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  1. hello all! i recorded this meeting as sort of a last second idea so excuse the fuckery. starting 10 seconds or so is cut off (forgot to press record), ending 2 minutes or so is cut off due to internet cutting, this is for people who couldn't make it (shoutout my fellow europeans, i have work tommorow) i will try to timestamp it in the YT description some other time, but there are visuals so you should find your question/be able to skip through rather easily i'll also try to do this for all future community meetings (with better production quality hopefully) if nothing official is set in place by staff cheers for meeting and thorough answers, enjoyed it! @squakhawk@itdontmatta@HogoBojo@The60th
  2. hey! i'm recording the admin q&a, i will try to throw it up on the forums tommorow before i go to work, and i'll work on timestamps some other time. the recording has who is speaking and the current question visible. this is obviously for those who missed it and were interested but couldn't attend.

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  3. what's your favourite piece of lore (shelved or live) that you think is incredibly underrated? favourite dragon in lore?
  4. A Horned Inquisitor awoke, a bead of steaming sweat trickling down the length of of his scales. He brought his body upright, contorting his eyes into a squint. "Frost Witches..." The beast snarled.
  5. Bane, the infamous, illustrious, prospering merchant scratched his head. The soles of his feet just lightly touching a thin layer of water upon his shop's floor. "Does this mean I ain't gotta pay taxes?"
  6. RETURN OF THE KING. (drock)

  7. Bane squints hard as he chews on a piece of wheat whilst standing ominously on the road, a tumbleweed blowing past his feet.
  8. i dont own a discord but what happens if they do not follow these guidelines, it's not like you can enforce discord
  9. Ardromiath read over the imposing missive. "We are determined to cleanse our territories of all Xionists, Vampiric folk, Ice People, Undead and Darkspawn..." He repeated from the page, before tapping his draconic horns. "I'm glad that doesn't apply to me!"
  10. BEST HERALD???????????????????? ANSWER NOW!!!!!!!!
  11. is making an anonymous account to post accusations with no evidence the new meta

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      what happened

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      who is lol


  12. daily reminder iblees is a dark elven woman

  13. good faith rper? ss to ct, keep your stuff i don't want it bad faith rper? whiner? ooc complain about rp? d20 pls
  14. invest in dencynn stocks NOW. play a dencynn.

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