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  1. The Valaran Freehold & Order of the Golden Scale Ambiance RACE: The dominant race in the world and Empire, HUMAN. Praise BE to ST. RALEK for ushering our race into the role of master upon Ilhder's landing. MAGIC / SORCERY: The Cult Of The DRAGON LONG DESCRIPTION / HISTORY: This branch of the Sedorvans can trace their lineage as far back as before the horrible shearing. House Valara was once a proud and powerful Kingdom, in close relation to the former Realm. Their coastal cities and rich trade fleets were veins upon which the blood of trade flowed. Perhaps their downfall was their riches, as they lost touch with their might. Heirs were few and far between, Nobles preferring to carouse, and enact their will on consorts or ladies of the night. Very seldom was a legitimate heir proclaimed. In this start and stop progression of state, the Shearing found the Valarans unwanting. It's rumored before the Shearing, echoes of it's coming could be heard from some. One such entity is claimed to have hinted warnings for the Valaran Lord. He never spoke of what was said, or the cost visited upon him for it. Nevertheless, it seems that even with foresight, the Lord quickly passed away. His experience never to be shared. All he left to this decaying world was a single daughter, of unparalleled beauty. A pampered and rich life had left her empty on the inside. But to all appearances she was a trophy worthy of the ages. Seeing this, in his eternal wisdom, was an older relative of St. Ralek. A man of legendary proportions, and closely related to St. Ralek's father himself. House Valara offered a way to bind them to the Sedorvans, but also give this less powerful and notable branch a leg up. As such the first recorded name to survive the shearing, Vindos Sedorva, was wed to Ilyena Valara. The 'Years of False Summer' predating the true start of the Shearing were one of splendor, love, and happiness. And then, The Shearing. Death, Destruction, Loss, Grief, Terror, all fitting words to describe this time. And even though this remains the darkest day for the Valarans, it's also paralleled with a silver lining. For their house was no more. Their child was a true Sedorvan, like his father. The ancient House of Valara had been left to die with The Shearing. And they had left quite the gift to their Sedorvan heirs. For their trade fleets, large navies, and ample resources translated well for the flight. Many of their Ilk and people were able to be loaded onto ships, alongside large portions of wealth, food, and water. As such in the six years of voyage to come, they were as well off as possible on the harrowing trek. Vindos, his bride Ilyena, and their son landed alongside St. Ralek, and many others of their family. They had survived, and entered these strange lands with a small realm's worth of power packed in their ships. Up to 9 AS they helped St. Ralek in his conquest of the plains folk, helping to carve out a beachhead for humanity. They take part in the establishment of the Holiest of Cities, Sendil. However while St. Ralek and his Blades marched to war, Vindos remained behind. He and his wife were administrators, not warriors. They helped the refugees flooding in, planned the cities growth according to St. Raleks wishes, and ensured a stable rule on the annexed lands. It was along this order of law and stability that Vindos's biggest problem arose. For a beast of legends, one to haunt children at bedtime, was terrorizing the Imperial Capital. A Dragon, beast of damnation, eater of holds. Many had tried to slay it, in battle and ambush. None had succeeded. With ever growing tales of St. Ralek's glory returning to the Capital, Vindos, in his pride, sought to match his relative. And so he, his son, and a coterie of their finest warriors set out. Hardened by the Shearing, enduring from the Voyage, and tempered by the years of rule, this brave party sets out for Torian's Peak. Named after the first explorer to crest it upon the Landing, this mountain invoked a sense of awe in the Sedorvans. Their first battle was Torian's Peak itself. A large mountain dominating the woods and plains in all directions. There was no artificial help, simply a rugged cliff face. Never the less after much loss they make it to the top, and the Dragon's lair....... Vindos and his son return to the Capital, alone. Held between them is a Golden scale, off the Dragon they had battled. At grievous loss they had managed to drive the Dragon from it's lair. It was seen by the pair flying far to the east, tail betwixt it's legs. Excited at this victory, Vindos ordered the entire wealth of his Branch to be packed up. Tens of thousands of refugees flooding in from the sea were rounded up to be employed. And so they return to Torian's Peak, at the head of a massive caravan. From here on out the historical tales of the Sedorvan Branch fall into obscurity and rumor. Using their vast wealth, year by year, a path is carved up to the Mountains crest. There a Fort is built, directly over the lair of the Dragon. The workers, vassals, and refugees flocking to Vindos live at the base of the mountain, in various temporary settlements. Every year they grow, in both population, housing, and size. The Sedorvans are often gone, off exploring the corners of the continent. And they do not always return alone.... Vindos, the first Wyvern rider, introduced this power to his people long ago. He and his son returned from an expedition, both mounted on their own Wyverns. A few hatch-lings in tow, they began to form their Retinue of the skies. For decades, a century, the Sedorvans ruled and grow in Isolation. Whenever St. Ralek calls, they would answer with full force. But besides that they simply grew stronger in their slice of the Imperial Core. Until the present day, where man made wonders and true power abound..... The Valaran Freehold. A place of mystery, intrigue, and Imperial power. All are allowed to enter, few allowed to leave. Right by the Imperial Capital, and within the Core, this relatively autonomous land has grown into a jewel on St. Ralek's crown. Ruled by his relatives, currently Rodel Sedorva, they are a bastion of Sedorvan rule. Like their history, very little is known of their day to day life, and composition. Perhaps the Imperial Council will be enough to draw Rodel, The Dragon Prince, from his seat. LEADER / NOTABLE CHARACTERS: The Dragon Prince Rodel Sedorva, Despot of the Freehold, Warden of The Vermilion Citadel, Dai'Shan of The Order of the Golden Scale, Watcher from Torian's Peak. From the line of Vindos Sedorva, First Wyvern Rider, and Ilyena Valara, goldenheart of The Shearing. Rodel Sedorva is a man of curiosity to most outside the Royal Family. His father, Jandos, was never seen by any save the Sedorvans, save for his service during the second Golden War. There Jandos was a force of nature, on-top his Wyvern Haxian, a beast the color of starry midnight. Soon after the war and St. Raleks isolation, Jandos disappeared from all. Rodel however had always been a far more visible Sedorvan. His entire life he has traveled across the Empire on his golden wyvern, Yenaxi. A solemn person, Rodel always had a cold exterior. But those who know him well, see the light and humor that lays underneath. He may never smile or joke, but the twinkle in his eyes shows Rodel's understanding. In recent years Rodel has become far more powerful a legend in the Empire. He has grown to an astounding seven feet, and is covered in golden scales. Rodel represents the Cult of the Dragon to it's full, a steeped Dragon Knight. With long hair the color of moonlight unmarred by cloud, and eyes like shades of the clear blue seas from olden days before this land, Rodel inspires many around him to fear and awe. And when the Empire's foes hear the leathery beat of Yenaxi's wings, and see Rodel riding her, accompanied by his Seekers, many have been known to flee. The only other option is death in glorious St. Ralek's name. Other Sedorvans are far less known about, and include; Tilea Sedorva, the eldest of Jandos's children. Unmarried, bitter, and homely, she lurks in The