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  1. [OOC: send me a bird in game (ColonelXepphir1) or on discord kuro#9824, we are recruiting everyone but we expecially are searching for dark elves, dm me for any questions you have or for lore and stuff about the clan]
  2. Created and published by Chen Yunya Transcribed by some poor passerby ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 小洞不补,大洞吃苦。 (Xiǎodòng bù bǔ, dàdòng chī kǔ.'small hole not mend; big hole eat hardship') — If small holes aren't fixed, then big holes will bring hardship. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛ ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 水满则溢。 (Shuǐmǎn zé yì. 'water full but overflows') — Water flows in only to flow out. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛
  3. It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the almighty Tori the messenger parrot...has fallen. He was loved by many but no one loved him as much as I did. I spent hours training Tori in to copying my words to be reliable. His training wasn't finished by the time he passed and I hope wherever he is now, he is still practicing his words. Tori will be laid to rest somewhere he loved, with the trees. Rest in peace Tori, you were a good bird. -Andria
  4. You are hereby invited to the wedding vow renewals of Tianrui Ren and Tianrui Delphina! [!] A portrait of Tianrui Ren and Tianrui Delphina. Parade The long-awaited and auspicious vow renewal will first begin with a parade as is traditional. The bride will be met at the Tianrui household, where she will be escorted into a palanquin and taken to the temple amidst great fanfare. Ceremony When the palanquin arrives at the temple, the bride will be escorted out and into the temple where a monk will begin the ceremony. Respect is offered to Heaven and the Land, Family and Ancestors, and then each other before a cup of wine is shared and the ceremony concludes. Catering and Performance With the conclusion of the wedding, the festivities will continue to the Tianrui teahouse where those will be invited to partake in a variety of food and drinks, alongside various entertainment organized for the prosperous event. Invitations were extended to all of Yong Ping, with a handful of distinguished invitations. Tianrui Lina Yehenara Jieru Tianrui Leo Tianrui Paraskevi Tianrui Ryuji Tianrui Kai Tianrui Mei Tianrui Rei Tianrui Meixing Tianrui Fumi Tianrui Chesi Tianrui Zhi Shan Tianrui San Tianrui Carla Tianrui Ji Tianrui Galilean Tianrui Suihe Retainer Maelstrom Watanabe Shiro Watanabe Akemi Watanabe Tsukiya Watanabe Goichi Chancellor Nanako Hirano Secretariat Chen Twilight Minister of Interior Chen Yunya Minister of Justice Chen Wenping Minister of Foreign Affairs Atsuki Waythe Minister of Rites Kamiyama Izanami Minister of Education Cirice And their respective families Emir of the Fakhr Emirate, Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan Nai'b al-Emir, Azzam Bin Hakim Al-Hattan Elmirah and Sheikha, Esmae bint Saqr Al-Nabeel Sheikh of the Haybah, Mishal Bin Faris Al-Haybah Sheikh of the Hamad, Utayr Bin Amr Al-Hamad Sheikh of the Haddad, Thamer "Al-Ahmar" Al-Haddad And their respective families Monarch of Vortice, Queen Lenora Jusmia Doctor Sana Medii’la Silas Astasel Sylvain Sanguine And their respective families Lady Anna d’Arkent and her family Aerilith Oakenarrow and his family Li Xiuying and her family Wen Zi Shu Takai Eiji and his family Masamune Musashi and his family Signed, Tianrui Ren, Patriarch and Zhu of Yong Ping
  5. Evaluation of the 26th Diet Led by the Nationalist Party By: Thucydides Melphestaus 1837 INTRODUCTION: I served as an unaffiliated independent Representative of Providence within the House of Commons who due to actions done by the Nationalist Party was forced more often than not to side with the opposition. Through this recollection and evaluation of the 26th Diet led by the Nationalist Party, I hope to show the overall result and pinpoint events which happened during this Diet to allow the voter to better understand what their votes resulted in this Diet. EVALUATION: Failed Quorums - The Nationalist led House of Commons failed to meet quorum for their meetings twice, with the number of members of the Nationalist Party within the House of Commons, it is confusing to say the least why they were unable to have their members attend these meetings. The Nationalist party interestingly, throughout this Diet was heavily reliant upon the Opposition and independents to attend the meetings in order to reach quorum. Letting Charles Galbraith Go - The Nationalist Party due to either confusion on their part or personal preference towards the former Solicitor-General, allowed Charles Galbraith to dodge getting impeached, delaying their impeachment to the point that Charles Galbraith was able to announce his resignation, thus dodging the impeachment. Lack of Debating - Members of the Nationalist Party time and time again during meetings, seemingly refused to speak up against proposals during designated time of debating, yet then choose to vote against these documents. The only time the Nationalist Party did speak in debates was when they attacked a fellow representative regarding an opinion which did not relate to the document proposed at all. Lack of Proof-reading - Proposals made by the Nationalist Party had crucial flaws in them, upon multiple occasions. The most notable of these proposals being The Marriage Act of 1835, where the proposal would have made it so that commoners within Oren had their rights regarding consent revoked, and if passed would have made it legal to force commoners into marriage. If such a proposal was not spoken against by independents and the Adrianites, commoners would have seen themselves being kidnapped and forced into marriages they did not consent to have. Lack of Work - An overwhelming majority of members of the Nationalist Party within the House of Commons only spoke when told, and the only words they knew were “Aye” and “Nay”. No proposals were made by any member of the Nationalist Party other than two members, each of these members only proposing one law each to the House of Commons. Single Unanimous Proposal - Only one proposal this Diet was passed unanimously, which is disappointing to say the least, especially when it came from a member of the House of Commons who served as an independent, not as a member of the majority party, this representative being myself. CONCLUSION: In conclusion one can only see this 26th Diet as one which failed. Nothing whatsoever was done by the majority of the members of the House of Commons, especially members which were a part of the Nationalist Party. And without the oversight of the opposing party and independents our glorious nation of Oren would have seen herself taking steps backwards, instead of forward into a brighter future.
