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  1. Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen The swampy marshes around the capital of Lindenbaum had long since been drained. Now fertile fields surrounded the city in a patchy network of farms. But the far bigger trade of this land was hosting the various Free Companies. They flocked to the Capital like flies to a corpse, all looking for sustenance. The main contracts a Free Company could appeal for were twofold. The more common one was a contract with the Crimson Army itself. The other and most coveted was a foreign contract. Provision and pay in a foreign army, with the chance to loot. And more importantly avoid the insanely harsh Captains of the main army. For a while now the Lord Commander and Great Captains had been hesitant to expand the main army. They were more pockets to fill, and men to arm. But recently a small industrial leap had ensured funds for the Council. And so, the Contracts are posted across the entire Duchy. The first Free Company to get a major contract was a peculiar one. A full one thousand five hundred of them had been signed in a massive deal. The Serek Hounds were a poor but fierce Free Company. They lived in the deepest recesses of the Swamps, and fought accordingly. In stark contrast to the Golden Lances who were wardens of the Wulff Swamps, the Hounds simply lived there. Their expertise however was in ranged weapons, and using a variety of weapons. Not to mention they fought Sereks, some rumored to be seen even fighting with just their hands! These men will be given the newly conceived Crossbows for use. They will also be trained in the arts of melee combat. The Crimson Strings had just been formed as an official army branch. As the armies ranks swell, so to does the industry to match it. The need for ever more ores, food, and manpower is keenly felt. Ever since the alleged Mer’ak attacks on the Capital, the Lord Commander has been on edge. And it is in the idea of protecting itself that the Order is hiring so many of it’s own Free Companies. As the factories and regiments at home shape up, thousands march to war with the Mitrovic Empire. The Black Guard were notoriously cruel and elite troops. They were taking great fun in the purging of the Ascendancy. *Wilfried Schaus celebrates his fifteenth birthday as a quiet affair. Tucked away in a dismal Inn deep within Aldemar’s complex weave of districts. In a damp room with a likely girl, they share a steak bought from the market. He did not take much joy in it. He had wealth, but dared not spend it lavishly. He had moved several times, trying to keep a low profile. Though he had stolen enough, alongside his own funds, he was not content. But it was very clear the Aldemari Civic Guard were nothing like the Order’s own lax provincial militia. Simply stealing until he was caught and hung would not do. So he stashes his funds across a few banks, keeping the stolen items to slowly pawn off to avoid suspicion. *This year he will focus on what he hopes to me a slightly less blatantly illegal affair. He begins traveling to the farming hubs in the outer city. There he hopes to pick up seasonal work across several farms. More importantly he slowly but surely tries to win peoples trust and find any minor gambling or horse racing syndicates operating in the outer areas. Being a genuinely good person and wanting to make lasting connections, the young Schaus tries to see if he can find small time criminal allies to take him under their wing. He uses some extra gold from his stashes to grease the wheels. – Population; 10,9272,70 Income; 79,200 Ap; 3 Mod Actions *Wilfred Schaus’s From Ruination Drama Passive Research [TEN Tech] Open Slot; ‘Galleas Warships’ The new model of war for the Order’s naval interest. A ship very similar to a Galley, but fit for ocean travel and more serious artillery pieces. Financial Actions 2 Mine/Heavy Industry -25k Building 2 Farms -20k 2 Mine/Heavy Industry -25k Building 2 Farms -20k Recruiting 1,000 Free Company Soldiers -18k Recruiting 500 Sturm-Reiter -7.5k Treasury +8,700
  2. Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen The start of this year marks a sad one for the Order. A calculated and brutal assault took place on the Capital. Bodies of several Ordermen, and minor nobles are found dead in their houses. Worse yet, the palace of the Duke himself was attacked. While the palace seemed quiet, Dark Magic adepts had broken into the very inner sanctum of the Rune Forge. There many dozens were massacred, the remains for all to view in memorials across the capital. In a vicious response, a certain Captain Reinhart Mueller personally led the purges. The cultist were found skulking in their cells houses. They were all put to the sword, the cells ripped up. Though no accusation has been made, many are led to believe it was Mer’ak that would pull such a dark move. In spite of these horrid events, life in the Order is better then ever. Thousands of settlers were just given the chance of a life time. Lush and fertile fields to the east had been claimed. Under the stern protection of a Keep, this land represented gold waiting to happen. And so farmsteads and hamlets are planned to dot every surface of the land. On a fare more Industrial note, the Order has realized the need for more armed troops. This years marks the start of a very long armament and recruiting campaign. The Order’s naturally better Arms and Armor will be on the best soldiers in the world. Not much other official news comes out of the Order this year. It is simply a continued policy of trying to gain foreign contracts. The only ongoing one so far is in the illustrious Mitrovic Imperial Army. There 1,000 brave souls serve. Some of them are new recruits, to replace the losses of last year. When they ask what happened, they are grimly told to stop asking. It seems the wounds were still tender of the disasters charge of ‘66. - Population; 10,609,000 Income; 73,100 Mod Actions A new victim of the Order drearily walks through the more remote parts of the land. Only a boy of fourteen, he was alone and rather out of his depth. He had spent his life in the Capital of Lindenbaum. Son to a minor Noblemen who had married a rich merchant heiress, they had a cozy life. Both had ensured their eldest son was well tutored. But perhaps due to being in two worlds, young Wilfried Schaus was a man of the streets. He spent his days tutoring with boring old teachers. But often at night he would sneak out to run havoc in the streets of the Capital. Eventually a group of thieves saw his value. They used him for his connections and gold, but also training him all the while. This all changed with the Dark Spawn attacks on the capital last year. His parents were found mutilated in their house. Wilfried had been out, stealing with his gang. The event turned his world upside down. He was no long protected by any status, it seemed the Order was also pushing his family out of it’s annals. Taking what gold he could, he ran. ***And now his path leads him to the massive Great City of Aldemar. Here he was one among millions. Here he could hide, and try to evade imagined and real enemies. Who knew if the Dark Spawn would come for him? or the Order to cover up their mistakes. And so he will blend into the lowest rungs of this city. Using his gold, and slight experience, he will set about going to earn more. Renting a small room at an Inn, he focuses on the petty thievery. He goes to find a few young children, to recruit and train. One day they will be the start of his small crime syndicate in the Great City . [600 Gold] Passive Research [TEN TECH] All need Responses master Slot 1; “Basic Printing Press” A mechanical device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium (such as paper or cloth), thereby transferring the ink. Slot 2; “Advanced Armor and Weapon Production” T4 Equipment The Forge-masters of the Order realize the growing need for better equipment for the troops. Though their current armor had no equal to other nations, they wanted to do one better. And so they will perfect the techniques of making steel, and shaping it into expert level weapons and armor. Slot 3; Thunder-Bow Prototype Very similar to a crossbow, but almost not at all at the same time. It is a circular tube attached to a stock, and reinforced with steel bands. A Propulsion Rune also be drafted will be placed at the end where one would hold it. If they trigger the run, ideally it will channel the energy into a mini object lodged down the tube, propelling it out at great force. The Prototype must be built strong enough to resist multiple propulsion runes being used. Spell Research “Propulsion Rune” T3 [6,000 Invested]] A rune meant to hold a large amount of energy in reserve, for multiple use on each charge. This Rune when triggered taps into that power to hit a single point of a small object. It will propel this small object at great speeds, ideally also over a long range. For now it is planed to be on something like a sling. But far more ambitious ideas are taking root...... Worked on by Forge-Master Albanus. [13 Arcane] Financial Actions Building 2 C.D, 1 T.D -30k Building 2 Farms -20k Building 1 Mine/H.M -12.5k Gold to Samalstraza -4k
