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  1. Gray_Mage

    House Snow: Employment

    Cordial greetings to all of Atlas from the House of Snow. House Snow is in need of honorable warriors to protect its people and intelligent designers to expand and improve the structures of the Barony of Jorvan. Both House Guards and House Architects will be well-paid and provided with lodging and food. They will also gain the benefit of tax-free status on any and all shops and residences that they own within the aforementioned Barony. There is much room for promotion in House Snow. One may rise through the hierarchy and better their position by proving their undying loyalty to the House. Signed, His Lordship, Cassian Snow, Lord-Patriarch of the House of Snow and Baron of Jorvan
  2. Gray_Mage

    [Denied] Tcs_tonsils_'s Forum Moderator Application

    +1 Impressive resume.
  3. Gray_Mage

    [SELLING] Horses and free Horse Armour

    Greetings from the House of Snow. The Barony of Jorvan currently possesses a vast herd of fine horses. Those horses that are capable of maintaining a speed of 10.2 meters per second and lower have been priced at one hundred (100) to one hundred and fifty (150) mina. Those horses with the capacity to steadfastly uphold a speed of 12.8 to 14.7 meters per second have been priced between three hundred (300) and three thousand(3,000) mina. Any Horse costing over one thousand (1000) will come with a free set of Iron Horse Armour. These exquisite animals may not be available for long. Therefore, I urge thee to act quickly, lest this opportunity be lost. Signed, His Lordship, Cassian Snow, Lord-Patriarch of the House of Snow and Baron of Jorvan ((Discord GrayMage#5559))
  4. The House of Snow offers a warm greeting to all of the inhabitants of Atlas. The Land of Anders is now under new management and The Barony of Jorvan has been created in its stead. The House of Snow desires to establish a strong community upon its lands, and so it bids all those who wish for opportunity and camaraderie to come and receive a place in Castle Whitewind. Those who serve as farmers shall be provided with plots of land on which to work their craft. The first four residents to found businesses shall be granted the necessary space free of charge and shall be exempt from taxes for their first two years in Jorvan. The Castle is currently beening built and needs people to occupy it upon its completion. For that reason, anyone who is an active member of the society will be given a place of residence. Those who prove their devotion to the noble House of Snow shall be blessed with titles and land in the countryside of Jorvan. Together, we will build a vast community, deserving of our pride. Many prominent positions within the House of Snow itself are currently vacant. Moreover, it is the will of the noble house that these posts be filled. Therefore, this document shall be distributed all throughout the land, that those who possess the desired skill sets may apply for their respective roles. The available positions are as follows: -Chief Steward -Captain of the House Guard -Member of the House Guard -Chief Architect -Head of the House Stables -Horse Breeders Signed, His Lordship, Cassian Snow, Lord-Patriarch of the House of Snow and Baron of Jorvan ((Discord GrayMage#5559))
  5. Greetings to all of the people of Atlas. The House of Snow has decided to forge a brighter future for the people of Anders, as is its solemn duty. Therefore, Castle Anders must be demolished. A new keep, larger and grander, shall be built in its stead. This keep shall be known far and wide as Castle Whitewind. It shall be a striking symbol of progress and innovation in the lands of Atlas. As you read this document, Castle Whitewind is in the stage of design. The House of Snow finds itself in need of men skilled in the trade of construction. All those who lend their services to the erection of Castle Whitewind shall be housed in Nordengrad at the hospitality of the Countess Valencia Mournstone. This arrangement shall stand for the duration of this project. The workers shall also be compensated at the close of this endeavor. Resources for Castle Whitewind are also desired. Cobblestone is of prime importance at this time. However, the House of Snow knows that other materials shall be required as well. If you are in possession of materials that you would like to sell, the House of Snow shall pay a fair sum so long as they are needed for the project. The position of Chief Architect of the House of Snow remains unfilled. This post is well-suited to those who possess skill in the art of design. The duties of the post will include the management of all builders employed by the House of Snow and the arrangement of any and all additions and repairs to the properties of the aforementioned noble house. If you wish to be employed for the construction of the keep, sell materials to the House of Snow, or apply for the position of Chief Architect, send a raven (Discord: GrayMage#5559). Signed, Cassian Snow, Lord-Patriarch of the House of Snow
  6. Declaration of Vassalization Issued 1694 by Cassian Snow Let it be known to the realm and to the holy Empire of Man that the House of Forrester, under the enlightened leadership of the Lord-Patriarch Cassian Snow, hereby severs all relations with the the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Rosenyr and pledges its perpetual loyalty and service to the House of Mournstone, thus becoming a vassal of the aforementioned noble house. From this day onward, the House of Forrester shall be known as the House of Snow, vassal of the Earldom of Nordengrad. Signed, His Lordship, Cassian Snow, Lord-Patriarch of the House of Forrester
  7. Gray_Mage

    [HIRING] Builders and architects

    House Forrester is in need of builders and architects for the remodeling and extension of Castle Anders. If you are interested in one of those positions, send a bird to Cassian Snow. ((Discord GrayMage#5559))
  8. Gray_Mage

    [SELLING] Horses, Donkeys, and Mules.

    *Signs are posted on the roads near Carolustadt* A new stables has been built outside of Carolustadt. We have a wide variety of horses, mules, and donkeys. Horses’ speed up to 15.5 yards per second, and jump height up to 5 yards high. Dirt cheap prices, starting as low as 150 mina. Stop by sometime and have a look at our finely bred mounts. ((Send me a Discord at GrayMage#5559 for questions, offers, or to have a look at the animals))
  9. Gray_Mage


    Cassian was born in the town of Carolustadt to a miner and his wife in the year 1671. Their names were Henry and Lillian Snow. Cassian was pretty avrage boy not to exceptional at much of anything. The only thing he reallly loved was sword play. He would watch the city guard practice, and duel his friends with sticks. One day, when Cassian was 15 his father didn’t return from work. One of his father’s friends came to tell them the news. One of the smaller mineshafts had broken and the shaft collapsed. Henry was the only one in the shaft when it broke, but by the time they dug him out, he was already gone. Cassian was devastated by the news, and in his grief, ran away from home. He lived on the streets of Carolustadt for 3 years. After many poor decisions and close calls with death, he returned home. He went to knock on the door, but before his hand reached the wood a muscular man opened it. Cassian asked the man what he was doing in his mothers house and where she was. The man gruffly explained that he married Lillian but she had passed due to sickeness a year before. He then he told Cassin to get lost and slamed the door in his face. And that’s where his story begins...
  10. Gray_Mage

    New player looking for general information

    Thank you so much for all your help. I was really lost without it.
  11. Hey all, I am brand new to LOTC. What I am wondering is, what forums should I read to get a general understanding of the world? I just don't want to read tons of forums and come out with lots of knowdge I wouldn't have IC. It is much easier to RP you don't know something if you don't know it OOC. I plan on playing a Heartland male. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot. If so, just delete it and send me a pm.