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  1. [!] A notice is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard, its writing scribbled on coarse paper. A Day o' Work ~The new tailoring area in Honeyhill!~ For much too long have we partied and tussled with the rats who wish to oust us from our homeland. It is time that we get back to work and do what needs to be done 'round the village! Afterwards, we can all share a drink in the tavern, o' course. This next Pumpkin Day ought to be a good one! -Filibert Applefoot ((Event at 8 PM EST, TOMORROW on Friday the 21st of January, 2022. Located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  2. ”One day he will return, and on that day, we will be there to welcome the Infernal king” ~The Infernal Knights~ Iblees will return, A prophecy, no, a Certainty. Born from the moment Iblees was locked away, a conviction of his return. A grand prophecy, empowering all who serve the demons. An infernal source of power that drives all those who believe, all those who know. The Infernal Knights are an order of wretched beings powered by sheer force of will and faith, all of them pledged their souls to the High lord Iblees himself. They fight for their Infernal Lords with steel and fire. They would happily die if it meant the service of the demons. Moz Strimoza is their heaven and Demon’s are their halfgods. The world will Burn…. History 43 years ago the Inferi hordes were stopped in the Korvassa desert, they returned to their realm but not without leaving a giant amount of destruction and chaos, the land around the Korvassa desert started to split open deeming its inhabitants to flee. The entirety of Arcas fled to Almaris seeking a new fresh life, but the cataclysmic event awoke something in the shadows of the dark, lingering evil that was waiting to come out. 5 years later… A white haired elf, hailed from a bustling city, one day ventured deep into a dark forest, his white locks brushed in the wind. After a long walk he came into an open spot in the middle of the dense forest. On the other side of the opening was an elder figure who arose from the bushes. Both figures approached the middle of the open spot in the forest, wind mildly blazing past their air. In the middle was a ominous rock, black as the night, a pentagram carved into it. The elf looked at the man and the man looked at the elf, they clasped hands with determination. “Old friend…” These were two regulair descendants, void of power. But together, in that forest the two friends founded The Infernal Cult, wrought in the strongest foundation: faith, soon many more gathered. They began slaying those deemed unworthy, spilling blood for infernal gods, creating chaos wherever they could, corrupting the world. They began their eternal search, longing to serve their rightful masters. But misfortune struk, The Chasm of the Unholy, an ancient and holy place for the Infernal Knights was brought down, layed in ashes of its previous cinders, sleeping. Therein the cult slept, slept for multiple years, but one man stood up. Another man stood up, one by one the Cult stood up from the shadows, they gathered to reignite the flames of the past. To relit the ashes so that the ashes may turn into a greater flame, mightier, stronger and more demonic than before. ‘The order of Infernal Knights was born!” ~ Clothing The Infernal Knights are never seen without armor. Lower ranked Knights will often be seen wearing chaotic, rusted symbols and armor, usually black and dark metals. But due to the chaotic freedom of their wears they can represent pretty much anything as long as it honours the Infernal gods. The higher you climb up the ranks the more organized the armor looks, don’t get me wrong, they look chaotic alright. On the contrary, those higher in command, wear armor representing some of the commanders from the last inferi war. All the armor usually appear quite demonic, meant to honour their gods, often Inferi symbols can be found and the suits of armor are usually quite spiky and rugged to simulate the chaotic nature of the Inferi. ~ Food The Inferi have a delicate yet brute menu when it comes to food. While they do eat regular food, the Infernal often dine at the meat and blood of their enemies. They took the habit of ripping your opponents in half and consuming their flesh from the demons, though, made more suited for descendants. The Infernal knights like to dine on their enemies and drink their blood after a victory, many different parts of their enemies are prepared and consumed as if a feast to celebrate their victory. It is accustomed to drink blood of those same corpses as well, alcoholic substances might occasionally be added if the mood is right for it. While they eat their enemies, a lot of the corpses are left to sacrifice to their gods. Even though they like to consume their enemies nice and fancy they do stick to their Inferi masters and rip the skin straight off freshly perished corpses. Usually to intimidate the enemy. Though, in the end, to their sadness, they eat cooked meat, to avoid consuming too much raw meat and catching ill. ~ “Cower in fear as you watch the flesh being ripped of your allies bones by the looming knights in the fire, Watch in horror as you know you will be their next meal” “We are but pawns, mere tools. We will live for our gods, and we will die for our gods” Religion The Order of the Infernal Knights is a religious group of knights who dedicate their entire lives to serve Iblees. They believe Iblees is the one true god, meant to rule all. By serving Iblees, they consequently also serve the pentacle and all Demons, under them. The Infernal Knights believe themselves lowly in comparison to the demons. They are perfect beings as Iblees intended to. That is why they try to pick up as much of the Infernal culture as they can, for example, as mentioned before. Eating their enemies. Anything Infernal is holy to them, Moz Strimoza is their heaven. Demons are their Demi-gods, to die for the Inferi is an honour for all Knights. ”To only place thyne eyes on the mere sight of an Infernal being is one of the greatest blessings one can receive” The Infernal Knights believe they might be able to please any Infernal gods or even Iblees himself by sacrificing non-Believers to them ceremonially. Usually meaning the death of an enemy or someone who does not think of the demons as good, paired with a prayer. The body will then usually be eaten or thrown into the mouth of Moz Strimoza. An uncanny, endless pit, murals covered with what seems to be Moz Strimoza’s land itself. They believe it is a portal holy, wherein they throw the bodies or residu of bodies they have consumed in the hope that the demons of Moz Strimoza may be able to claim their souls. Several members of the old Inferi cult have ventured down, yet none have returned so far. They are believed to be in Moz Strimoza now. The Infernal Knights believe that Iblees is destined to one day return to this realm to destroy it with chaos and rebuild a paradise for the Inferi. The Order seeks contact with the Inferi or its allies so that they can serve the Inferi. They have never seen any Inferi, though their purpose is to serve them, until they have contact from the Inferi they go by the lead of the Zealots. Spiritual leaders who are chosen because it is believed that they are the best to interpret the Inferi’s will and lead the Order. They seek to free the High lord of Moz Strimoza and ready the world for Iblees to make it as easy as they can for him. ~ “Marching Knights, everywhere. All demonic in stature, chains could be heard everywhere, every step set determined, meaning to kill for their lord. We knew. The Infernal Knights were coming…..” Hierarchy The Infernal Knights are a force of chaos and violence, not stopped until death. But like the Inferi, the Infernal Knights have hierarchy. The Infernal knights are an army of veteran knights, often previously a soldier before joining the order, or trained in the order itself. Led by the hardest veterans of worshippers, solely powered by faith and sheer force of will. They have an iron resolve to serve their lords and keep true to the hierarchy, obeying all who stand above them. The Knights have no particular weapon, all knights using their own respected weapon. Ranks The Scourge - The apprentices The Scourge, or, the apprentices are newly joined members of The Infernal Knights, they are those who wish to serve, but are often not trusted completely yet, therefore they are not yet Infernal Knights or Sorcerers. The apprentices are the biggest bunch of the cult, many aspiring to be completely trusted into their knighthood, gaining access to all the Order's knowledge. Until they are trusted they will attempt to prove themselves by attending missions and assignments and are trained in combat by the Knights. Although the Apprentices are not trusted completely yet by the upper ranks, they are all valuable members of the order. Without the power and will of the aspiring Apprentices and their sheer numbers, the Order would not be where it is today, therefore they are given the name: “The Scourge” To give them a collective identity and the enemy a force to fear. The Scourge wears an individual set of armor each. Over the years tailored to their specific needs and desires. Some sorcerers need less plating, some want spikes on their shoulders, all examples. This makes each Apprentice unique, this is to represent the minions of The Inferi, all unique in their own terrifying ways. An Apprentice loses their individuality when becoming an Infernal Knight/Sorcerer. Some of The Scourge can be promoted to Lieutenants, these are more trusted Apprentices, but are not yet let into the Infernal knighthood. They are long time apprentices or those trusted a great deal by the Infernal Knights. Sometimes let in on some knowledge/missions. And also given the right to lead the scourge should a higher up be unavailable. *Scourge Lieutenant The Infernal Knights - Sorcerers The Infernal knights/Sorcerers are the most elite group of the Order, feared the most in the Order for their terrifying protruding presence. A rank holy to all apprentices. One becomes an Infernal Knight or Sorcerer when the Apprentice/Lieutenant has proven their worth. An Infernal Knights is like a brother to the other Infernal Knights and sorcerers, they have fought beside them for an incredibly long time now and they are a trusted member of Order, allowing involvement of all the secrets of the order. They are now one of the highest ranking Individuals, there are not many Infernal Knights/Sorcerers. When an apprentice/Lieutenant gets promoted to the status of an Infernal Knight or Infernal they lose their Individual set of armor (they can keep it off course, but it’s just armor), in return they are given the Infernal knights set of armor or the Infernal sorcerers set of robes, showing their status to the rest of the Order. On top of that a Knight or Sorcerer is given a title, a name suited to their personalities or achievements, defining them as an individual knight or sorcerer of the Order. *An Infernal Sorcerers set of robes. Infernal Knights wear great, decorated, plated armor giving them strong protection. They are usually already strong enough to wear the heavy armor comfortably due to the training they received as an Apprentice. An Infernal Sorcerer is a spellcasting member of the Order. They usually fight from distances with their magic supporting the Infernal Knights and The Scourge on the front. The Infernal sorcerers are usually given robes with light plating to allow better movement and less carrying weight for they are usually weaker due to their abilities, unable to effectively carry heavy armor. The Infernal Lords - Zealots The Infernal Lords are the three leaders of The Order of the Infernal Knights, they are treated as Zealots, spiritual leaders. Interpreting the will of the gods, deciding what actions the gods would want them to take. They always consist of three members, avoiding any possible corruption to ensure the well being of the Order. The Infernal lords do most jobs in the Order, amongst which leading most missions and assignments, and directing the Order to keep a chaotic yet organized group that can effectively carry out their duties, an Infernal lord's job is a tough one, but they are veterans amongst the Order, guided for decades by their religion. Atop all that they ensure their religion remains intact and honourable as intended and needed, making sure all aspects of their religion will be kept and held properly. The Infernal Lords armor is close to an Infernal Knight one’s, but still with their respective differences like a crown shaped helmet and greater fur collar. There are at this current time 2 Infernal lords who are still seeking for a third member worthy and willing of taking on the task. They are the original two founders of the cults. ~ Purpose The purpose of this lore is a necessary rewrite of the old Inferi cultist’s lore, a premature version of the intended and still developing cult in a stage where there was little time to develop decent lore. This lore is a rewrite hoping to have picked up on the experiences made in the cult last year of its existence and in the hope of sparking the culture a new life. This lore also follows the same reasons the original Inferi Cult was created. To create a group of Inferi Worshippers to allow people wanting Inferi Worshipping rp to do so, and to create a new villainous threat on the roads and cities. I hope you had as much fun reading the lore as I had writing it. OOC applications are: Open (For ooc application contact Minth_11 or Dutchsupremacy) [Do not metagame this information] Writer: Minth
