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Found 307 results

  1. 𝕿𝖔𝖔 𝕳𝖔𝖙 𝖙𝖔 𝕳𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖑𝖊? OOC Stuff: When?: This Saturday on 20th October, 7 PM EST, 3 PM PDT, 11 PM BST, 9 AM AEDT Where?: Carolustadt, Capital of the the Humans. Godfrey Square 1.Take a left after passing the Main Gatehouse of the City. 𝕹𝖔𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙.., the most famous establishment in the Crownlands openly invites those that relish the spiciest of peppers in a winner takes all seasonal eating contest hosted right in the culinary heart of the Imperium. Contestants will be served with the Cantina’s very own red baron ribs, hunted from the strongest of pigzillas which roam the Renatian forests. The dish would be INFUSED with flaming hot chilli peppers enough to kill a man to put a real challenge for the adventurous few. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a thousand minas to fill his or her coffers! The Cantina and its owners are not legally responsible for any spice-related injuries (Or loss of life) sustained throughout the event! However, as a precaution to minimize liabilities, glasses of milk will be provided to all participants as well as medical staff on site. Rolling System for the Competition: Depending on race, and tolerance to spice, a different roll number will be used: Those raised in southerner cultures, or any other place where spicy food is common roll a d23. Orcs, due to their natural tolerance,roll a d25 if partaking. Those not accustomed to spicy foods roll a d15. Those who don’t fall under any of the above categories roll the standard d20. The same applies in all cases: Competitors roll their suitable number twice. One for spice tolerance, and another for how much they are able to eat. Rolling less than five means an instant failure. The chili is so hot to them, they find themselves unable to take another bite. Rolling a 6-9 will mean your character struggles greatly. Rolling a 6 will take 5 off of your final roll, rolling a 7 will take four off your final roll, an 8 will take three off your final roll, and rolling a nine will take two off. Additionally, rolling a five and below for tolerance means your character will require medical aid. Thankfully, the Clinic is nearby! Some medics may even be on standby for the event! Rolling a 10-14 for the first phase means your character had few troubles. Their modifier remains the same. 15-19+ means your character is taking the whole experience like a champ. Due to their resistance, they are able to eat one more piece than those less tolerant. (Add a 1 to their second roll) Finally, if contestants roll a 20 or more, for every extra number above twenty their roll is, they are able to eat more meat. This means someone who rolls a perfect 25 is able to add 5 to their final roll! The second phase is in regards to how many pieces of meat the competitor eats. The base roll is 15, but changes depending on how high the player’s first roll was. If they rolled a 25, for example, this changes from 15 to a solid 20.
  2. 1912 And the countdown begins. 10! The residents of New York City scream. As the countdown continues, the last visage of absolute history as we know it also reaches it's end. 1! they scream and couples kiss and children scream. It is a new year, 1912! The past year had been difficult, and shown a lot of change. The Ottomans have lost their Libyan colony, and a lot of Balkan land. The German and English naval race continues. However it's becoming apparent an arms race on the continent is brewing. Russia and France in their alliance seek to out produce/compete German arms. The balkans are a powder keg, with a furious Bulgaria, and a emboldened Serbia. Russia has it's own personal problems, but is a growing economy. Germany is terrified, by even 1920 Russian rail roads could rival their own. The U.S is a fledgling state, dealing with what seems to be a massive problem. Every year more and more Mexican banditos raid U.S land in Texas. The army is left dumfounded, unable to hunt them down. Japan sees a rising wave of imperialism, they were now a great power. Russia remembers with fear, as they watch China practically collapse. History up until the point of 1912 is exactly the same. The same people, alliances, and policy. However this will start to change very slowly. A butterfly beats it's wings, and the ripple spreads. The further we deviate from the modern timeline, the more outlandish nations will act. For now though most act the way they always have. But small changes are slowly seeping through, and 1912 is a perfect year to show that. Expectations for post; I expect some pretty flashy post. This is the pre ww1 era after all! Imperialism and Nationalism is at an all time high. People are pioneering new fields, and art/photography enters a whole new stage. Your post don't have to be massive. But I expect at least a few paragraphs and photos to really capture a feel for your nation in this current era. ALWAYS have an 'Actions' tab at the end of your post. This will summarize everything you have done in the Half Year turns. It is there I will respond accordingly. Expect some harsh reprisals and things to not always work out! Things not listed in the actions tab will be ignored and considered moot. Taken Nations U.K Germany U.S Spain France Japan China Austria Ottomans Russia You may still apply for other nations!
  3. ON THE SUBJECT OF ASSAULTS IN CAROLUSTADT Issued and confirmed by His Excellency, Aran of the House of Talraen, Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial Crown of Godfrey, 6th of Horen’s Calling, 1686 TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, It has come to the attention of the Imperial Arch-Seneschalty that several attempted assaults on the Imperial Stewards of Carolustadt, and certain loyal subjects of the Imperial Crown of Elven descent, have recently taken place within the Capital with the intent of disturbing Imperial peace and sowing discord and distrust among our subjects. We hereby issue a WARNING to all miscreants that no attacks on those who swear fealty to the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey shall be tolerated. Thus we do decree, in accordance with the Imperial Ten Tables that classify these acts of treason, mutilation, and assault as FELONIES, the prescribed punishments for all who defy the Crown’s will to be as follows: ASSAULT OF AN IMPERIAL STEWARD: Whoever assaults an Imperial Steward, whether of Human or Elven descent, themselves being of Human origin, shall lose a hand and a foot, and shall thus be branded with hot iron. Whoever assaults an Imperial Steward, whether of Human or Elven descent, themselves being of Dwarven, High Elven, or Wood Elven origin, shall lose a hand and a foot, their ears if Elven, their beard if Dwarven, and shall thus be branded with hot iron. Whoever assaults an Imperial Steward, whether of Human or Elven descent, themselves being of mixed, Orcish, Dark Elven, Snow Elven, or abominable non-descendant origin, shall be crucified or purified by flame. ASSAULT OF AN IMPERIAL CITIZEN OF ELVEN DESCENT, WITH THE INTENTION OF MUTILATION: Whoever assaults a subject of the Imperial Crown of Elven descent with the intent of involuntary ear removal or similar degrees of mutilation, themselves being of Human origin, shall lose a hand. Whoever assaults a subject of the Imperial Crown of Elven descent with the intent of involuntary ear removal or similar degrees of mutilation, themselves being of Dwarven, High Elven, or Wood Elven origin, shall lose both hands, or a hand and both ears if Elven. Whoever assaults a subject of the Imperial Crown of Elven descent with the intent of involuntary ear removal or similar degrees of mutilation, themselves being of mixed, Orcish, Dark Elven, Snow Elven, or abominable non-descendant origin, shall be crucified or purified by flame. IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey and the Imperium Septimus, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
  4. ultravioletpixie

