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Found 224 results

  1.  Empress Adeline and the Princess of Alstion, dated 1717  OF MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS  “Ma colombe, I do believe we are almost there,” A melodious voice says grimly to another as the vessel they were upon continued to sway against the turbulent ocean’s mighty waves. “I do hope your dear siblings are well within Alba’s walls, non? Mon Dieu, what if their nurses have poisoned them!” The two figures of finely dressed women sat beneath the deck of a ship; a golden haired Auvergnian of vibrant countenance, alongside her somber-faced child that draped herself in lavish purple garments. “They wouldn’t dare, Mother, as your temper is fiery enough to lay the Horosid Family to ash.” Adeline Margaret utters, distractedly, as she peers out the small windows gifted within their sect. “But I look forward to being home.” “Bah! To mess with a mother is akin to messing with a dragon,” She comments flippantly, jerking her palm about in a dismissive display as she lowers herself beside Adeline — skirts succumbing to the seat with a heavy thud. “I will worry for our fair Oren, but I refuse to satisfy the new imperator that hath brought such shame to Godfrey’s name.” Adeline settled her attention permanently upon the brewing storm upon the horizon despite her mother’s words, the silence drawing further forth her mother’s concern.  “It is a girl, Duchess!” Stated the raspy voice of a nurse, beaming. Immediately, a frown would settle upon Vivienne’s sweat-laden face as she surveyed the infant; her blue eyes shifted over the babe’s crinkled, grey ones along with the wisps of chestnut locks upon her head. “Alexandre will not wish for a girl, Madame — he wishes for more boys. He will not be content with me!” Vivienne exclaimed, cooling to a seated stance as she hands the child off to the rotund crone beside her. “The Prince does not understand the worth of a girl, then,” The decrepit woman uttered, seating herself beside the flaxen-haired Princess. “Raise her well, fair songbird, and prove him wrong.” The then Duchess of Furnestock glanced over to her daughter, who whined with the vehemence of the dragon that she was, with a newfound admiration. “Bring her here, nurse.” Upon having the infant settled within her arms, she smiled a broad smile — caressing her cherubic cheeks. “I think I will call her Adeline.”  As the journey to Aeldin continued, so did the storm that set itself upon the course of the vessel. A clap of thunder came as often as the hurling waves, thrashing the wooden boat in fury. The wails of passengers and the screaming orders from the ship’s commander did nothing to aid the turbulence of it all. “Adeline, I will go talk to the captain to ask how it all fares, yes?” The auvergne woman questions her child gently, as she held the child’s head in her hands, “Stay here, Ma colombe. Stay here.” Adeline nodded her head dutifully, eyes wide as she looked desperately, still, out the storming window. “It is like the siege of Helena, the thunder and wails, and the banging upon the wall” She thought, and no small comfort came with her recollection.  When she first laid eyes upon the streets of Helena, afterwards it's siege, Adeline’s heart clenched in disgust and guilt. She expected the horns of triumph to blow through the street, as Renatian Legionnaires stood tall within their gleaming suits of armour; the banners of Joseph Marna ripped and cast in shame. Instead, there were no banners and sigils to behold upon the field of battle — the symbols of the proud nobility and royalties of either side were nothing more than bloodied fabrics upon corpses. The streets of Helena had brought a chill upon the girl, and a dreadful touch of death. “First we will deal with the wounded in the former halls of Parliament, there’s more than enough space there--” She utters to William Jrent, as she walked beside her mother hastily through the ruined Rubrummagnus and towards it’s entrance, “I want the gates closed and manned until we’ve both our citizens and soldiers treated.” “Adeline, you can’t go to the city -- please.” Her mother held her arm tightly before she could make it through, though William raised a brow. “Ma colombe, the streets still run red and the corpses are yet to be removed.” Adeline hesitated, the young girl’s troubled countenance prevalent. Nonetheless, she shakes her mother’s grip off -- “I will see them, mother. If I command them to fight for my nation, I will see the consequence that is death.”  “ADELINE!” Vivienne screamed as she hurled herself through the sinking vessel, back towards the chambers that she had left her daughter within. She was frantic, a madwoman desperate in her search, even as the water continued to leak within the boat. “ADELINE!” “Mother--” The desperate plea came to her as she neared the chambers, yet the door was shut tightly. “Mother, it’s stuck-- mother, I’m stuck, please--” There was only a small gap upon the door that allowed Vivienne to see within the room, and the sight that she received shattered her heart. Her daughter desperately banging on the door, as the water had risen dramatically to her shoulders. The Auvergnian woman threw herself harshly against the wooden door, yet her frail form did little against it. “Adeline, we’ll get you out of there, don’t you worry, Ma Colombe.” The woman reassured, continuing her fruitless effort to force open the doors. Adeline’s voice trembled, weak and desperate, as the water crept to her chin. She coughed as the water splashed to her lips, her fingers desperately clawing at the door for support to stay afloat. “Non, non! not without you. Never without you.” Vivienne assured, weeping as she laid her head upon the wooden door -- fists weakly banging upon it. The water on her side of the door had begun to creep up just as steadily, yet the woman held no care for it. “Please, please, Dieu--” “I don’t want to die, Mama, I don’t want to die.” Her daughter’s young voice, pleading as she stood desperately upon her tip toes, “Mama, please-- I want to see Papa.” “Focus on me, ma colombe, focus on me.” Her sobbing quieted as she begged to hear her daughter’s response, yet only a trickle of water answered her. The Princess of Alstion wept once more, her chest heaving with despair as her nails dragged upon the wooden door, the woman collapsing into the ever rising pool of water. “Leave me here to die.” The mother wailed to the empty halls, consuming herself in her grief. Vivienne pounded on the wooden door, even as the water rose to her cheeks. “But let her live, God, let her live, I beg of you.” Even a dragon's fire cannot overturn god's will  “Mama, where’s papa?” Beckoned a distressed girl, cooped within her chambers. As Vivienne brushed into the room, her eyes settled upon Adeline, whose face was shrouded with tears. “What is wrong, ma colombe?” Inquired the woman, tutting softly as she lowered beside the Empress. “Come, you can tell your mere. You can always depend on me, ma colombe.”  REQUIESCET IN PACE Adelina Margarita Alstion, Imperatrix Orenii 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1709 - 1725 Despite being born from a lineage of Emperors and Kings, Adeline Margaret was never expected to be anything more than a Princess to be married off and away. Nonetheless, such expectations were defied upon her coronation as, initially, the Empress of the Imperium Renatum, followed through with her crowning as the Holy Orenian Empress in a later date. Certainly, the young girl was married off with little consultation to herself; yet such titles had wrought upon her a great responsibility that defined the remainder of her life. Diplomacy, trials, the pleas of propaganda — heavy duties that weighed upon the minds of a child, whose Crown had engulfed her head just as it would her mind. Thus, she had lead her childhood life as an Empress besieged and in War. REQUIESCET IN PACE Viviana Alstion, Princeps Johannes 13th of Owyn’s Flame, 1692 - 1725 The only trueborn child to Francis d’Amaury, Margrave of Ardennes, Vivienne grew with a passion for life and the people around her; such never dwindled as she began to reach the final years of her prime. In her early adolescence, after awaiting merry news in Banardia’s courts, she was wed and made Princess of Alstion — a duty she greatly revered as she sired four children, the eldest being Adeline Margaret. Throughout her daughter’s tenure as Empress, the Auvergnian would often placate the girl, serving as a confidant; it wasn’t until her later years in which she took a more public role in Orenian affairs. Those acquainted with a younger Vivienne attest to her fondness for the pianoforte, spending her days in Carolustadt’s tavern alongside its denizens. ((Axelu n i wrote this together bc we die together. ride or die shih.))
