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Found 186 results

  1. Legoboy7984

    Reformation of the Guard de Vasilie

    «Guard de Vasilie» Army of Vasile _____________________ General History: The Guard de Vasilie led by Charles I of House Halcourt, Baron of Vasile, are the army of the Barony of Vasile. Fort de Vasilie would be the Baronies and the Guards foothold, thusly have been faithfully guarded by the heavy infantry of House Halcourt since 1659. tt “The two most powerful weapons are patience and time” -Ser Sylvester III, Baron of Vasile circa 1657 _____________________ ⁌ Ranks ⁌ Commander: The Commander commands the Regiment in its entirety and is the Baron of Vasile. The Commander works with the guard lead. A man of few words, the Constable is required to be adaptable and collected. He has the final say in all matters. Captain: Are important members of the Regiment. They assist with keeping order within the ranks and are often granted minor privileges and duties like training, as well as missions to lead the enlisted men on. Enlisted Sergeant Master-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Footman Name: Race: Age: Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Discord: Timezone: ____________________ Notable Engagements: Storming of Cyrilsburg, 11th of the Snow’s Maiden, 1662 Siege of Ruriksgrad, 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1662 Siege of White Peak, 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1668
  2. ElvenHuntress

    -=The Order Of Nightfall=-

    The order of nightfall charging into battle Three of the Order Of Nightfall's greatest warriors watching over a battlefield The Order Of Nightfall History The original creator, Johnathan Cantwell, was a simple boy. He learned of his father being a lord and soon became a lord under a county in Santegia. He took his fathers old armor, darkened the steel and decided to make a levy that would aid people. Seeing as the Black Knight always saves the damsel, the levy was formed. It was passed down to his son who shortly lost lordship and the Black Knights went extinct. Many other Cantwells tried reforming them, but only one succeeded. Zachary an Cantwell. Shortly he passed away and it went onto his brother, then onto the last Cantwell alive; Sarah Thomson. Under her new rule the name was changed to the Order Of Nightfall. Black Knights were the titles given to the male warriors and Black Dames to the female warriors. The order of Nightfall isn't for the faintest of heart, their work requires them to complete tasks the average soldier wouldn't, because of this the soldiers of the order are hardy warriors. Rankings Captain -the highest rank achievable in the order, this is held by a soldier that is a great warrior but an even greater leader. They are responsible for every soldier in the order and take care of any business the order is involved in, whether that be battles or simple guard duty. Again this is a difficult rank to achieve, you must prove yourself to be a great leader and fine warrior, therefore this rank will be awarded by a captain with the approval of the other soldiers in the order. Lieutenant -a soldier that is known for their great leadership skills and can draft letters and reports for their Captain. This rank is hard to achieve, in order to achieve it you must work hard in battle and prove yourself to your fellow lieutenants and captain. Sergeant -a soldier that is responsible for the training, gear management and overall appearance of the soldiers under their control. Corporal -a soldier that has proven themselves a good leader and are able to lead a small group of soldiers. Footman -a tried and tested soldier that has proven themselves in battle, they are the bulk of the order. Private -the lowest rank in the order, usually held by a soldier that needs more training in combat. Recruit -a recently recruited soldier that are untested in battle and may need training in the art of combat. Enlistment Requirements -must be hardened soldiers -loyal to the Order -respectful to others and more importantly those of a higher rank Application Name: Age: Race: Gender: Discord(required):
  3. How to Serve the Church; Clerics, Soldiers, and Laborers “Rejoice Brothers and Sisters, for there are yet faithful!” To join the Church of the Canon and swear one’s life to it is to swear one’s life to not only the Church, but GOD himself. Service to GOD and Church is a great virtue, for a man who forsakes his secular desires and acts only for GOD’s sake truly embodies selflessness and humility. There are many ways to join the Church and assist in its mission to bring GOD’s peace, mercy, charity and love across the mortal realm. From the farmer to the Knight, no man is exempt from true service to GOD. Joining the Clergy Joining the Clergy is a vow that can only be released by the High Pontiff himself. There are two sects of the clergy, divided by their individual vows. I. The Priesthood, who are recruited as acolytes and may be promoted to the rank of Bishop. They are an eclectic group whose charge is the spreading of GOD’s word to their flock at their assigned parish. II. The Sisters of Blessed Catherine, an order of sisters whose directive is the management of the education, poorhouses and charities named subsidiary of the Church. Their primary headquarters is located in the Prince-Bishopric of St. Judeberg, at their Abbey. Joining the Protectors of the Church Since the beginning of the faith men have raised their swords for the sake of GOD, purifying the impure and protecting the exalted and divine. There are several separate ways one may use their skill as a soldier to serve the Mother Church. I. The Order of Saint Lucien, reformed after centuries of inactivity, currently serves as the armed militant wing of the Church of the Canon. Missions which the Order carries out include expeditions into the corrupted wastes of Iblees’ kin, the hunting of heretics/abominations, the safeguarding of the Clergy and its Missionaries, the escorting of Pilgrims to holy-sites, charitable work and to ultimately educate the masses in the word of GOD. II. The Knights of St. Everard, , dedicate their lives for the personal protection of the High Pontiff and the Holy See. Being rewarded with land and renown, they carry out tasks personally called by the High Pontiff. Joining the Knighthood is a matter entirely between the Pontiff and the individual. Serving the Church as a Layman A layman is a person who has not taken oaths as a clergy member. The Church shall always welcome those who seek to serve the Church either temporarily or in a voluntary capacity. The layman can take certain oaths in service to the Church without being bound to clerical or knightly commandment. According to their speciality, Laymen will be assigned different tasks by the Church. I. Laymen may serve the Church by becoming a citizen of the Prince-Bishopric of Saint Judeberg. Being granted all the privileges of residing in the Holy See, they assist the Church in regular labor work like gardening, husbandry, harvesting, grooming, etc. +__________+__________+__________+__________+__________+__________+ APPLICATION Despite the specific options laid out above, a person may also offer his services in a way separate than what is specifically detailed. IC Name: Race: Service: (Nun, Monk, Priest, Charity Worker, other) Why do you wish to assist the Church?: Anything else?: OOC Minecraft Name: Discord Name:
  4. Kingdom of Santegia oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Adrián Avenue Shop Guide Located on the pristine waters of the Santegian Sound-- Presa de Madera, the Kingdom of Santegia’s capital city, is a bustling hub of shipping and trade that is home to some of the best shops in all of Atlas. Adrián Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the Presa de Madera, is host to a wide variety of specialty shops to explore, all guaranteed to have a competitive price and to be fully-stocked with merchandise. From lively, custom banners, dyes in an array of colors, delicious baked goods, and the finest armor and weapons found in the Southern Nations, to locally crafted ales, exotic cactus greens, and hard-to-find books on an endless variety of topics-- the Shops of Adrián Avenue in Presa have it all! And, with stores that pledge to be stocked and to offer fair prices, why would you waste your time looking anywhere else? Join us for a day of spirited fun, shopping on Adrián Avenue in vibrant Presa de Madera, Santegia-- the merchanting mecca of Atlas. While you visit, stop by our Little Cuba Tavern to enjoy some delicious local cuisine and some of the finest liquors, wines and ales found in all the Realms-- and, before you leave the tavern, unwind with a relaxing smoke at Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green and Hookah Delight’s (on the tavern’s second floor)! oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Adrián Avenue Shops oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Some of the stores you will find on Adrián Avenue in the heart of Presa de Madera, the capital of the Kingdom of Santegia, include: Billy’s Cakes, Pies and Sugary Treats Billy’s Bakery is the place to go if you are looking for any baked goods, sugary treats, fruits, or even hot soups. He has a wide variety of food including his award winning Billy’s Pumpkin Pie. He prepares, mixes, and bakes all of his goods with love and delicacy as he thinks about all the hungry bellies he will please. Prices ~ Billy’s Pumpkin Pie / Pumpkin pie: 3 mina / 2 mina Baked potatoes: .2 Mina Cake: 5 Mina Apple: 1 Mina Watermelon: 0.1 Mina Cookie: 0.2 Mina Bread: 0.2 Mina Mushroom Stew: 2 Mina Beetroot soup: 2 Mina Do or Dye The Do or Dye Shop is home to all the dye you could ever imagine! And for a nice and convenient price, the cheapest prices in all of Atlas! Any dye you need I can guarantee we have it, so come on down to Presa de Madera and get all your dye needs! Prices ~ Rose Red: 2 Mina Cactus Green: 2 Mina Ink Sac: 2 Mina Cocoa Beans: 2 Mina Dandelion Yellow: 2 Mina Light Gray: 2 Mina Lapis Lazuli: 2 Mina Gray: 2 Mina Orange: 4 Mina Cyan: 4 Mina Pink: 4 Mina Magenta: 4 Mina Purple: 4 Mina Light Blue: 4 Mina Lime: 4 Mina Standards of Distinction Standards of Distinction offers the finest banners for sale in a plethora of colors. We have the basic single color banner, 1 for each type of wool, and we have banners with designs in them. Don’t see a banner you like? Request a custom banner! We are always happy to make custom banners for you! Prices ~ Standard Banner: 7 Mina Designed Banner: 10 Mina Custom Banner: 15 Mina The Smiling Smithy The best smithy in Santegia, we have a wide range from the average shield to the best armour in the city! Contact Vera for orders and she’ll give you a fair price! Prices ~ Arrows: 1 Mina Bows: 10 Mina Swords: 8 Mina Shields: 6 Mina Full Set Of Iron Armour: Only 85 Mina! Iron Helm: 18 Mina Iron Chestplate: 28 Mina Iron Leggings: 25 Mina Iron Boots: 14 Mina The Open Door Bookstore The Open Door Bookstore is the only bookstore of its kind in all of Atlas! We carry a wide selection of titles on a variety of topics; so, whether you’re looking for good read, or perhaps a unique gift, come see out what we have in stock! Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our monthly specials focusing on a diverse array of themes ranging from orcish children’s books, to rune smithing! See something on the shelf you’re interested in that isn’t stocked in the sale section? Contact the shop owner and she will arrange for you to purchase a copy today! Prices ~ All written books: 25 Mina each Bookcases: 25 Mina each Book & quill: 10 Mina each Stack of papers: 25 Mina each Little Cuba Tavern & Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green and Hookah Delights Established in 1657, the Little Cuba Tavern lies in the heart of Presa de Madera’s Town Square, and offers an impressive mix of locally crafted Santegian ales, wines, liquors and delicious traditional tapas. Little Cuba not only offers authentic food and drink at a fair price, but also is home to the town’s favorite hookah den--Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green and Hookah Delights--which boasts the largest selection of premium “green” in all of Atlas. Be sure to come by and have a drink and a smoke with the locals next time you are in in the area! Prices ~ Little Cuba Tavern Dwarven Ale: 20 Mina Santegian Ale: 11 Mina Katdaddy Bourbon: 15 Mina Santegian Cabernet: 10 Mina Croquetas de Jamon: 5 Mina Gazpacho Camarón: 9 Mina Albóndigas with Spicy Tomato Sauce: 9 Mina Malasadas: 5 Mina Fuego Vainilla de Luna: 2 Mina Bobby’s Buds: Cactus Green & Hookah Delights (on the 2nd Floor of Little Cuba Tavern) Cactus Green: 20 Mina Ice Kiss: 30 Mina Black Cactus: 25 Mina Baby’s Brains: 35 Mina Eternal Leaf: 15 Mina Box of Crayons: 30 Mina Ibless Touch: 40 Mina Pure Quartz: 30 Mina Blueberry Cactus: 30 Mina oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Location Information oO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oo Presa de Madera is located in the eastlands of the Kingdom of Santegia, on the glimmering shores of the Santegia Sound. It lies both east of Sennisten, and southeast of Holm, at coordinates: 1300, 1650
  5. -=-The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition-=- The Red-Cloak forces giving justice to the realm by burning a vile elf-lover, who brought an elf into her chambers and interbred with it. -=- The Red-Cloak forces found their-selves rallied for a cause greater than this world, the men of Renatus, the men of Haense, the men of Belvitz, and the men of Atlas, all united under one banner to relinquish the elven scum from the lands of Humans, and bring back the justice of GOD. They found themselves marching towards Haense, the known capital of harboring elves, and what they found was more sickening than an elf itself. They found a woman by the name of Alayne av Grimrich, or Alayne Tosali, who slept with an elf prior to her marriage to whatever Grimrich she is married to, being declared by her brother, Arstan of the House Tosali. The men began to tie her up, and bring her to the Flame of GOD for justice of the realm. They placed her on the cross, and said prayers to calm the souls watching, the scene was glorious and holy. The vile elf-lover screeched as the men did their duty, only departing after she was gone. They all screeched the call of "Bog Vedet Nas!" or in other words, "God Guides Us!" The men found themselves marching back home, ready to secure the fate of another heretic who wishes for their trial. Alayne av Grimrich looking to the crowd as she awaited her trial by Flame. -=- The men lighting the cross and giving justice to GOD for allowing this filth on his land for so long. -=-
  6. Declaration of independence of the Barony of Blackreach 6th of Sun's Smile, 1670 As of this day, the Barony of Blackreach, led by Lady Sarah Thomson, shall be declared independent from the Duchy of Rivia, not because of mistreatment by the Duchy itself, but because of mistreatment from it's allies. The leaders of the Barony don't wish for war or violence, just peace, too many people have lost their lives through pointless battles and we do not wish to add more numbers to the toll. Signed: Lady Sarah Thomson, Lady of Blackreach and Captain of the Order Of Nightfall.
  7. Okay guys so this is like very epick sad, please five retweets and plus 1's XC
  8. MissToni

