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  1. The Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania Anno Domini 1684; the calm before the storm. The Lion of Lechistan John III of the esteemed noble house of Sobieski has held sway in the Commonwealth ever since the Sejm elected him after the death of the sickly King Michael I, under his reign the Crown Army has been reformed to become a more professional uniting counterbalancing the many militaristic threats on the Commonwealth’s border. Yet the greatest achievements in his reign are yet to come, aged 55 he now seeks to secure a legacy of House Sobieski eternal in the annals of Poland, to do away with the decadent and corrupt elective monarchy and to replace it with the hereditary system prevalent while the Jagellion dynasty, though the Monarchy would be bounded by laws of a constitution to keep his nobles happy with their loss of influence. Of course, even then, these reforms would be drastic and would take time to fully develop Sobieski’s chief concerns lie to the North and East, the Swedish lion is still strong and though they have gazed eastward Russia still remains a threat, the memory of the failed Russian invasions is still present in the minds of many Poles, some whisper that they will return. Though it is to the south he now looks personally, the mighty Ottoman turkic empire has held hegemony in the Balkan’s and Black Sea for almost two centuries now. Though their empire is experieincing cracks at the seams, such weakness the Commonwealth might exploit. Of course, while dangerous, the Turks may prove a valuable ally to counterbalance the ever expanding power of Russia, though such a match will only be possible if the Austrians agree with it. The Hapsburgs will be a strong ally to counterbalance the Swedish and their vassal Brandenburg’s power arrayed against the Commonwealth, time will tell what match may be fruitful though. For now, Sobieski seeks to secure the current borders of the Commonwealth, and to begin implementing his reforms. Beginning of Domestic Reforms His first enemy was the ‘liberum veto’ which was held by any Sejm deputy, this since 1652 allowed any Sejm deputy to nullify any votes made by the Sejm, it was extremely dangerous and risked blocking any serious reform Sobieski wished to pass. Therefore Sobieski would convene a meeting of the Sejm to discuss the matter, (and to hopefully remove the corruptive system which could easily be exploited by foreign powers.) The King’s Military Reforms Following this, John Sobieski also enacted military reforms to increase the discipline of his army with an emphasis on drills, and he began a recruitment drive to the crown army to bring it’s numbers up by 10,000 men, empathically claiming to his people these new soldiers would better protect their country from any threat upon it’s borders and counter-attack the Swedish army if they chose to bring war to the Commonwealth. Foreign Policy There were also foreign matters to be taken care of, envoys were sent to Stockholm and Moscow to foster good relations and also to establish non aggression pacts, the length of which were dependent on what the Monarch of each respective country wished. An envoy was also sent to Vienna to establish an alliance, and if that was impossible, a defensive pact to protect both countries from foreign powers. Good relations were to be fostered with Brandenburg as well. Actions: - The alliance offer with Russia is considered, however John Sobieski states to the envoy that he would only enter a war with the Ottomans if the Austrians were willing to participate against the turks as well, and even then, he does not wish to have his country bear the brunt of the Turkic assault. - John Sobieski summons the Sejm to discuss the Liberum Veto. - A recruitment drive to bolster the crown army with 10,000 men begins. - Envoys are sent to Sweden and Russia to foster good relations and to enter into a non aggression pact, the former is done with Brandenburg. Offers of alliance are sent to the Hapsburgs in Vienna, (if that fails a defensive pact.)
  2. Nation: Commonwealth Leader: John III Sobieski, the warrior King of Poland. His reign has greatly stabilised the Commonwealth and his military reforms have strengthened and modernised the army of the Commwealth. He only needs use it, Johns eye looks east to the mighty Russian Tsardom. Heir: Elected by the nobles of the Commonwealth Discord: #Applepie0144
  3. “If anyone’s in crisis it’s Oren.” Duncan mused.
  4. There was a hacker there???
  5. Can’t wait to see Fireheart delete this post and show how much he values community feedback. He locked his dumb post to redo a Warclaim that Renatus won despite the numerous injustices inflicted on them that day and in the week before that.
