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Found 179 results

  1. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  2. ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOCqD47F5SU)) The city streets were flocked with the busy shouts of the loyalist troops and their allies preparing to defend the capital as it fell under siege by the rebel forces. Nathaniel walks up and down the main road in Helena, arming his men and any others in need of a sharp blade and plate. “Ingrid, Andrew, I love you both, I’ll see you both when the battle is won.” He kisses his wife, and pats his young son on the head, before running back to the square to keep preparing the men that arrived by the dozen. “Nathaniel” says a voice from behind him, “Good to see your men made it, I was worried”. “Ser Rozmeo,” he says before extending a hand to him, which swiftly ends in a brotherly embrace. “We fight and die for Renatus. It’s been an honor to be by your side all these years”. The pair exchange salutes, and as he turns to leave, Nathaniel says “I’ll see you once we’ve won”, and walks back toward the palace. The horns of war sound, and the bridge is raised, the gates shut. “Formations!” “Men at the ready!” “To the Palace!”. The Legions of Man take their places atop the palace gardens and upper levels, hundreds of troops are spread within the inner walls and along the battlements, all prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for their home. The battle ensues, and as the city is bombarded from the skies, the enemy advances though the city, the pounding of rebel boots is heard as they advance into the palace. “Hold together! We’ll take them together!” As the bulk of the force continues to rain arrows on the advancing Orenian forces, Nathaniel makes his way into the stairwells to go and assist the few men below. At the bottom of the stairs, he is faced with three Haenseti soldiers, all in battle hardened and filled with rage. “I suppose you won’t let me pass through, aye?” Nathaniel chides to them. The men grunt, shields raised and forming up to attack together. “Fine - your way it is.” He drops his shield and unsheathes his second blade, the twin blades set to ignite when struck together. “For Renatus. For Helena. For Windsor!” He manages to catch the men by surprise with the sudden ignition of his blades, and fights hard to take down two of the three, before meeting his final enemy, Death, with a swift blade to the heart. As the last of the rebels are struck down, Ser Aldis and a group of Legionnaires find Nathaniel’s lifeless body in a palace corridor. The group gives him a final salute, before carrying him off to the square with the others. “They bled so that we might live. They bled Purple and Gold. Because of their sacrifice we live to fight on for our Imperium.” ——————————— [!] A Note is Found on Nathaniel’s body, written to his family and a few of his closest friends. To Ingrid: My darling Ingrid, if you’re reading this then I won’t be there to hold you once the battle is won, but I hope you are able to forgive me for dedicating my whole life to our Empire. Protect Andrew, protect the baby, but above all try and find some happiness now without me. I love you, now, and always. To Andrew: My beautiful boy, take care of your mother for me, I know the burden is heavy but the reward is sweet. Cherish your childhood, and live in righteousness and faith. I’ll see you when the road we walk on decides it’s time for our paths to cross again. To Rozmeo: Thank you for the laughs, for being there for me during the highs and lows and for always doing what is best for everyone around us. I could not think of a more honorable man to have called by friend and brother. To Aldis: Take care of my family, Big Head. You’re a great man and will be one of the best Knights our new Imperium will have the Honor of having in her service. In my absence, please continue to look after Ingrid and my children, and keep on the honorable path you’ve never stepped off of. “Time is cruel - the never ending clock that rules our lives, a countdown to the dread of forgetting and being forgotten. Before long what is now will be passed and what’s to come will be now and friendships that once seemed to be forged for a lifetime will drop into the mighty ocean that is time - a faded memory of a different era, a distant dream of a passed lifetime.” - Lord James IV Nathaniel Windsor, Duke of Windsor, Count of York, Baron of Belfoire, Warwick and Ashenvale, Lord Regent of Mortain and Loyal Son of Mardon and Renatus.
  3. Song o' the Ordermen o' Rudolph ✠ The Holy Order of St. Rudolph ✠ Dated 9th of Sigismund’s End 1714 On the the morning of the 15th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1713, an meeting was held within the chambers of High Pontiff Pontian II to discuss the growing concerns surrounding the increase of magi, dark beasts and unholy infiltrators into our civilisations. As a result of the meeting the Pontiff approved Archbishop Zachery to investigate a number of demonic sightings with the aid of Haensetic knights. Responding to numerous sightings and leads, Zachery began to put together his report on the concerning subject. There were many demonic creatures amongst mankind, leeching off it and killing its citizens. Eight months later after intensive investigations, interviews and hunts, a report was published by the Archdiocese of Rhodesia in which it found that the demon, Karyssmov, had returned in a settlement called Valis Sollis. Without a militant or Inquisitorial order, the church relied on faithful Canonists to subvert and destroy these demonic creatures, however some were given magical licenses by the Ministry of Magic meaning they could not touch them without being hauled to court. As time went on, rumours and scandals of adultery, fornication and sin began to flood the streets of the capital and various settlements. It seems that sin no longer went punished through various Canonist settlements. There was one such instance where an ex-official of Haelun’or hired brigands to vandalise the Holy See and steal a relic from its cathedral. This relic was taken to Sutica and the church requested Haensetic aid to retrieve it, and retrieve it they did. However as there were no inquisitors to investigate this occurrence, it fell upon Zachery again to which he successfully found the perpetrator. It became apparent in Pontian’s final papal bull, that a Holy Order of some kind was necessary in order to uphold the will of GOD and protect the Canonist realm from the vile beasts and sinners. Sadly whilst the order was still in its infancy, an attempt was made on the life of High Pontiff Everard V by Owynists, citing him as a puppet of the Empire. A lie, of course, but this substantiated the need for a holy order and so Pontian would see it take place. The Code The Code is a set of strict doctrines in which all members of the holy order follow, regardless of sect or rank. ‡ To serve the word of GOD with faith and devotion ‡ ‡ To maintain and defend His word until death ‡ ‡ To embody the virtues of the Exalted and Saints ‡ ‡ To obey without question the word of the Holy Father ‡ ‡ To respect the law of the land in which you tread upon ‡ ‡ To serve the High Pontiff, College of Bishops, and the institutions of the Holy Canonist Church with unwavering loyalty ‡ ‡ To destroy any creature of abomination which practises evil against the society of all Canonists and the Holy Mother Church ‡ The Hierarchy Command High Pontiff His Holiness, the High Pontiff of the Holy Canonist Church exercises supreme authority over the Holy Order of Saint Rudolph, and its entire body of members. Grandmaster An esteemed veteran and scholar of the Canon, the Grandmaster is tasked with supervising the day-to-day operations of the Order. First and foremost amongst Ordermen, his decisions may only be overturned by the High Pontiff. Grand Chaplain Typically a member of the College of Bishops, the Grand Chaplain is an ordained clergyman who oversees the spiritual well-being of the Order, and advises the Grandmaster on matters ecclesiastical in nature. Inquisitorial Branch Grand Inquisitor An accomplished ecclesiastical investigator, the Grand Inquisitor has direct supervisory authority over members of the Inquisitorial Branch, and their activities therein. Inquisitorial Commandant The Grand Inquisitor’s foremost assistant, the Inquisitorial Commandant handles the administrative matters of the Inquisitorial Branch, and supervises sensitive investigations. Inquisitorial Superior Inquisitors who have proven themselves dedicated and capable, Inquisitorial Superiors are given the additional capabilities of managing Inquisitors and Initiates, and leading investigations personally. Inquisitor The rank-and-file of the Inquisitorial Branch, Inquisitors gather evidence, conduct interviews, and generate reports on troublesome entities against the Holy Canonist Church. Initiate Those new to the Order, Initiates assist the members of the Inquisitorial and Militant Branches in their duties. After a trial period of one or two years, Initiates are promoted to either Inquisitor or Man-at-Arms, depending on their preferences and the Order’s needs. Militant Branch Knight-Captain The senior-most Holy Knight of the Order, the Knight Captain is responsible for operation of the entire Militant Branch. Reporting directly