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Found 165 results

  1. RENATIAN CITIZENSHIP ACT ✠ Issued by His Excellency, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, 7th of The First Seed, 1662 TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE RENATIAN CROWN: As part of the ongoing reforms of the Royal Renatian Administration, the Office of the Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna has deemed it fit to reinstate the privileges of citizenship for all legal residents of the Crown of Renatus-Marna. Each citizen of the Renatian Crown shall therefore obtain certain benefits and responsibilities in exchange for providing their records to the Office, depending on their place of residence and social rank. All citizens and their GOD-given rights shall be protected by the full extent of Renatian Law, including their right to own and maintain property within the territory of the Crown of Renatus-Marna. Citizenship is NOT hereditary and must be applied for, unless part of a recognized noble house of Renatus-Marna; all nobility is encouraged to apply for the sake of clarity nonetheless. RENATIAN CITIZENSHIP FORM ((Any applications received will NOT be common knowledge and are reserved for the Renatian Administration)) Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna
  2. Ser Paul Ryan

    Ser Paul Ryan's Arctic Adventure

    As the frigid winds of the far north tugged ceaselessly at the heavy cloak draped about his shoulders, Ser Paul Ryan wondered how he got himself into this peculiar situation. Here he was, stranded in the midst of mountainous wintry hellscape, separated from his battle-buddy and hopelessly lost. Worst of all, the glacial cold bit through the many layers of wool and steel that he had donned, his erect nipples chaffing against the steel of his breastplate. As Paul trudged through the biting winter storm, he preoccupied himself with daydreams of the warmth of his inn back home in Markev...was it even day anymore? He couldn’t tell; the sun above was blotted out by the downy flake that swirled around him with the ceaseless fury of a hurricane. Ser Paul was beginning to get seriously worried; if he didn’t find Lyov and the others before the golems found him, he might never savor the taste of Carrion Black ever again. Suddenly, through the thick white hail, the dark outline of a looming figure appeared. Paul’s mittened hands reached for the handle of his longsword, long-since frozen into its scabbard, before the familiar booming voice of Lyov reached his ears. “Privej, Paul, is that you?” the figure shouted. Ser Paul breathed a haggard sigh of relief as his fingers quickly retreated into the warmth of his cloak, his frozen lips parting to greet his battle-buddy. Before his response could be lost to the wind, however, his heart rose in his throat; as Lyov’s shape grew closer and clearer, another looming shadow had appeared behind him, this one far too large to belong to any mortal man. “BEHIND YOU, FRIENDO!” he roared, ripping his sword clear of its scabbard as he charged through the deep snow towards his pal. More likely than not, Lyov’s reaction was spurred more by Paul’s sudden movement than his words of warning; the clever Raevir, seeing Paul unsheathe his blade, instinctively dove into the deep drifts that surrounded them in every direction. A mere moment later, the lumbering fist of a snow golem tore through the space Lyov’s head had occupied seconds before. As Lyov attempted to scramble to his feet amidst the insecure footing of the snowy tundra, Ser Paul let loose a carefully rehearsed battle cry as he charged towards the foe. He hoped Lyov was impressed; he had hired an expensive speech coach to hone his compelling combat cry, and figured the least he could do before dying in this frozen wasteland was put on a good show. “HOOPLAH!” the anointed knight shrieked as he plunged into bitter contest with the frosty behemoth, intent on buying his battle-buddy the precious few seconds he would need to regain his senses. “High ho, to and fro, back to a frosty hell you go!” the Orenian celebrity cheered, before being swept aside by the Golem’s powerful arms. To call the frigid bastard huge was the understatement of the year; his lumbering limbs were nearly as big as Ser Paul himself, and the creature exerted little effort as he batted the trained knight aside like a mere plaything. He had bought his battle-buddy time, however, and that was all that mattered; Lyov had found his dropped spear amidst the howling winds of the shivery blizzard, and leaped back into the fray with gusto to return noble Paul’s favor. It was in vain, however; Lyov’s steel-tipped spear barely delayed the lumbering leviathan as it lurched towards Paul’s prone figure in the snow, and another swipe of its massive iron paw shattered the spear’s shaft into a thousand frozen splinters. Paul’s snow-blind eyes gazed at the oncoming colossus in sheer terror, and he realized there was nothing he could do save close his eyes before the finishing blow sent him packing from this corporeal realm forever. “It’s been real, friendos…. pour one out for me,” he said to no one in particular, a strange smile dawning on his face as he prepared to greet his creator. The fatal blow never came, however; as the lumbering frost Golem raised its tree-trunk arms high above its head to crush Ser Paul into smithereens, an otherworldly cry split the bone-chilling air. “I’m coming Paaaaaaul!” sounded the heroic voice of Larry Cravencock, one of Paul’s oldest partners in crime, as he leapt from an unseen mountain ledge above them onto the Golem’s back. The courageous Cravencrock’s noble gesture hadn’t just been executed with perfect dramatic flair, it also caught the arctic giant off guard, and the icebound behemoth let loose a mighty roar as he stomped back and forth in repeated attempts to shake Larry off his rotund mass. Larry’s legs went flying like a ragdoll’s; left and right, left and right, left and right his lower appendages whirled, swaying in the chilly breeze like the flag of his Kingdom’s noble disposition, but brave Cravencock’s grip held true, his arms wrung like wrought iron about the goliath's metal neck. As Lyov rushed over to Paul, helping the handsome knight to his feet, the hulking beast grew tired of the outrageous affair, finally reaching up with a ham-sized fist to pluck Larry off and send him cascading into the frozen battle-buddies. The trio went down in a tangled mass of frozen limbs, their collapse cushioned by the deep snow. The golem began to let loose a mighty roar, intent on hammering the three weaklings into dust like a drunken mother-in-law smashes ice-chips for her next margarita, when a load crack split the air. Without warning, the ice beneath the golem’s mammoth feet gave way, weakened by the monumental stomping the beast had relied upon in its attempts to shake Larry free. As quickly as it had appeared, the golem vanished in a tumbling cascade of ice and snow, its parting bellows lost to the whirling winds that nipped at the shivering survivors. All that remained was a measly iron mitt, one of the creature’s staggeringly-huge hands, severed from the rest of its body as it attempted to claw onto anything that might have saved it from its fall. The beast’s weight was far too much, however, and all that remained was the chunk of golem scrap metal that nearly tore off Lyov’s head. “You DID IT, Larry!” Ser Paul cried out, his head popping up from the snowbank it had been lodged into. “And your victory even comes with a sweet prize! Righteous!” A few hours later, when the storm had abated and the three noble warriors had found the rest of the Haensetic party, Paul poured Larry another cup of warm cocoa as he regaled his fellow adventurers with their tale. “You should have seen Larry go! He all but sent that golem running back to its mountain-mama singlehandedly! Lyov’s spear had set the creature off-balance, of course, and my own noble war-cry had clearly reduced it to a quivering mess, unable to fight, but it was Cravencock’s iron headlock that finished the beast!” The valiant men of Haense spent the rest of the wintry day in their huddled camp, girding themselves for the journey home that would begin on the morrow. Before our hero Ser Paul Ryan saw the Dancing Crow Inn with his own eyes again, however, a peculiar party of ancient northern beings would make their presence known. That’s a long tale for another time, however, and for now, our foolhardy heroes reveled in their triumph over the North’s greatest villain. (Expect a post from Cruzazul8 coming soon to explain our riveting encounter with the event team, which will doubtlessly set the stage for the server's upcoming story...)
  3. The Tournament of the Sun’s Smile 9th of The Sun’s Smile, 1664 The sound of wood being chopped and formed into swords could be heard coming from a workshop for those that stood close to it in Haense’s red city, Markev. A young lady stepping towards the workshop, her hands opening the door as she gave a nod to the man working. “You have ordered a lot of wooden swords Lady Ruthern. May I ask what they are for?” The man asked the lady. “His Majesty, Karl Barbanov is in need of these swords for a tournament that is to be hosted this summer. I have been left in charge of making the preparations you see. When will they be ready?” She would ask, raising an eyebrow at the man. “Oh, a tournament would do Haense good. Too much tension from that war. Do not worry Lady Ruthern, I shall have them done in a saint’s day or two. I wish you luck in preparing for it all.” He stated, smiling at the woman. Giving her a light wave as he watched her leave. The woman then continued out of the workshop and back to the palace. Her legs carrying her back to her room where she sat down to write a poster. After she had finished and the ink had dried on the paper she took it into her hands. Grabbing a nail and a hammer on her way out as she went to nail the poster in the square. Citizens flocking around her to read what the poster said once she was finished and began leaving. “A grand tournament will be held in Markev to celebrate the welcome of the warm summer of Sun’s Smile and the harvest and goods it brings. All those that are allied and neutral to Haense are also welcome to attend. The tournament will be a normal 1 versus 1 duel between all those that wish to participate. The prizes one may get from either winning or participating are as following; 1st place - 2500 minas, a golden medal and a Sun’s Smile figure. 2nd place - 1000 minas, a silver medal and a Sun’s Smile figure. 3rd place - 500 minas, a bronze medal and a Sun’s Smile figure. All participants will receive a Sun’s Smile figure. Write your name up on the poster to participate. Signed, Lady Helena vas Ruthern.”
  4. RalphGiezer

    Where the Southernos at tho?!1

    As of recently I've been scouring the forums for any information or lore I can find on Southernos. Though it's culture is spanned into some subcultures which would include small minor tribes and some inactive subcultures, there isn't all that much intel that essentially generalizes- labels their culture and people unlike their lighter skinned farfolk counterparts. Despite the generalization of Southernos under one culture is possibly considered a slight issue (though not as relevant), I feel as if there needs to be some solid lore on Southernos, let alone lore that is available to anyone who wishes to make a character of this race (NOTE: not referring to Mountsidian lore which is a subculture to Southernos). If anyone can respond with any helpful tidbits of old Southernos lore posts or anything related to Southernos (excluding any subrace information) that would be p helpful! I'm only saying this cause I've recently made my second Southernos character and despite going off of regular farfolk lore, I haven't a clue about actual Southernos lore; even though I've heard from some sources that the Southernos are solely based on African culture.
  5. Imperium


    BLACK COMPANY Bannermen of House Ruthern The Black Company was created in order to defend, and keep the peace in the County of Metterden. They are to serve as the Bannermen for House Ruthern, and in turn fight for the Kingdom of Haense and her people. The Black Company is currently stationed in the castle of Helmholtz, located along the road to Markev. They guard the roads to Markev, fending off bandits and invaders alike. Ruthern Bannermen holding back a courlandic charge in the second battle of Rothswood, 1612 Ranks Captain Serves as the second in command for the company after the Count, the captain is appointed by the Count himself. Lieutenant They would serve as the officers of the Company, commanding and leading the men under the Captain. These men have shown themselves to leaders, and respected by their comrades. Sergeant Sergeants are veteran warriors, who have proved themselves as leaders among their peers. Master at arms A battle tested veteran of the company, they serve as examples to their peers to what a true soldier is. Man at arms The backbone of the company, they make up the majority of the company. These men have proven themselves loyal to the House, and the Company. Footmen Newly joined recruits to the Company, they have yet to prove themselves. Current uniform for the Company. Application Rp section Name: Age: Race: Birth place: Reason for joining: Do you swear to protect House Ruthern, the County of Metterden, and the Kingdom of Haense? OOC Section Mcname: Discord:
  6. Vorgraven