  6. The Kingdom of Sicily, Naples and Sardinia (Kingdom of Two Sicilies) The Sicilian War of Independance The people of southern Italy were tired of the way the Italian government had treated them, the country side remained rural and decadent while the Northern states of the nation had enjoyed high industrialization while the southern was neglected. No longer would they be subservient to Rome, it was time for those people to forge their own destiny, away from foreign wars like the Great War which had led to so many families losing sons, brothers, fathers; all for naught but a few border territories none of which benefited the people of the south. With the rise of Mussolini and his authoritarian policies, the people of Southern Italy had had enough; led by Ferninando III de Bourbone, nephew of the last King of Two Sicilies before they were conquered by the House of Savoy almost a century ago, Sicily, Naples and Sardinia shall be free! Economic Actions The economy would be mobilized for war with the Italians, the rural economy of the south would be modernized as well to combat the far more industrialised northern states of Italy. Deals would be made covertly with the infamous mafia to secure their support. (MOD) Diplomatic Actions The Sicilian government, based in Palermo, would make an appeal to the League of Nations condemning Italian aggression on the Sicilian right for Self Determination and ask for intervention; or at the very least sanctions on the nation. Military Actions The Two Sicilies national army would be mobilized for war, it would be utilized in securing key defensive areas in Italian territory to prepare for the upcoming war of attrition, once they meet Italian troops they would dig in defensively. The navy is used for defensive purposes since due to lack of numbers compared to the better equipped Italian navy any offensive measures would be simply unfeasible. Research Research would be conducted into mountain warfare to better defend the fledging state.
  7. A prince of Dorne The red viper looked over at his brother seethingly, anger crossed over his face. “While we sit here, waiting, the man who killed our sister still roams free like the beast he is. Why do we continue to wait here in Sunspear and plot, your physical health prevents you from going north, let me brother. Give me ten thousand men and I’ll march against the Lannisters and remind them that their not the only ones who pay their debts.” He argued with Doran. “We cannot risk those men, especially when they shall be used for other purposes.” The martell shook his head, glancing off into the distance from his balcony in Sunspear; the sun was setting on the horizon, it’s orange rays casting shadows on the palace. ”We have heard no word from the east, even if she does have dragons, they are mere hatchlings and of no use to us Doran. You may keep your men safe behind your mountains, I shall lead a small army of cavalry north to join with Stannis, he’s a man of justice or so I’ve heard, he will allow me to kill the bastard who raped and murdered our sister.” He counter offered. “Fine, if it is vengeance you want, you may go.” Doran relented, sighing. Oberyn stood up, a smile on his lips, he bowed to his brother and turned to go. “Even if I die, I will thrust a spear through that monsters heart.” He promised, leaving Doran alone to dwell on his thoughts. Oberyn wiped the sleep from his eyes, a ray of sun cut into his tent, his paramour Elleria Sand had just woken him up. A retainer stood at the entrance, and spoke. “Apologies my prince, a delegation of your brother has arrived.” He informed the Dornish man, who nodded. “Bring him here, I’ll get dressed.” The retainer nodded and left, Oberyn looked over at his lover. “My brother, he must have doubts, as he usually does my love.” He rolled his eyes. “He plans to bring you back to Sunspear,” She shook her head in disgust. Oberyn snorted. “I’ve made up my mind, with the Lannisters defeated and the Starks pulling out of the war. Stannis Baratheon will need all the help he can get.” Then, Areo Hotah stood in the door. “My prince, Doran has sent me here to inform you that House Martell is going to war, against the Lannisters. He requests you ride ahead to Yronwood and await the rest of the the army. Some ten thousand men shall be raised, to complement your thousand riders.” ”Yronwood, you are aware of my history with House Yronwood.” Oberyn raised his brows. “I am, but Quentyn Martell is in Yronwood. Doran has decided it is time for his heir to learn the way of war. He will serve as one of your generals, and he also asks you personally train with the boy everyday to further sharpen his combat skills and he will take counsel with you on how to lead men into battle.” Areo Hotah replied. Oberyn grinned. “Very well then, tell my brother I accept. And keep him safe Hotah, you are a leal servant of House Martell and a better fighter; there is none.” He nodded, bidding the man leave. Oberyn turned to his paramour and spoke softly. “Finally.” Quentyn Martell held his shield aloft, as Cletus Yronwood brought his curved Dornish blade upon it. On impact it rang loud. Quentyn swung his sword at Cletus in response who parried it, then- “Nephew.” His uncle Oberyn Martell’s voice rang across the courtyard. Cletus held his sword tight as he noticed the newcomer. “The viper.” He snarled, for the man was ill liked by his family after he slew the old lord Edgar, Cletus’s great grandfather. “Red, Yronwood.” Oberyn corrected him with a smirk. “It’s good to see you uncle.” Quentyn said apologetically, Yronwood was no place for his uncle, even if he were paying a visit. This was serious. “What has happened?” He asked plainly. “War,” Oberyn replied. “Soon the ravens will arrive, but I rode hard from Sunspear, I was about to march north myself with a small host but in doing such I have spurred your father into action. Dorne will join Stannis Baratheon against the Lannisters, and we will have vengeance.” ”I see.” Quentyn nodded. “And why come here specifically?” He pondered. “Because I shall lead this host, and you will be one of my generals Quentyn, it’s time you learned the way of war. I will teach you to command men in battle and also teach you the way of the spear. For the sword is a clumsy weapon, a spear is far more elegant weapon. Now, Yronwood,” He glanced over at Cletus. “Tell your Lord Father the Prince bids him strike his banners and gather his levies. The rest of the host will gather here before marching north to Kings Landing.” Cletus nodded gravely, before departing. ”I have not seen you in a while nephew, but on this campaign, we will have plenty of time to spend together. We are going to war, for Dorne remembers; Remembers what the Lannisters did to Elia Martell.”
