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Found 342 results

  1. ScreamingDingo

    - Seeking Household Servants -

    Hiring The Imperial Household is interested in finding any peasantry or others to fill these special roles that will grant you importance within the Court. The positions that are required to be filled are listed below - Butlers / Maids Those who maintain the cleanliness and order of the Imperial Palace Duties will require cleaning, serving and otherwise being an extension of the Imperial Family’s wishes and needs in the household. Imperial Head Cook / Cook The Imperial Head Cook will need to have proficient skill in the preparation and ability to create feasts worthy of grand events Cooks will require proficient skills in kitchen maintenance, food preparation and cooking. Those who know of exotic cuisine shall have an advantage over others. Maintaining stocks of liquor and other consumable items. The Royal Gardener The Royal Gardener will be in charge of the maintenance of Palace Grounds. Duties may include trimming, weeding and planting flora at the request of the Imperial Household. To maintain and grow produce as needed for the Imperial Kitchens. Those interested may apply below, send the application to the Imperial Palace with a return address and the Imperial Chamberlain will reply to you to arrange a time of interview. Application -
  2. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    A conservationist guild of like-minded individuals from all races and walks of life. They take mercenary contracts as well, like some other ranger guilds, but their main goal is to patrol the wilds of Atlas and preserve the balance of nature and peace between the peoples, animals, and plants of the world. Pursuant to their creed, Rangers of the Wild fill many roles. Some, the Ranger-Sentinels, prefer to walk the lonely roads at night, defending travelers from aggressive and over-populated spiders and undead. Some, the Ranger-Wildsmen, prefer to hunt wild game and feral farm animals to maintain and curtail invasive or otherwise detrimental populations. The latter serves as secondary source of food for the Rangers, as well. Some Rangers prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible, either tending to the Rangers’ crops and animals (Ranger-Keepers), or serving as diplomats for the Rangers and/or the individual’s race in locations where tensions are high. These Ranger Envoys are the mediators and welcoming hand of the Rangers, and are certainly not looked down upon for wishing to stay clear of bloodshed. Another non-combatant rank of the Rangers are the Ranger-Scribes, who collect lore, both fact and fiction, from around the land. Any and all subjects are accepted into the library, even those that some might consider… untoward. Finally, any and all fully inducted Rangers may take quests or task, such as clearing out monstrous beasts from a cavern for a treasure hunter (serving as a sort of body-gaurd or guide), exploring unknown areas and creating maps for cartographers unable to traverse the extremes of the land themselves, hunting down bandits that have preyed upon the weak, et cetera, et cetera. RANKS Ranger-Master: Lythorien Banebow Ranger-Captains: None Ranger-Sentinels: None Ranger Envoys: None Ranger Scribes: None Ranger Keepers: None Ranger-Wildsmen: None Recruits: Sarah Boliver (maiden name: Thompson) (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) Illondr (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Aragwen Arcanscape (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Stevron Gollick (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) Karren Myrsta (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Deceased) Jarsek Myrsta (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) The Rangers of the Wild Creed "I swear to abide by the by-laws of the Rangers of the Wild. I relinquish my former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." OUT of CHARACTER REGULATIONS Don’t be a d**k. No making jokes about sensitive topics, such as suicide, or racial, political, religious, ethnic, and other kinds of slurs (don’t say f***ot or tranny. Just don’t), no accusing someone of being a special snowflake or a cuck. If you don’t like something and have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If someone says something you are doing is bothering them (like repeatedly referencing something that triggers panic episodes or flashbacks in said person), and earnestly means it, just drop it. It’s not worth them reporting you to higher-ups and getting booted. That’s pretty much it. Just tell us if you’re going away for a while if you can, but activity is not required. Not every character that joins is going to be played every day. We get that. Just give us some common courtesy and don’t dip out of a RP or plot in progress without some warning. These regulations are subject to change, be added to, or removed at any time without warning. IN-CHARACTER BY-LAWS: All races, Descendant or no, are welcome in the ranks of the Rangers of the Wild so long as they abide by the tenets set forth here, and do not cause trouble with others of races differing form them. Any Ranger found to be practicing xenophobic activities or using slurs or unequal treatment due to race, gender, social status, sexuality, et cetera, will be subject to a verbal warning, then a monetary fine, then imprisonment, then banishment. Any Ranger caught acting violently to another Ranger or neutral person is subject to imprisonment and/or banishment depending on the severity. Murder will warrant banishment and possible handing over to the authorities of the nation wronged. Relating to By-Law 1, recruits must relinquish their titles and rights held within their native nations if said titles conflict with Ranger custom. All recruits must denounce their allegiances if they conflict with Ranger practices (i.e. Mali’fenn Rangers may not continue to be aligned with the Fenn because this would mean they would be duty-bound to harm other races). Recruits may, however, maintain contact and relationships with members of their former allegiances, as well as protect the cities, towns, and settlements they live in from attackers, so long as said relationships do not conflict with Ranger values in other ways. You must NEVER contribute to attacks, raids, territorial disputes, or any other aggressions associated with a nation or other organization. Such activities invite ire upon the Rangers, and go against our ways. Rangers caught revealing sensitive information or aligning themselves with a specific nation against another nation, are subject to banishment without prior warnings. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Rangers, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, monetary fines, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. Regardless of intent, all Rangers must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. These by-laws are subject to change, be added to, or have tenets removed without warning, though Rangers and recruits will be notified once they are in place. **(To apply, copy and paste-this format into a a reply on this thread. An example of a filled-out application is below the form)** APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: (Required) Discord Username: (Required) Skype Username: (Optional) Nickname Preferred: (If any. State whether you’d like to be referred to by your character or player name) Real-Life Age: (Required) Preferred Pronoun(s): (He/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) Activity Level: (Rangers will not be kicked for inactivity, but they will be assumed lost or killed until they return) Main Character or Secondary Character?: (Required) RP Sample As Applying Persona: (Required) IC Information Character’s Full Name: (First name, middle, last name, and, if you wish, maiden name) Current and/or Former Titles Held: (Titles from other factions and nations) Notable Connections Within a Nation or Other Organization: (Including but not limited to: a guard or noble) Race: (Main/most predominant race) Sub-Race: (If your character has any blood from another race. If not applicable, say N/A) Sex & Gender: (if they are the same, simply state one) Birth Year/Current Age: (Please use in-character LoTC year) Birthplace: (If a character is unwilling to give this information, or does not know, state so in-character) Desired Rank: (Please only choose one Ranger rank) Training Known: (Any skills, including swordsmanship, archery, writing, tracking game, atc) Training Desired/Needed: (I.e. if your character can’t read or write, someone is obviously helping them do this application or it’s being done in person. They’d ask for help with learning that skill in-character) Character's For Wishing to Join the RotW: (Please write in-character using quotation marks) "By signing this document, you agree to the by-laws above and any the Ranger-Master and Ranger-Captains deem worthy of adding. You agree to relinquish your former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." (State yes or no in-character, and type their full name without their title)
  3. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

    The Navy of Curonia Becoming its own entity apart from the Order of Ursus in the First Seed, 1700, led by Ser Benjamin "The Mariner" of House Fernández, Knight of the Order of Ursus and now Fleet Admiral of the Curonia navy, has the purpose of protecting the Confederation of Curonia from amphibious threats and attacks. The navy specializes in ship to ship combat, boarding tactics, securing Curonic waterways, and siege defenses. The Navy of Curonia’s primary focus is militaristic seeing as they are the Duchy’s line of defense from aquatic assailants. These men and women put their lives on the line day and night to ensure the Curonian citizens are put at ease and are unafraid of attack. The seamen take a stand against all those that oppose the great lands that Curonia maintains, capable of executing attacks and full on assaults when such acts are declared needed. The Navy of Curonia accepts men and women alike, experience or not, the Navy will train you the same and get you to a standard of quality at the least. Secondary responsibilities and goals of the Navy of Curonia is that of a scholarly pursuit. For those that do not wish to pursue a militaristic path but still wish to take part in the Navy of Curonia this field could be for you. The scholarly division of the Navy focusing around marine biology and oceanology. Research and exploration missions being sanctioned and funded by the Navy of Curonia should they seem rewarding. The Navy of Curonia is open to all. Those of militaristic prowess or academic pursuit, both are welcome within the Navy. Looking for more information on your opportunities in the Navy or Curonia or wish to enlist? Pen a letter to Fleet Admiral Ser Benjamin Fernández at 14 Mauntel Street, Cyrilsburg. Application: IGN: OOC Age: Character name: Character race, age, gender: Military or Academic pursuit: Letter to Fleet Admiral Ser Benjamin Fernández: Listen to this.
  4. TheNanMan2000

