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  1. The Birds of the world, flocked around the graceful Peacock. When I, Chen Wenqian arrived in Yong-Ping. I was a woman of tradition and dedicated myself to the morals that were instilled to me, by my mother and governess. Hopeful, to bring forth tradition into my descendants living in Yong-Ping. But instead, I found that my grandchildren, their families, and friends taught me something, opening my eyes in a new way. When I was young, I never would have imagined associating with anybody outside of Ai-Zhou. But to my surprise, we had visitors, from across the globe visit us. Shocking to me at first, I eventually began to come around... My Initiative Now, that my openness to the entire world has blossomed. I wish to learn more of ladies across the world. A form of exchange of traditions, culture, values, among other things. Push aside the conflict between our nations aside, and unite under the one thing that we have in common that we are woman. letters and flyers are spread to the... The Ladies of the Holy Orenian Empire The Ladies of the Kingdom of Haense The Ladies of the Kingdom of Nordland The Ladies of the Crown of Elvenesse The Ladies of the Silver State of Haelun'or The Ladies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Ladies of the Rexdom of Krugmar The Ladies of the Unified Domain of Vortice The Ladies of the Jade State of Yong-Ping The Ladies of the Fakhr Oasis And the other ladies of the land.... Can we come together, as one. Share the things we love, share bread, and share awareness and understanding of each others cultures to one-another. I want us all to realize, that our race, culture, nationality does not define our connection as woman. We may be different in many aspects, but we are mothers, we are sisters, we are aunts, we are grandmothers, we are cousins. We Are Woman. I am hopeful that you all can agree with what I have said and that we can all learn something from one another in the future. Signed, by Chen Wenqian ~~
  2. Simply how to be happy: Step 1: stop playing LOTC Step 2: do anything else, take a bike ride somewhere or boot up that old videogame you haven't touched in a while Hope this helps :D
  3. The funeral pyre of King Sven II of Norland. Penned by Rev Vuiller from his experience during the historic moment in Norlandic History. Written on the 1st of the First Seed, in the year of our lord 1829 An painting of Rev Vuiller depicting the young man writing. It where an weathered day in our city of Providence when I packed my bags readying myself for my long travel to an place I'd had never believed I would set my foot on anything other than a diplomatic meeting, but as I had come to know from love, most things are not as first believed by eyesight. Upon entering the ferry carrying me to the docks of Varhelm I sat there with my book drawing the wonderful landscapes of the Kingdom we not long ago thought against on bloody battlefields, and today I where on my way to the funeral pyre of the man who had declared war upon our up most Holy Orenian Empire. Sketch taken from the notes of Rev Vuiller. As I entered the usually busy docks of Varhelm I met a quiet city in morning their late King, the docks not worked within, the people gathered within the scare as a funeral pyre had been made. the pieces left of the body of the late King gathered upon the pyre as friends and foes stood still in respect. Once the whole flock had gathered around the High Keeper would take her stance in front of the pyre placing a pair of candles upon the pyre by the head and feet of the late king, next she’d place a blade upon his chest uttering a prayer in Old Norlandic, after the masked priestess would hold up a decanter as well as an golden goblet, pouring a small portion of the wine to the ground before she’d fill the goblet placing it upon the pyre by the hand of the late King, she’d then turn as she’s begin to speak. "Today we mourn the loss of Sven Edvardsson; King Sven II of Norland. His life was a short one, and it was certainly an impactful one. In his few years as King he did a great many things comparatively, that is. He didn’t quite have the time to do as much as he could have. Sven was the fourth man to rule our people during my lifetime, and the third that I coronated personally. While I cannot say I was a fan of Sven, I will only ever remember him as a good man, if a bit too quick-to-action.” The public gathered would look to one another, as my eyes drifted a bit to the side as an old man in an humble grab would take his stance next to me, though aged and clearly in a more humbled grab I at the instant recognized the man as the former King of Norland Halvar Edvardsson. he’s face saddened as he'd look to the pyre where his son laid, the High Keeper would then once again begin to speak. "Today we usher our fallen King on to the next life, to be with the Father and serve as a solider for his Eternal Mission. But first, we must remember and honor him properly, and so I invite those who are so inclined to step forward, place your offerings upon the pyre, and say whatever words you wish to say in his Honor” A drawing sketched by Rev Vuiller of the former King Halvar Edvardsson of Norland, looking into the fires where his son would lie. The priestess would step towards the side as she motioned her hand towards the pyre, a slight cough leaving her lounge's behind her mask. Many unknown to me walked to the pyre placing upon its offerings to the late King as they would speak their kind words, I myself seemed to be the only Orenian at the funeral pyre therefore I walked to the pyre placing a shield upon it which I carried during the Tenth Nordling war. After looking at the other offerings, none of the faces stood out to me but those of two people, as I knew who they were. These being the former King Halvar Edvardsson, and the late King Sven II’s cousin and now King Vane Freysson. As Vane walked to the pyre he’d place multiple items upon it giving a firm nod of respect to his cousin before he’d turn to speak his thought "Ye were a good King cousin, ye were gone before yer time, but ye are with the Father now, with our Ancestors” he paused, a deep breath leaving his lounge's as he’d look to the ground for a moment before raising his chin “I am glad ye are there to protect us eternal from the Long Dark” he then walk from the pyre, once more taking his stance as he looked to it, in peace. A moment of silence would then pass, as the High Keeper looked to the gathering “Nothing further then?” she’d state, not long after the aging man by my side would raise his hand before he’d move towards the pyre while stating “I've got one..” the High Keeper would give of a solemn nod of recognition as an response. The former King would withdraw a roll of cloth, tied with a lengthy rope around it, withdrawing an aged looking but pristine sword holding an Norlandic ruby within its crossgard. “This served me well in the Inferi war. May it serve you well by the Father’s side. My Greatest regret will forever be my absence in your last moments, My pride and Joy.. My son” The former King would seem broken down, almost unable to stand by the end before he’d make his way back to the crowd, his hands placed behind his back as he’d look to the pyre. The elderly priestess would then once again give a solemn nod as she’d begin to pace her way behind the pyre “Then with the offerings made, we will proceed” she’d lift her staff towards the seven skies as she’d continue to speak “We now lay Sven II properly to rest. May our fallen King find glory in the forever-after, at the side of the Father, our protector and bulwark against the Darkness” she announced, lowering her flamebrand to begin, setting the pyre alight with brazier at its ends. an inferno growing from the pyre as the flames would raise, and thus we had given our farewells to the late King of Norland Sven II Even though bad blood has been spilt between the Kingdom of Norland and our up most Holy Orenian Empire many times before as close to our present day as the tenth Nordling war, it is important that we do not forget that they are still children of Godan, lost from his eternal light. Thus it was an important experience to partake in the funeral of the late Norlandic Monarch. We shall not forget the pain, blood and lost life's of our brothers and sisters, but we shall take these times and memories and use them for a better tomorrow. for a TIME of PEACE. Written by Rev Vuiller from his in person experience at the funeral of King Sven II of Norland.
