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Found 191 results

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name of the Treaty: Vassalization of House Default ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Type of Treaty: Vassalization ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: ] The Holy Orenian Empire [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: ] House Default ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date of Signing: 16th of the Deep Cold, 1689 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ , Beowulf Horen, True Emperor of oren under GOD on this fateful day welcome the men and women of the blessed house default unto the Holy Orenian Empire in which they may strive under god and rest with the saints in the Seven skies. This writ will be a eternal binding of the default house to the Holy Orenian Empire. The wheels have began to turn,those who accept I,the new emperor,and our Holy Empire will be blessed by the saints above us,and by GOD himself! IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Beowulf I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera His Most Standard,Steve Default the 1st of the House of Default,Keeper of the Default lands and protector of the Default Way.
  2. Graham Milner would slowly lean into his desk, scribbling furiously at the piece of parchment before him. With an exasperated sigh, he’d have finally finished. His eyes would dart over each word, his head cranking slightly to the side as he did so. He’d take in a deep breath, yet again, before getting back to work. Within a day, flyers would be found scattered around the great cities of Man, the contents of which contained a simple letter. Hung onto notice boards, tacked onto houses, and in the hands of citizens, they would read as follows: “To the people of Cyrilsburg, the Empire, and anyone with a strong will to listen, The Renatian Empire, while strong and generous, is currently blind to the growing issue of certain ideals that betray a moral sense of right and common sensibility. Such issue is inherent from an Empire that cannot entrust its Lords to lead, and wish to tighten its grip on the common man. We’ve become negligent towards people that feel themselves loyal to us, that fight for us, that can call the Empire their home. As someone of admittedly common blood, one whom has before felt the safety and security of the Empire, I now feel as if we’ve begun to lose the values that we have held so highly before, but together, we can redeem ourselves and bring us to even greater heights than ever before. We’re a great nation, such cannot be disputed. But a great nation cannot survive, let alone thrive, without a certain level autonomy present. The head of a hierarchy is meant to supervise, observe, guide, but not directly control, and punish those that are seen as lesser. The strength of a vassal is that they may lead their people of the Empire the way they know best, that they, above all else, can govern the ones they most closely associate themselves with. Their culture, their ideals, their beliefs, are all contributing to a greater Empire, a cultural hub for all people of all different types to convene and live side by side in a peaceful society. This can be resolved, however, as I know we, as an Empire, are capable of such changes. Freedom must be restored, and the vassals must be allowed to govern their people as they see fit. Various religious sects should be tolerated, and allowed to be practiced within the security of their homes, as long as an understanding that the Empire’s primary religion is that of Canonism. A group’s religion is apart of one’s identity, one’s culture, and these ideals should be protected within the Empire borders. We are made of many different people, each with their own stories and lives, and if someone differentiates from the template designed by the Renatians, they should not be punished, but embraced. Why must our own people suffer, when their only crime was that they did not fit inside of a homogenized mold, casted by those in power to feel superior to others. The purpose of autonomy in government is a simple one. Let those in power dictate who is best to efficiently run sects of their land and govern their people. How is one able to effectively lead different variations of people, when they aren’t anywhere remotely close to those people, when they don’t know these people? Justice should be carried out by local authorities, those who are familiar with their kind and which crimes are worthwhile. An entrusted Lord should be able to raise a levy, effectively running their homes the way they see fit, all of which can still be monitored by the Empire. The heads of the Empire need not worry themselves when all can be safely managed by trusted vassals, people put in place who are fully capable to maintain a state of free expression and ideals in their own homes. We as a people represent so many different things. Freedom, devotion, courage, strength, and adaptability. We cannot resign ourselves to petty hate and infighting when so much is on the line. Our homes, our freedoms, our lives, our family; All of these keep our great nation together, bound as one people, regardless of circumstances or beliefs. We maintain vigilance in peace, and ferocity in war. But we must not let differences in culture separate us from people we consider comrades, people we’ve known as friends. We are stronger together than we ever were apart, and we’ve lost sight of this. We are different in many ways, but alike in many more. We want what’s best for this Empire, we want the freedom and salvation of living in a world where we can say what we like without facing the fear of death. And finally, we can make this world possible, together. Just how this Empire was created, it will survive, and thrive, on such principles. I beseech those in power, those with influence in Parliament, consider the words of a humble common man, one whose life is dedicated to the well-being of a strong Empire. We must bring our people together, to promote a healthy cultural diversity, where people with hearts geared towards the Empire and the promotion of unity and virtue are valued about bloodlines and hatred of differences. If such requests are dismissed by the powers in Parliament, then let this letter be a beacon, a call for others who think the same as myself, to represent themselves in Parliament. Only together can we bring our mighty Empire back to the forefront of power, showcasing strength, intelligence, unity, and culture, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. This power rests within our hands, and only together, can we use it. Signed by, Alcalde Graham Milner of Cyrilsburg”
  3. [OOC: This is a comedic, kinda meta, diary-form story of Egil, The Silver-Tongued - a young, hot-blooded and totally-not-desperate-for-attention 21 years old troubadour(bard). Excuse my odd grammar and mistakes. English is my 3rd language] 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1689 I woke up in a temple, miraculously without a hangover from last night's partying. Instead I felt oddly fresh, like a newborn. I stood up and wandered towards the only exit I could see, looking around curiously, feeling as if things seemed a bit more.. square. As my feet took me closer to the doorway of the Temple, the sweet scent of adventure, of maiden's bosoms yet untouched and ale yet to be tasted filled my nose, urging me on! To make haste, before they are claimed and shackled into boring books and senile old minds. Stepping outside, I was greeted by a few monks who seemed to repeat the same one or two lines of wisdom, probably not paying much attention whom they spoke to. There were a few other non-monks like myself wandering around the temple, each more colourful than than the next, browsing things, chatting up or just awkwardly looking at the ground or the sky. After receiving an odd cristal like ornament from one of the monks, I decided to sit and ponder about my situation, checking and tuning my lute. Until, Goddess herself walked into my view from the temple. Her brown hair flowed in the slight breeze like water flows in a river, the sun gently dancing on each of her hair. Her eyes were like the biggest shiny gems, deep green - like woods one could get lost in for weeks. Her nose was small and cute, her lips plump and rose coloured. The way she carried herself down the stairs with such elegant manner was nothing more, but an act to marvel at. A mini-miracle! She stopped by one of the many bookshelves in the temple and seemed to look right at me. I of course approached the lady with bravado and confidence that one of my caliber should have and bowed to the lady, asking her name. To my surprise she stood still, peering past me into the distance. Like a sculpture too real and perfect to be man made. I tried to get the ladies attention yet again but to no avail. Thinking maybe a piece of music might make the beautiful, yet mysterious sculpture woman come back to life I played a short melody to her, my fingers dancing on the strings like elves in the rowdy tavern songs dance around the fire - elegant and wild at the same time. To my disappointment the lady did not react: deaf, blind and mute, still in the moment as the time around her passed. With a sigh I put away my lute and started to look for the next maiden to woo when I heard a kharajyr growl behind me:" oh is thwat a bawd?".
  4. Imperium-Septimus


    THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE RED DRAGON Issued and confirmed by his Imperial Highness, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Grand Knight of the Imperium Septimus, 8th of Harren's Folley, 1679. MISSION The Imperial Order of the Red Dragon acts as the most prestigious and lawfully powerful Knightly Order within the Imperium Septimus. Consisting of every sanctioned Knight within the Realm, the Order of the Red Dragon also acts as the largest and widespread Knightly order upon the continent of Atlas. Named after Godfrey the Great, the Red Dragon of Horen, the Order of the Red Dragon’s mission is simple: To uphold the tenets of the Empire and to enforce the will of the Emperor. ENLISTMENT It is required, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, that all Knights within the Imperium Septimus are to enlist within the Order of the Dragon. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order of the Dragon does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order of the Dragon serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to answer the call for rally when issued by the Emperor. As such, the Order of the Dragon has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Imperial territory. It is also noted that not all Knights are Nobles, yet all Nobles should seek Knighthood. THE KNIGHTLY CODE OF CHIVALRY ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be loyal to the Emperor both in thought and in practice. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall live by honour and for glory. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall guard the honour of fellow Knights. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times keep the faith, ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall serve his liege lord valorously and with conviction. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall persevere to the end in any quest begun. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never turn their back upon a foe. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall refrain from the wanton giving of offense. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never leave an insult left unanswered. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never refuse the challenge of a duel from an equal or superior. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall respect those placed in authority. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall abstain from deceit and treason. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall never draw his blade upon a fellow Knight in unlawful combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall be vigilant and show courage in the face of evil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall at all times speak truly. THE PRIVILEGES OF KNIGHTHOOD ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to don the title of Ser. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the Emperor’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the Emperor. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Empire shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arrav Crypts. PATH TO KNIGHTHOOD Pagehood The path to Imperial Knighthood begins as the lowly page. Noble boys between the ages of seven and fourteen are inspected and chosen by Knights seeking squires. Pages attend to menial tasks, such as cleaning, messaging and otherwise serving their knight. In return, they receive an education from their knight in the form of basic combat training and courtly manners. Squirehood When a page reaches the age of Fourteen, he is elevated to the role of Squire following confirmation by the Grand Knight. Squires retain the important tasks of their past and adopt new, combat related ones, such as maintaining arms and armour, protecting the knight, and even fighting in formation. Older squires are given important duties to be carried out, and will eventually embark on their Errant quest, as prescribed by their local liege or Grand Knight, to showcase their knowledge of Knightly Custom and Virtue with the goal of eventually becoming a Knight of the Realm. Imperial Writ Should one enlist within a levy force or military order yet not hail from noble lineage, the acquirement of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Imperial Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serving within the Imperium, for often times men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Imperial Majesty shall issue an Imperial Writ, officiating the knighthood if a lowborn individual. DEGREES OF KNIGHTHOOD FIRST DEGREE - Knights Errant Knights Errant are the sons of Noblemen who seek to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are often times inexperienced, and thus they seek to learn and progress through action rather than study. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. SECOND DEGREE - Knights of the Realm Knights of the Realm are Knights Errant who have earned their Spurs of Knighthood and granted personal fief and form the bulk of the Knights in the Imperium Septimus. Henceforth, Knights of the Realm are obligated to defend their fief, the lands and the honor of the Imperium Septimus. Alternatively, upon the Knight’s choice, a Knight of the Realm may seek out service elsewhere in the Imperium under that of a Landed Noble with a hereditary title and often times hold administrative tasks within that Lord’s holding. Should no land be available for a Knight of the Realm within the Greater Empire, it is the duty of a Knight of the Realm to expand the Borders of the Empire and plant their banners upon contested territories. THIRD DEGREE - Adventuring Knights Adventuring Knights are Knights of the Realm who, despite being offered lands and titles, renounce both in order to journey to foreign lands in hopes of becoming worthy enough to become a Dragon Knight. Adventuring Knights focus on becoming worthy of the Fourth Degree of Knighthood, and thus they seek to perform good deeds, slay evil beings, engage in single combat honorably, or by displaying valour on the field of battle. FOURTH DEGREE - Imperial Dragon Knights Imperial Dragon Knights are the most powerful and revered individuals in all of the Imperium, if not the entire human world. They represent the fearsome might and power of Humanity and answer only to the Emperor himself. It is hard for anyone to match these living embodiments of warriorhood in combat or intellect, their enemies cut down in their droves by the righteous fury of their might, wit and loyalty to their Emperor. Each Imperial Dragon Knight directly serves the Emperor and takes over the duties of protecting the Imperial Family as well as acting as the Emperor’s personal retinue in combat. CENSUS OF IMPERIAL KNIGHTS Knights Errant Ser Landry of Cantel Ser Ithilian of Enthelor Ser Ajax II of Ironwood Ser Frederick Alexander of Baden Ser Philip de Honneur Ser Charles of Napier Ser Septimius Bracchus Ser Aldrick Wulff Ser Peytor of Vance, the Huntsman Knights of the Realm Ser Marek of Kastrovat Ser Roland of Castelo Adventuring Knights Imperial Dragon Knights Ser Frederick Pius of Horen, the Hellstrider Ser Brand von Denhardt, the Indomitable Ser Jan Sigmar von Alstreim, the Blood Raven Ser Carlovac of Kovachev, the Inventor The Rule of Pius Authored by Ser Pius Horen, the Hellstrider, 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1679. I. On the Conduct of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act as the Emperor’s personal enforcers when called upon. As such, Imperial Knights are DEPUTIZED unless blackmarked. Deputization ensures that all Knights of the Imperium Septima hold the right to act as Judge, Jury and even Executioner when upholding the Emperor’s Peace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to know how to address their peers, clergymen and local liege lords. Additionally, Imperial Knights are expected to act with honour, in tandem with the Chivalric Code, in any and all given circumstances. Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to be in good fitness and health and ensure that their mental state is not impaired whilst in the Public Domain. As such, Imperial Knights are expected to refrain from becoming publicly intoxicated upon liquors, Uruk herbs or hallucinogens. II. On the Dress of Imperial Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus, by decree of his Imperial Majesty, are to remain armed and armored at all times whilst within the Public Domain. In tandem, Imperial Knights are afforded the right to don the colors and sigil of their House, Liege or Circle. To wear anything less is a sign of disgrace to the Emperor. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, whilst in armor, are expected to upkeep their spurs as to ensure that they remain in good quality. Imperial Knights shall refrain from wearing pointed sabatons, shoes and shoelaces as they indicate pagan tradition and beliefs. Additionally, whilst in battle, Imperial Knights are expected to equip helmets at all times as to ensure that one's pride does not result in premature death. Should a Knight be without an adequate suit of plate due to damage, it shall be provisioned unto him by the Grand Knight until it can be repaired. Knights of the Imperium Septimus, if physical labor is to be completed, shall not remove their armor in favor of wearing flexible materials; rather, Imperial Knights shall persevere and adapt to the constrictions of their armor. Should a Knight be so physically impaired as to conduct labor, they shall utilize partisans to complete it for them. III. On the Elderly, Ill and Infirm Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are above the age of Seventy shall be considered Elderly. Elderly Knights shall be afforded the option of continued servitude or retirement. Elderly Knights shall retain their titles even into retirement, as well as the benefits that the Order provisions unto them. Elderly Knights also shall receive a statue of their person within the Carolustadt Palace. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are afflicted by viral pathogen or affliction shall be considered Ill. Ill Knights shall immediately be given leave ordered to remain within relative quarantine. Pathogens that result in illness are contagious and may threaten the lives of a Knight’s peer, and more importantly, the life of the Emperor. An Ill Knight shall remain in relative quarantine until deemed able and healthy by an Imperial Physician. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who are physically unable to conduct their Knightly duties shall be considered Infirm. Infirm Knights, if permanently physically impaired as a result of combat, shall be permitted the option of retirement. In the case of the loss of limb, an infirm Knight is expected to acquire prosthetics and persevere through their disability. Infirm Knights, who are deemed infirm as a result of personal choice (laziness, stupidity, etcetera.), shall be blackmarked. IV. On the Completion of Knightly Quests Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall undertake a plethora of quests in order to increase their Degree of Knighthood. Quests are tasks and or missions prescribed by the Emperor, the Grand Knight, or other Feudal Lords. It should be the goal of every Knight to uptake quests for the sake of honour and glory. Knights of the Imperium Septimus shall receive accreditation for the completion of quests. Should an Imperial Knight wish to advance to a higher Degree of Knighthood, they may provide evidence of quest completion in order to elevate their status. It should be noted, however, that one does not require Quest accreditation if they are promoted via the Emperor himself. The First Degree of Knighthood requires ZERO Quest Credations. The Second Degree of Knighthood requires FOUR Quest Credations. The Third Degree of Knighthood requires SIX Quest Credations. The Fourth Degree requires TEN Quest Credations. V. On the Formation of Knightly Chapters and Circles The highest authority of Knights in the Imperium Septimus is his Imperial Majesty, and under him the Grand Knight of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. “Knightly Chapters” will be defined as an Organization of Knights operated by a single Master alongside a Uniform, Chivalric Code, and Holdings; Chapters tend to be formal. “Knightly Circles” will be defined as a loose group of Knights who, directly in association with the Order of the Red Dragon, conduct specialized tasks; Circles tend to be informal. “Formal” associations will be defined as associations of Knights with lawful jurisdiction in an area greater than their own holding. “Informal” associations will be defined as any other association, such as a gentlemen's club. Knightly Chapters beneath the Order of the Red Dragon shall be afforded the right to don separate Colours, Sigils and Rank Structure. Knightly Chapters may own multiple holdings, but individual knights in a Knightly Chapter shall be entitled to their own estates. Though each Chapter/Circle of Knights may have their own codes of conduct, all are subject to the rules and regulations of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. All associations of Knights - Chapters or Circles - Formal or Informal - shall be approved by the signature of the Emperor or the Grand Knight. VI. On the Blackmarking of Knights Knights of the Imperium Septimus are expected to act respectfully and within the Guidelines of the Order of the Red Dragon. However, time to time, some Imperial Knights will ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Empire. Therefor, misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent to be left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Imperium Septimus who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the Emperor and Grand Knight, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Imperial Knights are stripped of their Imperial regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Empire. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime. Knights of the Imperium Septum who been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are is to be stripped of their Knighthood via the “Chopping of the Spurs”, condemned, and banished from Imperial service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Imperium entirely, or even executed. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERWORK Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Knighted By: Moniker: Liege Lord: Lands: Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Coat of Arms: Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Age: Liege Knight: Were you a Page?: Were you a Squire?: Reason for Knighting: Potential Liege Lord: Potential Lands: Petition to Form a Knightly Chapter/Circle Name of the Master: (If there is no one leader, leave this blank) Name of the Association: Formality of the Association: (Formal or Informal) Type of Association: (Chapter/Circle) Names of the Knights associated: (Minimum of Five Required) In Nomine Dei, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Pius Horen the Hellstrider, Imperial Prince of the Imperium Septimus, Grand Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baron of Arrav, Titular King of Rhodesia, Eighth Vandalore and Baron of Arrav.
  5. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to open a skin shop to showcase all my skins for any buyers. Prices: Dress/nohead: 400 Armor/nohead: 800 Dress/withhead: 600 Armor/withhead: 1200 examples: Fill out application: IGName: User: Refrences: What you want: Special notes: Tips?? :’)):
  6. nightlight12

