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  1. GrimBeard

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Galaharian League The sounds of celebration are heard throughout the entire Capital. Batista’s landing is packed to the brim with people. Merchants from various countries intermingled with the sea folk, all rather drunk. After a grand wedding, The Duke and his circle had headed north. There they had spent the year valiantly defending Galahar from the Wolf folk. Giovinco was angered, at the waste of it all. He had sent word to his Fey friends of the wood. Their advice had left a bitter drought to swallow. However when the Duke came back, he learned his Duchess was with child. His first true heir, it was a massive occasion. To take his wives mind away from troubling news in Hilmedhi, he throws grand balls and plays for her. – *Under the Duke’s reluctant orders, wooding operations in the Green Throat cease. Isolated communities are abandoned, the population condensing into more defensible locations away from the woods. The army will still patrol the abandoned land, but they will leave it for nature to take back. Near the Green Throat city of Ovest, more men arrive. The League’s land gate to the uncharted west, it was a vital hub. There as well some Chiefs from a fallen Westfal are settled, as a formal Vassal state to the League. They will be left to their own devices, and act as a tributary state to the City of Ovest, to supplement the League’s Western city. In other news a resurgence of Galaharian finance is ascending. Trade partners were lining up, Galahar being a friend to all. Guilds are furiously scrambling for the contracts to build Ports and Guild Houses in their own domains. Clerks in the thousands descend on ware houses and ships, taking inventory. Soon enough Galahar’s colony will be a city in it’s own right as well. In more martial news Galahar’s very own ship is about to be completed. Dubbed a ‘Nuncio’ class, it was bigger, and better, then the average Carrack. It was a mobile tribute to the Deep One. A ship designed to travel long and far, and to bring trade to even the most remote lands. A storm ship, with weapons and cargo aplenty. Strapped to either side were two coastal skiffs, armed boats in their own right. The ship will enter production next year, in tandem with the Duke’s heir being born. A marvelous omen! **A band of Adventurers finally get approval to go back and explore the seemingly abandoned city. On it’s own island, it is hard to reach. So they set out when the sea is calmest, with a small navy. The Adventure Band will scour the City. Financial Actions 42.5k Income Completing Carrack/Nuncio Research -10k Building Trading Company -7k Building Port in Eastern City -15k Settling refugee Westfal denizens in a settlement near Ovest as a tributary state. Allocated funds and slaves. -5k Building a Settlement -5k Population; Slaves for Westfal Recruiting 2 Units of Light Inf/1 Unit of Light Archers -3k Mod Actions *Withdrawing from Green Throat frontier. **Returning to POI (2 Galleys, 1 Cog, 2 Units of men) -2.5k
  2. GrimBeard

    hey guys

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  3. GrimBeard

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Galahar League Duke Giovinco Barbaro and his party examined yet another ravaged corpse. The Wolves had come back against all hopes. Duke Barbaro himself had championed trying to work with the wolves. But Reaver Admiral Ormanno Sforza was proven right. They could not leave food for these beast, or reason with them. Though both had distaste for these forest dwelling Humagi, they were still Leagues-men. Arrayed behind the Duke was Galahar’s first official army in decades. For years and years the Guilds and Cities had maintained their own local garrisons and outpost. The armies were largely mercenary based, the scum of the land. Mostly in furs and leathers, they policed and taxed the land in the name of their payer. In battle they were average, and of no note. The Barbaro’s in days past had retained a small professional army. But as Guilds grew, and Duke’s shrunk, the odds changed. But Giovinco was living in a harsh new world. He had the support, and the allies. The new Adventurer Band is officially minted. For now the best of the various garrisons, these men will be the Duke’s new professional army. They are supplemented with hordes of the ‘Adventurers’ giving the band it’s name. They will wear gaudy uniforms, all lace, feather, and angular cuts. The more somber veterans stick to standard uniform. Jackets buttoned down a side, with the Duke’s personal crest. These new soilders under the Duke and Sforza’s lead will spend the year patrolling their land, ensuring a quick response to any Wolf raids. They will make no incursions of their own however. – The newly minted settlement of Galileria is put under the stern watch of the navy. More troops arrive to garrison the tenuous grip on the land. Ships will patrol the route, and guard their trade. Elsewhere buildings begin, and projects grow. Trade continues to expand in Galahar, the Guilds raving for new routes. Research continues as well, as a new “Nuncio” class is designed. With the fall of Westfal, many Guildsmen smell a zesty opportunity. The Duke would not let them sail to conquer however. To step on the Empire’s toes was too much. However even he could not stop the Guilds. They wanted slaves, gold, and wood. And so the entire Galahar fleet, and Ormanno Sforza himself, sail to Westfal. They only make temporary camp on the South West banks. Horses are seen roaming the land, delivering edicts. Galaharian troops begin to round up as many slaves and gold and loot as they feasibly can, as Westfalian slaves start to pour in as well. Actions 37.5k Gold Total Continuing research into Carracks/Nuncios -10k Upgrading 4 Units of Med. Inf. to T3 Armor -8k Upgrading 2 Units of Med. Archers to T3 Armor -4k Upgrading 1 Unit of Light Horse to T3 Armor -2k Building 1 Trading Company -7k Stored for next Season +3k Sending 2 Med Inf, 2 Med. Archers, 2 Light Infantry, 5 Acolytes, to guard border form wolves. Sending the Fleet and Army to plunder the corpse of Westfal. (4 Caravels, 2 Galleys, 1 Cog. 3 Units of troops, 1 Magi). -3.5k
  4. GrimBeard

