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  1. GrimBeard

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Frontier Colony Affiliation Machinations were at work within the city of Utopie. Gears turned within gears and every politician had their opinions. But things were becoming more unified over the recent years. Utopie had reached it's true splendor, dominating it's various vassal sectors. The Barons were now a token of their former strength. Now they come to Utopie, and bicker just like the rest. Some great move was in the works, but it was not for Utopie to tell. Their people just knew vast undertakings were happening across the Empire. At home things were almost as always peaceful and good. The city of Utopie was now quite a marvel, for various reasons. It had started in one valley, where the first settlers had originally landed. There Utopie and all it's ideals were born. Over the decades farms, mines, and towns filled the nearby valleys. Most followed Utopie's fashion and grew up instead of across. Space was very limited in the Alpine valleys and plateaus. All around them were massive mountains, riddled with Xylorite. So agriculture and flowers usually lined the outlying regions of any establishment. Then came the acres of farmland and tavern. And eventually a cluster, or in Utopie's case, a city, of massive skyscrapers dominated the valley. But Utopie had grown far more than any founder had thought. It had in an organic way merged with the neighboring valleys. Tunnels with transportation linked them, and building even grew into, and over, the mountains. The farmland was gone, but literally the entire rest of the fertile world was tended by scant few farmers and armies of agriculture bots. Now the city was various valleys all linked, with Utopie proper in the middle. Each valley had it's distinct "taste" or look. Some were populated by primarily Skeller, or humans, and so on. Others were melting pots. The Silver valley as it's lovingly called homes the Silver Knight's massive factory. It was the industrial heart of a now blossoming Utopie. The Shipyard would also undergo an upgrade. It had been doing it's part, but the time to expand was now. The Imperial Taxes had been agreed upon by votes. But with travel blocked, other factions got their say. A Utopie Home Force would be founded. They had for years paid the Han to do the fighting. But now they would begin to again field their own force within the Empire. The navy would be the priority as the Sl indicated. The 1st Fleet of Utopie would be something rather different however. It comprised mainly freighters. It's capital ship was the Hospital Ship. The very ship that had borne the original settlers to Jatorak. They had repurposed it to help heal the galaxy. Now it was ran efficiently by a team of doctors from various races. Many were from the east. They all watched with fear as the events played out around and with the Keerim. Million were dying, or wounded. And they were sick of it all. Many were given the chance to embark with the 1st Fleet. They would head out to eventually reach the Imperial Core of Yuguo. But they would travel through "Alien" lands first, offering their aid and calling others to help them with the massive amounts of dead, dying, sick, and wounded. The fleet will carry primarily doctors, nurses, and any trained workers they could afford to take from Utopie. Actions 61 AP Upgrading to SL 5 in Utopie (20 AP) Work into researching a [T3] Duo-Infusion Xylorite Reactor for the navy (20 AP+10 Bonus AP for Nat. Idea) Building 5 U-Boats in Utopie (15 AP) Building Six Corvettes with the various Sl 2's across the Affiliation (6 AP) Continuing Psionic Draft Crusade of the 1st Fleet (Mod Please) Utopie Urbanization, Pretty!
  2. GrimBeard

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    Saudi Arabia And with the new wave of investment came even further glory. The GDP of Saudi Arabia was the strongest in the Middle East. But Abdul was truly happy, knowing this was just the very start of something great. Now he must move to solidify his power, and those to come. And so Saudi Arabia statecraft will be overhauled. The cogs of government will be oiled, to ensure a smooth machine. A host greater in number than the Saudi army is hired to accomplish this. They will undergo heavy screening and test. But scribes, clerks, courtiers, every single sort of position was needed. Saudi will establish it's head quarters around the palace. Now within the Royal Family caroused and worked. While outside regiments of men got to work tracking sales, applying taxes, making deals, etc etc. They would ensure every transaction was properly recorded and taxed. They'd speak to investors, and act as liaisons. The Bank and it's officials would handle the holding of finance. They would have low taxes, complimenting Saudi's tax haven policy. The Commandos are continued to be formed. They will be armed with U.S thompsons, and receive very special training. The first few men will be recruited by Aziz himself. They will begin to take tabs on Royal members, supporters, and generals. They will quietly accumulate facts, patterns, and habits and keep it all archived. Abdul was looking for an heir, and kept a close watch on all. Actions Making more efficient systems Forming national bank Continue formation of Commandos Monitoring upper echelons of state Other Actions Investment continues, as Saudi Arabia enriches and modernizes it's cities and roads. The army continues on it's path as well. By now a Recon air flight had been formed. They were busy working to prove themselves to the old guard. Work goes into seeing if Saudi Arabia would be capable of forming an armored divison out of U.K/U.S designs.
