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    LotC 16 Personalities Test

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    Crow Chronicles, Vol. 2

    Princess Nataya shook her head in recollection of the brawl “Those poor children.. parents behaving like hooligans!” she said with disgust before continuing to read on.
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    April Community Newsletter

    I believe so. There should be a little button that looks like a page/notepad
  5. THE SACRED UNION OF MATRIMONY -1710- “You are cordially invited to the wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Nataya of the House of Barbanov and His Excellency Gerard of the House of Stafyr.” We implore all attendees to the peerage of the Empire of Man to bless this marriage with their company at The Basilica of the Fifty Virgins in the city of Reza on the 10th of the Sun’s Smile. We do affix our seal and writ of holy matrimony as blessed by Metropolitan Thomas that the bride and groom join their hand in holy matrimony. To all our honored denizens and peers, we extend the following invitations: The Imperial Family The Royal Family of Haense The Lords of Haense The Lords of Adria Citizens of Reza Citizens of Ves Citizens of Helena After the sacred ceremony in the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, the House of Barbanov cordially invites the honored guests to attend a great ball filled with mirth and joy! The ball shall be held in Prikaz Palace with the best of Haeseni cuisine and spirits. There will be games, entertainment, dancing, singing, and a vast atmosphere of royal pomp and circumstance. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Nataya Elizaveta of House Barbanov His Excellency, Gerard II of House Stafyr - OOC Information - Date: Sunday, April 7th 2019 Time: 5pm EST Location: The Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, Reza, Kingdom of Haense Coords: -1 67 -1958 Creds to Piov for helping with post! ❤️
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    April Community Newsletter

