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  1. T THE KINGDOM OF EPIRUS Pyrrhus stood before his assembled generals at a war council, his army encamped awaiting the arrival of Parmenions army. Plans were drawn up and messages were sent to Alexander from within the capital requesting new troops be drawn up, meanwhile the thundering of hooves into the camp signalled the arrival of a small host of Epirote cavalry bolstering Pyrrhus’s army. This was his land, his Kingdom, his people that depended on him to defend them from a Macedonian warlord. And he would make his stand, and die trying if needed to drive out the Macedonian invaders. 1,000 Medium Infantry raised, T3 Armour, Regular quality. (14,000/14,000) 5 Transports built (1,000) 2 galleys constructed (4,000) 500 Skirmishers raised (2,000) 400 gold stockpiled (400)
  2. T THE KINGDOM OF EPIRUS Pyrrhus turned to the messenger, whom spoke. “Sire, our scouts report Parmenion has crossed the Pindus Mountains with his host. Rumour has it he has entered into a truce with the Egyptians. Prince Alexander has withdrawn to Dodona for a siege, he requests immediate support your grace.” The messenger informed the King. Pyrrhus waved him away, those damn Egyptians. What were they thinking??? Pyrrhus stepped out of his tent and looked over at the Adriatic sea, and beyond it’s waters was the boot of Italia. His Tarantine allies would have to wait, his own lands required defence. Immediately camp was broken, and his host readied to march to the defence of Dodona. His troops would march quickly hoping to arrive at the capital before Parmenions own army closed in. Troops would be raised around the country to bolster Pyrrhus’s own host. Port built in Ephyria (10,000) 500 Medium Cavalry raised (6,000) 850 Gold stockpiled. Trade offers sent to Egypt and Persia
  3. Discord: You have it. Gang you wish to play: The Sabini Gang
  4. THE KINGDOM OF EPIRUS ’You are to assemble your army at the village of Edessa, lower Macedon.’ Read the command from his new liege, the Hegemon of Macedon. Phyrrus was unsure of the target though he guessed it would be Athens due to it’s relative political vulnerability since none of the other Greek states had allied themselves to the Athenians. This promised a chance for the share in plunder for his realm, but Phyrrus himself would not go instead he would send his brother Alexander in his stead to lead half of Epirus’s armies for the Hegemon, while the rest remained to guard the Kingdom. The young king would focus on his own realm and the defense of it. As the Epirote host marched off from Dodona the King turned to a map of his Kingdom, and there was one clear issue. The infrastructure was extremely lacking, the road systems of old had faded away leaving paths in their stead, this could not do. If he was to knit the realm together it needed a complex system of roads. The rest of the income of the Kingdom would be stockpiled for future construction. Actions: Epirus obeys the call to arms from their overlord, Macedon Roads built (20,000/20,000) Fort built to guard the mountain passes through the Pindus Mountains (5,000/5,000) 600 Gold stockpiled. Trade offer sent to Syracuse
  5. THE KINGDOM OF EPIRUS Phyrrus VI has been graced with the acquisition of the throne of Epirus, but the road ahead shall not be an easy one. For the young King shall have to contend with outside influences of the neighbouring powerful Kingdom of Macedon, as well as the resurgent republics of Rome and Venice across the Adriatic. To counterbalance these new threats and to preserve his countries independence he must seek out allies and modernise his countries economy. Diplomats would be sent to Athens, Venice, Tarentum and Byzantium seeking out alliances, and trade. Meanwhile Phyrrus would begin construction projects around the country, building two new villages as well as converting his capital Dodona and the coastal village of Ephyria into a town. Additionally two farms would be constructed as well as a market in Dodona. The remaining 2,000 gold would be stockpiled. Actions: Diplomats sent to Athens, Venice, Tarentum and Byzantium seeking out alliances, and trade. Two villages constructed. (20,000/20,000) Two villages upgraded to towns (20,000/20,000) Two farmlands built (10,000/10,000) 9,500 Gold stockpiled.