  6. [!] A flier would hang on the noticeboard in the Halfling village. The NWA The year 637, Halfling Reckoning With the recent attacks on some residents of the village, I Alfie Greenholm have stepped up and decided to form a Halfling Militia to defend our people against the rascals that seek to disrupt our peaceful way of life. Therefore; I ask you, to join the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance today, and aid in protecting our fair village. Current Roster: Head Bounder Mr Alfie Greenholm Bounder Mr Callum Fiddleberry Bounder Mr Ham Tilldbroom Bounder Mr Filibert Applefoot Bounder Mr Bungo Barrelberry Bounder Mr Acron Flint Bounder Mr Archie Greenholm Information on the NWA Head Bounder The Head Bounder is the leader of the NWA, and has duties of organising, raising and leading the militia. Bounder A bounder is an ordinary member of the NWA, and has duties of patrolling the borders of the village and ensuring outsiders behave themselves. In times of hostile invasion they will be called upon by the Head-Bounder to protect the village. Requirements to join You must be a wee-folk You must be of sound body and mind You must be at least thirty three years of age Signed, Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm [!] Alfie Greenholms signature would be at the bottom of the page, signed in green ink. Additionally, there was space below on the paper for those who wished to join, to write their names and sign up. The seal of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance was also below. ((OOC Note: Feel free to post below that your character has written down their name on the paper))
  7. [!] Tucked away, between the streets of providence. Would be a sturdy little board. Once scattered with job openings and other notices. Now was slowly filling with letters! More so, public letters. If one were to watch the board for long they would see two teens mere adults come back and forth reading the letters and posting a reply. Not a care in the world for how others may read or place on the board. Only seemingly to care about what was written for their eyes only. A true declaration of love. The first letter on the board, seemed to be quite old, yellowing at the edges. Glued back together, though a piece of the paper would look to be if there was a bite in it. But if one were to want to start from the trail of letters. It would start here.. Dear Nikita, I miss you. G. [!] The next letter lays with atorn ripped page under neath as if someone had yanked it off the board and set the other one back in place. What other letter this one talked about. Must be long gone.. "Dear Nikita, I have sent with this bird a copy of a letter from a man - who may not be able to tell you this personally. Sincerely, B.”
  8. The genealogy of Anna Elizaveta (preferred name, Moliana) and Josephine Aleksandra Carrion-Tuvyic Compiled from records of birth, death, and marriage and information from the Imperial genealogical archives. The first entry after the progenitors is great uncle/aunt, indented once is first cousin once removed, indented twice is second cousin once removed, indented thrice is third cousin. Unless the individuals are within the immediate family (indicated in gold), in which case it will be grandparents, indented once is aunt, indented twice is cousin, indented thrice is first cousin once removed. Guide Great grandparents Great aunt/uncle or grandparents First cousin once removed or aunt/uncle Second cousin once removed or cousin Third cousin or first cousin once removed ----- Carrion-Tuvyic line beginning from Maria Staunton and Boris Carrion-Tuvyic Ostromir By Angeline de Montcalm… Elisabeth By Jeanne de Motte… Adalene and Olivier Alexandre Halcourt Tiberius Guiscard Natalia Elise Jacque Luc Titus Louis Matthieu Henri Madalene Sophia Elisabeth Cecile and Britannus Demitrey Vanir Rickard Gustav Lukas Alexander Kamila Juliya Matyas Otto Louise Antoinette By Elizaveta Angelica Ruthern… Sigismund Chekhov Anna Elizaveta Josephine Aleksandra Aleksander Ratibor Elisabeth Leopoldine Franz Nikolai Alexandra Karenina Xenia Katerina Milena Franziska Nikita Avreliya Reece Godiva Ostrovina Herzegovina Reza Cesarina Nastasya Irena Eugenia Helaine Caelan Brennan Fyodora Vladislava Mardon Branwen Emma Elisabeth Emma Siegmunda Aleksander Konstantin Ostromir Sigismund Tuvya Konstantin Lorena Anastasya and Gareth O’Rourke Lyanna Avigael Calahan Antonius Ostromir Chekhov Sofya Antonina Sigmunda Agnessa and Armand Philippe Talraen Tristan Victor Renna Anastasiya Milena Ipera and Nicholas Andreas Basrid Alina Isidora Isa Nasif Eirene Maria Elisheva By Lysistrata d’Helena… Fyodor Ostrovich Margosha and Cosimo Antony Falcone Dima Amedeo By Philippa Baden… Lorena Marianne and Franz Leopold Barbanov Fenika Lichte and Ailred Joren Ruthern Mathea Yekaterina Vasilia Kazimara Otto August Gustaf Sigismund Franz Fiske By Aimee de Frand… Karoly Vesna Cyzarine By Unknown… Vladislav Ostrobor By Petra Adrianna Vimmark-Roussard… Leopoldine John Edmund Alexander Ratibor Leia Agnessa By Unknown… Stanislaus Krezibor By Alexandrina Frederica Pruvia… Ostrobor Chekhov ----- Ruthern line beginning from Katherine Maria Stafyr and Konstantin Joren II Ruthern Viktoria Sofiya and Sigismund