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  1. I have made said changes, when I submitted the first application I did not look far into the lore.
  2. UnsuspectingTurd


    I come from Axios, my clan moved there during the descendant. We thought we were safe, but a band of elves ambushed us in the night. Everyone was killed, except me. I was not listening to the elders and decided to venture out. I guess that saved me, but disrespect has been permanently placed on my name. Not listening in a clan of orcs will do that. I had always had a grudge on the elves, and my clans death just set off my rage. I would like to collect a necklace full of their pointy little ears. Maybe I can, sense I don’t belong to a clan now, listening to myself and only myself. Seems nice, but it gets kinda lonely. So now, I travel across the realms looking for a new clan. Trying to clear my name, and killing anyone who gets in my way.
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