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Found 215 results

  1. Mistel

    The Settlement of Albion

    ~The Sovereign State of Albion~ Gallahand Harkness, Vitalius Maarsan, Edward Delaney, and Reynald Richmond finally stopped at what seemed to be a gulf on the north-eastern portion of the continent. Gallahand Climbs upon one of the nearby boulders and looks around “This is it, I think, This spot is perfect.” he announces, as the small scouting party looks around in agreement. Reynald speaks up “I agree, the nearby canyons could be a strategic spot for perhaps a vassal. “Aye” simply said Edward, going to sit down next to a tree. “Let’s get started then, friends” said the doctor, Vitalius, smiling under his mask. ~Roles within Albion:~ Visaers- Those who only live temporarily in the city, such as students, or traveling merchants.can only rent property, this also go for merchants, as they can only own stalls, rather than a permanent business. They are not allowed to vote on any matters pertaining Albion. Citizens- Those who live permanently within in the city. Can purchase property, vote, and own business within the city. They are allowed to buy a home, and not be taxed for it after the initial purchase. Soldiers- Within Albion the soldiers are expected to carry out several tasks ranging from regular patrols, to simply manning the gate. Knights- The top of the Albion military, hand picked by the other knights or the Sovereign himself. Constable- The one who represents the knights in court meeting, elected by the knights. Court members- Picked by the Sovereign, councils the Sovereign with their expertise in their specifics field. The Sovereign- The ruler of Albion. ~Laws of Albion:~
  2. yopplwasupxxx

    The Memoirs of Aylwin Blaxton

    Aylwin Blaxton (Naumarian: Alvin Blakton) was a Haeseni courtier and diplomat serving the majority of the life under the service of the Amador family, as well as numerous ambassador positions. He is most notable for his ‘Memoirs of Aylwin Blaxton’, an autobiographical account of his life. His memoirs record a typically shunned part of history, revealing the complicated political scene of the Marian court and the struggles and exploits of the Haeseni émigrés during the Coalition Wars and brief occupation period. Later in his life, Aylwin settled in Pruvia and retained high positions in the principality and died shortly before the Pruvian Inheritance to King Stefan of Haense. (OOC: Full credit to @MarquisAlex who wrote all of this, posting this for easier access. Links to his originals below: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157760-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-1/?tab=comments#comment-1492858 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157915-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-2/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158112-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-3/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158744-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-4/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158822-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-5/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159307-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-6/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/161235-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-7/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157760-the-memoirs-of-aylwin-blaxton-book-8/ ) --- BOOK I BOOK II BOOK III BOOK IV BOOK V BOOK VI BOOK VII BOOK VIII
  3. _CorruptedSoul_