  3. Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Across the Order industry has finally begun to take shape. Almost a complete agrarian state, the massive Free Companies were always in need of funds and provision. For years now it was becoming far more apparent they were growing too big for their boundaries. The Lord Captain and his council were and more and more convinced in one thing. Lebenstraum. They had a drastic need to expand their borders, their people, and their culture. The World was a deadly place, and they are but one fledgeling nation. And so a new keep is planned on. Soldiers are picked, and sent. The control of the Order will grow..... The Black Guard earns a massive spike to their reputation this year. For a while now every Free Company had sought a foreign contract. The true way to gain repute, gold, and skill. And though a last minute cancellation ended hopes, they were renewed. Though the straights were blocked, far closer buyers seemed to be in need. And as such one thousand Black Guard Free Company Soldiers march south to the Mitrovic Empire. In good order, they parade down the roads with bands setting the pace. They will arrive in the Empire and clearly look like what they are. Professional killers. Besides sending troops abroad, and to claim land, the Order is dull. This year only marks the beginning of a fresh start. One of massive industry, legions of Veterans, and a racial mandate extending for leagues upon leagues...... - Population; 10,300,000 Income; 52,200 Mod Actions Sending observers to Aldemar to learn of their Great City, and place of interest. Sending Observers to gain more knowledge on Mer’ak Financial Actions Building a Keep to claim more land [Map to come] -10k Building 2 Farms to maintain Population -10k Building 3 Trade Depots -30k Treasury +2,200 First Mercenary Payment from Mitrovics +3k
  4. Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Music Lord Captain Eckhardt Jurgen Von Stoltenburg of the Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen was not a person to be trifled with. Many others in the Order were far stronger, bigger, better with blades. But Eckhardt Von Stoltenburg had qualities few others lacked. He was a smaller Ordermen, considered short. Ironically amongst humans he would still be on their taller side. Regardless, within the Realm, he was seen as weak of body. But of mind, all bowed to his wisdom. The man was a born leader, and could convince any to follow them. So when he and his Black Guard rose to prominence, few could contest his rise. With the end of the Great Lindenbaum Civil War, a power vacuum had been wide open. This was quickly filled by the well established mercenary “Free Companies”. Already small powers in their own right, they proliferated Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. But now with peace, they were forced to look ahead.... And this is how Lord Captain came to be the most coveted rank within the Duchy. Recovering from four decades of Civl War, the Duchy was forced to look to the Free Companies. The only Orders still with power, troops, and gold. Thankfully the Free Companies were not wanton war lords. Instead they were former Atemic and Orevian lords, forced into service in disparity. They wanted a stable Duchy, not a chaotic free state. And so the six major Free Companies, and several dozen smaller ones, all came together. Chief among them was the Black Guard Free Company, led by none other than Lord Stoltenburg. This is how the Crimson Order came to be. The chief Captains all pledged eternal brotherhood, and service to The Duchy of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. How stable this Order was? Only time will tell. - In more recent times the Crimson Order has shaped up somewhat. This sprawling land is home to many Deviants and Humans from across the Gulf of Chtor. The Lord Captain and his council of twelve Free Company Captains rule the land. The wounds of the Civil War were healing at long last, after years of recovery. And one thing was becoming very apparent in this modern time. The unified Crimson Army was growing in size and power yearly. And many smaller Free Companies were already clamoring for contracts. The Lord and Great Captains feared soon if blood was not found, blood would just be taken locally. And so The Crimson Order resolves to enter the foreign market. Their Mercenaries, Armor, and Weapons are of the highest tier. Surely they will soon find willing markets. In the meantime, a FAR more prestigious contract is given out to a Free Company. The “Long Spears” were one of the most prestigious and veteran Free Companies. Grand Marshal of the Order Wilfried Lichtenfels commanded the Order’s unified army. But he used to lead the Long Spears, to great effect. The rival of the Black Guard, these two primary Free Companies were start differences. The Long Spears were noble, and far more merciful in battle. And this is why five hundred of the best of them are selected. To be commanded by Captain Gunter Neuhaus. This Captain and his Regiment will set out to none other then Samalstraza itself. They will serve with honor and distinction as an offer of tribute to the Mage Court. *Perhaps the most concerning of all, was news from the Wulff Swamps. Always a deadly land, fertile with the blood of tens of thousands. It had hosted several massive battles in the days of the Civil War. And now, the Capital of Lindenbaum seemed to be in a dark situation yet again. The Swamps seemed to offer no end of peril and blood to the Order. A retinue of One hundred and fifty of the Grand Marshals personal troops is assembled. The Troops, guides, and people who claimed the rumors in the first place will be given a simple order. To head to the source of the rumors pouring out of the Wulff Swamps. And to find out what was going on, and where it was coming from. Captain Ferdinand Viermetz of the Golden Pike Free Company is chosen to lead the sortie. The troops will not carry unwieldily Pikes, instead opting for axes and shorter spears. - Population; 10,000,000 Income; 33,000 Mod Actions *Captain Ferdinand Viermet’z expedition into the Swamps..... [150 Free Company Soldiers] Research Actions [Passive. TEN TECH] Slot 1; ‘Heavy Infantry’ Slot 2; ‘Heavy Cavalry’ Slot 3; ‘Crossbows’ Financial Actions Building 2 Commercial Districts -20k Building 2 Farms -10k Treasury +3k
  5. Nation Name: Crimson Order of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Government Type: “Oligarchy” [Various Free Company leaders rule jointly in the former Atemic Province] Leader: Eckhardt Jurgen Von Stoltenburg Culture: HUMAN. Mainly Atemic/Antramar. History: The lands of the Company once not been as fertile in the large swathes of field. The people who lived here had peaceful and mundane lives. They were close to the heartlands of the Atemic Empire itself. Also near was the sturdy Antramar and the Imperial people predating them. The land straddles the vital entrance to the Gulf itself. They are the crossroads between two major culture groups, and foreign trade. This led to a very tangible increase in importance to the place. As the Empire began to rot at the foundations, cracks were becoming very apparent. However so close, the people stayed largely loyal. But as always the case, the peasants were not the ones to worry about. Several Imperial and Antramar Generals saw the massive opportunity in this peninsula. The people were docile, populous, and rich. In a final messy break from the Empire, the Lindenbaum civil war begins. Leading entire legions into the land, the various Generals no better than War-Lords begin to clash. Entire armies and mage schools massacre each other on the battlefields, in the pursuit of this land. And this is when the fields truly begin to grow fertile. From countless amounts of blood being spilled in the same cursed fields. As the years drudged on more and more death greeted the land. A terrible cycle of rising to power and falling greeted most Generals. This was not a land of politics, every dispute being solved by force. As the second decade comes and goes, the nature of this peninsula has changed entirely. No more can one live in peace, and security. Now if one could not fight, they were dead or tilling soil. The