  3. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Imperial Japan Fukoku Kyōhei *General Sadao Araki solemnly held his katana high, face impassive. Directly in front of him lay the Emperor in all his splendour. Bedecked in traditional robes, he sat upright in his throne. Between them was the former Shogun Norinaga. He was writing a final poem, like Samurai warriors of old. He finished, and nodded to himself. Then he lifted his blade up. He could not meet the Emperor’s eyes as he stabbed the blade in. Twisting it, he gained courage in his final moments. Him and Hirohito locked eyes as he split his belly open. Araki plunged his blade down, beheading him moments later. And thus his reign was ended. *Giving up any rightful Japanese land to a foreigner had been far too much. Even if it was to an ally for resources in return. Japan’s navy was fueled, but could never port in the lost land again. Sadao had been a most vocal opposer. He was of the radicalist, and a dangerous one at that. He was the cultural leader of the bushido movement. It was through him and many other right wing members that such Imperial power had been reached. *They would not let one man give away what they had taken through force of arms. And so now he lay dead, Araki standing above him. The Emperor stood up and proclaimed Sadao the new Shogun. But then the Japanese world was shocked. Shogun Araki took a knee before his Emperor, lowering his head. He announced as his first and only move. He would abolish the office. Instead the glory was to the Emperor, and his military. Araki would not allow the office to ever threaten the throne again. **After all this clamor was several reforms. First was the reorganization of government. As always Emperor would be head of both the army and state. There was no Shogun to subvert him, or directly oppose. Instead ministers and generals would help lead the civilian government under Hirohito's stern eye. Sadao Araki was granted the title Minister of War. He used this to immediately get to work. He knew Japan was a massive power, and would not let it stagnate. With the Emperor’s full backing he visited the various corners of the Empire. The first and most important act was for carrier expansion. The entirety of Japan’s naval facilities and resources would be dedicated to make four carriers and airplanes to accompany them. ***What was more important than building carriers was yet to come. Emperor Hirohito and his cabinet had been deliberating for some time. Their disgraced Shogun had made some unfavorable deals. But the Emperor would not break his word, out of respect to the departed Shogun. And instead he would ensure that many many more were about to die. The top generals and politicians get to work, making sure their first move was as efficient as possible. They gave little time to build up, aware their moves would be closely watched. ***The Imperial Air force would begin the glorious war, with a large operation. Flights from carriers and military bases in Polynesia/Philippines take off and do a single orbit as they assemble. Then their flight commanders mark the direction and they have nothing to do but fly. The groups from The Philippines and carriers main goal is to catch any British ships out on patrol. Recon and Fighter units will mark them, and escort naval bombers in to finish the job. As the British fleet scrambles, flights of bombers and close air support raid New Guinea and it's nearby islands. The priority is airfields, ports, and garrisons of troops. The flights from Polynesia and it's fleets go for a quicker raid and focus on ships and ports. They will then retreat, and await any response. If needed support could be sent to the eastern operation. Air units on the islands would work in rotations to support the soon to be advancing fleet, as the carrier units stick closer to the naval groups. ****As the air force begins the operation, the Imperial Navy is already setting sail. The East German fleet will sail into the waters between Australia and New Guinea to confront any British presence. They will keep within their Air force's operation zone, using the carriers to make even further leaps into territory and act as a waypoint. The Philippine fleet will move in to support, waiting for a British response to react to. The Polynesians will guard their name sake, and confront any fleets North of New Guinea. The Hawaiian fleet is ordered to confront any forces coming from Canada. They will also disrupt all British Shipping in the Pacific ****The initial Japanese move would move very fast, and use it's combined might of Ship and Plane to push for initial gains on a unsuspecting British force. Their next moves will depend on how well they do, or the British. But as war is announced, even more policy is enacted. The fleet in Chinese waters and some added ships from the mainlands head to British Polynesia. They will confront any British forces there, and block shipping. *****The Imperial Army was by and large already deployed where they needed to be. A string of garrisons and military bases dotted their various territories. Marines are sent with the fleets as they attack, just in case. The rest keep building up defenses, and waiting for the mean time. Reserves