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  1. KEMO'S SKIN AUCTION 2.0 _________________________________________________________ Going again but with more male adventurer outfits~ ALL bids are as LISTED ~ Bids will increase by 10 mina per bid minimum. ~ Remember to @ the person you're outbidding. BIDS WILL END MIDNIGHT MONDAY 19TH APRIL EST. Please dm me on Kaiz#4082 if you have any more questions. Feel free to change colours or make minor edits. MALE SKINS: Stealing in Style - 75 mina Desert Merc - 75 mina FEMA
  2. RETURNING TO THE WIND (If you meta any of this information I will take your kneecaps and then your liver.) An illustration Sohoro made of himself, long ago. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sohoro Mochizuki, or, as many knew him, Solomon Takezo, would say that he had been two different people in his life. Firstly, a monster, living by the blade, mastering the hunt, and truly alone. Secondly, a man. Struggling to be so, but learning to overcome his madness and be human, more than he was.
  3. The Cookie Crumb Bakery Celebratory 614 SR Elder Elections Opening! Menu, Week 3 (OOC opening time: Monday 5th April, 6:15pm EST/11:15pm GMT - 7:15pm EST/00:15pm GMT) The bakery will be opening to celebrate the election of 3 new Elders, shortly after they are announced this 614 Shire Reckoning! A few treats have been prepared especially for this event. Food Almond's Joy Cake ➢ Almond sponge cake with glacé cherries and a gooey marzipan centre Raspberry & White Choc Blondies ➢ Vanilla brownies with chunks of white chocolate a
  4. [!] A grandiose, ornate invitation is delivered to all Norlandic citizens and its allies as well. Sven’s Day: A Norlandic Holiday of Revelry and Merriment 20th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 15 SA You are cordially invited to join us in our momentous celebration, Sven’s Day; a celebration of the life of Sven the Bard, the Paragon of poetry, revelry, and song. We will be hosting a grand feast in the palace for all to attend, located in the capital of Norland, Varhelm. Those in attendance will indulge in the heartiest of meals and the finest
  5. Ancient House Frey https://open.spotify.com/track/4TVtXw28cKW0qT8aNM2ODh?si=mpztXve2T86_FUkK8gIbkQ Sapientia Igni Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!” “Our blood will live on through our work. Mindless are the warriors, Gods are the one with talent.“ Ancient House Frey Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!”
  6. Are you feeling bored? -- Looking for a fun night-out, or maybe somewhere to bring your kids? -- Well look no further than the Four-Leaf Clover! Our wide selection of enticing board games can keep you and your friends busy for hours on end! From Haensi Chess to games you’ve never even heard of, come and experience the fun! We offer a selection of drinks and snacks for your relaxation pleasure, and gambling is absolutely permitted. Low price -- Hours of fun The full deluxe experience of Four-Leaf is
  7. The Joint Coming of Age JEANNETTE APPLEBOTTOM & SORREL ROSEHIPP PEREGRIN Halflings, rejoice! This 613 Shire Reckoning, two resilient, beloved young halfling women celebrate their 33rd birthday's! A joint celebration shall be held for High Pumplar Jeannette Applebottom and Sorrel 'The Wanderer', in the festival grounds of Bramblebury. Expect fireworks, song, dance, food and booze galore! Cordially invited to join the merrymaking are: All halflings of Bramblebury With special invites extended to: The Warden
  8. The Laws of the City State of Yong Ping These are the laws and rights of the people of the City of Yong Ping. They are to be obeyed and respected lest you suffer the consequences of breaking the Law. Yong Ping Laws Key Does not require trial Requires trial Honour Law Fetishisation: Sexualisation or any indecency involving dress or use of cultural norms in a suggestive manner by any party regardless of identification method is strictly prohibited and offenders will pay a hefty fine of 50 mina.
