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Found 243 results

  1. [!] Hung throughout the streets of Helena lies a flier, a warning to all citizens. ATTENTION HELENA 7th of Horen’s Calling, 1742: By decree of THE SECRETARY OF WAR and the IMPERIAL STATE ARMY with blessing from HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY. The city of Helena is hereby under MARTIAL LAW until further notice. The following points will be enforced to full effect by members of the ISA: CURFEW - Citizens are required to be within their homes from sunset to sunrise. Subjects who appear in the street after dark legally may be searched or detained. FULL LOCKDOWN - The city is in full lockdown gates will remain closed and managed by the ISA. Confirmed unarmed citizens will be permitted use of the citizen doors DRESS RESTRICTIONS - Hoods and other face-obscuring clothing are strictly forbidden; violators will be detained and searched FORTIFICATION - All streets are to be fortified and property may be seized in eminent domain if it should serve such a purpose as to protect the citizens of Helena. CONSCRIPTION - Every able-bodied man and woman above the age of 16 is directed to the WAR OFFICE in the Imperial Barracks to be assigned their Imperial duties. POLITICAL REGULATION - Implemented acts and administrative decisions executed within Helena are subject to revision and approval from the ISA Colonel and Secretary of War. In the face of barbaric aggression and mysterious flying men we must stand together in unification, in humanity, in the Empire. Helena prevails. IN NOMINE DEI Leonard II de Ruyter, Marshal of the Empire and Secretary of War
  2. AN INTERVIEW WITH JACQUES DE BEAUMONT 7th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. We here at the Haenseman Paper interviewed Jacques de Beaumont, on his thoughts of the current attacks by Morsgard, local politics, and more. We here at the Haenseman Paper do not take any responsibility for whatever our interviewee’s say. Q: What are your thoughts on the Attacks by Morsgard? A: Damn barbarians is what they are, Mere idiotic displays of puppet power. Q: How do you feel the king is serving our kingdom? A: His Royal Majesty, King Andrik of course does his utter best to deescalate the situation between us and Morsgrad, and more importantly us and Rubern, sadly things don’t always go as planned, for I find his Royal Majesty to do a significantly excellent job in this current situation. Q: How do you feel about her Majesty, Queen Milena Ekaterina's relations with the public? A: Of Course I can Imagine about her Majesty, Queen Milena, but for time of threat I find her to be doing an excellent job keeping her head cool and being Vigilant. Q: How do you feel local politics are going as of right now? A: Me, as a soldier in the Army don’t like to get myself in between politics, of course there are certain actions I disagree with, but I rather such would keep my political opinions to myself. As of this time, I am fine with how it is going, next to the war, that is. Q: What would you say to the men and women, mothers and fathers, currently fighting in the war? A: For the Men, Women, Mothers and Fathers, fighting under the flag of the Empire, I can merely say that they need to remain vigilant and true to their Nation, for we fight for one common goal, together we battle, and together we shall win. Written by Augusta Johanna Borsa, special thank you to Jacques de Beaumont for serving our kingdom, our people, and for agreeing to be interviewed. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 7th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. On the 15th of this month, the feast of Saint Tobias the Pure will conduct. This feast is a celebration of the winter solstice, and will usually be held in the city square. The holiday was originally a very solemn affair. Be sure to give gifts to friends and families! AN INTERVIEW WITH THE GRAND PRINCE, ANDRIK PETYR 8th of the Snows Maiden, 1742. Q: What are your Aspirations as King of Haense? A: My... Aspirations? Well, my only desire in the world is try to do what is best for my subjects as my father and I seek to preserve the Haeseni legacy. Each and every Haenseman is dear to me, every soul is sacred, and everything that I do when I ascend to the throne will be in their name and for their benefit. For now though, I merely wish to see this war come to a victorious end and this kingdom prosper without having to worry about barbarians at the gates of the Empire. Q: How do you feel about the current situation with Morsgrad? A: If I might be frank with you, Miss Borsa, I believe that the current ongoing political situation is a travesty. It is my belief that the Brotherhood of Saint Karl did no wrong in attempting to apprehend the deserters from our military in question. Make no mistake, the causes behind this war have clearly fabricated and the other nations of the A.I.S have been swindled into joining Morsgrad as they seek to wage this unholy war against civilization. It is but an excuse for our enemies to, once again, target our people and our culture out of hatred, nothing more, and nothing less Q: If you could say something to the people serving our kingdom, what would you say to them? A: I would tell them to keep on fighting, whether they be servants or soldiers, peasants or noblemen. However they can contribute, I would urge them to do so and continue to serve Haense with all the vigor they can muster. This war is one in defense of our homeland, and each and every man must pull his weight. I also applaud the men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as they engage in a daily struggle to defend the people of our kingdom. Q: Would you ever help the lesser classes in a time of need? A: Eh? What sort of question is that, of course I would! Make no mistake, the Crown does not exist simply to serve the nobility alone. It is true that the my father is the liege lord to all the nobility of the realm, but he also has a responsibility to protect and defend the common man of this kingdom as well. At the end of the day, we are all Haesemen, and the Crown has an obligation to assist the lowliest of peasants as well as the highest of lords. Q: Lastly, What is your favorite food? A: I must admit that I'm rather impartial to spit-roasted venison, although fowl gotte is another of my favorite dishes. I highly recommend taking a look at Andrik Freidousein's cookbook though for other great Haeseni recipes. It's a good read! Written By Augusta Johanna Borsa, Special thank you to the Grand Prince, Andrik Petyr. ADVERTISEMENTS Write to Augusta Borsa for an Advertisement of your business! SPECIAL THANKS TO… Grand Prince, Andrik Petyr, Jacques de Beaumont, and to you for reading. SUBSCRIBER LIST Write to Augusta Borsa to subscribe to our paper, you’ll have it delivered to your door. STAFF Write to Augusta Borsa to be employed in our paper!
