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  1. IGN: Danziir Character name: Kordenn Goldhand Time zone: CEST IC letter of application: Dear Koralon, Though I am by craft a jeweller, I have witnessed, during my stay in Atlas, the fine craftsmanship of the Kal'Tarak smiths, and I wish to improve my own technique by learning the art of the Kaz'Ulrah dwedmar and joining the Iron Honour Kaz'Ulrah Smithing Guild. Regards, Kordenn of the Goldhand Clan.
  2. Danziir

    The Goldhand Clan

    Application MC Name: Danziir Character Name: Kordenn Age: 129  Profession: Jewelsmith / Merchant Have you read the clan history? (Please actually read through it): Yes Short Bio (One paragraph or more) : Kordenn was born in Felsen, after his mother ran away from Rhewengrad, which fell under the invading army of Oren. He grew amidst humans and their culture, though he became resentful of them, the more he learned about their race and their actions. Still, he joined a local mercantile guild to learn the Orenian craft and the profession of merchant. As soon as he had enough money saved, he left the city of Felsen to join the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. He quickly gained the nickname of "Da Yrrok Dwed", as he was teased on his Orenian accent and his manners. Despite all that, he was still welcomed among the dweds, and set up his workshop there, using his knowledge of both human and dwarven craft. Kordenn just arrived on Atlas, moving into the city of Kal'Tarak. What are your characters ambitions? (become famous merchant, head guard, etc.): Honing his craft as a jewelsmith, becoming an influent merchant. What kind of experience are you looking for in this clan? (friendship, rp experience, etc): I am looking for people to roleplay with, as well as friends to play/discuss with. What clan member are you related to, and do you have permission to roleplay as their relative, son, or daughter, or where you bloodbonded?: Not bloodbonded yet. Do you swear your loyalty to the Goldhand Clan, and to carry out the honor and pride of the clan?: I swear, on my honour and my ancestors, my loyalty to the Goldhand clan, and to bring pride and glory to its name.
  3. Danziir

    The Mining Guild of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC Minecraft Account Name: Danziir Discord (Send PM if you do not want it public): Danziir#0783 Timezone: CEST How many hours can you spare to mine?: 3 to 5 hours a week RP Name: Kordenn Age: 129 Dwarven Ethnicity(Mountain,Cave, Forest): Cave Dwed Are you a citizen of Kal’Tarak?: Yes
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    I forgot to log in before posting, but this is my application; Sorry!