  2. THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS SOLIS ‘FIDELIS USQUE AD FINEM’ Established 4th of the Sun’s Smile, 1724 PREFACE The Knights Solis are the official Knightly Order of the Duchy of Cresonia. They are loyal to their homeland and to the Ducal Family and shall act in full effect as their personal guards, willing to give up their lives for the sake of the Duchy and the family. Grand Knight, The Grand Knight of the Knights Solis is appointed by the Duke/Duchess of Cresonia. The Grand Knight is to serve as the Duke/Duchess’s personal guard. The title of Grand Knight is for life and when one dies a new one is to be appointed. The responsibilities of Grand Knight are all things regarding chivalry and to be the one who allows or rejects those for pagehood or squirehood. Knight Solis, A Knight Solis is a veteran of the Order and have been promoted by the Grand Knight. They are allowed to have two squires. A Knight Solis is allowed to hold the title of ‘Ser/Dame’. A Knight Solis can be seen with the Grand Knight guarding the Ducal Family. Knight/Dame, A man or woman of Cresonia who has passed their trainings during their time of being a squire and has reached the age of eighteen. Or has proven themselves to be worthy by valiant acts to be appointed a Knight/Dame by the Duke/Duchess. All knights or Dames of the Order have the right to use the title of ‘Ser/Dame’. Squire, A boy or girl who has been taken under the wing of a Knight of Solis to train and teach them on how to be a Knight. These children tend to be around the age of twelve or thirteen. During the time of being a squire they hold no authority over anyone who is of the Order of the Knights Solis. Page, A page is a young boy or girl who wishes to one day to become apart of the Knights Solis. Usually around the age of eight or nine. They are special in the sense that a Knight takes them into their home and raises them as if they were their own child until they see it fit to pass them onto being a squire on the child's twelfth birthday. OATH(S), KNIGHTS SOLIS’ OATH I, [name], do swear to uphold the name and values as a Knight Solis. I swear to remain loyal to House Nasrid and the Duchy of Cresonia. I swear to ensure peace and protect within the land KNIGHT’S OATH I, [name], do swear to uphold the name and values as a knight of Cresonia. I swear to not sully my name nor that of my fellow comrades-in-arms. I swear to be loyal to Cresonia and to the Ducal Family. TO BECOME A KNIGHT ONE MUST TRAIN A page must live with a knight or dame until they’re ready to begin his/her training by their twelfth earliest or thirteenth birthday latest as their mentor sees fit. (A squire begins his/her training the Saint’s Day after they turn 12 or 13) When a squire reaches their seventeenth birthday (age up if impatient or lack of training sessions), they shall ask their mentor Knight/Dame to petition the Grand Knight for the honor and privilege of being given the title of ‘Ser/Dame’. (Once the knighting ceremony takes place and has been completed, they may take on their own page and squire)
  3. A Summons to Court His Grace, Stannis Staunton, Duke of Westmarch hereby summons all citizens and peoples of the Duchy to his court this Saint’s day. An invitation is also extended to all nobility and allies of Oren to attend the court held in the great hall of the castle. It is his Grace’s will to discuss all matters and issues as it pertains to the Duchy of Westmarch in preparation for the upcoming war. A summons is also issued for the farmer known as ‘Golden Richards’ to discuss matters to be disclosed at court. Signed His Grace, Stannis of House Staunton, Duke of Courland, Lord of Westmarch. OOC Information Date: Thursday 18th July 2019 Time: 5 pm EST Location: Laanhold, Westmarch, Courland. ((posting on behalf of Func_Soap as he is a little sick today))
  4. THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL VE OROENIR SANT KARLEO His Majesty’s Arm of Strength “Should we falter our shield turns to ash, but we shall not falter.” BACKGROUND Founded in 1678 by King Sigmar I (r. 1670-1681), the Brotherhood of Saint Karl began with the merging of the levies of the great Houses of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Throughout its duration as the central military force of the Crown, the Brotherhood has been guided by its longstanding tradition of fostering unity, strength, and justice to those sworn to its ranks. Bound by oath and fraternity, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl stood among the preeminent human martial forces during some of humanity’s most trying times. Under the leadership of then Lord Marshal Rhys var Ruthern, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl was the primary bulwark against the Vaeyl Order: an undead army stationed at the far southern castle of Last Hope. Besides guarding the realms of men, elves, and dwarves, the Brotherhood functioned also as a domestic peacekeeping force. With its formation in times of great strife, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl has stood poised in answering the call of the challenges of its time. Founded under the patronage and namesake of Saint Karl Barbanov, the Brotherhood espouses the affinities of this saint: strength, courage, and for the intentions of soldiers. Saint Karl was an instrumental figure in the history of Haense, considered its founder who lived over two centuries ago. It is said that whilst in battle, Saint Karl was struck down and at the verge of death before seeking divine providence and being endowed strength to rise and lead his men to victory. At this act, he vowed to consecrate his life in the name of GOD and formed the foundation of Haeseni civilization as a testament to the blessings of the Seven Skies. In 1564, High Pontiff Theodosius I canonized Duke Karl Barbanov as the patron saint of strength. His name honored the first capital of the newly formed Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska in 1578, City of Saint Karlsburg. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl honors the tradition and legacy of Karl Barbanov by espousing the values of the saint into those who pledge to serve the kingdom. Those called to the Crown’s service reflect the stalwart values and cultures of the Highlander people, a sense of fraternity and unity for the defense of those who wish to do harm. An artist’s rendition of King Sigmar’s charge at the Battle of Three Hills, c. 1678 During the of the Battle of the Three Hills, marked by the terrain upon which the conflict ensued, King Sigmar I led his levy company composed of levies of the vassalage. As they advanced the stout keep that rested atop the ledge between the three hills, they were met with a barrage of archer fire, causing the formation to diverge. The king himself was separated from his main levy and forced to fallback behind the base of the southernmost hill. With the forces now split, King Sigmar was to make his choice: charge with his remaining force or recall his forces back. Echoing the hardships of battle and strength, King Sigmar called upon the patronage of his ancestor, Saint Karl, and entrusted his plight to the saint of strength. The army chaplain, Fr. Anselm Gerhard recalled that day when the king saw the countenance of Saint Karl upon the sides of the three hills, each bearing a sword with a crow resting upon the blade. He took that as a sign of courage and strength to maintain his position and against great odds, the Haeseni troops overwhelmed the fortified southern hill. Not long after, their advance of the second hill was met with heavy fire but by midday, the keep had been driven out by King Sigmar’s charge with the colors of Haense flying triumphant along the keep’s facade. During the procession back to Markev, the soldiers were met with great mirth at their victory. Upon the roof of the main gate, the crow that King Sigmar saw in the field of battle sat upon the crenellations of the wall and flew off as the king entered the city. When King Sigmar called his war council together at the Krepost Palace, he spoke of a charter to consecrate the levies under the patronage of the Saint who had given him a sign of victory at the battle. King Sigmar took his victory as a form of humility by GOD to devote Haense’s forces to Saint Karl. In close collaboration with the levies of the great houses of Haense such as Ruthern, Stafyr, Enthelor, Vanir, and Baruch, the foundation of the Brotherhood was formed as a central Haeseni force, branded to serve GOD, king, and kingdom. THE WAR WITH THE VAEYL ORDER (1681-1692) A drawing of soldiers of the Vaeyl Order, taken from Ser Geralt Rauen’s journal, c. 1650 Threats of the Vaeyl surrounded the southmarch since the early years of King Otto III (r. 1643-1655) but were largely dismissed as fictitious folktale. The first reported sighting occurred in 1650, when woodsmen in the Wickwood reported seeing a skeletal horseman observing their work. Thinking of this as nothing more than superstition and in order to quell the fears of the peasantry, King Otto III sent a small patrol to the South under Commandant Ser Geralt Rauen with orders to repel the “undead threat”. This group of men instead discovered the ruined fortress of Last Hope, one of the main strongholds of the Vaeyl Order, though this was unknown at the time. These men came under attack, and many were killed in the ensuing ambush. Upon the survivors’ return to Markev, they were given strict orders by King Otto III to report their brothers’ deaths as being caused by the cold of the bitter winter so as to avoid causing mass hysteria. As a result, the Kingdom’s focus shifted instead turned to the War of the Czena and the Vaeyl were largely forgotten about for many years. However, as alarming reports throughout the latter 1600s merited great concern for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, whose geography was primarily threatened by any breaches of the southern wall. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl was quickly tasked by the Crown to mobilize its ranks and prepare for the threats upon the Atlassian continent. The first engagement of the Brotherhood with the Vaeyl occurred in 1681, when an expeditionary force led by Lord Marshal Rhys trekked through the Yatl Wastelands in the far south. Roughly 500 brothers traversed toward the south after reports of the Vaeyl Order’s activity were made known to the court of King Sigmar. Upon their arrival, the Brotherhood was met with a powerful blizzard that claimed the lives of almost a third of their regiment. When the soldiers arrived, they established a fortification at Nekristadt, where they were joined with Imperial knights. The combined human garrison swiftly began defenses in anticipation of the Vaeyl Order’s impending advance. A lone Red Vaeyl soldier approached the gate of Nekristadt and offered peace in exchange for the human forces to surrender. However, the Brotherhood and the Imperial knights declined as they drew their swords and executed the emissary. Soon thereafter, Red Vaeyl soldiers began to scale the northern wall of Nekristadt. Haeseni archers attempted to keep them at bay as the battle consumed the entirety of the night. As day broke, the Red Vaeyl Order suddenly breached the main gate, ushering in hundreds of the enemy forces into the courtyard. The Brotherhood and the Imperial Knights were reinforced by a regiment of Imperial troops led by the Grand Marshal Ser Roland and were able to outflank and overrun the Vaeyl Order’s formation towards the lake. In the aftermath of the battle, the Brotherhood was tasked by the Imperial Grand Marshal to establish a permanent settlement and fortification to counter succeeding invasions from beyond the southern wall. In 1691, after successful campaigns against the Red Vaeyl Order, Commandant Rhys var Ruthern led the Brotherhood of Saint Karl in concluding the final stages of what amounted to a decade-long conflict. The Siege of Last Hope solidified the Brotherhood of Saint Karl as the preeminent bulwark against the threat that had loomed over the entire continent of Atlas for over half a century. As the Brotherhood trekked toward the south to advance into another excursion to repel the Vaeyl Order’s presence from Atlas, the Brotherhood had experienced great success. Before the battle, Ferdinand Karl offered a prayer on behalf of the men in which before donning their helmets, they saw a Crow perched atop a stone, a sign that the Kingdom of Haense would emerge victorious over the bases of the Vaeyl at Last Hope. TRADITIONS Since the Brotherhood of Saint Karl is devoted to the saint that bears its name, it is typical for the chaplain or an officer to be delegated the task to lead in prayer prior to battle. The Brotherhood is heavily rooted in the Church of the Canon, and as such, maintains staunch traditions of faith. Prayer is begun in New Marian, beginning with the phrase ‘Iv Joveo Maan ag Koeng’ before beginning the intentions. Soldiers typically light three candles surrounding a figurine of Saint Karl Barbanov to represent three petitions: strength, courage, and prudence. Followed by prayer, the Brotherhood marches together to the tomb of kings and offers a moment to honor the liege lords of the realm. The tradition concludes with a final petition to Exalted Siegmund to lead the devoted Highlandic warriors to victory with the insight and arm of the Seven Skies’ Exalted. OATH ‘To my left I see my fellow brothers, to the right I see the same. For all in the world, we fight for the peace of this land. Through God, he gave us stewardship of the realm. Through stewardship, we gained the knowledge of diligence and prudence. Through diligence, we may conquer all without fault. And if I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of My Homeland. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter.’ ORGANIZATION The Brotherhood of Saint Karl hosts three different chapters, each home to men of different abilities and talents. These three chapters are: CHAPTER OF THE CROW: The main bulk of the Brotherhood, this chapter consists of the rank and file infantrymen of the order. Fighting on foot with sword and spear, these men stand as a bulwark against the enemies of the Haeseni people. CHAPTER OF THE DESTRIER: Consisting of the knights and nobility of the Kingdom, this chapter is filled with the finest horsemen the Haeseni motherland has to offer. These men carry on the legacy of the Carnatian hussars of the past, and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. CHAPTER OF THE BLACK CROSS: The most elite warriors of the Kingdom, this chapter enlists the greatest Haeseni swordsmen alive to serve in special operations. They are also given the most honorable duty of protecting the King of Hanseti and Ruska. RANKS Lord Marshal | Hauchmarsal - This position merits the confidence of the Crown to lead the Brotherhood of Saint Karl by overseeing military affairs and advise His Majesty’s Government on the Aulic Council. He, as leader of the brotherhood, is the first brother of brothers and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the brotherhood will dole it forward. Commandant | Kommandant - This position is delegated the task to direct the soldiers and it is he who commands the men on the battlefield, to bring glory to his nation and defeat upon their wretched enemies. Woe to those who must face them upon the fields of toil and despair. Each Chapter of soldiers will have a Commandant, and each Commandant will have a number of Sergeants within their Chapter, each of whom are responsible for their own squad of soldiers. Sergeant | Serzhant - This position consists of the veterans of many battles and sieges, these men are the tried and tested of the Brotherhood. Sergeants command squads of five men each and are responsible for equipping and maintaining their squad. Their experience in matters of warfare make them exemplary soldiers for younger and newer Brothers to look up to and are deserving of all respect. Armiger | Brustya - This position is for the armsmen that have shown capable of handling little responsibility, and have been deemed ready for more by their squad’s Sergeant and the Commandant of the Chapter. These men will begin handling more responsibility within their squad or chapter and, if they prove their capability, may be promoted to Sergeant. Armsman | Oxtzen - This position is designated for the Footmen who have proven capable of holding their own on the field of battle and are more experienced than regular Footmen. These men are often given small responsibilities, such as training recruits or footmen, and leading patrols of the roads and lands surrounding the Kingdom. Footman | Nausangkruv - This position consists of the bulk of the brotherhood; men who have passed their initiate trials and have been deemed worthy by the Sergeant and Commandant of their Chapter of being accepted as a full brother of the Brotherhood. These men have taken the oath before the Tomb of Kings, and sworn their swords to the King and Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Initiate | Naumaan - This position is for the newest members of the Brotherhood, untested and unblooded. These men are not considered full brothers yet, and will have to undergo a series of tests and trials before they can be fully welcomed as a brother. APPLICATION The Brotherhood accepts all who have a desire to serve both King and Country, the one requirement being that they have seen a minimum of 16 winters. NAME: NOBILITY (Y/N): if not, GENTRY (Y/N): RACE: PAST EXPERIENCE :
  5. *All across the realms of the Pax Orenia, leaflets are nailed up:* Bare-knuckle boxing As the summer nights draw longer and the warm breeze passes through the rural Laanhold, fields flourish with the coming of the longer, sunnier days.. Children play and townsfolk enjoy the simple life. But! Some excitement is to be had... The talk of the Town..! His grace, Duke Stannis Staunton, invites all men of Oren to show their prowess via a friendly boxing tournament! Are you the strongest man in Arcas, or perhaps the fastest? With a 500 mina prize pool, it's all to play for! OOC Information Date: 20th of July 2019 Time 6 pm EST Location: Laanhold, Duchy of Westmarch Directions: Follow the road to Haelun’or up from Whitepeak, then left at the sign.
