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  1. UPDATE: Jenny_Bobbs guided a new player to Aegrothond, but it didn’t show up in the data! Thanks, @Jenny_Bobbs for being outstanding as usual, and apologizes it didn’t show up!
  2. COMMUNITY TEAM UPDATE LOG NOVEMBER 2019 INTRODUCTION Hello again! Things have been changing fast in the community team! This past month, not only have we implemented appeals, but we’ve also begun pushing forward with community advocacy in the form of reports, where we collect feedback from the community and pass it on to those who can help, which will be touched on later! Things are continuing to go under restructure, with our focus groups getting an overhaul soon as well. More on that below! OCTOBER DATA Overview This month, we saw a total of 219 apps handled, with 129 new players welcomed onto LOTC. This is a tiny increase from last month - 13 more applications handled. Like last month, nearly 3/4ths of applications are accepted, leaving only around 1/4th denied, though this number has gone down a bit since last month. However, we are aiming to improve this with additional resources and more effective communication with the applicants. Accepted/Denied Ratios Race Specific Data New Player Guidance TEAM DATA Application Team Data Other Team Data Quota King/Queen This month’s application king goes to… MeteorTurkey! Having handled nearly 50 applications, Meteor has done loads and definitely earned quota king! @MeteorDragon Followed behind by TwistedFries and Armajesty! MEMBER ALTERATIONS + LotsOfMuffins became the Community Administrator + puffables became a Community Manager + KaleyKitty became a Community Manager + Armajesty became a Community Manager + WonkVibes joined the Community Team + Nozgoth joined the Community Team + fieselena joined the Community Team + LordYuki joined the Community Team - Aurea stepped down from the Community Team - SoulReapingWolf stepped down from the Community Team - TarreBear stepped down from the Community Team - Tahmas stepped down from the Community Team - Ivorey stepped down from the Community Team - CTMamaJade stepped down from Community Manager - WestCarolina stepped down from the Community Team - B3LLE stepped down from the Community Team - 1_Language_1 stepped down from the Community Team - chaosgamer_ stepped down from the Community Team - _CringE stepped down from the Community Team - eGirlVibes stepped down from the Community Team PROJECT UPDATES WIKI - KaleyKitty The wiki focus group has been undergoing a massive restructure. However, for the course of November, we primarily went worked on redoing the front page. One of our amazing content creators, @reko, is currently working on creating an updated map with every nation on it to place on the front page, and the entire layout has been redone to be easier to navigate. Our goal for this month is to begin updating lore pages as well as creating a report system, so players may report incorrect/inappropriate pages. COMMUNITY EVENTS - Armajesty Following the changes within focus groups, the Community Event’s group has been working especially hard in order to plan, run and overall host exciting events that the community can partake in. Near the end of October a meeting was held in order to discuss the future of Community Events, and as such we were excited to bring the following event: Chase the Turkey. An event in which players were challenged to hunt down a Community Team Member wearing a turkey costume and pugsy them in order to gain tokens that they were then able to exchange on Thanksgiving! Surprisingly, this was the only event that was held this month. November’s lack of events was all in preparation for December - in which we have a total of four events planned. These events include The Advent Calendar Scavenger Hunt, Creative Cafe, Secret Krugmas and Battle of the Arts. These events are here to spread tons of holiday cheer to our players, and we’re happy to receive any questions or feedback! If you have ideas for any future events that you would like to see or have any questions you need answered you are welcome to reach out to me on discord at armajesty#5043. We hope to you, the community, at our following events! TUTORIALS- puffables This month, though the guides project is coming to a close, we have been working on slowly building up and creating the Tutorial Island. And, as per the form we sent out for you all to suggest - a theme has been chosen: A tropical, pirate island! We thank you all for your brilliant suggestions, upon which we discussed and voted to conclude in a final pick. So far, we've been working through making the prompts for the NPC guides; soon, we should be 100% on those and move onto the main creation and decoration of the island itself, before bringing it all together. Regarding the guides project, due to team consensus, we have decided to end it. The guides that we currently have and are working upon will be completed, however new guides will not be picked up. This is to enable you guys, the community, to take initiative! These guides should be players helping players, things that you do because you want to; interesting guides, with character and flair. So, all who love making guides, I encourage you - write away! COMMUNITY ADVOCACY / REPORTS This past month, the team took on the task of creating reports, where we reach out to the community for feedback either requested by other staff teams / nation leaders or by finding topics in server feedback or in discussions that we notice between players. When a topic is picked, a team member, either alone or in a group, reaches out to a range of players and interviews them, gathering their feedback on the topic. The feedback is then sent on to whoever can make a difference. For example, if a feedback report is created based on conflict rules, it’d be sent to the moderation team.
  3. Hello! It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year again! Get ready for our fourth Creative Cafe, an event where you get to show off your talents. Past talents have included art, singing, building, skinning, and more! Any kind of skill is welcome (as long as you can show it off). There will be prizes as well as random raffles so be sure to attend, even if it’s just to watch and listen! If you have any questions, this event is being held by our fantastic Community Events Focus Group: @LotsOfMuffins, @Jenny_Bobbs, @armajesty, @MeteorDragon, @puffyduck, @TwistedFries, and @KaleyKitty! To participate, please leave a comment with the following sign-up format! Sign-Up Format Mcname: Talent: Information Date: Sunday, December 15th Time: 6 PM EST / 5 PM CST Location: Creative Cafe Channel Discord: https://discord.gg/aP6jrA8 Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project! Thanks to @Defy and @reko for the featured graphics!
