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  1. 𝒜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒞𝒾𝓉𝒾𝓏𝑒𝓃𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝒟𝓊𝓃𝓌𝑒𝓃 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐵𝑒𝓎𝑜𝓃𝒹 Recent reports have been made that a large bundle of Lume Ferrets is becoming increasingly hostile within the city of Dunwen. They have been reported to be causing trouble and destroying public property. I and the other Ferret Meisters of Solheim have attempted to investigate this string of events and have found ourselves face to face with an aggravated bundle of Lume Ferrets that promptly drove us off. I, Captain Vicnan Hawkins, Head Ferret Meister, am posting missive with hopes of finding willing citizens of Dunwen and possible adventurers and critter lovers from beyond to help us investigate these strange occurrences. We suspect that there may be an outside source that is causing their aggression, and we would greatly appreciate any help that can be given. (Note. Any help from the Druids would be greatly appreciated.) This Event will take place on Thursday, February 15, at 6 pm EST. Please meet at the Town Hole in Dunwen at least 30 minutes before the set start time.
  2. ☩ ☩ ☩ "Will pride prevent peace? . . ." Over the last month I have penned hundreds of letters and corresponded with every Canonist Leader within the FAITHFUL FLOCK. While I have seen truths and lies among these, and heard sympathies and belittlements my offers remain the same. I will reiterate them publicly so all the FAITHFUL not just the KINGS and QUEENS may understand our position. Our people that choose to remain in the MIDDEN live in FEAR of not just their lives but their very SOULS. We understand that foul magic has made its way into the highest recesses of the HAENSETI court and invested the TSAR. They live with the constant threat of evil looming over them and stealing not just their livelihood and home but that of their children. Because of this… We, the Winburgh Uprising, men and women (formerly called soldiers of Midden, and now resign ourselves simply to be WARRIORS of GODAN) will lay down our arms if the following conditions are met: An occupying force other than that of the HAENSETI EMPIRE takes control of the city, overseen by the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH. An independent and NON-BIASED investigation is launched into the case of ALEKSANDR consorting with the LICH. Furthermore, I, SIR RADMIR MONTALT, will (if sworn on Holy Relics our offer will not be backpedaled) offer myself as hostage to the alliance so long as my host is not of HAENSE. If these conditions are met, my soldiers will STAND DOWN, and follow all terms of agreement. This offer stands, lives will not have to be lost, the security of your nations does not have to be compromised. We, the people of Midden, entrust our lives to the FAITHFUL. There is nothing that justifies an unjust massacre, will the pride of the HAENSETI prevent the Covenant from PEACE? -SIR RADMIR MONTALT
  3. @siglms_ Mi challenge the honor of Krimpgoth agh hiz decizion, uzing the negleckful example of the foreign Onizhiman Uruks, and pardoning the Petra whitewazh whoze faith iz in the burs gods of Krug's enemies, agh who iz nub committed to the zacred zpirit of Krug, the Old Popo and Spirit Popo. A collectiun of beliefz is more like a confuzed zpirit than one who grukz its purpose. Any Orc that does not conform to the path ub Krug and their ancestors is lozt and haz fallen to the darknezz. I intend to challunj Druz the Krimpgoth to an honor klomp until he exhibits regret for his actions and seeks absolution in Krug and the Ancestor Spirits. Forgiving a deluzional brudda is nub an act of compazzion but rather an affirmation of their diztorted world-peep and collekted religiouz beliefz. A zon of Krug ought to remain wit hiz kin and blood family who can better protect and guide him in life. If there is no honor among blood-bound relativez, then the blessingz of Krug have been lost from the Uzg. Unfortuunatly, an Elder haz to be the only ash to uphold the remaining honor among blood bruddas. Name the tik agh plaze. [This is a challenge to the spirit of the Krimpgoth decision to pardon Gob Ztabba-Zniffa (@MrMojoMordor) of Whitewash status despite his lack of faith in Krug and absence from the Fatherland of the Desert. If the Krimpgoth reverses his decision, the challenge will be resolved. It is not an attempt to claim the role of Krimpgoth.]
  4. Published; On the Eleventh of The Amber’s Cold "ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” ✵ [!] This first missive is a public announcement to the staff of the Celia'norian Medicinal Clinic and the Celia’norian public. With the chilled winds, and growing turmoils that life brings forth, change is yearning to come for the better. Within the esteemed Celia'norian medicinal clinic, that for years have graced this very realm, by the distinguished Lady Irelia Py’lrie. With the declining health of her, it bears news that in the coming days Lady Irelia Py’lrie will step down from her position of Head Clinician. Ascending this position, Secondary Physician, Renna Py’lrie will now hold her newly appointed position of Head Clinician. For decades, have the Py’lrie woman of such prestigious Talonnii dedicated their lives to leading the clinic of their people and for the realm. Now once more will the torch be handed to the following generation of Py’lrie, pleading the solemn responsibility of safeguarding the health and well-being of Celia'nor's cherished populace, along with tending to the mundane maladies of everyday life to confronting the harrowing specter of dire injuries, Her service shall be revered and held in the highest esteem within the Principality of Celia’nor. 𝚃𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚁𝚎𝚒𝚐𝚗𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚎 ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Ladydship, Irelia Py’lrie, Laurir Kaliri of the Esteemed Royal Council;Matriarch of the prestigious Evarir Talonnii, The Py’lrie, of the Principality of Celia’nor Lady Renna Py’lrie, Head Clinician of the Celia'norian medicinal clinic of the Principality of Celia’nor
  5. Vikelain or Silachian Silachian is a mixture of Elvish and Auvergian. It has a sort of southern flare on top of that. For a more OOc dive, Silchian is a mixture of Lotc Eleven mixed with Lousiana Creole. From deep avuergene roots as well as wood elven ties to the community With this base, it creates a softer, more elegant sounding language with a tone that sounds like water rushing. Rather than more earthy tones, there should be hardly any guttural or rough words used within Silachian. History and Synopsis The words of the sword are translated as Silachin in the language of the protected people. From its founding family, one auvergne & Farfolk woman and one Wood elf, these phrases are both fluid like a swing and sharp to the tongue.. It is interesting to note that the founding couple frequently transitioned between these linguistic influences, which led to a momentous event when a human observer inadvertently interchanged the two terms. This serendipitous mistake has endured through the passage of time. Today, Silachian has become an integral part of the linguistic heritage of Vikela. It can be heard echoing through the streets of Vikela, where it is cherished as a language that is not only well-known but also passed down through generations, embodying a unique and enduring fusion of linguistic traditions. Definition: Auvergnian, interchangeably known as Auvergnat by those who are fluent in it, is a well-known human language. The dialect is famous throughout the various realms of Oren and Aeldin for being crowned the "Language of Love". Auvergnian is a soft, melodic, and yet arguably very complex dialect. Auvergnian is the same as real-life French. Definition: Elvish This language, known as Ancient Elven, was developed by the children of Malin after their establishment in Aegis and was used widely in the ancient world. Grammar For those of you want to fully immerse yourselves. Sentence Order: The common order of elvish sentences is Subject-Object-Verb. The apostrophe-’ : Used in certain cases and possibly dictates a certain pronunciation. Current known uses are: Denoting certain honorifics (such as sainted) Between a modifier and a verb Between a word and its suffixes (more on this below). With the word 'eyha' (and) to connect sentences and in terms of a list. -n makes such a word a noun -an plural AFFIXES & SUFFIXES Use of affixes: This has been shown to be a very important factor in Elven language. Elves tend to use multiple affixes to further define their nouns and verbs, rather than using separate words. For these, the following rules exist: Most affixes seem to have two forms, depending on whether or not the word it relates to ends or begins with a vowel. Suffixes often get added with an apostrophe between it and the word. If a word has multiple suffixes, there will only be an apostrophe between the full word and its last suffix. The priority for ordering the suffixes is least important to most important. So your root word is closer to the most important suffix. If a suffix is separated by an apostrophe, it inflects as if the last letter of the word it relates to was a consonant. -é Makes it past tense, for example: burn - bril / burnt - brilé -s makes it present continuous, -s is followed by the Simple Present word’s vowel, for example: Pèdi - miss / Pedé - missing / Pèdis - Missing Adding “Will - Te” will make the sentence future tense, as the verb does not need a special addition. For example:“Mo te anwo twa ne’pleure…zusna.” - “I will not cry over you...