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Found 403 results

  1. A conservationist guild of like-minded individuals from all races and walks of life. They take mercenary contracts as well, like some other ranger guilds, but their main goal is to patrol the wilds of Atlas and preserve the balance of nature and peace between the peoples, animals, and plants of the world. Pursuant to their creed, Rangers of the Wild fill many roles. Some, the Ranger-Sentinels, prefer to walk the lonely roads at night, defending travelers from aggressive and over-populated spiders and undead. Some, the Ranger-Wildsmen, prefer to hunt wild game and feral farm animals to maintain and curtail invasive or otherwise detrimental populations. The latter serves as secondary source of food for the Rangers, as well. Some Rangers prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible, either tending to the Rangers’ crops and animals (Ranger-Keepers), or serving as diplomats for the Rangers and/or the individual’s race in locations where tensions are high. These Ranger Envoys are the mediators and welcoming hand of the Rangers, and are certainly not looked down upon for wishing to stay clear of bloodshed. Another non-combatant rank of the Rangers are the Ranger-Scribes, who collect lore, both fact and fiction, from around the land. Any and all subjects are accepted into the library, even those that some might consider… untoward. Finally, any and all fully inducted Rangers may take quests or task, such as clearing out monstrous beasts from a cavern for a treasure hunter (serving as a sort of body-gaurd or guide), exploring unknown areas and creating maps for cartographers unable to traverse the extremes of the land themselves, hunting down bandits that have preyed upon the weak, et cetera, et cetera. RANKS Ranger-Master: Lythorien Banebow Ranger-Captains: None Ranger-Sentinels: None Ranger Envoys: None Ranger Scribes: None Ranger Keepers: None Ranger-Wildsmen: None Recruits: Illondr (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Aragwen Arcanscape (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Stevron Gollick (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) Gray Fullhood (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) Daisy Applefoot (Ranger-Wildsman-in-Training) Elawynn Caerme’onn (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) Former Members: Karren Myrsta (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Deceased) Jarsek Myrsta (Ranger-Sentinel-in-Training) (Deceased) Sarah Boliver (Maiden Name: Thompson) (Ranger-Keeper-in-Training) (Missing/Likely Deceased) Kayen (Ranger-Scribe-in-Training) (Missing) Alsulf Venari (Ranger-Sentinel) (Missing/Likely Deceased) Aladar Viathran (Ranger-Envoy-in-Training) (Left of Their Own Volition) The Rangers of the Wild Creed "I swear to abide by the by-laws of the Rangers of the Wild. I relinquish my former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." OUT of CHARACTER REGULATIONS Don’t be a d**k. No making jokes about sensitive topics, such as suicide, or racial, political, religious, ethnic, and other kinds of slurs (don’t say f***ot or tranny. Just don’t), no accusing someone of being a special snowflake or a cuck. If you don’t like something and have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If someone says something you are doing is bothering them (like repeatedly referencing something that triggers panic episodes or flashbacks in said person), and earnestly means it, just drop it. It’s not worth them reporting you to higher-ups and getting booted That’s pretty much it. Just tell us if you’re going away for a while if you can, but activity is not required. Not every character that joins is going to be played every day. We get that. Just give us some common courtesy and don’t dip out of a RP or plot in progress without some warning. These regulations are subject to change, be added to, or removed at any time without warning. IN-CHARACTER BY-LAWS: All races, Descendant or no, are welcome in the ranks of the Rangers of the Wild so long as they abide by the tenets set forth here, and do not cause trouble with others of races differing form them. Any Ranger found to be practicing xenophobic activities or using slurs or unequal treatment due to race, gender, social status, sexuality, et cetera, will be subject to a verbal warning, then a monetary fine, then imprisonment, then banishment. Any Ranger caught acting violently to another Ranger or neutral person is subject to imprisonment and/or banishment depending on the severity. Murder will warrant banishment and possible handing over to the authorities of the nation wronged. Relating to By-Law 1, recruits must relinquish their titles and rights held within their native nations if said titles conflict with Ranger custom. All recruits must denounce their allegiances if they conflict with Ranger practices (i.e. Mali’fenn Rangers may not continue to be aligned with the Fenn because this would mean they would be duty-bound to harm other races). Recruits may, however, maintain contact and relationships with members of their former allegiances, as well as protect the cities, towns, and settlements they live in from attackers, so long as said relationships do not conflict with Ranger values in other ways. You must NEVER contribute to attacks, raids, territorial disputes, or any other aggressions associated with a nation or other organization. Such activities invite ire upon the Rangers, and go against our ways. Rangers caught revealing sensitive information or aligning themselves with a specific nation against another nation, are subject to banishment without prior warnings. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Rangers, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, monetary fines, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. Regardless of intent, all Rangers must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. These by-laws are subject to change, be added to, or have tenets removed without warning, though Rangers and recruits will be notified once they are in place. **(To apply, copy and paste-this format into a a reply on this thread. An example of a filled-out application is below the form)** APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: (Required) Discord Username: (Required) Skype Username: (Optional) Nickname Preferred: (If any. State whether you’d like to be referred to by your character or player name) Real-Life Age: (Required) Preferred Pronoun(s): (He/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) Activity Level: (Rangers will not be kicked for inactivity, but they will be assumed lost or killed until they return) Main Character or Secondary Character?: (Required) RP Sample As Applying Persona: (Required) IC Information Character’s Full Name: (First name, middle, last name, and, if you wish, maiden name) Current and/or Former Titles Held: (Titles from other factions and nations) Notable Connections Within a Nation or Other Organization: (Including but not limited to: a guard or noble) Race: (Main/most predominant race) Sub-Race: (If your character has any blood from another race. If not applicable, say N/A) Sex & Gender: (if they are the same, simply state one) Birth Year/Current Age: (Please use in-character LoTC year) Birthplace: (If a character is unwilling to give this information, or does not know, state so in-character) Desired Rank: (Please only choose one Ranger rank) Training Known: (Any skills, including swordsmanship, archery, writing, tracking game, atc) Training Desired/Needed: (I.e. if your character can’t read or write, someone is obviously helping them do this application or it’s being done in person. They’d ask for help with learning that skill in-character) Character's For Wishing to Join the RotW: (Please write in-character using quotation marks) "By signing this document, you agree to the by-laws above and any the Ranger-Master and Ranger-Captains deem worthy of adding. You agree to relinquish your former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." (State yes or no in-character, and type their full name without their title)
  2. A Coronation in Avalain The Kingdom of Curonia has survived many tumultuous years, through war and peace, thriving despite the divisions caused by the desire for power. Throughout the past decade, we have followed two kings, and two regents. It is the pride of the House of Devereux and council of Kingdom of Curonia, to announce the ascension of King Pierce I Devereux to the Royal seat in Avalain. He shall have the Iron Crown placed upon his head, by Archbishop Ernst of Curonia, in the Avalain church, receiving the honor of the fourth King of Curonia. At the Coronation, the king shall swear to uphold his office, to the best of his ability, honoring those who came before him, Karl, Alfred, Wilhelm, Jarrack, and Alfred II. Invited to attend are: The Peers and Citizens of Curonia House Horen, and the Peers and Citizens of Renatus House Staunton, and the Peers and Citizens of Courland House Rutledge, and the Peers and Citizens of Ves House Visaj, and the Peers and Citizens of Haelun’or House Tundrak, and the Peers and Citizens of Fenn ((OOC: The Coronation shall occur Saturday 6/15, 4PM at the Church in Avalain))
  3. A Call Home Issued and Confirmed by His Majesty Pierce I Devereux The Devereux family had seen one of its darkest hours. With the war separating kin in both allegiance and in spirit, our family has faced a fractured time in its history. With the coming of a new reign of King in Curon, I see it fit to mend the wounds that plague our family. Only under a united Devereux does the Bear fully stand tall, and it is time to wake the sleeping Bear. To this end, I, Pierce I Devereux, Patriarch of the Devereux family, do see it fit to lift the disownment on our separated kin, Anabel Devereux, enacted by the previous Patriarch and King, Alfred II Edgar Devereux. The time which has been lost away from home surely cannot be gained, but I pray to GOD that we may once again be full. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Pierce I of House Devereux the King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Arisan, Blackreach, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden
  4. A DENOUNCEMENT OF A FALSE BARROW 9th of Tobia’s Bounty, 1720 A Denouncement, Disavowment, and Disinheritment In recent days, the presence of one Siegmar Tuvic Barrow has been brought to my attention. This man, who claims natural descent from Tuvya var Joren Ruthern, also claims the blood of warriors and leaders - all men and women that have been remembered in the Book of Rutherns. His claim is false and frivolous in every sense of the word. His words are the unlawful and unjust claim of centuries of history, centuries both long recorded and long forgotten. And so, heretofore, Siegmar Tuvic is stripped of any association to the House of Ruthern, by name and the ilk. It is also declared that any further claim by Siegmar Tuvic to try and take on the Ruthern name, a Barrow name subsequently drawing relation to the House of Ruthern, or any equivalent and further claim to suggest himself a part of my kin or lineage, will be treated as slander and punished as such. I believe this to be the most rightful way to correct his mistake. ”By Bones and Barrows” SIGNED, His Grace, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Ivanhall and Helmholtz, and Protector of the South
  5. [!] A poorly drawn advertisement is found in Brandybrook and the Cloud Temple. Cheap Stuff! Come ter Brandybrook for some amazin’ prices on amazin’ things! T’is beh all we’re selling as of now! Stall #1: Empty Nay thin's beh sold ‘ere. Move along. Stall #2: Wee Ol’ Quest Guild Oak Logs: .3 minas each Bread: .3 minas each Stall #3: Pervinca’s Cheap Goods Hay Bales: .3 minas each Baked Potatoes: .1 minas each Sugarcanes: .1 minas each Stall #4: Deek’s Baked Goods Bread: .4 minas each Stall #5: LaDeux’s Knickknacks Bread: .1 minas each Birch Boats: 10 minas each Raspberry Mead: 30 minas each Stall #6: Liesl’s Tinkery Nuffin’ be sold here Weh also have two li’l side carpets for use as shops too! Carpet #1: Empty Nobodeh even uses t’is one Carpet #2: Harold’s Shop Pipeweed: 5 minas each Dried Mullien: 5 minas each Wooden Pipes: 20 minas each Halfling Brand Rocks: 20 minas each Praise Lord Knox ‘n Arugula! -Pervinca Applebrook, Excise & Customs Official of Brandybrook. [!] The advertisement ends with the official seal of Brandybrook.