    1912; The Great War

    1920 (Later Months) [[World Events andPictures to come! Sorry for the wait.]] Ireland Plans begin to murder their Union counterparts in cold blood…. The Irish industrial sector continue growing as planned. 15k More men join the armies rank with the growing strife and fear in the north. Gaelic Revival continues as planned. The dissent in the North is reaching a plateau as the Ulster Federal army responds. They begin harshly cracking down on both sides, rounding up key members. As the Unionist and IRB in Ulster are culled, the anger changes to the Government. The IRB hated them for rejecting the Gaelic Revival, and sponsoring Protestants. While the more radical Unionist and Protestants called the Government too weak. In many Ulster cities riots and protest grow, as the federal government ask the Irish Main House for arms and supplies. Austria Austria had little way to get the radio shipped to her. Nevertheless the Company heard, and answered it’s first customers call. A Company Zeppelin freshly minted lands in Vienna, where Einstein himself is hosted in the cabin for a luncheon. The Radio is delivered as promised, but the Austrians may not like the price…… The harsher Austrian countermeasure to the plague seem to help somewhat. But with her armies beset on all sides, a growing shortage problem, and general strife, it was hard to maintain such domestic plans. The Flu seems to be slowing for now. The Austrian Anti Tank R.D team begins to get a better picture with actual tanks tot est. Austria begins to wearily rally around their Emperor for this looming Endsieg. Work begins to better survey and sculpt the defenses in Bohemia. The new French Semi rifles mainly jam or lack the range/stopping power and Austrians die as a result. Unless they were in completely clean environs, the Rifles were very susceptible to the weather. The food is seen of more value, as it comes in. Japan Economic plan continues as planned! Work begins on emulating nations like Austria and Germany, and making a proper Air Force. Premier Japanese Torpedo Bombers and Fighters of dubious quality will be entering production in a years time. Naval Plan continues as planned, Japan’s expanded ports can build far more ships. The main cities of the Tri-Nation rail line are complete! Work begins on the smaller secondary routes. Work begins on a Japanese Medical Corp. Steel flows in, as Japan struggles to garner support for automobiles. France With little funding the Arsenal begins to slowly work on developing brighter plans for France’s future. Most citizens are concerned with not dying of the Flu or starving. However many also agree this should never happen again. Some private funding comes the Government’s way. However Jaures his N.L.A were also arming. Work begins to de radicalize the hundreds of Fascist, Communist, Nationalist, Monarchist, and Republican radicals plaguing the majority party. Though not actually producing any of it, the French government was daring plans of vehicles and weapons for the future. The French already taxed elsewhere scrap carrier research. 5 Dreadnoughts even paid incrementally was a massive strain on the French economy. For now none are laid, with little money, or labor to work on them. France was hard pressed elsewhere, and struggling to maintain and update her current navy. Rebuilding is a long ways away, with many parts of France in chaos or outright destruction. It will take years to fully recover, quite like the rest of Europe which is in flames. Germany Though upset, backdoor deals had secured Bavarian loyalty again. (+ 1 Million Veteran Bavarians) The move actually works, as the War Hawks had by now rotted out the core of the Reichstag, and nested in it’s place. On paper it’s fully passed. But in Belgium, and more zealous parties, they utterly reject the proposition. Riots begin in cities, as the German police crack down. One man with a fleck of a moustache is seen rioting with them. The German MK2 Tank begins limited production! Naval plan continues as planned. Ukraine Work begins on the Industrial bureau as planned! The Ukrainian army heads home for much needed rest, before answering the call again. - With little fight left, Transcaucasi can’t halt Ukraine. However more radical Russian”ist” and Lords did not want the core state losing any more land. They remained occupied all over the mountain range, facing off against the Ottoman hordes. However Ukraine is beginning to gradually just take the land with settlers. This dubious medical Epidemic team begins gathering needed supplies and skilled labor. Work begins on making an actual tax and census. Russian delegates help, always eager to get more taxes out of the Ukraine’s efficiency. Work begins in training and reforming Army/Navy Poland For now the Monarchical notion is hotly contested by the Socialist. Pilsudski finds an unexpected ally in the Fascist, who also champion a Monarch. The Catholic Exemption is passed. Poland had gone from a scattered Russian Oblast system to a reformed state. She had a growing economy, industry, and army. Overall the 4 year plan had ensured Poland [though on a far smaller scale] was on the ascension to standard European ideals. A large Polish factory is begun for heavier feats. Work begins to copy what better nations like Serbia have already mastered. Progress is good! The Polish “Hussars” made short work on the Soviets scattered across the planes, expertly encircling and killing far bigger units. In trench and frontal charges, they died like any other man. Work continues on the first Polish automobile! While low on public stocks, many privates have high stakes in it. Work begins on an up armored truck or car. One soon apparent problem is the quality of the tires, suspension, and motor. Russia White Sunday Begins! The Pensions are a good move, helping some now out of work soldiers transition back into peace time. One scar from the Russian Civil war was Russia’s distinct lack of experienced men in her army. They had always led from the front. Many had died in Russia’s “Verdun” and subsequent battles in the Stalin line. Others had simply went home, only volunteers for the Duma. However Russia’s army and higher up officers remained, and were just as capable as any other European. Unable to foot such a massive bill, Russia begins a smaller scale work into Medical fields. The army disassembles, many going home or dead. With a surge of labor, the Eastern repairs are going ahead of schedule. [Great Schism Elsewhere] Much like Poland, the Five year plan begins. For now Siberia remains heavily deserted after the war. Many had fled to China, abroad, or west. The MK II like her predecessor is a massive hulk of iron with a gun strapped to it. However with the war over and experience pouring back home, the tank also runs better, and is on it’s way to greater feats. The Semi Auto can enter partial production. But in modern war was prone to jamming and low stopping power. Work begins into cooperation between the army branches. Ottomans Work begins to make Baku and Azerbaijan even more rich in it’s Oil production! Work goes as planned. Industry goes as planned. Skirmishes ensue across the Empire, as deeply embedded Turks start to slash with the Sultan’s Royal elites. Persian pan-muslims with Ottoman support are now in a full fledged civil war, and holding for now. Vatican Pope Innocent XIV The new Pope is elected with full support and splendor! He begins shaping his inner circle to his vision from God. The Meeting takes Place in Ravenna! {To be seen elsewhere} A devout nation already, Portugal honors the new pope with his own Radio and instruction kit. Resources and Skilled Labor are gathered for the new Knights of the syringe!
  5. GrimBeard

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Galaharian league A sobered Ormanno Sforza walked the Hilmedhi princess down the pier onto the beach. With no other family, Giovinco has asked his friend, and above all, rival, to walk his bride to be. Reaching the sands, a slow jaunty tune begins on several pipes. Thousands stand barefoot in the beach, flower in one hand, knife in the other. The nobility, reavers, commoners, and priest of Galahar had all assembled to witness Barbaro’s wedding. Her allies and princess’s family is omitted from this part of the wedding. *For it is holy, and Moraine heads a procession of priest and magi. Behind her stand some three thousand slaves, arrayed in rows of chains. And there with the waves lapping at his feet stands Duke Barbaro in all his youthful splendor. His bride was a beautiful princess from the Kingdom of Hilmedhi. She was alone, with no one else permitted to come. As Moraine stiffly reads off the scripture, the ceremony is almost over. The Duke and his betrothed slice their palms, and clasp them together as they kiss. Their blood mingles, and drops into the ocean. *Thousands of slaves start to get ritually sacrificed, their blood drained into the ocean. All of Galahar’s nobility and guilds slice open their palms in groups in front of the newly weds, letting their blood mix with theirs, to solidify this bond. They return to Batista’s landing, to have another marriage under Hilmedhi custom. Then comes the massive feast and celebrations. *Along the beach thousands of bright and ornamented tents are in neat lines. With the SUPERIOR Galahar Green Wood silk, every tent was it’s own palace. Music filled the air, and ever vigilant Guards made their rounds. Wine and Mead was everywhere, as well as the bounty of the ocean. Rounds of duels between various champions of various gods ensues, each victor getting prize. In the League’s main tent hundreds dance, as Nobility mixes with Commoner. The Realm of Hakan is given a special raised pedestal near the Duke and his Duchess. Quite foreign to them, they had never the less heard via the trade routes. Always eager for more partners, the League speaks to them privately during the revelry..... – Days later they finally pull the Duke from his new wife, and drag him to the Council room. Ormanno Sforza was itching to set off, and his lieutenants were no better. Barbaro begins telling him the plan, but is cut off. The Reaver Admiral knew damn well what he was doing, and was ready to do it. He will take the fleet, and some nine hundred and fifty men. They will travel to the western coast of the Gulf, where the trade runs sweet. Through piratical or legal means, Sforza will claim the land for the League, and establish a town. **One other concerning matter was the Wolves in the Green Throat. They threatened lumbering and Silk harvesting industries, moth massive matters for the League. The Guilds controlling the trades wanted the army to move in. The Duke contrarily wanted to head into the Woods alone to speak with these creatures. Practically beaten by his wife, a compromise is made. Out of the Duke’s own pocket he will send food and live animals to the North. Even barrels of fish, crabs, lobster, and other ocean dwellers. If the Wolves eat that instead of the Duke’s people, no further course will be needed and they will continue leaving food. If not, more serious matters will be taken... The Adventurers are told to explore the City some other time, as the League becomes more busy. – Actions 33.5k Gold Total Building 1 Settlement -5k Gold To Who Knows Where -3.5k Finishing a Temple -8.5 Building 2 Caravels -8k Building 1 Galley -2.5k Work into Researching Carracks -5k Mod Actions **-1k Leaving Sea Food, Live Animals, and other meats in Green Throat for Wolves in gift baskets. A new colony is planted by the League! 2 Caravels, 1 Galley, and 1 Cog accompanied by 950 men embark under the Reaver Admiral Sforza’s command. They will build the outpost, and begin to police/patrol the trade routes. *Dukes marriage in name of the Deep One
  6. GrimBeard