*******.” :) “Burn *****!” “Sluzes Bril!” FAMILY AND PEOPLE Mamon: Mom Malda: Dad Sèsa: Sister Bresen: Brother Tonton: Uncle Tant: Aunt Nès: Niece Nef: Nephew Gra’Malda: Grandpa Gra'Mama: Grandma Numbers un, in - one Dé - two trò, trwa - three Kat - four Sink - five Sis - six Sèt - seven Wit - eight Nèf - nine Dis - ten mu'dis - 100 te'ludis-1000 Much like the grammatical structure, numbers are structured similarly to elvish for double digits and beyond (i.e three-onehundred-five-ten-four). ' is used to link a number with its value for 10, 100 and 1000. Adding the Mu- (very) to add to the beginning of a number to make it ma-single point value. ( Values of Ten). Example Mukat'dis (40,) Musis'dis (60) MuNèf'dis (80). Examples So 14 (fourteen) is Dis'kat [10.4] 40 (forty) is Mukat'dis [10.4] 174 is Mudis'musetdis'kat [100.70.4] COMMON PHRASES & SENTENCES Bonayla! - Hello Heyalez afær? - How are things? heya ça va? - How are you doing? Çé ayla , byin. - I’m good, thanks. Mo byin. - Thank you / Thanks. Ou’Venle - You’re Welcome Twa plitar. - See you later. Svenayla - Goodbye Sven - Bye Mo Mayli twa. - I love you. Swènn-tali. - Take care. Bonayla. - Good Morning Bonker. - Good night avyonii - Little fighter Ti - Yes Ne - No Une gueule de Vallitier - A mouth like holy water fountain (used to describe an ugly man) Une figure lenpomme cuite - A face like a baked apple (used to describe an attractive woman) Pauvres diables - poor devils (used to mock poor people) Un berrbleur - a hot air shooter Un tonnerre a la voile - an unruly person Frou-frou - giddy/ Over dramatic/snobby Menterlien - a lie/liar valllo toujou couri vallhiuw. - The water always goes to the river Coupé zoré milet fait pas faesu. - Cutting off the mule’s ears doesn’t make it a horse Compé Torti va doucement, mais li rivé coté bite pendant Compé Chivreil apé dormi. - Tortoise goes slowly, but he arrives at the barrel while Roe Deer is sleeping. beloun conné sir qui bois l'apé frotté. - The pig knows well on which wood it will rub. Chirr jappô li pas morde. - The barking dog doesn’t bite. Charre brilé pair di feu. - The burnt cat is afraid of fire. Bouki fait gombo; lapin mangé li. - The goat makes the gumbo; the rabbit eats it. Cila qui rit Un lensuloem va pleuré a liewy’ento: . - Whoever laughs on Friday will cry on Sunday. Craché nen laire, li va tombé enhaut vou nez. - Spit in the air, and it will fall on your nose. Vikela an coime en ito - There is a problem in Vikela OBSENTIES (even though LOTC forums will censor this ) ****(Fword): Vexna Shit(poop) : Bix *****(female dog): Sluzes Damn: Acke Ass / ******* (butt) : Zusna Idiot: Ich'me Mother Fucker (mfo): Vex’ma A- Z UNSORTED WORDS. Pronouns: You -mo’ /twa Your - mou’ / Twu We - no’ Which - ki Her - L’leh She - L’ He - Li’ Him -Li’leh I / Me - o This - Thes Who / What / Where - heya’ Our - min Adjectives: Strong - Ceru Weak - Cerune Good - ayla Bad- dyab Later - plitar Old: Ulde Young - Yeune Happy - alèz Confused - ailmathé Sad - melte Angry - furêrion Dainty - Zehp Adverbs: Only - unsel Not - ne’ Out - soti There - Ito Slowly - doucement Very - Mu Nouns / plural Nouns: Action - Aksyon Boat - Amonn’narn Bread - Wehn'tehral Books - Indora Devils/Evil - Diables Expertise - Ekspètiz Forest - Amebwa Fountain - Vallitier Hunter - Lovi Keeper - Gadyem Knowledge - Konesans Mail - Kouryèl Magic - Maji Melody - Ayl’lenniel Midnight - Lin Milk - Valein Moon - Minwi Problem - Coime / Problems - Coimes Red Rose - Wouj’Miruel River - Vallhiuw Side - Coté Sugar - Suika Time - Enet Troubles- Resahnae Vallitier - Fountain - Water- Vallo Milk- Valein - Wind - Bientu Offerings - ofrann Sentiments - santiman Season - sézon Branch - galadh Verbs: Present Simple Tense Past Tense Present Progressive — -é -s Is - di Was - Pranvan (An exception) — Do -fe Did - fé Doing - fes Have - Par Had - Paré Having - Pares Say - psan Said - psané Saying - psans Arrive - riv Arrived - rivé Arriving - rives Stumble - b’ite Stumbled - b’ité Stumbling - b’ites Bite- morde Bit - mordé Biting - mordes Eat - mange Ate - mangé Eating - manges Cry - pleure Cried - pleuré Crying - pleures Hate - Haite Hated - haité Hating - haites Love - mayli Loved - maylé Loving - maylis Like - Mayte Liked - mayté Liking - maytes Know - conne Knew - conné Knowing - connes Burn - brile Burnt - brilé Burning -Briles Care- Tali Cared- Talé Caring - Talis Blossom (flower)-Lapr Blossomed- Laprès Blossoming Lapres miss - Pèdi Missed-Pedé Missing-Pèdis Confuse - ailmahta Confused- ailmathé Confusing - ailmathas Send - alta Sent - alté Sending - altas Go - couri Went - couré Going - couris Talk - goulren talked - goulré Talking - goulres Wave - Anuh'Hiuw Waved - Anuh’Hiuwé Waving - Anuh’Hiuwes Blow - iheiuh Blowed - iheiuhé Blowing - iheiuhes Will - te Would - té Willing - tes Go - couri Went - couré Going - couris Sleep - dormi Slept - dormé Sleeping - dormis Tuck - kach Tucked - kaché Tucking - kaches Dance - danse Danced - dansé Dancing - danses Wear - mete Wore - meté Wearing - metes Carry - pote (To carry something.) cradle-bèl) Carried - poté Carrying - potes Whisper - chitchot Whispered - chitchoté Whispering - chitchotes Pass- pui Passed - pué Passing - puis Paint- peintiye Painted - peintiyé Painting - peintiyes Lay - pose Laid - pozé Laying - poses Bark- jappô Barked - jappé Barking - jappôs Spit - crach (Spit out - Crachoti) Spat - craché (Spat out - Crachéti) Spitting - craches (Spitting out - Crachotis) (In poker) Going all in - Mog Modal Verbs: Should - Dwe Can - Ka Could - Ké Will - Te / Would - Té May - Cen Determiners / Pre-Determiners: The- le / La Such/More - ma- All - ‘tuva Some - kèk Each / Every - ilye Preposition: Of - nun Up - anoh For - pra By - Pa- On - sou’ ( on the- so’le) Like - tankou (“I feel like …..”) About - larenn In - en Over - anwo To - u- (For example: “Me u-couri minwi” - I go to the moon) Beneath - anba With - gavec Down- nadbas Under - neledh Conjunction: And - ehya But - mais Idiom Tali- (infront of a word is part of Derived from elvish) Government Titles / Ranks etc: Government - Gouvènman Council - Conseil Internal - Zefen Internal affairs (internal time) - Zefen’enten Minister - Minstie Knight - Chevalye The Keeper of Books better known as the librarian - Gadyem Indoran Lawmaker - Magi’se House mafia - Mennaj Noble - Noblesse Official - Ofisyèl Writer - Puerith Warrior - lwa Healer - Traiteur Queen - Reîne King - Kondé Princess - Prinsès Prince - Prins Regent- Rejant Heir - Eritye Grand Duke - Gran Dyòk Duke - Dyok Duchès-duchess Count -count countess- Counte Baron- Baron Baroness- L’Baronès Lordship Mesir Ladyship-Mesiris Majesty -Majeste Citizen - sityen When addressing individuals of nobility or higher social status: Grace -Gras [ Your grace- Mou’Gras] Majesty - Majeste (Your majesty- Mou’Majeste) Animals: Deer -Chivreil Rabbit - Lappin Sheep - dòmi Pig - Beloun Goat -Bouki Horse - roch wolf/dog-Chirr Panda-Talibulous Cat -Charre Turtle - Torti Llama- lama Bird - aiweau Days- Following lotc calendar days Sunday - Dimanch Monday - Lendi Tuesday - Madi Wednesday - Mèkredi Thursday - Jedi Friday - Vandredi Saturday - Samdi Next Saturday- Samdi’ento Colours: Red - Mirouj Blue - Blevall Yellow - Aurijòn Purple - Valvyol Pink - Belssezrou Black - Nwa White - Iwan Green - Vèttaynei Orange - Orayl Brown - Caros MALE & FEMALE NAMES Female Names Adeline - Noble Aeliana - Sunlight Amaia - High Place Amara - Immortal Amethysta - Jewel/amethyst Anais - Grace Arcadia - Paradise Astridelle - Beautiful Star Azura - Sky Blue Belphoebe - Fae princess Blythe- Carefree Calista - Most Beautiful Caelia - Heavenly Celestia - Heavenly Chantal - Song Cosette - Little Thing Danica - Morning Star Delphine - Dolphin Eirwen - White Snow Elestria - Starlight Elaria - Enchanting Song Elowen - Elm Tree Evadne - Pleasing One Fiora - Flower Flora- floral Genevieve - Tribe Woman Gwidhiel - Of the Light Heloise - Famous Warrior Hithiel - Running water Isabeau - My oath Isabelette - Devoted Isoluna - Moonlight Jalindë - Beauty Jolie - Pretty Katriel - Crown of gold Khanyisile - Illuminated Kelindra- Leika - Warrior of peace Leza - Joyful Lilithia - Night Demon Lirael - Song of Gold Medea - Clever Melusine - Enchanting Water Mignon - Cute, Darling Mireille - To admire Mwari - Goddess Naiara - Radiant Nymeria - Lady of the Water Nyxira - Night Goddess Oseye - Noble Olwethu - Our Own Phumelele - Achieve Perdita - Lost Qondiswa - Understand Quenmirë - Elf of Jewels Rilindë - The Songs we Sing Ravenna -Raven Roshaera - bright like the sun. Rhianwen - maiden Seraphite - Fiery Angel Serenelle - Starry Sylvara - Nymph Solange - Solemn Solara - Solar, Sunlike Tindra - Sparkle Thalassa - Sea Urania - Muse Uzuri- Splendor Valkyrie - Chooser of the Slain Vespera - Evening Star Violette - Purple Vivienne - Life within Wyneth - Fair Wande - Family grows Winslet - victorious Wynonia - Xiomara - Ready for Battle Xolile - Forgiving Yveline - Yew Wood Yávië - Sprouted from unknown Zafira - Victorious Zarina - Golden Queen Zephyra - Gentle Breeze Zephyrine - West Wind Zenobia - Force of Nature Male names Ahmanu - Notable leader Akuni - Brave Babptise - Baptized Bakari - Promise Bayo - Crown Bilal - Born during the day Chuki - Spirit Cyprian - From Cyprus Cyprin - Cyprus Caden: "Spirit of Battle" or "Fighter" Cyril: "Lordly" or "Masterful" Cassius: "Empty" or "Vain" Calixte: "Most Beautiful" or "Very Beautiful" Celestin: "Heavenly" or "Of the Sky" Coltrane: Possibly a combination of "Coal" and "Strong" Chevalier: "Knight" or "Horseman" Chavez: "Hawk" Corentin:or "Hurricane" Darian - Upholder of the good Edwige - Battle warrior Endymion - Man of the east Estel - Hope Elario - Noble one Folarin - Walk with wealth Faelan - Little wolf Guylian - Variant of Julien Gareth - Gentle Halim - Patient Hadrian - Dark-haired Idris - Interpreter or studious one Ignatius - Fiery Ikechu - God's strength Iniko - Born during troubled times Jafari: - Stream or creek Jareth - Blend of Jared and Gareth Kaev - Life Kael - Mighty warrior Kofi - Born on Friday Loike - Delightful - devirved from Luke Luthando - Love Mael - Chief or prince Nkosi - King or ruler Nyarai - Be humble Olanrewaju - My wealth is moving forward Orpheus - Darkness (mythological figure) Osiris - Egyptian god of the afterlife and rebirth Pemba - White Paka - Cat Panya - Mouse (Swahili) Pascal - Easter Patrice - Noble Porthos - Musinteers Peregrin - Traveler Prospero - Successful Quddus - Holy Quenten - Variant of Quentin Quillon - The best of the swords Quirin - warlike Quillan - Cub Remy - Oarsman Rudo - Love Razi - Secret Raoul - Wolf council, strong as a wolf René - Reborn Rylan - Island meadow Samwise - Half-wise Sebastien - Revered or venerable Tariro - Hope Thandolwethu - Our love Thierry: "ruler of the people." Teo: A short form of Theodore, meaning "gift of God." Tariq "morning star" or "he who knocks at the door." Theron: Chase Tevin Thaddeus:courageous." T'vian Toulouse Tarien Ulysse: "to be angry" or "to hate." Uriel: Fire of spirit Urbain: "city dweller" Ugo: form of Hugh, meaning "heart, mind, spirit." Urianthé: "Enchanting Star" Ulysarion: "Seeker of Wisdom" Ulfarine: "Noble Forest Guardian" Umbrelleth: "Veiled Luminescence" Urendelle: "Radiant Blossom" Ullianthé: "Luminous Dreamer" Umbrosien: "Shadowy Sage" Ullianthilde: "Starlit Grace" Umbertien: "Regal Enchanter" Uzoma - Good road or way Vuyo - Happiness or joy Winslet - Joyful victory Wulfric - Wolf power Xandriel - Elf of splendor Xolani - Peace Yannick - Variant of Jean, meaning God is gracious Yves - Yew wood Yannael - Combination of Yann Yorick - Variant of George Yarrow - A flowering plant often associated with healing Yrian - Variant of Brian Zephyr - West wind Zaire - River in Lurin Zuberi - Strong Zephyr - West wind Zenon - Variant of Zenos, Zethana This language is subject to change and be updated. This was such a fun project to head with the lovely people of Vikela. We orgianzied this is a way we thought made more sense. We recommend you have your sentence, and then move it to subject object verb so you have a clear understanding. Most Vikelian will only be using common phrases rather then full sentences.
