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Found 337 results

  1. TheNanMan2000

    Challenge for Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil

    A New Challenger Approaches From deep within the Desert North of plundered Krugmar, a Challenger marches the waves of sand and sharp effaces of stone. A black furred Demigryph, decorated with scars from past hunts, with a brown skinned and equally scarred rider atop, wielding his famous Poleaxe. Beside him are his loyal Clansmen, Shakul’Gorkil, ex-Rex of Krugmar and devout follower of Azog, greatest Blacksmith and 2rd born son of Gorkil. Another, Nazark’Gorkil, a long-standing Farseer of the Clan who’s knowledge keeps us standing. Then is Skorkon’Gorkil, a past Ugluk, riding his own Ugluk Bull as a monument to his past Clan, dedicated to the 3nd born son of Gorkil, Ugluk the renown Warrior. So is Rokag’Gorkil, a Lutauman under the famed Falum’Lur and an Orc who’s legend is still in the making. The group of Orcs, bound by blood and the steeped history of Clan Gorkil, pass Krugmar’s battered walls and ransacked buildings on their march to Fort Stronk, it’s grim display a reminder as to the adversity Orc-kin face, and the result of falling to it’s foes. Such a fall shall not be permitted, an oath whispered by Murak, although fully knowing his Ancestors and the Spirits were listening. Finally reaching Fort Stronk, standing tall as a bastion of Orc-kind’s final stand and surrounded by the ocean, the group of Gorkils march through the camp and into the keep, declaring infront of all Orcs present “Ay am Mûrak'Gorkil, pazt Waghchief ov Klan Gorkil, loyal bruddah ov Waghgoff agh Targoff Vorgak’Gorkil agh pazt Waghgoff, agh Rex, Shakul’Gorkil, now Waghgoff ov Klan Gorkil, challungez all whu zeek dah title ov Rex to ah azh on azh, unarmed klomp in Zan’Khatun, dah Goi in dah Dezert!”
  2. GrimBeard

    1912; The Great War

    1912 And the countdown begins. 10! The residents of New York City scream. As the countdown continues, the last visage of absolute history as we know it also reaches it's end. 1! they scream and couples kiss and children scream. It is a new year, 1912! The past year had been difficult, and shown a lot of change. The Ottomans have lost their Libyan colony, and a lot of Balkan land. The German and English naval race continues. However it's becoming apparent an arms race on the continent is brewing. Russia and France in their alliance seek to out produce/compete German arms. The balkans are a powder keg, with a furious Bulgaria, and a emboldened Serbia. Russia has it's own personal problems, but is a growing economy. Germany is terrified, by even 1920 Russian rail roads could rival their own. The U.S is a fledgling state, dealing with what seems to be a massive problem. Every year more and more Mexican banditos raid U.S land in Texas. The army is left dumfounded, unable to hunt them down. Japan sees a rising wave of imperialism, they were now a great power. Russia remembers with fear, as they watch China practically collapse. History up until the point of 1912 is exactly the same. The same people, alliances, and policy. However this will start to change very slowly. A butterfly beats it's wings, and the ripple spreads. The further we deviate from the modern timeline, the more outlandish nations will act. For now though most act the way they always have. But small changes are slowly seeping through, and 1912 is a perfect year to show that. Expectations for post; I expect some pretty flashy post. This is the pre ww1 era after all! Imperialism and Nationalism is at an all time high. People are pioneering new fields, and art/photography enters a whole new stage. Your post don't have to be massive. But I expect at least a few paragraphs and photos to really capture a feel for your nation in this current era. ALWAYS have an 'Actions' tab at the end of your post. This will summarize everything you have done in the Half Year turns. It is there I will respond accordingly. Expect some harsh reprisals and things to not always work out! Things not listed in the actions tab will be ignored and considered moot. Taken Nations U.K Germany U.S Spain France Japan China Austria Ottomans Russia You may still apply for other nations!
  3. Nonival


    The Encounter Aldonza Castelo takes a tentative sip of the wine, eyes glimmering in delight as the decadent liquid passes her lips. The woman leans back in her chair, swirling the wine as she looks up towards the evening sky, “Ah, yes. The story of my scar.” Her gaze drops back to the inquisitor. “I suppose it all began with a Grand Marshal and the King’s quest.” This was no simple errant quest. The far Southern reaches of Atlas is a cold and unforgiving wasteland of death. It is far too easy for the common man to fall prey to frostbite, starvation, or worse. However, if the King wanted the Southern region of Atlas mapped, then by the Seven Skies Roland Castelo would see it done. Four other brave souls would come to accompany him on this endeavour. The Sergeants Aldonza Cervantes and Vittore Stefano Volaire- both seasoned warriors of the Legion- help form the backbone of the group. Then, of course, there was the recruit. Bringing Jack along was clearly a mistake, but this was merely a mapping expedition and there were other soldiers of experience to call upon if necessary. The final member of the team would be a man by the name of Louis. A scholar of questionable scholarly attributes that was itching for a bit of adventure. Unbeknownst to them just what fate had in store, the five packed their bags and headed off towards the snowy mountains. The sky would soon grow dark as skies often do and crystal-esque snowflakes began to fall softly about the travelers. Five weary travellers came to a halt in a field of white. For you who might never have dared the forbidding Southern reaches, night is not a pleasant time to traverse the land. Three stayed behind to prepare tents and the yearned for embrace of a fire while the Sergeants split off, moving several yards out in separate directions to scout the region they had settled. Sergeant Aldonza was the first to return followed shortly by Sergeant Vittore. Each soldier announced their own discovery of ruins and edifices to the Grand Marshal. Over the crest of a small hill a few mere steps away, the other two followed the Cervantes to her findings. The ruins of a wall connecting two snowy hilltops loomed over them, too refined to be that of the ice wall that keeps the people of Atlas confined to that which they call home. Not to mention that this particular wall had a sizable archway within the center of it, guarded by cracking statues taller than any uruk could hope to stand. These desolate ruins posed no foreseeable threat, so a mark on the map and promises to return to investigate in the sun’s light were made as the group continued on to what the Sergeant Vittore had observed. Trudging over the flurry brushed hills- struggling to maintain their balance with the sporadic trembles of the ground- the trio came in sight of a Keep. Hopeful walls glowing of candlelight stood firm, beckoning to the soldiers. The remaining comrades were quickly summoned from the camp and together they all stood before the closed gates of solace. Their calls for the master of the house- or anyone willing to open its gates- were answered only by their own voices, echoing into the night. The darkness of forsaken hope cast its veil upon the union. Biting cold kissed them with icy lips and the wind seemed to howl only louder. It was nay over for the group, but the thought of returning to their little fire when compared to the comfort of shielding walls and warm food wrought everything in despair. Even the faint trembles of the ground seemed to grow in strength and number. For so they did. The howls of the wind were mere whispers in light of the thundering roar that made even the gargoyles adorning the Keep tremble at its might. A new chill- that which had little to do with the snow and wind- passed over our heroes. Five travellers of forgotten weary plow onwards through the snow, further up the mountainside to a surface of stone. The foundation of some structure lost to time. Moonlight glistens off soldiers’ blades and arrow tips alike as suspense plays its cruel tricks, catching breaths and warping time to a dreamlike halt. Even the gale waits silently, reverently, for the beast to make its debut. Now matter how the wind blows, the mountain does not bow before it- so say some. But this creature of fury and frost makes trembling cowards of the mountains. Thump. Thump. Thump. The sounds of night and rumbling ground applaud the warrior of the Southern reaches. Its icy gaze, peering around a snow-capped mountain peak, strike the group unlike any sword. This creature was surely one of the Seven Skies. Scales formed of the stars themself glisten. And from the wyvern of ice and frost so booms its powerful roar. “To arms! Stand your ground!” The voice of the Grand Marshal battles for dominance over the beast’s. Two arrows whistle through the air, each meeting its mark. Bows hold favor over the sword wielders as the creature pushes up into the sky. For a moment, the language barrier between man and wyvern is undistinguishable. All its rage is encompassed in a powerful breath of ice and wind. Those with shields raise them high before their comrades as more arrows are knocked at the ready by those with a bow to release them. These weapons of war are but toys to the beast. It’s roar replicates that of a merciless laugh as it swoops forward, claws outstretched to ****** up its nearest prey. Soldiers leap into action to no avail. Sergeant Vittore is raised briefly into the night sky for a mere few feet before the creature loses hold on its stubborn victim. Nonetheless, he is momentarily left winded by the cracked stone that greets him. The notion that the layer of ice protecting the wyvern is impenetrable begins to settle in their mind. Their arrows are practically useless against its natural shield. Fear shrouds them for but a moment when the Grand Marshal calls out once more “Down the mountain men and to the North!” Without question, the group hastens down the mountainside. Though they run in fear, do not take this act in cowardice. Soldiers and scholar alike career onwards to an awaiting forest. Snow begrudgingly gives way to forest floor, leaving frosted puddles here and there. Within the woods embrace, the five each take to the cover of a tree and await the approach of their predator. It’s cry announces its presence before the shaking of the ground as it lands ever could. The soldiers whirl around from behind the decent safety of their respective trees all at once. Arrows are knocked into place once more by Sergeant Vittore and Footman Jack as the other two soldiers begin their charge unto the beast. The Sergeant Aldonza fuels her charge with a mighty warcry only to receive a roar in return. The barrier of tongues is meaningless once more as the two foes cry out to one another, each one mightier than the last. Before any real winner can be determined, blades and arrows descend at once upon the beast. The weapon that were once useless strike the beast, its armor of ice melting away in the warmer air of the woods. Blood and sweat taints the air. The moon casts shadows of the battle upon the trees- the sole audience to the scene. Man and beast alike stir up the mud of the earth in their struggle. Blade and arrow upon scales. Claws and icy breath upon shield and armor. With a sickening squelch, the Grand Marshal’s blade is thrust into his foe once more in a substantial blow. The wyvern launches into the sky with a cry of agony, the action ripping the weapon from the officer’s grasp. Sergeant Aldonza is quick enough to leap back as their foe quickly descends, but the same cannot be said for the Castelo soldier. Five yells of varying intensity ring out. Bows are replaced in haste with swords and two sergeants, a recruit, and a scholar move with newfound rage to the aid of their Grand Marshal. Its victim still mangled beneath its claws, the wyvern spreads the once beautiful wings of icy crystals out. The air whistles from the sheer force of the motion as its wings arc forward, dangerously sharp claws upon each like that of a bats reaching to strike at its oncoming enemies. Another powerful blow is delivered, a claw catching the face of Sergeant Aldonza- the wyvern’s nearest opponent. The woman is sent flying back, leaving the remaining three to see a losing battle won. But their wrath holds no meaning to the foe, satisfied with the chaos it has wrought. The magnificent creature takes to the sky. And so the wyvern flies off, tracing its path of flight in a trail of blood. The trees look upon what remains of the group mercilessly. Two soldiers kneel beside their officer, looking unto the lethal damage done as the scholar moves to see to the wounds of the Cervantes. “Help the Grand Marshal,” the woman pushes Louis away, crawling forward towards the others as one hand clutched to the blood that pools from her face. It is evident that time will not be kind unto our five hopeless heros. Roland does no more than groan as the life slips from his weary form. Aldonza clutches the wound dealt to her face, pleading for someone to save him, damnit! Vittore looks over the wounds of his fallen friend and leader with a hopeless stare. Louis digs through what little supplies they still had on them in a desperate attempts to find something of medical value. Jack goes back and forth between Louis and Roland, as unsure as the rest of them as what was left to be done. And all of them slowly feel the weight of the night’s battle and the wretched nightmare they bore witness to bear down upon their shoulders. Aye, the story could end here. You who comes to know of this forlorn tale must surely now weep for our fallen heroes. But do not let yourself despair, for the trees themselves must have whispered of their state to passing wanderers. Three beings emerge from the foliage, surely Aenguls come to lift their sorrows and heal their wounds. And they do. One of the three embodiments of hope steps forth, enacting miracles of medicine unto the wounded soldiers. The three beings leave almost as quickly as they came, leaving no more than whispered words of advice and healing wounds. Those of us the wiser know the trio to nay truly be Aenguls, but for such light to pierce the veil of despair, they may have as well been. Five comrades sit in the woods. A Grand Marshal, two Sergeants, a recruit, and a scholar. Tonight they rest and give thanks for their life’s. But the time may come- the time will come- when five comrades seek out their foe once more. ((A few quick notes! This story is based an actual event that occured within LOTC. A huge thanks to Unwillingly who was the ET member who ran the event and later on also ran the revenge event. Also a huge thanks to Zac Clay who happened to have been streaming LOTC at the time and dropped by to stream a bit of the tail end of this event. And of course, a huge thanks to all those that were participants in the event and got to experience this with me! This forum post has been a long time coming and I’m really glad to be able to have finally finished this so that I might share it with all of you. Please let me know if you would like me to write a part two for this that entails the revenge story.)
  4. NotEvilAtAll