to the Grandmaster, the Knight-Captain possesses direct authority over each member of the Branch. Knight-Sergeant A pair of Holy Knights hand-chosen by the Grandmaster, the Knight-Sergeants assist the Knight-Captain in managing the Militant Branch. Holy Knight After years of leal service to the Holy Canonist Church, exceptionable members of the Militant Branch may take the Palatine Oath and a vow of obedience, allowing them to adopt the title of Holy Ser. With this rank comes the responsibility of leading excursions into hostile territory, and maintaining the discipline of the Militant Branch. Sergeant-at-Arms Experienced veterans of the Order will eventually find themselves in the supervisory position of Sergeant-at-Arms. In addition to providing mentorship and discipline to lower-ranked members, Sergeant-at-Arms are able to lead patrols in the absence of any Holy Knights. Master-at-Arms Several years as a Man-at-Arms qualifies some members of the Order to serve as Master-at-Arms. Taking on additional responsibilities for the Order, Masters-at-Arms are expected to provide specialized services such as logistics supervision, agricultural management, or medical assistance. Man-at-Arms The Militant Branch’s base rank, Men-at-Arms are expected to serve the Order dutifully during training, patrols, raids, and other excursions on Order business. Initiate Those new to the Order, Initiates assist the members of the Inquisitorial and Militant Branches in their duties. After a trial period of one or two years, Initiates are promoted to either Inquisitor or Man-at-Arms, depending on their preferences and the Order’s needs. The Sects The Inquisitors The Inquisitors are a sect of the Order of St. Rudolph, they make up a portion of the orders men. The Inquisitors are tasked with investigating unnatural occurrences in the Canonist realm and potential threats that come from outside of it. The Inquisitors are known for rooting out heresy and sinners from our society. Though often they set aside their inquisitorial duties to assist the militant in their endeavors. The Militant The faith Militants are the other sect within the holy order, they make up the bulk of the orders forces. Their purpose and goal are pretty straight forward. The faith militant are in charge of the clergy's protection, there have recently been numerous assassination attempts on clergymen and even the Pontiff. They often assist the Inquisitors when called upon in order to detain dangerous individuals or against heretical nations. They must also protect the canonist realm from unholy invaders, no matter the provocation that started the conflict between the Canonist nations and the unholy ones. Joining In order to join the Order of St. Ruoldph you must be a canonist and well versed in the holy scrolls teachings. You must be loyal to GOD and only to him for this is a lifelong commitment, your only resignation is death. If you wish to join this holy order and fight for the church, fill in an application below. Name: Race: Gender: Former Affiliations: Former Titles: Sect wishing to join: ((OOC)) MC Name: Discord: Timezone:
  4. Upon old wooden posts and dusty street corners of Adria, a hand full of matching flyers flap limply in the passing breeze. Many of the previous papers have already been blown off and tossed after the many months they have hung there, but a few still remain strong upon their nails. Like the wavering hope held by those who remembered this kindly face, their message remains standing, but time proves ever merciless to their prayers. The papers, worn by age and weather, read as followed.
  5. SquakHawk


    Fire rained down and slammed unto Helena’s walls, the drums pounding in the distance as The Armies of Oren closed in. She sat above the walls, looking outward beside her preparing allies. Renatian archers strung their bows and prepared their arrows, knightly royalty and orcish berserkers readied to wet their blades upon the enemy. Uncertainty, filled her heart with the deafening silence. The week approaching had stenched of death, skirmishes and battles sided with grueling hours of aiding builders and smithing weaponry. Friends in Ves lost with the declaration, children and a lover separated, joining the enemy side. Illythia was alone, her battle would be by the side of Horens who she admired, knights and fighters she’d studied under and trained with, and friendships made with those who’d she found as her new brothers. Her kind were not an easy folk to talk to, often too stuck in their ways to make good listeners- good leaders. Such is why she found herself always at odds with them. Always did she try and make amends with her people, always did she fail. However, the spirit of A Warhawke is not so easily dismissed. She for a hundred and thirty years, had fought alongside Valah and their struggles. Against Norlanders and Courlanders, now fighting alongside them as if they were her own. The Ruriks and Stauntons had their conflicts, but set them aside when they had seen a greater threat arise. One threat that not only sought to ruin their union, but sought to destroy her home, and those she cared about. As The Dawn broke, the resounding sounds of a distant ram, and trebuchet fire broke the silence. Field commanders began shouting, and the bells began tolling. The attack would come, and today would decide whether she lay dead in the ground, or standing triumphantly over her enemies. She’d looked to those of The Legion around her, now nearly the oldest member of the organization, viewing all the faces she may never see again. She’d built a life here, in thirty years. Best of friends with Legionnaire Officers and High Command, she’d fought for two lifetimes – but not grown attached, to those around her. Such thoughts were broken when she laid eyes upon a soldier, who’d gotten struck directly moments after her gaze fell onto her by a trebuchet shot. Little remained of them, and little remained of her senses. Her heart sunken and formed into stone, and she prepared for the battle ahead. She turned, looking down to the charging soldiers that broke through her walls, their goal to raze her home and hang her from the gallows. Their day would not be today.
  6. The King’s Ultimatum Issued and Confirmed by the Curonian Royal Council on the 16th of the Grand Harvest 1716 We the people of Curon have been lied to, deceived, manipulated, and misled. We have been used as pawns in the game of greed and powerlust. We were told, by Joseph of Marna, that we were fighting for our freedom and independence. When we joined his cause, he threatened us, he took our King hostage under the guise of tutelage, and he forced us to join his war, which was guided by naught but his own power driven desire for imperium. Despite all of this, Joseph promised us victory, and we believed him. But even in this promise, he failed to deliver. Thus we, the people of Curon, deliver this ultimatum, outlining our demands to Joseph of Marna. We demand a sincere and public apology for your deception of our people, your mistreatment and intimidation of our King, and the vassalization you forced upon us. We demand that you recognize our independence from the Holy Orenian Empire. We demand signed documentation releasing us from all political and military obligations to your empire and its constituents. We demand the immediate release of any claims of custody to King Alfred II Edgar of House Devereux. We demand signed documentation releasing any and all claims and Casus Belli by the Empire of Oren and its constituents against the Kingdom of Curonia. We demand that nothing less than the full extent of our demands be met. We shall accept nothing less. Signed, King Alfred II Edgar of the House of Devereux Prince Ecbert of House of Devereux Prince Arthos of House of Devereux Ser Graham of House Milner, Grand Knight of the Ursus Ser Vitharr of Clan Ulfurtonn, Grandmaster of the Curonian Royal Army Ser Charles of House Montagne, Lord Viceroy of Curonia Lord Cecil of House Halcourt, Lord Justicar of the Kingdom of Curonia Lady Klaudia of House Novaux, Lord Steward of the Kingdom of Curonia
  7. THE FRUITION OF WAR 12th of Owyns Flame, 1716  His Imperial Majesty has thus decreed it within his GOD-given will to reward those who have made considerable efforts to the war effort, durling the prelude of the Siege of Helena or in the midst of the battle itself. Thus, let it be known that Donald Dabber may style himself as “Blessed”, for only a man blessed by GOD himself may have carried out his actions at the Siege of Helena. Thus, let it be known that the following may style themselves with the title of “Hero of Renatus”: Lyonel of Dunharrow, for their efforts in the throne room. Wren Istaf, for their efforts in the throne room. Lublok’Lak, for their efforts in the throne room. Philip Vimmark, for their prowess in slaughtering Orenians. Richard Talbot, for their prowess in slaughtering Orenians. Octavian Horen, for their prowess in slaughtering Orenians. Rodrik Kortrevich, for their prowess in slaughtering Orenians. Robert d’Anpalais, for their efforts to Fort Loches and strategic defensive planning. William Jrent, for their efforts to Fort Loches and strategic defensive planning. Thus, let it be known that the following may style themselves with the title of “Champion of Renatus”: Evie Aveline, for their efforts during the siege & preparation. Gwyntaran of Ulmsbottom, for their efforts during the siege. Ingrid Mournstone, for their efforts during the siege. Hannibal Jrent, for their efforts during the siege. Alife Amice, for their efforts during the siege. Gusten Faeliel, for their efforts during the siege. Lyla Behrens, for their efforts during the siege. Thus, let it be known that the following may style themselves with the title of “Draughtsman of Renatus”: Anabel Horen, for their efforts of preparation. Aldis Chase, for their efforts of preparation. Jayden Fuchs, for their efforts of preparation. Illythia Arator, for their efforts of preparation. Adeline Horen, for their efforts of preparation. Lucian Vallberg, for their efforts of preparation. Rozmeo Kastrovat, for their efforts of preparation. Mosley Staunton, for their efforts of preparation. Tiberius Horen, for their efforts of preparation. Frederick Baden, for their efforts of preparation. Conan Vallberg, for their efforts of preparation. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatum, King of Renatus, Marna, Haense, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Kaz’Ulrah, Prince of Ves, Duke of the Crownlands, Adria, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera
  8. May the Bouquet Rest in Peace ”I’m going to pick a bundle of flowers for you, I’ll be back shortly!” 21st of The Grand Harvest, 1716 O’ the hour ‘pon the morn was early, the birds sung rhythmic songs to one another in festivity and delight, for summer had dawned upon the realm; crops were ripe, the grass was greener than the emeralds mined, and the flowers bloomed. “Farewell, sister!” Chimed a youthful Staunton, happy as happy can be, and with that, did the young eagle flock for the fields of flowers yore, yonder the looming, rigid walls of Helena. Her feet drifted upon the roads of dirt alike a bear dragging its paws with it, and she took in the scenery before her. Pallets of gold, emerald, black, and blue. An artist could have had his due with the myriad of sweet colours in which the Grand Harvest had brought this fateful year, on seventeen sixteen. Alas, all would not be well, for the one such girl dubbed Eleanore Louise Staunton. For she was as right as the heavens above ‘till the sounds of thunder came bustling through the fields of glory. Men atop steads of mountainous creatures, horses clad in torn materials- their colours, unidentifiable. A raiding party, or bandits, or even marauders for sure. Poor Eleanore, for her dainty legs could not carry her far, and as she ran as fast she could, did her heart beat as fast as a thousand drums. Before the youth knew it, she was struck asunder, and her body toppled to the floor; the poor girl was unconscious, at the mercy of these brigands. As rats do come the heavens split, when the rays of sunshine beams down upon the earth below is when the bandits fled. As soon as they captured the girl they rode elsewhere before the men of Helena could notice their patrol, leaving naught but the harrowing laughter of wickedness in their swift escape. To their leader, they went, and within seconds upon hitting the earth did the young Eleanore awaken; reflexes came to, and she sobbed horrifically. Her scalp, beating fiercely, she looked skyward for the man whose drapes were more noble-like now- clearly, this was meant to be. Evidently, these were no bandits at all, and this was the price to pay for war with Empires and Kingdoms. She pleaded as best she could, enticing the leaders’ heart to ache in pain for the young ones story. Offering her a truce, a newfound family, perhaps even one better than the Staunton King could ever provide with his undue absence from their lives. The man wanted more Staunton’s, more death, and more decay; in all of Eleanore’s heart, she would not betray her dearest sister, Victoria Alexandria. As death comes for us all, it came for Eleanore more shortly than she deserved. For her neck was met with the mans’ rigid blade, and severing her head from torso. Her last, fleeting breaths were in prayer to her dearly beloved sister, and alas.. Eleanore was no more. A Staunton was taken from the world; a price to pay, for war waged. Soon after was Eleanore’s two parts left at the gates of Helena, not only as carrion for the crows, but to serve as a reminder to the poor folk; that there was no honour in warfare, and there was no pleasantry in banditry. May she rest in peace, Eleanore Louise Staunton, dated back to The Grand Harvest, 1716. A child whose life was taken. Credits to @Violino for writing this ❤️
  9. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to open a skin shop to showcase all my skins for any buyers. Prices: Dress/nohead: 400 Armor/nohead: 800 Dress/withhead: 600 Armor/withhead: 1200 examples: Fill out application: IGName: User: Refrences: What you want: Special notes: Tips?? :’)):
  10. THE LIFE OF A BOTTLE; MISSIVE TO RENATUS To most of the citizens of Renatus, but not all of you because some of you are ******* pricks. His Imperial Majesty Joseph I, writes once more to the people of Renatus probably, I cant say for certain since im dictating this letter and I aint even told him. Where do I start, ive been PERSONALLY taking in thousands of Renatian refugees into my home, these poor common folk of the Kingdom of Renatus, fleeing from the self proclaimed Emperor Remus ‘Ruh Roh’ Partysnax. The more refugees that come, the more stories I hear of the madness running rampant in the streets of Helena! Soldiers just taking women when they want, blood in the streets, food shortages! It is to those still suffering under the heel of Renatians, I offer you an olive branch but mine is bigger and better, come to me, Bottle Wick, I shall feed and cloth you, keep you safe from the raving dogs! To those that choose to stay in Helena, the only land Renatus holds, I mourn your loss, Remus doesn't value you but that makes sense since he is just a kid or something but also has a child bride that no priest officiated any sort of wedding and I think we got rules against that sorta stuff. In his Imperial Majesty Joseph I’s Empire, everyone is treated fairly and equally, something Renatus cannot boast. Something something Renatians are bad and will torture you for no good reason uh, I known alot of them for some two decades now, I served in the legion for one decade so I seent alot of the decline you dig. I guess you could say I am the MOST knowledgeable person ever on the topic, cant prove me wrong hahah. In closing, I Bottle Wick of the House Wick of the line of Wick of the ancestry of Wick of the lineage of Wick of the clan of Wick from the Wick tribe give permission for Godfrey aka Remus ‘Bedwetter’ Pettytax to surrender all lands and titles to the good and just Joseph I of Marna, I BOTTLE WICK, am allowing for you Remus, to give up and I dont do that for just anyone, you're welcome. Hugs and kisses, His Lord Bottle Wick of the Wickwood, King of Vandoria and the Westerlands, Rightful Heir to the Embermoore, Protectorate of the Northern Wick Castle, Duke of Dust, Licker of Boots, Herald of Hermits, and Defender of all that is Wick Grand Admiral of Lake Grendock Duchess of Prove me Wrong *******
  11. PACT OF STONE AND FIRE <=-<=-=>-=> “Give peas a chance.” -One of Urguan Silverbeard’s personal chefs The pact as follows below shall serve as a lasting accord between the agreed signees and shall be adhered to by officials and populace of their respective nations. Should any point be broken by either participant of the pact a period of truce lasting at least three stone days shall ensue in order to fully investigate and re-evaluate the continued condition of the treaty. -Both nations will agree to avoid conflict with one another. Should a potential conflict arise, however, the aforementioned truce period shall be utilized to find a diplomatic solution. -Both nations shall permit free, safe passage of the other nation’s citizenry throughout the borders of their land. -The Under-Realm of Urguan and the Empire of Renatus agree to establish the following borders: The mountain range to the west of the main circle of the King’s Road around Cloud Temple shall be recognized as dwarven lands, given that the dwarves do not build fortifications above ground or expand north or east of that. The Under-Realm of Urguan shall be recognized as to controlling the lands of the Autumn Tree and the surrounding caverns east of Kal’Varoth. The Empire of Renatus agrees to respect all parts of the Western Mountain Caverns and will not tamper with it nor create any entrances into it. -This pact shall remain in effect so long as a legally elected Under-King sits on the Obsidian Throne. -This pact shall remain in effect so long as Godfrey III remains on the Renetian Throne. Dungrimm Bless This Just Union “The Just”, Under-King of the Under-Realm of Urguan, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, King of Agnarum, Az’adar, and Ord, Lord of Kal’Varoth, Kal’Azgaryum, Kal’Omith, Kal’Nikaer, Kal’Akash, Kal’Karaad, Kal’Agnar, Kal’Klad, Kal’Arkon, Kal’Ithrun, Kal’Azgoth, Kal’Karik, and Kal’Urguan, Defender of the Dwedmar, Beloved of the Brathmordakin, Elder of Clan Grandaxe, etcetc... HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatum, King of Renatus, Haense, Adria, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland and Santegia,, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. 