    The Month of March Hello everyone! The month of March has been full of excitement, creativity, and hard work. We have officially been on Arcas for an entire month and it is always nice to see a lot of creativity bursting throughout the community with all of the art, well-written roleplay posts, and guides. Speaking of art, as you may have noticed the banner for these newsletters has been updated by one of our lovely community staff content creators, rwk0! She is very talented and there is more to come from her. Staff this month has also been working hard on various projects and are continuing to work hard into the month of April. I hope had a lovely April Fools Day and I wish you a great time as we roll into the holidays later on this month. Now let's get into it! Notable News The latest and greatest on Lord of the Craft. The Map Returns This post here announces that the map on the forums has been updated for Arcas. This time around it includes nation locations. The map is still in a work in progress so please be patient with us during the process of getting it completely together! The Real Final Vault Information Thread We’ve been receiving tons of questions about the state of vaults throughout our first month here on Arcas. So fret no more! This post has everything you need to know about getting hold of your vault items. We experienced some technical difficulties with people’s vault items being wiped from their enderchest. Therefore a new solution has been worked out. Please read this thread if you have not received your items yet! The Wiki Thread This is a thread created for the purpose of fixing errors on the wiki. If you see any issues or errors on the wiki that needs to be fixed please use the format and post them on the thread! Tokeballs I hope you all liked our little April Fools Day joke. This post details some information on their use and what is to come of the tokeballs in the near future. Team Updates The freshest scoop from the Team Directors themselves—learn all you can about your favorite teams. Development Team The Development Team has been busy working on our optimization issues and other bug fixed that have popped during our transition. Thank you for being patient and bearing with us as we get things sorted. An update will be coming out soon for the development team! Moderation Team The Moderation Team has worked hard this month on getting war rules together which are currently under review. Throughout the month the team puts out updates on what is going on which are very important because often they highlight changes to the rules. Later on this week the team will be posting their monthly update log that will give much more insight and information on the happenings of the team for the month of March. That will be inserted once the post is up but now please check out the other updates they have put up: Moderation Update- March 13th 2019 Moderation Update- End of March Community Team This month the Community Team has been busy working and putting together systems for many new projects coming up. Some of the projects would include Monks, Pots and Pandits, and Player Intervention. As these systems have been tested out and performed by members of the team over the month, we can now go back in and work on what needs to be improved. For the upcoming month, the team will be focused more in-house work doing updates to our training processes as we implement these new systems and getting the team trained up to standard. However, it will not be the only thing the team will be doing. The team plans to host a small easter event this month so keep your eyes peeled for content related to that. Lastly, a small reminder that the team is fairly new and has doubled the size since it was first introduced. This means we have many new faces and with so many new things being introduced we have to get everyone accustomed to their new duties! More information and statistics regarding the Community Team can be found here: Community Team Update Log - March Story Team The Story Team has officially launched, detailed in the thread found here. In it, they have linked a number of other announcements that link with their launching, including links to the new lore rules. These are part of our server’s ruleset, so please make sure to read them. Trendy Feedback Our crack team of gobos compiles, analyses, and critiques our feedback forums for the top-echelon of community suggestions. We’ve picked out some of the most unique, noteworthy, and civil articles from this month. New Headshop Items This post spoke about the lack of new head items. I have added a bunch of heads in mainly the food, decoration, kitchen, and gem areas. @lucasking321 has made some very nice animal heads that have been added to the headshop. Check them out with the /headshop command in-game under animals! If you have any heads that are roleplay appropriate that you’d like to be added to the headshop, send TarreBear a forum PM. [Forums Feedback] Latest Topics Module @Hunwald brought up a nice suggestion about how the topics module can be better organized. It is an idea we can definitely look into improving. Give your thoughts and opinions on the post! The Player Province Community Spotlight Bright, committed, and talented people fill our community. With the community spotlight, we highlight one individual that stands out this month. This player engages the laid-back attitude, charitable spirit, and proactive nature hailed in our community guidelines. For this reason, we congratulate them for their hard-earned achievements! AlligatorBait This month’s community spotlight goes to AlligatorBait for their creativity and hardwork on this lovely map of Arcas that can be seen below. They are currently a member of our human playerbase, specifically, The Kingdom of Haense. In our interview with him below we discussed his digital skills, roleplay experience, and his thoughts and feedback on the map. We thank you for your creativity and efforts put into the community! Interview Hello AlligatorBait, the Administration overhears much about your attitude and accomplishments. We would like to highlight you in this month’s community spotlight! Tell us about yourself and what made you join LotC AlligatorBait: I joined back in Asulon, played consistently until Athera, and then have been off and on the server until now that I got dragged back into it. A friend of mine was the one who found LotC and we both applied for it together. I can't really remember any of the specifics, since this was way too long ago, but it was around the time that A Song of Ice and Fire was getting more popular and the idea of being apart of a bigger story of political intrigue in a medieval setting was what drew me into playing a human from the start. I played a blacksmith living a modest life for a while until Elysium, and that's when I got mixed up with the Stafyrs. Being surrounded by more experienced roleplayers and thrown introduced into the wider world of human RP was what really got me into the server for good and that's where I've been ever since. Your map of Arcas was nicely done! We want to hear more about the creative process and how you got into making maps as such Thank you. The process is kinda dry, but I'll go over it. This one was made all in Photoshop, but I've done others in actual map making software like Campaign Cartographer and Wonderdraft. I started with a stock photo of a parchment I find online and trace the outline of the map onto it using the first screenshots that were posted on the forum (this was started before the dynmap was updated). Then I'd color in the land and the sea, overlaying it on top of the parchment so that it still has the texture of the paper. Next came the actual content of the map -- trees, mountains, cities, etc -- which were custom blank brushes that I picked up from somewhere online ages ago. The most tedious part came next, which was coloring in every little part of it, similarly to the way I did the land and sea to make it retain the texture of the parchment. From there I just had to make all the labels and it was done, save running it by some other people to see what they thought of the font I used and such. Fortunately, there wasn't very much present in the map besides the capitals when I made it and I could tell, for the most part, what was what by looking at the screenshots posted on the forums. For what I couldn't, I'd have to scout around in game during off hours. I first got into it during Athera when I was taking a web design/photoshop class in high school. There was a map making contest put on and I decided to use what I'd been learning to make a submission. I won second place (though I still disagree with that ruling), and from there, it's become a bit of a hobby to make one for new maps and refine my skills each time. What are your thoughts on Arcas and where do you think we could improve? Arcas itself is really nice looking and definitely an improvement over Atlas, in part because each section of the map has something interesting about it, which was something I can't say I felt about the previous map. In my opinion, it would've been better had the CT been placed in the direct center of the map and freebuild not have been included so that the nations on the eastern side would have more space, especially considering that the whole snow island to the NE has been off-limits for story team stuff (so I've heard). I'd also relax the requirements of the charter system to allow for smaller and more niche groups to establish themselves as I believe that restricting what players can do to affect not only their own characters' story but the overall story of the server is more detrimental to maintaining a dynamic and engaging RP environment than if groups were allowed to splinter off and utilize the whole map. Outstanding Volunteer Award We present this accolade to an exceptional staff member. We are honored and humbled that they choose our team and our server. And this month the award goes to... Tofuus This months award goes to our good old pal, Mister Tofuus! This guy has been busting his barnacles fixing a lot of the bugs and issues we have been having from the transition. In addition, he did a lot of the work to help make the transition be as smooth as possible for everyone. He’s been great with being around, responsive, and overall very helpful. We appreciate everything that you do! Top VIP The truth is that without the funds to cover our monthly costs we cannot support this wonderful experience. I think I speak for all of us when I say, thank you to our wonderful contributors. To the greatest VIP contributor this month we bid our humble gratitude and a spotlight in our newsletter. Auric_Saint Auric is out Top VIP of the month of March! Your contribution to the server is what helps keep our services up and running for everyone to enjoy. We thank you so much! Guide Spotlight One way to lend a service to your community is writing a guide! Bold players write them for a targeted audience and share expertise, commentary, tips. We present to you some compelling, practical, and ambitious guides written this month! Formatting Forum Posts This is another very wonderful post by @Toffee . A couple of months back they made a wonderful guide on how to roleplay a medical patient. A now they have a made another great guide, this time it on how to Format Forums Posts. This is a great resource for new and older players alike can use. Formatting can be a bit of a struggle, especially for those who are new to making forum posts or are generally new to the server. Check this out for good tips! Arcas Resource Pit Map This neat post was created by @Omar Grimmer'Lak They created a map guide of the resource pits in at cloud temple. This is a very nice resource to use to find your way around. Thank you Omar, for your contribution and work. I suggest everyone check it out! Guide to Fair Combat Roleplay This a very well-written, informative guide to combat roleplay. The guide breaks down combat roleplay and highlights factors that players should consider when performing this type of roleplay. In addition to going over basic combat, the guide also speaks about combat roleplay involving magic. Using magic in combat can be a hard thing to grasp and roleplay in a fair manner. Roleplay Spotlight When we think roleplay often we look to our fantastic Minecraft experience. Nonetheless! We are proud of you, our authors, who produce innumerable works—none the lesser, many are amusing, stimulating, and impactful. We’ve chosen one among the many creative posts this month. The Crow Flies This post is about the long-reigning monarch Queen Elizaveta, it tells the story of her unfortunate and early demise at the hand of the treacherous Andrei. It is a prime example of a developed and layered character that provided much to the Kingdom of Haense during her reign. Written by @Torky Grasping This post highlights the struggles in the position of Loras, fighting against the testing atmospheres of both his daunting mentalities, physical mutilations and the discovery of the safe sanctuary of a loved one. One of the many enjoyable reads of character experience our forums have to offer. Written by @Tato The Aide of The Sea This post was written as an insight to orcish culture, a roleplay situation where mighty orcish farseers contacted the infamous spirit of the seas. The trio of Uruks faced the might of the giant beast of the waters, in a moment of panic the Uruks attempt to reason with the spirit. Written by @Sykogenic Thanks to @torky for helping me finish this section The month of March was a great month as we launched into Arcas. It was refreshing to see everyone around, old members returning and seeing a lot fresh faces around! The amount of creativity that was shown over the forums this month was also really nice and reminds us of how unique this community really is. I can’t wait to see and read more throughout the month of April. We hope all of you enjoyed the read and we wish you all another great month! Have fun, take care, and thank you all, LotC Administration
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    Community Team Monthly Update Log- March