  6. W E L C O M E T O C A L C U L A T O R L A N D
  7. Nation Applying For: Kingdom of Epirus BRIEF History: The Kingdom of Epirus has often been at odds with their neighbouring Kingdom, Macedon. Countless invasions into Epirus have been driven back, yet there is still fear that the Macedonians will return. Militarisation and alliances to protect the independance of Epirus will be crucial to ensure it’s survival. Leader: Phyrrus VI Discord: You got it
  8. Savoy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wqyPMKvqs8DxE1vzaZfWMQFR3kzrW_KOxk-76vj34vc/edit
  9. The Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania Anno Domini 1684; the calm before the storm. The Lion of Lechistan John III of the esteemed noble house of Sobieski has held sway in the Commonwealth ever since the Sejm elected him after the death of the sickly King Michael I, under his reign the Crown Army has been reformed to become a more professional uniting counterbalancing the many militaristic threats on the Commonwealth’s border. Yet the greatest achievements in his reign are yet to come, aged 55 he now seeks to secure a legacy of House Sobieski eternal in the annals of Poland, to do away with the decadent and corrupt elective monarchy and to replace it with the hereditary system prevalent while the Jagellion dynasty, though the Monarchy would be bounded by laws of a constitution to keep his nobles happy with their loss of influence. Of course, even then, these reforms would be drastic and would take time to fully develop Sobieski’s chief concerns lie to the North and East, the Swedish lion is still strong and though they have gazed eastward Russia still remains a threat, the memory of the failed Russian invasions is still present in the minds of many Poles, some whisper that they will return. Though it is to the south he now looks personally, the mighty Ottoman turkic empire has held hegemony in the Balkan’s and Black Sea for almost two centuries now. Though their empire is experieincing cracks at the seams, such weakness the Commonwealth might exploit. Of course, while dangerous, the Turks may prove a valuable ally to counterbalance the ever expanding power of Russia, though such a match will only be possible if the Austrians agree with it. The Hapsburgs will be a strong ally to counterbalance the Swedish and their vassal Brandenburg’s power arrayed against the Commonwealth, time will tell what match may be fruitful though. For now, Sobieski seeks to secure the current borders of the Commonwealth, and to begin implementing his reforms. Beginning of Domestic Reforms His first enemy was the ‘liberum veto’ which was held by any Sejm deputy, this since 1652 allowed any Sejm deputy to nullify any votes made by the Sejm, it was extremely dangerous and risked blocking any serious reform Sobieski wished to pass. Therefore Sobieski would convene a meeting of the Sejm to discuss the matter, (and to hopefully remove the corruptive system which could easily be exploited by foreign powers.) The King’s Military Reforms Following this, John Sobieski also enacted military reforms to increase the discipline of his army with an emphasis on drills, and he began a recruitment drive to the crown army to bring it’s numbers up by 10,000 men, empathically claiming to his people these new soldiers would better protect their country from any threat upon it’s borders and counter-attack the Swedish army if they chose to bring war to the Commonwealth. Foreign Policy There were also foreign matters to be taken care of, envoys were sent to Stockholm and Moscow to foster good relations and also to establish non aggression pacts, the length of which were dependent on what the Monarch of each respective country wished. An envoy was also sent to Vienna to establish an alliance, and if that was impossible, a defensive pact to protect both countries from foreign powers. Good relations were to be fostered with Brandenburg as well. Actions: - The alliance offer with Russia is considered, however John Sobieski states to the envoy that he would only enter a war with the Ottomans if the Austrians were willing to participate against the turks as well, and even then, he does not wish to have his country bear the brunt of the Turkic assault. - John Sobieski summons the Sejm to discuss the Liberum Veto. - A recruitment drive to bolster the crown army with 10,000 men begins. - Envoys are sent to Sweden and Russia to foster good relations and to enter into a non aggression pact, the former is done with Brandenburg. Offers of alliance are sent to the Hapsburgs in Vienna, (if that fails a defensive pact.)
  10. Nation: Commonwealth Leader: John III Sobieski, the warrior King of Poland. His reign has greatly stabilised the Commonwealth and his military reforms have strengthened and modernised the army of the Commwealth. He only needs use it, Johns eye looks east to the mighty Russian Tsardom. Heir: Elected by the nobles of the Commonwealth Discord: #Applepie0144
  11. There was a hacker there???
  12. Can’t wait to see Fireheart delete this post and show how much he values community feedback. He locked his dumb post to redo a Warclaim that Renatus won despite the numerous injustices inflicted on them that day and in the week before that.
  13. The Kingdom of Sicily, Naples and Sardinia (Kingdom of Two Sicilies) The Sicilian War of Independance The people of southern Italy were tired of the way the Italian government had treated them, the country side remained rural and decadent while the Northern states of the nation had enjoyed high industrialization while the southern was neglected. No longer would they be subservient to Rome, it was time for those people to forge their own destiny, away from foreign wars like the Great War which had led to so many families losing sons, brothers, fathers; all for naught but a few border territories none of which benefited the people of the south. With the rise of Mussolini and his authoritarian policies, the people of Southern Italy had had enough; led by Ferninando III de Bourbone, nephew of the last King of Two Sicilies before they were conquered by the House of Savoy almost a century ago, Sicily, Naples and Sardinia shall be free! Economic Actions The economy would be mobilized for war with the Italians, the rural economy of the south would be modernized as well to combat the far more industrialised northern states of Italy. Deals would be made covertly with the infamous mafia to secure their support. (MOD) Diplomatic Actions The Sicilian government, based in Palermo, would make an appeal to the League of Nations condemning Italian aggression on the Sicilian right for Self Determination and ask for intervention; or at the very least sanctions on the nation. Military Actions The Two Sicilies national army would be mobilized for war, it would be utilized in securing key defensive areas in Italian territory to prepare for the upcoming war of attrition, once they meet Italian troops they would dig in defensively. The navy is used for defensive purposes since due to lack of numbers compared to the better equipped Italian navy any offensive measures would be simply unfeasible. Research Research would be conducted into mountain warfare to better defend the fledging state.
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