  9. [!] The following notice is pinned to the board in Bramblebury; a single piece of paper with the title written in large font - - - On Murder And Missing Persons - - - An announcement to my fellow wee folk, on the topic of past murders and myself, Sorrel R. Peregrin. Now, you may be thinking to yourself "Sorrel? Wasn't that one dead?" And I am here to report that I have checked thoroughly and am glad to confirm that you're absolutely wrong! Some time last year I departed from my home to the outskirts of the village, intending to gather watercress. However, I ca
  10. [!] Many posters are hung up around the Village of Bramblebury. The Cookie Crumb Bakery is HIRING! I, Almond Joy Applefoot, am pleased to announce that we are now opening applications! The requirements to work at the bakery are as follows: 1. You are a halfling (our working space would be difficult for a bigg'un to manoeuvre around!) above the age of 15. 2. You can work with a smile, be friendly and disciplined! 3. You have a passion for baking, or some level of understanding and want to learn more! Job Perks: 1. FREE FOOD! 2.
  11. [!] Posters and flyers would be posted all throughout the land of Almaris, the lettering in bold and catching anyone’s eye that pasts! THE A&M TEA HOUSE, TEA MAKING COMPETITION! [!] a small drawing of a teacup and flowers! The Tea house will be holding a Tea making competition! Where /you/ can bring your wildest tea dreams to life! Bottles and ingredients will be provided for our lovely tea makers and there are PRIZES!! The prizes include, the winning Tea gets to be on our menu! Along with the winner choosing betwee
  12. “To Safeguard Happiness” The Elvenesse Revelry Guild The Aegis Adventurers Seen typically within fine taverns or wandering the beautiful streets of Elvenesse, those within the Wyn’okar are not out-going adventurers or mercenaries but morerather fun-loving individuals or seasoned veterans of whom seek to improve the homelife and participate in different activities Elvenesse has to offer. They are the homefront guild, those who wish to see the city prosper. Those within the revelry guild are those who enjoy the warm moonlit nights in festivals or the hot s
  13. Treaty


    A CALL TO ARMS [!] A dwedmar mercantile vessel, unawares of what lies below. Since the first of Urguan’s Descendants touched the coasts of the realm, the ocean has accosted those who dared try to brave the great expanse in the name of exploration and seafaring. This blatant attack against the noble Dwarven people is one that has gone without punishment for ages past, with their most recent attack being against the great Clan Lord of the Aurokanar, Dorimnur Goldhand. Through his pioneering grudge shall we set our sails to drive the tide back to whence it came. This
  14. The Cookie Crumb Bakery Menu, Week 2 (OOC opening time: Sunday 21st March, 5:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT - 6:00pm EST/10:00pm GMT) Food Pumpkin Pudding Cup ➢ Layers of pumpkin pudding and crumbed cookie served in a glass ramekin Raspberry & White Choc Blondies ➢ Vanilla brownies with chunks of white chocolate and raspberries Raspberry Iced Bun ➢ Sweet bun with raspberry icing, jam filling and dried fruits Rollos ➢ Dark chocolate chip cookies with caramel and chocolate filling Strawberry Jam & Cream Doughnuts ➢ Finger shaped doughnut wi
  15. Hey I'm a new player and I've been having a really fun time so far, however I find it difficult to start new personal roleplay. When I say personal roleplay, I define it as roleplay more personalised to your individual character between groups of 2-10 I would say. As an example I would put beginning a conversation, adventure, journey with someone I have never met and have only run into in town squares, passing on the road, etc. If anyone is interested in roleplaying at some point, I am very extremely down. however, the purpose of this post is to garner advice on beginning roleplay with so
  16. YONG PING v. MINTO TOWNSEND [Year 15 of the Second Age, 10th of the Deep Cold] [Year 16th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] YONG PING, Represented by Eiji Takai of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, JUDGE CHEN WENPING DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT ON BEHALF OF YONG PING: MINTO TOWNSEND, ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: Two Counts of Harassment: Any verbal, physical or mental harassment towards another party is illegal in the bo
  17. --MRA Official Statement-- On behalf of the Mercatorii Republican Army and her noble serviceman, the MRA as a whole does not take credit nor admit affiliation with Sudanese rebels responsible for the recent attacks on the Orenian Empire and the people within. Being Orenian, whether from noble blood or of common descent, we believe to be a blessing. If the shell is corrupt, you do not purge the pearl within. We stand in Neutrality, in this coming conflict. When our time comes again, may the fire roar. When our swords must be drawn, let metal clash. But when it is time for cooperation, the gl