  4. The Northwind Post Year 36 of the Second Age --------------------------------------- The Pact of Ash and Scorpions A peace treaty was issued on the 2nd of the Amber Cold, 25 S.A. This treaty was between Norland and Krugmar, to not only be at peace, but to aid in wartime, allow free trade, and to respect borders. This treaty will allow those of Norland and Krugmar to have a better relationship, and better two nations in Almaris. The Pact of Ash and Stone A peace treaty and non-aggression pact was issued this past year, between Urguan and Norland. This agreement states that the Kingdoms should both avoid conflict, as well as enter into free trade. As long as laws are followed by citizens of both nations, there will be no tax or harassment, and the Kingdoms avoid conflict both with each other, but also with anyone who may put them at odds, the pact will be beneficial to both Kingdoms. Tournament in Elysium A tournament was held in Elysium, in the White Bear Tavern. Many showed up to fight for the Ruby Estrella championship belt. The Ruby Estrella is a star of which only comes every 100 years, a red star, that which many say, champions are born under its shine. Marshall in Norland Many are confused at recent events, not only with where the Rangers and Northguard are left, but with a lack of leadership in a Marshall. We can only hope, we will find one soon, to better all of Norland. Ferrymen Battle Raid threats have been consistent, but the Rangers and Northguard have got it covered. This past year, during the First Seed, as well as earlier in the year, there were threats of raids in Elysium. Those in the Northguard and Rangers, went to the gates, making sure women and children were safe, to take care of the Ferrymen. The Ferrymen retreated, after arguments at the tavern in Elysium. Skannari A battle was fought between the Skannari and Norland, leaving Norland victorious. However long the battle dragged on, there is sure to be another fight from the Skannari, as they do not easily accept defeat. In other news The First Agnethe Chess Tournament is being held by Daihbidh Sutharlainn, the chairman of Sutherland Corporation, which has branches around Almaris including Elysium and Varhelm. The match has many great players, but only one can be the winner. Contact Sutharlainn if you are interested in watching the matches. Varhelm still has plenty of houses available! If you are interested, talk to a Steward today! The Northguard is still recruiting. Talk to a Northguard today to join! If you have anything to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
  5. Signum Sanctae Collectio Cruces Sanctus Collection of Holy Symbols Holy Crosses Father Casper, Priest of Providentia, Canon Judge of the Tribunal There are many a Holy Symbol within The Church of The Canon, Our Holy Mother Church. In this work there will be a focus on Holy Crosses. There are different types of Holy Crosses, some are used more than others in different cultural areas and realms of the world; some crosses might only be used in specific areas, while others are used all throughout the Canon realms and nations. The purpose of the Holy Cross is written in Canon Law under Title V. Sacred Places and Objects, Chapter 9. The Cross, and is as follows: §1. The purpose of the Holy Cross is to symbolize the faith through correspondence to the cosmology of the Seven Skies, the World, and the Void. The guidelines for how a Holy Cross is formed and depicted, and how to recognize them, is also found written in Canon Law under the same Title and Chapter as above, and is as follows: §2. The form of the Holy Cross is a one-barred, two-barred, three-barred, or four-barred cross. Here will be listed the Holy Crosses that are most commonly used by the Canon flock, its Shepherds and Orders. One-Barred Holy Cross Variants The Cross of Horen This Holy Cross is among the most commonly used Holy Crosses throughout the Canon realms. The circle around the intersection of the bars represents God's oneness. It is often seen worn around the necks of clerics, but is also worn by common people of the Canon flock. The Supreme Order of Ex. Owyn uses this type of Holy Cross as well. The Teutonic Cross, The Rhodesian Cross and Owyn’s Cross These Holy Crosses are one-barred crosses, much like the regular one-barred cross, but having all bars the same length. The Teutonic Cross is often used by the Teutonic Order, The Rhodesian Cross is often used by the monastic Order of Saint Catherine, and Owyn’s Cross is often used by the Supreme Order of Ex. Owyn. Multiple-Barred Holy Cross Variants The Lorraine Cross This Holy Cross is also among the most commonly used Holy Crosses. Being two-barred it stands out from the regular one-barred crosses. The Lorraine Cross is used by many a cleric and clergyman as well as The Order of Saint Catherine. The Three-Barred Holy Cross This Holy Cross is a rather unusual one, consisting of three bars instead of the regular one or two. The Husariyan/Ruskan Cross This Holy Cross has a unique design and is mostly used by the people of the Kingdom of Haense, as well as the people of the Grand Duchy of Vasiyeva. Concluding Notes There may be Holy Crosses and Symbols not included in this work. Note that this work is a collection of the most commonly used Holy Crosses, as previously mentioned.
  6. The Northwind Post Year 35 of the Second Age ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Undead in Elysium After a quick chat with the Lord Purifier, he revealed there was a spectral being that came into Elysium. It was only noticed due to the aurum across the gate. Rangers called upon the Purifiers and Orin took care of the spectral being, with the Lord Purifier and an aurum net. The creature's intentions were not clear, but there is bound to be speculation. The creature was purified, and thankfully no one was harmed. Marshal Attacked While on duty at the gatehouse Marshall Uruan was attacked by a ranger named Nym. His left ear was bitten off. The High Keeper held a trial at which Nym was punished for her actions against the Marshall. A small dwarf service was held for the ear which was subsequently buried. Military Meeting A meeting will be taking place this Stone Sunday between the King, The head of the NorthGuard and the Head rangers in an attempt to quench disputes and arguments that have occurred. Under the new Marshals reign the Rangers have had a difficult time figuring out their place in the military. Hopefully this meeting will clear things up for those in the military, and the citizens in need of protection. Threats Against the High Keeper A man came into Norland, during the Deep Cold, and was looking for Alisa Camian. Shouts were heard and fighting, due to this man, a Canonist, threatening to kill the High Keeper for her “sins”. He was slain, but it begs the question of why a Canonist would try to fight Norlanders alone, and is there more to this than just a religious battle. Skanarri Problems Norlanders went to go meet Chieftain Argos to discuss a peace treaty, and were ambushed by Skanarri who betrayed and killed Argos, and greatly wounded King Vane, Marshal Uruan Stormheart and several other members of the NorthGuard. They also captured Aylin De Astrea, the Heir to Elysium. Eventually the Skanarri were run off as reinforcements arrived. There have been attempts to rescue Alyin De Astrea, and after a Rangers Rescue Mission there was success. Aylin de Astrea returned to Elysium for medical treatment for her injuries. Brighter News Varhelm housing is still available. There are plenty of great houses available, and cheap too. 20 mina per year, a great deal, for the cheapest housing. The Ashwood tavern in Varhelm is hiring, and is constantly busy. Come on down for a drink. The Northguard is recruiting, and would love people to join them. Talk to Marshal Uruan Stormheart to join. The weather in Norland is cold in the upcoming weeks. Snow is forecasted for the next few weeks. Expect tremors in the North, something is happening recently in Almaris. Please act with caution in event of a quake. If anyone has anything they would like to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
  7. The Northwind Post Year 34 of the Second Age -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A sad day for Norland, The passing of the King The Funeral of King Sven Edvardsson II was during the Friday Seed of 34 S.A. An amazing service, the pyre burned, as all of Norland’s citizens gathered to say goodbye. May the Allfather bless us all, in these times of mourning. A light at the end of the tunnel The Kingsmoot was held this past year. Truly an interesting event, many gathered and announced nominees for the new King. Once Votes were cast, a new King was called, Vane Freysson. We appreciate Vane, and are hopeful for him in his new position. The 2nd Hearth Forum. 34 S.A. 8th of the Grand Harvest There was discussion of many forms during this Forum, including information on The Long Dark and On Spreading the Flame. The Coronation of the New King Vane Freysson took the responsibilities of King during the Sun’s Smile 34 S.A. High Keeper Alisa Camian was present, conducting the Coronation, and crowning Vane. Vane promised to take responsibility for all of Norland, to uphold laws, and ensure spiritual wellness under guidance of the AllFather. Congratulations to King Vane. Iron from Ice! Many welcomed changes coming to Norland with the NorthGuard, and more. Stay tuned. In other Norland News Wedding The Wedding of Edric Vildr & Herilissa Seillean O’Hara. A beautiful wedding, we congratulate the couple on this new bond. Loss Hanelore O’Hara de Astrea was a blessed soul and her loss a year ago is devastating for those who knew her. May she rest easy now, in the lands of the Father. Ferrymen and Bandits Ferrymen have been blocking the roads. Those traveling to and from Norland are encouraged to not bring valuables with them, and if possible to avoid the road to Elysium. There are steps being taken to punish those causing problems for villagers. Bandits were spotted outside of Elysium the other day, those traveling are told to be wary and if possible, travel in groups. If anyone has anything they would like in the post please contact Rebeka la Waevra. Thank you for reading, Join us next year. ~Rebeka la Waevra