Vermilion Citadel, acting as headmistress for all the Order's students. She has always been bitter of Rodel's powers within the Cult, his Rule in their home, and his prestige across the Empire. TIlea had never managed to bond a Wyvern, and had only experienced flight from a rear seat. Jandos held her back from marriage as a card to be played, but never quite did find her a suitable match. Rosyena Sedorva, gem of the Sedorvans. A beauty across races and Realms, all can agree. Her golden red hair seems to be a sun rising, with emerald eyes the color of riches beyond material. Though young, she has become the darling of the Freehold with her charismatic nature. Her pet wyvern Savra, a runt who never grew from infancy, is often seen on her shoulder. Rosyena seems to be a living icon of the Freehold's banner. Darmon Valara, bastard half brother to Tilea, Rodel, and Rosyena. The only one of many to be recognized by Jandos, simply because he had no other choice. Darmon's mother was a noble within the Freehold, from a lower branch of the Valarans that managed to eek out survival. Darmon though quite young has bonded a ferocious Wyvern, and travels the Empire on it's back, adventuring. Where ever there's prestige and riches to be gained, he's there, offering his blade. His loyal bard is often seen on his dragon, riding behind Darmon. Agamedes is a silver tongued but odious little man, always sure to spread word of his Liege's glory. NATIONAL IDEA: "The Dragon's Home" Torian's Peak and the Vermilion Citadel within it are the crown jewel of the Valaran Freehold. A basket where all the Dragon's eggs lay so to speak. A testament to human innovation, this City resides completely on top the mountain, amid the clouds themselves. For an entire century the Sedorvans have been building this city, catered to their way of life. It's most easily accessible by air, with dozens of stables, honeycombed caves, and towers accommodated to this. Switch back dirt and stone paths lead up by land, for supplies and commoners. Catered to little real estate, the cities buildings are often stacked on top one another in progressively smaller squares and circles. This way of life has led to careful, and innovative development of the city. (Torian's Peak City changed to unique "Freehold" +Numbers TBD) UNIQUE UNIT: The Seekers The Order of the Golden Scale was perhaps founded as a quiet protest to The Order of the Golden Tongue. Based around the legends of the Golden Dragon Jandos defeated, to this day they keep the Golden Scale harvested from the fight under lock and key. These Wyvern Riders have trained all their lives, and been bonded to their Wyverns for just as long. In heavy armor, wielding elongated Lance and Sword, this deadly combination of Beast and Man is a terror to Land, Sea, and Sky. Besides being Knights of the Sky what makes The Seekers so unique is their magical bond with their mounts. From an early age they select a Wyvern hatching, and are bonded to it in secret rituals. Both beast and man have a heightened sense of awareness for one another and their emotions, lend strength from wyvern to man, and intelligence form man to wyvern. In a battle they act like two halves of one whole, working in perfect tandem to become killing machines. POI: Imperial Blood. Ever since the bonding of House Valara to the Sedorvans, this branch has been of the Imperial Family. In this new Empire they enjoy the recognition and perks of being related to St. Ralek himself. MAP LOCATION (ONLY WITHIN OR NEAR TO ANDUVIA):
  2. A summer to shake the foundations of the Ynnish Realms. Just when the Corrector thought he had the situation under control, a bold stroke of history plays out behind his back. To think the non Ilesian conquerors stole a Relic from under the noses of the Ka'Gorans and Freeholders. To this day scholars debate how many were lost that day, while others argue Dahc won the victory himself. -Continued excerpts from Legends and Facts of the Third Age Word travels fast of destruction in the Amichai Kingdom. Having heard reports of the violence and subjugation along their portion of the Ynn, the Ka'Goran have begun to stir. Though they are a pacifist folk, they were not without their tools of defense. For centuries they have collected and stored Relics, and other marvels. In times of strife such as these, the fabled but mysterious Collector is dispatched from the Confederation. All that's known is the position shifts between the Confederated Tribes, and the wielder holds immense power. In their arrogance the Amichai put up a fight, and their army was crushed. In a remarkable deal, order has been restored to their hold on new settlements, with strict laws enacted anywhere Gorans live and trade along the northern Ynn. The Collector now free to act, he begins to look into the very troubling reports about these 'Pilgrims'....... The Knights of Ildan have become locked in a desperate struggle against Flastavio's Flock. Their smaller host utilizes their natural defenses, as they engage the raiders all along the river. True to their calling however, a part of Knights are dispatched south, their mission unknown. The Zorncost and Akim Freeholder trade competition is momentarily stunned into irrelevance, as word of the world pours in. To their west, north, and south, "barbarian" nomads have been running amok. Refugees with tails of death and subjugation pour into the strong northern Realm. Zorncostan Parliament and King issue a decree to all Realms along the Ynn, offering a central location to host ambassadors. The issue of these numerous Hordes must be addressed, lest every Realm suffer these upstarts. Angered at the Knights sent to the Black Army, the Kingdom of Camadacia officially condemns the Kingdom of Hausenberg. Another step up in their increasing race for power and influence. Word of a Camadacian host crossing into Black Army lands spreads, the numbers unknown.... House of Vrizia At long last the Knights and petty lords of Roland's travelling realm have been given the opportunity of their own land. Roland's warband eagerly settle, with very little words of complaint. Though the realm is founded, it perhaps is birthed under the signs of ill omen. Many of their brothers lay dead at the gates of Tamerick, and the crimson blood of Adon's Comet suffuses the very sky as they start building their holdfasts. The trio of villages have no answer to the armored might of Vrizian cavalry. Though the first town puts up a fight, they are swiftly dispatched, the survivors ridden down. Unable to even flee ahead of the light cavalry, all the villages submit one after the other. Though victory came easily, word of Roland's continues aggression is travelling up and down the Ynn. Already diplomats arrive to this new Realm, with letters of complaint. -1 Knight, 5 Light Cavalry The Dominate of Ayan Rus The men, unceremoniously dropped off on the shores by Cayens, well away from Bak-nari patrols, managed to carry with them a blow gun and a bushel of darts. However their journey up the river, filled with Bak-nari outposts and waystations, has been a deadly game of cat and mouse. It seems something had alarmed the Bak-nari in the spring-summer, and their patrols had increased. After several weeks twenty survivors stumble onto the banks, poison and it's weapon in hand. Though dismal in amount of funding, it's the start of what could be a true ring of outposts for the Dominate. For now they can cover a few cheap towers at strategic points, though here the fog partially acts against them. As at it's pinnacle the fickle weather can sometimes obscure the river. League of Serra The Black Stripes men make their way into the Syndicate, easily aided by the Don's experienced smugglers. Over the summer months they begin to legally establish themselves, careful to avoid the ever present Syndicate eyes. This process takes them the entire summer, trying to plant roots in a foreign land. In quite a shocking act, the village just north of Serran lands agrees to join. Most settlements in Camadacia were fiercely independent, or influenced by every Realm around them. This village recently has been suffering harsh rule under