    The Banishment of Clan Raguk

    Music to Accompany Reading The Banishment of Clan Raguk 13th of The Amber Cold, 1703 Deep within the Orcish deserts, north of the old sacked and pillaged Capital stands San’Khatun, the current refuge of Orc-kin. Within the City holds the Orcish Clans, and the Clans of Gorkil, Lur, Yar and Shrogo are bound together in a bloodpact. The Raguks, a Clan that has had a large impact on the Warnation stands with a dishonourable Wargoth, shunned by the other Clans. Many of it’s members are revered for their dishonour and disrespect for Krug’s Tenants. The blood of Shagarath and Groggnar are stained in the sand. A party of Raguks, including Krukleyd, Leydluk and Wurst gang up apon the duo with others such as Blogus the Black and Dr Sauerkraut. Blogus the Black, once the two had been outnumbered and butchered, cannibalized Groggnar’s corpse infront of all those present. Before such events, the Raguks once again gang up apon a half-blood Uruk. When contested by Groggnar, at that time their Wargoth, one of the Raguk Goblins fights him. Now with others watching, Krukleyd intervenes in the one on one fight by kicking his Wargoth in the ribs. Later, Wurst challenges Groggnar to a fight. The fight is accepted, however once Wurst defeated Groggnar, he declared himself Wargoth. No such agreement was made, and the Rex was not present to watch what is supposed to be a series of three fights. After such, Wurst then gives the title to Leydluk, his father. The Rex, Groggnar, and Wargoths of Clan Lur, Yar and Shrogo gather. Three times within a short space of time Clan Raguk has shown contempt for the code of Honour, and stood idly by and laughed as a whitewash Orc cannibalized another none whitewash Orc. Before these events, Clan Raguk has garnered disdain from the Clans through countless other acts of questionable care for Krug’s will. As such, the leaders came to a decision. “Az Krug watchez from dah Ztarguzh’Ztroh, agh dah Anzeztahz whu zpilt der bluud tu uphold dah Kode ov Honour, dey fear for dah future ov owah Kind. Whut kynd ov Rex am I tu ullow zuch dizhonour to be karried out freely wivout repent? Agh whut have we bekum for zuch ah fyng tu happun?..” the Wargoths present grip their spears, swords, shields and axes “If it were unleh ah few membahz ov dah Ragukz dat zhowed zuch dizhonour, it wuld be ah mattur ov whytewazhin’.. But der kontempt fer owah wayz haz gone far longur dan kan be ullowed. Dey replaze Honour wiv Powur. Dey replaze loyalteh tu lat’z kin wiv zelfizhnezz agh dah evur korruptin’ pull ov dah bloodluzt. Groggnar tried changin’ Klan Raguk, but dey have nub changed. Now, Klan Raguk iz banizhed. All thoze within’ diz Bloodpakt zhall ztand bezide me az ah baztion ov whut iz expekted ov Urukz.” He then writes down on a large piece of parchment, giving it to an Orc to be transcribed multiple times and then read out to all those within San’Khatun. “By dah dekree ov Rex Murak’Gorkil, agh dah Waghgoffz ov Klan Gorkil, Lur, Yar agh Zhrogo, Klan Raguk iz banizhed from Krugmar. Leydluk’Raguk, Krukleyd’Raguk, Wurst’Raguk agh Blogus ‘The Black’ are whitewazhed agh zentenzed tu flat. If kaptured alive, dey zhall bekum dah blood-eagul. Klan Raguk zhall be kompletely removed from Krugmar, agh dah memburz nub lizted muzt blah tu dah Rex, or dah Waghgoffz ov dah lizted Klanz, tu be ullowed bakk in dah Nayzhiun agh join ah new Klan. Ragukz whu du nub blah tu dah Rex or dah Waghgoffz zhall be konzidured whytewazh, ~Rex Murak’Gorkil” Beneath the letter is the seal of Clan Gorkil, Lur, Yar and Shrogo Within San’Khatun, warriors of the Clans would be taking to their weapons and armour. Clansmen are readying themselves in training grounds for a potential battle. Others would be forming hunting parties for to track down the recently whitewashed Raguks, some of the hunters may even themselves have personal vendettas against them. Krugmar is ready for a state of War.
  5. theldryn

    The Iron legion

    THE IRON LEGION The iron legion is a hireling group made in atlas wich the year of founding never got revealed. The leader: Coronius Black has been in the legion for the longest, so he takes over the role of leader. The legion has a uniform, Heavy, knight or assassin. The legion is still looking for anyone willing to be taught and trained in the ways of: SMITHING. RAIDS. SIEGES. SWORDFIGHT. LEADERSHIP. SIEGE EQUIPMENT. ARCHERY. TRAP MAKING. One might also wish to teach in one of these classes, if wanted add it below the list Armies might also want to call upon its service's to educate the soldiers of said army. One might also call upon them if they have need of aid in raids, sieges, or combat. Trainings will be held, most will stay in the headquarters but sometimes they go out. A home will be provided for the ones who wish to enroll, one must choose one of the above. Below will be the list needed to enroll. OOC IGN: DISCORD: AGE: TIME ZONE: RP CHARACTER NAME: AGE: WICH ART WILL YOU STUDY: REASON FOR JOINING: RACE: WICH OF THE 3 UNIFORMS WILL YOU CHOOSE?: choice will affect your training.
  6. Dank_Tank_Lord

    Jason Falasrindon

    Jason Falasrindon -----------General Information---------- Given: Name Jason Falasrindon Nicknames: Mud Blood, The Reclaimer, Jackass #1 Race: Jason is a mixture of elves. Primarily, he is High Elven and Wood Elven. He is also Dark Elven, but retains the skin tone of his parents rather than that of his great grandparents. Jason is also mixed with human along the way, however it is only about 10% or so. Still, that distant Human ancestor managed to pass down a few dominant genes such as shorter ears and a more muscular build. Gender: Male Age: 18 Birth place: Ceru, in a cave a day away North by North East of Magara’lin Build : Jason is about 6’3” or so. His shoulders are broad and his body is rippled with muscle. He looks much like a Dark Elf despite his skin and hair. He’s easily 190 lbs or so. Hair: Medium brown hair, curly, and with slight highlights (See Photo). Eyes: A shocking green. His eyes look like illuminated emeralds. Scars: He has very little scarring on his face, though his hands, feet, shins, forearms, and chest tell a very different tale. That of a sword wielding warrior. Voice Reference: Chase Eagleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecx66NV93RA Theme Song: Faucet Failure – Ski Mask the Slump God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZZ9YsvvHXs ---------------♛Personality♛------------------ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Political Alignment: Libertarian Main Character Strength: Hand to Hand combat Main Character Weakness : Lack of Magical Experience Religion : None Explorer: Jason is a natural born explorer. He believes that if one stays in the same spot for too long, they will eventually find themselves falling behind so to speak. Liberty: Jason believes everyone has the right to be free. “The debts of our ancestors are not ours as well. Their debtors were bad investors” Untrusting: Jason does not trust everything and finds that all things need investigation before trust is earned. Stubborn: Once Jason makes a decision, he is not easy to convince it is the wrong one. He will allow debate before hand, but once the decision is made... end of discussion. ----------Goals---------- Find people who Jason may become allies with Survive and perhaps even thrive Find a place to call home, permanently Romance, duh ----------Fears---------- Nothing as of yet. Jason has no fear. Fear is only a limiter, and hence only in the way. It is what keeps him alive, but it does not govern his life. This has yet to change. ----------Relationships---------- (None) ----------Current Home(s)---------- (None) ----------More info---------- Languages :Common; Elvish Favorite Food: COOKIES! Favorite Drink: The Blood of his enemies... also Lemonade Favorite animal: Cats, typically the longer haired species Favorite location: Trees, trees are nice. Good for travelling, good for anything. You can even eat them! Favorite activity: Adventuring Favorite flower: Blue Orchids Favorite color: Turquoise
  7. GrimBeard