  6. Taken by FaZe_MiaKhalifa | Listening the Guihua as she spoke in front of the Gong. ━━━ 清明节 Qīngmíng jié - Tomb Sweeping Day ( 1720 ) ━━━━━━━━┛ ✦ ┗━━━━━━━━ 在天空中,猴子又平静又快乐. Zài tiānkōng zhōng, hóuzi yòu píngjìng yòu kuàilè. “ In the Sky, the Hou-Zi are both peaceful and happy.” - Feng Guihua ━━━ Allies and families, Hou-zi and friends alike, meditated within the depths of the temple, mumbling silent prayers to the fallen who did not make it on their journey of reviving the glory of the Hou-zi within the Jade republic. In honor of the ancestors, a sweet cinnamon incense was used within the temple in order to beckon the spirits of the ancestors to join in the meditation that occurred. Feng Guihua, a skilled silk weaver and one who recently mourned the disappearance of Feng Kuaisu, set up a gravestone for those fallen in their journey- such as the brave Lang Xiahou presumed perished at the docks fighting for the freedom of the civilians of the previous State of Shen. The people meditated within the Temple, and listened to Guihua as she gestured to the ancestors and to Hou-shen as a thank you, and a plea, for that this day may be the end of tragedy and that they may continue to watch and guide the Hou-zi. The gong rang thrice, a loud bell ringing throughout the Jade Republic and throughout the ocean surrounding the isle, the cry of Hou-shen ringing through the heavens for all fall prey to. After a brief meditation, the people of the Jade Republic left for the tombstone, set up with an ashtray and another incense. Passing around paper, with golden character 钱 ( Qian - Money ) written upon it, the Hou-zi and allies bowed thrice to the memory of the fallen, and tossed the money into a flame for their prayers and words to be heard to their ancestors. The fire ignited fiercely, the sparks of the flames shared the emotions of grief and anguish towards the losses endured in their journey, but also incited that change came soon. At the end of the day, they sat in front of the Mingxiang Tea-house, and ate together. Discussing plans of the future, discussing stories, sharing tales between one another and rejoicing in the present, the ancestors smiling upon them as they too took part in their own way. They hoped that peace, would continue to thrive, and with the coming end of the construction within the Jade Republic, the Hou-zi will continue to prosper under the eyes of the heavens. ━━━━━━━━┓ ✦ ┏━━━━━━━━ Taken by FaZe_MiaKhalifa | Those who joined sit at a picnic after visiting the gravesite.
  7. On The Rights and Equality of Men In these times of war and conflict, it has become clear that a code of moral guidelines must be produced to stop undue suffering and slaughter. But, more than this, it is necessary to attack the vilest dogma any Church has ever produced. I, Dietrich van Jungingen, hereby present my thoughts on the rights and equality of humanity. By the Hellenic Council of 1718, the Renatian Church – which is what I will call the half of the Canonist Church previously ruled by Siegmund from here onwards, for the sake of clarity – put in place the flawed dogma that as their ideas are shared by many peoples, they must be divinely inspired and perfect. I embrace the concept that some things are detestable in the eyes of GOD as they transgress the divine laws set forth by the Scrolls. But the Divine Laws proposed by the Renatian Church included such drivel as it being only ‘natural’, and ‘divinely inspired’ to ‘cleanse with fire’ and publicly humiliate people who commit the simple and universal mistake of straying from the teachings of the Scrolls. Everybody strays from GOD’s path from time to time, and as such punishment is futile, cruel and unnecessary. Anything that causes undue harm and suffering to men simply cannot be ‘divinely inspired’ because it goes against the very nature of GOD. The gravest sin of the Renatian Church was proposing that one state, Renatus, is the state of the Church and of GOD and that all other peoples are ‘subhuman’, and must therefore wear ‘collars’, ‘tattoos’ and bracelets’ obtained from ‘The Society for Moral Health’, which was planned to haplessly discriminate foreigners in Renatus. This is doggerel on a grand scale. No state enjoys the sole blessings of GOD – the very idea is astonishing because when GOD created man, he didn’t invent the empire or the kingdom. Such things are of men therefore and like men – flawed and imperfect - and therefore below GOD and should be below any self-respecting Church. No Church should ever involve itself with politics because doing so undermines its very mission as being a spiritual institution for salvation, not a secular one for raw power and influence. The idea that a Church can call men ‘foreigners’ is ridiculous as all men are spiritually equal brothers in the eyes of GOD, not defined by nationality. This also makes it clear that the Church defines itself by a secular nation and is therefore obviously false and politically motivated. Describing the state of Renatus as ‘divine’ is foolish, no matter whether you serve that state or not: states are secular institutions run by men who serve only their own power – similar, ironically, to the Renatian Church which seemed to have abandoned its mission of religious guidance in favour of spouting foul dogma. The idea of men being ‘subhuman’ because they do not subscribe to a single, ‘correct’ secular state or nationality is not one that any man not blinded by ignorance, arrogance, nationalism or faith should follow and agree with. For are not all men spiritually equal in the eyes of GOD? Whether you are a loyal man of Renatus or not, the idea that men from Hanseti-Ruska, Ves, Sutica, Norland or Curonia should wear bracelets and brandings marking them out as ‘subhuman’ is frankly dangerous, disgusting and wrong, a vile attack against the rights of humanity which can only lead to greater injustices. It is a foolish idea that should be mocked by all right-thinking men and opposed vocally. The schism may have ended, but these filthy rulings remain in a grey area – it is up to the newly united Church to decide whether to embrace them or deny them. I do not address these words only to the great minds of Arcas - the philosophers, the writers, the priests, the theologians, William Jrent, Eidr Harraqa - but to all people: the farmers, the soldiers, the merchants, the kings, all must see Siegmund’s folly and be repulsed by his sickly implications. Most importantly, however, I address High Pontiff Daniel VI – you must declare the Hellenic Council of 1718 to have been illegitimate, annul its outcomes, and denounce its messages or you will surely face another schism; I also would like to implore you to halt the Church’s petty, irrelevant secular politicking. Religion aside, it is in times of warfare when the equality of men becomes threatened, as it is when states interact on a grand and destructive scale and their separate codes of law become incompatible and unenforceable, and the whims of the strong reign supreme - war is, ironically, also when the equality of men becomes notable to the eye as king and commoner alike are cut down. I therefore humbly propose a universal set of laws with eighteen points, to ideally be respected across the length and breadth Arcas by all humanity, lightly inspired by the three points originally raised by the pretender Joseph Marna: The Rights and Laws of Men I. No man may be punished, killed or attempted to be punished or killed on the sole basis of a difference in ideals or political or religious opinions and beliefs. II. Prisoners of war must never be executed or tortured and must be treated fairly. III. At the end of a war, no man who supported or fought for the opposing side must be killed for that simple reason alone. IV. No acts of vengeance should be carried out against a nation or people as a whole, or to individuals without basis. V. No man may commit undue violence, murder or acts of cruelty. VI. No man may abuse captured prisoners or people in any way. VII. No man may kill another who is unarmed or who does not otherwise pose a threat. VIII. No man may break a peace treaty or truce. IX. No man may be punished due to their nationality. X. No man may be punished for criticising a ruler, unless they openly suggest treason. XI. No man may be enslaved. XII. No publication, belief or idea should be censored for any reason. XIII. No man may be punished or killed without a fair trial or be held to be guilty unless proven innocent. XIV. No man may be denied medical aid, food, or water regardless of any disagreement or difference in any beliefs or allegiances. XV. No man may break an oath or promise. XVI. No man may be denied the Rights of Men or be held to be above it. XVII. It is the moral duty of man to oppose an oppressive government and to refuse injustice. XVIII. It is the moral duty of man to uphold the Rights of Men. It would be naïve and highly optimistic of me to assume that this list of laws will ever be held in significance in my lifetime or in anybody’s – I can but hope that they will be respected, and cement the rights and standards to which all men should be held accountable to, in the dream of a fairer world. Written by Dietrich van Jungingen -Writer and Philosopher- on the 15th of Godfrey’s Triumph 1720