    The Grand Exchange of Avalain

    The Grand Exchange of Avalain Having founded the great city of Avalain, the Council of Curonia establishes the Curonian Union in the Grand Exchange of Curon, located on the northeast side of the main square. The Grand Exchange shall sell royal supplies, including metals, foods, and gems. Space in and around the bottom floor of the grand exchange shall also be available for Curonian entrepreneurs to sell their supplies. The second floor of the Grand Exchange shall be dedicated to the Curonian Union. The Curonian Union provides an alternative way to pay taxes to the Kingdom of Curonia. Citizens and members of the Curonian Union may exchange wheat, gems, iron, gold, and other valuable supplies in order to receive tax slips in reward for their donations. Membership into the Union may be achieved by owning taxable property and paying a one time 300 mina membership fee. Membership in the union provides members with a donation crate on the second floor and also allows them the privilege of buying limited edition saint monthly items produced by the royal treasury. Membership also provides members with the opportunity for selection onto the Union Board of Executives by the Chairman of the board. Current Chairman Her Ladyship Klaudia Suffolk Board of the Union Her Majesty Queen Evelyn Devereux Ser Benjamin Fernández Grand Exchange of Avalain (pictured below)
  4. THE SIGMUNDIC CALENDAR The Sigmundic Calendar derives from the historic calendar and time-keeping of the ancient Highlander tribes, used in variation by the Raevir, Hansetian, and fellow peoples (though under different names). The Common and Imperial Calendars came to supersede it in usage by northern statesmen and scholars, and while the Sigmundic Calendar is rarely used in everyday use, it is still maintained in traditional, liturgical, and some scholastic functions. The year-dating by the ascension of the Prophet Sigmund, known as Ehr Sigmunda, is a more contemporary invention and is commonly used in place of the Anno Oreniae of imperial calendars. A single year is split into fourteen equal months, and those months are categorized into four seasons, known as fasts. The fasts (Gomesvey, Skepyr, Lejz, and Wilfulle) are dictated by the migration of the birds, and so are split themselves into ‘quick’ fasts (Skepyr and Wilfulle) and ‘slow’ fasts (Gomesvey and Lejz), where the ‘quick’ fasts are when birds are moving the most, while the ‘slow’ fasts are when they move the least. Each month is assigned a patron bird, used commonly as a good-luck symbol by those born to them. Month Conversion Snow’s Maiden - Wzuvar and Byvca Horen’s Welcome - Jula and Piov First Seed - Vzmey and Hyff Grand Harvest - Gronna and Droba Sun’s Smile - Tov and Yermey Amber Cold - Msitza and Dargund Deep Cold - Joma and Umund Months of the Canonical Year Wzuvar - Mejeni Redpoll Byvca - Bogdan’s Warbler Jula - Dove Piov - Hummingbird Vzmey - Atheran Kestrel Hyff - Pine Robin Gronna - Northern Bluebird Droba - Purple Finch Tov - Golden-caped Crow Yermey - Waldenian Sparrow Msitza - Five-feathered Magpie Dargund - Northern Swallow Joma - Blackbird Umund - Yatl Tern Fasts of the Canonical Year Gomesvey - Wzuvar, Byvca, and Jula Skepyr - Piov, Vzmey, Hyff, and Gronna Lejz - Droba, Tov, and Yermey Wilfulle - Msitza, Dargund, Joma, and Umund --- SIGMUNDIC YEAR SYSTEM In the modern Sigmundic Calendar, the year count is based on the date of the Final Revelation of the Prophet Sigmund (Year 1447 in imperial calendars). Years after that date are marked ‘Year of Sigmund’ or ‘Ehr Sigmunda’ (abbreviated as ES), while years before marked ‘Before the Year of Sigmund’ or ‘Aestehr Sigmunda’ (abbreviated as AES). Year 336 = 336 - 1447 = 1111 AES Year 1447 = 1447 - 1447 = 0 ES (Revelation of Sigismund) Year 1693 = 1693 - 1447 = 246 ES Year 1707 = 260 ES --- THE HAESENI ZODIAC The Haeseni Zodiac is a collection of six constellations (plus the Moon) assigned to two months of the calendar, and is commonly used to predict the temperament and behavior of children born in its time-frame. Each sign is symbolized by a mythological creature or founder, and aside from the moon, carries a set of relationships with its peers. THE MOON | Wzuvar and Byvca [Snow’s Maiden] Nikul, the Silver Moon The son of the solar rays, who taught the Highlanders the ways of the harvest and the hunt, and how to construct the first fires. However, when he father saw this, he cursed the Highlanders with burnt skin when faced under his gaze for too long, and forced Nikul to appear for only half the day. Those born under his sign are known for their jovial and overall content nature, aiming to please those around them, but are hard think for themselves and easily manipulated. Ally - None Rival - None --- THE QUEEN | Jula and Piov [Horen’s Welcome] Morrighein, Lady of the Moon Morrighein, the mythical queen of the hinterlands, who waged a fifty-year war against the vile Mali’Dun and led another fifty-year golden age. When her son was captured in battle by her elven enemies, she offered herself in sacrifice for his life. Those born under her sign are traditionally held as leaders, altruistic and selfless to an extreme, and rarely carrying the same regard to their own health and wellbeing. Ally - The Giant Rival - The Wopperklaw --- THE CROW | Vzmey and Hyff [First Seed] Gorm, the Three-Eyed Crow When the mighty glaciers melted at the Great Torrent, the Three-Eyed Crow guided the Highlanders into the newly-formed valley. Yet when they looked to the specifics where to settle for their tribes, Gorm could not answer, and the people divided and fought over the new land. Those born under his sign are known for their sageness, wisdom, and capability for abstract thinking, yet inaction, procrastination, and their own self-questioning rules their mind and heart. Ally - The Wopperklaw Rival - The Wyrm --- THE WYRM | Gronna and Droba [Grand Harvest] Garundonrech, the Worm Lord The great Worm Lord ruled the under-earth for centuries, his ambition knowing no bounds as he conquered relentlessly with his great armies of mice-men. However, in his madness, he aimed to rule the volcanoes, and died when trying to enter its magma core. Those born under his sign are known for their ambition and spontatunity, bold in their beliefs, yet their stubbornness and lack of forethought to many make them dangerous and unpredictable. Ally - The Drake Rival - The Crow --- THE GIANT | Tov and Yermey [Sun’s Smile] Osbjor, Champion of the Giants The chief of the legendary Gauntr, who taught the Highlanders the way of honored battle, considered the patron of Highlander ‘chivalry’. His great rivalry with Frysklund is recited in countless ballads, ending in the fantastical Dual of the Delung which culminated in both their deaths. Those born under his sign are traditionally known for their honor and loyalty, though are unable to look past their idealistic and cherried views of the world. Ally - The Queen Rival - The Drake --- THE WOPPERKLAW | Msitza and Dargund [Amber Cold] Koltin, the Cursed Magus The court-magus of the legendary king Joren, whose knowledge helped construct the first great Highlander cities. Yet when he saw to learn beyond the mortal world, he was tricked by the demons of the Void and turned in the twisted wopperklaw. Those born under his sign are known for their curiosity and tolerance in the unknown around them, though lacking in loyalty and deviant in social norms. Ally - The Crow Rival - The Queen --- THE DRAKE | Joma and Umund [Deep Cold] Frysklund, the Northern Drake While it was the giants who taught the Highlanders the ways of combat, it was the fierce and cunning Northern Drake who bestowed them the knowledge of strategy. For centuries he ruled the land from the mountains, but fell in the Dual of the Delung when betrayed by his son for five golden thistles. Those born under his sign are known for their cunning and wise-planning, though are mostly feared and disliked for their perceived cutthroat and treacherous nature. Ally - The Wyrm Rival - The Giant