    La Fiesta de Fantasma Street Bazaar

    La Fiesta de Fantasma Street Bazaar ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1685 [!] Vibrantly colored notices would be distributed throughout the Empire, and to other major settlements across Atlas _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “In conjunction with the forthcoming Fiesta de Fantasma- an event to celebrate the reunification of Man in all of its diversity under one glorious Empire- a beloved Santegian tradition will make its return: the local street bazaar! Beginning at daybreak on the 7th of the Tobias’s Bounty, 1687, Carolustadt will host its first-ever Santegian style street bazaar amidst the day’s festivities, down Antonius Avenue, in the bustling capital of the Empire of Man. Guests for the event will be welcome to peruse a menagerie of vendor stalls boasting a range of rare novelties, unique gifts, delicious foods, powerful magic items, hand-crafted weapons, and more! Those interested in peddling their wares at the bazaar may do so free-of-charge, by either making a reservation in advance with Ingrid Kastrovat (which guarantees them a space), or by bringing the items they wish to sell with them to the event, finding an unclaimed table, and setting-up shop. All inquiries related to the street bazaar- to include special reservation requests- should be directed to the bazaar organizer, Ingrid Kastrovat. She can be contacted by messenger, sending a bird, or requesting a meeting with her in Carolustadt.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((To request a stall be reserved for the event, simply post a comment below, being sure to include your MC and RP names, and you will be contacted by the event organizer. Alternatively, you can contact “Ingrid Kastrovat” (ultraviolentpixi) via Discord or in-game to reserve your spot. PLEASE NOTE: All reservations must be made NO LATER THAN 12:00PM (noon) EST on Friday, October 26th to guarantee the availability of a stall)) OOC: Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 Time: Bazaar runs from 12:00PM (Noon) EST until end of festival; set-up for vendors begins at 10:30AM EST Place: Antonius Avenue in Carolustadt, capital of the Empire of Man Coords: x -85, z 1148
  5. IMPERIAL LETTERS FOR THE COUNTY OF CYRILSBURG Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 19th of Sigismund’s End, 1683 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, It has pleased the Imperial Throne to reward the service of Our loyal subject, Ser WILHELM DEVEREUX, with a tenure in fealty to Our Imperial Crown, beneath His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius Horen. Accordingly, with this grace of God and the counsel of Our court, We do enfeoff Ser Wilhelm Devereux to the COUNTY OF CYRILSBURG as Lord Protector, a role they and their legitimate issue shall hold in trust to Our throne for the duration of their loyal service. They are enjoined to maintain the law of Our realm, to abide peacefully by Our rule, and to rise to Our defense when necessary. In return, and as a sign of Our august graciousness, We do privilege their head to levy law and taxes upon their vassals. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera.
  6. IMPERIAL LETTERS FOR THE BARONY OF RADOM Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 19th of Sigismund’s End, 1683 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, It has pleased the Imperial Throne to reward the service of Our loyal subject, Ser HANS ROVIN, with a tenure in fealty to Our Imperial Crown, beneath His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius Horen. Accordingly, with this grace of God and the counsel of Our court, We do enfeoff Ser Hans Rovin to the BARONY OF RADOM as Lord Protector, a role they and their legitimate issue shall hold in trust to Our throne for the duration of their loyal service. They are enjoined to maintain the law of Our realm, to abide peacefully by Our rule, and to rise to Our defense when necessary. In return, and as a sign of Our august graciousness, We do privilege their head to levy law and taxes upon their vassals. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera.
  7. OOC: This is a canon story to Karren Mrysta, my main elf character, and his personal journey through the world of Atlas. “Delving into the Dark” is meant to be the end of his second chapter and this marks him being shelved for an undetermined amount of time. Chapter Three will begin once I decide to unshelf the character. The premise of this story is to tell Karren’s transitioning into madness for magical power that has begun to take over his mind, consuming him to the point where not even the deity Zarelek would grant him the powers of Oblivion. Karren’s inability to accept who he is and forceful change has begun to make him go mad with lust for power, wanting powerful magics in order to stop the September Prince and yet has made him an outcast. Find out more in “Delving into the Dark” by TheDragonsRoost. ~(+)==(+)~ Karren Myrsta felt like everything was crashing down around him. The feelings he thought he was rid of during the Regeneration have come back in full force, tearing him up in his mind to the point that he began to suffer drastic physical changes. He no longer had beautiful wavy silver hair, instead had ragged and unclean silver hair that seemed to carry a great amount of stress. His eyes no longer had their vibrant emerald green color, but yet were prematurely growing dimmer. His clothes became dirty and unclean, making him look like a rugged homeless person than a proper high elf. In the short and brass terms, he looked like ****. In the growing dimness of his own campfire within the southern portion of the continent of Atlas, he started to reflect upon his choices that he had made that led him to what he was in the present time. Karren reflected upon his choices in the Mother Grove, Dominion of Malin, Haelun’or, and many other places to where he felt he had wronged himself and many others in his pursuit of power. He sighed as he stared into his campfire, which grew dimmer every minute that passed. “It seems that I have done a great many things. Too many things.” He said to himself, leaning over to his bag and pulling out a bundle of papers with a bunch of diagrams and mathematical equations. It seemed to be his research. “All for this. The most useless thing I’ve spent years to complete and I am no further than where I was at four years ago.” Karren looked over his research as he’d undo the twine that bound the papers together, slowly and carefully. He sighed as he poured over the papers and said simply “I wish I never started this. This has caused me too much heartache and has made me something that I could never be. Arelion was right. I’m not worth being taught magic.” He did not need more convincing than what he felt. He soon tossed the papers into the fire and watched as the fire grew a tad brighter as it happily consumed the research that Karren had given it. Karren, however, did not feel any better for tossing the papers into the dimming fire. He just stared into the fire as it produced more heat from consuming the papers, warming himself up from the growing coldness of the night. It would also be Karren’s last campfire for a long time as Karren decided to go into his tent and get some sleep. What Karren did not realize was that this led to him live in that same forest for a long time, hunting and feeding off the natural wildlife for years to come as a sort of self-induced penance for his “crimes” of lusting for power. ~(+)==(+)~ Zarelek watched through his Ethyrian Star of what Karren had done and he was outright annoyed. He had wasted that time on that boy just for him to burn his research to ashes, rendering him unable to learn his magic. Within the Realm of Oblivion, Zarelek nearly made his castle rumble with his anger and annoyance towards the high elf, but he caught himself and restrained his anger and annoyance. “That boy is smarter than I thought, destroying his research.” Zarelek said to himself, his voice echoing throughout the throne room. “But still quite idiotic. This decision has made me decide to best put my efforts elsewhere. Someone that has the same aura, but not wanting power or at least lusting for it like this foolish mortal elf.” Zarelek sighed as he used his powers to curse the high elf to stay within the forest for a time that he would let him free, punishing him for his lust for power and proving to be unworthy to wield the powers of Oblivion. He did not feel the slightest bit of guilt for keeping the boy locked up within the forest, but he was not truly angry with the boy. Once he casted the spell, he introduced a few clauses into the spell that bound him to the forest, and all of them were pretty simple. He only needed to repent from his ways of lusting for power, serve his penance for proving to be unworthy, and spend his whole penance in isolation from civilization. He wasn’t sure how long it would take for the boy to serve out his time within isolation, but then again, even he was not all-powerful or all-knowing. He leaned back into his throne, sighing a bit and saying to himself “Now, who in Atlas shall I distribute my efforts towards? The warring humans? The peaceful halflings of Dunshire, perhaps? No,” he’d say to himself, looking at his Ehtyrian Star once more. He had an idea brewing in his mind for a particular person he saw once. While observing the world of Atlas, he came across a particular mali’ker. He didn’t have the prismatic aura he was looking for, but he had this bright vibrant emerald green aura, almost the same as his own. He didn’t understand much about this mali’ker, but from he knew, this dark elf (mali’ker) was a bastard son of one of the tribes in the Warhawkes. His knowledge of the Warhawkes did not extend thousands of years, but he knew that they emerged within the last few hundred years. He stroked his chin while he thought of what this mali’ker was able to do. During one of his sessions, he spotted this mali’ker while he was talking to his young high elf boy, who seemed to be around thirteen solar rotations old (13 years old) and how he attempted to defend the child from the dark mage that altered the boy’s soul, granting him the power to set things aflame. Zarelek was aware of the spell used on the poor boy and he knew that it would last quite some time, but would forever alter the boy’s soul. This didn’t hinder the boy from learning much magic, but he wouldn’t be able to learn druidic powers even if he wanted to due to the soul being altered. Zarelek clapped his hands one time and rubbed them together, saying with a small amount of glee “This mali’ker is whom I shall oversee. Perhaps even attempt to teach him the magic of Oblivion, but however, I must keep my influence small lest I wish to have the boy notice that he has my attention. This means I cannot make the same mistakes I made with that high elf with this mali’ker boy. Let us see how this boy handles his daily life and its challenges...” This began Zarelek’s own round of testing the boy. Seeing if he will prove adequate enough to be taught the magic of Oblivion. ~(+)==(+)~ OOC: (For the LT) Even if Zarelek isn’t accepted yet, I feel like he is a good character to have in my stories and thus shouldn’t be considered canon to the deity’s story until being accepted. Also, this means that for the time being, Oblivion Magic (and the relevant instant t5) will go to my dark elf character if the magic of Oblivion ends up being accepted alongside with the deity. This isn’t meant to be one of those “oh your just making special magic for your characters to make yourself more powerful” situations, but merely a narrative of Karren’s and Zarelek’s story. (For everyone else) I hope you enjoyed “Delving into the Dark” as there will be more stories to come in the Creative Writing section.
  8. NotEvilAtAll

    The Great Atlas Pumpkin Raid!