    A Festival of the Applefoot Halflings!

    A Festival of the Applefoots! ~Dunshire as seen by the songbirds~ When Dunshire was a much younger village, and the halfling race less established there, Madeline and Harold Applefoot brought life into the village by planning a massive party. This party, called the Party of the Applefoots, started the annual parties and festivals that Dunshire has been known for, and drew in lost halflings from all across Atlas. In honor of this original Party, I say it is time for us to hold another one, hosted by the Applefoot family just as the original! ~Content~ ~Shogging, Drinking, and Darts! ((3.00-3.40 PM)) ~A massive Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest! ((3.40-4:30 PM)) ~Feasting in the Applefoot burrow after the Truffle Hunt is done! ((4:30-5:00 PM)) ~Time and other matters~ ~Time: Close to the end of the old Elven Year and the beginning of the next, but after one cycle of that has already passed ((3-5 PM EST, December 16th, next Sunday)) ~Location: Dunshire village, of course! ~Who is invited: Everyone is! Shogging, Drinking, and Darts Same as normal! There are many different boozes to choose from in Dunshire, all of which are well stocked! There’s a dartboard in both the Drunken Duck Inn and one closer to the Shogging logs, and the Shogging logs can be found in Dunshire Lake! Rules for the dartboard: 1-3 Miss 4-8 10 points 9-13 20 points 14-17 30 points 18-19 40 points 20 50 POINTS! 3 throws per player, and the player with the most points in the end wins! Rules for Shogging: -The goal of the game is to knock your opponent off of their log with a shovel -You must wear a pumpkin on your head while playing -You are not allowed to hop between the logs -Best out of three wins! A massive Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest! Dunshire Forest (The forest that surrounds Dunshire) contains many truffles ripe for the picking! Bring your own dogs/hogs to hunt for them if you wish! ((This, but in Dunshire and not Belvitz: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174539-event-idea-truffle-hunt/?tab=comments#comment-1643958 )) Feasting in the Applefoot Burrow after the Truffle Hunt is done! After all of this is said and done, we’ll gather together to feast in one of Dunshire’s most cozy burrows! Hopefully we’ll consume all of the remaining food and drink and have a splendid time! Long Live Dunshire! Lord Knox bless us all! -Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline Applefoot and High Pumplar of Dunshire
  5. NotEvilAtAll

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    ~The Great Applefoot Family~ The Applefoots are one of the newest families of halflings, having been formed by a merger between the Applebrook and Withfoot families when Madeline Applebrook and Harold Withfoot got married (becoming Madeline Applefoot and Harold Applefoot respectively) . The Applefoot family has provided the halflings with great leadership figures from the moment it was created, and it is claimed that the village can never go wrong with an Applefoot in charge, although that claim is still debated. ~The Applefoot Culture and Tradition~ The Applefoots are a simple folk, following all the cultural traditions of the halflings such as not wearing shoes, not using weapons, and not using minas (Mostly). On top of this, Applefoots usually drink to excess whenever possible, and are not ones to back down from a shogging match. From the Applebrook side of the family comes a deep love of orcharding, farming, brewing, and cooking, and from the Withfoot side of the family comes a love of chopping trees, smoking, and eating. With all of these tendencies, the Applefoots are both the ultimate producers of farm goods and the ultimate consumers. Due to this, it is rare to see an Applefoot without food in their hands. ~The Look of the Applefoot~ With a smidge of Dwarven genes coming from Harold Withfoot, the Applefoots stand a bit taller than most other halflings. In weight, however, the Applefoots are slightly less than the average, since the Applebrooks were well known for being slim around the waist. Their eyes are usually blue to blueish green, and their hair is either red or reddish brown. ~Applefoot Religion~ As for Religion, the Applefoots are a varied bunch. Harold Applefoot, the father of the Applefoot family, is a well-known Druid and worshipper of the Aspects, whereas his wife was a devout Knoxist for all her life. Daisy Applefoot worships the Harvest Spirits, whereas her sisters and brother are all Knoxists as well. There is no one religion of the Applefoots, and it's likely it will remain that way for centuries. ~Family Recipes~ Since all the old Applebrook and Withfoot recipes have been passed down to the Applefoot family, the Applefoots have a wide variety of foods and boozes to choose from. Here are a few Applebrook Porter: a booze produced with a secret ingredient that only the Applefoots know. It tastes deep and rich, and is very alcoholic. Withfoot Cider: an all around good cider to drink, produced from only the finest apples and a few other ingredients that are also heavily guarded secrets of the Applefoot family. The Applefoot Haggis: Produced by Madeline Applefoot, this haggis was a true masterpiece and can only be made by some of the top chefs in the world. While its recipe is not a secret, it is said that only an Applefoot can produce the haggis the way it was meant to be made. Pipes & Pipeweed: From the Withfoot side of the family came a vast knowledge of pipes and pipeweed. The majority of the halflings' pipeweed comes from the Applefoots, and the Applefoots also make most of the pipes they are smoked in. ~Family Heirlooms~ The Applefoots have few heirlooms to their name, sadly. The few that they do have are shrouded in mystery, dirt, or both. These Heirlooms await the day that they are discovered once more. Madeline's Cherry-wood Pipe: Said to be the best pipe ever made, this cherry-wood pipe produced the best smoke-rings, smoke-squares, and smoke-ovals ever seen. When Madeline died, her pipe was lost, presumably dropped into somewhere around the village of Dunshire, where it waits to be uncovered to this day. The Arcane Pumpkin: This Pumpkin was plucked straight out of the depths of the darkest, coldest, and perilous place in Axios by the ex-Elder Gerald. When Gerald died, the Pumpkin technically should've passed on to his close friend and associate, Merridolph Applebrook, who technically is a part of the Applefoot family ever since the two were merged. Since Merridolph Applebrook is dead and the Pumpkin was stolen, the Arcane Pumpkin's location is completely unknown. It may never be found again, but if it is, it would change halfling life forever. ~Current and Deceased family members~ Merridolph Applebrook, great uncle - DECEASED Harold Applefoot, grandfather - ALIVE Madeline Applefoot, grandmother - DECEASED Merry Applefoot, son of Madeline - DECEASED Carolina Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - MISSING Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline- ALIVE Unnamed twin of Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - ALIVE ((not played)) Rollo Applefoot, husband of Daisy- ALIVE Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE Unnamed twin of Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE ((not played)) Unnamed, son of Daisy – ALIVE ((reserved)) ~How to play an Applefoot~ Just message me or @dkink14 on the forums, and we'll be with you shortly! Alternatively, you can ping our Discords, which are NotEvilAtAll#2321 and dkink14#7136 respectively. Happy travels!
  6. Riftblade