  3. el’Sirame - Seed of the Forestborn The Forest Shepherds, Priests, and Green Dragons of Siramenor The Lore of the Forestborn Haelun Mali’ame. The mother of Wood Elves and Seeds as we know them today. Long ago, when Malin first ruled the Elves under one united Kingdom, Irrin Sirame was born. She bore no noble blood, and lived amongst the common folk. In her earlier days, she served the Kingdom as a sentinel, quickly rising through the ranks as she defeated foe after foe, and claimed victory after victory for the Elven people. Seeing her prowess, the Elvenking himself granted her a place upon the High Council of Malinor, the first of common-blood to ascend to such an honored place at Malin’s table. When the days of the great Elven schism bore down upon Malin’s Kingdom, Irrin Sirame led her followers into the wildlands, deep into the woodlands of the world. These folk would soon be known as the Mali’ame. Under her guidance, they spread over the wildlands, claiming their homes among the forests, the plains, the coasts. The mother of Mali’ame spent many years traveling between these places, appointing chieftains of the tribes that settled throughout the land, creating the first Seed of the Mali’ame. To these Seeds, she passed on her devotion to the Aspect, and ensured that the memory of Malin’s teachings would endure for centuries to come. Despite bringing the Seeds of the Mali’ame into existence, she had no tribe of her own, none to carry on her ideals beyond the Seeds she helped make. Irrin vowed to take no husband, to mother no children. No tribe can claim her bloodline, for there are none in all the land that carry it. But now, centuries later, a simple ‘ame and her family seek to continue her legacy. The Sirame were founded in the year 1760, as a tribe of ‘ame who seek to emulate the mission of Irrin Sirame- to preserve the sacred worship of the Aspects, and to carry on the ways of the Mali’ame through times of peace and war alike, through the prosperous, or grave. Many are priests, or devout- studying the ways of the Mali’ame culture, teaching them to all who may seek to know the ancient ways. Wherever the forest folk roam, they seek to nurture and guide the future generations. Beliefs and Traditions Religion “May the mother give me the grace to spread life and light through this land, and may the father grant me the strength of spirit to protect it...” - An excerpt from the prayers of the mali’ame Following in Irrin Sirame’s footsteps, the Sirame hold a steadfast belief in the Aspects, as was the faith of the elvenking himself, and of the mother of Mali’ame herself. To them, the Mali’ame are inseparable from the ways of the wild faith- their way of life is entirely dependent on the wilds, as it should remain. While the Seed primarily worships the Aspects, their attention is not solely focused upon them. The Seed knows that the Mani, the animal spirits of the wild, hold an important place in the natural world, and will sometimes lend their prayers and offerings to them and respect those that follow them. The Seed holds no patron Mani themselves, as many Seeds do. While traditionally, ‘ame have sought to bring others into the fold through sermon and teaching, the Sirame are the sort to lead through their own example. They believe that only action will truly bring faith to the other Mali’ame, and remain fiercely devout through all, showing the power of faith in this world. Values Tradition sits at the heart of the Sirame, as their purpose is to continue the life’s work of Irrin Sirame. Their values and beliefs line with the old ways of the Mali’ame, and of the forestborn herself. Faith One of Irrin’s most steadfast pursuits in her lifetime was the spreading of the worship of the aspects. The Elvenking himself was devout in their worship, although he was no Druid. As one of his faithful lieutenants, Irrin followed in his steps. When the others turned their back on the worship of the huntsman and the mother, none were more furious than she. She dedicated her life to keeping the faith of her people alive, and so the Sirame adopted this hallowed belief. Unity The most prosperous days of the Elven people have been in the ages of unity, when ‘ker and ‘ame and ‘aheral stood side by side, marching forwards into the coming dawn. Malin knew this, and thus his people knew peace and prosperity like no other. Irrin Sirame believed in this too- in the memory of the united Kingdom. While no King can lead again, the seed of Sirame believes in a united Elven people all the same. Stewardship To always ensure that there is a safe home for the Mali’ame, no matter how the world may look. There must always be a place where the culture of the forestborn may endure, free from the shackles of others. Safe. Free. and Balanced. The Sirame must lead others to this home, if necessary. Fortitude We are long lived. Our eyes take in centuries of life, and with it, centuries of hardship, and loss. As Mali, we must have the resilience to endure all that the arduous road of life has to offer in our long lived days. This does not mean to remain untouched, or unbothered, but to bounce back- to tackle life with renewed vigor once you fall. Connection to the Wild Above all else, the Sirame believe in a deep, spiritual connection to the wilds around them. The forests are a sacred land, and all the life in them as well. They hunt, as their ancestors did, and pay homage to their fallen spirits. To fell a tree is to kill a piece of the forest, and so they live in burrows, intertwined within their roots, surrounded and protected by them. A Canonist prays in a temple, and a member of the Sirame prays deep within the woods, far from the sight of civilization, shaded by the branches of the trees that they so deeply revere. Appearance and Ilmyumier Dressings, Clothes Members of the Seed can come from many various walks of life, though they typically dress in traditional Mali’ame attire, seeking to be role models to other ‘ame. Robes, tunics, and other dressings of greens, reds, and even yellows. They wear no shoes, seeking to be connected to the earth and the world around them. Oftentimes, they will incorporate pieces of nature into their attire as well- flowers, leaves, and others. Ilmyumier The Sirame takes the mark of Taynei’hiylu, the green dragon spirit, using it as their symbol and ilmyumier. The depiction of the green dragon wraps up and down one arm entirely, snaking over the flesh in flight. The ‘ame may adorn themselves over the rest of their body in viridian flame, should they wish to, but it is not required. The mark of Taynei’hiylu mark is meant to represent wisdom and strength, and their connection to the forest. Another mark members may receive however, is the spring mother's wreath, a mark placed upon the palm of an ‘ame, meant to represent the peaceful ways of the tribe, and the harmony that they seek. However, this mark is not exclusive to members of the clan, and may be offered by the clan as a status tattoo to a peacekeeper.
  4. OFFICIUM AD AUTEM ENCYCLOPEDIA ADDRESS OFFICIUM AD IDIOTA DUTY TO GRIFTING & PAGANISM OF THE LOFTIEST PONTIFICATION EVERDEEN “EVERARD” SEXTUS Addressed to those woefully ungodly unarmed men, women, and children rightfully displaced and murdered by SEXTUS EVERDEEN. The response NOBODY asked for. “I TREADETH FORTH ON A GLASS LITTER, TO ROAM THIS WORLD AND DESPOIL IT WITH DREAD. UPON THIS THRONE, I DO THE WORK OF THE DECEIVER. YEMEKAR’S BALANCE, THE BURNING BUSH, THESE ARE MY CURIOUS DEMESNE. BLOOD MAGIC & DEVILRY IS MY MIRACLE. MY SAINT IS IBLEES. FROM THE LECHEROUS CONFINES OF MY CURIA, I MAKE MY INSANIAM KNOWN!” (AUSPICE 6-6-6:666, DERFY'S CANTICLE OF IMMORTALITY) Sextus VI Everdeen “Evvy-rard” roars from his chambers of children at play, his fists pounding against his desk as a cacophony of panicked voices ring out from his Pontifical Apartments. A gathered mass of Church followers, such as the trifecta armies of NORDLAND, URGWAN, AND SEDAN. The body of a twelve-year-old hung outside the apartments. Thus, Us thought, unto traitors. The girl, who lost her parents to NORDLING invaders spurred by the Pontification of WE, attempted to slay ME (US) with a butter knife. As the Witch Queen of OREN Anastiastus, bound in unholy MATRIMONY to RED WIZARD of Providence Philip III, struck her father-in-law Philip (1 or 2?) to death by spurring him into a state of ARRESTED BLOOD FLOW from a continent’s breadth away, his heart stopping from the act! As there are now two Philips, WE believe the Third Philip, Red Wizard Kong of the EMPIRE OF OREN, to be responsible for this act of debauchery. After all, he said WE could not pontificate nearly as well as he. Here WE stand, for US, by US, to punish them for these deeds drawn from our conclusive gauging of Philip (1 or 2)’s heart and brain acidity. In order for US to assess the validity of the assassination (which happened, as confirmed by our correspondence with a horned, bejeweled beast hardly resembling a man) we have drawn conclusively that PHILIP and ANASTASTIUS have ERRED! US (GOD MANFLESH, EVERARDUS SEXTUS EVERDEEN, CONSUMER of the FAITHLESS) support LEOPOLD VON ALSTION, of that lineage which cavorts with PERTINAXI conquerors, so that you may learn your lesson. EMPEROR ALSTION decrees that at once you vacate your homes in abundance. Cover your women’s shoulders, beat homosexual citizens living ordinary lives severely, and suffer not the bountiful ruse that are the freedoms outlined in JOSEPH MARNA’s Nenzing Proclamation. You lost the war! You chose to go to war with Pagan invaders! That is your choice. Yemekar’s Balance, WE hereby opine, is to be the way of your world. Your homes, your lands, your farms. They were lost due to the failures of the RED KONG PHILIP THREE, not the machinations of WE! Now hither thee, get out of here, and begone, thee. Thusly. POMPOUS SEXTUS EVERARDUS MAXIMUS
  5. Tsecsar Couples Counseling “The Lies In Paradise’s” By a unknown Savoyardic painter (1800) It is known throughout history, couples, most of the time have a certain event which pushes the two partners who once loved each other to despise one another and even attempt to harm the other to get revenge. Which then typically leaves an emotional scar on the children of the couple or gives anguish to both sides of the conflicting spouses (or partners), which in the end is only causes more injury for both parties and others, such as the children of the partners, relatives, and etc. A while back, I remembered when I was about, thirty, I spoke with a fellow traveler while I lived a nomadic life style. We talked and talked, about how one should live their lives and how one should take care of themselves mentally and physically. Then I realized. Perhaps they need someone to help them go through these proles, a counselor, someone who could help couples go step by step and untangle misunderstandings or wrong doings. Because shouldn't all people at least try or attempt to solve squabbles? End the suffering these partners burden with each other? Today I, Saevil Tscsar, announce the opening of the Tscsar Counseling Services hosted in Peter's Way One, the services sponsored by the Halcourt Family. My services will be disclosed and will not be released to any gossip columns for moral reasons or will it not be disclosed to anyone who asks, again, because of morality. My services also extends beyond counseling, my services will also include normal counseling and familial counseling. I will not accept couples if one side is unwilling to participate in the session. If one of the partners is abusive I will have to report such to your receptive governments. Anyone who confesses a murder or any crime I will have to report to your receptive governments. Additionally, if unwilling to come to Providence for international reasons such as religious schisms or if the country you come from is at war with Oren, I am more then willing to come to your own desired location. To all who find this in good health, Saevil Tsecsar [!] Below would be a sheet for people to fill out times for appointments and their reason.