  6. The Celebration of Loyalty [[16th July, 3:30 pm EST, 8:30 pm GMT]] [!] Commoners dancing with each other while waiting for the celebration to start. The structure of two statues being built in front of the gates of Cresonia would have commoners and nobles alike in awe as they watched in curiousness. Though a white veil would cover them both so none could see them before the celebration. The palace hall having tables and cloth constructed for the joyous occasion. Servants running around the place while chefs prepared the food. “You are hereby invited to attend the celebration of our two most loyal subjects. The guards named Thomas Stanford and Ragnir Haenal. Along with a feast there will be a quest for those who claim their minds are great or for those that just wish for a challenge. A small list of how the day shall go is given below along with the letter.” The unveiling of their statues: 3:30 pm est The feast in the palace halls: 4 pm est “Looking for clues” room: 5 pm est Signed, Her Grace, Asria of House Nasrid, the Duchess of Cresonia “The ‘Looking for clues’ event is one where teams of 3 or more will be placed into a room where they will look for clues on what happened in the room or how to escape the room while given a certain time to do so. You will not be made aware of the task is before your team has entered the room. The quickest team wins a small prize of 1000 minas in total. To sign up for this each member must pay a fee of 25 minas before the event and 50 minas per member during the event. May the best team win!” ((OOC: To sign up to the ‘Looking for clues’ event, please post it in this forum post:)) MC Name: RP Name: Team members: Team name: ((OOC:Contact one of these for the fee to enter:)) Asria Nasrid (MissToni#0760) Jasmin Nasrid (Crushems#4883) Madeline Adetta (Imi#0276) [!]The following list of friends and allies who gained their personal invitations from the doves[!] The House of CASCADIA, and the Nobility and Citizens of the Empire The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of Barbanov, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House of STAUNTON, and the Nobility and Citizens of Courland The House of Kharadeen, and the Nobility and Citizens of the Caliphate The Leader of VES and the Citizens The House of VISAJ and the Nobility and Citizens of Haelun’or The House of TUNDRAK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Fenn The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia Other allies, friends and those who are neutral to Cresonia are also welcome. OOC: The event will be on Tuesday 16h July, 3:30 PM EST (8:30 PM GMT). The cords to Cresonia: -1341, 45, 453
  7. [!] Posters could be found nailed into the trees, notice boards, and the sides of taverns scattered about the highways of Arcas. Written in black ink and surrounded by golden and green outlines in the margins, they would bear the crest of House Stafyr. These posters would read: [!] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- “Hail, traveler! Are you searching for stable employment, or perhaps a more meaningful purpose to your life? Do you yearn for a hearth to sit around with your fellow man? Do you wish to be shown the respect and camaraderie that you believe is due to you from those you work with and serve? Furthermore, are you searching for yourself a place to call ‘home’? Then look no further than the County of Nenzing!” ================================================================= *A sketch of the Falcon’s Nest in the Almannir Highlands would be drawn on the poster.* ================================================================= The House of Stafyr is a noble house of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, landed in the northern mountains just east of the Almannir Highlands. A house of ancient ancestry that has existed since the days of the Imperium Primus, we do our best to live our lives by three guiding principles: Law, Honor, and Loyalty. Under our employment with the Stafyr family, you shall always be shown the utmost respect whilst living within our walls. We treat those who serve us with both dignity and honor, and we promise that there is never a dull moment when one is around the Stafyr family. ================================================================= *Below the first sketch, a second portrayal of the Falcon’s Nest could be seen depicted on the flier.* ================================================================= As of this moment, there are three current employment pathways that interested persons may apply for within our keep: We are seeking out competent scholars, tinkerers, artists, and tradesmen to patron, skilled men and women who are seeking a noble liege that might support them in their endeavors. The House of Stafyr has a long and illustrious history of supporting the arts, going back to the days of Emperor Godfrey I. Food, lodging, and facilities in which to pursue their endeavors shall be provided. As this is a rather broad field, those interested should seek to specify their fields of expertise in their applications. We are also in need of maids and servants to tend to our keep, nurse our children, and assist the ladies of the house in their every day needs. Food, lodging, and monetary bonuses for exemplary service shall be offered to those who wish to serve us domestically. Finally, we seek to house new farming tenets to tend to our lands. If interested, a dedicated farmer and his family might very well be considered to fulfill this role for the county under a set of most generous terms from the Count of Nenzing and be leased ownership of his own luxurious farmhouse. We urge any and all persons those interested in these three career paths to tender an application via bird to the Falcon’s Nest in the County of Nenzing. Applicants shall be contacted for an interview following their submission. Please use the following template to in order submit them: His Lordship Erich Stafyr, the Count of Nenzing, thanks you for taking the time to read this poster. We wish you safe travels, wherever your final destination might be.” ~Ser Konrad Arthur Stafyr, Lord Speaker of the Royal Duma, Knight of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Steward of the County of Nenzing -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  8. 3nd of Malin’s Welcome, 1724 [!] Posters in many nations would hang Urguan got talent With the ending of Urguan’s First Trading Festival, the dwarves of the under-realm of Urguan are happy to announce, the first edition of Urguan got talent. What is ‘Urguan got talent’, you may ask. It is simple as its name, its a festival at which people attendt to show their talents, with hope to win the prize. The prize of the festival shall consist in the winner receiving the title as honorary dwarf, a golden trophy, 1.500 minas and the winner shall remain in history as the winner of Urguan got talent edition I. The event will take place in the under-realm of Urguan, more exactly at the Bearded Lady tavern at the upper level. After the festival, a feast shall take place where everyone will be fed and drink like never before! Invited nations: -The Princedom of Fenn -The Rajdom of Thyra -The Silver State of Haelun’or -The Druidic Order -The Jade Republic of New Jing-Taiyun -Clan Raguk Banished nations: -The Rexdom of Krugmar -The Holy Orenian Empire The talent of each competitor shall be evalued by a highly trained team of judges. The judge team, consists of: -Hekkaes Goldhand -Ozneat Treebeard -Thumril Grandaxe -Howler Silvervein The presentators of the festival shall be: -Utak Ireheart -Gimli Grandaxe [!] A picture would be drawn of the judges and presentators The festival shall take place in the upcoming Sunday, may the best win! Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, clan father of Goldhand clan, priest of Da Kirjka Dverga. ((OOC)) The event will take place on 14.07.2019 at 5PM EST. For those who have a talent that involves singing, they are required to sing in VC with the judges.