    Village of Kharmandal

    Kharmandal Village Home of the Subudai The village is situated on the savannah, overlooking the plains below. The village mainly trades in horses, leather, wheat, and olives, it borders upon the vast desert of the north, and the open plains to the west. They are a hardy people, usually donning furs to fight the harsh environment of the plains, usually they are living a nomadic lifestyle, currently a more permanent settlement has been constructed, with housing to atleast a couple of settlers and visitors can take up refuge in the local inn. Village Leader: Khoridai Bey OOC: Currently looking for people to settle and work in the village If you want to join, send me a private message on the server, or on Discord. Username: MC: Vorgraven Discord: Vorgraven#7704 Or you can apply directly below by filling out the form below: IC name: MC Username: Discord username:
  7. The ‘Ker stood beside Loriens, the High Prince. The meeting seemed to drag on; the Renatians would prove a point, only for the Mali leader to respond with another. Evar’tir listened, but not many words were registered with him. His gaze darted around the room, to the Renatian General, to the soldiers alongside the room, guarding the meeting. At one point, he had turned around to address His Majesty, King Horen, giving him a glance at the spectators, which he had seen during his entry with the rest of the diplomatic convoy. Though he turned not long after, facing Antonius once more. The meeting would only seem boring for a while longer. A bit of time passed, and the ‘Ker seemed ready to leave. The meeting had drawn on long enough, though things seemed to go south, as Loriens leaned over, to him, "Evar'tir," He whispered softly from the corners of his mouth, "My old friend, I do not think this bodes well for us." "Loriens," Evar’tir responded quietly, "Aye. I fear the worst. Choose your words lightly, for I think we are close to being struck down without mercy," he said regrettably. Soon thereafter, came the order from Antonius, "Justitia suum cuique distribuit." After the call, the sound of drawing steel, shield banging against weapon, and mild confusion from those of Malin’s Descent. The sound of men walking forward. The call for “Shield wall!” echoed out at some point. The sound of a voidal screeching raised in his mind. A silent scream. “Men of Caras Eldar, stand down.” Loriens’ call rang out. Though the Renatians did not heed. An attack to the head blocked and backpedalled away from. Another stab towards his head missed as he crouched down to lay down his valtin halberd under order from the High Prince. A third attack, again, directed to his head, missing, as one of the soldiers grasped Evar’s hair, forcing him from the circle of Mali and Valah. The Valah, Deckland, dragged him out, and to the right of the dais, where he then raised his mace, slamming it down on the man’s right hand. A brief hiss of pain escaped him, as the human soldier moved on his left, though, a split second decision lead the Tharan to roll to his right, successfully evading attack, but not for long. “Deckland, what are you doing?” “I'm going to remove all his limbs, bit by bit.” “Just kill the fucker, no need to be psychopathic about it.” “Please… let me die in front of my High Prince...” Groaned the Virarim militant to the Valah. “Then I shall kill you outside the Court.” Came the grunt of a response, dragging the armoured man off. An attack heading for him missed, because of this. Lucky fella. “It’s been an honour, sir” He called out to Loriens, as the High Prince was forced to kneel before the dais. “You've served well, Evar'tir.” Loriens responded. The sound of fighting escaping Evar’s ears as he was removed from the hall, the door shutting heavily behind them. Outside the court, he was put to the ground again. The man raised his mace, dropping it towards the Mali‘Ker’s skull. In a swift motion, Evar’tir kicked off the ground, the mace strike hitting his left leg, denting the armour, and greatly hindering his movement. “Please… you have a family, yes?” The broken man managed out, a plea for his life. “No,” Responded Deckland, readying for another attempt at ending the persistent ‘Ker’s life. “Is he not dead yet?” Asked another Renatian, a flaming sword in hand as he exited the court, into the hall to check if the 'Ker was dead. “Not yet, he’s persistent. Seems he doesn’t want to die.” Grunted the militant. “An admirable trait. If only he was not an Elf.” “Aye.” With the attack readied, Evar’tir sighed softly. The fight was over. He had lost. All the wars he had fought, and one. All the fights he’s been in. Winning or not, most of them, he got out alive. This one was different. He had no possible way of escaping this. Reasoning with barbarians works if you have a force to show for, but he was in Antonius’ court now. Well, outside of it, at least. Disgraced, the Tharan, closed his eyes. Sighing once more, before giving in into the thoughts plaguing his mind. Inhaling heavily, he let out a screech. Consisting of clicks, chitters, hisses, croaks, and other other-worldly noises. The sound echoed throughout the hall of the court, easily being able to be heard from outside the building, and within the court, where the noise of fighting still raged on. This was abruptly was cut off, as the man fighting him, slammed his mace down. The ‘Ker’s skull shattered, sending gore flying. Another slam hit his mess of a skull. If he wasn't dead then, he certainly was at that point. His head being ruins of what it originally was. “There we go. Search him for anything useful.” Said the man with the flaming blade. The foot soldier nodded, searching the corpse of the military official. Though they found nothing, save for his rations. “Toss the bodies outside,” The man said, moving back within the courtroom, unigniting his flamesword. The other man nodded once more. Tossing the body to join the rest of his disposed of comrades. Gilondir, Elros, Miklaeil, Aewion, and Aravae. All tossed lazily outside of the building. The High Prince as well being disposed of in the same plain fashion. Who was killed not long after the Tharan’s death. ~ --~ Killed, but not gone, Evar'tir Sulirrin had heeded orders, surrendering, though the barbarians of the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna kept their attacks persistent. The meeting had taken a considerably sharp turn, that Elven Eve, unfortunately for the Mali, it was certainly not in their favour. ~ --~
  8. LithiumSedai

    Mayoral Appointment, 1664

    MAYORAL APPOINTMENT ✠ Issued by His Excellency, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, 2nd of The First Seed, 1664 TO ALL CITIZENS OF SENNTISTEN: It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the sudden departure of our beloved Mayor, Ferdinand Albert Stafyr, whose loyal and diligent service to our great Capital of Man and its citizens shall not be forgotten nor disregarded. However, our work must not grind down to a halt if we're to ensure the continued stability and prosperity of Senntisten in the months to come; thus, on my authority as the Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and the nominal overseer of the Senntisten City Administration, I hereby summon LEILA RUBENS of Leeuwenhof to immediately assume the duties of the Mayor of Senntisten and head of the Senntisten City Administration, these titles valid and recognized by my Office of the Seneschal until the next mayoral election is called. I do extend my full support to her and wish her good luck in her affairs as our new Mayor, hoping her tenure will result in a newfound era of prosperity and development of Senntisten. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna
  9. TJBMinecraft

    The Baronial Army of Adylith

    The Baronial Army of Adylith The standard of the Barony of Adylith and House de Hartcold The Baronial Army is the main fighting force for the Barony of Adylith. The Baronial Army of the Barony of Adylith was founded by Thomas de Hartcold, 1st Baron of Adylith, upon the formation of the Barony of Adylith. As the military of the Barony of Adylith, the Baronial upholds the laws and legislation of the Baron, safeguarding order in their military service for the Barony. They are the hammer and anvil of His Lordship, an audacious, and scrupulous force, who are often renown for their braveness when they charge into battle. Adylithian Men-At-Arms fighting against the Silvervein Horde at the Battle of Blackden, 1650. Ranks Every single soldier in the Baronial Army can be identified by their rank and their regiment. The rank of each soldier is a chain that binds, no man may break the chain of command within or outside their own regiment. Every soldier is subject to all superiors regardless of their regiment. Soldiers are divided into regiments/brigades based on their skills as a combatant. Senior Command Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is the highest rank in the Army of Adylith. The Rank of Marshal is appointed to a member of the armed forces by the Baron himself for their expertise on the field of battle. They are the supreme commander of the entirety of the Army - only under the Baron himself. They are tasked with coordinating a operative military of a skilled and highly trained nature, overseeing and appointing junior officers in the ranks and spearheading military operations both near the Barony and off the borders. Commander Subordinate only to the Marshal within the ranks of the Army, the Commander serves, fundamentally, as the Marshals second in command. It is he who gathers and collects aid wherever necessary in the Army. A competent administrator and military strategist, it is the duty of the Commander to oversee and ensure the upkeep of the Baronies regiments. Officers Captains A Captain is an experienced frontal leader who has shown their skills through their martial capabilities. Subordinate to the commanders, they are linked to them as a second in command of their respective regiment. In battle, the Captain carries out the Commanders orders to the dot. Should a Captain be dispatched or be removed from their service, a Sergeant shall ascend to the post. Sergeants Sergeants are skilled soldiers who have shown promise to be good leaders. They act as assistants to the Captains, helping them carry out orders that have been dispatched by the Commander or Marshal, suggest promotions to the lower members of the Army, monitor soldiers in their respective regiment and take up squads in missions varying on low risk to high risk. With time and utmost determination, Sergeants may one day become captains themselves. Ranks of Foot Master at Arms Master at Arms are experienced soldiers whom have accumulated veteran status and may command the lower enlisted ranks freely. Those with the Master at Arms rank are entrusted with conducting missions such as scouting's, coordinating drills as well as patrols. Man at Arms Men at Arms are the warriors who have shown the Army's might for several years or conflicts. They are tried and tested soldiers who have tasted the blood, the smoke, the sweat, the tears and the pain and anger of war time and time again. Men at Arms are expected to continuously strive to improve themselves and out perform other enlisted members in the ranks; it is from here that a soldier may achieve upward mobility within the Army, should a promotion and position present itself. Footmen Footmen are the backbones of the Adylithian Army, as the rank of Footman is the most common rank of all. Footmen are not treated as harshly as the recruits, having proving their Loyalty and obedience. Instead they keep on showing and proving their dedication to the Army by undergoing and fulfilling a large number of tasks, from gate duty and patrols to pursuing wanted criminals . As well as that they also take part in training exercises to prove their capabilities. Recruit The beginning and lowest rank of a soldier. Recruits hold no authority in the military. A recruit should set out to prove their worth in the Adylithian Army. Recruits are expected to know their place at all times, keeping in mind that only efficiency, obedience and courage will allow them to progress throughout the ranks. Specialised Ranks Quartermaster A major part of the Adylithian Army's efficiency and power, the rank of Quartermaster is normally assigned to a veteran officer or soldier with some type of labour skill. These men are usually entrusted with the maintenance of the vast array of the Army's military and logistics supply in regards of equipment. Standard Bearer The Standard Bearer is an individual in the Army who is delegated with the esteem task of bearing the Baronies own colours into battle - serving as a beacon to rally and regroup their men in a battle. Disciplinarian The duty of the Disciplinarian is to ensure all soldiers in the Adylithian Army are kept in place and act accordingly to the precedents set before them. Normally these men are the ones who would lead drills, form lines and deal out a according punishment to soldiers who need it. Physician Physicians, also known as medics, are soldiers who specialise in saving lives, just as much as ending them. They are usually Men at Arms, but any rank with the necessary skills may also be appointed to this position. Physicians tend to stay in the rear guard, treating the injured soldiers and escorting them away from the battlefield as the rest of the Army pushes forward in its assault against the Barony's enemies. An Adylithian patrol stalks the outskirts of Adylith, dated c. 1653 Appearance The vast majority of the Baronial Army typically wears varying garb similar to that of a Waldenian Landsknecht. Despite the outwardly spiffy and formal appearance this uniform possesses, it has been designed and optimized for combat flexibility and superiority in times of changing warfare. The standard uniform of a soldier (top) and an officer (bottom) in the Army Baron Thomas de Hartcold and Lord Lope Keint strategize for the Battle of Blackden, dated 1650. Enlistment In order to join the Army of Adylith, one needs only to submit a small form to the Marshal, requesting to be enlisted into the Adylithian Army. Should a prospective applicant find themselves illiterate, one may also speak with an Adylithian Officer in person. Whether one sends in an application or is recruited in person, they must answer these questions and they must be documented by the recruiter. Upon enlisting into the Army, a Recruit shall be given all the basic necessities of a soldier, a uniform, equipment, and housing. Contact your local recruitment officer to enlist today. Application Form IC Name: Age: Race: Place of Residence: Occupation: Prior Experience: Will you swear an oath of Allegiance?: OOC MC Name: Timezone: Discord:
  10. GildedDuke