    [!] A small group of Pumpkin-wearing halflings are seen running around, spreading Spooktober cheer and handing out pumpkins and the blessings of Lord Knox for all. The Great Atlas Pumpkin Raid! They started off with but a measly 5 halflings wielding shovels and pumpkins. However, as is normal in these Pumpkin Raids, their numbers soon grew as they gained both fame and infamy in their journey across Southern Atlas The first place to be visited by the Pumpkin Raiders was Belvitz. All of the Pumpkin Raiders swarmed into the tavern and preached the glories of their god Lord Knox. The bigguns didn’t take too kindly to this, and drew their blades and nearly killed the lot of ‘em, but thankfully through some talking they managed to save their pumpkin-heads! From Belvitz they marched southwards, having gained a few followers in spite of the chaos. Through wind, rain, sleet, and hail, they marched on southwards, praying to their great Lord Knox all the while. Eventually, after much hardship, the Pumpkin Raiders reached Carolustadt, the capital of the Empire of Man. They gathered up at the drawbridge and prepared their march inwards. They were met by a large mob of Anti-Knoxist humans booing at them and drawing their weapons, preparing to slaughter these heretics. However, nobody could justify any sort of massacre, since the Pumpkin Raiders were peaceful and only wanted to spread their pumpkins and Knoxween cheer to everyone. Sadly, there was a brief Pumpkin Civil-War on the bridge after the Pumpkin Raiders left the city, and most of the new recruits were pushed into the moat and either drowned or retired. The Pumpkin Raiders marched ever further south, finally reaching the small encampment that is Courland. Since one of the Pumpkin Raiders had the keys to the camp, the raiders soon gained access. They shouted their Pumpkin-phrases and handed out cookies and pumpkins to all the Courlanders, yet they didn’t recruit a single new Pumpkin Raider there. It had been a very long journey, yet the remaining Pumpkin Raiders still kept spirits high with a self-portrait painted by an anonymous painter in the middle of their trek southwards. While they had not fulfilled their goals of spreading Knoxism and pumpkins to all the bigguns just yet, they remained dogged in their vision of a glorious Knoxist utopia of free cake, pumpkins, cookies, and melons for all. Suddenly, a tragedy occured. Petrus Fronder, one of the three Elders of Dunshire and a Pumpkin Raider, had been caught by the gates of Haense when the Pumpkin Raiders had been visiting the place! The pumpkin-wearing travelers pounded against the gates and shouted, but it was no use. Soon they were surrounded by the guard force of the City, and it appeared to be the end of the Pumpkin Raiders... However, not all was lost, for out of the blue a random biggun with a pickaxe appeared and freed the poor ol’ Petrus Fronder! With a route away from the armed bigguns and the city shown to them, the Pumpkin Raiders soon escaped the city with their lives! It was a glorious day for Dunshire and the halflings, for they had managed to live! Long Live Dunshire! Long Live Knox! Long Live Pumpkins! Long Live Spooktober! -anonymous writer
  9. TheNanMan2000

    [✗] Troll Re-Write

    Trolls Trolls are dangerous beasts, distant cousins of Orcs and Ologs. Relicts of the past, Trolls are introverts. Choosing to live with only themselves, it would be uncommon for a Troll to have contact with a descendant unless they were choosing to eat them for a meal. Or, if the person were to infringe on the Trolls’ territory, they would find themselves in a tough situation. Trolls are much like the Orcs, living in isolated tribes from other Trolls. They mainly dwell in caves, or huts they build from rawhide. Unknown to most, Trolls are of primitive intelligence. Smarter than an Olog, yet dumber than a man. They possess the knowledge of basic crafting with things such as flint and stone. A rare prodigious Troll may be able to learn smithing. They can also make their own huts from wood and hide, and know how to properly cook meals. They have a tribal hierachy, led by a Chieftain. Trolls have different breeds, two main types with many subtypes. Troll hide is surprisingly tough, being able to withstand the amount of damage that chainmail can. Blows would have to be made from stabs instead of slashes for them to get through their hide. Trolls also have only 4 fingers on each hand. As well as 4 goes on each foot. The Two Breeds of Troll Forest Trolls Forest Trolls are, as their name suggests, Trolls that dwell in the forests of Atlas. They carry with them a green tint from the moss and mushrooms that may grow upon their backs and arms. Expert hunters and trappers, these Trolls prefer solitary from even themselves. Although there have been a few Trolls Clans that spring up from the ground. The Forest Trolls have the most commonly seen Troll subtypes. Swamp Troll, River Troll, Flatland Troll etc. These type of Trolls stand between 11’”-14”. Rarely going over this. Generally being a stocky breed, in order to stalk their prey. Mountain Trolls Mountain Trolls dwell in mountains and caves, generally being around Dwarves and other creatures of the mountains. The Mountain Trolls are shepherds, for the most part. Choosing to raise Mountain Goats and Iron Rams. These trolls use mainly clubs made from bone, wood, and stone. Sometimes warhammers, which are just large boulders tied onto a stick. Mountain Trolls are slightly taller than their cousins in the Forests. Standing around 12’”-15’”. They use their height and strength to intimidate predators that would try to eat their herds. Mountain Trolls generally have a grey skin tone. Although blacks, pale whites, and darker greys are also found. The most common subtypes of Mountain Trolls are Cave trolls, and Frost Trolls. A Troll’s Mindset Trolls are as stated before, rather introverts. They would gladly avoid descendants of all nature, however when a descendant stumbles into their territory it becomes a problem. Trolls have also been seen on the battlefield, having been paid by factions in livestock and hides. Finding no use for mina, and preferring to trade with others. Trolls choose to live with each other, rather any other faction. Although Trolls may feel a pull towards their cousins, the Orcs. While not retarded like Ologs, Trolls certainly aren’t very smart and can be quite childish. Starting petty arguments over another Troll having one more sheep than they do. As said before, Trolls do not have the intelligence of a normal human man, rather they have the intelligence more suited to children or primitive man. Strengths And Weaknesses - Trollhide - Trollhide is extremely tough, being akin to chainmail and able to withstand just as much. - Strength - Trolls are unsurprisingly strong. Able to crush bone with their hands, as well as pick up large boulders and rocks. This is due to their increased ability to gain muscle mass, much like Orcs. - Intimidation - Trolls use intimidation to hunt and fight others, if they can win a fight by intimidation they will use it. - Sensitive eyes - Trolls’ eyes are sensitive to light, not being able to see very well in the sun. They would require places of shade to see easily. - Low intelligence - Trolls as stated before don’t have very high intelligence. Being less than an average man and more on the point of a 10 year old. - Trolls cannot learn Magic whatsoever. Like Ologs, they do not have the knowledge to do so. Trolls are a CA Only Creature. Meaning they aren’t playable to just anyone.
  10. NotEvilAtAll

    A Message to Dunshire, circa 1685

    ((produced in collaboration with Mystery_Uialben)) [!] A lengthy note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard, scribbled in a somewhat fancy ink. Important Message! ~The Sherif, Deputy, and Elders gather together in The Drunken Duck to chat~ Dear Weefolk of Dunshire, This is your Sheriff, Rollo Applefoot, sending out a personal letter from my heart to all of you. It seems as though there has been lots of commotion going about the safety of weefolk, and talks about whether the values of being proper, overrule the values of common sense, and staying safe from biggin's invading our land. I am here to tell you that, the problem does not lie in us converting to the values of biggin's, but instead lays in the way we go about treating biggin's in our new land. Which is why I’ve come up with new regulations for... HOW A HALFLING STAYS SAFE IN DUNSHIRE!: -If you see a Biggin' walk into Dunshire with armor, or weapons drawn, immediately walk away. Starting now, all Biggin's whom walk into Dunshire with swords or armor are to immediately have to speak with the Sheriff. Else they face immediate interrogation from the Sheriff and his police golems. -If you are the only halfling in the village, and you see Biggin's walk inside.. LEAVE DUNSHIRE. It is not smart in ANY CITY to simply walk up to a mob group, if you're all alone. -If you wish to be a halfling that keeps the Shire safe, speak with me, Rollo Applefoot directly. The golems and I aren't always around, you can't expect us to solve all your problems. If you want to be more well equipped for biggins walking into the Shire, I will help you. -As part of some halfling's complaints, the druids of Dunshire have started to create a wall around the premise of the lands, so that way it is harder for Biggin's can't easily walk in. This personally does not make Dunshire any safer in my opinion. We have places to hide in Dunshire for a reason, if you're scared of a Biggin killing ya, use them. As your sheriff, and as self-proclaimed Protector of Halflings, I have a duty to keep you all safe. However, we must all work together if we plan on keeping out young'ins, our old'uns, and our regular halflings safe. Take a moment halflings, and realize not, "What can we rid of to make us stronger", but instead "What strengths do we have to make us better?" We are just as powerful as any armored up Biggin', and I have given my life to making sure us halflings have the prestige that WE DESERVE. GLORY TO DUNSHIRE. GLORY TO WEEFOLK. - Signed, Rollo Applefoot, Sheriff of Dunshire [!] The image ends with a picture of the Dunshire Rabbit.
  11. Imperium-Septimus


    PROCLAMATION OF MOURNING, 1685 Issued and Confirmed by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 14th of 9th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1685. TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, It is with great sorrow and pain that the Imperial Crown issues this writ. Upon the tenth day of Owyn’s Flame, our dearest Empress, her Imperial Majesty, Theodosia, passed away as a result of natural causes. The Imperium Septimus prays for her safe ascension into the seven skies. The Imperial Crown reflects upon her service to the Imperium and to the Imperial Household. Often shy, she would not be noticed by many. However, in the private confines, the care and grace which she extended upon the Imperial Household shall be felt by Horens for generations. Therefor, his Imperial Majesty has proclaimed a year’s mourning. From the 9th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1685 until the 9th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1686, the Imperium Septimus shall enter a state of mourning. Though festivals may occur, it is requested that all citizens of the Empire pay their reverence to our late Empress, and offer respect to the passed within their own bloodlines and lives In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera.
  12. GrimBeard