are shipped to the Philippines, to await orders. Units of the Imperial army are also sent to the German colonies, to defend from an expected assault. Mass conscription is ordered by the Emperor. Alongside the expected wave of volunteers in the mainland, they announce the drive will be for one million men, from across the Empire. Japanese industry would be a top focus, to build those carriers and supply the army. Civilian industry is mandated for fitting to make even more military factories. The British after the initial surprise attack will be given the chance to negotiate if they choose. But operations won't stop to wait for a response. Actions *Government Reform **Dedicating naval production to making four carriers ***Surprise Operations and War! ****Naval Operations *****Army Operations Minor Actions Formation of Imperial Intelligence Committee to facilitate propaganda, track opposition, maintain morale, and covert operations. Forming reserve of oil and supplies from Russia/China. Ordering factories to produce a mechanized division's worth of vehicles and equipment. Attempting to halt any British shipping in Pacific. ((Reminder to not use this info in an OOC manner to deliberate anyone's moves. It is not an action until the Modpost and as far as U.K knows there's still no war until an official mod response))
  4. GrimBeard

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    (Just spent a lot of time to have my post deleted. Sorry for bare bones.) F.C.A Announcing desire to peacefully integrate the K.U.S into the Utopie sphere. AP: 57 Imperial taxes [35] Industry [10 AP] Building 4 U-Boats [12 AP]
  5. GrimBeard

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    Saudi Arabia For some time now Abdul Aziz and his court had been slaving away. They had accomplished so much, all in one man's life time. He would fondly look back on the days of old. When ottomans were the enemy. When he and his tribes had stood shoulder to shoulder. They had fought tyranny, and then became the rulers. Well no more. Abdul had killed them all, and his opposition. It had been a master stroke. But one that left plenty of inner demons. But Abdul's will was absolute. Now he had secured trade and free borders with his British neighbors. People and goods will begin to flow. He had transformed Arabia into a modernizing state. Nothing would stop him now, not even death. Saudi Arabia had now formed the basis of a good local trade network. When the Balkans was a looming threat, they had to focus closer to home. But the uncertainty was out of the air. War was not to be, though there had been many deaths. Abdul had formed contacts and recommendations from the last wave of potential investment. Now his staff was busy making inquires. They yet again reached out to foreign investment, citing the time was now. Saudi Arabia had made it's own foundations, and was ready to massively expand it's market. Military training continues as planned. High command expected by 1950 to have an army somewhat up to standards. Abdul had recently made some more deals and orders. The Saudi army was purposely kept small. It was making training and modernization far easier. He wanted to ensure every solider was well equipped. Thanks to the U.K and U.S, this was becoming a reality. Every solider could be lavishly armed and equipped, as there were so few. Of course reserve armories and warehouses held all the second rate stuff in case of a potential expansion. Saudi Arabia and the U.S will begin a new arms deal. They had been buying outdated ships, and now expanded upon it. The U.S would help Saudi Arabia grow it's air force for real now. The Old Guard were starting to realize it had it's benefits. So Abdul had managed to persuade them to form a small corp to see what it could do. They would also help with general factory expansion and equipment production. The main point however was the joint deal for Thompson guns. It would work in two parts. First was the formation of Royal Army Commandos. They would receive very special training, and be the Saudi's best. Top members of the new S.A NCO class would help head the formation. Second would be the armament of them. Saudi Arabia wanted their troops to have the best weapons possible. And this was the most reachable and utility valued. So the two states will work on making a more military focused Thompson, and then exporting it Saudi Arabia. -Local trade solidifies -Second wave of foreign investment -Military reforms Other Actions -U.S expands ARAMCO further. Saudi's grant more exploration and harvest rights. -Agriculture growth continues. Large shipments are sent to other M.E countries. Egypt and Iran though skeptical for now are assured to watch and wait. -Work continues on University of Riyadh -Work continues on service highways for Oil sector