    House Kovachev

    HOUSE OF KOVACHEV ‘By Right of Flame’ House Standing ~-~ The House Kovachev is a masterly House of the Highlands, claiming their descent and lineage as a cadet branch of the Great House of Carrion and a scion of the Raevir peoples. Originally founded by Kovac Carrion, Lord of Kovachgrad, literally ‘Kovac’s Hold’ in the tongue of ancient Raev. Once ruling as Kings in their own right; now standing as Ducal lords of Carnatia and loyal vassals to the Kingdom of Haense; faithful bannermen to their Karovic cousins in the Royal House of Barbanov, rightful Heirs to the Black Barbov and Protectors of the Highlands. Having evolved from their hardy roots, the House of Kovachev is renowned as the second greatest House of the Highlands, a step below their liege lords in House Barbanov. More so than other Houses of the Highlands, they are often heavily involved in internal affairs and when it suits them external. As a result of their status, the House is often well considered for marriage arrangements between itself and the likes of the Royal family. As is tradition, the House follows a Patriarchal lord, decided by legitimacy and direct descent of the main line, often found in the first born. In the case that no male heir exists, the female line is presented with said titles, and should the main line be all but extinct, the closest relatives are bestowed the right to such a claim. However, this can be overwritten should the ruling liege lord declare a legitimate and documented will, in which the titles can be passed to one with no affiliation to blood ties. -:Standing Patriarch:- His Grace; Stefan Viktor of House Kovachev, the first of his name; Duke of Carnatia, Count of Kovachgrad, Turov and Kvaz; Lord of the Stones. -:Standing Heir:- (Vacant) Ancient History ~-~ During the time of old Raev, the Carrion Vochna had firmly cemented its rule over the surrounding provinces and all of the area inhabited by the Raevir people from their newfound capital of Khazav. However over the generations there had been a single, unrelenting thorn in the side of House Carrion - that was to say House Nzech, who Barbov the Black had originally rebelled against and deposed, claiming Raev for himself, his sons and grandsons until the end of time. The present line of House Nzech was in fact descended from a lesser first cousin of the monarch who Barbov had deposed, who had bent the knee to the rebel forces in return for his head and his family’s castle, Ralich, and all its attendant lands. Barbov did reluctantly spare his line, however as a consequence of this, after generations had passed and Barbov had become a cold corpse in the ground, House Nzech began to speak once more about their ‘ancient rights’ to Raev and their supposed superior claim to the realm. This talk eventually took root in the courts of a number of feudal lords and slowly gained leverage in the realm until it culminated in a rebellion from House Nzech, whose lord proclaimed himself the Stone King from the mountainous border territories surrounding Ralich. This was not the first instance of House Nzech’s defiance, and would, as any learned Raevir historian knows, sadly not be the last. King Timov I, himself the great-grandsire of the ‘Old Crow’ Emperor Siegmund, sent his young and brazen nephew Kovac to raise a cohort from across the realm and put down the Stone King’s rebellion. The young lord did just that and marched through the mountain passes to the stronghold of Ralich, laying siege to the fortress. Ralich was reputed as being unconquerable and highly defensible, and the Stone King’s forces merely hid behind their walls avoiding all combat, endeavouring to sap their assailants reinforcements. Unfortunately Kovac had a similar idea, and while his own forces could be consistently replenished and supplied by King Timov’s host, the Stone King had no such luxury and was to be starved out of his castle. The lengthy siege lasted for ten and a half months after which the Stone King, trapped in his castle, decided he would sally forth and see what damage he could do to his besiegers. His cohort was utterly destroyed by Kovac’s forces and he himself was slain by Kovac in single combat, who was said to have cut him in twain with a single arc of his bardiche. His sole child and heir, Lyudmila, crowned herself from within the halls of Ralich the Stone Queen. The Stone Queen’s servants, incited by her castellan, were less than loyal to her and understood from past example what became of those who continued to oppose the dynasty of the Crow. They yielded the fortress and delivered her to Kovac trussed and hooded. As a reward for his exceptional service in the Siege of Ralich, King Timov granted his nephew Ralich and its surrounding territories which became known as Kovachgrad or Kovac’s Hold. Taking up a role as warden of the mountain passes, Kovac firmly entrenched himself within the Stone King’s old fortress, marrying Lyudmila the Stone Queen and subsequently creating House Kovachev, a cadet branch of House Carrion, taking for his sigil a feral red griffin on a black field, one of the many hardy beasts that resided in the mountains surrounding Ralich. House Nzech may have been dispossessed and pronounced extinct, but while the Stone King’s line was absorbed into House Kovachev when its patriarch wed the Stone Queen, many more and lesser lines of the house existed. Like a weed, House Nzech is known for being very difficult to eradicate, as while treasonous their roots ran deep. Descendants of the Nzechonovic dynasty are rumoured to still exist to this day. From their position in the ore-rich mountains, House Kovachev had become a house of industrious repute with famed metalwork and jewellery, their smiths and furnaces producing fine artisan works. Despite this, however, the house remained poor due to the almost complete lack of arable land in the mountains, preventing Kovachgrad from growing its own food with the exception of a few sparse berries in the boreal forests. As a result of this, fire had become a more integral part than usual in the life of the communities ruled over by Kovachev, allowing their livelihood of metals and weaponry to be produced and providing them with warmth and the hearthfire that sustained them. House Holding ~-~ An Artist's interpretation of the landscape of the Duchy of Carnatia; Vailor. Circa. 1559 The Duchy of Carnatia stands as one of the largest vassal states within the Kingdom of Haense, second only to the Principality of Akovia. In times of old, Carnatia was geographically dominant upon the northern map the realm, ruled by Houses such as Rovin, Barbanov and Sarkozic. Finally, the right and title rests with the House of Kovachev, granted at first by John I of House Horen and later reinstated by the House of Barbanov. In the modern era, Carnatia is mostly absorbed within the crownlands of Haense itself, with no true dominant or distinct territory of its own. Rather, the title is used in forms of presentation within court and a courteous display of status amongst the other nobles of the realm. However, in difficult times and when called upon, Carnatia may yet still rally men loyal to its cause. House Titles ~-~ King of Akovia (Formerly) Duke of Carnatia Count of Kovachgrad Count of Karovia (Formerly) Count of Turov Count of Kvaz Count of Ayr (Formerly) Baron of Valwyk Lords of the Stones House Relics ~-~ The Bardiche of Kovac Karovic- A large Ruskan styled war-axe, almost reaching the size of a halberd and demanding a great deal of strength to carry into battle. The weapon was once wielded by Kovac himself, said to have been used to cut the Stone King in twain with a single arc. Often times the patriarch of House Kovachev is seen carrying this weapon into battle, hence the blade has often been in need of repair and has been reforged many times so that it may remain in a usable condition. The Crown of Ralich- Fashioned within Ralich by the House of Nzech as a symbol of their false Royalty, the Crown was seized by Kovac Carrion following the capture of Ralich and extinction of House Nzech. Since then the rusted iron crown has been kept as a trophy by the House of Kovachev for many ages, a reminder of their past and a testimony of strength to all other Houses, friend or foe. Culture ~-~ Carnatian outriders, battling the Courlandic and Kraijian scourge upon the outskirts of Riga; Circa. 1563. Ethnically, the House of Kovachev are Highlanders, established in ancient times as Raevir by their Karovic roots. Though despite this, over time they have differentiated greatly in traditions and mindsets. They are often considered a hybrid predominantly with the native Northerners of old, and very much differentiate themselves from the typical Raevir otherwise, with exceptions being in their name and prideful history. If ever inquired upon, a modern Kovac would declare themselves being that of Haensetic or Northern culture. As an inner circle, the House of Kovachev uphold a strict sense of loyalty. Loyalty to one’s liege lord is commendable, but loyalty to your family is the greatest honour one could achieve. A Kovac who turns their back on their family is no Kovac at all. This sets them apart in contrast to other Houses of Haense, such as their Karovic cousins in House Ruthern. From a religious standpoint, the House of Kovachev once declared themselves as followers of the Ruskan Orthodoxy, though now in the modern day they are staunch Canonists and believers in the faith. Yet despite this, religion does not dictate their livelihood, nor does it constraint them from criticism or a more open-minded outlook in situational circumstances. Kovachev’s also have a deep interest in political exchanges or otherwise the battlefield. Traditionally the sons of Kovac have served in administrative positions, often times being one of military authority such as Marshal. Said positions have been held in the past by numerous notable figures; including Varon of Akovia and Jan of Carnatia. Kovachev’s educate themselves in battle-tactics and very few have little experience with a weapon of some form. Most Kovachev’s will experience battle at the sprouting age of twelve or thirteen; they start young. Not only distinct in their words, fire is an integral part of House Kovachev and their history. It is from fire did they build their name and within fire they bind themselves. Fire is also an integral part of a Kovachev’s funeral. Rather than being buried, a pyre is believed to be the purest way a soul may move on; from which their the ashes are collected and stored. These jars are then in turn buried. For any Kovachev not to be cremated, it is treated as a grave injury to the House as a whole, regardless of whom that may be. Physical attributes ~-~ Typically the descendants of the Kovac-Karovic line are robust, tall and broad men, with most claiming light hair that ranges from flaxen to dirty blonde. Most are thick-bearded and the members of the noble line almost always possess the deep-green eyes of their Karovic forefathers or alternatively a shade of steel-blue eyes. Females typically share similar traits, often growing taller than an average woman, though they are less so robust and broad, emphasising a slimmer and composed build. Traditionally, Kovachev’s are prone to wearing heavy furs and woven materials, suitable for the cold climate of the highlands. This includes the pelts of bears, otters, stags and wolves. Their clothing is often coloured red, black, orange and in some cases even green, usually in relation to their House colours or personalities. They're quite critical on presentation. To battle, a Kovac is described to be seen carrying a battle axe and rounded shield. Encased in a suit of armour striked with a red gryphon and astride a mighty Carnatian warhorse. The Kovachev’s are lovers of melee and cavalry combat, often in the thick of battle and at other times acting as dragoons with compound mounted bows. (OOC Note: This is a rewrite to bring an up to date perspective of the House and its lore. Likewise it's preferable that personal aspects of the post itself are not metagamed or otherwise commented upon with no roleplay knowledge. Thank you.)
  11. Imperium