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (1912) In Hindsight; Globalization Characteristic of the pre-1914 decades was what we would now call globalization. Trade may have risen from one thirtieth to one third of world production between 1800 and 1913; between 1855 and 1914 investment flows grew 20 times. Europe accounted for nearly two thirds of global trade and even more of global investment, and from the 1890s Europe’s major currencies were fixed in value in relation to each other under the international gold standard. Hundreds of thousands of foreign-born labourers worked in the heavy industries of French Lorraine and Germany’s Ruhr. The British writer Norman Angell in his 1909 best-seller, Europe’s Optical Illusion, maintained that war between advanced modern economies was now irrational. Yet British naval planners saw economic interdependence as making Germany more vulnerable, and the German General Staff considered war remained a viable option, at least if victory came quickly. Democratization A second 19th-century characteristic was democratization. By 1914 all the European Powers had elected lower houses of parliament, and a majority of the adult male population was enfranchised. The press was relatively free, and citizens could form parties and pressure groups. Nonetheless, in Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia ministers answered to monarchs rather than to a parliamentary majority, and the military chiefs were not subordinate to civilian statesmen. Moreover, as international tension mounted, public opinion polarized, more moderate and progressive tendencies being offset by nationalism and militarism. Europe’s socialist parties opposed wars of conquest and aggression but were willing to endorse a war fought for just cause and in self-defence, which in 1914 all the governments would claim to be fighting. Military Revolutions The 19th century had also witnessed a succession of military revolutions. At sea, steel had superseded wooden hulls and steam had superseded sail. HMS Dreadnought, launched by Britain in 1906 with turbine engines and 10 12-inch guns, made all existing battleships obsolete. On land, Prussia’s combination of universal liability to conscription, forward strategic planning by a General Staff, and railway-borne mobilization helped win the wars of German unification, and was widely emulated. Breech-loading cannon with rifled steel barrels replaced smooth-bore muzzle-loaders, and infantry rifles replaced muskets. Smokeless high explosive replaced powder in bullets and shells, and the modern field gun fired up to 20 rounds per minute. Yet although on balance these developments favored defenders over attackers, military planners concluded from the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War that offensive tactics could still prevail, albeit at much higher cost than before. A balance of power? Peace therefore depended on more traditional devices such as the balance of power and deterrence. In the 1870s and 1880s the newly unified German Second Empire under the Chancellorship of Otto von Bismarck was not only the strongest Continental military power but also spun a web of alliances that left France – resentful of its defeat in 1870 – isolated. The Austro-German alliance of 1879 developed into the Triple Alliance (including Italy) in 1882, and Russia too concluded agreements with the German-led bloc. But after Wilhelm II became Emperor he allowed the connection with Russia to lapse, facilitating the formation in 1891-94 of a Franco-Russian alliance. Even so, for a time the two groupings balanced each other, and Russia and France were in rivalry not only with Germany but also (in Central Asia and in Africa) with Britain. So secure did Germany still feel that from 1898 it too challenged Britain through a major program of North Sea battleship building. The beginning of the 20th century After 1904-07, the line-up became more ominous. Russia was weakened for several years after its defeat by Japan. Germany tried but failed to form a German-Franco-Russian bloc excluding Britain. Instead the British compromised over their extra-European disputes with the French in the ‘Entente cordiale’ of 1904 and over those with the Russians in 1907, and began co-operating diplomatically with their former adversaries. In 1902 Italy had reached a separate understanding with France. Germany’s leaders protested that the Triple Entente ‘encircled’ them, while their one remaining reliable ally, Austria-Hungary, was a multi-national empire that was hobbled by inter-ethnic disputes and menaced by a growing confrontation with its neighbour, Serbia, which with Russian encouragement fomented separatism among Austria-Hungary’s South Slavs. After 1905 Europe experienced a succession of diplomatic crises that heightened antagonism between the two blocs. From 1912 the Anglo-German naval race lost impetus, as a land arms race between the Austro-German and Franco-Russian alliances superseded it. In retrospect it is easy to discern the warning signs. But at the time they were less evident, and as late as spring 1914 tensions seemed to be easing. The French Socialist leader, Jean Jaurès, believed the peaceful resolution of so many crises had bred a dangerous complacency. If you have read all this, congratulations! List a U.S state to answer if you have read all the information in Application area.. Nonetheless, a general war was not inevitable until deliberate decisions created it...... It is the time before what people will call the War to end all wars. Europe is at the zenith of it’s true power. It’s colonies spread all across the globe. The United States at this time was seen as a child. It had no true impact on European affairs. Up until this year history as we know it has continued uninterrupted. But things are changing more rapidly than anyone knows. Leaders and government are becoming more prone to listen to outside elements. And slowly but surely history begins to alter. Things will not play exactly as they once had before. Anything is possible within the realm of realism. Will the Archduke actually be shot? What events will lead up to it. Perhaps the German plan changes, what if they had focused elsewhere? Events were so decisive in history that the world gradually fell into world war. World War is almost certainly inevitable. But many various factors changed or removed could drastically alter how and where it was fought. It will be up to the players leading their nations to try to steer its course. One that may present a massive challenge. The various autocratic and democratic governments are pits of intrigue and politics. OOC ((Please Read the entire Thread. very useful information)) This will be a slightly alternate history Forum thread focusing on the start date 1912. Everything up to this point has been the same as regular history. The governments, leaders, and people all exist and lead in the nations you pick. You can of course introduce your own characters and leaders. But they would have to make their way into power, against any ruling family or government. It will be up to you to decide what alliances and deals are forged. You most of course try to stay within the realm of reason. For instance the Germans and Austrians going to war, or British and Ottomans allying would be rather out of line. Of course you may try anything but the responses will be harsh. This FRp focuses on the question of just how a WW1 could be dictated. What if the British stayed out of the war? Or if the Germans did not invade through Belgium? What if France was the one starting the war. There are many questions it will be up to you to ask, and answer. Players will have the option to take control of the great powers at the time. Smaller nations and colonies are not open for application. It will be focused on a small ring of players making the choices that will dictate the world. Great Powers United Kingdom German Empire French Republic Austrian Empire Italy Russia United States Ottoman Empire Japan China Brazil Lesser Nations Potentially Applicable Belgium Netherlands Spain Serbia Bulgaria At the end of each post you will have an Actions section. Here you will outline the contents of your post into bite sized chunks I can then become aware of and react to. Detail what your nation has done for the time. Each turn is half a year. https://scottmanning.com/content/world-war-i-troop-statistics/ ((To give a view on how large each nation’s army is. It’ll be up to the player to find statistics on their army/navy starting size.)) Application Discord Name; Nation of Choice (and why?); Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); Did you read all the information?; Suggestions or feedback?;
  13. THE CAROLUSTADT MASQUERADE BALL AND FIESTA DE FANTASMA, 1685 Issued and Confirmed by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 14th of Owyn’s Flame, 1685. TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, In preparation for these events, the Imperial Crown has decided to re-issue the initial invitation and provide a reminder. Come one, come all, Nobility and Citizenry alike. You have been invited to the Carolustadt Masquerade Ball in celebration of the esteemed Imperial Grand Marshal, Ser Rolando Castelo, as he humbly retires from dutiful service to the Imperium Septimus. [INFORMATION FOR THE MASQUERADE HERE] Join we, the Imperial government and citizenry, in the celebration. Don a fantastical mask of your choosing and formal garb fit for dancing and jubilation within the Imperial Palace upon the 5th of Godfrey’s Triumph. Knights of the Imperium are to remain armed and armored, albeit having permission to don a masque as well. DO CONSIDER: Trouble-makers shall be denied at the door. Unsanitary individuals shall be denied at the door. Gifts may be brought for the Grand Marshal, albeit optional. Only Soldiers of the Imperium shall be afforded the right to possess weapons. Unsanctioned individuals shall be searched, and potentially stripped of their equipment. The Imperium acts as a melting pot of many Human cultures. Therefor, to begin the Imperial celebration of the reunification Humanity, the Imperial Capital of Carolustadt shall be celebrating the traditional Santegian holiday "La Fiesta de Fantasma". La Fiesta de Fantasma shall be a Saint’s Day long event in which Carolustadt will be fully transformed into a festival ground. There shall be games, festivities and costumes galore. Entry into La Fiesta de Fantasma shall be a sum of twenty minas, provided that one does NOT arrive in a costume. [INFORMACIÓN POR LA FIESTA DE FANSTASMA AQUÍ] COMPETITIONS, CONTESTS AND ATTRACTIONS: Fortune-telling: Get your fortune told and discover your future! Bust a Piñata: During the entire fiesta, you will see pinatas about the city. These piñatas may be destroyed on site and shall drop candy for anyone. [PVP will be on for anyone dressed as a piñata.] The Undead Tournament: Organize a team and participate in a solo tournament with a spooky setting. Half the combatants signed up will be marked as undead with the other half being marked as survivors. The winner will be given a reward appropriate for an undead or survivor. Murder Ally Sprint: Traverse a neighborhood that has been transformed into a hellish wasteland. Make it to the end without being caught by the Pumpkin Slasher or dying to the dangerous monsters that have been placed within. [The Empire waives all responsibility for any harm that may come upon any who enter.] Costume Contest: The final event of the night will be a competition for whoever came with the best costume. In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. Her Honorship, Elaine, Minister of Arts and Imperial Painter.
  14. [!] A brief obituary is posted on the notice board of Carolustadt. LADY MARINNA TALRAEN DE RENNES (1626 - 1685) Baroness, loving mother and spouse 💮 It is with great sadness that the House of Talraen announces the passing of Lady Marinna Talraen, the Rose of Rennes, after a brief illness on the 6th of Horen's Welcome, 1685, at the age of fifty-nine. The Baroness of Rennes will be forever remembered by her husband of twenty years, Lord Aran, and their son, Tristan; Lady Marinna will also be sadly missed by her brother-in-law, Aldren, his wife Melody and their children, Reyne and Hazel, as well as her numerous friends within the Barony of Rennes and the Imperial City of Carolustadt. A funeral service in memory of Lady Marinna will be held in private, attendance limited to family members only. Those who wish to express their condolences may direct their notes to the Headquarters of the Imperial Arch-Seneschalty, located on Godfrey Square 5, Carolustadt. We ask that any inquiries regarding the Imperial Administration during the mourning period, out of respect for our grief, be directed to His Imperial Highness, Prince Commodus Horen; or, additionally, one of our esteemed Stewards.
  15. Moribundity