  6. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    United Counties of Ireland Reforms, reforms, reforms! The United Counties were solidifying their ideals. And they were quite revolutionary to boot. Ireland was riding a massive wave of nationalism. For the first time in hundreds of years they were unified. Rather bloodlessly too. They had all the tools and friends they needed to grow into a true Island nation. The government has been formed after the elections. Deliberations have taken place, and voting was in. Domestic Policy of the Counties The first and largest change was women's suffrage. Women had been allowed to run for parliament. And many had won, thanks to women being able to vote. They were just as much a revolutionary and enlightened soul. Men and Women of Ireland will be equal, and laws make it so. Women can vote, and are to be paid the same wages as men. The army is also opened up for women. Any who can pass the required test will be recruited. This will hopefully increase Ireland's pool of available troops. What also follows Irish unification is a flood of foreign investment. The Austrians had bee reached out to some time ago. Agreeing, they had sent engineers and skilled workers. The Irish-Austrian railway will start in Ireland. They hope to bind the nation together, making it easier to travel. The Austrians would be paid well, and their expertise was much needed. The first planned railway is between Dublin and Cork, the two largest trade hubs. English investment was also coming in massive waves. They were helping Ireland build a military dockyard in Dublin. The joint project was a large undertaking, and would eventually see Ireland's navy a reality. German investment was also accepted and pouring in. Engineers and specialist came to help build airfields. With Foreign help Ireland was doubling down on their industry. Though small, they would focus on a specialized industry. With foreign help they'd have skilled workers and complex factories capable of making modern day equipment, vehicles, and goods. The majority of the Counties initial revenue is poured into the factory overhaul. The Irish constables are formed to serve the government. They would be primarily communist, skilled men from the Land Party. They were more so an intelligence agency then national police. They would be responsible for keeping Ireland safe of foreign meddling, and head investigations. Training will take place, and the initial round of recruiting. The Irish military also undergoes an overhaul. 30k Men under German SS training will start. It will be a harsh, unforgiving training regimen. But by the end of it Irish shock troops are expected to be top notch. Foreign Policy The Irish colony expansion also begins. Nationalism was at an all time high. They wanted to expand their influence, to push their culture for all to see. This will start with rather small ambitions. But lofty ones at that. Sao Tome en Pricpe was a formerly Portuguese island off the coast of Africa. Close to german land, the Irish had managed to hitch a ride. Burrowing however many ships was deemed needed, they set off to subdue and conquer the island. A division of Irish troops are brought along to pacify any resistance. Actions Womens Suffrage Opening Army to Women Austrian/Irish Rail-Way Expanding military dockyards in Dublin Specializing industry, building airfields Formation of the Irish Constables Army Training Colony Expansion Trotsky and several members of the Land party take a vacation to Columbia
  7. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    United Counties of Ireland Elections were held and in within a few weeks. The long any Irishmen waited, the more likely violence was. And so everyone went to their local government offices. Waiting for them were IRA turned government aides for the day. They'd act as guards to prevent election rigging, and help an undermanned provisional government. People poured in from all over the country. They were just glad the fighting was over. Granted there was not much bloodshed to begin with. And now they used their right to vote. Another considerable footnote in history was the women turn out. They had been given equal rights in the United Counties. And they used that now, to demand even more rights. Several women ran for elections, and were allowed to by an uneasy Prov. Government. For next week everyone waited in tense anticipation for the elections to be in. The new government they were voting for was rooted in the old. A Parliamentary system, with two houses and an executive office. Every seat was open, and disputed. There was the lower house, upper, and Prime Minister office. It was not perfect, and many had different ideas. But this was the only way, to form a Republic from the counties. People would argue in law rooms, not over battlefields. Disputes would be settled with votes, not bombs. McGowan and his Land Party were the most popular. Supported by the influx of Bolsheviks (made citizens if they wished), they were on the rise. Trotsky, McGowan, and their attendants drove through the country. They'd stay at a different inn every day, and talk to anyone who wished. Their home base was the ancient province of leinster. Dublin was a city of revolution and intellect. Irish scholars, students, and artist flocked to it. It was there the revival of a Gaelic culture was planned. Silken Thomas was an entirely different matter. He was leader of the nationalist, their core ideals revolving around Irish supremacy. They filled the ranks of the IRA, and were transitioning into the new army and police force. They abided the new laws just as every one else did. They would