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  1. Resume Name: Gildroc Goldhand Race: Mountain Dwarf Age: 95 ((OOC)) MC Name: UnusualBrit Discord Tag: UnusualBrit#0144 Timezone: GMT
  2. ~Format~ IGN: UnusualBrit RP NAME: GIldroc Goldhand CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  3. The Second Greenholm Dinner Party Of the year; 600. [!] Once again (to those concerned), while inspecting your mailbox you come across a envelope stamped with the seal of the Greenholms, inside is the following letter written in fine letters. In celebration of the new century that dawns upon the Halflings of Brambleburry. I Alfie Greenholm, patriarch of the Greenholm family, extend an invitation to you my dear Halfling friend to another one of my little gatherings. Come to the Greenholm Burrow, two cherry road, on the 2nd of the Grand Harvest the year 600 Halfling
  4. “And you, Cyris, are insane.” Alfie remarked with disgust.
  5. "This doesn't surprise me." Alfie commented to his wife Dandelion. "Considering the rascal that Monkey Peregrin is, why not add the moniker of blasphemer."
  6. Gift Slip Username: UnusualBrit/UsualBrit Name: Alfie Greenholm
  7. Hi I used to forum rp but for the last two years forum rps are always the same stale old sci fi/modern rps which aren’t really my shtick, I don’t know what your offering tho.
  8. Out of Character Username: UnusualBrit Discord: UnusualBrit#0144 In Character Full Name: Alfie Greenholm Race: Halfling Age: 64 Job / Occupation: Woodworker
  9. Hi what’s your discord I may have an idea!
  10. Alfie Greenholm read the newspaper with interest, quite pleased at the glowing description he had recieved.
  11. "I must say I'm disappointed in the result, but I give congratulations to Meemaw." Alfie declared solemnly.
  12. The Greenholm Dinner Party [!] Upon inspecting your mailbox one morning on the First Seed, year 598 Halfling Reckoning in Brambleburry, you might discover a letter marked with the seal of the Greenholm family, enclosed inside is an invitation to a dinner party. Dear 'so and so' I Alfie Greenholm patriarch of the Greenholm Family, formally invite you to a dinner party at Greenholm burrow on the 5th of Grand Harvest, the 598, Halfling reckoning. Bring drinks, starters and pudding if you can. I hope to see you there! Invitees Iris Peregrin Greta Good
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