  8. Mugdorrummar-ur-Khazadmar “In ot’a toimes, dweds were carpenters, moiners, lumbermen… and t’ey foug’t wit’ t’eir tools. War made our kin get t’e taste of bloodshed and gloree’, it poisoned our moinds… t’ats woi ye can see in our armory weapons t’at resembled t’e tools we used as weapons in t’e old daes.” - Thumril ‘Hammer’ Grandaxe Mugdorrummar-ur-Khazadmar is a miner guild with the purpose to provide ores, stone and even wood when the lumberjacks are busy. All the resources that are mined are given directly to the high prospector that in his turn will hand over to the Kingdoms vault. As told the miners are not only here for getting resources, when a war comes those miners are signed in automatically as a dwed-at-arms. A force that will use their tools and their gear that both are provided by the high prospector into battle and devastate their enemies with their mattocks and pickaxes. Ranks Guild Master -= Barimmar Kronok =- Is also known as the High Prospector that leads the guild. He keeps track of everything that got found in the mines and collects the ores for the Kingdom and hands them over to the Vault of Urguan. Master Miner -= Kronok Mugdorrum =- Is the experienced Miner of the Guild that has been mining for some time and has proven Themselves as one of the finest Miners of the nation. Those Miners will also start to learn the ways of the ancestors in using their pickaxe and mattocks as traditional weapons. They will be known as Dwed-at-arms. They act when the nation is under high threat from outside. Miner -= Mugdorrum =- Are miners that have proven themselves to gather more materials then the initiates and have proven themselves that they can provide more ores then is demanded. They will often get other requests then others more rare to find ores. Initiate -= Cast-Mugdorrum =- Are the fresh and inexperienced dwarves that wanted to fall in the footsteps of their ancestors, they will be asked to gather easy to find ores. getting a rank up is depending on the amount of ores you mine and hand over. From Initiate to Miner ( 2 stacks of iron blocks and 20 stacks of building materials) From Miner to Master Miner ( 6 stacks of Iron blocks and 40 stacks of building blocks that needs to be divided in 2 different block types and he has to participate in 1 raid/skirmish or Siege in his miner uniform) Required payment At the end each stone week each miner has the choice to hand over 4 stacks of iron ore and 8 stacks of blocks, 16 stacks of building blocks (wood doesn’t count) or 8 stacks of iron ore. When the kingdom requires wood each miner is expected to mine 20 stacks of logs that are asked for. Privileges if you join the guild Free access to the mines Free housing* after handing the required amount of ores and building blocks the miners can keep the rest of what they mined for themselves Interested? Fill this form right away and get started with 2 free iron pickaxes! Discord name: timezone: ign: rp name: race: contact Thumril Grandaxe (Floppetlappeting) to get your uniform (Pm D3F4LT#4284 on discord for skin file) *to have a free house you gotta be active and keep contributing ores to the nation otherwise it will result into eviction.
  9. z3m0s

    The Mages Guild

    Theme "Magic is often times referred to as the art. This is no coincidence, magic is perceived by many as an elite discipline, requiring artistry and talent, and indeed very few possess the ability to utilize its full potential. Those with magical talent can use it to create things of awe and beauty, wonders without which the world would certainly be a more miserable place. Therefore, those who name magic a beautiful blessing brought forth from the void are in a sense correct. Magic has also been called chaos incarnate, a primal, dangerous force, merciless and destructive. In the hands of the unwary, it becomes a key that can open the forbidden door, behind which lies ruin and destruction. Therefore those who label magic a curse, born of chaos spawned from the void that will doom this world, are also correct. Finally according to the others, magic is science, that is knowledge which can only be acquired through extensive study, discipline and hard work. In this view, magic is progress, it's the process of constant advancement, initiated within the void, which brings development, eliminates the ailments of the world, provides answers to the questions that plagues mankind, broadens minds, and introduces innovation. It is therefore also fair to say that magic is it's own particular science. In the end magic is all three of the above, it is art, chaos, and science. A blessing, a curse and progress. It all depends on who calls upon it, and for what purpose.” Which path will you choose? The Mages Guild has seen fit to entirely focus its efforts upon the education, research, and advancement of the arcane arts, serving as a safe haven for all mages from Aspiring to Master to flourish in a safe and rich environment. This doctrine serves a twofold purpose: firstly that the best and brightest among the descendants are not shunned for social standing when there is the potential for their works to better the world and secondly it provides a common place and fellowship of scholars devoting their attention toward a single field of study. Such studies include: Elemental Evocations Arcanism Conjuration Telekinesis Transfiguration Voidal Translocation Voidal Shifting Arcane Displacement Sensory Illusion Celestialism Mentalism Cognatism Artificerys Deific Arts From the beginnings of reconstruction of the guild within the lands of Arcas, the guilds Overseer has been in talks with the head of the Celestial Order, various plans spoken of in great detail over the time until a conclusion was had. The Celestial Order will Align with the Mages Guild, living within it’s halls under our protection, the leadership of the Order freely able to watch our members and hand pick those with potential for the Celestial Order. The lectures listed below will be exclusively for guild members only and will consist of useful information regarding the Arcane as well as other topics deemed helpful. This is in no way a chance to begin practice on any of the listed magical topics. Shamanism/Alchemy - Thurak’Yar (Ilikefooddude) “How not to die” - Naffog (Filthypeasant1) Runesmithing/Golemancy - Kalgrimmor (z3m0s) Void Pockets - Erebus Tartarus (Jenny_Bobbs) Arcanism - Saeldur Asul’Ailer (_Princeton_) Alteration - Steven (Spodokaiba) Cognatism/Voidal Horrors/Secondary Effects of Mana Usage and Manipulation – Ithrendas (Tahmas) The Theory of Sensory Illusion – Lotha Scylla (Demotheus) The Foundations of Modern Astrology and Astronomy – Jechanne (Diafora) A small listing of currently planned events that The Overseer and his Triumvirate intend to run for guild members exclusively. The Triumvirate Cup A series of challenges designed to best and fairly decide who should be seated within the third seat, completing the triumvirate of mages the guild holds as it’s leadership. This will continue on for as long as multiple competitors remain within the competition. The Grand Feast A large banquet organised by The Overseer and his Triumvirate to celebrate the newly adorned guild hall and welcome it’s new members exclusively. This allowing a chance for guild members to speak on ideas for future endeavours, personal concerns and any other matters they wish to bring up along with being informed on the guilds long term goals and intentions. Time Trials This will be a great test of creativity under pressure in which skilled members of the guild will go against each other using their knowledge of enchanting to creative something as simple or as complex as they desire within a given amount of time, after which they will be asked to present their enchantments to the judge/s which will most likely consist of The Overseer and/or the Triumvirate. A winner will be crowned with a special title and their enchantment will be immortalised alongside their name within the guild as the first of this new guild tradition. The Overseer Tasked with the spearheading and safeguarding of the arcane arts and all that practice under the guise of the guild, it is The Overseer that not only ensures the guilds success and each of their mages safety, but above all to maintain magical progression in each given field. This rank exists to hold the necessary authority to protect and serve the guild in hopes of keeping it safe from ill mannered outside forces. Part of this job is acting as a member of the Triumvirate when necessary, while otherwise reserving themselves to higher duties. Triumvirate of Archmages The archmages are the main source of leadership within the Mages Guild below The Overseer. Three Brilliant minds forming the Triumvirate, responsible for the everyday financial, structural, intellectual and social upkeep of the guild. They are also responsible for the sorting, review and acceptance of applications as well as the interview process, alongside the promotion and installation of instructors, guild masters, and archanix. Archanix The archanix is the librarian and record keeper of the Guild. Serving to order, manager and often write many of the articles and tome’s within the ancient library of the guild. If this position lay dormant it falls upon the Archmages to ensure these duties are maintained. Arcane Master Arcane masters are most commonly senior personnel inside of the Institution, but have also been known to be incredibly accomplished mages who have attained the rank through impressive feats of the Arcane. Serving as voices of experience for the Acolyte’s, they’re often able to address most primary concerns, if those concerns cannot be addressed by an Instructor. Instructor Instructors are mostly veteran Sorcerer's that enlist to teach guild members a method of the arcane arts or choose to lecture on a chosen topic with the approval of an Arcane Master or above. While also participating in the education of Acolyte’s, instructors assist their fellow instructors where necessary and instruct Sorcerer’s and Acolyte’s for the furtherment of their studies. The secondary duty of instructors is research, compiling records of experiments and findings for the Guild’s archive which is a duty shared amongst all members of the Mages Guild, though along with many other ranks the Instructor makes a significant contribution to the libraries stored knowledge and records. Vanguard Serving as peacekeepers within the guild the Vanguard are small in numbers but are vital within the guild in ensuring safety and allowing the guilds members to focus upon their work without worry of ulterior factors. It is not a requirement for the guilds Vanguard to hold magical abilities