the local Town. This Town now turns its ire to Serra, stealing their small jewel. A raid hits the village weeks after they joined, ruining their harvest. -3 F Spirit Seekers The Seekers using their holy relic easily find the best pass through the mountains, making good time. (+1 Caravan Speed Summer Months) Even so their enthusiastic army soon outpaces the slower heart of the Seeker's tribe. The outriders and scouts reach the very edge of Ilesia, as the summer draws to a close. On the last mountain, standing solitary away from the range, lays a wide and beaten path far up into the peaks..... As they rejoice at having been guided to a possible Holy Site, fear is mixed in. The strung out caravan is falling prey to feral Gorans, distant kin to their own Race. This far into the wastes few others had the skills and body to survive. These feral Gorans, who refer to themselves as Ta'Gorans, are primitive, but extremely effective in using the wastes to their advantage. The closer they are to the last mountain, the more the Tribes seem to be present. Amidst all this chaos, raiding, and excitement for relics, it's understandable change was coming rapidly. Some Ta'Goran chiefs even demand to see the Spirit Seekers leader and rumored Wastes hermit. It would seem these greedy Gorans were eager to use any resource that stumbles into the wastes.... -50 Light Infantry, 200 C Diushi Clans And so the siege begins, and ends! Over the course of summer the cunning Clans prepare for a storm of the walls. They are uncertain if the Villages call for help was answered, but no sign of enemies in the distance happens over the summer. In a climactic conclusion, the Clan leaders lead their companies over the walls with ladders, slaughtering the guardsmen. As the Diushi move into the village, who submit at long last, outriders come racing back. With the first days of Spring arrived, so too does an expeditionary force from the Grosslich Reich. It would seem they had answered the call to arms, probably in a move to shame the River Kings, and exert their influence in the nearby Towns. Whatever the reason, a host is now bearing down on the Diushi, who are gorging themselves on the Villages spoils. +5 F, + 1,500 C/-25 Medium Infantry, -75 Light Infantry, -25 Light Archers. -2 B for siege materials. Pilgrim Church Smug rumors abound of a Priest kissing the Amichai Chief of Chief's ring. -1 Prestige The Village meekly submits to the Churchmen, having already been reached by apostles of the creed. They seem to be in line with the radical escapee priest, whos journey from Ill Horde slavery to enlightenment is retold with eagerness to the outriders. Lantan Realm It seems an armed presence has deterred raids over the summer. The harvest is good, the land peaceful. Herzogtum Greifenburg King Alberts journey continues, where he reaches a much colder welcome at the Town and nearby village. It would seem the Rurviche held a much tighter grip here. Armed thugs refused the King himself entrance at the gates, stating a land thief had no rights to enter friends of the Syndicate's home. They says this with fear in their eyes, as if they have no choice. As if to emphasize this point, a gang of street toughs in the recently acquired village make a hit. A local constable is killed and hung as he collects taxes, a clear message. Though of course the Rurviche arrange it so that their hands are clean, but their influence is known. -100 C, -1 Medium Infantry The Pilgrim Legion The Village submits, though rumors of Ka'Gorans and their actions against the Amichai are on everyone's mind. Word comes back of the Ill Horde raiding the edges of their outriders and caravans again. Slaves are taken, and others escape. It would seem the fast horde quickly used up their slaves, and had an aloof attitude to handling them. Some days they would ride escapees down as a game, others they let walk. -3 Light Cavalry THE CACIQUEDOM OF CANEY The raiders encounter a Bak-nari patrol unit, having been alerted of raids the past spring. They intercept the raiders on their way, chasing them off with light casualties on both sides. It was clear the Bak-nari navy was forming a network of routes to deter raiding, as their war fleet is rumored to be growing in the capital. The two villages are found mostly empty of fighting men, and submit to Caneyan rule. It would seem Chief Big Shitta, realizing the unlikely odds of a second victory in the field, had gone to ground. His legend is growing, as more and more tribals flock to his banner.
  3. Adon’s comet continues its inevitable course across the sky, turning the heavens the color of a bleeding wound. Below the comet things are not much better, as Settlements everywhere begin to realize this new age seems no better than the last….. -Continued excerpts from Legends and Facts of the Third Age AMBIANCE FROM THE FIRST AGE [<- Click here] Cogs stream up the mighty Ynn, their eventual destination the Ka’Goran Trade Confederation. Though no [players] seem interested, dozens of petty lords know opportunity when they see it. After the auctions however, the borders are shut down. It would seem a CORRECTOR is being summoned, to address the woe befalling their pocket of northern paradise. Akim’s Freehold emerges the victor of the auction, taking their unknown Relic downriver towards home. The Kingdom of Lanta and Knights of Ildan experience grief, as a local warband [yellowish circle] raids both their lands. Darting in and out to hamper villages, and fisherman in Ildan’s case, they steal off with loot and women. It’s soon learned this warband goes by the name of “Flastavio’s Flock” A ruthless band of hedge knights, ronin, dispossessed lords, mercenaries, and other outcasts, following an immensely charismatic chieftain. -2 F, 200 C for both nations The Kingdom of Zorncost slowly emerges from their Spring council, building the foundations of their Realm. In a very rare form of government, King Dagmand Tus is constitutionally imbued as Zorncost’s head of state. This government follows the ideals of the 2nd age, and more recently, of the Lantan Monarchy, and Lenan Republic. Zorncost patrols are soon seen all over the river, and nearby holds, as they engage in a growing trade competition with Akim’s Freehold. The Ill Horde, smelling blood in the water, raids across the mighty Ynn. They seize multiple foreign cogs in a daring act. The Complacent merchants are not used to such violence here. The Lenan Republic and Petty Kingdom of Tear are hit especially hard, the cream of their armies being away in the field. -500 C, 2 F for Lenan Republic Rumors reach the various nations within the Camadacian region. Two mysterious hordes are slowly marching on the fertile lands, growing every day. Little is known of them besides their inevitable path. Volunteers from Hausenberg flock to the Northern Black Camadacian cause, if they choose to accept them. By and large young second sons and rich merchants, seeking adventure against their Kingdom’s greatest rival. +25 Heavy Cavalry if accepted. Across the oceanic coasts strange rumors and tales of seamen being dragged off to captivity by pale men spread. They are quickly discounted, and it’s acknowledged the rumors were sprung from the Bak-nari slaving ships. The northern city state boldly claiming the name Ilesia announces their vassalization of the recently formed Toran Shire. This single village has been growing a considerable influence, mostly thanks to the rich City funding them. The ties are formalized this year, the City State growing into a proper northern trade power……. Kingdom of Albarias Sebastian and his retinue encounter an overtly hostile Adonian reclamation mission. As the two hosts meet in the foothills of the Albarian mountains, battle is about to commence….. A circular disk flies into the sky, and from it emits the light of god himself. The two armies are locked within a searing grid pattern of pure white light. Any who touch it are burned, and it seems the Adonians have made their message clear. They would fight and die at all cost for whatever they are heading too, and now, Sebastian must do the same. There’s no time to see if the Village will