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  1. Thalgrim didn't know whether to laugh or fume in rage, the writings so comical, so outlandish... It did not matter, the Grimgolds would get their due.
  2. Thalgrim Goldhand signs, declaring "Et's time der maneh slights o' der Grimgolds beh answered!" He vowed with a grumble.
  3. Thalgrim Goldhand approves of the Free Trade clause.
  4. Aghal’s Voyage It was a calm day in the port of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan when former Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard stepped onto the Frostbeard quay and boarded his longship, with what little crew he had; comprised of a few eager volunteers from his clan he set off from shore towards the open south-sea of Almaris. With the winds catching in his longships single sail, Aghal stepped to the front and looked beyond the horizon, humming a tune to himself. His compass in hand, he and his crew sailed off with the winds, to find what was west of Almaris. Those in Celia’Nor might have seen a longship in the distance, before it passed beyond the horizon.
  5. Interested in Dwarf/Merchant RP? Make a Goldhand!

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      oh HELL no!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. i hate lotc formatting i hate lotc formating i hate lotc formatting

  7. Aghal Frostbeard smiles the suns smile.
  8. Aghal Frostbeard smiled the suns smile.
  9. remove qizu

  10. how was minions: the rise of remeron
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