catchers follow them. Sforza rides up to the palace, and meets his wife Sophia, and their twin children. Reunited for a bit, Duchess Araign beckons them to council. Though High Priestess Morraine had been avoiding courty, court with her son and adept, the rest attend. What is clear was regardless of what the Duke said, the Guilds move for reform was a threat. Until Giovenco could send word back himself, order must be restored. Sforza and his men confer with local police, and clear the dissenters. Slaves are put under watch, and penned up. The Danwenti Senator is whisked out of the capital and graciously given a tour of the Revar coast, meeting many and more of Galahar’s allies. *In other news Galahar begins picking their best men from mercenary bands. They will be the very first instructed in the ways of heavy infantry. However on a more interesting note, the League makes use of it’s influence. Using their far flung network of trade and diplomacy, word is spread. The League is offering chest of gold for any mercenary companies willing to embark on campaign with them. The initial payment will be given, with more promised to come. The League is looking for true mercenary companies of repute like the Order, not mongrel sell-swords. Perhaps most interestingly Ruhn is given gold for a piece of paper! – Income; 129.5k Population; 6,597,667 Mod Actions [!] Continued Passan Investment. This year the focus will be on building a bigger bank within the Northern reaches of the nation. It is here the Ivory Bank will establish an official headquarters, and grow a town in it’s own right around the bank. Far more more subtly, they continue to rally support where they can for the League. They use the new war with Karel, and the Passan heroes who saved the center in the Field of Tears, to inspire a new sense of ‘nationalism’ -6.5k [34k Total] [!] Bog Silk is acquired from the Libraries, with some rudimentary explanations of it’s use. The League test it’s properties as a string for a Crossbow. Financial Acitons Town Established Ruhn Map -20k Gifts to Friends -10k 4 Units of Heavy Infantry [T3] -24k Building a Shrine -17k Building 4 Caravels -16k [Redacted] -15k Bog Silk Payment -6k Treasury +5k 2 Settlements Established -10k
  7. Music H’wong Nation Chancellor Malax of the Orange Cloak Guild strides down a series of increasingly dim tunnels. Below the Capital of Temshu, things were quite different. Above millions of denizens of H’wong lived their average lives. Police kept an eye on the streets. Vendors with dyed fur crying out their wares. Groups racing around in increasingly new and dangerous cars. The smells of the city were that of nature, and technology combined. The growing “Hive” was becoming more and more of an energy node in many senses. It’s there the bright minds assembles, and the only reason the Nation has ever reached space. From there now continue broad ideas and innovation. Right next to it is the Government Chambers and offices. Hundreds of elected officials all gathered there. Rightfully elected, corruption was low in the higher echelons. Citizens performed directly with the government and voting through an interface in the data sphere of the Nation. But more importantly for now was what lay at the end of these tunnels. Accompanying Malax were many other Senators, Scientist, Generals, and Guildsmen of the political factions. The City itself was nestled in and amongst a large range of mountains. And while the top of the city crowned the mountains and dotted the valleys, the H’wong preferred to burrow into the hills themselves. Thriving communities and entire neighborhoods littered the underground. And below it all was the Government’s most valued chambers. For here the Chancellor and his entourage go to meet the scientist on their latest project. [Recruitment Poster of soon to be H’wong Fleet Commands first vessel ever, enlist today!] As the Government begins to build and research more great projects, normal life continues in the Nation. The peaceful H’wong kept to themselves on their sole world, and had always stuck to their tight knit extended families. But in the face of this scientific age, supply and demand was growing far more complex. All kinds of industry was needed to support this growing web of Nation Science. But entire worlds were needed for this industry. Likely souls are asked to volunteer for the H’wong’s first ever settler expedition. Following this growing outward look is the need for internal protection. Not quite war like, the H’wong preferred peace and prosperity. However a small peace keeping force is needed to police their newest territory; space. The Shipyards will be expanded, to better stock the H’wong fleet. The ground forces are charted to move past simple planetary police forces. Volunteers for the army and navy are assured the H’wong Nation will only send them out with the finest of equipment and vessels. Actions; Income; 75k C Starting a SL 2 -45k Constructing 2 Research Faculties [T2] -30k Constructing 1 Colony Ship -8 M (If possible scans and surveys of surrounding sectors in preparation) Research begins into [T1] Navy Shields – 2 R [MOD Please] The Admiralty seeking to ensure the upmost safety of their charges gathers the bright minds of the H’wong nation. They will begin to work into preliminary shielding for their space vessels. Primary goals are to find a power system good enough to link the Ship’s engine to a potential energy point that will then project a single phased layer of shield.