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Galaharian League 1501 Population (Year 2) 4,635,000 As a new year comes to a start, many things are changing. Duke Giovinco Barbaro had left on a state visit to the Kingdom of Hilmedhi. A place where many guilds such as the Revarini or Salvanzo and his louts had interest. But The Duke had beat them there, while they all idled back in Galahar. There Reaver Admiral Ormanno Sforza rules for the year in Giovinco's stead. It was a stark difference to how the Barbaro’s liked to run it…. A dour collection of Guildsmen from Ovest walk the hallowed halls of the palace. On either side is ample display of Barbaro wealth and power. However they hear some very un Barbaro noises as they reach the throne room. Giggling, the sounds of rowdy Revari music, tankards clinking together, and other sounds of revelry. It was true The Courtesan Duke was notoriously rowdy as well. But he kept it out of the palace. As they enter the building for a meeting, they see the chaos of the Barbaro throne room. Ormanno sforza lounges on a cushion, next to the Duke’s throne. Dozens of Lords, Ladies, airy Courtesans, horrified Guildsmen, Council Members, and others mix together. The Ovest guild sadly tucks away their scrolls. It had detailed the loss of quite a large amount of gold. But now work was getting done with the Admiral's party. -- Many days later the celebrations die down -at great cost- and the wheels of state begin to turn yet again. The Duke had left behind quite the to do list for his cabinet. And the Senate/Guilds were clamoring for all the new trade opening up. Ormanno as well was busy building his fleet. As the wheel of state glide, the people of Galahar remain in peace. The lack of a military force was felt, but many were safe in their land. They had a natural affinity to it and it’s creatures. They knew as long as they tended the land, it would nurture them. However some more inland Humagi have forgotten the peace and wisdom of the Deep One. Turning to banditry, they had plagued some land routes, or simply stolen. But High priestess Moraine and her retinue did not take lightly to it. Rallying the ‘Adventurers’ private army, they rode to scour the countryside clean. Over ten thousand are rounded up, mostly inland Humagi who shun the Deep One. Sacrifices being to be made in the new place of worship, as the rest are enslaved. -- Giovinco Barbaro returns to the League, with news that will change it forever. He has officially been betrothed to the King of the Hilmedhi’s daughter. A collective sigh of disappointment can be heard in the capital from hundreds of fair maidens who had hoped to wed this dashing Courtesan Duke. But in a stroke the Duke had proved his merit. He had won the guilds trade deals, won himself a strong position as a Prince in a foreign land, and saved the Hilmedhi from Sforza's vicious ambitions. It consolidated Barbaro power in an unstable time. And things were indeed unstable. Troubling reports leaked out of the Greek Throat. The army will begin to increase, as the navy begins true building as well. The gold not pissed away partying or as gifts is put to good use. Actions Economy (Turn 2) 3k Base 8k Bonus 13.5k Pop Bonus 9k Merchant Guild 4k Trade 2k port Bonus -1k Upkeep -5k Penalty 33.5k Total Actions Upgrading 2 Units of Med. Inf./2 Med. Archers. to T2 Equipment -4k Recruiting 2 Units of Medium Inf with T2 Equipment -6k Recruiting 3 units of Light Infantry -3k Recruiting 3 Units of Light Archers -3k Recruiting 1 Unit of Light Infantry -1k Building 2 Caravels -8k Building 1 Galley -2.5k Building 1 Cog -1.5k Gold to The Himedhi -1k Gold to who knows where -2k Starting Temple in capital -1.5k Mod Actions Enslaving 10k pop straying from Deep One. Many will be sacrificed in harbor, the rest enslaved. Duke betrothed to Kingdom of Hilmedhi princess. ANY NATION Galahar can contact and is of a friendly inclination is invited to what will soon be a legendary wedding. Preparation begins, security and flamboyant spending taking priority. Sending a small group of merchants to explore strange rumors of an Interesting crop of islands west of the City. (Exploring POI)
  7. GrimBeard