  6. 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓽𝓱 𝓗𝓪𝓼 𝓑𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓡𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓭 Published; On the Eleventh of Malin’s Welcome of Year 160 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” 𝒜 𝒩𝑒𝓌𝓁𝓎 𝒜𝓅𝓅𝑜𝒾𝓃𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒫𝒽𝓎𝓈𝒸𝒾𝒶𝓃 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒞𝓁𝒾𝓃𝒾𝒸 In the grand and hallowed halls of Celia'nor, under the august guidance of Her Ladyship Irelia Py'lrie, distinguished Laurir Kaliri of the Royal Council and the venerable steward of the esteemed Celia'norian medicinal clinic, a noble decree now graces the realm. With unfettered pride and boundless joy, this missive bears testament to announce the advancement of a secondary physician to soon partake in the noble service of the medical practice. Lady Renna Py’lrie, from the esteemed prestigious Evarir, Py’lrie Talonii has pledged her alliance to the solemn responsibility of safeguarding the health and well-being of Celia'nor's cherished populace, along with tending to the mundane maladies of everyday life to confronting the harrowing specter of dire injuries, Her service shall be revered and held in the highest esteem within the Principality of Celia’nor. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Ladydship, Irelia Py’lrie, Laurir Kaliri of the Esteemed Royal Council; Head Clinician, and Matriarch of the prestigious Evarir Talonnii, The Py’lrie, of the Principality of Celia’nor
  7. The Paradisian Court presents… THE CHAMBERLAINS GRAND TUVMAS BALL C.1956 [!] Ornaments that adorn the Tuvmas tree in the square. INTRODUCTION As such jolly, though joyous times befall upon our beloved Nation the Chamberlain and the Alba Council saw it was time to host a ball. Despite the brutal times that have befallen us, we host such an event to uplift the spirits of many. We ask that everyone in attendance wear Red and Green to symbolize the primary colors of Tuvmas. We invite our allies the covenant of five to join us in these festivities. May GOD guide us to peace and harmonious days. I T I N E R A R Y Tuvmas Welcome Reception Guests are ushered into the Whitespires walls and arrive at the Tuvmas-like wonderland, greeted by carolers and warm Tuvmas beverages and trinkets to kick off the festive spirit. Royal Tuvmas Address by King John I Gathering in the grand hall as His Royal Majesty, King John I delivers a heartfelt Tuvmas address, expressing gratitude, sharing Tuvmas traditions, and invoking the spirit of joy within our nation. Twilight Ice Skating Extravaganza As the Royal Tuvmas Address concludes and the night begins to fall, guests and citizens are once again ushered outside of the palace to enjoy a magical ice skating session under the twinkling Tuvmas lights, creating a picturesque winter scene. Twinkling Midnight Ballroom The night culminates in a grand ballroom celebration, featuring a mix of Tuvmas classics and contemporary tunes, allowing guests to dance the night away in Aaunic style. The final dance shall be the Golden Dragon, a traditional Aaunic dance. INVITATION LIST NOBILITY OF AAUN His Serene Highness, Ferdinand Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz @HugoAntero His Highness, Johannnes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather His Lordship, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen @Timer Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Dieuxmont de Rosius, Marichoness of Haute-Epine @Axelu His Grace, Jànos Ivanovich, Duke of Stan @Mattiii His Lordship, Wacław Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia @ratlordmagic His Lordship, Grzmichuj Jazlowiecki, Baron of Triglav @Mykei His Lorship, Robert Matyas, Baron of Gotfridcher @alien_mc His Excellency, Ferdinand de Lewes, Baron of Virdain, Lord Chancellor of Aaun @Mattiii His Excellency, Emilio Varoche, Vice-Chancellor of Aaun @Enlightenment OUR ALLIES, AND FRIENDS ACROSS LANDS His Royal Majesty, Aleskander II King of Haenseti-Ruska and Citizens of Haense @Mio His Royal Majesty, Adrien I, King of Balian and Citizens of Balian @ErikAzog His Grandness, Garedyn The Emerald, Grand King of Uruguan and Citizens of Urguan @_RoyalCrafter_ Her Majesty, Catherine I, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and Citizens of the Petra @Zaerie His Highness, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and Citizens of Hyspia @Wavey SIGNED, Her Excellency, Clementine Francisca of Salia, Lady Chamberlain of Paradisian Court Her Ladyship, Lauréne Renaulta Adelaide Ashford de Savoie-Lewes, Grand Reveller of The Paradisian Court
  8. THE KANINOKYŌ 霊の経 The Yasu-Tori 安鳥 AETHER AND VOID 空と無 1. As the Mind seeks enlightenment, so too does the Maker. Ineffable in purpose is He; ineffable in presence more. He is as the eye which cannot see itself. He is as the mirror which underlies the reflection. He is the Ruminator. 2. In contemplation, the many are sundered. In resolution, the many become whole. It is from the Meditation that the Masanryū gives rise. It is from the Masanryū that the Maker becomes us all. 3. As the One embodies the Two, so the Two comprise the One. Aether and Void manifest as primordial Forms. They are as the Crest and Trough; everything falls between. Such is the nature of the Ryū - the Flow, the Ripple. 4. The Aether embodies what is - the truest and most pure existence. Aether is Energy. Aether is Work. Aether is Doing. Aether is Everything. 5. The Void embodies what is not - the truest and most pure emptiness. Void is Potential. Void is Rest. Void is Undoing. Void is Nothing. 6. Sun and Moon. Life and Death. Wind and Earth. Fire and Water. Listed and Unlisted. All possess the qualities of Aether and Void; all are derivative Forms. 7. Illusory is the nature of these Forms. Bound by causality, they are impermanent and subject to change; what is inconstant cannot be real. Verily, Forms mask the Exalted Nature of existence. Form is the symbolic mirage of a limited vessel. 8. Of both Aether and Void, the Harmonious Man is neither extreme. Limitless is His imaginative soul, where finite is His rational body. In tune with Ryū, He finds balance just as nightfall tempers scorching sands. VIRTUE AND SIN 美徳と罪 9. Virtue is as Aether, for Virtue must maintain presence. Sin is as Void, for Sin must retain absence. He who treats Virtue as Sin and Sin as Virtue disrupts the harmony of the Meditation. 10. With acts of commission, Virtue is more sweet a perfume than the fragrance of incense and sage. With acts of omission, Virtue’s sweet perfume may never be reveled. 11. With acts of commission, Sin is more bitter a stench than the fetid rot of decay. With acts of omission, Sin’s bitter stench need never be languished. 12. He who acts with moderation retains the center. In balance, He does what ought to be done and refrains from what mustn't. Merit follows both He and His actions. 13. He who acts with extremism pulls from the center. Out of balance, He does what ought not be done and refrains from what must. Vice follows both He and His actions. 14. It is thus that the Cosm yearns for correction. Void alleviates the Vice of Aether as mighty winds erode obstructing stones. Aether alleviates the Vice of Void as a mighty boulder shields from coursing winds. THE SAGE AND THE FOOL 賢者と道化師 15. The Sage understands Truth as Truth, and Untruth as Untruth. The Sage is clear of mind and is unyielding like a great mountain. 16. The Sage, in knowing truth, will embody Virtue and abstain from Sin. In knowing right from wrong, and acting rightly, the Sage is truly blessed. In knowing right from wrong, and acting wrongly, the Sage is truly damned. 17. The Fool mistakes Truth as Untruth, and Untruth as Truth. The Fool is clouded in thought and wavers like an unsteady branch. 18. The Fool in mistaking truth, will embody Sin and omit Virtue. In mistaking right from wrong, and acting rightly, the Fool is a lucky Fool. In mistaking right from wrong, and acting wrongly, the Fool is a Fool indeed. 19. Virtue is not Sin. Truth is not Untruth. Thus, be wary of the Fool lest he cloak the mind in a dense fog, whereby no direction may be discerned. 20. So it is that the Wise Man need not falter amidst blame nor praise. In walking the meritorious path, the Sage peers beyond the faux semblance of the World. In grasping salt without wounds, he suffers no sting. 21. Verily, in quieting the delusions of the Meditation, the Sage becomes as silent and tranquil as the Mountain Lake. In holding no respect for silence, The Fool babbles without end akin to an everlasting gale. ANGUISH 苦悩 22. Suffering is the root of Sin; it is preceded by vain desires and aversions. The Sinner languishes in an attempt to control what is beyond His power. The Sinner fights everything to maintain ego. The Sinner has Anguish. 23. He who dreads the uncertainty of the Future clings to the certainty of the Past. He who forsakes the Past clings to the prospect of the Future. He ignores the Present. 24. He who suffers physical pain, and is tortured, is hindered by the notion of the body’s permanence. Adverse to the sensation, He decries the impediment of His vessel and abandons the volition of His Kani. He cannot endure. 25. He who pursues vulgar passions is adverse to the truth of the sober mind. In craving indulgent pleasures, He cannot bear to be as He is, and so gluttons Himself with externals. In injuring Himself, He suffers the same. 26. Like the Fool, He who has Anguish misunderstands falsehoods as truth. He mistakes the unessential as essential; He is burdened by the meaningless. His mind is murky like a sticky bog. 27. Akin to a warped strip of cedar, He who has Anguish is vulnerable in all things. He is riddled with quandaries, and so it is that The Deceiver makes play of Him. He is the pity of the Heavens. 28. The Untouchable is one of true Anguish. A being of pure ego, He has become blinded to the Other. He laments the Body and He laments the Soul. In pursuit of respite, He forsakes both. 29. The Untouchable is the ultimate villain. He treats both Himself, and the Other, as the Enemy. He is dear to nothing. He has become Sin manifest. He is as the all-devouring flames of Hell. SOLACE 安らぎ 30. Harmony is the root of Virtue; it is preceded by goodwill and selflessness. The Exalted is in tune with all, and harbors true spontaneity. Unable is anxiety and doubt to sully His purpose. The Virtuous have Solace. 31. He who embraces the uncertainty of the Future need not cling to the certainty of the Past. He who honors the Past need not yearn for the Future. He is Present in all things. 32. He who has Solace resonates with the Great Ripple. With true attunement, He is diligent in doing what must be done, and refrains from what must not. In casting no ripple of His own, He is as the World. He shall endure. 33. He who is enlightened desires and is adverse to nothing which is beyond His power. In humor with the World, He desires for events to happen only as they do happen. He takes only what comes to Him, and projects only His own merit. 34. Like the Sage, He who has Solace understands truth as truth. He does not mistake the essential for the unessential; He never dwells upon the meaningless. His mind is pure like a glacial stream. 35. Akin to an august Mountain, He who has Solace is impervious in all things. He has no quarrels, and so it is that the Deceiver cannot overpower Him. He is the envy of the Heavens. 36. The Saint is one of true Solace. In relinquishing the chains of ego, He sees all Others. He languishes neither in Body nor Soul. Enlightened and pure, He embraces both. 37. The Saint is the ultimate hero. He treats both Himself, and the Other, as a Friend. He is dear to all things. He has become Virtue manifest. He is as the all-embracing joy of Paradise. THE VIRTUES 美徳たち 38. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Charity, who is emancipated from the greedy Vice. In recognizing the fleeting nature of Form, He yearns for only that which is within His power. Just as the sacred tome imparts wisdom without prejudice, so too does the Charitable Man impart compassion to all beings. 39. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Temperance, who is emancipated from the gluttonous Vice. In discerning harmony amidst moderation, He becomes a thrall to no external vulgarity. Just as the Lotus sheds of its petals the morning dew, so too does the Temperate Man shed of Himself the worldly indulgences. 40. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Diligence, who is emancipated from the slothful Vice. In doing what must be done, and keeping the Void as Void, He keeps the heavens in good humor. Just as the sea persists in its endless crash, so too does the Diligent Man persist in His righteous deeds. 41. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Patience, who is emancipated from the wrathful Vice. In shackling the inner beast from reckless slaughter, He finds fault with no being. Just as the purest of diamonds is without blemish, so too is the Patient Man without enemies. 42. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Humility, who is emancipated from the prideful Vice. In realizing the interdependence of all beings, His ego no longer conceals the Other. Just as the Sun yields for the rising of the Moon, so too does the Humble Man yield to the station of all sentient beings. 43. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Wisdom, who is emancipated from the ignorant Vice. In stifling delusion and espousing truth, He is mindful of His actions and thus preaches without guile. Just as the boulder is unburdened by moss, so too is the Wise Man unburdened by doubt and worldly tether. 44. Him I call indeed a Saint who walks the path of Courage, who is emancipated from the apathetic Vice. In confronting the many evils with absolute resolve, He places the well-being of the Other before the Self. Just as the coursing river defies obstruction, so too does the Courageous Man defy the Sin of the World. 45. It is thus that by embodying these Seven Virtues that the Man may settle his Spirit. In Solace, both Heart and Mind are clairvoyant. For, when the Soul is not in the least dulled, and His Kani bright, a Man may Resonate with the World. KANI 霊 46. Kani is a manifestation of will, both Spiritual and Physical. Just as the discarded stone imposes a ripple upon a still pond, so too does the will of Man ripple across the Cosm. Absent a stone cast, the pond shall remain still. 