  8. Application Form Ideas and Suggestions?: Perhaps a bit more explanation of mechanics. Nation Name: Redon Empire Race: Red dar Imperiad. History: The city-world the Redons call home is one of fertile valleys, and deadly jungle and mountain. Much as humans would call it a “City-State” this Redon planet was their home, capital, and only sector of space. However the noble Redons lived in prosperity, never having needed to expand. The Redon and his inner circle rule from the proper city along the equator. Nestled along a thick belt of jungle and volcano, it was a large and deadly place. From aristocrats from across the world pay homage, and visit. Barracks bristle with soilders, and coliseums and fighting rings litter the landscape. Coming into the Space Age, everything had changed. The Redon as Emperor had ambitions beyond just their home world. Their world was filling up, and Lords were increasingly subdividing their lands as more and more are born. Many rich merchants and explorers also clamor for expeditions. All in all, the Empire is looking outward, after centuries of isolation. Map location: Sent 😉 Starting Sectors: 1-4: 1, will discuss Boons elsewhere.
  9. Galaharian League A pall of anger hangs about the city of Batista’s Landing. What should be a year of celebration, has turned to dust. Duke Giovenco Barbaro had finally returned from his ventures in the west. He had left operations in the Banks hand, and his Passan allies to guard the Storm keep. Somber crowds welcomed him back, as he inspected his ragged fleet. The power of Revar’s Gulf it was said. Until one thing and its serpents had tarred that image. And yet the wealth of the League flows in, and the Capital is a jewel of the land. This year a Church is being erected to commemorate the Being that had briefly touched them all. After visiting his wife, the Duke resume his rule of the League. It would seem his pet projects could wait, other matters had taken precedent. *The most unsettling of all was the troubles plaguing the Hakan. They were a valuable trade partner, and friends ever since the Duke’s wedding. With only vague reports coming in, it seemed the Karel had started this whole accursed war. The western beacon for League merchants, the Hakan were great for stability in Revar. This external threat would not be tolerated. A force dozens of banners strong is mustered in the capital. Mainly Barbaro household troops, they were experienced and well armed men. They travel by sea. **In other news is the Duke’s main reason for coming home. With the west under way to stability and prosperity, it is time again to look to the east. The League’s profitable city of Ivory, and the Ivory Bank’s capital, was just that. One city, and a thin strip of coast. The Aulem were trade partners and friends to the League. But it was clear they could not feasibly settle all that land. And so the League moves to occupy what has laid unclaimed for years. They seek to settle a very strategic island, straddling the trade routes. From there Leaguesmen would set up a proper headquarters for the east. The raids of a certain band of Misty buccaneers had proved the Galaharian fleet had a long way to go. Though not rivaled in size and power, no navy was ever truly safe. And so several more ships will be constructed. The fleet will be repaired, and grown past it’s old size. This goes hand in hand with the growing armament and organization of the League’s scattered mercenary bands. Though the Hakan are receiving help, a true force is mustered in the Capital. Hearing of the growing plight in the east the Duke will yet again set sail. – Income; 118.5k Population; 6,405,502 Mod Actions *Sending a full host to assist the Hakan in their war. It is hoped the Hakan will cover the cost of the journey and men. -5k gold and 10k slaves to be the logistics of the Army. [!] Continued Passanese Economic Plans. The Ivory bank continues to seep into the economic system of the land. They continue to give out loans, hopefully now gaining profit from their returns. They also begin to quietly use this influence to place pro Galahar officials and merchants in power. -7.5k (27.5k Total) [!] The Passanese are also asked to contribute soilders to the Duke’s Hakan expedition. **Expansion Financial Actions Building Port and Merchants Guild in City -25k Building Church in Batista’s Landing -20k Two Settlements -10k Building 1 Nuncio -9k Building 1 Carrack -6k Researching Heavy Infantry -15k Passans -7.5k [Redacted] -16k Treasury +5k