  8. KINGDOM OF DENMARK Valdemar sat in his study, glancing over some letters. He fawned over some from the past year, Scotland had accepted an alliance and marriage pact, no word from France about the King’s imprisoned sister. Galicia wanted trade but unfortunately no alliance and Novogord had thankfully allied with them. Valdemar II drafted some legislation for the peasants of Denmark to be conscripted for a new crusading force for a second crusade against the pagans in the Baltic. (WIP going to add more)
  9. A stag in Dorne House Martell Oberyn stood upon a pier in Sunspear, his hands behind his back, accompanied by his paramour Elleria Sand. In front of him the Seaswift was slowly sailing into the harbor. Aboard was his daughter Obara, one of his many bastard daughters (nickname the ‘Sandsnakes’ due to their Dornish origin.) and a small escort party. Finally, the ship arrived at it’s destination, and the ropes were fastened to the pier. Off stepped Myrcella Baratheon and her Kingsguard protector Ser Arys Oakheart. Then came his own daughter, the princess and her party approached Oberyn. “Your Highness.” Oberyn dipped his head respectfully to the girl. “Welcome to Dorne, my name is Oberyn Martell, brother of Doran Martell. This is my paramour, Elleria.” He looked over at his paramour with a small smirk, then back at the girl. “You will be provided suitable chambers within the palace, but first my brother would like to speak to you, if you would like to follow me.” He finished. “Thank you my lord, it is a pleasure to be in Dorne.” She replied, though slightly nervously. The group departed, heading towards the palace. They were admitted by the guards outside the doors for an audience with Doran Martell, once inside they approached the man. Doran had grown old, counting his forty ninth year, and he was crippled; suffering from a gout in the legs. Such disability severely harmed his mobility, but his strength was never physical, his strength was always in the mind. For while Oberyn often solved his problems with the point of his spear, Doran applied logic and swift calculation to overcome his own. His children stood by his side, his beautiful daughter the Princess Arianne and his two sons the noticeably less handsome Prince Quentyn and Prince Trystane; Myrcella’s betrothed. Finally the man spoke. “Welcome to Sunspear your Highness, I hope you will enjoy it here, it is noticeably less stressful than Kings Landing. Together, Baratheon and Martell, we can bring further stability to the Seven Kingdoms.” His son Trystane gave a small smile to the girl, who blushed under his gaze. “Now, my esteemed guests you shall be shown to your apartments, I will see you at dinner.” He concluded, before clapping his hands; servants came forth and ushered the newcomers to their chambers. Doran’s children each nodded to their father, and left. Doran slowly maneuvered himself into his wheel chair, a servant came forth and began to push him towards his own private chambers. Oberyn moved in next to his brother, and walked with him. “So, do you still really think marrying the grand-daughter of the man who had our sister killed to your son, my nephew, is a good idea?” He asked his brother plainly, his face a mask. “It is, the Lannisters are the most powerful house in the Seven Kingdoms, arguably, with both the crown and the gold mines of Casterly Rock under their control; they boast considerable power. And what happened with our sister is not far from my mind, but this was Tyrion Lannister’s proposal not his fathers. Besides, it is not a small mercy to get her out of the capital, with Stannis Baratheon marching north?” Doran replied. “Tyrion Lannister is his father’s son, and noticeably more so than his brother. Besides... with what Stannis Baratheon claims about Myrcella and his siblings, what are we wasting our time on?” He remained his brother. “A sweet innocent girl, brother, but Stannis has no proof. I will hear no more of this, your continued argument tires me Oberyn.” He sighed, approaching his own chambers. “I will see you at Dinner.” He nodded, before his servant opened the doors and Doran disappeared. Oberyn grumbled slightly, and left his brother there to find his paramour. Some weeks later, Doran looked grave, he had just heard news of Stannis’s victory at Kings Landing. Myrcella’s mother was dead, and there was no news of her brothers or uncle. It seemed his gamble had failed, the Lannister’s had failed. “Oberyn.” He spoke to his brother heavily. “Myrcella, we must tell her what happened, and the betrothal will have to be with-held.” He sighed, before putting away the letter. He then turned his attention to another, one from Stannis himself, asking Dorne to bend the knee. Yet, what did the man promise, nothing, at the moment. Doran would draft a new letter, which would be sent in secret in reply to the new King. ACTIONS Myrcella Baratheon arrives in Kings Landing, only to have her betrothal cancelled a few weeks later with the Lannister loss of Kings Landing. Letter sent to Stannis in response. Troops begin to muster.