Generals and their massive armies died off one by one. And yet the bloodshed kept rolling on. Smaller and smaller factions broke down, city states even forming. The most notable mark of all this was one thing. The rise of the Free Companies. Many of the natives did not have any military power, but they did have gold. As entire Legions poured in, they could not compete. As the decades drug on, even Generals require hired arms. Various bands rose and fell just like everyone else. But through the blood entire Bands of men were hardened into elite mercenaries. The men leading them and the companies themselves began to gain massive influence. Recruits flooded in, sick of fighting for Imperial or Antramar War-Lords. And as this new age dawns, so too does a new start. Eckhardt Jurgen Von Stoltenburg joins a famous Free Company of the time. Barely twelve, the Company took him on as a cooks assistant. By now chaos in the land and Free Companies roamed as entire new armies for sale. But some Free Companies in particular begin to rise from their peers. Several notorious Generals and their Companies begin to form more and more deals. Politics was a dangerous thing, but these deals showed it could be done. As time drags on the Mercenary Companies begin forming into a Pact of like minded companies. They begin to rebuild, and tap into the old wealth and people of the land. For forty years war was always a constant. But the Free Companies had secured an uneasy peace between all of them. By this time the hero Jurgen Von Stoltenburg had risen from cook to a Captain of his own Company. The Black Guard had formed a massively brutal reputation. Jurgen and his men were elite troops, ready for anything. They were one of the first to pledge to the Crimson Order. Jurgen was a shrewd man, and saw the power in this. Instead of being hired by petty Lords and Generals, they could look outward. More and more the Crimson Order is pointed towards the outside world. Groups of interest: ‘The Black Guard’ The personal Free Company to General Jurgen, and his staff. They are elite mercenaires dedicated to pure discipline and loyalty. During the civil war this meant they were asked to do the blackest of jobs to guard their Owners. This led to their name, and devastating reputation. Many were known to consider themselves dead if they faced the Black Guard across the line of battle. ‘Long Spears’ One of the chief Free Companies of a long standing reputation. These Generals and their men date back to times when the Order was in the Empire. This Company employs a large amount of the Orders famous Schwertkämpfer. [More Free Companies to come] Places of Interest; Wulff Swamps. A marshy area around the capital, full of beast and disease. It offers natural land protection, and even has fertile patches of swamp. Many also travel far into the depths of the swamp for infamous bog silk. Key Figures (3 people with points): Eckhardt Jurgen Von Stoltenburg Leadership – 6, Charisma – 6 Leader of the Black Guard, Elected representative of the Crimson Order. Albanus Sacerdos Arcane Skill – 12 Master Rune-Smith of the Order, and a man highly steeped in Runemancy and magic. He is immensely respected amongst the Free Companies, making sure they are all well equipped. Wilfried Lichtenfels Leadership – 5 Martial Skill – 5 Agility – 2 Leader of the Long Spears, and Marshal of the Pact. An honor ensuring he runs the day to day dealings of the Free Companies. His men chiefly are now being prepared for foreign mercenary service. Point Distribution: Size 10, Tech 10, Military 10, Loyalty 1 Military - 10 Spending Points 500 Medium Cavalry - 1 250 Sturm-Reiters – 1 3,000 Free Company Infantry - 6 1,000 Archers - 2 Runemancy Magic T1 Spell; “Order’s Blessing” A simple Rune of sharpness applied to a soldier's blade. The Rune made by a Mage while able to imbue its power in a decent amount of blades, last for a short length of time when used in combat. [Temporarily Makes 2 melee Units worth of weapons +.5 Tier above it’s Weapon Strength before needing to be recharged. Mages can bless 2 Units a turn] T1 Spell; “Concentrated Power” During the process of making armor for the mercenaries, a Runesmith Mage is employed to help his lessers. As they make the armor he inscripes dozens of ruins across the plate. These are all for decoration, but also around a focal point of the true Rune. This particular one merges with the armor and whoever wears it. [While it’s bearer has enough energy to spare, the armor is +.5 Tier. Mages can inscribe 1 units worth a turn] T2 Spell; “Lindenbaum” A Combat Rune meant to be used while in battle offensively. This Rune once inscribed onto a casters hand and filled with a mages power, turns into a large burst of energy guided by the mage that then explodes into a big shock wave. Meant to disrupt and shatter formations with the energy shock from the Runemagic energy releasing. Nat Idea: “Forgemasters” Armor and Weapons act .25 Tier above their status. Additionally every 3 million pop a set of ‘Seelenrüstung Armor and Seelenklinge Blade’ can be forged for the price of 1 Mage, 1 Adept. This Suit of Armor and Blade is forged to boost a man's prowess in battle to unheard of heights. It is inscribed with Runes unique to the Order Alone, that empowers the Armor and Blade to be far above ordinary heights. Seelenrüstung Armor - A suit of the best armor available, hand crafted by Runesmith Mages and Adepts for the best results possible. It is then inscribed with Runes unique to the Order. The four primary Runes are what makes the armor so powerful. The first three enhance the bearer, providing strength, speed, and dexterity. While the fourth, and the one Unique to the Order, is what enhances the armor. It binds the soul of it’s wearer to the armor. It imbues the armor with Runic power, that hardens the Steel while keeping it’s regular weight. The Run will consider the Armor as jointed, and work to protect and even repair parts of itself that are damaged. Seelenklinge Blade - No two blades are the same, but all Seelenklinge blades cut easily through most inanimate matter, so long as the Blade is kept in motion. They do not cut living flesh; instead the metal fuzzes as it passes through, killing without leaving a mark or spilling blood. It was said that blades sever the soul itself, the only indication of death being that the victim's eyes burn out. Any part of the body that is cut dies instantly. If the Blade touches a man's spine, he dies, eyes burning. If it cuts through the core of a limb it effectively kills that limb, rendering it permanently limp, numb, and useless. The Runes bound to this blade are various, all adding strength and energy to these usually massive blades. The Unique Order Rune also binds this blade to it’s owners soul. Unique Units: “Free Company Soldiers“ Medium Infantry Replacement Expert Pikemen with years of training, and the best equipment available. Most have spent their entire life fighting in Free Companies. Now they serve the Order as the best Soldiers for hire in the land. These Pikemen have a fearsome reputation, and are known for their pure discipline and fighting in massed formation. They can even attack with their pikes en masse, the weapons an extension of their body. Perfect mercenaries, ready to serve the biggest buyer and their Order. Troops train with other weapons in case their buyer has a preference, but excel in Polearms. “Crimson Strings” Crossbow-Melee Archers [Special Unique] A dedicated branch of the armed forces of the Order. These expert marksmen have found their love for the Crossbow, a deadly weapon. These troops are dedicated to serving just as ably as any mercenary. They are highly disciplined, skilled, and motivated. They employ a Crossbow and Heavy shield for protection as main armament. But they are also well armored, and armed with a backup mace, sword, or axe. These troops are versatile, able to serve best as Crossbowmen. But they can also serve in a melee when it comes to it. “Sturm-Reiter” Light Horse Replacement The Sturm-Reiter have long been the professional cavalry of the Free Companies. Massed Pike warfare has rendered Knights on horseback to a relic of the fading past. But these Light Horsemen were unique in their power. They are Horse Archers, serving with a Bow or Crossbow depending on their Leader’s choice. They are meant to act as Scouts and Skirmishers, and screen the advance of armies. These men can raid, scout, and skirmish at a lightning quick pace from their fast mounts. Or offer a unique tool in the heat of a pitched battle. Starting Location: Star - Capital Square - Extra City Triangle - Fortress Diamond - Castle I LOVE WHITE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad it’s your favorite.