    The Markev Carnival

    The Markev Carnival 2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1671 Posters ripe with delightful news are strung up amidst the varying citadels of Atlas, with its prevalent focus upon the red city. “The Red City invites all its citizens, allies and neutral people of Atlas to a carnival that is to be hosted in 6 saint’s days. For we all wish to celebrate the long lasting peace here in Haense. We wish to see you all dressed up for the occasion seeing as there will be no certain theme for this event. So come dressed as someone of the past that you admire or maybe even your favourite plant. During this carnival there will be a feast held inside the palace halls. Food and drinks will all be served for free. During the feast there will also be a drinking competition to see which man will be the last standing. A small pouch of 150 minas will be given to the winner. No dwarves allowed to participate during this to make sure it is fair for all. There will be a market opened for this carnival where merchants can sell their best clothing, jewellery, gems, weapons and many more. Though there will only be one stand for each thing. Meaning only 1 jewellery stand etcetera etcetera. So be quick in sending a bird to her ladyship Helena vas Ruthern or miss Octavia Grimaldi if you are a merchant and wish for a stand for 50 minas that lasts a day. At the end of the carnival a vote will be held on the best costume to those that has written themselves up to take part in this. The winner will get a small pouch of 200 minas. We hope to see you there.” Signed, Her ladyship and Royal Chamberlain of Haense, Helena vas Ruthern Steward of Haense and Royal Secretary, Octavia Grimaldi OOC: The carnival will be held Saturday, 14th July. This event will start 1 pm est. The feast will be at 2 pm est. The drinking competition will be at 2:30 pm est. The vote on the best costume will be at 4 pm est Then once all of that is done the carnival will be over. If you wish to participate in one of the contests then pm me either here on the forums or on discord. MissToni#0760 Wish to have a merchant stand for the carnival day, then contact either me in pms or Ysabelet. Her discord is : tilly #9109 Written by MissToni and formatted by @Tsuyose
  9. QUARTUS TAURUM AUREUS SANCTUS RHODESINSIS FOURTH GOLDEN BULL OF RHODESIA 18th of Horen's Welcome, 1671 His Holiness JUDE I, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of Rhodesia, Dean of the Exalted Reliquary, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Pilgrim to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD doth decree… TABLE OF CONTENTS: SECTION I - DIOCESAN RECONSTRUCTION SECTION II - COLLEGE OF BISHOPS SECTION III - SEATS OF THE COLLEGE SECTION IV - CREDO SECTION V - JUBILEE AND HOLY YEAR SECTION VI - CANONIZATION SECTION VII - BRACHIUM DOMINI SECTION VIII - RELIQUIA EXALTATUS SECTION I - DIOCESAN RECONSTRUCTION Out from the previous consolidation of ecclesiastical jurisdictions, the Holy Mother Church of the Canon, guided by the Pontificate and Most Holy College of Bishops, has decided that the following reforms to the structure of governance were most appropriate. THE METROPOLITANATE OF RHODESIA - Encompassing the Dual Kingdoms of Renatus and Marna, their respective lands and minor vassals, the Apostolic Barony of Saint Judeburg-upon-the-Baltas, and the ruined Temple of Horen within the lands of Malin’s Descendant. Administered by HIS HOLINESS, JUDE I, as Metropolitan and HIS GRACE, YURII as Coadjutor Bishop. THE DIOCESE OF VILLAVIA - Encompassing the Duchy of Adria, the city of Belvitz, and the settlements along the crossroads. Administered by HIS GRACE, MILOS as Bishop. THE ARCHDIOCESE OF JORENUS - Encompassing the Kingdom of Haense and its lands as well as the proclaimed Duchy of Rivia and its respective lands. Administered by HIS EMINENCE, BRUCE as Archbishop. THE DIOCESE OF SANTEGIA - Encompassing the Kingdom of Santegia and its respective lands and vassals. Administered by HIS GRACE, HERMAN as Bishop. SECTION II - COLLEGE OF BISHOPS  In an effort to bring about a more rounded College of Bishops consisting of clergymen from the vast expansion of Atlas, the following elevations have been made and are held. TETRARCH OF THE CANON; HIS GRACE, YURRI OF HAENSE TETRARCH OF THE CANON; HIS EMINENCE, BRUCE OF MARKEV TETRARCH OF THE CANON; HIS GRACE, HERMAN OF VALAAM TETRARCH OF THE CANON; HIS GRACE, MILOS OF NICEA The Tetrarchy is commissioned with the governance of the Church through the will of HIS HOLINESS, JUDE I SECTION III - SEATS OF THE HOUSE In order to renew and strengthen the governance of the Most Holy Canonist Church, new appointments and retaining members are affirmed and confirmed to bring about the glory of GOD on this Plane. VICE-CHANCELLOR - HIS GRACE, YURII OF HAENSE PONTIFICAL SECRETARY - THE REVEREND, MARCUS OF JUDEBERG SECTION IV - CREDO Let it be known to all that the Common Creed has been issued, ratified, and sanctioned by the Pontificate in union with the most Holy College of Bishops. This confession of beliefs shall be recited in every liturgy of the Church and shall be a made readily available to all Canonists. Common Creed: I believe in GOD and vow my life to Him. I believe in the Canon of Horen, Owyn, Godfrey, and Siegmund. I submit to the Canonist Church and avow to my Salvation. I will glorify GOD in every Nation. SECTION V - JUBILEE AND HOLY YEAR In celebration of the Holy Priesthood, We, the Most Holy Canonist Church, declare the Year of the Priests. During the entirety of the year (1671-1672) the Church shall host many celebrations with the intent at glorifying the GOD-ordained Priesthood and encouraging vocations to it. Similarly, let it be known that by the decree of the High Pontiff conjoint with the blessing of the Most Holy College of Bishops that all Neophytes in advanced training are now elevated to the position of Priest of the Holy Canonist Church ipso facto, as Sacramentum defensor and are officially graduates of the University of Exalted Saint Siegmund in Holy Ordination. Prayer for Priests: GOD, benevolent and just, grant priests in abundance to serve as ministers of your Holy Scrolls. Raise up among the faithful, diligent and holy priests who will ceaselessly continue the work of all your saints and that of the Exalted, preaching the salvation of Your divine Will, now and until the end of the age. SECTION VI - CANONIZATION We, the Most Holy College of Bishops and Vicar of GOD, formally recognize the ascent of the Blessed High Pontiff Sixtus IV to the Fifth Skie. Therefore, it is herein proclaimed that We the Pontificate, by our Apostolic Authority declare and officiate High Pontiff Saint Sixtus IV, patron of theologians. His efforts in the codification of the first modern Canonist Catechism and the renewal of the liturgical tradition have merited his place in the communion of saints as a faithful witness to the Exalted’s Testaments and that of the universal Church. In this regard, we the Canonist Church recognize his fidelity and contributions made to the dogmatic and theological dimensions of the Canon which have since inspired a spirit of continued exegeses by his successors. SECTION VII - BRACHIUM DOMINI With the recent complications in relations with the Diocese of Villavia in regard to the stubbornness of Belvitz’s civil servants, we the Most Holy Canonist Church wish to formally offer our hands in aid to those who feel the Church has slipped away from them. With the loss of vocations from the region, the Holy Mother Church of the Canon offers a Plenary Indulgence to any soul who wishes to rise up from this land in service to GOD and his homeland as a Parish Priest. His Holiness, High Pontiff Jude has deemed it best for himself to remain in Belvitz in order to minister to the Faithful there directly and reconcile the settlement back to the Holy Canonist Faith which it had once been a bastion of. SECTION VIII - RELIQUIA EXALTATUS With the longstanding efforts of His Holiness, High Pontiff Jude to collect and process all of the timeless relics of the Canonist Church, the heritage of all Humanity. The Pontificate and Mot Holy College of Bishops are pleased to announce the creation of the Exalted Reliquary or the Reliquia Exaltatus in Flexio. This Pontifical institution shall function to promote the return of relics back to the Holy Mother Church as well as promote the safekeeping and display of such relics to the Faithful masses. Therein contained shall be housed all of the major relics of the Canonist Church dating back to the very foundations of the Faith. The institution shall be located in the main Cathedral-Church of the Pontificate in any isle or land. It shall be overseen by the Dean of the Exalted Reliquary, the first of which being High Pontiff Jude. Let the fullness of our Holy Canonist Faith be expressed by this institution both now and forever. SANCTI APOSTOLI EVARISTUS ET CLEMENS: DE QUORUM POTESTATE ET AUCTORITATE CONFIDIMUS, IPSI INTERCEDANT PRO NOBIS AD DOMINUM. ☩ IN NOMINE PATRIS, et Horenus, et Exaltus Honorem. Amen. REJOICE! GOD’S FAITHFUL TOIL NO LONGER. Sunt etiamnum fidelium
  10. Several doves and pigeons would fly about the lands of Renatus-Marna, carrying message to the different homes of friends and nobles. As testimony to their love, Aldonza Cervantes and Ser Rolando Castelo are to be wed. All law-abiding citizens of Renatus-Marna are cordially invited to attend what is to be a splendid wedding at the Adamantine Cathedral in Senntisten (July 5th, 8pm EST). Those not of Renatus-Marna may attend by invitation only. The ceremony shall be followed by a feast among other festivities. Weapons are to be kept sheathed at all times and may be confiscated if necessary. Duels are the only exception which are to occur as scheduled. Any additional duels among guests must take place outside the festivities area. Narcotics are forbidden and will be confiscated.
  11. Nonival