    House Ruthern

    House Ruthern House Ruthern is an ancient Raevir noble House, tracing its line back to the days of the Crowsmarch, when it was established by Ruther Barrow. In the modern day, the House is a vassal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. House Ruthern is based in the Helmholtz Castle, in the County of Metterden. House Loyalty: House Ruthern has had a very long tradition of betraying and murdering their liege lords, but in their modern incarnation have always proven themselves loyal and trustworthy vassals. They are sworn to the Kingdom of Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and House Barbanov, and are direct vassals of the Crown. A Ruthern settlement during the age of the Carrions of Crowsmarch. Patriarchs of the Rutherns of Metterden House Ruthern is led solely by its Patriarch, usually the oldest capable, competent male. It is common for the Patriarch to give his brother(s) the ability to exercise some will over the authority, yet they should be in direct obedience to their older brother. House Ruthern was always ruled by the strong, and patrilineal descent meant little compared to power and above all, the preservation of the family. Ailred ‘the Turncloak’ Ruthern ✝ County of Cavan, Lord Marshal of Oren, of the Decturem Ivan ‘The Seafaring’ Ruthern ✝ Baron of Hammerspoint and Saltridge Blessed Dmitry of the Dreadfort ✝ Staunch supporter of House Carrion, blessed for his actions to enact vengeance for his Liege Lord’s death at the hand of Ailred Ruthern. Died in a charge to save the corpse of his liege, Franz Josef Carrion. Alric I Myakovsky Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Commander of the Southern Gold Corps, Lord of Averheim, Lord Regent of Erochland, & Protector of the South. Maric I Dmitry Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Captain of the Southern Gold Corps, Lord of Averheim, Lord Regent of Erochland, & Protector of the South. Demetrius II Viktor Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Lord Protector of The Spine, Grand Meyster of the Order of The Golden Gryphon, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Alriczan. Boris II Nikolas Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Grand Marshal of the Order of the Edelweiss, Protector of the Pass, Baron of Rostig, and Lord of Alriczan. Victor Alric Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the Pass, and Lord of Alriczan. Count Joren Ruthern ✝ Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the Pass, and Lord of Alriczan. Vladrick var Ruthern ✝ Duke of Metterden (Title Abolished), Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the Pass, and Lord of Alriczan. [Incumbent] Rhys var Ruthern Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig, Protector of the South, and Lord of Helmholtz. House Culture and Traditions: The Rutherns descend from Raevir branches, and thus, their influence still stand to this day. Although, over centuries of the Raevs being oppressed, the Rutherns have come to reject many of the traditions associated with Raevir; most notably the botch method of speech. Nonetheless, traces of Raevir ancestry are still present in modern-day Rutherns, primarily in the naming of their children. Madness is the first word to come to to mind when describing the House, for indeed they have always held a reputation for being violent, unpredictable, and downright bizarre. The Rutherns hold an ancient record of military accomplishments, once upon a time, the Rutherns led the Orenian Empire’s largest militant Order. It stills continue to this day, Ruthernian bannermen are seen in nearly every conflict that involves mankind. As a result of such a rich history of military, Rutherns are more acclimatized and have an affinity for warfare and the various troubles conflict brings. Legally, House Ruthern are agnatic-primogeniture, meaning that the oldest male of the current ruler will always inherit. Although it is not surprising for Rutherns to just simply usurp one another if they are deemed too weak to rule. Ruthern soldiers marching through the thick woodlands of Erochland, heading south toward the Dreadlands. Ancient History: Anthos-Fringe The House Ruthern is a lesser House branched off the Princely House Carrion, descending from the line of Ruther, a bastard “Barrow” of House Carrion. As typical, the name Barrow was given to Carrion bastard born out of wedlock with a lowborn; however, Ruther was born in a stone castle amongst servant girls and castellans. His mother was a courtier of the court, who managed to take a bastard with the Lord of House Carrion 3 generations prior, Lord Borislav. The boy Ruther was ill-tempered and cruel; he had always been spiteful of those around him and took pleasure in torture and pain. Ruther had an intense phobia of blood, however, and would revel in forms of blunt trauma and torture to satiate his bloodlust, taking a hammer for training and preferring naval warfare of cold blue seas blotting out the blood of war. He would deface his enemies with wrathful impunity by ripping their teeth, spines, and bones, sporting them as war-trophies and forbidding all of his men to sport gold jewelry and instead bones of fallen foes, a brutal tactic which follows the House to this day. When time had erupted for war, the courtiers in service had pleaded with Lord Borislav to send his boy off to die in foreign soils, so the ill-mannered bastard would be rid of in a fashion clean of kinslaying. Ruther was given sixteen longships and a levy mixed with convicts and conscripts. Despite all odds, the raiding party had infiltrated the rival Kosanov stronghold and decimated the populace, a crucial turning point of the Raevir civil conflict. However, when the Carrion envoy arrived to claim the hold, Ruther garrisoned it and demanded legitimization for his valor in war. Borislav and Ruther compromised with the handover of a noble estate, for no vassal around Borislav would have wanted the wicked Ruther a legitimate Carrion to potentially inherit his lands, yet the stronghold was necessary in concluding the campaign, and an amphibious assault was out of the question. Ruther was granted a barren beach line for his warband out of appeasement to the rival lords of Raev, yet found himself little time to scheme further and advance himself with the abandoning of Crowsmarch. Ruther was forced to abandon his lands. In a fit of mixed fury and insanity, he navigated his ships away from the Raevir fleet, taking off to harry various island civilizations between Asulon and Anthos. He took thralls and wives under his own blade, and was succeeded by only one trueborn son. Ruther’s son Boris was the next of line. He took the sigil of the hammerhead shark for the creature’s savagery, hammer-head, and affinity for water, and had the bones of Ruther along with those he pillaged forged among steel to forge the ancestral hammer of the House. Boris continued his father's legacy of establishing violent campaigns against various trade archipelagos, and bore two sons, Ivan, named after the famed father of the Raevir race, and Ailred. Boris, however, did not have the unrelenting tenacity and violence as his father. He faltered and had his second son, Ailred, kidnapped at a young age by rival slavers. Ailred was lost to the family, being raised as a Dreadfort child soldier after being sold to Augustus Blackmont in Anthos. Boris eventually contracted scurvy, dying and sending the “Fleet of Bones” scattered throughout the wild seas. Ivan had witnessed his father’s slow health decline, and took what little strelesy conscripts and thralls to head for Anthos. He had figured the continent settled and ripe for war, despite his weakened fleet. Upon arriving to the Crimson Isles, he reunited with his brother, Flay bannermen Ailred, who was soon nicknamed “Red Ruth” for his flayish brutality. Ailred eventually consolidated his bannermen into the Decturem, a fearsome military order renowned for strength and ruthlessness. Unfortunately, John of Darfey manipulated Ailred into turning against his Carrion kin, promising him the crown of Oren. His rebellion was short-lived, culminating in the legendary Siege of Mount Augustus. His son, Vsevolod, took the remaining bannermen loyal to House Ruthern and fled to the seas. The few surviving Rutherns lived in exile, thought to be extinct, until the days of Vailor. ~ Family Members(Alive/Active): Count Rhys of Metterden, of Ailred’s blood. (Ave_imperium) Ailred var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Epicethan4) Helena vas Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (MissToni) Joren var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Mcpancakes) Caterina vas Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (Slayology) Josef var Ruthern, of Ailred’s blood. (RidetheSky) Dorian Barrow, of Ailred’s blood. (Iilcarnus) House Relics: Members of House Ruthern hold many objects that they have emotional attachment to, but there are some truly renowned artifacts that have been passed down through generations that hold true value to the entirety of the House; for these items hold much history to their names. The Book of Rutherns Held by Count Rhys of Metterden The book was authored by a literate member of House Ruthern ancestor, Yaroslav, son of Ruther Barrow, founding father of House Ruthern. Instead of taking up the sword as expected, Yaroslav chose the life of a scholar, a very unlikely position to find an ancient Ruthern in. This book contains written details on the origins of House Ruthern. It was passed on to his son, and his son passed it on, they continued to fill the book in, either by themselves or using writers. This book is mostly used to prove House Ruthern legitimacy and other deeds done by members of Ruthern. The book was discovered once more in the libraries of Averheim by Maric Ruthern, and he continued it with his own hand, his sons carrying it on after him. Ruther’s Hammer Held by Count Rhys of Metterden This is the hammer that was used by Ruther Barrow to massacre all who opposed him in the first days of House Ruthern. It was made for him by Lord Borislav of House Carrion when he was sent on a suicide mission to attack the rival Fortress of Kosanov. It is said that over five hundred men have fallen to this hammer. It was passed from Ruther to Boris, then from Boris to Ailred, where it was thought to be lost. Ailred, however, gave it to his son Vsevolod, and it was passed down his family until it reached the hands of Arik the Black. It was lost during the voyage to Atlas, only to be founded in a shipwreck by Rhys Ruthern. Ivan’s Cross Held by Count Rhys of Metterden A simple Hussarian cross made of polished dark oak. Upon Ivan Rutherns reunion with his brother Ailred, he had his ships burned to the ground to signify the end of his days of piracy. The night before the ships were to be burned, he claimed to have had a dream in which GOD instructed him to carve a cross out of the mast, for if he did, he would hold divine favor. He did so before the burning, and carried it with him always. Ivan never suffered serious injury or illness with the cross in his possession, despite being a veteran of several wars and having fought many battles. When he did pass away, it was only after he had bequeathed the cross to his son Ivan. Ivan’s Cross is also featured on the coat of arms of House Ruthern. Notable Events in Ruthern History: Ancient History (1250- Ruther Barrow is born out of wedlock between Boris I Carrion and courtier. -At age sixteen, Ruther is sent on a suicide mission to conquer Fortress Kasonov, he accomplishes this goal and is rewarded with land and is legitimized, forming the Cadet Branch, House Ruthern. -Abandonment of the Crowsmarch, reason unclear. Ruther Ruthern is forced to flee with his warband, taking to sea and becoming an amphibious-based pillager. -Twins, Boris and Yaroslav are born. -Ruther contracts scurvy and consequently passes away, his fleet fractures at the loss of its leader. The twins Boris and Yaroslav are kept safe by loyal bannermen. -At eighteen, Boris is given reign of the remaining Ruthern fleet, he continues his father’s legacy of pillaging coastal settlements in the nearby oceans of Asulon. -1350) Yaroslav begins his work on the Book of Rutherns. (1350- Ivan is born of Boris. Ailred is born of Boris. -Ailred Ruthern is captured during an attack orchestrated by rival raiders, he is sold into slavery. -Yaroslav passes away due to health complications and aging, his work on the Book is passed onto Ivan. -Boris passes away due to scurvy, his old age and feeble body accelerating the process. The sudden death of Boris causes the fleet to violently shatter into splintering rebellions as each Captains of different longships begun to engage each other in bid to claim the position of being the Fleet’s Commander. The conflict is dubbed ‘The Night of Broken Ships’. -Ivan finally consolidates his own forces after a year of combatting rogue Captains. During the conflict he gains knowledge of Anthos and makes it his destination. -1398) It takes years for Ivan and his ships to reach Anthos, but upon arrival they come into contact with soldiers of House Blackmont. Upon meeting Lord Augustus, Ivan came to harbour a deep respect for the awe-inspiring bandit Lord. The remaining Ruthern forces integrate into House Blackmont as a result. (1399- Ivan finds his long lost brother, Ailred, serving as a bannerman to the very House he had just sworn loyalty to. Ailred explains how he was bought by House Blackmont to be a slave-soldier, but came to advance in rank, earning his freedom and securing his position as a bannerman. -The ‘Crimson Banquet’ occurs. After Augustus’ death, his inept and incompetent son, Tiberius, takes rule of House Blackmont. During a feast, Tiberius is poisoned which results in fighting as accusations are made widely. The fighting is so fierce that by the time it ends, the Dreadfort is reduced to rubble. Ivan and Ailred survive the fighting and relocate along with the surviving Blackmont bannermen and family members. -With the death of Horen V, the Dynasty of Horen falls without a proper heir and the Empire of Oren crumbles under civil unrest, the Great Exodus occurs, where most of Humanity departs from Anthos to the fabled continent of Aeldin. -1404) Ivan and Ailred opt to stay behind and govern the lands of House Blackmont. (1410-The Kingdom of Ruska begins to rise as a dominating force of post-exodus humanity. -Ivan is contacted by his distant relative, Siegmund Carrion, the King of Ruska. Siegmund states his wish to reunite humanity under one banner and wishes Ivan to join his fold. The terms are accepted and the lands held by Rutherns fall under Siegmund’s Kingdom. -The Kingdom of Ruska unites Humanity, House Ruthern is elevated in position. The sole Nation of Mankind is named traditionally, the Oren Imperium. -The Decturem Order is formed, Ailred acting as its Marshal. -Ivan passes due to health complication regarding old age. -Anthos is destroyed due to unnatural continental floods, inhabitants flee into a portal that led to ‘The Fringe’. -The Fransiscan Massacre occurs, Ailred Ruthern commits regicide by slaying Franz Josef Carrion, betraying his family in the process. A legitimized bastard of House Ruthern commits to a suicide charge to save the corpse of Franz, he is killed alongside his comrades and is later blessed for his actions by the Church of Cannon. -(1432) House Ruthern falls into obscurity due to Ailred’s actions. Modern History (1541) Twins, Maric and Alric Ruthern are born to Dmitry and Emma Klein-Ruthern. (1559) Lopkaea Marbrand and Alric Ruthern are wed. (1560) Maric Ruthern and Isabel Stafyr are wed. -Alric and Lopkaea Ruthern have a son, Josef Ivan. (1561) Twins, Dmitri Ruthern and Marjorie Ruthern are born to Count Maric and Isabel Stafyr (1562) Godric Ruthern is born to Maric Ruthern and Isabel Ruthern. (1565) House Ruthern is officially recognised and reinstated as Orenian nobility, risen to the station of Count and given the rights to Metterden. Their stain of regicide wiped clean. -Alric Ruthern disowns his son, Josef, and leaves his wife, Lopkaea. Vanishes without a trace, last seeing heading into the woods outside of Felsen. -Maric Ruthern ascends to be Count of Metterden, Lord Regent of Erochland, Protector of the South, Commander of the Southern Gold Corps, Lord of Averheim, Bailiff of Destati. (1571) Vailor is lost to a plague, House Ruthern flees with its liege, House Barbanov and establishes itself in Axios. (1572) The New County of Metterden is recognised within Haense. (1574) Boris I Ruthern dies from an infected wound. (1572) The Alriczan Castle is built, under the supervision of Godric var Ruthern and Dmitri var Ruthern. (1577)Maric Ruthern abdicates to his eldest true-born son, Dmitri Viktor II Ruthern and he becomes the Third Count of Metterden. (1582) Ruthern loyal bannermen, the House of Marbrand, receives the land of Rostig within the Kingdom of Haense. -House Marbrand officially joins the County of Metterden. -House Amador officially joins the County of Metterden. (1583) House Amador officially departs the County of Metterden, vassalising beneath the royal crown of Barbanov. -Boris Nikolas II Ruthern is born to Sofia and Dmitri Ruthern. (1591)Boris Nikolas is kidnapped by High Elven and Dwarven insurgents. (1594) Demetrius II Viktor Ruthern passes, 1561 - 1594. -Boris II Nikolas Ruthern becomes the Fifth Count of Metterden. (1596)Following a succession crisis, Count Boris seizes the lands of the Barony of Rostig and takes direct control of it. (1599) A marriage is held between Lady Adelheid Ruthern and the King of Haense, Marius of House Barbanov. (1601) Arik ‘the Black’ Ruthern arrives at Metterden and makes a deal with Count Boris to inherit the County -Boris Nikolas Ruthern is murdered by Courlanders, 1583 - 1601. (1602)Viktor Alric Ruthern and his uncle, Adelwen, rebel against the Haensetic crown, and swear fealty to Courland.A schism is driven into the House. -Joren Ruthern is born to Viktor and Cecily Ruthern. (1604) The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska surrenders to the Courlandic crown. -Viktor Alric Ruthern marches north, and ascends to become the Seventh Count of Metterden. -The Ruthern Restoration Act of 1604 is published, disowning and renouncing Arik the Black’s claim on the Ruthern noble name - including lands, holdings and titles. (1605)Ser Maric the Crowshield Ruthern dies from an infected wound, 1541 - 1605. (1607)Viktor Alric Ruthern dies from these lines are blotted out with heavy ink, 1585 - 1607. -Joren Ruthern ascends to become the Eighth Count of Metterden. (1609)Count Joren repeals the Ruthern Restoration Act and appoints Vladrick Ruthern as his Regent. (1611)Count Joren is killed during a meeting with the King of Courland. The Greyspine rebellion starts following Jorens death. -Uhtred Ruthern ascends to become the ninth Count of Metterden (1612)The second battle of the Rothswood takes place resulting in a Ruthern victory, restoring the Kingdom of Haense. (1616)Uhtred Ruthern disappears, the male Bloodline of Ivan Ruthern ends leaving Vladrick Ruthern of Ailred’s blood to become the tenth Count of Metterdn. (1643)During the voyage to Atlas Vladrick is lost at sea, with his fate unknown his only Son Rhys Ruthern becomes the eleventh Count of Metterden. (1656) Rhys takes his family and flees Haense following the collapse of the government. (1657) House Ruthern returns to Haense under Rhys, and pledges itself under King Karl. (1658) Count Rhys signs the Greyguard pact with House Baruch. (1661) The Castle of Helmholtz is built, becoming the new seat of House Ruthern. Out of Character Information: Hello all, we thank you for taking a peek at this. This post was created in mind to serve as documentation on the forum and to be informative to those who know little of House Ruthern. If there appears to be any discrepancies or false information, notify the following; Ave_imperium
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    The Grand Spire

