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    Now retired, Raldor live a long life (by Raevir standard) more or less in peace. Born into a strelt family, Raldor spent his childhood working on a farm with his father and brothers. Later in life, while visiting Haense for fresh supplies, he noticed a recruiting poster for the Hearth Guard, and decided to try and join. And he succeeded. Everything was fine, he did a good job at his job. Kept the peace, everything was groovy. He would return to his family home at the end of every harvest year after year, and once he even brought someone else with him. Sindra, the woman he fell in love with and later wed. Times were happy between the two, Raldor kept working for the guard, over time they saved enough to buy a small little home by a river. They tried and failed for years to bear a child. They eventually succeeded, a beautiful son named Shevek (named after Sindra's father), but they weren't able to celebrate, for Sindra died during childbirth. Raldor tried to raise his son to the best of his ability, Shevek was a gifted child, and Raldor felt shame for not being able to give him a proper education. For he never received one and could not afford to give his son one. He later overheard a traveler talking about the Academy of Holm, and how it was free to all in pursuit of knowledge. Raldor knew this was the chance for his son to reach his full potential. So Yeah, he helped his son with the travel to the academy. He wished his son the best of luck, and left him. Returning home, Raldor continued working for the guard, until eventually retiring at the age of ripe ol age of 60. He now spends his days fishing at the river near his house, just waiting until it is the end of the harvest in order to see his son again.