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Found 189 results

  1. Netherworld15

    Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies

    [!] Notices would be hung in every tavern and notice board in The Duchy of Adria. ”Citizens of Adria” it began, “On the 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1697, magic was legalized within the Duchy of Adria. While some may argue against it, I assure you, it is for the better. Mages shouldn’t have to hide the fact that they prefer knowledge to the sword, it’s simply a part of them. Also, I understand that this will have multiple contradictions with the Canonist Church and I sure you, we may meet in person to discuss such if any wish. Now, this magic usage doesn’t exactly come free, because as foolish as some might think this ordeal to be, it’s actually quite well thought through. If one wishes to obtain a magic license they must follow the given directions, which are shown on this notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a letter or come find me in person, I am more than happy to talk. - Best Regards, Court Mage Alfius Elpyne Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies REGARDING MAGIC USAGE: The Adrian laws and regulation policies for magic within the Duchy are as follows, and are subject to change: ACT I: In order to perform magic within the Duchy, one must legally and officially obtain a magic license via the Adrian Magic Ministry. Obtaining a license through any other means is illegal within the Duchy and will result in a fine of 2000 minus and possible expulsion from the Duchy depending on the severity. An official license includes a seal of approval from the Ministry, forgery of this seal is an illegal offense against the Duchy and will also result in the punishment stated before. ACT II: For one to obtain a magic license they must undergo the tests and assessments determined by the ministry. Failure to comply or failure to pass will result in the revoking of a magic license application. The tests will usually consist of an interview and a demonstration of skill, unless the ministry deems otherwise. ACT III: Magic is NOT allowed to be used on another person within the Duchy, outside of self-defense, unless they have given proper consent. Disregarding this rule is considered a felony, regardless of what happened, and will result in expulsion from the Duchy or even death. ACT IV: Only certain magics are allowed for license application within the Duchy and are as follows: Evocation (Any) Arcanism Conjuration Telekenesis Transfiguration Any other magic type or branch outside of this list is unsuitable for a license and the practice of it is prohibited within the Duchy. This list may be subject to change. REGARDING LICENSES: The policies on Magic Licenses are below: ACT I: In order to obtain a magic license, one must make an official application handed out by the ministry. Afterwards, the applicant will be called to undergo a series of tests and interviews from the Ministry to determine whether or not they are fit for a license. A fee of 500 mina will be required for a permit and potential license. i. If they pass, a magic applicant will be given a magic permit. This will permit them to cast spells no greater than that of a T3 Mage. A magic permit user cannot perform magic outside of an emergency situation, which must have at least two unbiased witnesses present. Failure to regard these rules will result in the holder having their permit stripped from them and they may not reapply for at least two saint’s weeks. ACT II: After holding onto the permit for three saint’s weeks, the mage may apply for a magic license if the ministry finds their record compliant with the given rules and has no violations. However, simply because a license for their magic, doesn’t mean they can use any magic they want, only the one(s) they applied for. If one already had a license for one magic and wished to be able to use another as well, they must take it to the ministry for approval, though you will not have to undergo the permit phase again unless seen fit. i. A magic license will allow the holder to perform T5 Magics as long as they follow the list and any other previous rules regarding magic in general. They may perform magic outside of self defense, though using it to threaten others regardless of hurting them or not, is illegal and will result in the invalidation of your license. REGARDING MAGICAL ITEMS AND FAMILIARS: ACT I: Magical items are permitted within the Duchy as long as it has official approval from the Duchy. If a magically imbued item is used within the Duchy without approval, the ministry retains every right to confiscate the item in question indefinitely. i. In order to obtain a magic item license, one must simply have the ministry inspect the given item and approve it. ACT II: A familiar must undergo the same testing and approval as a magical item would, as well as a detailed description of the core used. ACT III: Only certain types of magical items are allowed within the Duchy and must follow the given criteria, which is subject to change: i. A magical item must follow this list: a. A magical item/familiar cannot do harm in any way or inflict any effect to a person within the Duchy b. A magical item/familiar may only be imbued with Arcane magic. Failure to obey these rules will result in the item/familiar confiscated and potentially destroyed. [!] There would be some more writing at the bottom. ”Again, we should all put aside our differences and all come together to build a better and brighter future for Adria, after all isn’t that what every citizen of a nation wishes for? To better their nation? We should do the same. This is a big step for Adria, but let’s not lose our footing in this leap, but rather to have it help us to balance ourselves and have an even firmer foundation.”
  2. Legoboy7984

    The Tavern of Markev Hiring

    The Tavern of Markev Hiring A Typical Day within the tavern of Markev, circa 1698 A Notice would be placed upon the notice board in Markev and across Atlas: To all that currently seek for homage, and work. The tavern within the great city of Markev is in need of a new tavernkeeper along with waiters or waitresses. If you believe you are capable or feel you want to take this opportunity then please contact me, Ser Henrik Otto Ludovar, or apply for it which then I will work on getting you settled in. His Lordship, Henrik Otto Ludovar, Baron of Lizat, Lord Bursar of Markev, and Knight Errant of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon Application -OOC- MC Name: Discord: Are you active?: -RP- Name: Age (Must be at least 17+): Any Experience: Why do you wish to work within the tavern?: What position are you applying for? (Tavernkeeper | Waiter/Waitress):
  3. Imperium

    Tournament of Markev

    Tournament of Markev 14th of Horen’s Calling, 1698 His Royal Majesty, Robert Bihar I, formally invites all respective men and women across the land to attend the Tournament of Markev. These glorious events of splendor shall hold the case to rejuvenate the knightship of Haense in a glorious celebration of combat and feats of valor to reflect the prosperity of the realm. Events held will surmise the following... Jousting As is tradition by the Haenseti peoples, jousting will occur during the tournament to test the ability of men atop steeds of battle. Participation is limited to those of Imperial noble blood and will be spectated to provide the safety of tournament horses, which will be provided by hosts at no cost and without requirement of a saddle. Nobility will fight with lances handpicked by his highness, but the addition of armor will be at the discretion of the engaging knights. Reward: A significant purse will also be rewarded. Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Age: Title: Holdings: Heritage: Events: One on One Melee When jousting has come to a conclusion, fighting will proceed to stray away from horse combat. Guests will gather around the sand pits for one-on-one hand duels, without the use of armor or weapons. This portion of the tournament will allow those of any status, nobles and commoners alike. Reward: A significant purse will also be rewarded. Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Age: Race: ((This Event will take place this Sunday 01/13/19 at 6 pm est))
  4. Gray_Mage

