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  1. “‘The village’ would be better than this.” Alfie declared with a grumble, chuffed that Greenhill had in the end; not been collectively agreed upon as the villages name.
  2. [!] A piece of paper would be pinned to the notice-board in the Halfling village Slander! The year 638, Halfling Reckoning As I went out for a stroll in the village, I came upon the following; slanderous message upon one of the trees. [!] Below would be the words 'Little tyrant is WATCHING YOU', a roughly sketched picture of the caricature of Alfie Greenholm accompanying them. Naturally, I was quite disgusted by the false attacks on my character, clearly in response to my raising of the villages wee-folk into a militia. I found them particularly apt considering that they do not apply to me in regards to the title of 'tyrant', instead I would say that I find the moniker of 'thug' more fitting for any attempts to slander myself. Nonetheless, I was more so disgusted by the vandalization of one of the villages trees to display this message, all for their malicious intent. Any criticism, I accept, as long as it is made constructively. But in this case, it was not. I encourage all to voice concerns regarding the militia to me, but I ask that they do so personally, and not in a way that harms the environment. I denounce the munchkin who performed this heinous act, and call upon the people of the village to do so as well. Yours, Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm [!]The paper was accompanied by the signature of the Greenholm patriarch.
  3. [!] A flier would hang on the noticeboard in the Halfling village. The NWA The year 637, Halfling Reckoning With the recent attacks on some residents of the village, I Alfie Greenholm have stepped up and decided to form a Halfling Militia to defend our people against the rascals that seek to disrupt our peaceful way of life. Therefore; I ask you, to join the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance today, and aid in protecting our fair village. Current Roster: Head Bounder Mr Alfie Greenholm Bounder Mr Callum Fiddleberry Bounder Mr Ham Tilldbroom Bounder Mr Filibert Applefoot Bounder Mr Bungo Barrelberry Bounder Mr Acron Flint Bounder Mr Archie Greenholm Bounder Mr Wilburt Woodstock Bounder Mrs Eve Veterfoot Assistant to the Head-Bounder Master August Greenholm Information on the NWA Head Bounder The Head Bounder is the leader of the NWA, and has duties of organising, raising and leading the militia. Bounder A bounder is an ordinary member of the NWA, and has duties of patrolling the borders of the village and ensuring outsiders behave themselves. In times of hostile invasion they will be called upon by the Head-Bounder to protect the village. Requirements to join You must be a wee-folk You must be of sound body and mind You must be at least thirty three years of age Signed, Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm [!] Alfie Greenholms signature would be at the bottom of the page, signed in green ink. Additionally, there was space below on the paper for those who wished to join, to write their names and sign up. The seal of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance was also below. ((OOC Note: Feel free to post below that your character has written down their name on the paper))
  4. UnusualBrit

    DNN #25

    "Now we just need a Goldhand Grand King." Gildroc commented on the issue of DNN after he had learnt about Ulfric's victory.
  5. Alfie Greenholm makes sure to send a letter of congratulations to Callum for the birth of his children.
  6. Resume Name: Gildroc Goldhand Race: Mountain Dwarf Age: 95 ((OOC)) MC Name: UnusualBrit Discord Tag: UnusualBrit#0144 Timezone: GMT
  7. ~Format~ IGN: UnusualBrit RP NAME: GIldroc Goldhand CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  8. The Second Greenholm Dinner Party Of the year; 600. [!] Once again (to those concerned), while inspecting your mailbox you come across a envelope stamped with the seal of the Greenholms, inside is the following letter written in fine letters. In celebration of the new century that dawns upon the Halflings of Brambleburry. I Alfie Greenholm, patriarch of the Greenholm family, extend an invitation to you my dear Halfling friend to another one of my little gatherings. Come to the Greenholm Burrow, two cherry road, on the 2nd of the Grand Harvest the year 600 Halfling Reckoning. As before, bring starters and pudding! I hope to see you there, and I promise a night full of merrymaking and fun. P.S, as a reminder, just bring another person (as the maximum of an additional guest), either a partner or close family member; no extended family to avoid clogging my burrow! Invitees Iris Peregrin Perry Overhill Theodore & Bassett Mowood Meemaw Applebottom OOC The event will be held at 2 EST, the 19th of December 2020.
  9. “And you, Cyris, are insane.” Alfie remarked with disgust.
  10. "This doesn't surprise me." Alfie commented to his wife Dandelion. "Considering the rascal that Monkey Peregrin is, why not add the moniker of blasphemer."
  11. Gift Slip Username: UnusualBrit/UsualBrit Name: Alfie Greenholm
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