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  1. I’m starting to understand why the milkman was so feared

  2. Hey bro don’t let it go to ur head


  4. He is the Messiah!

    1. PLFilkomPL


      i am the messiah!

  5. Kaz Ulrah once again web da ZKAH
  6. Signatory of Region: Gotrek UnionUser: UnusualBritPersona name: NarviPersona ID: #83991
  7. Far away, if he ever received news of the Greybeards passing. Aghal Frostbeard would recall meeting Zahrer Irongrinder, noting he hadn’t seemed all that bad.
  8. Thalgrim could only wish he had voted for Tunnelsmasher, alas he was dead. ((TUNNELSWEEP))
  9. Thalgrim Eivorsson cried out for his uncle before he too, perished.
  10. A GOLDEN MASSACRE Tales of conspiracy abound in the Goldhand Clan Hall, as Thalgrim Goldhand sat in his chair. When all had gathered, a sudden challenge for leadership rang out to his left from the lips of his cousin, Torsun. The younger dwarf looked at him shocked, but asked what the challenge would entail. With a look of malice, the betrayer answered that it would be his death and struck. Taken offguard, Thalgrim fell to the floor as he was wounded by the mechanical Dwed. He scrambled back, attempting to escape his impending doom as Goimbar, Conan and Barundin rushed in defense of their kinsman. “Why.” Was all he asked, in a weak and feeble voice, the betrayal incomprehensible to the Eivorsson. But to no avail, a blasting potion thrown by the betrayer ended the plight of the Clan Lord who collapsed from his injuries. His uncle Conan fell by his side, succumbing to his own injuries inflicted by a second assailant, a mechanical demon. Barundin was struck unconscious by him, while Goimbar was taken captive. Striding over to the corpse of his kinsman, Torsun ripped it in half and departed, after looting Thalgrims body of its valuables. Thalgrim Eivorsson Goldhand was dead, struck down by betrayal from within, joining his uncle Conan Goldhand murdered mere moments before.
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