    Al- Gul (Character sheet)

    AL-GUL BASIC INFORMATION: NAME: AL-GUL AGE: 35 RACE: HUMAN STATUS: ALIVE NICKNAME: Outlaw SUBRACE: Highlander DESCRIPTION: Body type: ATHLETIC EYE COLOR: DARK BROWN SKIN : WHITE HEIGHT: 6’2 PERSONALITY: Mostly cares about money and himself in situations. Inventory: A small dagger on his side A pouch of money A mask A short blade behind his back
  7. Quintessential

    Common Man [CCP - Rutledge]

    〘 Common Man 〙 [!] Antanios Rutledge prepares to speak again, to the duchy he will always faithfully serve. 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 Antanios returned to campaign once again, on his trusty soapbox, having been encouraged on by close friends and family. He stood on top of it, defying Steve’s critical feedback of such a speaking tradition. "My running for Prefect was abrupt and sudden, but it was needed." "Elections are closing in fast, and I hope you all are ready to vote. Do not forget that the last election was a CCP victory, a victory of a party that is beneficial to the sake of Belvitz. People say that one's choices change when it comes to deciding for a community as a whole; they no longer think about what happens to themselves, but rather what happens to the community. I want to represent you, dear Belvitz. I cannae stress enough that this election will change the course of Belvitz for the next five years, and who you vote for determines the future course of our fair duchy. Who you root for will determine the course of our people, both adults and children; will you be satisfied with voting for unknowns like Steve? Do you know well enough of Ostrobor to be satisfied to vote for him?" "Do you know of any of the blood, sweat, tears they might have put into our fair duchy?" "I have not seen any beneficial efforts nor have I seen any good outcomes.” “The opposing candidates talk, yet I have not seen them do anything but talk! The hands of a worker are rough, but the hands of a default talker are soft.” Antanios would hastily pull off his gloves, revealing his rough hands; Hands that endured hard, long work. “These are the hands of builders! They are the type of hands that do not talk, but work.” “Talking did not build our duchy; mere talk did not build the mighty walls of the Empire. Hands, our hands and your hands, work is what built the duchy, and actions are what built the empire walls.” "Do you know what the Priorists seek to do?" They seek to burden trade and culture; these affect the economy and do not encourage more trading or more economic stability. They seek to oppress your creativity, anything outside the Priorist creativity box will be banned if they win. They want to make it where ONLY those residing in Renatus can vote on Imperial matters. “What havoc would this cause?” “When you vote for me, you’re voting for the good values of the CCP.” Values which, in turn: Promote the protecting of you and your children’s health by ending the drug trade within the Empire of Man. Support the protection of your travels within the Empire. As well as promoting the rights of suffrage for every descendant of Horen. Promote free trade and a stable market. “I ought to tell you what I will strive for.” “I want to propose a new type of marketing. Low-Income General Goods. It’s a concept, but I believe it’s a good one. If you make under a certain number of minae each saint’s week, families can be registered as low income, and receive a bit of a fall back to help keep them afloat. It’s hard to claw up a living, and I think it’s necessary to give them a hand in helping them secure a future for them, and their possible children as well. I also want to put in place a reservation system, to protect the landscape around Belvitz, which would also support the market by limiting businesses from scarring and destroying the surrounding landscape to make a quick mina. The land surrounding Belvitz should be protected, and only used with city approval. This is so we can keep Belvitz beautiful, but still expand to fit our needs. This isn’t a perfect concept, but we aren’t perfect people, and I agree it could use some tweaking.” Antanios sighed, something worrying the man. The thought of his people suffering burdened and convicted his heart, it was something he could connect with. “With the recent events of Markev freezing over, I fear that if and when it comes to Belvitz, it will heavily impact the market, especially food. It may make living much harder for the poor, who are already having difficulty trying to survive normal cold fronts in the first place. I am bouncing around some ideas has how to combat that. When I have finalized an idea, I will announce it.” “I am a generous man, and even if these ideas do not work out, I will work to provide for the city like I did during the first freeze in my younger years.” “Look around you, Belvitz!” “Does it really take nobles to decide what the common people need?” “I beseech ye, do’nae forget to vote! It’s your voice, use it!” With that, Antanios stepped off the trusty soapbox, and used his foot to flip it over and bounce it up to his arm. He then went and resided in the tavern, humbly awaiting the results of the upcoming election. 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 “ Remember, when you Root for Rutledge.“ “ You also Root for Adria.“ 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 OOC: Thank you for those who encouraged me to run, I thought this would be difficult and confusing. I really appreciate your help introducing me to LOTC policies, I really love it and I find it fun.
  8. COMMON SENSE ACT The Empire of Man holds vast territory, with many diverse peoples owing fealty to His Divine Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius I Horen. Throughout the years, many lords and ladies have sworn to the Horen scion, adding their armies to the Imperial horde, and finding peace through service. These various folks together comprise the Imperial nation – from Adria to Haense, they collectively form the heartland of humanity. Law and logic assert these men and women as subjects of the Imperial Crown. They therefore, quite naturally, assist one another. The Imperial armies defend her people; her people, in turn, offer tax and levy to the crown. It is a trade off – a feudal hierarchy. Some of the Imperial vassals themselves have vassals. Just as the leaders of the more powerful fiefdoms were awarded land and office by the King, so to do they offer land and office to subservient lords and ladies. The feudal hierarchy is as follows. EMPEROR OF MAN | @Sultan KING OF SANTEGIA | @Sultan KING OF NORLAND-SIEGHOF | @Sultan KING OF RENATUS-MARNA - LANDS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN OF EXALTED GODFREY | @Sultan DUKE OF UMBRA | @R3D7uP COUNT OF KASTROVY | @Gressy COUNTESS OF ALDENBURG | @roseways COUNT OF PEMBROKESHIRE | @Sheczar COUNT OF CYRILSBURG | @KosherZombie BARON OF RADOM BARON OF RED PEAK | @Caranthir_ BARON OF RENNES | @LithiumSedai BARON OF TARRACO | @TheArena BARON OF KOVGRAD | @TankM1A2 BARONESS OF AUSTRASIA | @Benelux BARON OF ARRAV | @Zhulik DUKE OF ADRIA | @Kid Mackin BARON OF AESCULUS BARON OF GOZA | @erik0821 MARGRAVE OF STYRIA | @Tornado_ BARON OF VILACZ | @Tornado_ MARGRAVE OF ARDENNES | @Babadooks CALIPH OF KADARSI | @ibraheemc2000 EARL OF NORDENGRAD | @Narthok KING OF HANSETI-RUSKA | @JuliusAakerlund DUCHESS OF KVASZ | @EternalSaturn MARGRAVE OF VASILAND | @Top_Goon COUNT OF AYR COUNT OF CARRENHALL | @JuliusAakerlund BARON OF THURANT | @sandey0000 BARON OF IHIRION | @Juststan147 BARON OF ANTIOCH | @Capace LORD OF ABERRANG | @Tidemanno DUKE OF VIDAUS | @Sky BARON OF