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Found 469 results

  1. Tournament: First place: 8k Minas + Trophy Second place : 2k minas ALL ARE WELCOME! Sign up on Tournament day with Therren (Limmz) by 4:30pm at the tournament grounds ! If you wish to run a stall or booth, please send me a message by Friday!
  2. The Reformed Ivae’Fenn of Wyvurn “My Lover, He wanders the Tundra” Ivae’Fenn proverb when drunk. Long have the Ivae'fenn stood guard over the Snow Elven people. They have served, for many ages, as the military of the Princedom of Fenn. From the Siege of Fort Indagolaf, to the Sack of Lindale, to the First and Second Sieges of Tar’sil all the way to the Arcas wars, the Ivae'fenn have given their lives and fought valiantly for the Princedom. They have a long history of protecting the Mali'fenn, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Loyal to the Grand Prince and Princedom as a whole, it is their sworn duty to give their lives, if necessary, to defend them. Now that the Snow Elves have once more reformed, the Ivae'fenn will continue to serve. With the higher ranks being equipped with horses, the Ivae'fenn is one of the most elite cavalry forces in the realm, though most Ivae'fenn serve as infantry or archers. It is one of the most disciplined armies in the realm. Within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, a soldier can choose any number of roles once they reach Guardian, including Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, and Siege Engineer. They will subsequently receive advanced training in their selected role(s) and be prioritized in the issuing of equipment related to their role. At the war of the Two Emperors, the Ivae’Fenn’s mounted units earned the prize from their allies, as the most skilled fighters in Arcas. The Ivae’Fenn shall stand strong, guarding the Fennic people until the snow melts. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ranks, Duties, & Payment Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal holds a position within the Grand Council and leads the Ivae'fenn. It's his duty to oversee all defenses of the Princedom, maintain internal functions within the Ivae'fenn, make sure that the Citadel is secure and do all else required in order to benefit the realm. Like all other positions on the Grand Council, this duty is delegated from the Grand Prince, signifying that at any time the Grand Prince may override the Grand Marshal's decisions. It is not uncommon for the Grand Prince or his heir to take direct command of the Ivae'fenn. Sentinel Sentinels are the highest level officers in the Ivae'fenn. If the Grand Marshal is unavailable, a Sentinel will take command of the Ivae'fenn. They help lead the Ivae'fenn into battle, and are expected to perform with discipline and honor. Sentinels must be veterans with experience in combat and leadership. Due to their rank as a high level officer, Sentinels are privy to the more sensitive matters and decisions of the Ivae'fenn. Additionally, it is not uncommon for Sentinels to be included in meetings regarding the Princedom as a whole and its policies. Duties: The Sentinels are to make sure that all duties of each Ivae'Fenn are fulfilled and assist the Commander in any way possible. They are also required to hand out missions and patrols. Also, they are required to attend/host 1 combat training per elven week. Payment: (2 coins and 20 iron) Warden The Wardens hold equivalent rank to sergeants. There are several of them, and it is their responsibility to train the soldiers and help lead them into battle as well. Wardens must have superb leadership skills and vast experience in combat. Seeing as these soldiers are considered to be junior officers, they will occasionally be consulted regarding higher military matters and decisions. Duties: The Wardens are required to host at least 1 specialization training and 2 Initiate trainings per two Elven weeks and attend/host 1 combat training per elven week. They are also required to lead 1 patrol per elven week. Payment: (2 coins and 15 iron) Valkyr The Valkyrim are the highest ranked individuals amongst the enlisted soldiers. Hand-picked from the ranks of the Guardians, the Valkyrim are the most dedicated enlisted soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and the most skilled. It is for these reasons that they are tasked with the personal protection of the Grand Prince, serving as his royal guards. Due to this task, the Valkyrim often operate under the direct jurisdiction of the Grand Prince. While they are able to lead Vanguards, Guardians, and Initiates, it is not their primary task. Duties: The Valkyrim are required to guard the Grand Prince at all times, safeguard the Citadel and the Temple, and escort the royal family if outside of Fenn. Payment: (2 coins and 10 iron) Vanguard Vanguards are experienced soldiers of the Ivae’fenn who have proven their dedication through long service and reaching expertise in one weapon specialization and one non-weapon specialization. A sort of ‘senior Guardian’, it is from the ranks of these soldiers that Valkyrim and Wardens are drawn. Vanguards deal primarily in the security of the Princedom’s territorial fringes, and thus are heavily involved in patrols, scouting, and fort construction. Requirements to reach the rank of Vanguard are expert in one weapon specialization, expert in one non-weapon specialization, 20 hours of gate duty, 10 patrols, and 3 missions. Duties: The Vanguards are required to host at least 1 specialization training per two Elven weeks and join 1 combat training per 1 elven week. They must take part in at least a mission and lead a patrol per Elven week. Payment: (1 coins and 15 iron) Guardian Guardians are the average soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and its very backbone. They fight in tight units during battles, guard the Princedom, and do all else the Commander, Sentinels, and Wardens require of them. While they are able to lead Initiates, it's rare they are put in positions of leadership. Duties: Guardians are required to take part in at least 1 missions and 1 patrol per Elven week. They are also required to do 1 gate duty hour per week and attend 1 pvp training and 1 spec training per 2 weeks. They are also tasked with keeping the city quiet and work as the local police. Payment: (1 coins and 10 iron) Initiate Initiates are citizens who have just joined the Ivae'fenn. During this stage, they are given intense training in commands, weaponry, formations, and other concepts that will be vital for their success. Until such a time as they are ready, they perform menial labor within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, though they shall still fight in battles when their presence is deemed necessary. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- General Rules Initiates who do not get promoted within an Elven month will be removed from the Ivae’fenn. Members of the Ivae’fenn who miss their periodic (once per Elven month) mandatory combat training will be demoted. Payment is dependent upon activity. Valkyrim and Ivae’Waleh are apart of the Ivae’Fenn. 2 Sentinels and 3 Wardens at all times. Extra-ordinary performances will reward with a small statue in the hall of fame in the Ivae’Fenn barracks. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ivae’fenn Specializations Amongst the soldiers of the Ivae’fenn, each soldier has proven that they each have their own individual capabilities and specialties. To expand upon these abilities, the Ivae’fenn has created specializations for those enlisted to show off their abilities, take part in missions suited for them, and to expand their skills. Specialization statistics and logging of patrols and gate duty hours are largely the responsibility of Wardens, but Sentinels and the Commander may also perform this task. Such statistics must be submitted to them. For an Initiate to rank up to Guardian, they must be adept to either archery or melee (Spear/Sword). Then, they must have passed the Formations Training and the Combat Training. For a Guardian to rank up to Vanguard, they must be Expert on the Melee (Spear/Sword) and Expert on the spec they choose (Cavalry/Archery). Then, they also need 15 hours of gateduty, 10 patrols and 3 missions. Lastly, they must be adept on Scouting. For a Vanguard to rank up to Warden, they must be Expert on all above and Expert on one of the additional specs. They are also required to be Expert on Scouting. * Being Expert on more than one (1) additional specs will yield more payment. * The Ivae’Waleh members must rank according to the above. * All Ivae’Fenn members, from Vanguard and above are required to take the Oath of Fealty. Warden+ Lancer / Mounted Archers Vanguard Citadel Guard / Kierguard / Horseman Guardian Archer / Footman Initiate Recruit Specializations Gear Footmen: They carry their spear and round shield. A short sword incase they lose their spear. They wear heavy armour, the typical Ivae’Fenn heavy armour. They carry a small backup, where their tools are and their food rations (1 week) Archers: They carry their short sword, their small round shield, their composite bow and a quiver of arrows. They wear medium armour, a variation of the Ivae’Fenn heavy plate, where most of the plate is replaced with chainmail. They carry a small backpack, where their axe for chopping wood can be found, and their food rations (1 week) Kierguard: They carry their melee spear and 2 javellings, their kite shield and their short sword. They wear heavy armour, the finest armour the Princedom has to offer. They carry their 2 weeks of food rations in their backpack. Citadel Guard: They carry their two-handed weapon, their combosite bow and 2 quivers. They also have a backpack for the 2 weeks of food rations. Horsemen: They carry their lance, kite shield and short sword. They wear medium armour, chainmail, plated breastplate and their Ivae’Fenn full helmet. They also carry 3 weeks of food rations plus any supplies the Ivae’Fenn might need. Mounted Archers: They carry their short sword, their composite bow and 2 quivers. They also carry their kite shield and atleast 3 weeks of food rations. They wear medium armour. A varation of the heavy lancer armour, with chainmail and studded leather. Lancers: The elite unit of the Ivae’Fenn. They are equipt with the best gear the Princedom has to offer. Heavy plate, reinforced on the arms and shoulders. They carry their lance and a spare one strapped on the saddle. They also carry their kite shield and an Ivae’Fenn banner. Their backpack has 4 weeks of food rations and healing supplies. All Ivae’Fenn horses wear rawhide lamellae Weapon Specializations Melee (Sword/Spear) Archery Other Specializations Cavalry Scout Healer Siege Engineer --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Definitions, Clarifications, and Requirements Patrols Each patrol ought to last at least 15 Elven minutes. Standard patrol routes include patrolling to the northern fort, around it and back; a patrol of the northeast area beyond the wall; and the most common, being a patrol around the walls and along the roads from the Alderyn crossroad to the Curon crossroad. Further patrol routes can be dealt out by Wardens and Sentinels. A patrol is going from point A to point B. Gate Duty Gate Duty guidelines are to be found in the Ivae'fenn Gate Duty Manual. Missions Missions are special assignments tasked by Commander/Sentnel. These assignments can be anywhere from detailed scouting reports, to outpost construction, to defensive probing, mapping new settlements or special tasks that need to be done. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Application [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of residence: Race/Sub-race/Culture: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?:
  3. Skeptic

    Comedy Night

    Seeing as how the previous Comedy Night was so successful, Henry Clericus is proud to host it again at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak! No sign-up or form to fill, just jump on stage and joke away. Info: Snow’s Maiden, 1731. ((Wednesday, 28th of August, 2019)) at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak. Directions: From Helena: Turn right, when approaching the three-way, turn right again and head straight, crossing over the wooden bridge. Continue on the road towards Haelun’or. Soon enough you will turn left, and finally you will arrive at Laanhold, Westmarch! (( XYZ: -872 // 62 // -1723 )) A map is attached to the post with a red dot labeled as Helena and a green dot, presumably Westmarch.