join this Spring, as Sebastian and his host find themselves engaged. The Pilgrim Church/Legion In perhaps a move of over zealotry, the first Village to be approached spits in the Pilgrim’s faces, and is razed for their troubles. The zealots take it a step too far however, burning and killing the entire Village and Populace in an act of faith, securing nothing of value. Hearing word of the grim fate befalling the 1st, the next 3 villages on their path submit without complaint. However as soon as the Host marches, problems arise. Saboteurs have been tampering with food, the wagons, and the Host as a whole. It would seem these villages were far from integrated, and after having blended in with the Pilgrim masses, formed a resistance. -3 Food, 500 C The final two villages refuse to submit, having already lent their Oaths to the Amichai, who are similarly harvesting the Ynnish villages. The two hosts face off, neither having time to make a move, as Spring draws to a close. The first scouts to reach the village had all been immolated with fire balls flying through the sky. The superstitious pilgrims whisper that the Amichai have God's wrath on their side. -25 Light Cavalry The Ill Horde splinter group parallels this advance, eating up villages on their side of Ynn. A man within the Pilgrim cult has been gathering a following to him, after his brave tale. He claims to have escaped the Ill Horde slavery, stating the other scouts with him this Spring were taken too far away to rescue with him. He preaches an entirely new radical tenant of the Church, demanding they exploit and learn the mysteries of God himself in all his ways. The cult is growing around him, hiding him as he moves from caravan to caravan, preaching his tenets. The Spirit Seekers The hermit preaching southern expansion disappears, while the victorious one sticks with the tribe as they advance, smug. For now scouts yield no results of Relics or Knowledge, perhaps too far south. The Spirit Seekers successfully capture the first two villages with no issue in face of their overwhelming numbers. However problems soon begin to proliferate with this new blood. Throats are found slit, food ruined, gold stolen. -3 F, 500 C The remaining two villages are found completely empty, scouts reporting their entire populaces have begun to flee to the City nearby, to ask for safety. They have not yet arrived, fleeing before the Seekers advance. Perhaps one choosing to pursue can catch them before they arrive at the City during the summer, at the risk of going off the path seeking knowledge. Herzogtum Greifenburg The Village Herr Albert visits is ecstatic to have an actual Monarch visit them. For countless decades this village has lived a quiet life under the covert auspices of the Rurviche Syndicate. However that is forgotten in the village's fervor, as they pledge to join Albert’s Kingdom, provided they’re allowed the full rights of citizens in the Realm. A village gained if Albert wants it, perhaps at the cost of angering the Syndicate….. The Diushi Clans Hong Taos expedition in the wastes succeeds with flying colors, the roughshod wastelander village eager to follow him and his promises of a verdant promised land. Hai Yun’s march goes remarkably less well, as Village militia harry his advance at every turn. After a short clash, the first Village falls to the horde. But the second, encased in a wooden palisade, holds out as Spring draws to a close, sending pleas for aid far and wide… -100 Light Infantry THE RIVER-KINGS OF KORYNN The 2 villages and Town happily accept Korynn's gift, alongside that of Zorncost, and the Grosslich Reich. They accept none of the pledges for protection however, clearly enjoying playing the three powers off each other. A small amount of overland trade begins however, the seed of something more? +150 C A grand scheme indeed, few petty Kingdom’s were capable of engineering feats this large. However the confident engineers begin to gather materials, and survey the land. The canal seems possible, but will be a steep price in both labor and resources. After a brief field battle, the two villages town guard is smashed, the settlements submitting. This has caught the eye of local powers however, and the Korynn note a marked increase of Zorncost patrols in the other independent settlements. -50 Light 1 hand, -50 Light Spears, -10 Archers And so the Korynn and Osberht head to THE NESTS….. NORTH CAMADACIAN BLACK ARMY And so the first clash between Camadacian brothers transpires, beneath the blood red gaze of Adon’s Comet. A light rain falls, as the heavens weep to see the promised land of Ilesia soaked in blood. The bold General Grempesh was not expecting such full retaliation, having been playing a game of careful raids himself. The Camadacian millita clash with Grempeshs’s famed Black Winged mercenaries. A band loyal to the general, and ruthless in their raids. They earn their name by their cloaks, flayed skin from captured commune militia. An oversight the wounded pride of the Camadacian King allows, as the Black Wings get results. The ensuing conflict is small regardless, Grempesh sent tail betwixt his leg back over the border. None had expected such a swift and total response. No raids happen this year, though rumors of a proper Camadacian host being raised spread far and wide. +1 prestige for Officer leading. -10 archers, 5 militia, 5 cavalry The cash goes a very small way to restoring this archaic and complex undercroft. But it goes a long way with the refugees, ensuring they feel safe, are cared for, and warm. Refugees eager to explore, having no worries of shelter and food, find a small stockpile of scrap leftover from the second age. +1 M The Dominate of Ayan Rus The letter reaches the Adonians, but no reply is given. -15 C The expedition sent north travels for perhaps a few days, when they get the sense of being stalked. No sooner then did they show alertness, then Bak-nari women descended on all sides. Blow darts volley into the men, paralyzing them. Women clad in tropical animal skins and little else close the gap, fighting with fearsome clubs wrapped in layers of a shiny black stone, that cuts with the edge of a razor. Only 10 spearmen and 3 archers make it back alive. With grim reports of the rest dead, or being dragged off to captivity, paralyzed. It would seem the island is surrounded, the fell mists warding off raids on the island for now. Surveyors are seen again, this time with cloth around their mouths. It would seem they were learning, and studiously recording the effects on what seems to be human hide. League of Serra Some perhaps whisper the aging Don was losing his grip on things in his elderly years. But the actions of the Black Stripes and his orders galvanizing them disproves that. In a bold action they raid the warehouse the Capo is alleged to be at, easily dispatching his armed guard. Having perhaps expected it however, he narrowly avoids their grasp, fleeing to the Rurviche Syndicate with whatever knowledge he seems to hold. Republic of Lena The northern village accepts the Lenan proposition, terrified of the numerous warbands. When Vrizians, Flastavio’s Flock, and the Ill Horde roamed the land, it was more than enough reason to enter the rich Republic. Provided they get the full rights of any Lenan citizen of course, and the Village aldermen is allowed onto the lower council. Ambrosian Republic of Vudoa A brief skirmish ensues, as the villagers refuse to enter this ambitious Republic who asks with an army at their back. What happens next is an astonishing testament to Ambrosian administration. All the dissidents are purged, and their plan of resettlement and occupation is executed flawlessly. A now loyal and eager village joins the fold! -25 cavalry THE CACIQUEDOM OF CANEY The raid goes remarkably well, the majority of Bak-nari ships seemingly away. The village raided is full of women in strange garb, with pens full of cayen, and Dominate men. Rescuing them, they also gain 3k C, 5 F, 2 M. The dominate troops request passage home, though rumors abound of a Bak-nari fleet in the Stygoi river. In a rather embarrassing display of martial power, the two villages band together, and defeat the Caneyan army. After bleeding them for leagues of land, the joint villager force hits the leaderless light infantry host so hard they shatter, running for home. The villagers are led by a man growing in fame; Chief Big Shitta -150 Lights