  4. Greetings wonderful people of LotC! The Community Team is pleased to announce a start to the fifth Battle of the Arts competition! As the title suggests, this is a competition where you -- our creative community members -- can enter your creations to earn prizes each month. The categories include Artwork, Creative Writing/Poetry, Music, Skinning, Video, and Building. A winner will be selected by the Community Staff from each of the categories, making a total of 6 winners. We hope those who participate have fun in the event! The Community Team will be voting on the winners excluding themselves if they participate. Currently, this is a bi-monthly event, this month featuring a Festive Holiday theme for December. - Theme - The Battle of The Arts for December will feature a Festive Holiday theme. This theme should hopefully release your creative festivities from snowy areas, a nightmare before Christmas, or the act of gift-giving. Anything comes. - Prize - The prize for the December Battle of the Arts Contest will be 5000 minas, Frost Walker Boots from the Shop of Wonders, The Creative Wizard Tag and a Choose 1 out of three rewards CT signed from; A dreidel A snowglobe Custom map - Wreath. The custom map is as seen below: Disclaimer: If the custom map is stolen from an item-frame without the owner's consent it’ll be returned to them. This item is exclusive to the winner of the contest. - Criteria - All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month. Creative writing is limited to 1500 words and must have the google document linked to ensure the criteria has been followed (you can still paste the document in the post for all to read easily). Videos must be created by you. You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per each category. Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!
  5. Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team: The citizens throughout Arcas are coming together to celebrate Krugmas! With this special holiday comes an annual tradition - the act of gift-giving. For those who enjoy spreading joy and bringing festive spirit to your fellow inhabitants of Arcas, we encourage your participation! See what’s in store for you this holiday season with our Secret Krugmas gift exchange. A perfect way to immerse yourself in the community and make new friends! And don’t forget, this is a secret so you can’t tell people who you’ll be partnered with! How to Participate We ask that you follow through with your participation, that way everyone can receive a gift! It’s quite simple to join in, all you need to do is fill out the following forum in the comment section of our post. If you have any questions feel free to private message any of the following people: Armajesty, KaleyKitty, MeteorTurkey, Jenny_Bobbs, puffables or TwistedFries. Please be sure to have your registration for the event done by 12-8, which is one week from now. All gifts will be due on the 24th of December! Participation Form IGN (MC Username): Discord: Likes: Dislikes: Once we have received names we will begin to match people who share interests so that it is easier for you to select a gift you would like to give. You will receive a private message over discord, notifying you of who your partner is. (Reminder: This is a secret event, so make sure not to tell anyone!). What Kind of Gift Can I Give? Some ideas for gifts could include; jewelry, weapons, monk ornaments, books, food/sweets, candles, crystals/rocks, teddy bears, and coal. We’re also offering to make you an item upon request, however, these items cannot be lore-approved, and they must be simple or for aesthetic purposes. Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!
  6. Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team: The Advent Calendar Scavenger Hunt [!] Gifts have begun to appear all over the lands of Arcas. These carefully-wrapped presents have been left by a mysterious figure, one reported to be dressed in bright red. Various hints have been left with us, the Wilven Monks, leading to these presents. We have been instructed to share these hints once a day with the inhabitants of Arcas. Through these hints, you can uncover the locations of these mysterious riches within the days leading up to Krugmas. We assure you, great treasures await. Instructions What is the advent calendar scavenger hunt? A scavenger hunt with the theme of an advent calendar. This means that from December 1st to December 24th we will be hosting a long, ongoing scavenger hunt with one hunt per day. How does it work? Each day leading up to December 25th, a hint will be posted as a comment on this post and in-game leading to a corresponding chest. The first person to locate this chest is the person who will receive this prize. Each day, the time at which the hint and chest are released will alter sequentially (For example, on December 1st - 1 AM EST, on December 2nd - 2 AM EST, on December 3rd - 3 AM EST, etc.). Once the hint and chest have been released, players must decipher the hint and find out where the chest is located throughout Arcas and begin their search (A chest will never be located in the Wildlands). When a player finds the chest they are to create a Community Team ticket. (For example, /creq Hello! I have found today’s scavenger hunt location.) Once this is done, a member of the Community Team will accept the ticket and give you your prize. In some cases, the prizes may require an Admin to hand out, but do not fear → we will ensure that you receive your prize. Rules As always, just a few basic rules to abide by, ensuring this is a fun and fair event for all! The first person to find the chest on that day gets the prize! Please don’t try to simply sabotage everyone else who gets close and ruin their day; basic courtesy, y’know? Try and keep it fun for all, even though it is somewhat a race! ❤️ If you are a staff member that is not-CT, you are permitted to participate! Just be sure to not use your permissions to find the prizes. If you are found doing so, you will be banned from all future CT events. Common sense!! Just the basic things - keeping it fun and friendly. Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project! Credit for the post goes to @armajestyand @puffyduck
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