    Greetings all, The Mages Guild writes to you on this day in celebration of a new home, although our rapidly growing members have been within its halls for many stone days now, I’d like to officially acknowledge its presents for any unaware, who seek the guild for any given reason. On behalf of The Mages Guild, I present to you the newly dubbed. . . +-={Grand Spire}=-+ Graciously gifted the space by the wise High Prince Belestram within the bustling Upper District of the Dominion, we thank him and wish him good fortune in his future endeavours having now retired. The Grand Spire for the time being will remain to be the main hub for The Mages Guild. Given our newly returned status, the guild would like to officially state that we’re welcoming donations in the form of knowledge, the various books the library once held have scattered with time and we now find ourselves once more beginning the endeavour to restock the library. A chest is located within the lobby for all book donations, the guild thanks you for your contribution. In one final spell of news, I would like to announce the filling of the last Archmage position within the guild, although not publicly announced some of you may be aware Crumena has returned after a prior short lived term, to once more hold a spot as Archmage. The new Archmage however is no other than Eliza, a well known member within the guild who has outperformed within her given fields and is most deserving of the position. Lastly but certainly not least, I’d like to remind all those enticed, involved or indulged with the Arcane that The Mages Guild is ever searching for capable students and instructors, although we near fifty members, we’re making strides to assure all worthy are accepted swiftly. Apply today and come by The Grand Spire for an interview I bid you all good tidings and safe travels - The Golden Dwarf ((+1 for Runesmithing))
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    Guard de Vasilie Regiment

    «Guard de Vasilie Regiment » Army of Vasile _____________________ General History: A Regiment led by Arnaud II of House Halcourt, Baron of Vasile, who protects the entrance that leads into White peak, as the Gatekeepers of White Peak, with Fort de Vasilie resting proudly upon the direct road to White Peak, having been faithfully guarded by the heavy infantry of House Halcourt since 1659. “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” -Ser Sylvester III, Baron of Vasile circa 1657 _____________________ ⁌ Ranks ⁌ Lieutenant Colonel: The Commander commands the Regiment in its entirety and is the Baron of Vasile. The Commander works with the guard lead. A man of few words, the Constable is required to be adaptable and collected. He has the final say in all matters. Captain: Are important members of the Regiment. They assist with keeping order within the ranks and are often granted minor privileges and duties like training, as well as missions to lead the enlisted men on. Enlisted Sergeant Master-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Footman Name: Race: Age: Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Discord: Timezone: ____________________ Notable Engagements: Storming of Cyrilsburg, 11th of the Snow’s Maiden, 1662 Siege of Ruriksgrad, 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1662
  14. The Hymn of Exalted Godfrey Penned By: Bishop Robert Bishop Bob being given a packet of meal - Circa 1660 Lo behold the story of Godfrey, A Horen bounded by fate; A man who did not bend a knee, And made Humanity great, Arrived to a land weak and gory, It was early Renatus then; Godfrey doth brung his glory, And raised the status of men, He tooketh power with great resolve, Defeating those in his path; Elves, Dwarves and Uruks too And so they feared Godfrey’s wrath Godfrey was just and wise Do not let the magi fool you; For lies and deceit make up their core, And misinformation they spew Lo behold the story of Godfrey, A Horen bounded by fate; A man who did not bend a knee, And made Humanity great, Through prowess and battle did he prevail, Through times both good and dire; Godfrey managed to unite mankind, And thus began the first Holy Empire In the land of Asulon did our Holy Emperor reign, Conquering border bandits and the cruel; Godfrey secured the safety of his people And made the opposition look like fools Under Godfrey Humanity grew with such a great pace, It became the gem of civilization; And Under Godfrey’s watchful gaze, Humanity’s dominance became stationed, Lo behold the story of Godfrey, A Horen bounded by fate; A man who did not bend a knee, And made Humanity great, Despite his deeds of worldly action, Two miracles did Godfrey show; The Apotheosis and spiritual ascension, Let all of mankind know, Frozen akin to a monument for years upon his lonesome throne, Godfrey’s conscious suddenly radiated with holy light; God and Man became one- this much was known, Godfrey had returned, proving his righteous might, Aged and beloved upon his Balcony, addressed to all of mankind, Godfrey stated soon he would soon ascend, giving his final goodbyes; However he issued one single promise, to provide peace of mind, That he’d continue, from the heavens, to always guide them with watchful eyes Lo behold the story of Godfrey, A Horen bounded by fate; A man who did not bend a knee, And made Humanity great, And so to all sons of Humanity, Be you Raev, Kaedreni or Other; Let it be known it was the will of Godfrey To make us all one race and brothers, Unity and Civilization, It was what made our people strong; Godfrey had seen this need, For his predecessors were clearly wrong, Be true to one's word, One should always be just, Be even more wise, And so in Godfrey, we trust, Lo behold the story of Godfrey, A Horen bounded by fate; A man who did not bend a knee, And made Humanity great
  15. Estates in Santegia “Strong and Brave” Welcome to Santegia. We have a wide range of housing available for everyone, including apartments, houses, and rooms. Not looking for a house? A shop or stall, maybe? We have plenty available. Please read about how to become a citizen or shop owner below. Stewards of the Santegia Lord Steward - Alfrik Kastrovat (Diddyski) Stewards ~ Sarah Bolivar (ElvenHuntress) ~ Henry Warde (Gobbo) Goodwill Ambassador Demetrio Miguel (StackLoot) City Housing Information The Kingdom of Santegia is proud to announce the unveiling of its new housing located within in the Veliport District. The district has a selection of different models of housing, so if you are in the market for a new home, you should come take a look around Veilport first! Houses in the Kingdom of Santegia are prioritized for citizens first and foremost, and are offered free-of-charge to Santegian nationals who make the capital their primary residence. However, there are select properties reserved for foreign diplomats of allied nations, upon request (subject to availability and contingent upon continued allied status). Please note: persons hailing from lands which are regarded as hostile (or adversarial) towards Santegia, will not, under any circumstances, be permitted housing. If you meet qualifications and are interested in securing housing, please contact any of our stewards listed above, and they will be able to sort out accommodations for you. Additional Rules Any property damages within the city and surrounding areas of Santegia will be taken as an attack on the city: perpetrators will be called to court and fined / punished for the crime. You cannot make any sort of basement or other structural modification to your property without express permission / approval. If you want either, you will need to contact the Lord Steward and make an application. Should your application be approved, there will be a fee of 200 Mina; once paid, a nation representative will begin construction. Do not make your own alterations, as this will be considered property damage and you will be punished as stated above.
  16. Beorn15

    Alkheim's Adventure #2

    The skirmish at Dunsire Alkheim was once again wandering through the lands, his heart always yearned for knowledge. He wanted to know what was between the temple and Castle Pembroke. As he was wandering around, he saw a worn figure on a horse coming towards him on the road. The creature was slumped in his horse as if he had ridden for a long while. Alkheim, cautiously approached this creature. As they both decreased the distance between them, Alkheim began to notice that the person on the horse looked to be the size of a boy, however, he had the facial features of a man. Alkheim immediately realized that he was confronting a halfling. He greeted the halfling as he drew near, relaxing his grip upon his knife. The halfling looked up at him wearily. As he saw the young man approaching, a glint of hope seemed to come into his eyes. The halfling, asked Alkheim for help, for his hometown, Dun-shire was being raided by some sort of humanoid creatures. His fellow neighbors and relatives had either hid in the town, fled, or been slain. When Alkheim heard this he was greatly troubled, for the way the halfling describe the raiders, were the common description of Orcs. The halfling despratly asked the hooded figure for aid and protection to his home. Alkheim agreed to do his best to protect the town. Alkheim followed the halfling all the way to Dun-shire were he spent a day and a night there. On the morning of the second day, the halfling was showing Alkheim the destruction of these Orcs had done. Just as he finished talking, an Orc wielding an ax, emerged from the path facing them. Quickly, both Alkheim and the halfling drew their weapons. While Alkheim drew his bow, the halfling brandished his very short sword. Just as the tension was building up, another halfling sprung out of the trees with a sword in his hand. He rushed towards Alkheims side to help him. The Orc, growing angrier by the second, charged towards them swinging his ax furiously. Alkheim jumped to the side as he released the shaft into the side of the Orc. Both the halflings began to charge at the Orc, attempting to stab it. The Orc was stabbed several times until he finally wounded one of the halflings. Though Alkheim loosed another shaft upon the Orc, he could not save the halfling, the other halfling soon had the same fate as his companion, and he too also fell to the ground lifeless. Alkheim was able to fire 5 arrows into the body of the Orc as it charged him, but the Orc was too quick and too strong. Alkheim had to roll out of the way, dropping his bow and retrieving the sword of one of the halflings. Though Alkheim wounded the Orc severely with the knife, it was no match for the strength of the Orc's battle ax. Alkheim could not fight for long, and as he tried to retrieve his bow, he was struck upon the back by the thrown ax of the Orc. Alkheim slumped to the ground losing all memories of this encounter when he awoke. The Orc severed the heads of his enemies off and then fell to the ground unconscious.
  17. Kingdom of Santegia