    House Snow: Employment

    Cordial greetings to all of Atlas from the House of Snow. House Snow is in need of honorable warriors to protect its people and intelligent designers to expand and improve the structures of the Barony of Jorvan. Both House Guards and House Architects will be well-paid and provided with lodging and food. They will also gain the benefit of tax-free status on any and all shops and residences that they own within the aforementioned Barony. There is much room for promotion in House Snow. One may rise through the hierarchy and better their position by proving their undying loyalty to the House. Signed, His Lordship, Cassian Snow, Lord-Patriarch of the House of Snow and Baron of Jorvan
  5. Clan Otsugowara Crest of the Otsugowara Clan Great sadness is tearless.. Supreme enlightenment is wordless.. Loud laughter is silent.. Clan Otsugowara is a fiery and enduring clan borne from the remains of the once-mighty Hirafu clan hailing from the far-flung eastern continents. Members of the Otsugowara profile themselves to be wily and resourceful, keen on defending a reputation on serving as protectors of the easterners and battering their foes that reaches across the many seas both west and east. Recent History Clan Otsugowara is presently led by Suzuhito Otsugowara, currently within its sixth generation, succeeding after centuries of bloodied conflict and a gory end to numerous clan members. Otsugowara joined in the side of Clan Kato in the Echo Bay Uprising of 1692, a tumultuous and complicated easterner conflict that saw Otsugowara brought to close to complete destruction by its enemies. In a stroke of fortitude in the closing days of the conflict with defeat for themselves and their allies all but certain due to malicious tactics, Suzuhito Otsugowara alongside the bravest of his kin and retainers commandeered the fastest sailship from the enemy fleet in a brazen night mission, and placed it into service at the forefront of the refugee fleets that came to this continent… Familial Direction In-Game state of the Tokoko Refugee Camp Clan Otsugowara has declared the restoration of the Easterners in the continent to be an imminent priority, toiling hard to ensure consistent development of the Tokoko Refugee Camp as a hub to encourage growth and recovery of the Easterners. In true likeness, the clan has established a personal godo kaisha to achieve its financial ends and prepares to trade in various artisan trades and crafts to bring both wealth and life back into the Eastern people. Family Legends and Ancestry. Clan Otsugowara claims to be the descendants of Asuka no Hirafu, a legendary naval commander in their fables who let a thousand ships to conquer the eastern mainland. His campaign culminated in the battle of Hakusukinoe which saw the coalition forces of the mainland successfully push back his invasion. "We learn that in ancient times there have been cases of troops being asked for and assistance requested: to render help in emergencies, and to restore that which has been interrupted, is a manifestation of ordinary principles of right. The Land of..., in its extremity, has come to us and placed itself in our hands. Our resolution in this matter is unshakable. We will give separate orders.. to advance at the same time by a hundred routes” It was said to be an honorable cause as the Lord had given his word to the remaining survivor of a royal clan of antiquity and married her to see the return of the once prosperous kingdom. Although the restoration forces had initial successes it eventually saw defeat at the hand of the mainlanders and Asuka no Hirafu returned to his hometown to seek redemption. It was there that he received a vision that there will come a time in which his clan will herald a new era for their people in another faraway continent, and hence is how the legend goes. Family Traditions WIP as In-game roleplay brings improvement to the traditional aspect. Version 0.1 An Introduction: Kanzeon is an Easterner belief that Clan Otsugowara follows with an emphasis on ancestral worship and familial piety, believing in the importance of a Sangha (Native Language: Seng-Chia) which is a religious community as an integral class of society. Origins: Far-East. Kanzeon is a way of life that developed from the mainstreams of Eastern Farfolk culture, usually regarded as a minority in many of the larger urbanized regions in the area. After many local tragic upheavals, local sages (Native Language: Onymodos ) and monks began to propagate the importance of familial virtues and the merits of strong bloodlines as a matter of self-perseverance. A key aspect of Kanzeonism would be folk religion where a follower attempts to propitiate and attract the favor of local and ancestral spirits known as phi(Native Language: Kami). While some have often drawn a clear line between their beliefs and folk religious practices, this distinction is rarely observed in more rural locales. Spiritual power derived from the observance of Kanzeon precepts and rituals is employed in attempting to appease local nature spirits. Astrology, numerology, ancestral relics and the creation of talismans and charms also play a prominent role and often kept in proper shrines. Annets part one: Amongst the descendants, Kanzeonism has permeated strongest in the retention of ancestral relics due to its importance or heritage. An example would be that of a sword or katana of a famous warrior being kept by his family or colleagues after his demise. Another example would be that of meditation beads of a monk, kept and consecrated by his colleagues to be a talisman to honor and respect his memory. Such acts are seen as good deeds and contribute to the individual dharma(Karma) in a positive light. An example of a platform, usually wooden in nature where relics are placed upon and tended to on an almost daily basis in a shrine or home as part of the caretaker’s routine. OOC implementation: An Easterner player character could have a wooden platform in their home dedicated to items of importance to them which can be consecrated by a member of the monastic class. After which, the caretaker of these items can be done through the daily cleaning and burning of incense to honor these items and relics. Similarly, in shrines for more important items and relics usually using fancier platforms and flower arrangments. Some practitioners even offer offerings in the form of food that is changed on a daily basis. Joining the Clan - OOC - Clan Otsugowara is an ever-expanding concept that will improve and is seeking competent and passionate players interested in growing Easterner culture on the server, it will be my hope to create an entertaining roleplay experience to those interact and join the effort with the Easterners and I will be keen on listening to criticism and feedback to improve the Easterner clan with. I added a small section in the event that someone would be interested in signing up! OOC: Roleplay Experience?: Roleplay Strength?: Previous Punishments?: Discord?: (You do not have to post it. A simple pm or adding me at Crines#2975 will be fine! Feel free to contact me and ask questions this way as well) @Miss_Confined
  6. NAME AND FORMALITIES Full Name: Yoshimi Otsugowara Nicknames: Chibi-Chan, Imoto GENERAL INFORMATION Age: 18 Gender: Female Race: Farfolk - Easterner Status: Alive PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Weight & Height: 97 lbs, 5’2ft. Body Type: Petite Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black Skin: Sunkissed with rosy cheeks. PERSONALITY & MISC. Personality: Quite, protective, silly, charming, kind, optimistic, and a helpful hand. Alignment: Chaotic Good Religion: ??? Home: ??? Titles: Seamstress and Chef Voice Claim: 2B Japanese Voice Actress Theme Songs: At Peace Cutesy Song Finding Beauty Going to War Art & Face Claim:
  7. Cassiflorn

    The Belvitz Massacre of 1696

    The Raider Scourge of the 23rd of Amber’s Cold, 1696 The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of a single hour. At the town of Belvitz, several bodies laid side by side, awaiting undertakers to take them away to their graves or the Cloud Temple. A white sheet covering them was stained a crimson red, hiding their gruesome ends. However, the tavern itself was scrubbed clean, a kindly gesture by those who remained in the aftermath. Wrapped in a scroll of an easterner design would be a notice bearing the handwritings of the Otsugowara written in a translated, Common language. To the administration of Belvitz, As the midnight oil burned in the town of Belvitz and its tavern filled with a handful of guests lingering for the evening, riders armed to the teeth spilled into the tavern and swiftly overwhelmed those within with potent brutality, seeking to cause havoc in the shortest time possible. They wore non-descript grey armor with little details that told of their origins initially. Survivors of the initial fighting were forced to fight one another at knifepoint while an unknown man was thrown from a height after suffering a grievous stabbing. Amidst the depravities between the entrapped civilians, shameful displays of dishonor reared its ugly head among the weak-willed. It culminated when a relief force rallied to battle the marauders but eventually succumbed. I am but a traveler, but the leader of the band of raiders was burned into my memory by his look of bloodthirst and vengeance, as if an oni, or demon in your language, has consumed his mind. Correlated witness accounts of the subject in question He was a giant man with hair as black as his heart, and a thick beard, his eyes a peculiar shade of violet/blue hue. Rife with demonstrable madness, his clothes were stained with blood from the blood and gore brought about throughout the evening. He proclaimed himself the King of Norland and declared that he had come for those who killed his people, taken his lands, and exiled his family. Ivar Ruric, the last of the Rurikid. Correlated witness accounts of the subject in question Another raider of notable detail was a 6’4 figure with a nasty laugh skilled on horseback, appearing quiet at times during the havoc of the raid, yet this Otsugowara suspects that he could very much have been the true leader and instigator of the raid itself displaying such intriguing shrewd behavior.. He left behind a note in the bloodstained tavern, insinuating this group to have been part of the Cursus Honorum and declared for it. On my familial honor, I did as much that could be done to assist civilians injured during the aftermath and devoted the rest of my time in Belvitz cleansing the tavern, leaving at the break of dawn. The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention. Suzuhito of Clan Otsugowara Clan Seal of the Otsugowara
  8. yopplwasupxxx

    Liturgy of the Final Revelation

    LITURGY OF THE FINAL REVELATION 7 D.C. 1696 Markev, Haense, Oren “Va birodeo herzenav e Edlervik, Within our newly renovated Cathedral of St Otto, the City of Markev shall be holding the Liturgy of the Final Revelation to commemorate the visions of Exalted Sigismund and prophesied coming of the apocalypse. Mass shall be held by the Archbishop of Jorenus, Father Rudolph Wagner, and a feast shall be held afterwards in honour of Wiekley Sigmundi and the Fast of Wilfulle. All is invited to this solemn event, though respect must be given during this holy time of prayer to Godan.” MASS AND FEAST When: Jan 1st | 5pm EST Mass - 5:30/6:00pm EST Feast Where: Cathedral of St Otto, Markev, Haense Why: To Celebrate the Revelations of Sigismund and the Eschatology of the Scrolls
  9. Shady_Snaekxddd