  9. Aestian culture. (big thank you to chaotikal for his template) Introduction to the Culture: If you’d like to make a character, and join the tribe, send me a PM on the forums and I’ll be glad to help, and as soon as we get enough people, we will apply for a Tier 1. If you want to see this culture evolve, join us! Aesti culture is mostly based off of Finnic tribes of the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods. The goal is to develop and expand this culture to maybe one day becoming a popular choice among new players. (this post is bound to change so expect an edit so more information could be added about this culture.) (and keep in mind this is a WIP) Aesti is a culture that has it’s roots in the landscapes beyond the mountains, where cartographers didn’t dare venture to, in the northern wastelands of Arcas, no written records, or depictions in manuscrips of the Great Library exist of this presumably new, yet undiscovered culture. History: Aestian culture starts with the chief of Lumi, Kristofer, who leads a small tribe in the desolate winter wasteland with his wife Gwendolyn, which was outcast from her previous tribe, who rejected her for having a more independant attitude. This new culture brings a more freer and less feudal option to new players and old ones who want a tribal experience, with human characters, and the opportunity for people to make history! Language: Aesti, being very similar to Common, has some words of it’s own, a heritage from the ancient periods: Some examples include: Hei, Tere – Hello. Mitte, Hüva, Head aega – Goodbye, bye. Tänan – Thanks, Thank you. Jah – Yes. Ei – No. Kurat or Raisk (curse word) – Damn, hell. Sina, Sinu – You, Yours. Mulle, Minu – Me, Mine. Hea, Halb – Good, Bad. Head ööd – Good night. Head päava – Good day. Hästi – Well, good. Poiss – Boy. Tüdruk – Girl. Mees – Man. Naine – Woman. Juht – Chief. Kallis – Dear. (feel free to ask for more.) Common Traits: Aestians don’t have a sparse ethnicity, they’re very pure northerners. A typical Aestian man would be quite tall, with a burly build, blonde, or black hair. His eyes would be shades of light blue, blue or, more rarely, gray or blue-silver. Men: A beard is a standard facial feature of Aestian men, which is a sign of power, fertility and charity. Some older tribesmen have a beard braid. Hairstyles aren’t of much value in Aestian culture, long or short hair for men is common. Again, braids are common on older tribesmen. Women: However, tribeswomen value their hair, keeping it lush and silky. Long hair is a sign of femininity and beauty. Women are to be considered equal due to their natural, and societal responsabilites. It is said that Aestian women can, with enough training, beat a trained man in hand to hand combat. Society: Traditionally, Aestian society is based on a tribal government. It’s lead by a Chief (Juht in Aesti), and at death, the oldest child of the Chief becomes Chief, regardless of the child being a boy or girl. To address a Chief, one would use “Kallis Juht..” or ”Juht..” Warchiefs are frowned upon due to their reign of terror, war and misery. Behaviour: Aestians are very secluded people, they’re very wary of strangers, be it from other tribes or nations. They tend to stick with their friends and family, and reach out to others in times of need. They like to keep their conversations concise and clear. Small talk is avoided in public, as it’s considered as a waste of time. Every Aestian is expected to work, due to the harsh conditions and their small numbers. Elders are an excpetion to this rule, due to their physical capabilites but most importantly the importance of preserving their knowledge. Food: Aestian food is quite basic. It’s composed of tubers such as potatoes and/or yams wich are either grown in a field or inside of a bag or barrel, due to the land being frozen most of year. If grown in a field, the potatoes are sown 3 inches (or 8cm) into the ground to keep the potatoes from freezing, and thus dieing. Carrots are also common, due to them being a source of vitamin C, wich is used to cure and protect people from scurvy. Pork and fish are the most common meats in Aestian cuisine, along with their smoked variants. Dairy products aren’t very diverse either, butter and milk are the only ones made. Cereals, with the excpetion of Wheat, aren’t planted or consumed. Festivities: Saunas: At every end of a Saint’s Week, Aestians gather in a room which is heated to very high temperatures thanks to a fire that would be roaring for atleast 2 hours before entering the sauna (~90°C or ~194°F) in which they can discuss important matters, or just relax with friends and family. A common thing to do is to jump in some near freezing-point water or snow after getting out of the sauna. The room is made from wood, and the furniture too. In some cases, water is thrown on the volcanic rocks (basalt or granite) that are extremely hot which vaporizes and raises the heat even more for a short period. Clothing: For everyday use, most of Aestian clothing would be made of furs from various animals, capes, coats, headwear and boots are generally made from ONLY fur. Underwear such as shirts, tunics is either made from wool, or flax, a costly alternative to wool due to the climate Aestians live in. Architecture: Aestian houses are cheap, and fast to build and require little maintenance. Materials like dirt, thatch, wood, stone are very common in the style of Aestian architecture. The roof is generally made from dirt which can freeze and form a permafrost layer, the house is quite short in height. (the typical house is very similar to a Icelandic turf house.) Walls around a camp or settlement can be built out of Stone and Ice. In some cases, dirt mounds are made when other materials aren’t of easy access. Religion: Animism is the common faith among Aestians, however, some Aestians simply have no faith due to their straightforward lifestyle. Science or rationalism isn’t a notion used by Aestians in the early stages of the culture. Aestians learn through mistakes, and knowledge is passed on through elders. Military: A military of Aestian origin would be small in numbers, but makes up for that in good fighters and thought out tactics. A warspear, a round shield would be the standard issue weapons. For the richest warrior, who could afford to wear armor used helmets, metal armor made of chainmail, and a type of armor called lamellar, which consisted of iron plates sewn together. Lower-status Aestian warriors also used layers of quilted cloth, such as linen or wool, to protect the body during battle. Aestian warriors are lead by the Commander, which in war, would shout the orders at them and be in the frontline of the battle. A modern and organized army would defeat an Aestian army pretty easily on foreign soil. The same cannot be said if Aestians are defending, due to the terrain on which they train which gives them a considerable advantage against the enemy. (and please keep in mind this is my first serious post on the forum, don’t be too harsh on me, thanks!)
  10. CATHALON RISING (or How Helton Hadrian Brought Down the Republic) 12th of Owyn’s Light, 1724 Twas the 9th of Owyn’s Light when the Seventeenth Assembly was called. Delegates from around Ves attended within the Great Hall of the Prince’s Palace, and to many, it would have simply been another normal assembly meeting. However, this would not be the case, for it would be a monumental day in the history of the assembly. Helton Hadrian arose, calling forth a quorum amongst the delegates only to realize that four seats had been left vacant from departures to the demon-hive that was Llyria. And so, like the assemblies before it, a raffle was conducted. Only six came forth, offering their honorably-acquired gains to purchase tickets. The raffle was conducted, and so four new assemblymen rose to take the place of those who abandoned the Republic. GOD bless Caleb Crider, Jayce Lancefeld, Caius Rhodes, and Robert Rovin. Only one issue was brought forth to the assembly that day, a petition - a plea - issued by the Prince Regent Helton Hadrian Helvets. He sought order. “There have been tea ceremonies in Ba'as more able in government than this worthless pit of gossip.” Simon of Bass remarking on the state of the Serene Republic of Ves, 1724. “Within the past year alone, our Republic has fallen victim to all manner of vice and debauchery. The Beets began their insurrection, decimating the defenses of our Golden City. Were that not enough, our most Serene Prince, Ide Haraccus has abandoned his post, fleeing to Llyria whilst our people were stricken with the ratman menace!” The assembly frowned - not because of the honorable Prince Regent - but instead due to the feeling of betrayal. The rowdy assemblymen who had dedicated their lives to Ves’s Military boo’d, cursing the name and the deeds of corruption. In the crowd, one could hear Assemblyman Rovin shout “Drain the Swamp!” Helton, ultimately, continued. “I ask you, of the assembly, is this what our people deserve? In the past few years he was the second Prince to abandon Ves. Are we to hold ourselves as servants to this craven and that, over and over again?” He paused for some time, allowing the assembly to digest what was being said. “I will tell you all of where I, as Prince-Procurate, have been since Ide abandoned the Republic! I was in the streets, fighting alongside the Caer Bann as the Beets sought to usurp our Republic! I fought and bled alongside the people of Ves as the ratmen besieged us from within our very walls!” Those who were patriotic boomed at this, for they knew that the Prince did not simply talk the talk but instead walked the walk. The Regent had bled for his people, more than could be said for the previous heads of state. “Praise Helvets!” could be heard from the plethora of assemblymen, with claps and unruly cheers echoing throughout the hall. “And I will tell you, my assembly, that we have won! The Beets have fled the realm, the ratmen lay broken and defeated! All while our supposed Prince has hid himself away in Llyria.” “Helvets, Helvets, Helvets!” repeated those with patriotic fervor, becoming inspired by the speech. “What I ask you now is the gravest of all favors. The PRINCE has FAILED. The REPUBLIC has FAILED. I ask you, the ASSEMBLY, to JOIN with me and reorganize Ves into THE FIRST DUCHY OF CATHALON!” Helvets exclaimed. His voice rang through the room, being heard by all. A pause was evident, for not even a rat’s squeak could be heard in the dead silence of the chamber. Helvets inhaled, concluding “For a safe and secure society…” Those present knew; as did the populace, that Helvets was correct. There was need for change, and so, the hall was called to a vote. An overwhelming majority was reached, Seven patriotic men voted in Favor of the Duchy, No one dared object, and only Three Abstained. Thus, with a Two-Thirds Majority, the motion was passed, and so, the Republic was reorganized into the Grand Duchy of Cathalon. “CATHALON INVICTA!” “I love Democracy...” said Helvets with a beautiful, elegant smile. And all bar those who slithered in grass knew from this day forward Ves would be on the incline, rather than the decline.