  8. You cant run from your sins. = + = Flavius Xolol, a freshfoot, from traveling to many cities and meeting many people to becoming something he couldn't escape. Flavius loved to explore new places and met extremely nice people. As a young guy he was alone, his old man... a humble farmer died of sickness and the young guy would venture out to a world he'd never imagine. Flavius settled in The beautiful city of Talon's Port. Now known as Vortice He collected many memories with his friends in the north, the forest, and the keep he lived in for sometime. Feeling distressed about his home and his colleagues's internal issues. Flavius was forced to make a choice... The poor human, greatly influenced by his own desperate need for adrenaline and action, chose the side of the aggressors. Talon's port received many attacks from his colleagues which in many ways hurt him. After returning to Vortice one night. He'd realize Talon's port was not the same as he left it as. His friends now gone... his home now replaced. but what truly crushed him, was the constant suppression of his feelings that haunted him for sleepless nights. One day the young human, who once believed in helping everyone, did the most selfish act of his life. Flavius Xolol , feeling guilty, took own his life drowning near Vortice waters. (OOC NOTE): FIRST RUSTLER PK POG
  9. Anonymously, Sheet music is left posted along various tavern doors, church doors, and town centers around the kingdom of Norland. The parchment if of high grade and the characters while in the common language, have blocky print to them.. A telltale sign of dwarven handwriting. A note is attached at the top of the sheet music simply reads "Enjoy the melody, for a nation worthy of song" -A.F. Life in a Norland town A Northguard Army band plays and Beautiful girl's hip sways And the song and dance lasted all day All day And through an open window came, the smell of fresh bread bakes Such a lovely time makes Ah. Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Hey-y-yah Life in a norland town Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma-ma Children played along the ground as mothers hummed with laundry and everyone else came down to listen They sang songs of victory In times of famine and fortune With their lovely family and friends foreign Yeah, yeah , yeah Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Hey-y-yah Life in a norland town Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma-ma Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Hey-y-yah All the while the sun went down The evening turned to rain [The evening turn to rain] And as fathers went home they came To see their dear wives and their children And as their supper was sat upon the table You could see the glow in their eyes What a lovely time to be able be part of a lovely night Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Hey-y-yah Life in a norland town Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma [Life in a norland town] Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma [All while the sun went down] Hey-y-yah Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Such a beautiful land to see Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Hey-y-yah Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma [Such a beautiful land to see] Dee-doo-din-nie-ya-ya Ah-hey-ma-ma-ma Hey-y-yah
  10. A Volatile Week Happy mid week Norland, this is Hanelore writing to you and everyone around the kingdom, here are the main headlines this week: Skanarri Raiders Skanarri Raiders intend to capture the Lunner Keep, an unmanned fort. Northguard and Rangers are halting their advances to do so. They could potentially split the land transportation between Varhelm and Elysium, gaining them a defensive hold in Norland. Northguard and Rangers plan to rally, mobilize a vessel, and defend with ballista or cannon fire. Sadly during this we lost Hali Kvitravn. Underestimating the numbers of the opposing numbers, Hali rushed into the fray. He was cut off from allies by a large group of the savage tribesmen. Hali fought valiantly until the end, though due to overwhelming numbers he was slashed in the neck, before being shoved down a hill. May the All Father keep him. Ireheart Dwarves raid Varhelm A group of seven Ireheart Clan members recently snuck into Varhelm, attempting to rob citizens right in front of the Ashwood Tree. One brave citizen managed to send word to a family member in Elysium, leading to a rally call going out for Rangers from the Duchy to fight off the attackers. Meanwhile, Warden Edric Vildr ran to Varhelm and managed to ring the bell there, summoning the Northguard as well. A mixed force of civilians, Rangers, Northguard, and even a ferryman engaged the Irehearts, driving them out of the city successfully. No major injuries were received by citizens of Norland. Canal and Settlement of the Raenrland Plans are reaching fruition for a canal to be built to the Raenrland and the O'Hara Keep, the project is expected to take course over the next few years and will culminate with a settlement being built in the region. Further development of the region may follow with easier water access. In the meantime a road is being built south, please keep an eye on the traffic reports for updates in this project. The king has announced intentions to establish a forward camp in the region to kickstart the process of taming the wilderness. Folk are encouraged to employ their woodcraft, survival, and hunting skills to aid in the work. Contact King Sven if you wish to offer your services. The Hearth Forum The First Hearth Forum gathering will be held later this year (Saturday 5PM EST). All followers of the Red Faith are invited to attend and voice their opinions on a range of issues pertaining to Norland and the Red Faith. Expect an itinerary to be released soon. Contact the Lord Purifier if you have a topic you wish to discuss. This will be the largest Red Faith dialogue seen for many years! Housing in Varhelm: Many available houses in Varhelm, including stalls and shops. Come be a part of our community, the winters are easier when you have company. We welcome travellers, citizens, and soldiers to live in Varhelm. Faith, protection, and low taxes are guaranteed in Norland. With great international connections and fantastic access to the ports and roads it's a must when looking to settle! Talk to a Steward today to find a place that is right for you! In other more interesting news... Clan Vildr's most eligible bachelorette Eydis Vildr is looking for a husband. Contact chieftain Edric Vildr with your bride price offer and make your case, to have your chance to woo her. (Please do not contact the newspaper with proposals, we don't want them...) A wily jester continues to be hunted in Elysium! Though causing no violence or harm, his tricks and games continue to prove to be challenges to overcome for those involved in hunting him. Things to look forwards to in the next coming days: Several hunts are taking place, please be sure to contact Alric Edvardsson with any questions. Weather, traffic and threats It's gonna be another cold one up here, expect some more snow coming in from the north with gusts of rain blowing in from the west from over the ocean near Haense. Traffic is clear mostly on the main roads leading in, do expect some congestion around the main gates at Elysium and Varhelm as per usual. Some back ups on the road to the O’Hara keep as works are expected there until the near future. The current threat level is at a somewhat high alarm, please keep an eye out for bandits, Skanarri and Irehearts while traveling in and around the kingdom and report any and all activity if you see them within the area. Shout Outs: Stop by your local tavern! supporting local Norlandic businesses supports the kingdom! Don't forget to drop your local temple and take part in the Red Faith!! Want a shout out? Contact Hanelore O'Hara de Astrea Thank you all for reading! This has been Hanelore with your yearly news in Norland, I hope you all have a great year!
  11. Ethereal Light He laid soft steps upon the muddy ground, his feet were weary from days of travel as the cacophony of crickets ushered in the evening moon. The traveler sighed. Too long had he been on the roads, with the scars still fresh and wounds to prove the roads were no place for the lone. It was a life of solace, the traveler thought to himself as he continued down the moonlit road, but it was not so bad. There were friends, however fleeting; periodic moments of hope inspired by charismatic priests, or perhaps that was just nostalgia. Then, he heard it, an all too familiar noise: the clink of chain and squish of heavy leather boots. The trio of darkly clad men stepped out from behind the trees as they called for him to stop. The traveler knew the drill: his possessions for his life, and so he gripped the book beneath his tabard tightly. He was tired of it though, and he was out of valuables. He did not wish to lose a digit, or a limb for that matter. He had spent too much time working, too much time just to stock his now empty pockets with meager rations for his journey to the mountains. He took his chance, a more than likely foolish one, as he turned into the dark and thick woods. The snap of twigs betrayed his escape, as the trio chased him, a bolt whizzed by his ear, slicing it as he yelped. He slid down the ravine, hiding beneath a large chestnut tree as he whispered a rhyme he’d picked up ages ago, one that had always brought him a strange comfort since: Every day I am plagued by three thoughts– A heavy weight on my soul. First, that my time is finite Second, I know not when I will depart But it is the third that torments me most That there is no way to know where I’ll go* The traveler’s breath began to steady after the third repetition, the harsh sound of his impending death fading deeper into the forest in pursuit. He waited, before deciding to take an uncharted path in the forest. He rose from the nook in the tree and began to meander forwards, guided only by the stars and moon. His hope faltered as he continued in the dark. He began imagining his savage death to those that camp within the forest’s lawless territory, wolves or boars, or even worse, man. His mind failed him, or did it? The soft glow of the candle light could not be real, or if it was, what men did light it. The traveler approached it cautiously, staying within the tree cover. He smelled food, again he thought his mind failed him. He sighed, wondering why the fates would play such evil tricks upon his humble being, a trial to prove his strength, he concluded. Finally the candle came into view. It burned slowly upon a pike dug deep into the dirt, but it was not alone. Through the dimly lit forest was a path lit by these piked