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  1. The Shiriff of Brandybrook grumbled. “Why can’t you let me do my job on my own; focus your efforts on something else more productive.”
  2. Alfie Greenholm frowned. “Why on earth do we Halflings have to bother with treaties!”
  3. I can’t seem to remember what the issue was, but another fantastic job from Safety Admin Cpt Noobman
  4. Alfie Greenholm laments the life of Micah O’Connell, though he had only known him for three years. ”Never was there a finer Thain in Brandybrooks history, nor a finer friend. I shall serve ably as the new Shiriff, and do you proud Micah.” The Halfling declared with a sad smile.
  5. The Greenholm Family While relatively new, being founded by the first patriarch of the house Archie Greenholm and his wife Beth Greenholm some fifty odd year’s earlier in the year 519; Halfling reckoning. The Greenholm family is a very traditional family, all Greenholm’s live by values of ‘proper-ness’ and maintaining the good nature of the Halfling race by protecting the ‘old way’ as they see it. Greenholm Culture and Tradition Being bound to a strict sense of proper-ness, members of this family enjoy the usual customs of the Halfling race. Be it drinking, farming, shogging, generally living in good comfort and last but not least smoking. Infact, the Greenholms are rather infamous among the Halflings for their pipe-making, it is said no halfling pipe is better than a Greenholm pipe. Above all there is nothing a Greenholm values is peace and quiet, a chance to enjoy the world around them with their pipes. As a result, most Greenholms are rather laid back, never under any circumstance intentionally placing themselves into danger, nor embarking on adventures. But once roused, their fury can be great and nothing to joke about. Greenholm Appearance Most Greenholm family members stand at three feet on average, and tend to have curly brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. They usually dress in green clothing to match the name of their family. Greenholm Religion Most Greenholms tend to follow Lord Knox, though it is not uncommon for them to follow other Halfling gods, they percieve these gods merely as folk-lore and as a result no Greenholm can really be considered as ‘zealous’. Current and Deceased Family Members Alfie Greenholm – Alive Albert Greenholm – Alive (unplayed) Hugh Greenholm - Alive (unplayed) Rosie Greenholm – Alive Archie Greenholm (NPC) – Dead Beth Greenholm (NPC) – Dead How to play a Greenholm Contact me on the forums, and I can set you up with a Greenholm character. Alternatively you can just message me on my discord, UnusualBrit#0144.
  6. Gildroc Goldhand nodded at the sage reforms. ”Et looks loike Norleh ‘as guut et roite ‘ere, Narvok oz Urguan.”
  7. “It’s high time the expeditions of the spicy shrimp end, all we’re doing is getting into trouble fellow Halflings!” Alfie Greenholm announces to his fellow Halflings in the Brandybrook tavern.
  8. Gildroc Goldhand nodded approvingly at his foreman’s business, though he did not exactly appreciate the competition!
  9. MC Name: UnusualBrit RP Name: Gildroc Goldhand Discord: UnusualBrit#0144 RP Race: Mountain Dwarf Reason for joining: I want to make drinks to sell Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
  10. After two centuries of wandering, Agzadir Frostbeard returns home to the Frostbeards.
  11. ”Bettah dead t’an red.” Gildroc grunts in response to the formation of the dwemmunist party of Urguan, planning to form his own anti-dwemmunist party.
  12. Gildroc Goldhand applauds the opening of the Urguan Medical Instiute. ”T’is will ensure t’at all dwed o’ Urguan will recieve propah medical treatment!” He thinks to himself.
  13. A jiffy they said...

  14. Gildroc Goldhand nods at the heroic work of his fellow Legionnaire comrades. .
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