win through logic and rhetoric. Thomas would see Ireland to the top, to rest in god's cradle. With the votes in, the new Parliament is formed. Kevin McGowan was elected Prime Minister. His Communist Land party also won the majority of seats in the upper house. Second to them was the Nationalist led by Thomas, and a resurgent Irish royalist party. The lower house was more complex, as it was elected county by county. The 32 united counties represented a diverse area. There would be many personalities, and opinions. Dozens of women made their way into the lower house. And with the government truly formed, the Prov. Government steps down. They either become elected officials, join the army, or melt into the countryside. Laws are kept the same as before. But any discriminatory law by the English is removed. Several are passed however to protect English and North Irish rights. They will be just as represented in the United Counties. Education will be chaired by Fionnula, a well loved Irish women. She championed the revival of the old ways. Gaelic courses will be offered in high schools and colleges state wide. Counties will be taxed to start their own education, and be duty bound to keep the next generation's grades up. The ancient ban on catholic priest teaching is lifted as well. Industry will be the main focus. England's plans are accepted, and will start as soon as possible. They and the Irish will work on a large military ship yard in Dublin. From there will start a true Irish navy. The factories and industry in Ireland is seized and consolidated. Civilian factories are left alone, to make what the Irish can't import. But the military factories will be overhauled. All available funds will go into it. Ireland will seek to make a specialized industry. One capable of making quality and modern works, not just mass production. Modern day airplane plans had been acquired, alongside other vehicles and gear. Actions Forming United Counties of Ireland. Education Reform Industry Efforts
  8. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Comhghuaillíocht Chaitliceach na hÉireann Hand are shook, and doors open! The Comhghuaillíocht Chaitliceach na hÉireann, or Irish Catholic Coalition for simpletons, is born in the fire of revolution. The English and Irish elements had found common ground. McGowan and his lads would of never accepted anything less than freedom. And now they had it. With some concessions of course. The Coalition was now a part of the Entente, and would allow British warships into it's ports. They would also have to ensure the Fascist never rose to a majority. But now U.K troops were leaving by the division, glad they didn't have to fight the tendrils of Irish advances. The Armories and ships, etc in Ireland are left behind. They were being left with the tools to establish a true government. Not some dystopian nightmare on the English border. The first matter was organizing men willing to fight. The Irish would need to earn the supplies left behind by the U.K. Work will begin to assemble a volunteer division to help fight the Scottish Fascist. With the first matter aside, work on true government will begin. A provisional government is formed out of the coalition and IRA members. They would ensure the smooth transition into a free Ireland. But even now, plans go on. Every Irish citizen will have a right to vote on the new government. The people would finally be allowed to choose their own path. Protestant and English citizens of Ireland are ensured the provisional government will work to protect their rights. The Fascist are also reached out to. More so mislabeled nationalist of Ireland, they feel alienated. But their members are allowed to run and vote just like any other Irishmen. They troops could retain their weapons, and seek to join the new government's military. The IRA and Nationalist would be the backbone of a true Irish army. Though the peace is fragile, Ireland and it's people had a unique opportunity. Any wishing to seize control would stop and think. Would they be just like the English? Or would they allow this referendum to go forth, and choose their destiny. The Irish market and trade is opened to all nations. Actions Assuming control of all of Ireland. Forming a volunteer division to aid U.K Holding a referendum Opening trade
  9. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Páirtí Talún Ronan Mcgowan of the Land Party and his peers met in a back alley in Dublin. The city was safe, but how safe no one truly knew. The boys in uniform were doing a top notch job. They had drove the Brits out, and captured the slower ones. The IRA had consolidated it's hold, and was ready for more. Thus the lofty machinations of Irish governance took place in a pub's back alley. Mcgowan was chairman of the committee, but did not mean he held true power. Him and his ilk, communist to a man, were simply the most powerful. They controlled the most men, and provinces. But that was not how they were going to win the war. They needed a broad coalition. And that's what this night would determine. Leaders from all sorts of home grown Irish movements had shown up. The other powerful group was the Red Coats. Fascist, they were supreme Irish nationalist. They hosted