  4. Adon’s Comet rules their sky, a fiery red orb dominating the heavens. A herald for what we know now, but the rulers of that time could only guess. Some think the end of days still continue, while others hope the first spring blooms bring the life of a new age…… -Excerpt from legends and facts of the third age The First Year of the Third Age Music From The 1st Age [Ambiance] Across the lands collectively known as Illesia, fragments of once great lands persist. Humanity may have proven they’re their own greatest threat, their own folly. The shattering of the second age was proof enough of that to most. But one thing no one could predict is just how strong they are.. The Holy Adonian Order, though secluded, remains busy year round in Illesia. Expeditions heading from their fabled city go far and wide. It’s not uncommon to see their priest in villages, towns, cities, preaching the good word of Adon, their fabled profit from the 2nd age. Adon was a legend of old, a “President” which was a title of great power in the 2nd age. A man whose ideals were so powerful they echo through time itself. Far more deadly parties roam the wastes, seeking out the words and creations of Adon… The Bak-nari Republic ships can be seen by any nation on the oceanic coast. The Republic is sealed shut, never admitting or sending diplomatic and trade missions. Little is known of them, and it’s the same for them of Illesia. Their sleek and agile ships prowl the coast, whilst strangely garbed women are seen onboard, observing.. Nothing good comes from those near the Ill Horde. Already rumors are spreading across the locale. Tales of enslaved merchants, adventurers, even farmers on the frontiers of some lands. This quiet horde has been slowly expanding for centuries from a central point, eating up the leagues in precise moves orchestrated with expert effect. Primarily men on horse make up their army, always seen patrolling their borders and beyond. Now touching even the great river, raids on boats are not unheard of either, with the kidnapping of sailors becoming a common theme. The Kingdom of Camadacia, with competitors on all sides, has been remarkably tight-lipped about events within their realm. Their infamous King Odilon Langlois Descoteaux has reportedly been touring his lands, visiting each of his Great Lords in turn. Ever since losing close to half the realm’s size to a peasant’s revolt, the Kingdom has suffered a severe loss of prestige. It does not change the fact they remain Illesia’s strongest Kingdom. The Kingdom of Hausenberg, always the bitter #2 in the region, and Camadacia’s rival, has been hard at work improving their land for decades. The highly militarized and hostile society stands in stark contrast to the Camadacians. These crude, and brutal men seek only power in the new age. Anything in their way is trampled, and all within are subjugated. The Rurviche Syndicate has long prospered off this rivalry. This oligarchy of rich merchants dominates coastal trade in the areas, and is known to lend heavily to both Kingdoms. These no nonsense businessmen forsake war like the Ideals of old. But the corrupting influence their gold has, and drives men to do, is nearly as bad. Akim’s Freehold is the last true bastion of the second age. A massive complex wall dominates the majority of the island, made out of a reinforced material none can identify. A small but thriving harbor lays on the island just outside the wall's protection, where all can come to trade. Within the walls are various compounds, divided by more curtain walls with various buildings and farms. A central complex the size of some cities is condensed in dozens of layers of boxes. Known now for its original purpose, but it’s now regarded as the safest spot in Illesia. The Freehold itself is a multi-ethic society of priests, scholars, healers, and all the other professions idealized in the 2nd age. Any are allowed to enter, though under the knowledge they may never leave without strict permission. One can only imagine the troves of 2nd Age relics and knowledge these clever humans must be hoarding. More recently the Freehold has become a prison for some of Illesia’s worst criminals. Mad men who wielded relics to cause mass destruction, evil king’s shipped off by their realm, murderers who roamed city streets for years, the list goes on…. The Kingdom of Zorncost was founded as Adon’s Comet entered the starry skies for it’s first time in the third age. The Lords all agreed it was the mark of their King’s true power. Power they in reality wield, they all agree, as they place the crown on his head. He’s swiftly shooed away as the powerful Lords convene to discuss the impact of their new Realm on this age. Rich river lords, who had squabbled for centuries. But with such dire odds on all sides, they had slowly been growing tighter knit over the years. With reports of Adon’s Comet pouring in, it was seen as the perfect time to coronate the weakest of them. Zorncost’s foreing policy has yet to be announced, as the Kingdom binds itself together. The Amichai are a recently established horde, intent on nothing less than world dominance. Descending from the brutal northern wastes, they emerged poor in men, but rich in power. This exhausted Kingdom has stumbled out of the wastes, to find Adon’s Comet greeting them. Deciding right then and there to set roots, the Amichai was formed. A title given to their leader, and Kingdom. One symbolizing the power in them all, and in their influence. They openly flaunt 2nd Age relics discovered in the northern wastes, perhaps as a distraction from how little of them remain. The Ka’Goran Trade Confederation announces they have a big shipment coming from further north the great river. They invite any who can to sail or march north to attend one of their infamous auctions in a grand bazaar. They are unsure what’s arriving, nations from further afield usually sending the leavings of their scavenging missions. The peaceful Ambrosian Republic enters the 3rd age in a way that could make many jealous. Their grand bombard keeps the waterways safe, and their people grow fat and rich in safety. The governments well oiled administration ensures taxes are collected, and placed back to grow the Realm. Slightly worrying is the myriad of reports, all claiming Bak-nari ships spotted observing them in turn. The Spirit-Seekers are perhaps the only Gorans who’s name will strike immediate fear into the hearts of mankind. These pernicious and crafty smaller humans retain the savage tradition like the Gorans of old. A tribe to make Shermani himself proud, they lay at the very gates to the Northern wastes. The Great Hierophant of the Spirit-Seekers, Utu Gruug, is visited by two hermit Gorans still holding to the olden ways. One claims riches of the mind lay to their north, while other promises material riches to their south. The Pilgrimage has at long last arrived in the fabled lands of Illesia. Was Adon’s Comet not a sign their cause was not only righteous, but inevitable? The Ka’Gorans nervously let them through their land, citizens ahead of the army running indoors and shuttering the windows. But silence does not march with the Pilgrims, as they sing hymns and chants. Upon reaching unclaimed lands, the host sets camp to appraise their situation. Scouts soon report two potential threats nearby. The recently established Amichai are already sending contingents closer and closer to the river, eager to stake their claims. Secondly, a horde seems to be paralleling their advance, on the other side of the River Ynn. They offer no diplomacy or word, and indeed have already enslaved a few Pilgrim outriders. Those that survived claim it to be a splinter group from the Ill Horde. A horde whose reputation precedes them, no doubt. Refugees flood into the interior of the Black Camadacian’s freeland. Shattered hamlets, holdfasts, and farmsteads, all