  3. The soft wind breezed through her hair as she looked at the divine fields. Soon, her Mama called for both her and brother. They came sprinting from the fields, excited for whatever Mama has cooked up today for supper. The two children raced towards the supper table, jumping into their seats for Mama’s food. She cooked honey apple pork today, an old family recipe. Then, Papa came home. He gave Mama a quick peck on the cheek before sitting down to eat, he was dirty and smelled like manure and dirt, after all, he was working in the fields all day. Mama gave him some of the honey apple pork, his stomach growled, and he dug right in. After Mama, Papa, and the two kids were done eating, they headed off into their small rooms, settling down for the night, as tomorrow is a new day of work. Written by Augusta Johanna Borsa
  4. THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL VE OROENIR SANT KARLEO His Majesty’s Arm of Strength “Should we falter our shield turns to ash, but we shall not falter.” BACKGROUND Founded in 1678 by King Sigmar I (r. 1670-1681), the Brotherhood of Saint Karl began with the merging of the levies of the great Houses of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Throughout its duration as the central military force of the Crown, the Brotherhood has been guided by its longstanding tradition of fostering unity, strength, and justice to those sworn to its ranks. Bound by oath and fraternity, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl stood among the preeminent human martial forces during some of humanity’s most trying times. Under the leadership of then Lord Marshal Rhys var Ruthern, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl was the primary bulwark against the Vaeyl Order: an undead army stationed at the far southern castle of Last Hope. Besides guarding the realms of men, elves, and dwarves, the Brotherhood functioned also as a domestic peacekeeping force. With its formation in times of great strife, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl has stood poised in answering the call of the challenges of its time. Founded under the patronage and namesake of Saint Karl Barbanov, the Brotherhood espouses the affinities of this saint: strength, courage, and for the intentions of soldiers. Saint Karl was an instrumental figure in the history of Haense, considered its founder who lived over two centuries ago. It is said that whilst in battle, Saint Karl was struck down and at the verge of death before seeking divine providence and being endowed strength to rise and lead his men to victory. At this act, he vowed to consecrate his life in the name of GOD and formed the foundation of Haeseni civilization as a testament to the blessings of the Seven Skies. In 1564, High Pontiff Theodosius I canonized Duke Karl Barbanov as the patron saint of strength. His name honored the first capital of the newly formed Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska in 1578, City of Saint Karlsburg. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl honors the tradition and legacy of Karl Barbanov by espousing the values of the saint into those who pledge to serve the kingdom. Those called to the Crown’s service reflect the stalwart values and cultures of the Highlander people, a sense of fraternity and unity for the defense of those who wish to do harm. An artist’s rendition of King Sigmar’s charge at the Battle of Three Hills, c. 1678 During the of the Battle of the Three Hills, marked by the terrain upon which the conflict ensued, King Sigmar I led his levy company composed of levies of the vassalage. As they advanced the stout keep that rested atop the ledge between the three hills, they were met with a barrage of archer fire, causing the formation to diverge. The king himself was separated from his main levy and forced to fallback behind the base of the southernmost hill. With the forces now split, King Sigmar was to make his choice: charge with his remaining force or recall his forces back. Echoing the hardships of battle and strength, King Sigmar called upon the patronage of his ancestor, Saint Karl, and entrusted his plight to the saint of strength. The army chaplain, Fr. Anselm Gerhard recalled that day when the king saw the countenance of Saint Karl upon the sides of the three hills, each bearing a sword with a crow resting upon the blade. He took that as a sign of courage and strength to maintain his position and against great odds, the Haeseni troops overwhelmed the fortified southern hill. Not long after, their advance of the second hill was met with heavy fire but by midday, the keep had been driven out by King Sigmar’s charge with the colors of Haense flying triumphant along the keep’s facade. During the procession back to Markev, the soldiers were met with great mirth at their victory. Upon the roof of the main gate, the crow that King Sigmar saw in the field of battle sat upon the crenellations of the wall and flew off as the king entered the city. When King Sigmar called his war council together at the Krepost Palace, he spoke of a charter to consecrate the levies under the patronage of the Saint who had given him a sign of victory at the battle. King Sigmar took his victory as a form of humility by GOD to devote Haense’s forces to Saint Karl. In close collaboration with the levies of the great houses of Haense such as Ruthern, Stafyr, Enthelor, Vanir, and Baruch, the foundation of the Brotherhood was formed as a central Haeseni force, branded to serve GOD, king, and kingdom. THE WAR WITH THE VAEYL ORDER (1681-1692) A drawing of soldiers of the Vaeyl Order, taken from Ser Geralt Rauen’s journal, c. 1650 Threats of the Vaeyl surrounded the southmarch since the early years of King Otto III (r. 1643-1655) but were largely dismissed as fictitious folktale. The first reported sighting occurred in 1650, when woodsmen in the Wickwood reported seeing a skeletal horseman observing their work. Thinking of this as nothing more than superstition and in order to quell the fears of the peasantry, King Otto III sent a small patrol to the South under Commandant Ser Geralt Rauen with orders to repel the “undead threat”. This group of men instead discovered the ruined fortress of Last Hope, one of the main strongholds of the Vaeyl Order, though this was unknown at the time. These men came under attack, and many were killed in the ensuing ambush. Upon the survivors’ return to Markev, they were given strict orders by King Otto III to report their brothers’ deaths as being caused by the cold of the bitter winter so as to avoid causing mass hysteria. As a result, the Kingdom’s focus shifted instead turned to the War of the Czena and the Vaeyl were largely forgotten about for many years. However, as alarming reports throughout the latter 1600s merited great concern for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, whose geography was primarily threatened by any breaches of the southern wall. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl was quickly tasked by the Crown to mobilize its ranks and prepare for the threats upon the Atlassian continent. The first engagement of the Brotherhood with the Vaeyl occurred in 1681, when an expeditionary force led by Lord Marshal Rhys trekked through the Yatl Wastelands in the far south. Roughly 500 brothers traversed toward the south after reports of the Vaeyl Order’s activity were made known to the court of King Sigmar. Upon their arrival, the Brotherhood was met with a powerful blizzard that claimed the lives of almost a third of their regiment. When the soldiers arrived, they established a fortification at Nekristadt, where they were joined with Imperial knights. The combined human garrison swiftly began defenses in anticipation of the Vaeyl Order’s impending advance. A lone Red Vaeyl soldier approached the gate of Nekristadt and offered peace in exchange for the human forces to surrender. However, the Brotherhood and the Imperial knights declined as they drew their swords and executed the emissary. Soon thereafter, Red Vaeyl soldiers began to scale the northern wall of Nekristadt. Haeseni archers attempted to keep them at bay as the battle consumed the entirety of the night. As day broke, the Red Vaeyl Order suddenly breached the main gate, ushering in hundreds of the enemy forces into the courtyard. The Brotherhood and the Imperial Knights were reinforced by a regiment of Imperial troops led by the Grand Marshal Ser Roland and were able to outflank and overrun the Vaeyl Order’s formation towards the lake. In the aftermath of the battle, the Brotherhood was tasked by the Imperial Grand Marshal to establish a permanent settlement and fortification to counter succeeding invasions from beyond the southern wall. In 1691, after successful campaigns against the Red Vaeyl Order, Commandant Rhys var Ruthern led the Brotherhood of Saint Karl in concluding the final stages of what amounted to a decade-long conflict. The Siege of Last Hope solidified the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as the preeminent bulwark against the threat that had loomed over the entire continent of Atlas for over half a century. As the Brotherhood trekked toward the south to advance into another excursion to repel the Vaeyl Order’s presence from Atlas, the Brotherhood had experienced great success. Before the battle, Ferdinand Karl offered a prayer on behalf of the men in which before donning their helmets, they saw a Crow perched atop a stone, a sign that the Kingdom of Haense would emerge victorious over the bases of the Vaeyl at Last Hope. TRADITIONS Since the Brotherhood of Saint Karl is devoted to the saint that bears its name, it is typical for the chaplain or an officer to be delegated the task to lead in prayer prior to battle. The Brotherhood is heavily rooted in the Church of the Canon, and as such, maintains staunch traditions of faith. Prayer is begun in New Marian, beginning with the phrase ‘Iv Joveo Maan ag Koeng’ before beginning the intentions. Soldiers typically light three candles surrounding a figurine of Saint Karl Barbanov to represent three petitions: strength, courage, and prudence. Followed by prayer, the Brotherhood marches together to the tomb of kings and offers a moment to honor the liege lords of the realm. The tradition concludes with a final petition to Exalted Siegmund to lead the devoted Highlandic warriors to victory with the insight and arm of the Seven Skies’ Exalted. OATH ‘To my left I see my fellow brothers, to the right I see the same. For all in the world, we fight for the peace of this land. Through God, he gave us stewardship of the realm. Through stewardship, we gained the knowledge of diligence and prudence. Through diligence, we may conquer all without fault. And if I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of My Homeland. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter.’ ORGANIZATION The Brotherhood of Saint Karl hosts three different chapters, each home to men of different abilities and talents. These three chapters are: CHAPTER OF THE CROW: The main bulk of the Brotherhood, this chapter consists of the rank and file infantrymen of the order. Fighting on foot with sword and spear, these men stand as a bulwark against the enemies of the Haeseni people. CHAPTER OF THE DESTRIER: Consisting of the knights and nobility of the Kingdom, this chapter is filled with the finest horsemen the Haeseni motherland has to offer. These men carry on the legacy of the Carnatian hussars of the past, and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. CHAPTER OF THE BLACK CROSS: The most elite warriors of the Kingdom, this chapter enlists the greatest Haeseni swordsmen alive to serve in special operations. They are also given the most honorable duty of protecting the King of Hanseti and Ruska. RANKS Lord Marshal | Hauchmarsal - This position merits the confidence of the Crown to lead the Brotherhood of Saint Karl by overseeing military affairs and advise His Majesty’s Government on the Aulic Council. He, as leader of the brotherhood, is the first brother of brothers and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the brotherhood will dole it forward. Commandant | Kommandant - This position is delegated the task to direct the soldiers and it is he who commands the men on the battlefield, to bring glory to his nation and defeat upon their wretched enemies. Woe to those who must face them upon the fields of toil and despair. Each Chapter of soldiers will have a Commandant, and each Commandant will have a number of Sergeants within their Chapter, each of whom are responsible for their own squad of soldiers. Sergeant | Serzhant - This position consists of the veterans of many battles and sieges, these men are the tried and tested of the Brotherhood. Sergeants command squads of five men each and are responsible for equipping and maintaining their squad. Their experience in matters of warfare make them exemplary soldiers for younger and newer Brothers to look up to and are deserving of all respect. Armiger | Brustya - This position is for the armsmen that have shown capable of handling little responsibility, and have been deemed ready for more by their squad’s Sergeant and the Commandant of the Chapter. These men will begin handling more responsibility within their squad or chapter and, if they prove their capability, may be promoted to Sergeant. Armsman | Oxtzen - This position is designated for the Footmen who have proven capable of holding their own on the field of battle and are more experienced than regular Footmen. These men are often given small responsibilities, such as training recruits or footmen, and leading patrols of the roads and lands surrounding the Kingdom. Footman | Nausangkruv - This position consists of the bulk of the brotherhood; men who have passed their initiate trials and have been deemed worthy by the Sergeant and Commandant of their Chapter of being accepted as a full brother of the Brotherhood. These men have taken the oath before the Tomb of Kings, and sworn their swords to the King and Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Initiate | Naumaan - This position is for the newest members of the Brotherhood, untested and unblooded. These men are not considered full brothers yet, and will have to undergo a series of tests and trials before they can be fully welcomed as a brother. APPLICATION The Brotherhood accepts all who have a desire to serve both King and Country, the one requirement being that they have seen a minimum of 16 winters. NAME: NOBILITY (Y/N): if not, GENTRY (Y/N): RACE: PAST EXPERIENCE :
  5. ”Bonds amongst brothers are not easily broken” My fellow members of the Brotherhood- I wish to start this message by stating that this statement comes on no accord but my own, and I do not write this in representation of any views other than my own. As a result, if any member of the Brotherhood or of the general public of Haense, I ask you to take the issue up with me, niet anyone else. I write this to warn my fellow brothers and sisters of the pitfalls of seeking titles. No, this does not mean I think you should not pursue roles within Haense, but rather, to pursue them diligently and with loyalty. Recently, one of our Brothers decided to cast away the bonds that he had forged, in pursuit of titles of his own greed. This brothers name is Elian Silrose, and I knew him as a rather... ambitious individual. From the moment he joined our Brotherhood, he sought to become a member of the Cavalry. As many of you may know, the rank of Cavalry within the Brotherhood is reserved for those who reach Knighthood in Haense, a prestigious and honorable achievement. Though I support individuals seeking to prove their loyalty to Haense and ultimately obtaining Knighthood, Elian quickly became blinded by that desire. Some of you may remember him mentioning often how he would obtain Knighthood, it seemed to be the only thing on his mind! After realizing it was difficult to reach that objective, and being discouraged by the lack of immediate success of his goal, Elian broke the bonds that hold our Brotherhood together, cast them aside, and left us. ”For ambition drives us, but can blind us from our path” Take this statement as you each will, but I hope it serves as a reminder of what our Brotherhood stands for- Unity and Strength in our Loyalty to not ourselves, to each other. Elian disregarded those values, and became blinded by his sole objective. I do not wish for any member of the Brotherhood to take this as me telling them not to have any ambition, but rather for the ambition to be pursued with eyes wide open. Do not let the hope of titles deter you from your path in defending Haense, and defending your Brotherhood. Be involved in Haense, help out all you can, and be loyal in your mission, but make sure to not be swayed from your path by false promises of titles. Titles are a slippery slope, in which it is easy to fall down and never climb out. So remember your bonds, hold unto them, and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in the pursuit of any role you may seek within Haense. Signed, Aedan Barclay-Capulei
  6. People of Oren! Your Empire needs you! Aid the Empire with the flow of food, iron, stone, and wood! The Empire needs your help to combat the rampant bandit infestation plaguing our roads. No matter your profession, you must answer the call! The Union of Laborers is looking for hard working members to fill the storage bins! The Empire demands lumber for our tools and kindling to keep our soldiers warm! Stone to build the mighty walls that secure our people! Food to fill the hungry bellies of our boys in red! And iron to forge into weapons that will be plunged into the parasite-filled stomachs of our enemies! What will Oren do for you? The Dragon’s Rest Tavern will keep food on your plate and your mugs filled to the brim with strong spirits! You will be paid for your duty and given bonuses if you excel at your profession! A bed will be gifted to you when you require rest to sooth your aching bones! We will build you up for success, because without you, our boys in red risk their lives to gather the supplies they need to defend our people! Join the Union of Laborers today! Be the foundation of our Holy Empire! Support the military, so they can focus on smiting our foes! And ultimately, get paid for it! Contact Dax Illiquin, Undersecretary of Labor (Bawg#4579)
  7. AutumnSoul

    A Letter Home

    To His Excellency, Angelo de Alba, Regent of Curonia and the citizenry of Curonia, Word has reached my ears of the events that have fallen within the recent months about the considerable changes that are coming forth within the lands of humanity. While I, for one, was not surprised to find that yet another Empire seems to be on the verge of collapse. I did find it . . . quite baffling to see that the good people of Curonia had decided to declare themselves independent for the sake of self-governing freedom, and all other manners of self-preserving rights that also go along with such a state of government and autonomy. As many of you may know, I had served dutifully, loyally, and with utmost determination to the Kingdom for over seventy or more years until the time of my retirement came about not so long ago. I have seen this nation, the nation I loved and cherished, grow from a County, to a Duchy, and was even there for its transition into a leading powerhouse and dominating Kingdom within the lands of Atlas. I fear, however, that the times of Curonia’s widespread influence throughout the realms of mankind has officially come to a close. No longer do the streets of the realm hum with the sounds of life. Barren and cold, they now rest as my dear great-granddaughters tell me from their trips to the city capital. No longer does the military seem active in any way as the barracks, I’m told, are said to be riddled with the befouling sight of cobwebs. I know that it is not easy to lead a military as Curonia has never had the mighty standing army it once had under the command of its greatest leader, Lord Commander Edward Devereux. To think that it has fallen to such a deplorable state is just an insult to not only the memory of the nations founders, but also to the countless men and women who have given their lives in service of the Green Tide decades before. With either a small or non-existent military, I have to question the stability