    Salt in the Sea - Tokoko Refugee Camp

    Tokoko Refugee Camp The journey through the Shattered Sea was by no means an easy feat and after a year of navigating the long stretches of blue between various, sometimes uncharted, archipelagos, the survivors of the Echo Bay Rebellion made their way to the shores of Atlas on their last remaining Junk Ship. With the leader of their rebellion’s whereabouts unknown with others missing and family long left behind in the Aeldenic South East, the Echo Bay Rebels set up camp and begin their new lives. *A missive is sent out across the realm’s roadways for travelers to see. It is written in Common and the various prominent languages of the Easterners* “We people of Echo Bay declare ourselves liberated with the death of Khan Ryuu and wholeheartedly denounce his retainer and heir Hibiki the Magician as a practitioner of Dark Sea Magicks unfit to lead the Easterners of Edn. We reaffirm our sovereign to be the Oyabun of the Death Lotus, he who does not ****, Master Bobo Kato represented by his right hand the Wakagashira. Those sick of the Khan’s regime, hear your countrymen - we live to fight another day and finish the enterprise begun. Reunite with us and rebuild your livelihoods. To our brethren from the mainland, Ni hao, haisai, annyeonghaseyo. We will take in all kinfolk willing to contribute to our community and the cause. Death to those who obstruct the revolution! We people of Echo Bay form the land of Tokoko. To our brethren seeking to join our community, send word through the Cloud Temple Aviary.” ((Contact Shady_Tales or Cassiflorn))!
  10. The Union of Ludovar and Stafyr Lord Henrik Ludovar and Lady Kattarina Stafyr’s wedding, circa 1696 The bells rang and could be heard throughout the city of Markev from the newly built Cathedral of Saint Otto. Many citizens, nobles, and the King along with the Queen would arrive within the Cathedral taking their seat within the hall. On one side of the pews would be the royal family along with the Ludovar family, to the other side of the pews would consist the Stafyr family along with some other nobles, and behind all of them would be citizens of the great city of Markev. Once the organ began to play everyone within the halls of the Cathedral who were seated would stand as the bride, Lady Kattarina Stafyr, being escorted by Lord Sergei Stafyr, Viscount of Grauspin headed towards the altar. Lord Henrik Ludovar, Baron of Lizat, would smile at her as she approached the altar before he'd take her hand. As the two turned to face each other the Archbishop of Markev, Rudolph of the Church of Canon would begin to the ceremony. Once the sacred ceremony was finished the two would then be joined in by marriage as people throughout the halls began cheering and clapping for the two newly wedded. MAY GOD BLESS THE TWO NEWLY WEDDED
  11. Quintessential

    [PK] Death of a Dad

    If you were not present during these events, then you bear no first-hand knowledge. Please DO NOT metagame this information. GUYS, THE SPOILERS ARE THEME SONGS FOR EACH PART. Death of a Dad =-=-=-=-=-=-= “History has her eyes on Adria.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “She always will.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= PART ONE =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= Antanios Opal Rutledge 1647 - 1694 (47) A loyal father to all. =-=-=-=-=-=-= 17th of Malin’s Welcome =-=-=-=-=-=-= Antanios woke up, startled. It was the nightmares again; he always had nightmares. He looked over at his Southeron wife, Rivaini. She slept peacefully because she was comforted by the presence of her husband. He lovingly pecked her cheek, pulling over the covers to tuck her in against the morning cold. Rutledge crawled out from the bed, getting dressed in his usual. The man dusted himself off and cleared his clothes of wrinkles. Antanios looked up, his coffee-brown eyes looking at the uniform of a military captain in his closet. Rutledge missed it; he missed fighting for Adria. He missed being a captain. Rutledge proceeded out of his bedroom and made his way to his children’s room. Rutledge took a few moments in the archway peering at his children, who were fastly asleep. He hobbled over, as quiet as possible with his cane. The father leaned down to peck his three sons on their small heads; Medhi, Matteo, Matthias. After that, he moved over to the small, purple bed, over to peck his young daughter; Camilla, his little warrior, his little princess. It was time for work again, not knowing that this day would be his last. A fire broke out in the crop fields, Antanios rushed to help Darius stomp out and douse the fires; it must have been another attack from a September Cultist. Rutledge grumbled, heading back to fetch a hoe and plow the fields. His back throbbed with pain, but he couldn’t show it. It took a good hour before Antanios finished plowing and planting the crops, thanks to some help. He wiped the sweat from his brow, leaning on his cane. It was time to check up on the citizens in the tavern. Rutledge hobbled back into the tavern, grinning at the new face behind the bar. He loved to welcome new people to Belvitz; it meant he could share his home-duchy with others. He and the new barmaid talked until Antanios felt a hand on his back. It was Hou-Ten, a hou-zi friend. Hou-Ten stood at 6’5, heavy, and black. “Hou-Ten! It is good to see you, how is Te Shu? I miss him; I enjoy his presence here.” Rutledge quipped. Te Shu Horen was a white Hou-zi, who stood at 2’3 and mentally challenged. Antanios loved to talk with Te Shu, it often ended with a hug. Hou-Ten replied, “Te Shu is good, but he got scolded for kicking down a door,” The tall gorilla would grin widely, “but let us celebrate! You be free!” Hou-Ten would exclaim loudly, referring to the Trial of the Century in which Antanios Rutledge was declared innocent and acquitted. Hou-Ten would hand Antanios a bottle of Carrion Black™, to which Antanios turned down. “Ah, my friend, I can no longer stomach alcohol, it burns me up on the inside.” The Rutledge replied. Antanios would take out a bottle of water, grinning and drinking it down. Hou-Ten nodded, before handing Antanios another bottle of water, and pills; Antanios handed back the pills, skeptical. Hou-Ten understood, and then exclaimed, “Then, let us drink!” The two would raise their glasses and bump them together before they both let out a hearty laugh, and a hearty “Gun Bae!” This cycle was repeated for a few times, Antanios drank a bottle of water that.. tasted delicious, for some reason. Soon afterward, a devious voice drifted into his ears, originating from the tavern entrance. “Antanios. . . Rutledge. . .” Rutledge would turn to the source of the voice, stumbling back in fear as he looked at the September Cultists with eyes full of despair. It was the same voice that had taunted him after the fields burnt; nobody knew who it was, as the figure bore the mask of a September Cultist. Rutledge continued to move back, just as the masked Cultist threw a hatchet. Antanios didn’t have to dodge, because the poisoned coursed through his body, causing his legs to give away and thus evade the flying tomahawk. Rutledge hit the ground, his legs shaking uncontrollably. His world was spinning, and his body was being dragged to safety by Miss Margaux and Mrs. Millie, eventually transported to the clinic. Alex Dering would defeat the foes. Antanios would have been very proud of him. =-=-=-=-=-=-= PART TWO =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “Red does not remind me of blood. . .” =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “. . . it reminds me of beauty, of loyalty, of Adria.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= Upon arriving at the clinic, Antanios tried to speak, mostly slurring and finding his jaw locked; frozen. The medics worked quickly; they were panicked. They were determined, but scared. Millie applied tippensroot, trying to stabilize the Prefect long enough for Alfius to rush in. Alfius was panicked, fumbling through his bag and pulling out all of the potions he could. A ring was slid onto Antanios’s finger; its color would vary from grey to black depending on the patient’s condition. It was nearly black. Antanios tried to grip onto Alfius, trying to say something, trying to warn the man on who it was. His fingers twitched, unable to hold or grasp onto anything. They mistakenly blamed the cultists for the poisoning, but that logically would not add up. Antanios gurgled, staring at Hou-Ten, who lingered in the background, seemingly worried. Rutledge frowned deeply, trying to point at Hou-Ten, Rutledge did not want to die with an unknown killer. He wanted his family to know. The medics saw how Rutledge acted, and one wondered if it was because of the gorilla’s drinks, but now wasn’t the time for pondering. Antanios’s world grew darker, his heart beating so fast that it came to a screeching and sudden stop. Alfius shoved another potion down Rutledge’s throat, panicked. The old man's condition only worsened at an exponential rate. Alfius continued, trying so hard to save the town's beloved Prefect. The poison could not be stopped or slowed, and all of Antanios’s organs failed. Antanios Opal Rutledge took one, final glance at Alfius. It was clear, Antanios was scared to die. He wasn't sure what would happen, it was as if he turned into a child at his final moments. The pillow became wet from the water pouring down his face. The ring turned black, and Antanios’s world turned to void. His body fell limp, and his body grew deprived of warmth. Hou-Ten left, proclaiming “ANTANIOS IS DEAD!” with what seemed to be fear. Some could say that on the inside, something was different. Even stone Darius seemed to be affected by this, which was surprising, given the rival history between the two men. Alfius turned and punched a wall, upset. “What- what went wrong? How could I not save him?” By now, people flooded into the clinic. They were shocked, upset, angry; the new barmaid rushed in with a crossbow, as if ready to kill someone. Alfius, despaired, reached down and scooped up the body. Antanios was light; he was underweight due to complicated health problems. The body was taken to the Adrian Ducal Retinue, where it rested next to the dead body of Alfred Rubens. Hopefully, Antanios Rutledge would be given a proper burial soon. Miss Margaux may have been shocked that Antanios had died, but imagine how Rivaini felt. Everyone left, and eventually, chants echoed from the town square. It seems that the citizens caught one of the two Cultists, and lynched him. =-=-=-=-=-=-= “I’m scared . . .” =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “. . . to die.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= So there lain Antanios Opal Rutledge The Late Prefect of Belvitz. A former captain of the Belvitz Watch. A man who lived for Adria. A father of four. A father for all. =-=-=-=-=-=-= “Death never comes at the right time. . .” =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “Death always comes as a thief.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= But that was not all. . . What was the family to do? Rivaini just lost her husband, her entire life, ripped from her in that second. The children just lost their father, and at such a young age. If someone thought they were upset, then imagine how upset the family was. Who was going to comfort her at night? To keep her warm and to hold her close? To let her know that she was truly loved and not alone. Antanios could no longer be there. And who was going to help the children grow? Who was going to comfort them in dark times, to make them feel safe? To help them sleep at night? To educate them in the ways of GOD? Who was going to help them grow to love Adria as much as their father did? Antanios could no longer be there. The family slept, curled in their bed. They had no idea what happened until it was all too late. =-=-=-=-=-=-= “Of all the ways to lose a person . . .” =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “. . . death is the kindest.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= A paper was unfolded; a will. “My belongings are to go under the care of my wife and family; however, a few things must be sorted.” “For the project of a school, if it is legitimate, I donate up to five thousand minas for which is to be put towards the school. I also donate a copy of the educational books I have written, so that there is material to educate others.” “To the O'Rourke family, I wish to start their newfound family off with a blessing. I give them fifteen diamonds. This is so it may benefit their family at their discretion, whether they sell the diamonds, or invest it in something, is up to them.” “To Alex Dering, a lad I see with so much potential, and so much heart. I give you my Bow of Plenty.” “To Arthas Kalatyre, a cold-hearted giant who I’ve managed to thaw.. I'll let him live knowing that I beat him in Olog Blackjack, twice. If I was murdered, just have fun killing whoever killed me. As a side note, you know which flower to put on my grave; and if you are not around to kill my killer, then.. let fate decide.” “To Ser Pandir, I give him my diamond hoe. So that he may raid nearby fields for taters to his heart's content. As well as, to Lil’ Ebenezer, I have a lute that would be nicely paired with the lad.” “To Darius Ault, since he is in no need of money or of weapons, I wish him a happy and fulfilling life…” “There may have been others who are not mentioned in this will. I leave it up to my family to decide, since these others are special. Such as the flower I have saved from Sabo Gradic’s grave, wherever he is buried, I planned to put the flower there.” “One final thing, so that I may rest easy.. Whoever shatters the nose of Tony Costello first, gets four hundred minas. He insulted my daughter's honour, so I think it's fair to insult his dignity in return.”(Need screenshots as proof, I’d take defenestration too.) =-=-=-=-=-=-= “Boys are raised to be men. . .” =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= “. . . courageous they start, fearful they end.” =-=-=-=-=-=-= OOC: Antanios Rutledge was a concept character that replaced Cohan’s slot; it was going to be my attempt to finally get into LOTC politics and get into the matters of war. I wanted to make Antanios the character that had the most impact, a positive impact. I am damn blessed to know and be a part of a community like Adria. When Brelus was ravaged in Vailor, I thought Adria was gone forever. I had no idea that Belvitz was Adria Reborn when I joined. Rutledge is a family line that I’m going to keep in Adria; if there’s an Adria, there’s bound to be Rutledge. (I will update/edit this post if I find that some things needed to be better formatted.)
  12. SaltAlt

