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  1. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    T H E G R A N D D U C H Y O F C H E Y D I N H A L The war against Oreleth had gone surprisingly well; the Cheydinhal legions had swept across their enemies land with swiftness and had not encountered any significant resistance bar the garrison of Harlun’s Watch which had been bribed to surrender, after two weeks the legions had converged on the capital of Oreleth itself. The two armies had converged outside and had settled in for a long siege. The easiness of the assault was disconcerting to the Legates, who were convinced that the Dunmer were preparing for a counter offensive, however the Duke dismissed this as Dunmer cowardice. Still, the Legions would be prepared. Their objective now, was to capture Kragenmoor. To aid with this, further siege engines were constructed and escorted by small Light Cavalry battalions pulled off the First Legion. However, from now on the Duke would look to his economy. To begin with, the small dock’s of Cheydinhal were expanded into dock-yards to increase the flow of trade and septims into the city. Construction on the fort in the south was further continued, especially with news of an Argonian state rising in the south defense was paramount. The Khajit travelers to the city were shown to the Duke and he accepted their offer of a Merchants guild in Cheydinhal to accompany his new docks. Messengers would be sent to Leyawiin with a proposal. With victory against Oreleth at the end of the year, the second Legion would march south to fortify the southern fort while the first Legion entered Cheydinhal to much celebration from it’s citizentry. Gnaeus’s war had been a success and he spent the rest of the year doing the ‘bam-bam’ with his wife to produce an heir. Messengers would be sent to the court of the King of Argonia. S T A T I S T I C S Standing Army: The First Legion (Legate Whitodus) (Encamped outside the city of Kragenmoor, laying siege to it) 6,000 Light Infantry 4,000 Archers 2,500 Heavy Infantry 1,000 Light Cavalry 500 Heavy Cavalry Total: 14,000 2 Trebuchets 1 Battering Ram The Second Legion (Legate Moslenagus) (Encamped upon the South Eastern road from Kragenmoor, fortifying the mountain passes) 6,000 Light Infantry 4,000 Archers 2,500 Heavy Infantry 1,000 Light Cavalry 500 Heavy Cavalry Total: 14,000 Leader: Gnaeus Secario (27) GDP: 10,000 Base, 6,000 from Taxes, 3,000 from Trade. S U M M A R Y 2 Trebuchets (5,000) Further investment into the docks near Cropsford. (9,500+500 Investment from Earlier turns) Khajit Merchants Guild is constructed. Construction on fort continues (2,000) 25 Imperial Battlemages (2,500) Reintegration of the former Oreleth provinces (0/2) Gnaeus does the Bam-Bam with his wife (MOD) Messengers sent to the court of the King of Argonia (MOD) TOTAL 19,000/19,000 USED.
  2. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    T H E G R A N D D U C H Y O F C H E Y D I N H A L While their Nibenese neighbors to the south began to move against the Argonians, Cheydinhal would do the same against the Dunmer to their east. The Kingdom of Oreleth was turned elsewhere, the last thing they’d expect was action against them by the Grand Duchy, their foolishness would be punished with impunity, the Duke vowed. Though their blow would not come yet, it was early winter and the Duke planned to launch his assault in the Summer. For now, he had other; diplomatic matters to attend to. The offer of marriage from Bruma was accepted, and the Duke travelled to wed his wife in a lavish wedding with much splendor, he would remain north at the city Bruma for most of the spring. In May he returned to Cheydinhal with his wife, and began to put his plans into motion. The defensive pact the Imperial City offered on contrary to the alliance was accepted, he didn’t really require their help, just as long as they allowed Brumese troops free movement through their land. While he was away in Bruma messages had been sent to the Kingdom of Deshlaan offering them a few of Oreleth’s Morrowind territories if they aided the duke. In June, the time for war had come. Out of Cheydinhal the first legion marched, to cheers from the crowds gathered to see their soldiers reclaim land stolen centuries ago. They moved swiftly, arriving at the neighboring town of Harluns Watch within days. Siege engines were set up outside the town, and readied. Messengers were sent to the Dunmer occupied settlement, declaring that the Legion wished to avoid bloodshed of their own people and were liberators, they asked for the town’s garrison to surrender and join their kin in reclaiming former Cheydinhal lands. They reminded the people that the town had once been a proud settlement and was highly valued. If they continued to refuse bribes would be offered numbering around two thousand septim's. If all attempts fail the Legion would reluctantly begin to bombard the town with their trebuchets and begin an assault. Light Cavalry would be sent out in small groups to scout out the rest of the territories in Cyrodiil. In the south, the Legate Moslenagus was instructed with reconquering the southern provinces, then sweeping up to the Valus Mountains, securing the mountain passes. Once Harlun’s watch fell the First Legion would march north to secure the rest of the provinces, hopefully by the end of the year, Cheydinhal would have much of it’s former territory restored. More troops would be raised to bolster the Second Legion and messages were sent to Bruma to call them to arms against outsiders. The time for peace was over, the time for war had come. S T A T I S T I C S Standing Army: The First Legion (Legate Whitodus) (Currently laying siege to Harlun’s Watch) 6,000 Light Infantry 4,000 Archers 2,000 Heavy Infantry 1,000 Light Cavalry 2 Trebuchets 1 Battering Ram The Second Legion (Legate Moslenagus) (Securing the southern provinces of Oreleth occupied Cyrodil.) 3,000 Light Infantry 2,000 Archers 1,000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry Leader: Gnaeus Secario (26) S U M M A R Y Re-Occupying Oreleth Cheydinhal Land (MOD) Bribing the garrison of Harlun’s watch (2,000) 3,000 Light Infantry (3,000) 2,000 Archers (1,000) 1,000 Heavy Infantry (2,000) 500 Light Cavalry (1,500) 3,000 Heavy Infantry (6,000) Construction on the fort continues (1,000) 500 Heavy cavalry (2,500)
  3. UnusualBrit