    A Winter's Ball

    ✴ 𝔄 𝔚𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯'𝔰 𝔟𝔞𝔩𝔩 ✴ Credits: Wlop Upon the notice boards of many well known capitals was pinned a piece of parchment of a pristine white hue. Each was written in the same immaculately penned cursive handwriting. His Highness, Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II does cordially invite any persons within the boundaries of neutrality or an alliance, to a ball, hosted within his own palace, known as the Citadel in the lands of Fenn, to strengthen bonds in light of the new threats arising with every waking day. Hosted on (October 12th), at (6 pm est), the esteemed guilds, consisting of the Bilok,thuln and the Ivae’fenn that are responsible for the upkeep of our nation, shall provide the food and protection, respectively. To add to the appeal of such an event of such prestige, a competition for the best dressed, and best dancing pair, shall be held with rewards presented to each of the winners. Enclosed, are a list of guidelines that are to be followed, along with some rules and key terms of our culture, should you wish to truly impress. We hope to see you there, With Kind Regards, Katrina A. Atmorice Stewardess of Fenn Heiress to the Atmorice Bloodline Merialeth Tathvir Matriarch of the Tathvir Bloodline Almithara V. Annungilben Second-born to the Heads of the Annungilben bloodline. Cormil Drakon Below, a neatly written post could be found, in the same handwriting on the same parchment: Rules and Guidelines: Wear warm clothing. Do not go bare shouldered, or bare chested. Within Fenn, it is very cold. Stick to the roads on your journey to Fenn. The wilds are home to bears and Vaeyl, and thus we cannot guarantee your safety if you decide to venture off road. Do not break the law, while in Fenn. Our laws are based on common sense, but being a religiously inclined race of Mali’, we will not tolerate disrespect to our god, Wyrvun. Members of nobility are permitted to bring one armed, armored guard for their own protection. For the safety of others, everyone who enters will be searched for weapons and contraband. Those who are banished will not be permitted to attend. Past grudges between nations are to be left outside the gates of Fenn. This event has been planned to improve diplomatic relations between all who can be trusted. The Ivae’fenn retains the right to detain and punish any who violate our laws. (OOC: A huge thanks to SaltyTurtles, LadyOfArt and Axelu for helping to plan this. Y'all are fab-u-lous.)
  16. Beamon4

    -=-Clan Irongut-=-

    The Ironguts The Ironguts are the longest living clan amongst the Dwedmar, being true Cave Dwarves at heart. Since the reign of Urguan, many Ironguts have held influential and vital roles, including Kings, Lords, and some even among the Order of Ascended. With these positions, the Ironguts have helped shape the world we see now. Through the forging of great weapons,the spelunking of cavernous ruins, and delving deep into the arcane, the Ironguts have been highly regarded among the Dwedmar. Ancient History of the Clan Modern History of the Clan Clan Government and Laws > The majority of decisions are made by the Clan Father, who solely holds the responsibility to lead the Clan. The Clan Father, chosen by a majority vote by the Elders of the clan, should represent the beliefs of the Clan. It is very rare, if ever, that a Clan Father is removed by the Elders. His word is the final say in matters > Elders of the Clan are elected by the Clan members themselves by popular vote. Elders are responsible for leading the clan members in place of the Clan Father is he cannot be there. > Elders are to reflect the Clan tenets directly onto the Clan members and beardlings. They also handle the initiation and teaching of magic to beardlings in the Clan. Clan Culture Forging of Weapons A tradition where those with the skills to use the Forge will often forge personal weapons. These weapons are a symbol of the Clansman's style of fighting and often have a symbol of the creator upon them somewhere, identifying them as that specific person. Many famous weapons are under possession of the clan, for example the famed blade of Dwain I Irongut, Mourgil, which is now in the hands of Balek Irongut. Beard Braiding Just having a simple beard is not enough for the Ironguts. The Clansmen can often be seen with braids in their beards. These can be as simple as forking the beard in two or as complex as weaving it into an intricate braid, some even weaving in gems, or adding rings of metal. The clan members grow their beards long and are careful not to burn them in the forge or get torn in battle. Magic Ironguts are known users of magic,and the only Dwarven Clan capable of learning Void Magic. Any member of the clan has the right to learn magic, so long as the member can follow the Clan rules. Those inclined to learn should first speak with an Elder in order to begin training. All apprentices are expected to be patient during the process of learning, as it is not a simple one. Magic is considered a sacred tradition within the Ironguts. Clan Crest The Ironguts often adorn a crest composed of a mug of ale and a sword to show that it was sent from an Irongut. We take pride in being Ironguts and won’t hesitate if we get a chance to show it! Clan Banners The Ironguts have always used their banners to mark their homes and Clan halls in the past. The banner is composed of our Clan crest and our Clan colors, silver and blue Clan Diplomacy Clan Ireheart: Friendly Clan Grandaxe: Friendly Clan Doomforge: Neutral Clan Frostbeard: Not Nice Clan Irongrinder: Neutral Clan Goldhand: Neutral Clan Treebeard: Neutral Clan Starbreaker: Neutral Clan Silvervein: Friendly Clan Hammerforged: Neutral Records of the Ironguts ((Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JBMRI&c=3rihhyqbxa&f=118731965149584681)) Clan Father: Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Clan Elders: Dor Irongut(BDanecker) Dwain II Irongut (Hiebe) Dwalin Irongut(__Coridal) Clan Members: Tharggus Irongut (Tharggus) Balek Irongut (Hobolympic) Yeulf Irongut (IronGroot) Dorin Irongut (DarthArkous) Bolgnir Irongut (Tidemanno) Hogarth Irongut (Jordan 1921) Beardlings: Du’drek Thunderfist Irongut(Soloraso) Jahkatir Irongut(XloPass) Sulla Irongut(Chaones) Hall of the Deceased: Deceased: Thordon Irongut ((Jordan1921)) Thrym Sliverfist ((NoobCrafert14)) Nurrak Irongut ((Destroyer_Bravo)) Kara Irongut ((skippyoak)) Gamil Irongut ((Unknown)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Isabelle Irongut ((Unknown)) Whurgar Irongut ((Owl_7)) Theor Irongut ((Blob9000)) Balin Irongut ((darkjames)) Thak Irongut ((GavinTheViking)) Ore'zy Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Fariken Irongut((30326)) Rehki Irongut ((bov61)) Smalltoe Irongut ((Musboris)) Nozagen Irongut ((Bov61)) Lilum Irongut ((KarmaDelta)) Chase Irongut((Dtrik)) Goroth Irongut((30326)) Uldar Irongut ((Tirenas)) Dun Irongut ((blackhawk77g)) Skippy Irongut (skippy369) Honored Dead: Hiebe Irongut ((Hiebe)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Darius Irongut ((Blackhawk77g)) Phelrin Irongut ((ChAnKoEr)) Susan Irongut ((ABoyNamedSue)) Algrim Irongut ((Isemburt)) Draco Irongut ((RP)) Dwain Irongut ((RP)) Missing (Previous list purged): Beardling Yurvo (MonkeyFaceGamer) Thorgrim Irongut (irDusk) Kilgrim Irongut (Kilgrim_) Sharr Irongut (lordbobby123) Banished: Mili Irongut ((Leland22)) Grimloth Irongut ((jakesimonson)) Tortek Silverfist ((Axmaynard)) Bofauk Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Duregar Irongut ((ww2buff99) Sili Irongut ((Leland22)) Aengoth Irongut ((Aengoth)) Gauldrim Irongut ((Redbench)) Clan Tenets In-character 1. Respect your elders. Respect those who are older than you. You represent our clan and your actions, good or bad, affect us all. 2. Loyalty to your clan above all else. 3. Help your clansmen when you can. Don't abandon each other in fights, however hard it might be. Out-of-character 1. Your Irongut character should be your main character. 2. If you're an Irongut and you betray the clan, your character, if killed by an Irongut, is perma-dead. 3. Separate RP from OOC, we’re all friends here. Proving of the Lineage (Application) (Copy the below and paste to use) [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Where do you live? What are your primary skills? Short biography (5+ sentences): How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required)
  17. TheDragonsRoost