    The Legion Codex

    𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔏𝔢𝔤𝔦𝔬𝔫 ℭ𝔬𝔡𝔢𝔵 The following document is accessible to all citizens of Renatus-Marna and its nobles, judges, and Royalty. This codex applies specifically to the Legion of Renatus-Marna. SECTION 1: General Conduct I. The use of narcotics and similar commodities is forbidden a. This applies to any and all narcotics used for medicinal, pleasurable, or other means. II. Crossbreeding of any form is forbidden a. The act of bestiality shall be known as a form of crossbreeding and therefore forbidden. b. The act of crossbreeding with those of the same race but who is or has ever been labeled as deceased is forbidden. III. All Legionnaires are required to remain in uniform while on duty. SECTION 2: Superiors I. Military bearing is required for all soldiers when on duty. a. Including but not limited to Yes sir, No sir, referring to soldiers and officers by rank or title, etcetera. SECTION 3: Citizens I. Harassment of citizens and visitors without reasonable cause is forbidden. a. This includes but is not limited to unwarranted violence, enforcing false tariffs or fees, theft or unwarranted confiscation of belongings, etcetera. i. Senior Commanding Officers, Royal Nobility, and Judges in the case of a court ruling hold complete jurisdiction over whether any given act is to be considered unwarranted. II. All cases of violence, harassment, etcetera committed by citizens and visitors falls under Legion jurisdiction. III. Civil disrest and disturbances of the peace that occur within the walls of Senttisten should be dealt with immediately and as peaceful as possible. a. In the case of death, fatal injury, riots, or any situation that can be considered severe, jurisdiction falls to Senior Commanding Officers, Royal Nobility, Judges in the case of a court ruling, or anyone given authority by those mentioned to handle the situation. b. Civil disrest and disturbances of the peace that occurs outside the city walls is only to be handled by Senior Commanding Officers, Royal Nobility, Judges in the case of a court ruling, or anyone given authority by those mentioned. SECTION 4: Enforcement I. Forced entry into or onto the property of any and all law-abiding citizens of Renatus-Marna is forbidden without warrant. a. Senior commanding officers hold complete jurisdiction in the writing of warrants. II. Interaction with prisoners is forbidden to those below any given Officer rank unless stated otherwise by a Senior Commanding Officer or those of Royal Nobility. a. This includes but is not limited to interrogations, torture, conspiratory acts, etcetera III. The punishment of citizens is only to be handled by those of an officer rank. a. In the case of murder, treason, kidnapping, etcetera punishment is only to be handled by Senior commanding officers, Royal nobility, Judges in the case of a court ruling, or anyone given authority by those mentioned. SECTION 5: Punishment I. Punishment of Legionnaires is only to be handled by Senior Commanding Officers, Royal Nobility, Judges in the case of a court ruling, or anyone given authority by those mentioned. II. Minor transgressions includes but is not limited to failure to uphold Military bearing, failure to remain in uniform while on duty, failure to refrain from interacting with prisoners, acting upon civil disrest or disturbance of the peace when not of rank, etcetera a. First minor transgression will result in a warning b. Second minor transgression will result in physical labor c. Third minor transgression will result in docking %25 percent of pay bonus given upon rank. i. Any pay received for partaking in all that warrants a pay shall only receive 25% of the bonus the soldier might normally receive above that given to a footman. d. Fourth minor transgression will result in docking of %50 percent of pay bonus given upon rank e. Fifth minor transgression will henceforth be referred to as a major transgression and all further transgressions shall be treated as such. III. Major transgressions include but are not limited to severe harassment, severe punishment of citizens and visitors when not of rank, etcetera a. First major transgression will result in docking of %50 percent of pay bonus given upon rank and council with a Senior Commanding Officer b. Second major transgression will result in docking of %100 percent of pay bonus given upon rank c. Third major transgression will result in demotion d. Fourth major transgression will result in public lashings e. Fifth major transgression will result in execution If any Legionnaires feel they were accused falsely, they can bring evidence before any Senior Commanding Officer in the military court of appeals. His Excellency Ser Rolando Castelo, keeper of the King's forces, protector of Senttisten, Knight of Renatus-Marna.
  12. A letter has been stamped on the corners of all relevant nations and organizations that reads : I, as the Advisor, Magister, and Regent of my Nation, have failed in my tasks and commited the most heinous warcrime of abandonment. I have not fulfilled my duties to have the privilege of speaking in the name of our Negus, so I will simply speak as Valdun and make a grand request to all. Although I stay secluded in the snows nearest Fenn, it is obvious that our tribes have become too autonomous in ways that leave our units weak, so weak that many of our Ghanyans have admittedly fallen to the rusted blades of Santegia's secondary wives: the Harians. With this being said, to all groups - whether mercenary or condotierri who will openly take up arms for the Chieftaincy of Ghanyah, you will be offered a sum of 15,000 mina each from my personal coffers; a situational price that can be increased through efficiency. It is against our nature to request unaligned and unprecedented help, which is why this is a personal request and not a national request. With this offer, I hereby take conceivably temporary leave as Advisor and Regent to Juumane M'Baku until further notice, immediately voiding my ties and claims to the nation when a stand-in arrives. I wish luck on the young ruler and all those who stand with him. To those who are interested, send word to Valdun of the Oasis.
  13. [!] Another large poster is stamped on top of the previous announcements! ATTENTION SENNTISTEN CITIZENS ✠ The tireless efforts of the Renatian Legion and the Office of the Seneschal, led by our celebrated Investigation Team, have finally brought the bloody ordeal in our fair Capital to an end. The heinous criminal plaguing our lands, responsible for numerous gruesome murders within the city walls, has been brought to justice. His remains, purified by the flame and cleansed of his sins, shall be publicly displayed as a lesson to all who dare threaten the safety of our beloved citizens. With this, our Office has deemed it fit to lift the STATE OF EMERGENCY imposed upon the Renatian Crownlands, thus abolishing MARTIAL LAW in the Royal City of Senntisten. While order has indeed prevailed on this day, it would serve us well to express our gratitude to those whose investigation led to the murderer's capture. We hereby commend Sergeant ALDONZA CERVANTES and Steward ADELHEID FRAU von ALSTREIM for their diligent efforts and display of detective prowess. On their behalf, the Investigation Team shall receive a sum of 750 mina previously allocated to the murderer's bounty. Another 750 mina shall therefore be granted to His Excellency, the Grand Marshal, for the Legion's efforts in the capture of this criminal. Further privileges will be granted by the Office to the Lady of Alstreim, and we hereby invite the high command of the Renatian Legion to bestow similar honors upon Sergeant Cervantes. May our City continue to prosper in these dark times. IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
  14. Imperium