and ultimate decision of independence. Angelo, I have known you for almost a century, if not more at this point and I count you as one of my oldest and last living friends I have left in this world. For nearly 70 years or more, you and I have helped tend to the garden that is this Kingdom we both had pledged our undying services too back when we were so much younger. Surely you must see the hurdles that lay ahead of you. The nation is dying if not on its last breath. There is no need to beat around the bushes for you, I, and anyone else can and have been able to tell such for many years now. Are you so sure declaring independence was the wisest decision when the only other Imperial vassal to do such was Suffonia to my recollection? What of Haense? You leave our allies without aid in their time of need. That is not the Curonian way I know and personally follow. Yes, I know the relations between Haense and Curon have never been great and it was really only under King Pierce that they were forged anew and strengthened, but still is there no standing principle in protecting those who are allied to you? Also, why do you trust that the leadership of Morsgrad will follow through with any sort of pact you make with them? How long ago was it we treated them as threats to our nation due to the hostile actions they took not only to our citizenry but to our nation as a whole? Why do you make pacts with the men and women who threatened our sovereignty not so long ago? Who is to say you are nothing more than just a little puppet in their plot to bring down an empire that, like all previous incarnations of the Norlandic people and nation, strive for nothing more than Imperial division and destruction. I warn you, the relationship between a puppet and its master is a very one-sided relationship Angelo. The strings that hold it in place are so thin the slightest change in wind can snap them in two and then what is a puppet without strings to move it? Worthless and disposable. On a similar note, for how long has the legacy of Curonia been tainted with the brands of treachery and backstabbing? Do you not just prove to all those who already think of it as a place of weak-minded scum who turn on allies at the tip of a hat that they are proven right in their thinking? I fear for you and the nation should you lose your gambit and the tides of this war turn in favor of Oren and its forces. The damage you and your administration have done by this move could very well spell out the direct end of Curonia and its people. How many times can a nation be trusted when at every other opportunity they seem to betray their oaths and swing in favor of the side who promises them shrouded glimpses of prosperity and honey words of a far-off paradise? For his whole reign His Majesty, King Pierce spent his time skillfully and tactfully improving the image of Curonia. He did such, not for personal gain but for the betterment of Curonia and its people. He did such to wash away the dark stain that befouled our nation’s image and reputation amongst the other nations of humanity. Yet in a single day, with a single act, you have managed to wash away all of his hard work and efforts. If the King, God bless and watch over him and his family, could still move and speak I assure you he would be less than pleased. I know I would should my whole legacy go up in flames by another who took no care in thinking of those who came before him and the impact of his actions. I will freely admit that I do not know the factors that drove you and your council to make this decision since I am now several years retired from my role as a leader of our beloved nation. Yet, my time as a councilor was long and I know that the Imperial government is one of the most corrupt systems there is in humanity. There is always the fear that the Empire will turn its back on its vassals, which many have proven to do so in the past, and or cause nothing but strife for one of its vassals until it complies with its demands. However, I am not sure abandoning an Empire for the sake of joining a barbaric group who will surely cause the formation of another Empire in due time is the wisest maneuver. Is it truly better to be free when you, I, and so many others all know the time will soon come when Curonia is placed yet again under the heels of another Imperial administration? Or even worse, perhaps the next Empire will not include a Curonia for those who lead will not wish for it to exist. Perhaps I am wrong and the men and women of Morsgrad will not cause irreparable harm to our beloved nation but their actions of the past and of the present seem to speak a much louder and clearer opposite note. Whatever the outcome of this war is to be, I pray for the survival of Curonia and citizens and I pray you will not lead this nation down a path of further death and destruction. Lastly, as I stand here, on the beaches of the southern portion of Arcas, ready to board a ship that will take me away from the comings and goings of these lands I wish to think I shall return when my time has come to draw my last breath, surrounded by friends and family before I ascend to the blessed skies above and see that Curon is still standing and all that I now worry about has come to pass. It perhaps is selfish, but I wish to be buried within the lands I call my home, laid to rest in the tombs of my fellow Curonian brothers and sisters and buried under the halls of those who I wish nothing more than prosperity, peace, happiness, and love. I believe this to be one of the greatest accomplishments at the end of one’s life. To not only be buried with those you love and care for, in life and in death but to also be laid to rest where it matters most; at home. Do not squander this opportunity for future generations Angelo. The men and women of our nation need not only a homeland to live but one in which they can be buried in when their time upon these lands comes to close. No Curonian should ever be without a place to call home and no Curonian should ever be buried in a place that is not that of their ancestors, a place that is not home. -Klaudia Grimoire
  8. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on my discord) Past work:
  9. *A man arrives upon horseback, he presents a single parchment for a Curonian guard to retrieve for the King himself.*
  10. Portrait of Princess Karina Sofiya Alimar A portrait of the little Princess Karina at her young ages Oil in canvas, 120cm x 80cm Painted by Darius Morgrain Whisperhood, New Reza, 24th The Grand Harvest, 1740. - Come visit my workshop at New Reza, Blackstreet IV -
  11. Company of The Rose (Depiction of the Rose Company harassing members of other lowly bandit groups) What it is: The Company of The Rose, is a ‘free company’ a band of gentlemen who appreciate the word of minae more than the word of a King. The term ‘free company’ began catching on after the Lothragnian’s stooped to banditry during the Emperor Alexander’s reign. When Lord Protector Adrian began his ever vigilant watch over The Empire; many hedge knights, ex-footmen, and cavalrymen got the good idea of finding a legal way to provide for themselves and their families. So, over a tankard or two, a hardy group of men decided to write up a precursor for what would become the Codex for the men of the Company to follow and abide during their employment under Julius Franz. The Free Company Codex: Orenian Imperium Edition First Law: The murder of innocents for one’s own selfish desire is strictly prohibited. Second Law: Any sort of harassment towards local organizations or in-fracturing armies, without the probable contract, documentation, and a ranking member to oversee is strictly prohibited. Third Law: Petty theft from those can not afford financial loss, is strictly prohibited. Fourth Law: Allowing a Destrier to be lost in battle is strictly prohibited. Fifth Law: Failure to abide by these laws is strictly prohibited. Sixth Law: Failure to adhere to this new standard of ‘Free Comapany’ will result in immediate termination, of position, and life as you know it. Hierarchy: Grandmaster Contractor: Oversees all operations within the Company, ensures no man within the Company falls beneath standard. Lord Contractor: This position is reserved for those that provide payroll and employment in the Company. Cataphract General: Leads the Companies cavalry regiment on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. Field Marshal: Commands the infantry and shock troopers on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. First Hand: Second in command to both Field Marshal and Cataphract General, is in charge of organizing rallies and training. Cataphract: A mounted soldier of the Company, a key component in the Companies battle strategies. Shock Trooper: Heavily armoured soldier, often a veteran of many battles and has the most renown on the battlefield. Initiated: Learning their ways of rapidly swinging a sword into the battlefield still, but have proved themselves trust worthy. Rando: Entry level position meant for those who are still feeling out the Company and undecided if they wish to join. APPLICATION: MC Username: Character Name: Race: Specialty (pvp, cooking, farming, mining, etc.): (Also the Company has build in progress, it’s glorious so, please contain yourself when finished) ( POST IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS: FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DISCORD @hotboss_monk#8587 to make an inquiry to join)
  12. TO REMEMBER THE FALLEN ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ [!] An exciting flier is pinned around the imperial human cities, as well as the non-human allies, and the neutral people of Sutica, Marsumar, Talon’s Grotto, and so on. “To all men, women, children, and people-in-between... The people of Curon invite you to attend our upcoming festival and celebrate those that gave their all to beat down the Voidal Mother. To you, in the name of all that is good and in the name of the descendants, the people of Curon therefore, open their gates and invite all to celebrate and rejoice.“ “Please join us, and enjoy a good time. Take a gander at the new and old attractions that will be coming to Avalain.“ . ° . ° The Mighty Sword Pull ° . ° . Is sword-wielding your game? Do you think you have what it takes to pull a mighty sword that rests in stone? Only those who are worthy may free the sword from its sediment resting place. It costs 40 minas for an attempt. The one who frees the sword will receive the sword as a prize. (You must roll a perfect 30 out of 30 in order to free the sword) . ° . ° Skin Lottery ° . ° . Do you have a knack for luck? Our lottery is an effort-free event that will end the night. Simply pay 50 minas to insert your name at any time during the festival, and see if Lady Luck blesses you with a brand new set of clothes! The sign-up table can be found at the deep blue stall on the day of the festival. . ° . ° Attractions ° . ° . If dancing and sword-wielding isn’t your thing, there are plenty of attractions at the festival. All we ask is that you do not vandalize the attractions. Connect Four and Tic Tac Toe Need to test your mental prowess? Located by the bonfire are two double chests. One is set up for Connect Four and the other is set up for Tic Tac Toe. These are free to play, all we ask is that you do not take the game pieces. Life-sized Checkers Chest games, not enough? Well, good news for you. There is a full-sized eight-by-eight checkerboard located in the front of the festival. It is free to play, we only ask is that you do not take the game pieces! (You will need region perms to Curon in order to play.) Dance Floor This round dance floor is for those who want to shake their tail! It is located behind the flower, and everyone is free to dance. The dance floor will showcase a railed pond in the middle with exotic fish. . ° . ° Stalls ° . ° . If you’re here for the goods, look no further! The festival will be hosting many stalls of different shapes and sizes with vendors all over Arcas! Here is the list of our current vendors. Right Side Stalls: TRIAGE STALL Incase someone sprains their ankle or lands on a sword, this stall is front and center and prepared for minor injuries. Look for the white/red dome stall with four medical beds. It also has two sections of six slabs to sell medical supplies for those interested in medicine. The Pelican It is a lime green stall located by the terracotta wall. It will be selling toys, books, and so on. Pru This stall sells simple sketches for prices starting from 50 minae. Bust - 50 Minae Waist Up - 200 Minae Full Body - 500 Minae It is a square stall with leafy roofing, located by the terracotta wall. Niko’s Meat Mart The name explains it all, this is a meat mart! One could just smell the fresh meat now. It is a sky-blue stall located by the terracotta wall. Haense’s Greens & Healthy Foods This stall sells fresh produce imported from Haense It is a roofless yellow stall, located by the terracotta wall. Winterleaf Brews Come on down to the green stall! Unique and Custom brews will be sold to liven the mood! It is a green stall which is located near the terracotta wall. Druids This stall sells all sorts of goods from the Talus Grove! It is a roofless orange stall, located by the terracotta wall. Howl of The North Owned by Captain Honour Rackham, this stall is sure to have many items, like alcohol, tea, exotic food, and unusual gifts. It is a red stall, located by the terracotta wall near the bonfire. Tavernier Past the bonfire, under the dark oak pavilion along the terracotta wall, drinks and food are sold by the Crown and Cup and its employees. Tables are set up for those to sit and enjoy a drink and a meal after they are too tired from dancing. Fenn Flowercrowns This popular stall was at the last Fenn event, and now it is here. Selling fabulous flower crowns and other items, it’s sure to be a hit. This pink stall is located near the dance floor, next to the Tavernier. EMPTY STALL This stall is empty, and for sale: 100 minae. It is a light grey stall with four slabs and three carpets. Left Side Stalls: Ruberni Commodities This vibrant stall bears the colors of orange/red. It is the first stall on the left and sells a variety of things. From makeup to action figures, this stall has a lot of worth-while goods. Get them while you still can! Society of Gentle Ladies Curon’s own Society of Gentle Ladies is hosting a stall at the festival. Not only will they be selling goods, but they will also be hosting tea-time under their canopy. Flameforge Smiths Buy superior goods from Curon’s own Flameforge Family. A family of smiths, they are the new upcoming smiths in Curon. Their stall is a rectangular stall, bearing the colors of purple and white. Caliphate Goods Coming all the way from the caliphate, this stall sells signature Qalasheen jewelry, bookmarks, and armor. It is a rectangular stall bearing the Kadarsi flags, located by the bonfire. Obsidian Thread Near the dance floor is a blue stall, selling skins from the talented tailors of the Reg’Wir family. You can buy clothing, and enter the lottery for their spotlight skin. Should their skill fancy your taste, they are available for custom commissions. . ° . ° Fire For The Fallen ° . ° . As a final tribute to those who gave their lives to end the Voidal Mother, a large bonfire will be set to flame in honor of those who fell. We ask that you take this time to contemplate the price of victory along with us. Set aside all differences, just as it was done during the battle. . ° . ° OOC Information ° . ° . 6 PM EST Friday, September 20th. In Curon!
  13. Hello And Welcome! After countless hours of building, I bring you, this masterpiece! -+- Who are you? Great question! I am a designer and new build squad member to lord of the craft. I have been building for almost 6 years now and still manage to keep motivation to chug forward. Having built only a few things on the server, chances are you haven't gotten a chance to see my work. Nevertheless that is changing and hopefully you’ll be seeing more and more of it. -+---+---+---+- What are you selling? I am selling a Castle design that fits in a 50x50 Tier 1 Charter claim. Some features notable to the design: -Extra large 3 ½ floor main living quarters for the primary residents -Guard barracks (can suit other needs like a guest house or multiple housing units) -An underground area suited for multiple possibilities Additions that are less notable: -Horse stable -Water well -Multiple castle wall walkways -Military training dummies -Two watchtowers -Two terraces -Three oak trees -+---+---+- Pricing I’m asking 75$ via PayPal or another service if need be. After the payment I can deliver the world save file to you. After you can build the product in you’re charter plot. I’d recommend using some form of automatic structure creation mod to complete the build. I can give the exact blocks needed per level if need be. -+---+---+- Picture Link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m_yIAKLxAxd-t8a6MSIgbn9Xpt1eco5wKq5ZZGZv6oc/edit?usp=sharing Please Message me on my discord for any inquiries
  14. The Ruberlands Company est. 1738 Introduction: The Ruberlands Company is a vessel to enlist additional security to the common and noble folk alike. The Company recruits able combatants, commoner or noble the Company hires their soldiers based on merit rather than lineage. Additional benefits of joining the Company shall be the provision of armor, sword, food, shelter and a contract of employment. The Company ensures that all of its employees will reap the benefits of their work. Ranking of the Company: Kapitany - The Kapitany are the Captains of the Company are those who hold complete authority over the Zoldak. They are in charge of forming and finalizing contracts for the Company. Also Kapitany are responsible to conduct promotion ceremonies for Kutya. Hadnagy - A Hadnagy is the officer of the Company, they have shown to be reliable and able to persevere through their service. The Hadnagy is responsible for helping the Kapitany find contracts, to help Zoldak recruit and to enforce the Kapitany rulings throughout the Company. Also charged with making sure those of the Kutya rank and employees get their cut of a contract. Zoldak - A Zoldak of the Company are those who make up the core and bulk of the Company’s workers. They are charged with recruitment. Kutya - The kutya, or "dogs" in common speech are the lowest rank of enlisted combatants of the Company. Often referred to as the "Dogs of War". Application: RP Name: RP Gender: RP Age: RP Race: RP Past Experiences: OOC IGN: OOC Discord: -For more info- Fish#5175 on discord or CommissarFish in game Patu#4556 on discord or Anderssn in game
  15. Welcome all faithful Canonists to the wedding of Ser Valentín of House Castelo and Sienna Mora! The ceremony will be a simple one, you may stay after the wedding is concluded and enjoy drinks at the nearby tavern, should you like. Date and Location: The wedding will take place in the Warwick Cathedral, Suffonia, next Saint’s day! (OOC information: 6pm BST/ 1pm EDT, Sunday) Signed by Ser Valentín Castelo, Viscount of Halburg.
  16. Portrait of Vladrick Barbanov Alimar His Serene Highness, Rickard Heinrik, Black prince of Rubern, Sovereign Protector of the Riverlands, Before the siege of Krugmar circa, 1737 Oil in canvas, 120cm x 80cm Painted by Darius Morgrain Whisperhood, New Reza, 6th Snow’s Maiden, 1738. - Come visit my workshop at New Reza, Blackstreet IV -