  4. THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL VE OROENIR SANT KARLEO His Majesty’s Arm of Strength “Should we falter our shield turns to ash, but we shall not falter.” BACKGROUND Founded in 1678 by King Sigmar I (r. 1670-1681), the Brotherhood of Saint Karl began with the merging of the levies of the great Houses of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Throughout its duration as the central military force of the Crown, the Brotherhood has been guided by its longstanding tradition of fostering unity, strength, and justice to those sworn to its ranks. Bound by oath and fraternity, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl stood among the preeminent human martial forces during some of humanity’s most trying times. Under the leadership of then Lord Marshal Rhys var Ruthern, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl was the primary bulwark against the Vaeyl Order: an undead army stationed at the far southern castle of Last Hope. Besides guarding the realms of men, elves, and dwarves, the Brotherhood functioned also as a domestic peacekeeping force. With its formation in times of great strife, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl has stood poised in answering the call of the challenges of its time. Founded under the patronage and namesake of Saint Karl Barbanov, the Brotherhood espouses the affinities of this saint: strength, courage, and for the intentions of soldiers. Saint Karl was an instrumental figure in the history of Haense, considered its founder who lived over two centuries ago. It is said that whilst in battle, Saint Karl was struck down and at the verge of death before seeking divine providence and being endowed strength to rise and lead his men to victory. At this act, he vowed to consecrate his life in the name of GOD and formed the foundation of Haeseni civilization as a testament to the blessings of the Seven Skies. In 1564, High Pontiff Theodosius I canonized Duke Karl Barbanov as the patron saint of strength. His name honored the first capital of the newly formed Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska in 1578, City of Saint Karlsburg. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl honors the tradition and legacy of Karl Barbanov by espousing the values of the saint into those who pledge to serve the kingdom. Those called to the Crown’s service reflect the stalwart values and cultures of the Highlander people, a sense of fraternity and unity for the defense of those who wish to do harm. An artist’s rendition of King Sigmar’s charge at the Battle of Three Hills, c. 1678 During the of the Battle of the Three Hills, marked by the terrain upon which the conflict ensued, King Sigmar I led his levy company composed of levies of the vassalage. As they advanced the stout keep that rested atop the ledge between the three hills, they were met with a barrage of archer fire, causing the formation to diverge. The king himself was separated from his main levy and forced to fallback behind the base of the southernmost hill. With the forces now split, King Sigmar was to make his choice: charge with his remaining force or recall his forces back. Echoing the hardships of battle and strength, King Sigmar called upon the patronage of his ancestor, Saint Karl, and entrusted his plight to the saint of strength. The army chaplain, Fr. Anselm Gerhard recalled that day when the king saw the countenance of Saint Karl upon the sides of the three hills, each bearing a sword with a crow resting upon the blade. He took that as a sign of courage and strength to maintain his position and against great odds, the Haeseni troops overwhelmed the fortified southern hill. Not long after, their advance of the second hill was met with heavy fire but by midday, the keep had been driven out by King Sigmar’s charge with the colors of Haense flying triumphant along the keep’s facade. During the procession back to Markev, the soldiers were met with great mirth at their victory. Upon the roof of the main gate, the crow that King Sigmar saw in the field of battle sat upon the crenellations of the wall and flew off as the king entered the city. When King Sigmar called his war council together at the Krepost Palace, he spoke of a charter to consecrate the levies under the patronage of the Saint who had given him a sign of victory at the battle. King Sigmar took his victory as a form of humility by GOD to devote Haense’s forces to Saint Karl. In close collaboration with the levies of the great houses of Haense such as Ruthern, Stafyr, Enthelor, Vanir, and Baruch, the foundation of the Brotherhood was formed as a central Haeseni force, branded to serve GOD, king, and kingdom. THE WAR WITH THE VAEYL ORDER (1681-1692) A drawing of soldiers of the Vaeyl Order, taken from Ser Geralt Rauen’s journal, c. 1650 Threats of the Vaeyl surrounded the southmarch since the early years of King Otto III (r. 1643-1655) but were largely dismissed as fictitious folktale. The first reported sighting occurred in 1650, when woodsmen in the Wickwood reported seeing a skeletal horseman observing their work. Thinking of this as nothing more than superstition and in order to quell the fears of the peasantry, King Otto III sent a small patrol to the South under Commandant Ser Geralt Rauen with orders to repel the “undead threat”. This group of men instead discovered the ruined fortress of Last Hope, one of the main strongholds of the Vaeyl Order, though this was unknown at the time. These men came under attack, and many were killed in the ensuing ambush. Upon the survivors’ return to Markev, they were given strict orders by King Otto III to report their brothers’ deaths as being caused by the cold of the bitter winter so as to avoid causing mass hysteria. As a result, the Kingdom’s focus shifted instead turned to the War of the Czena and the Vaeyl were largely forgotten about for many years. However, as alarming reports throughout the latter 1600s merited great concern for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, whose geography was primarily threatened by any breaches of the southern wall. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl was quickly tasked by the Crown to mobilize its ranks and prepare for the threats upon the Atlassian continent. The first engagement of the Brotherhood with the Vaeyl occurred in 1681, when an expeditionary force led by Lord Marshal Rhys trekked through the Yatl Wastelands in the far south. Roughly 500 brothers traversed toward the south after reports of the Vaeyl Order’s activity were made known to the court of King Sigmar. Upon their arrival, the Brotherhood was met with a powerful blizzard that claimed the lives of almost a third of their regiment. When the soldiers arrived, they established a fortification at Nekristadt, where they were joined with Imperial knights. The combined human garrison swiftly began defenses in anticipation of the Vaeyl Order’s impending advance. A lone Red Vaeyl soldier approached the gate of Nekristadt and offered peace in exchange for the human forces to surrender. However, the Brotherhood and the Imperial knights declined as they drew their swords and executed the emissary. Soon thereafter, Red Vaeyl soldiers began to scale the northern wall of Nekristadt. Haeseni archers attempted to keep them at bay as the battle consumed the entirety of the night. As day broke, the Red Vaeyl Order suddenly breached the main gate, ushering in hundreds of the enemy forces into the courtyard. The Brotherhood and the Imperial Knights were reinforced by a regiment of Imperial troops led by the Grand Marshal Ser Roland and were able to outflank and overrun the Vaeyl Order’s formation towards the lake. In the aftermath of the battle, the Brotherhood was tasked by the Imperial Grand Marshal to establish a permanent settlement and fortification to counter succeeding invasions from beyond the southern wall. In 1691, after successful campaigns against the Red Vaeyl Order, Commandant Rhys var Ruthern led the Brotherhood of Saint Karl in concluding the final stages of what amounted to a decade-long conflict. The Siege of Last Hope solidified the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as the preeminent bulwark against the threat that had loomed over the entire continent of Atlas for over half a century. As the Brotherhood trekked toward the south to advance into another excursion to repel the Vaeyl Order’s presence from Atlas, the Brotherhood had experienced great success. Before the battle, Ferdinand Karl offered a prayer on behalf of the men in which before donning their helmets, they saw a Crow perched atop a stone, a sign that the Kingdom of Haense would emerge victorious over the bases of the Vaeyl at Last Hope. TRADITIONS Since the Brotherhood of Saint Karl is devoted to the saint that bears its name, it is typical for the chaplain or an officer to be delegated the task to lead in prayer prior to battle. The Brotherhood is heavily rooted in the Church of the Canon, and as such, maintains staunch traditions of faith. Prayer is begun in New Marian, beginning with the phrase ‘Iv Joveo Maan ag Koeng’ before beginning the intentions. Soldiers typically light three candles surrounding a figurine of Saint Karl Barbanov to represent three petitions: strength, courage, and prudence. Followed by prayer, the Brotherhood marches together to the tomb of kings and offers a moment to honor the liege lords of the realm. The tradition concludes with a final petition to Exalted Siegmund to lead the devoted Highlandic warriors to victory with the insight and arm of the Seven Skies’ Exalted. OATH ‘To my left I see my fellow brothers, to the right I see the same. For all in the world, we fight for the peace of this land. Through God, he gave us stewardship of the realm. Through stewardship, we gained the knowledge of diligence and prudence. Through diligence, we may conquer all without fault. And if I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of My Homeland. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter.’ ORGANIZATION The Brotherhood of Saint Karl hosts three different chapters, each home to men of different abilities and talents. These three chapters are: CHAPTER OF THE CROW: The main bulk of the Brotherhood, this chapter consists of the rank and file infantrymen of the order. Fighting on foot with sword and spear, these men stand as a bulwark against the enemies of the Haeseni people. CHAPTER OF THE DESTRIER: Consisting of the knights and nobility of the Kingdom, this chapter is filled with the finest horsemen the Haeseni motherland has to offer. These men carry on the legacy of the Carnatian hussars of the past, and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. CHAPTER OF THE BLACK CROSS: The most elite warriors of the Kingdom, this chapter enlists the greatest Haeseni swordsmen alive to serve in special operations. They are also given the most honorable duty of protecting the King of Hanseti and Ruska. RANKS Lord Marshal | Hauchmarsal - This position merits the confidence of the Crown to lead the Brotherhood of Saint Karl by overseeing military affairs and advise His Majesty’s Government on the Aulic Council. He, as leader of the brotherhood, is the first brother of brothers and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the brotherhood will dole it forward. Commandant | Kommandant - This position is delegated the task to direct the soldiers and it is he who commands the men on the battlefield, to bring glory to his nation and defeat upon their wretched enemies. Woe to those who must face them upon the fields of toil and despair. Each Chapter of soldiers will have a Commandant, and each Commandant will have a number of Sergeants within their Chapter, each of whom are responsible for their own squad of soldiers. Sergeant | Serzhant - This position consists of the veterans of many battles and sieges, these men are the tried and tested of the Brotherhood. Sergeants command squads of five men each and are responsible for equipping and maintaining their squad. Their experience in matters of warfare make them exemplary soldiers for younger and newer Brothers to look up to and are deserving of all respect. Armiger | Brustya - This position is for the armsmen that have shown capable of handling little responsibility, and have been deemed ready for more by their squad’s Sergeant and the Commandant of the Chapter. These men will begin handling more responsibility within their squad or chapter and, if they prove their capability, may be promoted to Sergeant. Armsman | Oxtzen - This position is designated for the Footmen who have proven capable of holding their own on the field of battle and are more experienced than regular Footmen. These men are often given small responsibilities, such as training recruits or footmen, and leading patrols of the roads and lands surrounding the Kingdom. Footman | Nausangkruv - This position consists of the bulk of the brotherhood; men who have passed their initiate trials and have been deemed worthy by the Sergeant and Commandant of their Chapter of being accepted as a full brother of the Brotherhood. These men have taken the oath before the Tomb of Kings, and sworn their swords to the King and Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Initiate | Naumaan - This position is for the newest members of the Brotherhood, untested and unblooded. These men are not considered full brothers yet, and will have to undergo a series of tests and trials before they can be fully welcomed as a brother. APPLICATION The Brotherhood accepts all who have a desire to serve both King and Country, the one requirement being that they have seen a minimum of 16 winters. NAME: NOBILITY (Y/N): if not, GENTRY (Y/N): RACE: PAST EXPERIENCE :
  5. The End of Days Arcas is upon the threshold of yet another continental war. Descendants pursue a mindless slaughter time after time, in the name of monarchs that time will forget. To the north, grow horrid mutants, eating and killing one another. Gaining horrid mutations to allow them to further taint their body. To the south, cults prepare horrid hydras. Made of decaying flesh and fish. These creatures drool and bleed a thick substance able to turn any organic matter to bone, rapidly and within seconds of contact. And all across Arcas, the prolonged use of Voidal magic has welcome new tears in reality. One such tear appeared early upon Arcas, but was sealed. Now, the land is littered with these tears in reality. These tears bring further corruption, waging war with all of Arcas. But Arcas turns a blind eye, whilst others struggle against the void. Their in-fighting only welcome the slow, methodical, extinction of sentient life. The Void, which begets all things marches forth. Each passing day, vain attempts are made to seal the Void, the Vast Empty. But it’s corruption spreads, ripping apart the skies themselves. The forces sent to the tears to seal them thoroughly are vastly too low, the Void is winning. For it brings war, but it does not seek to hold land. It seeks to bring this world into the Vast Empty. Every man, woman and child tossed into the Void to become one with its essence. The brink of extinction is upon us, in-fighting only proving to be the Voids boon as it leads successful campaigns across reality as we know it. Soon the tears will reach such a size that entire armies of the Void born shall march forth. Before them they shall raze every city to the ground, every child will be killed. The streets of every“civil” nation will be flooded with Voidal horrors. Your monarchs will fall, your children shall be killed, your wives and husbands slaughtered before the Eldritch invaders. But Arcas turns a blind eye to the threat of the Void, instead they wish to wage war with one another. Each attempt made is vastly to weak to seal these tears. Each passing day the tears grow and grow. Soon the fight will be on your door step. Soon every one of us might know the bitter kiss of a inky black oblivion as our souls are rendered null and void within the Vast Empty. The clock ticks ever slowly In this battle of survival, the descendants are loosing.
  6. THE IMPERIAL COURT Penned by the Lord Privy Seal, His Excellency Terrence May 18th of Horen’s Calling, 1730 Below are the transcribed notes of the Imperial Court recorded as they transpired. The First Petitioner Evan Lethes approaches the dais and asks for the dissolution of the titles of the House of Lethes. The Archchancellor asks for the reason to which Evan Lethes explains that his house is not worthy of the title. Upon the explanation, the Emperor agrees and makes official pronouncement, granting his assent in dissolving the titles in-session. The Second Petitioner Victoria d’Ciano, daughter of Catherine Windsor, petitions for an appointment to the privy council as a court mage. The Archchancellor disagrees and suggests her position be placed in the junior council instead. The Emperor expresses that there will be no new expansions to the privy council. Victoria settles for the appointment to the junior council if accepted. The Emperor tells Victoria to defer to the Archchancellor on the matter before dismissing her. The Third Petitioner Titus approaches the dais to petition to swear fealty to the Emperor. The Archchancellor vouches for Titus’ credibility to the Emperor and affirms the petitioner’s capabilities to act with diligence and service to the Empire. Upon the advice of the Archchancellor, the Emperor accepts and welcomes the petitioner at court. Titus bows and departs. The Fourth Petitioner Sergius of the House of Merentel, Duke of Vintas, approaches the dais as pleasantries are exchanged. The Duke addresses the possibility of dialogue with the orcs, being that his holding is near the Rexdom of Krugmar. The Duke informed the court of a treaty and mentioned his efforts in existing dialogue with the Rexdom. The Emperor receives it and reads the treaty proper. The Emperor declares that he will discuss the matter in council. The Duke assures that he has already earned orcish assent before he is dismissed. The Emperor delegates to the Archchancellor as he retires for the evening. The Fifth Petitioner Henri, the Baron of Guise approaches the throne to ask for pardon for any supposed crimes against the Imperial regime. Archchancellor exchanges pleasantries to the Baron of Guise and defers to the High Magistrate, Otto Sigmar, on the matter of pardons. High Magistrate agrees with pardoning Henri. Archchancellor confers the pardon. The Baron of Guise has more business for the court to consider- a lawsuit against ilicit squatters on his fief. The Archchancellor and the High Magistrate dismiss the notion, being that the squatters are enemies of war and will be removed forcefully. The Baron of Guise asks how he can serve the Empire and seeks to swear fealty and servitude to the throne. The Sixth Petitioner Halgrim approaches the dais and seeks to address the court but does not want to without the Emperor present. Halgrim wants a quest to protect the realm and serve the Crown. Archchancellor orders for the head of Lewis of Lorraine as a show of loyalty and service for Halgrim. Halgrim gleefully accepts but the High Magistrate informs the Archchancellor that Lewis of Lorraine is already deceased. The Seventh Petitioner A Rashidun Halfling approaches the throne by the name of Qaduir. Qaduir wants land near Helena to settle and offers to pay taxes as duly needed. The Archchancellor says he will speak to the Minister of the Interior and orders for a document of the request to be written and presented. Qaduir moves on to ask for a quest to be a knight like Halgrim. The Archchancellor defers to the Grand Knight for an appropriate action. The Eighth Petitioner Peter var Josip Sarkozic comes to inquire on the trial of Lorraine on behalf of Adrian, Duke of Adria. The Archchancellor and High Magistrate agree that an absentee to trial presumes guilt. The crime of treason is agreed upon by the court to levy against the Leufroy d’Amaury, Duke of Lorraine. Peter Sarkozic asks of the plight of the land the Duchy of Lorraine to which the Archchancellor affirmed its incorporation to the Duchy of Adria. The Ninth Petitioner (co-petitioners) Rahim Nasrid, Duke of Cresonia and Murad Kharadeen, Caliph of Khadarsi step forth to petition the court. They seek to make known their incorporation. The Archchancellor clarifies that any sort of inter-vassal relations without explicit purview of the Imperial government is prohibited. Archchancellor will sign off if Cresonia will consent to demotion to county. The Duke of Cresonia asks for reasoning behind the Archchancellor’s decision. The Archchancellor makes known that they have been deficient in their rallies for the Realm. The Duke of Cresonia makes a correction about the status of the political union. The Archchancellor clarifies the gravity of their request and seeks out a formal treaty to outline the future diplomatic relationship, assuring harmony between the Empire and their new protectorate. The Duke of Cresonia agrees. The Tenth Petitioner The cousin of the Archchancellor, Caius, approaches the dais. Caius asks for the Marna family records. The Empress-Mother arrives and interjects in saying she alone can provide them, dismissing John’s credibility as a Marnan and pointed out his status as a legitimized bastard. The Archchancellor retaliates and warns her not to speak out of line. The Empress-Mother threatens to burn or withhold them, despite the court having already ruled that the records be disclosed to Caius. The Lord Privy Seal, Terrence May, informs the Empress-Mother that she cannot harm or disobey the ruling of the court regarding the family records as they are Imperial documents afforded with the protection of the Imperial Seal of State. The Archchancellor asks the High Magistrate the appropriate sentence for subverting Imperial law. The Archchancellor then asks her if she will prostrate before the court for her contempt of court and sedition. The Archchancellor continued, exploiting her disloyalty and support for the fugitive Lorrainians. Empress-Mother affirms her actions. Archchancellor confirms her guilty plea and assures no execution is warranted, for it would be too harsh. Kyriakos Barbeas interjects that incriminating the Empress-Mother would cause a crisis. Empress-Mother states that she prefers death instead and asserts that the Archchancellor has “bewitched” the Emperor. The Archchancellor presents two sentences for the Empress-Mother to choose: nunnery or exile. Titus is instructed to escort the Empress-Mother out of the city. The Empress-Mother calls the Archchancellor a coward for not being brave enough to sentence her to die. She then asserts that John will be the downfall of the Emperor. The Empress-Mother attempts to assassinate the Archchancellor and cries out inaudibly in her contempt of him. Vespira Antonia, wife of the Archchancellor, advances and successfully stabs the Empress-Mother. The Empress-Mother is struck by the knife and killed by the blow to the chest. The pregnant corpse of the Empress-Mother lays in the center aisle as Indra Barbeas performs a Cesarina-section.* The baby cries out, indicating its survival and successful deliverance into the world. The court is dismissed by the High Magistrate. Signed, His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Privy Seal, Imperial Auditor-General