candles, and the scholar let his gaze follow the lights until he could not see beyond them. Cautiously, he stepped more pronouncedly onto the dirt road, but was halted by an abrupt invasion of fearful and curious thoughts. “CRRRRAAAACKKKKKK” echoed from in front of him as an immense light painted the sky and its very nature was, for a moment, torn asunder. The unexpected burst of light and harsh pop sent the scholar upon his back. But he was a curious man, and though he feared men, this unexpected occurrence felt different, so he began to stand. The scholar dusted off his robes and secured his prized journal as he set off with hastened steps down the road towards the light which had turned the night to day. The Principality of Ando Alur “In Knowledge, Power...” To the far Eastern vales of the Almarisian continent, beyond the wave-lapped sands of the western shores, there lies an ivory spire — one which claws to the very heavens in hopes to reach the gods. This divine citadel, a final refuge of the noble arcane, stood to embody the hopes of descendant-kind to reach the seat of the gods. Many come here seeking enlightenment, whether they be some roaming scholar, weary knight, or cloistered monk — each taking solace in the gleaming light of Ando Alur. Leadership of the Principality Governance is a necessity of all societies, even those as great and wise of elvendom, and those of Ando Alur know this well. However, though given the reigning authority of a Prince, the people of Ando Alur are also sustained through the Council which advises the High Prince on matters pertaining to the wellbeing of the city-state. The High Prince [Vulnir Syllar - 6xdestroyer] The Prince is the recognized leader of Ando Alur and is responsible for the safety of those within the realm. The Prince acts in coordination with his council and guilds, ultimately holding the power of binding contracts. Drawing their power from the Onyx codex, they are ritually crowned in front of their kin by the Councillor of Culture. The Council of Seven Whilst the Prince may hold the power of binding contracts and direct authority, the magnificence of Ando Alur is no product of his virtue alone, for even he must have guidance through the Council. The Council of Seven is composed only of the greatest minds of the Almarisian continent, holding the power to make executive decisions and attend the works of the Prince. During the instances of disagreement between the Prince and Council, they may override his Highness if in unanimous agreement. The council will always possess at least one elven, one dwarven, and one human member. The Councillor of Council [Thallan Syllar - Cobbler] The Councillor of Council is in charge of all diplomatic matters within Ando Alur, as well as the recording of such, often heading foreign diplomatic missions in representation or assistance of the Prince. The Councillor’s primary role is the documentation of all legal and diplomatic proceedings that transpire within the Principality. They also possess the ability to hold judicial trials, presided over by the wider council, to help administer punishments to individuals arrested by the Inquisitors or other internal policing forces. The Lord Inquisitor [Erilian Oranor - Shmeepicus] The Lord Inquisitor is the head of the Inquisitors, the military force of Ando Alur. Not only is the Lord Inquisitor expected to be passionate and patriotic, but also tactically cunning and politically attuned in order to effectively defend the marble city and her people. While the Alurian Prince may grant the honorary title of Onyx Knight to worthy Inquisitors, the Lord Inquisitor’s recommendation is almost always a requirement. The Councillor of Keys [Jakob Castington - Oh_Ontario] The Chamberlain assigns living situations for all citizens and can charge tax on behalf of the Principality. They are also able to evict residents and organize events for citizens to partake in. The Chamberlain also presides over the market stalls within the Principality. The Lord Auspex [Avurak Syllar - Morghuul] The Lord Auspex is in charge of all religious activities within the Principality. Their duty is to that of the Ancestors and the Spirits and making sure the onyx children are guided on the lunar path. They build and maintain a spiritual following in the Principality, devoted to converting wayward humans, elves and dwarves onto the path of honour, building and maintaining shrines and totems, blessing kin, and snuffing out evil. The High Praetorum [Olrin Hildinyr - Sorcerio, Muriel - Geidleth] The High Praetorum are esteemed roles within the courts of Ando Alur, being responsible for the documentation and regulation of magic and artificery within the Principality. Along with this, they are also responsible for the defence, preservation, and protection of the marble city through their many arts, and work vigorously to achieve knowledge that can be used for the betterment of the Principality and her people. The High Praetorum are also responsible for the direct oversight of all arcane activities and projects within Ando Alur, as well as working closely with both the Lord Auspex and High Inquisitor to ensure balance and security within the Principality. The Councillor of Land and Sea [Vanya Hileia - Space_Solstice] The Councillor of Land and Sea oversees the construction of guild halls and helps to manage the various guilds within the principality in the aim of leading to higher levels of productivity and recruitment among them. With their gentle guidance, as well as their affinity with architecture, the Councillor of Land and Sea oversees the ships and construction within Ando Alur. The Councillor also takes on the role of presiding over the Alurian naval forces, working closely with her sister counterpart in Haelun’or. The Seats of Grace The Seats of Grace are granted to those of honourable merit and high prowess. These Alurians sit below the Council, but still hold an immense amount of responsibility. Seats of Ceremony [Lorelei Vamyar - Clonky, Ilyana, Clonky] The Seats of Ceremony are titles given to Alurians who demonstrate keen abilities to work with the denizens of Ando Alur to organize and schedule festivals, galas and feasts in the name of joy and entertainment. To facilitate these events, they may present requests to the Council for whatever materials, funds, or support they may need. Seat of Health [Elren Asul'onn - BobBox] The Seat of Health is tasked with ensuring the health and day to day safety precautions for those within the city. They often consult the High Praetorum and Lord Auspex to ensure any arcane actions are balanced and will not negatively impact the health of the city on a major scale. Seat of the Hunt [Open] Whereas the Seat of Ceremony is tasked with internal Alurian events, the Seat of the Hunt is tasked with providing and organizing events beyond the white walls. The Seat of the Hunt is expected to be skilled in tracking, archery, and the various skills that go along with the name. Seat of Poetry [Open] The Seat of Poetry is given to one skilled in the art of literature and missive making. They are assigned the responsibilities of ensuring transparency between the council and the good people of Ando Alur. They are encouraged to write their own poems, literature, and works of art in their own time to be spread across the continent. The Four Podiums The Podiums sit in the throne hall of Ando Alur and await the statues of the heroes to come. Alurians, or their allies, which perform great feats in the name of the city will receive a statue of their likeness made from the finest marble of the white cavern. There are four podiums: [Out of Character Info] Want to Get Involved? Ando Alur is not only meant to be a place for those seeking knowledge or needing refuge in roleplay, but also a welcoming community to its members out of character. If you wish to help out with anything around the city, whether you know what it is you want to do or not, we will do our best to help you fit in and get involved in the community! Click here to join the Discord. How to Get There *Poem is by unknown, I do not claim credit for it* ((Post not put in Ando Alur subforum as it is currently glitched.)) Thanks to Sorcerio for formatting help!
  12. Elainian Goods Backstory: Elainian Goods was started by Miss Elaine Victoria d’Arkent in the year 1822 with the help of her mother, Lady Anna d’Arkent. It began due to the interest the girl had of making dolls and jewellery designs, and that interest grew into an idea. An idea that was then made into a reality in Elaine’s early youth. Now the shop stands as a paragon of luxury dolls, items and outfits for the rich families, nobles and royalty throughout all of Almaris. And to this day Elainian Goods has continued to grow in business and in name. Elainian Goods sells luxury items for any age, gender, profession and title. All are welcome to gaze upon the lovely displays in the store, and if the pocket is full we will be happy to help you empty it. A list of the things we sell for your entertainment: Eila Dolls - For luxury can also be an item! Always cared for a fashionable porcelain doll of real figures of history, or perhaps an adorable one of your own fantasy and dreams? Whatever you seek we can make, and whatever you dream we will create. Buy an Eila Doll to show off your luxury with fashionable dolls made of fine porcelain with silk and cotton outfits. The hair used on the dolls are produced from hair that has been cut from animals that are being treated with lots of pets from the children and a rich diet to keep them healthy. Elainian Jewellery Elainian Goods present to you our gorgeous jewellery collections of gold and silver. Precious gems adorning most, if not all, as they are made with the most ardent of care. Perhaps you will be one of the few to always look like that of a Queen or an Empress. Maybe even catch the gaze of a future partner with our Elainian jewellery? Elainian Fashion Have you wanted to look fashionable in the richest of fabrics and wonderful embroidery? Well look no further as Elainian Fashion has it all for you, from ball gowns to everyday wear. We also do men’s fashion for those rich lords wishing to dress fancy and show off their wealth. You can also buy custom tokens to have a custom made Eila Doll, Elainian Jewellery or an Elainian Fashion outfit that is made just for you as we do not take commissions. Come find them in the shop that is situated in the Bastille Boutique in the square of Providence next to the bank. We look forward to your visits!