of any kind, though it is recommended. Sorcerer An Acolyte who now walks the path of the void having mastered a magic beneath the study of an instructor and received their Honors -- a chosen casting implement and a diploma -- as proof of their achievement. Expectations lie for Sorcerer’s to be able to continue research and delve deep into their mastery of their respective magic as well as expand their horizons into new magics, hone their skill with their chosen implement and strive to in great time become Arcane Masters. Sorcerer’s are most commonly large participants in stocking the shelves of the Guilds Library with helpful knowledge, often immensely useful for Acolyte’s of the guild. Acolyte An individual seeking the knowledge, practice, and ethical use of the Arcane who has shown promise, being granted membership into the guild by The Overseer or a member of the Triumvirate. Acolyte’s are entrusted to be exposed to numerous magical arts, feats, and constructs with an air of hope; investments made into Acolyte’s are efforts made to ensure future advancements within the field of the Arcane but made carefully in the fear of dissenters, defilers, and agents of chaos. Acolyte’s are observed closely to ensure their learnings go unhindered and that they strive to avoid delving into the forces of Light or Dark for the Void is the one, true neutral. The primary Guild Hall is currently situated at the Crest of the Llyria Concord, a city hosting a wealth of knowledge and potential. Llyria will act as a bastion and haven for the Mages Guild and all its members and associates for the foreseeable future as the guilds leadership works closely with the cities to ensure everything is under control. X -1265 Z -73 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1091-the-llyrian-concord/ The Mages Guild reserves the right to deny any applications without reason and suggests it is most likely that your application isn’t up to par should you fail to receive a response. OOC ((MC Name: )) ((Discord: )) ((Timezone: )) RP What is your name? Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? What is the extent of your experience with magic? What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? When is the best time to contact you for an interview? +1 or you don’t get in
  10. THE REESTABLISHMENT OF THE BLACK COMPANY 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1720 Preamble It is with a heavy heart that my hand is forced in the writing of this document. It seems to me that the Renatians at our doorstep will stop at nothing to restrict the livelihood of my people and the people of the larger Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. As such, I have opted to follow in my ancestors footsteps in the founding of a levy in accordance with the Lord Regent’s suspension of the Royal Levy Ban of 1709. Actuation It is now that I, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, follow in the actions of my forefathers in the recreation of the Black Company, a military levy sworn to the House of Ruthern and its incumbent Patriarch. The history of such a name is great in length. It has been associated with victory over would-be oppressors in the Rothswood and the protection of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and its monarchs throughout centuries prior. I fully intend such a brigade to live up to its name and rise to prominence in the Kingdom as bannermen of the House of Ruthern. It shall be led by an appointed Captain, chosen by myself and my successors in the post of Patriarch of Ruthern. This Captain will be assisted by various others, which will be detailed below. Structure The Black Company, as said, will be led by a Captain appointed and loyal to the incumbent Patriarch of Ruthern. This position will be succeeded by several Lieutenants and Sergeants, which will serve as the Company’s core of proven individuals entrusted to lead the Company to victory. Masters-at-Arms, Men-at-Arms, and Footmen will come to form the main body and core of the Black Company’s force. All men in the Black Company will be charged with the defense of the common individual of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Kingdom at large. The Company will exist in perpetuity and will serve the incumbent Lord of Ruthern to the best of their ability. In Closing I regret the need arising for such a Company to be formed, but I cannot let the people of Hanseti-Ruska continue to be oppressed by those based in Helena. Until a better candidate arises, I will lead the Black Company as Captain. The post will be transferred to the next viable candidate at the earliest convenience. Any and all men and women intent on serving the Black Company are encouraged to seek out myself or any other in the Black Company via bird or in person. ”By Bones and Barrows” SIGNED, His Grace, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Ivanhall and Helmholtz, and Protector of the South
  11. AN EAGLE THROUGH THE FLAME The Courlandic Bell Criers heralding news of the unity between Ruric and Staunton; the archaic Houses coming together in matrimony, 7th of The Amber Cold, 1719 “Hear thee, hear thee!” Croaked a fat, lumbering man clad in robe gifted from the Ducal Governance, swinging an iron bell to-and-fro, bellowing a deep, sonorous clang to usher in the denizens of the Renatian Imperium. “Marriage is abroad! Matrimony is o’er the horizon! O’ the Houses o’ yore, Staunton and Ruric do come together to marry the lovely Elizabeth Rose o’ the House of Staunton with His Majesty, Edvard II o’ the House of Ruric! And you, denizens of the Empire, are cordially invited to this sanctimonious event by His Grace, Stannis o’ the House of Staunton!” Robert the Fat singing tales to the denizens of Helena, 8th The Amber Cold, 1719 The peasantry and nobility alike pile into the ducal citadel of Courland in due preparation, lugging carts of rich cheese, lean meats, and fresh ale alongside the necessities to prepare a wedding; from celebratory materials of red, brown, green, and silver. The colors of Staunton and Ruric alike, brought together to impress the audience, for those who will attend this glorious event. Plump crows with ruffled feathers are sent over the walls of Courland, flying yonder the hills to the neighboring counties and villages alike. They invite all those in the Empire and Norlandic lands who seek goodness and blessings upon the soon-to-be conjoined houses. In due respect to Norland and their faith will, one half of the wedding be held within their lands, blessed by the red priests. In conjunction with Courland, the Canonist Faith will be held during the second wedding in the heart of the Ducal state of Courland. To commemorate the wedding, a ball will be thrown in their honor and newfound unification betwixt the archaic households of Staunton and Ruric, solidifying years of friendship and wars fought together; to respect the men that had died to pave way for their future. A ball will also be thrown, with plenty of rum, ale, meats for all, and vegetables for those picky. Grand orchestral music from foreign lands will be played, echoing through the grand hall met with food hand-cooked by Courlandic chefs. There will be ample time for those who wish to participate in dancing in the main hall for dancing! There will also be ample time for His Grace, Stannis of the House of Staunton and His Majesty, Edvard II of the House of Ruric, to announce the future of their ancient households, together, in this marriage-alliance, and what to expect from the re-instated ducal throne of Courland. Truly, a spectacular event which is not to be missed; perhaps you will find your one at the beloved ball! Those who seek ill-will will be resolved with haste. Be sure to arrive punctually on time for one would not wish to miss seeing Edvard II of house Ruric and Elizabeth Rose of house Staunton’s matrimony. GOD BLESS THE SANCTITY OF HIS MAJESTY, EDVARD II RURIC, AND LADY ELIZABETH ROSE STAUNTON. Friday, 14th of June, 2019. 4 PM EST - Wedding in Norland 4:30/5 PM EST - Wedding in Courland 6:30 PM Ball in Courland
  12. All Things Must Pass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNYc-443G6E The old Wizard would stand before a roiling hellish torrent of the Voidal Tear as bodies lay strewn before him. The smell of hellfire and magic filled the air as creatures of the Empyrean had struck his party a decisive and terrible blow. Visions of Aegis would cloud his mind as the smells and hellscape looked all too familiar to a time he had so long forgotten. Ithrendas Regis (Tahmas) and Steven (spodokaiba) already journeying into the heart of the storm in an attempt to close shut the jaws of the infernal opening that wrented a deep wound into the realm. But had not returned and Ceruberr (Captainsheepy) had been captured by a Voidal Horror, one of the neverborn monstrosities of the darkest reaches of the Voidal realms whom only referred to itself as the “Displacer”. The party was weak, the creature seemed impenetrable to the magical spells cast against it, merely absorbing them and sending them flying straight back towards them. All the while the monster would feed upon the mystical energies of Ceruberr to not only fuel itself but to hijack the Elf’s advanced knowledge of the Arcane to turn upon his aggressors. Enveloping himself in an Arcane shield he would move mysteriously from place to place in a blink of an eye, phasing in and out of existence all the while taunting us as “lessers”. The creature was toying with us, and we all knew it. But we continued to fight regardless to its protests. Until the moment when the old man allowed foolhardiness to get the better of him… The Wizard would watch as the creature stood before the cliff top carrying Ceruberr within its hand, a mystical Arcane shield about it the old man saw that there was little that could be done. But he thought he could best the creature still and prepared one last incantation, a bolt of pure Arcane energy, he knew it