    1912; The Great War

    1912 And the countdown begins. 10! The residents of New York City scream. As the countdown continues, the last visage of absolute history as we know it also reaches it's end. 1! they scream and couples kiss and children scream. It is a new year, 1912! The past year had been difficult, and shown a lot of change. The Ottomans have lost their Libyan colony, and a lot of Balkan land. The German and English naval race continues. However it's becoming apparent an arms race on the continent is brewing. Russia and France in their alliance seek to out produce/compete German arms. The balkans are a powder keg, with a furious Bulgaria, and a emboldened Serbia. Russia has it's own personal problems, but is a growing economy. Germany is terrified, by even 1920 Russian rail roads could rival their own. The U.S is a fledgling state, dealing with what seems to be a massive problem. Every year more and more Mexican banditos raid U.S land in Texas. The army is left dumfounded, unable to hunt them down. Japan sees a rising wave of imperialism, they were now a great power. Russia remembers with fear, as they watch China practically collapse. History up until the point of 1912 is exactly the same. The same people, alliances, and policy. However this will start to change very slowly. A butterfly beats it's wings, and the ripple spreads. The further we deviate from the modern timeline, the more outlandish nations will act. For now though most act the way they always have. But small changes are slowly seeping through, and 1912 is a perfect year to show that. Expectations for post; I expect some pretty flashy post. This is the pre ww1 era after all! Imperialism and Nationalism is at an all time high. People are pioneering new fields, and art/photography enters a whole new stage. Your post don't have to be massive. But I expect at least a few paragraphs and photos to really capture a feel for your nation in this current era. ALWAYS have an 'Actions' tab at the end of your post. This will summarize everything you have done in the Half Year turns. It is there I will respond accordingly. Expect some harsh reprisals and things to not always work out! Things not listed in the actions tab will be ignored and considered moot. Taken Nations U.K Germany U.S Spain France Japan China Austria Ottomans Russia You may still apply for other nations!
  8. GraWolfQuinn

    A servant seeking a family

    [!] Notices are posted on boards all throughout Atlas. Among the locations are Sutica, Elven settlements, and Dunshire, as well as several human settlements including Belvitz though avoiding the Empire of Man. The lettering is written messily, but it is still legible. It reads as follows: I am seeking a family to serve. I am an honest, hard working man, I am quite proficient and experienced in cleaning and guarding, and I may act as a protector for your home and children. I will be glad to clean up and run errands. All I ask in return is a place to sleep and store my belongings. It must also be noted that I am a Kharajyr. Send a letter to Derne Amoxi if you are interested.
  9. PRTH

    Need a Retainer? Hire me.

    Posters are pinned throughout Atlas on several noticeboards in neat, loopy handwriting. They state: ”I am an inexperienced individual who is in need of work. Therefore, I am offering my services to any human who is willing to take me. I am a versatile being and will do my absolute best to do nearly any service that is required of me. All that I require is a place to sleep and store my items. Post a note below or send a bird if interested. [discord: prth #6420] Please note: I am a Farfolked female, and I AM inexperienced. I will make up whatever inexperienced activity with hard work. - Kai’ya Prethe.”
  10. Stack Loot

    Treaty of Man and Mali'ker

    Pact of Man and Mali’ker, 1703 Preface: The Sable Principality of Vira’ker has seen fit to establish contact with His Imperial Majesty and the Empire of Man. As such it is by His Imperial Majesty’s will that the Empire of Man and the Sable Principality of Vira’ker enter into a defensive pact to ensure the mutual success of both nations. Terms, agreed upon by both nations: Both nations agree to entering in a defensive pact, as such both nations agree to provide military support it the other nation is threatened. Both nations agree to permit free and safe passage of the other faction’s citizens within their lands IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Augustus I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. His Highness, John d’Anpalais, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince of Beaufort His Highness, Vulnir Syllar of Clan Syllar, Prince of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker, Protector of Mali’ker and the Onyx
  11. Imperium

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

    Medieval Age The year is 1203 AD, the Pope has called a fourth crusade which as horribly backfired. They attacked Christian cities, and now sail for the heart of the Byzantine Empire and the bastion between the Christian and Islamic worlds. Meanwhile France and England battle over dominance. France hoping to reclaim land lost by the English. Meanwhile in the Holy land the Second Kingdom of Jerusalem, faces the Islamic world alone. Since the fall of Jerusalem in 1187 AD, the capital has been moved to Acre after Richard the Lionheart reclaimed the city. Within the Holy Roman Empire, two claimants fight for power in a civil war. The fate of Western Europe, and the last remnants of Rome hang in the balance. OOC INFO This forum rp is AP free, it will be based fully on rp. Be realistic, but also creative. Several nations nice they just start off to strong won’t be playable. Such as the Holy Roman Empire, you may play a state within the empire. I'm not going to list every faction because I'm lazy. But some of the more important ones are listed below but you can play more. Almohads: Gray, Portugal: Green, Leon: Darkish Red, Castille: Charcoal red, Aragon: Dark Orange, Angevin: Red, France: Blue, Scotland : Sky blue, Holy Roman Empire: Orange, Papal States: Yellow, Pisa: Orange, Kingdom of Sicily: Pinkish red, Byzantines: Purple, Sultanate of rum: brown, Bulgaria: Brown, Hungary: Dark Green, Serbia: Light Brown, Ayyubids: Forest Green, Abassids: Black, Mosul: Dark Green, Venice: Teal, Galicia Volhynia: Beige, Kiev: Teal, Novgorod: Fucia, Norway: Dark bright red, Sweden: Dark blue, Denmark: Tan. Nations already claimed are: Eastern Roman Empire, France, England, Novgorod, Makuria & Alodia, Rum, Ayyubid Caliphate, Kingdom of Acre, Kingdom of Sicily, Venice. OOC APP Nation name: Population: Summary of History: Discord:
  12. _CorruptedSoul_

