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  1. “I’m not sure you can talk about people being pains.” Alfie shook his head to Sean.
  2. “I’m sorry, didn’t you try to eat corpses!?” Alfie snorted.
  3. Alfie Greenholm bristled about Taurins declaration to his wife inside his burrow, stating. “How absurd, I myself have been a target of slander by Filiberts news, yet I still believe that gossip should exist in this village or else wheres the fun gone?”
  4. “He’s right you know.” Alfie comments to his wife while reading the paper in bed.
  5. “This is why we wee folk stay out of this sort of nonsense.” Alfie declared to his wife inside their burrow while he relaxed in his smoking room.
  6. “This is why we fight this war.” Gildroc Goldhand announced to his fellow Goldhands gathered. “Not for honour or glory, but our rights as merchants! To war!”
  7. “Narvok oz Urguan.” Gildroc Goldhand cheered.
  8. “Another century, another coalition.” Gildroc Goldhand chuckled, inside the city of Kal’Evraal.
  9. “Is it possible to advertise being a stud?” Alfie asked curiously.
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