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  1. UnusualBrit

    Message to Elvenkind - Have you seen my waifu?

    White knight zzz
  2. UnusualBrit

    [Trial][W] Caranthir_'s Game Moderator Application

    Very top lad +1
  3. Dwifur Goldhand fumes from Dungrimms halls at his killers pardon.
  4. UnusualBrit


    A little boy squints as the imperial legionaires drag away the political enemies of their masters.
  5. UnusualBrit

    The Struggles of Moderation

    Lol doxing someone and their family over a block game.
  6. UnusualBrit

    The New High King

    Dwifur Goldhand smiles from Dungrimms halls as his great grandfather ascends to the throne.
  7. UnusualBrit

    Announcing High King Candidates

    "I think your confused lad, Irongrinders are an an outlawed clan by decree of the former High Queen Koralon Onyxheart, only clans that seek to benefit the greater dwarven identity are allowed to run unlike the irongrinders who sit on their ass all day." An Ulrah grunt responded to Angelo.
  8. UnusualBrit


    Don't bring it back as it was, but bring back the crafting system which was very nice.
  9. UnusualBrit

    Death of a Prince

    Dion de Savin welcomed his brothers son to the seven skies with a gaunt nod.
  10. UnusualBrit

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum

    Discord Name; Nation of Choice (and why?); Osterrreich, because I’m interested in what the Austrian Empire could have been with Franz Ferdinands idea’s for a United States of Greater Austria. Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); During the last century the Austrian Empire severely waned in power. From their defeats by Napoleon and later their subsequent loss of control in Germany they had maintained for more than five hundred years, then with subsequent their alliance with the Germans state that had kicked them out; Prussia. The Osterreich seems more like a German puppet state than an actual great power, kept from falling apart to the many ethnic groups inside the empire by a thin thread. The future looks grave, unless Franz can enact his reich reforms and Russian influence over the Balkan’s is ended. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Dual Parlimentarially Constituonal Monarchy. Kaiser; Franz Joseph I Prime Minister of Austria, Karl von Sturgkh, German National Association Prime Minister of Hungary; Lazlo Lukas, Hungarian National Party of Work Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; No Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me);  WIP Did you read all the information?;  Yes Suggestions or feedback?; None
  11. UnusualBrit

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum

    Reserved for the United Kingdom
  12. UnusualBrit

    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Spanish Yucatan Sovereign: Phillip III Leader: Hernan Cortez III Capital: New Toledo Population: 2000 AP per Turn: 13 Spring, 1601 The Captain of the Spaniard colonists, Lord Hernan Cortez III stepped off his small row boat onto the beach. He turned to the rest of his personal guard, "This will be the birthplace of a new land for our people, Soon all of the new world will be under Spanish control! Signal the ships, we need to erect a temporary camp before nightfall. After today, the work will begin on a new town. I shall name it... new Toledo. Now hurry!" He clicked his fingers, surveying the area. From this fragile beach haven, the jungle took root; guarding and watching. He would need to send scouts out to survey the area, some would return but he knew the jungle would be dangerous, some... might never return. The risks his people would take to achieve dominance in their rightful land. He stood, and watched grimly as the row boats began to dis-embark from his small fleet. Spain would be borne anew in this foreign country. Summer, 1601 From his Governers palace, Cortez gazed over the busy settlement of New Toledo, they had received news that a sister colony had been established in the Caribbean. Trade would be set up between the two, but not yet, there was much work to be done. The Spanish Explorer had ordered work on a port, a market and wooden walls to better defend his people. Yet there was still the issue of food supply, that could be remedied once he established full contact with the fellow Spanish colony, of course. He had sent colonists out into the unknown a month ago, there had been news, success. Metals had begun to flow back into the capital of this new Colony, which would prove beneficial to Spanish Military ambitions in the area. Yet first he needed to better secure his position in this new world... Actions Base 200 AP A market is constructed (60 AP) A port is constructed (50 AP) Wooden walls are constructed (20 AP) 1 militia unit is raised (1 AP) 3 frontiersmen are raised (9 AP) 2 light cannons are constructed using the metals (8 AP) 5 colonists are recruited (20 AP) The fleet: 1 schooner (2 AP) 2 corvettes (6 AP) 1 frigate (4 AP) Current Actions (13 AP) Investment into farms (13/40 AP)
  13. UnusualBrit

    A Brave New World

    Colony Name: Spanish Yucatan Nation of Origin: Spain Religion (Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox): Catholic Colony History: Founded by Spanish colonists commissioned by the crown to exploit the vast riches of the new world and begin building a vast Colonial Spanish Empire in the new world Although this colony is currently small, armed with gunpowder and cannons the colonists will soon bring Central America under their grasp. Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Initial 200 AP investments: Port (50AP) Market (60AP) Wooden Walls (20AP) 3 Frontiersmen (9AP) 1 Militia (1AP) 2 Corvettes (6AP) 1 Frigate (4AP) 2 Light Cannons (8AP) 1 Schooner (2AP) 5 Colonists (20AP) Unique Military Unit: Spanish Galleon (Great Galleon, 25 AP) Discord: You have it Suggestions: Add native countries as npcs!
  14. UnusualBrit

    The Festival of Kaz'Urlah

    The master of coin sends a bird to Jakhatir.
  15. UnusualBrit

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    RES PUBLICA ROMANA The Battle of Brundisium ended the only way something of that calibre could - a slaughter. Greek slew Greek, and cousin slew cousin. The Byzantines had killed them all. No survivors remained. The Republic had been committed to defending its borders, to prevent foreign incursions. It did not hate the Greeks, no malice could be found between the two closely linked people’s. Only silence fell as the news of the butchery arrived in the Senate. No words were spoken, nothing needed to be said. Regardless of petty alliances and grievances, these events shook the Republic to the very core. At last, the Consul spoke, his voice shattering the silence like glass. “They will pay now. They will pay with their blood. They will watch as their cities burn to the ground. Rome does not forget, and Rome does not forgive. ...The Byzantines and the Venetians fight for greed. They fight for power. The Basileus would ally betray his own kin for wealth, and see his land destroyed out of his own blindness.” he looked to them all, into the eyes of each and every Senator. His grey eyes cast upon them without empathy. From the back benches a figure stood, he was old and feeble. His face portrayed one who had seen a great deal, lived a great lot, seen many a tragedy. He pointed a boney finger at the Consul. “I move that Manius Lucceius Trenico be made emergency Dictator of Rome, and granted absolute power until this crisis is over.” The Censor hit his staff to the marbled floor. “All those in favour..?” The Consul Quintus remained silent, before giving his support with a flick of his hand. They began to rise, Senator by Senator - until the hall was filled with standing men... “...The vote is carried.. Unanimously.” he declared, bashing his rod once more to the floor. The Senators began to clap, chanting quietly, “Roma Invicta.. Roma Invicta… Roma Invicta...” The voices became louder, and feet began pounding upon the surface of the hall. “Roma Invicta... Roma Invicta...” “ROMA INVICTA.” Silence shook the Senate-Hall, then finally the new Dictator spoke. “It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling… I love Democracy, I love the Republic!” To that many Senators clapped. “The power you give me, I will lay down when this war has ended. And as my first act with this new Authority, is to re-establish the grand legions of our past, and their support units. These new soldiers are to drafted exclusively from the Craftsmen of Rome, and are to be drilled for discipline.” SUMMARY AP: 18 Two Legions are mobilised. (12 AP) Two Auxiliary companies are mustered. (6 AP) (18 AP)