    COMMUNITY TEAM MONTHLY UPDATE LOG- March 2019 Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great month and is ready for another. Ivory and I are back for another monthly update. This month has been quite a busy one for the team as we’ve begun to get into and start testing out some of the projects we have lined up. In addition, the team has grown quite a bit in the last month and we’ve currently reached a healthy number of members. As we’ve added members we have been able to analyze our training systems and have begun to work on improving some aspects regarding our training processes. Coming up in April we have a number of projects we are continuing to work on and some new projects in the beginning stages of being set up. An update on the projects worked on this month will be highlighted later on in this post! If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what the community team is, you can read more info about the Community Team’s policies [Here] NOTICE: Community Team is currently not reviewing applications. Applications that are up will remain open until further notice. Community Team Roster Monthly Application Data Hello, Ivory here! This month we saw 454 new applications to LOTC. 435 New Player apps, and 19 alternate accounts. This is a huge, huge increase from last month, with an increase of 308 apps. This is attributed to the map change, with a lot of new players joining us for the start of Arcas! Our overall acceptance rate was 71.5%, including both pending-accepted and accepted. This is slightly lower than last month (by about 4%), but can be expected with such a stark increase in the number of apps handled. 67.8% of accepted players were from an American timezone, which is 6% more than last month. 27.7% were European, a decrease of 7% from last month. And finally, 4.5% were oceanic, an increase of 1.5%! Now, onto some finer details about our applications this month As per usual, almost half (48.5%) of all accepted players applied with a human character (A decrease, actually, with 1.4% less than last month). Elves followed behind with 36.7% (Decrease by 1.7%), Dwarves with 9.2% (Increase of 1.1%), Halflings with 3.8% (An increase of 1.8%) and finally Orcs with 1.6% (Decrease of 0.4%). As you can see, we’ve had a small increase in applicants applying with the lesser-populated races! Monthly Team Data This month has been full of lots of behind-the-scenes work in further establishing the community team. We’ve grown in members substantially, so a large focus has been put into creating our training policies. Our new members have been working extremely hard, and the team has handled the massive amount of applications this month in a fantastic and timely manner. Please keep in mind that some members may have not made quota due to hiatus’, being added to the team later in the month, or are a lovely Community Content Creator and therefore not required to. (Jenny_Bobbs, Bluee, z3mos, TheIchorDruid & Reko) This Month we have a Quota King! I’d like to congratulate @Rave_Cave_marb for making King of Quota for March! Followed somewhat closely behind by Mamabearjade, Aquaquean & Roseways Member Alterations +Shy_French_Fry accepted to the Community Team+ +SoulReapingWolf accepted to the Community Team+ +Jungle_Asian accepted to the Community Team+ +Marb121 accepted to the Community Team+ +Chaosgamer_ accepted to the Community Team+ +Zachslayer accepted to the Community Team+ +TheIchorDruid accepted to the Community Team as a Content Creator!+ +z3mos accepted to the Community Team as a Content Creator!+ -GildedDuke stepped down from the Community Team- -Hex stepped down from the Community Team- - Cornivore removed from the Community Team- Projects of March: New Player Guide: The new player guide has been worked on for quite some time. It is packed full of information that will help new players understand roleplay, commands, the chat system a more. Check it out here. Application Guide: This month we updated the application guide that can be seen before someone applies. It can be seen here . Pots and Pandits: This month we kicked off the start of this Project. Pots and Pandits is a project designed to help members of the community learn how to Combat Roleplay (CRP) and introduce villainy roleplay to the newer members of the server. The Community Members dress up as halflings who raid or bandit new players depending on the event for their pots. It’s a fun and lighthearted event and shown to be helpful to our newer players in learning how to roleplay combat. As a couple of these have been conducted we have seen where the team needs work. Currently, these projects have placed on hold until the proper training systems have been created to make sure the team is ready to perform the events well. Player Intervention: Player Intervention is a project designed to help new and old players with their understanding of the rules. Currently this month we have only been focusing on creating the system surrounding the newer players. Instead of having these newer players get in trouble for things right off the bat, the moderation team sends them to a member of the community team in which they are tasked with helping that player understand our rules and how to do things properly on the server depending on the scenario. This system is still just getting on its feet and the team has a lot of training and work to do in the upcoming month before it is put into full swing! Tailor’s Guild: This project has been ongoing for quite some time but has been put on the back burner as we focus on other things. The project is to help provide newer members with appropriate skins for roleplay. It is a hard task to find skins or get people to make them. Therefore we are thinking of ways in which we can continue to grow the archive and get more people involved. This project is something we wish to dive into more in the upcoming month or so. Special Thank You! Thanks to @Lukariatias for his work on the new player guide and application guide. Thanks to @MamaBearJade for her hard work taking a large number of interviews and side work for training. Thank you to @rwko for all their hard work on art and graphics for our upcoming projects. Thank you and see you next month!
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    The Monarch Wears The Crown No Longer

