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  1. Soup Kitchen [Wednesday, 1pm EST] House Amador will be setting up a soup kitchen for the poor and those suffering. It will be held once every saint’s week. The meat will most of the time be made from the boar hunted by the family and vegetables grown from our own farm. The stand will be set up in the square where a line can be made for those needing food. SIGNED, HER EXCELLENCY, Ingrid Barclay, Lady Seneschal of Haense and Regent of Mondtstadt HIS LORDSHIP, Ramdir II Amador, Baron of Mondstadt
  2. Her Last Feather PK of Marcella Avern-Barclay Born in 1688, Marcella Baruch was the daughter of Richard Baruch and an unnamed woman from Curon. Her father was a known necromancer in his past and the woman was unknown but to a select few. However, under the custody of her father, he aimed to improve upon his ways and took up an alchemist stand within the city of Sutica. When Marcella was just shy of one her father was arrested and executed for his past crimes, abandoning her in the basement of Richard’s shop. Her adoptive brother Hiren had found her some time later an
  3. A Tourney For the Mighty ~ [!] The following flyer would be tacked to various notice boards and passed out by many couriers within the coming days. To the mightiest fighters of the realm, You are hereby invited to participate in a tournament hosted courteously by the Lunner Clan of Norland in which you will be able to showcase your skill, wit, and strength. After the tournament concludes, attendees and participants alike will be directed towards the tavern in the capitol (Varhelm) for celebratory drinks. A Test of Strength, Skill, an
  4. Liv

    The Uncaring Fool

    The Uncaring Fool “Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind. Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation. Suddenly, you know you are alive.” =============================================== As the birds fill a nearby meadow and the animals around create noises at this lush scene, the wind sways about brushing the flowers below and the leaves above. The golden hue of wheat surrounding this meadow in the middle is a path of dirt and gravel littered with an unkept feeling as eyes stare to the clouds. An individu
  5. THE SIXTEENTH GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Grand Kingdom “The trumpets of Kal’Darakaan call for descendants of Urguan to bear witness to the Sixteenth Grand Tournament! Let this event inaugurate an era of splendor and eminence, akin to those enjoyed by our ancestors. It has been nearly fifty years since the last Grand Tournament and as such, it is time for a new dwarf to step up and adopt this distinguished mantle. This event will be co-hosted by Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut and Falk Irongut, Rikkin of Clan Irongut.
  6. [!] Flyers are posted about the realm, whether that be within the Cloud Temple, one of the various nations, or trees along the sides of roads. That’s right it is the official grand opening of the Talon’s Port tavern! After so long without any notice, we are now opening with flair! For this grand event, all drinks will be half off! Along with this, we will have a dance-off with a bard on standby ready to play any tunes for your liking! So please come on Jan. 6th, 4EST to Talon’s Port to experience this lovely occasion! [!] Below is a small painting of a group in the tavern.
  7. [Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iqxzURgQWg ] -The Remnant Kha’- (Artist: Deiv Calviz) Overview: The Kharajyr, or Kha’, are a species of anthropomorphic feline creatures that stand upright on a pair of digitigrade legs and bear a long maneuverable tail. An ancient and exotic race, created from two living creatures long ago. Adorned by thick coats of fur and sharpened claws at the tips of their fingers. A race that resembles the largest members of the feline species standing upright just as a human. The species is broken down
  8. [!] Posted around the lands of Arcas, whether it be outside a tavern or on a roadside tree, would be flyers advertising the Brothers of Virtue. By briefly skimming over the flyer’s contents, one could quickly notice that the Brotherhood offers good work, great pay, and even greater drinking buddies. C A L L T O A R M S Brothers of Virtue Est. 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1782 Take up arms, Brothers! May a common purpose guide our travels, leave us walking a path undivided. Rekindle the embers of l
  9. Hidden Chest of Karosgrad [Sunday, 1pm EST] A chest with a certain item will be hidden somewhere in Karosgrad once every saint’s week. A riddle or hint will be given on where it is hidden. So look out, for you won’t be the only seeker in this game. The items are donated from the House of Amador SIGNED, HER EXCELLENCY, Ingrid Barclay, Lady Seneschal of Haense and Regent of Mondtstadt HIS LORDSHIP, Ramdir II Amador, Baron of Mondstadt
  10. A letter for my kin, the Mali’fenn. 13th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 4 of the Second Age. “I am writing this letter to those who share my blood. To those who regard themselves as Mali’fenn. If this reaches you, then know that I rejoice in the fact my kin are not extinct. I have spoken face to face with some of you, but to my understanding I have not exchanged words with all of you. Furthermore, I have likely not formally met those remnants. To introduce myself to you, I am Aesilnoth Tundrak. Formerly the Commander and later Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, Hi
  11. Royal Missive - Missing dog Issued and confirmed by Her Majesty, Queen Isabel Franziska Barbanov, 354 ES Her Royal Highness, the Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov, baroness of Antioch’s dog has gone missing. A finder’s prize of 500 minas will be given to those that can find the dog and return it safely to the Nikirala Prikaz in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. He will respond to the name Alexei, his fur is black and white with brown eyes and has a gold collar on its neck. It is a well trained dog and around 3 years of age. [!] A painting of
  12. Gemini