  5. Alister Wailer was a Haeseni courtier, poet, and knight in the service of Kings Petyr I, Andrik II, and Marus I, and one of the most famous of the Haeseni Stranniks (poet-knights) of the Johannian Era. Much of his works, many unpublished in his notes, were lost following the Fall of Karlsburg in the First Northern War (including his lost epic poem, the Mariad), though the collection that survive have remained a cornerstone of Haeseni literary and poetic tradition. Alister died following the Battle of Elba due to an infected arrow-wound, and was one of the few ignoble individuals of the age given a royal funeral by the state. (Ooc: Full credit to @floop who wrote all these, posting so they aren’t lost in the jungle of google docs) --- SOLDIER’S SONNET When I look out to the North what I see It brings joyous tears to mine wide eyes I will pray the creator hears my plea I will fight and shout to the very skies Creator protect this beautiful land With its Illustrious pines, and frosty air Wise one I beg thee please guide my hand So that I may truly protect its heir From Karlsburg’s stone walls high they stand with might To the wild unkempt untamed Northmarch of freedom The great white expanse will shine gloriously bright Each man with the liberty GOD guaranteed him Loyal golden crows of the north heed my word Loyal golden crows of the north march for’rd --- LIMERICK NO. 1 There was a man from Haense In his **** he did feel pains So he cut it off And now all the ladies scoff It seems they don't want his brains --- A VILLANELLE ON SACRIFICE What truly is Sacrifice? Is it a personal burden each man must carry? Perhaps tis’ permanent or a moment in life that must be given once, or twice, or thrice? A punishment for our greed, and avarice? Is it with the grain or contrary? What truly is Sacrifice? A response to every human vice? Is there only one thing to give or does it vary? Perhaps tis’ permanent or a moment in life that must be given once, or twice, or thrice? Is it esoteric or precise? The focus of life or ancillary? What truly is Sacrifice? Oh creator what is the price? Simply a way to keep us wary? Perhaps tis’ permanent or a moment in life that must be given once, or twice, or thrice? How does one open the doors to paradise? On this I shall wonder till my body they bury. What truly is Sacrifice? Perhaps tis’ permanent or a moment in life that must be given once, or twice, or thrice? --- THE STORY OF WILLIAM BRANDYNUCK I once knew a gambler named William Brandybuck Now Billy Brandynuck had a lot of luck Until one day in the stables a mare did buck I yelled “duck” He yelled “****” And that was the end of Billy Brandybuck --- A POEM FOR THE HIGHLANDS When the sun sets in the west it can warm the coldest heart you see And The heartlanders have their fields and flowers so beautiful, and gay But when I look out at those misty pines I know there is nowhere I’d rather be For the North is my land, and it is so much more than clay The beauty of other regions is ephemeral, oh sadly so But not the glory of Haense, oh no I have felt the North’s pure snow on my shoulder I have been in Haense and felt the frost nip the air With its unparalleled beauty there is nowhere I’d rather grow older Oh yes I have seen Haense and I know I must be there From its misty mountains strong and high To the clear blue northern sky Let the bells of Haense’s freedom ring --- HAIKUS FOR A LOST FRIEND Fur as white as snow A Smile as bright as the sun Gone too soon my friend When my Kingdom comes I will see you there for me On the other side friend The clock of time ticks Oh Until we meet again Reunited my friend --- KING PETYR’S POEM What is the meaning of this loss? Is it a source of sorrow, of inspiration? A bridge together we must cross? A silent shout that echos through our nation? ‘Tis the loss of a father ‘Tis the pain of a daughter ‘Twill bring us farther ‘Twill make us stronger Perhaps it just is That everybody dies But we shall carry the legacy of his Legends live in highlander, hearts, minds, and eyes. --- SONETTA NO. 5 [SONETTA FOR THE SEASONS] Were I to Compare thine beauty to that of a new Spring It would simply be unkind to do the season such a disservice For I have seen you when the flowers bloom, I have seen the luster you bring Oh yes I have seen your stride in the springtime and how you leave the men nervous Shall I compare thine eloquence to the winds of winter? Of course not, for your charisma can not be questioned Oh, your words, the coldest hearts they splinter Clear as ice, pure as snow, for legend they are destined If I were to compare thine wit to the nip of fall It would not be fair, for your mind is sharper than the storms of autumn Tis’ now that I see why you leave them befuddled at every ball Oh When they hear you speak, no man will be able to forget what you taught ‘em Shall I compare thine voice to the tender sunshine of summer? It would not be fair to the season, for in your heart you have the song of the birds My lady I have heard thee sing, and they melody can be matched by no bard, or drummer You have left me awestruck, for in your voice is all is beautiful from poems, to idle words Nay My lady I Shan’t Compare thee to a season, for ephemeral their beauties are Oh yes thine qualities are not so fleeting, truly you are a shining star
  6. [!] A piece of parchment is nailed outside the entrance of the Sutican Tavern for all to see. The Marriage of Talia Le’Quella and Renne Fester To all Suticans and residence of nearby and allying nations, I would like to announce, with great joy, the coming matrimony of two residence of Sutica; Talia Le’Quella and Renne Fester. They, personally, would like to invite anyone who may read this pamphlet to their wedding in the Meeting Hall in four elven days. After the wedding ceremony, Talia would personally like to invite everyone who may attended to the Sutican Tavern for drinks and refreshments, all proceeds benefiting the growth of the nation of Sutica and the Fester’s themselves. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya! [!] Talia’s would sign her name with her fancy, elven writing. Following hers, would be Renne’s choppy, scribble of a signature. Wedding to take place on Thursday, March 21st at 10 PM EST (subject to change)
  7. TAX DEADLINE FOR THE CITY OF VES *A notice is posted at the gates of the city, and in other easily-noticeable places.* TO ALL HOMEOWNERS IN THE CITY OF VES, the end of the first tax season is fast approaching. If you have not already, please visit the tax office on the bottom floor of 6 Sabo’s Square, and check with the box matching your address for your tax class. ALL TAXES ARE DUE BY THE END OF THE SAINT’S WEEKEND. ((Sunday, March 17th)) Failure to pay will result in a strike being recorded for your household. Removing the strike will involve paying the next season’s taxes as well as the taxes missed. The city has a ‘three strikes’ policy. If you are unable to pay the amount due for this tax season, contact the city clerk immediately.
  8. EN SENTVORIGEO EDLERVIK ON THE ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE HIGHLANDER PEOPLE Written and compiled by BROTHER ALEXANDER OF THE FIVE LAKES, WHO, by the Grace of God, records these notes to chronicle the histories and myths of the Highlander People, to bestow upon future men the knowledge of their blood. May these texts be used for righteous intention, and any who pollute this message be cursed to eternal damnation, with their ashes grinded and discarded. ON THIS DATE 7 SE 1689 - Dedicated to Sofiya, my once love and now angel of the Skies, for which I don this habit and wield this quill. PROLOGUE Years -1000 to 0 TIME BEFORE TIME or The Four Brothers and the Curse of Iblees --- CHAPTER I Year 0 FALL OF PARADISIUS or Death of the First Prophet and the Calling of the Three Sons --- GLOSSARY Names, Terms, and Translations
  9. First City Council of Ves 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1706 Great Citizens of Ves, a momentous occasion has occurred in Ves, one that shall go down forever in the annals of history as the greatest advancement of democracy of all time. The Honourable City Council of Ves has convened, the illustrious council members voted on a number of proposals for the good and continued prosperity of the unchained citizens of Ves and have made into law many advancements to the society of Adria and Ves, both economically and socially. The laws instituted by the Honourable City Council of Ves are as follows: Foreign Ferrum Prohibition Act Henceforth, all foreign entities are to immediately cease any sale of ferrum within the Ducal City of Ves. Foreign entities that do not follow this stricture are to be evicted and heavily fined depending on the severity of their disrespect to the great citizens of Ves. Bonded Servitude Contract Act Henceforth, all Citizens of Ves are permitted to create and enter into contracts which bind individuals to another for a set number of years up to a maximum of 10 or as specified by the contract. Owners of these contracts are also permitted to trade these contracts to others for commodities such as Minae or other bonded Servants Property Restrictions Act Henceforth, all business of Ves are to be restricted in the number of properties they can own to a maximum of one shop and one house. This law does apply to companies which already have more than one house, however they no longer have the ability to buy additional property and are encouraged to release some of their holdings. Council Security Act Henceforth, during all meetings of the Honourable City Council of Ves all Dark Elves are to be banned from attending the meeting and standing directly in the council chamber for fear of their political corruption and unholiness is extreme. Business Grant Act Henceforth, Registered Adrian Businesses are entitled to grants to support their massive, and truly sprawling functions in order to ensure the safety and continued prosperity of the citizens of Ves The officials elected by the Honourable City Council of Ves are as follows: Arsène Nicéphore elected as City Clerk of Ves