  6. Groukoxxot Clan The sprawling fleet of the Clan has clustered together in this lonely sector. For decades they had travelled the vast expanse of space. And all they have found was what was expected. More empty sectors, more asteroid belts and moods orbiting lifeless rocks. The only thing of note was the intense variety of stars. One could spend a lifetime trying to map them all out. Many of the Clan took to etching the various stars they have visited onto their scales. This sector was quite like any other, but not for it’s inhabitants. After such a long journey, council had been called on The Agorso. The Oasis Ships and Fleet of the Groukoxxot was a fearsome sight to behold. Amassed in one sector, they seemed to dominate it’s expanse. The Oasis Ships were of a truly massive scale. Cylindrical in shape, with rotating links to create some level of gravity. They held millions of Alduu’uuranean each, all small parts of this massive organism. Each Oasis Ship was a power in it’s own right, with a Owner at it’s helm. The three prime factions of the Groukoxxot held an Oasis ship in their clutches. Jealously and greed was high between the three. And with such a long lapse in raiding, this was especially so. The reason they were all gathering is to make a choice for the Clan’s future. The Agorso is the largest and most populated Oasis Ship within the Clan. It’s owner, Star Lord Kuuhisk Ukzakoaz was the current leader of the Groukoxxot. The title of Star Lord got tossed between the three Oasis Ship Captains, depending on who at the time held the most influence. Sometimes a daring raid, or internal fight was all the spark required to change power. But with the long lull in reaving, Kuuhisk had held power for over a decade. Some had settled into his prolonged rule. Others vehemently protested it, wishing to go out on their own. Regardless of opinion, they all came to speak their bit. Within the thousands of corridors, lay the center of The Agorso’s power. A massive, and beautiful agriculture hive. Here was not the simple production of staple food for the processors. Here all the coveted luxury crops, fruits, and animals were cultivated. Many different plants here were worth more then some of the smaller reaver ships. And it was here dozens of Alduu’uuranenan streamed in to meet. They thumped down the corridors, in packs. Most were armored in a various motley of pieces. There was no uniform or true outfits they stuck too. Most took to having their own taste, and budget. What all Alduu’uuranean had in common was simple; a massive armament. Many carry as many as three pistols in a brace, alongside their preferred melee weapon, and a rifle. All had a shared love in the culture of firearm production and use. And so hordes of heavily armed pirates convene in a field of luxury crops to hold a council. Star Lord Kuuhisk Ukzakoaz appraised the Alduu’uuranean pouring in perched from his throne. A simple enough throne, bedecked in lapis lazuli, gold, gems, diamonds, and other humble ores. Very faded skins provided comfort for the Star Lord. The skins though old were still easy to identify for all. It was the remnants of Kuuhisk’s first kill. Among the first to enter as always was Coryphaus Yauk Groxxollix. A massive example of his race, one of the biggest in the Clan. Yauk was the leader of the infamous Thurnuxl Reavers, always leading them form the front. His Oasis Ship was a sight to behold, housing a massive Shipyard. From him came most of the ships and warriors for the reaving fleets. And it was him that was most angry with the decade long span between raids. Arriving later was the infamous Captain of the last Oasis Ship. She was not one to cross, and had for a long time held power in an iron grip. Having served as Star Lord before, Chathriyi was a popular leader within the Clan. With all the prime Captains and their retinue assembled, Kuuhisk leaps to his feet. Raising his hands for silence, the crowd of raucous pirates simmers down. Eventually a silence is reached, as they all expectantly look to their Star Lord. “This is not the first time we have convened here in anger recently” he begins, to which many hisses confirm the truth of his statement. “But perhaps this can be the last.” Kuuhisk as he says this appraises the Captains, and their subordinates. “We have drifted for decades, but it will not last forever. Some of you may claim we should split up, to cover the stars. But as I have said before, we would lose each-other in the void.” He raises a finger, pointing to the man standing by hi throne. “We have possibly discovered a way to finally communicate across the Stars. One that is reliable, and fast” At this excited chatter fills the fields. Finally quiet is again reached. “We shall gather our strength here, and devise a way to coordinate at great distance.” Coryphaus Yauk shouts, cutting through the renewed excited talking. “And when will we be doing this promised reaving?” . The Star Lord locks eyes with his general, squinting. “Soon” – 2200 Population; 200,000,000 Income; 45,000 Mod Actions Using the Clan Fleets to survey the sector they have temporarily taken residence in. Research Actions [Passive] Slot 1; Quantum Communications Slot 2; T2 Kinetics Financial Actions Building 3 Business Modules -45k
  7. Nation Name: Groukoxxot Clan Race: Alduu'uuranean Size - 10 Research - 5 Space - 10 Research Unlocks 5 Points T1 Deflector Shields – 2 T2 Ship Hulls [Steel-Titanium] – 2 Fleet 30 Points 1 Heavy Cruiser - 8 2 Light Cruisers - 8 4 Destroyers - 8 2 Assault Ships - 6 - The Groukoxxot Clan grew from perhaps peculiar roots. Like all Alduu'uuranean, they lived freely in space. Massive ‘Lounge Ships’ were the start of all life for Clans. A highly coveted prize, and many found themselves serving on them. As this circular history continues of these pirate species, the Groukoxxot Clan slowly has come into play. The Groukoxxot were not quite the Pirates plundering the galaxy like some of their kin. They have lived on the fringes of civilization, in fragmented factions. Most spent their time mining, and scrapping. Artefacts, bounties, and cargo hauling were also common. But like most Alduu'uuranean, there was always more potential. Many saw this amongst the many different factions. And so they banded together to form the Groukottox Clan. One of many different splinters coming together. Hundreds of years before the present, this fearsome Clan came from humble roots. Over the decades these simple miners were becoming increasingly wealthy. The combined Clan efforts proved a big boon to their small economy. As decades turn into centuries, more and more the Clan looked outward. Supplying other more militaristic Clans, the Groukoxxot became increasingly involved in piracy. They grew and adapted with it, casting aside most of their menial mining roots. As time leads up to the present, the Clan has long since shed their roots. Now in their twin Lounge Ships they roam the stars, seeking prey and riche
