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    Long ago, there was a small village located in a place it had no business being. The village was in the kingdom of Haense outside of Markev, a wild and untamed land that was dotted by Orcish settlements and Elven monuments. The village was a poor one, not sustained by any kingdom. The village relied on it's own merit to survive, and had to grow it's own food. From that village was born a rather extroverted, and happy child, named Logan. Logan may not have had the best things in the world, however he still was happy with what he had. He was very caring towards his family. One night, on a blue moon, an Orcish raiding party attacked. None survived the village except for one, Logan. Logan survived only because his father forced him to flee the village just as it was attacked, against Logan's wishes to help. Logan fled, and vowed to become a wizard so that he may prevent such tragedies from ever happening again. He hated orcs and everything they stood for, although he knew better than to blame it solely on the entire race. He is now a wandering study, attempting to learn the arcane arts.