  13. “Life is a dance, darling… All wear their masks in this waltzing masquerade and you are either one of the dancers, or one that makes the music.” - Melusina von Drakenhof Art by me! Where there are men of true battle-earned honor and fortune, one can only wonder where the remaining folk of past crumbled empires and kingdoms coalesce in their wayward, lost visions of splendor and regality. These are the forgotten folk who have had their crowns ripped from them, justly or wrongfully, the cunning usurpers of past thrones who then taste their own justice, the skeletons of long-retired military lords who ruled with martial might… The men forever divorced from the endless cyclical hell that is humanity’s political sphere. These are the folk of the ‘noble’ line of Von Drakenhof. History The ashes of the calamity of Anthos tore the greatest united force of men ever seen asunder like a hunk of fresh meat to wolves. Some men clung to what luster their folly crowns and pride might comfort them, but many scattered in search for a more prosperous promise of reclaiming power and fortune. For the first of the line, Melusina’s journey took her to the protected outskirts of the Teutonic Hanseti, where the DeNurem line ruled without question. Melusina in life was the young bride of a vile Marcus Horen, whom her family married her to to secure political gain and protection at the height of the Empire’s power. She herself was a cerebral and scholarly youth with manic tendencies, but bore no affection to the convenient pairing she was thrown into at the behest of her sire. Pale and fair with locks rivaling the shadows of raven’s wings, she was like a porcelain statue brought to life. While her heart burned with disdain to the brutish man to which she was lawfully wed, the cunning young wife bid her time in quiet subservience whilst the collective forces of the world and Setherien rained doom upon the lost realm of Anthos. Despite bearing no real love for the Horen, she fled faithfully at his side at the crumbling of the world behind them into the Fringe. He proclaimed as they trudged through the ghoulish soul-sand of the wastes to the fabled fortress of the Teutonic order that she would bear his heirs and erect a grander, nobler kingdom of humanity with himself as the patriarch from the ashes of the fallen Empire. Of course, the proposition disgusted the young Melusina… wed so soon for convenience and so soon to bear offspring of a vile man. She would refuse his demands and plotting that night. That was the last time that he ever laid hands upon her in anger… A swift bottle of wine to the back of the head brought the man to his knees. Melusina was not a violent woman, and the attack from his bride certainly took him by fatal surprise. There was a portion of her soul that undoubtedly delighted in the deliciously vengeful murder of this man. He was no spouse, let alone a worthy man deserving of some valiant end. So the wine and blood flowed along the grout of the cobble beneath their day-old home like thick molasses in winter… slow and robust. There she raised her beloved Chalice in small, bloody victory, and drank the remnants of that blood-tainted wine. Melusina had never tasted a vintage so sweet. So she abandoned the heinous name of Horen and adopted her own lineage. One of the life she could have had as a carefree noble, loved by one of her choosing in a world less cursed. Melusina left her hovel that night as Von Drakenhof - A noble of her own right, given by none and maintained by none, of the utmost regality, intelligence, and superiority over the pathetic remnants of humanity. The Lady von Drakenhof did eventually marry a Sariant of the Teutonic Order, a bastard DeNurem and the only man the woman would love faithfully and genuinely. She would bear two sons at the age of twenty-six, in the same year that the plagues of the Fringe would rip her beloved from her embrace forever. Widowed and a new mother, she remained in the tiny village of Fringe Hanseti and fostered her two boys with her delusion of true, eternal nobility. There the Von Drakenhof line spread, erecting various castles in which their family would reside at the rule of none but themselves to the current age. The Line of Von Drakenhof The men and women of this lineage crave the illusion that they are nobles, and delight in the care of their outward appearance to a near maniacal standard. Pale, unblemished skin is most desirable with steely grey or muted shades of blue in their eyes. The trait of deeply black hair seems to run dominant among this line, as well as the curious affliction of sleepless nights or dreamly terrors particularly of the women in the family. It is said that it is the troubles of Melusina von Drakenhof herself manifesting in her favored descendants, and while it is quite distressing and sometimes tortuous to the inheritors, it is deemed as an otherworldly blessing. Von Drakenhof trend taller for men and women, but can become more frail in comparison due to their decadent lifestyle. With their ancestor spending much of her later life in the presence of the Teutonic Order under Hochmeister Mirtok, the mannerisms of speaking and accent derive much from the Marian language. They use older and archaic words to ensure that they are distinguished from common folk. Occasionally, they may choose to entirely abandon common altogether when speaking with kin in a clever method to conceal sensitive information from those they deem unworthy. A portrait of the ‘Count’ Volker von Drakenhof and his daughter, ‘Lady’ Hesperia von Drakenhof To see a member of Von Drakenhof in any state of imperfection or dishevelment is about as rare as a unicorn sighting. This family cannot stand the thought of descending anywhere near the state of peasant status or that of the lessers of mankind, and will go to great lengths to ensure that their state of attire is nothing short of kingly or queenly at all times. For men, tailed coats and laced ties are common, with women bearing corsets, dresses and veils to protect their complexions. Anyone after a quick glance may be able to determine that many of the dressing styles of the family revolves around the idea of gargoyles and battish creatures of the night, adorning themselves in dark and fine cloths gilded and crowned with expensive gems. An armored Von Drakenhof is uncommon though not unheard, for the work of the soldier is associated with those of lesser than noble blood and is usually only worn for the cause of home defense. Generally the folk of Von Drakenhof follow the three guiding pillars as set forth by Melusina’s scriptures written for the teaching of her sons: The Gargoyle, the Tombstone, and the Marionette. The Gargoyle “Protect thine kin, always. We are a superior folk baptised by the teachings of humanity’s past sins and bloodshed. Do not overly scorn thine servant nor thine handmaiden, and remain true to thine beloved. Betray not the brother, sister, mother or brother - but deliver cunning revenge should they betray my blood.” Von Drakenhof are ferociously loyal to those in their family, and maintain servants and friends with a firm but fair hand. While their mannerisms might seem cruel towards their servants, they reward the faithful tenants well by granting them certain powers above those below them. Butlers and Lady’s Maids of Von Drakenhof are nearly just as well dressed and wealthy as their masters. It is by a careful art of balancing the carrot and the stick that they maintain loyalty, and it has not been unheard of for unruly or disloyal servants to ‘go missing’ suddenly as if by some just punishment by karma. The family line is exempt from punishment in most instances, as this ‘noble’ line can surely do no wrong... The Tombstone “Honor our dead. Teachings of souls departed from this world shalt not fade with time but be carved upon pages and scrolls like their names upon the stone of their final resting place. Remember the promise, the pledge, and good deeds from friends, and repay them in kind. Neglecting the honor from the lessers invites poor intentions.” Dead kin are nearly saintly to these folk, and they will go to great lengths to ensure that the final rites and rituals of the newly dead are completed in knightly splendor. There is always a tombstone erected over their grave with their name for all alive or yet to be born to see, and even when a great move is needed they will uncover their coffins and take them along their journey to a new cemetery to rest and watch over their family. It is the greatest honor to oversee their family in death, for it is believed that the beloved dead may be freely spoken to and meditated with on the calm chill of a young night. Chieftest of all is the grave of Melusina von Drakenhof and her sons themselves, who bear beautifully decorated resting places that are constantly maintained. Promises made to others are scarcely neglected when made. When treated with the respect, praise and reverence they crave, a Von Drakenhof will be a faithful ally until their last breath. For them it is like a king fulfilling a glorious task for their people, a favor returned that will surely beget further praise and loyalty. Curses and pledges of retribution are just as keenly remembered, though repaid in much more cunning and brutal ways befitting the crime. The Marionette “There are few in this world that truly mean to help us. All men wear their mask, afraid to expose their feeble underbelly, their futile dreams and noxious desires in their dance for self-gratification. A true noble knows how to puppeteer all, for they are part of the intricate web of servitude to Von Drakenhof. The servant, the friend, and the enemy; all shall serve thee in their own accords.” Discreetly cunning and nearly always playing a mindful game of chess with all that cross their path, Von Drakenhof folk are always surely plotting what role their next acquaintance or greeting of a friend will bring them. While their enemies are certainly deserving of crueler tricks and schemes, there are not necessarily overtly harmful outcomes for those that they deem acceptable of the society around them. While the servant may find that their tasks become more and more varied outside of simple servitude by way of the sway devilish charm, a rival may find that misfortune may strike them at the most ripe inopportune time. Woe be to those that truly cross the guile of Von Drakenhof, for they do delight in faux courts made entirely of their kin to deal ghoulish and dastardly punishments that may or may not lead to their total demise. Lifestyle, Architecture and Family Structure While these nobles hold no true claim over anything of substance within the political geography of the world, they will often hold their own courts of intrigue amongst themselves. Plotting, aristocratic socialization, feasts, and masquerades are among the many routinely conducted happenings of the household. Brutish activities of duels or tavern parties are far beneath the decorum of the house, and guests welcomed and liked enough to be invited to the dining hall of Von Drakenhof should surely expect to be treated like family for the evening. One would find the dinner to be quite long and decadent, with some choosing to voluntarily