    BLACK COMPANY Bannermen of House Ruthern The Black Company was created in order to defend, and keep the peace in the County of Metterden. They are to serve as the Bannermen for House Ruthern, and in turn fight for the Kingdom of Haense and her people. The Black Company is currently stationed in the castle of Helmholtz, located along the road to Markev. They guard the roads to Markev, fending off bandits and invaders alike. Ruthern Bannermen holding back a courlandic charge in the second battle of Rothswood, 1612 Ranks Captain Serves as the second in command for the company after the Count, the captain is appointed by the Count himself. Lieutenant They would serve as the officers of the Company, commanding and leading the men under the Captain. These men have shown themselves to leaders, and respected by their comrades. Sergeant Sergeants are veteran warriors, who have proved themselves as leaders among their peers. Master at arms A battle tested veteran of the company, they serve as examples to their peers to what a true soldier is. Man at arms The backbone of the company, they make up the majority of the company. These men have proven themselves loyal to the House, and the Company. Footmen Newly joined recruits to the Company, they have yet to prove themselves. Current uniform for the Company. Application Rp section Name: Age: Race: Birth place: Reason for joining: Do you swear to protect House Ruthern, the County of Metterden, and the Kingdom of Haense? OOC Section Mcname: Discord:
  15. 5itty

    The Silverblade Family

    The Silverblade Family Lord of House Augustus Silverblade [5itty] The Elders are the notorious three that govern the family with the Lord of the House as head of their council, being one himself. With advisory council, the Lord will come to final verdict on all matters. Elder of Wealth - [Vacant] Elder of War - [Vacant] Elder of Peace - Ariana Silverblade [Nethrel] The family lineage and bloodline is then segregated into 2 differential societal groups, Greater and Common. Greater family members are that from the purest of noble lineage, be it via direct association with the crown, by governing landholders or simply through notorious good deeds recognised to the mass. In confluence, you then have common family members, still a forefront to the Silverblade lineage, these individuals are those yet to achieve higher status by recognition of their peers. Greater: Augustus Silverblade [5itty], Roei Silverblade [Roeiii], Ariana Silverblade [Nethrel], Danis Silverblade [Onslaughted] Common: Ameilla Silverblade [Firegirl], Hieronymous Silverblade [Frill], Alyssa Silverblade [Charb0nne], Noel Silverblade [OtakuPan], Taevius Silverblade [RammerJammer] Missing: To any and all missing members of the Silverblade family lineage, we implore you to come forth and reunite. Times for reform are upon us, we must gather our strength and redeem our prestige in our world of Atlas. Family Tree: Click Here for Family Tree The Silverblade Family Conduct 1. In the circumstance of diplomatic alteration with foreign relations, family members must take proof of evidence to support said change to the Council of Elders, where a determinative vote will take place to ascertain the new relationship status with said nation/settlement or organisation/guild. If by summary of the vote the elders are at a stalemate, another noble figure to the family may intervene to tip the scales. 2. Hostile Acts including the following violence, verbal descent, political sabotage etc between family members has zero tolerance. The instigator or aggressor in the matter shall meet strict consequence either internally or with local authority. Punishment may vary from social scolding to extremist banishment in exile. 3. The council of the elders is unchallenged. Whichever judgement that comes in any matter be it societal, diplomatic or anything involving the Silverblade name is final, and all conforming family members are obligatory to this. 4. Thou who bears the Silverblade name must hold oneself in utmost high regard. To utter and convey with proper tongue and demeanour, with impeccable posture and presentation. Clothing must be of a high standard, and all family members are obliged to compose themselves to the standard the family beholds. 5. Family is family. In order to ensure we continue developed and ongoing we must ensure all weak links are resolved. Therefore when family members endure troubles, financial, emotional, physical the like, then relative Silverblades are obliged to resource said individual with whichever aid necessary to ensure all family members are better off. House Heirlooms Braxis: A Greatsword forged during the Orenian Empire, currently in care of Augustus Silverblade. The Diamond Forel: A diamond gem passed down by the once grand monarchy of Alras. Passed down from their later princess Tara Forel who eloped with Braxis Silverblade during Asulon. Heart of Silverblade: The Heart of Silverblade A golden necklace currently belonging to Ariana Silverblade with a decent sized blue gem that has a Small Silverblade emblem in the centre of it. Lands held The County of Halton Old Lore Source: Uknown The house of the Silverblades had once been a great family of nobles who were very important to the humans and the elves. The family mostly made of humans and half elves had a very important position of power in how Oren would be in the future. Their members had taken high seats in the government, which had made them very well known. As time went on the family had come to a conflict, some members of the family had decided that they should move to North and defend the people there being attacked by the monsters which back then had no name, but were known for their powers of being able to shoot “Streaks of light” down from the sky. The Silverblade family divided as some stayed in Oren, as the nobles they were brought up to is, and some had gone to The Great North where they would do their best to ensure the protection of the people there. When the family split this had left the Silverblades of Oren in a vulnerable state, the once noble family had lost many positions of power that had kept them at the top. But, with the leaving of some members in high positions the Silverblades had nearly lost their name and would need to gain it back. As time went on a battle had erupted between the humans and the orcs, and theSilverblades had been chosen to lead the humans into battle with their great military strength and strategy. The head of house, Richar, would lead the forces and his sons would battle under him. Gideon, his eldest son, would fight as a knight and battle until the death if his father had wanted him to. Seventh, his youngest son would act as protection for his father as he was not old enough at the time to fight in a war of any kind. As the war raged on battle after battle it had been clear that the humans were winning but now the orcs had called upon their allies, the dwarves, and it was a two on one fight against the Humans. This war that was about minor differences had turned into the great war of Aegis. At this time Richar knew that they would lose if they did not attack soon, so he had his son stationed with the knights outside of the Human area, in a fort located down the road a ways. As Gideon soldiers and fellow knights watched the soldiers come up to their base they thought they would be demolished, it was twenty men to forty, and they had been out numbered two to one. But, that did not stop Gideon from battling for the Humans. The battle had started and Gideon had deployed the men to attack. The battle had lasted three days and nights, and in the end only Gideon and two fellow knights had lasted, against the last ten men for the other side. They had fled to the barracks before the final wave of enemies had charged in. The remaining men would not cower or wait for them to go to Oren, so they needed a plan. Gideon had chosen that they would go out through the tunnels and flank them from behind. So the plan had commenced and as they walked to the front gate they began to sweat, questioning themselves “Are we going to live through this.” They halted at the front gate watching the ten men as they screamed for victory, this is when they struck. They had battled blade versus blade and strength versus strength, and as their swords clashed everyone was killed, except for Gideon and his knight friend. After the battle was over they returned to the Human capital where they fought in the last battle. It had been known that because of them killing the first army, the humans won the war. This had given the Silverblades their power back. But during the war Gideon’s father was assassinated, and Gideon had taken over as the head of the family. He was a lord of the humans now and would have to take care of his family and keep it at its noble state. The North Source: Braxis Silverblade This was a sad day in the Land Called Agutha were the Silverblades fled to after a family war had begun Silverblade Himself lead his family forward to the harsh lands of Agutha, A heavy snowy region with brutal cold weather. When Silverblade Arrived he had realized some very important people he loved were gone some of them stayed and some fled south to a land Called Aegis Silverblade was very saddened when he learned his wife had went south to keep the Elven side of the family safe. Silverblade kept this motion bottled inside. And soon found this land called Agutha had no major Kingdom which later would change but that is another story soon to be told. Silverblade and others of the family soon found some land and built a great manor called Galhun that one day grew into a small town for the younglings to one day build and own their own houses. That is how they began in the northern lands. And now this is how they fell... 100years after Silverblade settled the land. The day Althos Silverblade died protecting young Braxis from a mercenary paid to kill Braxis is how it all started. A couple of days after that event Braxis left the family town of Galhun and went to seek out the murder. Once Braxis found the Murderer they clashed blades but before Braxis killed him the mercenary told him he had a note and gave it to Braxis. This told Braxis who was targeting family. Braxis worried for his family back at Galhun let the mercenary live and rushed back to his home. But alas it was too late his family estate and the town of Galhun was burning in black fire. Braxis Ran into his home to see his mother dead in a table with her food have some bites taken out of it and her face pale and not visible cuts proved she was poisoned. Braxis drew his blade and slowly walked into his house searching for his younger twin brothers the Levor and Goldleaf Silverblade but he could not and feared the worse. Braxis saw a familiar face his old friend Naxxar who went to the Black arts of magic and used it to kill off the Silverbladefamily and they clashed at the end Braxis won at the end. Braxis was saddened and have nothing left so he went south to travel and to find his purpose in the world. The family of the north had fallen quickly. The remaining family had returned to Oren and re-joined the family, but they would not tell the tale of what happened. The family had re-joined together and had returned to full nobility. The two heads of family had been lords of the humans and had kept the family intact. The House of the Silverblades are nobles of humans and will fight for the humans again and again. Current Diplomatic Relations: Kingdom of Renatus-Marna: Under Vassalage Kingdom of Haense: Neutral Dominion: Friendly Dwarves Neutral Krugmar: Neutral Holm: Friendly
  16. Tosali