ROSTIG Various documents exist which notate and reinforce this subject status. Usually these exist as letters patent, imperial and royal letters, or other letters from the Emperor or his Council which notate the privileges and expectations offered to individuals and in future their progeny. Copies of these exist in various legal libraries in the capital, and naturally each person awarded such a letter would maintain copies, so as to secure their rights were it to be taken to court, or challenged in any other way. These letters would serve as documentation of the feudal hierarchy. However, at times there would be land awards without such letters or documentation, or other documents would exist, such as the Adrian Proclamation. These vassals would merely swear a verbal oath to their liege lord, and begin their service without such regalia. Whether or not such a documented award was given, it is clear that those enfeoffed with land and titulage owed service to the crown, and would be expected to maintain justice, law, and order in their lands. In exchange for privilege and esteem, they are required to rally a levy, pay taxes, et cetera. Imperial vassals are expected to do as follows. Rally as a singular entity, calling forth all their levy and banners. Allow the Crown to negotiate foreign policy. Maintain law and order in their subject territories. Negotiate and pay taxes to the Emperor. Uphold the lawful orders of the Crown always. [All tagged and listed parties, please reply with a signature containing some roleplay, your character's name, titles, and such, notating the terms as per alliance rules.] [Credit: Lyonharted for the original format and post]
  9. 〘 Affirmation of Candidacy 〙 [] [!]Antanios Rutledge getting up to speak to the people of his beloved duchy, Adria. The duchy he will always faithfully serve. 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 Antanios would grab his trusty soapbox, setting it up in the square. He cleared his throat, he wasn't sure how to do this at first. Until Medhi tugged on his leg and wished him luck.. in the silent ways of a child. So he got a second box for Medhi to stand on, the support of a son urged him on. "Cit- No, my people of Belvitz; let me formally introduce myself to everyone who may or may not know me already." “I am Antanios Opal Rutledge, Captain of the Belvitz Watch. I loyally serve this town, and have been for nearly 20 years. I have served through Vladan, through Adler, through Josef. I live here, I fight for here, and I'll die here. I have always stayed in the shadows, obeying my superiors as any good soldier should; however, how can you obey someone who isn't fit to command?” “I respect Ostrobor Carrion, but with all due respect, if he cannae properly serve as Marshal.. then how can he serve as your prefect as well? What experience has he had in the town? He shows up out of nowhere and becomes the Lord Marshal, and then runs for prefect after mercilessly mowing down the Chapel of Saint Otto. What does he know of our town's vivacious history?” “Who is better to serve Belvitz as prefect, than someone who breathes nothing but Belvitz?” “Ostrobor Carrion is a priorist, and he rightly fits there; however, I run as the Common Civic Party, the CCP.” “Let us not forget, our dear John Sarkozic, a CCP, may have resigned because he fell through a window; but I know it could not have been his fault.” "I may be a simple man, but it does not take noble blood to understand what needs to be done." 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 “ Remember, when you Root for Rutledge.“ “ You also Root for Adria.“ 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 OOC: If this formatting spergs out I might just put it to the left.
  10. EN SENTVORIGEO EDELSTVIK ON THE ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE HIGHLANDER PEOPLE Written and compiled by BROTHER ALEXANDER OF THE FIVE LAKES, WHO, by the Grace of God, records these notes to chronicle the histories and myths of the Highlander People, to bestow upon future men the knowledge of their blood. May these texts be used for righteous intention, and any who pollute this message be cursed to eternal damnation, with their ashes grinded and discarded. ON THIS DATE 7 SE 1689 - Dedicated to Sofiya, my once love and now angel of the Skies, for which I don this habit and wield this quill. PROLOGUE Years -1000 to 0 TIME BEFORE TIME or The Four Brothers and the Curse of Iblees ---------------------------------------------------- GLOSSARY Names, Terms, and Translations
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT FOR CANDIDACY 14th of Owyn’s Light, 1688 [!] Rhys var Ruthern stands and addresses a crowd gathered in the red square “People of Markev, for nearly half a century I’ve served this Kingdom. I was there when the first stones for this city were laid, and I stand here now wishing to continue my service to the citizens of this great city! During my tenure of over twenty years as Marshal of Haense, I reformed the military following the breakup of the Royal Army and established the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Under me we drove the Red Vaeyl back to Last Hope, and now we have them under siege hiding behind their walls. I trained a generation of soldiers you now see defending our Kingdom. Now my time as Marshal has ended, and I wish to serve Haense not on the field of battle but in the parliament and protect the interests of its people. Prince Robert’s resignation as party leader has left big shoes to fill, and I believe I’m the most qualified to take on the role. Therefore, I have accepted the nomination of the Common Civic Party and am honored to announce my candidacy to represent the Markev District in the Imperial Parliament. I humbly ask for your votes in entrusting me to continue the good work we have accomplished together in the last five decades. We need a candidate who has experience dealing with the politics in Carolustadt, and the Priorist Party. That is why I ask you to vote for me this coming election! ”
  12. Imperium

    An Open Letter, 1688

    An Open Letter 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1688 My Opponent has claimed my age makes me incapable of fulling my duties. I ask him, does his inexperience with politics and leading not forfeit him? We don’t need a young rash hot headed man like Ser Dominic in Parliament, while I hold nothing but respect for my future grandson-in-law he isn’t what Haense needs. What does Ser Dominic know of trade? I hope to push to make a free trade between vassal and foreign powers to strengthen our economy. What does Ser Dominic know of the integration of minorities into the Empire? I wish to pass legislation to promote rights and suffrage of all people to contribute and assimilate them into the Empire. All aspects, the young man - has yet to learn and experience. What Haense needs now is known, well respected, calm, and collected men in Parliament. I ask my opponent how he hopes to banish the current tension in court between the CCP and Priorist factions? I wish to work alongside the Priorist leaders that we may create a better Empire for the both of us. I’m no fool, we will likely have our disagreements, however, I am willing to put aside my political beliefs. In hopes to structure a compromise when it is necessary for the Empire. So, I ask the people of Markev once again, we need a candidate who can secure Haense a strong position in Parliament. Is Ser Dominic really that candidate? By Bones and Barrow, His Lordship, Rhys of the House of Ruthern
  13. Quintessential

    Seeking Player for Human Son!