would be fruitless to target the monster, but if he could not target the beast he would instead target the very ground on which it stood. The cliffside! Summoning all his might he would through the bolt at the cliff, a flash of Octarine brilliance would shimmer across the chasm of which they stood followed by a sudden hissing crack of chimes as the bolt found its target, destroying the cliff face and causing the creature to lose its footing. It was at this moment that the old man realised what he had done, as he watched both the monster and Ceruberr fall into the roiling torrent below. He thought perhaps that Ceruberr had already succumbed to his ordeal but it did not matter. For as such thoughts raced through his mind he suddenly found himself upon the floor, collapsed. He had strained himself heavily and his ancient body could not tolerate such abuse without protest. He lay slumped upon the dead and lifeless void-kissed landscape next to the portal as he could only watch Ceruberr fall to what he assumed was his doom with the creature behind him. His ears were ringing but he could hear the cries of others of his party as he heard another voice disappear down below. To his dismay he could only barely peer over and ask “What is it? What’s happening?” To which the party merely replied “It’s Saeldur! (_princeton_) It’s Saeldur! He has jumped down after his brother Ceruberr!” A great pang of dread and guilt would fill within the old man’s throat as he tried to swallow. Only to find himself incapable. “No…” He thought to himself. “Oh my Aeriel and the Sages above no… What have I done?” The old man would sit by the side of the roiling portal to oblivion as silence would drift over the battlefield for the first time in a long while. The deaths of colleagues, two friends no less of the Celestial order, members of his order. Now hung above his head. “Aeriel… oh Aeriel what have I wrought?” The old man could only grumble and serve a murmur before saying “That fool… that foolish fool!” Saeldur’s fate was certain, his death assured. The old man panged with guilt gritted his teeth as he thought to himself, “What a fool I am! A servant of the realm? I just let two boys I’ve known since their youth die by my hand! What kind of servant am I? To be so reckless? Blundermore the Wise, Blundermore the Sage, Blundermore the Guardian, Blundermore the Wizard. Bah!” He would think sarcastically to himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD9r0q3Cey4 At that moment a thought passed through his mind as he remembered from earlier, when the creatures of the Voidal tear attempted to bargain with the party prior to the horrid business of war. The old wizard’s mind raced as he tried to think of something, anything, to save them. “What can I trade? What do I have to bargain?” He would think, until suddenly it dawned upon him… Letting out a gruffled demand he would call out “Creature? Are you still present?” He would immediately feel the presence of the being, despite being invisible to the naked eye it would be all too clear that at the very least the creature could hear him. “You speak of bargains and trades before… well, I have a bargain for you!”. The old wizard would breath heavily as his chest had been damaged by the prior battle. He would continue heaving as he said “Saeldur and the others… they do not deserve this fate.” Master Sage Elvira (Farryn) would look on with a face of shock as she heard the Ancient Ascended speak before she realised what was going on. Her eyes widening she would say with admission; “….Blundermore… you're not saying…? A life for a life….? We don’t even know if he’s still alive!” The old wizard would struggle to keep himself upright as he would pause for a moment as he contemplated what he was doing before finally replying to Elvira: “I've lived far longer than I have had any right to… and seen things that no man should have ever seen. I'm old… beyond my years and outstayed my welcome. A worn and tattered old thing of several bygone eras. All things must end, but their lives? No… their's cannot end yet. Not this way and certainly not by my hand!”. Remorse would grip the old man as he would let out a choked tear to the loss of Ceruburr and Saeldr. He could feel that the interest of the entity had been peaked immensely at what he was about to propose. He could feel the very air hanging upon his every word as he spoke and he knew that this would be the only way. “Creature… if it is in your power to save them from death, I implore you to do so. And in return... I shall go with you to wherever it is you shall wish to take me.” Elvira Naromis-Iyliar would merely watch on in horror as a mentor and a dear friend would put himself onto the bargaining table. Her usual calm and serene demeanor just simply beginning to break apart. She takes a deep breath and she merely nods in agreement, knowing that the Creed of Aeriel is very clear, she knew all too well as Master Sage of the Ascended order that penance must be paid in order to satisfy this transgression on Blundermore’s honor. The old Wizard would continue: “What say you? The life and service of the last anointed Sage of Aeriel, the Second Wizard of Aegis and Master of the Celestial Order, to do with as you wish?” The silence would be deafening as if the whole world has simply stopped a-gasped at what was said, the mere utterance of those words reeling upon the now quiet of the turmoil below them of the Arcane Voidal fissure. The old wizard could however see that the creature was contemplating his request with quite some glee even if the others could not. Soon the voice would speak against towards Blundermore “That is… something.. I will trade you for.” Soon, there would be almost a ripple in the world, as the air around seems to almost go a weird black. Breathing he would now know that the bargain had been struck. The table had been set and he would have to make good on what he had promised. Summoning all the strength he had left he would attempt to stand. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/569512564627734551/587838817994539039/2019-06-11_14.56.56.png “Help me stand up” He would say as Kazrin Starbreaker (Drhope) would come to his aid, helping him to stand upright. Trying to keep his composure he would straighten himself out, despite the pain in his chest and the screaming coming from all over his body telling him that there was nothing left to give… no… not nothing, there was still something left worth giving. He would think to himself. Sollumnly Kazrin would merely be only able to utter “Yehll beh remembered... Blundermore.” Elvira would stand firm as she looks the Ancient directly in the eyes, attempting to keep what little composure she had left going: “…I will ensure that the future generations of the Ascended never forget you and what you did on this say, Sage Blundermore…. Archaengul guide you, old friend,” she seems to hold back tears as she said such. There would be a ripple, as suddenly a portal would appear. A straight drop that the wizard can simply fall into. “Jump.. And you will come with me.. You will follow around in the void.. Blundermore.. It'll be a great time for everyone involved..” A snicker would almost fill the land. Dark, chaotic energy filling over the area where Saeldur had fallen into. Turning to look to the portal for a moment the old Wizard would be gripped by fear for the first time in an age… fear of the unknown. Fear of the end, it was close now, he thought, “I can feel it, Aeriel give me strength for what is to come.” Looking towards those who remained upon that bloody field he would hazard a smile as he looks wearily towards the group. “It has been… a great journey, and the greatest pleasure to serve this realm. This world filled with such wonderful and brilliant men women and children whom I have had the greatest pleasure of meeting. I’ve seen entire realms destroyed only for them to tenaciously continue on, continue to endure when by rights we all should’ve died in Aegis. But there comes a time when all must meet their fate. If this is to be mine, then I shall go into it gladly knowing I stood amongst such fine people.” The swirling dark chaotic energy would almost rise Saelunor from the ground. The energy within the lands shocking the body. As it would basically rise from the lands.. Though it stays there. Motionless for the time “It is time, ‘Wizard’. Our bargain awaits.” the entity would say with malevolent glee... Looking towards the portal once more he would steel himself for what was to come, slowly he would hand his stave to the party before him and would carefully set his wizard hat upon the ground as he would solemnly say https://youtu.be/zCEAB2lztCM “I suppose I will not be needing these, wherever I am going… “ “Farewell, Narvak oz Blundermore.” Kazrin would say. “We shall meet again within the halls of Haven to take her side in the afterlife” Elvira would say with duty. Honor and duty… honor and duty. Virtues he has strived for for so long, and now it would lead him to whatever bitter end awaited him. Honour shall be satisfied, that is all that matters now. As the wizard would step backwards onto the precipice of the portal he would find himself awashed suddenly with a calmness he had not felt in a long while… perhaps Sage Miaviel his predecessor was with him in spirit. A comforting feeling to know that he would not take this perhaps final journey alone. Standing upon the edge of oblivion he would look towards the group as he clasped his hands together “All things pass” He would say smiling “Let this be not a sad end”. ”Farewell...” Closing his eyes he would allow himself to slip backwards off the precipise and into the jaws of Oblivion below… and with that the Wizard of Aegis disappeared into nothing to realms unknown. Taken by the Displacer. “All things must pass.” -Blundermore Patrick WindRaker, The Wizard of Aegis. ((A big shout out to Mystery and everyone else present at the voidal tear event this evening! Was great fun!))