  12. PACT OF STONE AND GOLD <=-<=-=>-=> “Why fight wars when there’s money to be made?” -Ancient Dwarven proverb The pact as follows below shall serve as a lasting accord between the agreed signees and shall be adhered to by officials and populace of their respective nations. Should any point be broken by either participant of the pact a period of truce lasting at least three stone days shall ensue in order to fully investigate and re-evaluate the continued condition of the treaty. <=-<=-=>-=> -Both nations will agree to avoid conflict with one another. Should a potential conflict arise, however, the aforementioned truce period shall be utilized to find a diplomatic solution. -Both nations shall permit free, safe passage of the other nation’s citizenry throughout the borders of their land. -The Under-Realm of Urguan and the Holy Orenian Empire agree to establish the following borders: The mountain range to the west of the main circle of the King’s Road around Cloud Temple shall be recognized as dwarven lands, given that the dwarves do not build fortifications above ground or expand north or east of that. The Under-Realm of Urguan shall be recognized as to controlling the lands of the Autumn Tree and the surrounding caverns east of Kal’Varoth. The Holy Orenian Empire agrees to respect all parts of the Western Mountain Caverns and will not tamper with it nor create any entrances into it. -This pact shall remain in effect so long as a legally elected Under-King sits on the Obsidian Throne. -This pact shall remain in effect so long as Joseph I remains on the Imperial Throne. <=-<=-=>-=> Dungrimm Bless This Just Union “The Just”, Under-King of the Under-Realm of Urguan, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, King of Agnarum, Az’adar, and Ord, Lord of Kal’Varoth, Kal’Azgaryum, Kal’Omith, Kal’Nikaer, Kal’Akash, Kal’Karaad, Kal’Agnar, Kal’Klad, Kal’Arkon, Kal’Ithrun, Kal’Azgoth, Kal’Karik, and Kal’Urguan, Defender of the Dwedmar, Beloved of the Brathmordakin, Elder of Clan Grandaxe, etcetc... J.L. I Holy Orenian Emperor
  13. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  14. A DENUNCIATION OF THE HANSETIC EMPIRE [!] A missive is sent out to the denizens all across the waning Haeseni Empire, from the rightful Baron of Ihirion, Tyrathian Enthelor I write here firstly, to state publicly I shall no longer side my men with the Empire of Haense, I pledge myself and my family to the true Emperor - Godfrey III. Furthermore, I denounce the actions attributed to the Haeseni Empire. They have slandered many men and filled their missives to the brim with lies and poisonous words that hold no bearing or truth. They have thrown the realm in to chaos with their over-ambitious ideals to take the throne of the Emperor. They have betrayed all oaths and vows they have ever ushered out by spiralling half of the Empire in to a rebellion. They have forsaken many innocent lives by igniting this war. I will no longer fight beside men such as this, I have come to the realisation that the words of the fake Emperor had corrupted my mind, but I see through his lies and snakery. I re-affirm once more that myself and my Barony will fight alongside the rightful Emperor. [!] Signed, Baron Tyrathian Enthelor Baron of Ihirion, Lord of the Crowsport and Crowsfort and Commander of the Westguard
  15. DENUNCIATION OF VES IN FAVOR OF THE TRUE IMPERIUM; IMPERIUM RENATUM Issued and confirmed by His Most Serene Elected Highness, Demetrio Cicero d’Montelliano y Kavietsby, First Patrician of Ves and First Prince Mayor of Ves For many years, my house and people, respectively the Illatians and the House of Montelliano have faithfully served Adria and and its people to its betterment. My brother, Sigismondo, and I found ourselves in Adria, A weak state during the waning years of Atlas, though after serving Adria during the Gentlemen’s War, the Montellianos were in good standing with His Grace, Paul I of Adria and the People of Adria and great Ves. This led to my election to the mayoral throne, after I dethroned the previous one, then soon later I was made First Patrician of Ves by His Grace, Paul I of Adria. Under my good leadership Ves prospered, it grew into a great city, a city that the entire world desired. But such alas was not to last, and I suppose I had a hand in such, the Emperor Antonius I declared martial law upon Ves, so His Grace abdicated and I cast my vote for His Majesty, Marius II of Haense. Such was my undoing! A disgrace Marius was, he burnt his kin, my city I worked upon day and night! My blood, my sweat, my tears. Now Marius supports this false Emperor José de Marna as does the traitor Alfredo de Myre. For this I can no longer stand still, I must act for the good of Ves and the Adrian peoples as well as my own Illatians. This has led me to this decision, from this day henceforth my loyalty and my house’s loyalty lies with the Emperor Godfrey III of House Horen and his domains, he shall have my eternal loyalty, as did His Imperial Majesty, Antonius I. His Imperial Majesty also has use of my claim to the City of Ves, a claim stronger then the False Prince’s claim. His Most Serene Elected Highness, Demetrio Cicero d’Montelliano y Kavietsby, First Patrician of Ves and First Prince Mayor of Ves
  16. Renatus are bad guys and we do not like them. Also a Declaration of Fealty! Issued and Confirmed by Bottle, 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1715 House Wick has been around for genuine centuries, that makes it better then most people, prove me wrong. For ages untold the Wicks have totally actually served Renatus as the best and most loyal soldiers ever, prove me wrong. But the charade has gone on too long, The last several Emperors have been at the head of a steadily declining civilization, letting depravity and loose morals run rampant in its lands. The Lords of Renatus have seen fit to slaughter their own, sack the cities of loyal vassals and have the gall to be offended when the victims finally decide enough is enough. I, as the Grand Wick, Leader of the clan Wick of the ancestry of Wick of the line of Wick of the lineage of Wick of the Wick bloodline must thus throw off the chains of Renatian oppression, being the personal victim of its savagery, We of the family of WICK Denounce Renatus and the Pertinaxi pretender that squats on the throne like a toad over looking its stinking pond. With this cutting away from the plagued body that is Renatus, They TOTALLY lose the best warrior ever and thus – 10 moral for the Renatian side. It is thus that the ancient and POWERFUL House Wick swears itself wholly and inextricably to the true Emperor Joseph I of Marna, a just and righteous man. His Imperial Majesty Joseph I of Marna has shown himself to be a better man, a man to strive to emulate, one who will ensure every man and woman of the Empire are treated equally and fairly, everyone earning a right to trial, something Renatus cannot assure. It was nearly one Saint Week ago that I Bottle, was kidnapped and tortured by Renatian forces for the crimes of : Ensuring an Owynist received a fair trial instead of being murdered outright, and defending myself from Norlander assailants. In Joseph’s Empire such a crime could never occur for justice and honor will always prevail! Declaration of Fealty WE, House Merentel, House Bolivar, and House Keint HOUSE WICK declare ourselves loyal to Joseph I of House Horen the true Sovereign of Humanity, descended from GOD itself. Also, we encourage other curonian EVERYBODY to do the same before it’s too late, or they shall meet Death as it’s the only fate possible for traitors. Signed: His Lord Bottle Wick of the Wickwood , Prince of Vandoria and the Westerlands, Rightful Heir to the Embermoore , Protectorate of the Northern Wick Castle , Duke of Dust, Licker of Boots , Herald of Hermits, and Defender of all that is Wick
  17. DENOUNCEMENT OF THE CURONIAN THRONE AND DECLARATION OF FEALTY Issued and Confirmed by Lord Alexander II Merentel, Lord Arno Bolivar and Nicholas Keint, 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1715 _________________________________________________ For decades, the noble houses of Curonia have stood by faithfully to the crowned House of Devereux. However, in these dark times the young King Edgar Devereux and on his behalf the Lord Regent Ecbert, have seen it fit to betray his liege lord of House Horen, and the curonian people for his own satisfaction. We, as Lords of the Realm, stand together to denounce the King and his actions towards the curonian people and to declare our fealty to His Imperial Majesty Godfrey III of House Horen. As such, we do not longer recognize House Devereux or the Curonian Throne as the liege lord of House Merentel, House Keint, and House Bolivar. We see King Edgar “The Usurper” Devereux as falsely sitting on the Curonian Throne and encourage the innocent citizens of Curonia to follow our stead. The rest of this document is to share our disapprovals of not only the Curonian Throne but also of the false and treacherous “Holy Orenian Empire”. __________________________________ The Devereux’s Betrayal WE STATE that Ecbert Devereux illegitimately usurped the Curonian Throne from Jarrack Devereux in the name of Edgar Devereux just before the false “Joseph I of Marna” was declared “Holy Orenian Emperor”. It was obvious from start that King Edgar and his regent Lord Ecbert only cared about getting power and creating their own legacies instead of fulfilling their duties as the leaders of the