    Shattered Hills

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Where am I?” Thought the brown-haired youth as he opened his eyes. Before him was a vast forest filled with grand trees sporting yellow, orange, and green leaves and beams of sunlight passing through gaps in the forest’s canopy. “The Loftywoods?” He murmured to himself, taking a few steps forward as he looked at one tree and another. He’d never been to the Loftywoods, nor had he ever ventured to a forest where he could only assume the pointy-eared folks lived, so it was a guess for him. All he remembered prior to somehow appearing in this foreign forest was that he sat down on his bunk, his head aching annoyingly after he’d read some strange book. “Maybe it has to do with me not being able to read all that well?” Once more the youth thought, mumbling to himself about how his father should’ve taught him how to read. Alas, his father had difficulty reading as well. So the fellow stopped thinking about his lack of an education and started thinking about where he was once again. He walked up to one tree and tapped it a few times with his knuckles. “Seems like a regular tree.” He said to himself, tapping the tree a few more times just to be sure. It certainly was a regular, plain tree from what he could tell. He heard chirping from up above, and so he looked up. On the branches of one of the yellow-leaved trees was a small bird which had the most vibrant feathers, feathers that were lilac, lavender, and violet. It was the most lovely bird the fellow had seen, yet something seemed off about it - something that seemed insignificant yet so abnormal. Vedran tilted his head to the left, squinting at the purple feathered bird. The bird’s eyes looked as if they were glowing. The youth brought both his hands up and rubbed his eyes, the bird no longer was there. “Strange. Maybe I’m dreaming? Eh, probably a dream.” He murmured to himself as he took a few steps away from the tree. The fellow then heard something strange. It sounded like a crackling fire pit - No, it sounded like crashing waves - It wasn’t that either, what was it? He slowly turned around to, curious as to what the source of the sound was. What he saw was something he couldn’t even have dreamt of. Before him now was a cliff face with jagged stone jutting outward all across its surface. The stone had a dark purple hue to it, glowing veins that flowed across the face of the cliff emitted a subtle amethyst-hued light, sparks here and there as well. Shattered fragments of rock and stone were floating in the air, idly and slowly revolving. Geysers of luminescent light shot out from the cracked ground in front of the cliff face. The place resonated with an inexplicable power, and the very feeling made the youth nauseous - he felt as though he could vomit at any moment. Whatever it was, he didn’t like it a single bit. Vedran took several steps away from the cliff face, he turned away from the unnatural formation and ran further into the forest. He ran until he no longer had any breath, he was scared and confused from what he had seen. He stopped at a creek to catch his breath, he sat down and pressed his back against a nearby tree, struggling for air. There he sat for what seemed to be several minutes, resting the back of his head against the tree’s trunk and looking up at the multi-colored canopy of the quiet forest. He looked to his left, then to his right - where he saw a purple feather on the ground. He was hesitant for a few seconds, though he then plucked the feather off the ground and slid it into his bag. The youth heard rustling somewhere across the stream. Slowly he came to a stand, his back still pressed against the tree. “A deer?” He said to himself, squinting at the vague figure of the creature that he saw. As the creature’s figure became clearer, he thought it was a horse, but it couldn’t have been a horse. A terrible sense of fear struck him, he closed his eyes and started praying to all the Saints he knew. Something seemed strange, no longer did he hear the swaying of leaves and branches, the stream’s water rocking over rocks, and the rustling on the other side of the creek. He opened his eyes and found himself where he was before - on his bunk. “By Owyn!” He exclaimed, pressing his hands against his face. He rubbed his eyes to make sure if he truly was back in his room on the ship. He lowered both his hands, staring blankly at the wooden wall ahead of him for some time. His gaze fell down on the bag at his side and reached into it. He pulled out the same purple feather that he plucked off the forest’s ground. He stared at the feather for a few seconds. Vedran then screamed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. KLAGENFURT https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bM5RvV0ZGvaSJa_zSWb7TdV6uOsKxEbZjPtbwVvG1b4/edit?usp=sharing See the above link for information. Introduction For the first time in one hundred and thirty years, the King of Klagenfurt has left not only a sole heir, but one that is not of age to rule the kingdom. As the Kingdom follows a strict rule of male inheritance, the late King Antonio III Di Scema has left his court to rule the realm. The Court, consisting of the nine Dukes of the realm, rule in the crown’s name until five year-old Thomas II Di Scema will be fit to rule at the age of six-teen. https://imgur.com/a/6Ex7cD1 Geography Each hexagon represents 45 km² of land. The Kingdom of Klagenfurt is not only a political entity, but also a drainage basin. The two major rivers, the Ancre in the west and river Selle in the east feed down into the sea of Balaton in the centre of the region. The Kingdom is bordered to the north by the Alps, the Kingdom of Styria to the west, and the Kingdom of Maribor to the east. Within the Kingdom lies several distinct regions. To the north-west is the remote and fertile Tiber pass, which leads down into the western urban farming region of Klagenfurt. South of that lies the Durrus, a plains and farming region known to cattle herders and centred around a large hilly forest, known for it’s fine gems. East of the Durrus lies a large resource-rich island, Koper Isle. To the north of Koper isle are the central highlands and the tributaries to the river Selle. These places west of the river Selle are considered to be the more populous and urban. To the east lie the poorer Dutchies in the Kingdom. Largely hilly in the centre, it is bordered to the east by the large forest of Oryol which dominates the lumber and meat trade. Further south lies a flat plain ruled by Dukes known as the, “Marsh Dukes”. Although poor, on average the mineral wealth of the region is considered higher than that of the west. Background Note that the Archbishopric of Klagenfurt and Crown Cities are not in red. The Kingdom of Klagenfurt originates from the Styrian Prince Rupert who conquered the region in 1157. Prince Rupert I founded the city of Klagenfurt, declaring it his capital. Since then, the kingdom has grown two-fold in the east under the kings Rupert II, and Antonio I. During the early days of the Kingdom, aristocrats from Styria were invited to rule the land. The impact on the local culture is significant in the fertile west with many adopting Styrian customs, and the Styrian language becoming that of the aristocracy. However, in the eastern highlands, the influence has been minimal as local culture has become more detached from that of the west. In more recent times, a bourgeois class has emerged in the cities after the Great Plague ravaged the country in 1376, only four years ago. The former king, Antonio III Di Scemo died from this disease, along with his five brothers, leaving only his wife and son to his name. Player Information Pink Population 50 000 Duke(32), Duchess(31), Son(16)[Unmarried], Son(15), Sister(27), Uncle(48), Aunt(44) Purple Population 110 000 Duke(45), Duchess(39), Son(29)[Son(14), Daughter(12)], Son(20), Son(19), Daughter(13), Brother(39), Sister(43), Sister(40) Blue Population 270 000 Duke(16), Duchess(16), Son(0), Brother(12), Sister(13), Sister(14), Sister(10), Uncle(23), Aunt(33), Aunt(32) Red Population 300 000 Duke(26), Duchess(26), Son(10), Son(9), Daughter(8), Daughter(7), Uncle(44), Father(42), Mother(42) Green Population 200 000 Duke(38), Duchess(33), Son(24)[Wife(22), Son(6), Son(4)], Daughter(18), Daughter(15), Mother(54) Brown Population 60 000 Duke(29), Duchess(30), Son(13), Daughter(9), Daughter(5), Father(50) Olive Population 85 000 Duke(33), Duchess(29), Son(17)[Wife(17), Daughter(1)], Son(10), Daughter(16), Daughter(9) Dark Purple Population 90 000 Duke(20), Duchess(19), Daughter(4), Mother(37) Orange Population 140 000 Duke(63), Duchess(56), Son(47)[Wife(46), Son(30), Son(25), Daughter(20)], Son(40) Daughter(40), Daughter(35), Brother(44) Crown Lands (Mod) Population 525 000 King Thomas II Di Scema (5), Queen Theodora Pathakos (22) Church Lands (Mod) Population 170 000 Pope: Pius II (54) Rules & Guidelines Each turn represents one year. Taxes are collected annually. The Church and Clergy are exempt from taxation. Actions are to be declared on the RP thread Population growth, taxes, action results, etc. are tracked in an annual report. Secret actions should be thoroughly explained in private Most actions will be dependent on die rolls Previous actions and the state of one’s realm will influence outcomes How war works Armies are assembled in cities. Armies may be moved each turn that they are raised. Battles will occur when two armies or navies meet. Sieges will be updated annually. How the Economy Works People work and pay taxes annually The clergy collects tithes Trade is conducted and taxed Trade guilds will protect their members Applications must include the following Your chosen Duchy, its name, background, arms, and history. Describe your capital city and castle or palace. Your Duke’s name and Dynasty. Your Discord account (name#xxxx). Any other information you would like to share. A Hapsburg that ruled over land outside of Austria. The Church and King are not playable. Please refer to earlier posts when creating your history. Applications will close when all Duchies are taken, and posts will happen weekly on Saturday or Sunday.
  8. 17 BBY Star Wars – Shadows of the Past ______________________________ All is quiet on the surface of Edichi. It has been less than a year since the ‘Pulse’ blew through the system, rendering all inside it isolated. The ensuing chaos fractured Imperial forces on the surface as regional commanders and leadership figures jockeyed for control over what remains of the Empire. Both free and occupied Edichi cities were not excluded from this power struggle. Attempts to reduce the scope of Imperial control were met with varying degrees of success, though no major cities were reclaimed, Imperial control of the surface was heavily reduced. The Edichi Government, still desperate to retain control over the world is in a state of confusion, incompetence, and chaos. Local political and military leaders eager to elevate their reputation in the public eye, seldom follow government directives. A relative rush to bolster the ranks of the military ensue, and hunts for any functioning equipment are underway. In the flurry of conflict and chaos of the proceeding years, where most eyes looked to the surface of the planet, the appearance of two rather large ‘stations’ of unknown origin has gone relatively unnoticed. Their purpose is a mystery as is where they came from. They hang barely in orbit of Edichi, no transmissions from either of the two ‘stations’ have been observed. No attempts have been made by the Edichi government to contact or investigate them. No more findings regarding the mysterious ‘Structure’ have been made since it’s alleged destruction last year. ----------- OOC Applications are still being accepted If an action is questionable, ask before doing This is free form, but don’t go over the top on actions or you will face consequences. Exercise common sense Please include an actions section to your posts where you can summarize the main points
  9. TheDragonsRoost