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Galaharian League The Galaharian League spanned hundreds of wheels in true splendor. It’s largely coastal population was teeming with diversity. In the capital many different types and sects of Humagi walked shoulder to shoulder. The solemn and tall Nobility from The Coins were the minority in this League. And yet they ruled, and their culture predominated. In their sleek trousers and long dyed leather coats, they made for striking figures. Hats were all the fashion in the League, and changed every fortnight. They lived side by side with the more burly, and squat descendents of “The Reaver King”. By now a myth, he was the leader of the Humagi pirates to the far east. They (and the Coins people) had made a compact. The Lords with their Cogs and Trade Hulls merged with the Pirates and their war ships. They travelled west, reaving and saving as they went, picking up many more ethnic sects on the way. These ‘Revari’ wore decadent and colorful sashes, tunics, vest, and lace. They typically walked barefoot (as any sailor knew shoes on a boat meant death), and had a variety of striped, pinned, slashed, trousers or shorts. Both sects followed the Deep one, and were ardent Sea Faring Humagi. Millions lived in the League, and follow its law and decree. They had settled on a thin strip of land, lost between two seas. One of water, the other, trees. In present day this developed Nation was largely mercantile and oceanic. Guilds of various types and sizes ruled in the cities, under the Duke and Senate’s keen (and sometimes worried) gaze. The country was teeming with villages, predominantly on the coast. There Humagi and nature lived in tandem. Wild animals would stroll right up to houses, and let the Humagi pet them. Sea creatures teemed near these villages. Farther north near the Green Throat, and more inland, the population was sparser and more rugged. -- Batista’s Landing, a sprawling pearl at the tip of the Narvani peninsula. The city truly started at her docks, where thousands visited daily. A broad array of local and sometimes foreign items could be found. Fish by the hundreds, and all sorts of other trinkets littered the docks in bazaars. Warehouses, taverns, and brothels stood side by side. Sailors and merchants littered the quay. And above all was the predominant guilds flag, ‘The Revarini’. The city proper was a tiered array of mainly wood and stone houses shaped like various Sea objects. A inn shaped like a ship could be on the corner of a street, While further down a community of houses most barrel like clustered together. Wheels and nets festooned roofs, and wooden bridges connected many taller buildings and gardens. At the center of the city lay the Duke’s Palace, the League’s Senate houses, and the Guilds official offices and commerce buildings. From here the nation’s power resided, and where the vast wealth was stored. Every day soldiers, envoys, sailors, lords, guildsmen, tax collectors, wives, tours, and other people met. And sitting in his solar at the head of it all was Giovenco Barbaro. Duke of Galahar, ‘Lord of the League’, Governor of Batista’s Landing, and commander of the garrison. -- Tall and solemn/long faced like all his noble ancestors, Duke Barbaro was a very young Humagi. With long black hair arrayed in curls, olive skin, and emerald green eyes, he was nicknamed the ‘Courtesan Duke’. Perhaps for his striking beauty, like any of Batista’s famed canal courtesans, or perhaps for his love of said courtesans. Arrayed before him was the most -officially- powerful men and women in the League. They all had a stout glass of seawater, and a plate of fresh fish from the Gulf. There sat Moraine, a consort to the Duke, and priestess of the Deep One. She arched and eyebrow and smiled. Next to her were several lesser priest, and church leaders. They represented a strong bloc within the more coastal regions, where the Deep One ruled. Next to her retinue were several prominent members of the various Guilds. Many hailed from the Twin cities of the League. To the east was the prosperous Throatavilla. There Governor Salvanzo and the Narosi Guild held the wealth. They had lucrative deals with both the Humagi of the Green throat, and of the plains bordering them. From there many foreigners and wealth flowed into the League. To the west the smaller and poorer city of Ovest sat on her river and bay. There the Green Throat was always close, and ominous. The people and scattered Guilds mostly kept to extracting resources and fish from the bay. They were of less import, but still were powerful enough to require seats. Then there were of course the elected Senators from the Republic Houses. There the Guilds, Revari, Duke, Governors, and all others had their hands in the honey pot. The Senate was more a chess board for the true power in the league. And there was Ormanno Sforza, current ‘Reaver Admiral’ of the League’s navies, Chief of her land armies, and prominent member in the Batista’s Landing based Revarini guild. Loud and boisterous where Duke Barbaro was solemn and quiet, aggressive, drunk, deadly, all things that could describe Admiral Sforza as he styled himself. He was a descendent of the famed Reaver King, and the Duke’s counterpart in the League. While the Duke ruled, and held hereditary power, the Reaver Admiral commanded her armed forces, and chaired all expeditions. -- With such a mighty assembly gathered, the wheels of state begin to churn. The Guilds headed by Salvanzo had written a petition to the Duke and Senate. They want to expand the quarters and size of the Merchant Guilds in each city. They will begin to work on larger mercantile routes and deals, and begin to build roads. The Duke easily accepts, as matters move on. Sforza, eager to expand the League’s navy, wanted to build a true port in Batista’s Landing. From there he would begin to assemble skilled sailors, and build a war fleet. Upon getting the funds approved, he storms out to get to work at once as is his way. In a move to appease his Consort and Priestess Moraine, the Duke also approves funding for a holy church to the Deep One in the capital. From there the Religion and Power of the Sea God will reside eternally. A mix of adventurers, noble’s sons, rich guilders, soilders, and other sorts also petitioned the Duke. They wanted leave to form a citizen cavalry unit. They would be working closely with Admiral Sforza, and his growing ambitions in certain areas. -- Actions First Turn Investment (60k Gold) Building a Merchant’s Guild in Capital and Two Cities -30k (+9k Income) Building a Port in Capital -15k Building Place of Worship in Capital -7.5k (1 point into Myst -25% cost) Recruiting one unit of Light Horse -3k Starting Trade Pacts with; Empire of Bourdeleux, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Offering Trade Pacts with; Commonwealth of Ruhn, Kingdom of Hilmedhi
  8. GrimBeard

    From Ruination [FRP] [OOC]

    Application Nation Name: Galaharian League BRIEF History: Descendents of some of the survivors who fled west. They were even farther east then the Exiled kingdom. What one would now call “The Coins”. A sect of Humagi who lived in the volcanic islands. Primarily sticking to a backwards feudal system, they had for decades lived in uneasy peace. Relying on the sea, they made a honest living trading with the Exiled Kingdom. The nobility kept the seas clear of pirates, and the serfs fished and farmed. This happy little oceanic maritime kingdom lived like this for centuries. But around seven hundred and seventy years ago a great calamity came upon the people. More and more pirates plagued them, after centuries of feuds. But death soon shadowed grudges after almost twenty years of war. With little option but to flee, the Nobility and their fishermen and communities are forced to make a pact. The horde of pirates fleeing west raving of ill omens had came upon the small scattering of towns. In desperate need of food, supplies, and hands, the two merged to survive as one. On their journey west they witness the shattering of the Exiled Kingdom, where once great cities had towered. They crossed the great oceanic barrier, finding a new god on the way. Before arriving at their new home. At Batista’s landing they made their first settlement and now capital. They soon discovered an entirely new ocean, but on land. The Green Throat. The natural border for some time, the Empire grew over it’s peninsula, and east and west. They straddle the Throat, and are invested in Revar’s Gulf. Over the hundreds of years many and more came and settled in the Empire. Though the descendents of the Coins were Far easterlings, they were inclusive. Their culture and that of the Pirates blended with hundreds of other’s. But over time they all bowed to the Deep one and Far East culture, adding their own flavors. Nation Culture: Humagi. These Humagi are mostly tall and lithe, with olive skin and dark/bleached hair from so much sailing. The Humagi from the Coins were more solemn and reserved, whilst the Pirate descendents were far more boisterous and aggressive. This mix has led to a League where many have different bodies, opinions, and languages. But they all work together under the Emperor and Senate. Some say it is the Guild who rule as well. Also having come from the sea, many can drink from it’s water. (Drink Sea Water Attribute) Though the Three great cities rule the League, most Humagi live in the open expanse between them. They are closely tied with the land, and rely on it while the cities hoard the wealth. As a result most Galaharians are more in tune with their land. (Affinity for Home Territory/Creatures) Nation Government System: Empire/Senate Economy: 8 ( + 8k Per Turn/60k Extra Starting Gold) Education: 1 Size (include rough area on map): 8 (2 cities, 4,050,000 Population) Military: 2 2 Units of Medium Infantry 4 Units of Light Infantry 2 Units of Light Bowmen 2 Units of Medium Bowmen Mysticism: 1 Unique Unit; Nuncio’s Massive battleships similar to a carrack, these are the work horse’s of the League. Needed to patrol their large amount of coast and fishing waters, these ships are made for war and long voyages. Early models of the Nuncio were what the people fleeing west had sailed on. However they are large then most standard carracks. These beast of a ship are mobile outpost, and can staff a large amount of Leagues-men. They sport siege weapons on the front deck, 300 – 350 oars, and large triangular sails. Though ponderous they can move surpassingly fast, and carry supplies as well as men. And can even carry one or two smaller river/coast skiffs to deploy. Key Figure 1: Giovenco Barbaro Emperor of the Galaharian league, and governor of Batista’s landing. Descendent of the Humagi nobility who had ruled the small Kingdom in the Coins. Key Figure 2: Ormanno Sforza Descendent of the Pirate King who had made the compact with the Barbaro family of old. Leader of the citizen armies and fleets of the League. Key Figure 3: Moraine Descendent of what was rumored to be a drowned man picked up by the fleet on their way west. Upon being hauled aboard, he sprung back to life after spewing out all sorts of sea matter. The first Deep One priest to convert the League. LICHI DICHI DOO
  9. GrimBeard