vomit to create more room for delicacies and sweets. While they generally detest the devout and practice in no religion themselves, they are generally tolerant of most magics both mundane and of darker nature. Any power that might potentially elevate their status further as a superior man from their peers is deeply interesting to these folk, even if the magics or the users may not have the holiest of intentions. Reverence of any one deity is generally disdained, as there are none that come before the blood of Von Drakenhof in their eyes. When the Castle Drakenhof is erected on whatever lands they desire, it is certainly a chilling sight to behold. With lines of gargoyles and menacing heights of spires piercing the sky, the stones of the beloved family castle can appear quite haunting at first. Inside, however, is the most opulent of living quarters for their brood. Thick draped windows of stained glass, chandeliers that catch the low light like glacial ice, and the low-warmth of candlelight would mesmerize even the most decorated of kings. The light is kept intentionally low within to maintain that venerated fair skin of porcelain, and nearly every wall is decorated with portraits of past or living members of the family. Libraries of coveted knowledge, dining halls of glittering goblets and glasses, and endless rooms of near unfathomable collective luxury reside within. The wine cellar, the cemetery, the court hall, dining hall and drawing room are all considered essential portions of any suitable Von Drakenhof living facilities. Any good master would not forget the humble and faithful servant, and so their living quarters are of course in fine condition… with the accompanying dungeons similarly of regal but menacing character. The family of Von Drakenhof are equals within their own eyes, the only difference in standing is their direct parents. A single member is given the title of ‘Count’ which is used only for dealings in which the collective family or foreign power is involved and requires a concise voice amongst the family. You will find many thrones among the living space of the house, with none no more grand than their kin’s. All family members bear there own particular ring that is unique to them or handed down from an ancestor. It is a common gesture of a Von Drakenhof's first meeting to offer their ring towards their acquaintance to kiss - and one would do well to know that it will be forever remembered if this gesture is declined or ignored. Dates of Renown While not devoutly religious to any name, the line of Von Drakenhof is severely superstitious. Stories of ghosts, ghouls, all manner of mythical beasts alike are like sweet fairytales that guide their mannerisms spiritually. Some dates are especially sacred to the family, most of which involve the remembrance of the dead or the celebration of the macabre. Hexensnacht The Witching Night, or day before the New Year in which it is believed ghosts come about in search of the energy of the living to keep them tethered to the world, or as a send off as they choose to depart for another life. A great ball is held during the night, and a fantastical feast by day in which they invite the spirits of the dead to join their waltzing and dining late into the evening. As the last bell tolls for the completion of the final hour of the year, all lights are snuffed out for a few long minutes in total darkness so that it may be easier for the spirits to be sent on their way. All Hallow’s Eve The autumnal celebration of all things dark and spooky, where a great costumed masquerade is held. Dressing in a particular beast or monster of one’s fancy is common and believed to protect the wearer from real things that might be afoot on that night. Carving gourds into spectral faces by candlelight wards off the demons that emerge to seed foul energies among the unprepared. The young of the family may venture out and seek out sweet treats from the people that live about, or play tricks upon those that their parents may or may not have mentioned doing something distasteful at the dinner table once… Day of the Dead A late-year celebration of the deceased Von Drakenhof members. It is this day where the belongings of their dead relatives are worn to bring them to life for a day. Faces are made in the likeness of the portraits of the dead, and they quite literally ‘relive’ the being of their relatives for a chosen day. Prayers and gifts are showered upon the very real graves of said family, and only when the day is done may the Von Drakenhof bathe themselves in a perfumed basin and reclaim themselves, swearing to remember the teachings and glory of their ancestors.
  14. Veggie

    Maiun dah'Rin

    Maiun dah'Rin People of the Desert Among the more obscure cultures found in humans is that of the Maiun dah'Rin, or dah'Rin(i) for short. This translates to People (Rin) of the (dah') Desert (Maiun). As the name would suggest, they originate from and primarily inhabit deserts. As one might expect, this harsh environment in combination with prolonged isolation from other cultures has lead to a hardy, yet upbeat people with unique traditions. With written documents proving their presence as far back as Axios, and speculation of their history reaching back much further, it's a wonder they've kept their presence so unknown all this time. One could attribute this to isolationism, remote locations, or even being mistaken for other groups, but the true answer has not been found as those who'd know have all passed. In recent times, however, they've made themselves and their ways as known as they can in the face of being lost to history. No known settlements remain of the Maiun dah'Rin, so they assert themselves anywhere that welcomes them. While their own language's alphabet and writing are illegible to most, they still make and publish stories in Common with the hope someone will hear their pleas for preservation. Only very recently has it seemed that their wish will come true. Now when you see those strangers in masks, lanky humans with odd accents, you may come to find you know of their kind. A resilient people who've clung onto the very last strings of identity and finally started pulling themselves back up. Names & Masks To the dah'Rin, a mask is just as good as (if not better than) a name. While multiple people can share a name, or even all three names, no two people can have a truly identical mask. Along with being distinct, the mask of a riun (singular of rin) will most always have patterns and colors denoting specific meanings. For example, a rugged wooden mask with red paint on the left side can convey that one is a wanderer who's used to living rough, but still holds love in their heart for everyone around. A mask of ebony with intricate gold patterns would show the wearer as important, but not for combat reasons, likely being some form of leader. These masks are to be removed only when necessary or alone. This is not to say names aren't important, however. All three names of a riun are important for different reasons. A first name is shared with everyone, and is the name a riun will refer to themselves by most often. A middle name is rarer to go by, but is usually used when two people of the same first name are together or when a riun dislikes their first name. A last name, however, is considered very intimate. This is generally to be shared with those that a riun dearly trusts or even loves. An important bit to note is that one would not be called by their last name unless they're alone with someone who knows it. To share someone else's last name is to betray the love and trust they've shown you. To take it as your own is to embrace it wholly. Mask Meanings To expand on what a mask may mean and why, we need only look to three things. Color, material, and adornments. To start with, colors often share similar meanings to what other descendants give them, but there are some noteworthy exceptions. For example, while red may denote passion or anger, the most common use is for love. Orange is linked to enthusiasm, a love for life rather than individuals. Yellow and gold are notably distinct, with yellow being happiness and gold being importance. Green can indicate a nurturing nature, harmony, and even safety. Blue can be freedom, intelligence, or protection, with the first being the typical use case. Purple is often linked with magic, inner peace, and wisdom. As materials go, these are usually picked by convenience or aesthetics rather than significant meaning. When a material is chosen for meaning, it usually coincides with the color. However, the material also gives some insight into the wearer's lifestyle. Wood may be used for travelers who want something that will last long without maintenance. Porcelain would be more indicative of a person who's settled down and decided on something that looks nice rather than being durable. Rarer and more sought-after materials may show someone to be important, or that they've done a great service for their community. Giving someone a new mask is not taken lightly. As said before, it's as personal as a name or face, with the added importance of symbolism. Adornments can be anything from engravings, to shape, to extra pieces added on. These are commonly given meanings by the owners themselves, but an aggressive shape can denote a warrior, and gold engravings usually mean someone of high status. If you're curious about all the intricacies of someone's mask, it's best to ask! Music & Food Food and music are hard to ignore when addressing the more playful side of Maiun culture. Those who dedicate themselves to a craft don't spend their whole lives perfecting it like those of more competitive cultures might. Rather, these rin will use their skills to impress their friends, family, and even strangers with the main goal of making them happy. This isn't to say they'll be any worse on average than those of other cultures, but there will be fewer who lean so heavily into perfecting a skill. As for the sounds of music, a riun will most often play upbeat, drum-heavy songs with the intent to get others dancing. While it's not uncommon for these musicians to be playing throughout any normal day, they most often gather and play together during festivals. In fact, in the absence of any musicians or even untrained volunteers, a festival will be outright delayed until at least one is found. This is most often a lack of people able to fill the role rather than those willing, as bad music is not judged. Even the poorest artist is encouraged to continue. The topic of food actually shares quite a few parallels with music. It's not one's skill as a chef that determines whether their food is eaten, it's a mere matter of who's around to eat it. Even if the meal should make you gag and vomit, you still turn right back around to the chef and tell them what they did right, and how you'd change it for next time. This is likely what caused a shift in dah'Rini meals compared to other human meals - they often make things like cinnamon pork, honeyed vegetables, baked fruits, and many more similar meals. As for drinks, however, they most often drink water, fruit and cactus juices, and wines. These aren't held to the same level of importance as food, as