    The Phoenix Blight

    The sight hurt. Jarsek Myrsta, upon finding his homeland destroyed and full of damaging magic, was not pleased to find his home in such a state. He blamed September for destroying such a beautiful place while he was away and himself for not being here to defend it. Sometimes, it is enough to find hatred in destruction. He was a pure high elf in every sense of the word, but even he had his faults. No one was immune to emotions running rampant and this included Jarsek. His own emotions were not like most high elves, but this would prove to either be his greatest strength or his weakness. Jarsek felt no pain or sorrow once he looked upon Haelun’or, but rather he felt something else. Something that was beginning to add fuel to a bonfire that would last for the rest of his life. Cursed or soulless? No one knew. Not those left to see the day as this was my own challenge to overcome. He hated the fact that his grandson had been an impurity in his own house. The news of his death did greatly satisfy him, but it was not enough. He wanted to rid his grandson from the history books and make it to where he never existed in the first place. This kind of task would require a great cost, but it was one he was willing to pay. Even in death, his impurity rots. In life, I thought he would grow up to be a scholar working in the Eternal Library, his unyielding curiosity granting us more knowledge. No, this was not to be. After seeing his home destroyed, he came across a fellow high elf. One that even he thought seemed a bit suspicious. This high elf had told him that his name was Illiran Drennan, but he had never heard of such a name before. Even on his journeys abroad, he never once heard of such a house. It was at this moment that Jarsek decided to investigate this house through Illiran, but the risk of having this trust broken was too great at the time. No, he would slowly gain this elf’s trust and try to learn more, though this would also take its time. No greater shame exists than having someone in your own house be impure. Yet, this was something that could be inferred as irony. My grandson was impure and my own impurity stem from the blood on my hands. I took no joy or pity when I fought in battle, but felt nothing at all. This was something that no magic in the world could do to me as I was born with the ability to wield my emotions like a two-edged sword. It was what made me a good warrior, but it can also make me a monster. After talking to Illiran, Jarsek left the site of his old home and journeyed back to the Kadarsi, a cold darkness in his gaze as if he had shut himself from his own emotions. He didn’t know fear or loss, but he did know anger, fury, and rage. This could prove to be his downfall as the sight of his homeland did affect him, but not in the normal ways that a blighted land did. No, he was a blighted phoenix...
  10. Imperium

    We Came As Crows

    Siege of Last Hope Men of the Empire storm the battlements of Last Hope, 1692 Banners from across the Empire flew in the blizzard, as an alliance of men and elves rally in the valley. Before them stood the fortress of Last Hope, the Red Vaeyl’s stronghold. Trebuchets lead by Brog Dhoon, and Marshal Henrik Kovachev get into position to assault the fortress while Rhys var Ruthern rallies the Infantry at the base of the valley. On the battlement vaeyl knights line the walls motionless, then fire lights up the sky as hundreds of flaming arrows fly into the ranks of the alliance below. “Shields!” Rhys yells, as the ranks of men and elves hide behind their shields the trebuchets fire at Last Hopes gate. In a stroke of luck, the third shot smashes into the gate, creating a breach. “Charge!” The host of men and elves surge forward into the breach, meeting a legion of Red Vaeyl on the other side, while the imperial trebuchets pound the walls of Last Hope. Bitter room to room melee takes place within the walls of Last Hope. Those poor men who were separated was picked off one by one. The main forces met the remaining Red Vaeyl within great hall. The Vaeyl attempted one last devastating counterattack, to drive the Alliance forces back. As the fighting died down, it became clear the Vaeyl had been annihilated. The halls of Last Hope fell silent, but the celebration is cut short as the wall itself starts to consume Last Hope. The Alliance army was forced to flee the crumbling castle, watching as a small band of Red Vaeyl flee west. “The fights nie’ over yet...” Rhys motions remaining men to follow him as the chase the Vaeyl west. Word spreads quickly across Atlas of the victory at Last Hope. With the Red Vaeyl stronghold now in the descendant’s hands, they march to seize the remaining castle of Endmoor held by the Red Vaeyl. However, rumors begin to spread that the vaeyl unleashed something the darkways...
  11. TheDragonsRoost