  6. [!] A note is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Beware the Hill-rats! The rats that got out of the dungeon earlier seem to have set up camp in the hills! Be careful when traveling around the village! Keep an eye out for any rats moving about! P.S: A more proper scouting mission will be sent out the next Pumpkin Day -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill. ((3 PM EST, tomorrow the 17th of January, 2022. In Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  7. The Grandaxe Clan “the Spirit o’ the Dwedmar ‘as been kept broight, an’ fer tha’ ah am proud” – Fimlin Grandaxe The Grandaxes are an Elder Clan of mountain dwarves hailing from the northern mountains in Aegis, originally known for their long lines of politically powerful dwarfs and proud honorable warriors. These dwarfs are known far and wide as honorable and proud in nature. Traditionally, to be a Grandaxe means to embody justice and honor above all except the Brathmordakin. The Grandaxe clan is also known for having three main bloodlines of kin; Blackaxe, Braveaxe and Grimaxe. Notable dwarven kings and figures of dwarven history can easily be traced back to the Grandaxe line one way or another. Notable figures include Fimlin Grandaxe, Valen Grandaxe, Thorin Grandaxe and Thorik Grandaxe, who are all dwarves who have contributed much to reforming the Dwarven Nation and building up its strength. When the dwarfs need a reliable fighting force, look no further than the Grandaxes. Their speed and force may send even the most mighty of Ologs onto their backs. Overall the Grandaxe clan are proud and honorable dwarfs who live as both warriors and politicians. Modern day Grandaxes focus on fighting for their family and clan. While they still retain many militaristic aspects in their culture, their skills have diversified to include helping others around the community. In addition, Grandaxes tend to make up the backbone of the dwarven workforce, with many serving in taverns, working in the legion, or promoting trade in the city. ~History~ The Grandaxe clan was founded by one of the sons of Urguan, Bogrin Grandaxe who gathered his family and his followers to the northern ranges of Aegis. The clan participated in the politics of Khaz’Urguan from a distance, and when Velkan Ironborn rose to power and formed the Empire of Khorvad, the Grandaxes joined in Simppa’s rebellion against the Ironborn rule. When Simppa marched on the Ironborn, the Grandaxes followed suit alongside the Frostbeards and Ironguts and vanquished the Ironborn. Thus the Kingdom of Urguan was restored and the Grandaxes stood by it. A tragedy would soon befall the clan however, as the new King Grimlie declares war on the human Kingdom of Oren, the clan descends into disagreement. The Clan Father, Thrain Grandaxe wanted the clan to support the Kingdom in its war effort however his brother; Decks Grandaxe opposed the war and was banished from the Kingdom. Decks now disgraced took his brothers Gulik and Grady and their children and moved into Kal’Domhain, one of the old Grandaxe holds. With the clan split in two, Thrain Grandaxe and his brothers Rhakun and Gilneas named themselves the “Braveaxe Clan” to show their loyalty to the Kingdom while Decks and his followers became the “Blackaxe Clan” a name meant to bring disgrace but was accepted by them. Many years had passed, eventually Decks passed away and his son Bazian Blackaxe became the leader of his clan. Bazian, tired of the grudges between their kin brought the Blackaxes back to Kal’Urguan to live with the rest of their kin. At this time the King was Gotrek Firemane, known to frequently travel and be absent of his people. Thorik Braveaxe, son of Thrain was disgusted by the status of the Kingdom and couped Gotrek from power, taking up the mantle of King himself with support from both the Braveaxes and the Blackaxes. Thorik formed the Grand council out of his supporters Chaecus Braveaxe, Stronghold Braveaxe, Broski Braveaxe, and Valen Blackaxe. The Grandaxe councilors do much for the Kingdom, protecting Urguan in the Great War of Aegis and defeating the Elven-Orcish alliance and later conquering Alras in the Dwarf-Alras war. The Undead of Aegis had begun to further their foothold, forcing the people of Aegis to convene against them. Champions were sent by the four descendants into the Nether to try and destroy it, from the dwarves was Kjell Ireheart, Urir Ireheart, and Valen Blackaxe. At the cost of Urir’s life the attempt was a success, however it was short lived when the Undead overran Kal’Urguan and the other nations, forcing them to flee to the land of Asuloun. In Asuloun Thorik continues to rule the Kingdom until he is supposedly assassinated, the title of King falling to Broski Braveaxe, then Stronghold Braveaxe before finally falling to Kjell Ireheart. With Thorik’s kingdom in shambles and the dwarves in a state of decline Bazian Blackaxe calls the Blackaxes and the Braveaxes together to unite back into the Grandaxe Clan. Both clans agree and the Grandaxes are made whole once more. With Kjell’s new Kingdom, the Grandaxe clan founded Kal’Anart on the northern border of the Dwarven lands, defending them against the Orcs not far from their hold. The Kingdom had now been made up of a great expanse of land, including the Irongut hold of Kal’Dwain, the Grandaxes in Kal’Anart, the Goldhands in Kal’Alras and the Irehearts in Mount Ire and Kal’Mugdor. Under this system the Empire of Urguan was founded, the lords of each hold becoming the council below Emperor Kjell to assist him in managing the Empire. The Orcs attack the Kingdom, and enjoy initial success but are pushed back into the north by the dwarven armies before they are able to conquer any major dwarven holds. The clan continued to live in Kal’Anart through the end of Kjell’s and into Hiebe Irongut’s reign and until the destruction of Asuloun, where they fled to Elysium. As the opportunity to avenge the death of their former King, Thorik Braveaxe arose Valen Grandaxe marched the Grandaxe Clan in full force into the hold of his killers, but found something they did not expect. Under the possession of an ancient evil, Thorik still lived and with the Hammer of Urguan, was freed from the prison of his own mind from Ondnarch, the bringer of the silent cold. The return of the old Grand King had dwarves of all clans and creed rally beneath him as he claimed his right to the throne. With the backing of the Grandaxe Clan, Thorik Grandaxe was once again crowned Grand King of the newly formed Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Thorik started restoring the Grand Kingdom with the Treaty of Aturial, forging an alliance with Emperor Godfrey and the Holy Oren Empire, it was his hope that peace would soon ensue. Thorik also wrote the Articles of Urguan, a constitution to govern the Grand Kingdom with Valen Grandaxe, Bazian Grandaxe. After the articles were finished Thorik stepped down and Omithiel Strongbrow took to the throne. After discovering the path to Anthos, the clan set sail with the dwarves and lived within Kal’Azgoth, the new dwarven city. In Kal’Azgoth, Omithiel ruled until he decided to step down, allowing Thorin Grandaxe, a skillful Legion Commander, to become Grand King. When a dwarven lord was killed by the White Rose on the way to Kal’Azgoth, Thorin grew furious and broke the pact with Oren and declared war. The dwarven Legion marched north and met the Orenian army on the battlefield at the Nation’s Crossing, but was pushed back after a flank from the west. Despite the victory, many Orenians decided to leave Anthos for another land, allowing Thorin to pressure many of the human lords into submission and conquering the rest. With the Orenian lands beneath Thorin he divided up the former Empire into individual kingdoms and named himself the Emperor of Urguan, forming the second empire in dwarven history. The clan had little time to enjoy the victory however, as the deaths of Valen Grandaxe and later Thorik Grandaxe left the clan with little leadership outside of Thorin himself. But even then the clan did not have time between its grief, as Thorin Grandaxe himself is slain by Ondnarch, releasing the conquered kingdoms. The clan fell through the leadership of several dwarves with little time in between until falling to Fimlin Grandaxe. Fimlin obtained the position in the midst of the Orenian invasion of Urguan, and urgently called for his clanmates to return and fight against the invaders. Fimlin was largely successful, reviving the clan and bringing it back into an integral part of dwarven politics after both he and his brother Fili Grandaxe earned spots on the King’s council. After the war had ended with the Grand Kingdom successfully repelling the invaders in The Battle of Indagolaf the clan began to further come back to life, and was able to see Wulfgar Grandaxe onto the throne after the death of Indago Stormhammer who had ruled during the war. Wulfgar not only began to rebuild the Grand Kingdom post-war he also helped the clan further gain back its power by promoting Fimlin Grandaxe to the Lord’s Council. The clan continued to grow in numbers and when Anthos fell it followed the Grand Kingdom into Kal’Arkon until eventually moving on to Athera. In Athera, Midgor Ireheart the son of Kjell Ireheart was Grand King, ruling from the mountain city of Kal’Agnar. Early on, the Grandaxes and the Ironguts moved into the north of Athera, founding Hiebenhall and Kal’Akyth respectively. Midgor was not pleased at the leaving dwarves and threatened action, thus when the time arose the council removed Midgor from Kingship. In his place Fimlin Grandaxe was elected and the Grandaxes returned to Kal’Agnar with Fili Grandaxe as the Clan Father. Fimlin ruled the Grand Kingdom when Khaz’Urguan was rediscovered, and the Undead released back into the world. With the return of the Undead, a remnant of the ancient Ironborn clan waited for an opportunity to invade Kal’Agnar, and found that opportunity when the Starbreaker clan rebelled from the “Underkingdom.” The Ironborn with the backing of the Starbreakers and the Undead launched an invasion on Kal’Agnar and overran the dwarven Legion, forcing the remaining dwarves to retreat to Hiebenhall. The clan took many losses in the invasion but continued to persevere with the rest of the dwarves in Hiebenhall until the dwarven armies rallied up to retake the Grand Kingdom and were able to successfully do so despite the fortifications in their way. Fimlin then tried to rebuild the Grand Kingdom after the war, commissioning the construction of Kal’Karaad but was removed by the council before it was finished. The clan then held an ongoing distrust for the council and its deeds, believing it to be corrupt and against the dwarven interests. The Grandaxes, disheartened with the politics of the Kingdom founded Kal’Bogrin north of Hiebenhall for the clan to reside in. Zahrer Irongrinder was elected Grand King and tried to re-establish the Lord’s Council of Anthos but the motion was rejected by the Grandaxe and Frostbeard clans. Furious the Grand King removed the Frostbeards from their power and replaced them with the Doomforged who voted in favor of the council. The new Lord’s Council was made up of its supporters which further angered the Grandaxes, who were then the largest clan in the Kingdom. After an incident with Zahrer’s elven concubine, the Lord’s Council wished to banish the Grandaxes from the Kingdom. When Zahrer refused, the council removed him from Kingship but the Grandaxes had already abandoned Kal’Karaad and moved into Kal’Bogrin. The Grandaxes declared their independence but soon came under immediate threat from the Kingdom of Oren, which marched on Hiebenhall. The Grandaxes vowed to defend Hiebenhall despite the council, and eventually with a majority of dwarves dissenting against the council the Lords were expelled from the Grand Kingdom and the land given over to the Grandaxes. The Grandaxes then without hesitation gave the lands to the elected Grand King Hodir Doomforged and marched south to defend Hiebenhall. The Orenian army, surprised to find a united dwarven army was repelled. The initial victory was soon lost as the dwarven Siege of Drakenburgh failed and the Orenian army given time to recooperate. With a renewed offensive, the Orenian army attacked Kal’Bogrin and captured the hold, which had luckily been evacuated after being warned. Hiebenhall too was captured, at night by a squadron of Orenians while the Legion was fighting in an ancient hall. With the war lost, the Grandaxes moved south of Kal’Karaad in the foothills where Kal’Eknar was founded. Peace would not last long however, as Vrograk’Gorkil became the new Orcish Rex he warred on the dwarves and besieged Kal’Eknar. Although the Orcish horde initially dominated the dwarves, the garrison at Kal’Eknar was able to charge out and cut down the Orcs while they were unexpecting. The Grandaxes, hoping to protect their kin from further tragedy helped form a Mountain Blood-Pact between the Grandaxe, Frostbeard, and Ireheart clans. They continued living in Kal’Eknar until Athera fell and the dwarves forced to move on to Vailor. In Vailor, the Grandaxes established a hold on the Isle of Avar, named Kal’Valen after their renowned ancestor. The Grandaxes formed a vanguard against a potential invasion from Orenian forces, as Avar was a large island between the sea separating the two Kingdoms. Fili Grandaxe went missing and Fimlin Grandaxe became the Clan Father. This issue was used as an excuse for the Frostbeard clan to break the pact, dishonoring the clan greatly and setting a grudge on the Frostbeards. When Skippy Irongut was elected Grand King against his opposition; Verthaik Frostbeard, the Frostbeard clan rebelled and tried to forcefully take the throne. The Grandaxes stood by the Grand King, still angered by the broken pact and the rebellion was defeated. The years following saw the clan developing Avar, allowing for humans to settle the eastern portion of the island and the Irongrinders to establish the fort Jarnstrand. During this time Fimlin Grandaxe stood down from Clan Father. The Grandaxe clan continued living in Kal’Valen when the Eighteen Year’s War broke out between the Dwarves and Oren. The Grandaxes rallied to defend their kin, losing the Battle of Rhewengrad but repelling the armies in the subsequent Battle of Khro’Nagaak. The Rurics, a house of northern humans living on Avar rebelled against the Grandaxes and vassalized under Oren. Launching a new