  11. The First Feast Of Nobleton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Depiction of the Cuisine being Served at the Feast ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The town of Nobleton is finally built, relief consumes its citizens as they lie to rest after the long years come to pass. Yet festivities burn in their hearts, for it is time for festivities, a time to make names for themselves, create new friends and allies. Letters are sent out to spread the word of the feast to all nations, towns and cities. Ves and it’s denizens shall be invited personally! Ladies and Gentlemen! The town of Nobleton is finally built, after facing many hardships and forming lasting friendships and allyships. Nobleton shall be hosting a feast for the denizens of Arcas on Sunday 3pm est! We shall be hosting it just outside of Nobleton (left off the entrance of Ves). There shall be food, drinks and any niceties you desire. Come to be entertained, socialised and to be merry! It is time to celebrate! Any gifts to the new young lord Benjamin Nobleton wouldn’t go amidst! Signed: William Swineherd, Nobleton’s Secretary of Justice, High Judge and One Cheerful Halfling
  12. The Imperial Orenian Academy Students during a lecture. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the city of Helena sleep soundly, one thing could not shake Romulus’ mind. He remembered his days at the school in Markev; the fond memories of Queen Elizaveta’s lectures stirred within him. His days of schooling had lasted briefly before his source of education was overtaken by Imperial Scholars, yet their impact remained prominent throughout his adulthood. Amidst a dark sky coated with a veil of glistening stars, the princeling found inspiration; he would build a school for the Cascadian populace. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the Academy: The academy offers courses to all who seek enrichment. The board will not turn down any Orenian citizen looking to deepen their knowledge. Located in the upper levels of Aurelius Avenue 11, we offer flexible courses to those who wish to make the journey to Helena. All courses are intended to augment students’ comprehensive capabilities, as well as to instill a love of academics within them for the years to come. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Courses: History Courtly Etiquette Cassarian Flexio Poetry and Reading Medicinal Studies Horse Upkeep Equipment Upkeep And more to be added! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applications: Teachers: Name: Race: Age: Subject you wish to teach (Remember we are open to adding more): OOC: IGN: Discord: Students: Name: Race: Age: Subject(s) you wish to learn: OOC: IGN: Discord: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed, Headminister, Prince Romulus Cascadia
  13. A guide to Court Etiquette and Customs At the castle, the courtiers live under the constant surveillance of the Duchess, and upon their good behaviour, their respect, and their observance of etiquette their whole careers depend. If you displease the Duchess she will simply "not see you" the following day; her gaze will pass over you as she surveys the people before her. And not being "seen" by Her Grace is tantamount to ceasing to count. In the presence of The Duchess (Duke if male) One must always address the Duchess as “Your Grace” during formal meetings and events unless told otherwise. One must never touch or in anyway violate Her Grace’s person unless it is to protect her life. One must remove their headwear and masques in the presence of her Grace unless it is for religious reasons. It is considered rude to interrupt her Grace while she is speaking. Those listed below has first right to sit beside the Duchess. If they arrive and a commoner sits next to Her Grace, they must move and make way to them. Otherwise one is free to sit by her side: Her husband (if she has one) Her children Foreign Leaders One must bow or curtsy when the Duchess walks by and/or addresses you. Only a Nasrid by blood and with the golden/amber eyes may sit upon the throne. Regents and other members of the council must stand before it upon the Dais should the Duchess not be present. Never compliment the Duchess halls, city or herself with the word Queen or King or implying their place is worth such a title, as it will be taken as an insult due to their blood filled history that can be read about [here] Etiquette of Rank One must always respect the Title of another even if they hold a grudge with the individual. One must know the Titles within Cresonian Peerage and their subsequent addresses: Duchess – “Your Grace” Duke – “Your Grace” Count – “Your Lordship” Countess – “Your Ladyship” Baron – “Your Lordship” Baroness – “Your Ladyship The title Lord & Lady for all nobles and their children Knight – “Ser” or “Dame” Privy Councilors – “Your Excellency” High Pontiff – “Your Holiness” The Keeper of the Cresonian faith – “High Priestess” If one is not sure of someone's Title, but recognizes them as some form of nobility, one must address them as “my Lord” or “my Lady”. One should not refer to a noble by their first name unless given permission to do so as a show of respect. Furthermore, if one is granted permission. For Instance one should address a noble with the first name of Edward as “Lord Edward” and not “Edward”. One should bow or curtsy to a noble of higher stature upon arriving, leaving or being acknowledged by them for the first time as a show of respect. One should not instruct an out-ranking noble how to handle his or her business or question their judgement, especially in the presence of a lower or equal ranking noble. Unless he or she is speaking complete rubbish as a show of respect. A Lord in Court A Lord must never shame a lady unless she has shamed herself to the Duchess, his Holiness or the High Priestess. This does not count if it has to do with ones clothing in Cresonia due to culture and religious laws clash with the Canonism faith and Cresonian faith. One is not above a lady or a woman, for they must be treated equally or punishment will be given. Usually by the loss of a finger or an ear depending on how severe the treatment was. A Lord, in order to be gentleman, should not touch or harm a lady who does not wish to be accosted unless Her Grace, The Cresonian Faith or the Church of the Canon has said otherwise. One should not speak ill of her Grace, the Nasrid family or the Faith, for it is sedition and can cause loss of a finger or an ear. One must never eat in the Grand Halls or in the Temple of the Faith unless tables made for it are placed, for punishment will be given out. Usually in the form of removal of a finger or an ear. One must never, under any circumstance, conduct themselves in pre-martial coitous as such would bring great shame to both their family and ruin the purity of his shaft. If any children is made from this they will be considered illegitimate and the man will be shamed publicly. A Lady in Court One must never, under any circumstance, conduct themselves in pre-martial coitous as such would bring great shame to both their family and ruin the flower of maidenhood. If any children is made from this they will be considered illegitimate and the woman will be shamed publicly. Ones clothing should not cover too much of the skin or be heavy clothed as to make sure one does not smell badly due to sweat from the Cresonian heat. As a Lady should always look her best when in court. One should not speak ill of her Grace, the Nasrid family or the Faith, for it is sedition and can cause loss of finger or ear. One must never eat in the Grand Halls or in the Temple of the Faith unless tables made for it are placed, for punishment will be given out. Usually in the form of removal of a finger or an ear. A Lady must never shame a lord unless he has shamed himself to the Duchess, his Holiness or the High Priestess. This does not count if it has to do with ones clothing in Cresonia due to culture and religious laws clash with the Canonism faith and Cresonian faith. One is not above a lord or a man, for they must be treated equally or punishment will be given. Usually by the loss of a finger or an ear depending on how severe the treatment was. A married Lady and Lord in court One must not tolerate the advances of another man or woman in any capacity, for to do such would encourage adultery. One must never have intercourse with one who is not their husband or wife as that is against the Cresonian faith and considered unholy. If any children is made from this they will be considered illegitimate and the woman and man will be shamed publicly. Ladies in waiting, proper manners and their tasks A lady of a noble title or of a gentry family who usually serves a superior Noble or the Duchess, the terminology also being that of a mistress (not the prostitute variant). The tasks and guidelines for a lady in waiting are as following: One must always refer to one’s mistress with their title and no other name unless in private or when introducing her to another person. One must always follow one's mistress around to provide unto her company unless instructed otherwise One must act as the message courier for their respective mistress, being both a letter receiver and drafter. One must help their mistress dress and undress and one must also clean their jewelry. One must help pick out the correct outfits for ones mistress’ activities for the day One may not engage in a marriage unless one's mistress has provided approval as to prevent chaos within their posse. One must act as an assistant to their mistress in court at all times to ensure that she is well-kept and proper to the environment. Proper manners and rights for a lady in waiting are as following: One may demand respect in the name of their mistress from those of an inferior titular caste, for if one disrespects a lady in waiting, they also disrespect their mistress. One must always remain loyal to one's mistress and never gossip nor speak ill of her to others. Furthermore, one must never embarrass, disrespect or tell the secrets of one's mistress’ to others One will stay as your mistress’ lady in waiting until one has been relieved of duty. Almost all tasks, guidelines, manners and rights are the same for that of a male, who is known as Butler or Lord of the Bedchamber to other male Nobles. All of these customs and laws must also be followed by all citizens of Cresonia. Be they noble or not. Allies and foreigners must also follow these customs, if not a trial will be called and the same punishment will be given if found guilty! Signed, Her Grace, Asria of House Nasrid, The Duchess of Cresonia
