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  1. bro what was that application you put in

    1. Wizard of NOZ

      Wizard of NOZ

      it was a meme one for training new CTs

  2. The first few days of being demoted/removed/quitting staff are always the hardest. It becomes strange to not have the duties you tended to so diligently. We've had our fair share of poor encounters but I know you also did try to do your best in many regards for the server. May this be an easy process/transition for you.

  3. I’ll miss ya. Thanks for being a good friend always ^^

  4. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the team. The Community Team will never be the same as it was with you as our administrator. I hope that we'll make you proud in the months to come. Love you, Muffins. Thank you for your friendship this past year, you've really helped me grow as both a member of Community Team staff AND as a person. 

  5. Changed Status to Under Review Note for CT: Contacted on Discord; I am helping the applicant!
  6. Please PM me on discord @ LotsOfMuffins#0119 if you need help still!
  7. ((IC)) Name: Emeline Le Doulcet Race: Mali'fenn Applying For: Librarian Age: Unknown (~90) Experience: Headed a library in Arcas as a part of the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, which I was the Headmaster of. We had ~75 at one point. Before that, I have been a Head Steward, so I am experienced in recordkeeping. I am willing to spend hours recording and researching. Citizen of Elvenesse: Still trying to find a steward, but I am trying to live here ((OOC)) Time Zone: CST IGN: LotsOfMuffins Discord: LotsOfMuffins#0119
  8. Almaris Info Hub 1. Where do I get x resource? Find node locations here! 2. How do I craft x? Find the crafting recipes for things like blacksmithing tables, spinning wheels, etc. here! 3. How do I access my vault? You can't yet! An announcement will be posted when you can with instructions. 4. How does the economy work? Read about Almaris' economy system here! 5. I can't join the server! How do I play? Try joining the lobby (IP is "lobby.lotc.co") and then do "/server main" from there. It
  9. i respect u for your wholesomeness and kindness 

  10. A Response Hello. A few days ago, a post was made regarding concerns with my previous behaviour and actions. I know I have made mistakes, and to all those who has had a negative experience with me, I am sincerely sorry. I have been an Administrator for almost a year now, and I have my fair share of mistakes and faults during this time. I have taken part in aggressiveness and needlessly allowed my frustration to bleed into my actions when faced with conflict, and as a result, I have hurt people, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to push that other
  11. COMMUNITY TEAM UPDATE LOG SEPTEMBER 2020 INTRODUCTION Hello again! With yet another community advocacy project underway, even more applications, and plenty of combat roleplay training, the Community Team is continuing on. SEPTEMBER DATA - Overview - This month, we saw a total of 172 apps handled, with 78 new players welcomed onto LotC. Last month, we had 236 applications and 124 new players. Our rate of acceptance has gone down, with the exact amount being 45.3% of applications being accepted,
  12. LotsOfMuffins


    Changed Status to Denied
  13. LotsOfMuffins


    Your application has unfourtunately been denied at this time due to reason, though here are the changes that would need to be made: Your Powergaming Definition is too close to our wiki’s definition and could be considered plagiarized. Please do not copy it too closely from the wiki. https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Metagaming_%26_Powergaming Your Skin is not up to LotC standards. Please take a look at our Skin Archive for references and free skins that you may use if you’d like. https://sites.google.com/view/skinarchive/home I
  14. LotsOfMuffins


    Changed Status to Accepted
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