whatever is available will be happily accepted, but it's not uncommon for a riun to go out of their way to find a drink that complements their meal. If a meal is sweet, drink something bitter. If a meal is savory, drink something with a kick. Language With the decay of full-blooded Maiun dah'Rin, the full scope of their language has died out, but that doesn't mean they don't speak what they have left. Even those who speak full Common usually speak in the third person or sprinkle in dah'Rini words and phrases. However, it's important to note that dah'Rini sentence structure is much more free-form than Common. Not only that, but the few who can write fluently in dah'Rini will go right to left, bottom to top. This is due to ancient dah'Rini laying bricks, carving words in until they run out of space, and then laying the next layer to not waste materials. From this came the ongoing tradition of grand story walls, sometimes integrated into buildings, but just as often standing solitary for all to see. Dictionary can be found here. Appearances A dah'Rini can be of any human skin tone, and very commonly end up freckled. Their hair tends to lean blonde, with even darker-haired rin having a golden shine in the sun. Their eyes can be of any color a human's can, but most common is green. It's less common for a riun to be bulky compared to their fellow humans due to the scarcity of food in the desert, but in recent times, most rin end up nomads or living in other cities. This is completely and entirely attributed to the dwindling population and dying traditions they have. On top of that, there are very few full-blooded Maiun dah'Rin to be found. Clothing-wise, even those who end up in cities will at least keep their mask in their possession, if not on their face. Nomads in particular will also stick to clothing of their people, being loose, flowy clothes with lots of airflow. These are reminiscent of real-world Middle Eastern and Central Asian garbs. Some will adorn their clothes with neat patterns or fancy colors, but most are happy with plain robes with hoods and/or hats of straw. Outsiders The dah'Rini are very friendly to outsiders, even welcoming them with open arms to join their encampments and traditions. While this has done well for what little reputation they have, it also means they've been raided on multiple occasions by those they let into their homes. Even in these times, when a riun takes down an invader, it is their duty to give them proper medical care and keep them alive, regardless of the damage the invader has caused. Should their enemies die on Maiun land, they are still given a respectful prayer and proper burial, elsewise a sendoff to their homeland. OOC This is an open culture! Anyone at all can make a Maiun dah'Rin character, and for a full-blooded dah'Rini, you should set your race as Farfolk or just Human. How involved your character is with these traditions is completely up to you! However, it's encouraged to be mindful and respectful of other players OOCly while playing an dah'Rini character, in part because reputation is important early on, but also because you should do that anyway. There are no dah'Rini settlements and there likely won't be unless there's a much larger playerbase than I'm expecting. However, should this be the case, it will be a large encampment in the desert to best fit the lore provided. The dah'Rini dictionary is still being worked on, but there should be more than enough words to spice up your roleplay. Make as many new phrases as you'd like - and remember, the sentence structure is more free-form than English! Context helps determine what you're saying (such as "Ron do'pan," which can either mean you idiot or you're an idiot depending on the context). This page will more than likely be edited! Don't be mean or I will cry. Consider this a threat.
  15. Ubíjanje Psoglava The Slaying of the Psoglav By Đurađ Mutimir Vasović Let me tell you of the tale of the end of the Psoglav. The Psoglav, the dog-headed servant of the daemon Valaen, plagued the Vasoyevi for near five hundred years. For the Vasoyevi had once worshipped and called the daemon Veles in days gone past, but when they began to become complacent with their worship, Valaen sent the Psoglav into their midst, eternally chasing them. Sacrifices to the Psoglav were made in the camps to appease the bloodthirsty creature. First, always, would a chicken be sacrificed. When that would no longer sate the creature’s hunger, a goat, then a bull, and finally a horse. But always the creature hungered until, every few years, only a sacrifice of one of the Vasoyevi’s own, chosen by lottery, would stave off the daemonic monster. But then, of course, after a time, the cycle would begin again. Centuries ago, before the time of the patriarchs and matriarchs, there was a boy born amongst the ever-traveling Vasoyevi into the Višeslavić, a family of fair repute made up of a half dozen wagons. Born the nephew of the župan of the family Radoslav and son of the hunter Strojimir and herbalist Evdokija, he was named Vasilije. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a hunter like his father, learning much from him and attending many hunts as he hunted small animals with the other children whilst the adults hunted the larger game. In the eighth year of his life, he had a sister that was named Angelina whom he cared greatly for and swore to protect from any danger. During this time, he also struck a close friendship with another child named Boris of the Isperiev family. As he grew up, he noticed how a few of his hunting friends disappeared and, when he inquired, was told only that “the Psoglav comes for naughty children who don’t listen to their parents.” Upon entering the twelfth year of his life, Vasilije was told of the true nature of the Psoglav, as was the custom of the time. He was taught the beast preferred young children the most and that the time for another sacrifice was coming soon. The day of the lottery arrived and, to Vasilije’s horror, Angelina was chosen as the sacrifice for the year. Believing it to be his responsibility, he volunteered to sacrifice his sister to the beast. As the caravan broke camp, he brought his sister into the woods under the guise of a game. As they went deep into the woods, Angelina expressed fear and asked him if she would be safe, which he said she would. Once he was out of her sight, he ran as fast as he could back to the caravans before they left. As he ran, he heard the cries of his sister before they were drowned out by the roar of what he could only assume to be the Psoglav. When Vasilije returned to the caravans, he was filled with guilt and swore to kill the beast with his family and friends being little able to persuade him otherwise. Throughout his adolescence, he practiced by hunting wolves and other predators then bears when he reached adulthood. Boris, although being amongst those who tried to persuade him, stayed with him nonetheless. When he heard of the return of the Psoglav, he ran to the forest to confront the beast. Whether he sought death or honestly believed he would be able to kill it was beyond even him. When he saw the beast, he was briefly full of terror with its scars, matted fur and bloodstained mouth. When he recovered from the shock, he barely dodged the claws as they came for his head. When he swung his sword to the beast, it connected but did not harm the beast. Nonetheless, he tried to fight it until the beast pinned him. As the beast prepared to kill him, Boris came and sacrificed himself to the Psoglav, freeing Vasilije and allowing him to return to the caravans. Distraught at his failure and the loss of his sister and now his greatest friend, Vasilije fell into a depression and refused to leave his wagon. He barely ate and drank with his hair becoming long and unkempt and himself becoming dirty and fetid. Months later, he heard of a man roaming the caravans and causing a stir. He was Sava of the Zìdarić family; and though he was a Vasoyevi, he preached the Word of Godan. He taught how the Lord provided many gifts to the Vasoyevi people with their freedom to live on the road being just one. Attracted by these words, Vasilije joined his growing congregation much to the chagrin of the župan of the Višeslavić, now his cousin Vlastimir. Vlastimir despised Sava and those he taught, and he threatened to expel Vasilije and any other Višeslavić from the caravan. Yet, the Word of Godan was compelling and more and more converted. One member of the newly converted followers of Godan was a woman named Ileana of the Lupeșcu family, who was an herbalist and brewer in the caravan.. Under the effects of her herbs one day, she received a vision from the Veličan Žigmund, who thanked her for her devotion to Godan and blessed her with a token of his soothsaying abilities. Upon waking from her vision, her hair had become a brilliant red, and she called herself one of the Red Followers of Sigismund, becoming the first Red Sigismunda, or Sigismundaroșie. She went amongst the followers of Godan, telling them of this vision and also told them that the Veličan Žigmund had given her one more gift, knowledge and power to free themselves at last from the Psoglav and Valaen. Many of the people did not trust her, but she asked them to place their trust instead in Godan, and she began to gather together those who wished to slay the beast. Chief among them was Vasilije, and his impassioned pleas to the people turned many of their hearts to Godan and they felt strong enough to face the beast. Ileana came to them all and blessed them. In a ceremony lost to all but the Sigismundaroșie, Ileana brewed a special tincture, which she gave to the brave men, and they felt the power of Godan within them, justified and sanctified before the Almighty, and they knew they had the power to defeat their long-suffering enemy. Over the course of several months, they turned the hunter into the hunted, seeking out the Psoglav and learning of its habits and weaknesses. Three times, the Vasoyevi did battle with the Psoglav, one time for each of the Exalted that came before Sigismund, weakening it and driving it into a cave to recover. At the last, Ileana handed a curved knife to Vasilije, proclaiming that he was destined to be the one to slay the Psoglav. He entered the cave alone and found the Psoglav, cowering, wounded. Vasilije’s heart was turned to pity, for before the might of Godan, even the fiercest of beasts was nothing. He took his knife and ended the beast’s suffering, ending also Valaen’s centuries-long reign of terror over the Vasoyevi. Standing over the corpse of the beast, Vasilije swore to hunt all manners of monsters and beasts to atone for the years of sacrifice made to the Psoglav, becoming the first kȁjatac. Vlastimir had expected the party to die, so upon their return, he expelled Vasilije from the caravan. No longer a Višeslavić, Vasilije would form a new caravan that would grow in size and reputation with his son, Joanikije, being elected župan of the now fully Canonist caravan, taking the daughter of Ileana as his bride and the first Matriarch. And from his line, the Vasović family was eventually born, beginning the grand destiny laid out for that family and the Vasoyevi.