    Royal Coronation of Curonia

    Royal Coronation of Curonia As the sun shines in the windows filling the Cathedral with a golden light. The smell of fresh cut flowers down the aisle, the preparation for the royal coronation of King Wilhelm I of House Devereux and Queen Evelyn of House Devereux have been finalized. The couriers hastily deliver invitations to each of the Empire’s vassals and the capital, all citizens and nobles alike invited to witness the first coronation of the Kingdom of Curonia. The couriers delivering special invitations to the following: His Imperial Majesty Augustus I of House Horen and the Imperial family His Holiness Pontian II, Pontiff of the Church of Canon Imperial Order of the Red Dragon and their families His Royal Highness, King Robert of Hanseti and Ruska and the royal family His Lordship Paul Ewald Ostromir Petyr Leonid Emil Franz Carrion, Duke of Adria and his family His Lordship Edward Suffolk, Count of Pembrokeshire and his family House Bolivar House Devereux of Curonia House Falkenrath of Curonia House de Alba of Curonia House Keint of Curonia House Silversteed of Curonia House Ragnarson of Curonia The coronation will be held within the beautiful cathedral within the city of Cyrilsburg, this saints day. OOC Information Time: 6pm EST 11pm GMT Location: Curon Cathedral
  13. Institute of Healing Est. 1700 Learning to heal could save your life and the lives of countless others— making it the most important skill to become acquainted with. Aegrothond's Institute of Healing seeks to teach all dedicated minds this art, from the most basic of preliminary care to complex treatments and procedure. There are three main branches for acolytes to choose from (as follows). Preliminary Care Recommended for field medics, soldiers, and acolytes who are required to learn mundane healing for other orders (paladins, druids, et cetera). Lesson One: Your Kit Tools Herbs Lesson Two: Flesh Wounds Cuts and gashes Burns Lesson Three: Broken Bones Lesson Four: Frostbite Lesson Five: Unconsciousness First response Chest compressions Path of the Healer Recommended for those seeking to become clinicians or wandering healers. Admittance to Serinwe's Hand requires completion of this course (or a passing of the examination). Lesson One: Familiarity Tools Herbs Reading material Lesson Two: Bedside Manner Tenets of healing Etiquette Lesson Three: Surgery Lesson Four: Wounds Wounds Infection Lesson Five: Broken Bones Closed fracture Open fracture Dislocation Lesson Six: Burns First and second degree Third degree Lesson Seven: Intense Cold Exposure Frostbite Lesson Eight: Malaise Poison Illness Disease Lesson Nine: Pregnancy and Birth Pregnancy Birth Postpartum care Preventing premature birth/miscarriage Lesson Ten: Sedentary Afflictions Concussion Punctured lung Internal bleeding Lesson Eleven: Asphyxiation Hanging Smoke inhalation Drowning Herbalism May be taken in conjunction with Preliminary Care or the Path of the Healer, but is not compulsory. Recommended for those seeking to become an apothecary, druidic dedicants learning herblore, or avid gardeners. Lesson One: Familiarity Tools Herbs Reading material Lesson Two: Harvesting and Cultivation Tools Searching for wild herbs Harvesting Cultivation Preservation Lesson Three: Extracting Oils Lesson Four: Poultices and Fomentations Lesson Five: Salves/Ointments Lesson Six: Tinctures and Tonics Lesson Seven: Teas Lesson Eight: Narcotic Substances No payment is required, and all lessons are optional. In order to receive a letter of recommendation, however, all lessons within the acolyte’s chosen branch must be completed and a final examination passed. The letter may be used for future employment, acceptance into Serinwe's Hand, or as proof of learning for trials within other orders. Note: While the Institute of Healing is situated in Aegrothond, where only those of elven blood are able to reside, it accepts acolytes of all races. They are expected to respect the laws of the Principality, and remain in the clinic and adjacent facilities unless given express permission by a council member, or their teacher. The Institute reserves the right to decline acolytes for any reason. Positions Healer on High - Illynora Aureon Sylvaeri Teachers - Delmira Aureon Sylvaeri Eraami Aureon Reeyse Kythaela Sylvaeri Serinwe's Hand "Warriors take up bow and blade against the dangers of this world. Myself, I am armed with elixir and silver scalpel, warding off sickness and injury.” - The Tale of Serinwe, Part II in the Lay of Aegrothond Caring for the injured and ill requires a devoted mind and compassionate heart. Serinwe's Hand, named for Sylvaen's wife and the matriarch of the Almenodrim, is a company of healers based in Aegrothond. Their mission is to provide healing for those that need it most— often venturing beyond the bounds of the isle to foreign lands. Many remain on home soil, tending to the wounded in Aegrothond’s subterranean clinic. Entrance to Serinwe’s Hand may be permitted to those not living in Aegrothond, provided they consent to sharing academic findings with the rest of the Company. They may be called to assist in the aftermath of battles, and can in turn call for aid to their respective nations. All members of Serinwe’s Hand are bound by the three tenets of healing: Compassion, Respect, and Honesty. To enrol for the Institute of Healing, or gain entrance to Serinwe’s Hand, aspirants need only return a simple form. [!] A missive bearing this information is sent southwards, becoming deposited first in the snow flecked lands of the Empire before disappearing into the Fennic marches. Similarly, birds are sent to the eastern edges of the continent, where the dwarves of Agnarum sing hearty songs beneath the earth. With the birds, a generous parcel of enrolment forms is included— one such parcel able to be found in the Cloud Temple.
  14. For those that opened this forum post, expecting to read something good from me, don’t expect this story to have a sad ending. This story tells the ending of Jarsek Myrsta, the last of the Myrsta bloodline left alive to a curse that plagued them for centuries. From his beginnings as a soldier left in a war-torn world to the gruesome end that he faced in Haelunor, he lived from 1530 to 1703. There would be no grave to mark for him save for a lone sword that he came across some years ago, a blade that shined like fire in the sunlight. His gravestone was his blade, which he dubbed “Phoenix Blade,” and it would remain in Atlas forever more, to be hidden in the world and never to be found. Jarsek’s killer was someone that his grandson had close ties to, but no one would be remiss of the old soldier whose blood was cursed from the moment of his birth. Let us delve into the story of “The Darkest End” and see how Jarsek spent his last moments... ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories end with a dark note, but this story wasn’t one of them. It began when Jarsek was knocked out by Eros after fighting with a elfess, armed with nothing more than magic and a wand. He fell into the nightmare world once again where he saw his beloved grandson fight a daemon with the strange magic he had seen previously. The daemon was faster than his grandson, but Karren had tried to cast spells faster with the chance of burning up his cursed spirit which made Jarsek cry at the sight of how hard his grandson fought to stay alive. He screamed at the daemon as if he was beginning to succumb to the darkness within as the restraint was unlocked in this world, allowing him access to the magic within him. Jarsek would be casting spells towards the daemon to try and save his grandson, but each spell ended up fizzling as in life, he didn’t know much about magic at all. The daemon was winning against them both, and the struggle was enough to erupt Jarsek in a painful screeching that reverberated into the physical world as a ear-piercing scream. He wasn’t able to wake up from the nightmare since he was slipped a concentrated nightsap pill while unconscious, but he didn’t care anymore. He wanted to save his grandson, but what he did not realize was that his powers did not extend into the real world and only existed in this hellworld. This was when the daemon seized Karren and began to siphon his very soul away to the point that not even the aenguls could revive him. Upon seeing his grandson be seized and his essence siphoned away, he’d cry out to the daemon to take him instead. He wanted to sacrifice his very life for his grandson as he knew that the doors to the real world would be forever closed to him. The daemon agreed and feasted on his soul, erasing every trace of Jarsek from the world. Karren would cry out in pain as he saw his grandfather give up his life for him, but in the physical world, he died from massive injuries to his eyes and loss of blood... Illiran would feel as if he had succeeded in eliminating the Myrsta bloodline, which made him smile a bit. He suffered through that brat Karren and his impurity as well as killing off his grandfather with ease, but something else felt off about the whole ordeal. It seemed too easy to eliminate two members of a whole bloodline, but this would not perplex him as he wished to relish in his ill-gotten victory. Gywnevere, though while present, didn’t understand why that he had died. She also didn’t know why that she shed a tear for the fallen mali, but somehow, she knew that he had sacrificed himself to save someone he loved as a family. It would be one of either many or few good moments when someone died that she knew. Eros didn’t care in the slightest for the death of the mali as he considered him a mali’ata. Though Jarsek was dead, it did not mean that someone else would take up the mantle of learning about the darkness within the heart. Someone unknowing of the power of the Dark Heart, the Cursed Soul, the Fractured Mind and who would play his part to begin with a broken heart...
  15. [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard or found flying about in the wind. The Twentieth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! ~The Halflings enjoy their first Dunshire Drinking Night over 40 years ago!~ Twenty is a large number. Yet in spite of that largeness, we’re going to be celebrating the 20th Dunshire Drinking Night! Let us all drink and be merry! May the 20th Dunshire Drinking Night bring smiles to every face! Where: ’n Dunshire o’ course! D’ya think I’d be pulling your leg? When: Two months ‘er so from now, which is 2 days for ye Elves readin’ t’is ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 17th of February)) What will we be doin’?: Drinkin’ FREE BOOZE ‘n the Drunken Duck tavern! Directions to Dunshire: Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot, High Pumplar of Dunshire
  16. TheDragonsRoost