47. The vibrations of the Past ripple into the Present. The vibrations of the Present shall ripple into the Future. No being is liberated from the dependence of another. Such is the nature of Causality, and of Time. 48. He who vibrates at a constant tune discovers the consistency of rhythm. His mind is clairvoyant, and His path evident. Akin to a well-rigged barge, He cleaves through even the most turbulent of seas. This is the ripple of the Sage. 49. He who vibrates with erratic flux is without rhythm. His mind is clouded, and His path unclear. Akin to a floundering beast, he stagnates in the clutch of an unforgiving mire. This is the ripple of the Fool. 50. Bright Kani emits when Merit is attained, and in which no suffering can be felt. Blessings and good omen swell as a tide; those who embrace Ryū beget joy and relief. Anguish is not easily gained. 51. He who emits Kani most luminous becomes as the Sun. With Virtue does he aid all sentient beings to dispel the Mirage. The World gleams, just as dawn makes bright the morning pasture. 52. Dark Kani emits when Vice is attained, and in which men are tortured with suffering. Ill-omen envelops as a maelstrom; those who fight Ryū beget only more pain. Solace is not easily gained. 53. He who emits Kani most bleak becomes as an Eclipse. With delusion does he condemn all sentient beings into maintaining the deception. The World is left shrouded, just as dusk obscures what lies within the vale. 54. He who ripples shall be the master of its magnitude. Verily, the tune at which a Man chooses to vibrate is subject only to Himself. It is thus that He who rides the swell shall bear its crash. In staying to one’s course, Bright or Dark, one’s fate may be divined. THE REALMS OF SPIRIT 神の領域 55. What a Fool mistakes as the Self is what the Sage understands as Form. Though petals may flutter in mountain winds, it is the Mind that ascribes their qualities. 56. The Mind imparts value to Form, and rarely does the Mind hold regard for the Exalted Nature. It is from the projection of these unreal Forms that the Spirits manifest within the Heavens. 57. The Material Plane - the Heart, dwells at the center of creation. From the Heart does the Cosm derive its Kani. Indeed, the Spiritual Planes - the Maker’s Mind - are molded by the Heart. 58. It is thus that the Planes of Spirit derive their power from the Material Plane. So too are the godly beings of the Heavens subjected to the flow of Kani. 59. Tricky is The Deceiver who would cloud the mind. With great malice does She make fools of Men. She is as the encroaching thought. In disharmony, The Deceiver does flourish. Let not The Deceiver trick Man into owing reverence to what is unreal. 60. From this deception, confusion takes hold as a haze. The Meditation, unable to find Solace, is left in Anguish. Verily, the World is in such torment that even the Aenguls turn to Void. 61. It is thus that the Realms of Spirit are akin to a great garden. When neglected, its crop is hindered by the sprouting of weeds. And so it is that sin and Dark Kani sully the garden and detract from what is virtuous. 62. As a gardener uproots and buries injurious weeds, so it is that the Sage uproots and buries sinful Forms. In doing this, the garden may reap nutrients that fruit-bearing crops may take their place. THE PURE LANDS 浄土たち 63. Indeed, the World is without harmony. Too have the Planes of the Spirit been veiled with deception and ignorance. The Deceiver revels with sadistic delight. 64. As is the nature of Kani, salvation from this imbalance shall never occur without cause. All things remain dependent, and so it is that both Mind and Action shall foster the Pure Form. 65. In omitting Virtue, the World will mistake Aether as Void. In committing Sin, the World will mistake Void as Aether. The World rejoices when both Primordial Forms retain their intended natures. 66. The Pure Lands thus harbor those who embody the merit of Virtue and who are adverse to the vice of Sin. These Solar Men gleam, and their Bright Kani imparts aid to countless beings. 67. Just as the Sage may cultivate the Mind, so too may the Sage cultivate the Heart. In attending with grace, both the planes of the Material and Spiritual shall find themselves drawing closer to the Maker’s tune. 68. So it is that Paradise is not given, but cultivated. Man need not yearn for the Heavens, for the golden city of Zankara lies within every being’s grasp. Under the auspice of righteousness, Paradise may yet be attained at an instant. 69. In a resonant World, ALL beings are without Sin. Thus, by ushering Solace unto the Meditation, Solace is brought to no being. So it is, Paradise cannot exist except where there is an absence of Sin, and of suffering. REINCARNATION 輪廻転生 70. In life, it is the Body that shapes the Mind. In death, it is the Mind that shapes the Body. Kani persists through all Forms, and it is thus that the Soul begets a Form befitting its cumulative Kani. 71. Souls which fluctuate in their Kani flounder amidst a sea of like-minded beings. Riddled with uncertainties - they drown. In being the damnable Fool, they are condemned to the Moon, where they languish. 72. Souls which are persistent in their Kani traverse the Stream of Souls without bind. Certain are their motivations, and so it is that they cleave through the sea of fools to reach the shore befitting their nature. 73. The Material Plane reclaims He who is neither radiant nor dim, and who is attached to the delusion of His past life. In embodying worldly tether, He again cultivates His Kani amidst the Heart. 74. The Daemonic Planes entrap He who is pungent with the Dark Kani of the Void. In embodying a Sin, He becomes a harbinger of a most wretched Form. In subjecting Himself to torment, He writhes in despair. 75. The Aengulic Planes embrace He who is perfumed with the Bright Kani of the Aether. In embodying a Virtue, He becomes a champion of a most blessed Form. In subjecting Himself to pleasure, he revels in ignorance. 76. In fostering any such fate, Man expels Himself from Harmony. In clinging to any Sin or Virtue, he is as its servant. So it is that by surrendering the liberty of the Soul, He is as the arm being swung by the sword. 77. He who has Solace clings to no such delusion. In Solace does the truest of liberations blossom, for it is in Resonance that Man becomes neither Crest nor Trough. Verily, he is as the Ripple - flowing and clear of mind. Unfettered by Form, death cannot claim Him. HYPER-WAR 聖戦 78. The act of war is preceded by intent. The offense lies not in the act itself, but in the nature the Soul deems it as insulting. He who has Solace seeks only battles which are His own to control, and in which none suffer. 79. A Man who conquers Himself is more great a conqueror than the Emperors of eras past. Undefeatable is He, for with no army nor beast can a Man make master of the lands untamed. He is of Zankara. 80. Akin to a beast in nature, the Sinner ferments violence and strife in the pursuit of selfish cravings. The Sinner, in ushering Dark Kani, welcomes harm unto Himself while He harms others. He is of the Barbarian Kingdoms. 81. With murder, the Sinner commits an act of ultimate deprivation. He makes a claim to everything another held dear in but a singular act. The Murderer holds greater avarice than the most rapacious of Dwed. 82. The Untouchable, twisted and uncaring, perpetuates Kani that is overwhelmingly dim. Dead already, He is an embodiment of Sin - He is as the Void. Banishment can be the only recourse, lest the World break its tune. 83. The Saint, dear to Himself and to others, quells conflict amidst selfless endeavors. With compassion, he obliterates Vice. In fighting, he stems the flow of Dark Kani and tames its ravenous swell for both Victim and Villain. 84. He who has supplanted all Vice with Merit shall stand unwavering above all hindrances. Now a Solar Man, he looms as brightly as the heavens - his Golden Kani washes over those who would do Him harm. 85. Verily, the Hyper-Warrior of Zankara carries with him the two weapons of Virtue and Truth. He is the Saintly Sage, and by means of His triumph does He bring Harmony to the Barbarian Kingdoms. THE SWORD 剣 86. Just as the taint of the Blade is dullness, so too is the taint of Virtue inconsistency. Solace cannot be attained should one fail to cultivate Merit. It is thus that Man should forsake the illusions of the Deceiver, and become as the Sage. 87. Indeed, the path is not an easy path, for the Deceiver does well to lead Men astray. With continued attachment to Form, the thoughtless Man spreads His passions as dust. 88. With ignorance does He blunder. In mistaking delusions for freshly lit wood, He remains unaware that it will soon burn and turn to ash. That which he clings to will not last, and indeed, He will find bitterness. 89. From the steady practice of reflection and meditation may the Man become aware of His fleeting Form. Once clairvoyant, He becomes the Sword which cleaves through all impediments. He uncovers the Exalted Nature. 90. Verily, through understanding does Man gain true mindfulness. In mastering the Mind, He masters His Kani. He treats everything with detail, and with care. No longer does He error; ignorance is alien to Him. 91. In becoming the Saint, the ripple of Virtue flows throughout all ages. Indeed, the merit of this Kani is without measure. In detaching from Form and ego, His virtuous deeds transcend what is impermanent. His goodwill forever swells as a great tide. 92. In Solace does a Man understand that all beings, and no being, are given respite. The Saint entertains no notion that He had saved anyone; verily, He saves no one. He who understands this shall project Kani of such luminosity that even the Sun would appear dim. 93. Thus, where there is Solace, there is no Solace. Just as a Man abandons a vessel upon making shore, so it is that He must abandon the notion of Solace. For in Solace there is no Form nor Symbol. There is only the Exalted Nature - Resonance. MASANRYŪ マスアンリュウ 94. Just as Winter gives way to Spring, so too does the Maker shift between Aether and Void. With absence, the myriad beings of creation are sundered. With presence, all beings vanish as the era adjourns. 95. Verily, the very nature of existence is to traverse life and death. Day gives way to Dusk, and Night gives way to the Dawn. The Forms of the forlorn era are cast into oblivion, for there can be no end except where there is beginning. 96. The Sage frets not, for only the mirage perishes. The Forms which the Cosm assumes is unreal; it is as the dancing shadow upon a wall. Verily, the wall remains even as the shadow warps and subsides. 97. As the Heart gives form to the Heavens - the Mind, it is thus that the sum of Kani shapes the conscience of the Maker. The Kani of this era flows into the next. The Meditation continues without end. 98. In attaching to Form, the Mind deludes itself with the notion of permanence; only Anguish awaits. Just as man cannot halt the passage of time, so too is it futile to obstruct the shaping of the next Masanryū. 99. So it is that the eras are akin pyres. From cinders do they blaze with great hearth, and it is ash that persists beyond its snuff. And verily, it is ash that nourishes the foundation of the next era. 100. In recognizing the True Nature of the Cosm, Man becomes as the Masanryū. Verily, He resonates with Ryū and embraces the pull of the tides. Now indistinguishable from the Maker, He persists through all ages.
  9. [Disclaimer: This is a personal post detailing my character's mindset following an event and thus is not public information.] Cowardice. Weakness. Failure. The words rang through Albéric’s ears. Yet, he possessed little awareness of his surroundings. Before, he stood upon the weathered defences of a shamanist temple, but the storm that previously battered him had subsided. The cold rain and sea spray had been replaced by an intense heat that radiated anger, shame and disgrace. “I know this place,” he managed to utter through parched lips, hands purchasing a grip upon grains of sand. Years ago, the desert before him had appeared in a vision, rendered barren by the eternal watch of the sun overhead. It threatened to beat him into submission with every step, the heat scorching his calloused feet. The knight swore to walk this unforgiving path, even if the pain was too great a burden to withstand. And still, he had fallen in his stride, broken body coming to a halt in a barren wasteland. The figures in the distance, whom he sought to follow, grew further and further away, never wavering in their steps. “I-...” Barely a rasp escaped his dry mouth. He wondered, had the heat stolen his capacity to speak, or did he lack the courage to admit his folly? Perhaps it did not matter, for there was but one truth he now believed. I cannot do this. I’m little more than a disgrace. The sands rippled at the thought, threatening to swallow him whole. The knight felt himself sink, and part of him welcomed the enveloping embrace of judgment. “Now hold on there,” a pair of voices declared in unison, reaching into the sand to grasp a singular arm. Albéric wondered, who now clung to him, determined to rob a coward of his deserved fate. A woman spoke, “So easily you judge yourself. Yet, you gave me your hand when I was undeserving.” He recognised the shrill and noble tone and perceived an elegant figure, his blurred vision just about defining her face. She was a persistent individual who had suffered at the hands of betrayal and her own oppressive paranoia. Then, a man spoke. “You suffered a defeat, but there will be battles to come. Would you rob the realm of a sworn sword?” Again, he recognised the voice, touched by a tone of unmistakable pride. This figure was distorted and gravelly, like shattered limestone fragments someone sought to piece together again. He was a stubborn memory, felled in a war some considered righteous, others treacherous and immoral. “Who would judge me deserving of sympathy? What could a broken sword, who trampled his vows, possibly offer that permits his existence?” The two figures scooped Albéric across their shoulders, “You are more than your past mistakes,” again they spoke in unison. “It is cowardly to run in the face of fear, but it is worse still to bow one’s head and succumb to despair. You held on to us, now let us do the same.” They lifted him from the barren wastes and into the light. The broken knight’s feet found grip upon the dunes yet again, the figures who had hoisted him up now fading like a mirage. He looked back towards the light in the distance and the people he longed to follow getting further and further away. The digits upon his single hand clenched as he realised some strength remained, so he took another step. To make amends, first you must forgive yourself. Now walk, son. Those voices beckoned him like a divine chorus, crying out from beyond. Defeat stung, but life still clung to his body. Amidst the shattered ruins of the temple, Albéric awoke.