  10. HOUSING AND WORK OPPORTUNITIES IN HELENA [!] An artist’s depiction of the Imperial Capital’s walls accompanies the missive, copied and spread throughout the Divine Imperium of Man! TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, With the conclusion of the Imperial Arcas Housing Program, the Imperial Ministry of the Interior is pleased to announce a change in housing policy, effective immediately within the Imperial Capital of Helena. Those seeking permanent accommodation within the city walls - a privilege that grants access to the finest Imperial institutions and numerous opportunities to grow and support one’s family through guaranteed work and high income - may now acquire properties at discounted prices, listed as follows along with their yearly taxes: Apartment (1 tenant) - 50/25 Apartment/House (1+ tenants) - 100/50 House (1-2 tenants) - 200/75 House (1-3 tenants) - 300/100 Manor/Guild Hall (3+ tenants) - 1500/125, writ of approval Stall - 250/100 Shop - 50 to 300/100 Any who are interested may send a bird to the Minister of the Interior - Lord Charles-Edmond Talraen, Baron of Rennes ((LithiumSedai; LithiumSedai#2394)) - or any of our esteemed Stewards, listed upon the notice boards of Helena. All those who seek employment in the Ministry of the Interior are also hereby invited to apply for the position of Imperial Steward of Helena. An Imperial Steward exemplifies the dignity and diligence of His Divine Imperial Majesty’s Administration, proudly serving as an official the citizenry of Helena can look up to in their hour of need. Benefits afforded to a proven Steward include: Limited legal immunity and full protection under the Ten Tables as an Agent of the Imperial Crown Full exemption from municipal taxes The right to claim a twenty-five-percent commission from any sales they make, in addition to any bonuses awarded Application requirements for full service and apprenticeship respectively are as follows: Steward: Must be of full-blooded Human or Elven descent Must be at least sixteen years of age Must be an Imperial citizen and be housed, or acquire accommodation upon submitting their application, within the Imperial Capital Must be of good legal standing Must be able to read and write well Must have experience or sufficient family background in stewardship and/or administration Apprentice: Must be of full-blooded Human descent Must be at least fourteen years of age Must be a Canonist Must be an Imperial citizen and be housed, or acquire accommodation upon submitting their application, within the Imperial Capital Must be of good legal standing Must be able to read and write Must have a recommendation or sufficient family background in stewardship and/or administration All applications must be delivered in person to the Minister of the Interior - Lord Charles-Edmond Talraen, Baron of Rennes at Talraen Manor, 9 Jan Sigmar Court, Helena. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Charles-Edmond of the House of Talraen, Minister of the Interior and Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey and the Imperium Septimus, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
  11. *posted around the kingdom curonia and the empire lands* Royal Decree of Banishment *a sketch, with some clear details of a bandit known as a Riever* On the 7th of suns smile, 1706, The Crown of Curonia does hereby declare that all known bandits and members of the group known as Rievers are banished and to be killed on sight upon entering any lands belonging to the Kingdom of Curonia. They have attacked numerous members of the empire as well as our citizens. Just this saints day, three members of the known bandit group attempted to kidnap our Queen, Evelyn Devereux. They are to be killed on sight. This royal decree is official as of posting. Signed His Majesty, King Wilhelm Devereux I Her Majesty, Queen Evelyn Devereux His Highness, Prince Jarrack Devereux
  12. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON Issued and confirmed by his Imperial Highness, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Grand Knight of the Imperium Septimus, 8th of Harren's Folley, 1679. MISSION The Imperial Order of the Red Dragon acts as the most prestigious and lawfully powerful Knightly Order within the Imperium Septimus. Consisting of every sanctioned Knight within the Realm, the Order of the Red Dragon also acts as the largest and widespread Knightly order upon the continent of Atlas. Named after Godfrey the Great, the Red Dragon of Horen, the Order of the Red Dragon’s mission is simple: To uphold the tenets of the Empire and to enforce the will of the Emperor. ENLISTMENT It is required, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, that all Knights within the Imperium Septimus are to enlist within the Order of the Dragon. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order of the Dragon does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order of the Dragon serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to answer the call for rally when issued by the Emperor. As such, the Order of the Dragon has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Imperial territory. It is also noted that not all Knights are Nobles, yet all Nobles should seek Knighthood. THE KNIGHTLY CODE OF CHIVALRY ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be loyal to the Emperor both in thought and in practice. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall live by honour and for glory. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall guard the honour of fellow Knights. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times keep the faith, ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall serve his liege lord valorously and with conviction. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall persevere to the end in any quest begun. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never turn their back upon a foe. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall refrain from the wanton giving of offense. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never leave an insult left unanswered. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never refuse the challenge of a duel from an equal or superior. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall respect those placed in authority. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall abstain from deceit and treason. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never draw his blade upon a fellow Knight in unlawful combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be vigilant and show courage in the face of evil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times speak truly. THE PRIVILEGES OF KNIGHTHOOD ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to don the title of Ser. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the Emperor’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arrav Crypts. PATH TO KNIGHTHOOD Pagehood The path to Imperial Knighthood begins as the lowly page. Noble boys between the ages of seven and fourteen are inspected and chosen by Knights seeking squires. Pages attend to menial tasks, such as cleaning, messaging and otherwise serving their knight. In return, they receive an education from their knight in the form of basic combat training and courtly manners. Squirehood When a page reaches the age of Fourteen, he is elevated to the role of Squire following confirmation by the Grand Knight. Squires retain the important tasks of their past and adopt new, combat related ones, such as maintaining arms and armour, protecting the knight, and even fighting in formation. Older squires are given important duties to be carried out, and will eventually embark on their Errant quest, as prescribed by their local liege or Grand Knight, to showcase their knowledge of Knightly Custom and Virtue with the goal of eventually becoming a Knight of the Realm. Imperial Writ Should one enlist within a levy force or military order yet not hail from noble lineage, the acquirement of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Imperial Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serving within the Imperium, for often times men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Imperial Majesty shall issue an Imperial Writ, officiating the knighthood if a lowborn individual. DEGREES OF KNIGHTHOOD FIRST DEGREE - Knights Errant Knights Errant are the sons of Noblemen who seek to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are often times inexperienced, and thus they seek to learn and progress through action rather than study. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. SECOND DEGREE - Knights of the Realm Knights of the Realm are Knights Errant who have earned their Spurs of Knighthood and granted personal fief and form the bulk of the Knights in the Imperium Septimus. Henceforth, Knights of the Realm are obligated to defend their fief, the lands and the honor of the Imperium Septimus. Alternatively, upon the Knight’s choice, a Knight of the Realm may seek out service elsewhere in the Imperium under that of a Landed Noble with a hereditary title and often times hold administrative tasks within that Lord’s holding. Should no land be available for a Knight of the Realm within the Greater Empire, it is the duty of a Knight of the Realm to expand the Borders of the Empire and plant their banners upon contested territories. THIRD DEGREE - Adventuring Knights Adventuring Knights are Knights of the Realm who, despite being offered lands and titles, renounce both in order to journey to foreign lands in hopes of becoming worthy enough to become a Dragon Knight. Adventuring Knights focus on becoming worthy of the Fourth Degree of Knighthood, and thus they seek to perform good deeds, slay evil beings, engage in single combat honorably, or by displaying valour on the field of battle. FOURTH DEGREE - Imperial Dragon Knights Imperial Dragon Knights are the most powerful and revered individuals in all of the Imperium, if not the entire human world. They represent the fearsome might and power of Humanity and answer only to the Emperor himself. It is hard for anyone to match these living embodiments of warriorhood in combat or intellect, their enemies cut down in their droves by the righteous fury of their might, wit and loyalty to their Emperor. Each Imperial Dragon Knight directly serves the Emperor and takes over the duties of protecting the Imperial Family as well as acting as the Emperor’s personal retinue in combat. CENSUS OF IMPERIAL KNIGHTS Knights Errant Ser Landry of Cantel Ser Ithilian of Enthelor Ser Ajax II of Ironwood Ser Frederick Alexander of Baden Ser Philip de Honneur Ser Charles of Napier Ser Septimius Bracchus Ser Aldrick Wulff Ser Peytor of Vance, the Huntsman Knights of the Realm Ser Marek of Kastrovat Ser Roland of Castelo Adventuring Knights Imperial Dragon Knights Ser Frederick Pius of Horen, the Hellstrider Ser Brand von Denhardt, the Indomitable Ser Jan Sigmar von Alstreim, the Blood Raven Ser Carlovac of Kovachev, the Inventor The Rule of Pius Authored by Ser Pius Horen, the Hellstrider, 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1679. I. On the Conduct of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act as the Emperor’s personal enforcers when called upon. As such, Imperial Knights are DEPUTIZED unless blackmarked. Deputization ensures that all Knights of the Imperium Septima hold the right to act as Judge, Jury and even Executioner when upholding the Emperor’s Peace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to know how to address their peers, clergymen and local liege lords. Additionally, Imperial Knights are expected to act with honour, in tandem with the Chivalric Code, in any and all given circumstances. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to be in good fitness and health and ensure that their mental state is not impaired whilst in the Public Domain. As such, Imperial Knights are expected to refrain from becoming publicly intoxicated upon liquors, Uruk herbs or hallucinogens. II. On the Dress of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, are to remain armed and armored at all times whilst within the Public Domain. In tandem, Imperial Knights are afforded the right to don the colors and sigil of their House, Liege or Circle. To wear anything less is a sign of disgrace to the Emperor. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, whilst in armor, are expected to upkeep their spurs as to ensure that they remain in good quality. Imperial Knights shall refrain from wearing pointed sabatons, shoes and shoelaces as they indicate pagan tradition and beliefs. Additionally, whilst in battle, Imperial Knights are expected to equip helmets at all times as to ensure that one's pride does not result in premature death. Should a Knight be without an adequate suit of plate due to damage, it shall be provisioned unto him by the Grand Knight until it can be repaired. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, if physical labor is to be completed, shall not remove their armor in favor of wearing flexible materials; rather, Imperial Knights shall persevere and adapt to the constrictions of their armor. Should a Knight be so physically impaired as to conduct labor, they shall utilize partisans to complete it for them. III. On the Elderly, Ill and Infirm Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are above the age of Seventy shall be considered Elderly. Elderly Knights shall be afforded the option of continued servitude or retirement. Elderly Knights shall retain their titles even into retirement, as well as the benefits that the Order provisions unto them. Elderly Knights also shall receive a statue of their person within the Carolustadt Palace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are afflicted by viral pathogen or affliction shall be considered Ill. Ill Knights shall immediately be given leave ordered to remain within relative quarantine. Pathogens that result in illness are contagious and may threaten the lives of a Knight’s peer, and more importantly, the life of the Emperor. An Ill Knight shall remain in relative quarantine until deemed able and healthy by an Imperial Physician. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are physically unable to conduct their Knightly duties shall be considered Infirm. Infirm Knights, if permanently physically impaired as a result of combat, shall be permitted the option of retirement. In the case of the loss of limb, an infirm Knight is expected to acquire prosthetics and persevere through their disability. Infirm Knights, who are deemed infirm as a result of personal choice (laziness, stupidity, etcetera.), shall be blackmarked. IV. On the Completion of Knightly Quests Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall undertake a plethora of quests in order to increase their Degree of Knighthood. Quests are tasks and or missions prescribed by the Emperor, the Grand Knight, or other Feudal Lords. It should be the goal of every Knight to uptake quests for the sake of honour and glory. Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall receive accreditation for the completion of quests. Should an Imperial Knight wish to advance to a higher Degree of Knighthood, they may provide evidence of quest completion in order to elevate their status. It should be noted, however, that one does not require Quest accreditation if they are promoted via the Emperor himself. The First Degree of Knighthood requires ZERO Quest Credations. The Second Degree of Knighthood requires FOUR Quest Credations. The Third Degree of Knighthood requires SIX Quest Credations. The Fourth Degree requires TEN Quest Credations. V. On the Formation of Knightly Chapters and Circles The highest authority of Knights in the Imperium Septimus is his Imperial Majesty, and under him the Grand Knight of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. “Knightly Chapters” will be defined as an Organization of Knights operated by a single Master alongside a Uniform, Chivalric Code, and Holdings; Chapters tend to be formal. “Knightly Circles” will be defined as a loose group of Knights who, directly in association with the Order of the Red Dragon, conduct specialized tasks; Circles tend to be informal. “Formal” associations will be defined as associations of Knights with lawful jurisdiction in an area greater than their own holding. “Informal” associations will be defined as any other association, such as a gentlemen's club. Knightly Chapters beneath the Order of the Red Dragon shall be afforded the right to don separate Colours, Sigils and Rank Structure. Knightly Chapters may own multiple holdings, but individual knights in a Knightly Chapter shall be entitled to their own estates. Though each Chapter/Circle of Knights may have their own codes of conduct, all are subject to the rules and regulations of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. All associations of Knights - Chapters or Circles - Formal or Informal - shall be approved by the signature of the Emperor or the Grand Knight. VI. On the Blackmarking of Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act respectfully and within the Guidelines of the Order of the Red Dragon. However, time to time, some Imperial Knights will ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Empire. Therefor, misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent to be left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the Emperor and Grand Knight, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Imperial Knights are stripped of their Imperial regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Empire. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime. Knights of the Imperium Septum who been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are is to be stripped of their Knighthood via the “Chopping of the Spurs”, condemned, and banished from Imperial service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Imperium entirely, or even executed. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERWORK Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Knighted By: Moniker: Liege Lord: Lands: Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Coat of Arms: Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Liege Knight: Were you a Page?: Were you a Squire?: Reason for Knighting: Potential Liege Lord: Potential Lands: Petition to Form a Knightly Chapter/Circle Name of the Master: (If there is no one leader, leave this blank) Name of the Association: Formality of the Association: (Formal or Informal) Type of Association: (Chapter/Circle) Names of the Knights associated: (Minimum of Five Required) In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  13. Caius_Araimora