    1912; The Great War

    1920 (Early Months) The Dutch Flu has been running rampant for over a year now. Over 50 million now have died, in increasingly dire waves. The Flu seems to evolve and mutate with each passing. Meaning treatments may be able to cure the earlier strains. But with it growing so fast, scientist and doctors are hard pressed to keep up.  World Trade and Globalization are also taking a massive blow. Europe is warring itself into the brink. Their colonies are increasingly more defiant, trade is threatened, and monarchs and aristocrats strive to maintain rule. The ripple effects is hitting the entire world, all this war and disease making it seem like an apocalypse was here in some tabloids. In Brazil the Emperor is deposed, and a new Socialist republic is enacted. In a move to gain French support under Jaures, they cede occupied lands back to france. A new and curious company emerges in Portugal. Called the ‘Companhia de Aventura Continental’ or Continental Adventure Company [C.A.C], they deal in highly modern technology. Patronised by many globalist, and Portuguese, they begin their work. Their first debut is a domestic radio, which for now is only a model in a science fair. A Company is also sent to Africa to search for rare ores. In Persia a Pan Islam group opposing the decaying regime rise up in the west. They want a more modernized and progressive state, that followed the broad Muslim ideals. They call for the Ottomans to support them in the bid for Muslim brotherhood that has been cultivated for years. In Indochina the tattered, outnumbered, outgunned, and outmaneuvered coalition army of Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam all but surrender. Besides holdouts in the deep jungles, China takes control. The Region is given autonomous control, and are made into Socialist Cantons. Germany [now a Chinese neighbour] is given Cambodia. In return Germans will provide arms, vehicles, and military training for the Chinese armies. They also politically recognize China as the owners of North Vietnam and Laos. Spain remains entrenched in the Pyrenees, and stolen French African land. The Corsican War enters a new stage as Italian Fascist seize power. A looming naval battle of epic proportions may soon appear in the Summer. What was once a unified front is now a fractured one, fighting itself. In Ireland hard line Scot and Ulster protestants dressed in Black and Tan regalia begin to slaughter Gaelic Revival teachers in Ulster province schools. This prompts a savage response from IRB cells. They counter target Ulster priest, and sparks even more retaliation as sectarian chaos erupts. Across the world plague, debt, and greed run amok. Many small business and large families were getting nothing but grief. Many young men had gone off to war to die, or rotted from the inside out from plague. The Global Population and Wealth is decreasing, and less and less raw material is extracted through more and more demand is needed. In the U.S Elections show a shattered political system. Proto-fascist, Socialist, Isolationist, and all sorts of rim parties have stepped onto the center stage. The established parties were slowly bleeding seats, and losing relevance. This leads to a even more voliate and hostile system. By now the America’s had been rich and bustling mainly in the private sector. But government mismanagement and shutdown were an all time high. An alleged bill of alcohol prohibition was also flaming things further. Some more fascist groups were even forming mock militias. Mexicans rumored to be under Panza yet again slip into the U.S as chaos erupts in the Latin America’s when Frontist spark armed revolts on the banana plantations. However North/South American, Japan, and Middle Eastern markets are steadily growing, whilst European ones plummet. This new shift in Economic wind was leading to a steadily rising economic power in some more far flung states. A new French Semi-Auto debuts after years of work. Though general economic depression and weather/mud hamper the rifle, it enters production. Ireland Across the coast the irish cities were by now bustling ports of commerce. With low taxes, good services, and industry, places like Cork and Dublin were growing. Hand in hand with this was the gaelic revival. Most of southern Ireland embraced it, and poetry and music is exploding. The dour Ulsterians ignore this new progress. The cruiser and submarines are completed. Austria The tight quarantine and medical aid is starting to help the patients not too far gone. Less and less die if they can be saved in the early stage. Continued work on making static and infantry variant anti tank weapons. The small boost of supplies from Trieste aids in keeping Austrian industry alive. The growing Austrian army was becoming more modern in some ways. An army of movement and mobility, infantry having discretion, and special units. Who knew where this will bring the Imperial army. Austrian cities begin to fortify against raids, from the Sky?!!! Austria begins to move her ponderous armies west. The logistics corps keeps the supply lines open, as the coast begins to fortify. However with italy blocking her, and most of her land also embroiled in conflict, Austria could hardly import. She was slowly being bled dry. France Peace and victory finally in France! With very little money other the borrowed or charity, the French workers can only start at repairing. Across the nation as a whole are trenches, destruction, and corpses. Many are also still wounded or suffering from plague. Millions of soldiers head home, to help rebuild France. Many post war paramilitaries form, with various political ideologies. A growing unit is the N.L.A, they supported Jaure’s bid for presidency and stuck to their former name. France for now does not have the funds to, and has to acquire more debt to begin to equip her new army. However it is only 600k men, what’s a few more million in debt anyways? Charles's campaign continues right up unto elections! More to come. In a highly controversial move advisors are sent to Austria. The very same who had supported Napoleon, and tried to steal Corsica. The new Grand Armee sends advisors, but at what cost at home? Japan Japan’s isolationism means a stronger focus on an Asian market. There the web of trade is making the sea and nations all crucial components of Japan’s economy. Observer's head to witness western wars. Work begins on forming a proper Imperial Air Force. Many Japanese return from the west and volunteer to train the young and dedicated classes. Tri-Naton Rail Line continues The increased tactical aid helps the Chinesse young caste of NCO’s learn to lead aggressively from the front. Naval Plans begin as planned! Ottomans A new army for the European conflict continues to be raised. Thanks to the B-B Rail Line they can quickly move men into the front. Baku is restored to it’s normal production queues, and oil begins to roll out once again. Ottoman oil piped to her allies help them maintain a constant vehicle presence. Planes, armored cars, tanks, ships, all powered with black gold. The deadline comes and goes, and the Janissaries are ordered to deploy. This dedicated corp begins to make quick work of the Nationalist Turks there killing so many innocents. However they see this moment to strike. With the Ottoman’s elite gone, he seemed vulnerable. At the last second however the Young Turks are sold out, and Ottoman Regulars stay loyal to the Sultan. Yet another coup is dodged, by Allah’s will! Work continues on linking the Ottomans to their major cities. A rail line to link Constantinople and Baku begins, it will be done relatively quickly (3 turns) The Ottomans jump and go arms industry continues to grow. She is now able to at least maintain supplies and arms for her growing armies. More she has begun to pioneer more modern versions of her current equipment thanks to German help. The Veteran corp was as well equipped as any European army. Ottomans continue their defense plans. Poland Elections are in! Pilsudki would remain in power, and his cabinet/minority had won a large amount of seats. The Socialist were not down for the count, but had been losing favor. Most of Poland was becoming more conservative. In Austria they even toted a Polish King! Now in majority power, the Socialist are the minority, but still the primary opposition bloc. A mix is sent to the Union’s Nat. Assembly, primarily Pilsudki’s loyal men. 4 Year Plan continues….. As planned! Work on a cheaper mobile continues, but for now stalls. Most can’t find the public support or funding. However a new model, similar to the American’s, will enter developing stage. The reformed Polish army though small is becoming well trained and organized. The Polish Mounted Force was by now as ready as could be. Well trained, led, and supplied, they all had hand picked mounts from the stocks of Ukraine’s richest Cossack tribes. Work auto area in automobiles. Ironically for now Poland’s best vehicle was her horses. Russia On the matter of ceding land to it’s Union compatriots, many hard line Russians opposed it, as well as the Tsar. They thought the allowing of their existence bad enough. For now the notion is halted, and a hotly contested matter in the Duma. The Socialist ironically support it. A rather heavy handed occupation begins. The populace of the mountains is discontented, dying of plague, and starved. This haphazard method of kickstarting Russian oil discovery begins, the first crop taking their land and starting to build homes. This causes friction with any neighbors. Stalin and his cabinet take the deal, fleeing to China with their primary supporters. They leave behind the tattered and starved Soviet faction. A power vacuum means several Generals who stayed vie for power. A Communist Dictatorship from Vladivostok ensues, controlling what armed communist Red Army units they could. However more and more troops and citizens flee into China, following Stalin. With the wars ended, a more serious look into a Russian tank begins. A preliminary model based off the British Mk I is announced. It is a gargantuan beast of iron, with a main cannon and machine guns. Work begins in tandem with polish industry on the first ever Russian standardized car. For now rejected, this fighter would be too expensive and against current producing doctrine. More rail routes are made. Germany The truth is finally dug up. French Socialist [The very same now in French Government] working in tandem with German and Russian Socialist cells assassinated the King of Bavaria with a hunting rifle. It is now known the Kaiser knew this previously, but ignored it to gain support in his war. The main question raised is, who really started the Great War? It would seem Germany’s questions are answered. In the Reichstag the Socialist and Democrats under severe pressure and War hawk bullying mostly resign. Though not exactly praised for his deal with the Socialist, the War Hawks and Generals now hold power, under the Kaiser’s reluctant approval. King Rupprecht of Bavaria formally accuses the Kaiser of conspiring with Socialist who killed his father, and demands compensation. After knowledge from previous use, Germans begin on an improved model of their early tank. They will focus on better engines, and lessening the amount of crew needed. This pan German movement has been around, and was relatively popular. However many Germans outside of the Empire/Prussia were not too keen on it. It would seem German and especially Prussian Control was iron hard. Many Austrians prefered the dangerous yet charming Emperor Franz. A new model of engine and fuel tank that can be adapted into Germany’s plane’s debuts. This new model will allow specifically the fighters to extend their flight time by almost 30 minutes. This means from an average of 90 to 120 minutes of air time.
  10. GrimBeard