  10. Tywin Lannister sat in his chair, in front of the Iron Throne. The corpses had been moved, and the ash cleared. But all around were the still shouldering ruins of the red keep. How many secrets had been lost, how much burnt? It was clear the Warden of the West was not happy. All around him stood the groundworks of new buildings. Workers in small teams were chipping away at the enormous task. But it had all come out of Tywin’s personal pocket. Regardless, he paid the cost of last month. But he could not continue to fund the entire city. Thankfully things were changing with the arrival of Damion Lannister. Newly appointed Master of Coin for the Iron Throne, Tywin was giving him the chore while he rules for Stannis in the Crownlands. Damion also brought a thousand of the Lannister’s elite army with him.... *Above all else, Tywin excelled in politics, restoring order, and authority. The Crownlands was a ripe ground for a man such as himself to restore the Iron Throne’s power. Lord Addam Marbrand after several sorties into the countryside with his men brought back troubling reports. The Lords had gone silent, and the small folk flee or cower. Marbrand is once more set out, and Tywin continues his game. With Gyles Rosby most likely dead, their was no heir to the Rosby estates. He did have a ward however, which Tywin invites to his camp. If the Ward accepts, he will become the new Lord Rosby, provided he bends the knee to King Stannis and the Iron Throne. The same tragedy had befallen house Hayford, and Darry. Though Tyrek Lannister has still not been found, he is betrothed to Hayford’s only heir; a baby girl. For now the betrothal is kept in tact, with Tywin sending Lord Stafford to keep a stern eye on the castle, with a stout Lannister garrison. *As for Darry there was only two female contenders for the seat. For now Tywin just sends men to help rebuild the shattered castle and restore order. Ami Darry is broached on the subject of a marriage to one of Stannis’s loyal lords. Stokesworth was another curious matter. No one knew if they had survived the hell fire of King’s Landing. If not, the castle will also be garrisoned, and await the word of Stannis. -- **As Tywin restores order amongst the nobility of the Crownlands, other have perhaps harder task. Lord Addam Marbrand is once again sent out as acting King’s Justice. He flies the royal banner of the Baratheon Stag within the burning heart. Lord Marbrand did not ride out to scourge the small folk or kill lords however. As proper Lannister columns went to do Tywin’s bidding, Marbrand’s force was to restore order in the country side. Marbrand was Tywin’s best outrider, and scout. But he was also a brave and courageous lord. He was the best idol they had for the small folk. He will ride from town to town with his band, and help the small folk. The people of the crownlands can also petition Lord Tywin in his camp, who will start to restore law and order. ***Sadly not all answers could be answers with the Lord of the Casterly Rock. Some matters required the sword, no matter the circumstance. Troubling reports were all Tywin has heard from the land he finds himself policing. The thousand Elite Lannister troops from his personal army were the solution. Dividing into lesser “Banners” of units that can operate on their own. The officers supplemented by Lords and Knights will roam the Crownlands, and be the first response to any tales of banditry, revolt, or treason. A large garrison will also be sent to staff Maidenpool and Duskendale, and elsewhere as Tywin orders. – ****Perhaps the hardest task of all lays in Dmaion Lannisters lap. The new Master of Coin for the Iron Throne. Lord Tywin had made it clear personal Lannister payments to fund the Iron Thrones expense on a city will stop. However Tywin does lend Damion a personal loan, to get started on his efforts. He begins to pull what he can from the ashes, and sends to Dragonstone for the treasury and any records. Damion also begins to restore what he can of the Iron Thrones financial team. The Justicars, and scales, and all those needed. Unlike Littlefinger though, Damion will not give out excessive titles and over staff. It was on a pure economic survival basis. ****Most important of all was restoring taxes from the realm abroad. The entire Iron Realm and all the lords under it had to pay their due. But the Master of Coin would not harshly levy the lords for quick gold. Maesters and appointed members of the throne