    Burning of a Branch

    Burning of a Branch ____________________________________________________________________________ Exander Ruric sat up at his desk in thought as the sounds of his wife, and childrens steady breaths broke the nights silence. A pale candlelight cast dancing shadows across the aged man's weathered and worn features. The lonely breaths only being joined by the light clank of a feathered pens insertion into an inkwell as the man was finally ready to put his thoughts, and final decision to paper. ____________________________________________________________________________ Writ of Disownment With the tragic, and much too soon passing of my son Thoromir I wished to keep in good relation with my grandchildren. However I cannot simply look past the actions of the House of Mournstone who currently hold custody of my grandchildren. Knowing that the caretakers, and family of my grandchildren activity fought against, and went under those who sought to destroy my people saddens me. I cannot rest easy knowing my blood will be raised by enemies of our people, and possibly used against me. With a heavy heart I, Exander Edvardsson Ruric, Chieftan of the Edvardsson bloodline and the House of Ruric declare the children of my son Thoromir II Ruric, and Valencia Mournstone be stripped of the name of Ruric. They are to be cast from the blood of Edvard and their connection to the herald severed. Writ en Namen De Exander Edvardsson Ruric, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Keeper of the Faith, Bearer of the Herald's Blood ____________________________________________________________________________ Exander let out a light sigh, sitting back in his chair as his eyes bore holes through the parchment before him. He felt his chest tighten as he overread it once more, his fingertips brushing over Thoromirs name on the parchment as his calm eyes were filled with dread. “My dear boy…” he’d say to himself, his head lowering to the table as he remembered years past. His vision clouding as he remembered his once youngest, how he smiled, how he played, and the greatness he had grown into. “I wished so much more for you… you deserved better…” he would say in a hushed tone, recollecting himself as he prepared to write more copies. Much of what the tired man had wanted to write was withheld, it was easier to keep it simple and to the point. Standing from his chair he’d slowly walk to the door, opening it slowly to not disturb those who slept. In the cover of night Exander would nail the papers on the posts that lined the roads of Atlas from Nordengrad to Haense. The man would return to his home with his new family just as dawn broke, returning to his place in the bed, his tired body welcoming a good rest.
  13. CommonCivicParty

    What is CCP?