  17. ☨ ORDER OF ARJEN CROSS ☨ _____________________________________ Established 20th of The Deep Cold, 1736. History - Arjen de Sarkozy - Founding -Brunswick Tasks & Duties Hierarchy of Arjen Recruitment History Arjen de Sarkozy – Arjen de Sarkozy, was a Teutonic Crusader and a commander of the White Rose. famously known to also be a treasure hunter and an Imperial Pioneer. During the 1440’s an expedition was launched by Arjen to recover the lost relics of St. Lucien, traveling to Aeldin to accomplish said goal. After the eventual discovery and reclamation of these relics Arjen discovered that, despite their well-known documented appearance as lead as copper, they had miraculously transformed into items of solid gold - heralding another miracle. Founding – In the year 1736, a peasant that hailed from Bourdon, sailed to the shores of Arcas. His name; Daniel de Alence. at the time, Krugmar and Irrinor were at war versus the Holy Orenian Empire and its allies. Daniel, seeing his kin at risk of downfall, have begun on the slaughter of the Orcs and Wood Elves. the man becoming a renown fighter and excellent tactic master. Daniel could have been seen wearing Templar / Crusader armor, fighting in the name of GOD and Oren. as more and more weeks passed by, more people began to find interest and volunteer to fight with Daniel against heretics and orcs, thus the Order of Arjen’s Cross was founded. Brunswick – As Arjen Cross grew in power, Daniel’s men needed a place to settle on, therefore, Daniel and his men took control of the then-abandoned Beet city, making it their base. renaming it from New Alexandria to Brunswick. The Holy Orenian Empire have eyed the group for long, discussions was made with high imperial ranks, ending up with Daniel agreeing to take on the Empire Protection. Tasks & Duties The Order of Arjen's Cross consists of a highly pious group of people. Both nobility, gentry and peasantry are welcome to volunteer and devote their life to the service of GOD. Upon dedicating one's life to our Creator and his word, a list of tasks is put upon you - the main task of the Order is the purge the heretics and teach the disbelievers of GOD's word, next is to the spread the word of the Creator across the lands of Arcas. On top of these most pious duties, the Order is also in charge of protecting the citizenry of Brunswick, scouting the roads of Arcas for bandits and delivering food, as well as protecting, the faithful men of GOD. Hierarchy of Arjen Grandmaster | Daniel de Alence Acts as a leader to the Order, overseeing and making any final decisions. Templar-Advisor | Acts as the Grandmaster's right hand, advising him and leading the order in his absence. Military Branch (The Sword) Templar-Soldier This is the default, starting rank of anyone joining the Military Branch of the Templar Order of Arjen’s Cross. A Templar-Soldier is essentially a grunt, following orders dispensed by their respective Templar-Captain. This rank is broken up into various roles suitable for any military, as is listed below: Medic The surgeons and physicians of the Military branch. They are tasked with mending the wounds and conditions of their brothers-in-arms. Equipped largely with medical equipment, however a Medic is also given a sidearm (arming sword or dagger) and light armor (gambeson). Archer The ranged combatants within the Order. An archer typically is behind the infantry, basking in their protection whilst they rain down GOD’s will in the form of arrows and bolts. Or they can be conducting hit-and-run tactics on horseback or foot. Sapper A highly prized and respected position in the Order, a Sapper is responsible for the maintenance and operation of siege technology such as ballistas, trebuchets and siege towers. Recruitment the Templars of Arjen Cross are always looking to recruit more and more devoted people who would like to volunteer, enlist today! FORMAT IN-CHARACTER NAME: USERNAME: AGE: RACE:
  18. Special Election of 1737: The Royal Duma While the Royal Duma of Haense is still mourning the loss of Alderman Martin Kortrevich, this Government must trudge forward. With a somber heart, the Lord Speaker calls for a Special Election on behalf of His Majesty’s Royal Government. The requirements to stand for election are as follows: Be at least fourteen years of age. Be a resident of Reza or corresponding vassals under the jurisdiction of the Crown of the kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska for five years. Have no outstanding criminal background within the last five years. Sigmar Baruch, Count of Ayr, Councillor Paramount and Lord Speaker of the Royal Duma [OOC]: Candidates have until Wednesday, October 16th, at 5 PM EST to register for the election cycle. Please include the following in your application: IGN: Character Name: Age: Place of Residence [Street / County Address]:
  19. The Barony of Koravia: Title Abdication Issued and Penned by his Lordship, Otto of House Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia 7th of Tov and Yermey, 290 | 7th of Sun's Smile, 1737 Coat of Arms of House Kortrevich I, Lord Otto of House Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia, Former Lord Marshal to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, hereby transfer the title of Baron of Koravia to my firstborn and only son, Markus II Kortrevich. In this, I am relinquishing my patriarchy of House Kortrevich to Markus II Kortrevich as well, and the newly determined Baron of Koravia is responsible for the following: To preside over the House of Kortrevich to the best of his ability in the service of the aforementioned House. To ensure the prosperity of House Kortrevich and of the lands within his jurisdiction. To be honorable and righteous in the protection of his kinsmen and in his duties as a leal subject to the Crown. I have cherished my time as the patriarch of House Kortrevich and Baron of Koravia, and I praise God for this life He has gifted me. I hope that Markus may share in this statement once it is time for him to write such a decree as this. IV JOVEO MAAN, THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Lord Otto Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia HIS LORDSHIP, Markus II Kortrevich HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  20. “Life is but a slow and agonizing death.” Erasto General Information Birth name : Valgarai Current name:Erasto Asseyou Sulmaehr Other names : KALFU Titles : Honourary Orc Age : Unknown Date of Birth : 8th of Sun’s Smile Place of Birth : Temple of Zeal, Lakavo Status : Living Current Affiliations : None Previous Affiliations : Krugmar, Ghanyah, Méllé Gender : Male Race : Unknown Sexuality : Heterosexual Culture : Ghanyan Languages : Caeole, Blah, Common Aroma : Smoke Alignment : True Neutral Appearance Height : 6’2” Weight : 180 lbs Form : Mesomorph Eye Color : Fawn Brown Skin Color : Deep Ebony Hair Color : Black Hair Style :Locs Facial Hair : None. Markings/Tattoos : Black tattoos on his right hand, Scorpion branding on his right arm Clothing : A white garb Skills Fire Evocation : Highest Tier, TA Telekinesis : Highest Tier, TA Beast Smithing : Professional Black Smithing : Professional Wood Working : Professional
  21. The Big Dogs are Back “A slaughter of fools…” comments Ralf Brawm to his father Geordie as he witnesses the carnage. The roads were devoid of life; the fear of death overpowering the Orenians’ duty to protect their land. The men of Ruswick were to blame for this, as they had been slaughtering the Orenian thralls in an operation, dubbed “Eland”, keeping the roads safe for their citizens. Hadrian Labdacus, the young son of Austin Labdacus, had noticed much activity within the capital of Helena, and had taken notice of the large amount of soldiers gathering. Under his father’s absence, he had began a ruthless campaign into the Imperial Heartlands. He quickly notified the men of Ruswick, and so the houses convened: Brawm, Labdacus, and Ruk. As the men gathered at the end of the bridge leading into Helena, a lone Ruk approached the rabid Orenians and began taunting them, japing of wingless dragons writhing in the dirt beneath his boots. For the great Ruk man knew that the underdeveloped Orenians would grow angry from the relentless insults and charge out to meet the Rusmen in combat. As expected, the Orenians sallied out in rage and surrounded the young Ruk. Geordie and Bron called upon their men and charged the serfs who had been harassing the young Ruk man under the guise of an empire. The great Rusmen under the command of Geordie Brawm and his son Ralf, confronting the Orenian dogs The men of Ruswick were outnumbered over two to one. They clashed arms in a stalemate on the bridge of Helena, taking potshots at each other. Amidst the fierce engagement, the wingless Emperor was knocked into the surrounding water by a squire of House Labdacus, drowning in the moat meant to protect his city. The squire buried his sword into a soldier’s neck, after he cut another’s hand off and split a third’s skull open. Geordie roared his orders across the bridge and roads, his colossal build standing out in the crowds of Rusmen. During a tactical retreat, Bron and Hadrian Labdacus were cut off from Geordie’s retinue as a result of an Orenian flank. In their escape, they led several foolish Orenians toward the moat, and they suffered the same fate as their Emperor: being brutally cut down in the murky waters of the unkempt Orenian moat. With some room to breathe, Geordie’s forces managed to push the Orenian thralls back towards their capital, claiming several lives in the process. The boy Emperor drowned in his moat. With time to spare, Bron and Hadrian made their way back. In a previous skirmish with Oren, Geordie and Bron had marked down the location of a bridge to be used as a choke point to funnel the crowds of Orenians. This was the time to use it, they decided. Seeing the Orenians getting anxious and overzealous, the men of Ruswick led them towards the bridge, slowly allowing them to gain ground. To any other foe this might seem quite obvious, but as mentioned before, the brain of the average Orenian thrall is not fully developed - around the 10th percentile of all Descendants, including Orcs and Ologs. Once at the bridge, the Rusmen set up a strong line of defence across the bridge and the Orenians charged it in futility, over and over, only to be swiftly pushed back and defeated - first by Geordie’s ferocious charge who, with his steel, cruelly cut down numerous Orenians, followed by volleys of arrows by Bron and his men. Soon to be followed by a swift slaughter by the Ruswick reserves, Bron charged in, finishing off many wounded Orenian dogs. Carnage ensued, and the weak Orenian retinue, their Emperor and all, was quickly dissolved by the company of Rhusmen. A hundred or so corpses sat on the Red King’s Road, decomposing. A lone Orenian survived the slaughter, allowed to leave by the Rusmen to spread tales of their bravery and to recruit others in their fight against the Orenian “men”. Bron Labdacus, the Red King, post-victory.