Administration of Curon. Since Ser Wilhelm Devereux and his brother Edward reformed the Duchy of Curon on bear mountain where the city of Cyrilsburg once stood, it was always their intent to put the people first. However, Edgar and Ecbert have not shown to have this same ideology betraying the Imperial Throne for a Pretender. Even though the True Emperor Godfrey III is their kin, as he is son to Anabel Devereux and Romulus Horen. When the old Ser Wilhelm Devereux, a man who ruled Curon for years in two different continents and who always cared about the curonian people, confronted them they accused him of being a traitor, destroying the old man’s morale, and after years of war and defense of the realm, they made Ser Wilhelm end up taking his own life in the City of Avalain. The founder of our beloved Kingdom of Curonia dead because the current Curonian Crown broke his oath to the Empire, a man who would have given his life for Curon dead because of betrayal. That’s why WE ACCUSE the current Curonian Crown of inducting the suicide of Ser Wilhelm, whilst not attending the curonian people needs, and backing a pretender with no legitimacy, putting the curonian people in disarray. __________________________________________ Lying to the Curonian People Joseph I “The Pretender” of Marna has claimed to be the true Horen to lead humanity, being proclaimed by a false and treacherous High Pontiff who only desires to be given political power. And yet he decides to reclaim the title of Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, the one that was destroyed many years ago. Though he has rallied much of the curonian realm to his side, he still has to proof to be able to beat the Imperium Renatum and its Imperial Legion. Also, WE ACCUSE the current Curonian Crown of lying to the curonian people, as the King of Curon and his Regent promised to the people of the realm that Curon would be independent and a free Kingdom, but as we’ve recently seen the Kingdom of Curonia has been forced to vassalize under Marna (Holy Orenian Empire), and being obligated to give them the King of Curon as a hostage. A total shame, that indicates that the current King and the Lord Regent Ecbert Devereux are only Puppets of the false pretender. __________________________________________ DECLARATION OF FEALTY WE, House Merentel, House Bolivar, and House Keint declare ourselves loyal to GODFREY III OF HOUSE HOREN, the true Sovereign of Humanity, descended from GOD itself. Also, we encourage other curonian nobles to do the same before it’s too late, or they shall meet Death as it’s the only fate possible for traitors. Ave Godfrey III of House Horen HIS LORDSHIP, Alexander II Merentel, Patriarch of House Merentel and Baron of Hallowfell HIS LORDSHIP, Arno Bolivar, Patriarch of House Bolivar, Count of Fuerte and Baron of Centinela HIS EXCELLENCY, Nicholas Keint, Patriarch of House Keint and Captain of the Royal Curonian Army *Two ripped up Letters are pinned at the bottom of the Declaration*
  18. 13th of Sun’s Smile, 1715 Proven in battle, in strength, in number, in pride, in country and King are the men and women of Curonia! Each holden to the virtues laid forth by the Kings of old and upheld by the Kings of new. Be it from the lowest of peasants to the highest of the aristocracy, each individual lives, contributes, and serves the Kingdom of Curonia from birth till death. A true honor to serve brother and sister, to serve King and country! For what could fill an individual's heart more than seeing the fruits of their service and labor come into fruition and receive the recognition they duly deserve. The House of Merentel has forsaken these ideals. They have betrayed their oaths to the very crown they serve by taking the side of the Pertinaxi Rebellion. They have turned against his Majesty the King, Alfred II Edgar of House Devereux, and his council. They have turned on their brothers and sisters of the Green and White! What is a man or woman if they have no honor? That is simple; they are nothing. The actions of House Merentel have shown they not only are traitors to the very core but that they are also no longer fit to call themselves the blood of the Bear. Those who have sworn to the traitorous former house shall not have to bare the ill that their former lords have brought before them. His Majesty King Alfred understands that those of you who live within the lands of Hallowfell have oaths of your own to the former Lord who once served you. Yet, why should you follow a man who cannot even adhere to his own oaths of allegiance? Why should the good men and women of Hallowfell serve and die for a man who has cast aside his oaths and honor to serve another for nothing more but empty promises of greater power? The Lord Merentel was sworn to the King of Curonia. He was bound to serve his liege lord just as you are bound to serve yours. Yet, he has decided to instead forgo these oaths and take pledge in the form of high treason. Should you disagree with these actions, know that there is no need to follow the traitor any longer. Come home to your brothers and sisters of the green and white. From this day forth, House Merentel is hereby stripped of all lands, titles, riches, and rights within the lands of the Kingdom of Curonia. The Barony of Hallowfell, the seat of House Merentel and dependent land within the royal crownlands of Curonia, is hereby claimed and succeeded to the crown of Curonia. No longer shall it reside within the hands of traitors. The royal sanctioned levy of House Merentel is hereby also disbanded. All members of the once noble family are hereby accused of high treason and as such will be executed upon sight within the lands of Curonia. With this, the King’s will and God’s will shall hereby be done! Let those who betray the Crown and Heaven’s Light be cast down! Signed, His Royal Majesty, Alfred II Edgar of House Devereux the King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Arisan, Blackreach, Hallowfell, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain, & Blackden
  19. Just peaceful in Society
  20. THE TREATY OF VAROCHE We, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly declare the following to be true and earnest, as per our agreement at the Palace Varoche, before GOD and men, with Joseph, the Holy Orenian Emperor and Protector of the Commonwealth: WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly proclaim that we shall become signatory to the Treaty of the Prikaz, joining our human brothers and recognizing the primacy of the Holy Orenian Empire, for the furtherance of the commonwealth of humanity, WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly proclaim that we recognize, as Holy Orenian Emperor, Joseph I of the House of Marna, and that we join the Holy Orenian Empire as a constituent realm, subjects to all rights, privileges and duties of such, WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly denounce and reject the claim of Godfrey Pertinaxi and any of the House of Pertinaxi their illegal rebellion and bid for the throne, WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly proclaim our military support to the removal of the Pertinaxi rebels and the reclamation of Helena, WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly proclaim our support for any and all offensive and defensive military commands ordered by the Holy Orenian Emperor and the Imperial War Commission, WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly promise the hand in marriage of our king, Alfred II, to the daughter of Emperor Joseph I, an Imperial princess, WE, the Kingdom of Curonia, do solemnly declare that the King of Curonia, Alfred II, shall undertake in his minority a period of education at the court of the Holy Orenian Emperor, who shall act as his personal tutor. This we sign, Upon the day of our Lord GOD, 20th of TOBIAS’ BOUNTY, 1715 His Royal Majesty, Alfred II Edgar of House Devereux the King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Arisan, Blackreach, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain, Blackden, & Drakov