    The Darkness Within (Part 4)

    Previous Stories: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: We have reached Part 4 in this series, ending the first arc in the “Key to Oblivion” stories. Thank you for reading the storyline so far and I hope you enjoy “The Darkness Within,” the final story of the first arc. ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories don’t get to end with a joyous note. Others have far more twisted ends to them while the people are left with a sobering fact of life. We all can die and never come back. This was especially true to Karren Myrsta when his throat was slit back in the Druid Grove by Nivndil some years ago. He had left the world while the September Prince still roamed the land, terrorizing the population and leaving him with the sense of powerlessness that drove him to begging for death. Now, he resided in a world that offered no quarter with demons wishing to end his pathetic life so that he may never exist again. When his grandfather “dreamed” of seeing him as he was now, in the middle of transitioning into a beast of corruption and wielding dangerous magical power, he did not wish for him to see how far he had fallen and how close he was to turning into a being of pure hatred-tortured relentlessly by those that resided within the hellworld of The Pit. It was the one thing that he had wished to never lose-the good memories of him, tainted forever by how far that he had become-and the one thing that forced him to cling to dear life within this hellscape. To Jarsek, however, the sight of his grandson being a figure of pure heart and how he became something frightening was enough to break his very heart-shatter his core into millions of pieces. Ascended could not help him with this kind of problem as it affected him deeply to the point of wanting to die, but there was another force deeper within that fought to keep him alive. There was no other way for him to stay alive, broken as he was, besides taking up the darkness within his very being and letting it run free within him. Surging like wildfire and feeling cold to the touch, Jarsek would begin to learn about this driving force of Creation and even attempt to understand it through how it would react to certain situations, but however, something felt like it was being prevented from unleashing itself fully into his body, acting like a powerful restraint that would appear to be indestructible. Not a single clue on how to release that preventive restraint, Jarsek had only one option left to him at the time: begin to learn about the darkness within. This would motivate him into something that would either drive him into insanity or elevate him into power, depending on how fate had willed it. He wanted to know what this darkness was inside of him to the point of asking critical questions that would prove to be even more complex to answer as they simple to ask. “What is this feeling? Where did it come from? Is this part of our curse?” would three of the many questions that would plague his mind for years to come until he either gained a satisfactory answer or not. Critical questions that would endlessly plague him to the point that they would be burned forever to his core, questioning everything. Unbeknownst to even most High Elves, curiosity can be a powerful motivator for either the good or the bad choices made every second of every day, but Jarsek was the most afflicted in this case. Intelligent and witty, he would try his best to understand how this feeling within him worked and what it was truly... ~(+)=~=(+)~ While Jarsek had this feeling within him, something else was brewing in a currently unknown continent known as Arcas. Something that was not always so simple as the lands were brimming with life and suppressing that which was attuned to the darkness, keeping it in perpetual slumber. At least, for now...
  17. theldryn


    Would you guys be interested in gladiatorial kind of combat or perhaps full-blown tournaments, if I were to host it?
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    Blighted Sight (Part 3)

    Previous Stories: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179359-the-dream-part-1/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179386-cursed-bloodline-part-2/ ~(+)=~=(+)~ It doesn’t end. Ozais and Jarsek went into the town of Belvitz to find all the residents asleep, but strangely enough, Jarsek wasn’t feeling the darkness within him surge through his veins as it did the last time he was in the presence of his master. Even as his true name was called out, something lingered deep within his soul-eating away piece by piece of his ethereal light. He didn’t feel like something invaded his soul or was growing inside of it, but it felt hollow-empty from within. He didn’t wish to seek out the help of the Ascended, who might help him understand why his soul felt hollow inside, or seek any kind of magical attention due to the fact that Jarsek didn’t understand what was happening to him. Then he felt his mind slip, replaced with a dark hollowness that seemed to entrance him. Jarsek kept muttering how cold it felt, even though it wasn’t horribly cold in the town of Belvitz. This coldness radiated deep within his soul and if he was touched, his skin would’ve felt cold to the touch. It wasn’t any magic that affected him, unless you counted what has happened to him thus far. From the dream to the bloodline curse awakening deep within him, Jarsek has had an adventure that most people would try to back out of once they realized where the story was going. Unfortunately, Jarsek was not the type to back out and as a consequence, he would suffer great torment and pain from within. Merely half an hour passed before he regained his senses by Ozais slapping some sense back into him, but it was not without its cost. The bloodline curse took hold within his soul and then would spread to his body, slowly beginning to break it down and further exhaust the young high elf. Little did Jarsek know that some parts of his dream weren’t just symptoms of depression, but of something else. Something else that if awakened, would change Jarsek’s life forever. If people cared to notice his eyes, they could tell that the ambition had been reignited, but not in the way they would’ve expected. His eyes were carrying the Blighted Fire, a darkened flame that burned two types of colors: Black and Purple. The blighted fire wouldn’t mean much in the present time, but no one could predict what it would mean in the future.... A hollowed soul... A blighted fire, reignited... The pain of rememberance... Death of one they loved... A will, shattered by false hopes and dreams, turning to ill... Something was brewing deep within the high elf that would continue to fester until it either broke him or forced him to commit acts of impurity and murder. A hunger was beginning to take form within his soul that not even he could fight alone-a hunger that would become lethal. This was something else.... Something that can blight even the sharpest of sight and quench the fire within. There was an evil within that wanted free.....
  19. Manifest Destiny Chapter I: Tensions in disguise 2036 Years of unrest, economic destruction, and revolutionary prospects finally led to the most peaceful period in 17 years. People were beginning to look forward to the future once more as the prices of oil and food dropped from their outrageous prices thanks to the efforts of the Anterior coalition and the Pan-Pacific states. The swift recovery of America and removal of most their forces from foreign territory led to a power vacuum and eventually the most quiet period the middle east had seen in decades save for Iraq. As for the Mediterranean region, unprecedented recovery was happening now that the migrant crisis of 2010’s was finally subsiding as people began to settle down and rebuild. The African allied front’s efforts has led to the first reported overabundance of clean water throughout the nation and soon its shared throughout Africa, it’s a revolutionary year for the entire continent. The year 2036 begins peaceful and calm, for now. ===EVENTS=== The Yugo-Federation will accept all trade offers this year from its European brothers, it fully denies trade with the United African Front sparking some outcries from the larger tribes that inhabit it. It watches the Greek-Turk/Egypt war eagerly as hundreds of men are signing up in the event of escalation. News comes from the Latin Confederacy of multiple border incidents with its direct competitor, Brazil. The largest one of these left 37 dead as two villages from on the Peru-Brazil border went hot over deforestation in the region. The Anterior coalition brings yet another nation under its boot through ‘persuasion’. Iraq joins as its issues with Islamic terrorism and growing anarchy that had barely been avoided becomes too much to handle domestically. Swiftly over 50,000 infantry soldiers are deployed to assist the new member with Iraq becoming a border-line police state. A meteor makes it through the atmosphere but breaks up with one part landing in Greenland, the other in the center of the African Allied Front.
  20. TheDragonsRoost

    Cursed Bloodline (Part 2)