  22. Ode to Mars Mars de Rubrum being martyred, circa 1735 Remember his story, Remember his face Do not forget the story Of Mars the Brave Taken too soon Now stuck in a grave Do not forget events That happened that day Stricken by grief Saddened by pain The only thing left Is to remember his name Wallowed through sorrow Walked through the flames The only thing left Is to remember his name Remember the day The day he died The sun was gone And mothers’ cried For a son was lost A baby was dead Smiles were gone And tears were shed Who knew it was time Who knew it had came Who knew Mars would Meet his Dad that day As sturdy as Nam As smart as Tephes He was killed And war was said Remember his story Remember his face Do not forget Mars the Brave Up in the Skies Unchained as you’ll see We miss you Mars Now you’re finally free Composed by Jahan Basrid
  23. DOWNFALL OF IRRINOR ✞ 4th of Owyn’s Flame, 1736 Daniel de Alence, a name that is well known across the Realm festers ever so largely, almost like an undying pestilence. His recent purging of sinners and heretics became well-noted during the coming months, and as the days passed by, more and more devout men joined Daniel’s journeys, making thyself a well-suited levy, working under the will of GOD all-mighty. It was another quiet day in the journey of Daniel, all day scouting around the roads for more wood elves and orcs, sadly, the roads were empty of any. and so, he and his group went towards Irrinor in hopes of finding anyone. Daniel, having gained renown, had earned himself many supporters that were quite devoted to help, even in opposing nations. By the notice and aid from an unnamed Mali’ame, they were let into the city – rushing straight to the throne room. An imminent sigh of disappointment crossed Daniel’s features; “Empty throne room... no guards, and no ruler.” he declared as Harper briefly replied. “They are probably killing children, Sire.”, alongside a wry chuckle from Caldwell echoed whilst he muttered “Too bad.” “Let us then,” Daniel spoke no further as he moved towards the throne, signaling for Harper. Harper then brought the goat that was with them, forward towards Daniel. Moving the goat towards the throne, he added; “Ah, the goat on the throne looks as a better ruler than the current one.” he frowned, as the trio watched the mighty goat sat upon the throne. A peculiar silence lingered in the room, with GOD’s subjects awkwardly gazing towards the goat. Momentarily, all was fine – before the goat began to defecate. ”Let us move out – let it be known Irrinor stinks of ****!” Daniel proclaimed loudly, as the trip proceeded to depart from the throne room, back off to the wilderness. WE DO NOT FORGET.
  24. LEX IMPERIALIS AB AUCTORIBUS B. LEVMONT 22nd of Owyn’s Light, anno Domini 1735 For Centuries, the Empire has cherished its classic laws as the means of preserving law & order in the realm. But as society and the Empire evolved beyond simplistic methods of governance, with ever expanding bureaucracies and civilized Imperial Subjects; the expectations of desires of law have changed. Therefore, His Highness the Lord-Protector has chosen to apply Bohemian law instead of Classic law. Bohemian law, etymologically stemming from the author and Solicitor-General BOHEMUS LEVMONT, applies a different structure than Classic laws. Whereas Classic laws are specific and have pre-determined punishments for pre-specified acts, Bohemonian law gives an open end to sentencing and allows for the judicial apparatus to consider all facts of a case. It merely gives the limits of the punishment and the scope of the crime, but it doesn't force the judiciary to comply to a preset sentencing. The law becomes more fluid and able to encompass more situations, guaranteeing justice to more citizens who might find themselves in legal situations of a complex nature. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF LAW I. THE STOLISTES PRINCIPLE; “A binding contract exists by an expressed offer that is taken up upon by an expressed acceptance of said offer”. II. THE VISCONTI PRINCIPLE; “All soil, and the structures and elements upon it, are under Imperial ownership, unless specified otherwise by referenceable documents from the Imperial government”. III. THE MARCHAND PRINCIPLE; “A human with uncontested physical ownership of a good, legal tender or produce, with an absent pretext of criminality, is assumed to be the rightful legal owner.” IV. THE RUYTER PRINCIPLE; “The gravity of a crime can exceed the amount of justice the conventional punishments could bring, and therefore might require the execution of the criminal”. V. THE LEUMONT PRINCIPLE; “Everything established within the physical, administrative and diplomatic dimension that is not in accordance to the rule of law; is considered to have never existed.” CLASSIFICATIONS OF CRIMES CLASS V Violent infringement; Fines up to 125.000卅 Imprisonment up to 100 years Removals up to the limbs, eyes and/or tongue. CLASS E Economic infringement; Fines up to 25.000卅 Imprisonment up to 25 years Removals up to the tongue or eyes CLASS P Property infringement Fines up to 200.000卅 Imprisonment up to 50 years Removal up to the lower jaw, limbs or reproductive organs. CLASS I Infringement of Imperium Fines up to 400.000卅 Imprisonment up to 100 years Removal up to the head, limbs or reproductive organs. CLASS D Domestic infringement Punishments subject to domestic laws of Imperial subjects. CHAPTER I. CRIMINAL LAW - CRIMINALIS LEGEM CLASS V LEX I.Every human has the right to a properly livable life. II.Murder, deliberately acting to achieve the result of death for another person, is illegal. II.I. Murder without the intent to achieve the result of death, but which has occured due to the circumstances that the perpretrator created, is manslaughter. III.Violence, acting to cause harm upon another person with differing degrees of lethality, but not death, is illegal. IV.Causing injury, acting to inflict a singular wound, is illegal. IV.I. Tournaments or consensual acts of inflictment are not illegal. IV.II. Causing injury unintentionally, but as a consequence of a verbal conflict or a series of unpremeditated acts, is classified as battery. V.Mutilation, the causing of injury with the specific purpose of altering the victim’s appearance or senses, is illegal. V.I. If an injury has affected the victim’s appearance or senses, but mutilation could not be proven as the motive behind the causing of injury, the perpetrator will have caused an injury, and would not have mutilated. VI.Kidnapping, acting to confine, restrict or restrain a person after or through an abduction against one’s will, is illegal. V.I. Imperial functionaries abducting and confining citizens under lawful mandate, are not kidnapping. VI.II. A Kidnapping that lasts longer than a saints week, is considered to be slavery. VI.III. A victim of kidnapping can legally commit violence and/or cause injury to his or her captor. VII.Slavery, acting to permanently confine, restrict or restrain a person after or through an abduction or purchase against one’s will, is illegal. VII.I. A slave in name or de facto cannot lose his or her rights under Imperial law. VII.II. A slave can legally commit murder and violence against his captor. VIII.Theft, the act of illegally acquiring one’s property, is illegal. VIII.I. Theft of items deemed to be of large quantity, or if the occurrence of the theft is considered often or commited on a large scale, is classified as Grand Theft. IX.Robbery, the act of doing theft facilitated by either the threat or the use of violence upon a person, is illegal. X.Burglary, the act of trespassing with the intention of committing a non-violent crime, is illegal. X.I. Trespassing with the intention of committing a violent crime is classified as a robbery. XI.Extortion, the act of threatening any of the above for the sake of obtaining material or political benefit, is illegal. XI.II. Threatening to release incriminating information if a human does not comply to certain demands, is considered blackmail, which is classified as extortion. XII.Creating an expectation for a person that he or she is to experience any of the above, is illegal. XIII.Doing all of the above through proxy, is illegal. XIII.I. If a party is to be determined to be the aforementioned proxy, either through voluntary confession or through discovery, the criminal-through-proxy and the target must also be known. XIII.II. The proxy and the criminal-through-proxy are both equally criminal. XIV.Organizing with more than two people to either commit a crime through proxy, or in an organized collective fashion, is considered a conspiracy to do harm. XIV.I. A conspiracy to do harm can be a part of, but is not the same, as a conspiracy against the state. XV.Facilitating, not stopping, ignoring or not alerting the authorities of upcoming crimes makes you an accomplice to the crime. XV.I. An accomplice is as equally criminal as the perpetrator. XVI.Sedition, the act of inciting disorderly conduct against Imperial functionaries or the Empire and hurting its majesty, is illegal. XVI.I. Insulting the Empire and its functionaries, while not inciting disorderly conduct, is still considered to be an incentive for others to act disorderly, and is therefore considered sedition. XVI.II. Critique’s on a legal basis or which commonly would be considered normal for the citizenry to express is not considered sedition. XVII.Blasphemy, the act of insulting God and its representation within the human realm, is considered equally criminal to insulting the majesty of the Imperial Crown, but not equal in weight of the