    [Story] The Peace of the South

    Karren Myrsta had lived a peaceful life within the town of Caras Eldar before he ultimately left the Dominion of Malin and ventured to the most southern regions, avoiding raiders and bandits along the road to a small human colony called Austrasia. He arrived to Austrasia, starving to death, when his friend Nenar came through the gates and gave him pieces of bread for him to feed upon and gain his strength back. He had a charismatic charm to his kind soul as if his soul burned with an intensity that allowed him access to a very special kind of magic that not everyone understands. This kind of magic cannot be taught by anyone or found in a musty old tome full of ancient diagrams and written words of those long past gone, but yet all the people know of it. It allows access to the greatest ideas and allows for innovators of both scientifical and magical origins to create things that no one has ever seen before. To allow for the greatest of heroes to be forged in the coming days of Atlas and even make things come from the parchment to life. From the smallest halfling to the biggest orc, this magic flows through all people of any origin or culture, unbound by the restrictions of magic and burns within the person's soul without being quenched by the darkness of Dark Magic or being amplified by those of Holy origin. This magic allows for new beginnings, creation of eras in both magical and scientific progression, and can even unify a people determined to live together in harmony. He never allowed himself to be down when it mattered. Karren had a special kind of heart that meant he could move the stars themselves in order to save his friends. He felt that power surge within him, even as he tried so hard to obtain magic to only never gain magic. As a young child, Karren was endlessly fascinated by the prospects of innovation and utilizing magical energy to help others than just himself. No matter how hard he tried to gain magic of any kind whether it be Shade, Voidal Evocation, or even Druidism, he never truly wanted that magic for himself. He never craved power just for the sake of power, but he craved power to help others. He didn't wish to cause others harm or let harm befall those he believed or knew were innocent. He wanted to be a role model for the children and to give them that sense of wonder he himself carries. He wanted to push beyond the cultural differences of the magical types and let his own self feel the magic that burned within his soul be his guide to being someone that he knew he could be. Now, he still hopes to achieve that goal. Even though he is now sixty-one years old, Karren still believes in the magic of Hope. [OOC] This is meant to be a creative writing story that is canon to my character's personal story, but not known in-character. Please do not metagame any of this information.
  18. Krefarus

    Polis [OOC/APPS]

    Polis 389 CE (City of Polis 389 CE) (Political map of Aegos 389 CE) [Red = Vathacian States, Purple = Knyos, Orange = Myridios, Teal = Amidia, Green = ‘Barbarian' Kingdoms, Yellow = Nomadic peoples & tribes] The city of Polis, once the cultural, economic, and political center of the Vathacian League, later the Vathacian Empire. A city home to the greatest works of the civilized world. A city that once commanded armies across Aegos, and asserted its influence even farther now stands alone. It has been over 40 years since the last Hegemon was ousted by a coalition of Polisian factions and the Periochi were established by the signing of the Práxi Enótitas. After the reign of the Hegemons and the collapse of the Vathacian Empire, The power vacuum left in Polis led to a period of disaster. Foreign powers stripped Polis of control of most of its lands and territories. Hegemony over what remains of Vathacian territory is nothing more than symbolic. Many states flock to foreign powers, believing their fortunes will better there. In the wake of the collapse the Polisian factions waged war across the city, covering Polis in death, disease, and devastation. After over a year of conflict a victorious faction, Illerius, emerged and established the rank of Polemarch. The rise of the Polemarch ceased the city’s internal conflicts and secured peace with Polis’s various neighbors. Finally after almost a decade of instability, there was peace. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Factions Polis is divided into 10 Periochi, or districts. Every Periochi is governed by the Archon of one of Polis’s 10 factions. The Archons, though mostly independent, still bow to the Polemarch who maintains direct rule over key sections of Polis. Each Periochi has vague cultural traits that will serve as a guideline for you to expand upon. However it is to be noted that they all stem from original Polisian culture, a culture very heavily influenced by Vathacian Culture, which is based of that of Ancient Greece Rules [Any questions can be brought me or the discord] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1amSgKuKybeVyMtVBY4S9xewOSJl0BW_K5qk1hgwWwGE/edit?usp=sharing The Periochi (The 10 playable factions are shown and numbered above) (Above is a map displaying the different Periochi & their accompanying Sectors 1. Argos - The second largest economic sector of Polis and a long standing and respected faction. The majority of Argos’s citizens lie in the upper middle class. Population: 310,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sector 4 & 5] 1x Market [Sector 4] 1x Lvl 3 Academy [Great Work | Sector 5] Resources: Scholars [Sector 5] 2. Decelea - The wealthiest Periochi in Polis. Originally head of the Vathacian fleets, this faction quickly secured control over Polis’s waterways and harbours. It is home to the largest marketplaces and wealthiest members of Polisian society. The people of Decelea practice a culture strongly influenced by trade and are widely regarded as the most alien of Polisian peoples. Population: 260,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sectors 1 & 2] 2x Markets [Sector 1] 1x Lvl 1 Dockyard [Sector 1] Other: Great Library of Irae [Sector 1][Great Work][Under Polemarch Occupation] 3. Kleones - The most industrious of the inner Periochi. Kleonesians are an honest and hard working people. They take pride in the superb quality of their goods and the faction hosts the largest industrial base in Polis. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military foundry [Sector 16 , inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Academy [Sector 18] 4x Development [2 in Sector 16 & 2 in Sector 17] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder foundry [Sector 18, inactive due to lack of resources] Resources: Scholars 4. Apamea - Apamea is the poorest of the inner Periochi, apart from the main streets, the district is largely a confusing maze of slums and apartments. Despite supporting the last Hegemon, they managed to remain in control of their section of Polis through their peoples almost fanatic loyalty to the state. They are an opportunistic people, and unlike their southern counterpart, they are seldom considered honest. Population: 320,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 13, one is inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 15] 1x Development [Sector 14] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 13] 5. Phocis - Phocis is the most populous of the inner Periochi. Their control of the river gates and largely trained citizenry allowed them to control large sections of Polis. The people of Phocis are stalwart advocates for democracy and independence Population: 350,000 Improvements 1x Lvl 2 Academy [Sector 9] 3x Development [1 in Sector 12, 1 in Sector 11 & 1 in Sector 10] Resources: Scholars Others: Polemarch tax collection center 6. Ephesus - The most militaristic of the Polisian factions & a favorite of the Polemarch. Ephesus was originally formed during the collapse of the Vathacian Empire and was made up mostly of Hegemonic loyalists as well as the largest portion of the remaining Vathacian military. Ephesus is home to the greatest military minds of Polis. Their culture revolves around the good of the Faction and much of the population lives in large communal blocks. Population: 130,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 7] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder Foundry [Inactive due to lack of resources & Polemarch occupation 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 6] 3x Development [2 to Sector 7 & 1 to Sector 8] 7. Iolcus - The most populous district in Polis. Iolcus is a largely unorganized mass of buildings, plazas, and miscellaneous buildings. The district possesses massive amounts of resources in comparison to the inner Periochi. Iolcusian culture is similar to that of Kleones, however the more rural region hosts more traditional values. Population: 550,000 Improvements: 1x Mine [Iron, Sector 23] 1x Barracks [Sector 21, inactive due to Polemarch occupation] Resources (known): 2x Lumber [Sector 20] 1x Iron [Sector 23] 3x Farmlands [1 in Sector 20, 2 in Sector 23] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 21] Polemarchy Tax collection center [Sector 21] 8. Sestos - Sestos is the largest agricultural Periochi. The finest crops of Polis hail from Sestosian fields and many of the inner districts rely heavily on the constant flow of food products from these regions. Up until recently, the people of Sestos have been largely neutral, during the Polisian civil wars Sestos remained the least affected of all Periochi. Population: 300,000 Improvements: 3x Farmlands [1 to Sector 25, 2 to Sector 27 Resources(known): 6x Farmlands [2 in Sector 25, 2 in Sector 27, 2 in Sector 28] 2x Lumber [Sector 27] Other: Polemarchy tax collection center [Sector 27] 9. Oreus - Oreus is the chief supplier of lumber and iron in Polis. Though not as resource rich as their Thespiaen counterparts. Massive destruction of Oreus during the Polisian civil wars forced the economically struggling district to accept mostly unfavorable trade deals with the Inner Periochi, particularly Decelea, in order to gain financial support. These trade agreements remain mostly intact, which has prompted widespread resentment from Oreusians. The culture of Oreus is similar in nature to their Sestosian neighbors, however it is significantly less pacifistic and more traditional in nature. Population: 440,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Mine [Sector 30, Iron] 1x Lvl 1 Lumber Yard [Sector 31] Resources(known): 3x Iron [Sector 30] 1x Lumber [Sector 31] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 29] 10. Thespiae - The least populace of the outer Periochi, but largest in physical size. Thespiae boasts a massive amount of raw material. Of the outer Periochi, Thespiae is the most resentful to the other Archons. During the Polisian civil wars, Thespiaen controlled a large portion of what has become Argos. However they were eventually forced out from the city walls. In recent time Thespiae has become the main antagonizer towards the Inner Archons and the leader of the push to restrict the inner Periochi’s access to raw material. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 37] 1x Barracks [Sector 34 Inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Stables [Sector 39] 1x Mine [Iron Sector 36] 1x Development [Sector 38] Resources: 1x Horses [Sector 39] 3x Iron [1 in Sector 36, 2 in Sector 37] 4x Farmlands [2 in Sector 39, 2 in Sector 35] 1x Lumber [1 in Sector 37] Other: 3x Polemarchy tax collection centers [2 in 39, 1 in 34] Polemarch garrison [Sector 34] Application 1. The District you are applying for 2. Your Archon's (leader) name and history 3. An explanation of your districts culture 4. Unique unit (military) 5. Discord 6. Suggestions
  19. NotEvilAtAll