  13. Haus von Reuss Family Origins to Present Day The Reuss family hails from Aeldrin from a small town lost with time. The family started with Ulric Reuss and his wife Maria Reuss. They had two children Markus Reuss and Rose Reuss. Markus served in the Order of Saint Lucien when the brothers were released from their vows, Markus went to find a wife. When he found a woman named Eva, he fell for her and they soon married. They had two sons, Godwyn and Godfried. Godwyn was the first born, then came Godfried. After the boys were born, then came the girls. First came Lili and then came Rosa. At the early ages of twenty and eighteen, the boys went out in search of a new home and new possibilities. They were sent away from home and Aeldrin because there was no opportunities left in their small town and most of the people who lived there had already left and their parents became ill to that point of no return. It took the boys a long time to find a suitable home for themselves. They finally came across Caer Bann a glorious keep flying a flag they were accustomed too. They sent word to their family back in Aeldrin only to receive a response from their sisters and how they would come immoderately to Caer Bann. Family Members Markus Reuss - Patriarch (Presumed dead) Godwyn Reuss - Eldest son of Markus (Alive) [Fishywasupxxx] Godfried Reuss - Youngest son of Markus (Alive) - [BigMacMoMo] Lili Reuss - Eldest daughter of Markus - Playable Rosa Reuss - Youngest daughter of Markus - (Alive) – [Stickyhon] Characteristics Waldenian (Heartlander) Blonde hair Blue eyes Males height - 6’0”-6’4” Females height - 5’4”-5’8” We are Accepting players to join our family! (More characters i.e. cousins and whatnot are available too!) If you wish to join us contact Fishywasupxxx in game or on discord Fishy#5175
  14. Primrose Kortrevich and Ser Ulric Vyronov sit side by side at the small table within the Kortrevich manor’s sitting room, looking over wedding plans. The ring upon the young woman’s finger glitters as she shifts a sheet of parchment out of the way. “Hmm…” she murmurs, taking a last glance at the files before them. “I s’pose we ought to send out invitations, we ain’t have much time left.” she glances up to Ulric. He smiles back at her before reaching across the table for a stack of blank parchment. “Yes,” he agrees, drawing the paper towards them. Primrose picks up her quill, dipping it in an inkwell. “Shall we invite everyone, then?” she inquires with another look at Ulric. “I don’t see why not.” he replies. She nods, hesitantly bringing pen to parchment. In large, lovely scripted lettering she writes, ‘The Union of Houses Vyronov and Kortrevich’. After observing her writing for a moment, she gives a brief, satisfied nod before continuing. “We hereby invite you…” she mutters as she writes. The letter reads as follows. To all Haeseni men and women it may interest, we hereby invite you to the Wedding of Ser Ulric Vyronov and Primrose Kortrevich. We wish to request your attendance to support the union of this young man and lady. As well as to relish the night of excitement and celebration with us. The ceremony will be held within Reza’s lovely chapel, The Basilica of Saint Rudolph in The First Seed of 1720. We hope to see you there! Signed, Primrose Salina Kortrevich Ser Ulric Vyronov Primrose finishes writing and holds the first sheet of parchment away from her face, scrutinizing it. She glances to the awaiting stack of unwritten papers with a sigh. “This is going to take a while.” she complains as she signs her name, sliding it over for Ulric to do the same. Ulric then rolls the page up, tying it with a red ribbon. “Yes,” he nods in agreement, “but it’ll be worth it.” He kisses the top of her head as he stands, walking towards the corner of the room where an iron cage sits. He opens the door, tying the rolled note to the leg of the small speckled dove within. Ulric then opens the window, sending the first invitation fluttering out into the sunlit streets of Reza. OOC Info: 7pm EST on Friday the 14th of June Reza, Haense in The Basilica of Saint Rudolph
  15. @Emenzi An Uncle’s Letter 10th of Sigismund’s End, 1719 To my nephew, Andrik, I write to you with my mind on the great burdens that you will soon inherit. For when the time comes that I must pass this full responsibility to your hands, I look at you with a deep sense of empathy, for the times will test your will and strength unceasingly. However, I know in my heart that you possess a unique strength that will soon command the confidence of men and the people whom bound by oath and trust in you, shall see that you a resolute leader. I teach you our history so that you do not ever forget the legacy that you have been tasked to protect and pass on. Generations of kings who sat in your place, who mourned the problems of their time, have all been tested in each and every way. Some were victorious champions of humanity like Petyr I. Some were ambitious but allowed their voracious appetite to treachery like Andrik II, your namesake. Some were humbled by crippling defeat like Marius I, which tempered the determination for Highlander unity. Some were adamant protectors of the faith in the midst of odds like Otto II. Some did whatever they could to protect the sovereignty of our kingdom from threats across like that of Otto III, Sigmar I, and Robert I. Your father did what he could in the years that GOD bore witness to his life and I know fully that he would want you to stand brave and strong in the midst of all adversity. I am confident as ever that despite whatever plagues our time, GOD puts good and honest men to rise above the times and dispense what is right and just for all of our people. You, my nephew, have been given this extraordinary call to lead your people when it needs stability and certainty the most. I have and kept my promise to your father to raise you and teach you what it means to rule. However, I have accepted the fact that I cannot do that until you learn on your own what it means to be a good man. Never look at your enemies with malice, but let prudent judgment and a steady hand in the battlefield and in the court be the arm with which you act against all who your people are harmed by. Seek the advice of those who love you, pray to the saints whose eyes watch over you, and seek inner strength from the generations of men who have stood in your place. I seek only to be candid, Andrik, in telling you that the crown of kings is not unlike a crown of thorns which will inflict many wounds upon you, but it is out of love for your subjects and our duty to your ancestral roots that you wear it with honor and dignity. As you grow and when you read this letter one year from now, or five years from now, or fifty years from now, may you look at this as the words of a loving uncle who has always wanted what is best for you and for the family name of the great House of Barbanov. With sincerity, Uncle Georg
  16. THE NEKHABET & THE TRIBES OF MALI’ASUL & VALAH’HT Mali’Asul History & Society Asul and their human soldiers once were glorious in both might and beauty, their scrolls long since burned. A history once believed to be grand now lay in rubble far below the sands. The Pharmalin believed themselves to be the chosen people of a forgotten Daemon, for they believed their necromancy would allow them to rule and begin a war in the realms beyond, far away from their Mali’aheral brothers they toiled forging armies of dead in the sands. Their kingdom, if you could call a shambling mass of mindless undead fell into ruin as the necromancers fought one another in an vain attempt to grab power over the realm, A realm of little consequence to anyone else. However the sand swallows all in the end as would become a common phrase; the war proved to have no victor, and the art of their necromancy perhaps lost forever in the dunes. The only whispers of this story come from those who claim to hail from the hidden kingdom of the undead it’s name now gone. All that remains is the Nekhabet, Arak, & The Sun Elves of the deserts. Mali’Asul are known mostly for their desire for their aggression, instead of hiding in their homes they are known to instead nearly to a fault be ready to fight both at war and in single combat. For most of all might makes right in the lives of any tribe. Thus one cannot lead a tribe without both the wisdom & knowledge of a warrior and the mind of a leader keeping weak leadership out. Tattoos mark their skin, showing their accomplishments and titles etched in gold for their lavish nature still resides below a warrior’s strong ideals desiring to amass wealth and rule once more remains lingering in all Asul hearts believing themselves not only all deserving of great power but superior to their high elven breathen whom they often call Lowborn for their weak moral code and seemingly reclusive nature. Famous riders and horses are known to frequently come from the stock of the Asul being very numerous it is within their culture to not only honor horses but live beside them. For a Mali cannot rely only on their legs or strength of arms if they are to rule over those whom sit in their castles. The Nekhabet Tribe however have a renown desire for rare objects, scrolls, and gold being interested most of all in their ability to fight against the undead for while they Asul once wielded them, they too fought them. They most frequently share the traits of white hair and amber almost golden eyes Their Sister tribe the Arak however idolize combat to an extreme degree fighting for the simple joy of it, known also perhaps for their lustful nature. They most frequently share hues of gray in their hair, their eyes similar to that of the Nekhabet perhaps denoting a shared lineage. Nekhabet & Arak Behavior Mali’Asul Culture & Society Asul Architecture & Defenses Mali’Asul Tribal Faith The Tribes of the Sun Elves *In full detail Mali’Asul Tribal Virtues firstly are the virtues all tribes shared the Mali’Asul or Sun Elves followed, a strong set of virtues that govern their life since they lack a core religion they instead follow a strict code of honor written as their ‘Virtues’. It brings shame to those whom break these Virtues. Arak Nekhabet Interested in RolePlaying the culture? https://discord.gg/kzGwpZF is the discord. Please if you wish to actively help improve this post join!
  17. [!] A document is pinned to the wall of the Cloud Temple for all new’uns to see. Golden Age! Oi may nay be ah very important halfling, ‘n oi may have just moved here from Sutica, but darn are we having good times right now! Things beh much better than they were in the Dunshire oi remember from me youth! T’a village is always full to the brim with smilin’ faces, and loads of fun things happen all the time! I believe we’ve entered ah new Golden Age, similar if nay greater than the ol’ Golden Age we had back in Branborough. Evereh month t’a village sees six ‘er seven halflings at the very least, ‘n biggun visitors are more common than ever! We live prosperously withou’ the fears of war that ravage the rest o’ Arcas, and our culture continues to expand, grow, and even influence bigguns ter some extent! So come on down t’a Brandybrook for some good ol’ fun, some good booze, and ter be free from conflict and strife forevahmore! Praised be this new halfling village! Oi wish I started living in ‘t sooner! -Pervinca Applebrook [!] The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook. Pervinca probably stole it from somewhere. OOC Right now the halfling activity is the highest it’s ever been in 2-3 years. The percentage of new player applications that are halflings are almost as numerous as those that are Orcs. We have reliably active leadership that’s able to plan fun events every day, and plenty of halflings to join in on these events. Thus, it’s fair to say that the halflings of Brandybrook are experiencing similar prosperity and relevance to what the halflings of Branborough had in 2012, back during the so-called “Halfling Golden Age” that all the old halflings remember so fondly. While we still have things to improve in the village, more events to plan, and more culture to develop, I see no reason for us to fail in these tasks, especially since Summer Vacation is just around the corner (or already here) and finals are wrapping up. If you wish to join as and roleplay in Brandybrook, the village is open to visitors at any time, even for non-halflings! We’d love to see ya! -jumperhand3