    The Disunited States of America

    Commonwealth of Virginia News spreads throughout Virginia of political machinations. Governor Letcher and General Lee had been under pressure for years now to reform. But Virginia had found her voice. The riots, and incompetence of Virginia’s wealthy elite to do anything was ingratiating. But so was the abolitionist cause for freedom and unionhood. And so lee and Letcher consolidate power in the higher echelons of Virginia. Lee is named Lord Protector of Virginia, and commander of her armies and navies. Lee graciously delegates command and power of the navy to Admiral Farragut. This new ring of Lee and letcher’s confidants will oppose both hard line south and north ideologies. They promise to get Virginia out of the NY war as soon as possible without breaking their treaty. The liberalizing slave laws are repealed, and Virginia accepts the C.S.A propositions on free trade and slavery. They will not let the Southern aristocrats or Unionist abolitionist rule Virginia, and keep both in line. Elections are held and the old government becomes the new. Delegates are sent to Kentucky and Tennessee. Both states like Virginia had notoriously ignored the C.S.A formation, and all three had voted for the same presidential candidate. What lee ask is for the three to form some form of confederation or alliance. They are the border states of America, the bridge between north and south. It was only right they protected each other, and kept their ideals. Lee is willing to make any concessions asked, provided they are honorable. The army continues to train, the navy to grow, the industry to expand, and the English bank to loan! Actions Forming new government Naming Lee Lord Protector Delegates sent to Kentucky and Tennessee Army continues to train in Virginia, naval plan continues, industry plan continues, and English bank is built Expansion continues in the Congo, with another few regiments sent to solidify new gains Work begins into rifling the barrels of muskets acquired from North France is asked for some form of payment or concession for the continued service of prime Virginian officers in their army Prussia is asked for a shipment of 300 Dreyse Needle Guns, to be paid for handsomely
  11. GrimBeard

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Frontier Kolranate Affiliation Duke Markus Klinghoffer stood at the head of a dozen men and women. All human, they were the Psionic Academies top graduates. Markus himself had been holding onto an untapped power. One of chaos, and destruction. He and his hand picked twelve will form the high nobility of the planet. From them would orders be enacted, with the Duke as the sole leader on the planet. The growing Redon population was increasingly enlisted as Royal Guard. To ensure the Redon remained the head power, and to keep Markus safe. The twelve disciples will take quarters with him, in a growing palace. The new city of Utopie has been steadily growing, and the population exploding. The predominant Human-Protorian population was regarded as the ethnic elite. Markus himself had Protorian blood, and was extremely Psionic. As the tiered and garden city grows, so does the palace and temple. One, for the Duke and his disciples, the Temple, for the man in white. The Triple Crescent creed had essentially been confirmed in recent crusade events. Alongside the Han the Duke and all Psionics worshipped it. Knowing there was a protective force was a growing fact for the Kolranate. A growing schism in the church was apparent though. The dour and prickly Duke did not want to be associated with the Han’s Yimu and fanatic creed. Instead they saw the Man in the White Suit as the protector of all, not the Han’s champion. *A Utopian fleet is deployed to the former Eadni capital. The advance probe from last year however sent back hurried reports. Though the Zyrka government had collapsed, the holdout here was still in tact. The Redon had given the Duke permission, but it rang sour with the Affiliation’s more democratic ideals. He sends assurance to the Zyrka Mining Collective the Utopian’s will not invade. Priorities had changed. The misunderstanding had been cleared, and he would not try to conquer them. *Instead Utopie sends Freighters, and a defense force. With a prestigious amount of tonnage, the Utopian freighter fleet could ship a lot. For the year the Duke will lend the Zyrka his freighter fleet, and offer assistance. It will be a form of apology, and offer for increased business and defense. They Duke ha also fought to defend the Zyrka in the Crusades. Utopie will build a Quantum Anchor Route, to solidify the planet’s sector defense. The Defense Fleet will ensure the vital freighters are kept safe. Actions *Zyrka Assistance Total; 58 AP Training of Psionic Potentials Continues Recruiting 20k Regular Infantry (4 AP) Recruiting 8k Heavy Infantry (4 AP) Recruiting 10k Light Infantry (2 AP) Recruiting 1 Battleship (10 AP) Recruiting 1 Heavy Cruiser (8 AP) Recruiting 1 Support Carrier (6 AP) Recruiting 2 U-Boats (6 AP) Further Research into T5 Shields (18 AP + 9 Bonus AP. 251 Total)
  12. GrimBeard

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Frontier Kolranate Affiliation Actions Total (59 AP) Continued research into T5 Shielding. (25 AP + 12 AP From Power of Utopie trait. 224 total into T5 shielding) Furthering Empire’s Claims In most recent news is the collapse of the Zyrka. The Utopians, who had plenty of personal history with the Eadni, saw their chance. The Eadni had tried to genocide the former Utopie and shatter the Affiliation. And for that they would never be forgiven. Alongside this the mines of the Eadni’s formal capital were vital. The Redon’s had left it to the Zyrka, but now was clearly the time to press those claims. The Duke petitions the new Redon to push said claims, and retake the former Eadni Capital. Important; Surveying the records of the 4k Psionic graduates and roughly 6k draftees from the Imperial academy/Utopie Records for gifted members. Alongside assessment of Duke’s Psionic power. Building 1 Heavy Cruiser (8 AP) Building 1 Light Cruiser (6 AP) Building 2 Support Carriers (12 AP) Building 500 Fighters (5 AP) Building 1 Destroyer (3 AP)
  13. GrimBeard

