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  1. why doesnt your discord work.

  2. “Your thoughts kill you, don’t they?” “You are broken.” The shadowed sentiment echoed in the rivers of his mind, the patchwork of streams that made up his shattered psyche. Then came the shrill cries of loved ones, long from this world and without form, a stark and painful silhouette of his past misdeeds, his lack of concern. The parasite had plagued his soul from the day he was born – attributing to an astonishing lack of discernment. His torment had come at the hand of his father’s tormentor; he was naught but a pawn in their twisted game.
  3. Holy **** that’s fire.
  4. Does anyone want/need a character played?

    1. Carson


      I’ll DM you!

    2. Lhindir_
    3. Tigergiri


      join the mannox family dirty potato farmers

  5. How DARE they. A fine job lad just take the time to read through the current lore. Good luck in your future writings.
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