    The Embers of the Cold

    How does it feel? Dreycon asked himself that question as he went home towards Sutica. It wasn’t much of a question, but when he set those crops on fire, something felt off about him. This feeling seemed to persist as the walk back to Sutica continued through the forests and the beautiful landscape. He was a firm believer in fate and the balance of the world, but after the encounter with the sprite and the whole arson, nothing felt familiar. It was almost like he had done something to himself that had yet to be revealed. How does it feel? It lingered in his mind. The only question he was unsure of on how to answer properly. His feelings were complicated at the beginning when he lost his family to elven warriors, making him an orphan. He guessed that it felt good? How does it feel? It didn’t go away. It was maddening to ask himself the same question in his mind over and over again, almost like a broken record. He sought out the forces of September as a way to figure out what was wrong with him and see if they had healers that could heal him, but all he found was a maddening feeling that consumed his mind. How does it feel? He prayed to GOD in the hopes that he’d find redemption, but his prayers were left unanswered. That question still left a mark in his mind that seemed to never go, searing itself into his very core. How does it feel? Dreycon smiled with a dark grin. It felt nice to get it out of its cage. The pent-up rage and fury that had been building over his life finally turned into a bonfire that had plenty of fuel to burn. The flame was a cold one, but his cold embers would wear away his sanity and turn him into a clear psychopath. He felt like some of his constraints had been shaken off of him, the ones that made him weak and insufferable. It would grant him power, but not the magical kind. Power, the type he had his eye on, was physical alone. He didn’t wish to give away control to anything but himself. The dream he had the night before last finally started to make sense. It was a dream of fire that burned cold, but it would consume the world. Dreycon dreamed of a world without nature or descendants, but a world ravaged by the flames of war. How does it feel to finally let me free, Dreycon? To finally let your inner demon burn through your mind and fill your veins with fire and fury?
  12. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON Issued and confirmed by his Imperial Highness, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Grand Knight of the Imperium Septimus, 8th of Harren's Folley, 1679. MISSION The Imperial Order of the Red Dragon acts as the most prestigious and lawfully powerful Knightly Order within the Imperium Septimus. Consisting of every sanctioned Knight within the Realm, the Order of the Red Dragon also acts as the largest and widespread Knightly order upon the continent of Atlas. Named after Godfrey the Great, the Red Dragon of Horen, the Order of the Red Dragon’s mission is simple: To uphold the tenets of the Empire and to enforce the will of the Emperor. ENLISTMENT It is required, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, that all Knights within the Imperium Septimus are to enlist within the Order of the Dragon. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order of the Dragon does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order of the Dragon serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to answer the call for rally when issued by the Emperor. As such, the Order of the Dragon has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Imperial territory. It is also noted that not all Knights are Nobles, yet all Nobles should seek Knighthood. THE KNIGHTLY CODE OF CHIVALRY ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be loyal to the Emperor both in thought and in practice. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall live by honour and for glory. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall guard the honour of fellow Knights. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times keep the faith, ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall serve his liege lord valorously and with conviction. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall persevere to the end in any quest begun. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never turn their back upon a foe. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall refrain from the wanton giving of offense. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never leave an insult left unanswered. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never refuse the challenge of a duel from an equal or superior. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall respect those placed in authority. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall abstain from deceit and treason. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never draw his blade upon a fellow Knight in unlawful combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be vigilant and show courage in the face of evil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times speak truly. THE PRIVILEGES OF KNIGHTHOOD ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to don the title of Ser. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the Emperor’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arrav Crypts. PATH TO KNIGHTHOOD Pagehood The path to Imperial Knighthood begins as the lowly page. Noble boys between the ages of seven and fourteen are inspected and chosen by Knights seeking squires. Pages attend to menial tasks, such as cleaning, messaging and otherwise serving their knight. In return, they receive an education from their knight in the form of basic combat training and courtly manners. Squirehood When a page reaches the age of Fourteen, he is elevated to the role of Squire following confirmation by the Grand Knight. Squires retain the important tasks of their past and adopt new, combat related ones, such as maintaining arms and armour, protecting the knight, and even fighting in formation. Older squires are given important duties to be carried out, and will eventually embark on their Errant quest, as prescribed by their local liege or Grand Knight, to showcase their knowledge of Knightly Custom and Virtue with the goal of eventually becoming a Knight of the Realm. Imperial Writ Should one enlist within a levy force or military order yet not hail from noble lineage, the acquirement of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Imperial Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serving within the Imperium, for often times men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Imperial Majesty shall issue an Imperial Writ, officiating the knighthood if a lowborn individual. DEGREES OF KNIGHTHOOD FIRST DEGREE - Knights Errant Knights Errant are the sons of Noblemen who seek to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are often times inexperienced, and thus they seek to learn and progress through action rather than study. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. SECOND DEGREE - Knights of the Realm Knights of the Realm are Knights Errant who have earned their Spurs of Knighthood and granted personal fief and form the bulk of the Knights in the Imperium Septimus. Henceforth, Knights of the Realm are obligated to defend their fief, the lands and the honor of the Imperium Septimus. Alternatively, upon the Knight’s choice, a Knight of the Realm may seek out service elsewhere in the Imperium under that of a Landed Noble with a hereditary title and often times hold administrative tasks within that Lord’s holding. Should no land be available for a Knight of the Realm within the Greater Empire, it is the duty of a Knight of the Realm to expand the Borders of the Empire and plant their banners upon contested territories. THIRD DEGREE - Adventuring Knights Adventuring Knights are Knights of the Realm who, despite being offered lands and titles, renounce both in order to journey to foreign lands in hopes of becoming worthy enough to become a Dragon Knight. Adventuring Knights focus on becoming worthy of the Fourth Degree of Knighthood, and thus they seek to perform good deeds, slay evil beings, engage in single combat honorably, or by displaying valour on the field of battle. FOURTH DEGREE - Imperial Dragon Knights Imperial Dragon Knights are the most powerful and revered individuals in all of the Imperium, if not the entire human world. They represent the fearsome might and power of Humanity and answer only to the Emperor himself. It is hard for anyone to match these living embodiments of warriorhood in combat or intellect, their enemies cut down in their droves by the righteous fury of their might, wit and loyalty to their Emperor. Each Imperial Dragon Knight directly serves the Emperor and takes over the duties of protecting the Imperial Family as well as acting as the Emperor’s personal retinue in combat. CENSUS OF IMPERIAL KNIGHTS Knights Errant Ser Landry of Cantel Ser Ithilian of Enthelor Ser Ajax II of Ironwood Ser Frederick Alexander of Baden Ser Philip de Honneur Ser Charles of Napier Ser Septimius Bracchus Ser Aldrick Wulff Ser Peytor of Vance, the Huntsman Knights of the Realm Ser Marek of Kastrovat Ser Roland of Castelo Adventuring Knights Imperial Dragon Knights Ser Frederick Pius of Horen, the Hellstrider Ser Brand von Denhardt, the Indomitable Ser Jan Sigmar von Alstreim, the Blood Raven Ser Carlovac of Kovachev, the Inventor The Rule of Pius Authored by Ser Pius Horen, the Hellstrider, 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1679. I. On the Conduct of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act as the Emperor’s personal enforcers when called upon. As such, Imperial Knights are DEPUTIZED unless blackmarked. Deputization ensures that all Knights of the Imperium Septima hold the right to act as Judge, Jury and even Executioner when upholding the Emperor’s Peace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to know how to address their peers, clergymen and local liege lords. Additionally, Imperial Knights are expected to act with honour, in tandem with the Chivalric Code, in any and all given circumstances. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to be in good fitness and health and ensure that their mental state is not impaired whilst in the Public Domain. As such, Imperial Knights are expected to refrain from becoming publicly intoxicated upon liquors, Uruk herbs or hallucinogens. II. On the Dress of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, are to remain armed and armored at all times whilst within the Public Domain. In tandem, Imperial Knights are afforded the right to don the colors and sigil of their House, Liege or Circle. To wear anything less is a sign of disgrace to the Emperor. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, whilst in armor, are expected to upkeep their spurs as to ensure that they remain in good quality. Imperial Knights shall refrain from wearing pointed sabatons, shoes and shoelaces as they indicate pagan tradition and beliefs. Additionally, whilst in battle, Imperial Knights are expected to equip helmets at all times as to ensure that one's pride does not result in premature death. Should a Knight be without an adequate suit of plate due to damage, it shall be provisioned unto him by the Grand Knight until it can be repaired. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, if physical labor is to be completed, shall not remove their armor in favor of wearing flexible materials; rather, Imperial Knights shall persevere and adapt to the constrictions of their armor. Should a Knight be so physically impaired as to conduct labor, they shall utilize partisans to complete it for them. III. On the Elderly, Ill and Infirm Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are above the age of Seventy shall be considered Elderly. Elderly Knights shall be afforded the option of continued servitude or retirement. Elderly Knights shall retain their titles even into retirement, as well as the benefits that the Order provisions unto them. Elderly Knights also shall receive a statue of their person within the Carolustadt Palace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are afflicted by viral pathogen or affliction shall be considered Ill. Ill Knights shall immediately be given leave ordered to remain within relative quarantine. Pathogens that result in illness are contagious and may threaten the lives of a Knight’s peer, and more importantly, the life of the Emperor. An Ill Knight shall remain in relative quarantine until deemed able and healthy by an Imperial Physician. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are physically unable to conduct their Knightly duties shall be considered Infirm. Infirm Knights, if permanently physically impaired as a result of combat, shall be permitted the option of retirement. In the case of the loss of limb, an infirm Knight is expected to acquire prosthetics and persevere through their disability. Infirm Knights, who are deemed infirm as a result of personal choice (laziness, stupidity, etcetera.), shall be blackmarked. IV. On the Completion of Knightly Quests Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall undertake a plethora of quests in order to increase their Degree of Knighthood. Quests are tasks and or missions prescribed by the Emperor, the Grand Knight, or other Feudal Lords. It should be the goal of every Knight to uptake quests for the sake of honour and glory. Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall receive accreditation for the completion of quests. Should an Imperial Knight wish to advance to a higher Degree of Knighthood, they may provide evidence of quest completion in order to elevate their status. It should be noted, however, that one does not require Quest accreditation if they are promoted via the Emperor himself. The First Degree of Knighthood requires ZERO Quest Credations. The Second Degree of Knighthood requires FOUR Quest Credations. The Third Degree of Knighthood requires SIX Quest Credations. The Fourth Degree requires TEN Quest Credations. V. On the Formation of Knightly Chapters and Circles The highest authority of Knights in the Imperium Septimus is his Imperial Majesty, and under him the Grand Knight of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. “Knightly Chapters” will be defined as an Organization of Knights operated by a single Master alongside a Uniform, Chivalric Code, and Holdings; Chapters tend to be formal. “Knightly Circles” will be defined as a loose group of Knights who, directly in association with the Order of the Red Dragon, conduct specialized tasks; Circles tend to be informal. “Formal” associations will be defined as associations of Knights with lawful jurisdiction in an area greater than their own holding. “Informal” associations will be defined as any other association, such as a gentlemen's club. Knightly Chapters beneath the Order of the Red Dragon shall be afforded the right to don separate Colours, Sigils and Rank Structure. Knightly Chapters may own multiple holdings, but individual knights in a Knightly Chapter shall be entitled to their own estates. Though each Chapter/Circle of Knights may have their own codes of conduct, all are subject to the rules and regulations of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. All associations of Knights - Chapters or Circles - Formal or Informal - shall be approved by the signature of the Emperor or the Grand Knight. VI. On the Blackmarking of Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act respectfully and within the Guidelines of the Order of the Red Dragon. However, time to time, some Imperial Knights will ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Empire. Therefor, misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent to be left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the Emperor and Grand Knight, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Imperial Knights are stripped of their Imperial regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Empire. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime. Knights of the Imperium Septum who been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are is to be stripped of their Knighthood via the “Chopping of the Spurs”, condemned, and banished from Imperial service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Imperium entirely, or even executed. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERWORK Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Knighted By: Moniker: Liege Lord: Lands: Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Coat of Arms: Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Liege Knight: Were you a Page?: Were you a Squire?: Reason for Knighting: Potential Liege Lord: Potential Lands: Petition to Form a Knightly Chapter/Circle Name of the Master: (If there is no one leader, leave this blank) Name of the Association: Formality of the Association: (Formal or Informal) Type of Association: (Chapter/Circle) Names of the Knights associated: (Minimum of Five Required) In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  13. NolandTheNovice