    First Annual Santegian Street Bazaar

    First Annual Santegian Street Bazaar 1663 [!] A colorful notice would be posted throughout the Kingdom of Santegia “On the 16th of Sun’s Smile, 1663, The Kingdom of Santegia will be hosting a local Street Bazaar! All Santegian citizens, her allies, and those hailing from nations with which Santegia has a neutral standing, are invited to come out and peruse stalls boasting a wide variety of rare novelties, unique gifts, foods, and more. Our vendors will be looking to buy and sell, auction, and barter their wares—so be sure to bring not only your minas, but any items you wish to trade! HOWEVER, if you wish to reserve a vendor’s stall instead, this can be done for you free-of-charge by simply speaking with Alfrik Kastrovat, Lord Steward of Santegia, or by sending him a bird requesting such. The First Annual Santegian Street Bazaar promises to be a most enjoyable event, so please come out to support our local merchants and enjoy the festivities!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ((For more information, or to request a stall be reserved for the event, please contact Alfrik Kastrovat, (MC name: diddyski) or simply post a comment below stating as much. PLEASE NOTE: All stalls must be reserved NO LATER THAN 5:00PM EST/9:00PM GMT on May 5th)) OOC: Date: Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 12:00PM (Noon) EST/ 4:00PM GMT Place: Kingdom of Santegia Town Square and down Adrián's Avenue
  18. Beorn15

    Alkheim's Orgin

    Alkheim, of the house of Alsteim, the descendant of Alkheir, the Bowman, the Hunter, or among the creatures of war, the terror. Alkheim lived with his mother and father in the kingdom of Renatus. They dwelt in peace in this town for a long time. However, since an Orc settlement was close by, the Orcs had become more than a mere nuisance to traders and travelers, they were becoming a threat. Knowing that the Orcs and Goblins were both very warlike and territorial, Alkheir knew that it would start weighing heavily on the kingdom eventually if the trades were raided continuously. Alkheims father, Alkheir saw the grievance the Orcs, Goblins, creatures caused, so, he went to the king of Renatus, asking for permission to protect these traders and caravans. The king understood the reason for Alkheirs wants to do this; people were dying due to these constant raids. However, Alkheir reminded the kind of the house of Alsteim, that in the days of old, they protected the king, they were his elites. When the king found out that Alkheir was speaking the truth, he named the group the group of old, the rangers. It only seemed fitting, since the line had descended from the house of Alsteim, and they had practiced the skill for generations, still being amazing Bowmen, trackers, etc. When Alkheir had permission, he took his men and created a group to defend the travelers and traders from the Orcs This made these creatures fearful of Alkheim the terror, but, they also hated him.Soon afterward, more Orcs began attacking these caravans of traders, knowing that if enough attacked, the defenders would be overwhelmed. The numbers of them were to great and Alkheims father perished, and the caravan was plundered. When Alkheim heard of this, he grieved greatly, he gathered many of his friends who were warriors or archers as himself. Being a successful tracker, he tracked down the murderous Orcs and attacked with his men. Unfortunately, the Orcs were too strong for them, they slaughtered his friends and injured him greatly. Alkheim barely escaped with his life. After healing himself and fully recovering from the wounds inflicted upon him by the Orcs, he discovered that his face was mauled and scared, forcing him to hide his face in a deep cowl. Alkheim did not desire to live in a kingdom with so many sad memories, he wandered about, trying to uphold justice, and running from the tragic sorrows of his memories. Never would Alkheim forget the deeds that the Orcs committed. Give me any suggestions, do you like it, should I add something. I would like the lore team to look at this to see if there are any lore errors. Also, maybe adding some lore to the house of Alsteim.
  19. Beorn15

    Alkheim's Adventure #1

    After Alkheims Tragedy, Alkheim made his way to the Cloud Temple for healing, both in body and spirit. For 1 month, he spent his time there, his scars were hidden, and his soul was put at rest. The monks befriended him and helped him. However, Alkheims spirit was uneasy and long for Adventure and for friends. So, he took his leave from the temple, wandering about, helping travelers. He began to roam around a place called Pembroke-shire, he went around looking people to help. The Count of Pembroke, Edward Suffolk, heard of him. Count Edward sent one of his knights to fetch him. When Alkheim met the Knight, he did as was asked and made his way to Pembroke. In Pembroke, Count Edward employed Alkheim into his service. Alkheim, not wanting to wait around, began to listen to the people of Pembroke. He heard of a terror in the mountains, an unknown terror. After further Observation, Alkheim discovered some sort of structure in the mountains. It appeared to be a crypt, an ancient one indeed. So, Alkheim, being curious, went into the crypt, he looked around, until he heard a group of creatures speaking with one another. Alkheim drew into the shadows and listened intently to the conversation. They appeared to be talking about ghouls, and things of dark magic. Alkheim, being concerned for the well fair of Pembroke, listened even more intently. However, just as Alkheim was creeping away, he was discovered, by this creature. He ran out of the crypt, into the hiding, away from the town, hoping that they would not suspect the town. However, a ghoul by the name of Hektor Blackwood followed Alkheim. When Alkheim was then going back into the crypt for more information, he was stabbed in the back by Hektor. Though the knife was not long, it carried a heavy sedative, which quickly knocked Alkheim unconscious. He was then dragged deep into the crypt where the ghoul would feast upon his soul. When Alkheim regained consciousness he did not remember any of the past events, all he knew, was that the mountain above Pembroke was evil.
  20. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Peace-Warriors (Guild)

    [!] A paper could be found nailed to most Noticeboards, including the Dunshire Noticeboard The Peace-Warriors of Dunshire! ~Dunshire, the home of the Peace-Warriors~ Since the War of Peace has been declared, I've noticed that we have no military to fight it! So, let us form a basic militia of peace that will keep all of Altas safe from harm! The Peace-Warrior's Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the great people of Altas, who be so fair and varied in look and style. I pledge to protect all children, all men, all women, and others who are threatened by war, and I pledge to never become the threat of war that I have pledged to protect others against!" "I promise that I will never bear a lethal weapon against another while campaigning for Atlas-wide peace, and I promise that I will never harm others even with non-lethal weapons unless there is no other option." "And lastly, I pledge that I will always uphold the good morals of peace, prosperity, and comfort for all that I wish to bring to the rest of Atlas" The Tools of Peace: -Shovels, for they represent the humble peasant who is threatened by wars on Atlas. -Eggs and Snowballs, for they represent the projectiles of childish play instead of projectiles of war and destruction. -Cake, for it represents comfort and prosperity that does not come with war. -Pumpkins, for they grow plentiful and plump, and are not associated with war in any way. -The heart, for all good comes from it. ~An example of a Peace-Warrior, although most Peace-Warriors wouldn't use a shield, of course~ Our Mission: Unlike other groups who attack and destroy others, the Peace-Warriors will only bring goodness to the world, and thus all they do will be completely peaceful. We shall protest against war with our Tools of Peace in hand, and we shall bring about a better tomorrow! How do I join this benevolent group?: Please fill out the following format and send it to Dunshire for us wee folks to look over! RP: Name: Race(can be any): Why do you wish to join the Peace-Warriors?: Please recite The Peace Warrior's Pledge here: OOC: Discord(helpful but not needed): Username:
  21. Glocky18