burned to crisps. A single name is on everyone’s lips. Adrian De Grempesh, a notorious Camadacian general. It would seem the Camadacian crown was too honorable to simply march their army out and crush the Black Army. Or so they claim. Instead they have opted for the usual way of conflict nowadays. Careful border raids permeate the border, as the Camadacians test the Black Armies defenses and resolve. It was not outright war, or a declaration of one. No it was far more subtle, men garbed as bandits, enacting wanton destruction. Of course both sides know what’s happening, but this delicate balance of power, honor, and ambition swirls deeper and deeper. Word soon reaches the Don of Serra’s ears, of egregious wrongs done against him. It would seem a particular capone in his chief maritime port was holding back on something. Be it gold or knowledge, it was clear he was outright refusing orders by now. The rest of Don Corrado’s flock are hanging back, eager to see how their leader handles the situation. Rumors indicate none other than the Rurviche Syndicate is backing him, perhaps an explanation for why he’s so bold. The Kingdom of Albarias has boldly planted their new Kingdom in the harsh wastes. A settled kingdom, they represent an entirely unique way of life to most others in Illesia. Little of value or sustenance is found in their land, a dirt poor place. But the spirits of the humans living here are the deepest of vibrant colors. They bear the righteous fury of god in their hearts, and eye the Wastes as their own. It would seem they had contenders for their own version of paradise, as a Holy Adonian reclamation party has reportedly entered their southern lands without permission. Herzogtum Greifenburg experienced their entrance to the new age with a stability lasting decades. King Albert in his steadfast way has ensured the Realm prospers, and thrives with every passing year. This year is marked with the arrival of several caravans, all eager to trade in the stable land. [+5k C] Lanta perhaps did not truly know how powerful a color could be, but Purple has ascended them almost overnight into an important trade stop. Already some of the richest merchants from Realms far and wide have sent envoys, all clamoring for their dyed clothes. It’s quickly becoming a fad among Nobility, and they’re willing to pay large amounts for it. [+7k C] The House of Vrizia has experienced perhaps the most tumultuous and thrilling saga for adventurers. Their constant rises and falls have led to an experienced and savvy band. Illesia perhaps doesn't know what it’s in for, as these Knights and their retinue flood into greener land. They find themselves with rich and open land on all sides, little of note transpiring to them. Troubling reports from the east however indicate many Realms are under threat to the Ill Horde. THE GREAT CACIQUEDOM OF CANEY experiences a taste of their own medicine on the coasts as Adon's Comet enters the sky. A ruthless war party of Bak-nari descend on one of their more far flung western hamlets. The entire settlement is razed to the ground, and not a single male Caney makes it out alive. None truly know what this Republic intends, but it's clear they view the Caneymen with hostility, being so close to their lands. Curiously, all the Caney women are allowed to live. None actually make it back though, the women being carried off into the ships reportedly. The River Kings of Korynn have experienced decades of peace, prosperity, and growth. Various Kings and their retinues dot the river in populated groups, engaging in fishing and their games of war. But darker undertones have begun to wrap around this people's lands. Like hidden currents in a river, trouble is knocking on their door. It was first noticed perhaps a few weeks ago, as the sky was growing red from Adon's Comets inevitable return. The water level of the river itself was lowering. The bottom begging to silt up, the banks becoming further and further away from the actual river. At this rather they were under threat of losing it entirely, the land being reclaimed by the northern wastes. It would seem the very source of their River was drying up, deep in the Davor mountain range. Worse yet, nothing but fell rumors circulate about the mountains, a place any river fearing King would not dare tred. The Diusi have emerged from the wastes hardened and ruthless. One does not last long in their ranks, unless they wield true power. Their current leader is one such man, and perhaps he realizes the massive nature of the task at hand. Their promised land could be over the next rise, or a world away. Though they reside in the northern wastes for now, there seemed to be promise of greater lands to the south. All agreed the north was inhospitable, but surprisingly, many argued they should continue roving the northern wastes for now. Some argue they should acquire wonders of the 2nd age to combat the settled Greenlands, while others want to set out immediately for the promised land. High Chief Tao has a difficult balancing act ahead, the paths both alluring, and dangerous..... The Tarnished are used to being the watchers, the shadows on the wall. But one of their newest initiates, bathing in the toxic waters, and emerging alive, comes running with a bold tale. They claim while they were swimming, they stumbled into a party of ungarbed women also swimming. They were clearly suffering, but powering through the pain, had attacked the initiate. Only through their training did they survive to report the incident, the women having swum away after being bested. Just days later, Bak-nari sails are reported, sleek scouting ships heading upstream. Women with rudimentary surveying gear are seen along the banks, taking notes, as others collect bottles of the mist, bringing them back to ship. They are gone almost as quickly as they come. But for the rest of the spring, their ships remain ever present, observing, ready to flee at the first sign of sails. The Republic of Lena's bustling trade capital is by and large noted as the first major stop going upstream, and the last down. Though some other small nations occupy the Ynn as they do, none have the utility and prestige of the Lenan port. For decades the merchants have ruled a stable insular realm, growing fat of tariffs collected on trade. Various pirates, foreign merchants, local war ships, and independent ships dot the large dockside, sailors pouring in and out. This porous Port is known with affection across all of Ilesia. However the 'golden age' of the Lenan merchant class is possibly under threat. Radical Captains of the Guard have been building on the militarist support that's been growing for years. They clamor for war, seeking to expand the Nation's power beyond trade. Perhaps even more concerning is the Ill horde just over the river Ynn to their east. Already reports of raided ships, and disrupted trade have begun to filter in. With potential threats on all sides, will this Mercantile republic hold true to their ideals, and keep the flame alive? [+4k C] Osberht awakens for the first time in this new Age, the Third Age. For now memories of his past life are uncertain, shrouded in blood and misery during the final collapse of the Second Age. He finds himself in a strange land, once fertile. But the river he wakes nearby is a shadow of it's former self, and villagers are seen grimly fishing what's left. Few catch anything, and soon to be starving children run over to him, curious. Osberht soon realizes he's in the River Kingdom of Korynn, but darkness has it's grip on this once stable realm. [+4 Prestige]
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  6. Accepted. However POI wise I'm imposing a restriction. Can only look through the window once per day. Avoids abuse of it during battles, encounters, etc. Take any objections up in your Private Channel on discord. Accepted. However I'm imposing some restrictions. Zealot Fervor seems a bit too powerful considering that applies to every sort of military unit. I'd be willing to have it apply to solely Heavy Units, and a greater morale for all others. Take any objections to discord private channel.
