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  1. IsolatedIncident

    ~~--+ Carolustadt Masquerade Ball +--~~

    . ~ ~--+--~ ~ . Pasted to message-boards and walls alike, an invitation, penned neatly on parchment, would flood the cities and towns of the Empire of Man. +-- Each invitation is accompanied by a simple image depicting a mask --+ Come one, come all, Nobility and Citizenry alike. You have been invited to a Masquerade ball in celebration of the esteemed Imperial Grand Marshal, Ser Rolando Castelo for his services to the Empire as he humbly retires. Join us in the celebration- donning a fantastical mask of your choosing and formal garb fit for dancing- at the Imperial Palace. ((6pm EST, Saturday the 13th of October.)) . ~ ~--+--~ ~ . Do take care to consider: Trouble-makers will be denied at the door. If you wish to be let in, please assure you maintain a level of decency and cleanliness. Gifts may be brought for the Grand Marshal. They are a welcome surprise, but not a necessity. Only a select few will be allowed the rights to carry weapons. Be prepared to be searched and have potentially harmful belongings confiscated for the duration of the event. ((This invitation extends to all who reside within the Empire of Man)) Signed, Elaine, Minister of Arts and Imperial Painter.
  2. IsolatedIncident

    Fiesta de Fantasma

    Elaine Argentine claps her hands once, her smile filled with delight, as she hauls out the many decorations she'd been gathering for this very event.
  3. IsolatedIncident

    The Curse Of Ignorance

    I do think an ignorance of the character having died and the fact they are immortal should be in place. For those who know about the death possibly even an inability to remind the one who died of the events that happened. Really i haven't been playing long but I do see a bit of an issue with just forgetting 30 min of your memories when you can simply be reminded by those around you.