    The Rothswood Guard

    The Rothwood Guard forming a blockade of the street during a raid in Curon from unknown combatants circa 1631. The Rothswood Guard "Bog Vedet Nas!" (God Guides Us) -=- The Coat-of-Arms for the Rothswood Guard which uses the Tosali banner in addition with a crow to represent their commitment to Haense. Application At The Bottom! History The Rothswood Guard hails its home from the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska on the continent of Axios. The roots of the Rothswood Guard lie within the Rothswood, a vast forest region just south of the city of Karlsburg. The guard was founded on the principles of serving Haense and House Tosali as a personal force to use in the wars to come, and it proved its worth in the coming years. The first actual recruitment of soldiers came during the Mardonian-Courlandic war where Ser Brynden Tosali took the remnants of the Haenseti army and marched them south to fight for Mardon, in exchange for their pledge to aid him in reclaiming Haense. Once the war came to a inevitable white-peace, Ser Brynden and the remnants of his forces formed the Rothswood Guard, taking its name from the geographic region where the Tosali manor was located. Once they marched home, they gathered their forces, swearing fealty to the current Courlandic Duke who ruled over Haense only to prepare for the restoration. The plan worked, and the Haenseti forces marched to the Tosali manor with an addition to the Lorraine forces secured by Andren Tosali's diplomacy. The battle raged on, and in the heat of battle, the Rothswood Guard pushed the Courlandic forces into their manor, allowing the Haenseti army to massacre them, winning the war and restoring Haense. Sadly, this did not fare well for the Rothswood Guard as they were casted out of Haense due to a diplomatic quarrel between Ser Brynden and the nobles of the land. They found their forces scattered, and not to be reformed till they landed in Atlas. With the disarray of the forces, rallying them once more found itself to be a hassal, but Thegn Arstan av Tosali pursued, and formed the Second Rothswood Guard who served the nation of Curon. The Second Rothswood Guard fought against the many raids and bandits who lurked the land, but never found itself in a true battle during it's span. Once Thegn Arstan was banished from the Duchy after questioning a decision by Duke Karl, the guard vanished into existence, now only being a remnant of its former self. Now, Andrik Tosali and his cousin, Andrei Dune seek to restore the once great force that was the Rothswood Guard. Rankings The Tosali Patriarch -=- Andrik Tosali, 1660-current The Heir Andrei Dune, bastard of House Tosali, 1660-current The Captain of the Guard -=- Erik Windsor, 1668-current The Master-At-Arms -=- Robert Carwell, 1669-current Enlistment Prerequisites -Must be a human to wear a helmetless uniform -If any other race, you must wear a helmet at ALL TIMES -Must be free of any oathes prior to this one. -Must be loyal to the House of Tosali above all. -=- Enlistment Letter Format -=- Name: Age: Race: Gender: Discord: Do you agree to be loyal and obey orders to the ruling patriarch?:
  17. Krefarus

    The Hearthguard

    The Hearthguard Insignia of the Hearthguard _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Hearthguard was created to carry out and enforce the will and laws of the Crown of Haenseti-Ruska. Though based in Markev. They operate not only in the capital but throughout the Kingdom of Haense, and abroad may the need arise. Ranks Commander Highest rank, he has direct command over the entire guard Captain Serves as second in command to the Commander Lieutenant Main officers of the guard, in charge of leading the men under the Captain. These are battle hardened and proven warriors Sergeant Veteraned soldiers who have proved themselves within the guard Men-at-Arms The Men-At-Arms make up the majority of the guard, they’ve proven themselves to be loyal Initiate The entry level rank of the guard, these men have yet to prove themselves Application Rp section Name: Age: Race: Birthplace: Reason for joining: Do you swear loyalty to the Crown Haenseti-Ruska as well as the people of Markev? OOC MC name: Discord:
  18. Nero_Roman