    The Jade Riders

    The Jade Riders The Jade Riders are a broad group of rangers and adventurers alike who oppose threats to the natural world and help others survive in dangerous environments. A Rider might help a small village prepare for a brutal winter, or aid a Kingdom in a deadly war. Riders may protect a town from an onslaught of malicious foes or simply aid in the construction of a new settlement. Members of the Jade Riders know how to survive, and more importantly, they want to help others do the same. They are not opposed to civilization or progress, but they strive to prevent civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another. Members of the Riders are spread far and wide, generally in isolation or small cadres. Survival in a harsh world also demands great fortitude and mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Beliefs: The natural order must be respected and preserved. Forces that seek to upset the natural balance must be destroyed. The wilderness can be harsh. Not everyone can survive in it without assistance. Goals: The Jade Riders goals are to restore and preserve the natural order, keep the elemental forces of the world in check, keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and help others survive the perils of the wilderness. Creed: Allies: Aragrad (Yves Aragon) Ranks: Ranger Division General Rider: Myriil Thuridan Rider Captain: (N/A) Rider Of The Mark: (N/A) Senior Rider: (N/A) Rider Of The Wild: (N/A) Junior Rider: (N/A) Scout: (N/A) --------- Every Rank From Here Up Is A Rider --------- Trainee: (N/A) Diplomatic Division Party President: (N/A) Elder: (N/A) Scholar: (N/A) Diplomat: (N/A) Envoy: (N/A) Emmisary: (N/A) ----- All Ranks From Here Up Are Diplomats ---- Junior Trainee: (N/A) Dress Code: Ranger Division The Jade Riders - Ranger Uniform Each colored cloak varies depending on the rangers environment (White for snow, Green for forest or plains, Yellow/Beige for desert, Orange for red desert or mesa, Blue for water etc.) The color of your belt/undershirt varies depending on rank (The solid white spaces on the skin are for your skin [skin, eyes, hair etc.]) Belt Ranks: General Rider: Green Rider Captain: Black Rider Of The Mark: Gold Senior Rider: Purple Rider Of The Wild: Red Junior Rider: Blue Scout: Brown Initiate : White Diplomat Division: Diplomat’s have no set dress code at this time Out Of Character Rules Don’t be a jerk to ANYONE, be they a Rider or not. Don’t purposely or through inactivity provoke someone. Being active is not mandatory but it would be appreciated. Dress code in not mandatory but appreciated These rules are subject to change in the future Rider Code Of Conduct All people of any race, gender or sexuality are welcome in the Jade Riders. Discrimination will not be tolerated. You must renounce fealty to any organization or national order if the laws of said order conflict with those of the Riders Comitting acts of violence against nations to aid another nation is strictly prohibtied unless the Riders have voted to help Riders who reveal sensitive information or align themselves with a specific nation against another nation will be banished from the ranks without prior warning All Riders must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Riders, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. These rules are not to be bent in any way shape or form These rules are subject to change in the future **(To apply, copy and paste this form into a reply below. Being accepted on this forum DOES NOT mean you are a Rider, you must first pass the Initiate Training Process)** Application For The Jade Riders Ooc Information Minecraft Gamertag (Required*): Real-Life Age (Required*): Nickname (Optional*): Prefered Pronoun(s) (Required*): (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them etc.) Roleplay Sample (Required*): Ic Information Characters Full Name (Required*): Current And/Or Former Titles Held (Required*): Race (Required*): Sub-Race (Optional*): Sex And Gender (Required*): Training Known (Optional*): Training Wanted/Needed (Required*): *“By signing this document, you agree to the above laws and any the General, Captain and Senior Rider see fit of adding. You agree to renounce any title that conflicts with the goals/code and will uphold peace and balance between the natural world and society”*
  14. [!] In early, morning Reza, A small letter is gently slid under the door, The Kortrevich crest stamped red wax sealing the letter. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to formally introduce myself, My name is Lotte Rosendale Kortrevich. You might have observed me in a few places flourishing around the town. I Tend to give my patronage in as many places as I can, Whether it’s earnestly helping out in our lovely tavern “Tub’ n’ Tuck” serving drinks with a smile, or helping in medicine with our soldiers and anyone who comes to me sick or bleeding. I may not be as skilled in combat as some lovely other candidates that are running. But what I lack in swordsmanship I can bring back particular force in diplomacy and resourcefulness! I know we merely came to this town, but I perceive people on the streets. And I want to establish this town grows into something better than what we left behind. So those people who died to assist us travel, can look upon us and smile. Knowing they died for a noble cause. This town is blossoming into something amazing; you can just feel it in the air. I can grasp both sides of the spectrum, the military versus the haense man or woman. Both have their strengths and both as much as it's hindering me to say have their defaults. But when we work together as one solid unit many things can get done. As I learned at a first-hand notice when I was going on the road the other saints day. It seems when we come together as one community, we can represent an unstoppable force. Since coming to this unknown land, It understandable that everyone is scrambling to get minas back to an order that we are all used to. Nothing can replace markev and the Haense that we all were used to. But If you allow me, hopefully, I can rekindle a few memories and maybe even evolve our culture here. What we probably need is to bring more people into our lovely little town and show them good business and even kinder citizens and nobles. Which hopefully they'll come back another time. I mean, who wouldn't come back After meeting any of our townspeople? As we set up new laws we set up a more prosperous future for our children, so safety beyond all else is rather important to me. Which our guards perform a lovely job,they do from the good of their hearts.Protecting our lovely home and kingdom is not an easy feat , with bandits and orcs. In personal experience, That places such as Curon have required meetings and events for their recruits to come to that went catalogued they can get rewarded depending on their rank and time spent. From what I recognize Haense doesn't consist of something like that, and I may be wrong but that would be one way to reward and develop an efficient workforce. Working at the tavern, you can literally hear everything about the people and their lives. We don't mean to, don't worry we are not eavesdropping into your conversation. WE (the peoples) just like interacting and help out as much as we can when it comes to a drunk on the floor. I know a couple of you have done this and have helped pick you up. I should know. As a result we might not need a suggestion box if you would all feel comfortable to come to talk to me about anything and all that would bother you. When reading a piece of parchment it is not as easy to feel the emotion and what they are going through. Hopefully through this was, you are not waiting for someone to read it. We can come to a direct solution or agreement, that you can check up on at any time you are unsure of progress. In working in the field of medicine, I've noticed we provide a hospital, that is in significant need of some use. It is a lovely two-story place, that most likely will have patients but little to no staff. I have a few friends and medics over my years that would love to move to Reza and work with us on making it a thriving safe place for all. They just need a little insight; they have come to town quite a bit. For instance, Nolan O'Hara a Fantastic Medic and surgeon that maintains a great history of saving lives would wish to work with us. Nolan O'Hara worked with the legion a while back and helped many in the terrible battles, and he fought for the empire and utilized his medical knowledge to teach and aid others. The O'Hara family are well known as nobility within the city of Helena and filled with other skilled doctors, Celestia, another O’Hara, worked alongside Nolan in the legion to help through dark times and Eric works for the ursus in Curon. As I spoke to Nolan he mentioned something that compelled me think we needed each other for Reza “Our family is trying to change the lack of doctors in the Empire and education.” I hope to anticipate you at the debate with all my competitors to create a successful future for us all. Lotte Kortrevich for Maer, Because She loves Reza and its people a Lotte. Sincerely, Medical officer Lotte Rosendale Kortrevich Signed 1706
  15. I need a skin for my character Rogg heres the skin im using for him rn: https://imgur.com/a/H3BMRKz im looking for a more “realistic” look to his face with the same messed up eyes and mouth here are some references to use: https://imgur.com/a/K2VxFjJ https://imgur.com/a/JjYhCMa https://imgur.com/a/EGWTgOJ he’s basically sloth from the goonies but with hair and a beard i dont have any mina but i got $5 [paypal]
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    - Seeking Household Servants -