    Hi! I'm looking for a player to play my son, please read his details below to see if you are interested! Description of Character A dark-skinned, black hair lad. Son of a southeron and a.. probably farfolk-mix with a large nose. Mother is a 5’6 Southeron by the name of Rivaini Semaili, married to 6’0 Antanios Rutledge. Family resides in Belvitz, yes there is a house. I would prefer if you had MPM, cause it makes things more fun and such. Character Name Medhi S. Rutledge You will receive skin upon due time and acceptance. Preview I swear you’ll get a better skin some day. Application What’s your MC Name? How long have you been a part of this server? Have you played a human child before? Have you ever been interested in playing a human child? How much do you know about Human culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? Please post the application in the comments! Please post your application in a private message with me!
  14. RENATIAN CITIZENSHIP ACT ✠ Issued by His Excellency, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, 7th of The First Seed, 1662 TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE RENATIAN CROWN: As part of the ongoing reforms of the Royal Renatian Administration, the Office of the Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna has deemed it fit to reinstate the privileges of citizenship for all legal residents of the Crown of Renatus-Marna. Each citizen of the Renatian Crown shall therefore obtain certain benefits and responsibilities in exchange for providing their records to the Office, depending on their place of residence and social rank. All citizens and their GOD-given rights shall be protected by the full extent of Renatian Law, including their right to own and maintain property within the territory of the Crown of Renatus-Marna. Citizenship is NOT hereditary and must be applied for, unless part of a recognized noble house of Renatus-Marna; all nobility is encouraged to apply for the sake of clarity nonetheless. RENATIAN CITIZENSHIP FORM ((Any applications received will NOT be common knowledge and are reserved for the Renatian Administration)) Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna
  15. Cruz ©

    A Sword for Auvergne

    The evening had been long and unrelenting. Within a drab, carved stone office sat two men, opposite each other, a thick desk adorned with leaflets of parchment and old scrolls parting them just barely. The man behind the desk, recognizable as a newfound Count in Adria, Gawain d’Auvergne, removed his intricate round spectacles from his face methodically, placing them on the table, his hands steady and calm. The man sitting in the seat in front of it, a naive and young figure, possessing an optimistic gaze and warm, bright-eyed visage, observed him in silence as he spoke in soft and hushed tones. Standing up from his seat and clasping his gloved left hand around a particular writ bearing his wax seal, G.d.A, he walked around the desk as the other man rose to his feet. Gawain extended his right hand for the young man to shake, the gesture being reciprocated quickly. His hand gripping onto the visitor’s, he extended the writ for him to take. Swiftly, almost eagerly, the young man took the parchment as Gawain quickly leaned in closer in a kind of emotionless half-embrace, whispering something to him. They both gave nods of affirmation and the boy stepped back, beginning to move towards the door to his office. Gawain waved ever so slightly as the stranger left the room and his seat in Auvergne. Lingering in the doorway for a few moments, staring into space, Gawain began to remember... He did not remember his childhood, nor his failed marriage, nor the lands in which he was birthed. That was all past him. He remembered those whom he held close; his children, Augustin and Bastien. He remembered the look in his father’s eyes as he left the docks of Aeldin aboard a small dingy. Although he’d never come to see his father again, he looked back on that expression every day as the turning point in his once decrepit life. He privately hoped in his mind in that moment, that his boys would mature to be just, noble men, like he had once expected of himself. He had begun as little more than an adolescent of seventeen seeking employment in a foreign land, Aeldin. He had heard the glories of his ancestors. That of the once esteemed houses of Valois and de Sarkozy. He had read about the great tales of intrigue his Grandfather Hadrien de Sarkozy had partook in, and in truth Gawain wanted to mirror the hero in every aspect. Back home he had little opportunity and even less respect. Gawain was determined to prove all the naysayers wrong, and Ratibor ‘Red’ Carrion proved to be his saviour, inducting him into the Duchy of Adria upon his first few years in Atlas. There he met many important figures, who oft required his counsel on affairs of state. Back when he was young, he was a good shot with a crossbow, and would seldom go a day without going on an adventure with his father’s bannermen. Now he was a member of Parliament as Deputy Officer and a Count in his own right. People seemed to finally listen to him, to heed his honeyed words and act on them. That was a feeling Gawain liked, and he wanted more of. He recalled the first days alone, away from the watchful eye of his father, and his ever expanding court in Aeldin. Before he had been made a noble, he was a simple man under the ever changing influences of the far off provinces riddled along Aeldin. The day he left those lands, in an attempt to rise to prominence in the peerage of Atlas, proved to be the most important in his still young life. This was a moment he was so very proud of, and one of the scarce incidents in which a genuine smile adorned his usually solemn or smug visage. His journey to Atlas did not come without hindrances, no. There were those who saw him and his family as snakes and a liars, they were always prevalent, watching him and waiting for the moment of his weakness so they might strike him down from his perch. But his innate competence as a statesman was well-documented and so the Carrion Duke entrusted him with vassalage. He had even formed his own doctrines adhered to by an entire culture. His failures had been many. A poor plotter, a poor husband and an even worse father. But he had not failed Auvergne, he thought to himself. He had always given his all for his country whether through diplomacy or dossiers, and the chance he was given to leave the land of Aeldin was all that he had cared for despite the fact that it meant he was abandoning his own family, with just his two sons and his brother in his care. He wanted to save Auvergne from darkness, from the realms of obscurity. Its once lush and fertile land had fallen to ruin in Aeldin. He had seen such in his dreams the darkness that would fall upon his people if he continued in the life of ambiguities, and knew he had to act, to save not only his family, but his culture. The dreams that the Creator had given him every night were not just a message but a prophecy. This darkness could no doubt be averted with his guidance. Gawain d’Auvergne snapped out his trance, looking downwards to the wall where a gilded golden shortsword of middling size was leaning, hilted on the wall. A gift from his grandfather - a ceremonial blade predominantly used for show. He sauntered over to the sword, gripping it firmly. After a moment of silence the seasoned Count fell to his knees. Tracing the sign of the lorraine cross on his burgundy doublet, he began to pray aloud in the doorway, his voice quiet and solemn but calm. “Lord, I have not been as pious nor as faithful to You as I should have been throughout my life. I have often been about my business, serving great and noble men whether it be honorably or dishonorably. I shall not ask for forgiveness, for I know that for all that I have done, I deserve none. I have neglected my family and my people. I have sinned and betrayed You for the sake of my own profits, and for those of the realm. I have twisted Your Holy words to serve my own advances, but worst of all I have failed Your command. But I know that I am not an evil man. Evil men do not come to You for counsel. They care not for Your attention, but only for their own self advances. Evil men seek penance and do nothing but sin again, claiming that they are holier than I am. I know myself for what I am, Lord, and I throw my soul into Your arms of salvation in the full knowledge that I am not worthy of it.” Rising to his feet ever so slowly, his left arm shaking in anticipation, Gawain glanced to the sword for another moment, grimacing at the sight of a small amount of the gold blade lying naked, protruding from the sheath. The grimace quickly became a sardonic smirk as he began to speak, his tone hopeful and proud. “That sword...is for Auvergne.” After he mumbled the simple words the gangly Count rose from his seat, calling upon his brother Marcel as he sheathed the ceremonial blade. “Brother… we break ground on the morrow, Auvergne is home.”
  16. REAFFIRMATION OF THE ETERNAL WAR ACT, 1687 Issued and Confirmed by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Man, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 14th of the Sun’s Smile, 1687 TO ALL THE PEOPLES OF ATLAS, The Imperial Crown wishes to reaffirm precedent set forth by the Eternal War Act of 1668 that the Crown has zero tolerance for the roadside banditry perpetrated by the collective group of miscreants and lowlives known as the ‘Reivers’. The act, penned by the hand of former Archchancellor Charles Elliot Horen forbid any interaction, cooperation, and affiliation with the blue scarfed bandits, on pain of death. Those who are witnessed or suspected of colluding with the bandits are hereby declared enemies of the State. This extends to both constituent territories and foreign nations. Though they die in droves, slain by the hands of the valiant men and women of the Empire, they always have yet another hole to retreat to, like the cowards they are. Henceforth, any individual who commits any of the following deeds is hereby deemed an enemy to the Empire. Creating a contract with the Reivers or Reiver affiliated branches. Assisting the Reivers or Reiver affiliated branches in combat. Assisting the Reivers or Reiver affiliated branches financially. Allying themselves or engaging in diplomacy or treaty making with the Reivers or Reiver affiliated branches. Offering safe refuge or harbor to the Reivers or Reiver affiliated branches. Actively associating oneself with the Reivers or Reiver affiliated branches. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera.
  17. 𝕾𝖔𝖜𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖘-𝕬 𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖉𝖙 𝕮𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖎𝖉𝖆𝖈𝖞 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙 As to minimize the costs of printing, a single issue is pinned at the Mos Le’ Harmless Cantina noticeboard, a single one on the notice board in Godfrey Square, and finally on the front entrance leading into Caius square. For historical public record in response to the Imperial Election Commission’s pre-election newspaper publishment. TO THE INHABITANTS OF CAROLUSTADT AND THE GREATER IMPERIUM OF MAN For public record, the nomination speech by my person spoken at the city center on the 11th of Sigismund's End, 1686 for the Priorist Party Convention. With the publishment of The Statute of Carolustadt, a lady in a silken dress would have merely hurried along, was it not for the fortune of education and a disposition of heightened curiosity to the state of the world and the fellow man and woman that inhabit it. Were it not for those, even I might have concluded that I simply passed by some other declaration similar to ones that predate it. My name is Victoria IV Annabella Campenhau-Schöngrunn von Oxenstierna-Mühlen, first descendant of the Lady Mirabella of the Schöngrunn isle in Schweinfurt. Sole daughter of the late Alfred Schöngrunn, steward of Ulmsbottom, and the lady Mirabella Mühlen, thrice removed cousin of the late Giovanni Mühlen, of the long-lost Mühlen lineage. I am a daughter raised in the fire and brimstone of humanity, forged with the noblest of minerals of purity to which this Empire is so wealthy, tempered with the knowledge and classics of the centuries before me, and finally baptized in the struggle that follows at the end of all good things. My father was a fervent speaker for the Canonist cause, my mother a great thinker of reason far beyond the capacity of any common bred woman of lineage, not to question the patriarchy that persists around us and is the foundation of the order of all things natural, but to deepen the thoughts and principles that permeate within, and to hold the principle of adaptation to the highest esteem. Yet, I do not choose to speak for the Holy and be so abashed as to depict myself as able to deem those that are astray from being canonist. We find Beauty in all things natural, we find it in the flowers grown in gardens, we find it in the skies lit at night, in the melodies sung by birds, on the faces of fair maidens and in the prose and poetry of written word. Beauty is the fairest of virtues associated with kindness, softness, delicateness, sensitivity and adaptability, the proneness to all other virtues. The Dandelion in its simple symmetry, its strong regenerative and reproductive capacity, and above all its survivability. Take the fair human maiden, delicate hands which many crafts could be performed with, a fair oval shaped face with symmetrical beauty, used as a clean canvas of the most glorious painting classics, and a softness of body and disposition of virtues. Take as opposed the bulbous Green-skin, crooked teeth and bulbous nose and forehead. A dreadful stare, lack of emotions, and savagery that has persisted for as long as the good human people can write, with no end in sight to their never adapting ways. The more adaptable and beautiful something is by nature, the more likely does it stand superior to the test of time, mettle, virtue and other such universal measures. Humanity was blessed with the natural state of reason, of adaptability, of free thought unchained by centuries of history, and of free will unchained by centuries of dogma. It is exactly that adaptability and beauty in action that causes humans to be truly the superior race. iacta alea est Carolustadt stands as a testament to the glory of the Imperium of Man, and a bastion for the holy and virtuous to guide humankind to greater heights than already achieved. I will, however, find myself disgusted by the level of polarity that has descended and bled into local news, oversensationalizing this election as a theater of entertainment for the masses. The men and women that died on the 17th of Godfrey’s Triump, 1687, had decades of service to the Imperium and were part of the Arbeiterklasse of humanity, working individuals that have dedicated their lives in paying their dues. I publicly regret that circumstances had let to such grievous consequences leading to their deaths. The die is being cast today, and regardless of the outcome, my values and duties to humanity and the citizens of this great Empire that I have dedicated my life to remains unchanged and unbroken. I will remain unapologetic to those that would hinge on sympathy to generate attention and influence, and remain steadfast to my values. Erforsche mich, Gott, und erfahre mein Herz; prüfe mich und erfahre, wie ich's meine, Victoria
  18. PosidonX7

