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    Aewynn was born on Axios in the Dominion of Malin in the year 1638, on the 24th day of The Grand Harvest. Her parents were farmers and the family lived a simple life, until they migrated to Atlas in the year 1643. On Atlas her family moved to a small village on the outskirts of Dominion territory, where they would continue to live for 2 more years. In 1645 during the 17th of Malin's Welcome, the village was raided by a group of wandering bandits. Aewynn witnessed the death of both her parents and in response fled deep into the surrounding woods. She would be found by a travelling human merchant after getting lost in the woods and later emerging near a common road. The merchant was a heartlander by the name of Joseph Reinhart, a man who showed compassion for all races and people from every walk of life. Aewynn was still traumatic after witnessing the death of her family, but managed to convey what had happened to him. Joseph's first thoughts was to return the girl to her people, but Aewynn displayed comfort in the man's presence and told him that she lost all the family she had known. And so he decided to bring her with him on his travels as a travelling merchant, and educate her to also become a travelling merchant when she became older. Aewynn would get to see many towns and people all across Atlas. She would learn how to persuade and convince others, as well as understand the various commodities sold in different regions of Atlas. She was also taught the basics of fighting with a sword and dagger, both useful for the travelling merchant. She had a great interest for knowledge in general, and can learn very quickly. Aewynn slowly accumulated enough minas to purchase her own cart, and by age 25 she parted ways with Joseph to begin her own journey as a travelling merchant. Unlike Joseph, Aewynn has desires for greater things then simply being a travelling merchant. She has a hunger for adventure and knowledge, as well as for greater wealth and prosperity. This greed could one day become her downfall, or drive her to ultimate success. Only time will tell.
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