  14. Letter of Resignation Of the former Rassidun tribes of Ves From their offices and seats of power. It has been an honor to serve your city through its many vacant seats of bureaucracy, under the auspices of a just and fair prince, and it is with a heavy heart that I but thank you for this opportunity before hereafter swiftly resigning. I regret to say that the bureaucracy and civil state of the nation renders it untenable for the common man, and thus hereafter resign with immediate effect, if only to find greater comfort in a place with far less strife. I respect that many men may remain in Ves out of good faith, and the city may hold many virtues that should bring great appeal to many others who would dare grace its offices with their skills, passion and drive to act as cogs in its political machine; but for this, we objectively no longer have a place where we can continue to hold this spirit of public duty. Our former colleagues must now ask whether they still hold this passion for Ves, or whether they simply wish to watch as the absentee-government continues to drag the good Prince’s Ves down this path of failure, humiliation, and later, impoverishment under the Prince’s regent. The people of our government are an insult to Prince Eidr, our kin, and a disservice to the place we now refuse to call home. Signed by The Rassidi tribe and House Haraqqa, Alaria Al-Kassis Suhailah Al-Kassis Zahret Al-Qataffi Naasir El-Amini Erinia Sato Dresden Webber Hando Crane
  15. Needing a artists to design a logo for me so I may use in forum posts and the like, add me on disc. Dallren#3257
  16. THE CAER BANN COMPANY 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1722. MISSION The Caer Bann Company is an organization of disgruntled veterans, cast aside by most men, who still wish to do good before they perish and transcend into the next realm. Clad in Crimson and White and living within the eastern reach of Robertston, men of Caer Bann conduct themselves as free men and sellswords, offering their aid to whoever the Company deems in need, be it a poor peasant, an ally or a monetary contractor. As such, these veterans, with no lord but their commander, Richard de Reden, roam about the country-side and travel city to city in hopes of finding work or use in some way or another. CONTRACTS Security Contracts involving security implies that men of Caer Bann would be acting as peacekeepers for their employer. Be it an escort, the need for extra blades during a high-stress event or simple intimidation, Caer Bann, dependent on the task, shall rally and aid in these endeavours. Additionally, the men of Caer Bann will do its best to aid in the repelling of raids and fight to the death if need be. It should be noted, however, that stupidity is not the same as bravery - should a contract appear to result in certain death, it will be ignored. Prices to be discussed. Offense Men of Caer Bann hold a special ability in their ability to extend cruelty upon its enemies. Though mayhaps not the greatest fighters in the land, they are more competent than nine out of ten guard forces and/or militias. Thus, provided that contracts violate no international treaties, security contracts and/or if a contractor is willing to take full responsibility for the task given to the company, the men of Caer Bann will get into the cuts and do your dirty deed. Prices to be discussed. Construction Being veterans, those in the Caer Bann Company hold the unique ability to quickly establish defenses in a timely manner. Should your fief or people be in need of security upgrades or men to dig trenches, the Caer Bann Company is more than willing to aid in these endeavors should the price warrant the labor. It is noted, however, that this does NOT entail fortress construction. Outpost construction, on the other hand, is possible. Prices to be discussed. RANK STRUCTURE Footman Footmen are the fresh blooded and/or potentially untrustworthy members of the company. Put through a trial period to determine their loyalties and ability to listen to commands and integration, footmen are expected to become trained before potential oathing. The duty of a footman is to become a well-rounded member of the Caer Bann company, so that they might be oathed. Man-At-Arms Men-at-Arms within the Caer Bann company make the bulk of the force and hold its plethora of blades. Filled with recently oathed and fully fledged members, those who don the rank Man-At-Arms receive full contract privileges and the ability to receive a portion of the pay from contract. Additionally, these men will be considered for promotion. The duty of a Man-At-Arms is to simply participate in contracts and aid in their completion. Sergeant* Sergeants within the Caer Bann company are the lowest ranking officers and thereby are the most plentiful. Not made a lieutenant, most likely due to a lack of combat prowess and/or due to their fresh nature within the company, Sergeants wear the normal uniform equipped with pauldrons and tassets. Sergeants are expected to act as the role-models for the lower ranks and display their prowess so that they might be promoted to lieutenant. Lieutenant* Lieutenants within the Caer Bann company are those who’ve mild officer power yet have shown great prowess in combat. Primarily acting as the heavy lifters of the Company, Lieutenants are to act as fall-back commanders should the chain of command falter and thus have authority only in instances of combat. Lieutenants are clad in full Company Steel and are expected to own and break their own steed. Captain Captains within Caer Bann act as the head of Company divisions and are tasked with leading men on most missions. Captains, observable by their full armor and sigils, are the ones most likely to lead their squadrons into the chaos of battle. Duties of Captains include training, recruitment and the execution of contracts. Current Captains, as it stands, consists of Robert Rovin II [Zhukov__] and Sigemaer Wodansson [Cranky_Varangian]. General The General of Caer Bann acts as the martial right-hand of the Governor General and oversees most military matters. Tasked with general recruitment and training, it is expected of the Marshal to ensure that Companymen are disciplined, busy and employed. Duties of the Marshal include recruitment, the seeking of contracts, training and moral reinforcement. The Current Marshal, as it stands, is the honorable Honeycut [Generalstang838]. Governor General The Governor General of Caer Bann acts as both civil and martial administrator of the Company and the lands which the Company owns. The Governor General thusly acts as the de jure head of the Company and has ultimate say in contract acceptance, rejection and military decisions. The Governor General’s duties include ratifying promotions, contracts and maintaining order within Company grounds. The current Governor General, as it stands, is the honorable Richard de Reden [Littlefleeper]. APPLICATION NAME: AGE: GENDER: RACE: [OOC] DISCORD:
  17. Edict of Titular Formation By the grace of GOD, the young Lord, James de Ravensburg, declares his state, the County of Ravensburg, and its promulgation. This state shall be independent and owing homage to none but GOD himself. A free place, practicing in tolerance of religion and belief, persecuting none and seeking only to progress the welfare of its own people and that of humanity. The title shall be succeeded by the firstborn son of the Count, through agnatic-primogeniture succession. The County of Ravensburg maintains neutrality in all ongoing conflicts. In an effort to foster positive relations with all the world’s nations, the County invites emissaries to attend the court. In nomine de, James de Ravensburg, Count of Ravensburg
  18. [!] To all relatives and friends of the Barclay and Avern houses, doves and falcons fly with invitations to an upcoming wedding! The tan parchment leaflets are scribed with a shimmering gold ink and tied with a deep green and silver ribbon. Finally, a blue wax seal holds the scroll shut only for the eyes that it was intended for. In two saint’s days, the Stallion of House Barclay; Ser Wilheim Barclay, and the White Dove of House Avern; Marcella Al’abass Avern, are to be married in the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, by Father Johannes. Friends and family of all walks of life are welcome to attend the wedding and reception to be held afterwards in the Bell Inn and Tavern to celebrate the union of the honorable Avern and Baruch households in holy matrimony. If there are any questions or concerns, send a bird to Marcella or Wilheim. Signed, ~ Ser Wilheim Barclay ~ Marcella Al’abass Avern [OOC] The wedding will be held on Sunday at 4pm EST.