    give orcs and halflings land next map

    Halflings should get small plots but orcs should get nation status.
  4. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    (Please delete)
  5. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    T H E G R A N D D U C H Y O F C H E Y D I N H A L The news from Morrowind was ill, an army being raised by the Dunmer, but for what purpose? It must be for nothing short of war, and thankfully Cheydinhal still had a number’s advantage and far better quality troops. Though they could not strike yet. They needed allies, Leyawiin had sent an offer of defensive pact, which the Duke had accepted. Yet he doubted that those merchants; likely far more interested in trade and peace rather blood and war would really hold up their promises. To the west, the Grand Duchy of Bruma was large and strong and had lands which had long ago been stolen from them by the Nords. Cheydinhal would offer them help in regaining their former lands, in the future. With this he would also offer his hand in marriage to one of the Duke’s of Bruma’s three daughters, for the Duke was unwed and needed someone to carry on his line. The Republic of the Heartlands would serve as another capable ally, they had accepted Cheydinhals offers of trade and while they had unfortunately denied the Duke’s request to purchase land he knew that they might have doubts about Leyawiin’s willingness to allow competitor ships to trade in Topal Bay through the Leyawiin straits and therefore promised Cheydinhals support for the Imperial City in any trade disputes between the two. Meanwhile he would fortify the border to Oreleth with a fort in the south, atop a hill at the mouth of the River Silverfish, sending the Second Cheydinhal legion there. The ranks of the First Cheydinhal Legion stationed at the capital were bolstered, with siege weapons constructed, and plans were drawn up for war. Messages were sent, encrypted, to the agents in Oreleth instructing them to find out who Oreleth was allied to. The agents ousted out of Stormhold were told to venture south to the tribe of the Stonewashes to discover their political situation. The duke considered allying himself with the rift, yet that would make his cause hypocritical if he allied with those that occupied imperials. E C O N O M I C GDP: 10,000 Septims base, 6,000 in Taxes from 15 provinces, 3,000 from Trade. Treasury: 0 Septims Trade Partners: Leyawiin Senchel Imperial City Standing Army: First Cheydinhal Legion (Stationed in Cheydinhal, under Legate Whitodus) 3,000 Light Infantry, 1,000 Heavy infantry, 250 Light Cavalry and 2,000 Archers. Second Cheydinhal Legion (Stationed at south of Cheydinhals lands at the mouth of the RIver Silver, under Legate Moslenagus) 3,000 Light Infantry, 1,000 Heavy Infantry, 250 Light Cavalry and 2,000 Archers. D I P L O M A C Y Leader: Gnaeus Scecario (25) Allies: N/A Conflicts: N/A S U M M A R Y Fort constructed (2,500) 3,000 Light Infantry (3,000) 1,000 Heavy Infantry (2,000) 2,000 Archers (1,000) 1000 Light Cavalry (3,000) 1 Battering Ram (1,500) 2 Trebuchets (5,000) Spies sent into Oreleth (1,000, MOD)
  6. UnusualBrit