  10. Of Ash and Earth – By Law, Honor and Loyalty 20th of Tobias’ Bounty, Year 105 Second Age “All forces halt! We set camp here.” The commanding voices of the coalition army leaders echoed faintly in the ears of this aging man. Frankly, he did not even want to be here. But the King ordered and by law he was obliged. By honor he maintained a stern expression and his silence. By loyalty to those he left home back home he marched. The ruins of the two castles they sieged in the preceding months still looming in the distance, dark shadows against the pale moonlight on this evening. Weary dark grey eyes, lined with wrinkles from the many decades he had to shoulder. He glanced around camp, men and women gathered around their campfires if not asleep or on night watch duty. From all walks of life, each with their own path through time and existence. A wondrous thing indeed. Strange how a man finds time to contemplate such. But given the years of time he has been granted on this world… if there is nothing better to do with it, then why not dabble in philosophy. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, early morning A horn blares, followed by drums thrumming in the early morning. Awoken, ate some cold rations, geared up. Breathed deeply for a minute to push out the pain in the bones and limbs. The years even wear down those with the most iron constitution. Such is the fate of humans. “Assemble, assemble! The enemy is on the march!” Now in the early light of the morning everyone was the same. Drab in heavy plate armor that rubs open the skin and makes muscles sore at the end of the day. Good protection, but uncomfortable. Better safe than dead though. The column began to move. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, midday They circled them like vultures. But vultures wait, these didn’t. Pelted with arrows and javelins, the lines marched forward. And back. And forward. Whenever the King and his men commanded. “Headless chickens.” The man murmured. His heart was pumping. Not of joy, not of anger, not of disdain. But only because it was a physical exercise. At that age to be expected. Cursed heavy armor. “Formation about face!” the command comes. The column turned and so did he. By law, honor, and loyalty. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, early afternoon Frantic and in disarray. The King was struck down. Alive? The remaining forces remained composed. Into a forest they went. And then back out they marched into the open fields, through a tunnel. But the vultures were always present, picked at them. Back and forth. The man eyed the men on his left and right to whom he has grown accustomed. Left one was the same. Right one… was a different face. Closed up the gap, the youngster who was there earlier was no more. Likely bled out in the forests they just left behind. “Headless chickens.” The man grumbled. “Troops, about! We march for the forest!” the command came again. By law, honor, and loyalty, he marched. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, late afternoon The clash of metal was deafening, for the first time the vultures closed in. Mounted riders crashed down into lose formations. The trees helped and the coalition footmen were able to pick off a few, but under tremendous losses for themselves. A distant command rang to the ears of the old man, as he avoided a charging rider by ducking behind a tree. The plate clad coalition soldiers began to trudge off. Wait. There he was again. The young man who was on right in the morning. Panicked. Running away. For his life. “Headless chickens.” The old man grunted, took a breath. Pushing out the pain, pushing out the tiredness, pushing out the years. He began moving, just to see the young man being ridden down by the vultures. Though this close… not all of them are vultures. Some fight for law. Some for honor. Others for loyalty. And of course, money. Can’t blame them for that. The man moved between the trees as swiftly as he could. But by then, it was already clear that it was too late. The broken up formation, dispersed among the trees had moved on, back to the tunnel. The armor heavy. The breathing hard. “I guess it is time to go.” The man said. --- 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, Year 159 of the Second Age. Thondorus II. Stafyr, Line of Hanethor, aged 105 years, dies in the battle of the “Ashen Skies”. His body falls to Earth in the forests South-West of Brasca. He leaves behind no children. --- “I am sorry, Arthur-Konrad. That took me a while.”
  11. A Masquerade Ball [!] Invitations have been sent throughout the city, tucked under doors and stuffed precariously through letterboxes. Occasional parchment copies pinned to poster boards. Landscape slips crafted of thick parchment with neat printed lettering stamped with black ink and lined edges of silver paint. The missives read: "To whom this may concern, An invitation is extended toward Celia'nor's Bachelors and Bachelorettes; join us at the Palace on the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 159 SA for a masquerade ball to ignite fresh romance and friendship as the land heals from conflict. Each eligible Bachelor will be given a corsage to gift to their chosen Bachelorette of the night. Furthermore there will be prizes for the best dressed Bachelor and Bachelorette in attendance! So, get your masks and fine frocks at the ready and come to the Palace to have a chance at finding 'The One'. Signed, Lady Renna Py'lrie." OOC Notes: The Masked Ball will be held on the 16th of December at 4:30 EST/9:30 GMT. The prizes for the best dressed will consist of a personalised item of your choice: weapon, jewellery, etc. Please consider character ages as Elves are more likely to have notable age differences!
  12. PENNED BY THE LADY CHAMBERLAIN C. 1954 As our court gracefully undergoes a transformative era, the Aaunic royal court, formerly known as the Clementine Court, shall henceforth be hailed as the Paradisian Court under the orders of Queen-Consort Amelia of Middelan. In this transition, the Court extends profound gratitude to the Viscountess of Valence, Adela of High Peak, and the other ladies whose unwavering contributions graced the Clementine Court during its time. The stewardship of this refined court is entrusted to the distinguished Lady Chamberlain, Clementine Francisca of Salia. Under her governance, and with the gracious blessing of Her Majesty, the courts are poised not only to function but to flourish, and to ascend to become something great. May this proclamation resonate with the regality befitting our court, and may the Paradisian Court thrive and prosper under the illustrious reign of Queen-Consort Amelia of Middelan. Her Royal Majesty, Amelia of Middelan @bickando HEAD TO ALL COURTS The Queen-Consort of Aaun is the pillar of the Courts; all members below shall fall in line and align themselves to be above her expectations. The Queen-Consort shall hold and forever have direct authority over the structure, culture, function, and traditions of the Paradisian Court. The Queen though has constant and direct power, in case of her absence, Lady Alba shall hold this authority in her stead. - The Current Lady Alba, Adeline Johanna shall assume Head to All Courts in the Queen-Consort’s absence. @Marshi Her Excellency, Clementine of Salia @sanriu HEAD TO THE COUNCIL OF ALBA Whoever assumes the position of Lady Chamberlain shall be appointed and considered the senior most member of the Alba Council. They have bestowed the task of managing the court in the interests of the Consorts, aiding in its functioning and growth. Despite the weight of the responsibilities, this member must be competent and well versed in court etiquettes, and be able to command authority and show great leadership skills, considering they shall lead the Paradisian Court. The Council of Alba comprises women of grace, intellect, and unwavering dedication, each chosen for their outstanding capabilities and commitment to the court's wellbeing. Under the wise guidance of the Lady Chamberlain, these esteemed ladies play a pivotal role in managing the intricate tapestry of courtly affairs, ensuring a harmonious environment within the courtly precincts. Her Royal Highness, Sophia James Alstion @Kitomine Head to the Office of Household The Majordomo is a highly respected member of the court who manages the grand palace and all its affairs. They work closely with other council members to ensure the smooth functioning of the court. In addition to being the keeper of the palace keys, they supervise the servantry and welcome new courtiers and nobility into the court. The Majordomo is an expert in court etiquette and is responsible for organising courtiers on the proper decorum to observe. They are also responsible for designing and implementing court education programs. Positions within the Office of Household, The Court Chaplain [Father Frantzisko | Nescaffier] - The Chaplain, normally the Archbishop of Albarosa or the Bishop of Buron or Gelimar, will be in charge of managing all religious matters concerning the palace's courtiers. They must be certified by the church and will have a variety of responsibilities, including organising charities, baptisms, prayers, and rites of maturity. The Chaplain will also be available to provide religious advice to the court when needed, and is critical in ensuring that the court's religious needs are met and that the courtiers have a trusted figure to turn to for guidance. The Royal Confessor [Father Leofric | MCVDK] - The Royal Confessor, normally but not always the priest in charge of the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisus, acts as the personal confessor and confidante of His and Her Majesty’s Royal Household. They give advice, both personal and religious, to the Queen, and act too as a steward of the court’s morality in the eyes of the Mother Church. Principal Secretary [Johannes von Alstreim | Vylkmir] - The Principal Secretary is the personal steward of His Majesty’s Royal Household, charged with maintaining its upkeep and appearances as well as the taking and forwarding of important letters and documents. In such a manner they also maintain a role as a chief advisor within His Majesty’s Privy Chamber. Mistress of the Robes [Parisa Monet | Sefardi] - Just as the Principal Secretary personally waits upon His Majesty, the Mistress of the Robes is the foremost handmaid of the Queen. She manages the daily schedule of Her Majesty the Queen, as well as The Keeper of the Crown Jewels [Daniel Gale | Aehmi] - The Keeper of the Crown Jewels is essential within the court, as their primary responsibility is to ensure the preservation and protection of the Royal Regalia collection. Their duties are fulfilling the documentation of the collection, as well as the pursuit of expanding it. The Keeper of the Crown Jewels plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity and historical significance of the Royal Regalia, thereby contributing to the preservation of the monarchy's cultural heritage. Governor/Governess - Court governors and governesses are responsible for caring for and educating the children of the court and the Royal Household. They are trusted with the responsibility of providing care and guidance that will shape the future of these young individuals. To fulfil this role, they must possess not only exceptional intellect but also a great deal of patience and empathy to ensure that the children under their care receive the best possible education and upbringing advisor. Ladies-in-Waiting, Grooms of the Privy & Maids of Honour - These courtiers are intricately crafted to serve as loyal and devoted companions to the members of the Royal Household to whom they are assigned. With their refined and sophisticated demeanour, they provide personal assistance and support to their assigned individuals, ensuring that their every need is met with the utmost care and attention. The Servantry - The Hand of Horen relies on the diligent work of its servantry to maintain its smooth operation. All servants must ensure that the halls of the palace are kept in impeccable condition. It is expected that both butlers and maids remain available at all times to cater to any events taking place within the Hand. They must be prepared to provide their services, as required, in a timely and efficient manner. Her Ladyship, Laruene de Lewes @annanicole__ Head to the Office of Entertainment The Grand Reveller is responsible for the upkeep and designing of the event schedule. Their duties may also include Hosting events outside the court, overseeing productions at the renowned theatre The Plane, and managing events during the Aaunic social season. The multifaceted nature of their role necessitates extensive knowledge of creative arts such as theatre, music, and dance, as these are essential components in delivering exceptional and engaging entertainment experiences. Given the importance of the Grand Reveller role, it is fundamental that they possess a deep understanding of the creative arts, this includes staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in theatre, music, and dance. Positions within the Office of Entertainment, The Master of the Hunt [Stefano Montelliano | Sebbysc] - The individual appointed as the Master of the Hunt holds the crucial responsibility of efficiently managing the Royal hunts and private artillery. The position demands an elite level of expertise in the art of hunting and the maintenance of the royal woods to ensure that the Royal Family can indulge in the sport whenever they desire. The Revellers - As expert event planners, revellers are responsible for meticulously orchestrating gatherings and ceremonies of diverse scales, ranging from courtly affairs to national events. The revellers' work involves a range of tasks, from conceptualising the events to coordinating with vendors and ensuring smooth execution of the event. Their work demands a unique blend of creativity, organisational skills, and attention to detail, and they take pride in delivering events that are memorable and meaningful for all stakeholders involved. Division of the Arts - In the past, the organisation was divided into three different sectors. However, it has now been restructured into a unified division that encompasses various roles. The Division comprises of skilled artists who are responsible for providing the courtiers and the royal family with personalized commissions, entertainers of the theatre and The most skilled dancers of the court,who are both responsible for performing and organizing regular productions to ensure that the plane remains vibrant and lively. Division of Entertainment - This Division is comprised of skilled musicians, minstrels, and bards who are responsible for the management of court songs and performing at events. Their expertise and dedication ensure that the court's musical performances are of the highest quality. They are available to be called upon to perform at events as required. Her Ladyship, Olenna Haverlock @MapleSunflower Head to the Office of Enlightenment The role of the High Curator within the court is one of great importance and responsibility. As the overseer of all publications and texts within the court, the High Curator plays a crucial role in preserving knowledge, literature, and academic pursuits. In addition to these duties, the High Curator is also responsible for the intellectual arts, culture, and history of the realm. The person selected for this role must possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that the court remains at the forefront of knowledge and learning. The curator’s guidance is essential in fostering a thriving intellectual environment that encourages a passion for learning and academic pursuits. The duties of the High Curator are instrumental in creating an intellectual legacy that endures for future generations. Positions within the Office of Enlightenment, Head Librarian[Witold Jazloviecki | Rohlik] - This Courtier oversees the library of the Royal Hall of St. Godwin. They protect and mentor these books of information and upkeep such books to ensure all can inform themselves of various historical events. Whomever shall be in charge must be organized, and good in management and knowledgeable on several Historical periods. The Lady/Lord Archivist [Ser Alaric deNeurem | Paulobig] - The archivist is charged with upkeeping the more intimate ongoings of the royal household including births, special events, and changes in power. The Court Apothecary [VACANT] - This scholar shall be charged with all alchemical studies for the betterment of the nation, as well as overseeing other alchemists. Simply knowing alchemy itself is not enough, for the Master Alchemist ought to be capable of different types of the craft, considering its knowledge is so vast. They shall be tasked with providing regular studies for the court. The Court Herald [VACANT] - A retainer of the Queen not only tasked with upkeep the daily duties of the Council of Alba, but one tasked with announcing courtly initiatives, festivities, decrees, and national news to the common folk of Aaun. To meet these demands and responsibilities, the Court Herald, with the help of the Curator, shall be charged with printing a yearly newsletter detailing these very things. Division of Scholars - This division holds all philosophers and scribes of the Kingdom of Aaun. They are constantly at work, making regular or daily publications of their findings or research and etc. ADDRESSMENTS OF THE NOBILITY King - His Royal Majesty, or “Your Majesty” Queen, Queen-Consort - Her Royal Majesty, or “Your Majesty” Children of a king or queen are styled as His/Her Royal Highness, and addressed as “Your Highness” or “Prince/Princess [First Name]” Grand Prince - His Serene Highness or “Grand Prince [title or house name]” Grand Princess - Her Serene Highness or “Grand Princess [title or house name]” Children of the Grand Prince/Princess are styled as His/Her Lordship alongside any titles they hold or “Lord/Lady [First Name] Non-Royal Prince - His Highness or “Prince [title or house name]” Non-Royal Princess - Her Highness or “Princess [title or house name]” Children of a non-royal prince are styles as His Lordship/Her Ladyship alongside any titles they hold or “Lord/Lady [First name] Duke - His Grace or “Duke [title or house name]” Duchess - Her Grace or Duchess [title or house name]” Margrave - The Most Honourable, His Lordship or “Margrave [title or house name]” Margravine - The Most Honourable, Her Ladyship or “Margravine [title or house name]” Count - The Right honourable, His Lordship or “Count [title or house name]” Countess - The Right Honourable, Her Ladyship or “Countess [title or house name]” Viscount - The Right honourable, His Lordship or “Viscount [title or house name]” Viscountess - The Right Honourable, Her Ladyship or “Viscountess [title or house name]” Baron - His Lordship or “Baron [title or house name]” Baroness - Her Ladyship or “Baroness [title or house name]” Children of Dukes, Margraves, Counts, Viscounts and Barons are styled as His Lordship/Her Ladyship alongside any titles they hold or “Lord/Lady [First Name]” Beneath GOD’s Gaze, HER ROYAL MAJESTY Amelia of Middelan, Queen-Consort of Aaun, Princess of Alstion, Duchess of Corazon and Balamena, Countess of Enswerp and Whitespire HER EXCELLENCY Clementine of Salia, Baroness-Consort of Montfort, Lady Chamberlain of the Paradisian Court
  13. THE LION’S SHARE “VA VE MAAN.” Issued by THE VISCOUNTY OF NOVKURSAIN On this 30th day of Tov and Yermey of 506 E.S. HERE BE THE WORDS OF VISCOUNT WALTER WEISS, The Vikomital House of Weiss, dutiful to the military affairs of our kingdom in all things does hereby part a gift unto the crown: A sum of three thousand two hundred minae, alongside fifteen hundred and twelve units of iron to assist in paying for the logistics and salaries of our brave brothers and sisters in arms and to arm all appropriately to the fullest extent. May we continue to serve the crown, the kingdom, and the security of its people dutifully and with courage until the end of days. Krusae zwy Kongzem; Va ve Maan. IV JOVEO MAAN, The Honorable, Lord Walter León Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Lord of Staalgrav, Lord Palatine, and Marian of the King’s Own Retinue. Her Highness, Veronica Isabella Weiss, Princess of Hyspia, Curator of the Crown Jewels, Armsman of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl.