    Carrion for the Crows

    Dark and heavy are the clouds above Hesin’fin, the tall stone walls of Talar’ikur casting shadows of grey upon the snow-strewn entrance to the city. Despite the usual countenance of the Fennic capital, however, a peculiarity dances in the biting wind. From the gatehouse is dangled a singular body, secured to the stone by rope and noose, abandoned to drift aimlessly at the mercy of the whims of Wyrvun’s breath. The corpse is left in naught but rags, strips of flesh dangling from its frame, as though hewn apart by a dozen steel blades. Nailed into the decaying flesh of the would-be assassin is a simple wooden sign - secured by a singular spent crossbow bolt through wood and flesh - with two neat words etched upon it. “Try again.”
  14. . The Halls of Agnarum would lay quiet as news of Ulrah’s fall would wash through its chambers. The dwarves within would lay quiet, unsure of whether to rejoice the death of the Kinslayers, or mourn the death of their once kin. Azkel Frostbeard would walk through the crowd, receiving nods and pats on the shoulder in condolence for the death of his clan. At the front of the crowd, Azkel would stop, turning to those gathered around him “The Frostbeard Clan was once an honorable clan, filled with great smiths, warriors, kings, councilmen, all the sorts. The Kinslayers of Kaz’Ulrah, led by the False Frostbeard, my once brother, Kerwyr Frostbeard, are not True Frostbeards. They were banished from the name in Vailor, only to take it up again one Kerwyr turned the Dwarves against one another. With the fall of Ulrah, the False Frostbeards now hold no leverage to the name, no ability to claim themselves True. In light of this, I, Azkel ‘The Remnant’ Frostbeard, the last True Frostbeard, and Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan, hereby declare all other Frostbeard illegitimate, and their names nullified. Anyone who claims to hold the name besides myself or my children are hereby banished from the Clan. May this clan’s disgusting history of barbaric and kinslaying tendencies vanish from history. “ Azkel would let out a deep sigh as he would finish, nodding to those around him. Those who had ruined the Noble Clan were now no more, leaving him a peace he had missed for over a century. The united dwarves could now lay peaceful, knowing the kinslayers were dealt with. ~Azkel Frostbeard, Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan, The Last Remembrancer, The Last Frostbeard, son of Rhewen Frostbeard.
  15. Legoboy7984

    A Ludovar's Statement

    A Ludovar’s Statement _______________________________________________________________________ [!] The Outer Village outside of Markev, circa 1692 _______________________________________________________________________ After a long few months of Campaigning, Ser Henrik Ludovar would begin to of host another gathering of his supporters. As many gathered he would later come out hearing his supporters chanting towards him. Once arriving at his spot he’d look amongst the people giving them a wave before speaking. ________ People of Haense! Citizens of Markev! Families of Markev! I come to you on this very night to speak to you about the reasons why you should go out and vote in the Primary. As many of you have read my platform and some may be a bit confusing so I wish to summarize it so that everyone can know who they are voting for. Firstly, I wish to talk with the people in Parliament about bringing free trade between vassals within the Empire so that people can be able to gather materials and to contribute with one another. Secondly, I wish to hopefully put another seat in Parliament for Cyrilsburg so that they may be able to vote someone to become Prefect of Cyrilsburg. Lastly, I wish to work with people part of the CCP and within the community to put things that have to be worked on out to the table. Now many of you may be voting for Fabius my opponent but I find it odd that we should vote someone that basically lives in Carloustadt to be Prefect of Markev. Why should someone a man who is only around for the best of Markev and doesn’t know the struggles of the common man of Markev?. Not only this but I’m informed that he hasn’t done much as Maer of Markev, why should we put someone who can’t uphold a job as a Maer of this great city to basically represent us in Parliament. It is time for a change, it is time for us to put someone who has witnessed the struggles, and has experienced such. Now go out there tell your friends and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! _____________________ “For the People, with the People!” __________________ Common Civic Party If you would like to vote for Henrik Ludovar in the primary election, please contact the CCP’s party leadership (Ave_imperium#4314) to register as a party member. We will fight for every vote that is put in as every vote counts. Vote for Henrik Otto Ludovar as he is ‘For the People, with the People!’ It is time for a new face to go to Parliament! It is time for prosperity within the realm! OOC: Primary election: December 5th General election: December 8th
  16. All around the major settlements of Atlas, posters are fastened to walls and notice boards with a wad of sticky sap. War has come to Atlas. The encroaching blizzards of the Vaeyl from the Yatl Wasteland, the sieges of the September Prince, the battles between Descendant nations. War brings bloodshed and fear. Fear breeds ignorance. Ignorance begets turmoil. The only remedy for ignorance is the enlightenment, which comes with knowledge and learning. The Druidic Order hereby announces the return of the Druidic College, open to all Descendants who seek to learn for the enrichment of themselves and others. Several members of our Order have volunteered their time to offer classes on a variety of subjects. Those who would attend, must only respect the holy grounds on which they tread and afford those around them the same courtesy they would like to be offered themselves. Classes will be held in the uppermost tier of the Mother Grove. ¤°✿。 The Druidic College 。✿°¤ Timetable https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GI8bx3eUuUrJeMp3Kz_0BPRCU7DCJHj7uygnCxADqPk/edit?usp=sharing For off-schedule classes, please contact the respective teacher to request notification for the next class. These include: The flower language Tiva, hosted by Rainbow Druid Skylar(Laffenoutloud) and Eclipse Druid Chloris(SorairoNights). The Language of Silence, hosted by Tranquil Druid Rin(MamaBearJade). We intend to offer additional subjects as more teachers volunteer, and will endeavour to post up to date timetables should schedules change. For general enquiries, you may contact Archdruids Nivndil(Nivndil), Ithuriel(Toodles) and Harold(dkink14) Blessed be 。°✿°。
  17. Ragnio

    Fahron Daluon - The Hermit

    General Information Name & nicknames: Fahron Daluon, the wandering Hermit Race: Wood Elf, with parts of Farfolk-Blood in his veins Gender: Male Year of Birth: 1655 Religious Belief: Aspectism Voice Reference: Aruvn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijKAd4CjRqM Physical Description The average height of a Daluon man is at around, 5’9’’ feet, although the tallest reach heights around 6’3”, often peeking out of most Heartlander males due to their height. Following such genetic structure Fahron is standing, thanks to his elven genes, at a towering 6’2’’, often being able to glance over the heads of most folk easily. Thanks to his daily training and the travels he does every day Fahron holds a muscular body-build holding the weight of 209 lbs. Due to amber-colored eyes from his mother and the golden-sandy-colored eyes from his father Fahron has a rather gentle and soft mix of those colors, giving him a rather bright orange-golden eye color. Thanks to the same reason Fahron is also holding a rather tanned-olive skin, as his father already had fairly dark skin and his mother being on the tanned skin-tone side, causing him to develop such skin color. However, unlike most Daluons Fahron doesn’t possess white hair, due to his mother being a wood elf and his father already being a crossbreed of a farfolk and an elf, causing his elven genes to be more dominant and giving him a brownish hair color. Like his father Fahron is also keeping his facial hair cut down to the minimum often showing some stubbles, but barely more than that. While he keeps his beard shaved Fahron is often letting his body hair grow out, either due to the fact that he hates wasting the time to shave or due to the fact that he simply doesn’t care about it as much. As such he is often displaying far-reaching tufts that cover most of his body. Personality Energetic: Fahrons primary trait is his energetic enthusiasm. He is always filled with energy and helps others out whenever he can without any hesitation. This trait is also very helpful for his travels and his daily life, since it often leaves him in a good and energetic mood. Free Spirited: Unlike his father Fahron is known as a rather free spirit, trying to follow his own path and ideals, and staying true to those as much as possible. As such he wouldn’t agree on doing something he isn’t feeling comfortable with. Fearful: Fahron is known to show a rather kind and gentle side, yet, despite such a facade he is also able to bring fear to those that are acting against his ideals, not hesitating to let his voice be heard and him taking physical actions. Besides from such his talents in strategic thinking is turning Fahron into an enemy no one wants to fight against. Unorganized: Like father, like son, Fahron is fairly unorganized, often losing stuff or being unable to find important documents. Most of his backpack seems cramped and is so unorganized that it can take Fahron more than a few minutes to find a single item within. Strengths Helpfulness: Unlike most people Fahron is often trying to help people instead of himself. Sure, he wants to achieve his goals, but he also wants to support the people he likes, may it be physically, mentally or any other possible way. Fast thinker: Fahron might be a hermit and wanderer, but in reality he is a rather fast thinker, using his surroundings and given information rapidly, for example to create an escaping plan. Being a fast thinker is also helping him in his daily life, especially in the wild and in other dangerous situations. Experience in Shortsword- and Kama-Usage: Unlike most folks Fahron prefers the usage of shortswords or Kamas about everything. He was trained in this form of combat for most of his life and he knows where to place his hits to take an enemy down in the shortest amount of time. Weaknesses Arachnophobia: Despite befriending many animals and creatures easily, almost inherently, Fahron hates spiders more than anything else. As soon as he sees a spider around him, he will try to put as much distance between him and the arachnid as possible. Another way of Fahron to take care of spiders is it to throw a lot of stuff in the spiders direction, trying to kill it with the impact of, as an example, books, plates and even flower pots. Arthritis: Due to Fahrons lifestyle and the overuse of his whole body he started to develop a form of arthritis. Most of the time he feels a slight pain in his hands and wrists, but is often trying to ignore the pain in his daily life. However, he is receiving a rather strong drawback of the arthritis after every fight, causing his eyes to water up and to curse, due to the amount of pain.
  18. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON: GREYMANE BOARS Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Pius of the House of Horen, Grand Knight of the Crown of Godfrey, 22nd of Sigismund’s End. Penned by Ser Graham Milner, 1691 OFFICIAL IMPERIAL REPORT Reporting Knight: Ser Graham Milner Incident: Hunt of 2 Greymane Boars near Curon Individuals Involved: Ser Graham Milner, Ser Angelo de Alba Details of Incident: During a hunting expedition with Ser Angelo de Alba in the woods near the city of Cyrilsburg, we came across medium sized tracks in the snow. After investigating these tracks, we deemed them to be some kind of heavyset creature, and we continued to track and follow them. After some time of tracking, the footprints led to a small cave, in which two large boars resided. Both Angelo and myself nocked arrows, releasing them towards the nearest boar as it began to charge. The arrows wounded it, yet it continued its charge towards Angelo, who properly sidestepped. The second boar followed close behind the first, except tried to charge past the hunting party. As it passed, I stabbed the beast in the side as it continued to charge, worsening the wound to it as it halted its charge several feet away. Turning my focus to the boar attacking Angelo, now backed against the cave, I raised my blade above my head, the tip poised towards the beast, plunging it down into the brute.Angelo was able to recover due to this, and quickly was back on his feet. The other boar, however, had taken no time to charge straight into the back of my legs, knocking me over and forcing me to crawl to the top of the cave entrance for cover, knocking an arrow in my bow. The boar flung itself towards Angelo, now not focused on me, and died mid charge due to an arrow shot and Angelo’s attack. We quickly harvested the meat and returned home to recover from our wounds. IN NOMINE DE, HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  19. Dunshire Drinking Night, #15 ~Water and Cloud~ What?: A lovely ol’ time to drink in Dunshire with the local halflings When?: Close to the end of this current Elven Week, and close to the beginning o’ the next ((3 PM EST, this upcoming Sunday)) Where?: In the Drunken Duck Tavern, where all the wee-folks go to drink ~*~ We are going to be drinking ourselves silly! Not only shall we be consuming many drinks, we shall be competing in who can drink them the fastest! The fastest drinker will win a custom-made medal to commemorate their victory. -Daisy Applefoot, High Pumplar of Dunshire ((image provided by Dalek348 and used with his consent))
  20. Legoboy7984