    Hiring The Imperial Household is interested in finding any peasantry or others to fill these special roles that will grant you importance within the Court. The positions that are required to be filled are listed below - Butlers / Maids Those who maintain the cleanliness and order of the Imperial Palace Duties will require cleaning, serving and otherwise being an extension of the Imperial Family’s wishes and needs in the household. Imperial Head Cook / Cook The Imperial Head Cook will need to have proficient skill in the preparation and ability to create feasts worthy of grand events Cooks will require proficient skills in kitchen maintenance, food preparation and cooking. Those who know of exotic cuisine shall have an advantage over others. Maintaining stocks of liquor and other consumable items. The Royal Gardener The Royal Gardener will be in charge of the maintenance of Palace Grounds. Duties may include trimming, weeding and planting flora at the request of the Imperial Household. To maintain and grow produce as needed for the Imperial Kitchens. Those interested may apply below, send the application to the Imperial Palace with a return address and the Imperial Chamberlain will reply to you to arrange a time of interview. Application -
  17. TankM1A2


    A Knight Panther preparing to do battle, adorned in his Kharajyr-skin pelt. ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS PANTHER The Knights Panther are a chapter of Imperial knights wholly dedicated to preservation of the Empire against beings eldritch and taboo. They are staunch opponents to actions considered degenerate and will take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the Empire’s purity. Their goals are largely unknown, but many have come to believe that they merely serve what they believe to be ‘for the good of the Empire’. More often than not, this leaves them to align with the Emperor’s prerogative. As such, they can often be seen riding out into battle amongst their knightly brethren of other chapters and His Imperial Majesty’s State Army. Though working in tandem with the rest of the Emperor’s humble servants, they may sooner yet take actions into their own hands. Should one be deemed a mutant or espouse heretical practices, they may find themselves cut down without remorse and little afterthought. Out of all knightley Chapters, by far, the Knights Panther are most easily distinguishable. Almost always will they be found, wrapped in their large fur cloaks. Their cloaks are typically crafted of Kharajyr pelt and serve to denote their status. The tradition of wearing Kharajyr skin pelt derives from the ancient Renatian aristocratic desire to flaunt their prowess. As such, many nobles and knights would often publicly display trophies taken from their vanquished foes. In time, this shifted from game animals to the sapient Kharajyr, and all respective subraces. While far from ingenuitive as human minds, they were not be underestimated. Their sharp claws and razor-like fangs could make quick work of an unarmored or unsuspecting man. Many had also come to be seen as treacherous and deceitful. Thus, while not publicly condoned, the seeking out and killing of the Kharajyr became widely accepted amongst the Knights of Renatus. Considered elusive, it seemed a remarkable feat to slay one and collect its pelt. Many of the Knights put their prize on display. Hence, why many Knights Panther either wear the pelts around their bodies, as part of their armor and clothing, or perhaps in their saddles. In terms of recruitment, the Order of the Knights Panther seemed to possess fairly relaxed laws on who may join their ranks. The requirements to join the Knights Panther are rather straightforward and mundane. First and foremost, an aspirant Knight Panther must possess no less than 100% Human blood and must be able to trace their ancestry back at least two generations. And secondly, An aspirant Knight or a squire to become formally accepted within the ranks of the Knights Panther must prove his worth and cunning by seeking out and skinning a Kharajyr, on top of whatever knightly duties that one might possess. However, in more recent times, this has simply evolved into collecting the pelt of any feline of prey. Only then may a man be admitted into the circle of the Knights Panther. The Knights Panther, despite their staunch opposition to heretical and degenerate practices, are most definitely a secular order, acting in the Empire’s interest rather than that of the Church. Though, the goals of both may frequently align. When riding into battle the Knights of the Panther have been known typically shout the words, “Judgement awaits!” It has become widely accepted that the use of this phrase extends as their ‘warcry’. However, it is unknown who or what is receiving judgement. While some speculate that it indicates that the Order are ready to accept their fate should they fall in battle, others believe that it is Knights Panther sending the souls of the vanquished to be damned, before the Creator. Either way, the chilling howl of their warcry is almost always followed by a devastating cavalry charge in lance formation, plowing forward with little discretion. The exact date which the Knights Panther were found is lost to history, though many believe that it was formed during the early sixteenth century. The Order follows a unilateral command structure - with the Grandmaster in charge of the Order. The Grandmaster is typically a knight who has displayed remarkable skill in battle or a hardened veteran of several campaigns. While, in the past, the position of Grandmaster seemed to have been elected - in more recent times, the Grandmaster has appointed his successor. The Knights Panther are known to establish many forward outposts across the continent in the efforts of their everlasting Crusade against the impure. Their main chapterhouse is located in the lower district of Carolustadt, where they base all their activities out of. The heraldry of the Knights Panther is that of a Renatian Panther - native to the dense forests of the Imperial glades. The Panther is either displayed in either one of two ways. On a shield, the Panther is typically portrayed sable, with the Panther rampant. Otherwise, the standard may be flown at the tip of a lance. The pennon would have a Panther passant guardant counter charged.
  18. Kingdom of Curonia Royal Ordinances For Housing Ordinance 1 1.) All person living with the Kingdom of Curonia shall be held responsible for paying a mandatory saint’s weekly property tax. a.) A citizen of the Kingdom who is an Active Member of the Royal Army shall be exempt from all forms of taxes so long as that they live within the city’s barracks. b.) All properties within the Kingdom of Curonia shall cost a purchasing fee of 200 mina no matter the size, location, or value of a house or shop. i.) All citizens of the Kingdom shall be required by law to pay a set tax based upon the value of their owned property. c.) Taxes shall be collected every Saturday and are due by 3 pm EST d.) All persons who fail to pay their property taxes by the specified due date shall be issued a three-day eviction notice. i.) In order to avoid eviction, a steward must be contacted by an evictee where a set fine of 500 mina will be issued to the owner of the property for negligence and tax evasion. Ordinance 2 1.) All house and shop owners shall be allowed to decorate the inside of their homes/shops as they deem fit. a.) None of the original walls, floors, windows, doors, and ceilings may ever be changed unless specifically approved by the Lord Steward. Ordinance 3 1.) In no manner shall any building’s exterior be altered or changed in any way by the owner of a property. a.) If a person wishes to request and have something changed or fixed to the outside of their house, a steward must be contacted and then give approval for such. Ordinance 4 1.) No additions (defined as any extra rooms that go beyond the original walls and floors of a building) may ever be added to a property. a.) If a citizen believes they need more room in their house for any legitimate reason, they may apply to the Royal Stewardry Offices for an expansion to their property. i.) Those who apply for an expansion of property will be asked to fill out a brief letter of documentation and intent to the Stewardry Offices. The brief letter should outline the purpose of the desired expansion along with a reasonable explanation to why it is needed. b.) If an expansion is approved by the Lord Steward, it shall follow a strict set of guidelines for how it is to be built and completed. i.) The expansion of a house will always be built in the form of a basement. ii.) The length, width, and height of an expansion will not exceed the parameters of the original structure. iii.) The expansion must be built with the same materials and in the same style in which the rest of the property has been constructed. iv.) A set fee, based upon the size and purpose of an approved expansion, shall be enforced by the Royal Stewardry Offices upon the property owner. This fee must be paid before any construction can begin on an expansion. v.) The taxes of a property shall be increased after the construction of expansion is complete. This shall be based upon the size and final value of the expansion. vi.) A steward will be allowed to check the progress of an expansion at any time during or after construction to ensure all guidelines have been followed. vii.) If the property owner is found to have broken any of the regulations set forth in this ordinance, a hefty fine will be issued by the Stewardry Offices to the negligent party.
  19. Legoboy7984

    Tavern of Markev Hiring

    Tavern of Markev Hiring [!] An image of the tavern within Markev, circa 1703 A Notice would be placed upon the notice board in Markev and across Atlas: To all that currently seek for work. The tavern within the city of Markev is currently looking for anyone who is willing to work within the tavern. If you are willing and wanting to do this please contact me, Sir Henrik Otto Ludovar, or apply for it which then I will work with you or get someone to get you settled in within the tavern to begin to work. His Lordship, Henrik Otto Ludovar, Baron of Lizat, Lord Bursar of Markev, and Knight of the Marian Retinue Application -OOC- MC Name: Discord: Are you active?: -RP- Name: Age (Must be at least 17+): Any Experience: Why do you wish to work within the tavern?: What position do you want? (Tavernkeeper or Waiter/Waitress):
  20. Stack Loot

    Treaty of Man and Mali'ker

    Pact of Man and Mali’ker, 1703 Preface: The Sable Principality of Vira’ker has seen fit to establish contact with His Imperial Majesty and the Empire of Man. As such it is by His Imperial Majesty’s will that the Empire of Man and the Sable Principality of Vira’ker enter into a defensive pact to ensure the mutual success of both nations. Terms, agreed upon by both nations: Both nations agree to entering in a defensive pact, as such both nations agree to provide military support it the other nation is threatened. Both nations agree to permit free and safe passage of the other faction’s citizens within their lands IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Augustus I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. His Highness, John d’Anpalais, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince of Beaufort His Highness, Vulnir Syllar of Clan Syllar, Prince of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker, Protector of Mali’ker and the Onyx
  21. _CorruptedSoul_

    Royal Coronation of Curonia

    Royal Coronation of Curonia As the sun shines in the windows filling the Cathedral with a golden light. The smell of fresh cut flowers down the aisle, the preparation for the royal coronation of King Wilhelm I of House Devereux and Queen Evelyn of House Devereux have been finalized. The couriers hastily deliver invitations to each of the Empire’s vassals and the capital, all citizens and nobles alike invited to witness the first coronation of the Kingdom of Curonia. The couriers delivering special invitations to the following: His Imperial Majesty Augustus I of House Horen and the Imperial family His Holiness Pontian II, Pontiff of the Church of Canon Imperial Order of the Red Dragon and their families His Royal Highness, King Robert of Hanseti and Ruska and the royal family His Lordship Paul Ewald Ostromir Petyr Leonid Emil Franz Carrion, Duke of Adria and his family His Lordship Edward Suffolk, Count of Pembrokeshire and his family House Bolivar House Devereux of Curonia House Falkenrath of Curonia House de Alba of Curonia House Keint of Curonia House Silversteed of Curonia House Ragnarson of Curonia The coronation will be held within the beautiful cathedral within the city of Cyrilsburg, this saints day. OOC Information Time: 6pm EST 11pm GMT Location: Curon Cathedral
  22. TheDragonsRoost

    The Darkness Within (Part 4)