    Needing a custom skin

    Needing someone to be able to make me a custom skin, willing to pay, if you are able to do it, we can talk about the details over discord. Discord: Dallren#3257
  19. 17th of the Deep Cold, 1669 A normal day after the busy rush in the Mos Le’Harmless Cantina located in Senntisten, Commodus unwinds back at the bar counter with his hoo’kah while Death Lotus Yakuza member Hisashi repairs the Cantina piano. ________________________________________________________ “Well Hisashi, I think I outdid myself. I wasn’t close to as rich as I am now when I was a merchant in Jedih. I think I might contract another mercenary company under me! I’ll be Saint Tobias rich!!” Commodus mused aloud to the weary Easterner. “Mastah Bobo say eef one watch where he step, he no step in dog sheet,” Hisashi replied, laying on the floor under the piano he was working on. “You no becarefur, you get THWACKED!” He clapped his hands for emphasis. “Rike naughty chird.” “Bobo says a lot of things and I have never seen any of them come to fruition,” Commodus answers, rolling his eyes as he took another puff of cactus green from his hoo’kah. With that said, loud steps were heard as someone descended down the stairs. “WHAT? WHAT YOU SAY? I SRAP YOU FOR INCORENCE.” An elderly Yakuza boss with a thick white beard emerged from the staircase and wagged his bamboo cane in the direction of Commodus. Hisashi snickered from under the piano as Commodus’ face became flustered. “HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, OLD MAN? WE SPEAK THE COMMON TONGUE IN THIS DAMN COUNTRY!” While Commodus and Bobo bickered, a group of armored men of Oyashimian descent marched into the cantina with their skinny blades drawn. Lord Hibiki “Werr, werr werr,” A man in flamboyantly decorated robes tutted as he lead the group of soldiers inside. “Noteeng escape arr seeing eye of Khan Ryuu! Even piece of sheets ‘cross great sea.” Master Bobo snarled in defiance to the newcomer. “Oh rook, what cat bring back! Ees Ryuu’s rap dawg!” A soldier swung his blade towards Bobo’s throat but stopped short as the robed Easterner held his hand up. “No, Ryuu want dem arr arive.” He said, looking around to those present. Hisashi had crawled out from under the piano to Master Bobo’s side, putting his arm in front of the old man defensively. “Ahem...excuse me..” Commodus said as he cleared his throat from behind the bar counter. He set his hoo’kah hose down and went to grab an empty mason jar. “Welcome to the Mos le’ Harm-AAH!” The mason jar shattered in his hand as an Easterner soldier blew a blow dart in Commodus’ direction narrowly missing him. Commodus kept his eyes shut as he ducked behind the counter surrounded by broken glass shards. “WHO THE **** ARE YOU PEOPLE?” “What do we do about de gaijeen, Rord Hibiki?” “No witnesses. We deport yakuza back to Echo Bay.” The robed Easterner, Hibiki, drew his thumb across his neck gesturing for the soldier who asked to go and kill Commodus. From behind the counter, Commodus pissed himself at Hibiki’s response and began praying to his Creator in a mumble. “I’m sorry I don’t donate enough to the Church, I’m sorry I’m a greedy man, I’m sorry I’m such a shitty bastard..- AAAAH!” A sword was embedded into the counter inches from Commodus’ head as Death Lotus yakuza men rushed out of the basement armed with butcher knives and rolling pins. Commodus looked up from his hiding spot behind the counter and saw Hisashi wrapping a piano wire around the soldier’s neck. A copper colored foam spurted from the corner of the soldier’s mouth as he struggled in Hisashi’s lethal hold. “Go sreep, you dishonah your sheet rord,” Hisashi whispered in the dying khan soldier’s ear before looking back to a soiled Commodus. “Khan Commodus you haf to reave with Mastah Bobo!” Commodus stared blankly at Hisashi for a brief moment as if something had snapped in the human’s mind. Suddenly, his face churned and he ducked down behind the counter, fumbling with a mason jar full of his special Auvergian brandy and a dirty rag. Hisashi turned back around and was smacked by Lord Hibiki’s gauntleted hand making him stumble back towards the piano. “Fucka you!” Hibiki spat at Hisashi. As he raised to metal toed boot to stomp out Hisashi who has fallen onto the ground and prepared to defend himself, Commodus rose back up from behind the bar counter with a mason jar of the liquor and a dirty rag hanging out of it alongside a flint and steel starter. “NO THIS IS MY PROPERTY! FUCKA YOU!” And with that, Commodus lit his flint and steel starter and ignited the rag before tossing the mason jar of liquor into the crowd of Easterners close behind Hibiki. Upon the explosion, the shards of glass and flames crept up Hibiki’s back making him naturally fall forward as Hisashi rolled away to safety. Screams from both yakuza men and khan soldiers were heard as the flames spread quickly inside the cantina burning anyone in its path indiscriminately. Mos Le’Harmless Cantina on fire Commodus ducked low as the flames roared and exited the kitchen. He stepped over Hisashi carefully but found his exit cut off by fleeing Easterners and the enduring flames. He turned towards the balcony to spot Bobo looking out towards the Senntisten water way below them. “We jump.” Master Bobo said. “We don’t jump I’m not Santegian I don’t approve of cliff jumping like-..” “I SRAP YOU, JUMP!” And with that, Bobo jumped off the balcony as if he were a youthful Easterner again. Commodus looked behind him and saw Hisashi limping on to the balcony with his saw blade in hand. “Go, Khan Commodus! Mastah Bobo old and not well in head. He need someone wit heem! I hord off Rord Hibiki!” “A moment, Hisashi.” Commodus replied, taking a deep breath as he started into the inferno that consumed his cantina. He cleared his throat as he prepared his monologue. “I may not be the whitest or the brownest!” He began. “Khan Commodus horee fook go now!” “HISASHI!” Commodus shouted after being interrupted and he’d continue. “I may not be the handsomest. I may not be the strongest. But GOD DAMN IT I’m one of the richest. When my hired mercenaries kill all you Khan cock suckers, I’m buying your wives for myself and redistributing them to the Death Lotus! Bobo’s getting a *****, Hisashi’s getting a *****, Daisu-..” A bolt was shot out from the inferno and embedded itself in Commodus’ gut with the end of it sticking out - something preventing it from intruding all the way into Commodus's stomach. Commodus looked down with a painful expression over his visage. “OhfuckmeOhfuckmeOhfuckme…” He said in a breathless voice as he stumbled backwards towards the balcony's railing. “KHAN COMMODUS!” Hisashi shouted as Commodus fell backwards over the balcony and into the watery depths below.
  20. [!] Large, threatening posters cover the walls and message boards of Senntisten, an announcement and a warning to all citizens! ATTENTION SENNTISTEN CITIZENS ✠ The recent string of bloody murders plaguing our fair Capital has not gone unnoticed by our Office, nor shall it go unpunished; the safety of all loyal subjects of the Renatian Crown has always been our priority and it shall remain such in these troubled times. To ensure the continued safety of all our citizens, the Office of the Seneschal has seen fit to impose protection measures within the city walls. By order of the Seneschal, from this moment on, a STATE OF EMERGENCY is declared in the Renatian Crownlands. The Royal City of Senntisten is hereby placed under MARTIAL LAW. All citizens and visitors are advised to obey these restrictions, and cooperate with the Renatian Legion in the goal of uncovering and subduing the assailants at large. For the duration of the state of emergency, the following measures will be active within the city walls: THE CAPITAL IS TO REMAIN UNDER LOCKDOWN. All citizens and visitors are liable to random searches and questioning at all Legion checkpoints. CURFEW IS NOW ACTIVE WITHIN THE CITY WALLS. All citizens and visitors present on the streets from sundown to sunrise without proper authorization will be subject to interrogation and detainment. Be advised that continued violators will be met by deadly force. MASKS, HOODS, CLOSED HELMETS AND OTHER CONCEALING HEADWEAR ARE FORBIDDEN. Such must be removed upon request by a Legion officer. Be advised that failure to comply will result in detainment and questioning. POSSESSION OF ANY HERETICAL OR UNHOLY ARTIFACTS IS GROUNDS FOR SUMMARY EXECUTION. The Renatian Legion is authorized to carry out the sentence on the spot. All such belongings will be claimed by the Office. THE CLOUD DISTRICT AND THE PALACE OF ARD'ARRAV ARE DECLARED RESTRICTED ZONES. Any unauthorized personnel will be forcefully removed from the premises, or detained and questioned by the Legion. Repeated offense is grounds for summary execution. SENNTISTEN CLINIC AND MORGUE ARE UNDER QUARANTINE. Entry is barred to all except authorized personnel - Royal officials, Legion officers, infirmary staff and patients. Any and all violators will be removed by force and/or detained and interrogated. Repeated offense is grounds for summary execution. ORDER SHALL PREVAIL IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes WANTED ✠ FOR THE MURDERS OF SEVERAL INDIVIDUALS and other heinous crimes against the Crown of Renatus-Marna An UNKNOWN ASSAILANT Enemy of the Royal City of Senntisten REWARD OF 1500 Mina Upon capture or delivery of vital information leading to it Bounty will be paid in coin by the Office of the Seneschal.
  21. ElvenHuntress