Otto II Barbanov Nataliya Reza and Petyr Henrik Wick Sigismund Aleksandr Alexandria Juliya Gwynevere Ameliya and Adrian Erik Colborn Ingvar Adrian Casimir Rupert Joseph Henry II Andrei Nikolaus Anastasya Isabel Katerina Ceciliya Andrik Nikolas Stefan Wilfriche Aleksandr Hieromar Juliya Ipera and Fiske III Vanir Valdemar Aleksey Vladrick Casimir Britannus Demitrey Rickard Gustav Lukas Alexander Kamila Juliya Matyas Otto Arjen Jan Nataliya Mariya Brandon Josef Franz Leopold By Natalia Elaine Kovachev… Nikoleta Barbara By Lorena Marianne Barrow… Fenika Lichte and Ailred Joren Ruthern Mathea Yekaterina Vasilia Kazimara Otto August Gustaf Sigismund Franz Fiske By Wilhelmina Beatrix Helvets… Josefina Magdalena Yasmina Franziska Adalina Sabine Elizaveta Angelica and Ostromir Carrion-Tuvyic Sigismund Chekhov Anna Elizaveta Josephine Aleksandra Alexander Ratibor Elisabeth Leopoldine Franz Nikolai Alexandra Karenina Xenia Katerina Milena Franzisca Nikita Averliya Reece Godiva Ostrovina Herzegovina Reza Caserina Nastasya Irena Eugenia Helaine Caelan Brennan Fyodora Vladislava Mardon Branwen Emma Elisabeth Emma Siegmunda Alexander Konstantin Ostromir Sigismund Tuvya Konstantin Lorena Anastasya and Gareth O’Rourke Lyanna Avigael Calahan Antonius Ostromir Chekhov Sofiya Antonina Sigmunda Agnessa and Armand Philippe Talraen Tristan Victor Renna Anastasiya Milena Ipera and Nicholas Andreas Basrid Alina Isidora Isa Nasif Eirene Maria Elisheva Aleksandr Leopold Maric By Caroline de Selm… Alexandria Marie By Anabela Napoliza… Ailred Joren Mathea Yekaterina Antonina Valera and Wilhelm Lucius d’Arkent Philippa Margaret Tatiana Lorina and Jan Otto Kortrevich Vladrik Otto Viktoriya Irene Emelya Eloise Vasilia Reza Nikolai Mikhail Harren Anastasyus Adalia Anastasya Harren Marius Mikhail Dmitry Marjorie Helaine Alric Sigmar Vasily Karl Sigmar Josef Amalia Viktoria Camilla Katerina Irene Cecilya and Franz Nikolai de Sarkozy Victor Hughes Adeline Valera ----- Novellen line beginning from Anne Augusta Helane-Novellen and Joseph Clement II de Sarkozy-Novellen Elizabeth Anne and Iskander Alexios Basrid Jasper Clement Anthony Alexios Darius Juliya Rose and George Alexander Novellen Edward Clement Georgiana Maria Matyas Jahan Helena Augusta and Robert Francis Novellen Alice Irena Adrian Marcellus Ioannes Alexios Nicholas Andreas Alina Isidora Isa Nasif Eirene Maria Elisheva John Charles VIII Joseph Maria Philip Augustus Philip Aurelian Philip Amaedeus John Casimir George Maximilian Amelia Margaret Christina Augusta Josephine Augusta and Peter Alexander d’Arkent John Alexander Joseph Francis Alexandra Helene Anne Caroline and Simon Casimir Pruvia-Provins Philip Michael Amadie Marléne Anne Adelheid Anne Aleanore Joseph Casimir Catherine Helaine Robert Francis Alice Irene Adrian Marcellus Ioannes Alexios Helen Antonios and Viktor Siguine Ruthern Anastasya Victoria Amalia Anna Ivan Viktor Dmitry Konstantin Juliette and Lucian Renault Laurent Peter Maximilian By Sophia d’Arkent… Balthazar Alexander Oliver Maximilian Delilah Anne By Safiya Stateira Basrid… Thea Augusta Peter August Joseph Leopold Charlotte Augusta and Sigismund Chekhov Carrion-Tuvyic Anna Elizaveta Josephine Aleksandra Helaine Valencia Elisabeth Louise and Russian Baruch Eleanora Helaine Georgiana Beatrix George Alexander Edward Clement Georgiana Maria ----- Pruvian line beginning from Angelika Helena Ludovar and Henry Louis Pruvia John Augustus . Thomas Leofrick Joseph Antony Robert Alexander Alexandrina Frederica and Vladislav Ostrobor Alexander Vimmark-Roussard Ostrobor Chekhov Eleanor Amalia Henrietta Maria and Joseph Leopold Novellen Charlotte Augusta and Sigismund Chekhov Carrion-Tuvyic Anna Elizaveta Josephine Aleksandra Helaine Valencia Elisabeth Louise and Ruslan Baruch Eleanora Helaine Georgiana Beatrix George Alexander Edward Clement Georgiana Maria Charlotte Amalia and Alexander Leopold d’Emyth Vespira Angelica and Alric Ruthern Aleksandr Josef Anya Stefaniya Maria Amalia Heinrika Irena Sigmar Rhys Wallace Reginald Joseph Henry Araminta Elouise Draco Varus Elijah Alexander
  9. A willowy figure sat in the warm and cozied writing nook of her family Mannor, naught but the scratching of her quill and the absent words of song filling the lonesome space around her, a flickering candle illuminating the dark oak and warm reds of the room. A letter, carried by birds and horse, perhaps even bottle, would be soon be spread over the continent to any who cared to fall upon it. A thick parchment, scented of lavender, carried the following words in an elegant sprawl. "It is with a heavy heart I speak, and an even heavier hand I write, to announce that the funeral for the honorable Thalion Drakon is to be held this elven day. In the crypts of our city, before Wyvrun’s witness, I call on any and all who may wish to come and say their regards for the fallen soldier, father, husband, and once leader of the mighty Drakon bloodline. As he comes to grace the lands of fen’ciwn, Wyvrun’s domain, with his soul to be cradled in his safe embrace, still we grieve for the man lost of this realm. Most sincerly- Morael, standing Archon of house Drakon and Priestess of Wyvrun" ((ooc)) Funeral in Fenn, Today 7pm est in the square and then crypts!