  18. THE METINAN COMPANY Sacramenta et Nummi MISSION The beginning of the Second Age ushered in the sudden exodus of many souls from the forsworn lands of Atlas. Among those that landed on the shores of Almaris were a band of petty mercenaries known as Metinans— their island an obscure oddity rarely visited by the denizens of Atlas. Joined by fellow outcasts, the motley band quickly mustered as a company of foot, though always accompanied by a few spare cavalrymen. With their belongings upon their backs and livelihoods at stake, the men set forth on this ne
  19. The Cookie Crumb Bakery Grand Opening! For months now, The Cookie Crumb bakery has been closed most of the time, aside from rolling out a few goodies here ‘n there for special occasions. This is because I, Almond Joy Applefoot, have been perfecting our menu and recipes! I’m proud to announce that the official bakery opening will be in just 2 weeks! (OOC: Saturday 13th 4:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT - 5:00pm EST/10:00pm GMT) On a regular basis bigg’uns will be able to purchase bakes by trading for them, to give a taster of halfling culture! However as this a very spec
  20. YONG PING PEOPLE’S ARMY RECRUITMENT Fliers and Posters are distributed throughout all of Yong Ping with an ink-brush painting of a staunch Yong Ping soldier, glaring at the reader. In bold print at the bottom is: 「BRING HONOUR TO YOUR FAMILY. JOIN THE YONG PING ARMY.」 Event Details: Recruitment, weapons training and enlistment will be held on Malin’s Welcome, the 16th Year of the New Age. Please head to the Barracks by the Dragon Gates in Yong Ping on the day. [OOC: Thursday 11th March 6pm EST] Enlistment Requirements
  21. MAGIC REGULATION ACT [Year 15th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] In an attempt to clarify the rules around magic use in Yong Ping, this Act will endeavour to protect the safety of citizens within Yong Ping’s walls from any harm brought by magicks. 一。Any form of magic that brings physical, emotional, and/or mental harm upon a citizen of Yong Ping will be dealt with under the clause of ‘Assault’ in Yong Ping’s Laws and taken to court. 二。Magicks that require the harming of another citizen during casting are strictly pr
  22. ORPHANS ADOPTION ACT [Year 15th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] In the event that an Orphan decides to reside within the City State of Yong Ping, this Act will bring into place support structures to help them settle into the community. 一。 We hereby define the term ‘Orphan’ as a personage yet to reach the age of adulthood [18] and lacks an existing guardian or parent. This also includes children who have not been claimed by either parent, regardless if the parent is a Yong Ping citizen. 二。Orphans will be taken under
  23. RELIGIOUS DUELS ACT [Year 15th of the Second Age, Malin’s Welcome] In anticipation for any religiously motivated conflicts, this Act endeavours to mitigate any harm done unto citizens by providing a space for such conflicts to be resolved. 一。 Any conflicts arising from cultural or religious disagreements shall be resolved between the two parties via an Honor Duel in the Fighting Pits. Third parties are not allowed to interfere. 二。Both parties involved in the conflict must give their express consent to the terms of the H
  24. The Fahkr Incident For the past decade the Deòrhyrst clan, Clan Wright, has maintained an uneasy trust with the Fahkr Tribe. With trade being the main benefit Beorhtric made sure to keep up his end of a bargain bringing constant goods to trade with the tribe even despite their failures to uphold their end. On one of his many diligent runs to assess inventory he was met by a member of the Hamad. A vile inner faction of the Fahkr. Barely anything more than savage animals with next to no sense of honor or righteousness. Conversation quickly spiraled into petty insul
  25. The People's Army of Yong Ping Handbook Overview The People’s Army of Yong Ping (hereafter referred to as the Yong Ping Army abbv. YPA) are a force of volunteering and conscripted citizens and allied mercenaries who have chosen to take service in the name of protecting the people. Whether it be against an internal or external threat, the YPA are purpose-trained to their duties. All regular ranks are familiarly known as zhànshì (warrior) or Lion Guard, whilst the commissioned officer ranks are known as guān (officer) or Dragon Guard. General Regulation Protocol Co
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