  14. Heir’s Ascent As written upon on this 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 157 S.A From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Denizens of the Lordship of Caladras, Her Grace, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the Royal House Arthalionath of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, and the Esteemed Númenedain of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, In the embrace of duty and the passage of time, I, Elerríon Saoren Seregon, humbly pen this missive to convey a rather monumental decision that has weighed heavily upon my heart and conscience. It is with a blend of nostalgia, gratitude, and profound trust that I hereby declare my abdication from the titled holdings of Caladras and as Lord of Caladras, and with it, the mantle of leadership that encompasses House Seregon. The echoes of history reverberate far beyond these stone walls, each telling its own tale through shared endeavors, challenges, and triumphs that have defined my life and this community. Through the turning of seasons and the forging of bonds, we have thrived as a united House under the guiding hand of the Exilic Kingdom. Yet, as the river of time courses unyielding, it demands recognition of its inexorable flow. To this end, I have pondered long upon the legacy of our House and the torch that lights our way into the future. In the realm of inevitability, I have found solace in the knowledge that the essence of Caladras, its spirit and resilience, shall persist in capable hands. It is with unwavering confidence that I pass the mantle of Lordship to my eldest child and the esteemed heir, Lóriniel Arabella Seregon. Lóriniel, my daughter, inheritor of our legacy and the new Lady of Caladras, I place the trust of Caladras into your capable hands. May you lead with wisdom, compassion, and the unwavering commitment that defines the Seregon lineage. To the noble denizens of Caladras, I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and camaraderie. The bond we share went past titles and shall endure as a cornerstone of strength in our collective spirit. In acknowledgment of the vital role played by the steadfast Castellan, Ellisar Aevaris, I express my profound gratitude. Ellisar has been a wealth of support, a guardian of our traditions, and soon an unofficial regent during this period of transition. His wisdom and dedication have fortified Caladras and ensured the continuity of our noble line. As I step into the twilight of my stewardship, I do so with the knowledge that the flame of Caladras burns brighter than ever. May the coming days be filled with prosperity, unity, and the echoes of a realm that has stood the test of time. In enduring fellowship, Ser Elerríon of House Seregon, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  15. On the government of the Wards NOMINATIONS FOR THE 4TH GOVERNMENT OF THE WARDS OF WHITESPIRE Issued and Confirmed by the Cabinet on the 14th of Horen’s Calling, 1952 TO THE CITIZENS OF THE ROYAL CAPITAL, Under the august decree of His Majesty, King Edmund II of Alstion, the wheels of governance in the esteemed Royal City of Whitespire are set in motion. In full alignment with the official proclamation delineating the Governance of the Wards, it is with great solemnity that we extend an invitation for the submission of nominations in anticipation of the forthcoming 1952 elections for the Wards' Government. THE WARD REPRESENTATIVES, serve as the entrusted emissaries of the populace of Whitespire. In the upcoming 1952 elections, three deserving denizens of Whitespire shall be elected to aptly represent and preside over the affairs of the esteemed Royal Capital. Their noble mandate entails the advocacy of citizens' concerns before the esteemed City Council, coupled with the formulation of fresh legal statutes and protocols for inclusion in Table III of the venerable Lex Aaunica. THE LORD MAYOR, entrusted with the leadership of the Municipal Government of Whitespire. Their pivotal role encompasses the initiation and stewardship of the Municipal Government, as well as the diligent maintenance and enhancement of the Capital's infrastructure. The ballot shall yield the election of a singular, worthy Lord Mayor in the forthcoming 1952 elections. In pursuance of candidature, one is hereby eligible under the following stipulations: • Possession of citizenship within Whitespire • Adherence to the tenets of Canonism • Absence from the Cabinet and Privy Council of Aaun • Exclusion from the realm's peerage, unless a resident within the confines of the Capital To those inclined to self-nominate, a booth designated for candidacies is now stationed within the central square of Whitespire. Instructions pertaining to the nomination process are furnished therein. CONFIRMED AND AFFIRMED, HIS EXCELLENCY, Fernand de Lewes, Chancellor of Aaun, Baron of Virdain
  16. Caladras Joust of St. Malcolm of Fjordhem As written upon on this 6th of The Amber Cold, 154 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To all of those in Aevos who champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil, THE JOUST OF ST. MALCOLM OF FJORDHEM To celebrate the consecration of our Temple of St. Malcolm of Fjordhem, The House Seregon shall host a joust upon their Lordship. Knights and squires of all realms and their people are invited to either watch or participate in this grand joust. The skilled artisans and merchants of the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil are highly encouraged to bring wares out to showcase and sell. The Champion of the Joust shall receive a 200 mina prize, with second place earning 100 and third earning 50. (OOC: Mechanical Joust) TIME AND PLACE The jousting shall take place in the Lordship of Caladras within the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil. The Lordship is host to a lists within its domain, on the early days of The First Seed, 155 S.A. OOC: 5 PM EST, Friday the 17th of November Coordinates: 811 170 497 Midlands Warp at CT SIGN UP To participate in the joust, please fill out the form below: OOC NAME: IRP NAME: DISCORD: Lord Elerríon of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Cálienë of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Ser Ellisar Angrenor of House Aevaris, Castellan of Caladras, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  17. [!] Small missives were scattered across Aevos. The symbol of Babblebrook stamped upon them. This is a message to any remaining descendants of the Musin Knights of the Cheese Table, who's grand search for the king who will unite Musinkind was made aware to me just the other night. My name is King Patches of the Musin Village of Babblebrook, and I extend my hand out to you in greeting and invitation to my village. I would like to discuss with you this prophecy I've been told and to request your aid in building up Babblebrook and making our kingdom better for our people. I don't know if this will reach you, but if it does, please come to Dunwen. I'll be sure to try and welcome you as best as I can. Kindest Regards~ Patches King of the Musin
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    The Citrine Guard

    The Citrine Guard Established 1948 “As our village sports no gates so must we be its shield, As our Clergy wander the world so must we be their cloak, As undeath marches upon the land so must we be the gold that banishes evil.” Mission The mission of the Citrine Guard is to first and foremost protect our humble Lemon Hill, its denizens, and the clergy. Be the threat mortal, voidal, undead, or demonic in nature, the Citrine Guard is to stand at the ready for the Hill’s defense. We fight for no King or Kingdom, insteading wielding our blades for GOD. The Chain, the Ranks of the Citrine Guard The command of the Citrine Guard is symbolized by a simple iron chain. Each link, whether at the top or bottom, is vital to the overall structure of the organization. Whether one’s rank is that of Grandmaster, the leader of the Citrine Guard, or Recruit, Enlisted or Band of the Flaming Iris, each link must be carefully maintained. The Band of the Flaming Iris The Band of the Flaming Iris houses the knights of the Citrine Guard, men and women trained in the chivalric tradition to keep virtue and the tenants of the organization at heart. I. Grandmaster of the Flaming Iris The Grandmaster is the overall leader of the Citrine Guard, responsible for commissioning the officers of the Citrine Guard and bestowing spurs upon the worthy. The Grandmaster’s foremost duty is to Lemon Hill, protecting the demesne with their own life if necessary. When a Grandmaster dies or retires, their successor is to be chosen of the Knight-Commanders. Ser Morgan of Angren, 1948 - Present II. Knight-Commander of the Flaming Iris The Knight-Commanders serve as veteran officers of the Citrine Guard, capable of commanding both the Citrine Guard and the knights of the Flaming Iris. In the Chain of Command, they are second only to the Grandmaster. Dame Valda, 1948 - Present III. Knight of the Flaming Iris A knight of the Flaming Iris is to be a seasoned warrior trained in the chivalric tradition. They are to uphold the virtues of their rank at all times, for which they are permitted to bear a coat of arms of their own. In the Chain of Command, they are equivalent to a Man-at-Arms. Enlisted I. Sergeant, colloquially known as the “Lemon Sour” Sergeants serve to direct men in battle and maintain discipline in the ranks. They are to be proven soldiers more than capable of commanding their comrades. II. Man-at-Arms, colloquially known as the “Lemon Head” Man-at-Arms serve as the proven veterans of the Citrine Guard, capable of holding their own. May command lower ranks at the behest of a Sergeant or lack thereof. III. Militiaman, colloquially known as the “Lemon Levy” Militiamen are the backbone of the Citrine Guard, drilled and disciplined to be entrusted with the crest of Lemon Hill upon their tabard. Their purpose is to follow the orders of their Sergeant and serve as the mainline infantry of the Citrine Guard. IV. Recruit, colloquially known as the “Lemon Drop” Recruits are the initial enlisted of the Citrine Guard, to be trained and made into Militiamen within the span of a year. Billets Billets sit outside the traditional chain of command, existing as positions vital to the function and armament of the Citrine Guard. Any soldier may be assigned a billet, regardless of rank. I. Quartermaster The Quartermaster works to ensure that all men are armed, armored, and provisioned within the Citrine Guard, directing the alchemists and blacksmiths to accomplish this goal. II. Alchemist Alchemists work to ensure that alchemical supplies of the Citrine Guard are well stocked and the production of potions and elixirs. III. Blacksmith Blacksmiths work to ensure the Citrine Guard is equipped with proper steel and the maintenance of our arsenal. IV. Medicae Medicae work to bind the wounded of the Citrine Guard, be it with sutures or alchemics, tasked with preserving cherished life. Pay Enlisted I. Sergeant Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor A horse 15 minas a year II. Man-at-Arms Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor A horse 10 minas a year III. Militiaman Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor 5 minas a year IV. Recruit Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon Training “Know us by our tabard.” Those seeking to enlist should contact either Ser Morgan of Angren (househelvets) or Dame Valda (Jtit#9196). Alternatively, one may apply by replying to this posting in the following format: Application Name: Age: Race: Username: Discord: https://discord.gg/hkpt7R6gqt
  19. An Open Invitation - Life Awaits As written upon on this 12th of Malin’s Welcome, 152 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To all of those in Aevos who champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil, In the heart of the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, next to the ancient Kingswood, where the shadows dance with the sunlight filtering through the leaves, lies Caladras – a stronghold carved from the stone of the realm itself. We, Ser Elerríon of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, and Ser Ellisar of House Aevaris, Castellan of Caladras and Taras Ilsa, extend a solemn invitation to those in search of refuge, purpose, and belonging. Why Choose Caladras? A Refuge of Solitude: Caladras stands as a bastion of Númenedain security amid a world in turmoil. There exists a somewhat rural attitude whilst being a short distance from the Kingdom’s capital city of Númenost. Here, rolling fields meet the towering and dense woodlands. The gentle rustle of leaves and the song of birds offer a refuge from the chaos and Darkness that rolls through the realm. Shared Endeavors: In the quietude of our mark on this realm, those of Caladras and the Númenedain work together, cultivating the land and fostering a community where the Virtue of labor mingles with the earth. A shared sense of purpose binds us, transcending the mundane and that of racial bonds. Faith Amidst Mixed Company: In reverence to the Creator that sculpts these lands and all that is, many of those in Caladras practice the Canonist faith, deeply rooted in the Holy Scrolls. A temple stands as testament to the kinship of all, where Virtue and the Good and Just of His flock reside. The Lordship extends its welcome to the Virtuous, even if faith and the Canon is not in your beliefs. Guardians of the Northern Reaches: With a vigilant levy and steadfast guards, Caladras shields the northern parts of Númendil from the unknown. The security of the Númenedain is ensured by the watchful eyes of the Royal Guard, the Confessors, and the Rangers. Through our mortal hands, and the light of the Creator, we embrace comradery through shared defense. Kinship Beyond