    A Ludovar for Parliament

    “For the People! With the People!” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A snowy road near the great city of Markev, Capital of the Kingdom of Haense, circa 1692 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “A clarification for my people, the people of Markev, I come to you to address the way, my competitor thinks that I do not seek change even though I have not come out with them until now. It also occurs to me that Rhys var Ruthern, the current Prefect of Markev, has announced his support for my competitor as his successor. Though with this being said it IS NOT up to him, the man many of you, myself included, have voted for. This is something that my competitor should take full pride in, for he is still in an election with someone who will FIGHT FOR YOU! It is time for someone to step up to the table and take their part for change bringing a new face to parliament, not one that has already shown his.” Platform ECONOMICS It has come to my knowledge the state of the Imperial economy has not been addressed to the extent it deserves in Parliament meetings. Free trade among vassals, and its potential to become commonplace, is a matter I wish to address upon my election. This is quite odd as though I agree that vassals shouldn’t make alliances though I do think perhaps free trade between vassals will be useful for not just the vassals but the Empire itself. Having free trade can help the Crownlands gain materials from each vassal across the land. Doing this we will establish trade deals within the Empire as many would provide resources for one another. Another issue I see with the economy of the Empire is that there are so many available jobs are within each main locations. It is also what I like to bring to the table is where people can start a bakery, clothing, and more stores within every city, We must work on the economy within our great nation to have economic power. PARLIAMENT Something I wish to bring to the table in Parliament is to bring more seats within Parliament. We have three out of four major cities within the Empire that has a seat in Parliament along with the Lord Temporals. There should be another seat and election to have Cyrislburg, the city of the Duchy of Curon, to be able to vote for a Prefect of Cyrilsburg, this will allow four of our major cities within the Empire to be able to have someone represent their people in Parliament. _________________________________________ Things to agree upon with Fabius: The Housing and Urban Development The Media Foreign Policy & Immigration Things to disagree upon with Fabius: National Security _________________________________________ Thoughts on Fabius Bracchus’s Nation Security: It is obvious that our Empire’s current military state is very prestigious within the realm. As a Haenseman and a Knight, I have to fully disagree for the people of Markev of centralizing ALL militaries into the Imperials. May I recall back from the Fifth Empire, a bill was passed for the entirety of the realm to unite under one military. This did not work as it brought many disputes and gave disadvantages to the Empire’s vassal states of being a true vassal-state. To this standard, it is obvious that the military should be left alone as it has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. Each vassal within the Empire deserves the right to be capable of having their own levy to defend their lands. Allowing the entirety of armies from each vassal to join into the Imperial military will bring nothing but chaos within the ranks. This could result in us being weak as throughout time in history the last few Empires we had everything had worked better when each vassal has their own levy. Not only this but forcing people that serves someone currently to only end up being forced to join another military due to a ‘National Security Act’ could lead into the numbers of the current state to drastically fall apart. _________________________________________ If you would like to vote for Henrik Ludovar in the primary election, please contact the CCP’s party leadership (Ave_imperium#4314) to register as a party member. We will fight for every vote that is put in as every vote counts. Vote for Henrik Otto Ludovar as he is ‘For the People, with the People!’ It is time for a new face to go to Parliament! It is time for prosperity within the realm! OOC: Primary election: December 5th General election: December 8th _________________________________________ Side Note: Thanks Liam for allowing me to use the images for this post. -Lego
  21. Nero_Roman

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolkrydr - (Recruitment)

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolrydr ”Ulvr Jorukr Uv Aesyr!” [!] Cold and wet. That was how the Ulvir could describe his environment currently. He opened his eyes, no longer recognizing his nice warm shack it was a minute ago. Now, he was surrounded in water, unable to see anything. The darkness of the water was too great for his eyes. He glanced around, strangely, he was able to breath. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a movement, quickly turning towards it. Nothing but darkness of the sea. He squinted, before turning. Only to be met with a shark’s head. The size of which, was tremendous. He recognized the type, a Great White Shark. It looked at him with hungry eyes, before he heard it in his head. “Every shark needs a family, Ulvir. I suggest you find yours.” Without another word, the Shark opened it’s maw and swallowed him whole. He awoke in a cold sweat, glancing around hurriedly. The man was back in his home, in his comfortable bed. He let out a relieved sigh, but he knew this was a sign. Immediately, he got up to get to writing. The banner and seal of the Northspawn on it. [!] “Brothers, Sisters, Northspawn, answer my call. I am your Ulvir, Belynr Torunrsson. I have received a vision, from Sigvaldr, our creator. He calls us back to form together again. We must answer him, and obey him. As your Ulvir, I ask all of you to come to us. We are forming to become a single, united Clan. Join us once more, fight for the restoration of your people. -Your Ulvir, Belynr Torunrsson-Yngouf” (^^^A banner that would be raised^^^) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Intro: Hello, thanks for deciding to click on my post!, perhaps you are interested in what this is all about or you just want to judge if this would be something you would like to join, or your just bored and want to read!, Anyway the following is some info that you may be interested in. If you have any feedback for me or questions feel free to reply to this post and or direct them to my discord. Who are we..? We are called Northspawn, a group of like minded people that enjoy Norse culture and wish to bring it to LOTC in a fun and joyful way. The group is a pact of Northspawn that would rally to the Ulvir’s (Leader of Peoples) call to bring glory to the gods once more since the last of the Northspawn has been scattered back when the Norlanders where still around. As the empire grows stronger, new “Ways” must be born in the ashes. Roles must be filled and warriors born. As new lands are discovered so must new ideals be brought. How or why should I join? We are currently needing more members to fill the roles of our pact, Farmers, Craftsmen, Priests / Priestesses (Not canonist priests.. ^.^), Any walks of life ICly! Now I know what you may be thinking... “Well I kinda want to join, but maybe not.., I’m not even Northspawn.” Well I got news for you, you don’t have to be born into the culture, we will induct you into it!, Although you must seek us out ICly if you wish to join but are not wanting to be born into our lore. If you are wanting more details and or got questions, add me through discord: Dallren#3257 Questions if you wish to apply to join: Minecraft Username: Character Name: Discord Tag: Character Age: Character Race: Profession IC: Any questions once I add you?:
  22. thaddeus11