  21. Treaty of Guise, 1715 A Conditional Military Alliance Between the Holy Orenian Empire and the Princedom of Fenn May the Creator Bless Our Efforts TREATY OF ALLIANCE The Most Serene Grand Prince of Fenn, Aelthir II Tundrak, and the Godsent Holy Orenian Emperor, to wit, His Imperial Majesty Joseph I Marna, having this day concluded a Treaty of amity and goodwill, for the reciprocal advantage of their Subjects and Citizens have thought it necessary to take into consideration the means of strengthening those engagements and of rendering them useful to the safety and tranquility of the two parties, particularly in the case of dealing with the rogue State of Haelun’or and the Pertinaxi pretenders and their resentment towards such connections and good correspondence between strong, sovereign realms; his Majesty Aelthir II Tundrak and His Imperial Majesty Joseph I Marna have resolved to join their Councils and efforts against the enterprises of their common Enemies, after the most mature Deliberation through their respective Plenipotentiaries, concluded and determined on the following articles. ARTICLE I During the continuance of the present War between the State of Haelunor and their Pertinaxi allies against the Princedom of Fenn and the federated sovereignties under the Holy Orenian Emperor, his Majesty Aelthir II Tundrak and his Imperial Majesty Joseph I Marna shall make it a common cause, and aid eachother mutually with their good Offices, their Counsels, and their forces, according to the exigence of Conjunctures as becomes good and faithful Allies. ARTICLE II The two contracting Parties shall each on its own Part, and in the manner it may judge most proper, make all the efforts in its Power, against their common Enemy, in order to attain the end proposed— to annihilate the State of Haelun’or and the Pertinaxi pretenders, and their bandit army. ARTICLE III Neither of the two Parties shall conclude either Truce or Peace with the State of Haelun’or or the Pertinaxi rebels without the formal consent of the other; and they mutually engage not to lay down their arms until the security of either state be assured safe from the grasps of the State of Haelun’or and the Pertainxi rebels. ARTICLE IV The contracting Parties declare, that being resolved to fulfil each on its own Part the clauses and conditions of the present Treaty of alliance, according to its own power and circumstances, there shall be no after claim of compensation on one side of the other whatever may be the event of the War. ARTICLE V The most serene Grand Prince of Fenn and the Holy Orenian Emperor agree to invite or admit other Powers who may have received injuries from the State of Haelun’or and the Pertinaxi pretenders to make common cause with them, and to accede to the present alliance, under such conditions as shall be freely agreed to and settled between all the Parties. ARTICLE VI The present Treaty shall be ratified on both sides and the Ratifications shall be exchanged in the space of six months, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries, to wit: on the part of the Grand Prince of Fenn, Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak, and on the part of the Holy Orenian Emperor, Baron Henri de Guise, Imperial High Marshal, have signed the above Articles in the Common language, declaring Nevertheless that the present treaty was originally composed and concluded in the common language, and they have hereunto affixed their Seals. Done at Guise, this second day of Malin’s Welcome, one thousand seven hundred and fifteen. Joseph I Marna, Holy Orenian Emperor, Fidei Defensor Henri, Baron of Guise, Imperial High Marshal Aelthir II Tundrak, Grand Prince of Fenn Aelthos Tundrak, Crown Prince of Fenn
  22. THE ADRIAN DEFEAT ____________________________________________________________________________ [!] A depiction of the Adrian Capital, Ves, circa 1715. Underneath the blistering sun and its unappeasable heat, the clattering of the Renatian cavalry withdrew from the walls of Ves, their resolve firm and their spirits elated from a glorious victory. The sound of hooves upon the old, cracked paving stones enjoined with the raised voices and whoops of victory to create a beautiful chorus. Their arrival to Adria was dreaded, but hardly unexpected. The treacherous rebellion incited by the Adrians, and their equally flighty accomplices, had insulted the Throne and the honour of the Renatians - vengeance was demanded, and the loyal soldiers were only too happy to bring its hour closer. The Renatians marched against a force double their magnitude, spilling the blood of the enemies and losing men in return across the open plains and great fields. However, only one side could be triumphant. With GOD’s grace, Imperial forces repulsed that of their enemies, leaving them with no men to defend their recreant practices. The corpses lay, piled across the road, no succour given to their burial or final rites. Everywhere the fallen Adrians were surrounded by crows, fallen to peck at their discarded entrails. Their loss was verily pitiful, costing them a pair of their scheming leaders; two men of House Ashford de Falstaff, once revered and respected men, now disgraced by their aimless lust for power. The Adrian populaces’ numerous accounts of perfidy will be never forgotten. As this force was punished, so shall all who raise arms against the Empire until they come, cloth in naught but ashes and laying upon their knees in supplication. Within the ensuing chaos and clashes of steel that preceded the final soldier’s death, one soldier could be heard ushering out sweet words with a light smirk: “The 86th Grievance.”
  23. THE BORANS A people who wanders and sets camps all across the world. These are a people that grounds their beliefs within the teachings of peace, quiet and spirituality. However, due to this belief in peace, they tend to lack in millitary power. Infact that is one of the few reasons why the Borans doesn’t have many tribes anymore within Arcas. Another reason why many tribes have died is due to when they move around, they tend to sometimes anger people (though that always depend on the very people). This can create raids and other sorts of harrasments and oppressions. Their religion is based on praying to their ancestors, who the Borans view as gods and demi-gods. They also believe in dead people, like spirits, ghosts and the like. Infact, most of their folk lore is about these strange, spectral beings. The Borans’ tendencies to travel may bring them all around the world, as they camp in forests, mountians, plains, highlands and even deserts and jungles. Borans tend to have a strangely exotic, yet Highlandish appearance about them. This is because that the people are humans with the majority being Highlandish blood, while the minority of blood is Farfolk. A common trait among them are their eyes, ranging from dark brown to Amber. They also tend to have green eyes, though it’s more rare than say brown. Their hair is mostly dark to light brown, but is occationaly black. Their skin is usualy guite fair due to how they mostly camped in forests rather than in deserts or other hot climates. However, there still are the occational man or woman with darker skin. There are certain genes that the Borans have picked up. One of these is the higher chance of having freckles, even to adult hood. While it becomes increasingly difficult to pinpoint to where the culture and religion began, mostly because of the culture becoming older and having lost most information of its origins in the meanwhile. It is said, however, that it all began as a cult in Anthos that believed that their ancestors where the true guardians and god’s of their people. With this new cult, they began practicing prayer and meditation to these new deities, and soon they began their typical behavior of traveling and constantly moving camps from one part of the world to the other. While thet know that wandering to different continents may get them killed (as many other races might be at the same time), they always seems to have survived most of it due to how faithful some of them are in their leaders and Shamans. However, sadly most of the tribes from Anthos have been whiped out, with only a few remaining. One of these tribes are called “In’Kahir”, who pray to the the Second son of Karoh’Tan, Eaok’Foer. THE BORAN LANGUAGE Originating as a secret language that the cult used in order to avoid other religious cults and clans from exterminating them. The language the Borans speak now is an evolved, more perfected language of such, having developed over 400 years. The language has become more commonly known to others as ‘Boran’. However, just because this language exists, doesn’t mean that the Boratic people aren’t allowed to speak common. Boran is spoken in the same grammatic structure as common, with a couple of few exceptions that makes the language a bit more unique. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [WORD] = [Translation, Informal, Variation] Good day / Hello = Gorath , Gora’ / Go’ (if very informal) Good bye / Farewell = Goteth , Teth (te’ if very informal) I, me = Moh My, mine = Mohr (Note that when explaining if it’s someone’s or something’s, you add an ‘r’ at the end of said word) You = Toh Your = Tohr We, us, our = Vehr (Note: This is an exception to the ‘r’ rule) They, their = Duhr Yes = Je , – , Jevihr (used as “affirmative”) No = Ne , – , Nevohr (used as “negatory”) Maybe = Ere , – , Erih (used as “perhaps”) Is, am, are = Aeh Was, were = Tyot (also used as “used to” or “was / were”, but you add an ‘r’ at the end) Has = Aehr Will, shall = Niaro (add an ‘r’ at the end when in plural) Would = Amden (add an ‘r’ when in plural) Could = Yrih (add an ‘r’ when in plural, like always) (Note: Do not forget the ‘r’ when it’s in plural!) Human = Maelih Elf = Ushif Dwarf = Midjet (I’m sorry, my dwarven bros) Orc = Urkih Halfling = Per’Maelih (basically means “little human) Kharajyr = Felir’maeh (humanoid cat, or Feline human) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Boratic Society Even a wandering people needs a leader. Their tribes are built on a common leader, shaman, and then in the later and younger tribes; guardians. All tribes has a leader, also called a Cheiftain, someone who leads the people, takes on grand desicitions and other great burdens. However, the leaders are chosen by the tribe’s shaman, also called a “Voroodou”. The Shaman is the second highest ranking one can get, as they lead the people in a spiritual sence, giving them hope and in most cases cure their wounds with apothecary methods (such as bandaging wounds, using roots and herbs to help with deseases etc). Lastly of the highest three comes the Guardians, known as Shan’kir. They are the sworn guardians, chosen by the Cheiftain and the Voroodou to protect their tribe from outside forces, like animals and other people. Below these achived and powerful men and women are the tribesmen, women and children. All picking up a profession a dozen of years after birth, they have no special rank, but are usualy treated well by the higher ranks. These tend to be fishermen, gatherers, farmers, traders, blacksmiths, tanners and tailors. While this people does use Minae to buy and sell outside of their tribes, within their tribes they tend to trade more than buying or selling. This is because they, like their higher-ups believe that one needs to be humble in order to be cared for. This leads to that when someone begins to act cocky, superior or the like, they tend to be scorned at. A way the voroodou tends to fix this is by teaching them lessons. Say, if a lower class fisherman claims that he can catch a big fish within a month, the voroodou tends to demand proof, or perhaps play a riddle or two on him. It all depends on who the voroodou is. Genders are equal in this society. Women can become a cheiftainess if they are ellected to be one by the head Voroodou. However, when a women gets accepted as a voroodou, she tends to be treated like a nun from Canonism, and can have a hard time rising in rank because of it. Men can have the same problem, being treated like servants and stewards at times rather than being acolytes of a voroodou. However, it is a sad truth that men have an easier time to rise in rank. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Festives, Cerimonies and the very Religion As stated previously, the Borans have Shamans. These shamans practice a religion called Karoh’r Lina, which means Karoh’s Teachings. The religion is about praying to their all-mighty ancestors, who had always been known for something great, like deeds. The shamans are ellected by their current head shaman in each tribe. During the ellection, they must go through certain tasks, questions and the like. Only one or two men or women can be chosen. Upon acceptance, the Voroodou chooses a new nickname for his one to two new acolytes. Usualy an animal, mythical beast or even sometimes names of their ancestors. The reason for this is unknown to the general public. After the cerimony, the whole tribe tends to feast with their newly made acolytes of the head voroodou. Music, meat, bread, cheese and all sorts of foods is presented, icluding some of their personal delicacies, such as; Anikr, which is a well roasted onion with herbs and spices that makes it taste better, alongside some mutton and carrots. Another cerimony is the one where the head voroodou chooses a son from each lower ranking family (sometimes the guardian’s or the Cheiftan’s family) and have them prove their physical might usualy in a non-lethal way. They have one to four of these winners, the head shaman waits for it to become night, preparing dyes and the like for the warriors. Upon dusk, the voroodou begins to alight a huge bon fire as they walk up to an altar and begin chanting a chant to the demi-god-like grandson of battle. When the chant is done, the shaman will then choose a dye for each new Guardian. Then, the winner can choose to accept their fate as a guarding, dropping their current profession if they choose to be one. As they do, the shaman begins to chant as he begins to paint special tatoo’s on the man’s torso, arms and face. These tatoos shall mean something to them, as they pick up their weapon of choice and begin training the next day by the current head guardian. THE ANCESTORS The very basic of their religion. The ancestral family that the Borans believe in so dearly. Viewed as all-mighty, god-like beings that have achived great power and immortality within the stars that litter the sky. THE FATHER – Karoh’tan, created the people with his own hands and led the first tribe. He is also known as the Flaming Father, due to his abilities of summoning fire with his bare hands. THE MOTHER – Lillenea. She was able to love even her most evil grandchildren. Also known as the Mother of Love. THE FIRST SON – Eaok’foer, he was the one who was said to be able to control the weather to a certain extent. Also known as the Father of Storms. THE SECOND SON – Iok’Tahlir, the one who showed the people how to be loyal, humble and caring for eachother. Also known as the Father of Loyalty. THE DAUGHTER – Ynieri, known to be the best dancer, singer and entertainer. Also known as the Mother of Fun. While there are more children of these later four sons and daughter, they are concidered demi-gods amongst them. Stories and tales of this family can be told by the shamans. Either a story about a fight, maybe a prank from one of Ynieri’s children. Most tribes are known to pray to a specific ancestor. This is because that specific tribe strives for a specific goal. However, they aren’t bound in any way to pray to the main god. However, one tribe in the past was known to have forced its tribesmen to pray to a specific, evil ancestor by force. This can sometimes happen when the cheiftan gets corrupt or perhaps gets the Shaman corrupt. However, there has been few that actually did fall for this tragedy. ACCEPTANCE OF MAGIC While magic is generaly accepted in the culture, depending on the tribe, the head Shaman must have approved it and must monitor it. This is because one of the grandchildren of Eaok’foer was “Mysr’I”, the Mother of Magic. She was known to have become corrupted by the very own magic she had created. Due to this, the Karoh’tan asks of all the Shamans to watch the mage within the village grow and halt it if he or she is near corruption from it. Dark magic is NOT accepted within the culture and religion, however. It is rare for the Shaman or leader to practice magic, but the acolytes have been known to be wanting to and in some cases, they have indeed. Some tribes all together banishes it, while some incourages it. It really depends on the leader of it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CLOTHING While it of course also depends on the climate they have settled in, the Borans also have a sence of clothes and fashion that makes them unique. While none of these clothing has a meaning or specific religious meaning (unless it’s the Shaman’s clothing), it certantly is important to know what they find good-looking at appropriate. Do remember that this also changes to what tribe it is, but all tribes follow a similar pattern. GENERAL: It’s very typical of all Borans to wear something like a cloak, mantle or something that goes ontop and around the upper torso. Clothes in general are also made out of linen, hide and fur, usually not too saturized in color. Their boots usualy range from leather shoes to furry boots. It’s common for women and children to wear sandals instead. Jewelry is rare to see because of that being humble is a socialy deprived thing, but when you do, it’s usually things like amuletes made out of wood and strung on a string, or maybe bronze jewels with stones like granite ingraved into them. MEN: While in general the only thing that a man would wear is a mantle, since they believe that showing off muscles is manly, they can still have on a thin, sleeve-less shirt that is usualy made of linen. They usualy wear propper, long pants aswell, though short ones aren’t uncommon either. WOMEN: Most women would wear a thin dress or skirt, made out of linen or hide. If not, they would be wearing a mantle with a concealing top and a skirt. A common fashion trend is to wear a crown of flowers, straw or maybe even just plain grass. There’s also a type of clothing called a wrist-cloth. Women tend to wear this around their wrists to look propper. CHILDREN: While they do wear what the adults do of their gender, the children tend to wear sandals, sleeved tunics or maybe even a crown if they wanna extra pretty (note that boys tend to do this too). ARMOUR While armour isn’t something that one would normaly wear, as mostly it’s used in cerimonies, their armour tend to be tanned leather Muscle Cuirass, hoods with a wooden mask of sorts and leather greaves. The richer or higher ranked men and women tends to have the same set up, but instead in bronze, such as a tanned leather Muscle Cuirass with a bronze overlay, hoods with a bronze mask (usualy well decorated), leather arm guards with bronze plates and then tanned leather greaves with bronze overlay. When it comes to shields, they tend to have an oval shaped would with a strap on AND a center grip. This is to make it as versatile as one can. The thickness, broad and height varies. WEAPONS Most tribesmen and tribeswomen tends to have a mere flint knife as their protection. However, if they happen to have a weapon of sorts, it’d most likely be; a spear (commonly known as Pokih in Boran) or a short, flat hunting bow (Lyu’or). When it comes to the bow’s ammunition, if they’re just hunting they have simple arrows with an oak haft, feathers of any common bird and a flint tip. If made for war, it’s a bronze leaf tip, oak haft and then a bit more high quality feathers. Swords do exist in the Boratic Culture, it’s just that it’s rare to see it. But if you do, it’s usually a leaf-bladed, guardless shortsword. Quarterstaffs can be seen alongside with Guardians aswell, sometimes with a bronze reinforcement at each end of the staff. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC NOTE Let me know if you guys ever want more soon! It was really fun to introduce this new culture to the public. If you want to know any more specific things, I can either edit and add it in, or you can PM me the questions. Have a great day y’all!!