    THE COMMON CIVIC PARTY Est. 7th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 = = =︱〡o〡︱= = = “Unitatis in populo” = = =︱〡o〡︱= = = TABLE OF CONTENTS WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO OUR MANIFESTO Head of the Party: Rhys van Ruthern Chairman: Elizaveta WHO ARE WE? The COMMON CIVIC PARTY is a political party devoted to upholding and maintaining the human values which contribute to the cultural richness of our glorious Empire. We are defined by our civic duty, our undying loyalty to our king and nation, and the brotherly love we have for our people. We ARE the people; we are made up of everyday people. We are the Good Man for the Good People Party, the Common Man for the Common People Party, the Common Sense party! We are the party of Common Civics. WHAT DO WE DO? We the people, as a party, strive to achieve a stable economy that would benefit all citizens. We strive to honour and maintain diplomacy with our allies. We strive to achieve prosperity for the people. We strive for adherence to the tenets of GOD’s church, and fidelity to the Empire of Man. OUR MANIFESTO The COMMON CIVIC PARTY strives for a prosperous Empire and people -- dignified in work, by a strong and empowered economy, by the upholdment of human freedoms, and by the glorification of GOD -- through the embracement of the Empire’s cultural richness. Free Trade By protecting and promoting free trade between the vassals of the Empire, the CCP seeks to empower an active and strengthened economy. Lowering the taxation barriers on trade will increase and stimulate trade, while providing for an incentive for more trade. This reduction also increases output and employment by changing the conditions of which services and goods are supplied by supporting supply-side and free-market economics. Limited Imperial Spending By limiting the spending of the Imperial Administration and reducing the growth of government spending, we are delegating more power to the vassals and vassal subsidies. Reduce Tax Rates By reducing tax rates, we are stimulating your savings and stimulating investments for the benefit of the people. This reduction encourages jobs, and the livelihood of the domestic home. We plan to reduce taxes where we can, and give added benefits to where we can’t. Empowerment of Vassals By empowering vassals, we are delegating the regional and local military, as well as the regional and local knight orders, to better enforce the laws of the Empire which better represent the region. Limiting government regulations on vassals serves to make vassals better. More power to the vassals, in the end, helps to bolster the Empire. Better vassals make a better Empire. Broadening of Suffrage By the passing of legislation, we strive to admit and protect new charters across the Empire. This means more PEOPLE can have their voice when it comes to the very realm they live in. Better Lives We’re improving the lives of citizens by reducing trade, broadening suffrage, empowering vassals, supporting legislation that would protect travel within the empire, supporting legislation to end the drug trade in major cities, and gradually integrating minority groups and races to assimilate and equally contribute as citizens. = = =︱〡o〡︱= = =
  14. Background Music “OI!” A familiar voice would echo through the tavern as a knight in shining armor, atop an equally shiny horse, ducks under the entrance. “Hail all tavern dwellers! It ‘es I, tha mighty Ser Pandir!” The crowd would burst into cheer, flowers and mina bouncing off the chest plate of the newcomer. With a grunt, the man would hop off of his horse, applause still exiting the audience. The uproar would become a distant murmur as the valiant, mighty, some may even say EPIC, Ser Pandir landed. “I come before yah lot wit grand news! As good Darius’ time as Maer comes tah an end, a man o’ POWER mus’ come forth! Hopeful wos I, that a citizen would come forth n’ claim sucha position. But alas! No one I see ‘as tha STRENGTH or MIGHT tah do such! Padrick n’ Rodgers, men who ‘ave deemed it unnecessary tah defend fair Belvitz within tha ADR. Aleksei, but a mere footman!” As the wise knight spoke, the crowd grew into a sea of unanimous nodding heads. Even the candidate’s wives would agree! “So before yah good people I reveal my plans, that o’ which are tah make Belvitz tha true gem o’ tha Empire. Surely my word ‘es trusted, as much o’ tha people ‘ere tonight ‘ave been brought before Belvitz’s welcomin’ doors by my ‘and. N’ now, more than ever, shall I prioritize drawin’ in merchants, guards, n’ barmaids o’ all kind! Buildin’s that ‘ave long been inhabited by only dust n’ air shall be made into hospitals, theaters, n’ guild halls!” The once quiet crowd would burst out, tears of joy springing from their eyes. A chant ensues! “Go Pandir! Go Pandir! Go Pandir!” “Ha ha ha! Settle down, friends!” The humble knight would cry out. “Let me finish wot I wos sayin’. Fair Belvitz ‘es tha finest place in Atlas, yet, it could be even… FINER! Servin’ Adria fer nearly 20 years, I know wot ‘es best fer it n’ it’s people. Alongside good Cameron, Antanios, n’ Willbert, may he rest in piece alongside Saint Emma...” He’d take a quick break to kiss the tavern’s floor. “...we ‘ave come tah see many things durin’ our time in tha Gray Cloaks - a group not many candidates ‘ave even ‘eard of! Votin’ fer those who ‘ave merely waltzed into Belvitz not only hurts me, but yerself! Vote fer tha man that ‘as spent a lifetime ‘ere! A strong, handsome, valiant, n’ HUMBLE man that knows wot ‘es BEST!” At that, the crowd couldn’t contain themselves any longer! The mass surrounded Ser Pandir, lifting him above their heads. Shouts could be heard across the Baltas! “A LIFETIME!” “VOTE FOR SER PANDIR!” As the crowd whisked the knight off, a single, manly, tear left his eye.
  15. Mandalore1

    Paddy for the People

    Paddy For The People Padrick stood giving a faint smile to his wife Millie and he called the crowded tavern to silence with a resounding shout as he stood atop a table. “Oi, ai be ‘bout to speak!” He glanced at the written speech he had in his hand before chuckling as he balled it up and threw it at his feet as his gaze went from person to person meeting each person’s gaze as he started to speak in a rising rumble. “Brothers un Sisters of t’is fair Belvitz lend mah ye ears………. Many of ye lot know me, but for t’ose of ye w’o don’t ai be Padrick O’Rourke. But many of ye folk call me by Paddy. Ai ain’t no’un special ai’m not t’e best fighter or t’e best statesman, but ai be a common folk like t’e rest of ye lot. Ai come today not to speak pretty words to ye or speak ‘bout t’ings ai nay understand. Ai be ‘ere to speak ‘bout us. Whun ai look out unto ye faces, ai do nay see strangers, Humans, or Elves ai see a family! A family, ah family t’at ai’ve worked and bled alongside. Ai’ve worked the tavern here for 3 years and in mah time in Belvitz ai have fought ‘longside our valiant defenders in the ADR time and time again as we faced t’ose t’at would seek to destroy our home. But as the days grow colder our enemy is no longer just foreign… but he is now domestic…..” Padrick paused at letting that thought sit in the minds of audience, before he began again his tone growing to a fiery rumble. “Aye we have not only be under t’reat of bandits and raiders but t’e corruption that seeps into our city, t’e mindless slaughter and brutalization of our people by the witches and heretics. All w’ile t’e elite w’o dare say this town is t’ere’s is sat on t’eir fat arses w’ile we suffer! Did t’e Marshal or other nobles lift a finger w’en at the trial a band of murdurish Imperial t’ugs drew arms against our beloved Duke Ratibor. Nay t’e did not do a damned t’ing it was us, we common folk who leapt to defend our Duke and our laws!” He paused taking a deep breath and a sip of his whiskey. Before casting his eyes around the bar, so it would seem like he was speaking to everyone. “Then w’en the same common criminal t’at ‘ad plagued our town took arms against t’e Duke, the nobles except Ser Pandir and Count Ostrobor didn’t lift ah feckun finger, it was us t’ree who c’ased down the murderous brute and ai w’o slit ‘is fat gullet! Ai am nay running for Maer to line me pockets or make the nobles any richer. Ai be runnin to protect our family, our city from threat! Ai am runnin to ensure t’at our way of life is not destroyed! T’ey may spin a fancy speech ‘bout how t’is is t’eir town.” He spat into the roaring fire behind him. The fire’s reflection visible in his dark green eyes as he turns back, and red face with emotion; his booted foot stomped on the table. “But t’is be our town! Ah town of the people under un God! Ah God t’at smiles down on his children w’o ‘old his laws dear. So mah brothers and sisters ai ask ye all to vote for mah. Vote for Paddy, vote to protect our town, and our families!” Padrick finished with a roar and raised his glass to the sky in salute as he glanced around the bar. “For Belvitz, for Family, and for God!” He threw back his drink with the rest of the tavern and tossed a large sack of mina on the bar to pay for the nights drinks as he stepped off the table, a grin across his face.
  16. Gray_Mage

    [SELLING] Horses, Donkeys, and Mules.