  10. A depiction of the Chen Casino found at the port island of the Jade State. A Tuo Show What will be the first of many events planned within the casino, a Tuo Show is announced: An explanation for those not quite versed with the culture, it is a time when people will come in wearing garb generally meant for another gender. People are invited to come dressed as they wished and partake in provided catering alongside gamble to their hearts content with our three machines: Our slot machine, prizes guaranteed. Our spinning wheel, not as guaranteed but of a greater quality. Our roulette wheel, not guaranteed but in greater quality and quantity when won. Best dressed will win an undisclosed prize and all who wish to attend are welcome.
  11. A Sweet Death The plagued village of Bramblebury sat in ghostly silence. Occasionally, life returned to it as halflings came desperately to retrieve their belongings, braving the rancid smell of death and infestation of critters. However, one halfling woman had not gotten to leave. In the chaos of everything, she had been left behind. Almond Joy 'Mondy' Applefoot. The baker's body rest against the circle door of The Cookie Crumb Bakery. Her large, deep blue eyes were wide open in her sleeping state. They plead 'help me', but her plea was unseen. A trickle of crimson blood ran from Mondy's mouth, vivid against her drained white skin. More blood splattered the bakery floor. The most grotesque part, perhaps, was the medley of creepy crawlies covering her. Maggots, roaches, worms. Swarming her. Sat in the burnt out oven of the bakery was a presumable sweet bun, charcoaled to oblivion. OOC:
  12. A Study of the Myth of The Winged Soldiers Penned by Miss Elaine Victoria d’Arkent [!] An artist's depiction of a winged soldier ((Artist is Meaghan Maxted)) Their depiction and duty A Winged Soldier is a female with large wings which can be any colour she chooses, though the most common one is white. They are also often depicted wearing aurum armour, based on the belief that the metal is the most pure and harmful to dark creatures. Some artists give the winged soldiers natural hair colours while others give them unnatural ones, as no myth has been found that describes their hair colour. Their eyes have been described as bright as the sky or the sun. It is said that the winged soldiers are sent by God to help priests expel the foul beings from corrupted descendants, fight dark beings that threaten God’s descendants, to help guide the sinful back to redemption and bring souls of the dead to the seven skies. There have been those close to the brink of death that have claimed to have seen a winged being come down from the light only to disappear when saved by medics. Other soldiers who linger on the battlefield to find their loved ones have also claimed to see signs of such beings, though there is no proof it was real. ((Couldn’t find the artist, but the signature is there)) Background of the Myth How the myth came to be has been argued by many scholars, as its origins are obscure and several variants of the legend exist. Some believe it came from St. Julia of Paradisus, when she cast out Iblees from her camp when confronted alone by him. The thought that a woman alone had such strength and purity to be able to cast out the dark and foul by herself gave much courage to her sex/fellow women. It is believed after her death that God called for St. Julia to gather herself some faithful women in his skies, giving them wings and power before sending them to do his bidding against the dark. Another variation of the myth is that St. Emma of Woldzmir became the first winged soldier. Due to her life of servitude to God and her prayers to him, he blessed St. Emma by giving her “wings” so she could lift her fellow soldiers into victory from the courage she had gained. And so God continued to allow her to help her fellow soldiers and those caught in war after her death. A third myth is that the winged soldiers are in fact what some call the Aenguls that God created to help him. They do his bidding, yet still have their own thoughts and opinions. Some even fall to temptation and end up corrupted. Which myth is the true origin of the winged soldiers is unknown. It is indeed possible all of them are true, but scholars have since created these mixed variants. Canonist Belief The truth of the myth remains dubious,as there are no mentions of these winged soldiers in the canonist scrolls to my knowledge and thus the myths may even be the fabrications of heretics But as long as us fellow canonists do not worship these winged soldiers and the Church says we are allowed to speak of them then perhaps more studies, explorations and findings will be made known if there is in fact some truth to them. What we also know is that myths often come from people needing courage and to hold onto something during dark times. Some even stem from real experiences that were over exaggerated. Indeed, for instance, the myth may have begun by the rescue of a man at the hands of a woman dressed like a bird, or with an avian companion, that the man saw as an angelic figure.Twisting the story once he had been healed into the woman having wings and being sent by God. So always take myths with a grain of salt even if they are interesting is my personal advice to those reading my study on this particular myth. Signed by, Miss Elaine Victoria of House d’Arkent
  13. MISSING PERSON Darina Sarosa Last seen in Elysium. If found, please take her back SAFELY to the rangers of Elysium 150+ MINA BOUNTY TO BRING HER BACK ALIVE! Description: 4'11", wood elf, dark skin, green eyes, light brown hair in braids usually, sometimes dirty PORTRAIT:
  14. The Story of Princess - Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov - [!] A painting depicting Katerina surrounded by her brother and her mother, Heinrik and Isabel, in the form of a venomous snake. - Please do not metagame the information in this post - It’s just a post I made to end Katerina’s story in Haense, and the start of a new life for her. So unless you know of any of this in roleplay then do not metagame! P.S: There are some triggering topics in this post like mental and physical abuse. A lone figure could be seen on the road leading to the city of Karosgrad, onyx locks flowing in the harsh and cold wind. Somber blue eyes watching, her hand holding a bag packed full along with a living green doll resembling that of a dragon with its own little backpack. Memories flashed in her mind as she stood there. "Vyr borsa needs vy, Katerina. The crown is a heavy burden and he will need his family”. “I know mamej, I will become a medic to protect him!” Family… Is that what we were? The memories of her mother were so strong and loving, yet every sentence she said felt like poison. “But my mother offered me protection from him,” she would always tell herself to sleep better. But protection from what? Her mother threw her own daughter to the wolves all because she was bored: made up rumours and wrote horrible things about Katerina in her stupid paper. Her mother used her kindness against her to manipulate her into staying and caring for her brother when all he did was hurt her. How could she still have love for her mother when she had put her through so much hurt and suffering for her own amusement? “A family,” she pondered, “that was no family.” "I promise I won’t marry you off to a man below the status of Grand Duke, sestra” She knew it would come, every princess had a duty to their kingdom to marry for security and status. She had hoped her brother would be different. That was the day it all started going downhill, after the death of their father and that stupid room they all gathered in: the last day of proper peace and when her brother’s love turned wicked. Why could they not have stayed young, she pondered to herself? Her hand tightened on the straps of her bag from the memories. She knew better than to go back into the whirlwind of emotions that came with it, yet her mind never allowed her such peace. Her dreams haunted her during the night and day, tiring her every waking moment. But she had decided this time to not get stuck, so she allowed herself to feel every memory that came rushing upon her this time. Her eyes closed. "So I can’t do what they do, I just have to sit still and look pretty,” the girl in her memory asked, her tone hurt yet carrying a trace of fear before a pair of dull blue eyes- why was it always those eyes- that stared back down at her. A threatening emotion in the visage of the raven haired boy the eyes belonged to before he spoke “Vy are the prinzenas royal of Haense!” Then in a flash it ended and the next memory swept her away. Katerina was now back in the library in the palace. She knew which memory was to come, she always hated that library. The bad memories were too strong compared to the good ones there. Then a voice rang out in the air; “It’s niet fair, borsa! My uncles get to join the military. Why can’t I join as a field medic?” The girl cried out in a hushed whisper so the rest in the room would not hear them. His eyes turned dark as he loomed over her in a threatening manner. “I’m the Koeng, and if vy don’t stop arguing I will lock vy up in vyr room until vy are eighteen and never be allowed to see vyr friends,” the raven haired boy yelled back at her in a whisper, only her friend Mariya hearing the conversation as she stood close enough to the two. As the boy turned around to leave he punched the book shelves in a loud bang. The girl flinched before she broke down into a sobbing mess. Her own hand reached up to her cheek; when had she started to cry? Katerina knew why: the memories still affected her until this day. Fifteen… She had been so young during that fight, so young and full of life once. The curse of the Barbanov princesses felt almost real to her. Why else would her life be filled with so much suffering? A shivering breath, when had she forgotten to breathe? She did not know, but had no time to wonder before the next memory swept over her. "Vy will nie longer be the Prinzenas Royal or the Baroness of Antioch. Vy will just be Prinzenas Katerina now sestra.” Heinrik spoke, they were both older now. “Why? Is this because of the paper claiming I am homosex, vy know that is just falsities borsa!” she cried at him in anger. Wanting to cling to the titles her late father had given her, the only person in this dreaded family that had cared for her and been so kind with her. Mariya did not count after all, she was married into the Barbanov house, but she too had been there for her all those years. “I do niet believe in those gossip papers. But people do, I will find vy a husband now that vy shall marry to end these rumours.” he said, his eyes glaring daggers into her, daring her to continue. But Katerina had been foolish enough to continue in her desperate plea to still hold onto something that mattered to her. “Please borsa, that will just make people believe the rumours more by forcing me to marry!” And so he struck her on her face. A dark bruise began to form on her cheek. The girl fell silent for the first time as she left. Plotting to run away afterwards. Why had she not stayed in Oren when she had done so. Her memories at last ending. Her mother had died some years later, never apologizing for what she had done to her daughter. She could still feel the lingering shock and hurt when her uncle told them all in the church of her own mother being the author of hearsay. She could never forgive her, she had pretended to of course. But it was a lie, always had been and always would be. She knew Heinrik had apologized to her and stopped the abuse. But it had not mattered, the memories haunted her forever of what her brother had done to her and to her closest friend Mariya. She was gone now, lingering in the seven skies. Waiting to be reunited with Katerina, but it would not be today. “Vy will have to wait a while Mariya, I want to live first. But I can niet do it here in Haense, so watch me from the skies as I leave, da? I could need an extra push vy know...” A soft wind suddenly blew at her as if telling her to leave. And so the woman turned away, wiping away the tears as she did. Not once looking back while she travelled. “Dravi Haense.” Letters had been delivered to a few individuals Tarathiel Asul’onn @Valannor Aestenia Aevaris @Maevlin Stefan Vyronov @Wolfey34 Friedrich Barclay @ColdestPepsi
