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  1. Shane Cooke stands proudly at 6 feet, with his back straight, and his chin high. He wields his rapier to the side of him, along with a dagger right below. His compass accompanies his weapons on his silver belt, along with his superior legionaire clothing. Shane has strawberry blonde hair, with a pony tail, and his hair pulled back. He has a face fair enough to sing. Shane is true for the legion he serves.
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    Born in the year 1607 A.D , Shane was raised and nurtured in the capital of Ruriksgrad, through the Empire of Norland, who which was born from two loving parents. Sadly, Shane's Mother had passed away from a kidnapping. (He was a momma's boy.) Shane was forced to be trained on how to live off in life, since he would almost turn old enough to live life by his own. His father taught him many skills, and some ways to get around things. Shane learned to be sneaky, and learned the trait of pick pocketing. Shan'es 17th birthday would be coming around the corner, and therefore his Father gifted his son Clothing, a gift from the Elven. Including a nice vest, green trousers, (chainmail underneath the leggings,) and a small cape. This was the most important gift his father had ever given him, because this would be the last gift he would receive, before his Father had to set him forth into the outside world. (According to the Heartlanders of that Empire.) Shane has now set into this world with no one to his side. He goes alone, and lives off what he can remember. (Whilst trying to work his self to get higher in the accustoms of "ranking." Shane Palmiste of Ashdown, (Ashdown, a small village in Ruriksgrad that was known for Shane's parents.} always thinks of his Mother, and tries to succeed of making her proud.
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