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 일요일은 지금 공간에 있는 한국 자산에 유구하게 빛난다 Taewonsu Kyo Kwan inspected the massed ranks of Korean troops on the border. Almost ten thousand strong, with vehicles, and jets flying above. Just a few feet away was the demilitarized line between him and South Korea. The massed power of his army was pointed at Seoul. And ceremonially for the last time, the fired a shot into the air over the border. Then a South Korean troop marched up, and exchanged greetings. Kyo and his South Korean counterpart exchanged words, pictures, and gifts. And so the war between the Korean states was finally ended. Borders are fully opened, tariffs lowered, and tourism encouraged. However even South Korea would not be exempt from the growing army security programs. Officers from the KIS led columns of men with tanks and afvs. They patrolled the nation, and maintained open lines between the scattered garrisons. Certain areas of Korea, and the air above it, were completely restricted. There no one but DPRK members with clearance could go. It was places like that where Korea’s future were growing. Kyo Kwan and his cabinet finally formally comment on the Chinese and Japanese machinations. He supports the growing sense of growing Asian influence. Though he does not exactly agree with the implications of this full fledged military alliance, he hopes trade will continue. North Korea itself was locked tight under the army and defense grid, while KIS agents monitored it’s people. Outside she has secured defensive alliances with Russia, and South Korea, and perhaps others. Status Quo and Stability were the new Regime’s motto. In Space the first North Korean ship debuts. Classified as a corvette, it will be the backbone of her scouting class navy. The ships main goal was to ensure the protection of Korea’s growing space territory and installations. The first Space installation will also host the growing cadre of space members of the DPRK. They will rigorously ensure control of their section of space. Actions Turn 3; 13 AP/6 RP (Titanium 2, Foundries 3, Base 6, Trade 2 Upkeep – 1 AP Finishing Military Orbital Station (10 AP) Building 1 Corvette and 100 “Star” Fighters (2 AP) Research into Titanium Armor (6 RP) 18/22 RP [Bonus Affects Numbers]
  14. GrimBeard

    1912; The Great War

    1919 (Later Months) The Dutch Flu has been running rampant for over a year now. Over 40 million now have died, in increasingly dire waves. The Flu seems to evolve and mutate with each passing. Meaning treatments may be able to cure the earlier strains. But with it growing so fast, scientist and doctors are hard pressed to keep up. World Trade and Globalization are also taking a massive blow. Europe is warring itself into the brink. Their colonies are increasingly more defiant, trade is threatened, and monarchs and aristocrats strive to maintain rule. The ripple effects is hitting the entire world, all this war and disease making it seem like an apocalypse was here in some tabloids. Perhaps not keen to participate in Global politics, the 2nd Internationale had still been busy. Core members like Sweden, Jaures Socialist French party, Argentina, Mexico, China, and groups within states abroad were supporting each other. Besides their wars for independence, the 2nd Int. had preached peace and reform. States such as Argentina and Sweden were seeing the benefits of that. The Int. Brigades had even managed to respond to the Mexican Renegade federal army, executing their ringleaders. It was a ripe ground for Trotsky to re emerge as a primary member. He had been busy actually fighting. Leading the Internationale Brigades, he had commanded and seen action in a few theaters. Winning their loyalty, and many members, Trotsky was seen as a founder. Due to severe inactivity and failure to meet revolution demands, the 2nd International council is dissolved. In its place a new advisory board of delegates from each member state will form a council of equals. In Argentina the wealth and military power of the organization were at the apex. There the Socialist ruled uncontested. Brazil had always been a target, Socialist counter revolutions in Brazil and abroad opposing their Empire. Argentina begins to supply the Socialist, and many members move into the country to work. Brazilian elections are pressured, and campaigns begin. The Socialist run on a Republic, and ending aggression front. They wanted to return seized French/Dutch land, and demobilize the navy. In Indonesia peace under Japanese patronage is reached. Elections are held, and are kept peaceful, Perhaps by Japanese presence. A Tanoist majority and president form in the new Republic. But they have strong opposition. A growing Islamic front had plenty of seats. There was also a smaller broad coalition of farther left wingers. The combined Indochinese irregular armies are sorely pressed by China’s Republic Army. Large amounts of veterans and local units contest the cities and supply routes in Northern Indochina. By pure mathematics and numbers the Chinese student councils and warlords were grinding their foe down. Spain helps her French Socialist allies end the Bonaparte regime. Her armies withdraw from southern France, but maintain favorable positions in the Pyrenees, and what African land they had taken. In Armenia Ottomans were wholesale slaughtering Armenian families. Many capitalist nations condemn them, and lessen oil trade. Business starts to go elsewhere as the Radical Turks contest their Government, by showing blatant defiance. Perhaps the C.P.U had finally grown claws again. The Corsican War continues in all it’s bloody glory. It is of the old way, with rifle lines and large formations. Thousands are dying. The next United States elections will be hotly contested. The establishment Republican and Democrat parties were losing support bases. [Relative] Peace in France! Conceding defeat, Napoleon V flees the country. His royalist cause collapses, mostly reluctantly accepting the Republic’s terms. Some more militant fascist persecute the war as rebel cells in now occupied land. The army can finally celebrate, and rest for now. France itself is in a die situation. Most of her colonies have been lost, and she has massive debts from so much war and deficit. Maintaining a modern army, navy, air force, and domestic industry was taxing her greatly. The cost of the war will come to haunt the new Republic. However peace has been achieved. Perhaps France will recover. But debt, war damage, and primarily plague litter France. With elections coming up, the French State was on the brink, like many other nations now. Ireland The Irish army begins training to phase in the German equipment. Irish soldiers in Stahlems however were ridiculed, and even murdered. Many Irish had served against the Germans, and were disgusted to see their new army parading around in them. Others out of loyalty to the British. Regardless many Irish replace their stahlhelms for adapted British and French models. Over the past four years Irish industry thanks to British help has been expanding. Ireland’s industry though not large or fully modern is efficient. Ireland is beginning to shift to exporting her excess manufactured goods. Plans to lay new ships begin, as the funds and resources begin to be acquired. The first graduated class of the 4 year lone Gaelic Revival enters the work force. Many of them are fully fluent in gaelic, and can even write it. The Government who does support this and a wave of artists, poets, and others begin to see a renaissance. Japan The Tri-Nation Rail Line continues to be laid. It is almost done, but in it’s infantile stages. It is only a small gauge rail line, connecting the major cities in Korea, Coastal China, and some further inland. It’ll need more work to be a fully fleshed modern rail line. Japan shipyards begin to grow in more places. They will be complete in 9 months. The Japanese Fleet steams into a battle with the Soviet navy! Japanese assets and stakes in the Oil business in Indonesia see increased wealth. In tandem with the Tanoist they begin to revitalize the economy by exporting/refining raw resources. The Marine Corp grows! It is soon becoming a highly sought after position. After being laughed at for so long, the tables have turned. In a truly monumental moment, the Korean bill is fully passed. The Diet had recently allowed more voters, and it was showing. Japan and her asian sisters were shaking off Imperial grips. Greece Shipyard improvement continues as planned! The Greek army hardens under its experienced NCOs, as they all dig in. Perhaps a bold move with the growing British dominance in domestic markets, Greece culture and industry get some breathing room to grow. The Greek cabinet in power continues to walk the tightrope ,not falling. Byzantine influence on the greeks is a growing trend in most fascist and right wing parties. They see it as a need to fulfill for the master hellenic race. Greece’s first offensive deep water sub prototype will debut in December. Progress on the navy continues, but Greece's rising bill of army, forts, and ships alongside domestic reform is adding a growing deficit to the budget. Pretty soon it would outpace her GDP and lead to debt if kept on track. The army was not able to reach 1 million volunteers. They can only roughly amass six hundred thousand total. Ottoman Empire Baku restoration will be complete by [next turn] And so another mighty empire declares war on little Greece. More and more the Turks were losing their grip on power as the Sultan and ruling cabinet allowed many different ethnicities under the muslim umbrella to have rights and rule. Arab/Mesopotamia plans continue. Persia accepts an alliance of defensive nature with the Ottomans, not wishing to get involved with the Greek wars. Austrian ships prevent the Ottoman ships from fleeing to home ports. They are bottled up, and mostly not fitted with guns or armor. Greek and Ottoman ships begin to skirmish in the Aegean, both trying to maintain their supply routes. Austria Reforms begin to help ease and possibly prevent the Dutch Flu. But it is still running rampant across the world, killing millions. Work begins to better suit the plane for mountain combat, and over all. Perhaps just feeding more healthy bodies to the flu, moving men doesn't seem to affect it. Many carry the disease for days before it becomes active. The Army and Navy continue to fight on. The dreadnoughts are delayed, the Italians wrecking Austrian ports and production. Trieste finally surrenders. Germany The German tanks make their debut! Soon Germany will be producing her first official line of aircraft carriers. Thought not taken very seriously, it is still a growing project. Next [turn] Germany’s first dedicate bomber will debut. The investigation reveals shocking leads. Several Socialist defectors in France report rumors of the French Socialist being the ones to kill the King of Bavaria. This would implicate Socialist worked in tandem to do this, but the Kaiser also knew after the matter when he made his deal perhaps. Bonaparte France Military and Work reforms continue, however little is left of the cause. In a spur of the moment Napoleon does not kill himself. Instead he escapes by unknown means, into a new life. Poland Campaigns at this point of so long have reached an apex. In every square parties advocated for themselves. It was the current majority Socialist and minority Nationalist were Poland’s two stars. 4 Year Plan Continues! The Army Reforms Continue as Planned. The first Polish car line with some help from the illustrious Henry Ford rolls out. Many besides the elite can’t afford it, or don’t want it. However it is progress. Russia The Right Wing Coalition was gaining plenty of support in the cities, army, and further flung provinces of Russia. They had the most funding and public support. But the Socialist still seemed to have a decent power bloc. Ironically both they and the Nationalist Front were preaching for the working man and democratic governance. The F.S.S continues their plans. The Russian Agents begin to try and root out the communist defectors. However short of razing villages or harsh interrogations, it is hard o track them down. There are millions of displaced citizens, few with papers or documents. However when they do take prisoners caught in battle, they begin to find leads. Many Caucasian orphans are aware of how they were made so. Many older ones reject the Russians, and run away from the schools and villages. Trying to imitate a British Queen Anne class Dreadnought even with British help was an extreme task. Russia needed to update her inventory and shipyards just to build modern rate Dreadnoughts, let alone the top tier of current dreadnoughts. More and more village schools pop up, educating the rural populace. These expensive road projects only begin in small parts. It had little tactical value, with many cars only being for the rich who drove through cities and to close by estates. Russia begins to send out workers to learn of the marvels of American car industry. The Bombers can only carry so much supplies, but help somewhat. The Russians continue to secure their supply routes against increasing numbers of soviets. Great Britain Naval decommission and expansion will go as planned. However more time is required to properly design the newest dreadnought model, gather the production needed for it from other ships, and get the skilled work. Britains colonies begin to rearm and organize into larger armies. In Africa this scares many other African powers. As per the congo treaty African colonial war was supposed to be non existent, and had largergly been so during the war. The delegation is sent to Russia. However many Baldwinians and more conservative Brits were opposed. Even if Russia was an ally, they did not want Britain to be spending needed funds on a foreign state that could then use the ships to project their own power. They begin to undermine the notion in parliament. Though Spain vehemently opposes the British blatantly violating their Great War treaty, they can do little but allow it. It does prompt politcal backlash though not much. Plenty of lesser nations had broken their oaths long ago. Britain had simply slunk to their level. French Republic Charles campaign continues. Election results [next turn] French tanks are expensive, so for now France works on improving her current model. The new helmet is passed and begins production. Dutch Flu runs rampant. The French nation begins the painful process of rebuilding. Many now out of work soilders take up the jobs however. France must begin paying her debts if she wishes to acquire enough foreign capital to fuel her army reforms and research, and repair the war torn nation. Though Napoleon was an original fan of the Grand Armee title, making it very ironic, the notion is passed.
  15. GrimBeard