offensive the Orenian army sailed to Avar and broke the Dwarven naval blockade of Seahelm, home of the Rurics. The Orenians then moved on to besiege the fort of Jarnstrand before moving onto Kal’Valen itself. The defence of Kal’Valen was valiant and nearly broke the Orenians however after a lengthy siege the Grandaxes had lost their hold. The clan had suffered great losses, of land and of kin but continued to fight in the Battle of Kal’Ordholm where the war finally ended with a successful dwarven defence. Following the war an extended period of stagnation befell Urguan for many years, and the Grandaxe clan’s number and power dwindled. Finally a pestilence descended upon Vailor which forced the Descendents to flee to a new realm; Axios. There Svardin Grandaxe took up Clan Father, and Torvin Grandaxe was elected Grand King. During his reign, Torvin ruled during a period of relative quiet, while also trying to maintain neutrality and peace with Oren. During this time Fimlin Grandaxe retook the role of Clan Father and multiple build plans for a clan hold were drawn up, but ultimately scrapped. It would not last, after invading the Orcs, the Orenian armies turned to Urguan, and attacked. Outrage ensued, and Torvin was removed and replaced by Algoda Frostbeard. The Duchy of Courland revolted against the Orenian Empire whilst the invasion began, and joined Urguan’s forces in defense. Oren’s initial assault was repelled when their army was surrounded in a narrow gorge, for which the “Battle of the Red Gorge” gets its name. The days following Grand King Algoda was captured and killed while travelling alone, prompting Bastion Ireheart son of Igor to be elected. Victory was again achieved over the Orenian Army at the “Battle of the Golden Fields”, subsequently causing the Duchy of Lorraine and Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska to surrender. With most of the Imperial supporters out of the war, Urguan and Courland besieged the capital city of Johannesburg. The Empire’s defeat imminent, the Emperor ordered his men to explode the capital using Thanium, leaving a massive coat of permafrost over the lands within the radius of the explosion. Dominance asserted and fracturing of Urguan’s age-old enemy Oren caused an economic boom in the capital, and the Grandaxe clan grew back its strength once more. The initial boom was not long lived, however the clans had grew in size, with the Grandaxe and Frostbeard clans sitting at the top as political rivals. To provide a base to their power, the Frostbeard clan established the hold of Jornheim in northern Hanseti while the Grandaxes established their hold Tal’Azmar in the mountains southeast of the capitol. With internal power-struggles and conflict growing, Grand King Bastion declared a grudge-war on Norland. The war was initially successful, but the final assault on the Norlandic capitol was twice-repelled, and peace was made. The somewhat-inclusive ending prompted more unrest within Urguan, until Bastion was believed to be assassinated, or committed suicide over the conflict. As a result, Clan Father Kerwyr Frostbeard took the opportunity to forcefully seize the throne, and slaughtered opposing dwarves in the senate. The Grandaxes fled to Tal’Azmar and provided shelter to the other clans displaced by the coup. There they openly defied the Frostbeard insurgency and Gror Ireheart was elected Grand King. After various successful small-scale engagements, including the retaking of the now empty capitol Kal’Omith the Frostbeard regime collapsed, and Kerwyr was executed by the newly crowned Grand King. The years following saw much of the same, with a continued rivalry of the Grandaxe and Frostbeard clans under an inadequately ruled Grand Kingdom. In an attempt to further their goals, the Frostbeards invited the Grandaxes to meet and tried to convince the clan to join their side but were not interested in the peaceful compromises the Grandaxes required. However some members of the clan wished to join the Frostbeard’s cause, and broke off from the clan taking the name “Blackaxe.” With the clan splintered and a civil war in Urguan imminent, Fimlin left for the wildlands to avoid fighting his own kin. The rest of the clan fought on either side against each other, and with victory over Urguan to Kaz’Ulrah, the Grandaxes stood divided between Tal’Azmar, Kaz’Ulrah, and Arcadia until the end of Axios. The Dwedmar upon arriving on Atlas remained divided, and likewise the Grandaxe Clan. The Blackaxes dwelled in Kaz’Ulrah, with the rest split between Az’Adar, the successor to Arcadia and Holm, the Irongut-owned multinational city. In Kaz’Ulrah the Blackaxes flourished under Aemich Blackaxe’s leadership, becoming a very large and influential clan within the Kingdom. The success was short lived, as with his resignation also followed stagnation, and the Grandaxe bloodline grew weaker. Eventually Fimlin returned, and convinced the clansdwed to mend the rift and retake up the Grandaxe name. The Blackaxes complied and the clan reunited in name, however neither group would agree to move to either city, and thus the clan remained scattered. Kal’Bogrin was refounded as a third neutral option; an independent hold owned by the Grandaxes, referencing the Grandaxe Exodus and the first Kal’Bogrin the clan moved to during a period of moral conflict with the established Kingdom. There Borin Grandaxe was elected Clan Father under the guidance of Fimlin Grandaxe, who oversaw the Hold. In Kal’Bogrin the clan took a specific stance on the moral questions and conflicts plaguing the dwedmar. The clan’s doctrine disallowed the claiming of another to be a “false dwed” and calling for re-establishing a union of the dwarven race. At this time the dwedmar were split 6 ways, the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, the Republic of Holm, Az’adar, the Kingdom of Ord, the Confederation of Hammers and the Kingdom of Bogrin. As Kal’Bogrin grew its population and support, so did its enemies. Kaz’Ulrah treated the clan with vague hostility, being upset with the challenge to their crumbling hegemony over the dwarves. A larger threat soon presented itself; the September Prince, leading the armies of the wrath of nature attacked and destroyed Haelun’or just north of Kal’Bogrin and Holm, and turned his eye towards the holds. In response Kal’Bogrin launched the “Bogrin Offensive” to drive the September Prince out of the area and retake the ruins of Haelun’or. The Offensive consisted of Bogrin, the Confederation of Hammers, Holm, Az’adar, Ord, the Starbreaker Clan, and a group of High Elves. In preparation for the Offensive a team from Az’adar recovered the Kal’Varak, and positioned it so that during the battle it could be used to trap the September Prince in his own mind in an attempt to destroy him. The Offensive was successful, the Prince’s army was routed, Haelun’or was reclaimed, the Kal’Varak maneuver crippled and delayed the Prince however it did not destroy him. The Offensive proved to restore confidence and trust between the dwed involved, thus Fimlin began negotiations over a union with the Confederation. The result was the creation of the Kingdom of Agnarum; a merged nation of the Kingdom of Bogrin and the Confederation of Hammers. The city of Kal’Azgaryum was founded as the seat of the new nation, one with a King who derived his powers from the council’s support, for which Fimlin Grandaxe was unanimously elected. Founding Agnarum proved to be a milestone, as the majority of clans, and dwedmar were now centered around Agnarum which was intent on reuniting the Dwarves. The only holdout; Kaz’Ulrah, as they were now greatly challenged by their rival states. Their response to Agnarum’s success was to send their Orcish allies to raid Kal’Azgaryum. The raids proved to be mostly stalemates, with only minor victories and defeats on either side. Eventually the Orenian Empire declared war on the Orcs for their raids on human settlements, which also pitted Kaz’Ulrah against Oren. Agnarum ultimately chose to remain neutral, though some dwed fought on either side unofficially. Ultimately both the Orcs and Kaz’Ulrah were destroyed by Oren, and Agnarum endured. Refugees from Kaz’Ulrah flocked to Agnarum, with the Frostbeards and Goldhands notably absent. With the major obstacles to unity gone, Az’adar and Ord also joined the Kingdom of Agnarum, and a strong alliance was formed with Holm. True unity would not be achieved until the migration from Atlas to the newly discovered world of Arcas. There in the capitol Kal’Varoth, Fimlin negotiated the return of the Frostbeard and Goldhand clans, who gradually began to integrate. When all sons of Urguan were once again united under one nation, Fimlin Grandaxe founded the Under-Realm of Urguan, but cautioned against following in the footsteps of the Grand Kingdom and the mistakes made in years past. The rest of Fimlin’s reign proved less successful, as the newly minted union went through growing pains, causing the waxing and waning of the Legion and Guilds, and a struggling economy. Fimlin achieved his final goal with the Articles of Urguan V2, where he laid out a modern though flawed constitution intended to re-establish trust in the unity of the Dwedmar. Having achieved what he had set out to do, and confident in the future of the Under-Realm, Fimlin Grandaxe resigned from his role as King. Following the resignation of Fimlin Grandaxe and the ascension of Atandt Irongrinder to role as King of the Under-Realm of Urguan, the clan began to rapidly dwindle in numbers. While both the clan and city underwent a brief resurrection during the three-month war against the Holy Orenian Empire, in which the human empire briefly violated Urguan settlement rules and built on dwarven land, the kingdom as a whole appeared to be on a downward trend till the removal of Atandt by Clan Lords and the Ascension of Utak Ireheart. With Utak at the helm, he oversaw the reconstruction of the city following a great earthquake,renaming the dwarven capital Kal’Evraal. Despite this bloom of prosperity for the city, it was not reflected in the state of the Grandaxes, which had seen little to no Grandaxe activity under its current iteration. When Borin Grandaxe finally handed the title of Clan Father to Thorolf Grandaxe, many Grandaxes had disappeared or chosen to return to their previous clans, leaving the clan without kinsmen. However, this would change in 1754 when Dhaen Grandaxe briefly united the Starbreaker and Goldhand clans in support of a clan rebellion and brought many Grandaxes out of the shadows into the light of the dwarven populace again, ascending to the first ever position of Grandaxe Clan Mother. Through this position, Dhaen revived the clan and instigated a temporary pact with the Goldhand Clan, offering them a trade in knowledge and kinship to further their re-assimilation with the dwarven people of Urguan. In addition, she oversaw the building of the Grand Brewery which became equivalent to a hold for the Grandaxes of the time. In 1767, a war between Urguan and Krugmar broke out over the enslavement of one of the members of the Goldhand Clan. This war marked the return of many older dwarves of generations past. With Utak leading the forces, the Orcish people quickly resorted to acts of terrorism, the most prominent example being the boomsteel explosion in the courtroom of Urguan that same year, which found Dhaen and the Medical Clinic at the forefront of the recovery process. The war ended with the replacement of a proper Rex, and the Under-Realm of Urguan changed officially to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. With this change, a revival of the Official Urguan Council occurred, with Grandaxes holding a prominent position on the daily affairs of the Kingdom and leadership. It was during this time period, Thumrilgrad had increasing examples of corrupted creatures spawning from its depths and subsequently fell. With it, fell the last of the holds overseen by Fimlin. Soon after, King Utak Ireheart stepped down, with many fellow dwarves following his footsteps and stepping down in addition. Dhaen Grandaxe, weary from the wars and multiple positions within the city, also resigned from her duties. Just as Jorvin Starbreaker took the mantle of King of the Grand-Kingdom of Urguan, so too did a young Grandaxe named Nabrick - with the title of Grandaxe Clan Father. However, unlike the newly crowned King Jorvin, Nabrick did not uphold his duties for long, forcing Dhaen to return and reclaim her previous title as Clan Mother. After re-instating her clan in a position of prominence, Dhaen instigated clan elections to find the next Clan Lord, the motherly Brynaelda Grandaxe. Now free of her duties as Clan Mother, Dhaen swiftly took control of the position of Grand Merchant of the Grand Kingdom. Meanwhile, as the second Grandaxe Clan Mother, Brynaelda reigns to this day, guiding beardlings, clan members, and elders alike with her honorable sense of duty and family. ~Clan Values~ Honor A Grandaxe will defend his honor with his life, and will demand the same of other dwarves. Grandaxes do not steal or harm other dwarves as it is considered highly dishonorable and nearly unforgivable. They also hold to their word and hold blood pacts in high regard. The Dishonored Grandaxes believe in honor being above all except the Brathmordakin, so when a clanmate becomes dishonorable it is a grievance to the clan. However Grandaxes believe that the Dishonored must redeem themselves so that they can be let into society once more. Yemekar's Balance The Grandaxes are staunch believers in Yemekar's Balance, which refers to the balance of world’s peoples and environment. Should one nation attempt to exterminate one of the races from the realm then that is a clear breach of Yemekar's Balance. Such a situation upsets Grandaxes, who take pride in the world as a place built by Yemekar’s hands. Dwarven Unity Grandaxes have strived to maintain dwarven unity, but also have oftentimes attempted to move further away. Grandaxes had historically established their separate holds many times throughout the ages, however after the Fall of Avar, the enthusiasm and drive over making holds collapsed. Afterwards Grandaxes understood the need for unity far better and no longer desired to separate as much as they had before. Additionally Grandaxes believe actions such as rebellion are dishonorable and thus take them very seriously. The last Grandaxe rebellion in Kal'Bogrin was bloodless and the clan promised to help the