will travel across the realm. Ravens will be sent, and outriders sent to escort. The purpose to asses the Realm’s status abroad. Taxes will be lowered on lands affected by the war that can’t afford it. And lands left untouched will be restored to paying what they owe. It is expected the Reach will also keep paying what they owe. Tywin Lannister shows Mace the way, by restoring the tax on the Westerlands. Though the debt owed to Lannisters by the Throne was a whole different matter. – *****Back at home Tyrion was kept busy ensuring the Westerlands remained stable and at peace. As always the coast are patrolled, and the mountain forts staffed. Five thousand new levies had been raised, after such peace. Though some lords were annoyed at the lost, the men were needed. They would officially be mustered into Tywin’s personal Elite army. A army growing in fame, wealth, and discipline. The two thousand Elite Lannisters already well trained are made the officers and sergeants of the newer and large influx. They will begin to train these new levies, and show them the way. The army will be paid better then the regular Lannister host, and will be well armed and armored in proper Lannister uniform. Actions *Tywin begins to consolidate the Iron Throne’s control on local castles and lords. **Marbrand begins to consolidate the Iron Throne’s control on local towns and small folk. ***Deploying 1k Lannisters in Tywin’s Elite Personal Army ****New Master of Coin begins to rebuild office, restore taxes. *****Continued training of Elite army.
  11. Skandinaviskt Riket Tens of thousands filled the flourishing capital of Stockholm. For most of his life King Oscar Gustaf Adolf V had never received his rightful crown. The Republic had decried any true coronation ceremony. They had used him as a ceremonial figurehead. Whilst a staunch monarchist and conservative, Gustaf was never one for icy formality. He was a man of the Nordic Master Race, be they peasant or Lord. Yet he to had felt hurt in his denial of obtaining a crowd. But now the Republic was dust, and the monarchist ruled. Gustaf V will never be coronated as a King. He will be crowned as an Emperor This crowning was following alongside a quick moving Swedish government. Their propaganda, training, and industrial growth as always will continue. But this summer much more important things were in the making. Though the world would never be told of course. The Swedish market is controlled by the Central government like any true fascist. They begin strict rations, in order to start stockpiling valuable material. The home guard and reserves are also slowly being activated in small groups, and sent to armories. The main army already on stand by is ordered to do training exercises. All kept quiet, in the heart of a Swedish winter. The Nation is effectively sealed off to the outer world, information being closely guarded. Rumors have it a Imperial agency is ensuring this stays true with S.S trained brigades. And then as summer dawns, Sweden’s military struck. Seeking to ‘enlighten’ the restricted monarchies of Denmark and Norway, Sweden came to their rescue. After a brief and... unfortunate war, Emperor Gustaf called The monarchs to peace discussions. And what had culminated had been highly oped for, but not anticipated. The Monarchs all knew the decayed status of their army and economy. To ever keep up with modern powers and stay relevant, unity was needed. Perhaps the mad edge to Sweden’s sword helped sway things. But the concessions were not harsh, nor unfair. And thus the Scandinavian Empire is formed between Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Gustaf is crowned Emperor Gustaf Adolf I, first of his name, Emperor of the Nordic Race, Chancellor of Sweden, commander of the military. The Kings of Denmark and Norway retain their royal status, and in fact gain more power. Under stern Nordic Agent watch, Fascist governments are elected to server under the two Monarchs. They also elect representatives to a higher up Imperial Parliament. There all three nations send representatives, for higher up matters of state across all the borders. – *In other news the Swedish campaigning of the radio continues. However for more short term practical means propaganda is kept to leaflets in the traditional standard. Posters, loud speakers, news papers, every way possible, the media of the Nordic state begins to seep into it’s people’s ethos. In schools and history books favorable outcomes are factored. Across