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  1. could you teach me that magic you had that let you see people's auras or whatever

  2. bro what was that application you put in

    1. Nozoa


      it was a meme one for training new CTs

  3. The first few days of being demoted/removed/quitting staff are always the hardest. It becomes strange to not have the duties you tended to so diligently. We've had our fair share of poor encounters but I know you also did try to do your best in many regards for the server. May this be an easy process/transition for you.

  4. I’ll miss ya. Thanks for being a good friend always ^^

  5. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the team. The Community Team will never be the same as it was with you as our administrator. I hope that we'll make you proud in the months to come. Love you, Muffins. Thank you for your friendship this past year, you've really helped me grow as both a member of Community Team staff AND as a person. 

  6. Changed Status to Under Review Note for CT: Contacted on Discord; I am helping the applicant!
  7. Please PM me on discord @ LotsOfMuffins#0119 if you need help still!
  8. ((IC)) Name: Emeline Le Doulcet Race: Mali'fenn Applying For: Librarian Age: Unknown (~90) Experience: Headed a library in Arcas as a part of the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, which I was the Headmaster of. We had ~75 at one point. Before that, I have been a Head Steward, so I am experienced in recordkeeping. I am willing to spend hours recording and researching. Citizen of Elvenesse: Still trying to find a steward, but I am trying to live here ((OOC)) Time Zone: CST IGN: LotsOfMuffins Discord: LotsOfMuffins#0119
  9. Almaris Info Hub 1. Where do I get x resource? Find node locations here! 2. How do I craft x? Find the crafting recipes for things like blacksmithing tables, spinning wheels, etc. here! 3. How do I access my vault? You can't yet! An announcement will be posted when you can with instructions. 4. How does the economy work? Read about Almaris' economy system here! 5. I can't join the server! How do I play? Try joining the lobby (IP is "lobby.lotc.co") and then do "/server main" from there. It's possible that the server is full. There are several different places to go for answers, so this is an attempt to make a small hub for those answers. If something should be added, let me know.
  10. i respect u for your wholesomeness and kindness 