    The Afturkvald Festival

    “Ooooo... Spoopy.” The Afturkvald Festival of Gorundyr The Afturkvald Festival is a celebration held once a year. It celebrates the idea of those that have dishonored themselves through death may one day be able to redeem themselves. It is believed by the more superstitious Gorundyr that if you die on this night in a dishonorable manner, you will be forever damned. Some have said you can hear the chanting of undead soldiers marching through the night of Afturkvald. A common activity during Afturkvald is for the village elder(s) to hide potatoes around the village. The children of the village will then go search for the potatoes, and the child that finds the most potatoes will prosper. For the adult Gorundyr, however, they usually prefer feats of strength by seeing who can chop through a log the fastest with an axe. Other events involve trivial spars between varying members of the village. OOC: The festival will be held on Sunday, October 28th. The festival will begin at 2pm EST and last all day. The festival will be held in Arberrang, about 300 meters directly south of Haense.
  19. CrownedLime747

    The Words of a Victim

    The Words of a Victim 19th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 To my fellow Citizens of the Great Empire of Man, As you may have heard, a couple of saint’s days ago, I was viciously and mercilessly attacked by Priorists when I criticize them on their immoral hatred. For those who are worried about me, thank the Lord in His infinite wisdom that I came out of that with only bruises. And I would like to thank Mr Sarkozic for his endorsement and as such, I shall endorse him for Prefect of Belvitz. Even with these uncivilized tactics by the Priorists, I will NOT be deterred from fighting for the rights of those they deem ‘inferior’ because I KNOW it is righteous. I will fight to bring prosperity not just to Renatus, but to all of the citizens of the Empire and under her glorious protection. I have read their announcement, and I would have to say I am incredibly disappointed. They claim themselves to be mobs of the empire. But mobs are mobs, and no matter their reasoning, mobs can never claim righteousness. They are never in the right. Even if there was a mob that supported protections for minorities, more elected representatives in the Imperial Parliament and any more positions I hold, I would denounce them, distance myself from them and cutoff any relations I have with them. Any good, law-abiding, honest citizens of the Empire would do the same. However, they remain unapologetic to their barbaric actions that are eerily similar to those committed by the heathenous Norlanders in the early and mid century. While I am not saying that they are heathens, they are still Canonists to some degree. However, their actions have completely ignored Canonist morals and thus I will stand by my comment saying they are Uncanonist. Yet, I’m not the only victim in there hate-filled ‘crusade’. The first was the poor Dwarven diplomat that was assaulted a few saint’s weeks ago. Unlike my own encounter, the assailant was arrested by the guard before it could turn into a beating. Even though the violent man was on the ground, I saw others around the guard berate him, calling him an ‘elf-lover’. All I could do was call out their hatred while the attacker was taken away. Another man that was attacked by the Priorists, although not physically, was the honorable Robert Sigismund. They brought up events that occurred four decades ago in an attempt to discredit him and claim he is unfit. I would have to call this cowardly, as not only did they occur forty years ago, but any sane person would do the same. At the time of King Otto III, an empire of man was completely unheard of in current times and feared that his kingdom would end and his people will suffer. Thank the Almighty Lord in His infinite wisdom that did not occur. While yes, he did delay the creation of the Great Empire of Man, he did so because he feared for his realm and people. That is something to admire, not to chastise. Sir Robert was simply following the will of his lord as any good citizen does. Honorably from Cesare di Lucio Accorsi
  20. Cousin_Otis