    The Expedition

    Several notes can be seen hung around Human-held Kingdoms. “If you are reading this, I humbly ask for your aid. For too long my family’s relics have been lost in time. Ever since we settled here, on Atlas, the heirloom sword of my father, that belonged to his fathers before him has been lost. It is my duty now to retrieve the sword, and my father’s bones. I humbly ask for your assistance and join my expedition, which I will personally dispatch as soon as I have any news from my scouts. I will give you a fair wage during our mission, the amount of it will be considered by the difficulties of our mission. I will also provide you with gear if needed, and of course with decent rations throughout our journey. I will not lie my friends, it could be a dangerous mission and it may even cost our lives. If you think you are brave enough, send me a letter, describing yourself and your skills. Help me, and I will reward you greatly.” Signed, Ser Stephanos Palaiologos of Mystra. -Application- IC Name: Race: Nation: Any skills?: OOC Discord: Timezone: ((I have already talked with an ET regarding this event, pretty much everyone is welcome and you are not obligated to stay with me after the event, I just wish to entertain as many players as I can, note that we may start this weekend!))
  22. RE: RE: A Fat Monk’s Screams 9th of Malin’s Welcome, 1661 “I have taken the pleasure in reading the tabloid of Brother BOB concerning the perspective of the Church on the conflict as it ensues. After all, it is the ONLY argument that seems to justify the Renatian conflict. Albeit the arguments presented to us by the Renatian State and the Church that upholds its very stature as Defender of the Faith is utterly fallacious in nature” It is a pleasure that you have read it as well; however, I believe this retort initially to be an attack at Renatus through my neutral words. My document was intended to be the only argument required for the faithful, because the situation, in my eyes, is so clear cut against heretical attackers. There is a great misconception about myself, and I hope to quell this notion before I begin. I, Prestor Robert, hold no allegiance to any mortal man. As a young monk, I traveled the world and truly believe the best way to spread the faith is through ground work rather than warfare. Albeit I am a Master within the Order of Saint Lucien, the only reason I believed the Order needed to be reformed in Axios was due to the fact that clergymen were regularly being accosted by those in the Red Faith. In fact, as evidence of me serving no mortal man, I refused to bless the Northern Alliance on the basis that I believed the faith should bless no secular alliance. Firstly, I do not believe the church should interfere with any conflict unless the Pontificate, or the Faith, are directly attacked or encountering threat. Truthfully, I would rather have had the church remain neutral in this conflict on the basis that the faith was not harmed nor threatened in any capacity at the beginning of this war. However, circumstances involving attacks conducted by the heretical Norlandics, and I do say heretical on the basis that their former head of the Red Faith acknowledged the creator yet denounced the prophets, have changed my view because the faith had, in fact, been threatened and acted upon with bloodshed. “Firstly, let me clarify that to publish a perspective in the personage of a holy man on the secular toils between conflicting human nations is by no means forbidden. The Church reserves its right to mediate and rebuke the sinful actions of its flock. However, it becomes a dangerous path of precedent that the Church sets when it blindly embellishes the actions of a barbaric nation riddled in its own sinful ways and yet admonishes other kingdoms.” I agree with this concept, yet, you look upon the deeds of Renatus as if they are directly affecting the faith. Wars for titles do not equate to, in any circumstance, conflicts with the faith. Nothing Renatus has done, in the eyes of the Church, and myself, has directly conflicted with the Pontificate or the Holy Scrolls. As a Lucienist, I have made it my business to inquire to heresies and respond appropriately. Do not mistake me for a docile and dormant clergyman who is spoon fed by Renatus, for, as Bishop Yurii may note, I am perhaps the most outspoken of the Synod, attempting to rectify inconsistencies with the faith and address issues of magic. As such, I am no yes-man to the Pontiff as I openly debate with the synod, as members of the synod should. However, Jude IS the elected VICAR OF GOD, which demands a rightfully deserved amount of respect. To accuse the Vicar of God of being puppeteered or misguided, in my humble eyes, is to reject anything the Pontificate stands for in the first place. I do not recall the same level of criticisms, if any, of Clement III by Haense when he denied the requested secular merger of Renatus and Marna, which, in my eyes, was an egregious overstep of Pontifical power as it was interfering with secular politics. I imagine I shall be forced to delve deeper into the the topic of hypocrisy further as I respond to your retort. “The nations of Atlas do not forget that the Kingdom of Renatus destabilized humanity and committed the grave sin of kinslaying in avaricious domination. Brother BOB argues that the sins of Aurelius Canonius were cleansed by the indulgences of the Third Crusade, and rightly so. However, it cannot be understated that we cannot simply efface the memory of this sin, the beheading of a thirteen year old child for the theft of titular honorifics. What example is this to be a Defender of the Faith when at the heart of his status, his gains are a violation of the Scroll of Virtue. Furthermore, what image does the Holy Faith have when its Pontiff cannot address immorality? The indictment that the Kingdom of Haense and that of the United Southern Alliance is a paganistic toxicity to the purity and sanctity of the Church of the Canon is pretentious at best and it appears that the Renatian state cannot look in the mirror. So blinded by the arrogance that precedes their actions lies an inability to see that the root of sin comes from within.” Perhaps the most ill-founded argument in your critique, I find this argument to be a non-argument, bluntly. You acknowledge the fact that Aurelius has been absolved by his sins as a result for his service in the Third Crusade. Yet, you still attempt to enforce the notion that he has not properly been punished for his sin, despite the fact that High Pontiff Everard IV pardoned him of his sins. It would be as if an Emperor offered a murderer a pardon in exchange for serving in the Forlorn Hope, an example from the Third Orenian Empire. Once his tour of service was completed, and the deal was met, the murderer was pardoned. Certainly, in the eyes of the populace, that man still may be a murderer. However, it is unjust to punish that man further if he completed his act of penance. It is even more shocking that one would advocate such a punishment two Emperors down the line, as if this concept changes, and then puts the blame upon the newest Emperor. Thus, how is it the fault of Jude I that Aurelius was pardoned for his sins, when, in fact, it was Everard IV who did? Why should Jude punish a man who has already completed his quest of penance? Adding to this, with regards to your second point about the Church being pretentious-... If I am not mistaken, this critique, in general, is pretentious as you attempt to disavow the concept of the Church staying out of secular affairs unless it is in benefit of thee. Likewise, you have yet to even acknowledge sins conducted by your side, which is true arrogance. I doubt this critique in any way acknowledges the fact that Haense is actively aiding and embedding Norlandic nun butchers in their society. It perplexes me. “We recall that when the Czena Confederation was formed, it served as a defensive security pact, comprised of CANONIST and HUMAN nations with a common concern: Renatian aggression. Brother BOB even admits that any paganic or non-human ally is a disgusting ploy. Yet, when faced with this truth, the Church has conveniently turned the other way, never once admonishing the kingdom that it supports as a vigilant and godly institution would do.” Once again, you issue non-arguments. I made it clear that I BELIEVED it was disgusting, for it follows along with my own morality, however, if one were to look at the actions of the prophets, nothing is inherently wrong with allying with non-humans or pagans. It is merely a matter of taste, akin to whether one prefers strawberries or cherries, or some other analogy. Firstly, one need not look much further than the Three Brothers whom aided Horen, our first prophet, in the defeat of evil. Secondly, the third exalted, Godfrey, himself had numerous pacts with non-human entities ranging from orcs, dwarves and elves. To state that alliances with non-humans is religiously wrong is to completely ignore the actions of the Exalted Godfrey. Though, in truth, I doubt much of Godfrey’s teachings have been revealed to Haense as the Scroll of Gospel’s section of Godfrey is omitted as of current. Thus, one may infer his teachings through actual research, via the study of his handwritten Imperial writs, laws, etcetera. This is where one may find a greater amount of enlightenment. “We recall that during this period, the Kingdom of Renatus had committed itself to undermining the safety and security of sovereign CANONIST peoples, waging arms against their citizens and even audaciously kidnapping monarchical consorts, nobles, and even the Head of State of the Kingdom of Santegia illicitly as a form of leverage.” If a Canonist harms a Canonist, is it considered sacrilege or crimes against the faith? Ask yourself this. Should the church interfere with every training-yard debacle if Canonists are involved? If the faith is not being harmed nor targeted in any capacity, it is NOT the duty of the Church to act as patrolling sentries for scuffles between Canonists. This is my firm belief, as the Church should be focused on the faith rather than worldly politics. Yet, still, I find the hypocrisy of Haense amusing. Let us not forget that Horens too were kidnapped in this war. The second someone begins to fight you, you scream bloody murder attempting to use the church as a tool, or a weapon, to fight your wars. Yet, still you hold zero reservation denouncing and openly defecating upon the seat of the Pontificate. For CANONIST peoples there is a clear-cut lack of respect for your Vicar of God. Additionally, you still have yet to respond to any criticisms critiquing your alliance with blood-thirsty nun-slayers. “Much to our dismay, the holy man lies to the faithful on the nature and circumstance of this war, further embellishing the impure motive of Renatian aggression by virtue of his holy office. We cannot assert more that out of their desperation, it was the Kingdom of Renatus, our glorious Defender of the Faith, that chartered the Northern Atlas Alliance in 1655, a coalition of NON-HUMAN and NON-CANONIST STATES to subdue the CANONIST NATIONS of the Czena Confederation as a lust for hegemonic status in humanity. If GOD surely sustains his Defender, why must he seek foreign allies to save himself? I remind Brother BOB and all the Renatian apologists that it was not until 1657 that an alliance brokered with the Kingdom of Haense, the Kingdom of Norland, and the Silver State of Haelun’or was made known. Therefore, the argument that Haense allies with pagans is invalid, yet the Church asserts this to be a slight when the Renatian state committed to bringing non-humans into a human conflict. Where was the Church in all of this? They were conveniently looking away. But when the Kingdom of Haense, Santegia, or the Principality of Curon errs in a minute way, they are quick to rebuke!” It is rather misleading, and dishonorable, to claim that I am a liar for stating information that I believed to have been true based on the information presented to me. Thus, it is a lie to say I am a liar. Men are not omnipotent, and men make mistakes. All men are sinners, and all men sin; the Monk’s greatest sin is no longer being thin, as I like to say. Yet, despite this, you present a non-argument once more. The attempted sole complaint you have been presenting thus far is that Renatus utilized paganic and non-human forces, which is not inherently wrong or unholy. Likewise, you also try presenting the fact that the Czenza confederation and the current alliance is not the same- which I know. I never once stated that they were. However, once again, I cite Godfrey, who was friendly to the non-humans, generally, and held alliances with them. If Godfrey was wrong in this regard then surely GOD would have made him undertake quests of penance as he did with Owyn, yet, he never had to. As for Haense allying with pagans, I refer to the Gallic tribe and the Qalasheen migrants who were reported to have settled about Haense by Lucienists. And by ally, I refer to the use of pagans in your military. I never once said the church should not help Haense on the basis of them using pagans. Rather, I stated that the argument was the pot calling the kettle black. On numerous occasions Lucienists reported aggression from the Haensetic guard as well as local pagans. There were also reports of secret paganic meetings being hid by the Haense government and having these same pagans fight their wars. “Why then did the Church not express dismay for Renatus when it first decided to enact such alliances? Surely we cannot ask them to fight for us but His Holiness published no reaction to such a notion. Let us not forget that the Kingdom of Renatus has been on a warpath since its conception, creating said alliance in preparation to subdue its brethren in faith. The Czena Confederation did not once kidnap its citizens, terrorize its roads, mace any victims, or raid foreign capitals, nor did it express any initial intentions to attack the Renatian state preemptively. Is the Church so corrupted so as not to see the objective aggression of the kingdom allies with?" I believe this question can be answered simply. The church did not respond because the war was not one involving faith. None of the members in the Northern Alliance declared war on the South on the basis that they were Canonist. No temples were harmed, no clergy were hunted. This is why I stated that it was rather simple-minded to be making claims of heathens aiding Renatus against Haense, who was Canonist, when Haense itself employed heathens. It was not a war of faith until Norland struck the first blow against the clergy and began slaying them without remorse. It is not the Church’s duty to obligingly aid in the physical defense of any canonist country if wars have been fought under a secular pretense. If the Church lacked the Order of Saint Lucien, would your argument still persist if the Church had no military to dispatch? Surely, you would likely say that the church could still condemn renatus for engaging in warfare with fellow humans, yet, they have done nothing to warrant such a condemnation and, if they are as unholy as you claim they are, what good would condemnation do? “The Kingdom of Renatus and the Church of the Canon argue that Haense has fell astray by espousing pagans and terrorists who murder clergy and repulse the salvation of GOD. We remind our brethren in faith that it is the Kingdom of Haense who has continuously harbored and protected the values of the Canonist faith. For 82 years and ongoing, it has stood with no record of schism, untainted by any treachery against the Church, for it was one of its kings who was bestowed Fidei Defensor in lieu of schism after the rise of the Kingdom of Courland. It touts the accession of eight bishops from its lands to the Immaculate Throne, four saints who have set an example for our holy lives, and stood to reunify humanity with the House of Horen, not divide it.” Once again, this is a non-argument. Citing numbers from the past does not in any way affect the present. Does this mean that Renatus is more holy than Haense because the Horen line has been around for millennia and houses THREE EXALTEDS to Haense’s none? I do not recall the piety of a nation at the present point in time to be based on the deeds of one’s ancestors. If this is your logic, then you CANNOT claim that Renatus is impious because Renatus formed the First HOLY Empire beneath the Exalted Godfrey. I understand you are one to quote the scrolls, and thus I shall do so in turn: “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid thee, My faithful, this: Thou shalt not judge the sufficiency of thy Virtue, be it great or small, for all magnitudes fall short of Me” (Scroll of Virtue, Humility). As such, it is improper for you to claim your own piety is greater than an another’s. I in no way say that either side’s piety is greater than the other’s, nor do I say mine is. Rather, I merely present the facts and the arguments the Church has been presented with. The Church has, in no capacity, made any judgement based on the piety of a Canonist state, for it would be immoral. And, additionally, you still have not answered my critique. Instead, you merely say your ancestors stood to reunify humanity, omitting yourself from the issue entirely. “Even in recent times, when His Holiness Jude I was assailed by Harian assassins, it was the Kingdom of Haense and its levies that came to his aid and prevented an untimely death to the head of our Faith. Historically, as per testimony by High Pontiff Emeritus Clement III and eyewitnessed by Chairman Alexandre d’Aryn, the Renatian state has been nothing but hostile to the Pontificate until it was bestowed its own puppet.” Yes, indeed- you refer to recent times, but not present times. As for the hostilities between Renatus and the Faith, I will simply state the fact that this in no way is the fault of Jude’s. You yourself state that it was Clement III who encountered such hostility. If he was truly offended by these egregious hostilities, which consisted of annoyance resulting from Clement III’s refusal to bless the unification of Marna and Renatus, then he would have, and should have made an official Ponitificial response. Instead, Clement III resigned from the Holy Seat. One can understand Renatus’s annoyance with such, for Renatus aided immensely in the defeat of Norland in the Third Crusade. Albeit I do not believe Renatus should have been ‘hostile’, no violence or denunciations actually occurred. Adding to this, Renatus in its annoyance backed down when requested, and never once insulted the Pontiff on the level Haense has. I also do not believe the character testimony of Alexander d’Aryn to be valid as he is an OATH BREAKER and one who seeks power. The sheer fact that you refer to Alexandre d’Aryn as a member of your government is detestable, for he violated the Scroll of Virtue’s concept of Fidelity. If you imply that Aurelius has violated the scroll of virtue, one must also internally reflect. To conclude with this segment, you once more refer to the Pontiff as a puppet, showing a complete disregard of respect akin to Santegia whom Haense fought against in the Third Crusade. A complete circle of hypocrisy. “The Church illustrates and most evidently antagonizes its historically stalwart ally. When the Order of Saint Lucien and Sisterhood of the Order of Saint Catherine were under stress to what they perceived was aggression from the Haensetian Royal Administration, their complaints were not dismissed. His Highness, Palatine Prince Robert Sigismund had swiftly enacted legislation to rectify the conduct of the homeland with Decree of Exile, 1652 and The Decency Act, 1653. If Haense is such an enemy of the Church, why take action on their supposed wrongdoings? It is invalid therefore to attribute Church intervention due to Norlandic allies when in fact formalized Relations with the aforementioned were not finalized until AFTER the Defender of the Faith sought refuge with non-human and non-Canonist nations to protect his evil regime. Prior to this, Haense acted with no aggression toward the servants of GOD and even attempted to make amends with said legal enactments. Let me clarify that I do not discredit those who align themselves with the Renatian State, but simply I illustrate the hypocrisy and the political desperation in his uses for other nations to his convenience." You continue to issue NON-ARGUMENTS. The Church did not take action against Haense under any circumstance up until they openly allied with Norland, a state that was actively butchering nuns and clergymen. The church does not believe that the use of non-humans is damnable. You retain this concept that using the aid of non-humans is inherently unholy in some capacity, and that it violates the faith despite the fact that the third exalted, Godfrey, did so. If the use of non-human entities is wrong, then quite literally every historical human faction has also been wrong. The key with paganic states, should they not be pursuing war with Canonists for being Canonists, is to attempt and convert them as well. Malicious heathens are to be purged, whereas peaceful heathens are to be converted. For such a stalwart ally of the faith as you claim yourself to be, this is a rather hypocritical point for when Haense was in its prime, beneath the Empire, it had vassalized and fought alongside these same non-humans and pagans. Likewise, and to conclude, the argument that the defender of the faith should not seek foreign allies is invalid, for even HOREN, the messenger and first prophet of GOD, alongside his brothers and their tribes, worked to defeat Iblees. To say that a defender of the faith cannot ally with foreigners is not an argument. “Brother BOB asserts the notion that the Church’s neutrality inhibits their action to aid their Canonist brethren. As soon as the tide of war had ensued, the Church did not invoke this precedent as it gravitated toward accommodating the interests of Renatus. Yet, instances can be found that the silence of the Church was institutionalized and invoked conveniently for the sake of favor.” I believe you see malicious intent without there being any. The Church did not side with Renatus because the Church saw them as victors. Nay- it was because at the cusp of the tide’s changing, Haense allied with Norland who had been killing priests and kidnapping nuns. What example of a traditionally good ally is Haense if they are willing to aid and embed those who sought the butcher of the clergy? What favor does the Church have with Renatus, truthfully? What favors, in specific, does the church gain for siding with Renatus? Ask yourself this before you accuse the Church, and his Holiness, of malicious intent. “The Church forgets that when Norlandic forces held Her Majesty, Ingrid Katherina, then Queen-Consort of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, it was the Kingdom of Renatus who “bought” her custody and threatened to mace her if a ransom was not paid. In the face of Renatian evil, where was the Church? It did not only look the other way but he blatantly used Renatian soldiers to barge into the Cathedral of Saints Otto and Karl in Markev, dragging Duke Kovachev from the sanctuary and proceeded to beat him and executing two citizens in the process. Not only was the Church silent to these ends, it was founded that then Archbishop Yurii of Haense orchestrated this entire debacle, making no attempts to reconciliation or coordination with the liege lord.” Odd that you should bring this point up, my dear critic, for you accuse me of lying for not knowing the full story the same as you do now. Firstly, at this point in time, Norland was a vassal of Renatus and had been quelled in the Third Crusade. As such, the Crusade was no longer issued, and Norland had not been slaying priests akin to a dog on a leash. However, the Church STILL would not involve themselves with this matter. The kidnapping of a queen is NOT the business of the Church. It never has been. Additionally, the Church DID respond to the “Renatian” soldiers (who were actually the Reivers you side with now) barging into the Cathedral of Saint Otto. The Church expressed its immense grievance, and those who perpetrated the deed were actually brought to justice and executed. There was even a holy trial conducted which acquitted Renatus from fowl-play. Twas the REIVERS, those you side and fight alongside now on a regular basis, who conducted this egregious attack, and they were butchered by Renatus when requested by the church. I cannot answer for Yurii, since I know not of any knowledge pertaining to him orchestrating any event, but I assume in your wroth you will accuse me of lying as you had previously. “I fail to understand why the Holy Church of GOD, the conscience of our faith life, has become so blind and ignorant of the sins of a kingdom it has favored while acting in hostility to the other kingdoms of humanity. There has not been any rectification, nor any admonition, nor any condemnation or decree of solace to those victimized and subject to the brutality that the Renatian behaves in.” If one were to critique secular wars of reunification, then one would have to denounce the Third Exalted, Godfrey, who engaged in numerous quests of conquest upon separate human states who rejected unification. Though I am personally against war, unless it is waged against the undead, I see the need to engage in such a conflict if it means defending the faithful from those who sought to kill Canonists because they were Canonists. What other kingdoms do you cite, as well? Santegia was the target of the Third Crusade because it denounced the late Everard IV and further relations were strained with the falling out between King Leo and Clement III. As for Curon, I do not recall Renatus nor the Church actively harming it. In fact, Linette used the Church as a crutch to maintain her power, and permitted the Lucienists to purge undead from her city. I cannot stress the amount of times I have come to Curon’s aid against the undead, even saving multiple of their guards. The only reason the Church acts hostile with Haense, as of now, is simply due to the fact that the state has been disrespecting the Pontiff in addition to aiding those who hunt clergy. “Lastly, I will leave the faithful with this last piece to reflect on the status of our current predicament. ‘Likewise, why does Haense so vehemently reject human unification? I care not for the politics behind the reasoning, but human unity has been a staple of our faith since its conception... Why WOULD a human seek to actively promote disunity amongst the race, if not out of greed or lust for power?’. Why does the Church not ask this very same question to itself and the Kingdom of Renatus? With this in mind, I offer this verse and pray that the sins of Renatus and the Church be cleansed: ‘For I placed into thy heart a wealth of virtue, and I have created for thee a garden of abundance. And thou shalt give unto the world the physical abundance of fullness and warmth, and the virtuous wealth of the spirit. For the wealth of the spirit is never divided, but multiplied.’” Lastly, I will leave the faithful with this last piece to reflect on the status of our current predicament. Haense does not see the irony in what they say. For a state that desires unification through peace, Haense surely failed to do so themselves by purposefully omitting Renatus from the Czenza confederation. Likewise, there have been no talks conducted by Haense which sought a peaceful resolution to this conflict and the reunification of man. Instead, Haense is far more preoccupied on maintaining their monopoly of power. Truthfully, at the beginning of this conflict I was neutral. As one may know, I love my cousin, Marcus Rovin, greatly, and he was the one who originally took over the collapsing government of Haense. My grievance is not with this war and the use of non-humans, but solely on the fact that Haense aids and embeds clergy killers and those who renounce the divine, openly. I also am saddened at how this entire critique, the ENTIRETY of it, completely, and I do say COMPLETELY ignored any of the Church’s grievances for actually entering the war as an ally to the NAA rather than a member. There has been ZERO defense provided in this critique which justifies siding with Norland. I will even quote the author from above in this final dissertation: “If GOD surely sustains his Defender, why must he seek foreign allies to save himself?” If Haense is true, and perceives themselves to be the real defenders of the Faith, then they too should not seek foreign allies to save themselves by your own argument. Deus Magnus, Prestor Robert Rovin
  23. MyLittleUnicorn