  7. ~Long May His Reign Be Remembered~ 7th of Snow’s Maiden, 1730 My Subjects, long have you all been loyal and proud beneath my reign. I have seen Athalia and her people grow and flourish into the individual's that will lead Arcas into Its new Era. I give you all praise beneath the name of Athalia, for this is the reason I have been here to watch over you so long. In this notice, I wish to thank each of my Ministers for their dire service to the great city. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible. Nonetheless, I fear such praise is not without its downsides. In this letter, I present to all that I shall be stepping down from my position as King. Athalia requires a new ruler, someone stronger than I once was. Before my eyes, I have seen my children bloom and develop into natural-born leaders; their creativity and skill have managed to amaze me. Although my children are young, they have always placed their Family and Athalia before anything else. Yet, I do believe that my daughter has demonstrated the most valor and soul that is required for becoming a leader. She has brought Athalia new chances and productively made another name for the family. Along these lines, it is with a willing heart that my rule must arrive at an end. I name my daughter, Ophelia Primrose Stuart O'Hara I, head of House O'Hara and Queen of Athalia with the majority of the titles that accompany such. -His Majesty Nolan Stuart O’Hara, Founder and First King of Athalia Issued and Confirmed by the King of Athalia, Nolan Stuart O’Hara
  8. Cyberniskos Family Code "Lojalumas Arba Mirtis" All Cyberniskos found loving knife ears will be given a pint of beer and a pat on the back for a job well done. If you marry into the Cyberniskos family you are considered property and have no rights. If you murder another member of the Cyberniskos family who was born with the name then you are sentenced to death. The patriarch may only be a male born of the Cyberniskos family and can never be a woman. (ooc) If you’re a member of the Cyberniskos family already you can not play another Cyberniskos's children. (ooc) If you are banished by the Cyberniskos family on another char you may not come back into the family as another char. All money belongs to the patriarch of the Cyberniskos family and when they die all money and belongings go to the next patriarch. If there are no male heirs at the time of the demise of the Cyberniskos families patriarch then the leadership falls to whoever the family serves under. The Cyberniskos family will always serve the Sterling family no matter what anyone else says, if they turn traitor then they shall throw themselves off a cliff till they die. All women who marry into the Cyberniskos family must abide by the code. Once you marry into the Cyberniskos family you are a member for life and may not remarry. All oaths and debts of another member of the Cyberniskos family is passed on to their next of kin when they die. Every male child in the Cyberniskos family must be trained and hardened for military service to serve the royal family(aka Sterling family). Every female child in the Cyberniskos family must attend school and receive military training to serve the royal family (aka Sterling family). Every male child that reaches the age of 15 must complete a difficult task that tests their training and skills. All male children will receive Irezumi (Yakuza Style Tattoos) when they turn 15 and complete the difficult coming of age task mentioned above. If a Cyberniskos family member ever considers betraying their oath to the royal family and is caught by other members they will be flayed and displayed out front of the patriarchs house. All female children will receive a tattoo when they turn 15 on their back which details the family tree and where they fall in it. All those who wish to marry into the Cyberniskos family must receive a blessing from the house patriarch before they ask the other member to marry them. All those who wish to court (Date) someone from the Cyberniskos family must receive a blessing from the house patriarch before they start doing so. If at any time a female leads the Cyberniskos house she is to be regarded as a traitor and shall be flayed and displayed in front of the patriarchs house. All those who abandon the family name are considered weak traitors and shall be hunted, unless it is a case of marriage. Then the House Patriarch will have to decide if they shall be considered traitors or not. All family disputes will be handled by the present siting house patriarch and all former siting house patriarchs as well as a representative from the royal family (aka Sterling family). The present siting house patriarch decides everything for the family unless a representative from the royal family says otherwise (aka Sterling family). The wife of the house patriarch will be referred to as the matriarch but shall hold no power in the family. All family members who abandon their duties are considered weak and shall be dis-owned. All dis-owned family members will be immediately executed and displayed in the Patriarchs courtyard. Each confirmed 1v1 kill of an enemy must be marked with a tally on the arms of the family member to signify a kill. All weddings must be supervised by the royal family(Sterling family) to be considered legitimate. All cyberniskos fathers are expected to train their sons early for military training and preparation for the test. The first battle that a family member has they will be painted in red paint across their face and chest in a symbolic fashion. All children must be inspected by the House Patriarch to see any deformities that may inhibit future progression in their training life. The children who are deemed not fit for training shall have their fate decided between the House Patriarch and the royal family representative(Sterling family). Drinking is prohibited for all cyberniskos males till they complete their coming of age task at the age of 15. Drinking is prohibited for all Cyberniskos females until their training is complete. Drinking is prohibited for all Cyberniskos females who are pregnant. All abusive substances are prohibited and any cyberniskos that partakes in it willingly will be considered weak and shall be killed. All cyberniskos males are expected to protect and preserve the royal family(Sterling family) at all costs even if it costs them their life. If the House Patriarch is considered to be corrupt or unfit for his duties, the family may bring a dispute case to the royal family where they will be able to decide what happens to the House Patriarch. All Cyberniskos are required to be faithful to their spouses, otherwise they are considered dis-loyal and shall be killed. If this contract needs to be altered, it must be done through either Arthur Sterling or Cyprian Cyberniskos (The First). Otherwise it may not be altered or voided. If a Cyberniskos family member wishes to adopt someone they must receive a blessing from the House Patriarch. All adopted children will be raised the same way as the rest of the cyberniskos children are to ensure a hardened child. Our word is our bond, all the promises made by a family member must be kept by that family member. Family in-laws hold no power over anyone in the cyberniskos family, once you’re married they lose power over you. In-laws found interfering with family affairs shall be dealt with harshly even possibly executed. Attempted Suicide brings shame upon the family name and shall be punished severely, if you wish to die do so on the battle field. If your spouse commits suicide then you are then able to remarry only under those conditions. It’s traditional for Cyberniskos family members to die with a weapon in their hands. Signatures House Patriarch Cyprian Cyberniskos First Lieutenant Alkheim Cyberniskos Savella Cyberniskos
  9. Fourth Alcalde Elections of Curonia c.1729 With the resignation of Lady Ophelia Silversteed as Alcalde formally taking effect within the Kingdom of Curonia’s capital city of Avalain, the diplomatic season has descended upon the great nation once more. The position of Alcalde is one of clear renown and note in the city, with many great leaders taking up the mantel and getting their first steps into the roles of figureheads in the Kingdom. The office of Alcalde is required to perform many tasks for the Kingdom of Curonia and its’ people. As the prime pathway for citizens to communicate to the Council, the office has many responsibilities which include the following: Stewardry: Manage housing under the supervision of the Seneschal. Shop Management: Aid in leasing & managing shops. Receive & process opinions on Curonia and its’ Council Host Events each Saint Week in Avalain. (If at least one event is not hosted each saint week, the Alcalde will be dismissed from their position and new elections will be held in order to find a candidate who can meet these requirements) Do you have aspirations to support the Kingdom & Citizens of Curonia? In four Saint’s Days, each aspirant will be given the opportunity to present a speech to the citizens of the Kingdom. After this, the people shall elect the candidate they feel is best suited for the position of Alcalde. If you wish to submit your candidacy, please inform the Council by submitting your speech for approval. OOC Information Date of Speeches: Saturday, 24th of August in the Square of Avalain at 5PM EST Date of Election: Immediately following speeches Sign up below with the following information RP Name: Username: Discord:
  10. [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Brandybrook Notice Board T’a Eighth Annual Brandybrook Drinkin’ Night! ~Brandybrook as seen by the birds!~ Lo’ t’ere all! Us halflings be back at it again with these Brandybrook Drinking Nights! The only difference is that t’is Drinking Night will be followed by a short Knoxist prayer loike the 5th and 6th Drinking Nights, for goin’ two weeks without praising the Pumpkin Lord sure be bad luck! What: A night o’ drinking and free booze! Where: In Brandybrook’s Toady Traveler Tavern, next to Aegrothond! When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ o’ the next! ((Saturday, August 24th, 4 PM EST)) What do oi need to bring: Nothing but yerself ‘n any things you wanna drink that we nay have ‘n the tavern! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Officer of Brandybrook [!] The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  11. The Order of St. Emma From Ashes, From Rubble History “I do, truly, believe there is peace in our time.” -Paul I Varoche, Duke of Adria, prior to the burning of Ves. The Order of St. Emma can find its roots in the reign of John I Sarkozic of Adria (circa 1650). The Order, originally designed to be a knightly lodge of nobles, took up its role as the main military force of the Duchy upon the ascension of Josip I Sarkozic, serving as his own personal Bannermen. It was dissolved under Ratibor I Carrion, replaced by the City Watch of Belvitz. It is under our Duke, Adrian I, that we reinstitute these great gentry to their proper order. Charge of Belle’s Hill, The Battle of the Rolling Hills (1660) Ranking of the Order “You put the K in Chain of Command.” - Broos Wellis, to Vladan Valic Marshal of Adria: The Marshal of Adria serves as the commander and bearer of the Adrian sword. It is his pen stroke that accompanies the seal of St. Emma, and it is his will that sustains the Order and its expansion. He shall be tasked with leading the men of St. Emma in battle. Commandant of the Marshal: Second to the Marshal, the Commandant is the authority of the Marshal when he is not present. He is tasked with the sustenance of a well-regulated and well trained order of Knights within the Order of St. Emma. Training and skirmishing are under the jurisdiction of the Seneschal and Commandant, as well as the regulation of the finances of the Order. Knight of the Order: The final rank most Ordermen could achieve. A nobleman or gentry of the Holy Orenian Empire and the Duchy of Adria. Any man bearing proper titles may apply for this rank in the Duchy, and Sergeants at Arms of the Order are privy to a nomination for knighthood from the Marshal and Duke to the Holy Orenian Emperor and Grand Knight. Sergeant at Arms of the Order: The ultimate rank of non-gentry within the Order of St. Emma. Responsible for the day-to-day management of grunts and non-gentry inside the Order. Seen as the executive actor of the Marshal’s will within the rank and file, and tasked with the preservation of the well being of all men within the Order, from the lowliest recruit to the Marshal himself. Man at Arms of the Order: A rank displaying the seasoned nature of a non-gentryman within the order. Achieved after a Saint’s Month of service, or 4 years. Footman of the Order: A rank signifying a blooded member of the Order of St. Emma. 2 Years of service are required to achieve this rank. Recruit of the Order: The default starting rank of any member joining the Order of St. Emma. Not Blooded. Siege of Ruriksgrad, 1662 Honors “I’m an eggshell, protecting the yolk of Felsen.”- Halberdier Nathan Hawthorne The Grand Crow of Sigmund (200 Minas)- The highest honour available to members of the Order of St. Emma. Only officers are eligible to receive it. The Grand Crow is a golden medallion, affixed to the uniform of the honored man by the Duke himself. If not already a Knight, the reception of the Grand Crow will coincide with a recommendation to the Emperor of knighthood. The Gold Cross of St. Emma (200 Minas) - The highest honour available to enlisted-men of the Order of St. Emma. Affixed to the uniform of the honored man by the Duke himself, and each awarded cross contains a minor relic cast into the gold. If not already a Knight, the reception of the Grand Crow will coincide with a recommendation to the Emperor of knighthood. The Silver Cross of Adria (100 Minas)- The Silver Cross of Adria is awarded to members of the Order responsible for saving the life of a member of the ducal family, a noble vassal family, or one of his duke’s councilors. The Silver Cross is blessed by the Pontiff, and affixed to the uniform of the honored man by His Grace the Duke himself. The Bronze Cross of Adria (50 Minas)- Given for valorous service in battle, the Bronze Cross is blessed by the Pontiff, and affixed to the uniform of the honored man by His Grace the Duke himself. The Crow’s Shield (50 Minas)- Given for saving the life of a citizen of Adria from threats at home or abroad. In the form of a bronze shield embossed with the arms of the Ducal family, given to the honored man by the Duke himself. Customs & Regulations: “Sometimes when I close my eyes I cannot see.” Customs of the Rank Adrian Salute- The right fist clasped, placed over heart, and held there until the salute is returned. Church- The Ordermen’s uniform should always be worn, clean and pressed, to service. No sins against the Creator are to be permitted in the House of God, under threat of corporal punishment. Nobles- Nobles of the realm should be addressed politely according to their rank and station. If you are not sure how to address a noble, at least use the courtesy address of “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Superiors- Any soldier or officer of higher rank than oneself should be addressed as “Sir”. Uniform regulations- The regulation helm is optional, but otherwise the regulation Orderman uniform is required to be worn at all times in public spaces in the Empire unless instructed otherwise. Criminal activity is of course prohibited for members of the Order, but Ordermen caught committing crimes against the duchy or empire in their uniform will, at least, lose a hand and be expelled from the guard. Duels- The conflict resolution of choice for most knights, two gentry in such a situation shall find themselves subject to any duel format of their choice, so long as it abides by the codex of Adrian duels, which offers a variety of options for what constitutes a win and loss, and what punishment or reward they receive upon the decision. Regulations and Bylaws The Charge of Whitepeak, 1668 Book of St. Emma’s Songs “The Pen is stronger than the sword, but not the torch.” --Timeo de la Baltas, upon The Burning of Ves ((OOC)) ENLISTMENT Contact Icarnus#7244 for questions. Form: https://forms.gle/WU2pfDAWLkyPf9Nx8
  12. THE CAER BANN COMPANY 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1722. MISSION The Caer Bann Company is an organization of disgruntled veterans, cast aside by most men, who still wish to do good before they perish and transcend into the next realm. Clad in Crimson and White and living within the eastern reach of Robertston, men of Caer Bann conduct themselves as free men and sellswords, offering their aid to whoever the Company deems in need, be it a poor peasant, an ally or a monetary contractor. As such, these veterans, with no lord but their commander, Richard de Reden, roam about the country-side and travel city to city in hopes of finding work or use in some way or another. CONTRACTS Security Contracts involving security implies that men of Caer Bann would be acting as peacekeepers for their employer. Be it an escort, the need for extra blades during a high-stress event or simple intimidation, Caer Bann, dependent on the task, shall rally and aid in these endeavours. Additionally, the men of Caer Bann will do its best to aid in the repelling of raids and fight to the death if need be. It should be noted, however, that stupidity is not the same as bravery - should a contract appear to result in certain death, it will be ignored. Prices to be discussed. Offense Men of Caer Bann hold a special ability in their ability to extend cruelty upon its enemies. Though mayhaps not the greatest fighters in the land, they are more competent than nine out of ten guard forces and/or militias. Thus, provided that contracts violate no international treaties, security contracts and/or if a contractor is willing to take full responsibility for the task given to the company, the men of Caer Bann will get into the cuts and do your dirty deed. Prices to be discussed. Construction Being veterans, those in the Caer Bann Company hold the unique ability to quickly establish defenses in a timely manner. Should your fief or people be in need of security upgrades or men to dig trenches, the Caer Bann Company is more than willing to aid in these endeavors should the price warrant the labor. It is noted, however, that this does NOT entail fortress construction. Outpost construction, on the other hand, is possible. Prices to be discussed. RANK STRUCTURE Footman Footmen are the fresh blooded and/or potentially untrustworthy members of the company. Put through a trial period to determine their loyalties and ability to listen to commands and integration, footmen are expected to become trained before potential oathing. The duty of a footman is to become a well-rounded member of the Caer Bann company, so that they might be oathed. Man-At-Arms Men-at-Arms within the Caer Bann company make the bulk of the force and hold its plethora of blades. Filled with recently oathed and fully fledged members, those who don the rank Man-At-Arms receive full contract privileges and the ability to receive a portion of the pay from contract. Additionally, these men will be considered for promotion. The duty of a Man-At-Arms is to simply participate in contracts and aid in their completion. Sergeant* Sergeants within the Caer Bann company are the lowest ranking officers and thereby are the most plentiful. Not made a lieutenant, most likely due to a lack of combat prowess and/or due to their fresh nature within the company, Sergeants wear the normal uniform equipped with pauldrons and tassets. Sergeants are expected to act as the role-models for the lower ranks and display their prowess so that they might be promoted to lieutenant. Lieutenant* Lieutenants within the Caer Bann company are those who’ve mild officer power yet have shown great prowess in combat. Primarily acting as the heavy lifters of the Company, Lieutenants are to act as fall-back commanders should the chain of command falter and thus have authority only in instances of combat. Lieutenants are clad in full Company Steel and are expected to own and break their own steed. Captain Captains within Caer Bann act as the head of Company divisions and are tasked with leading men on most missions. Captains, observable by their full armor and sigils, are the ones most likely to lead their squadrons into the chaos of battle. Duties of Captains include training, recruitment and the execution of contracts. Current Captains, as it stands, consists of Robert Rovin II [Zhukov__] and Sigemaer Wodansson [Cranky_Varangian]. General The General of Caer Bann acts as the martial right-hand of the Governor General and oversees most military matters. Tasked with general recruitment and training, it is expected of the Marshal to ensure that Companymen are disciplined, busy and employed. Duties of the Marshal include recruitment, the seeking of contracts, training and moral reinforcement. The Current Marshal, as it stands, is the honorable Honeycut [Generalstang838]. Governor General The Governor General of Caer Bann acts as both civil and martial administrator of the Company and the lands which the Company owns. The Governor General thusly acts as the de jure head of the Company and has ultimate say in contract acceptance, rejection and military decisions. The Governor General’s duties include ratifying promotions, contracts and maintaining order within Company grounds. The current Governor General, as it stands, is the honorable Richard de Reden [Littlefleeper]. APPLICATION NAME: AGE: GENDER: RACE: [OOC] DISCORD:
