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  1. just use maces bro they counter plate armour (smash their skull in) stop using swords 100% of the time like sheep also i think ranged weapons need a buff HOWEVER we would have to be careful because this could just lead to power creep (buff ranged weapons and mages start crying, 'why would i use magic when i can just use a bow' which results in them getting buffed etc etc)
  2. Ardromiath squinted as he looked through the missive, paper slipping through each of his fingers. "Did an automaton write this?"
  3. [!] A Nephilim clad in colours of gold and wine emerged from a stream of magma, deep within the caverns of the Red Mountain. A wicked set of claws grasped the missive, freshly left at it's door, singeing the edges. "Petty squabble." Ardromiath spoke. "Such short-lived memory, for the Cloudbreaker was torn from our grasp by Undeath and used against us, her mangled corpse stricken down by our very hands." The beast's raspy throat released a warm laugh, before settling into a wheeze. "Meaningless words on a page matter not, a mere wasp on a warm day, nothing but a buzz in one's ear, easily swatted." - "The only war that matters is with the Ad-Sharlat." And with that, the creature sunk back into that lake, taking the note with it.
  4. a... ah.... AH... ACHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. HugoAntero


      bless you

  5. talking down sol invicta was not enough... now her brother arises...

  6. Ardromiath flung his palm to his forehead, cackling as he read the missive. "They can't even gather their own gear! Relying on donations!"
  7. Krzysztof lets out a lowly scream as his clubfooted cousin-kin, Msciwoj, limps through Whitespire's streets.
  8. pastel yellow enjoyers rise up? admin approval for this pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Llir @Telanir
  9. my favourite part was when sol invicta said "im sol invicta" and invicta'd all over the abyss w-wait a minute... what is that..? what is that light in the sky..? oh.. oh my god... HOLY **** ITS ******* NITHRAKOR WITH THE STEEL CHAIR HOLY SHIT WHAT TH-
  10. i think its kind of weird to try to amend a magic to fit ur own ooc wants for ur persona and u alone, unless i am misunderstanding this amendment, but i think it makes plenty of sense if ur cursed by demon-sorcerers with demonic curse that makes u a devil i Think you Should be locked out of holy magicks
  11. Ardromiath sat beneath a tree in Tor'Praeth; armless. Leaves fell from the tree above, sticking to that bloodied stump stuffed with a rag. He sighed. A single drip, a drop, a tearlet, or what the Nephilim was capable of, streaked down his face: a brilliant orange. A student lost in the pursuit of RUIN.
  12. i got sol invicta's number btw

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      i want her

  13. NOPE. i like being a TALL dragon. and TOWERING over you PUNY elves. (7'1ft king)
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