    Previous story: ~(+)=~=(+)~ I felt the darkness take hold when I stared into the eyes of my master Ozais, along with the insanity that strangely flowed into my inner darkness-fueling it. It felt replenishing for me to feel my blood grow cold with my darkness flowing through after decades of burying it deep within. The pain and suffering I went through.... I finally understood why I was a good soldier.... The Myrsta bloodline always had some kind of darkness within them, awaiting to be awakened. From their inception, each of those within the clan-either man or woman-felt their darkness be dormant within and the urge to try to coax it awake. Some of the Myrsta bloodline-like Karren prior to his death-had a greater urge to awake and sate their inner darkness while others-like Jarsek-did not have such powerful urges. It doesn’t take much for their darkness to be coaxed to the surface, however, because darkness can come in varying forms. From wishing to know or experience dark magic to even the simplest task of killing those either innocent or otherwise, those within the Myrsta clan can coax their darkness out to the surface, but with a severe cost of losing part of themselves to their dark depths. No magic can undo this, sadly, because it is a firm belief of those within the Myrsta bloodline that those who carry Myrsta blood-even changing their name would not work-within their veins are cursed to feel their inner darkness take hold and make them suffer in varying ways, though no one is sure just how many ways this darkness can make the person suffer. Shades cannot shade those within the Myrsta bloodline due to this belief, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to the dark thought. When Karren was still alive and wishing to be shaded by an old friend of his, the shade felt the darkness of their family curse and threatened to not shade the boy and his “split personality” if he continued to seek being shaded. What the shade did not realize at the time was that a single act of denying Karren that which he wished to have fueled his darkness even more, even to the point of fracturing the boy’s mind. When Ozais, Jarsek’s master, looked into his eyes, he found the darkness take root within his mind-fueled by the Graven’s Eye and coaxed into being. It turned him into a soldier of darkness, making him a Dark Phoenix. To those who are not aware, a Dark Phoenix is the physical form of a Myrsta fallen into darkness-never to be returned to the light. Madness and in the presence of a dark creature made Jarsek’s darkness truly come alive and nearly wipe away the man’s personality that he worked hard to create, but even the family curse could not completely change the person they once were. They couldn’t be returned to the light by any magical means, of course, but there are always pathways back to the light if needed. Though Jarsek now felt his curse take root, that did not alleviate his nightmares about his grandson. When Jarsek was shot and knocked out in Sutica, he was sent back into that hellworld of a nightmare. This time, there was endless screaming along with the ever-burning fire and brimstone accompanying the sight of the black armored figure. It was also different in the fact that the armored figure was turning to face him directly. The figure seemed to have black eyes within his helmet and at his side, the figure had a sheathed greatsword with some kind of magical symbols on the scabbard. Symbols that Jarsek did not understand. He looked to be the same height as Jarsek, but the black eyes within the helmet seemed to be soulless, unlike his master’s eyes. The figure would begin to speak in a gravelly voice to Jarsek... “Grandfather?” The figure would ask with a sad tone. “How can you be here?” “Karren? Is that you underneath all that armor?” Jarsek would ask his grandson, almost pleased to see him once again. “Yes, but you need to leave grandfather.” Karren would say with a small undertone of urgency. “If you stay here, you won’t be able to get back.” “Back?” Jarsek would ask Karren, confused as to what he means. “To Atlas. You aren’t done, not yet.” Karren replied, sounding a little joyous to see his grandfather. “Though I wish I could hug you, you need to wake up.” “Where are you, my grandson?” Jarsek would ask, shedding tears of both joy and sorrow. “Somewhere that only the dead can survive. Barely.” Karren would reply as he would withdraw his sword in preparation of a fight. “Now go!” Jarsek would want to reply with saying how much he loved him and how badly he wished he was there to save his poor grandson from the darkness, but it was when he heard his true name that he felt the chains of life begin to force him awake and suffer through the pain of being shot in the arm. His anger took root as he remembered where his grandson had been this time and that made his inner darkness grow even more within. He was not going to allow himself to fall into that darkness again.... He woke up in his room-hours later-as he didn’t sleep easily last night. He would have a long day ahead of him, but there was a lingering question in his head. Where would the dead survive barely and how can I get back there?
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    [DONE] Elf Skin (hair)

    Skin REQ I need a skin for my character (elf). For more details, contact me on discord (Bany#4241) . Remember what I will pay.
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    The Dream (Part 1)