Grand Kingdom against Oren. Though the favor wasn't expected to be returned. The Grandaxes have a relentless loyalty to the Dwarves as a people and respect for the articles, however the clan typically desires to maintain its ability to operate with moderate independence and self-rule. ~Religious Values~ Dungrimm Dungrimm, the Brathmordakin of war and death is the primary patron of the Grandaxes due to his affinity for valour and glory in war. Young Grandaxes especially choose Dungrimm as their patron, and hope for greatness in battle. Anbella Anbella, the Brathmordakin of family and hearth is the second patron of the Grandaxes. Her dedication to kinship reflects the Grandaxe view on Dwarven unity. In addition, she is popular with many Grandaxes who take up the arts of healing and bartending, as both require one to be open to helping their kin. Ogradhad Ogradhad, the Brathmordakin of knowledge is the third patron of the Grandaxes, and is usually worshiped more fervently by the politicians and the diplomats of the clan. Nobles of the clan frequently go to Ogradhad for guidance in matters involving politics, and thus is more popular among the older members of the clan. ~Bloodlines~ The Braveaxe Line Dwarves of the Braveaxe line are characterised by their red hair and blue eyes. Traditionally, Braveaxes tend to be the leaders of the Grandaxe clan, with many taking charge in battles and acting as diplomats in political negotiation. The Blackaxe Line Dwarves of the Blackaxe line are characterized by their red hair and their distinct brown eyes that have come as a result of breeding with other mountain dwarf families. Long ago, these dwarves became infamous for their raids upon settlements who were deemed to have broken their strict code of honour. Currently, Blackaxes have taken up roles as fierce fighters and politicians. Mostly notably, the brothers Bazian Grandaxe and Valen Grandaxe belonged to this bloodline. The Grimaxe Line Dwarves of the Grimaxe line are unique amongst the Grandaxes in that they tend to have brown hair and brown eyes. Many are also shorter in stature than most mountain dwarves, due to breeding with other dwarven families. They are the youngest branch of the clan and tend to focus on individual goals within the clan such as merchant work and architecture. Most notably, Thorin Grandaxe belonged to this bloodline. ~Grandaxe Culture~ Occupations Most Grandaxes join the dwarven Legion at a young age, and are often taught diplomacy and politics as well, usually becoming key politicians in the Dwarven Kingdom. Grandaxes are known to be the woodworkers and lumberjacks of the dwarves, as most clans typically are miners and blacksmiths. Additionally, many Grandaxes choose to be Leatherworkers and Weavers, and are known to produce well-made furs, clothing, and textiles. Currently, one prominent skill of the Grandaxes is brewing. Each family line of the Grandaxes have developed their own drinks, with the most famous of them being the Grandaxe Ale, which is served most frequently in Urguani taverns and feasts. Clothing and Appearance The Grandaxes are on average, one of the tallest clans of dwarves. Like all Mountain Dwarves, their height and mass sets them apart from the shorter Cave Dwarves or the more lithe Forest Dwarves. They have light skin that is fair or lightly tanned, and eyes ranging from a silvery blue to a dark brown. Perhaps most recognized is their traditional red hair. Often styled into elaborate coifs, the signature Grandaxe red hair ranges from a fiery orange to a deep crimson. Generally, Grandaxes who sport red locks age into grey hair by their elder years. Male Grandaxes usually have larger beards, often combed but undecorated in comparison to clans such as Goldhand. Female Grandaxes are surprisingly prevalent in the clan and are known for their traditional and intricate braids, often displayed with both pride in their detail and practicality on the battlefield. In terms of clothing, Grandaxes tend to wear the more battle-ready clothes of their culture, with many preferring to wear pelts or armor on top. Grandaxes can often be found sporting darker colors such as dark browns, blacks, and greys. Traditionally, many choose to have at least one article of Grandaxe tartan on their person. This plaid fabric is typically dark red or crimson, highlighted by black strips threaded through the pattern. Art Like most dwarves, Grandaxes traditionally expressed creativity and art through their architecture. The Grandaxes have adhered to age old architectural doctrine, being the first clan to use wood in its architecture; mostly in the roofs and walls of a hall. Grandaxes also abstain from using gems and ores in decorating their halls, instead choosing tapestries and various designs in the wood and stone. Under the leadership of Dhaen Grandaxe, many Grandaxes took to exploring the artistic values of the dwarven culture, with a few going into stone carving, smithing, and even Dhaen herself being well practiced in tapestry making. This tradition of promoting Grandaxe culture through art persisted into the leadership of Brynaelda, who’s revered Bardic skills made her well-known among the dwarves of Kal’Evraal. ~Battle Traditions~ The War-axe Grandaxes use all forms of dwarven weaponry however traditionally Grandaxes are trained with use of the war-axe. Waraxes are the typical weapon of choice for Grandaxes and they are often heavily decorated in runes and various inscriptions. The Ordaz (Hammaxe) The Ordaz or the Hammaxe is a dwarven war-axe with a flat hammerhead on the opposite side of the axe-head. The Ordaz is typically used in engagements that are close-quarters. The Ordaz are also moderately heavier than a war-axe because of the need to balance out the weight of the hammerhead on the other side. Khorok-Klad Originally forged by a Grandaxe of the Blackaxe line, Khoroklad armor is thick plate armor forged from black ferrum alloy and often underlaid with chainmail and leather undercoats. Khoroklad armor is noticeable by its dark complexion and sometimes has the symbol of a double-headed axe on the chest. Azlann (High Ram) Grandaxes unlike other dwarves have a tradition of taming and riding goats as opposed to boars and direwolves. The breed of “Azlann” or High Ram is a species of rams that live in the mountains of the dwarven lands that have distinctly long horns that curve steadily towards the back of their head. The Azlann typically dwell at the highest inhabitable points in mountains and are skilled climbers, making transportation across mountain ranges easier with this breed. Although useful Azlann have never been used in battle, and are not known to most dwarves as it is discussed mostly within the clan. ~Clan Initiation~ Trial of Faith The trial of Faith is often the first trial a Grandaxe beardling must undertake. As directed by the clan father, the beardling must undergo a pilgrimage to a shrine of the Brathmordkin. Once there, they must pledge themselves to their favored patron Trial of Courage In order for a beardling of the Grandaxe clan to become a full member, the dwarf will be tasked by the clan father with bringing back the pelt of a wolf, slain in battle. After the pelt has been retrieved, it will be nailed to the beardling's wall, as a show of strength and pride. Trial of Honor The final trial for a Grandaxe beardling is to save the life of a fellow Grandaxe. Through this task, a beardling finally understands that true honor cannot be achieved through mindless lust for battle, but instead through saving the lives of their fellow dwarf and family. ~Grandaxe Holds~ Kal'Domhain Kal'Domhain, the original hold of the Blackaxes, rested among the peaks to the far north of Oren. Far from the bustling cities of Aegis, it once stood as a home for mountain dwarves who wished to live away from the deep caves of Kal'Urguan. Many Grandaxes still live today who spent their early lives in Kal'Domhain, completing vigorous military training and living off of what the harsh land had to offer. Kal'Domhain was later abandoned when the majority of the remaining Blackaxes returned to Kal'Urguan and was likely destroyed in the fall of Aegis to the undead. Kal'Anart Kal'Anart, the mountain hold to the north of the dwarven Kingdom is well reputed as one of the finest works of mountain dwarf architecture, as well as one of the most defensive fortifications in Asulon. Originally built by Bazian Grandaxe and his kin during the third Dwarf - Orc war, it withstood many skirmishes by the orcs and their allies in House Flay. The hold acted as a home to the Grandaxes and a vital point for dwarven trade. It was left behind in the move to Anthos, and is believed by many dwarves to have been destroyed. Kal’Bogrin Kal'Bogrin is the hold that the Grandaxe Clan and its allies fled to after being banished by the corrupt Lords Council, and served as residence for the clan for many years. Built upon the ashes of Hanseti and the Undead castle after, the land of the hold was highly coveted by the Kingdom of Oren, who claimed to be the “rightful rulers” of the land because it was once settled by humans. The hold was abandoned during the Great Northern War between the Dwarves & Humans and the clan moved back south where it would later establish Kal'Eknar. Kal’Eknar A hold located in the Kazradin Foothills, south of Kal’Karaad, positioned next to the naval port and connected to the capital by a railway running through the mountain. The hold guarded the route between Elven lands to the Orcish jungles which brought it to be attacked in the Orc-Dwarf war. During the war with the Orcs the hold was besieged by the Orcish army, but was successfully defended when the defending dwarves charged out and overwhelmed the siege camp. Kal’Valen A hold located in the Northwestern Valley on the Isle of Avar in Vailor, this was the capital seat of the Jarldom of Avar, which belonged to the Grandaxe Kazrikkin. The hold governed Avar under the Grandaxes and housed the Huscarls of Avar. The hold fell in the 18 years war in the Siege of Kal'Valen, a valiant defense yet ultimately unsuccessful. Tal'Azmar A hold located in a portion of the Evraal mountains known as the "Giant's Foot" on the Continent of Tahn in Axios. This hold was built among the peaks atop of the revered Shrine of Dungrimm. When the Second Frostbeard Rebellion broke out, and the capital Kal'Omith was taken by the Frostbeards, the Grandaxes opened up Tal'Azmar to house the dwarves who were made homeless by this tragedy, making it the capital of the Grand Kingdom for a time, although still owned and ran by the Grandaxe Clan Lord. The hold was abandoned when the Grandaxe clan split in the Third Frostbeard rebellion, leaving Tal'Azmar to the annals of history. Kal’Bogrin The second iteration of Kal’Bogrin was built under the supervision of Fimlin Grandaxe in Atlas. It’s conception is most notable for having been the starting point for both Fimlin and the Grandaxes to begin to unify the dwarven people, later leading to the founding of the Kingdom of Urguan. The Grand Brewery The Grand Brewery is a Grandaxe hold built in the Sutican Peninsula. Its design was heavily inspired by Dwarven religious values and is highly reminiscent of Clergical Halls. Primarily, the Brewery is used in brewing the famed ale of the Grandaxe Clan. Currently, it is the only active Grandaxe hold active in Arcas. ~Roster~ Clan Mother: Brynaelda Grandaxe (Miss_Confined#8341) Clan Elders: Dhaen Grandaxe (Dhaelena#3818) Fimlin Grandaxe (Fimlin#8087) Fili Grandaxe (Cpt_Noobman#3818) Thumbrindal Grandaxe (D3F4LT#4284) ~Application~ Recruitment is currently open. Upon being accepted you will be promoted to a Beardling, and then given the trials before being fully accepted as a Clan Member MC Name: Character Name: Discord: Timezone:
  8. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. Written by Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul 7th of The Grand Harvest, Year 58 of the Second Age When you become stagnant and aren’t improving by the day, you are only moving towards your failure. Blessed Citizens of Haelun'or, on this jovial day shall we take our first step towards freedom from the festering greed of our enemies. For Mali'thill do not need their fruit, their produce, their coin to survive, for we are more than capable of thriving with no more than the efforts of the purest of elves. Okarir'akaln Usamea An’asul shall thus announce the foundation of the Economic Reform Committee. This committee consists of three organs which each hold their own, unique purpose. To each organ a leader shall be nominated from citizens who dare to step forward and announce their candidacy. This leader shall oversee the recruitment and employment of workers and will log the efforts of each worker to ensure fair compensation is received from the Okarir'akaln. Missives shall follow containing additional information about each unit's functions and obligations. Vacant positions - In addition, to commemorate the teachings and great service of Dio Astòre, founder of Haelun'or, the Silver State shall detach itself from the crumbling economy of Almaris. The Haelunorian currency Ibar shall be taken in full use. The only accepted currency will be the Ibar’thilln - sovereign currency without ties to the rotten minaan, but symbolism for wisdom and wealth. We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity of our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspiration and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own. Signed, Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  9. [!] A Missive can be seen tacked to the notice board of the weefolk village Honeyhill. [!] A younger Callum, perched atop the Spicy Shrimp in the weefolk's previous home- Bramblebury. Thoughts on the Spicy Shrimp, and a Bitter Denouncement Not long ago a missive has been published by esteemed Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm, sharing his less-than-positive feelings towards the weefolk's vessel the Spicy Shrimp. Although I hold the Mr. Greenholm in high regards, I can yet bear no ill to be spoken of the ship- as what memories I am capable of recalling surrounding her are fond in nature. The weefolk of Honeyhill, I belive, have truly saved my life many a time- providing a stable life and a community which loves and supports one another, as well as true friends who are there to guide me when my troubled mind finds me lost and confused. And present throughout all the time I have spent with these lovely people the Shrimp has been by our side, too- whether it be when she carried us from the barren ruins of Brandybrook to safety, or allowed us to sail away from the sickness which had plagued Bramblebury. The return of our beloved ship feels like a reunion with a sorely missed friend, her aged wooden floors serving as an anchor which grounds my often weak memory. Though the ownership of the Spicy Shrimp has been discussed with Thain Iris, I still feel that I ought to air my opinions nonetheless, as the Greenholm patriarch does so freely at every opportunity. With this being said, Alfie Greenholm's words in his missive have hurt me greatly, and I come to realize that there is something I ought to have done a time ago. I announce my resignation as a Bounder of the NWA. When I first agreed to join the organization I did so out of a desire to protect my family and friends, or perhaps out of a lack of backbone... However, over time- after scandal and scandal again surrounding the NWA I come to fear that the alliance only serves the purpose of enlarging the Head Bounder's ego, and I do not see much good coming from it. As always I wish Mr. Alfie Greenholm all the best, and I do not make this decision out of ill-will. I simply cannot be part of an organization I do not share the ideals of. Sincerely, C. Fiddleberry, Honeyhill Elder and Head Librarian