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 일요일은 지금 공간에 있는 한국 자산에 유구하게 빛난다 Taewonsu Kyo Kwan toured the sight of Korea’s growing pride. The Launchpad was increasingly more sophisticated. The DPRK was now planning an active space rotation mission. Supplies and humans went both up and down. Around the Launchpad itself was a heavy amount of the DPRK’s assets. Troops and vehicles in the hundreds manned defensive positions. They got the luxury of watching everything launch off into space. Kyo Kwan personally watched the last of the Korean Ship Yard’s materials fly off. The growing mission of the current regime was to maintain a form of status quo. The Kim dynasty though idolized, is increasingly phased out. Instead the Junta and Kwo Kwan have been amassing a personality cult. They offer food, and peace. The Korean armies help keep things stable, in an increasingly hostile Asia. The Junta was using the growing armament and tension between Japan and the Pacific States to feed her own propaganda. Unlike the Kims they were lessening some more harsh and cultish doctrine. But by and large order and power would be maintained from top down. Besides the excitement of new Government Policy and space expansion, Life in Korea continued in peace. The growing food and wealth was leading to a growing middle class. Education and infrastructure were growing points, endorsed by many Junta members. Several prime North Korean oligarchs were also coming together to reap the rewards of North Korea’s flowing trade. *Across Korea as a whole the army is busy staffing forts. Garrisons in cities, bases, and ports will ensure a web of defense across the Nation. Key strategic points see the most defense. Many road ways see frequent tank and afv patrols, a way of power projection from the Junta. Taewonsu Kyo Kwan continues reforming the Officer Cadre based on merit and loyalty. The Koreans take no part in the arms race or politics of Asia abroad. **The nations of Russia, Mexico, Ireland, and Anterior Coalition are called to meet with Kyo Kwan. They are the current nations in or reaching space by a steady margin. Kyo Kwan seeks to propose a joint space endeavor. One to build a fuel station, to supply everyone’s fleets for exploration. ***Continued work and broadcasting/propaganda reach the world of Korea’s growing tourist space station. The Country itself is locked down, information guarded jealously. The growing DPRK Intelligence Service monitors inward and outward traffic. In light of all the rising tension in Asia, Korea was seeking strong partners. South Korea with lowering tensions was hopefully one. The other one was a callback to the DPRK’s more anarchist days. A treaty derived the ‘Moscow-Pyongyang Treaty’ is signed. In it the Russians and Koreans vow to explicitly defend one anthers assets [if attacked], be it in space or earth. A picture is circulated of the Korean Junta posing in front of a ballistic missile with no warhead. Actions Turn 2; 13 AP/6 RP (Titanium 2, Foundries 3, Base 6, Trade 2 Upkeep – 1 AP Building Korea’s first ever Shipyard in Space (6 AP) [10/10] Continuing Military Orbital Station (6 AP) [10/20] Research into Titanium Armor (6 RP) 12/30 RP In Other News *Defense Initiative **Space Deal ***Nation Security and Intelligence Agency Status Quo and growing reforms are maintained South Korea is offered increasingly more open trade deals. Kyo Kwan hints that North Korea would be willing to end the armistice with proper terms now that the Kim Dynasty is gone.