  15. In the forest of Bramblebury rest a shrine. It lay in idle silence, that was, till the High Pumplar arrived. Now, a strange hum elicited from the structure. It became a hiss, as if a tea kettle sparked off. Steam rose from behind trees in the area, and a crimson smog. Pulling themselves out from beyond the covering was a figure, clad in an dishevelled suit, with a marred and malformed carved pumpkin atop his torso. The wind that walked alongside him seemed to speak in whispers. "Wot en Arugula's name 'appened ter you?" Asked the stunned High Pumplar. "What do you mean, what happened to me? I am still the one and same, as I've always been." Lord Knox did not look the same, but more grotesque and emaciated than ever before. His darkened irises were as if red flames trailed beside him. His pumpkin head blackened. Quivering, the High Pumplar backed away a few steps, but Lord Knox went forth and tapped her on the shoulder. Just like that, his body contorted in the mists to reveal a steadier form, regal and eccentric in appearance. Much more lavish in attention when he spoke. "Greetings, Miss Jeannette! Once again I appear to have come across you." Jeannette, the High Pumplar, was far from impressed, "Oi know ye 'ad somet'en ter do with the animals, 'n the fields," She seethed, "You tell the other weefolk what you've done, 'n why." "Hehehe..." With a sickening CRACK Knox's mouth contorted into a cheshire grin. The man went to twist in toe and slowly trail on offwards, "If that is your wish, we must make a performance of this movement here soon, of the upcoming ambition..." [!] Shortly after these events took place, a poster was pinned to the Bramblebury noticeboard. ▼
  16. Honour the Past to build the Future As the world comes to meet great changes we enter a new age becoming: cities falling; moving; and being forged. And alongside it all has come forth a new clan to join those around it. Through an unlikely meeting at a tavern did the founders acquaint, an unlikely friendship formed through campfire stories and drinks together, and soon to be interactions through a shared house. The Odinson clan is built upon a foundation of trust and companionship not easily wavered, strong bonds of familiarity string the founders together and are hoped to weave through to members of future generations. Beliefs Held Dear This is a clan forged with three things in mind; Honour the ancestors, namely Odin, the head of the clan former and dwed father to Eivor Odinson; Let your wits and intelligence guide you to advance your community to the future; Your blade will only be as sharp as your mind, without thought your strike will be no more effective as a breeze. With a crest to represent these things, the clan is built with a foundation of mindfulness. The Helm to show of the former Odin, the Raven to show of the wits and cleverness, the Blade to show of the strikes to be made. A Story of Foundation "It 'ad been a long winta' in the Farlands where oi come from, snowed fer weeks on end an' trapped us on our land with nae way tae even get tae food. Oi was only a wee dwed back then, an' oi was scared fer me loife like I 'ad never been before. It was me father who got us through it alive, by keepin' 'is wits about 'im and usin' them tae outsmart tha winter. 'E 'ad us make blocks o' snow an pile 'em up 'round me 'ome. Oi thought 'e was crazy fer it, but wha' he figured that oi didn't was that tha snow could work fer us as an insulator tae keep tha warmth in an' keep tha cold out. 'E 'ad us build a foire, which oi also thought was crazy, but' as the foire melted tha snow, it refroze an' kept us warm. Aftar the cold 'ad passed, oi realized what it meant tae be in me family, it meant usin' yer moind tae outsmart yer opponents, even when tha gods want ye dead. Oi've kept this in moind me whole loife an' will never forget it. An' now, I shall be passin' it on tae me Clan, tae ye." Future Generations in The Making The Odinson's is nay a clan of exclusion and will welcome any who wish to swear into it with open arms and warmth, those of all races are welcomed in without judgement or hesitation, so please offer a hand or a bird if you wish to join a clan of intellect above strength, or rather, where intellect is strength. Fal'leon Odinson Eivor Odinson OOC: If neither of us are online and you wish to join the clan, contact Deus Mortem#8931 on discord
  17. THE TREATY OF KAL’DARAKAAN With the dissolvement of the War Nation of Krugmar, the Iron Uzg, the nation’s successor, has realized the wrongs of their previous government, and has officially surrendered to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Meeting within the halls of Urguan’s capital, Kal’Darakaan, the leaders of both nations negotiated terms of surrender, leading to the agreement listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF SURRENDER The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Iron Uzg hereby agree to the following terms of surrender: I. THE Iron Uzg shall publicly and formally declare defeat at the hands of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the form of a public document. I. SAID document shall include a formal apology to Grand Marshal Bakir Ireheart for shaving his beard without being given an honorable fight. II. THE Iron Uzg shall formally banish and whitewash the orcish criminals known as Hu-din and Fishbref. I. IF the Iron Uzg is found allowing said individuals within their lands, the treaty shall be declared null. II. IF the individuals are allowed within the Iron Uzg either officially or unofficially after the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom shall perceive the action as an act of WAR. III. THE Iron Uzg shall withdraw all previous negative statements made about the Grand Kingdom by their predecessor state, Krugmar. I. SAID statements include but are not limited to: Any official document denouncing Urguan, hinting at collusion with Undead, or falsifying the slaughtering of innocents at the hands of the Grand Kingdom. IV. THE Iron Uzg shall continue the abolishment of slavery from their culture. I. THE Grand Kingdom holds the right to officially oversee the abolishment of Slavery. II. IF said abolishment does not occur, the treaty shall be declared null, and the Grand Kingdom shall perceive such as an act of WAR. V. THE Iron Uzg shall permit the Legion of Urguan full access to the Uzg’s land. This document is forever binding, regardless of any future change in government. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Rex of the Iron Uzg, Skaatchnak’Izgi [!] The mark of a bloody hand would be beneath the Rex’s name.
