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  1. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] Callum13072's Game Moderator Application

    Hello! I will be conducting your interview. Please accept my discord friend request as soon as possible!
  2. TarreBear

    [Denied][P]HeliosDeWeird's Game Moderator Application

    Hello, I will be conducting your interview. Please add me on discord: TarreBear#3832 The discord you provided seems to not be working! Please get back to as soon as possible!
  3. GM Apps getting accepted soon! If you wanna join the team, apply today!

    1. Dewper


      u could of just pmd me rather than subtweeting for me to apply

  4. Looking for new GMs. Put your apps up 

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    2. Harrison
    3. Aeldrin


      yh it upgraded me from coal to iron

    4. Harrison


      ok nvm i already have diamond and aehter perks lefr over from gm lead

  5. TarreBear


    Blacklist extended to the 16th of December
  6. TarreBear

    The Festival of Saint Tobias: Seasonal Calendar

    Petrysa smiles brightly as she spectates the courier boys handing out the fliers before returning to her decorating!
  7. TarreBear

    [Denied]Welshnutter's Game Moderator Application

    Hello, we will be doing your interview preferably today! Your discord you listed does not work, so please add myself TarreBear#3832 or Lockezi#9597 for your interview. Thank you!
  8. TarreBear

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    IGN: TarreBear User: PM if you really need to know who References: https://gyazo.com/9bbdaf508e2ef7a0a24a18c150fd76cd What do you want: Dress/No head Special Notes:I would like just the dress but in more of a blueish purple Thank you so much! ❤️
  9. ⚜️ UNION OF THE DRAGON AND CROW ⚜️ ✠ -1688- ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] The doors of the Imperial Palace open wide as courier boys flooded the streets carrying sacks filled with invitations to distribute to several individuals within the Empire of Man. TO THE LORDS AND LADIES OF THE EMPIRE OF MAN, You are hereby cordially invited to attend the wedding of His Imperial Highness, Alexander Frederick Horen and Her Royal Highness, Analiese Natalia Bihar. The ceremony is to be held within the Cathedral of The Holy Martyrs, located in Carolustadt, capital of The Empire of Man. The ceremony shall be officiated by His Holiness, Siegmund I. To celebrate the unification of these two houses, there will be a feast and dance held within the ballroom of the Imperial Palace. The feast will be prepared by the finest chefs the Empire has to offer and there will be plenty of drinks to go around. All of those whom reside within the Empire of Man are welcome to join as we celebrate this joyous occasion. All guests are expected to attend in appropriate attire and conduct themselves with the same mannerisms they would show in the Imperial Court. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Alexander Frederick of the House of Horen, Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Duke of Alba and Furnestock, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal. HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Maria Viktoria Jozefa Horen nee Ivanovich, Princess of The Imperium Septimus, Duchess of Krajia, Baroness of Vsenk and Vilacz. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Analiese Natalia Bihar, Princess of Haense.
  10. TarreBear

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    The issue with freebuild, in my opinion, is that it further decentralizes roleplay. We have a bunch of players either sitting alone or with one other person spread out across the map which makes finding roleplay hard, especially for new players. In addition, with freebuild, we lose the sense of having to really work your way up through RP to acquire land and make a name for yourself. It really discredits the nations that have done that in the past to have random freebuild settlements crop up proclaim themselves as a kingdom with no real RP basis behind it So, I would prefer a purely chartered system that has clear-cut standards for people to acquire land and having to pay for such land. As others said before, this will make for better settlements to come up and try to maintain activity when they put more work into getting that land to begin with. Like anyone else, they should have to maintain activity and if they go inactive for a decent amount of time, it should be taken away. We should try to avoid all the inactive settlements and forts we see cluttering this map.
  11. TarreBear


    Name: Analiese Natalia Bihar Year of Birth: 1664 City of Primary Residency: Markev (( MCName: TarreBear ))
  12. TarreBear

    [Denied][W] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    Such a hardworker, genuine person, and a level head on their shoulders. They would be a great addition! +1
  13. TarreBear

    The Struggles of Moderation

    :c don’t make me sad
  14. TarreBear

    When Crow Weds The Hammerhead

    "The ceremony was quite charming," Princess Analiese smiled warmly to herself . "I hope Robert liked his spoon I gifted him. Had to kill a man and bring him back to get that thing!"
  15. TarreBear

    Autumn Solstice Costume Ball, 1687

    The guest list has been updated! @Boomboxdoom23