  13. The Marriage of Clovis Farlander and Emily Elmpool, 1729. [!] Letters fly in the beaks of ravens through the lands of Arcas, each one bearing the seal of the grey wolf and the white crowned lion. These invitations, enclosed in ornate white envelopes read: You are cordially invited to witness the wedding of Clovis Farlander & Emily Elmpool. Ceremony to be held within the Cathedral of St. Tobias, in the Grand City of Alannor, capital of the Duchy of Vintas. Receptional feast held in the tavern of the city to follow in celebration of their union. Special Invitations, hand-delivered by vintasians messengers are extended to the following: The House of ALIMAR, and the Nobility and Citizens of Rubern The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of BARBANOV, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House de JOANNES, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cascadia The House of HELVETS, and the Nobility and Citizens of Kaedrin The House of MERENTEL, and the Nobility and Citizens of Vintas The House of NASRID, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cresonia The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia Sincerely, HER EXCELLENCY, Cordelia of the House of Merentel, Lady Seneschal of the Duchy of Vintas HER GRACE, Elissa I of the House of Merentel, Duchess of Vintas, Countess of Alannor and Baroness of Hallowfell
  14. Sweet Beat Bread These perfectly made buns of bread are made for commoners and royalty alike. The bread is made out of very smooth flower, sieved to perfection. The flower is so smooth, it rolls off one's fingers without feeling a thing. The yeast inside is so fine that one can see that is has been harvested with much love and care. The honeyed water inside is so special, only one has the knowledge of how to create it. The honeyed water is said to be the best mixture of both honey, ale, and water. Made into a dough with almost godlike hands, grabbing every piece of it as it is done. Sodium chloride as small as one's hair is found within the bread, harvested from the south sea only. Several powders are also used in the baking process, but that knowledge is only for the maker to know. After the dough is finished it goes into a hot and wet chamber where it will be laid to rest. After is done in the chamber, several buns are to be made with such precision and love it is said that the gods made them. Then they will go back into the chamber to rise to twice their size. It is covered in egg yolk and egg white as it goes out of the chamber, such fine sugar is powdered on top that it is to smelt in the mouth. The perfect combination of love, hate, and skill went into making these pieces of bread. The combination of sweet and savory makes most water their mouths if they enter a tavern or ones home. Every bun is so special and precious that it is to be wrapped in paper with care to protect it. Currently, the only one who knows how to make divine pieces of bread is a high elf by the name of Melkor.
  15. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hall, they started experimenting with the gem. Frey started to heat it up to an absurd amount of heat, the pressurized gem started to heat up and melt in the cauldron of the specialized forge, the gem had to be under pressure of the forge, molten steel was added to the gem fluid. The fluid started to turn a pale green color. Upon his first blade, he noticed that it was quite poisonous. The first animal he slashed died within two days of the initial slash, a faint green color surrounding the wound. When in sunlight the blade shines like the still water with sun cast upon it. The strength test proved more than expected, it was a lot stronger than normal steel. The guild of Frey are tempted to use it as their best blade yet, but his slayer steel is the pride of the guild. The mixture of Gem and steel must be cooled down and cast into an ingot for proper use, also cooled down as fast as possible. The ratio of gem and steel must be 3:1. This steel has been perfected for slashing, it has a potent metal poison. The heat needed for the perfect mixture conditions is at least 2500 Fahrenheit (1371 Celsius) The steel needs to be molten separately before adding it to the gem.
  16. Finri: The Lost Race Of The Ocean. The History: According to the legends scrawled by walls underwater, when the four brothers ruled every corner of the earth, there was one more sibling that the first man and woman could not bare to tell their children; the helpless case of their last child, Newx. He was an elf-like creature with blue skin, four arms, webbed fingers, three eyes, and an eel-like body. His voice was nothing more than high pitched squeals. His behavior was like an animal. But his intelligence was stunning, able to solve puzzles in a matter of seconds. The first man and woman had to sacrifice their child to the sea, for they quickly learned that Newx could not survive on land. Down into the depths did he thrive, his high pitch squeals allowing him to communicate with dolphins and other forms of submerged life. He would be the one to rule not the earth, but it’s vast oceans. It was then did he have four heirs. Gi who governed the Trenches, Mol who protected the Reefs, Bow who guarded the Emptiness, and Wiklo who reigned the Shores. These were the four realms of the ocean, these were the four daughters of Newx, these were the first Finri tribes. Gi—who thrived between earth, water, and darkness—was the inventor of sea lanterns and the discoverer of prismarine. From chunks of these crystals, grains of sand, and blue lava from submerged volcanoes, did she forge the new light source for her sisters. Mol on the other hand, discovered how to herd yummy cod and plant food. The dolphins her father befriended taught her how to hunt. The tropical fish showed her how to farm kelp, sea grass, and coral. And through their knowledge did Mol learn how to tame pufferfish, breeding them to become later on, guardians. Bow traveled alone through invisible currents that were only touched by venturing fish and migrating turtles. Their corpses lend her scute armor and the materials needed to help Gi forge tridents. Wiklo lurked near the shores, learning from the salmon leaving rivers about magic and how to wield it. She taught these arts to her sisters, who used the ability to gain greater technology, like the conduit. Then came the first sailors, who roamed upon the ocean’s surface with their wooden vessels. Their nets stole their food, their ships lingered above their homes, and their crewmembers stole any belongings they could find. Using every magic at their disposal did the sisters attempt to scare the seamen away, but to no avail. They hired mages to block their spells, and the finri did not wish to be discovered; for they cannot breathe air, bringing them to a swift disadvantage. Hence began the worship of Mother Moon, deity of secrets, darkness, and slumber. As the sisters slept, she visited their resting minds, blessing them with her powers on one condition. They must build an altar of peace and promise to never destroy it. The sisters agreed, mastering the power of transforming into shadow and entering dreams based upon the moon cycle. Together they gaslighted the mages on board these well-guarded boats, whispering in their ear while in shadow, giving them nightmares, and using lullabies to make them sleepwalk off the docks. Once their magical defense was down, the sailors left, marking the areas of the sea they should stay away from. A few centuries later--after the sisters died peacefully--a group of finir heard of the high elves and their philosophy. Believing that now is the time to kill the weak and breed the strong, they used each tribe’s pride against them, a tool of mass destruction. The descendants of the sisters--once loyal to each other--rained hell, redding the ocean with blood. An abysmal war for supremacy broke out, and in the final battle, the tribes decided to set the fight at Mother Moon’s temple in attempts to prove their worth to her. Their answer came when her shrine was destroyed in the process, each finir flesh stripped from bone and transformed into shadow. Now their ruins lie, temples crumbled, technologies unused, and kelp-woven scrolls eaten by fish. As Mother Moon awaits her next prophet, the corpses littering the deep’s floor hope to be discovered once more. OOC Explanation: Basically, there was a hidden race that once lived in the sea but went extinct thanks to an abysmal war. This war is currently unknown in the roleplay lore, the only thing that is known is their extinction. This race called the Finir built ocean monuments, discovered prismarine, breed sea animals, and used lost magics. Their curse was their animal like behaviors and their blessing were their extreme intelligence. Purpose: The purpose of this lore is used to explain the reasoning for the existence of ocean monuments, guardians, wrecked ships, and other sea-based items. If this lore is accepted, it could also be used to explain a new form of magic and deity--as seen above--I am planning on sharing. I hope this contributes to the wonderful RPG community we have! Spoilers: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Ancient_History Moon Worship and Magic influenced by moon phases inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender
  17. [Deity Class Lore]: Cosmic/Void Energy [Name]: Shakti [Entity type]: Goddess of Divine Energy Back Story: Shakti is has been known by some villages as the goddess that protects them from evil, cures of diseases and bring welfare to the people who follow her, she has been known to bless people with the power to be able to align energy in those who are unaligned and possibly corrupted. She allows this mostly through the power of stones but with more powerful users of her blessing they can do the alignment through hand to skin touch the overall name of this skill is Reiki. In some cases of the unaligment, the mind might be so powerfully corrupted insanity takes place in a person with treatments people with these problems can get help and become normal again. Purpose/Goals: To align Energy in corrupt souls and keep the land safe with the power of alignment Capabilities: Gives users of Reiki the ability to dispell negative energy kept in the 7 areas of the chakra Citation Spoiler:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakti and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiki
  18. The cake sword is a cake that when used to attack someone will kill the person being attacked by turning them into a cake (you cannot loot the person for all their items turn into cake) and the attacker must have a glove on or they will turn into cake. The role to survive the cake sword is role a 17+ out of 20. The cake sword is able to, is it has consumed 100 people (and there is moderator approval) turn a 10 by 10 area into cake.