  18. DEATH IS JUST A VEIL [The Azzah (A traditional Badawi ceremony for the bereaved) will take place Friday, August 27th, at 10 pm EST.] Hassan ibn Khalid Ar-Rassidi was a pious man, always in search of enlightenment. He devoted his life to his studies, determined to understand the greater purpose of this life. He travelled the world, studying the different religions and religious practices of Almaris. He would always be remembered fondly for his unwavering devotion to the pursuit of true enlightenment. In his final years, he became horribly lost in the wilderness along his travels. Amidst the occasional insanity, he began to have prophetic dreams and visions. As he faithfully pursued these visions, Hassan began to understand the purpose behind these revelations. An excerpt from his diary read: “I wondered why my fate was like this? I understand now. I have been so engrossed in academics that I have forgotten my duties to others, my duty to the Oasis and my family. Getting lost was merely a reflection of my heart. I was already lost before I got lost. I spoke of the teachings of Imaan Al Rashidun yet it only came out of my mouth. I had reverted to ignorance once I thought I found the truth. I had forgotten to come back to my duty as a husband and a father and a tribesman of the Oasis. By Allah, I had prioritized my duty as a scholar more than a father, a husband and a friend” This realization in his faith led him back towards the Kharasi deserts. He stumbled blindly towards any sign of the Fakhr Oasis, determined to return home to his family, for the glory of Allah. --14th of The Grand Harvest, SA 38-- As the Oasis was in full bloom, a contrasting sight stumbled along the pathway. Finding themselves at the footsteps of the Masjid Al-Bidayyah, the decrepit man sat near the age-old fountain. Hassan ibn Khalid rested at the entrance of the Masjid, his robes tattered and worn from years fighting in the wilderness. He was welcomed by his startled wife and daughter. He had returned after eight long years of hardship, depravity, trials, and enlightenment. With the help of his wife, Hassan made his way into the Masjid, resting on the cushions. The next moments were filled with reconciliation, compassion, and unity for his family. The precious moments he spent with his now eight year old daughter would not be forgotten. After eating a meal prepared by his wife, Hassan rested in the lap of the woman he loved, lying next to his daughter. Muttering a blessing over the two, Hassan breathed his last breath. As quickly as he had returned, he had left once more. By the grace of Allah, he died peacefully in the Masjid, in the comforting presence of his wife and daughter. Hassan passed onto paradise, awaiting the fateful arrival of his wife and daughter. Wrapped up in his wife’s robe, Hassan’s body was moved to his tent, resting under a blanket. A small smile remained on his face, having achieved his life’s purpose. Per his wishes, his collection of books were donated to the library at the Masjid Al-Bidayyah. Hassan ibn Khalid Ar-Rassidi was buried near the Masjid, wishing “to be near those who pray” after his passing. An Azzah was organized for the bereaved. OOC: The Azzah (A traditional Badawi ceremony for the bereaved) will take place Friday, August 27th, at 10 pm EST. OOC: Hey guys, it's been really fun playing this character but due to RL, I can't commit to Hassan's story anymore so I thought it's time to let him rest. Thank you for everyone who rp with Hassan. It was a fun journey. “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens” -Gimli
  19. First, it was the animals. Many a cow, sheep and chicken of the Custard Clan discovered were ailing, or already deceased. The two living and miraculously healthy were moved to the Mantitaris' Grove. A little over a month had passed since the incident, though regrettably the halfling's troubles were not over. Bramblebury's corn fields were dead and lifeless. The wheat was brown rather than golden yellow. Most of the potatoes, carrots and beetroots had stopped growing and any that breached the loam’s surface had oddities that made them unappetising; or potentially, inedible. Another peculiarity was that a powder-like substance, burnt orange in colour, could be found tilled in amongst the soil. Once again it had happened in the darkest hours of the day. How so rapidly? As it seemed no amount of water could remedy the trouble. Hours upon hours of gruelling labour, reduced to wither and rot.
  20. Another quiet night in Bramblebury passed. When the village settled to bed the eve of the 10th Sun's Smile, all seemed as normal. But in the morning, something had changed. The smell of sickness was laden on the wind. A fetid odor that is unmistakable. It was unmissable, too, rolling down the silent hills of the village, polluting the air in the halfling’s homes through their windows and chimneys. The source… OOC: Event to examine the cause in 30 minutes (We start from the morning waking up) 7:25pm EST/00:25am BST
  21. [!] Rice paper scrolls scribed in tight, swooping strokes are hung around Yong Ping and neighboring cities. Dragon's Rebirth Celebration (“Along the River During the Qingming Festival”) It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to the friends of Yong Ping, who were steadfast through our most trying times. All are welcome to join in celebration of our newly constructed Yong Ping and the auspicious friends that helped us to achieve it. Festivities shall take place in the Tianrui Teahouse at Tianrui 28 in two Dragon’s Days of this missive’s posting. the river creek flows bubbles, bright under summer sun, bright too- my heart Event Agenda Reception Reception shall take place to allow all to arrive and become settled in a timely manner, introduce themselves to new friends, and enjoy complimentary refreshments before the performance begins. Performance A lineup of local cultural performances shall grace the teahouse stage, featuring a dance of magical proportions to premier a range of traditional dance and music of the zither. Feast Once the performance has concluded, guests are invited to enjoy the rest of the evening in the teahouse in good company and good spirit. Direct invitations are sent out to the following. Emir of the Fakhr Emirate, Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan Nai'b al-Emir, Azzam Bin Hakim Al-Hattan Elmirah and Sheikha, Esmae bint Saqr Al-Nabeel Sheikh of the Haybah, Mishal Bin Faris Al-Haybah Sheikh of the Hamad, Utayr Bin Amr Al-Hamad Sheikh of the Haddad, Thamer "Al-Ahmar" Al-Haddad HIM John VIII and his pedigree HE Simon Pruiva-Provins Lady Anna d'Arkent HRM Heinrik Barbanov II and the Barbanov royal family Ser Karl Amador and his knight squire Monarch of Vortice, Princess Athri Onfroi-Belrose and her Council Crown Prince of Ando Alur, Vulnir Syllar and his Council Grandmaster Naffog Hennington and the Crimson Edict Duke Eugeo de Astrea of Elysium and his Council Signed, Tianrui Ren, Patriarch and Zhu of Yong Ping Signed, Yunya of the Chen Household, Minister of Interior and Revenue and Leading Lady of the Arts