the domestic state the Emperor and his party are taking control and skewing public view towards their ideals. **In industrial news the combined power of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway is utilized. As promised the first Imperial funded project is in Norway. The Imperial cabinet helps fund projects to improve roads, agriculture, and industry. In more local matters Sweden herself focuses on a growing arms and armor industry. While for now German imported small arms was enough, Sweden needed vehicles. And so using her money from the newly won war, and Iron trade, Sweden sets to convert a military factory into being able to produce light tanks of German design. German engineers assist in the process. ***The army reserves are sent back home to work in the factories and farms, and help with this surge of Imperial planning. Meanwhile the main army remains active, and under German armament and training. In naval plans the three heavy cruisers continue under German blueprints, to make modern vessels. The damaged navy is assed for it’s worth, to see if it’s worth saving, or scrapping. Actions *Swedish propaganda drive continues. **Norwegian Imperial Plan/Swedish Home Plan ***Army reserves sent home to work/Army Training -German/Swedish RnDLooking into researching and producing a cheap but effective home radio. Radio
  12. Galaharian League Across the League wheels turn and gold changes hands. All in all, quite a normal year on the surface. But there were murky ripples in the water. The men of the league play games of war and economics in blissful ignorance. The women however live in fear, fear of a certain pair of white eyes. But the ripples are hardly detected, and life goes on. Duke Giovinco Barbaro strides down the spacious halls of his Storm Keep with his three Passan commanders. In the past year or so after building, he had been busy renovating. Now shrines to the deep one mark every corner. Tapestries, silks, and oil lamps suffuse every hall way. Fresh sea food pours in, as well as supplies. Giovinco had done about all he could with the Storm Keep in the past few years. Now it was time to hand the keys to someone else. His loyal Passan Commanders would cater to the defense, supported by a council of Leagues-men officers and merchants. Giovinco will remain in the Storm Keep, but his priority has shifted.... *The Passans people have slowly been shown the true wonders of a mercantile world. They had even expanded their borders, and their towns. A growing luxury and service economy was booming. Citizens wanted more goods, and clothes. However this entire boom was engineered by Galaharian merchants. They had not given loans to Passan merchants, but gifts. However this was leading to the Passans becoming increasingly reliant on Galaharian imports and finance to keep their growing domestic economy growing and booming. The Ivory bank and Duke Barbaro officially take over the operation. They will not upset the status quo what so ever. Galaharian merchants continue to integrate into the Passan economy. But the influence of their economic power is now focused under one branch, the Ivory Bank. They will begin to use this new found power to slowly and subtly expand their influence even more in the economy of Passans. In more martial matters the army of Galahar begins to mobilize and rally at Throatavilla. Quite an unprecedented event, many Leagues-men grew weary of this new move. However Governor Salvanzo of Throatavilla clears the air. Every an ally of the Guilds and Ivory Bank, he screens the army and commanders in a proper vetting process. His clerks compile a three thousand page report, and distribute it. The army was indeed being legally paid and ordered to assist Bordeleuax in their final assault on the Carrowlands. Elsewhere brave new regiments of troop are raised. **Galahar also begins into a very new, and very odd line of research. For two years or so now a most peculiar Uhlan Wood has come in from Hilmedhi. This wood was wondrously light, and seemed to enhance speed. Always one to look to the stars, the League RnD team takes this new wood. They begin to fashion it into a long staff, with supporting frames. This staff and frame of Uhlan Wood will ideally hold a Bog Silk sheet over it. The ultimate goal to make a form of glider then can harness the gales of wind over ocean and land alike. Slaves are used to test the gliders of course. – Population; 6,218,934 / Income; 107k Mod Actions *Continued Ivory Bank ventures in Passan. -9k [20k Total] **Research into a ‘Glider’ -10k [!] Shipping in a Librarian Adept to assist in the investigation of last years mystery Ivory Bank subsidiaries start construction in the capitals of; Passans, Bourdeleaux, Danwent, Hilmedhi, Fey (But in their port city of course). [Redacted] -10k Financial Actions Building City -15k Building Port/Merchants Guild in newest City -25k Recruiting 2 Units of Stormriders [T3] -12k Recruiting 2 Units of Leagues-men [T3] -13k Building 6 Ballistae -4.5k Paying loan to Fyr-Darrick -8.5
