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  1. Holy **** that’s fire.
  2. Does anyone want/need a character played?

    1. Carson


      I’ll DM you!

    2. Lhindir_


      raevir bro

    3. Tigergiri


      join the mannox family dirty potato farmers

  3. How DARE they. A fine job lad just take the time to read through the current lore. Good luck in your future writings.
  4. Literally me though whenever someone who changed their name before I got back talks to me.
  5. Hey boyos, Elad here. I’ve been away for some time, so a good deal of you may not know me, but I’ve been kicking around since about the Mid-Anthos era. I’m still kicking a bit of the dust and dirt off my boots, but I’m ready to jump back into things again. I’m always looking to better myself, so, if you happen to know me or have seen me around, let me know what you think; what do I do wrong? What do I do that annoys you? What’s something you enjoy about me or enjoy seeing that I do? How can I improve? tl:dr Rate Elad! Brutally honest opinions only.
  6. I'll admit I had my doubts through only a quick glance and what you had going on here. After reading some of the player input and rereading your piece of lore I'll have to actually comment some feedback here soon. So far? Looks pretty good my man.
  7. Whoever is a magic moderator these days we need to square up fam. Release my mas from inactivity

    1. SquakHawk


      dm me @squak#8441 with links of which MAs/TAs for reactivation.

      things inactive for an extensive amount of time were put away in a seperate category to make it easier to sort. 

    2. Zarsies


      @Elad™ What is your Discord buckaroo

  8. Hey mates I have a problem I haven’t used /auth in a year and now suddenly its back on for me

    1. Demotheus


      What is /auth?

    2. FlemishSupremacy


      PM an admin, a lot of people have been getting these kind of issues

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