    The Dunshire Police Golem

    [!] A note is pinned to a somewhat cracked Dunshire Notice Board The Dunshire Police Golem! ~The halflings inspect the new Golem~ What a blessing from Knox! A golem has been found and put to use by the ex-sheriff Angelica Woodstock for the purpose of protecting Dunshire! This Golem ought to keep us all safe from no-good bigguns and bandits! RULES FOR THE GOLEM: -Do not pet the Golem -Do not feed the Golem -Do not insult the Golem -Do not praise the Golem -Do not call the Golem anything other than "Phalanx" -Do not get in the way of the Golem -Do not play pranks on the Golem -Do not do anything to the Golem at all other than watch it for flaws. Please remember to repair any damage that might be caused by the Golem's lack of direction. Dunshire's Police Department will not be held responsible for any injuries, deaths, or damages caused by improper use of the Golem Any issues with the Golem should be reported to the Sheriff's Office or Angelica Woodstock immediately. Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire
  20. TheDragonsRoost

    [Story] The Depths of Madness

    Sometimes you just don't understand. Sometimes you want to understand something that cannot make sense. This is what happened to Karren Myrsta one night while doing the calculations for the magic he was desperately trying to crack. His soul yearned for the powers of Magic, which seemed to repel all the divine attention from him, keeping their gifts far from Karren and lending him no aid to the unruly calculations. It seemed all hope for Karren doing these calculations would be dashed... ...Had it not been for one very odd dream he had some time ago. ~(+)=(+)~ He slept normally as he did in the small southern city of Austrasia, laying in his own bed within a small tent of his own making. He was exhausted of the day's events and slept hard and then it became odd from the start. He dreamed he was floating in a pit of nothingness, no light or sound. He couldn't see much or less feel. Well, thats would turn out to be a lie once he started to feel something put its eye on him as if it dragged him into this pit of nothingness. "You wish to make a deal?" Karren would hear in his mind. It sounded male, raspy or rough Karren could not discern. The voice seemed to be quite serious. Karren thought about it and before he could speak, he heard the voice in his head again. "So you wish for knowledge to crack your mathematics on your magic. I can offer that knowledge, but this comes with a cost you will pay for in the future." "What cost?" Karren quickly thought. "You shall find out. In time." The voice said and before too long, Karren woke up with a beautiful sight of the sun rising. ~(+)=(+)~ The mysterious voice stirred up a physical form in Atlas. He, of course, would not be visible to the Descendants or to the creatures yet as he longed for the boy to finish his calculations to which he helped seal the deal in his dreamscape. He offered the boy the knowledge he desperately required, but he had no idea that he had signed away something that he'd come to find out in the future which made the man smile a little. His physical form was always something he preferred the most to look like though he had no real physical form to speak of. The future of the research he had plans for, the man thought, would be destroyed once he completed it with the knowledge he provided him. At least thats what he planned for in reality. "He has no idea that he is beginning a whole new era of magic. Of Dark Magic." the man smiled as his vocal chords were fully formed once more, walking away from Cloud Temple with an aura of a chilling coldness that rivaled even that of Death itself....
  21. Imperium-Septimus


    ON GENTLEMEN’S QUARRELS, 1685 Issued and Confirmed by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 5th of Horen’s Calling, 1685. TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, In the lands of civilized men, it is not unexpected for some of these men to come to disagreements. Whether these be of opinion, politic, land or marital feuds, or simply the result of an abrasive and improper man’s acts, many a men of Empire has, at some time or another, felt the need to draw their blade on their peers. But the resolution of quarrels, regardless of cause, shall never be performed in the streets, for the common eye to see. Thus the well-educated, proper man of noble blood and birth shall look to the duel for resolution. A morally acceptable duel shall start with the challenger issuing a traditional, public, and personal grievance, based on whatever has driven them to such a declaration, directly to the single person who offended the challenger who is of equal or lesser status. The challenged person has the choice of public apology, restitution, or refusal. Refusing peaceful resolution, the challenged individual has the right of choosing the weapons appropriate for the duel. The challenger shall then propose a place for the ‘field of honor’, the place where the duel shall occur. The field of honor shall always be private land, away from the eyes of the prying masses, and preferably shall either be on the lands of a neutral third-party or the Emperor’s. The challenged may either accept or propose an alternative, with just cause. A challenged may only refuse if the challenge is not based on proper moral grounds, and then must seek alternate resolution. The Grand Knight or a person that he appoints must then mediate the feud and determine who is the correct party, and if the duel is rightfully refused. At the field of honor, both challenger and challenged shall bring a medic or healer and seconds. The seconds shall try to reconcile the parties by acting as go-betweens to attempt to settle the dispute with an apology or restitution. If reconciliation succeeded, all parties shall consider the dispute to be honorably settled and return to their homes. Each side shall have at least one second, though three is the traditional number. To be a man’s second in a duel is a great honor and typically one given to close friends or allies. Should one party fail to appear to the field of honor, he shall be accounted a coward. The appearing party will be considered the victor by default, and the seconds, assembled nobles, genty and the appointed arbitrator shall all bear witness of the cowardice. When using swords, the two parties shall start on opposite sides of a square twenty paces wide and twenty paces long. The square shall be marked at the corners, typically with dropped handkerchiefs. To leave the marked square is a show of cowardice. The two opponents shall agree upon a condition to which to duel, first blood being the most common. Other conditions include dueling until either one party was physically unable to fight or the present medics call a halt to the fight. When one grievously offended wishes to duel to the death of another man, the requested challenge must first be brought before the Emperor. Only with His Imperial Majesty’s express consent shall such a duel to the death occur. After a duel is concluded the duelists must then shake hands, agreeing upon the offense or disagreement having been settled. They shall then depart on good terms, as it is dishonorable and undignified for the victor to slander or taunt the defeated or speak ill of him to others after a duel. In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera.
  22. Tox