    Previous Stories: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: We have reached Part 4 in this series, ending the first arc in the “Key to Oblivion” stories. Thank you for reading the storyline so far and I hope you enjoy “The Darkness Within,” the final story of the first arc. ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories don’t get to end with a joyous note. Others have far more twisted ends to them while the people are left with a sobering fact of life. We all can die and never come back. This was especially true to Karren Myrsta when his throat was slit back in the Druid Grove by Nivndil some years ago. He had left the world while the September Prince still roamed the land, terrorizing the population and leaving him with the sense of powerlessness that drove him to begging for death. Now, he resided in a world that offered no quarter with demons wishing to end his pathetic life so that he may never exist again. When his grandfather “dreamed” of seeing him as he was now, in the middle of transitioning into a beast of corruption and wielding dangerous magical power, he did not wish for him to see how far he had fallen and how close he was to turning into a being of pure hatred-tortured relentlessly by those that resided within the hellworld of The Pit. It was the one thing that he had wished to never lose-the good memories of him, tainted forever by how far that he had become-and the one thing that forced him to cling to dear life within this hellscape. To Jarsek, however, the sight of his grandson being a figure of pure heart and how he became something frightening was enough to break his very heart-shatter his core into millions of pieces. Ascended could not help him with this kind of problem as it affected him deeply to the point of wanting to die, but there was another force deeper within that fought to keep him alive. There was no other way for him to stay alive, broken as he was, besides taking up the darkness within his very being and letting it run free within him. Surging like wildfire and feeling cold to the touch, Jarsek would begin to learn about this driving force of Creation and even attempt to understand it through how it would react to certain situations, but however, something felt like it was being prevented from unleashing itself fully into his body, acting like a powerful restraint that would appear to be indestructible. Not a single clue on how to release that preventive restraint, Jarsek had only one option left to him at the time: begin to learn about the darkness within. This would motivate him into something that would either drive him into insanity or elevate him into power, depending on how fate had willed it. He wanted to know what this darkness was inside of him to the point of asking critical questions that would prove to be even more complex to answer as they simple to ask. “What is this feeling? Where did it come from? Is this part of our curse?” would three of the many questions that would plague his mind for years to come until he either gained a satisfactory answer or not. Critical questions that would endlessly plague him to the point that they would be burned forever to his core, questioning everything. Unbeknownst to even most High Elves, curiosity can be a powerful motivator for either the good or the bad choices made every second of every day, but Jarsek was the most afflicted in this case. Intelligent and witty, he would try his best to understand how this feeling within him worked and what it was truly... ~(+)=~=(+)~ While Jarsek had this feeling within him, something else was brewing in a currently unknown continent known as Arcas. Something that was not always so simple as the lands were brimming with life and suppressing that which was attuned to the darkness, keeping it in perpetual slumber. At least, for now...
  23. Snelfma

    A formal resignation

    “ I have suffered no greater abuse than I have today at the hands of the snow elven people while trying to grieve for my daughter. I try to say that it was entirely possible her death had more to do with someone’s quarrel against me than some odd conspiracy to ruin a frozen city in a barren land, but am told that I may as well have been the one to slit her throat and torn out her heart for the simple fact that I live in the empire. I heard things like this screamed around me while I wanted nothing more than peace and silence to grieve the brutal murder of my daughter. Unfortunately some of the things they kept screaming at me were true and I must address it. It is true that after years of healing citizens, soldiers, and nobility that I am still questioned, threatened, and spat upon by sheer virtue of my race and I am completely exhausted of it. I will not be withdrawing my services from the Empire as I still believe in making a culture centered around healing, but I will no longer accept being sneered at by the town drunk while I work hard to warm up the limbs of a child thrown into a freezing river. I will no longer offer my service to anyone who threatens to cut off my ears or the ears of any other elf, anyone who questions my integrity or skill because of my race, and I absolutely refuse to serve anyone who cannot even manage the most basic of manners after realizing I am an elf. Even with my treatment by humans and my frustration, they still cannot even match the level of disrespect and vitriol I was shown by the snow elves. No longer will I afford a measure of my mind for a so called race who would rather spew propaganda and harass a grieving a mother rather than find the killer of one of their kin, no longer will I lift a finger for a race who would declare me their enemy when I have done less harm to their kin than the vast majority of their officials, and now I formally resign as a snow elf since apparently being a snow elf means I must lick a Tundrak’s boot or be treated even worse than I have been by the most racist of humans. P.S For those whom it may concern, I want to be alone. You may send a letter to could temple if you want to contact me, but until I find that I am once again in a suitable mind to operate I encourage you to contact Iros Windsor or Nepir Wolfguard isntead. Snow elves wishing to point out how humans have committed genocide against their race in the past, which is obviously quite a ways worse than the racial slurs I experience now, please remember to submit your age, the date of the last snow elven genocide, and the average life span of a human. – Zatanaes Avern, Former Snow Elf “
  24. Rudster

    A Mother's Plea

    A Mother’s Plea - The desperate mother, circa 1700 - Carolusstadt, the bungling capital of the Empire of Men. Through the crowded streets, filled with screaming merchants, patroling soldiers and visitors from places far far away, an old hunchback madeher way towards the core of the cíty. Halting at the grande noticeboard, she’d spit into her hand, before reaching for her lower back, to pull herself into a more straight posture. After a moment of painfull cracks and groans, emitted by the elder, she reached into the side, of her simple dark brown frock, to reveal a hammer and two rusty nails. Holding the nails between her few remaining foul, brown teeth, her wrinkled old fingers pressed a sheet of paper against the wood en board, before carefully hammering the nails into it. Finally having the simple paper secured on to the board, the hag glanced over her shoulder, before quickly merging with the crowd, disappearing in the streets. The notice would say: ”May God be my witness for my own failure, I’m addressing you all, good hearted Lords and Ladies of Carolustadt, as a desperate mother in need. Under great pain and sorrow, am I publicly admitting my own incompetence, of not being able to take care of my only child Hugo. I can no longer take care of my only offspring and ask one of you, Lords and Ladies, to take my child and give him work and a place to sleep. Excuse my shamefull public writing, but I am desperate and hopeless. Please one of your Lords and Ladies, have mercy and give my child a reason to live in servitude, more than I can give! Huge is a good child and will work as whatever you seem him to be fit for. Please leave a note, if you are able to take care of my boy. In God’s name, may he protect you all and guide you to be a better parent than myself. - A failed mother”
  25. General_Bentnoze

    Salt in the Sea - Tokoko Refugee Camp

    TOKOKO REFUGEE CAMP The journey through the Shattered Sea was by no means an easy feat and after a year of navigating the long stretches of blue between various, sometimes uncharted, archipelagos, the survivors of the Echo Bay Rebellion made their way to the shores of Atlas on their last remaining Junk Ship. With the leader of their rebellion’s whereabouts unknown with others missing and family long left behind in the Aeldenic South East, the Echo Bay Rebels set up camp and begin their new lives. *A missive is sent out across the realm’s roadways for travelers to see. It is written in Common and the various prominent languages of the Easterners* “We people of Echo Bay declare ourselves liberated with the death of Khan Ryuu and wholeheartedly denounce his retainer and heir Hibiki the Magician as a practitioner of Dark Sea Magicks unfit to lead the Easterners of Edn. We reaffirm our sovereign to be the Oyabun of the Death Lotus, he who does not ****, Master Bobo Kato represented by his right hand the Wakagashira. Those sick of the Khan’s regime, hear your countrymen - we live to fight another day and finish the enterprise begun. Reunite with us and rebuild your livelihoods. To our brethren from the mainland, Ni hao, haisai, annyeonghaseyo. We will take in all kinfolk willing to contribute to our community and the cause. Death to those who obstruct the revolution! We people of Echo Bay form the land of Tokoko. To our brethren seeking to join our community, send word through the Cloud Temple Aviary.” ((Contact Shady_Tales or Cassiflorn))!