  13. Galaharian League Fashion and parties on the absolute rise! Batista’s Landing has steadily been growing into the “Capital of the World” Smack dab in the center, it commanded Revar’s Gulf, and several golden routes run right through it. The ports were teeming with life. So many different styles of sailors, ships, courtesans, and more! The city itself has grown outside it’s walls by far. Millions now called this place home, and the expansion of it’s defenses is scheduled. In other news this influence works both way. Many nations abroad are now hearing of the League and it’s famed wealth. League fashion was now traveling outward. Every week a new rich noble started a new trend, and it now ripples out to the world. Galaharian hats and side button coats are all the rage now. With this new found power in the Capital also comes perils. Whilst the Duke and Sforza were off playing games, they had left the women to rule. Ironically neither was Galaharian by birth. But they were trusted all the same, and were strong women. Princess Sophia of Bourdeleux, and the famed Princess of the Jungles. They knew security was lax, and thousands came in and out every day. It was a matter that needed to be rectified, along with growing crime in this city of millions. *And so they set to work. The Duke had left a strong and well armored garrison to hold the Citadel. These men will now also be put to work to police it. At the Docks the Guilds and Clerk associations are given full control. Now backed up by soilders, they patrol the wharves. Every ship that docks is searched before the crew can leave. Their entire inventory listed, and the names of the owners taken. This will prevent anyone from slipping in or out through the docks. Further in the city local district wardens and police assisted by Barbaro household troops will now roam the streets in force. Their main goal to look for escaped slaves, and criminals. In the city outskirts cavalry will now patrol, whilst ships patrol the coast looking for smugglers. This will all hopefully make most business and commerce in the City legal, and trackable, and above all else, taxable! In more martial matters the Duke and Admiral have taken matters into their own hands. Many of Sforza’s mercenary band has been called. Their use in the siege is minimal, and they could no longer hunt for slaves. They did however bring home several thousand Carrow peasants, adding variety to the League’s well groomed stock of slaves. The Duke remains at the Storm Keep with a large army, machinating in the locale. **The Duke had no desire to make the Passan Defenders feel as if their position had been usurped. Thought the Citadel was now the first line of defense, Giovinco did not see himself as the de facto commander now. The more Galaharian leaning Passans who supported the Duke all these years are invited to the Storm Keep. There they can lead Leagues-men as officers, and receive a lofty spike in pay and food. The Defenders banner shall be flown side by side with the League’s in the Storm Keep. The three most loyal and high ranking Defender Officers to the League are gifted elaborate armor seized in the Carrow Wars [T4]. **In Passans proper, League influence also continues to spread. Merchants from several League cities have invested heavily by now. Mostly in the Passans city, to make it truly remarkable to these swamp people. But now knowing the political landscape, natives, and business, it was time to ramp up operations. Increased gold begins to stream into the city, and loyal Passans pockets. Galahar by now is slowly embedding itself into the Nation as a whole, and making themselves quite useful to the Passans. In other news the League begins to subdue the last of their core land left vacated through military force. A massive loan is also shipped to Bourdeleux. The gold will be sent by land and sea in different caravans, and be heavily guarded. Mod Actions Galahar Fashion Spreads to the World! *Tightening security in Capital, improving commerce operations -2k **Passan Machinations -5k, 3 suits of T4 armor [11k Invested in Passans so far] [Redacted] -2k Financial Actions 84k Income Loan to Bourdeleaux -60k Building a City over old PoI city! -15k *Continued work on Improving Batista’s Landing -2k [10k total]