  10. The Artisan Society Written by tilruir’Valmir Irelia Ni’leya 13th of The Deep Cold, Year 58 of the Second Age “Never underestimate the power of passion” Blessid citizens of Haelun’or, it is with great joy that I, Irelia Ni’leya, your newly appointed tilruir’Valmir; Chief Artisan present our newest addition to our nation’s economic reform; The Artisan Society. With such society, comes new employment opportunities for a collection of craftspeople and self-employed artists ranging in different specializations. Each employment within this society holds one’s unique value and purpose; Allowing skillful artists find their passion within our nation. Vacant employment positions: Tailors Papermakers Painters Brewers Florists Bakers Leatherworkers Alas, A new and revised building awaits those who wish to further themselves with the state; Look besides the Mage-light Tavern and you shall see our doors wide open, awaiting you! “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity of our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspiration and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” Signed, tilruir’valmir Irelia Ni'leya AY’LARIHEI MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  11. An open letter to Princess Ivarielle the First from the common folk of Haelun'or To Princess Ivarielle I, You were invited to Haelun’or to debate for the position of Sohaer, to debate as is tradition in our culture. The Government heard your call and offered you the chance to win over the council of Malauriran. While I understand you were not eager to debate in a position where your chances were slim, you still stood before the very citizens that you wish to rule. Thousands of Mali’aheral had gathered within the Silver Citadel, happy to hear you debate and to finally have an idea of what you wish to do with Haelun’or. We patiently awaited you, excited to see whether you indeed would be what Haelun’or is in a dire need of. However, it seems to us, the common folk, that we waited for nothing. You did not greet us, even look at us for that matter. You showed how little you truly care for us, the very Mali you claim to be the leader of. You had the chance to finally show the Haelunorians what you truly are, to make us decide on our own whether to support you or not. The government is small, we citizens are large in quantity. What you needed was our support, not the government’s— and you failed. You showed the common folk of Haelun’or that you only wish to conquer. You showed us that we have no room under your care if you were to take over, you showed us that you do not care for our lives. You showed us that you only care for power and that you are willing to spill our blood for it. If you have even the slightest of care for us, leave us alone. We do not support you, we do not want to live under your rule. Take your people, settle elsewhere and leave us be. You lost Haelun’or the moment you fled, after asking the Sohaer whether he will surrender or not. We are not cattle, we are Mali. To the foreign nations, I hope you hear our call, Haelun’or will never fall and we shall not bend the knee to a pretender that cares for us not. We are proud to be Haelunorian, living peaceful lives, dedicating our lives to progress and health. I urge the foreign nations to pull their support for the false princess that is a threat to our lives. I urge you to listen to the very people of Haelun’or, she is not our ruler. She does not wish to see the Mali united but her walls painted with the blood of Larihei’s flock. Ivarielle, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and I hope one day you’d see through all that lust for blood— however, the Haelunorian Mali wants nothing to do with you now or ever. Leave us alone to live another day, to carry children, and lead the people that follow you or die trying to take over Haelun’or. I assure you, we will not lose. Signed, The Common folk of Haelun'or
  12. Preface Any who break the following laws and avoid due punishment or fail to present themselves for duties agreed are exiled, blacklisted, and all of their rights shall be forfeit; they shall be considered enemies of the state. Illicit acts not expressly mentioned are to be reported to the Ivae’fenn All hereunder laws are to be enforced by the Ivae’fenn and Vigilants respectively. Repeated offenders are subsequent to incremental increases of punishment up to execution. The Prince/Princess may at any time make amendments, additions, or changes to hereby stated laws. The Prince/Princess reserves the right to override hereby stated laws. Punishment Levels - 0: Verbal warnings. 1: Fines, hard labor, repossession, temporary and areal banishment. Requires the approval of a Warden, Sentinel, Valkyr. 2: Lashings, imprisonment, extended banishment. Requires the approval of a Warden, Sentinel, Valkyr, or Councilor. Notices are to be left to all members of the Ivae’fenn. 3: Eviction, indefinite banishment, exile. Requires the consultation of a Sentinel, Valkyr, or Councilor bearing significant rank. Notices are to be left to all members of the Ivae’fenn. 4: Execution Requires the consultation of a Sentinel, Valkyr, or a Councilor bearing significant rank. Notices are to be left to all members of the Ivae’fenn. V: Vigilant Domain Punishments denoted with a V are crimes against Wyrvun and therefore are handled by the Vigilants of Wyrvun, with assistance from the Ivae’fenn. Repeated offenses grant a maximum punishment level increased by 1, in the case of every crime. Section 1, General Conduct - Section 1.2, Infraction Disturbing the peace: Level 0-1 The crime of disorderly conduct, willingly creating a public disturbance. Section 1.3, Misdemeanor Vandalism of property: Level 1-2. Defacement of property, alteration without express permission be it with the exception of publicly distributed objects, ex flyers. Breaking and entering: Level 1-2 Entering a building through any amount of force ex, breaking windows and lock picking doors. Trespassing: Level 1-2 The lack of knowingly entering another's property without express permission. Minor shoplifting or theft: Level 1-2 The action of stealing or shoplifting possessions valued at or under 40 mina. Defamation: Level 1-2 Defamation is defined as statements of such that are reasonably susceptible of defamatory connotations, targeted towards an individual, organization or bloodline, intent on damaging their name, reputation, social status or otherwise. Statements twisted to fit a narrative, and biased presentation of events are included under this. Section 1.4, Felony All who commit a felony are subject to arrest on sight, their rights denoted to them are forfeit and may be tortured, or other means of information extraction forced upon them in specific cases. Formation of a criminal organization: Level 3-4 A group or organization associated with 3 or more persons with a history of disturbing the peace, vandalism, or any actions with criminal intent. Shoplifting & Theft: Level 2-3 Any instant of stealing possessions over 40 mina Extortion: Level 2-3 Any person who communicates threats onto another with the intention of obtaining value, for themselves, other interested parties. Alternatively, forcing an individual's hands into actions. Kidnapping: Level 3-4 Any person who unlawfully seizes, abducts and, holds ransom any person within the lands of the Fenn. Inter-racial relationships: Level 2-4 Entering into a relationship where a child of anything other than pure mali’ blood (ex, half valah, half bortu) can be produced. Manslaughter: Level 3-4 The unlawful killing of an individual, without malice Murder -- Arrest on sight: Level 3-4 The unlawful killing of an individual with malice or premeditation. Assault: Level 2-3 Unlawful force or violent intention to do bodily harm to any individual within Fenn’s borders. Attempted murder: Level 3-4 Any person who attempts to kill another individual with malice or forethought. Assault on military or government officials: Level 3-4 Any attempt to use unlawful force to dissuade military or government officials from performing their duties. Arson & Major destruction of property: Level 3-4 An attempt to willfully and maliciously set fires, intent on destruction, or mass defamation, destruction, or alteration of property. Impersonation of royalty, military, or government officials: Level 3-4 Willingly, falsely represents themselves as a member of such denoted organizations as the Ivae’fenn, the Tundraks, or any government position recognized by the Tundraks. Impersonation of a Vigilant of Wyrvun: Level V, Level 3-4 Any individual who willingly, falsely represents themselves as a member of the Vigilants of Wyrvun. Slavery: Level 4 (Mandatory execution after forced labor.) The state, condition, or practice of trafficking live persons, or claiming ownership of an individual. Enslaved persons are to be liberated. Section 1.5, entrance and the military areas. Entry into Fenn One may not cover one’s face, or enter with ‘tools of destruction’ Tools of destruction are devices specifically oriented to the destruction of the landscape, or such devices that would bring specific destruction to the surrounding landscape if used. Enemies of Wyrvun, such as those denoted by the Vigilants of Wyrvun, are not allowed within the lands of Fenn. Citizens or organizations or nations, enemies of Fenn, are not to be granted entry and are to be detained. Military areas Entry into military areas without the express permission of an Ivae’fenn Warden, Sentinel, or Valkyr is trespassing. This includes the walls and citadel, as well as areas belonging to the Tundraks specifically. Section 2, Military Conduct Section 2.1, Ivae’fenn Conduct Desertion: Level 3-4 Punishment Willingly, knowingly, and in the right mind departing from your post without deception. Abuse of power: Level 1-3 To abuse your rank to knowingly belittle or arrest a citizen upon false charges Insubordination: Level 1-3 To knowingly, willingly, and in the right mind disobey the orders, direct or otherwise of a superior officer of the Ivae’fenn. Repeated offences are subject to level 4 punishment Fraudulent Enlistment: Level 1-4 Any person who enlists into the Ivae’fenn by knowingly, falsely representing their desires, or deliberately concealing their qualifications and or history. Section 3, Religious Conduct All laws subject under section 3, vigilants of Wyrvun hold authority over the command of Ivae’fenn personnel, guardian rank and under in the apprehension of individuals in violation of here-stated rules and are to be treated, when in joint-operation with the respect and obedience akin to that of a warden. Arch-vigilants akin to sentinel. If no vigilant is available, the punishment shall be dealt with on a case-to-case basis up to level 3. Blasphemy: Level V The act of offensive speech, sacrilegiously about Wyrvun, sacred objects, places, and people. To speak profanely of Wyrvun or his realm or the duties assigned to his stewards. Defacement: V The action of spoiling the surface, the appearance of status, wayshrines, art pieces, artifacts, or general paraphernalia used, attributed or reasonably held in association with Wyrvun. Denouncement: V To publicly declare Wyrvun being wrong, evil, or thereby disrespecting him or his stewards. Disregarding the contract taken up by the Mali’fenn, and other races and individuals who hold respect for Wyrvun. Foreign Religion: V (0-2) Private practice of other religions in Fenn is legal. Openly declaring other religions, or preaching other religions inside of Fennic lands is a crime. Practicing foreign deific magic: V Connecting, or drawing power from any deity with the exception of Wyrvun is considered a crime inside of the lands of Fenn. This includes all magics classified as defic magics, and broadly termed ‘dark magics’. Deific magic is defined as an ability that draws its roots and power source in a deity. Dark magic is classified as magic that requires the exploitation, destruction, deception, or general wronging of another individual for its practice. Voidal connection & Casting: V (0-1) Connecting, casting or interacting in any such way with the void is inherently destructive to the land. Warrants a telling off, if one refuses to disconnect they are liable to arrest until a vigilant can properly render punishment. Acceptions to this law are commonly granted by vigilants in times of greater danger than the void. Ex, if there is reasonable suspicion that a being or entity will cause more damage to the land, the people upon, etc, then connect to the void will then casting is allowed in self-defense. Section 4, Rights, Definitions & Clarifications Section 4.1, General Rights All beings within the walls of Fenn are free, and equal in all aspects. Rights however are forfeit when a crime is committed. A right against unfair detainment, shall not be subject to arbitrary arrest. Right to seek asylum within the walls of Fenn Asylum must be made with a reasonable proposal and proof of persecution. Right to seek citizenship. Section 4.2, Citizen Expectations, Rights & Definition A citizen is defined as an individual who occupies, owns, is the registered leaser or taxpayer on a