  8. Westerfield Federation For the past year the new Federation was busy on complete internal reform. The hundreds of tiny provinces and autonomous zones has been tamed. Now Westerfield is mapped with state borders. Each state will have it’s own government, bound to the central Federal government. With centralization like this well underway, things had turned more to elections. State and Federal government were fully open. The new states and voting districts prepped and ready for voters. Turn out rates are expected to be huge. Citizens of the old Confederacy were always active in their democratic governments. Now they were all guaranteed the vote. There were several parties that had been formed over the past year for this. The biggest was the Federalist party headed by Levander Bixby, Joe Brayden, and dozens of former senators. They held the most connections, trust, and power in the old Confederacy. They had largely kept together, stepping from Confederation to Federation. They represented the status quo, and the strongest supporters to the Pact. Their two biggest opponents were splinter groups from the old guard. Kalinina Olena Yemelyanovna and other more hardline conservatives broke into their own faction. The Conservative and even slightly monarchist National Front was in fact a large power base as well. Ironically their power stemmed from the three states in former Ozan. Former Royalty, Nobles, and Governors all ran for election in their states. Besides the odd fluke, they had secured most of the seats in Ozan. The far weaker Conservatives and Monarchist in Westerfield proper saw their chance and aligned with the growing Ozani factions. The smallest faction, but perhaps the biggest threat to both, was the People’s Party of Sarida. Headed by Lieutenant General Kazim Hussametin, they were known fascist. They also were firm supporters in the Sardian Pact, most having served in the war. Though almost universally despised by the average Democrat, they were important enough to garner support from Ozani and hardline Westerfieldans. As Election results roll in, a rough line is drawn in the sand for the parties. The Federalist as expected made large gains in the Central Government. Perhaps surprisingly to some, they also took a majority on the state level. Every Westerfield Confederate had been a democrat, and still were. They supported total freedom, and the chance to live and vote like this. The National Front made some gains in the Federal government, but nothing notable. However in Ozan they were quite popular, and had the majority for now. The People’s Party of Sardia was relegated to a back seat, with almost no seats on a Federal Level. On a State level they were beaten or chased out of town. There were also several other parties scattered on State and Federal districts. 1897 Income; 265,400 Population; 78,304,885 26 AP Mod Actions Armed Convoy Barracuda once again sets out from their base of operations at Baresh at the end of storm season. They aim to explore east of the island chains found last year. The Arctic and Island colonies are prospected for Vitramite this year. Research [6 Points] Work begins on Westerfields very own T-90 project. Thanks to the Arbiter, Carnelian Scientist armed with knowledge and schematics travel to the Federation. The two research teams will work on building Westerfields capability to develop the T-90 model. Thanks to actual testing in the field, and years of progress, they hope to make a fully updated and new model. [15k Annually] Passive Research R-19 Terrex Revolvers A ‘Hand-Canon’ of extreme calibre. This six shot revolver is built exclusively for the use of power armor troops. A regular infantryman shooting this would break his arms. The R-19 will be focused on short range capability to shred enemy power armor and vehicles if possible. Reloading techniques possibly involve a modification to the T-90 allowing for spring loaded clips to hold rounds. Financial Actions Building 2 Civ Industry/C.D/T/D -50k Building 2 20k V M/R -20k Building 5 ASP Yards -50k Recruiting 40k T3 Regulars 8 AP, 32k Recruiting 20k T3 Lights 4 AP, 24k Recruiting 300 Field Artillery 6 AP, 18k Recruiting 100 Howitzers 8 AP, 32k
  9. Westerfield Federation Across the burgeoning Federation were the new States of the Federation. The storm has calmed after a year of politics and voting. The Confederacy though founded on sound ideals, was flawed. Every little power and acre of land had it’s own mayor. Factions could hold up hundreds of acres of land to their discretion. What President Levander Bixby was calling for was complete Federal reform. And with the support of the Army, especially Brayden, and the Senate, things seemed good. Westerfield will never give up it’s core of freedom. But the time had come to regulate and officialize their great nation. States will be formed out of the local regions in fair manners. Each state will have the rights to regulate and make policy within their boundaries. But all will inherently answer to the new Federal Government in Rork’s Ridge. Votes are expected in an entire new round this year. State and Federal government seats were fully open. President Bixby got what he wanted, but now it was anyone’s game on the road to Federal power. In far more simple terms Lieutenant Kazim Hussametin arrives at the Pact colonial city of “Emmeria’s Shame”. General Brayden had personally requested he came to the city to lead. Bedecked in T-90 armor, the General was a fearsome sight. He and a coterie of officers and quartermasters are soon establishing operations in former Emmerian barracks. The local population was rather simple, but still a pool of manpower. Likely candidates amidst the men and even women will be drafted into arms. Hussametic grimly promises freedom, training, and a place in the glorious Federal Army. As thousands of raw recruits march in circles around the city, weapons of war are built within.... General Kalinina Olena Yemelyanovna is on a far more uncertain mission. Her expedition last year had actually managed to find land. But it was a frozen Arctic tundra. Regardless it was claimed in the Pacts name, but seemed fruitless. For now she leaves behind a detachment of Troops and Scouts. They will be left to build a small outpost. Kalinina has her eyes on what she could of possibly missed on her travels. Armed Convoy Baracuda will return home from the Artic this year. But instead of following their original course, they head east. Their plan is to take a gradual arc east back home, to cover even more unknown holes in their maps. – Income; 204,120 Population; 76,769,496 Mod Actions Armed Convoy Baracuda continues their explorations abroad [Map to Come] The Light Infantry at the Arctic base of ‘Walcots Pride’ set to exploring. In heavy winter gear, they utilize dogs and sleds to get around. They will search around their base camp, to see if their is anything of value. Besides the penguins that is, which also double as a food source. Financial Actions 24 Civ. Industry -120k Upgrading 2 Cities -25k 1 Steel Mill -2.5k 3 V. Mines/Refineries -30k Recruiting 10k T3 Native Infantry in Emmeria’s Shame -2 AP, -10k Recruiting 100 Field Artillery [Flak AA] in Emmeria’s Shame -2 AP, -6k Forging 500 Suits of T-90 Armor -4 Ap, -8k Building an Outpost in the Arctic -2.5k [150 Light Infantry Garrison] Treasury +120 Passive Research [Mod Please] Carriers An entirely new innovation for the Navy in Westerfield. The Admiralty wanted ships capable of bringing fighters with them into the skies. This was just the start of their ambitious program. One day Terrex Naval Yards wanted to blend Battlecruiser and Carrier. But that is for the future!