  18. *A poster is hung up, written in strikingly neat penmanship reads the following* The Cursus Honorum Beware to those who travel the roads We have no mercy We fight to the end We run from no nation And we do as we please When you bring us nothing as tribute, we will find a way for you to pay. When you pull a sword on us, we will pull a limb from you If you wish for a fight, we will give you a massacre. Beware to those who cross The Cursus Honorum (ooc) (If you wish to contact me about joining the group, my tag is PCSwift#9754)
  19. --posting on behalf of someone who has an agreement with Fireheart that they are allowed to do this.-- Everybody Hurts, Sometimes The flames of Dunharrow flickered gently in the crisp evening air. Two men sat on the cobbles of the Dunharrow Monastery. Both tall with shoulders more befitting scholars than warriors. Yet both clad in arms and armour, bearing many scars from the countless battles they had fought. Despite their relative youth. The silence between the two was broken “Aeyn” muttered the younger of the two, “I feel that my path has strayed. I cannot make amends but where we are is certainly no home for us” he’d say “Could the Caunter curse be true, could we be followed by death?” he’d utter turning and gazing deep into the flames of the Temple’s hearth. Titling his head bacak the masked priest chuckled shaking his head “The burdens of leadership my child. Every decision you make is wrong, some are just the least wrong”. He’d say sombrely his eyes turned downward as his fingers would nimbly play over the filigreed surface of his staff. “Ours in an ancient house, spanning the centuries it has not been others that were our folly. But ourselves. Over and over again we’ve slaughtered and betrayed our own blood. Mayhaps our blood is a cursed blood” he’d sigh silence once more embracing the monastic alcove. Emerging from the shadows stepped a tall man, clad in the furs and mail of a Nordish warrior he let fly a bolt aimed for the young Caunter. The bolt thudded into the calf of the young warrior, embedding itself deeply in his flesh as he’d cry out in pain,. Surging to his feet the armoured priest would roar, his flaming staff casting sparks and smoke about him as he’d rise “NOT IN MY TEMPLE YOU SUBHUMANS” he’d scream, the primal rage of old taking his veins. How dare they violate the guestright, how dare they taint hallowed grounds. Yet more and more of them slunk from the shadows, Nordishmen and mercenaries alike approached with deadly intent, the tabards of Silversteed, of Rorik, of Rosik all present. “Step away from the traitor, Aeyn” they said, pleadingly “We do not want to kill you”. Yet he would not be swayed. Facing down his companions, his kin, his battle brothers the priest stood. His chin raised arrogantly against his own doom “Any man that harms these men further will incur bloodfeud with the Edvardsson” He’d croak “But your sins to the Father, these cannot be forgiven by me, grovel before the Father and beg for his forgiveness” he’d continue his voice even and low. From beyond came the sounds of nailed boots, the tavern having emptied at the shouting. The banners of Caunter and a collection of townsfolk arrived. Chief amongst them Ein and Cassio. Briefly assessing the situation they drew blades and set forth, intent on subduing those who would break sacred law, who would draw weapons on hallowed ground in violence. Without further words battle was joined, the outnumbered defenders swiftly subdued by the assassins. The bannermen of Caunter secured as Aeyn and Ein were pulled to their feet. Once more they limped to stand before Landry Caunter. “You will have to kill me if you wish to kill this man” The wounded priest would cough. The Caunter bannermen were dragged to the center of the room, limp and unconscious. And in the center of the Temple, each was slaughtered like an animal. A brute, efficient slash to the throat. Then their limp still oozing bodies were cast aside, like refuse. “Perhaps we should depart” muttered Vladimyr, clad in the Rosiik colours, he’d look about uncomfortably fiddling with the Fatherist token strung about his neck. It in turn splattered in the blood of his fellow Fatherist. His fellows ignored him, pressing forward to slay Landry, yet shielded by the wounded yet resolute defenders of the Temple. Once more battle was joined, the warsong echoing about the high walls of the monastery. Blade on blade, steel on steel. Screams filled the night as men were butchered in the cramped confines of the monastery. Each in turn adding to the cacophony of war, the symphony of death. Aeyn, locked in battle with an imperial legionnaire. Cast them down, bleeding heavily before Vladimyr Rosik slid his blade through his back. Flow of battle seemed to slow as all would watch the man fall, his body rent from abuse. His flaming staff falling from his hands and clattering to the cobbles. The High Keeper was dead, slain by his own kin. Betrayed by his own brothers in arms. Truly a befitting death for a Ruric. As Aeyn fell his heart was filled with regret and sorrow. He had failed. To spread the faith, to defend his young nephew and grand nephew. To build a Norland worth having. His defiance, his stubbornness, his honour had cost him his life. Yet as his lifeblood leaked from his body all his achievements meant nothing. His young sons, mere children not yet having seen ten winters would be orphans. Their mother long gone. His brother would be left bereft of his council, his kingdom still enmeshed in war. His close friends Solvi and Tyr Faretto would never again grace his ears with their laughter, their bickering, the heartening cries of their children. “Farewell” he’d mutter, closing his eyes one last time. Thus, death took him. Some cried out in horror as they watched the once vital man fall, others simply remained silent. Coming to turns with the gravity of their actions. To slay traitors was one thing, to sin, but to slay the High Keeper. Such could not be so easily forgiven. The temple defenders were each in turn bound. Landry struggling mightily to touch the corpse of his adopted father one last time, tears streaming down his cheeks. Yet before he could, he we dragged away. All resistance gone as the cooling corpses faded from view. Then, as his clanfolk and his uncle before him. His life was cut short. William of Silversteed denying him his right of last words as he would slaughter the bound man with his blade. So death took Landry of Caunter. Returning to the hall the murderous band noticed Ein, chancellor of Norland and friend of Aeyn. Though both arm and foot were bound, he crawled with his chin. Desperately trying to be near Aeyn one last time before his own death. With tears streaming down his eyes he’d manage to rest his forehead on the chest of his beloved battle brother. The band would look about arguing amongst themselves whether or not the defenders should be slain, they could serve as witnesses, feudsmen for the future. So long as they lived there would be no peace. One by one they uttered their assent first William of Silversteed, releasing a brief “Aye” then the Vladimyr uttering a quiet “nay” followed by the legionary and the mercenary each in turn uttering “Aye”, So it was decided. Then almost lazily the legionnaire turned piercing the back of Ein’s skill with their blade as they wept atop the chest of their slain companion. So death took Ein of Yaander. Then, the cold eyes of the band turned to Cassio. “Put me with Aeyn” he said coldly, his eyes like daggers rending the soul of each murderer. So he was lain next to the now cool body of Aeyn, and his throat was unceremoniously slit. His blood leaked onto the saturated cobbles of the monastery, quickly becoming sticky as the violence settled. So death took Cassio of Dunharrow. And it was done. OOC:
  20. MERCHANT’S AGREEMENT 1st of Sun’s Smile, 1719 Following the defensive pact signed between the Principality of Cresonia and the Imperium Renatum and the formal establishment of diplomatic relations, the House of Alstreim and its trading subsidiary, Alstreim Ventures, have seen it fit to aid the emergent nation’s construction efforts with a donation to the Principality’s coffers, exchanged for a simple token of respect. A formal agreement had been drafted to document this exchange. The terms of the agreement, decided upon by both parties, are as follows: The House of Alstreim and its trading subsidiary, Alstreim Ventures, shall deliver a sum of three thousand minas to the treasury of the Principality of Cresonia. The Principality of Cresonia shall raise and maintain in its capital a statue of Ser Jan Sigmar of Alstreim, the Blood Raven of Lorraine. Signed, ℭ𝔬𝔯𝔴𝔦𝔫 𝔳𝔬𝔫 𝔄𝔩𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔪 Corwin of the House of Alstreim, Orderman of the Red Dragon, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Blood Raven of Lorraine, Keeper of the Blood Chalice and the Opal Crown HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Asria of House Nasrid, High Princess of Cresonia
  21. [!]Pelilasdir stands at the edge of the pond in The Visaj Friendship Park within the Blessed Bastion of Haelun’or. He stands there with his naga behind him holding Frostbane and Frostfyre in two of it’s large hands. Pel scans over the surrounding area, watching carefully. He begins the summoning of a small silver rose(Purity Rose), that shines brightly signifying him to be extremely pure. He holds it in his hands, looking down solemnly at the rose. “My lovely fiance Del, I hope my words get to you ok, I wish you the best of luck to you on your journey, it’ll be a struggle to get on your feet after this I’m sure, but I need you to do that for me, live on for me, for Alwnwe, for Agoton. I want you to strive to be a better person than I could’ve ever been. I don’t wish for you to lock yourself away in some dark cramped room, I need you to go out into the world, explore more than I ever have, find adventure, love, friendship. I know how we felt for one another, that love will remain in my heart always and forever, but you must move on without me, but please make sure to look after my family. Also I have left an important letter for you within our home, please read over it.” He smiles softly as he looks to the night sky, the everyday traffic of Haelun’or not caring about what he’s doing down there. “My dear older brother Nehtamo, I wish you the best in regards to being the best Sillumir you could possibly hope to be. I leave behind Frostbane to you, our family greatsword. May it grant you many victories in battle. I know we did not get along much, but I still cared for you, I may have done things to you but that was all out of love, I’m sorry for being the way I was and I wish we could’ve been closer, but please look after Agoton for me, and make sure Del is alright once I’m gone. You are my dear older brother and nothing can change that. I love you brother, it may not have seemed like I did, but I always have and always will. Frostfyre is yours, same with the families.” Tears streaming down his face while he stands there, watching the world around him blur and cloud, before smiling evermore, knowing that he will see them someday in whatever afterlife the mali’aheral get. “To my dear son Agoton, though we have not spent much time together I hope you get along with your uncle as well as Del and Alwnwe. You have always been my pride and joy, from the day you were born I loved and cared for you, knowing that you would surpass your father. Be the best ‘thill you could ever be. Trust in yourself, your family, and your friends. I will always be there for you, watching over you.” The purity rose