registered home and valid address within the lands of Fenn. It includes members of recognized bloodlines, and individuals granted citizenship through service, such as duty in the Ivae’fenn. Citizenship may be revoked at any time by a council member, or Valkyr. A citizen shall not be subject to unfair, or inhumane treatment if in violation of law. Citizens have the right to challenge and refuse the challenge of duels with other citizens to settle disagreements. Such duels are not to be taken to death. Should a combattant die or be mortally wounded a Warden or Sentinel shall discern if such was accidental and act accordingly. A citizen is granted the right of assumed innocence. A citizen has the right to appeal to the Prince, Princess, or current leader of Fenn in case of a punishment equal to level 4. A citizen is granted the right to a trial. A citizen has the right to nationality; they are recognized as a citizen, and a subject of Wyrvun and the Prince/Princess. Citizens are not subject to unreasonable searches and seizures of property. Citizens are not subject to extradition. Extradition will be allowed in specific cases where the prince or a council member of a significant rank approves such. Citizens are expected to serve Fenn in their duties. This can include: Enlisting in the Ivae’fenn Registering taxes Volunteer work Labor work for the state without pay. Section 4.3, ‘Enemies of the State’ An enemy of the state is defined a group, or nation specifically declared by the Prince/Princess. An enemy of the state is to be arrested on sight and has no rights granted to them with some acceptions. There must be reasonable notice to assume an individual is an enemy of Fenn in such a case. Enemies of the state may seek asylum inside of Fenn without unnecessary suspicion. See section 4.1 Enemy combatants are to be considered akin to violaters of level 3 laws. Prisoners of war are not to be charged with murder, manslaughter, etc, for actions taken reasonably upon the battlefield. POWs may be found guilty of crimes such as murder after a military trial by the standards of the Ivae’fenn. Those considered ranking officials, be it politically, militarily, or otherwise are to be brought before a Sentinel, Valkyr, or Prince/Princess for determining punishment. Citizens and subjects of enemies of the state are to be denied entry, but not harmed. Act in accordance with the Cyanic creed. if an individual takes hostile action or refuses to leave, they are considered a combatant. Vigilants of Wyrvun are not required to assist in the arrest of enemies of the state. Section 4.4 ‘Enemies of Wyrvun’ Enemies of Wyrvun are classified by the Archvigilants of Wyrvun. Ivae’fenn personnel are expected to apprehend enemies of Wyrvun until a Vigilant of Wyrvun’s presence is made clear. The rights of all enemies of Wyrvun are forfeit. This is pinned upon the authority of, Vytrek Tundrak, Prince of the Fennic Remnant, Prince of the Snow Elves. Ayred Drakon, High Chancellor of the Fennic Remnant, Vigilant of Charity
  13. Circa Year 58 of the Second Age, creatures of all sorts descended upon the Jade State of Yong Ping during the Jade Jiandi. Merriment abound, the leading family of the Jade State opened the Jade Jiandi with a matchmaking ball, meant to find matches for their eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Music coasted from the teahouse, upbeat renditions of varying songs on the zither and drinks aplenty made their way about. As some of the opening awkwardness abated, events really got into full swing, loud laughter echoing out as friends and family played varying games. Laughter soon turned to rumbling, the rapid sounds of footsteps and crashing as creatures big and small began their siege of the city. The ground shook with the heavy weight of monsters, the road cracked with the snap of a tail. Valiant as ever, the Yong Ping Army fought these descending creatures off, though supremely outnumbered. Citizens joined the fight, even as those unable to help were escorted to the temple for some semblance of safety. The fight went on. Minutes bled into hours, night soon falling as barricades found their way up around the various district entrances. The Jade State of Yong Ping is alive and teeming with creatures of all sorts, living within their homes, eating their food. With times in such dire straits, a plan is concocted as the Tianrui District is fortified, becoming the nation’s main base of operations. The Jade Gambit shall begin.
  14. [!] Sealed with crimson wax and the gold sigil of the Tianrui rising sun, the rice paper missive is penned in tight swooping strokes. Return of the Tianrui Blades Missive commissioned Year 58 of the Second Age. House Tianrui, Compassionate Jade of the Sky by name, champion of the people by worth. The Blades rise to meet the threat against our people, against the Jade State once more as monsters occupy our homes. Comrades of different blood meet hand in hand, shield by shield, gauntlets clasped in oaths renewed. We have been here to fight the darkspawn to crawl out of the Arcas rifts, and we are here after them. We have been here to fight until the last fell at the final siege at Curon, and we are here after them. We have been here to defend at the last stand boarding the boats to Almaris, and we are here after them. We have been here before these stones, and we shall be there after them. While monsters and darkspawn seek to aggress and occupy our lands, we will not rest. This is our creed. Join us in the Yong Ping People’s Army. Speak to Tianrui Ren if you wish to serve against the darkspawn scourge. No Mud, No Lotus. Signed, Tianrui Ren, First Chapter Master of the Blades, Patriarch of House Tianrui, Founder of the Yong Ping People’s Army OOC: Contact me via In-Game: Moo_bot Discord: Coffee.exe [BOT]#5456 Or via the forums.
  15. A Hint of Resistance Eccentric Visions A runty little goblin sits alone in his blarg, surrounded by complete silence, aside from slow, labored breaths. The shutters lie open, and a gust blows through the household. With it, the bones that adorn the goblin rattle and clank against one another; a soft noise, but in the quiet of the home, it sounds a mournful cacophony. Long has the goblin been haunted by visions, 'gifted' to him by an unknown benefactor. Never have they been comprehensible- painfully blinding lights in a sea of changing colors, encompassing dark with naught but wind, howling and screaming yet ever so quiet... It's enough to make an Uruk turn to Oracle Wood in favor of traditional cactus, and it seemed to be working for a while. That is, until this eve. The wind howls louder. The broiling cauldron before him is suddenly stilled, as if the temperature dropped to naught. A connection he had attempted to make is suddenly severed- No, not severed. Intercepted. He is drug into a sea of undulating dark, surrounded by a thrumming heartbeat and the sound of gentle breathing. It's almost soothing, at first. Then, a voice speaks, clearer than any of the visions he has attempted to evade. It rings out across this dark, even as the heartbeat yet thrums in his ears. "Nûl-ob tau! Shiik-ob bukul'nuun! Puzughl kulûk shiik agh zurm!" ["The pain of the forest! The cry of the river! Cease all the cries and clamor!"] He winces visibly, scrambling to place the dark tongue. His eyes would widen, had he a corporeal form in this place. The voice calls out again. "GHAASH-LAT! GHAASH-IZG! GHAASHUG KULÛK ZA UB'KUL!" ["BURN YOU! BURN WE! BURNING OF ALL THAT WILL BE!"] It's loud, so very loud. Painful, even. But his pain compares naught to the pure agony he feels coming from the speaker, every word is suffering. "Lat rok'unudh-matum mub. Frum'bur at fiith-lat." ["You, a death-haunted thing. The burden, to you it clings."] The one time that the visions are clear, intelligible... and it's an order, an irrefusible command. It would almost be funny, were it not so desperate. "Ukh-lat, darûkûrzal. Gaatublat fauthat, ghaash'Uruk-hai bûrgulu-ishi." ["Go now, weakling. Your punishment awaits, in the shadow of Orc flame."] The connection forcibly ends itself, not even bothering to return to it's original recipient... Perhaps that was intentional. The goblin falls backwards, off of the stool he had been meditating atop. He lets out a groan of pain, clutching his head as he staggers to his feet. It seems his plans have changed... radically. The thrumming of the heartbeat in his ears doesn't clear away, even after the vision has ended. Whatever spoke to him, commanded him... is still watching. Expecting. "Zorri, teechur. Guez wi muzt agri tu diazgri, juz' diz azhnz." Damn. He was kind of hoping for a big change, just... not from this side.
  16. [!] Elegantly scribed rice paper flyers are hung around Yong Ping! A Tianrui Matchmaking Ball House Tianrui is a long-standing and respected family of Yong Ping. One of the Four Founding Families of Yong Ping, founders of the first Chapter of the YPA, owners of the Tianrui Trading Company, and the illustrious Tianrui Teahouse. As the leading family of the Jade State, we wish to offer the membership of this family to those of strong character and warm heart. Show to the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of House Tianrui what you are willing to bring to the family at the Tianrui Matchmaking Ball, a start to the Jade Jiandi, a time of matchmaking. Our current Tianruis eligible for courting and matchmaking are as follows. Tianrui Ryu Second Duhu, second Chancellor, and third Zhu - the illustrious Ryuji’s achievements are ever-growing. While ever career-focused, the 100-odd year-old Li-Ren elf has a strong soft spot for family. Firstborn son of Ren and Delphina, he sits to inherit the family name with the title of family Patriarch in Almaris once resigned by his father. Tianrui Fumi Promoted to officer at the age of 16 in trial by fire, one of the few remaining katana smiths in Yong Ping, and one of the finest Oyashiman blacksmiths in the Jade State, Fumi is a woman of actions. The 50 year-old Oyashiman elf has a love of good food and good company, and sharing the former with the latter. Tianrui Noi Young and finding her path in life, Noi can most usually be found in the Tianrui Teahouse, having learnt the craft at her father’s hip. The 20 year-old Noi is the youngest of Ren and Delphina’s children, learning of the many travellers and their stories through Yong Ping’s ports by the way of the Teahouse. Edict Kin Finding himself the third Duhu of the Jade State, Kin has made a fine example of a balanced life managing his military service career with running his very own flower shop. The 48 year-old elf is a strong but tender soul, willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. Tianrui Zavar Renowned fighter across many a nation, and lovingly known as the “Poncho Goblin” - Zavar is directly descended from the first warrior goblin family line. The 88 year-old goblin is well-travelled and world wise, a worthy companion to any. Watanabe Tsukiya Twin brother of the soon to be Watanabe Matriarch Akemi, Tsukiya approaches his problems with a tentative hand, making certain to measure twice and cut once. The 18 year-old Oyashiman human has an explorer’s heart, always looking for the next adventure. The Tianrui family members eligible for courtship and matchmaking will be presented at the beginning of the event, after which general festivities will commence and suitors may present themselves to each of the aforementioned in turn. Join us in the Yong Ping Tianrui Teahouse for a most auspicious matchmaking ball and feast - The Grand Harvest, Year 58 of the Second Age. Event Planning and Hosting, Tianrui Ren OOC: Saturday 8th of January, 4pm EST in the Yong Ping Tianrui Teahouse
  17. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. A letter of resignation Written by Okarir’san Usamea An’asul 11th of The Amber Cold, Year 57 of the Second Age There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting. Dear mali’thill, residents of Haelun’or and favored allies of the Silver State, Years ago, around the arrival of myself and my family the state was stagnant. mali’thill disperesed around the continent of Almaris. Under Sohaer Ni’leya we have worked tirelessly to ensure the never ending progress of our Motherland and we have served Maheral Elervathar vigorously to maintain Larihei’s legacy. Now Haelun'or is blooming with life, the state as powerful as ever. However, all things are bound to end, sooner or later. While I write this with a heavy hear, leaving the position of Okarir’san allows me to dedicate my time to different things, different fields and to different ways of progressing the silver bastion and her people. We live in hard times, but never has that stopped us. The Motherland thrives under the rule of Sohaer Ni’leya and the guidance of Maheral Elervathar. Hereby, I, Usamea An'asul resign from the position of Okarir'san, leaving the seat vacant. Along my resignation my current tilruir Leithedir An'asul shall vacate elokarn san'leh and leave the position of tilruir'san. Other than that, the office and its executive decisions shall remain unless nullified by Sohaer or elheial'thilln. ahern ito nae’leh Mali’thill What we call the beginning is often the end, and to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. Signed, Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  18. [!] A missive is posted to every board of Varhelm, and around various parts of Norland. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Case of the Missing Alcohol The Ashwood Tavern in Varhelm, Norland has a thief! Most of the drinks in the barrels have gone missing, very few clues point to whom “done-it”! The menu was scribbled all over, with the words ‘No Alkohole” on it. After looking around the tavern, the thief has made their case clear that they wish to rid Varhelm of our alcohol! The alcohol has been replaced by apple juice. The criminal has a tendency to use blue crayon, as seen around the tavern. If anyone has any leads, please contact the Ashguard or Leyna Edvardsson so that we may bring this criminal to justice! Signed, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. RECAPTURE OF THE BASTION 15th of Snow Maiden, Year 57 SA “Jesus Pablo is ballin’ out on Ferrymas” - Banjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow 1,200 Tripartite forces composed of Ferrymen and Irehearts marched on the roads towards the heart of the Imperial Capital, New Providence, to deal a devastating blow to Imperial forces. Under the command of Captain Banjo and Commander Bakir Ireheart, the small band bandited the roads of Oren until they approached the bridge, all that stood in their way of entering the city was a 1,500 force o’ wig-wearing lobsters. One could say you could hear the rattle of their metal-bucket hats as they quivered in fear at the sight of the notorious Ferrymen. The battle first started at the foot of the bridge, where both sides exchanged arrowfire. Seeing as this exchange of volleys led to a stalemate, the Ferrymen tactically led a maneuver around the bridge, flanking the Orenian forces as they were caught in utter dumbfounded surprise. Their little lasting bravery was soon replaced by cowardice as they routed back to the security of their gates- or so they thought. They stubbornly attempted to push out of their gates, but they were met with dwarven steel and Ferrymen prowess as their men were slaughtered like dogs. The Imperials were very wrong to think they were safe behind their walls and gates. A small detachment of Ferrymen consisting of Jesus Pablo, Diome Indoren, Banjo, and Mika managed to breach past their iron doors and began to take the entire force on their own. There within the gates, Jesus Pablo showed his ferociousness and prowess on the battlefield as he single handedly charged in a moment of bloodlust into a group of Orenians. His savage charge proved useful as it opened the opportunity for the rest of the Ferrymen to push through the gates and into the hearth of the city. 1,100 Imperials dead. Once more the bastion and city fell to the hands of the Ferrymen. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep. Bakir Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Legion Commander, King’s Hand
