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  1. Hello! I will be doing your interview. I shot you a friend request if you would so kind and accept it as soon as possible. Best wishes, TarreBear
  2. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    Hello, I will be doing your interview. Please accept my request on discord when you are available. Thank you, TarreBear
  3. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] GumpTruck's Game Moderator Application

    Hello, I will be giving you your interview! Your discord name is not working for me. so if you would please kindly add me (TarreBear#3832) Best wishes, TarreBear
  4. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] MeLlamoPeter's Game Moderator Application

    Hello! I will be conducting your interview. Please add me back on discord whenever you have the time! Best wishes, TarreBear
  5. Accepted. This GM is now on Trial, their full acceptance into the GM Team will be determined over the coming weeks.
  6. Think you have something to offer to the server? Apply for GM!

  7. Hello, I will be conducting your interview. If you would please accept my request on discord so we can begin! Best of luck, TarreBear
  8. I study economics too! +1
  9. TarreBear

    Festival of The Baltas

    Festival of The Baltas - Issued 1666 - [!] A portrait portraying the skyline of the city of Belvitz. On the warm spring afternoon of the 14th of Sun’s smile, 1666, town criers filled the streets within the Duchy of Adria and the Kingdom of Renatus posting and handing out fliers, spreading the news of a great event to be held within the city of Belvitz. A winded boy would trudge up, stopping just long enough to hand over a small flier that would read: ________________________________________________________________ The men and women of Renatus are hereby cordially invited to the first Festival of Belvitz to celebrate the wedding of Edgar Sarkozic and Lady Maya Vladov. The Festival will be held on the outskirts of the city and will play host to a series of games and entertainment. Test your luck at games of chance, get your fortunes told, and bring home one of a kind treasures. The Great Baltas River Race will be held at the beginning of the day. A race from our grand capital to the city of Belvitz. Winners gaining a prize of great worth. The evening will end with the nuptials of the couple, as well as a grand feast. Signed, Lady Maya of House Vladov Azaerya of Adria ________________________________________________________________ OOC Information Location: The City of Belvitz, Duchy of Adria (Whispering Crossroads) Date: Wednesday, June 5th, 2018 Time: 6pm EST Written by: TarreBear & Numyria
  10. TarreBear

    GM Monthly Update Log - May

    Athyr's ascended. Its hasn't been updated but it still works pretty good. Its like a slightly toned down conquest
  11. TarreBear

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    I've sent you a friend request on Discord. Please accept when you are available and we will begin your interview! Thank you. - TarreBear
  12. TarreBear

    [Denied] [Trial][W]Tidemanno's Game Moderator Application

    I will be sending you a message for you interview. Respond when you are available!
  13. Think you got what it takes to be a GM? Apply today!

    1. HurferDurfer1


      no thanks id like to keep my spine

  14. Heh, I was here


  15. TarreBear

    [✓] [Server] The axeman51 Ban Appeal

    Appeal Accepted. Welcome back to the server and happy rping.