    *Signs are posted on the roads near Carolustadt* A new stables has been built outside of Carolustadt. We have a wide variety of horses, mules, and donkeys. Horses’ speed up to 15.5 yards per second, and jump height up to 5 yards high. Dirt cheap prices, starting as low as 150 mina. Stop by sometime and have a look at our finely bred mounts. ((Send me a Discord at GrayMage#5559 for questions, offers, or to have a look at the animals))
  17. CrownedLime747

    Aleksei for Prosperity

    Aleksei for Prosperity 20th of Sigismund's End, 1693 [1] The residents of Belvitz gather around outside the town hall as Aleksei prepares to give his speech “Good day to all o’my comrades o’Adria.“As ya may ‘ave ‘eard, I am running for Maer to succeed Darius Ault, t’greatest Maer o’our fair city. We may be members o’different political parties an’ might ‘ave different political views, we both seek to bring prosperity to our city. As such, I seek to continue his legacy and bring prosperity to this mighty city. I‘ave lived in this city my entire life and ‘ave served in t’Adrian Ducal Retinue in t’Third Atlas Coalition War. My family is a long military one with my father Aleksandr fighting in t’first an’ second Atlas Coalition Wars and my grandfather Sergei in t’Third Crusade. Although I ‘aven’t been unable to participate in the battles as of recently due to an injury, it has gotten better and I feel that I can be able again.” “One o’my major plans is to greatly expand our trading and commerce. I seek to construct a trading harbor on the Baltas River right next to the city. The Baltas River connects to all o’t’cities and nations o’Atlas, especially those in t’Empire. With this harbor, we can open up to a massive amount of trade and turn Belvic into the capital of commerce in t’Empire! I ‘ave yet to decide who to put in charge of such an important expansion as I myself am not the best architect. ‘Owever, I do hope that Darius would help out in some way from either suggesting to me who to put in charge or even putting him in charge. I am confident that ‘e would be incredibly interested in this project.” “Another major platform o’mine is to reform t’Duma. Although t’Duma is an important part of t’Adrian realm, I have found some issues with it. With this, I plan to use my position in t’Duma to propose that it convene more frequently as I find that it convening after t’election of t’Aldermen to be too infrequent. I believe meeting every year would suffice to allow for members to be able to propose their motions if they couldn’t last year instead o’last saint’s month while also giving time to make new ones from events that may occur between sessions. T’Duke would also be able to summon an emergency session of t’Duma if Adria or t’Empire are in crisis. This o’course would require the Duke’s assistance and thus I will work closely with him.” “I find defenestration to be completely barbaric and cruel in our civilized world. As such, I seek to ban such an act be done on our fair citizens and anyone else unless they have been convicted of a crime against Adria or t’Empire or causing a commotion in the session. If it’s t’later, they would only be thrown from a height that would not injure them too much with it only really hurting their pride. Besides that, the height will more or less be based on how serious the crime is.” “Thank ya comrades for listening to this speech of mine. This may be short compared to other speeches, but this election is in it’s first legs and has plenty of time for more speeches from both me an’ my opponents. Please do expect that there be more speeches as t’election continues. If you have any questions that you seek to ask me, I frequent the Firstlight Inn and Tavern, so ya can ask me there.” And remember comrades, VOTE ALEKSEI, SEE PROSPERITY!
  18. Nero_Roman

    Needing a new skin / Remade (3K mina)

    Send me a message on discord so we can discuss the details further. Dallren#3257
  19. _CorruptedSoul_

    Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693

    Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693 -1693- All throughout the realm, couriers bearing the standards of the County of Pembrokeshire, as well as the Duchy of Curon, arrive to the various lords and ladies of the Empire to deliver a special message. Invitees His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius I and his Imperial family His Holiness, Siegmund, Pontiff of the Church of Canon Monsignor Wigbrecht Schulze His Lordship, Edward Suffolk, Count of Pembroke and his family His Grace, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon, Lord Regent of Arbor and his family Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen and his family His Grace, Demetrius var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of Haenseti-Ruska and his family Her Ladyship, Valencia Mournstone, Countess of Nordengrad and her family Madame Rosemarie Stafyr of Haense and her family Monsieur Robb Landes of Barmount and his family Umar Ibn Salem of Curon and his family De Alba Family of Curon Ragnarson Family of Arbor Balisari Family of Pembrokeshire Clinton Family of Pembrokeshire De Azcona Family of Curon Talos Family of Pembrokeshire Guillen Family of Pembrokeshire De Castille Family of Curon Milner Family of Curon Lord James and Madame Klaudia do hope that all those invited are able to attend their joyous occasion of matrimony. All guests are expected to wear proper formal attire to the wedding and will also be required to show proof of invitation. Furthermore, all guests will be subject to a search by guard so that no weapons may be allowed inside the Abbey. Signed Lord James George Suffolk Madame Grand Ambassador of Curon, Klaudia Drakovic OOC Information Location: The County of Pembrokeshire. The wedding shall be held in Suffolk Abbey near the center of town. Invitees Additional: All citizens of Pembroke are invited to attend the event Date: Sunday the 9th of December 2018 Time: 1pm EST
  20. Imperium

    We Came As Crows

    Siege of Last Hope Men of the Empire storm the battlements of Last Hope, 1692 Banners from across the Empire flew in the blizzard, as an alliance of men and elves rally in the valley. Before them stood the fortress of Last Hope, the Red Vaeyl’s stronghold. Trebuchets lead by Brog Dhoon, and Marshal Henrik Kovachev get into position to assault the fortress while Rhys var Ruthern rallies the Infantry at the base of the valley. On the battlement vaeyl knights line the walls motionless, then fire lights up the sky as hundreds of flaming arrows fly into the ranks of the alliance below. “Shields!” Rhys yells, as the ranks of men and elves hide behind their shields the trebuchets fire at Last Hopes gate. In a stroke of luck, the third shot smashes into the gate, creating a breach. “Charge!” The host of men and elves surge forward into the breach, meeting a legion of Red Vaeyl on the other side, while the imperial trebuchets pound the walls of Last Hope. Bitter room to room melee takes place within the walls of Last Hope. Those poor men who were separated was picked off one by one. The main forces met the remaining Red Vaeyl within great hall. The Vaeyl attempted one last devastating counterattack, to drive the Alliance forces back. As the fighting died down, it became clear the Vaeyl had been annihilated. The halls of Last Hope fell silent, but the celebration is cut short as the wall itself starts to consume Last Hope. The Alliance army was forced to flee the crumbling castle, watching as a small band of Red Vaeyl flee west. “The fights nie’ over yet...” Rhys motions remaining men to follow him as the chase the Vaeyl west. Word spreads quickly across Atlas of the victory at Last Hope. With the Red Vaeyl stronghold now in the descendant’s hands, they march to seize the remaining castle of Endmoor held by the Red Vaeyl. However, rumors begin to spread that the vaeyl unleashed something the darkways...
  21. TheDragonsRoost