    -= House Fireheart =-

    House Fireheart House Fireheart serves under the King of Norland and is loyal to protecting the king, his city and his people. As well as serving Norland and it's people House Fireheart will support the realms which call Norland their ally and will fight along side them in battle if it is deemed necessary to. The house is made up of people from many different beliefs and is open for either gender to join. Rules: Do not Harm a member of Norland Or House Fireheart Do not steal from Norland, Or House Fireheart Obey every order given to you by your superiors Breaking any of these rules will result in you being forced to leave the house. Ranks: Commander: Overall Leader of the house. Takes orders from the King of Norland. It will most likely be a Fireheart upholding this position Captain: Second in command of the guard force, They will be in charge on going on Patrols or small tasks and missions that The Commander or the King assigns them. Sergeant: A Small bit of Command, They will be assigned with leading small tasks given by the Commander of the guard force or Captain Soldier: You will be given this rank after proving yourself worthy to serve in the guard force New Blood: New Recruit that has to prove themselves in battle [Application Section] OOC: Minecraft Name: Skype (Required): Team Speak (Preferred, Not Required): In Character: Name: Race: Age: Any past services to any guard force or army?
  22. MissToni

    New Dance of Furs

    New Dance of Furs A new poster would be hung up at the streets of Markev, it would read the following: “I wish to inform all citizens of Haense that a new dance of furs will be hosted in five saint’s days to be replaced for the one that was crashed by Renatians. The plans will be the exact same as the one that had been planned before. Information can be read on the last poster I made about this. I hope you will be there and be aware that this time you will be safe, for more defences are being made to ensure your safety.” Signed, Helena vas Ruthern. The other poster could be seen hanging under the new one: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173831-the-dance-of-furs/ OOC: This event will be hosted Saturday June 30th, at 2 pm est. Written by MissToni and formatted by @Tsuyose
  23. LunaRoleplays

    Lord Craft

    Roleplay YouTube Series Yay!
  24. Imperium

    [Bounty] DESERTER

    *Wanted posters are posted across Atlas* WANTED: ALIVE This Criminal is charged with deserting his post, and breaking his oath to the Kingdom of Haense. Hes wanted alive, and upon capture brought to Count Rhys of Metterden (Ave_imeprium) to face justice for his crimes. He may have changed his appearance and name, so be on the lookout for any one resembling him. Name: Peter (MellamoPeter) Location: Last seen in the City of Markev. Currently Unknown Reward: Two Thousand Minas will be rewarded to whom ever brings him to Count Rhys alive, No reward will be given if hes dead.
  25. CUM CIRCA ELEVATIONE PASTORIBUS PONTIFICAL EXHORTATION: REGARDING THE ELEVATION OF SHEPHERDS Addressed to the Faithful of Adria and all Faithful Canonists throughout the Realm 21st of The First Seed, 1669 His Holiness JUDE I, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of Rhodesia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Pilgrim to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD doth decree… Brethren in Almighty GOD, For hundreds of years, the Holy Canonist Faith has persisted in the face of severe persecutions, long-lasting heresies, major schisms, and assault from malevolent spirits who seek the destruction of truth in this realm. Be well assured dear children that the fruit of the tree of virtue, the Faith which the Holy Canonist Church has shepherded for these many years, shall not rot. Instead, with the promulgation of this text, let it triumph. Let schism and usurpation be quelled. Let future attempts to undermine the Divine Ordainment of the Canonist Church be shut down through the clear authority of the Holy Scrolls and Sacred Tradition of Holy Mother Church. Brethren in GOD, it is known to us as Faithful Canonists and devout attendants to the Holy Scrolls - the Most Exalted Canon - that the Prophet Owyn, whom the High Pontiff is the successor, established the first hierarchy of the Holy Church of GOD through his ordination of the brothers Saint Evaristus and Saint Clement. The Exalted Prophet Owyn, to whom our veneration is well-placed, entrusted the pair as shepherds to humanity in the form of Episcopates. This Great Commission by the Prophet to Sts. Evaristus and Clement is where the entire office of the episcopacy can be traced, an office that has persisted since the foundations of our Faith. Recently, it has come to the attention of myself that an Investiture Crisis is in the works which would utterly undermine the authority of the Successor of the Exalted in setting shepards over Humanity. In turn, this would lead many astray from the Apostolic Succession of Holy Mother Church as those elevated to administrative ranks relating to the clergy can only attain their power by he who derives his power from GOD to do so, the High Pontiff - as Inheritor of the Spiritual Authority of the Exalted. Therefore, let it be known that as of the solemn promulgation of this text, all those who toy with the flirtation of - or seek the elevation of directly - an administrative figure [1] outside of the episcopacy of equal status and duty [2] or within a quasi-episcopacy ordained and enthroned by one with no Apostolic Jurisdiction shall be rightly chastised and if necessary, rightfully amputated from the Communion of Holy Mother Church and the society of all Canonists. There will come a time when the Great Enemy of Humanity, and all those under GOD, shall emerge from the chains and shadows that have kept him shackled. There will come a time when the merciful men and women of Terra will be slain and overtaken by the yolk of sin and the physical manifestation of it. At this time, a false priesthood will rise and lead those who cling to it to perdition. Look not away from the Light of GOD, the Holy Canonist Church - for in placing one’s spiritual inheritance in the trust of any wordly organization outside of the Canonist Church, one is detaching themselves from the foundation established by GOD to keep them free from the yolk of the Defiler. My dear children, there will come a time when all hope is lost and the destruction of all we know as a people is before us, but our Faith shall never end. This Faith which has lasted since the inception of the Human race shall not falter. There are yet faithful even when those who are devout are assailed by the many tribulations to come, there will see be preachers, there will still be congregants, and there will still be great rulers who will triumph through their Faith in GOD and HIS Church. All of our enemies shall be defeated by our Faith, for our Faith is a piercing blade in the face of the enemies of GOD. Therefore, all of you who harken onto the commandment of GOD and seek to live a life of purity, virtue, and zealousness I humbly entreat you- take heed to the words of your Pontiff and Most Holy College of Bishops. May Almighty GOD free you from the confines of lesser-thinking men in order for you to grasp the Sacred Theology here displayed. May HE who commissioned the Holy Scrolls intercede for us and enlighten us with great wisdom both now and forever. LORD, Lead us to an increase in our understanding of YOUR will. Amen. SANCTI APOSTOLI EVARISTUS ET CLEMENS: DE QUORUM POTESTATE ET AUCTORITATE CONFIDIMUS, IPSI INTERCEDANT PRO NOBIS AD DOMINUM. ☩ IN NOMINE PATRIS, et Horenus, et Exaltus Honorem. Amen. REJOICE! GOD’S FAITHFUL TOIL NO LONGER. Sunt etiamnum fidelium