  11. A Response Hello. A few days ago, a post was made regarding concerns with my previous behaviour and actions. I know I have made mistakes, and to all those who has had a negative experience with me, I am sincerely sorry. I have been an Administrator for almost a year now, and I have my fair share of mistakes and faults during this time. I have taken part in aggressiveness and needlessly allowed my frustration to bleed into my actions when faced with conflict, and as a result, I have hurt people, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to push that others don’t do. That’s why I would like to start this post with an apology to all those that I have wronged, hurt, or upset in any way throughout my entire time on LotC, not just as an Administrator. The only way that I can move forward, however, is to continue improving. I love the Community Team, and I love being able to help improve LotC in any way possible. In order to move past my mistakes, I have to keep going and working on improving myself and continuing progress towards my own goals. I ask all of you to please read below my personal explanation of events for each person, as they vary. I will not lie; some of these situations, I do not fully understand the opposite side’s point of view. However, I know that I play a part in every one of the situations that occurred. Lastly, if you have any concerns that I do not address or speak about below, I ask that you please send me a message on the forums, and I will reply as soon as possible. Tigergiri That is simply my story from my perspective. In terms of my thoughts on the situation, I understand that I was acting out of frustration and should not have forced Tigergiri into a hiatus, removed the manager tag without some sort of explanation or anything, nor tried to convince her to change her name to match the rest of management. This situation was my fault, and I am sorry for allowing this situation to blow up how it did. Essentially, Tigergiri was made the Wiki Team manager, management asked her to put emojis in her name to match the rest of ours (mixed jokingly and not), and she refused a few times, it continued, she said something along the lines of, “That’s not very community of you to try to force me to do something without my consent.” This statement is what drove me to remove her manager tag. The causes of the frustration from the statement are that, “That’s not very community of you,” is a phrase often used by people who dislike the CT to ridicule an action performed by a member of it, and another member of management was upset about the use of a consent joke. After this statement was made, Tigergiri’s management tag was removed. It was quiet for a few minutes, then you may refer to Tigergiri’s screenshot for the conversation that occurred next in #wiki-general, the general channel for the Wiki Team. To this, I advised that she go on hiatus to cool off, and then I promptly took her roles and gave her the hiatus tag, which is the procedure for putting someone on hiatus. The fight in the manager chat occurred due to current management wanting her name in chat to match the rest of ours and pushing for her to change her name. The occurrences in the wiki channel happened due to my continued upsetness at her statement. After this, after speaking with another Administrator, Llir, I apologized to Tigergiri, got into VC with her, and apologized again over VC, discussed it with her, then she had to go whilst I was still going so the VC ended there. From there, you can see her response. Bepto Bepto was blacklisted due to leaking CT channels. It is a hard policy within the Community Team to remove and blacklist leakers, and as such, I took immediate action. Removal typically suggests a catastrophic reasoning, though that was not the case here. I unfourtunately forgot to inform her immediately following blacklisting her, though when she PM’ed me next, I informed her. It was shortly after WT removal. Her primary complaint concerning the CT was that she could not keep up with when the deadlines for things were due to them being too spread apart. However, I inform my team of all deadlines days in advance, and I send reminders throughout. Bepto was one of two team members who received an infraction for missing that deadline. As she spoke in the general channel about the situation, I only commented a few times for clarification; I did not want to cause more fighting. She quit on her own terms. After receiving word that she had leaked channels, I filed for Administrative approval to blacklist her from the CT. It was a decision that was not made alone. In terms of her WT removal, that was WT management’s decision; I do not have any control over who their members are. It was a decision made by WT management, and its exact reasoning I won’t discuss as to prevent leaking of channels myself. I asked her to speak with another Administrator if she had issues due to the fact that I was uncomfortable speaking with her after learning that she rigorously trashed me in discords and in individual’s PM’s. I received a handful of screenshots but decided against doing anything about it other than asking her to direct Administrative matters to another Admin. Europan I reported Europan. I did not want to confirm this before in order to avoid further harassment from them, but I am now because of recent events. Harassment bans protect the victim from being disclosed, though I feel it necessary now to reveal this. I do not understand where she is getting that I harassed her friends, as I did not. I can only assume the individual she thinks I harassed is Trekwars, which I will gladly share the conversation that was the end of our friendship. Below is a piece of our conversation prior to the above screenshot and a part of the reason we are not friends anymore. The context of this is that I was asked to not be friends with someone, and I refused. I’d prefer not to share the report on Europan for both of our privacies, though if anyone would like further information, please send me a message on the forums. B3LLE B3LLE was banned for two accounts of pex abuse (stealing gold from a build world, I believe, and griefing a build world) and accepting a banned player’s alt whitelist application knowingly. After the latter, she was also blacklisted from the Community Team. I did not blacklist B3LLE. This was Telanir’s choice. There was a very long period in which B3LLE was believed to be pxtty_betty, another LotC player, due to a matching timeline of bans and appeals amongst other things (that I will not share due to potential leaking). This was eventually disproven and as such, B3LLE was unbanned. In terms of saying that I’d do whatever I could to keep her banned, I don’t recall saying that, and I know I did not tell the Administrators that I was going to do whatever I could to keep her banned; when she appealed, we discussed it, it came down to a unanimous vote. If all others voted for B3LLE to be unbanned, then I would, too. I