  7. Accepted! Though can I get your discord? Wanna go over a few things with you, and introduce you to our FRP community.
  8. I write to you in the year 1090, in what some may call the fourth age. An age that has already come, one that has already passed, and is one I find myself in now. My university has always been intrigued by Adon’s Comet, and the time spent under its bloody gaze. Over one thousand years ago and still its history haunts my pages. I endeavored to document the world as they knew it. A book for people of our age to get a feel for just how grim the Third Age had been for humanity. Below is an excerpt from the first few chapters, detailing some of what’s known; -Jerrah Barak, scholar at Tzon University. A CD is attached to the book [Ambiance] The world as we know it in the years leading to the third age; All can agree the end of times was marked by the first appearance of Adon’s Comet. Humanity had been thriving in the second age, building wonders we can barely comprehend. Buildings clawed their way to the sky, and carriages flitted amongst them, unshackled to the land. War as we know it was a foreign concept, ruled out as an outdated way of accomplishing things, and long forgotten. Ambassadors and Government officials ruled, beholden to their people.Trade, migration, innovation, tenets that dominated their philosophy. For centuries the cities and rural tracts of humanity thrived, grew, and merged under this system. This ‘Age of Peace’ as scholars now label it, is in stark contrast to the time this book addresses. However it’s an important part of the history leading up to what we have come to discover. As the years passed by in their hundreds, things eventually began to reach a state of stagnation, even regression. This unrivaled era of peace was beginning to show cracks. No single event can be labeled as the true reason the age ended, and Adon’s Comet is only credited as the herald. But upon close inspection one can see a variety of reasons festering for centuries has slowly knocked out the foundations of society, bit by bit. Global trade networks began to shatter after plague on a scale never seen before ravage the world. Corrupt and autocratic politicians seized power, wielding massive nations who previously never even had an army. The world itself was changing, tectonic plates shifting at unprecedented levels, seas rising to flood entire continents. As the world itself and the nations began to break down, war was reintroduced to the world, in small increments. At first it was only militias, and insurgents, wielding whatever they could scrap together. But as more and more battles happened, deadlier inventions meant to kill were being churned out. It wasn't long before entire armies were pitched against one another, fighting across massive cities spanning entire countries. The scale of destruction outpaced anything the citizens of this time could conceive. Their technologies were beyond that of our modern era, surpassing the need for ballistics by the end. So though all can agree Adon’s Comet marks the end of the second age, in truth, it was dying for a long time. For a full year the red comet blazed in the sky, and under it, the world crumbled. The foundations of society had been corrupted to the point of blowing away as dust. Morals and Reasoning abandoned for profit and power. Nations of innovation and prestige traded for dying states, squabbling over everything. By the time Adon’s Comet departed back to the void, the Great Nations of the second age had ceased to exist. Their successor states, though vast and powerful, were temporary things, lacking the prestige gained from centuries of rule and tradition. Powerful minds sculpted these new nations, molding them to their fleeting images and ambitions. Hundreds of years have passed since that glorious time in humanity’s chapter, and much has been lost on the way. For war has never truly stopped ever since the shattering of the second age. The bloated successor states of old fought and died, and fought again. Over and over, year after year, piece by piece they lost the very things they were fighting to preserve. Armies marching over entire countries, leaving a wake of destruction. None other than the infamous Warlord Shermani himself was the prime purveyor of this inane and wanton slaughter. His infamous march shattered an entire continent, in his quest to scavenge and preserve technology from the second age. Billions owe their deaths to him and his army, and the dozens like him over these years. The world as we know it in the first year of the Third Age [FRP Start]; With such a heavy burden to bear, we now look even further ahead to the start of the third age. Ominously marked by the return of Adon’s Comet, people at that time didn’t even know what it was, or that it had a name. We look at a world so completely different, it seems unrecognizable. In terms of actual geography, and humanity as a whole. Entire nations, concepts, peoples, lost to the passage of history, and the fiery destruction of human war. Technology burnt up in the fires of mass extinction, architecture swallowed to the changing of the world. History for the people of this time is tenuous at best, the bold ones claiming to be successor states to the ancient empires, having no idea their autocratic rule is a vicious mockery of the old ideals. Human loss up to this date can’t be stressed enough, an extinction event worse than even the archaic dinosaurs of the first age. What remains are not even worthy of titles like ‘Nations’ or ‘Governments’. Petty Kings by and large rule in the husks of once great empires. Monarchs descended from families who gained power under a variety of circumstances. Some were just raised this day as the Comet appears, Warlords leading bands of entrepreneuring mercenaries and Lords. Others descend from somewhat ancient blood lines, Kings of old who held their people together through the ruining of an age and came through to see the third. Perhaps others even hold the republic ideals of old, forming small pockets of idealism in an otherwise grim world. For this was not a world anymore where peace and prosperity acted as a rocket for humanity to soar. In fact those very same humans can be blamed for the state it’s now in. Resources were depleted, especially for the primitive extraction methods of this third age. Rivers and lakes dried up into flatbeds, oceans offering a daunting challenge to any on its coast, and no promise of land beyond. Populations scattered across the entire landmass, eking out an existence in the few verdant spots, or perhaps even adapting to survive in this new age of scarcity and inhospitable environs. And of course all these reasons bred far more reason and justification for war. However this was far different to the second age, which rapidly experienced the height of artificial destruction before flatlining again. Humans of the third age could rarely pick up the pieces, or even comprehend them. Instead we find something far more organic, and naturally evolving over time. By now states were no longer reduced to fighting with bronze and stone weapons, after the technology of old had been exhausted and lost to knowledge. Steel and Flesh rule this time, organized and orientated to the feudal societies growing in the wastes. Gallant knights riding expensive horses thunder over the beaten dust of the continent, men-at-arms following behind in blocks of sword and spear. Prized archers string their bows and unleash volleys of arrows into ranks. Far more crazy or perhaps inventive kingdoms use unorthodox methods, primarily those adapted to the harsh realities of the world. Whilst more developed Kingdoms tend to rely on the levy system. Armies as they knew them were mostly very small, cores of veterans, knights, and unique units relying on larger levys to augment them. Perhaps a few thousand could be mustered by a single Kingdom, and would be considered a large army for this time. Gone were the days where millions clashed over massive targets spanning for leagues. Now war was much smaller, based on careful skirmishing, positioning, and of course decisive battles. Kings generally oversaw a variety of powerful and influential vassals under their throne. The Kingdoms were so small, struggling so hard to survive, that they were usually all a tight knit and intricate system. All this leads to a delicate power play for monarchs, trying to survive, even prosper, in this new age. There are few if any “Empires” or powerful Monarchs. Most find themselves just emerging from centuries of horrible endurance. Suffering war, famine, disease, infighting, disasters of unknown proportions. Smaller Kingdoms, petty states, and tribes of people generally dominate the makeup of the continent’s humans. The people as we know them in the first year of the Third Age; By and large a far more unintelligent and debased lot then we’ve ever seen in history before. Their ancestors reportedly surpassed the limits of the planet itself in the search for knowledge. But these people stare up at Adon’s Comet, scratching their heads and squinting in confusion. Literacy was few and far between, knowledge a rare commodity. Though it’s true some fragments of history have come with them into this age, most of what these people know is fire and blood. However scholars of their time were able to piece together some knowledge of the past. Though looking at it through the