  19. theldryn

    Dé Lorién, Inc

    Smithing guild Adria Dé Lorién consists of multiple smithies across cities, currently, the grasp goes to Sutica and Adria. The facility in Adria joined Dé Lorién at a costly price. It sits at Sabo square 7. The ledger present takes note of every cost. Currently it is the only smithing facility of Dé Lorién. Adria Giant Eagle pharmacy. This is a newly established pharmacy inside of Adria. It has one story to work with, but has a good medic inside. It shares the room with a small forge, making it the right temperature for someone to sweat and break down internal viruses. The items are made by very competent people, but the pharmacy is still looking for medic's and supply relations. Morgoth can teach you in everything around the forge. Haytham is the master of Sutica and can provide up to blue steel. One just needs to sign up, a bed will be provided. The massive high elf that rules this guild is most active in Adria. He is capable of carving, smithing, jewelry, engraving, chainlinking, forging, damascus style, bluesteel. The guild does not prefer one race above the other, all are able to sign up. The test is a meeting with the master, you got to forge something out of your own skill. This can be anything, but try to impress the master. ((OOC)) Name Age Country ((IRP)) Name Facility Race What project for the capability test.
  20. Poor Fellow-Knights of the Temple of Siegmund and God Over a decade of chaos has gripped humanity following the war of Two Emperors. Kingdom against Kingdom and brother against brother, the blood of humans was shed in the name of false claimants and tyrannical rulers. It was in this dark time that the clergy and faithful Canonists were attacked and slaughtered. Now with new order brought to the Empire under the leadership of his Imperial Majesty Alexander II, eyes turn towards ensuring that this calamity does not befall the faithful of the LORD again. To this end, the Order of Poor Fellow-Knights of the Temple of Siegmund and God was established by Archbishop Siguard in the Archdiocese of Haense, appointing as Grandmaster Andrik Berhal to keep a vigilant eye over the people of GOD. Watched over by the prophet Siegmund whom they serve, these knights sworn to chastity and poverty so as to not distract themselves from their mission. In the Footsteps of the Preserver In days of old, GOD’s chosen people, humanity, were oppressed by the Dwarven race, forced to obey godless heathens in their degenerate, wicked ways. To defend His people, the LORD chose the Highlander, Siegmund the Preserver, Exalted by the Church of Canon. Siegmund embodied all the virtues that GOD granted to the Highlanders and used them to save His children. It is with those same virtues that the Knights of Siegmund follow in his example, to protect the Faithful and to ensure that Siegmund’s legacy is protected, and humanity is never allowed to fall so far again. To ensure that those of the Temple follow in the Preserver’s example, a Code was established, based on the actions and beliefs that formed the foundation for the Exalted reign of Siegmund. It is with this code that the Templars ensure such dark days as came before the Preserver will never come again. The Code † To defend the Order of Siegmund and the laws of the land † † To respect and defend the weak, the sick, and the needy † † To not retreat from adversity nor from challenge † † To ceaselessly oppose evil and deceit † † To remain faithful to my pledged oath † † To prudently give alms and aid † † To be always the champion of right, good, and tolerance against injustice † Ranks of the Temple Archbishop Siguard of Haense The Archbishop of Haense The official head of the Temple, the Archbishop leads the Templars in spirit. While the day-to-day running of the order falls to the Grandmaster, it is the Archbishop who appoints a knight to the position, and offers direction where the order might lack without a man of GOD to show them the way. Grandmaster Andrik Berhal Grandmaster Appointed by the Archbishop of Haense himself, the Grandmaster of the Order is given the task to defend all those who call themselves Canonists from those who seek to bring down the Faith and trample it into the mud. Leader of the Temple, the Grandmaster oversees all affairs and acts as the functional head where the Archbishop is distracted by other matters tending to his flock. Knight-Captain The right hand of the Grandmaster, the Knight-Captain is charged with overseeing the Order in the absence of the Grandmaster, as well as advising and assisting him however would best serve the order. A knight of piety and diligence, the Knight-Captain is an example for all others to follow in service to Man and GOD. Knight-Sergeant Only the skilled may become a Knight-Sergeant of the Temple. The Knight-Sergeant is a position of authority among the Templars whom they outrank, and is expected to represent their subordinates to their superiors, as well as lead them in battle and in prayer. The beating heart of the Knights of Siegmund, they are steadfast and true, and represent some of the best in the Temple. Knight-Templar There are many who seek knighthood as a path forward, yet these men understand the duty that comes alongside it, and have devoted themselves fully to the Code. Unrelenting and fearless, their devotion to the LORD is matched only by their resolve to keep His chosen safe from those who would do them harm. Initiate Men of the Faith who wish to take up the Cross in service to the LORD are welcome to seek service with the Knights of Siegmund, however they may not simply become knights of the order. First they must prove themselves pious, and obey the Code in every facet of their life until their superiors see fit to properly induct them into the order. Other Positions Ward To aspire to be a Knight of Siegmund is a worthy and noble goal for any boy of Faith; yet they cannot simply be made a knight of the order. Those younger than the age of fourteen will not become initiates in the order but rather wards, to be trained and prepared for their vocation protecting the Faithful and serving GOD. Chaplain Though the Knights of Siegmund may be holy and true, they do not have the authority to take on the role of a priest. As such, an ordained member of the Church must be given the position of chaplain within the order to celebrate Mass and to absolve the knights of any sins they must confess to, few though they may be in their role to safeguard Canonism. Master-at-Arms It is through the Will of GOD that the Templars find victory, yet it is unbecoming of any knight to be anything less than diligent in their duties. One of these duties is training and readying themselves for battle. Under the watchful eye of the Master-at-Arms, an experienced knight of the order, the Knights of Siegmund maintain their status as some of the most formidable soldiers in all the realm. How to Join In order to join the order, one must be of the Canonist faith, and Loyal to GOD. This is a lifelong commitment, only death may free you of service. If you wish to join fill out the application below and see out Archbishop Siguard or any Knight of the order ((Ave_imperium#4314 grnappa#6709)) Name: Race: Gender: Former Affiliations: Past Experience: Why do you wish to join: ((OOC)) MC Name: Discord: Timezone:
  21. Maybe when the time is right, you will find me again. Peut-être que quand le moment sera venu, vous me retrouverez.” Simple words that hold meaning further than all else. Years and years ago... A head injury-plagued lotte. Believed she took her medicine, once she thought she was better, she stopped… Something she should have known better as a doctor. Over the years, the injury festered and tampered with her mind. With always a headache, lotte would medicate though never knowing what for... She would take kings ivy and slowly became addicted. Her days cold and her mind slowly losing itself as those around her died and falling deeper. And deeper into darkness, madness, and forgetfulness. Lotte's voice broke as she spoke with her husband. “I cant... I can't remember anything anymore, Niko.” Lottes's eyes pooled with tears; she couldn't remember the basic of medicines. She couldn't remember her children's names. She couldn't remember her friends' name. She couldn't remember where she lived. It took constant chants of each name at night, to remember. “Nikolaus, Percival, Primrose, EmmalineRosslyn, Eric, Otto, Duncan, Sarah... Kortrevich, Maric, Cassius, Axel, Elijah, Seath, Martin, ODO, alexander, Estelle, Kamila, Ulric, Friggr, Robert, Eric, Celest, Vuthar, pierce, Markus Rosendale, Mayan avern, Katerina, Astrix Konrad, Cecil, Cera, andrik.” Every night for years, the same chant. “Nikolaus, Percival, Primrose, emmaline, roaslyn, eric, Otto, Duncan, Sarah.. Kortrevich,Maric, Cassius, Axel,Elijah, Seath,Martin, ODO, alexander, estelle,Kamila, ulric, Friggr, ,Eric, Celest, Vuthar,, Markus Rosendale, Mayan avern, Katerina, Konrad, cecil, Cera, andrik.” Slowly names were left behind. “Nikolaus, Percival, Primrose, Emmaline, Roslyn, Eric, Otto, Duncan, Sarah... Kortrevich, Maric,, Martin,... Estelle, Kamila, Ulric, Friggr. Markus... Rosendale, Mayan avern, Katerina, Konrad.” Until the barest of names escaped her lips “Nikolaus, Percival...Primrose...Maric” Till she could only remember “Nikolaus...Primrose.” It hurt, to remember it hurt to see the expressions, everything hurt, and she just wanted to remember it all again. Everything hurt, but the feeling of pain was foreign. Feelings at all were unfamiliar. The only pain was left in the wake after the war. Only emptiness and sorrow haunted Lotte’s dreams. Yet every night she forced to endure the nightmare that tortured her, sleeping was an option she once thought. As Lotte went to sleep that night her last words to her husband “Goodnight mon amour.” pearls clutched into her hands gifted to her from her husband. Closing a last final thought and a mutter of words... Eyes fluttering shut to darkness and her body decided enough was enough. Once upon a December …. 1679-1729 May Lotte rest in peace. Letters that have passes time that been collected through books.