cannot share more specifics, though that was the case, and eventually, B3LLE was unbanned (and I voted in her favour). Muzthag and FunnyHappyHarry I did not say (nor believe that) “at least the girls enjoy [FunnyHappyHarry]”. Administration did not receive a report for FunnyHappyHarry for some time, though after we did, we acted on it immediately, and one of those actions included FunnyHappyHarry being removed from the CT. I met Muzthag in Haelun’or; he played my character’s uncle. We talked a bit in VC’s, though after a player sent me a report on him, I passed it onto Administration. He was removed from the CT and banned immediately. Evonpire A member of the CT leaked something another CT said. Essentially, Evonpire was asked once if it was him (when we asked everyone on the team in PM’s), and he said no. Later, several individuals came to me saying that they believed that it was Evonpire, so I brought him into a group chat with management to ask him, though he said that Armajesty had already PM’ed him about it again (which I was unaware of at the time) and that he felt harassed. He quit the CT shortly after. In this case, I apologize that the situation turned to accusations and that it made Evonpire feel as though he was being harassed by the CT management, as that was not the goal. As there was no proof, I should have trusted him, and I am sorry that we did not. marb121 Very early into my Administrator tenure, I blocked marb121 after learning that he was trashing me and the CT. I unblocked him after we spoke a bit in the settlement chat in the LotC discord, and I haven’t done anything since. I apologize to marb for this; I should not have done that, and I will not in the future. Blacklisting CT Members for Being in an Ex-CT discord I do not blacklist people who are in an ex-CT discord. I was informed about this discord a while back, and I was told that it was made in order to trash talk the CT and that there was heavy trash-talking about me, so I was unhappy. However, I did not blacklist anyone in it, nor do I know all the names of people in this discord. I know some, though not all. Monk Stacking This is something that the CT has done for almost a year now, and I don’t believe I’ve actually received any direct complaints about it. It is something that the CT does to have fun and unwind, and it has been made apparent that it is more bothersome than fun; it is something the team did for innocent fun. I apologize that it was disruptive, and I can certainly have the CT mess around solely within Cloud Temple. I wasn’t aware that this was an issue before. Niya Niya, as a wandering soul, was banned for racist remarks and PM’ed me (alongside countless others) to PM Qhrist, who at the time, was attempting to jokingly flirt with me. He set his status to “HMU LotsOfMuffins ;)”, had his friends PM me “hey :)” (which was the same thing he PM’ed me), etc. Niya was one of the people who told me to talk to him. Due to being banned for racist remarks and the Qhrist contribution, I decided to deny their Content Creation application.
  12. COMMUNITY TEAM UPDATE LOG SEPTEMBER 2020 INTRODUCTION Hello again! With yet another community advocacy project underway, even more applications, and plenty of combat roleplay training, the Community Team is continuing on. SEPTEMBER DATA - Overview - This month, we saw a total of 172 apps handled, with 78 new players welcomed onto LotC. Last month, we had 236 applications and 124 new players. Our rate of acceptance has gone down, with the exact amount being 45.3% of applications being accepted, 7.3% less than last month. The coronavirus spike is pretty much gone, meaning we’ve heading to a steadier amount of applications. It has lowered beneath 200, most likely due to school starting up. Hopefully, it’ll pick back up again as time goes on. - Monthly Applications - - Accepted/Denied Ratios - - Race Specific Data - - New Player Guidance - TEAM DATA - Application Team Data - APPLICATION KING/QUEEN This month’s Application Queen goes to... @Hopesky123! @Hopesky123 Followed behind by @Nilyeet and @snoopie12! @Hopesky123 is our only Application Team member as of this moment, so it’s no surprise that she’s been dedicatedly reviewing applications to help out. This changed occurred towards the end of the month, and after, the rest of the team and management were encouraged to help out with applications more, so we are helping Hope out! CURRENT ROSTER Community Administrator @LotsOfMuffins Community Managers @armajesty @Fiiieee @Nilyeet Community Team Members @__TigerKitty__ @BenjiBot_ @camocat9 @Demon_Lilly @HogoBojo @Hopesky123 @MrChenn1 @snoopie12 @TwistedFries @Yagami @zuziee Content Creators @BenjiBot_ @Epistile @FIXER957 @LaffenOutLoud @peachcool @SorairoDays @Tykeandy @zuziee Wiki Team Members @JokerLow PROJECT UPDATES Application Team – @armajesty This month has been a bit of a struggle for the Application Team as we have dropped down to one member in total. The month featured applications slowly piling up, but now that our numbers are steadily increasing once again these newer Community Team members have been working hard to plough through applications. Alongside this, we were able to implement the new application form that our members have been working hard on the past month or so. If you have a moment I recommend checking it out! We believe this new system will help new players in creating a more flushed-out character for when they first join Lord of the Craft. We also hope that these changes will increase these players understandings of the rules of our humble server. Stay tuned for our next update! And a huge thank you to all the Community Team members who have been taking on applications Content Creation – @Fiiieee Hi guys! It's crazy how quickly the months go by, isn't it? Well, new month new me - or something like that. Anyway, Fie's here and this is the monthly Content Creation Update! A big goal for the team this month was to recruit new members onto the team. With that, I would like to hand out a big shoutout to @zuziee, @BenjiBot_, @peachcool, @Epistile, and @SorairoDays for joining our group! It's great to have you and I'm sure you all will fit right in. Moving on, we've basically worked on getting more footage recorded and more videos edited. A big thank you to @FIXER957 and @Tykeandy for that! You guys are always free to check out our Youtube channel and watch some of what we did! I'm positive that we'll manage to get even more projects done in October. Additionally, the Media Team is about to get running, so if you'd like, you can comment on which social media platforms you would like to see LotC! Community Events – @Nilyeet Howdy LotC! This month, the Community Events focus group has been working our butts off towards creating a fun Halloween event for the server to enjoy. See the following hyperlinked post to learn more about this event and when it will be held. We hope you like it! Along with that, Community Events has hosted a Creative Cafe, where