Blood: Within our hearths, bonds of kinship are forged. We celebrate the diversity of our community, where shared laughter, solemn prayers, and quiet moments of understanding weave the tapestry of our collective identity. Opportunities Await! No matter your walk of life, be it a skilled artisan, aspiring squire, diligent farmer, studious scholar, or a protector of hearth and home, Caladras shall welcome you. Here, amidst the Heartlands and the Númenedain, you may find not just a place to dwell, but a purpose to uphold. If any of this pulls at your heart to seek, or if you simply seek to learn more, the invite is open for the reasonable, Virtuous, or otherwise good-natured to visit these lands. Send writ to Ser Ellisar or Lord Elerríon. Come, join us in the heart of the Númendil. Let Caladras become the sanctuary you have long sought. Lord Elerríon of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster and Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Cálienë of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Ser Ellisar Angrenor of House Aevaris, Castellan of Caladras, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  20. An Occult Ritual In the Cathedral of Albarosa Blessings and peace be upon GOD's faithful, I want to sketch you a picture of what I encountered today. Early in the morning, I got up and got dressed before walking to the Cathedral of the Four Exalted nextdoor for my morning prayer. Immediatly upon entering, something struck me as... off. Usually, after one of the deacons lights all of the candles in the cathedral upon nightfall, many of these candles will still be burning in the early morning. However when I entered today at twilight, the Cathedral was unusually dark. The only candles I could spot lit, were sets of candles in the wings of the cathedral, below various icons of Saints that hang there. As I wandered over to them instinctually, they seemed perfect normal at first. Then I was dumbfounded. The icons of Saints above the candles were not depicting real Saints at all. They depicted figures by the names of 'Zeer', 'Graiyon', 'Sylvester' and 'Harman'. Not knowing quite what to think of this, I stared at them for a moment before deciding I'd deal with it after morning prayer at the altar. As I approached the altar though in the first gloom of morning light coming through the vast stained glass window, I spotted something upon the ground before the altar. Upon closer inspection I suddenly found myself standing in the midst of a large occult pentacle; a daemonic five-pointed star symbol, and what's worse it seemed to be stained onto the tiles not with chalk or paint, but with blood. The gasp I made at my discovery must've been loud enough to startle the sleeping, because suddenly I heard a soft bleating coming from the moody corner behind the baptismal font. This bleat was soon answered by responding bleating from behind the altar and the sarcophagus, as a fivesome of horned goats made their presence apparent and approached me. Curious at first, but soon stubborn and aggressive, trying to attack me by headbutting. Five goats surrounded me then, as I stood on a pentacle of blood made before the altar in a cathedral with depictions of strange 'saints'. What has happened in this Holy building, this Home of GOD? What kind of occult ritualistic practices were committed here during the night and who is responsible? I will have these strange daemonic evils, these horned animalistic servants, the fake saints and the pentacle removed and purged, sure. I will also have the cathedral re-consecrated, sure. But who did this and why? I seek answers and aid, and for this I turn to GOD's faithful flock. If you have any information regarding who might be responsible for what happened or what kind of evil sorcery is at play here, please let me or any other members of the Church know. No evil may deface the House of the Lord unpunished, so let us work together on enacting GOD's justice. By the Grace of GOD, Signed, His Eminence Father Arnaud Constantine Novellen, Pontifical Vice-Chancellor, Cardinal of the Canonist Church, Archbishop of Albarosa, Bishop of Buron, Pastor of the Crownlands.
  21. La Dorada A HYSPIAN SONG Written by Sofia of Hyspia Queen-Dowager of Haense and Princess of Hyspia It is with the construction of my birth lands once more that I take up my quill and ink once put down for good. Inspiration roars its head and waits for no one. Much like when I was all but a young girl penning a song for our city of Silver, I pen one now, in congratulations for our City of Gold. May Hyspia prosper, growing brighter and more passionate than ever. ♪♩ The City of Silver is long since gone La Ciudad de Plata hace tiempo que desapareció It has not become copper or bronze No se convirtió en cobre ni en bronce. Listen to our Hyspian song! ¡Escuchad nuestra canción hispiana! Color and passion mold our walk El color y la pasión moldean nuestro caminar Laughter and dance fill our talks Risas y bailes llenan nuestras charlas Cobble sounds beneath our horses hooves Los adoquines suenan bajo los cascos de nuestros caballos. How we cheer for the Princess Ramona! ¡Cómo animamos a la Princesa Ramona! Blessed by DIOS! Bendecida por Dios! We wondered, we wondered Nos preguntamos, nos preguntamos Would we ever see this day? ¿Veríamos este día alguna vez? The independence of our Viceroyalty! ¡La independencia de nuestro Virreinato! We cheered, we cheered Celebramos, Celebramos As we made our way Mientras nos encaminamos To a place of certain beauty Hacia un lugar de gran belleza Color and passion mold our walk El color y la pasión moldean nuestro caminar Laughter and dance fill our talks Risas y bailes llenan nuestras charlas Cobble sounds beneath our horses hooves Los adoquines suenan bajo los cascos de nuestros caballos. How we cheer for the Princess Ramona! ¡Cómo animamos a la princesa Ramona! Blessed by DIOS! Bendecida por Dios! Our Viceroy Cesar I Nuestro Virrey César I Brought us under Haenses turf Nos trajo bajo el yugo de Haense And made the City of Silver Y fundó la Ciudad de Plata Now generations later Ahora, generaciones después We, the Hyspian people Nosotros, el pueblo hispiano. Get our letter Recibimos nuestra carta Of elation from silver to another de euforia de plata a otra Giving us the City of Gold Dándonos la Ciudad de oro ♫
  22. Alone Amidst the Icy Peaks: A Lone Journey into the Northern Wilderness - An Odyssey to the North by Faelion Arather -= Introduction =- The snow-capped peaks of the northern mountains have always held a strange allure for me. Over the years, I've embarked on several short expeditions into their icy embrace, each time feeling the thrill of the unknown tugging at my heartstrings. One of these journeys, undertaken in the esteemed company of the valiant Sir Onon, still lingers vividly in my memory. However, the story I'm about to share is not about those fleeting escapades in the northern wilderness. No, this tale belongs solely to my most recent and the most protracted expedition into that glacial expanse. As I sit down with quill in hand to chronicle this adventure, I find myself ensconced in my humble abode within the beautiful city of Lurin. Outside, a gentle breeze rustles the curtains by my windowsill, carrying whispers of distant lands. Yet, beyond these city walls, an unforgiving world of ice and snow awaits my return. For this journey, I am alone, armed only with my wits and instincts. The companionship of Sir Onon, his wisdom, and his steady hand are absent on this journey. It is my hope that this record will serve as a testament to a descendant's unyielding determination in the face of nature's harshest trials. Within these pages, you will not encounter recollections of past expeditions or traces of shared adventures with companions. Instead, I shall detail the ordeals and triumphs of this solitary voyage, where Faelion, yours truly, confronts the unknown with nothing but unwavering courage and a resolute determination, amidst the gentle winds of Lurin. -= Chapter 1 =- The first day of my journey to the north was marked by a series of peculiar encounters. While I ventured deeper into the grassy landscape, my heart raced with dread upon witnessing a grim spectacle that sent shivers downs my spine—an eerie, grotesque, lifeless tree stood sentinel in a vast grassland, adorned with the macabre remains of countless souls. In that chilling moment, my heart pounded with a mixture of fear and urgency, compelling me to mutter a silent plea to myself to leave the place with haste. With great caution, I pressed forward, putting as much distance as I could between myself and that unnerving sight. After several hours of traveling, I arrived in an area of rolling hills, where the landscape stretched out like an ancient tapestry. In the distance, I spotted a distant hamlet, its simple and rudimentary walls hinting at an insular community likely wary of outsiders. Following my instincts, I chose to avoid any possible conflicts and proceeded with my journey. Continuing my journey, I drew near to a relatively lofty mountain range, which naturally demarcated the southern rolling hills from the northern expanse. The peaks of these mountains were concealed beneath a dense shroud of clouds, creating an almost surreal atmosphere. The biting cold permeated my bones, an unrelenting reminder of the north's harsh and unforgiving nature. Desiring relief from the bone-chilling cold, I sought sanctuary within a grove of trees that offered a welcome shelter. Here, nestled among these gnarled branches, I felt I had at last arrived at the northern frontier. With a weary sigh, I readied myself by donning my winter gear, bracing for the unrelenting cold that lay in wait in the northern territories. -= Chapter 2 =- On the second day of my journey into the cold and unforgiving northern realm, I pressed onward, determined despite the relentless cold that seemed intent on testing my resolve. As I forged ahead, a surprising and intriguing sight suddenly unfolded before me—a gleaming golden cross, marking my entrance into this enigmatic northern territory. My curiosity was immediately aroused, and I couldn't resist examining the unusual etching on the cross-a delicate flower in full bloom, its petals intricately etched and elegantly shaded in various shades of gray. This vivid contrast against the bleak surroundings left me both perplexed and captivated. It stood out as an unexpected symbol of beauty. After hours of relentless trekking through the snow-clad northern wilderness, I reached the recognizable boundaries of The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. It had been a considerable period since I had last stepped foot in Haense. Once again, I ventured into the kingdom, where the biting cold was both relentless and unforgiving. The harsh climate made visibility difficult, and the sharp winds constantly forced me to adjust my course. Notably, the capital city lay shrouded in spikes of ice and snow, with massive boulders hewn from the same frosty substance. These boulders, hollowed to create passages, obstructed the bridge leading to the city. The streets of Haense, once familiar to me, appeared dramatically transformed, almost unrecognizable. The capital of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska had shifted from a muddy and dusty landscape into a land shrouded in ice. Furthermore, the streets were eerily deserted during the night, casting a chilling and unsettling ambiance over the city. It was a stark departure from my previous memories of the place, leaving me to ponder the mysterious transformation that had taken place. Venturing beyond the capital, during the same night, I drew near to the towering walls of a formidable fortress. The biting northern wind gnawed at my skin, and my eyes began to feel parched. With each step, it grew increasingly difficult to breath in the dimming light of the waning day. With each deliberate step, the snow yielded beneath my feet, emitting a satisfying crunch. The wintry breeze from Snow Lake caressed my skin, causing my breath to materialize in the chilly air. Just outside the open castle gates, a hospitable sign extended a greeting, displaying the name "Isaakev." Upon my entrance into the castle, a warning sign cautioned me about the long, winding stairs that lay ahead. Ascending these stairs, I arrived at the castle's courtyard, perched high atop the castle, and I began to explore the expansive, empty grounds. As I approached what appeared to be the castle's keep, my attention was drawn to a statue dedicated to an individual named Alex. The inscription at the base of the statue read: "Alex 19⬜⬜[... THE FOURTH WALL IS SHAKING...]