    FROM THE PRIORISTS WITH LOVE, 1687 Greetings to all working class individuals within the Imperium Septimus! I, Cousin Otis, write to thee to provide transparency, and an insight, into the inner workings of the Priorist Policy as well as to our critique to our opponents. The Priorist party has always stood for three major principles: One People, One Nation, One Faith. In this regard, the “People” refer to all Humanity, the “Nation” - our fair Imperium and our “Faith” - the Holy Church of Canon. We Priorists seek to enact laws which shall elevate the status of all Men, and Women, in the Imperium. We seek a rebirth in meritocracy - so that those who are incompetent do not gain the reins of control over our lives. We seek a resurgence in Imperial Culture, so that we shall not find ourselves lost seeking for our morality and customs. We seek fairness, for the working peoples of the Imperium, so that we may no longer be taken advantage of. However, despite these noble ideals, some, who themselves have committed far greater crimes, still label us as rabble-rousers and morally wrong for the Imperium. They claim we are mobs, who break and steal. Though, initially, I would deny such, I instead see it in a different light. Yes. We are mobs. Mobs of patriotic Imperials who wish to see that the labor of those who came before us, the brave Legions of Renatus, do not fade out into the eons of time for the sake of opportunistic sycophants and cravens. The Imperium was formed upon the ideals of greatness, and yet, other factions, who have since coalition, inherently go against these ideals. I ask thee, citizens: Is it wrong to desire a system of merit within our Government? Is it wrong to ensure that Knights are qualified to defend us, and to prevent one from merely seeking the title of Ser rather than the Ser-vice that accompanies it? Is it wrong to ensure that citizens within the Imperium are patriotic, so that we may be proud of our fellow countrymen? Is it wrong to elevate the status of Men above those who care not for our history and customs? Is it wrong, I ask, to represent the working class? I assume the answer is no. Nothing of what we preach is morally wrong. It is not legally wrong, nor rationally wrong either. Yet, critics still attempt to paint us as evil. So, I shall do the same. Candidate Robert Sigismund (Common Civic Party), a man who boasts his service to Haense since Otto the Third ignores a key fact about his leal lord. Otto III opposed Imperial unity, and sought the destruction of his fellow man - making Robert inherently complicit for he authored the Otto III doctrine. For generations Robert has lived, yet, not a single peep of critique towards the actions of Otto III have left his mouth. Instead, like a dog, he obeyed the whims of his master and postponed our glorious Imperial unity for decades. For a man who can speak so elegantly, he provides no genuine substance in policies which would strengthen Imperial values. The mobs which he denounce are nothing compared to the actual armed defiance of Haense in our previous wars, where Renatian and Haense boys alike were slain, never to return home to their families, all to save the face of the cowardly Haense privy. To this day, I reckon he still holds anti-Imperial thoughts in the depths of his senile mind - and yes, I do mean senile due to his age (in fact, the health concerns stemming from the stress of parliament may make it too dangerous for him to run!). Additionally, he boasts of fighting off bandits - but, we REAL veterans of the Priorist Party know that he has never risen the blade as we have. To him, I show no remorse, nor respect, for he is but a snake in an Crow’s tabard, and a pathological liar. He does not even use the Human calendar. And now, we wait, for the inevitable smooth talking and substanceless grovel of a reply. To Cesare di Lucio Accorsi, I say this. Do not accuse men of being uncanonist. It is in fact a sin to do such. Perhaps you should freshen up your scroll of Virtue. I would pass judgement upon thee, but you are a nobody. I cannot relate you, for you hold zero relevance. I cannot insult you, for no one even knew of your name prior to this retort. The insult would go over the heads of our electorate, for it would require them to know something about you personally. The fact is, Cesare, you want attention. You are a masochist, and I guarantee you that you were excited in your trousers when the mob you egged on stomped upon thee. To John Hugh Sarkozic, I’ve nothing to say about. I am unsure if this man exists; however, if he does, I consider him to be a fair opponent in the elections to come. He has said nothing, which implies to me that he is honorable. However, it appears that we merely hold disagreements on policy, or region. Instead, we Priorists support our fair candidate, Victoria. She is humble, sweet and competent and classy. A mother figure. Chosen by the people, we are determined to help her become the first female elected Official in the history of Human politics. It is right that we do this, so that we may shatter gender barriers and once and for all prove that women may serve humanity as greatly as men. We need only look towards the Saint, Emma Vladov, as evidence of such feminine grandeur. Victoria seeks to elevate the status of humans, and advocate in Parliament what is right for the Empire’s soul through our platform. I am certain Victoria shall serve us well in Parliament, for she already serves our needs within the Mos Le’Harmless Cantina. She knows the plight of our peoples, and our needs. She is not noble, she is not gentry - she is our candidate. From the Priorists With Love, Cousin Otis
  21. ultravioletpixie

    La Fiesta de Fantasma Street Bazaar

    La Fiesta de Fantasma Street Bazaar ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1685 [!] Vibrantly colored notices would be distributed throughout the Empire, and to other major settlements across Atlas _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “In conjunction with the forthcoming Fiesta de Fantasma- an event to celebrate the reunification of Man in all of its diversity under one glorious Empire- a beloved Santegian tradition will make its return: the local street bazaar! Beginning at daybreak on the 6th of the Tobias’s Bounty, 1687, Carolustadt will host its first-ever Santegian style street bazaar amidst the day’s festivities, down Antonius Avenue, in the bustling capital of the Empire of Man. Guests for the event will be welcome to peruse a menagerie of vendor stalls boasting a range of rare novelties, unique gifts, delicious foods, powerful magic items, hand-crafted weapons, and more! Those interested in peddling their wares at the bazaar may do so free-of-charge, by either making a reservation in advance with Ingrid Kastrovat (which guarantees them a space), or by bringing the items they wish to sell with them to the event, finding an unclaimed table, and setting-up shop. All inquiries related to the street bazaar- to include special reservation requests- should be directed to the bazaar organizer, Ingrid Kastrovat. She can be contacted by messenger, sending a bird, or requesting a meeting with her in Carolustadt.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((To request a stall be reserved for the event, simply post a comment below, being sure to include your MC and RP names, and you will be contacted by the event organizer. Alternatively, you can contact “Ingrid Kastrovat” (ultraviolentpixi) via Discord or in-game to reserve your spot. PLEASE NOTE: All reservations must be made NO LATER THAN 12:00PM (noon) EST on Friday, October 26th to guarantee the availability of a stall)) OOC: Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 Time: Bazaar runs from 12:00PM (Noon) EST until end of festival; set-up for vendors begins at 10:30AM EST Place: Antonius Avenue in Carolustadt, capital of the Empire of Man Coords: x -85, z 1148
  22. wolfbluewalker