  10. Westerfield Confederacy Field Marshal Joe Brayden and his Gunslingers chomp on cigars, and spit phlegm and tobacco onto the ground. Fully armored in T-90 power armor, they feel invincible. The Valdenian army was just witnessed fleeing right past Joe. They all shared a good laugh as the sullen Yoeck drove by. The two general stared at each other, giving small nods. Due to twist of fate they were now neutral. Joe and his men had been itching for a fight. But it seemed there was no need, victory had already been secured. The Empire of Valdek was gone, and to door to Ozan wide open.... At the borders of Ozan they rapidly tried to go above Field Marshal Brayden’s head. The Ozani tried to surrender to Carnelia and the Sultan. But they were duly informed Westerfield was the authority in the West. Now the Ozani Royals are forced to deal with these power armored men. A fug of tobacco hangs around them as they victoriously march into the capital of Erzurum. As negotiations begin, it is clear Ozan has reached the end of it’s Monarchial ways. The old Caliphate is to be democratically incorporated into a newly formed Federation. President Levander Bixby, and both houses of Government, are calling for Federal reforms. The volatile nature of the Confederacy is now too unreliable for such a massive Nation. There is need to turn each province into it’s own self managing states. Ozan particularly was in heavy need of reform. Though the aristocracy is kept, their titles cease to mean anything besides honorifics. They are allowed to run for government, just like the poorest Ozani can. This year is all about voting and growth in Westerfield. Will the Confederation evolve into a centralized Federation? Who would win the votes in Ozan? What was Joe Brayden’s occupation plan? Where did Thomas Brayden run off too? Income; 203,150 Population; 75,264,212 Mod Actions [Mod] General Kalinina Olena Yemelyanovna is appointed Commander of a joint pact expedition. Carnelia provides a Air Cavalry wing and transports for the venture. The explorers will wait for the Storm Season to fully pass. Then they will head south until they find land. If any is found the army will set up a camp for the expedition. There they would settle to wait out the next storm season, then send word back. Armed Convoy Barracuda, consisting of 1 Battleship, 2 destroyers, 4 corvettes, 3 freighters Carrying 10,000 veteran light infantry and 500 veteran T-90s Financial Actions Building 32 Civ. Industry -160k Building 3 Trade Depots -30k Upgrading 2 Outpost to Settlements -11k Paying Tiera Roja for Race Entry Fees -2k Treasury +150 Passive Research [Mod Please] ‘Aerial Superiority Fighters’ Just like the CAS fighters recently made, another dedicated fighter model is needed. This line of fighters will also be two wing close cockpits. Their only goal is much like the Juverin’s. Pure dog fighting capability, to clear the skies of enemy fighters. [Mod Please] ‘Battlecruisers’ Self Explanatory
  11. Westerfield Confederacy The War in the West has erupted this year. For long enough the Confederacy stood and made ready. Sardia is torn in the flames of war, and needed sound heads to heal it. And so General Joe Brayden is authorized to take the Westerfield Army on an offensive action. As reports filter in, he is already liberating Nazr. The fighting seems to be mainly with Ozan, a long standing rival. Who knows what the war will bring as we move forward? For now Westerfield focuses inwards for it’s economy. Income; 128,400 Population; 54,180,600 Mod Actions With the War over Westerfield reignites it’s Immigration program. People from across the world are given the chance to settle. As always they will be given land, full rights, and passage to the Prairie. With ever more land, Westerfield was a gem of Democracy and Uncompromising Freedom with room for all. Financial Actions Building 19 Civ. Industry -95k Building 2 Outpost -5k Building 1 V Mine/Refinery -10k Building 300 fighters -6 AP, 18k +400 Treasury Passive Research [Mod Please] “Vulcanized Rubber Off-Rod Tires” The Prairie of Westerfield is harsh on their military trucks and other vehicles. On the market they could not find dedicated military tires allowing trucks and APCs to reliably travel off of main roads. The Military will be dispatched to find a working model for their mechanized and motorized troops. The ultimate goal being reliable tires to allow more rapid and smooth transit over off road conditions.
  12. Westerfield Confederacy President Levander Bixby sighs wearily and sits down with his cabinet. Alongside a General with Brayden’s report, the day promised to be tiresome. Arrayed around him were the people keeping the Confederacy running. Generals like Brayden and Yemelyanovna were shaping an army out on the prairie. But here the cogs of Government churned as always. On everyones mind was the Klendari-Carnelia war. Though already involved, life continues normal for now. But in the Common House, emotions were flaring. Many wanted total peace, or the opposite of total war. Others cautioned neutrality. But it was clear the Senate and Cabinet were committing to war. As news filters in of great battles, the Confederate steel begins to harden. The Old Powers of the world were all backing this shameful war. One meant to put down Sardian independence for good. The very same nations who conscripted millions of Westerfielders, were now backing a nation intent on subjugating them. The people of the Confederacy came to this land to escape the Old World. But with it now knocking on their door, choices had to be made. Westerfield will pour her economy into being able to defend herself. Recruits rally in every town, and Politicians lead fiery speeches to the masses. Meanwhile General Joe Brayden continues to form the Confederate Army. While guarding the border, he also is busy forming a proper system. The army is modernized, and Corps are formed. Already more and more men pour in. A proper uniform is found, and Officers picked from the NCOS. Bit by bit the army grows. Income; 125,850 Population; 54,080,600 Mod Actions Westerfield continues it’s open arms immigration policy. This year with the war raging, they focus on Sardian war refugees. They are offered help and a second chance in Westerfiled if they immigrate. A growing desire to properly explore the massive graveyard of the battle of Kelkit ensues. The President and Cabinet employ the best frontier explorers, trackers, and engineers. The three teams of 100 will dive into the Graveyard. Not one inch will be left untouched as they take the year to survey. At the end of the year reports are expected. Financial Actions Building 4 Civ Industry -20k Building 1 Steel Mill -2.5k 20,000 Regular T3 Infantry -4 AP / 24k Gold 5,000 T3 Gunslingers -3 AP / 8k Gold 25 Howitzers -2 AP / 8k Gold Raising 40k Conscripts T3 -12k [Redacted] Gallian Debt -12k Praha Gas Mask -7.5k Cumberland -7.5k Treasury; 2,350 Passive Research [Mod Please] Slot 1; “Flak Anti-Aircraft” A improved version of the outdated Great War AA the Confederacy currently possess. This new model will be built to fit to trucks, to allow for their swift transport. It will use Flak as ammunition, and designed to counter Fighters and Bombers. [Mod Please] Slot 2; “Anti-Tank Guns” This gun is very similar to the Flak AA units being researched. One scientist had the idea to completely depress the barrel, and fire the gun straight. It proved very effective in piercing steel plating. Thus this variant will be designed for firing on ground targets, not air. This ‘88’ will be made purely to fire HE and Piercing shells straight through the armor of a tank.
