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  1. Roleplay Name: Yeliz Race: Heartlander Age: 23 Reason for applying: I would like to become a leggionaire. OOC Username: Xoahle Discord Tag: fratmania#2309
  2. Fratmania


    I like it very much, good luck.
  3. Fratmania


    I like it very much, good luck.
  4. Fratmania


    I like it very much, good luck.
  5. Fratmania


    Ece was raised on the outskirts of Curon with his mother. She is happy and innocent. She has never seen an dwarf. Just humans. She is very kind and lighthearted. She made her first sexual intercourse at the age of sixteen. Life was very difficult for her. She spent his money regularly. And now she's got a small club and She's been hunting around. Ece saw Giffourd Delaney one day. And She wanted to go under his command. And She started to work as a maid. She worked for a while under Giffourd Delaney's order and saved some money. And after She had accumulated the money She ne
  6. Fratmania


    Ece, is a member of the immigrant Turkin clan. They came to heartlands and their hearts burned for settling to the land. They found Margrave of Ceadirn, Giffourd Delaney and House of Delaney gave them lands for settling. Now, Ece will be fight for Curon with his kins. Ece worked as a maid in Turkin leader's marquee. But this job makes bored her. After 2 years, she began to work as shepherd in the Turkin clan. She earned too much money and she bought a house in the Curon. But Turkin's settlement is over and she joined again to her kins.
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