    The Enchantry

    -Established 1577- The Enchantry, a guild of scholarly individuals highly advanced in the arts of the arcane brought together with the single purpose to unify for advancement and betterment of voidal magic and its exploits privately. Let it be from its general use and applications to bettering the public view on magic the Enchantry will always be sure to keep magic used and appreciated. First Established in 1577 in Axios, a group of mages joined together to form a small covenant which slowly grew to a greater size and soon greater purpose. The guild now branches outwards to the world opening its arms for public services. Enchantments for coin or to help rid of problematic issues revolving around magic. Having a personal court mage in place to help advise one's nation of magical issues or to help teach potential new mages with very limited class space reserved for those who are personally invited. Guild Traditions The Enchantry Pendant Your fingerprint in the Enchantry - A mage's personal key and identifier in the vast world symbolizing their affiliation with the Enchantry. Commonly seen as a green gemstone with silver around it. These necklaces are bound to the user and acts as their key - if ever taken off a members person it will no longer work. Different colors symbolize different ranks. Black Stone - Associate Dull Green Stone - Acolyte Bright Green Stone - Magus Purple Stone - Keeper of Books Gold Stone - Keeper of Ways Red Stone - Seeker of Knowledge Blue Stone - The Enchanter and his Council The Enchanters Grimoire: Every member of the Enchantry upon joining is issued a personal Grimoire. These Grimoires are entirely for personal use and logging through the entire back section of the Grimoires have been enchanted. Anything written in these portions will transfer after a day to a master copy Grimoire - Allowing for the collection of knowledge (Follows the death rule - if killed the knowledge is stripped from your grimoire up to the point you would remember before death.) Each Grimoire is bound to the member with intricate magics meaning if they were ever stolen or misplaced they no longer function and appear to be blank - a new copy can be forged by its owner retaining the previous knowledge. The Enchanters Implement: Every member of the Enchantry upon joining is issued a personal implement for casting and are advised to use them as much as possible. These can come in the form of many objects ranging from wands and staves, orbs or even their own grimoire. Implements are meant to be entirely personalized and may be enchanted to further enhance capabilities. One mage may not have the same looking implement in the guild - each implement being logged with a name. Specialization Classification: Every member of the Enchantry upon Joining is issued a personal classification on the type of mage they are depending on what arcane magics they currently possess and which one they declare is a main focus of study. If they do not currently possess magic or lack said magic its based on their declaration of study. The Alterationist - One who mainly uses utility based alteration magic to change the world around them. The Battlemage - One who traditionally focuses on destruction based magic such as elemental and forceful arcane. The Conjurationist - One who focuses on Conjuration, learning how life around them works and how to conjure such especially as elementals. The Illusionist - One who focuses on Mainly illusive type magics such as Mental Magic or Sensory Illusion, Deceiving the world around them. Evarir'yallrn's Class: The Enchantry holds a tradition to help the world better current mages and create more traditionally helpful mages as opposed to selfishness and independency that magic has grown to have. To help press a better formality of magic the roll of Evarir'yallrn was created - and thus - Classes. Each class is up to three individuals to 6 max and are titled independently from each other - belonging to the Evarir'yallrn who hosts such. Classes can last between one single class to multiple depending on the planner of the Evarir'yallrn hosting such. Attendees of these classes must be personally invited by the Evarir'yallrn or assigned by The Enchanter himself.  Internal Ranking Hierarchy The guild structure is an important aspect, dictating those with weight and authority. The Enchanter - The Ailer'evarir Leader of the Enchantry Circle of the Enchanter - The Heial'ailer Selected Leaders of the Guild to council the First Enchanter Title Ranks: Seeker of Knowledge - The Uhierir'maehr Dedicated defender of the guild and the world around them. Often sent out into the world to serve as court magi or to learn for the guild. Keeper of Ways - The Evarir'yallrn Dedicated Teacher of the Enchantry to help guide new mages. Keys to the ways of teaching those how to control and respect magic. Keeper of Books - The Evarir'indor Assistant of the the Enchanter to help with Administrative purposes and help serve the guild and the Circle of the Enchanter. Main Ranks: Magus - The Talaileran Established Member of the Guild Trial Magus - The Enaer'saneyral New Member of the Guild - Two year trial period. Inductees must be at least a Journeyman on the Magus Scale. Acolyte - The Taeluir A Student or Assistant with-in the Guild Magus Scale The Enchantry recognizes all mages, in which they will be given a title for their mastery of the arcane. These are Enchantry standard scale and may be used where ever, on any mage to describe their ability. Your position on this scale will not give any weigh to the Enchantry internal Hierarchy. This scale only measures arts, not feats. Apprentice: 1 or more Arcane art, not mastered. (No T5 magics) Journeyman: 1 Arcane arts mastered. (1 T5 Magic) Evoker: 2 Arcane arts mastered. (2 T5 Magics) Sorcerer/Wizard: 3 Arcane arts mastered. (3 T5 Magics) Master Mage: 4 Arcane arts mastered. (4 T5 Magics) Arch-Mage: 5 Arcane arts mastered. (5 T5 magics) OOC Note: Anything posted on this subforum will act as mail to the Enchantry through Forum RP, please be sure to @Tox. With that said please do not comment on this subforum unless sending any official lettering (Requests to join / Inquiries). Thanks.
  23. NotEvilAtAll

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    ~The Great Applefoot Family~ The Applefoots are one of the newest families of halflings, having been formed by a merger between the Applebrook and Withfoot families when Madeline Applebrook and Harold Withfoot got married (becoming Madeline Applefoot and Harold Applefoot respectively) . The Applefoot family has provided the halflings with great leadership figures from the moment it was created, and it is claimed that the village can never go wrong with an Applefoot in charge, although that claim is still debated. ~The Applefoot Culture and Tradition~ The Applefoots are a simple folk, following all the cultural traditions of the halflings such as not wearing shoes, not using weapons, and not using minas (Mostly). On top of this, Applefoots usually drink to excess whenever possible, and are not ones to back down from a shogging match. From the Applebrook side of the family comes a deep love of orcharding, farming, brewing, and cooking, and from the Withfoot side of the family comes a love of chopping trees, smoking, and eating. With all of these tendencies, the Applefoots are both the ultimate producers of farm goods and the ultimate consumers. Due to this, it is rare to see an Applefoot without food in their hands. ~The Look of the Applefoot~ With a smidge of Dwarven genes coming from Harold Withfoot, the Applefoots stand a bit taller than most other halflings. In weight, however, the Applefoots are slightly less than the average, since the Applebrooks were well known for being slim around the waist. Their eyes are usually blue to blueish green, and their hair is either red or reddish brown. ~Applefoot Religion~ As for Religion, the Applefoots are a varied bunch. Harold Applefoot, the father of the Applefoot family, is a well-known Druid and worshipper of the Aspects, whereas his wife was a devout Knoxist for all her life. Daisy Applefoot worships the Harvest Spirits, whereas her sisters and brother are all Knoxists as well. There is no one religion of the Applefoots, and it's likely it will remain that way for centuries. ~Family Recipes~ Since all the old Applebrook and Withfoot recipes have been passed down to the Applefoot family, the Applefoots have a wide variety of foods and boozes to choose from. Here are a few Applebrook Porter: a booze produced with a secret ingredient that only the Applefoots know. It tastes deep and rich, and is very alcoholic. Withfoot Cider: an all around good cider to drink, produced from only the finest apples and a few other ingredients that are also heavily guarded secrets of the Applefoot family. The Applefoot Haggis: Produced by Madeline Applefoot, this haggis was a true masterpiece and can only be made by some of the top chefs in the world. While its recipe is not a secret, it is said that only an Applefoot can produce the haggis the way it was meant to be made. Pipes & Pipeweed: From the Withfoot side of the family came a vast knowledge of pipes and pipeweed. The majority of the halflings' pipeweed comes from the Applefoots, and the Applefoots also make most of the pipes they are smoked in. ~Family Heirlooms~ The Applefoots have few heirlooms to their name, sadly. The few that they do have are shrouded in mystery, dirt, or both. These Heirlooms await the day that they are discovered once more. Madeline's Cherry-wood Pipe: Said to be the best pipe ever made, this cherry-wood pipe produced the best smoke-rings, smoke-squares, and smoke-ovals ever seen. When Madeline died, her pipe was lost, presumably dropped into somewhere around the village of Dunshire, where it waits to be uncovered to this day. The Arcane Pumpkin: This Pumpkin was plucked straight out of the depths of the darkest, coldest, and perilous place in Axios by the ex-Elder Gerald. When Gerald died, the Pumpkin technically should've passed on to his close friend and associate, Merridolph Applebrook, who technically is a part of the Applefoot family ever since the two were merged. Since Merridolph Applebrook is dead and the Pumpkin was stolen, the Arcane Pumpkin's location is completely unknown. It may never be found again, but if it is, it would change halfling life forever. ~Current and Deceased family members~ Merridolph Applebrook, great uncle - DECEASED Harold Applefoot, grandfather - ALIVE Madeline Applefoot, grandmother - DECEASED Merry Applefoot, son of Madeline - ALIVE ((not played)) Carolina Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - MISSING Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline- ALIVE Unnamed twin of Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - ALIVE ((not played)) Rollo Applefoot, husband of Daisy- ALIVE Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE Unnamed twin of Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE ((not played)) ~How to play an Applefoot~ Just message me or @dkink14 on the forums, and we'll be with you shortly! Alternatively, you can ping our Discords, which are NotEvilAtAll#2321 and dkink14#7136 respectively. Happy travels!
  24. IMPERIAL WRIT OF BANISHMENT : ORDER OF ST. PETER, 1684 Issued and Confirmed by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 19th of Sigismund’s End, 1684. TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, It has come to the attention of the Imperial Crown that there has been a great amount of misdeeds conducted by the Church sanctioned Order of St. Peter. Such misdeeds range from lying to Imperial officials, the attempted murder of an Imperial Knight and his squires, and partaking in the art of necrotic resurrection. All three present a clear and present violation of the reissued Imperial Ten Tables. II.A.3 - BATTERY WITH THE INTENT OF PERMANENT INJURY, FELONY IV.A.1 - TREASON, FELONY IV.D.1 - OBSTRUCTION, FELONY VI.D.1 - WITCHCRAFT, FELONY In addition to these charges, the three individuals have already been determined GUILTY by means of Trial By Combat. Ser Konyves, the victim of the attempted murder, proved their guilt by felling all three assailants by himself. THE ASSAILANTS AS RECORDED BY THE IMPERIAL CROWN Grandmaster Martin Ironwood Hans Wilhelm James Kowacz THE IMPERIAL CROWN OF THE IMPERIUM SEPTIMUS THEREBY ISSUES A COMPLETE BAN AND BANISHMENT OF ANY AND ALL ASSOCIATES OF THE DISGRACED ORDER OF ST. PETER WITHIN THE BORDERS OF OUR FAIR IMPERIUM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This disgraced order has slandered and botched the good name of St. Peter, and may GOD prevent those who have committed such wicked crimes not be permitted entry into his abode. In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.