    Wedding of a de Savin

    Dion de Savin scowled the suns scowl from the seven hells.
  7. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    T H E G R A N D D U C H Y O F C H E Y D I N H A L The Imperial Confederation was dying, Marcus Linius, Grand-Duke of Cheydinhal noted. There was no companionship or real kinship between the states of Cyrodiil. And their supposed leader, those Heartlander scoundrels, just sat in their Imperial City doing nothing. Such incompetence and inability needed to end, but first a century old problem needed to be addressed. Swathes of rightful Imperial, Cheydinhal land was under foreign and alien occupation; Dunmer, Nord and Argonian each held a slice. There would need to be repercussions for such unlawful and unethical oppression, but first the land needed to be reclaimed. Legions would be raised to do this; like those of old, Cheydinhal would have it’s vengeance and rightful land. A missive would be sent to the imperial city inquiring about the cost of purchasing two of the border provinces to whiterun held Brumen land. The envoy that had been sent by the Merchant Republic of Leyawiin was received with courtesy and respect, the Duke listened to his petition thoughtfully. Beckoning him away with his answer; that Cheydinhal would stand together with Leyawiin against any future threat and would also aid them in any future wars provided that the Republic did the same. Trade was also agreed upon. Traders would be sent to Senchel and the Imperial City as well, to begin filling the Dukes coffers. He also took council with his advisers on the political situation in Morrowind, Argonia and Skyrim. Requests were also sent all across Cyrodiil for marriage pacts. After all this business had been attended to, the Duke took personal charge of the organisation of the first Cheydinhal legion. Agents were sent into Oreleth and Stormhold to discover their alliances and their attitudes with their fellow nations. 500 Septims were invested into the docks near Cropsford. E C O N O M I C GDP: 10,000 Septims base, 7,500 in Taxes from 15 provinces. Treasury: 0 Septims Trade Partners: Leyawiin — — Standing Army: First Cheydinhal Legion 6,000 Light Infantry, 2,000 Heavy infantry, 1,000 Light Cavalry and 4,000 Archers. D I P L O M A C Y Leader: Gnaeus Scecario (24) Allies: N/A Conflicts: N/A S U M M A R Y Missive sent to the Imperial City about cost of purchasing two border provinces to Whiterun. Trade and defensive alliance accepted with Leyawiin, offer of a military alliance sent as well. Traders sent to the Imperial City and Senchel 6,000 Light Infantry recruited (6,000) 4,000 Archers recruited (2,000) 2,000 Heavy Infantry recruited (4,000) 1,000 Light Cavalry recruited (3,000) Agent sent into Kingdom of Oreleth (1,000, MOD) Agent sent into Tribe of Stormhold (1,000, MOD) Investment into docks near Cropsford (500, MOD)
  8. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (OOC)

  9. UnusualBrit

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (OOC)

    Application The holding you wish to play: Republic of the Heartlands  Leader name and background: Consul Lucius Crassus Lucius was born into a wealthy, noble family in the Republic of the Heartlands, though his main focus is on trade he dreams of restoring his people to their former glory. After winning the recent election, Lucius now looks east to the Argonian occupied imperial provinces and to his allies in the imperial confederation Why aren’t we using discord.
  10. UnusualBrit

    [Denied]Navin's Game Moderator Application

    Yh he’s chill +1
  11. UnusualBrit

    Coronation of Fimlin Grandaxe

    A goldhand makes preparations to travel to Agnarum.
  12. UnusualBrit

    A Pontifical Letter

    “Nothing more than a puppet of the emperor.” An imperial citizen muttered under his breath.
  13. UnusualBrit


    “He pulled a sneaky on ya.” A bartender comments.
  14. Fimlin ur profile picture shows u hugging Raomir yet u denounce him wtf?

    1. Josh3738


      That’s not raomir, that’s the infamous Thorin Grandaxe, conqueror of humanity

    2. James


      Fimlin is a race traitor 

    3. Josh3738


      that’s a lie spread by the free masons to control the flat earthers

  15. UnusualBrit

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    Dwifur Goldhand rolls in his grave, his name used to denounce his good friends Koralon Onyxheart and Garrond Frostbeard.