  10. The Boy King The Crownlands ((Art by Magali Villeneuve)) Joffrey Baratheon, the First of His Name sat on the Iron Throne, lazing about. Today was a particularly boring day for the Boy-King, and tormenting his beloved, stupid, naive betrothed Sansa was no longer possible lest he suffer another one of his uncle Tyrions scoldings in front of court, this angered him of course. He was annoyed as well, his mother had denied him the right to lead his own troops south to smash his traitor uncles Stannis and Renly, though it seemed they would do it themselves. The idiots had decided to fight eachother, good, let them both die. Just then, one of his stewards approached, one of his mother’s creatures Joffrey supposed; or the spiders, or Littlefingers or perhaps even his waddling monstrous dwarvish uncle Tyrion. “Your Grace, the pretender Renly Baratheon is dead. Slain at Storms End, St-” He informed his King with a small bow but Joffrey started to giggle, interrupting him, then he laughed. “So, all his traitorous supporters are dead as well?” He asked with a sneer. “No, your Grace, only Renly died. We’ve heard he was either killed by one of his own Knights, by an unknown assassin or by magic. The Stormlords flock to his banner, and a few houses from the Reach as well.” He finished. Joffrey flustered with anger, only Renly dead!? His damned Uncle, had somehow gained an army? “Begone.” He waved his hand to the steward, who bowed once move and scuttled out of sight. Joffrey scanned the crowd for Sansa, who winced under his royal gaze. “Ser Meryn, bring her to me.” He commanded his Kingsguard, who did as he was told and grabbed ahold of Joffrey’s bride to be; dragging her before him, he could not beat her in line with what Tyrion had done to him when he tried to do it before. “Lady Sansa, my uncle Renly has been killed at Storms End and half his host has gone over to my other no less irritating uncle Stannis. Does this news gladden you? Happy that the ironwilled stubborn Stannis is coming to rescue you?” He snarled, hiding his anger to torment this mewling little girl. “Your grace, no. I am to be your future wife,” She showed clear contempt in the word ‘wife’, Joffrey furrowed his brows, “Stannis would execute me for that, I am loyal to you, my one true love.” She did a curtsy, Joffrey smiled at this, for all her lack of wits; she knew how to please him. “Very well then, you are excused,” He waved her away. Joffrey then summoned a meeting of the small counsel, to discuss what to do with the recent events. When they arrived, and his uncle Tyrion last (having arrived irritatingly fashionably late) Joffrey announced his intentions. “My leal privy counsillers, I plan to ride south and smash my uncle Stannis with the city Watch.” He gave a grin, but was immediately met with a flurry of protests. “Your grace,” Began Varys in his usual drawl. “That would be most unwise, Stannis has the larger army and with our own people prone to rioting over food shortages in Kings Landing it is necessary our troops remain here to keep the peace.” The Boy-King looked sullen at his defeat, ŧhen he nodded stiffly at Vary’s proposal. His mother then chimed in. “My love, we cannot face Stannis on the open field. Let him come to us, siege preparations are being made. We must first secure the people of the city to our cause, send out propaganda stating that Stannis is a heathen who wants to burn down the sept of Baelor, we must continue to spin the story that he was cuckolded by a jester and the city watches numbers will be increased by a sizable amount.” She looked over at Tyrion, who had the Lord Commander of the Watch in his pocket, the dwarf nodded at her proposal, then he spoke. “In regard to Renly’s former supporters from the reach; most notably the Tyrells. We could very well use their support, they’d have no love for Stannis considering Renly’s dubious murder and how Stannis profited so much from it, especially considering how ‘affectionate’ Loras Tyrell was towards Renly.” He suggested, adding his last comment with a smile. Renly and Loras’s relationship was perhaps the worst kept secret in court, everyone knew they buggered eachother. Joffrey shook his head. “The Tyrells are traitors, they will be executed for their treason.” He stated his intentions clearly. “Joffrey, my dear, I counsel patience.” His mother interrupted. “True, they sided with Renly, but now Renly is dead. We must put that grevious offence aside and approach it in the future. The Tyrells have many swords in their service, swords which could be used against Stannis.” She reminded him, Joffrey consented with a nod. “Excellent.” Tyrion broke in, glancing at his sister who had actually