⬜⬜⬜2 Gone, But Never Forgotten." Within the castle's keep, I came across a room that seemed to serve as a small throne room. At the entrance to the throne room, two statues stood tall. The lapidary of one statue read: "Stephen I, or Stefan (Naumarian: Stefan Karl), became Haense's King in 1610 after his election in the National Duma at the age of fourteen, following the Greyspine Rebellion and the Second Battle of the Rothswood. As the lone surviving son of King Marius from the House of Barbanov, he transformed Haense into a potent Empire vassal through strategic alliances, despite his controversial Imperial involvement. His legacy mingles progressive Haeseni reforms with his intricate role in Imperial dynamics." The lapidary of the other statue bore the words: "James II, or Jakob (Naumarian: Jakob Marius), is the most infamous of the Ludovar patriarchs, most notable for his work in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and the Ludovar Trial. The trial meant the end for the Principality, and Jakob was soon castrated on false charges. Later, the verdict was overturned with new testimony coming available. He was returned his knighthood, and the remains were returned to the House, but the House of Barbanov-Ludovar has never quite recovered." Following my exploration of the history-rich castle grounds and absorbing the stories engraved in stone, I chose to find solace within the silent halls of Isaakev. There, within the imposing fortress's calm and seclusion, I rested, rekindling my strength and determination for the demanding journey into the harsh and relentless Northern territory. -= Chapter 3 =- On the third day of my journey through the snow-covered expanse, my travels brought me to what appeared to be a hunting cabin nestled in the wilderness, a humble and inviting structure standing alone in the vast, white landscape. Intrigued by the cabin's rustic charm, I couldn't resist the urge to pay it a visit, even though it appeared unoccupied. As I explored the cabin's immediate surroundings, I couldn't help but appreciate the cozy and inviting atmosphere it exuded. After a brief exploration, I carried on, eager to venture deeper into the frost-covered realm. Not far from the hunting cabin, I chanced upon a town situated in the heart of Snow Lake that was in the midst of construction. Curiously, there seemed to be no apparent access to the town, and apart from the ongoing building efforts, there was little else to hold my interest. I moved on, continuing my journey through the cold and desolate wilderness. Time swiftly slipped away, and after numerous hours traversing the unforgiving white expanse of the north, I came upon peculiar structures that starkly contrasted with the snowy plateau. Upon closer examination, I was met with a haunting scene—frozen blood, scattered bones, and a grim tableau of the aftermath of an unknown ritual. It was evident that this place had served as a site of sacrifice. An unsettling chill crept down my spine as I indulged my curiosity with a thorough inspection. Quickly, I departed from this disquieting place, eager to avoid becoming entangled in any potential ritualistic activities. As the third day neared its end, I arrived at a solitary walled fortress perched high on a snow-covered mountain deep within the icy realm. As I approached the fortress's gate, I couldn't help but notice that it was firmly sealed, and a sign indicated that pilgrims were required to don a veil for entry. I surveyed my surroundings, but there was no sign of any life, and I strained my ears to detect even the faintest sounds in the prevailing stillness. Employing a spyglass, I scrutinized the walled fortress, and it became evident that it had been deserted, reduced to a mere shell of its former self. As the day reached its conclusion, I opted to explore the vicinity of the isolated fortress, and there, I found a poster advertising a hunting cabin named "The Honing Doe Lodge and Retreat." It was at that moment I realized that this was indeed the very hunting cabin I had encountered earlier in the day. As night descended, I took refuge in a modest shack on the fortress grounds, preparing to pass the night, pondering the concealed mysteries within this northern land. -= Chapter 4 =- At the crack of dawn, on the fourth day of my journey, I arose, brimming with enthusiasm to resume my exploration of the northern wilderness. Equipped with my trusty spyglass, I scanned the terrain extending farther to the north. It seemed evident that I was drawing near to the recognizable mountain ranges denoting the northern border. Deciding to alter my course, I redirected my gaze toward the west, recalling that past these peaks lay the northern sea and an uncharted island I had yet to explore. Venturing westward across the frozen wasteland, I made the deliberate choice to veer off the beaten track, opting for an off-road route instead of following the existing road. I hoped to come across interesting sites and discoveries off the well-trodden path. During my expedition, I encountered an armor stand standing alone in the midst of nowhere, a patch of frostvine clinging to some intriguing ruins, and dense copses of trees. Soon, I reached the boundary between the snowy plains and an area rife with volcanic activity. I turned to the east, intent on further exploring this vast expanse. Nonetheless, my heart's yearning led me to explore the northernmost island. I ascended the rugged mountain ranges and descended to the opposite side, making my way to the spot where the two lands were closest. Utilizing my reliable 'portable' boat, I traversed the sea to reach the island's shores. As I gazed through my spyglass, my initial impression was that the island appeared uninhabited. However, upon further inspection, I soon discovered signs of habitation on the other side. Driven by curiosity, I made my way to the village I had spied from a distance. As I approached, I couldn't overlook the imposing, thick, black walls encircling the village, which left me pondering their intended function—likely constructed to conserve warmth in the unforgiving northern climate. My attention was also drawn to some peculiar red shrubs emitting steam from what appeared to be berries. This unfamiliar sight made me exercise caution, leading me to keep my distance from them. Upon my arrival in the village, I was greeted by one of its residents who kindly offered assistance. I gratefully declined and explained that I was but a simple explorer, traversing the northern reaches of Aevos. In return, I asked about the name of the village and discovered that it was known as Aeltarys. Extending my appreciation, I readied myself to proceed with my exploration, informing the resident of my intentions to explore the rest of the expanse. As I prepared to take my leave, the resident of Aeltarys offered a word of caution, advising me to be vigilant in the wilderness due to the presence of perilous creatures on the island. I expressed my gratitude for the warning and bid the resident a sincere farewell. "May the radiant flames in your heart guide you along your path," I said before departing the village, extending my best wishes as I embarked once more into the snowy expanse. -= Chapter 5 =- On the fifth day of my journey, I found myself in a place that held a painful memory from a past expedition—a treacherous high-peaked mountain, perpetually shrouded in thick clouds and surrounded by large, jagged ice shards. As I ascended, the unrelenting polar storm of The Mountain seeped through my being, chilling me to the core, and my blood seemed to freeze within my veins. Then, a mysterious and supernatural disembodied voice resounded, commanding me to go away. Feeling the imminent danger to my life and heeding the commanding voice, I decided it was no longer worth the risk to scale this treacherous mountain. While descending from The Mountain, I observed a sequence of black banners that appeared to delineate a path along this side of the ridge, implying the existence of a trail. Intrigued, I decided to follow the trail marked by these banners and eventually arrived at a bridge leading to the opposite side of the ridge. Regrettably, the bridge had collapsed, forcing me to opt for the longer route in order to reach the other side. Upon reaching the other side of the ridge after the bridge's collapse, I was confronted with a staggering and disheartening sight. A once-vast settlement now lay in ruins, its structures fallen into the frozen wasteland. The overwhelming sensation of being watched gnawed at me, and I felt a mysterious pull emanating from The Mountain. The relentless snows and the unrelenting winter storm of the north continued unabated, pelting the land with hail and snow. Campfires mysteriously extinguished under seemingly ideal conditions, and the wooden fortress of the town had been reduced to rubble. The entire place exuded an eerie aura of surveillance by an unseen presence lurking in the snowdrifts, scrutinizing every step I took. As the howling winds cried out like distant banshees, cold breaths seemed to graze my neck within the midst of the blizzard. I stood on a trail that led to the bridge which had collapsed, marking the ascent toward The Mountain. The battered banner of The White Mountain obscuring a red sun, seemingly frozen in both time and space. The remnants of tools, clothing, and signs of a once-thriving civilization were strewn haphazardly throughout the forsaken settlement. As I surveyed the remnants of what had once been a formidable fortress, I couldn't rid myself of the uncanny sensation of being under scrutiny. In subdued whispers, I extended my heartfelt condolences to the souls who had perished in this tragic place. Pushing eastward, into the unexplored territories, I came across an intriguing sight: a set of golden gates perched atop a mountain, seemingly placed in the midst of nowhere. As I drew nearer to the gates, a [REDACTED] stared at me, its wings gracefully flapping. It radiated an enigmatic and contradictory aura, one that appeared to simultaneously mock and convey a sense of sorrow above the grand entrance. Opting to evade any potential confrontation, I paid my respects to the perplexing scene before me and pressed on with my expedition. Gradually descending from the snowy mountains, I eventually came upon a settlement unmistakably in the process of construction. The materials used for the construction seemed foreign to the surrounding expanse, potentially imported from afar. A thorough examination of the architecture indicated that it was the work of Dwarves. Even though there were no workers present during my passing, I silently wished them success in their ongoing construction endeavors. Descending further from the snowy mountains, I ultimately reached the snow-covered plains, marking the point of transition between the snowy desert and the taiga region. Having thoroughly explored and mapped the entire northern territory, a sense of accomplishment washed over me. I decided to bring my expedition in the north to a close, deeming it a successful and comprehensive endeavor. -= Afterword =- From the earliest days of my youth, I was captivated by the countless tales of adventure and exploration that filled the pages of books. As time passed, my curiosity continued to drive me, kindling dreams of venturing into the mysterious unknown. The decision to pen this book was born from the sincere hope that its readers, whether young or old, adventurers or explorers in their own right, would glean valuable insights from my personal experiences recounted within these pages. My journey across the Northern expanse, with its challenges and triumphs, transcends age, gender, and race. It serves as a testament to the power of curiosity, reminding us all, regardless of our background, to remain curious and embrace the boundless opportunities for discovery that life has to offer.
  23. Into the Depths of Beleth: The Lost Temple of Teo'Camaxli - An Adventure Log by Faelion Arather Entry 1: The moment I beheld the Temple of Teo'Camaxli for the first time, a profound sense of awe overcame me. It loomed majestically above the cascading waters of The Jungles of Beleth, a sentinel guarding ancient enigmas, its towering silhouette visible from vast distances. Nature had recaptured much of its structure, yet the temple's enduring presence remained undeniable. It exuded an energy that elevated my very spirit, infusing me with boundless wonder and an insatiable curiosity. Approaching closer, I could discern a mysterious aura in the air, a resonance of some bygone magical force. The temple's decayed wooden palisades and serpentine walkways, testament to time's inexorable march and the relentless jungle, intertwined haphazardly across its façade. The true moment of wonder arrived at dawn. The temple's zenith served as a focal point for the sun's initial rays, casting a brilliant illumination upon the plateau, akin to a celestial lighthouse. For those fleeting minutes, it seemed as though the heavens themselves bestowed their radiant blessing upon this ancient sanctum, revealing its concealed secrets. Entry 2: Today, I ventured deeper into the outer precincts of the Temple of Teo'Camaxli. Although I found no apparent ingress to the inner sanctum, my resolve to explore every facet of its exterior remained unwavering. The intricately chiseled stone motifs held a mystique that captivated me, and an unshakable conviction whispered that this place held profound significance. As my exploration persisted, I couldn't escape the intrigue of the Alchemical Signs of Aether, Air, Water, and Fire adorning the corners of the highest level. They concealed an enigma, I was certain of it, waiting patiently to be unraveled. Entry 3: The further I delved into the temple's exterior, the more profoundly I sensed its mystic embrace. With each stride, the atmosphere grew heavier, and the echoes of those who had tread this path before me reverberated in my senses. The very stones seemed to preserve memories of a bygone era, and I stood as an intruder within their sacred domain. Before me stood an imposing stone portal, bedecked with intricate carvings and adorned with glistening gemstones. It was apparent that this door represented the temple's core, yet it remained impenetrable. My fingers traced the cryptic symbols etched into its surface, but their intent eluded me. Entry 4: Today, I persisted in my exploration of the Temple of Teo'Camaxli's exterior. While the passage within eluded me, an unshakable conviction told me that there was more to this place than met the eye. The stone carvings and enigmatic symbols held a significance that eluded my grasp. Standing once again before the sealed stone portal, reverence washed over me. It was as if this door safeguarded the temple's most profound secrets, and my determination to unearth them remained resolute. With a deep breath, I pressed my hand against the chilled stone and silently prayed that one day, the concealed mysteries would yield to my unwavering pursuit.
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