    The Law In The Empire Of Man

    Answer this poll telling the truth of what you would do without lying! Would you roleplay correct? Or would you cheat? You have committed crimes against Atlas and her people, what say you in your defense?
  23. DIE FREIE KOMPANIE VON ARNHEIM, 1686 Issued and confirmed by his Lordship, the Baron of Arnheim, Ser Hans of the House of Rovin, 9th of Sigismund’s End, 1686. FÜR DIE AUFSTREBENDE ARBEITERKLASSE, Baron Hans, the Waldenic mercenary, is seeking to employ additional men to serve as blades for future business ventures. Thus, Ser Hans has decided to establish die Freie Kompanie, or the Free Company, as the vessel to enlist additional Caravan Guards, Mercenaries and Farmhands. In addition, die Freie Kompanie shall serve beneath the Red Dragon Trading Company as an armed branch, which enables tax exemptions and the prospect of notoriety within the Knightly sphere. Should one seek enlistment within the ranks of die Freie Kompanie, Ser Hans pledges to work towards providing levymen contracts so that they may reap the benefits of their labor. Such contracts range from Caravan protection, Client Protection, Search and Destroy, etcetera. Should the market for hired blades slow, die Freie Kompanie shall engage in caravans, hoping to turn profit. Additional benefits shall include the provision of equipment, a room within Arnheim, a negotiated paycheck and the prospects of adventure and personal development. Additionally, should an employee impress Ser Hans, they may be afforded their own Caravan to manage. APPLICATION NAME: EXPERIENCE: RACE: CULTURE: AGE: REASON FOR ENLISTMENT: Gott Mit Uns, Seine Lordschaft, Herr Hans von das Haus von Rovin, Freiherr von Radom, Titularmarkgraf von Vanderfell und Ritter des Siebten Reiches
  24. THE PRIORIST PARTY OF RENATUS “The needs of the Renatian people stand above the commodities gifted to those foreign, living amidst us. We must protect the common man.” - Ronald of Sullivan Authored by Chairman Hans Rovin, Freiherr von Arnheim TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I: ABOUT US SECTION II: MISSION STATEMENT SECTION III: PLATFORM SECTION I: ABOUT US The PRIORIST PARTY OF RENATUS is a political organization devoted to capturing the reigns of Government so that it may better serve the interest of the common Imperial citizen. Branching from the tree of Priorist thought and the triad principles of One People, One Nation and One Faith, The Priorist Party remains Nationalist and Devout. However, in recent years, it is believed that the Imperial Government has unwittingly bequeathed an alarming amount of authority to a wealthy Noble class who often attempt to make the Imperial government serve their egotistical interests rather than to maintain the integral spirit of the Imperium. Likewise, those with Nobility, despite having a large amount of ego, tend to have a greatly small amount of competence. One only needs to look towards the disgraced Duke Josip as evidence of such. The Priorist Party values merit above all else and strives to represent the Working class, or der Arbeiterklasse, within the Imperium. The Priorist Party believes in the values of pre-Imperial Renatus, and seeks to encourage those values to flourish once more. As such, members within the ranks of the Priorist Party tend to hold professions within the Military, Private Business or other services. Ultimately, the Priost Party is for the workers of the Imperium - not those who sit upon gilded thrones. SECTION II: MISSION STATEMENT The Priorist Party seeks to increase the concept of merit and loyalty within the Imperium. For the sake of this initial introduction, the Priorist Party shall set forth three points to its Mission Statement. It is believed that Nobles should not receive officer positions. Rather, those who have shown great dedication to the Organizations which protect the common man should be prioritized over those with catchy names. Additionally, it is believed that the concept of Knighthood has degraded over the years as those with noble titles are instantly afforded Knighthood whilst those proud legionnaires who grind against the hordes of the unknown daily are overlooked purely based on their birth. The Priorist Party seeks to establish Knightly Merit - for how can we look to our commanders for guidance when they themselves had no commanders to inspire them? It is believed that Nobles should not receive legal protection. Within our capital, when Nobles break laws, Imperial Guards cannot perform the task assigned to them: Guarding the People. The reasoning for such is simply the fact that Nobles are protected under Imperial Law and, should a legionnaire attempt to detain them, a vassal crisis ensues and the noble is chosen over the common Legionnaire. The Priorist Party seeks to establish law and order - and, ironically, those who make the laws are most likely to be the ones breaking them. It is believed that many Nobles do not hold the best Interest of the Imperium in their minds. Nobles, like Cladius Bracchus, openly gloat about participating in foreign governments and spreading their economic tendrils to other nations who would, if given the opportunity, see us all perish. Holm is the greatest such bastion of offshore banking and investment, filled with traitorous humans who do not wish to embrace the values of our fair Imperium - yet, they still reap the benefits that Imperial Nobles have given them. The Priorist Party seeks to eliminate foreign influence from our nobility - afterall, how can a Noble be an Imperial if their coin rests cozy in Holm? Ultimately, Renatus is for the Renatian. Renatians should not be subject to having their homes evicted for the sake of Non-Human Migrants. Renatians should not be subject to having to turn their cheek when belligerents insult their culture and spit upon the name of Renatus. Renatians should not be subject to spineless, cowardly and egotistically blown up Noblemen who keep their wealth beyond our borders. And, most importantly, Renatians should not be subject to the desires of non-Renatians. SECTION III: PLATFORM 1. The Priorist Party seeks to ensure a Greater Renatus for the benefit of the Renatian man. 2. The Priorist Party seeks to establish Human-only-Citizenship throughout the Imperium and Human-Only-Membership within the greater Renatian Conglomerate. 3. The Priorist Party seeks to ensure that migrants from other races will abide by race-specific laws and regulations different to that of a Human Renatian. 4. The Priorist Party seeks to ensure that only citizens of Renatus may vote on matters of a Parliamentary capacity, legislative changes or govermentorial enactments. 5. The Priorist Party seeks to establish the grounds for a healthy middle class, through the lessening of powers vested in the lower gentry. Enacting a new Knightly protocol which assigns Knighthood to those who have shown merit rather than bloodright. Merchants who deal with/from foreign territories shall be tarriffed, with the profits they would have made being redistributed for the public good. Regulations on Renatian Merchants shall be lifted so that wealth and prosperity may bolster our working class. 7. The Priorist Party seeks to ensure that the State must protect suitable health standards by: Offering protection for mothers and infants Preventing children from working in unfavourable conditions or under low income. Making a law for compulsory sporting events to help strengthen Renatian tradition. Helping to support or create sporting guilds for young men and women. 8. The Priorist Party seeks to establish reforms within the Imperial Renatian Legion, as to look after the ordinary Renatian citizen and not solely protect the rich noble class. 9. The Priorist Party seeks to establish a law that prevents politicians from being anti-Renatian, and bulletins from writing about them. All pieces of legislation, art or books which support foreign, non-human ideals shall be banned.
  25. Paulobig

    Marius DeNurem

    𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖚𝖘 𝕯𝖊𝕹𝖚𝖗𝖊𝖒 ”Blood for Science. Death Before Dishonor." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information Full Name: Marius DeNurem Titles: Prince of Hanseti-Judah, Lion ov Judah, Hochmeister of the Steel Company 2-11, Director of the DeNurem Inc. Nickname/Aliases: None Important Information Age: Late-Forties Gender: Male Race: Human Sexuality: Heterosexual Languages Spoken: Common, Marian, and Flexio Physical Disabilities: None Jewelry/Accessories: DeNurem Ornate Circlet. Physical Attributes Body Type: Soldier physique Height: 6’6” Weight: 208 lbs Hair: Short silver-white hair Skin: Fair Eyes: Green Markings/Tattoos: Black cross tattoo on the back of the neck General Appearance: Marius appears older than he actually is, as his hair color resembles that of an elder. He often wore a neutral expression. Current-Attire: Regularly wears a full plated armor and a white cape over chainmail, the Black Cross of the Teutonic Order displayed on his tabard. Hygiene: An above-average sense of hygiene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Present Current Location: Caius Circle 3, Carolustadt, Empire Of Man Religion: Canonist Personality: Formidable and wise when it comes to military actions, stern and quiet most of the time but capable of booming commands when the event calls for it. Battle-hardened and seasoned veteran of many wars, a realist and more acceptive towards reason and logic in his decision-making process. Occupation: Hochmesiter of the Steel Company 2-11 and Director of the DeNurem Inc. Moral Alignment: Lawful-Neutral