supported him for once. “We must best send a privy counciller to treat with Mace Tyrell at Bitterbridge.” “Perhaps you should go brother, you are the King’s hand after all. You speak with his voice.” Cersei reminded him with a false smile. “Such a delightful proposal, however, as you said. I am the King’s Hand, what use is the King's hand if he is not by the King’s side. I will remain here, in the capital. Lord Baelish I suggest you should go.” He looked over at Littlefinger. “You honour me, my lord,” Littlefinger gave a curt nod. “That’s settled then, you shall have a small escort Littlefinger, Now, does anyone else have anything to discuss?” He looked around the room, nothing. “Good, we are adjourned.” He stood up, and waddled out the room. Joffrey watched him go darkly. Actions The City Watch numbers are increased greatly, with a massive recruitment drive. Propaganda is spread around the city defaming Stannis. Lord Baelish is sent south to treat with Mace Tyrell at Bitterbridge. Catupults, scorpions and trebuchets are to be constructed by the city workshops. Her Grace the Queen Regent secretly commissions wildfire from the Alchemists Guild.
  11. Application House Name: House Baratheon Holdings: The Crownlands, King’s Landing. Lord: Joffrey Baratheon the first of his name, King of the Seven Kingdoms. Who they bend the knee to?: Joffrey Baratheon. Religion: The Faith of the Seven Brief History: Joffrey’s father Robert rebelled against the Mad King Aerys Targaryen in a culmination of events; first his son Rhaegar had kidnapped and presumably later raped his betrothed Lyanna Stark. Then after this horrendous act, Robert’s best friend Eddard Starks brother Brandon Stark rode to King’s Landing demanding his sister back. But the Mad King imprisoned him, then Eddard’s own father Rickard Stark rode south to get his son released and had an audience with the Mad King demanding trial by combat for his sons release. But the King, ever cruel, insisted that fire was his champion. As a result Rickard Stark was burned to death in his own armour, his son strangled himself to death trying to rescue him. After this hideous act the Mad King declared Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon traitors and demanded their foster father Jon Arryn hand them over. He did not, and struck his banners in open rebellion against the mad King. Robert soon moved south to the Stormlands while Eddard Stark called his banners from the North. What conflict ensued was known as Robert’s rebellion which finally culminated at the Battle of the Trident and the subsequent sack of King’s Landing by Tywin Lannister late to the war after the Mad-King foolishly believed Tywin was coming to his aid and opened the gates to his old friend. Because of this act, Robert married Tywin’s daughter Cersei Lannister who was counted among the most beautiful women of Westeros at that time. Together they had three children; Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen, all sporting the golden Lannister hair and green eyes. Enemies of the true heir Joffrey were not qudck to pounce on this feature, most notably Stannis Baratheon and Eddard Stark. The former attempted a coup against Joffrey which ultimately failed when Janos Slynt Commandero of the City Watch came to the defense of his rightful King (of course, after some hefty bribes from Littlefinger) and cut down Lord Starks men. The traitor lord was imprisoned until Joffrey had him dragged out to the sept of Baelor to hail him as the true King. Forced to do so, since his daughter Sansa was held as a hostage by the Lannisters. To the horror of his mother Cersei, Sansa his betrothed wife and Varys the spider; Joffrey had the traitor executed. But because of Eddard Starks imprisonment and subsequent execution, Robb Stark has called his banners and marched south, winning victory after victory over the Lannisters. Soon after this act, Joffrey’s uncle Tyrion Lannister arrived in the capital to serve as temporary King’s Hand until his father was finished with the war in the North. Yet these were not the only threats, to the south and east new threats appeared; Joffreys powerhungry uncles the heathen Stannis and flamboyant Renly have both declared themselves the King’s of the Seven Kingdoms. While Stannis’s claim was far superior to his younger brothers, Renly enjoyed the support of both the Reach and the Stormlands. To Cersei and Tyrions delight, the pair chose to fight eachother rather than work together. Old feuds ran deep between the pair, Stannis had always loathed his younger brother especially after he had been scorned over Storms End instead being seemingly banished to Dragonstone. Renly had got the Stormlands while Stannis secured some rocks in the narrow sea. But there would be no battle, Renly was slain. Some say he was killed by a shadow, others claim the wench knight Brienne of Tarth did it. But none could argue, Stannis came out the victor. While the Tyrells refused to support him, the Stormlanders flocked to his banners as did a few houses of the Reach. King’s landing itself is threatened by the usurper Stannis, and siege preperations are being made. But Stannis will fail and perish, as will all other foes of Joffrey Baratheon. Discord: Applepie#0144