    Tears flowed down the cheeks of Princess Nataya as she read over her father's final will. Grasping onto her letter she looked over in nostalgia of past memories of the card games in the tavern, how she constantly asked for him to take her to a place where it was warmer and her illness would plague her so. “We’ve finally come to this land and I am feeling better. This was suppose to be the place where we could finally adventure together,” she said softly through a cracked voice. The young woman sat at the end of her bed as her tears continued to fall, wishing she could see her father one last time. “You will always be in my heart, Papa.”
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    King Robert Commemoration Feast

    Princess Nataya worked hard in the kitchen alongside the palace staff to prep for the occasion!
  10. Community Team is currently looking for new members! Put up a staff app today!

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    New head shop items

    Hey lucas! I’ve actually been adding tons of heads to the headshop recently. Mainly in decorations, kitchen, meals, library, and farming. If you find any heads you wish to be added, please send me links and ill add them if they are appropriate.
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    -= The Crow Flies =-

    Nataya sat on the bench in the garden with her head held in the palms of her hands. Weeping over the loss of her dear mother she would mutter repeatedly to herself, “If only I had more time.. I should’ve spent more time..“ Tears flooded down the girl’s face as she slid off the bench, collapsing onto her knees. “Please forgive me, Mother..“
  14. Octavia Horen signs the document.
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    Community Newsletter- March

    a. Selecting the community spotlight is pretty difficult cause its not like i can breathe down everyone thats online’s neck to see what they’re up to. However, right now I am trying to pick a person from each race/group every month and looking for someone who has been really good whether itd be taking initiative to make nice rp experiences with others, actively helping new players and helping them get integrated into the server, and helping other people learn more about the server and aspects of lore etc. b. When it comes to the staff members I look for individuals that have been going a bit above and beyond in that particular month. Or someone we have seen that is consistently working hard, actively participating in discussions and projects etc.