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  1. Textarea


  2. Art Competition Omar Grimmer’Lak Make art of my goblin. I would prefer it if you make him look ghostly, but you can make any art of him that you want. Make sure to include his leather hat and teeth. Here are some skins of my goblin for reference: Default Spectre Poltergeist Ancestral Spirit Prizes 1st - 2nd Place – 5000 minas 3rd - 7th Place – 2000 minas Participation – +3 rep on the Lord of the Craft website. Rules The art must be of Omar Grimmer’Lak Reply to this thread with your submission (image or image link) Art must be submitted by August 20th, 2019 Extra Information You can make Omar look like a green human, LotC uruk, RuneScape goblin, World of Warcraft goblin, or whatever else you might think goblins look like. Don’t forget to include his leather hat and weird teeth. The participation prize will be awarded to everyone who submits art that matches the subject. Prizes will be handed out on August 24th, 2019. Participation prizes will take multiple days to hand out.
  3. Omar Grimmer’Lak waits for Xavis to make him the High Prince of Vira’ker.
  4. Textarea


    Omar Grimmer’Lak grins and says “Mi am glad he gave Impeeriul Order ov da Red Dragun unifurmz tu mi befure he flat. Dey are ah hozh additiun tu mi kollectiun.”
  5. changing my forum name to OMARGRIMMERLAK for 1 day so that i can connect my mc account to my forum account zzz

    1. JokerLow


      jokerlow’s biggest fan, thats your next username gr

    2. Dex


      Another great post by Omar Grimmer’Lak

    3. Textarea



      @everyone the game is rigged

  6. @Sykogenic Don’t make a lore update for Goblins please. I enjoy being faster, stronger, and smarter than humans. Also being able to live longer than them is great.
  7. Hi. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking a lot about pking recently. Currently, I have 1257 hours on Omar Grimmer’Lak in Arcas and 2608 hours total. I’ll PK my character in August if the poll gets at least 40% Yes. 😇
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