  13. Westerfield Confederacy The vast open prairie was a stunning vista for all new comers. Usually they could see herds of cattle and horses ranging on all the grass. Hamlets and small towns littered the land, many populated by even just a dozen. Ranches and farms took up acres upon acres, and where many newcomers would end up. Generally the trains were for the rich and military. Most travelled by wagon, horse, and their own feet. General Joe Brayden speculated the Ceylon conference and watched the other occupants of his train car. Many were businessmen and pastors of powerful churches. They had taken Westerfield’s offer just like any other class. All sorts of nations were represented in just this one cart. Eventually the train reaches the capital of Rurick’s Ridge. The capital was a proud testament to Westerfield’s roots. The city hosted a vast population for the prairies standard. It was all situated along the spine of a large ridge spanning a few miles. The gently sloping sides of the ridge formed to a gradual flat and level top. It was an odd sight in the otherwise flat land of grass. And it was an odd engineering feat indeed. It had been artificially made by a prospector of the name Rurick. What was truly unique about the place is it overlooked a massive battleship graveyard. Westerfield was host to many vast air-fleets. Many recruitment ships to suck up manpower from the land. The largest battle had taken place right over the now sprawling Capital. As Joe Brayden takes this all in, he steps off the train stations platform. His business for now was not in the Capital. President Bixby and the cabinet knew about the failures at the Ceylon Conference. His new task was in front of him, camped in a large pasture near the city. The Confederate Army was a small but proud one. Full of firebrands and veterans of the Great War. Many did not want to fight in that terrible undertaking. But now they volunteered to serve the Confederacy. However a order from the Government and Secretary of War had a tall order. General Brayden and his staff are prompted to begin a complete overhaul. This small army of half sheriff/half troopers will be formed into a proper army group. The first of many needed to defend the vats swathes of land already settled. Let alone the open land that lay all around..... General Joe Brayden and his staff riding into camp -Circa 1892 Income; 113,850 Gold, 8 AP Population; 51,500,000 Mod Actions *In other news Westerfield’s open arms immigration policy continues. Every immigrant is promised some form of payment to help them travel here. There is land aplenty, each citizen guaranteed a plot of land. All with enough acreage to sustain them and have excess to sell. They will own it in their own name, and gain full citizenship. They can vote, join the military at any rank based on merit, and even rise in the ranks of government. [-3,850 Gold this year for transport fees to Westerfield.] Financial Actions 12 Commercial Industry -60k 1 Heavy Industry -7.5k Recruiting 20,000 Regular T3 Infantry -28k Recruiting 200 Field Artillery -12k Establishing an Outpost south of Last Hope. This effectively lays Westerfield’s claim to the southern tracts of vitramite rich prairie. Many settlers and a garrison are sent to start civilizing the area. -2.5k, +5k Regular Infantry Paying 2.4k to Tierra Roja for 2 battleships. Trade League of Gallian 4 AP for 4k Passive Research [Mod Please] Slot 1; “Flak Anti-Aircraft” A improved version of the outdated Great War AA the Confederacy currently possess. This new model will be built to fit to trucks, to allow for their swift transport. It will use Flak as ammunition, and designed to counter Fighters and Bombers.
  14. Westerfield Confederacy President of the Confederacy Levander Bixby sighs and sinks deeper into his chair. He flicks a match on the table, and promptly lights his cigar. Mr. Bixby was a big man, one with an appetite. His top hat, and black dress suit were crinkled and tattered. Suede patches covered the worn out elbows, and his tie was hand made from the prairie. But one could not say he was a poor man, he was humble. His fortune had been carved out of the prairie, and it’s people. Levander was a man of the people, one everyone could trust. Sadly Mr. Bixby could not say the same for the men arrayed around him today. Westerfield was a volatile land, and one that had only recently become a true Nation. Many people were fleeing from their past. Millions flooded in on the promise of land and a future. And they were being handed one piece by piece. All were welcome, and their word treasured. Every town and hamlet had its council. Committees were formed to resolve issues, and the people on it came from all walks of life. But as one went higher up, the risk became greater. The risk of power and greed. The new Government of the Confederacy has certainly raised the stakes. No longer could different factions sit in their little plot of land. They were all bound together. Now law and power was decided here, and everyone wanted a representative. What resulted from the formation was a simple system. The President and his cabinet formed the executive branch. They were in place to finalize the bills that the Chamber would vote in. The Chamber of Ordained was the elite and rich of the Confederates manifesting their power. They ran the various organs of the Confederacy that made it run. However they were kept in check by the massed ranks of the Peoples Council. The largest branch by far, every single settlement was allowed representatives based on their population. Every Westerfield citizen had the right to vote, and they eagerly did so. Nationalities were from across the world, and ideologies varied. But out on the prairie their culture had blended, and neighbors looked out for one another. This great democratic experiment on the frontier of the known world was a peculiar one. With no elections coming up, the Confederacy was in a turbulent time of policy making. They had stayed aloof of foreign affairs for a full two decades. Busy times of forming Westerfield, it’s military, law, and everything else. But more and more the world proved to be too connected to ignore. Plenty of wars and fights had erupted. The south itself was a tense place, one of posturing Sultans and savage raiders. For now the various branches of government can all agree, Westerfield needs more internal reform. But friends and trade partners were needed. Envoys are sent out to begin Westerfield’s entry into the global politics. *In other news Westerfield’s open arms immigration policy continues. Every immigrant is promised some form of payment to help them travel here. There is land aplenty, each citizen guaranteed a plot of land. They will own it in their own name, and gain full citizenship. They can vote, join the military at any rank based on merit, and even rise the ranks of government. Income; 90,000 Actions *[Mod] Encouraging Immigration -5k Building 10 Civ Industry, 2 Trade Depots -70k Building 1 Steel Mill, 1 V. Mine, 1 V. Refinery -25.5k Research [6] [Mod] Work begins into the new age of warfare. One where the horses are made of steel, not flesh and blood. Westerfield seeks to form a mechanized form of war for it’s infantry. One where conceptual designs like half tracks and armored fighting vehicles can rapidly transport infantry right into the fight. [-2.5k into Mechanized Infantry] Passive Research [Mod] 1; Radio Researchers from the Hartmen Convention are working on a form of communication superior to the telegraph. With word of innovations in Radio, they seek to emulate this technology. Though late to the game, they hope to learn off those who came before them. The goal is to make a reliable enough device for the military to use. [Mod] 2; Motorized Infantry Crawford Motors is contracted by the government to make a reliable military truck. One that can be fitted to carry Troops, supplies, or weapons depending on need. These motorized units will form an entire new wing of the Confederate Armed Forces. [Mod] 3; Gaunt class Fighters This new model of Fighter will revolutionize the outdated Bi-planes of the Great War. The Gaunt Fighters will be a closed cockpit two wing fighter. It will be built for Close Aerial Support capability to ground troops. The Plane will be outfitted with machine guns on the wings to combat other fighters. But it will also carry a complement amount of bombs and extra ammo bays. This multi-purpose Fighter will be built to keep up with rapid infantry advances, and support their ground targets. But also be able to combat enemy fighters better then outdated biplanes could.