    The dream happened again. Jarsek wasn’t sure as to why he had the dreams of his dead grandson Karren, but something felt strange down to his core. Each dream was the same every time he closed his eyes and let his exhaustion take over from the day’s events. These dreams fueled him every day, but the fuel was mortal and it ate away at his soul little by little as if they affected him on a much deeper scale than what any magic could do to him. To those he considered friends, he looked tired more and more with each passing day. His once-glowing ambition that burned within his steel gaze had grown dimmer and colder as his essence was being affected by this strange coldness he felt within. Within the privacy of his home, he had grown sad and his intense feeling of depression had begun to ravage through his veins-sometimes even attracting attention from the outside. Though no one could understand just how sad he truly was. How badly his grandson’s death-that happened years ago-affected him and how he bottled it up. This dream that kept cropping up in Jarsek’s nighttime slumber was not helping to please him, but it made him even sadder. The dream, from what Jarsek could remember, was what he wrote in a journal before he departed to Haelun’or: A dream of fire and brimstone. Jarsek would appear in a giant place full of fire and lava, full of creatures that he did not easily recognize and was scared of. To this warrior high elf, he wasn’t sure why that he dreamed of the place that Iblees would call home, but nonetheless he would try to force himself to wake up to no avail. He felt like the world was too hellish for his steel-like determination, but something kept urging him to try to survive the hellish world around him. With no other chance, Jarsek would try to follow the urge as if it was his only guide in this hell he found himself in. It would continue to go through the fire and brimstone landscape until he would wake up, drenched in sweat. The high elf would, each time before he would wake up, see a black armoured figure with the strength of a hundred men with some kind of spectral black aura. A pure black aura, blacker than any dark magic he knew. The dream, Jarsek would come to realize, was an omen. A powerful dark omen that would change his world forever...
  23. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON Issued and confirmed by his Imperial Highness, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Grand Knight of the Imperium Septimus, 8th of Harren's Folley, 1679. MISSION The Imperial Order of the Red Dragon acts as the most prestigious and lawfully powerful Knightly Order within the Imperium Septimus. Consisting of every sanctioned Knight within the Realm, the Order of the Red Dragon also acts as the largest and widespread Knightly order upon the continent of Atlas. Named after Godfrey the Great, the Red Dragon of Horen, the Order of the Red Dragon’s mission is simple: To uphold the tenets of the Empire and to enforce the will of the Emperor. ENLISTMENT It is required, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, that all Knights within the Imperium Septimus are to enlist within the Order of the Dragon. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order of the Dragon does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order of the Dragon serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to answer the call for rally when issued by the Emperor. As such, the Order of the Dragon has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Imperial territory. It is also noted that not all Knights are Nobles, yet all Nobles should seek Knighthood. THE KNIGHTLY CODE OF CHIVALRY ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be loyal to the Emperor both in thought and in practice. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall live by honour and for glory. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall guard the honour of fellow Knights. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times keep the faith, ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall serve his liege lord valorously and with conviction. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall persevere to the end in any quest begun. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never turn their back upon a foe. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall refrain from the wanton giving of offense. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never leave an insult left unanswered. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never refuse the challenge of a duel from an equal or superior. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall respect those placed in authority. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall abstain from deceit and treason. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never draw his blade upon a fellow Knight in unlawful combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be vigilant and show courage in the face of evil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times speak truly. THE PRIVILEGES OF KNIGHTHOOD ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to don the title of Ser. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the Emperor’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arrav Crypts. PATH TO KNIGHTHOOD Pagehood The path to Imperial Knighthood begins as the lowly page. Noble boys between the ages of seven and fourteen are inspected and chosen by Knights seeking squires. Pages attend to menial tasks, such as cleaning, messaging and otherwise serving their knight. In return, they receive an education from their knight in the form of basic combat training and courtly manners. Squirehood When a page reaches the age of Fourteen, he is elevated to the role of Squire following confirmation by the Grand Knight. Squires retain the important tasks of their past and adopt new, combat related ones, such as maintaining arms and armour, protecting the knight, and even fighting in formation. Older squires are given important duties to be carried out, and will eventually embark on their Errant quest, as prescribed by their local liege or Grand Knight, to showcase their knowledge of Knightly Custom and Virtue with the goal of eventually becoming a Knight of the Realm. Imperial Writ Should one enlist within a levy force or military order yet not hail from noble lineage, the acquirement of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Imperial Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serving within the Imperium, for often times men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Imperial Majesty shall issue an Imperial Writ, officiating the knighthood if a lowborn individual. DEGREES OF KNIGHTHOOD FIRST DEGREE - Knights Errant Knights Errant are the sons of Noblemen who seek to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are often times inexperienced, and thus they seek to learn and progress through action rather than study. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. SECOND DEGREE - Knights of the Realm Knights of the Realm are Knights Errant who have earned their Spurs of Knighthood and granted personal fief and form the bulk of the Knights in the Imperium Septimus. Henceforth, Knights of the Realm are obligated to defend their fief, the lands and the honor of the Imperium Septimus. Alternatively, upon the Knight’s choice, a Knight of the Realm may seek out service elsewhere in the Imperium under that of a Landed Noble with a hereditary title and often times hold administrative tasks within that Lord’s holding. Should no land be available for a Knight of the Realm within the Greater Empire, it is the duty of a Knight of the Realm to expand the Borders of the Empire and plant their banners upon contested territories. THIRD DEGREE - Adventuring Knights Adventuring Knights are Knights of the Realm who, despite being offered lands and titles, renounce both in order to journey to foreign lands in hopes of becoming worthy enough to become a Dragon Knight. Adventuring Knights focus on becoming worthy of the Fourth Degree of Knighthood, and thus they seek to perform good deeds, slay evil beings, engage in single combat honorably, or by displaying valour on the field of battle. FOURTH DEGREE - Imperial Dragon Knights Imperial Dragon Knights are the most powerful and revered individuals in all of the Imperium, if not the entire human world. They represent the fearsome might and power of Humanity and answer only to the Emperor himself. It is hard for anyone to match these living embodiments of warriorhood in combat or intellect, their enemies cut down in their droves by the righteous fury of their might, wit and loyalty to their Emperor. Each Imperial Dragon Knight directly serves the Emperor and takes over the duties of protecting the Imperial Family as well as acting as the Emperor’s personal retinue in combat. CENSUS OF IMPERIAL KNIGHTS Knights Errant Ser Landry of Cantel Ser Ithilian of Enthelor Ser Ajax II of Ironwood Ser Frederick Alexander of Baden Ser Philip de Honneur Ser Charles of Napier Ser Septimius Bracchus Ser Aldrick Wulff Ser Peytor of Vance, the Huntsman Knights of the Realm Ser Marek of Kastrovat Ser Roland of Castelo Adventuring Knights Imperial Dragon Knights Ser Frederick Pius of Horen, the Hellstrider Ser Brand von Denhardt, the Indomitable Ser Jan Sigmar von Alstreim, the Blood Raven Ser Carlovac of Kovachev, the Inventor The Rule of Pius Authored by Ser Pius Horen, the Hellstrider, 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1679. I. On the Conduct of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act as the Emperor’s personal enforcers when called upon. As such, Imperial Knights are DEPUTIZED unless blackmarked. Deputization ensures that all Knights of the Imperium Septima hold the right to act as Judge, Jury and even Executioner when upholding the Emperor’s Peace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to know how to address their peers, clergymen and local liege lords. Additionally, Imperial Knights are expected to act with honour, in tandem with the Chivalric Code, in any and all given circumstances. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to be in good fitness and health and ensure that their mental state is not impaired whilst in the Public Domain. As such, Imperial Knights are expected to refrain from becoming publicly intoxicated upon liquors, Uruk herbs or hallucinogens. II. On the Dress of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, are to remain armed and armored at all times whilst within the Public Domain. In tandem, Imperial Knights are afforded the right to don the colors and sigil of their House, Liege or Circle. To wear anything less is a sign of disgrace to the Emperor. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, whilst in armor, are expected to upkeep their spurs as to ensure that they remain in good quality. Imperial Knights shall refrain from wearing pointed sabatons, shoes and shoelaces as they indicate pagan tradition and beliefs. Additionally, whilst in battle, Imperial Knights are expected to equip helmets at all times as to ensure that one's pride does not result in premature death. Should a Knight be without an adequate suit of plate due to damage, it shall be provisioned unto him by the Grand Knight until it can be repaired. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, if physical labor is to be completed, shall not remove their armor in favor of wearing flexible materials; rather, Imperial Knights shall persevere and adapt to the constrictions of their armor. Should a Knight be so physically impaired as to conduct labor, they shall utilize partisans to complete it for them. III. On the Elderly, Ill and Infirm Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are above the age of Seventy shall be considered Elderly. Elderly Knights shall be afforded the option of continued servitude or retirement. Elderly Knights shall retain their titles even into retirement, as well as the benefits that the Order provisions unto them. Elderly Knights also shall receive a statue of their person within the Carolustadt Palace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are afflicted by viral pathogen or affliction shall be considered Ill. Ill Knights shall immediately be given leave ordered to remain within relative quarantine. Pathogens that result in illness are contagious and may threaten the lives of a Knight’s peer, and more importantly, the life of the Emperor. An Ill Knight shall remain in relative quarantine until deemed able and healthy by an Imperial Physician. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are physically unable to conduct their Knightly duties shall be considered Infirm. Infirm Knights, if permanently physically impaired as a result of combat, shall be permitted the option of retirement. In the case of the loss of limb, an infirm Knight is expected to acquire prosthetics and persevere through their disability. Infirm Knights, who are deemed infirm as a result of personal choice (laziness, stupidity, etcetera.), shall be blackmarked. IV. On the Completion of Knightly Quests Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall undertake a plethora of quests in order to increase their Degree of Knighthood. Quests are tasks and or missions prescribed by the Emperor, the Grand Knight, or other Feudal Lords. It should be the goal of every Knight to uptake quests for the sake of honour and glory. Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall receive accreditation for the completion of quests. Should an Imperial Knight wish to advance to a higher Degree of Knighthood, they may provide evidence of quest completion in order to elevate their status. It should be noted, however, that one does not require Quest accreditation if they are promoted via the Emperor himself. The First Degree of Knighthood requires ZERO Quest Credations. The Second Degree of Knighthood requires FOUR Quest Credations. The Third Degree of Knighthood requires SIX Quest Credations. The Fourth Degree requires TEN Quest Credations. V. On the Formation of Knightly Chapters and Circles The highest authority of Knights in the Imperium Septimus is his Imperial Majesty, and under him the Grand Knight of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. “Knightly Chapters” will be defined as an Organization of Knights operated by a single Master alongside a Uniform, Chivalric Code, and Holdings; Chapters tend to be formal. “Knightly Circles” will be defined as a loose group of Knights who, directly in association with the Order of the Red Dragon, conduct specialized tasks; Circles tend to be informal. “Formal” associations will be defined as associations of Knights with lawful jurisdiction in an area greater than their own holding. “Informal” associations will be defined as any other association, such as a gentlemen's club. Knightly Chapters beneath the Order of the Red Dragon shall be afforded the right to don separate Colours, Sigils and Rank Structure. Knightly Chapters may own multiple holdings, but individual knights in a Knightly Chapter shall be entitled to their own estates. Though each Chapter/Circle of Knights may have their own codes of conduct, all are subject to the rules and regulations of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. All associations of Knights - Chapters or Circles - Formal or Informal - shall be approved by the signature of the Emperor or the Grand Knight. VI. On the Blackmarking of Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act respectfully and within the Guidelines of the Order of the Red Dragon. However, time to time, some Imperial Knights will ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Empire. Therefor, misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent to be left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the Emperor and Grand Knight, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Imperial Knights are stripped of their Imperial regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Empire. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime. Knights of the Imperium Septum who been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are is to be stripped of their Knighthood via the “Chopping of the Spurs”, condemned, and banished from Imperial service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Imperium entirely, or even executed. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERWORK Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Knighted By: Moniker: Liege Lord: Lands: Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Coat of Arms: Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Liege Knight: Were you a Page?: Were you a Squire?: Reason for Knighting: Potential Liege Lord: Potential Lands: Petition to Form a Knightly Chapter/Circle Name of the Master: (If there is no one leader, leave this blank) Name of the Association: Formality of the Association: (Formal or Informal) Type of Association: (Chapter/Circle) Names of the Knights associated: (Minimum of Five Required) In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  24. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire Shogging Night! (19th Annual)