Gaelic sporting events, taught the old language, and spread it's history. They were opposed to the Communist, but hated the English even more. As they spoke, the bastards tried to send terms of Home rule and slight concessions. Every man here wanted to fight, revolution was in the air. Leaders of the various militias and ideologies convened all night, eventually retiring to the pub. Differences were are set aside, and the Gaelic coalition is born. As the sun rose they all drank one last pint, and went off to their men. The plan was to be kept as simple as possible. This coalition did not know truly how many men would rise to a united Irish banner. But they still had fifty thousand men of various thoughts and politics. But they would fight, and fight hard. With the Brits seemingly content to sit and wait, the coalition prepares and organizes it's ranks. The majority of the men are split into regiments of one thousand. The order is given, and they move out. Pouring out of Dublin, and other provinces, they sweep into the country side. Their plans are kept simple. Move out, and recruit as many of the growing militias as they could. They would encircle small Brit outpost and garrisons, making them surrender or fight. If any stiff resistance is relayed through the regiments, the thousands of men advancing would form together for a united action. Otherwise they were hacking the U.K power away garrison by garrison. The path of their advance soon became apparent. The IRA was moving to cut the island in half. They had units on both sides ideally situated to move into the heartland. With enough speed they could hit hard enough that the idling British outpost could do nothing. They'd then hopefully find themselves cut off or surrounded. Smaller bands of IRA head all over the island, trying to rally the various militias under the coalitions banner. Coastal points and harbors are also secured, or ones unknown to the British garrisoned. German supplies and volunteers will begin to flood in. Alongside other covert benefactors. A volunteer unit of 1k men are -hopefully- smuggled into the desolate northern Scottish coast. They would act as a volunteer brigade to help the fledgling rebels there. Actions; Forming Irish Coalition IRA Army Advancing Attempting to rally the Islands citizens and militias Sending a volunteer regiment to Scotland. English posturing ignored Bolshevik leaders in Sweden are invited to Ireland covertly. Particularly Trotsky.
  10. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    It said the Discord invite timed out, could I get another link.
  11. GrimBeard

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz and his council had celebrated for just reasons. Their allies in England were sending the aid with amazing results. The Royal Army was shaping up, piece by piece. It would still be years, and take a lot of work. But the tribal roots of Saudi armies were slowly disappearing. As the old guard were keen to show however, this did not always mean with technology. For now hopes at an air-force are cast aside. Abdul is willing to work with his generals. Especially since many royal family members and officials agreed. But he would not tolerate complete stubbornness either. He invites U.K pilots to show the generals just how effective the planes can be. But regardless for better or worse the Saudis will double down on their land army. To potentially help in the future, Abdul begins a new officer class. They would work closely with the U.S and U.K trainers, and form a new low rung NCO cadre. They'd work more closely with the men, and help keep the army efficiently running. Besides the maneuvering in the army, domestic life continues on an upwards beat. Investors weren't quite ready with the way times were going. But House Saud would continue it's own low level investments and upgrades. The Saudi University continues to be built. The agriculture and textile businesses were on the rise, and employing more people. ARAMCO is continued to be given more land to explore for oil, and more rights to make shipping/drilling easier. Attendant roads, trucks, and rest stops from port to facility are planned. These service roads may one day be highways. But for now they're planned as low traffic roads for oil rigs. Tax cuts and citizen licenses will continue to slacken, allowing rich foreigners the chance to save money in national taxes. This would hopefully appeal most to rich muslims across the world. The Saudi army was brutal in suppression of crimes, enforcing Sharia law. Though many international firms were not ready, Abdul looks closer. Their borders and trade were now open with many neighbors. All subsidiaries to the U.K, the Middle East was open to House Saud. More tourist are attracted, even if they are poor. Some may decide to stay, and jobs will be there for them in the ever growing capital. Abdul seeks to make low level trade deals with bordering nations and cities. It would be the groundwork of large scaled and planned trade routes. Iraq, Iran, and Egypt are the prime contenders for these new deals. Abdul hoped the unity in Arabia could soften the walls most Easterners have built around them. They were all friends of the British and looking to prosper.