    The Embers of the Cold

    How does it feel? Dreycon asked himself that question as he went home towards Sutica. It wasn’t much of a question, but when he set those crops on fire, something felt off about him. This feeling seemed to persist as the walk back to Sutica continued through the forests and the beautiful landscape. He was a firm believer in fate and the balance of the world, but after the encounter with the sprite and the whole arson, nothing felt familiar. It was almost like he had done something to himself that had yet to be revealed. How does it feel? It lingered in his mind. The only question he was unsure of on how to answer properly. His feelings were complicated at the beginning when he lost his family to elven warriors, making him an orphan. He guessed that it felt good? How does it feel? It didn’t go away. It was maddening to ask himself the same question in his mind over and over again, almost like a broken record. He sought out the forces of September as a way to figure out what was wrong with him and see if they had healers that could heal him, but all he found was a maddening feeling that consumed his mind. How does it feel? He prayed to GOD in the hopes that he’d find redemption, but his prayers were left unanswered. That question still left a mark in his mind that seemed to never go, searing itself into his very core. How does it feel? Dreycon smiled with a dark grin. It felt nice to get it out of its cage. The pent-up rage and fury that had been building over his life finally turned into a bonfire that had plenty of fuel to burn. The flame was a cold one, but his cold embers would wear away his sanity and turn him into a clear psychopath. He felt like some of his constraints had been shaken off of him, the ones that made him weak and insufferable. It would grant him power, but not the magical kind. Power, the type he had his eye on, was physical alone. He didn’t wish to give away control to anything but himself. The dream he had the night before last finally started to make sense. It was a dream of fire that burned cold, but it would consume the world. Dreycon dreamed of a world without nature or descendants, but a world ravaged by the flames of war. How does it feel to finally let me free, Dreycon? To finally let your inner demon burn through your mind and fill your veins with fire and fury?
  22. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON Issued and confirmed by his Imperial Highness, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Grand Knight of the Imperium Septimus, 8th of Harren's Folley, 1679. MISSION The Imperial Order of the Red Dragon acts as the most prestigious and lawfully powerful Knightly Order within the Imperium Septimus. Consisting of every sanctioned Knight within the Realm, the Order of the Red Dragon also acts as the largest and widespread Knightly order upon the continent of Atlas. Named after Godfrey the Great, the Red Dragon of Horen, the Order of the Red Dragon’s mission is simple: To uphold the tenets of the Empire and to enforce the will of the Emperor. ENLISTMENT It is required, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, that all Knights within the Imperium Septimus are to enlist within the Order of the Dragon. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order of the Dragon does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order of the Dragon serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to answer the call for rally when issued by the Emperor. As such, the Order of the Dragon has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Imperial territory. It is also noted that not all Knights are Nobles, yet all Nobles should seek Knighthood. THE KNIGHTLY CODE OF CHIVALRY ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be loyal to the Emperor both in thought and in practice. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall live by honour and for glory. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall guard the honour of fellow Knights. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times keep the faith, ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall serve his liege lord valorously and with conviction. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall persevere to the end in any quest begun. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never turn their back upon a foe. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall refrain from the wanton giving of offense. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never leave an insult left unanswered. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never refuse the challenge of a duel from an equal or superior. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall respect those placed in authority. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall abstain from deceit and treason. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never draw his blade upon a fellow Knight in unlawful combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be vigilant and show courage in the face of evil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times speak truly. THE PRIVILEGES OF KNIGHTHOOD ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to don the title of Ser. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the Emperor’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arrav Crypts. PATH TO KNIGHTHOOD Pagehood The path to Imperial Knighthood begins as the lowly page. Noble boys between the ages of seven and fourteen are inspected and chosen by Knights seeking squires. Pages attend to menial tasks, such as cleaning, messaging and otherwise serving their knight. In return, they receive an education from their knight in the form of basic combat training and courtly manners. Squirehood When a page reaches the age of Fourteen, he is elevated to the role of Squire following confirmation by the Grand Knight. Squires retain the important tasks of their past and adopt new, combat related ones, such as maintaining arms and armour, protecting the knight, and even fighting in formation. Older squires are given important duties to be carried out, and will eventually embark on their Errant quest, as prescribed by their local liege or Grand Knight, to showcase their knowledge of Knightly Custom and Virtue with the goal of eventually becoming a Knight of the Realm. Imperial Writ Should one enlist within a levy force or military order yet not hail from noble lineage, the acquirement of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Imperial Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serving within the Imperium, for often times men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Imperial Majesty shall issue an Imperial Writ, officiating the knighthood if a lowborn individual. DEGREES OF KNIGHTHOOD FIRST DEGREE - Knights Errant Knights Errant are the sons of Noblemen who seek to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are often times inexperienced, and thus they seek to learn and progress through action rather than study. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. SECOND DEGREE - Knights of the Realm Knights of the Realm are Knights Errant who have earned their Spurs of Knighthood and granted personal fief and form the bulk of the Knights in the Imperium Septimus. Henceforth, Knights of the Realm are obligated to defend their fief, the lands and the honor of the Imperium Septimus. Alternatively, upon the Knight’s choice, a Knight of the Realm may seek out service elsewhere in the Imperium under that of a Landed Noble with a hereditary title and often times hold administrative tasks within that Lord’s holding. Should no land be available for a Knight of the Realm within the Greater Empire, it is the duty of a Knight of the Realm to expand the Borders of the Empire and plant their banners upon contested territories. THIRD DEGREE - Adventuring Knights Adventuring Knights are Knights of the Realm who, despite being offered lands and titles, renounce both in order to journey to foreign lands in hopes of becoming worthy enough to become a Dragon Knight. Adventuring Knights focus on becoming worthy of the Fourth Degree of Knighthood, and thus they seek to perform good deeds, slay evil beings, engage in single combat honorably, or by displaying valour on the field of battle. FOURTH DEGREE - Imperial Dragon Knights Imperial Dragon Knights are the most powerful and revered individuals in all of the Imperium, if not the entire human world. They represent the fearsome might and power of Humanity and answer only to the Emperor himself. It is hard for anyone to match these living embodiments of warriorhood in combat or intellect, their enemies cut down in their droves by the righteous fury of their might, wit and loyalty to their Emperor. Each Imperial Dragon Knight directly serves the Emperor and takes over the duties of protecting the Imperial Family as well as acting as the Emperor’s personal retinue in combat. CENSUS OF IMPERIAL KNIGHTS Knights Errant Ser Landry of Cantel Ser Ithilian of Enthelor Ser Ajax II of Ironwood Ser Frederick Alexander of Baden Ser Philip de Honneur Ser Charles of Napier Ser Septimius Bracchus Ser Aldrick Wulff Ser Peytor of Vance, the Huntsman Knights of the Realm Ser Marek of Kastrovat Ser Roland of Castelo Adventuring Knights Imperial Dragon Knights Ser Frederick Pius of Horen, the Hellstrider Ser Brand von Denhardt, the Indomitable Ser Jan Sigmar von Alstreim, the Blood Raven Ser Carlovac of Kovachev, the Inventor The Rule of Pius Authored by Ser Pius Horen, the Hellstrider, 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1679. I. On the Conduct of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act as the Emperor’s personal enforcers when called upon. As such, Imperial Knights are DEPUTIZED unless blackmarked. Deputization ensures that all Knights of the Imperium Septima hold the right to act as Judge, Jury and even Executioner when upholding the Emperor’s Peace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to know how to address their peers, clergymen and local liege lords. Additionally, Imperial Knights are expected to act with honour, in tandem with the Chivalric Code, in any and all given circumstances. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to be in good fitness and health and ensure that their mental state is not impaired whilst in the Public Domain. As such, Imperial Knights are expected to refrain from becoming publicly intoxicated upon liquors, Uruk herbs or hallucinogens. II. On the Dress of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, are to remain armed and armored at all times whilst within the Public Domain. In tandem, Imperial Knights are afforded the right to don the colors and sigil of their House, Liege or Circle. To wear anything less is a sign of disgrace to the Emperor. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, whilst in armor, are expected to upkeep their spurs as to ensure that they remain in good quality. Imperial Knights shall refrain from wearing pointed sabatons, shoes and shoelaces as they indicate pagan tradition and beliefs. Additionally, whilst in battle, Imperial Knights are expected to equip helmets at all times as to ensure that one's pride does not result in premature death. Should a Knight be without an adequate suit of plate due to damage, it shall be provisioned unto him by the Grand Knight until it can be repaired. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, if physical labor is to be completed, shall not remove their armor in favor of wearing flexible materials; rather, Imperial Knights shall persevere and adapt to the constrictions of their armor. Should a Knight be so physically impaired as to conduct labor, they shall utilize partisans to complete it for them. III. On the Elderly, Ill and Infirm Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are above the age of Seventy shall be considered Elderly. Elderly Knights shall be afforded the option of continued servitude or retirement. Elderly Knights shall retain their titles even into retirement, as well as the benefits that the Order provisions unto them. Elderly Knights also shall receive a statue of their person within the Carolustadt Palace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are afflicted by viral pathogen or affliction shall be considered Ill. Ill Knights shall immediately be given leave ordered to remain within relative quarantine. Pathogens that result in illness are contagious and may threaten the lives of a Knight’s peer, and more importantly, the life of the Emperor. An Ill Knight shall remain in relative quarantine until deemed able and healthy by an Imperial Physician. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are physically unable to conduct their Knightly duties shall be considered Infirm. Infirm Knights, if permanently physically impaired as a result of combat, shall be permitted the option of retirement. In the case of the loss of limb, an infirm Knight is expected to acquire prosthetics and persevere through their disability. Infirm Knights, who are deemed infirm as a result of personal choice (laziness, stupidity, etcetera.), shall be blackmarked. IV. On the Completion of Knightly Quests Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall undertake a plethora of quests in order to increase their Degree of Knighthood. Quests are tasks and or missions prescribed by the Emperor, the Grand Knight, or other Feudal Lords. It should be the goal of every Knight to uptake quests for the sake of honour and glory. Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall receive accreditation for the completion of quests. Should an Imperial Knight wish to advance to a higher Degree of Knighthood, they may provide evidence of quest completion in order to elevate their status. It should be noted, however, that one does not require Quest accreditation if they are promoted via the Emperor himself. The First Degree of Knighthood requires ZERO Quest Credations. The Second Degree of Knighthood requires FOUR Quest Credations. The Third Degree of Knighthood requires SIX Quest Credations. The Fourth Degree requires TEN Quest Credations. V. On the Formation of Knightly Chapters and Circles The highest authority of Knights in the Imperium Septimus is his Imperial Majesty, and under him the Grand Knight of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. “Knightly Chapters” will be defined as an Organization of Knights operated by a single Master alongside a Uniform, Chivalric Code, and Holdings; Chapters tend to be formal. “Knightly Circles” will be defined as a loose group of Knights who, directly in association with the Order of the Red Dragon, conduct specialized tasks; Circles tend to be informal. “Formal” associations will be defined as associations of Knights with lawful jurisdiction in an area greater than their own holding. “Informal” associations will be defined as any other association, such as a gentlemen's club. Knightly Chapters beneath the Order of the Red Dragon shall be afforded the right to don separate Colours, Sigils and Rank Structure. Knightly Chapters may own multiple holdings, but individual knights in a Knightly Chapter shall be entitled to their own estates. Though each Chapter/Circle of Knights may have their own codes of conduct, all are subject to the rules and regulations of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. All associations of Knights - Chapters or Circles - Formal or Informal - shall be approved by the signature of the Emperor or the Grand Knight. VI. On the Blackmarking of Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act respectfully and within the Guidelines of the Order of the Red Dragon. However, time to time, some Imperial Knights will ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Empire. Therefor, misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent to be left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the Emperor and Grand Knight, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Imperial Knights are stripped of their Imperial regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Empire. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime. Knights of the Imperium Septum who been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are is to be stripped of their Knighthood via the “Chopping of the Spurs”, condemned, and banished from Imperial service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Imperium entirely, or even executed. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERWORK Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Knighted By: Moniker: Liege Lord: Lands: Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Coat of Arms: Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Liege Knight: Were you a Page?: Were you a Squire?: Reason for Knighting: Potential Liege Lord: Potential Lands: Petition to Form a Knightly Chapter/Circle Name of the Master: (If there is no one leader, leave this blank) Name of the Association: Formality of the Association: (Formal or Informal) Type of Association: (Chapter/Circle) Names of the Knights associated: (Minimum of Five Required) In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  23. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON: GREYMANE BOARS Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Pius of the House of Horen, Grand Knight of the Crown of Godfrey, 22nd of Sigismund’s End. Penned by Ser Graham Milner, 1691 OFFICIAL IMPERIAL REPORT Reporting Knight: Ser Graham Milner Incident: Hunt of 2 Greymane Boars near Curon Individuals Involved: Ser Graham Milner, Ser Angelo de Alba Details of Incident: During a hunting expedition with Ser Angelo de Alba in the woods near the city of Cyrilsburg, we came across medium sized tracks in the snow. After investigating these tracks, we deemed them to be some kind of heavyset creature, and we continued to track and follow them. After some time of tracking, the footprints led to a small cave, in which two large boars resided. Both Angelo and myself nocked arrows, releasing them towards the nearest boar as it began to charge. The arrows wounded it, yet it continued its charge towards Angelo, who properly sidestepped. The second boar followed close behind the first, except tried to charge past the hunting party. As it passed, I stabbed the beast in the side as it continued to charge, worsening the wound to it as it halted its charge several feet away. Turning my focus to the boar attacking Angelo, now backed against the cave, I raised my blade above my head, the tip poised towards the beast, plunging it down into the brute.Angelo was able to recover due to this, and quickly was back on his feet. The other boar, however, had taken no time to charge straight into the back of my legs, knocking me over and forcing me to crawl to the top of the cave entrance for cover, knocking an arrow in my bow. The boar flung itself towards Angelo, now not focused on me, and died mid charge due to an arrow shot and Angelo’s attack. We quickly harvested the meat and returned home to recover from our wounds. IN NOMINE DE, HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
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    A Ludovar for Parliament