  12. Application House Name: Baratheon Holdings: Stormlands and the Narrow Sea. Lord: Stannis Baratheon I Who do they bend the knee to?: The One True King; Stannis Baratheon Religion: R’hllor Brief History (1-2 Paragraphs): Stannis Baratheon had held Storms End for almost two years during his brother’s rebellion against the crown, his men saved from starvation only by the miraculous arrival of the smuggler Davos Seaworth. (Whom he would later dub Ser Davos and as the just man he was, take three of his fingers for Davos’s past crimes.) However, now King of Westeros, Robert did not appreciate his brother’s actions and sent him to rule as Lord of Dragonstone while his younger brother Renly got Storms End. Stannis has treated this a slight ever since. In the recent years, Stannis uncovered the dark truth about Robert’s children with the help of the King’s hand Jon Arryn, that they were not infact Robert’s children but incestrous abominations fathered by none other than the Queen’s brother Ser Jaime Lannister ‘the Kingslayer’. Jonos Arryn was mysteriously killed, and Stannis fled the city where he had been serving as Master of the Ships. On Dragonstone, the middle brother broods. Until news reached him that the new King’s hand Eddard Stark had been imprisoned by the King’s bastard son Joffrey whom had declared himself King of Westeros. And soon, Eddard Stark himself was executed. Stannis struck his banners and declared himself King denouncing Joffrey and his siblings as abominations born of Incest between his mother and uncle. But it would not be easy, for his younger brother Renly who had scorned him from gaining Storms End in the first place had declared himself King. Surely not out of any factual evidence but sinply a desire for power. He had even secured the power of the Reach, and began a slow march north to Kings Landing. In response to this, Stannis besieged Storms End and Renly marched back. Despite his obvious lack of soldiers compared to Renlys giganric force; Stannis refused to hack down. And after brief uncusseful negoations each man left to rest for the upcoming battle. Yet it never came, for Renly was soon dead, likely slain by the wench Knight Brienne of Tarth. Stannis secured many of Renlys supporters and besieges Storms End. Discord: Applepie#0144
  13. Culture: Anglo-Saxon Religion: Christianity County Name: Wessex Brief History: The Kingdom of Wessexs has existed for a few hundred years, and a few years ago it’s existance was threatened by the rise of the Kingdom of Guthrum. The crafty Danish King had been losing the war against Wessex until he employed a master stroke; he bribed the noble men of Wessex to remain quiet when he attacked the capital of Winchester while the people of Wessex celebrated their christian festivities. This plan worked and he caught the city off guard, capturing it easily as well as Alfred the King of Wessex himself who had failed to escape. Guthrum executed him and declared himself King of Wessex. He held this position for a few years until Alfred’s son Edward seeking vengeance rose up in revolt and defeated and killed Guthrum and his supporters on the field at the Battle of Winchester. The Kingdom has been deeply troubled yet this young King is ambitious and seeks to conque r the remnants of Guthrums former Kingdom. Ruler Family: N/A -Crown Ruler Edward the Elder -Crown Consort Ecgwynn -Crown Prince/ess Aethelstan -Prince/ess Several Possible Internal Rivals (Please name 3) 1.) The Barons of Wessex, while many of the wealthy lords who had betrayed his father who had been slain by the Danish King Guthrum were defeated at the Battle of Winchester by the young Edward along with their new King, then subsequently executed. Many powerful lords still remain and this is still a grave issue threatening the young King’s position as King of Wessex. 2.) Edward’s cousin, Aethelwold the son of Alfred’s brother. 3.) The Church, the Church may not always agree with Edward’s policies. Though their support in these matters is paramount, Edward must find some way to secure their support.
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