  12. GrimBeard

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Application Nation: Irish People's Republic Discord: DirtyHary
  13. GrimBeard

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Frontier Colony Affiliation The Psionic draft continues as the first class is sent off to the Han. There they will join the esteemed ranks of the Jinyiwei. It'll take years, but perhaps one in a thousand will be worthy of being called a true Psionic. Every citizens duty is now perceived as aiding the state of Utopie. Be it through mind or body, they were tools within one big box. Ap; 51 Imperial Fleet Tax [30 AP] Lining the Emperor's purse [3 AP] Building two colony ships [8 AP] Building a Large Freighter [8 AP] Sending the Thuleans aid [2 AP] Population; 820,800 Humans; 58,850 Protorians; 75,210 Libellans; 178,155 Grgl; 118,530 Tassareans; 64,800 Human-Tassareans; 59,940 Backhatta; 96,120 Skellar; 129,600 Galaron; 20,900 Human-Protorians
  14. GrimBeard

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz and his royal court were kept quite busy this year. What was usually a place of debauchery and excess had changed. Not assistants and family members bustled to and fro. They were all working for Abdul, and the House Saud. By the day foreign businessmen and diplomats are met and talked with. Many plans and laws are taking place and being formed. The palace represented the very center of the Saudi state. Here law is where the government runs, where all cogs eventually lead to. Riyadh was becoming more and more cosmopolitan. The need to accommodate the growing foreign class led to modernizing. The city sanitation plan, and other small things were now being taken seriously. Riyadh[The Saudi Capital] resembled the experiment that was the new laws. Order would be taken to the rest of the state in time. But it would start in Riyadh. Public education for men was to become a city standard. Hospitals, police departments, fire houses, and all the other needed accessories of state are drafted. The city would follow a strict grow plan, and be kept under careful guard. Tourism was expected to boom with the announcement of open borders. The two most popular sites of Muslim culture to visit lay within Arabia. This and all the foreign investors and workers pouring in and being taxed would help. The city would be notoriously low on regulations of economy. They wanted to turn it into an international hub and tax haven for business. A university is planned to be built over the next ten years. The city though still holding to Sharia Law, was becoming a place of learning and high power. Arabs from across the peninsula were welcomed. All foreigners and their religion was tolerated. This slackening of old ideals represented Abduls true power. He and his tribes had won the throne. But now they were dead and he and his ilk would pave the true road to success. As stated open borders were now a Saudi norm. This was because of their newest foreign deals. The U.K and U.S had respectively offered to aid in a Saudi armament. Alongside this foreign investment into Saudi was happily accepted. It would be a strict and through process to be accepted however. The Sauds did not want a flock of opportunist dabbling in their economy. Instead more trusted and backed individuals are more applicable. But with all this foreign capital, serious armament will begin. The U.S will be selling off naval ships to House Saud at a reduced rate, and will help with the ongoing military overhaul. Equipment and supplies will be bought, in small but constant rates. ARAMCO will be asked to consider opening a broad coalition of American oil companies. This will mean better production times, and the opportunity to expand even more as a coalition. The U.K also was dictating some serious policy changes. The Saudis announced their official support to parliament and the King. They would be an ally, and supporter of the British Commonwealth. In return the U.K will send aid in various ways. Saudi Arabia and the U.K announce open trade and borders. British capital could flow in unabated, and Saudi resources out. Alongside this Saudi Arabia was now surrounded by U.K client states they could now let tourist in, and trade out. Commercial Grain companies jump on all this foreign investment and incentive. Recently aided by the government, they were slowly rising. All these new markets and mouths to feed would hopefully ensure stocks keep rising. The U.K will also help with the ongoing military overhaul, and will help Arabia found a true air force.
  15. GrimBeard

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    United Kingdom The battle for the Malaysian straights had been an intense battle. The Royal navy though almost evenly matching the numbers could not carry through. The RAF and it's Singaporean allies of some one hundred and thirty found themselves being overwhelmed. As the siege set in, the army stood to it's defenses. For years now Singapore had been number one on the budget. They had complex defense systems, and large reserves. As the fighting grinds on the Indian surrender is broadcasted. The Royal army halts fighting, and calls for a cease fire. A officials state address would happen. It would state the U.K surrenders, but will not hand over control to the Indian navy. The Royal Army will continue assisting the Singaporean government. The city will not be bombed into submission and then conquered. The death of the brave navy left a sour taste to the fighting. King George and parliament were rapidly reassessing the conflict. They had let Rhodesian alliance and opportunity lead them into the war. The Indian's had responded justly, but would get no offer of territory concessions. The local war had quickly turn into one of political policy as the waring states were showing. But the U.K will backdown from Rhodesian claims, and agree to come to a peace board. The U.K navy is ordered to lift the Indian blockade as a show of the finality to the fighting. They instead head at full speed to Singapore, to ensure the Indian's do not simply bully the city into submission.