crime. XVII.I. Worshipping false idols is equal to blasphemy. XVIII.Heresy, the act of professing heterodox teachings condemned by the Church, is illegal. XIX.Tax evasion, the act of not abiding by a legally binding contract that obliged you to pay tax, is considered a criminal offense. CHAPTER II. CONTRACT LAW - CONTRACTUS LEGEM CLASS E LEX I.A binding contract exists by an expressed offer that is taken up upon by an expressed acceptance of said offer. I.I. A verbal offer without immediate verbal acceptance will result in the diminishment of the verbal offer. I.II. A written offer that has reached the other party, will expire within 36 Saint’s Hours if an expressed acceptance has not, either verbally or in script, reached the offering party. II.If a binding contract exists, it must be honoured. II.I. Contracts that would be considered unreasonable by the norm that the general populace abides by, are considered to have never existed. II.II. A contract is honoured by fulfilling the agreements that stem from it. II.III. Contracts can also be honoured through other means, if the party that is to receive has given explicit recognition of it as a legitimate means. II.IV. If both parties are to receive, and wish to honour the contract through other means, a new contract is made as the previous one is diminished. II.V. A binding can be about any type of transaction, service or creation. III.If a contract is not honoured, the party at fault has committed a CLASS E crime. III.I. A party is only at fault if the agreed upon has not been realized after the ultimate deadline in the contract. III.II. A party is only at fault if the other party has not infringed upon the possibility to honour the contract. III.III. A party is only at fault if its failure to honour the contract is not due to Imperial intervention, death or war. III.IV. If a contract has no set deadline, a reasonable period of time would be the automatic deadline. III.V. A reasonable period of time would be two saint days for transactions, seven saint days for logistical obligations and two saint weeks for construction. III.VI. If none of the above apply, a saint week is a reasonable period of time. IV.The party whose state is infringed upon by the other party’s inability or refusal to not honour the contract, must immediately take either corresponding action with the infringing party or judicial action through The Imperial Crown, right after the infringement has taken place, for the infringement to be considered a CLASS E crime in later procedures. V.The Imperial Crown is also subject to the contractus legem of the Empire. VI.Taxation is a binding contract between the Imperial Throne and its subjects, which is established by birth, in which Article I. does not apply. VI.I. Taxation can also be a binding contract between a legal entity and a person, or a person and a person, or a person wielding letters patent and a person. CHAPTER III. PROPERTY LAW - POSSESSIO LEGEM CLASS P LEX I.Every human has the right to possess what rightfully belongs to him. II.Ownership is the strongest law. II.I. Ownership can only be diluted through Imperial intervention or voluntary concessions regarding the ownership of the owned. II.II. One cannot own humans. III.All soil, and the structures and elements upon it, are under Imperial ownership, unless specified otherwise by referenceable documents from the Imperial government. III.I. a document becomes referenceable either through universal publishing or an inscribed series of numbers, letters or symbols to differentiate between government documents. III.II. The right to alter the soil and the structures and elements upon it can be delegated to people within the Imperial Government or to citizens. IV.Obstructing one’s ability to properly and fully enjoy his or her ownership is illegal. V.Annexing one’s property without a binding contract specifying said annexation, is illegal. V.I. Annexation with the intent of illegally owning it, is classified as theft. VI.Destruction, the act of negatively altering one’s owned property or item, is illegal. VI.I. If an act of destruction is specifically defined by law, it is characterized by that specific definition and not destruction. VII.Arson is classified as an act of destruction through fire. VIII.Damaging of property is classified as an act of destruction that is insufficiently destructive to either render the property dysfunctional, or to tarnish it to such an extent that only minor repairs are necessary. IX.Trespassing, the act of undermining territorial integrity of one’s owned property, is illegal. X.Property obtained through peerage cannot be sold or dispensed with except by explicit action of the Imperial Crown. CHAPTER IV. IMPERIAL LAW - IMPERIALIS LEGEM CLASS I LEX I.Treason, the act of conspiring against the state, is illegal II.Conspiracy, the act of collectivizing efforts to undermine the interests of the state, is considered equal to treason. III.Disruption, the act of applying injury against order, is illegal. III.I. Deviancy, the act of consistently acting indecent, overly sensual or applying norms that are considered improper into a political or social setting, is considered disruption. III.II. Vigilantism, the act of enforcing law outside of your authority, or acting as if one carries authority that is outside of the jurisdiction of the perpetrator, is considered disruption. III.III. Identity-manipulation, the act of either concealing one’s identity or pretending to be someone else, is considered disruption. III.III. Pretending to be a functionary of the empire is not a disruption, but treason. III.IV. Perjury, expressing or registering wrong information or lying to state functionaries, is disruption. III.V. Fraud, the act of intentionally or negligently failing to abide by the terms of a written or verbal contract, misleads regarding information or circumstances or provide insufficient consideration for its completion, is disruption. III.VI. Obstruction of justice, the act of absconding or interference with the duties and procedures of functionaries tasked with the execution of justice, is disruption. IV.Bribery, the act of persuading another to act dishonestly or otherwise, with the promise of obtaining material benefit, is considered a disruption of its own kind. IV.I. The briber and the bribed are equally criminal. V.A human that is of adult capacity is expected to be a proper citizen. V.I. Of adult capacity is defined as above the age of majority, being sixteen. CHAPTER V. DOMESTIC SPECIAL LAW - DOMESTICIS PECULIARI LEGEM CLASS D LEX At this moment, no legal codicies of Imperial subjects have been integrated into the legal framework. CHAPTER VI. JURISPRUDENCE - IURISPRUDENTIA At this moment, there have been no precedent-setting legal procedures that are relevant to the effects, definitions or commencements of the laws within this legal codex. CHAPTER VII. IMPERIAL CONTRACTS, DOCTRINES & SPECIAL LEGISLATION As jurisprudence, doctrines and edicts alter the substance of this legal codex and remain subject to constant change; one might find legislation under this category already integrated into the legal codex or rendered ineffective due to a precedent, if not found here. The Council of State Establishment Edict, 1732 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185617-the-council-of-state-establishment-edict-1732/ The Courtly Requirements Edicts, 1732 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185619-the-courtly-requirement-edicts-1732/ The Capital Enforcement Privilege Edict, 1733 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185820-the-capital-enforcement-privilege-act/
  25. The Fiscere are a prominent clan in Nordic culture. Well known descendents of the clan are the late Carina Rosik, the late Kenswey Fiscere, thane of Norland and the late Uther Fiscere, admiral of Nordengrad. Two descendants of the Fiscere clan have laid claim to the throne of Norland at one point. Torsten Rosik, who founded the house of Rosik and laid claim to the throne of Norland but was later replaced by his cousin king Alvar the first who was recognized by all as the rightful king of Norland. The Fiscere are a clan of fishermen, sea raiders and laborers. Renowned for their command over the old Nordengrad’s navy and their excellent fishing skill, the Fiscere are a clan of people of the sea. ( Insert Crest Here ) I’m looking for people that would want to roleplay as my brothers, who are the bastard sons of Bron Fiscere, but I’m also open to any other suggestions. Bjorn Ash ( Bastard Son of Bron Fiscere ) Status: AVAILABLE Age: ~18 Race: Human, Highlander Mother: unknown Father: Bron Fiscere Estimated height: 6’2/188cm Estimated personality traits: Short-tempered, great warrior, good leader, extraverted. Estimated description: Prominent jaw, square face, big nose, wide neck, mesomorph, brown-blackish hair, green eyes and pale skin. Unferth Ash ( Bastard Son of Bron Fiscere ) Status: AVAILABLE Age: ~16 Race: Human, Highlander/heartlander Mother: unknown tavern wench (Renatus) Father: Bron Fiscere Estimated height: 6’0/183cm Estimated personality traits: Even-tempered, lazy, great thinker, neurotic, slightly introverted. Estimated description: Diamond shaped face, thin nose, thin neck, ectomorph, blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. As I said above, any character suggestions are welcome, though they have to be a Highlander. P.S. Their last names were told to be Ash as they were growing up. But at this time, Bron has told them their real last names, that’s why it’s Ash... for now...
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