  20. ~* Halfling Recruitment Post *~ Have you ever thought of making a Halfling? Well now is the time! Why should you make a Halfling? Halflings have been a staple on the server for many years and have truly carved out their own place within the culture of the server. Despite this they have remained one of the smallest LotC communities through this entire time. Now this is due to a plethora of reasons, it is no secret that Halflings lean towards more SoL and tend to avoid the overarching conflicts of the server as a whole, as well as having bouts of toxicity that some have come to associate with the race. However, Halflings as of late have been actively working against this and have ushered in a new age of community and commitment. SoL does not mean that playing a Halfling cannot be a fulfilling experience one can sink their teeth into the same way one can with High Elven political rp, Orcish war rp, or Human religious rp. An Explosion of Activity! Recently the Halflings have moved to the village of Honeyhill within the nation of Haense and with the move has come an explosion of activity and events. While still a small community there are usually at least 2-3 players bouncing around the village and the leadership is very easily reached on Discord should you need to get something done quickly. There has been an increase in eventlines and push towards more trade and interaction with other nations which has opened up new avenues for the wee-folk. If you’ve ever thought about making a Halfling right now really is a good time for it. Tea party with friends from all over. Halflings play the well-known Knoxmas carol "Duality by Slipknox" for the high elves of Haelun'or! Planning on how to take out a couple of Trolls that were threatening the village. Ice fishing to celebrate the start of Knoxmas! With multiple weekly events, we are more active than ever, all of the events above having happened within the last month alone. Halflings have hundreds of years of history and culture to play with and rich lore that has proven to keep a committed player base over the years no matter how small it may be at times. If you’re looking for a dedicated,varied, and light-hearted (as long as you don’t wear shoes smh) community that genuinely just likes to have a good time we’re definitely where you can find that. The village of Honeyhill. Wow! So Pretty! Extremely Based Halfling Families Currently there are 4 active Halfling families, all of which are looking for new members to join their ranks. These are: The Applebottoms, the Peregrins, the Applefoots, and the Fiddleberrys. Each one of these families has their own lore and history that add so much depth to the village and the characters within; however, we are also actively seeking out people to form new families and help carry us into the next Halfling golden age. For more information on Halfling families please feel free to look through the link below and contact the head of the houses if they interest you. If you’re interested I would suggest stopping by the village sometime to get a taste of what we have to offer, we would love to have you! Very cool map with directions on how to get to the village from Karosgard in Haense. Just go down the path past the big windmill and you’ll find us. If you have any questions please feel to contact me at TakeMeToTheFae#3833 on discord, join our discord which will be linked below, or check out this very fun guide to the Halfling race, we hope to see you soon!
  21. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. ((Using this information will be considered metagaming if not seen in Haelun’or)) It is the workings of the most wicked to steal from ‘thill Written by Usamea An’asul 20th of The Deep Cold, Year 55 of the Second Age Laws are absolute, laws are there to maintain order within chaos, none of us above them. Dear Mali’thill and other residents of the Blessed Bastion, While we are beings uncomprehendable to many others, only the Most Pure is perfect. We are beings not controlled by emotion however sometimes we make mistakes. This karim a Mali’thill will be brought before pariran’tir, to be judged for their crimes. Sillumir #61 has been accused by the competent Mr Seth Calith of stealing a statue of olden times, an artifact very dear to this older mali. Sillumir #61 will be brought before the pariran’tir for a trial, a chance to defend themselves. Other witnesses will also be heard during this blessed tribunal. The accused is also accused of the following crimes: [REDACTED] Elpariran’tir will be chosen amongst the citizenry (depending on attendance) in the following order: Maheral Sohaer Okariran Citizens Let it be reminded, the accused remains innocent until proven guilty. May the wisdom of Larihei guide us and Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya ensure justice. Signed on behalf of Elheial’thilln, Okarir’san Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [!] A little note at the end of the missive would state the following: the contents of this missive are subject to change The trial will take place today 22th of December, 20:30 GMT, 3:30pm EST, 12:30pm PST
  22. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchement had been pinned to the Haelun’or notice board. To follow Larihei, to progress and learn Written by Usamea An’asul 5th of The Deep Cold, Year 55 of the Second Age The most blessed of Mali shall never cease progress, scholarly work must continue Dear teachers, masters of the arcane, I am writing this missive with a genuine heard and a wish to progress myself in the field of the arcane. I have read more books than I am able to count, while I believe theory to as important as action itself, one may not learn without a teacher to guide them. The artisans of the arcane rarely, but sometimes take upon them to continue their legacy, to sheir their sacred knowledge with an apprentice; so that knowledge may be passed on. I am looking for a teacher, someone to take it upon themselves to ensure that these sacred arts are not lost in time. I am hoping to become an apprentince, to finally begin my jorney as a progressive sorceress. Hard it will be, full of many ups and down however I am prepared. Years of consideration and after hundreds of interviews I have decided that this is the path I wish to take. To whomever this may be of concern, As it was with Larihei, us Mali’thill are perhaps the most fluent wielders of the voidal arts. Thus I am seeking to progress myself especially in the voidal field. I am seeking masters in the following voidal arts: Fire evocation Sensory illusion Voidal translocation Were my search proven unfruitful, a search shall never cease. A Mali’thill shan’t ever stop seeking knowledge. Signed, Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  23. Genocide of Mali’thill Written by Okarir’san, Usamea An’asul 22nd of The Sun’s Smile, Year 55 of the Second Age Hunted, hated, murdered. Monsters are spilling our blood. Dear Mali’thill, other residents of the most blessed Silver State and whomever this may be of concern, During my tenure as Okarir’san ito’Haelun’or I have seen missives, heard lies and witnessed lessers and Mali’ata sharing misinformation about our blessed bastion. I have come across enemies that wish to slaughter us and to decorate their necks with our ears. Brutal monsters spilling our blood around on whatever ground we walk on. We are hunted, persecuted for just existing. These vicious behemoths claim the realms would be better off without us, they claim we pour acid on everything we do not like. They claim us to be violent beings while having little to no idea what Maehr’sae Hiyulun’ehya truly means. We are not violent, we are not Mali that condone harming others. We are all but humble servants of the State, scholars dedicating their lives to studying and progressing oneself and the Motherland. It is impure to harm another sentient being out of hedonistic glee, one should always aim to resolve conflict with the use of one’s mind and verbal skills. One should rely on a sword only when one’s life is in danger or if someone is a threat to the well-being of one’s blessed body. It is true we are well known for our acid pits, however those are reserved purely to the most abhorrent such as murderers, beings siphoning the power of Iblees and those having non-consensual relations. We do not kill anyone for being impure, we just detest their presence and thus they are banished from our sovereign lands unless they are deemed salvageable; they are offered the chance to regain their purity, to be ‘thill once more. If one is beyond salvation, they may go seek life outside our lands, free from our laws. No one has been killed by a Mali’thill in over a century, however Mali’thill have been killed by lesser beings simply for breathing. Yet you dare to call us violent? Thus I implore beings of the realm to choose peace over violence, no more blood should be spilled over nonsense, over bickering that could be resolved over a healthy debate, a dialogue. If our enemies keep spilling our blood, let me ensure that shall be the last thing you will ever do. While we detest violence, we will always protect ourselves even with force if necessary. I implore all other Mali states to protect one another, while we are different, we are all Mali, children of Malin. The Silver State of Haelun’or shall always offer refuge to Mali who are persecuted by other races. The Silver State is open to those who wish to learn, who will respect our laws and culture. We should stand together against common enemies instead of remaining to ourselves. No more blood should be spilled, the world is but crimson coloured from all these wars. AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Okarir’san Usamea An’asul
  24. So the Maheral Returns Written by Okarir’san, Usamea An’asul 22nd of The First Seed, Year 55 of the Second Age For She was the first Maheral, now represented by a direct descendant; the epitome of purity. Dear Mali’thill, The Malauriran have convened, deliberated and chosen after a long while — and their wisdom is beyond questioning — the leaders of the past, after much consideration have anointed the Maheral, the epitome of purity. The Blessed Child, heir to Haelun’or and the daughter of Malauriran Dimaethor and Iaria Elervathar, the grandchild of Iatrilemar Elervathar. She was forced to escape the Motherland ruled under tyranny, she was forced to abandon her kin to protect what was given to her by our Haelun. However, she remained vehement, now returning to the Motherland to ensure progress and health, to lead our kin. Thus we, Usamea An’asul and the signatories, pledge our perennial allegiance to the most blessed, Maheral Elesia Elervathar. May her reign be eternal and may she lead our people into everlasting progress and health. She is eternal, she is the epitome of purity, she is the representative of Larihei. AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Okarir’san, Usamea An’asul Okarir’mali, Idendril Elassidil
  25. (a depiction of the stables during the warmer months) ~*The Stables of Honeyhill*~ While the rest of Honeyhill was preparing for the festive season - lanterns were being hung along the burrows carved into the hillsides, trees being decorated from top to bottom, the halflings of the village dawning their Knoxmas clothes - the stables stood devoid of any holiday cheer. ~*~ On the other side of the village, a man can be seen making his way down the dirt road carrying a large sack completely filled with various ornaments and baubles. He maneuvered his way through the various snowballs being flung his way by children spreading their own version of Knoxmas cheer; managing to lose only several of his trinkets along the way. As the man finally made it to the hallowed stables he'd empty the bag onto the floor. With the decorations out the bag, he quickly began breathing festive life into the previously lackluster structure. Red and green lanterns were beginning to be fastened to the walls of the stables. Decorations would pop up seemingly instantly throughout the dwelling, becoming more festive by the minute. One by one, each corner was covered in candles, pine, or a snowglobe from time to time. The holiday season was fully underway, and he had to catch up. As the sun started setting on the hills of Honeyhill, the villager went outside to admire his work. What he saw was a quickly thrown together mess of lights and decorations that did not look particularly pleasing to the eye, but nonetheless it filled him with all sorts of Knoxmas cheer. He gave the place a nod of approval, seeming quite impressed with his shoddy decorating before deciding it was too cold to stay outside any longer and made his way back inside to warm himself up with a cup of tea.
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