players and staff alike show up in a voice chat to display their talents. @Sliw was the winner this time and got prizes in game along with the Creative Wizard tag. If that sounds interesting to you, make sure to keep updated in the main discord, and watch out for more Creative Cafe forum posts in the future. If you have any feedback you’d like to give us regarding an event you’ve participated in in the past, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/m6Bx6FaXRDX1N28B6. Media Team – @Fiiieee In September, the Community Team Management decided to shuffle things around a bit and bring in a 'Media Team' Focus Group. What this means is that now, instead of 4 Focus Groups, we will have 5 with slightly different group caps. This focus group which any CC or CT member OR staff member can join basically manages and oversees LotC's social media platforms. Currently, we are still putting everything together and working on forming out plans. To see more of what this team does in the future, be sure to keep up with LotC's Twitter, Instagram, and more to come in the future. Lastly, it would be greatly appreciated, if you told us on which social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) you would like to see us on! Pots and Pandits – @HogoBojo The Pots and Pandits Focus Group has been continuing to provide crp sessions to new players upon their request. From now onwards, members of the Focus Group will also be messaging new players to offer them a session. By doing this, this should hopefully get more new players to know about the Focus Groups existence and purpose, as well as give them the opportunity to learn crp if they decide to accept the session. This should also hopefully accommodate more new players in a variety of timezones, as members can offer and hold sessions when they have the time. Read more about the Pots and Pandits team here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192542-pots-and-pandits/. Wiki Team – @armajesty The Wiki Team continues to be working hard on maintaining and updating the LotC Wiki. If you have any problems, questions, or need anything Wiki related then please reach out to one of the Wiki Team members and we'll try our best to help you out. Currently Lyonhearted is working hard to do an overhaul of the Wiki. When this update releases, It'll require a lot of work. So if you enjoy updating/working on the Wiki, then I suggest applying to join the Wiki Team SEPTEMBER’S DIRECTION Last month was about community events and Content Creation, and this month, it’s moreso on community advocacy! Last Month’s Goals Media Team The Media Team doesn’t have a lot of members, though it’s become an official Community Team focus group as well as a part of Content Creation. That way, both CT and CC members can work together to manage our social medias. If you’d be interested in joining the Media Team, you can certainly join just to help with social media! I encourage you to read the Staff Team Guide and find the CC application there, if you’d like to join. Community Events Community events have been continuing to be planned and pushed forward! We’re super excited to release Escape the Temple this month, though read more about it below under this month’s goals. Team Members Throughout September, the Community Team has been working hard to seek new team members. To accomplish this, we started various different methods to spread awareness that we're recruiting. Some examples of how we did this include sending out an announcement talking about our team in the general LotC discord, getting Community Team members to tell their friends and others that we're looking for new members, and more. I'm happy to say that we have welcomed a small handful of new members to the Team. We're also currently working on a Staff Team Guide video, which is intended to inform LotC players about the various different staff teams and what they do. This Month’s Goals Community Advocacy Our community advocacy system is changing a bit, and although we’ve worked hard on getting interviews done for this month, due to team member losses, we’re struggling to compensate for their lack of interviews by interviewing more. Due to this, this month’s community advocacy project is taking longer than expected, and as such, it’s a goal of ours to finish it as soon as possible. Currently, we’re in the compilation stage, which means we’re compiling feedback from interviewees into one, coherent document to send on and discuss, though this is sometimes the lengthier part of the process. Community Events Specifically, this month’s focus in terms of community events is the upcoming Escape the Temple event for Halloween. The team has worked super hard on this event, and they are continuing to work hard wrapping it up. Keep an eye out on the forums for an announcement regarding the opening, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! Team Members Although we’ve gotten a small handful of new members this past month, we’re still looking to continue recruiting! Our cap is 20, and our ideal size is between 15-20. This will probably continue being a goal for us until we reach that ideal size, so please reach out to your friends if you think they might be interested in applying for the Community Team, and we’ll see how we grow next month! If you have any questions or comments about the direction that we are going in, feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to a team member.
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    Changed Status to Denied
  14. LotsOfMuffins


    Your application has unfourtunately been denied at this time due to reason, though here are the changes that would need to be made: Your Powergaming Definition is too close to our wiki’s definition and could be considered plagiarized. Please do not copy it too closely from the wiki. https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Metagaming_%26_Powergaming Your Skin is not up to LotC standards. Please take a look at our Skin Archive for references and free skins that you may use if you’d like. https://sites.google.com/view/skinarchive/home I am asking you to define roleplay. Please do so in How would you define roleplay, and have you ever roleplayed before? Your Roleplay Scenario Response includes thoughts and feelings. During roleplay, please only emote what other people would see. They would not see your character’s thoughts, so please correct this accordingly! ”As she kept walking forward, she felt a bit uncormfortable with the amount of people there.” After correcting the above things, you may reapply at any time. If you have any questions, please send me a message on discord @LotsOfMuffins#0119, and I recommend you join the LotC discord using the following invite: https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F. Lastly, take a look at the New Player Hub for further help: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193743-new-player-hub/
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