  24. @yopplwasupxxx BROTHERHOOD AND UNITY 22nd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1715 Hail to thee, Lord Joseph, he who calls himself heir to Marna and Holy Emperor of Orenia. I am Charles-Edmond, Lord of Talraen and of Rennes, servant of the Divine Imperial Crown in whose honored name I govern the Capital of Helena; in these realms we have not met and to you my names may not be familiar - yet yours I recognize. Though the peoples of this Empire you deem yours, including myself and my own, have yet to be graced with the appearance of your likeness within our realm, I have taken the liberty of acquainting myself with your character through the goals you claim to seek, yet deny and contradict within your very own missives. Truly, my lord, you preach of liberty and the undeniable rights of Man; you call for unity in this time of strife; equality and safety under the Holy and Imperial Law, and justice for all - for Man weeps and crawls under daemonic tyranny of the Court of Pertinax (for they seek none but power) and its murderous thugs, stripped of culture and dignity, begging to be saved by your grace and the enlightened wisdom of your throne. A noble and just cause to be advanced by your rule, by the Grace of GOD and the Will of the Nation, whose pillars are to be nobility and common folk alike, in which, by your Nenzing Proclamation, you seek mine support and loyalty, as a Lord of the Realm. Yet, by your hand you threaten genocide upon my realm and the City which I protect and stand responsible for, whose citizens I cherish as if they were my own kin - and not only annihilation, but eternal damnation should we, in death, not declare your claim true; to my House, extinction, and to my beloved spouse, unborn child, and myself execution, for as supposed accomplices to this tyranny of Pertinax we deserve no privileges of nobles nor the right to live; to my Stewards and Administrators, dismantling, for as clerks of reviled Pertinax, whose civil service is proclaimed oppressive, yet somehow still dysfunctional and inefficient, they deserve no daily bread to provide to their loved ones, should they, indeed, even retain “the Right to Life, so none will be taken to the Skies before their time”. Is it us who are the tyrants? Indeed, my Lord Emperor, through your creed, I have come to know you - you are hypocritical, for you seek to end an era of chaos, murder and absolutism by enacting chaos, murder and absolutism upon the folk of Renatus, whose honest and hard-working men and women, loyal to their principles and the Realm, you had not ever met; you are erratic and confusing, for you demand our eternal fealty, so under your illustrious rule we might enjoy Freedom, Justice, and Equality, but wish upon us condemnation and death. Let it not seem that I write without experience and merit; I shall gladly acquaint you, my lord, with myself and my lineage. I am the great-great-grandson of Charles Talraen, a brave man who had, at Johannesburg, given his life in service to your kin, protecting that which the Protectors of Man could not. Would you, my Lord Emperor, threaten us with this civil war and destruction had you experienced this suffering of thousands, that which the claimed tyrants of Pertinax honored and respected, cherishing their veterans and raising memorials to all fallen Imperials - whether of Czena or of Northern Atlas? I am the great-grandson of Renna Talraen, Lady of Adelburg, renown Administrator of the Imperial era of progress and culture you praise so; a woman who never faltered in her loyalty to Orenia, the first in line of those from my family who would bear the mantle of Seneschal of the Imperial Crown. No doubt you’ve faint recollection of this name - would you, my Lord Emperor, slander and demean my Stewards so had you known they, in their methods, had not once strayed from Lady Renna’s teachings and conduct of administration, unchanged in their efficiency since the golden days of Orenia? I am the grandnephew of one Aldren Talraen, Crusader of the Holy Mother Church; I am the grandson of Blessed Aran Talraen de Rennes, who had been merely a year older than John the Sixth, in whose defense he stood during the Coup of Adelburg your edicts mention often. Do you, my Lord Emperor, recall that he had maintained the loyalist barricades until the very end; that, while the Imperial battle flag proudly fluttered over the City Hall of Adelburg, he had read your forefathers’ Act of Regency to the survivors in hopeful joy; that, when relief never came and King Aurelius had seized the streets, Lord Aran stepped up to him and demanded the safety of all citizens, offering his life in return for the lives of his City Administration - to which the Renatian King spared all without demanding oaths of fealty, moved by his bravery? Do you know that he remained true to the Imperial cause after Frederick the First, and Frederick the Second had abandoned it, relinquishing the Imperial crown - taking up the Holy Cross in the name of the Holy Mother Church and the realm of Marna, which the latter in thanks cast him aside? Yet, my lord, to you it comes as a surprise that one would side with the line of Pertinax, despite the cruel disappointments your ancestors had offered to the Imperial cause. You would proclaim the progeny of a man who had fought slavery until his dying breath, who had spearheaded the idea of a Commonwealth of Man which inspires you so, to be bloodthirsty butchers? You would deny communion to our realms, from which so many Defenders of the Holy Faith had originated - including Emperor Aurelius, who had been absolved of all sin and whose efforts had stopped the pagan tide thrice - holding our salvation hostage with the acceptance of you as our liege? My Lord Emperor, your motives truly perplex me. How is it that you proclaim brotherhood and unity, when you command destruction upon an entire people, declaring their ideals unjust - yet we had kept true to Imperial values where your line has not? How would you shield us from non-human vultures, when your line has not - for this mercy we owe to none other than Emperor Aurelius and his reign of conquest? Why do you take up arms in bloody struggle? Does your creed not preach the right of Man to select his rightful representative - were your cause truly just, would we have not chosen you to lead us at a lawful Imperial Diet? I’ve no lust for carnage nor desire to be anyone’s oppressor; I am a GOD-fearing, faithful man, and I’ve always taken to my duties with diligence and care; for my family, and my citizens, I hold but love in my heart. Why do you call upon the fires of the Nether on us, should you truly wish for peace and freedom? I’ve no wish to take up arms against my fellow Man, who had until yesterday been part of a sacred union broken by your desire - but in face of ruin I will not perish, and we shall fight until our last if fate declares it so. Write to me, my Lord Emperor - of you, like my grandfather before me had asked of King Aurelius, I demand clarification. Meet me, Lord Joseph, so, at the very least, in my eyes you shall see my resolve - whatever you wish upon me I shall return in kind upon you. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Charles-Edmond of the House of Talraen, Minister of the Interior and Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial and Royal Crown of Exalted Godfrey and Renatus-Marna, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
  25. The Wedding of 1715 [!] Several flyers are pinned throughout the city of Haense and Curon A wedding will be hosted in Haense at The Basilica of the Fifty Virgins. Come to enjoy and celebrate the union of Evelyne Vanir and John Luc Halcourt. All are invited to this special occasion. OOC (Date for wedding is Saturday 5/11/19 @6:30 EST)
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