  19. Mactroth! Cresonian Ducal Theatre Mactroth - A man and his wife work together to take over a throne that doesn’t belong to them, but what will be their end all fates in this tragic production? Audition to join the cast now! ((Co-ords to Cresonia: x: -1354, y: 60, z: 529)) Lady Jasmin Nasrid, governess of the Ducal Cresonian Theatre, has currently opened auditions, taking place on [[Saturday, 6th June, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT]] Sign up below Roles to audition for: Mactroth (Human) Lady Mactroth (Human) King Duncard (Human) Banqaul (Human) Fishmongerer (Any) Fleana (Human Child) Three Witches (Any race)
  20. Hey!, looking for a good skinner to help me with a norse / viking like skin that needs updating aswell as a entirely new skin made. Payment can be discussed in discord, if you are interested in helping me out add me on discord so we can get talking. Dallren#3257
  21. Asria Nasrid would be sitting in her room as an idea popped into her head. She called for servants to ready both her garden and the Duchess’ private sitting area. Not sure which one to use yet. She then took some parchment to the quill and ink as she started to write letters. Calling for her birds once she had finished so that they could carry them to their intended. You are hereby invited to Lady Asria Nasrid’s tea party. It shall be held in three moon’s days, known to you as saint’s days. I hope you all come in fine gowns to drink with me in, as I wish to meet the noble women in Arcas and be more familiar with them all No husbands, lovers or male family allowed. Guards are to stand away from the tea party if brought. Noble Ladies only, you may bring another Noble Lady if you please. Signed, Her Grace, Asria of House Nasrid, The Duchess of Cresonia
  22. The Wedding of Rathamalion & Kardi The Bells are ringing. Turtledoves fly around. People come in masses to watch the feast.Severeal Doves would spread this Letter to all of the allied Nations of Renatus . My dear Allies of the world i am so proud to finally announce my Wedding to all of you I am going to marry at the 3 Elvenday of this week and me and my Fiance wanted to invite all of you to our Wedding afterwards our closest friends will be able to join us to a little party afterwards. Food and drinks will served from me. Some Infos would be down there When : The 3rd Elvenday this year 7 pm CET Where : Capital of the Khardasi Who : All allied Nations of the Empire ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ ____________
  23. EVENT REQUEST FORMAT Players/Group Requesting: The Empire of Man and the Order of the Red Dragon What kind of Event are you looking for?: The Empire is looking for an overarching quest-line of sorts, to give Knights some quests to do. The Empire would also prefer it to be related to Human lore in some capacity (I can help with the provision of such). Events can be anything, really, from one-on-one interactions and dungeons to massive group PVE battles. The main goal is just that there's an overarching plot or interactions, if possible, so that we get more bang for our buck. A possible event line that may be interesting to the ET at-least is the Vaeyl Order since apparently they were former servants of Horen, which would naturally make the Imperium Septimus their enemy not because we're poaching their land, but because we would think them to be impostors and not real humans. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Can be disccused. If it's multiple events, then a single time may be fruitless to describe. Organizer's Discord: Zhulik#7438
  24. A Feast of Healing Issued and Confirmed by The Duchess of Cresonia, 4th of Snow’s Maiden, 1722 [!] A mouth-watering depiction of the cuisine that would be served during the feast. The city of Cresonia started to turn more cheerful after the news of a feast were to be held. The citizens still mourning their loss of friends, yet they looked forward to a distraction. The sun warmed the citizens and its people as they prepared for another day of hard work. The silver and porcelain tableware would be polished and made ready on the table. The royal chefs worked hard to prepare the food for the feast to come. The lovely smell seeping out and into the streets of the city. A small flock of doves sent out from a window in the palace, letters tied around their feet as they flapped their wings. Posters being hung up all around Arcas to inform them all. ”You are hereby invited to attend the feast to celebrate that the illness that ravished our lands has passed. The feast will be in three saint’s days. The celebration will start off with a welcoming to the guests and they will be shown their way into the palace. Afterwards the great feast will start to fill your bellies after the long walk to Cresonia. Music shall be played alongside this for your entertainment. We hope to see you there.” Signed, Her Grace, Asria of House Nasrid, Duchess of Cresonia [!]The following list of friends and allies who gained their personal invitations from the doves[!] The Imperial family of the Holy Orenian Empire and their vassals The Soaher of Haelun’or, Dimaethor Visaj and vassals The Royal family of the Kingdom of Curonia and their vassals His Serenity, Ide Haraccus, Prince of the Golden City of Ves and his vassals The Royal family of the Principality of Rosenyr and their vassals The Royal family of the Kadarsi Caliphate and their vassals The Ducal family of Westmarch and their vassals The Royal family of the Kingdom of Haense and their vassals OOC: The event will be on Sunday 30th June, 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT). Cords: -1341, 45, 453 (if you get confused go first to Sutica before using the cords or pm me.)
  25. A Drunken Night Issued and Confirmed by Her Royal Highness of the Principality of Cresonia, 6th of Snow’s Maiden, 1721 [!] A mouth-watering depiction of the cuisine that would be served during the feast. Laughter and joy could be heard while rebuilding the city of Cresonia in the Korvassa. The warm Sun warmed the citizens and its people as they prepared for another day of hard work. Wooden tables were being constructed inside the palace as flowers adorned them all in painted clay vases. The royal chefs worked hard to prepare the food for the feast to come. The lovely smell seeping out and into the streets of the city. A small flock of doves sent out from a window in the palace, letters tied around their feet as they flapped their wings. Posters being hung up all around Arcas to inform them all. ”You are hereby invited to attend the feast to celebrate Cresonia’s square having been almost finished in the city that will happen in four saint’s day. The celebration will start off with a welcoming to our guests and will be shown their way into the palace. Afterwards the great feast will start to fill your bellies after the long walk to Cresonia. Music shall be played alongside this for your entertainment. We hope to see you there.” Signed, Her Royal Highness, Asria of House Nasrid, High Princess of Cresonia [!]The following list of friends and allies who gained their personal invitations from the doves[!] The Imperial family of Imperium Renatum The Soaher of Haelun’or, Dimaethor Visaj The Royal family of the Kingdom of Curonia His Serenity, Matthias Othan Rutledge, Prince of Ves The Royal family of the Principality of Rosenyr Her Ladyship, Victoria Alexandria Staunton of Courland The Royal family of the Kadarsi OOC: The event will be on Sunday 22th June, 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT). Cords: -1341, 45, 453 (if you get confused go first to Sutica before using the cords or pm me.) Written by MissToni
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