    The fate Of Riviä

    ❄ Letters are shared around the lands of Atlas ❄ 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔣𝔞𝔱𝔢 𝔬𝔣 ℜ𝔦𝔳𝔦𝔞 Life has come to the point where sickness has gotten the best of me ... Perhaps GOD has finally chosen to punish me for the sins I have made in my life ... Or perhaps the news of the death of Lady Auralia, a woman I once called a sister, have managed to crush me ... I am not capable to be the woman I once was. Strong and independent - Fearless but kind. Mother of a son, the loyal leader of Riviä and it's people. I am now to notify all of you with this letter, maybe the last letter I ever write ... I am handing the leadership position of Riviä away. To someone you people might not yet know, to someone who has that sparkle burning brighter than the sun in their heart. Sparkle I once also had. The motivation, the want to succeed, serve and remain loyal to the people. I dearly hope they will succeed and manage to keep the people safe and alive ... Fly high, fly far ~ as a wise man once told me. Signed, Alison Skion
  24. How to Serve the Church; Clerics, Soldiers, and Laborers “Rejoice Brothers and Sisters, for there are yet faithful!” To join the Church of the Canon and swear one’s life to it is to swear one’s life to not only the Church, but GOD himself. Service to GOD and Church is a great virtue, for a man who forsakes his secular desires and acts only for GOD’s sake truly embodies selflessness and humility. There are many ways to join the Church and assist in its mission to bring GOD’s peace, mercy, charity and love across the mortal realm. From the farmer to the Knight, no man is exempt from true service to GOD. Joining the Clergy Joining the Clergy is a vow that can only be released by the High Pontiff himself. There are two sects of the clergy, divided by their individual vows. I. The Priesthood, who are recruited as acolytes and may be promoted to the rank of Bishop. They are an eclectic group whose charge is the spreading of GOD’s word to their flock at their assigned parish. II. The Sisters of Blessed Catherine, an order of sisters whose directive is the management of the education, poorhouses and charities named subsidiary of the Church. Their primary headquarters is located in the Prince-Bishopric of St. Judeberg, at their Abbey. Joining the Protectors of the Church Since the beginning of the faith men have raised their swords for the sake of GOD, purifying the impure and protecting the exalted and divine. There are several separate ways one may use their skill as a soldier to serve the Mother Church. I. The Order of Saint Lucien, reformed after centuries of inactivity, currently serves as the armed militant wing of the Church of the Canon. Missions which the Order carries out include expeditions into the corrupted wastes of Iblees’ kin, the hunting of heretics/abominations, the safeguarding of the Clergy and its Missionaries, the escorting of Pilgrims to holy-sites, charitable work and to ultimately educate the masses in the word of GOD. II. The Knights of St. Everard, , dedicate their lives for the personal protection of the High Pontiff and the Holy See. Being rewarded with land and renown, they carry out tasks personally called by the High Pontiff. Joining the Knighthood is a matter entirely between the Pontiff and the individual. Serving the Church as a Layman A layman is a person who has not taken oaths as a clergy member. The Church shall always welcome those who seek to serve the Church either temporarily or in a voluntary capacity. The layman can take certain oaths in service to the Church without being bound to clerical or knightly commandment. According to their speciality, Laymen will be assigned different tasks by the Church. I. Laymen may serve the Church by becoming a citizen of the Prince-Bishopric of Saint Judeberg. Being granted all the privileges of residing in the Holy See, they assist the Church in regular labor work like gardening, husbandry, harvesting, grooming, etc. +__________+__________+__________+__________+__________+__________+ APPLICATION Despite the specific options laid out above, a person may also offer his services in a way separate than what is specifically detailed. IC Name: Race: Service: (Nun, Monk, Priest, Charity Worker, other) Why do you wish to assist the Church?: Anything else?: OOC Minecraft Name: Discord Name:
  25. RESULTS OF THE MAYORAL ELECTIONS ✠ Issued and confirmed by His Excellency, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, 4th of The Deep Cold, 1660 TO ALL CITIZENS OF SENNTISTEN: The Senntisten City Administration hereby announces the Senntisten Mayoral Elections of 1659 concluded. A total of fifty-seven votes were received during the allotted voting period, out of which forty-nine have been confirmed as valid votes of citizens of the Crown of Renatus-Marna of legal age by the Office of the Seneschal and the City Administration. The distribution of valid votes (forty-nine, 100%) is as such: SOPHIA HALCOURT: Sixteen valid votes (32.65%) MAGNUS LETHOLDUS: Sixteen valid votes (32.65%) FERDINAND ALBERT STAFYR: Seventeen valid votes (34.69%) Furthermore, Sophia Halcourt and Magnus Letholdus have expressed their desire to offer their support and votes to Ferdinand Albert Stafyr; therefore, the City Administration sees fit to declare FERDINAND ALBERT STAFYR the winner of the election, who shall, from this moment on, be appointed the head of the City Administration. The Office of the Seneschal congratulates the new Mayor on his victory, and hereby expresses the belief that our fair Capital's return to a mayoral system will ensure stability and prosperity for all its citizens, as well as all loyal subjects of the Crown. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna