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  1. UnusualBrit


    “He is deh great Aemich ‘Monobrow’ Grandaxe, emperor of Omithiel.” Dwifur Goldhand retorted back.
  2. UnusualBrit

    The Ways of Old

    “Pretenders? Are ye focken joken? Azkel is teh one t’at fills tuh ranks of his ‘elder’clan with elves and focken khas.” Dwifur snapped back.
  3. UnusualBrit

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    “Good luck t’ough ye aven exactleh made ter location of ye kingdom known teh dwarves, ow can et beh open ter dwarves?” Dwifur comments on the deceleration.
  4. UnusualBrit

    The Ways of Old

    “And who the **** are you?” Dwifur raised a brow.
  5. UnusualBrit

    The Ways of Old

    “Dwed meaning Azkel; his daughter, an elf and a kha?” Dwifur scratched his head.
  6. UnusualBrit

    The Ways of Old

    “**** you Azkel ye served as High Remebrancer teh Verthaik Frostbeard ye bloodeh opportunist.” Dwifur Goldhand ranted at the missive.
  7. UnusualBrit

    Questions On The Landscar That Was Curon

    Vege owned Curon?
  8. UnusualBrit

    In with the New

    He’s given up his pex
  9. Daily reminder dominion will soon fall

  10. UnusualBrit

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Instead of letting marimba take all the slack just because he’s a steamer how about you step up and start making some changes.
  11. UnusualBrit


    Being a high elf Oren guard
  12. UnusualBrit

    GM Team Q&A

    Probably an important question, why are the gms two faced **** talkers who pretend to offer support to players (generally wasting their time) just to laugh about them behind their backs in the safety of their GM discord. Im not saying all gms do it, but it happens.
  13. 2) Bro Imattyz hurt their feelings , the pedofile did nothing to them. Status Quo!
  14. Rheged I appreciate u trying to calm people down but their too riled up, just ban this waste of human life. Maybe get the authorities to lock her up for the rest of her miserable life.