lens of study, we can see most of it is highly mythicised. In particular the ‘Empire of Illian’, a republic of massive proportions in the second age. One of the biggest supporters of the age’s ideals, they spread peace and stability throughout the entire world. At their height ambassadors could travel with impunity, considered a worthy addition to any Government. Their technology, libraries, and impact are what led to their name being unforgettable as it echos down the tracts of time. Illian is almost like a new ideal, that people clung to as the world tore itself apart. An ideal some may aspire to now, as the dream of brighter days, while surrounded by inhospitable wastes. Though we could dive further into this illustrious Nation, it can’t be said any of the Third Age truly know much about Illian. One faction we do know much about however is the ‘Gorans’ , a relatively new faction with ancient roots. They entered the scene some hundred years before the beginning of the Third Age. They were a people of ruthless and blood thirsty dominance in the days of old. A nation of warmongers who helped hasten the demise of the Second Age. A group so terrible they are partially responsible for the breaking of the world. Shermani himself hailed from this nation. Ironically, they have no records or knowledge of this grim past in their current state. After so long losing so much, their people had regressed to the point of a migratory tribe. With little knowledge of their past, and uncertainty in the future, these people renounced violence, and most civilization. Most had been scarred by the centuries of war, genetically as well as mentally/physically. There were people suited to the harsh realities of the wastes in between pockets of life. They grew smaller, far more skinny and agile, relying on very little water to keep them going. They grew into tribes, and continued the policy of migration. However they soon learned to pick up the tactic of trade caravans, heading from city to city. Few dare to brave the wastes, and these mercantile peoples were eager to seize that opportunity. The Gorans are now synonymous with wealth and trade. They can be found most anywhere, and one can consider himself lucky if one of their caravans finds them on the wastes. Pacifist in nature, they don’t carry weapons, or much in the way of defense. Their wagons are all brightly painted, led along by some of the finest horses the wastes has to offer. The people themselves dress in a panoply of bright colors, in a variety of intricate or simple designs. Most carry an instrument or good walking stick, and any are invited to their camps to sing and dance. The Ka'Goran Trade Confederation is their most famous achievement, a vastly rich amalgamation of Goran tribes dominating trade heading beyond and to their region of the continent. The Kingdom of Camadacia is what all regard as the bastion of Chivalry, Knightls, and Lords. A veritable paradise of densely populated land, thriving on one of the last true pockets of paradise on this barren world. Their King, Odilon Langlois Descoteaux, is a man of unrivalled prestige. At just the age of fourteen he bested the regency dominating his Kingdom, uplifting his citizens based off merit to form an effective administration of the realm. With such massive populations centers to rely on, this Kingdom has little to worry in the way of survival. This has led to a flurry of innovations, expeditions for lost knowledge, and powerful martial might. The Bak-nari Republic is a land and people of mystery. They have only arrived in the past century, considered new blood among the established petty Kings. Their ideals certainly aren't new, as the Republic preaches the ideals of Illian itself. They have engaged in no diplomacy, or trade. Any on the coast can see their scout ships however, always observing, always where they don't think to look. The HOLY Adonian Order is similarity shrouded in mystery. Their entire city is built around a relic of the second age. A massive building with a long funnel like contraption pointing to the heavens, on their highest peak. The Order has sects all around the continent, praising their messiah, Adon of Illian. A mythical deity like figure, Adon is worshipped as the best leader of men to have ever lived. His tenants are adhered to without exception, and the Order is always looking to expand, and collect relics. They almost live in a different age, secluded in their oasis lake...... Technology as we know it in the first year of the Third Age; By and large the majority of Kingdom’s in this time rely on very primitive forging and mining techniques. A mine for instance relies almost entirely on human power, with pickaxe and shovel. A forge could range from a backyard urn, to a more refined armorer with all the tools of his trade in a city. What this means is almost all armies are equipped with the simple tools of war. Sword, Lance, Spear, Bow, Crossbow, Javelin, Shield, Leather, Chain, Plate armor. The standard array of war in what we record as the ‘feudal’ times in the mysterious first age. Architecture and domestic society follow the same feudal lines, castles usually being pure utility. Towns popping up mostly are made of wood, and very rarely more than two stories. Horses, Oxen, and Mules are still the primary method of transportation, hauling wagons and rickshaws with them. Currency is by and large coin based, relying on gold and other rare metals. Bartering is not uncommon however, a valuable tool in the wastes. Though most of the world follows this lack of knowledge from the past, there are still relics of Power within this new world. Hidden away, jealously guarded, or for a number of reasons they still persist. Objects of intense power and human innovation that most of this Age can hardly comprehend. But occasionally they will figure out how to work it, and the benefits are vast. Most famously known is the HOLY SUIT which lies within the Adonian Order’s grasp. A set of armor similar to plate, however it fully encompasses its user, lending them superb strength and unrivaled protection. The suit however swiftly kills most wearers, the Order deeming them unworthy of its power. They seek a champion who can wield the suit without suffering it’s effects. Though Relics of Power are highly sought after, perhaps equally as important is the Architecture of the second age. The world had swallowed most of it, humanity destroying the majority of the rest. But every once in a while the stars aligned to preserve a piece of the past. Perhaps an old skyscraper, now a massive insular Kingdom. Or a decaying dam, holding an oasis for any bold enough to find. ----------------------------------------------------- APPLICATIONS Discord Name (If I don't already have it): Nation Name: Nation Government/Leader Rank: Description of National/Provincial History & Culture: Notable Characters; [VERY Important to have flushed out RP for vassals, politicians, w.e your government type is. Due to small scale of nations, characters with RP and Lore behind them will have much more impactful actions, will get events, boons, etc: Unique Military Units (One): National Idea (nothing strictly mechanical): Player POI;
  9. Chapter Awakening [LXIX] Fell drums boom in the darkness Clink Several grunts follow the solid crash of steel on rock. Hardly able to see, cries of pain blend with the sounds of labor. In the darkness, only fog and rats preside. Columns of skulls can be seen in the faded corners of the vault, alongside hundreds of plaques. Where once there had been trophy skulls of Irik warlords, only dust remained. Clink But the human remains were much more numerous, and harder to destroy. Holokai, lifted to the position of an Order's priest, helped by swinging a pick axe himself. They were deep in the sacred catacombs of the Matareka family. It was here Holokai had plotted with his fellow visionaries. Standing over the graves of dead Lords, they plotted the downfall of their Stellarchy. With the coup complete, he had the privileged of coming back down here. Staring at the empty grave for Mokihi Matareka, he snarls, and begins hacking it to rubble for the factories. Clink The last of the graves have been defiled, the skulls pulled down. Men drop their tools, and then drop to their knees. Holokai stands before them, panting with exertion from the labors. His fellow brothers and revolutionaries kneel before him, as well as brothers from other Chapters. Their purpose was one, and this vanguard was but the ember. Once they ascended to the surface, the fire of The Great Purge will begin in earnest. The rasp of steel on leather can be heard slowly Holokai examines the knife, appreciating it's craftsmanship. Wickedly curved, the blade was clearly razor sharp. In laser etched script so tiny as to be almost imperceptible, is teachings of the Order. As drums begin to beat in the darkness, Holokai raises the dagger held high, pointed towards him. No words need to be spoken, the Chapter letting his actions speak for him. In two swift motions, Holokai blinds himself with the blade, screaming out his devotion to the shattered skulls and graves of faded Nobility. Quickly two priest pool his weeping sockets blood into small jars, and daub the Red Eye onto a silken banner of pure white. Raising the banner high, the procession leads their Priest to the surface, to awakening and vision.
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