  22. « The Forest Guard » « Okarn’ame » The realm of Cernunnos and Cerridwen on Arcas will be protected at all costs, as will its people. A century of division followed the fracturing of the Dominion of Malin, and along with it came weakness, slavery and death for the Mali folk, as they were taken advantage of by hostile forces in ways akin to the horrors of centuries past. Now, at the dawn of the eighteenth century, another centre of ‘ame, Alder and their wild kin rises. The worshippers of Moccus and Morea, Amaethon and Kwakwani, Nemglan, Hamatsa and more will take up the spear and the sword to defend their new home. The Forest Guard will defend its forest, and Irrinor which lay within its embrace. « Hierarchy » ‣ Annilir - One who guides ‣ Miklaeil Arvellon The Annilir is the supreme commander of all military elements in Irrinor, and is a great leader and warrior appointed by the High Chieftain in order to run the brave warrior bands of the Irrinite realm. ‣ Medirir - One who helps ‣ Therren Caerme’onn ‣ Andria Tresery The hands of the Annilir. They are expected to be able to handle themselves well, and to be ready to lead at a moment’s notice. They are the overseers of internal affairs in the Annilir’s stead should the situation prove necessary. ‣ Halerir - One who lights The fully inducted officery and ensigns of the Okarn’ame. They are expected to uphold the values of strength, valor, and professionalism in their position, as they are the influence of the lower rankings. They are expected to know how to run trainings, scouting patrols, and event defenses.The Haleriran are the hands of the Annilir in issues both internal and external. ‣ Siramir - One who is honourable The bulk of the Okarn’ame. The Siramiran serve as the core soldiery of Irrinor. These are the foot soldiers, guards, archers, and watchmen of Irrinor’s military. ‣ Sanir - One who speaks The initiates and recruits of the Okarn’ame. The Saniran are those who have not proven themselves, and will undergo supervision by an appointed senior member of the Guard. « Specializations » ‣ Elokarir’laurir - Prince Guardian Separate from the formal rank structure, this prestigious position is held by the warrior held in highest regard by the High Chieftain. The fighter chosen has the special responsibility of protecting chieftain. At assemblies, the chieftain’s chosen protector will stand at his or her side, serving as both their shield and even an advisor if asked. ‣ Walehir - Field Medic Every military needs medical expertise with them for whatever situation that may come. The Walehir are medics or aspiring medics being trained within the clinic to assist the Forest Guard on and off the field, further ensuring the survival of the fighting soldiers. These field medics typically serve as a support force rather than the vanguard, and are identified by an aqua blue and white band upon their left arm. They report to the Head Clinician as well as their ranking officers within the guard. « Apply for The Guard » APPLICATION MCname: Character Name: Discord: Timezone:
  23. [!] A flyer is tacked up wherever is legal. On it, is a looming building, in the back alleys of Marsumar. The words ‘The Crimson University’ printed across it. Find Professor Ilkri Fawoukh, if you are interested in learning the following: Medicinal Practices Musical Instruments Basic Life Skills such as Reading and Writing [OOC: This is an unofficial post of the University, only a teacher looking to teach willing students. The Crimson University resides within Marsumar, coords added down below. x-1653, z 1260.]
  24. Skeptic

    Trivia Night

    Henry Clericus is proud to present Trivia Night at the Eagle’s Beak of the Duchy of Westmarch. For those unaware of how the game works, there will be 4 categories, Arts, History, Science, & Geography. There will be 5 levels for each category, 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. The harder questions will earn you more points, the group with the most points in the end, wins. For those who are curious, the winner wins 500 mina. So all looking forward to joining us we recommend stopping by at the library. Trivia Night will take place on The First Seed, 1729. Afterwards all are welcome to the wine tasting located at The Fourier Estate. ((Friday the 16th of August at 5pm EST – Duchy of Westmarch)) ((Located on the road North to Haelun’or.)) We hope to see you there!
  25. Royal Decree of 1729 Issued and confirmed on the 5th of Owyns's Light, 1729 By royal decree of His Majesty, Pierce I Devereux, the King does hereby see fit to bring forth a new era within the Kingdom of Curonia. While the Reconstruction Act of 1721 saw a change within the Kingdom and its peerage, it did not go far enough. For too long the lords and ladies of the Kingdom who have sworn their fealty to His Majesty, have ignored their oaths and instead used their titles for personal gain. No longer shall this be the case as the King sees fit to rectify the wrongs of those who have betrayed him in both inaction and direct action. His Majesty, the King of Curonia sees fit to destroy and absorb the following letters and titles: His Majesty destroys and absorbs the letters patent for the Barony of Frosthold, and confirms that indeed, the King shall hold the title Baron of Frosthold, until such a time that he sees fit to return the title to one of his vassals. His Majesty destroys and absorbs the letters patent for the Barony of Alsace, and confirms that indeed, the King shall hold the title Baron of Alsace, until such a time that he sees fit to return the title to one of his vassals. His Majesty destroys and absorbs the letters patent for the territory of Avernia. The title Castellan of Avernia is hereby revoked from the House of Falkenrath and destroyed. His Majesty, the King shall hold the territory of Avernia, until such a time that he sees fit to return the title and lands to one of his vassals. His Majesty destroys the letters patent for the Barony of Barmount, and confirms that indeed, no one shall hold the title Baron of Barmount from now till the end of days. His Majesty destroys the letters patent for the Barony of Northgarde, and confirms that indeed, no one shall hold the title Baron of Northgarde from now till the end of days. His Majesty destroys the letters patent for the Piastdom of Volin, and confirms that indeed, no other shall hold the title Piast of Volin from now till the end of days. His Majesty revokes and destroys the title Castellan of Albion from the House of Harkness. His Majesty, the King shall hold the territory of Albion, until such a time that he sees fit to return the title and lands to one of his vassals. His Majesty revokes and destroys the title Castellan of Alsace from the House of Landes. His Majesty, the King shall hold the territory of Alsace, until such a time that he sees fit to return the title and lands to one of his vassals. His Majesty, the King of Curonia sees fit to revoke the status as nobility from the following former Houses of the Kingdom: The House of Landes is hereby disennobled and shall no longer lay claim to the titles, privileges, rights, and status befitting that of a noble house of the Kingdom. The House of Calafroy is hereby disennobled and shall no longer lay claim to the titles, privileges, rights, and status befitting that of a noble house of the Kingdom. The House of Vilchyc is hereby disennobled and shall no longer lay claim to the titles, privileges, rights, and status befitting that of a noble house of the Kingdom. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Pierce I of House Devereux, King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Albion, Arbor, Avalain, Blackreach & Cyrilsburg, Baron of Alsace, Arisan, Frosthold, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Avernia, Bear Mountain & Blackden.
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