    “For the People! With the People!” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A snowy road near the great city of Markev, Capital of the Kingdom of Haense, circa 1692 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “A clarification for my people, the people of Markev, I come to you to address the way, my competitor thinks that I do not seek change even though I have not come out with them until now. It also occurs to me that Rhys var Ruthern, the current Prefect of Markev, has announced his support for my competitor as his successor. Though with this being said it IS NOT up to him, the man many of you, myself included, have voted for. This is something that my competitor should take full pride in, for he is still in an election with someone who will FIGHT FOR YOU! It is time for someone to step up to the table and take their part for change bringing a new face to parliament, not one that has already shown his.” Platform ECONOMICS It has come to my knowledge the state of the Imperial economy has not been addressed to the extent it deserves in Parliament meetings. Free trade among vassals, and its potential to become commonplace, is a matter I wish to address upon my election. This is quite odd as though I agree that vassals shouldn’t make alliances though I do think perhaps free trade between vassals will be useful for not just the vassals but the Empire itself. Having free trade can help the Crownlands gain materials from each vassal across the land. Doing this we will establish trade deals within the Empire as many would provide resources for one another. Another issue I see with the economy of the Empire is that there are so many available jobs are within each main locations. It is also what I like to bring to the table is where people can start a bakery, clothing, and more stores within every city, We must work on the economy within our great nation to have economic power. PARLIAMENT Something I wish to bring to the table in Parliament is to bring more seats within Parliament. We have three out of four major cities within the Empire that has a seat in Parliament along with the Lord Temporals. There should be another seat and election to have Cyrislburg, the city of the Duchy of Curon, to be able to vote for a Prefect of Cyrilsburg, this will allow four of our major cities within the Empire to be able to have someone represent their people in Parliament. _________________________________________ Things to agree upon with Fabius: The Housing and Urban Development The Media Foreign Policy & Immigration Things to disagree upon with Fabius: National Security _________________________________________ Thoughts on Fabius Bracchus’s Nation Security: It is obvious that our Empire’s current military state is very prestigious within the realm. As a Haenseman and a Knight, I have to fully disagree for the people of Markev of centralizing ALL militaries into the Imperials. May I recall back from the Fifth Empire, a bill was passed for the entirety of the realm to unite under one military. This did not work as it brought many disputes and gave disadvantages to the Empire’s vassal states of being a true vassal-state. To this standard, it is obvious that the military should be left alone as it has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. Each vassal within the Empire deserves the right to be capable of having their own levy to defend their lands. Allowing the entirety of armies from each vassal to join into the Imperial military will bring nothing but chaos within the ranks. This could result in us being weak as throughout time in history the last few Empires we had everything had worked better when each vassal has their own levy. Not only this but forcing people that serves someone currently to only end up being forced to join another military due to a ‘National Security Act’ could lead into the numbers of the current state to drastically fall apart. _________________________________________ If you would like to vote for Henrik Ludovar in the primary election, please contact the CCP’s party leadership (Ave_imperium#4314) to register as a party member. We will fight for every vote that is put in as every vote counts. Vote for Henrik Otto Ludovar as he is ‘For the People, with the People!’ It is time for a new face to go to Parliament! It is time for prosperity within the realm! OOC: Primary election: December 5th General election: December 8th _________________________________________ Side Note: Thanks Liam for allowing me to use the images for this post. -Lego