    [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Notice Board, or found flying about through the wind. Nineteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! ~A delivery of books to the Library on Melon Street~ The last two Dunshire Drinking Nights were amazing successes! Ne’er before have I seen so many halflings an’ bigguns ‘n Dunshire all drinking and laughing at once! Thus, we ought to have yet another one to keep this amazing streak going! Let us drink and shog once more! Contents: ~Time and other matters~ ~Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern!~ ~Shogging on Dunshire Lake!~ ~A message from the Thain~ ~Time and other matters~ ~How to get to Dunshire from the Cloud Temple~ Where: In Dunshire, the home of the halfling race! When: Close to the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginning of the next! ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 10th of February)) Who is invited?: Everyone who doesn’t cause trouble! ~Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern!~ ~The Drunken Duck Tavern is well stocked with booze!~ All of the booze will be 100% free! Drink as much of it as you can hold down! Here’s what we have in stock: ~Brandybuck Brandy: The oldest booze currently being served! Dates back quite a few centuries frem what we can tell! ~Applebrook Porter: The classic dark porter that’ll get your tastebuds tinglin’! ~Forest Ale: A simple ol’ ale brewed from simple ingredients found around Dunshire! ~Pumpkin Ale: Ale made from pumpkins, the recipe having been kept alive for generations ~Withfoot Hard Cider: A fermented apple juice that will sweeten your day! ~Bunny Beer: Beer made from carrots and melons, filled with plenty of hops that gives it its name! ~Spiked Eggnog: Sorry, we do not carry non-spiked eggnog for those too young to be drinkin’! ~Carrot Ale: Tastes like Carrots, Wheat, and more Carrots. A simple booze for a simple folk. ~Gin: Stolen Borrowed from the good bigguns at Belvitz. This one is sure to tickle your taste buds! ~Various boozes from Rosenyr: We got our hands on some fine wines and other drinks from those fancy talkin’ people, so if ye like that we’ll have some fer ye! ~Etc.... There will also be free food provided, to help wash down all of the drinks! ~Shogging on Dunshire Lake!~ ~The shogging that took place last Dunshire Drinking NIght!~ During the previous Dunshire Drinking Night, everybody started shogging after the pie-eating contest had been completed. It was such a blast that we shogged for a day and a half straight! Thus, I think we ought to do that again! The rules for Shogging: ~Two players with Shovels in hand and Pumpkins on their heads try to knock the other off of their log. ~Only wooden shovels may be used to knock opponents off! Anything else is too dangerous! ~No jumping between logs! ~No findin’ extra holes in your pumpkin’! ((don’t use third person)) ~First person to fall off loses the round. ~Best out of three wins! ~A message from the Thain!~ ”Rollo was here” -Rollo Applefoot, Thain of Dunshire. This ‘as been yer Dunshire Drinking Night awareness poster! Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot, High Pumplar of Dunshire [!] The poster ends with the Dunshire Rabbit, official seal of Dunshire.
  25. Riftblade

    Through the Autumn Woods

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vedran opened his eyes. He found himself not in the green forests within the boundaries of the Empire, but a forest that was somewhat different - albeit familiar to him. He looked to his, and looked to his right - he looked down, and he looked up. On every side of him, there were golden and orange leaved trees, as if wherever he was still was going through Fall when it instead was the Amber Cold last he remembered. Alas, the fellow’s sense of time was skewed from traveling away from the walls of Caroulstadt and to other realms, Seconds had passed, perhaps minutes had passed before Vedran realized where he was. A shiver ran down his spine as the realization hit him. It had been much time since he last traveled to this realm, for which he had no name. He knew very well what it was that lingered in these woods, and what lied past the reaches of the golden forest. He reached into the satchel that hung from his belt, grasping one of the many objects that lied within, and out from it, he pulled a feather - a feather that had an amethyst hue to it. He could’ve sworn that the feather glowed so very faintly, though perhaps it was his mind playing tricks on him. He slid the strange feather back into his satchel. He looked around once more, seeing a stream that was further up ahead. Slowly he approached the stream, passing by several similar-looking trees. As he neared the stream, Vedran felt an odd sensation - a sensation that was like a buzzing of sorts, not like that of a bee or a wasp, but that of electricity. Apprehensively he took a few steps away from the water that ran along a natural pathway of pebbles and stones, turning around soon afterward, and hurrying off in the opposite direction. He ran for what may have only been two minutes, perhaps five minutes, maybe even a dozen minutes. However long it was that the brown-haired fellow ran, eventually he came to a stop, lowering himself near the roots of one of the golden trees littered throughout the Autumn forest. He cursed under his breath, cursing himself in particular. “What is there to fear?” He quietly asked himself. “There’s nothing to fear. You’re imagining things!” He said to himself, attempting to talk himself out of his paranoia. Though it was futile, his paranoia still got the best of him, as it did every time before whenever he ventured to this unusual realm. All he could think of was the vague figure of the creature that lingered in the woods he just so happened to be in. He had no idea what the creature was, he returned to where he originally was before the beast could confront him. All he could tell was that the creature had something to do with that which laid beyond the golden forest. The same sense of dread he felt when he first saw the jagged, scarred, and floating landscape was what he felt every time he caught sight of the beast. Vedran was absolutely certain there was a connection between the two, and that it wasn’t a simple coincidence. Yet he wished that he’d thought it was a coincidence, he wished that he wasn’t absolutely sure that there was a connection, most importantly he wished he wasn’t here to begin with. Alas, that last bit was entirely his fault - and he knew it. But curiosity got the best of him, and he hoped the curiosity wouldn’t kill him as it killed the cat. It was on that thought, that he heard rustling from behind him. He froze, the fellow paralyzed by fear. He didn’t need to look over his shoulder to know what it was - the same buzzing sensation was felt, almost numbing. He steadily paced toward the tree before him, not daring to look over his shoulder. Perhaps it was by sheer luck that he managed to walk all the way to the tree, and then walk behind it. Perhaps it was because the beast bore no interest in him, for the time being at least. Vedran hid himself behind the trunk of the golden-leaved tree, reaching for the stock of the crossbow that was slung over his shoulder and rested upon his back. One gloved hand gripped the crossbow’s wooden stock, the other hand grabbed the leather-sling attached to the weapon. He pulled the crossbow up and over his head and shoulders, lowered the weapon, and rested the front end of it against the forest floor that was covered in leaves possessing various hues of yellow. He thought to himself, “Should I?” Followed up by another question, “Could I?” Finally followed up with another question, “Would I?“ He had his answer. Vedran’s right hand moved toward the crossbow’s bowstring, his index-finger curling around the tough string. He slid one of his feet into the stirrup attached to the crossbow’s front end, he then started pulling the bowstring up, locking it into place once it was pulled back far enough. The sound of rustling continued behind the tree, and a bead of sweat ran down the fellow’s forehead. He moved his right hand away from the bowstring, and moved it toward the quiver that hung from his belt, his index finger and thumb pressing against the end of a quarrel’s end. Out from the quiver he pulled the Aurum-tipped bolt, then slid it into the crossbow’s groove. He murmured a prayer to Exalted Godfrey in hopes he’d make it out of this alive. He lifted the crossbow up so the haft of the quarrel was level with his eyes, his index-finger hovered over the crossbow’s trigger. Vedran stepped out from the cover of the tree, turning to face the beast that haunted his dreams for so long. There the beast was, only a stone’s toss away from him, its blackened eyes staring straight at him. The golden arrowhead pointed at the creature’s skull, which was adorned in several horns that either curled or pointed straight toward the foliage up above. Vedran gulped. The beast dug its heels into the ground. Vedran’s index finger neared even closer to the trigger, only mere millimeters away. The beast lurched forward and toward him. Vedran pulled the trigger. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~