  15. Name of Nation: Westerfield Confederacy Type of Government: Confederacy History/Culture: The history of this sad land is a quick and volatile one. Tucked away in the rolling planes and desert of the South-West, it is a desolate land. One where few have ever tried to live. The land is mainly home to the roaming tribes and nomads of the deep South. Few live on the edges of this great grass ocean, but none have dared to delve right in. But in a testament to human industrialization, this was fast changing. More and more these vast swathes of open land were being looked at with ambition, not fear. And this is how the early years of Westerfield begin to take shape. This was a lawless land to begin with, one of rampant violence and failed fortunes. People came in trickles at first, then more and more steadily. Ranches and Plantations were set up in the vast range of prairie. There was so much land neighbors could be measured miles apart. Towns sprung up on the routes leading ever inward to this open land. As more people came to this land, so too did big business. Rail-lines were forged as arteries for the cities fast growing. Enterprise, mining, it all starts to pour in. Over the course of a century this land has been growing in fits and starts as technology allowed living here to be more feasible. However this was a fractured land of dozens of cultures and languages. A place where many from across the world saw opportunity and took it. The scattered companies and towns running Westerfield did not discriminate. Any was welcome, and there was always room for more. As time went on each generation of immigrants formed their own power blocs and homesteads. The growing shape of this land was one of inclusiveness, any were welcome to settle. This melting pot of civilization was what was thrust into the 1800’s. A wild land, bursting with potential and energy. Where one could buy a pistol for cheaper then a meal and board. As the modern era was truly reached, Westerfield was becoming more then a blistering mass of humanity. It was taking shape into an actual group of people, as different as they are. The land and work had brought them all together, and their welcoming arms always allowed more to come. The various families, big business, forts, homesteads, all the various factions, were more and more linked. And so this fledgling land enters the jaws of the Great War. A time of great woe and death for the people of Westerfield. Hundreds of thousands of people were conscripted by various nations. Nations who sent vast recruiting fleets, tearing the people from their homesteads and ranches. With no official Government, the people fleeing from all over the world brought the world with them. As the Great War progresses, more and more people call for more action. Always quick to oppose “centralization” the different factions are slow to embrace this. But as the War rages on, the need for action is confirmed. And this is where the official Westerfield Confederacy is born. From the fires and ambition of the Great War, a multi-cultural Confederacy of people’s on the frontier of the modern world take a stand. Westerfield joined the Anaraein Confederacy, and saw the war through until its end. After the war the people of the land were changed forever. The need for some form of Government is immediately agreed as a need. Westerfield continues to reform it’s Confederacy. More and more choices are made on a national level, by all the different states. Starting Points: Size: 6 Army/Navy: 5 Aviation: 0 Industry: 1 Economy: 10 Education: 6 Development: 2 Notable Characters: Levander Bixby; President of the Confederation, and a private owner of hundreds of cattle farms across the prairie. His interest have always been staked in the land and it’s people. Always known to help out, and even be seen working side by side with people who don’t even speak his language. Mr. Bixby was the obvious choice for most to lead their Confederacy. He was voted in as the first issue voted upon when the Confederacy was formed during the Great War. He has led ever since. Joe Brayden; A veteran of the Great War, victim to one of the vast recruiting fleets sent to Westerfield. He served since almost the very start for the Free Provinces. Rising in the ranks for years, he was renown for always leading from the front. His birthing from the blister that was the Southern Prairie always kept him conscript status. But time after time he would pull his men [and others] out of the fires of war. Eventually he was given command of a special operations unit, renown for fighting in the depths of night. Joe was on the wrong side though when the Westerfield Confederacy formed, and declared war on the Free Provinces. But Joe was stuck in the armies, and could hardly escape. And so for the next few years he was forced to fight a land that he loved dearly. Many times it was the throats of Westerfield conscripts he had to slit. Many did not forget his deeds, but many more forgave him. For after the war he returned to Westerfield. Ever since he has honorably served the President, who saw his talent. Brayden lives a sad life, but serves the Confederacy with his talents. More to come in Rp! National Idea: “Armed Populace” 2 AP per Building / +.5% Manpower Unique Units: “Barrenpoint Rangers” [Unique Mechanized Infantry] ; The impromptu policing force of the Confederacy as a whole. These hardened men are born into the saddle so to speak. They were superb cavalrymen, trained to fight on both horse and foot in the old days. They instead have traded their horses in for Armored Fighting Vehicles. They have mastered the art of fighting as elite mechanized infantry. Used to deploying right into fights, and winning. Their name is earned from the town most devastated by the Great War recruiting fleets. ”Westerfield Gunslingers” [Elite Infantry] ; The iconic troops of the Confederacy, resplendent in crisp uniforms. These men are used to killing, and many have served abroad as mercenaries. Now they have all gathered back to the Confederacies call. They are elite infantry used to the crucible of modern combat. But they can also serve as small groups or individuals. They are used to help police, and hunt down outlaws. These troops the backbone of the Confederate army. They are meant to be used to decisively win victories on the front with lightning fast attacks. “Terex Class Battle-Carriers” [Unique Battlecruiser] ; The back-bone of Westerfields fledgling but adept navy. This ship is designed for expertise in raiding and mobile warfare. The Terex Battle-Carriers are a redesigned and revolutionary take on the common Battlecruiser. These ships while able to still move fast and serve in the line, also have the capability to deploy fighters and bombers. While full of planes the ship is relatively slow for a Battlecruiser. But empty ones can travel very fast for its class. Army Point Distribution; 20k Infantry [4] 10k Light Infantry [2] 25 Howitzers [2] 100 Field Artillery [2] 100 Fighters / 25 Bombers [5] Map Position: Proof you’ve read the intro and the rules: Potatoes are great! I love Guiness. IRELAND
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