    The Academy of Khronheim

    The Academy of Khronheim ~Founded in 1648~ The Academy of Khronheim has been founded in order to grow the knowledge of the people of Atlas. While the academy will mainly focus on the arcane of the world, among other magics, we will also focus on other matters of knowledge, such as architecture, religion, and history. For the first time as well, the academy will be headed by the Ironguts, who will bring with them all the knowledge the clan has gathered of the arcane in their expansive history with it. The academy can be found in the city of Khronheim. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CURRENT List of Subjects Taught at the Academy Fire Evocation Water Evocation Conjuration Illusion Defense Against the Dark Arts Alchemy War Tatics The Ranks of the Academy Grand Master The Grand Master is the highest rank one can achieve, being voted in by the consul of Masters. Leading the academy in all respects, the grand master is considered to have the final world on all matters. Also, while holding the rank of Grand Master, this scholar is also one of the several Masters. Master The Master is the second highest rank one can achieve. To gain this rank, a scholar must be committed fully to learning, and be considered the academy’s highest authority on one the taught subjects. Because of this, there are several Masters at any time; The Masters of each respective subject. Each of these scholars are granted a position on the consul of the academy. Adept The third highest rank one can achieve, the adept is one of the many at the academy who have finished their apprenticeship, and can now pursue the study of a subject on their own. This is also the rank in which a scholar can begin to teach their talents here at the academy. Apprentice The first official rank of the academy, this is where a scholar has been accepted by an Adept and has officially began their journey into the world of knowledge. They will prove themselves through a couple of stone months before they move onto the title of Adept. Initiate The Initiate has been granted access to the academy, however, they have not been accepted by an Adept yet. The Initiate will wait until they have been assigned someone to teach them. Current Members Grand Master (Vacant) Master's Dorin Iorngut Kardel Irongut Adept's Dimlin Irongut Carsandra Ivydale Garoll Earl Dael'ran Bael Tunnelsmasher Dwalin Irongut Apprenice's Initiate's Hogarth Irongut Arak Robyn Vulnear Mercai Hollowbound Marradak Weatherby Lionheart Gunther Tiberius Iron Enzo Bianchi The Rules of the Academy As far as rules go for the Academy, they are pretty loose. However, that does not mean there aren’t any. #1: Follow your higher ups orders. This rule is pretty simple. Your higher ups are your higher ups for a reason, they more than likely know what they’re talking about! If they tell you to do something, and you do not listen, then you may be suspended for insubordination. #2: No harming others at the academy unless specifically given permission to do so otherwise by a Master or the Grand Master, any use of physical or magical violence towards another will result in suspension or expulsion. #3: No use of the dark arts while the study of the dark arts is highly encouraged, they are NEVER to be used. To do so will result in immediate expulsion, and all ties with the practitioner will be cut. Applications Initiate Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: Do you know any magic currently?: Which subject do you plan to learn?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Adept Application MC name: Character Name: Discord (Optional): Race: Age: What subjects do you know?: Are you able to teach?: Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: We are currently accepting only those who are able to teach their subjects. This includes ALL forms of arcane magic, as well as any forms of scholarly study. If a subject that is not ordinarily taught is offered, we will contact you immediately to discuss the details.
  23. CommonCivicParty

    Common Civic Party

    THE COMMON CIVIC PARTY Est. 7th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 “Unitatis in populo” Preamble. The Common Civic Party is devoted to upholding the great human values that have persisted in the cultural richness of the Empire. Defined by civic duty, loyalty to king and nation, the party strives and honors its commitments to achieve an economy for all citizens, diplomacy with our allies, prosperity for the people, adherence to the tenets of GOD’s Church, and fidelity to the Empire of Man. THE MANIFESTO The Common Civic Party is motivated toward a prosperous Empire dignified in work, empowering a strong economy, upholding human freedoms, and glorifying GOD by embracing the diverse and and cultural richness of the Realm. 1. The protection and promotion of free trade between the vassals and foreign powers to empower an active and strengthened economy. 2. Limited centralized Imperial Administrative spending in favor of devolved vassal subsidies. 3. A commitment to end the drug trade into the major cities in the Empire of Man. 4. Opposing tax hikes that burden citizens. 5. Empowering vassal levies and delegating regional and local militant and knight orders to execute the laws of the Empire that better represent their constituents. 6. Supporting Imperial legislation to protect the safety of travel within the Empire. 7. Promoting the broadening of suffrage rights by passing legislation to admit and protect new charters across the Empire. 8. The integration of minority groups and other races to contribute and assimilate as citizens of the Empire.
  24. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON: METAL SKELETON Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Pius of the House of Horen, Grand Knight of the Crown of Godfrey, 13th of Horen’s Calling. Penned by Knight Errant Griffith von Roke, 1692 OFFICIAL IMPERIAL REPORT Reporting Knight: Ser Griffith von Roke Incident: Metal, magically imbued skeleton. Individuals Involved: Archbishop Humpfrey, Armand de Sarkozy, Octavien de Sarkozy, Ser Griffith; civilians Details of Incident: Inside the Firelight Inn in Belvitz, a humanoid skeleton made entirely of metal stalked in, not requiring any flesh nor bonds to keep its form together and functioning. Its maw and eye sockets alight with flames, shown later to not be mere decoration but relating to its powers. On the scene were myself, Marshal Armand and his son, Octavien, and later Archbishop Humpfrey; as well as a handful of civilians. Upon seeing the skeleton, weapons were drawn; I myself took up a mace. In an effort to hold back the presumably undead creature, I and good Octavien held it back, doing little else but keeping it down and preoccupied whilst the Marshal ushered the civilians out of the premises before seeking out the Archbishop and his holy relics. In the meantime, the spook’s molten eyes began to spurt into a greater blaze before unleashing a supernatural, searing blast of red hot flames in an uncontrolled manner. Both the defending men were able to avoid any damage but the same could not be said for the famous tavern, counter, table and chairs being set alight and scorch marks scarring the walls. After a moment of disbelief, myself and good Octavien brought our maces down against the back of its metallic skull, abruptly ending its unnatural beam when its head cracked against the floorboards. In the same instant, Marshal Armand and the Archbishop rushed in through the second entrance, each holding a bucket containing molten tar which was with all possible haste poured over the undead horror, encasing it and as it cooled extinguishing the flames and ended the life, if it can be called that, of the spook. IN NOMINE DE, HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  25. THE HAMLET OF STETTIN It is often an accidental feat to enter the hamlet of Stettin, but its people welcome you nonetheless. Merchants and travellers shrink before the gleaming walls of Carolustadt. They had no intention of visiting the humble homes and rolling fields just before the city, but the bustling Capital can be a bit overwhelming. For those less accustomed to travel, Stettin would seem the distance between the Seven Skies and Atlas in comparison to Carolustadt, though it’s walls are still close enough to revel in. Here the people share no blood, but call each other family nonetheless. Metal on stone echoes from the mine and children play about their mother’s feet as they plow the fields in harvest time. The passing merchants are welcomed as friends for a quick flagon of Castelo wine. Stettin is a hamlet of peaceful jubilation and the Castelo’s welcome you with open arms. Be sure to pick up a scroll at the town hall and read of our guidelines. If you cannot read, ask any passing resident and they will surely read it for you. 1. A resident must not be a member of a foreign military group. This includes mercenary groups and parts of the Empire other than Carolustadt. The only militant groups joinable by a resident are the Castelo house guard and the Imperial Legion. 2. A resident must not own a residence outside of Stettin. (On the same character) 3. If the resident is a Male, in a national state of distress they must accept levy service in the defense of the Empire. 4. A resident must abide by Imperial law. 5. A resident must not preach any word other than that of the Cannonist faith. 6. A resident must agree to pay taxes on their homes. Then on Taxes 1. Taxes must be paid every saint's week (by Saturday) and cannot be paid in advance without the lord's direct permission. Failure to pay taxes will result in the resident being evicted and a notice to vacate the home within three saint's days. 2. If the resident's goods are not removed after the three day period, they are forfeited and are now property of the lord of Stettin. These goods can be returned to the previous owner at the lord's decision. 3. If taxes cannot be paid due to some outstanding circumstance (Vacation, RL stuff, etc.) the lord must be notified. (Message on Discord) How to Pay Taxes: Taxes will be paid through the purchase of tax slips. These slips can be bought in the base floor of Stettin's windmill and vary in price depending on the house you have. Once a tax slip is purchased, deposit them inside of Stettin's tax office located within the castle. Each slip covers one saint's week worth of tax, thus one must be purchased and deposited every saint's week. Then on Jobs Farmers Agriculture is the backbone of the Empire. Farmers ensure that the commonfolk and soldiers have enough food in their bellies to be happy and healthy. Farmers collect bushels of wheat and meat from the animals, selling them at the stockpile in the windmill. It's not the highest paying job, but hey. It's honest work for honest pay. Miners The lands around Carolstadt have long been known for their rich iron veins. Miners use the Stettin mine to reap the world's mineral wealth, selling blocks of iron at the stockpile in the windmill. Hard work, but good pay. Guardsmen Though the capital is just mere yards away from the border of Stettin, the village is right by the busiest crossroads in all of Atlas. The commerce coming through can attract shady folk, and it's always good to have someone to enforce justice. Additionally, guards will be expected to accompany the Stettin lord into potentially risky situations or carry out missions themselves. Guardsman live in the barracks located inside the lord's castle and do not have to pay taxes. Special Jobs There are a couple of buildings designed for self-employed jobs, such as the brewery and the smithy. Your income is in your hands! (Make sure you rp selling your goods, it's great immersion!) Then on Houses There are two classifications for housing: regular and family houses. These are taxed differently, so keep that in mind during tax day. There are no special requirements for a small home, but for a family home you need to have at least two different people living there. Those seeking to join the humble community, be it for work or shelter, are urged to send courier to the Lord or Lady Castelo (Cranky_Varangian, Nonival). The settlement and its people offer their hospitality to those of virtuous intent. Merely follow the path to Carolustadt and you will find yourself there.