  14. The Commonwealth Led by her most Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Empress of India and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, Guardian of the Kuiper Belt, Duchess of Neptune and Jupiter, Queen of Pluto *The end of this most auspicious year marks a number of celebrations for the Commonwealth. It is rumored Queen Victoria is pregnant, though no medical exam has been given yet. She has largergly been sticking to the holdings on Earth. There her and her husband do all sorts of royal activities, and tour the cities. Rumors have abounded Victorias has been gearing up to tour the colonies abroad. But this supposed pregnancy might but a slight halt to matters. As the Monarchs carouse, the domestic market booms. Thanks to the more liberal labor party, this domestic shift had transitioned smoothly. The Colonies while representing a massive pit of money, also were people. Service business, general commodities, and luxury good were the road to any true forward progress. The factories begin to churn out product, as local governments are granted subsidies to foster small business. **In more menial matters of state Parliament continues the consolidation policy. The trade routes are cleared of pirates, and now open again. As life returns to normal, the Commonwealth army and navy are now expected to ensure it stays that way. The newly recruited soilders will help a long way in this goal. The recently refortified Commonwealth will now receive reinforcements in critical areas to take stress off key points. Commonwealth naval detachments will also set up, to ensure a constant presence in more sensitive areas. On Mars itself the entrenchment process has only truly just begun. Funding for what was once a system wide policy, is now scaled back to two colonies. ***With shipyards kept ready, work begins on the new line of Commonwealth Cruisers. Work will first begin to ensure the Unicorn class has phased out the Commonwealth’s outdated inventory. Seventy Five of these ships are laid down, and the old ones will gradually be repurposed or sold off to pay for the new. As this enhanced Cruiser project begins, the Vicky Class continues work. A small bath will be produced with leftover space, to test in the field. Whilst further work will progress on the model as a whole. The other ships of the Commonwealth continue construction. ****A consolidation campaign begins on the Commonwealth’s fuel and colony investments. While the monopoly has been lost, the Territory and operations of the Commonwealth were still vast. Work begins to get the whole system up and running again. Commonwealth trade will open back up, and the large oil production rekindled. Eager to work with her new partners the Commonwealth broaches to France, and the United States a tri-nation trade lane to shuttle their fuel in large convoys. This would cut cost, and help the three dominate the trade. The Germans are offered condolences by Queen Victoria personally. The Communist uprising was a brutal threat to any proper Nation. Though it was regrettable her German cousin was working with the Soviets, it was ultimately forgivable. In an act of good will Commonwealth toothbrushes, blankets, and water bottles are sent to Neu Friedreichburg to alleviate the colonist ailment. Parliament also received troubling reports. It would seem local English agents had been subdued to the Communist cause. These men are branded traitors to the State, and formally exiled. The Commonwealth promises to formally investigate and crackdown on the Communist cells within their own ranks, which threatened both nations. Actions *Rumored pregnancy, Domestic market agenda **Garrisoning crucial areas, continued entrenchment policy on Mars ***Continued Naval Plans ****Fuel plans [U.S, France] Military/Colony fleet sent to Valetudo to establish an outpost A Royal ‘Melee’ Academy is founded in London proper. Here the higher echelons of the Officer cadres sons and daughters can come to train for fencing, and more uncouth melee types. This shift is an indication of the Commonwealth’s growing policies in the field.
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