glows more and more brightly as he continues, shining like a beautiful star in the night. He looks at the people going about their business, smiling softly, knowing that he is leaving his family in good hands. “To my dear Dellbloom, I wish I could’ve been a better father before you vanished, I hope this letter finds you. I loved and cared for you the best I could but apparently that was not enough, I should’ve done more, your were the light in the dark for me, always pulling me out of situations I shouldn’t of gotten myself into. I miss you greatly, and I wish I could’ve seen your face one last time before I sleep for eternity. I love you Dell.” He kneels in the grass going to put the flower there, and let it’s roots take hold, this flower will remain there even after his death. The flower still glows brightly, not losing it’s shine, as if it is there to symbolize his great purity. “To Elrion, I am sorry for all the wrongs I’ve done to you, I wish we could’ve mended our relationship and made it whole again, you were one of the kindest people I knew, from helping me give a blind child sight, to having each others back in battle, oh those days were wonderful, how I wish I could go back to them, before this whole mess with purity. I am sorry, and I understand if you still despise me even after I’m gone, but I want you to know, that I never wanted to become evil. I never wished to be a dark mage, the world would burn before I went to the dark arts. You were my closest llir, and I wish you the best of luck.” He nods to himself after planting the flower, before summoning another and beginning to plant a flower for each name he lists off. Each one shining a different light based on their purity. “Caestella, I wished we got to know one another better, we were close, so I’m sorry for all the things I did that made you distrust me and even hate me, we should’ve mended our relationship. I hope you have better luck with your family then I had with mine. I hope your son learns the way of purity. You were a good friend, and for that I am grateful to you for having been in my life.” The flower for Caestella shines brightly, the flower for Elrion even brighter, the flower for Pel not as bright as Elrions, but equal in brightness to Caestella. He nods before rising from his kneeling position, Pel’s flower sits on the right, Elrion’s in the center, and Caestella’s on the left, this garden of flowers will grow more one day, shining brightly in Haelun’or, his last gift to the wonderful people he’s leaving behind. “To Modus, you were a wonderful friend, someone I could share things with, from our first encounter I thought you quite odd. Though I found you to be a wonderful companion there afterwards. I couldn’t imagine life without you in it, our shared dream was a wonderful thing to experience. I believe that you would’ve been willing to raze Haelun’or to the ground if the crowned me in gold, so please don’t do that, I want you to find some other way to come to terms with my death.” The Naga, begins to pull the four swords from it’s sheathes on it’s back. It’s four arms ready to take down it’s master, which is he’s final wish. “To Alwnwe, you were a lovely child, and I will miss you greatly, it was a blessing to have you in my life, after losing so much. I hope you grow up to be the best ‘thill you honestly could ever be. Even without me there I will always support you, please know that you are a great person, and I couldn’t dream of a world without you.” He looks to the south, watching the stars in the sky glitter beautifully, thinking of peace, he looks back to the 3 flowers in front of him, before retrieving the crimson vace, that he never did anything with, and probably should have. “Xavis, I am glad I met you, I hope your search for a Cognatist has been fruitful. I hope your family is doing well, and your city is growing. It’s a shame we didn’t speak much after all that has happened, but I’m sure you are doing well. I never got to use the Crimson Vace, I almost did, but I was never able to give to my Fiance, so I’m leaving it here, in honor of your friendship, in honor of your wife that is no longer with us, and in honor of the love we both shared for two wonderful women.” He sighs lightly, before climbing to a standing position after planting the Crimson Vace, he steps to the water holding his arms out, as the Naga jams it’s blades into his body, letting him fall into the pond, resting in peace. As he lays there peacefully moving in the small waves, his naga explodes into a sad array of fireworks, the flowers he planted remaining there fully, a flock of sparrowhawks fly from the trees carrying messages for each person he spoke of, them receiving exactly what he said. [!]The park remains quiet after a while, Pelilasdir’s body floating in the small pond. Him dead, his soul hopefully moving on.
  22. The Dragon and the Crow signed in the Imperial city of Helena on the 8th of The Grand Harvest, 1719. The Imperium Renatum and the Principality of Cresonia, would agree on a defensive pact between both nations. Upon the meeting the empire agreed to help the princedom against any foe as long as both parties wished and had a mutual agreement to uphold this pact. The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as followed: [ I ] : Both parties shall enforce a strict non-aggression pact, under all circumstances. [ II ] : Both parties shall agree to defend one another if the other is aggressed upon, with nothing left than the full extent of their military and political authority. [ III ] : Both parties recognize the irrevocable sovereignty and independence of the others nation. If this sovereignty and independence is contested or threatened, they shall protect one another, with nothing less than the full extent of their military and political authority. [ IV ] : The citizens of both the empire and the princedom shall be permitted to freely and safely travel within the borders of both of their lands. [ V ] : Both parties shall assist one another in intercepting and obtaining fugitives and criminals in their nations, unless they would violate another treaty, pact, or alliance in doing so. [ VI ] : If either party is found to be in violation of this pact, the two leaders will meet and discuss in a diplomatic way until an agreement on what to do has been met. Until then the defense pact and all its agreements will still fully stand. [ VII ] : This pact will stand for four saint’s months. Once this time has ended the two leaders will meet and discuss the pact. And if agreed upon will continue for another four saint’s months. If the current ruler of one of the two should die the pact will still stand until the agreed upon time has run out. The new ruler and the other one will then meet and discuss if they shall continue the pact or not. Signed by, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatum, King of Renatus, Marna, Haense, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Kaz’Ulrah, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera Her Royal Highness, Asria of House Nasrid, High Princess of Cresonia
  23. [!] Two letters are mailed to Rollo and Harold Applefoot respectively Make meh run yer economy! While wanderin’ round Brandybrook, oi noticed that the Excise ‘n Customs Office ‘ad naybodeh ter fill t’eh position! Since the office already be there, why nay let me become Brandybrook’s first ever Customs ‘n Excise official! Oi could manage all o’ the market stalls ‘n make sure they beh run by the correct people, as well as negotiate trade deals with bigguns tha’ll ‘elp get us more iron ‘n such! Oi even got Deek Driftwood, t’a Sheriff, ter support me in my bid to become a government official! Why nay let me run these markets? -Pervinca Applebrook.
  24. A Proclamation of Northern Sovereignty Issued and Confirmed by the Lord Regent Prince Georg Stanimar 12th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1719 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, The so-called “War of Two Emperors” has costed a great many lives and sacrifices to our people. With the death of His Majesty the King, we have sustained the greatest loss to our denizens as the North mourns the loss of our sovereign. In this regard, we have come to these ends, in accord with our conscience and in the interests of maintaining the integrity of the Highlander people. Our nation has suffered much, investing its great bounties and soldiers for the cause that has now loss the confidence of our subjects. Therefore, I, Prince Georg Stanimar of the House of Barbanov-Alimar, pursuant to my authority as Lord Regent and Protector of the Highlanders, do hereby order the following provisions: The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska hereby declares itself as an independent state, outside of the Holy Orenian Empire, with no further connections to that polity. We disavow our commitment to the signatory obligations of the Nenzing Proclamation The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska shall withhold all military activity as well as withdraw any forces outside of its territories, effective immediately. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska declares itself a neutral entity in the conflict until peace, in whatever form, is achieved and the war abated. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska sends its respective Lord Marshal, Otto of House Kortrevich to ensure a smooth relocation of Haeseni forces and the Royal Councillors to open channels with the remnant states as an independent nation. In this interests of the realm and the subjects of our kingdom, let GOD be our witness to this act and pray for the prosperity and peace of our world. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Highness, Prince Georg Stanimar of the House of Barbanov-Alimar, Lord Regent of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Lord Palatine of the Realm, and Protector of the Highlanders
  25. TREATY OF VES 1719 This treaty hereby entails the principles to an accord agreed upon by the signees, to be adhered to by both their respective civilians and military alike. Should either principle be broken by a respective participant of either nation, then a truce will be inherently invoked, ergo allowing a maximum of three saints days wherein efforts to re-evaluate the accord, and, or, deem the accord no longer viable. If an agreement cannot be made, the treaty will be declared null and void and a truce will be instituted for 15 years. THE SECESSION OF THE REPUBLIC OF VES AND INDEPENDENCE The Imperium Renatum does hereby recognize the legitimate independence of the Republic of Ves. The Imperium Renatum does hereby cede all claims of war and title against the Republic of Ves and its people, ergo nulling all casus belli The Republic of Ves does hereby cede all claims of war and title against the Imperium Renatum and its people, ergo nulling all casus belli. The Imperium Renatum and the Republic of Ves does hereby commit to a non-aggression pact which shall last a minimum of ten years and will be subject to renegotiations at the end of the treaty. CONCERNING THE WAR OF THE TWO EMPERORS The Republic of Ves does hereby recognize the legitimacy of Godfrey III as the rightful Emperor and successor to Emperor Antonius Owyn Horen. The Republic of Ves does hereby denounce the pretender Joseph Marna for the unlawful claim to the Holy Orenian Empire. The Republic of Ves shall hereby cede the County of Guise to Goldman Ltd. ON THE TOPIC OF ADRIA INHERITANCE AND THE CITY OF VES The Imperium Renatum does hereby destroy the title, THE DUCHY OF ADRIA, to never be used by any man. The Imperium Renatum shall agree to keep border skirmishes and battles away from the City walls of Ves. HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatum, King of Renatus, Marna, Haense, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Kaz’Ulrah, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera HIS SERENITY, Matthias Othan Rutledge, Prince of Ves, Ursus Squire
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