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  1. TarreBear


    Name: Analiese Natalia Bihar Year of Birth: 1664 City of Primary Residency: Markev (( MCName: TarreBear ))
  2. TarreBear

    [I] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    Such a hardworker, genuine person, and a level head on their shoulders. They would be a great addition! +1
  3. TarreBear

    The Struggles of Moderation

    :c don’t make me sad
  4. TarreBear

    When Crow Weds The Hammerhead

    "The ceremony was quite charming," Princess Analiese smiled warmly to herself . "I hope Robert liked his spoon I gifted him. Had to kill a man and bring him back to get that thing!"
  5. TarreBear

    Autumn Solstice Costume Ball, 1687

    The guest list has been updated! @Boomboxdoom23
  6. Autumn Solstice Costume Ball 1687 [!] A series of diligent couriers would depart the Palace of Krempost in Markev, carrying bags filled to the brim with sealed invitations intended for several persons across The Empire of Man. To the lords and ladies of the Empire, I am pleased to announce that you’re hereby invited to the Autumn Solstice Costume Ball, hosted in the Palace of Krempost in Markev, within the Kingdom of Haense. All guests are expected to arrive dressed in their most creative of costumes and masks, themed to fit this season of the harvest and caricatures of the many spooky creatures spoken of in fairytales and folklore. Come as a spirited spectre, or a pumpkin-headed jester. Let your imagination run wild, and may the night be filled with merriment and jubilation. The main event for the evening will be the Costume Contest, where the hosts will choose the top three best costumes from amongst those in attendance. The winner of the top prize shall be rewarded with a very special trophy. [!] A list of specially invited guests would be attached: Signed, Her Highness, Princess Analiese Natalia Bihar Her Highness, Princess Emma Adelheid Ludovar, Princess of Ulgaard, Duchess of Kvazs, Countess of Mondstadt, Baroness of Mehran His Majesty the King Robert of Hanseti and Ruska, the Ever Loyal Subject of His Imperial Majesty, Grand Commandant of the Army, Prince of Dules, Lahy, Sorbesborg, and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Akovia, and Aldersburg, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Kavat, Karovia, Kaunas, and Torun, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Esenstadt, Kralta, and Valwik, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, Defender of the Czena, etcetera.
  7. TarreBear

    Admin Promotions

  8. Reminder: Read the new server rules update!

  9. TarreBear

    The Midnight Ball

    ↞ The Midnight Ball ↠ The Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska’s Suitor Ball - 1682 - [!] A magnificent illustration of guests enjoying a traditional ballroom dance is printed here in fine inks. ____________________________________________________________________ Be our guests! The Nobility and Citizens of the Empire are cordially invited to the Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska’s “Midnight Ball” in the Krempost Palace at Markev. Originally being arranged as a traditional Hansetian ball following in the footsteps of past royal dances, the Lord Palatine believed it wise to host this particular event as a way to bring the youthful lords and ladies of the realm together. The lady in particular to be honored at this event is the Prince-Grandfather’s daughter, Princess Analiese Bihar, in the hopes that she might acquire a fine suitor from amongst the lords and knights in attendance. Rules and Regulations: ⚜️ The Royal Family asks you wear your finest attire, those in inappropriate garb will not be permitted into the ball ⚜️All weapons shall be checked, and if any are found, we ask you leave them at the door or keep them sheathed & secured. ⚜️ Men of noble or knightly stature who are interested in taking Her Highness’s hand in marriage must present themselves at the dias and join her in a dance. ⚜️ The evening will conclude with a final dance under the stars, accompanied by a firework show. ⚜️Hold yourself with class and dignity, those who are disruptive will be escorted out of the ball. ⚜️ Most importantly eat, drink, dance, and enjoy the night! _________________________________________________________________ Signed, Her Highness, Analiese Natalia Bihar, Princess of Hanseti and Ruska Written By: TarreBear & EternalSaturn
  10. TarreBear

    [✓] [Server] Its Just Ed Ban Appeal

    Your appeal has been accepted and you will be unbanned. Please remember that you are always in roleplay and that effort should be put into every rp interaction. If this occurs again it will be a villainy blacklist and a longer ban. Welcome back and happy roleplaying
  11. @Boar Hello! I will be conducting your GM interview. Your discord name is not complete at the top, therefore it would be appreciated if you added me as soon as possible. Thank you! Discord: TarreBear#3832
  12. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] MyGun, Nogg_'s Game Moderator Application

    Hello, I will be conducting your interview. I've shot you a friend request if you would go ahead and accept that as soon as possible. Thank you! @Wolfdwg
  13. Hello! I will be doing your interview. I shot you a friend request if you would so kind and accept it as soon as possible. Best wishes, TarreBear
  14. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    Hello, I will be doing your interview. Please accept my request on discord when you are available. Thank you, TarreBear
  15. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] GumpTruck's Game Moderator Application

    Hello, I will be giving you your interview! Your discord name is not working for me. so if you would please kindly add me (TarreBear#3832) Best wishes, TarreBear