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    Born in Okarn'thilln, Rhoda is a pure-blooded high elf hailing from a respectable family. Her parents are both scholars of the arcane, choosing to devote their lives to the refinement of their respective arts. Upon the rare blessing of an elven child, they did their best to raise her according to the ideals of purity of mind and body. Rhoda was always too clever for her own good, and it took many long years to mold her into an upstanding citizen of Haelun'or. Her adolescence, too, was a restless one as she chafed against the many restrictions held in place by longstanding tradition. Her parents, occupied with their studies and with the emotional distance that comes with pure rationalistic thought, were regrettably never able to understand their daughter -- a rift that remains between them to this day. As she matured into adulthood, she learned temperance, patience, but also loneliness. She never quite caught the knack for navigating the complex social hierarchy of high elven culture, and had few friends as a result. Now, her primary focus is branching out and following her curiosity wherever it may lead.