  22. At 3 PM EST, there will be a festival at Ker’Okarn. More details can be found here. These are the five poems that were written by Tide Falkmoor and will be performed at the festival: A Forsaken City The last gong rang, Through empty streets, No dreams, no dreams, When the city fell. Sometimes rock crumbles, Sometimes bells toll, For fallen lies, And darkened souls. There was no sound, No laughing voice, No crying child. Sometimes sorrow, Comes after nothing. Sometimes death, Comes before life’s end And then the bell tolled. The stones sang. The stars fled. No dreams, no dreams. And the bell rang. The Last It seems things That last, Are memories, Of loss. It seems things That die, Are eternal, Nonetheless. It seems things, Survive, Not in this world, But above. What will happen, When you are the last, When you are the note, Held before applause. What will happen, When you sing, When you run Out of air. What will happen, When the harsh Sound, When the harsh Sound, There it is. The last note. The one before applause. When the song stops, What will you sing? Darkened State The heads bowed, Statues, shrunken. The weak cried, Eyes, sunken. The strong sighed, Backs, broken. The liers lied, Tongues, forked. A meeting of hope, lost A meeting of future, past A meeting under stone stars, A meeting never to be had. Light thought not to leave, Must in sky be hidden. Shadowed flame burned, Eternal life stricken. Fire killed, Like mist, it fell, Burning cold, Freezing souls. The Door Mist deepened, Sound damp, Silence screamed, Through ashen night. Words spoken, Seemed stolen, From that quiet, Deathly dusk. Now, nothing, No glaring sound, No hopeful grin, No guidance from the past. Perhaps forgiveness, A furtive goal, Was as shapes, In roaming mist. Then light, Blazing brilliant light, It flooded, Burned, Battered, Drove away soaked statues. As wind on early winter days, The mist lifted. Mirth of Loss This world is full, Its story old, And always, love, Leads to loss. For things that last, Are memories, Of what once was. This world is full, Its story old, So let's not wallow, When one closed. We sing, we dance, We revel in The mirth of loss. This world is full, Its story old, We must not cry, When one is told. For all of us, Are here at last, To revel in The mirth of loss. This world is full, Its story old, So let’s not let, This day grow cold. We drink, we crow, A merry sight, For all those, Here tonight. The world is full, Its story old, And now I must Join the throng. My stories done, My voice spent, Let’s join together, to revel until loss is lost. After being performed, they were categorized and entered into the history of Tide Falkmoor by Selion Drogon
  23. For the Quill is stronger than the Sword, The Battle for Head Tutor As penned at the hand of TH Lady Elisabeth Leopoldine Krüger-Carrion The Head Tutor is tasked first and foremost with providing proper education to the young children of the Imperial Household. They are to ensure that each child of the Imperial Household is educated in basic topics of importance and later find the child a proper mentor to learn under. The Head Tutor is also tasked with managing all other tutors working as Educators of the Household. He/She shall keep order within the Tutoring program and ensure that any other students within the program receive a proper education. The Head Tutor will also work to plan educational events and field trips with her fellow tutors to assist in integrating the young into Imperial Society. As penned by the hand of Former Head Tutor Miss Natalie Julia Beaumont ’ The Competition will be simple; a small focus group of children will be introduced to you to teach these children your particular subjects. A small lesson so we may judge and see how you may handle a classroom. A head tutor must have the resolve to get through all ages and disruptions. Each interviewee must pick three out of the seven subjects with the thought of what is most important to learn. Subjects Pick Three subjects Etiquette pick one: Ballroom Titles and Court Conversation Dinner Letter writing Dance pick one: Fox trot Waltz Carole Basse Dance Any other dance you chose Athletics pick one: Horseback riding Fencing Badminton Archery Government & Law pick one: Imperial diet Imperial court Positions in goverment War office The Oren Revised code Medicine pick one: Medicine basics Herbs Religion pick one: Principals Scriptures Church Hierarchy and how to address them Prayers and Hymns Saints and Blessed Marriage Human Languages pick one: New Maurian Auvergnian Illtian, Woldzkiy Li-Guo Flexio Some guidelines Any errors will be judged harshly by the staff and any Imperial within the battle. Any lesson is allowed using anything at your disposal (magic, our attendants, classrooms and rooms.) as long as you do not destroy or harm anything. IF you do use one of our staff, you may not ask A tutor that teaches one of your three subjects. Any one with qualifications may enter this position as long as you are at least twenty years of age. Presentations, examples and tests are welcomed! This is open to the public. Signed by; TH, Lady Elisabeth Leopoldine Krüger-Carrion Head of Augustine staff HE, Lady Mary Casimira of Carrington Governess of the Augustine TH, Miss Anna d’Arkent Majordomo of the Augustine Palace
  24. Simply how to be happy: Step 1: stop playing LOTC Step 2: do anything else, take a bike ride somewhere or boot up that old videogame you haven't touched in a while Hope this helps :D
  25. A Fitting End for Slavers The sun rose high on a dense, insect-ridden jungle near Krugmar, the undergrowth threatening to devour already-crumbling stretches of road. It was in this choked, humid land that a small group of battle-hungry Dwedmar and a single Uruk clad in crimson hunted, far from home and hearth. It was the slavers’ scent that drew them from the mountains, and soon enough they had found the filth they sought. On a quiet road, two Uruks of Krugmar - one of whom being none other than the Snagagoth - had the misfortune to meet the children of Urguan, each one more eager than the last to carry out Dungrimm’s will. The Uruks carried an Umri slave with them; fresh, breathing, and undeniable proof of their transgressions. The Dwedmar and their Orcish comrade held their weapons aloft, eyeing their prey as Yazmorra Blackroot negotiated the surrender of the slave being transported. The slave was released, and not a moment later, the first strike came from the Grand Queen herself. The ensuing fight concluded with the Snagagoth face-down in a pool of his own blood, a Frostbeard blade lodged in his chest, and his Raguk accomplice attempting to offer terms. Both were brought back to Urguan’s halls in chains. The slavers were thrown into sky cells, to await questioning. Not long after, their interrogations were complete, and the Grand Queen was left to render judgement. The Uruks would face death, and it would be one of their own kind who would give it to them; Naffog, the Orcish Grandmaster of The Crimson Edict who’d fought alongside the Dwed patrol - upon his own request. The Uruks from Krugmar were dragged into the city square, their hands and feet soon nailed between the stone tiles. The Raguk pleaded for his life and the Snagagoth placated himself, suggesting that a slaver’s soul could be saved. The Orc who’d been chosen to mete out their punishment would hear none of it, and had already chosen what fate his misbegotten kin would suffer. Soon, skin was separated from muscle, and bodies were tormented beyond recognition. So it was that two Uruks, flayed living and hung on posts, decorated the heart of Urguan. An end befitting any slaver. Grand King of Urguan,
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