    An ancient letter

    [!] Dust seems to decorate the ancient parchment. The corners of the paper have but crumbled. It is clear this letter is old, at least a couple centuries, perhaps even more. To the beloved daughter, It was a beautiful day. Choirs consisting of different birds, all singing in tune. The sun and the moon facing each other, how magical it felt. It was right then when Gwynaeth took a look at me, her face filling with joy as you were delivered into this world. Nuala, we decided to call you. For the never ending respect for
  13. Tournament of Nations The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska extends an invitation to every nation and settlement all across the continent of Almaris to send their most valiant warrior to represent their people in the Tournament of Nations. The victor of this tournament will be bestowed the honorary title of Champion of Almaris and be gifted a decorative olive wreath signifying their victory. After the tournament, we will head to the tavern for drinks and various tavern games. The Tournament will consist of two brackets, a winners and losers bracket. Once someone loses a
  14. OOC: This Tome is a collection of poetry written by Silas Astasel, located with an irp book. Often, these entries will involve some background as he writes it, which onlookers/those reasonably around may emote in response to within this post. If you wish to do this, simply begin a reply, select the entry and hit "quote selection," then add your response emote. Direct confrontation between characters should be avoided most times, as to not metagame or make the post a confusing web. This being said, the contents written within this tome are located behind closed pages, an
  15. As issued 22nd of The First Seed, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL The following reforms to the training schedules of the Legion of Urguan, the main defensive body of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, shall be put into practice EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for the betterment and security of Dwarven Legionnaires: STATUTE I: SCHEDULE Legion practices shall henceforth be hosted by the Grand Marshal or one of his Commanders (or failing this a Thane) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 4 PM EST, with Wednesday being for Division I, and Friday is for Division II. Saturday is the gener
  16. THEME [CIRCA 1782] "I wish not to live life like the average person. So pitifully boring, that is.” THE BEGINNING Owynsburg Kaedrin, 1776. “Ivanna, look at all of this!” Exclaimed a fourteen year old Florenza d’Amato, fresh from the land of Illatians. The young freckled girl marvels at her surroundings, frolicking around the streets merrily. “Don’t you love it, Florenza?” comments a dark haired woman with a large hat and blue eyes. The young woman smiles at her cousin’s amazement, pulling her
  17. [!] A single sheet of paper is pinned to the noticeboard of Bramblebury ~One of the many songbirds local to the region. Here it is drawn on top of a snowy branch, a typical scene in this here Great Winter~ "Hello fellow wee folks! Let us go on a walk and explore the fantastic flora and fauna of our village's woodlands! Today we will be focusing on birds specifically! All who attend will be given a commemorative birdseed brew, so please keep that in mind when considering your attendance! The time will be within on the Snow's Maiden, the first day (as the great pumpkin
  18. A Norlandic Krugsmas Celebration ~ [!] The following missive would be displayed upon numerous notice boards and delivered by couriers across the continent. "‘Twas the night before Krugsmas…" [!] A depiction of Varhelm and the vassals surrounding it on Krugsmas eve. In honor of the nearing Krugsmas holiday, Queen Ancelie of Norland has decided to host a grand Krugsmas party in which guests will enjoy a warm feast, finely brewed Ashwood Spirits, a few rounds of gambling, and a night at the theater. This momentous even
  19. It would be yet another delightfully cold and snowy day in the northern region of Almaris. As a certain Mali'fenn sat in her home in Norland, she would begin writing a missive. It would read as followed: The Mali'fenn of the once great Princedom of Fenn, It has been some time since I have spoken to some if not all of you. Firstly I would like to ask for forgiveness for not being present in the political affairs of our people. I cant help but feel some amount of guilt for not being the leader I vowed to be when I became the Grand Princess of the Princedom of Fenn. I
  20. A long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl in a castle deep inside the forest. She was always alone, so she was lonely and bored. So one day, she left the castle to find herself a friend to play with. She offered them all sorts of amazing gifts, but nobody ever accepted her. Later on, she found out why. A monster who brings along the shadow of death. That’s what the people called her. “ She’s a monster. A monster. “ She was very angry at every living soul in the world. And she needed to take it out on someone. Ever since she unexpectedly saved the boy from dying, t
  21. *Posters placed in several large cities* My name is Flower, I am wishing to learn about herbs and the use of them in medicine. I am willing to pay to be trained in the creation of medical salves and the likes using nature. I have knowledge of where several herbs grow already and could supply them. If you can train me send a bird to me at Talons Grotto.
  22. [!] A poster is put up anywhere legal within Arcas. To those reading this, Umi is looking for anyone who may know of a way or how to themselves of how she could get her voice back. Umis voicebox was torn out as a cub and she looks for a way to gain it back. Umi does know of one way, that of the Animii, an artificial voicebox could be made. If someone with this knowledge could come forth, or someone that could at least surgically insert the voicebox inside did, Umi would pay handsomely. Please bird Umi if you have a reply, please and thank you! [!] The poster
  23. The trade of Ed Roberts We’ll be trading off Ed Roberts for a sum of ten thousand minas. If this minas is not handed over then we’ll kill the man and hang him from one of the various large trees in Kaedrin. If you wish to meet with me, I’ll be at Cloud Temple.
  24. HOUSE TELEMNAR A Comprehensive Guide, by Olórin Telemnar. Seed. 12th of the Deep Cold, 02 SA ~Introduction~ The House of Telemnar is a noble family of sea elves whose roots trace back to the firstborn son of Malin, Sylvaen Everflame. They claim their elder descent through the bloodline of Telemnar Sylvaeri, an esteemed mariner of the ancient world and custodian of the high seas. In the present age, they have established their home within the Princedom of Elvenesse. ~Ancient History~ In years of yore,
  25. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury noticeboard. Bramblebury Secret Gift Exchange Halflings of Bramblebury, it is that joyous time of year once more, I'm talking about Knoxmas, o' course! We shall be doing an anonymous exchange of gifts, in true halfling giving spirit. You will be given the name of another weefolk to get presents for. This must be a minimum three items but you can always include more! To receive a gift, put a slip of paper with your name on into the Applebottom mailbox, 1. Gooseberry Lane. You will receive one in your own with the
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