  16. A Call for Ecclestical Trial Issued by the Auditor of the Tribunal. Johan “Horens Giant” Vullier Table of context. THE OFFENDERS CALLED FOR TRIAL. THE EVIDENCE. THE WITNESS LIST. THE JURY THE CRIMES. THE OFFENDERS CALLED FOR TRIAL. The organization known as the Ferrymen. Reasoning : I. During the assassination of his Holiness High Pontiff Jude II, Two members of the Ferrymen organization where found with their blades drawn surrounding the body of Jude II and the body of another member of the clergy. One of these men where quickly struck down by members of the Imperial State Army as well as the Ministry of Justice. Sadly one wearing the armor of the organization was able to escape the city. II. During the battle of Northguard thousands of Imperial witnesses could see the organization known as the Ferrymen fighting on the side of the heathen armies of Norland. This furthering the assumption that they in fact work for the heathen army. THE EVIDENCE During the Tribunal investigation dubbed “The Dove has fallen” we have gathered evidence from multiple sources. Not only witnesses of the crime itself, but other witnesses who saw one of the men behind the murder of High Pontiff Jude II while escaping the city of Providence while being ran after by multiple guards. The Tribunal has also been getting numerous reports of the criminal activities of the organization in question as well as one of them seeming to try and spy on the Imperial Household and staff. Its with these reports and accusations as well as the murder of his Holiness Jude II and their partaking in the ongoing war against the heathens hordes of Norland that the Tribunal had decided that enough evidence is gathered to call for an Trial of the whole organization known as the Ferrymen. THE WITNESS LIST. Due to the nature of the organization called to trial the names of the witnesses shall not be published. This to ensure their and their families safety. We know from experience and sources that the organization known as the Ferrymen do not take into consideration if they have to strike down a man, woman nor child if they gain from it. Thus it would be a crime against Godan if we where to put these witnesses and their loved ones in danger. THE JURY The jury itself shall consist of the members of the Tribunal offices and their Cardinal Judges. it will be under the command and word of the Auditor of the Tribunal and his word shall be final and absolute. In the case of a missing member of the Tribunal, the Auditor can see it to elect someone who steps into the role of that missing role or holds the position abstained. THE CRIMES On the day of first amber cold a horrid and blasphemous crime was committed within the cathedral of the Ex Godfrey. Not only was this crime against Imperial Law, but a crime against our faith, a crime against Him, the one true Creator. During the General Audience held by his Holiness Jude II. our Vicar of God, a General Audience that ended up as his last public Audience before his Holiness was brutally murdered during the time he was taking the confessions of our noble canonist flock. This is a crime that there is no turning back from, a crime against the Canonist flock as a whole and each and every person, nation or organization who calls themselves Canonist or believes in Him. Not only where our beloved High Pontiff Jude II murdered in cold blood, His body has also been stolen after the murder. The bodies of the Vicar of God do not belong in some ditch, nor as a trophy for those who have committed the crime. He belongs with the church, in the halls of those who came before him. where he shall lay at peace until the seven skies shall come from all of us. The fact of his body being stolen will forever be seen as one of the worst cases of theft in the History of our Holy Mother Church, a crime that will not be forgotten nor forgiven. The crimes committed go as follows.. TITLE III. Crimes against ecclesiastical authorities. §1 A person using excessive physical force against the Pontiff incurs excommunication. Members of the clergy may incur greater penalties depending on the severity of the crime. §2 A person who further uses excessive force against a bishop or cardinal are to face a just penalty as decided by an ecclesiastical court. §4 A person joining a group plotting against the church are to face a just penalty as decided by an ecclesiastical court. §9 Those who see it fit to insult or threaten a member of the clergy. These individuals are guilty of the crime of indignity. Let it be known that if the Organization does not show to this trial they will by default be punished with the worst punishment that the Holy Mother Church can grant. That of being declared excommunicate and anathema. SIT PERDUCAT NOS PATRIS LAPIS, AMEN. "May the stone father guide us, Amen" Johan Vuiller “Horens Giant” Head of House Vuiller, Auditor of the Tribunal. Knight-Regent Emeritus. Knight of the Black Sepulchre. Protector of the Church of the Canon and her faithful The Trial shall find place on the 1st of Horens folly within the Imperial City of Providence. [THIS SATURDAY 5.06.2021 TIME: 5:30PM EST]
  17. FRESH PRINCE OF ELVENESSE 18th of the First Seed, Year 26 of the Second Age “Mi iz da new frezh Rex ob da Twiggiez” -Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Smol’Ruk Today marks another victory for the Ferrymen on the Elven front. A group of 70 Ferrymen marched on the capital of Elvenesse to capture another key victory in the war against the Elves. The force of Ferrymen led by the infamous Captain Banjo, snuck their way into the inner city of Elvenesse and rushed their way into the heart of the capital. At the square, the Ferrymen grouped civilians and soldiers alike to handover their belongings and fought those few soldiers and civilians who had the courage to fight the renowned fighters known as the Ferrymen. Only one of the Elves stood valiantly against the Ferrymen and fought like a true champion (@GeneralPumpkinCZ). At the end of this skirmish, the commander of the Elves was found running cowardly away from the city and the rest of his small force of resistance laid dead in the streets, a fitting death for those who do not stand up for their kin. No losses resulted on the attacking party, as the original group of raiders marched to bandit the remaining civilians and cowardly soldiers. In the throne room the Ferrymen held a short ceremony, crowning Smol’Ruk the ‘Fresh Rex of Elvenesse’. [!] A picture depicting the Ferrymen and Smol’Ruk sitting on the Throne of Elvenesse. As all the elves were either robbed or killed - the Ferrymen left the capital of Elvenesse bare and looted. Their bags filled with loot they had not seen since the days of looting the Imperial city of Providence. Truly a win for the acclaimed Ferrymen. [!] Pictures containing the loot of the Raid on Elvenesse. The Ferryman will come for you all in due time. Signed, Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion The Ferryman Smol’Ruk, Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Personal friend of the Golden Rex
  18. https://imgur.com/a/Iy0CnM5 BUCK 4 BOSS!!! !
  19. A literal 'news cycle' rolls up to your doorstep. there seems to be a crinkled piece of paper glued to the wheel.
  20. A Time of Suffering and Warm Steel A missive is published throughout the cities of the Holy Orenian Empire, emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Vuiller family A painting of the Imperial State army marching into battle at Elysium. A time of suffering. During the hardships our people now endure, these times of Nordling aggression, it is of utmost importance that we lend our aid to our comrades. This begins with understanding the conflict at hand. Who do the men and women of the Imperial State Army fight in this war, and what are they defending? The heathen Chieftain of the Nordlings, Sven, has selfishly ordered a war that he was doomed to lose from the start. Why has he commanded that his people should suffer, when they have no chance of coming out victorious? Why have so many Nordling rulers dedicated themselves to hostility with the Holy Orenian Empire? Envy. It is the envy of a clan whose ancestors turned their backs on our prophets and God Himself. These are descendants of men who fabricated a faith from what scattered fragments of the Canonism they could find, mingled with the ravings of drunks and madmen. They have built the house of their people on shifting snows, while ours rests on firm bedrock. This circumstance infected them with a perverse kind of logic: though they claim to be mighty and honorable, they must cower and scheme to achieve any success compared to us. Thus, the Holy Orenian Empire is wicked because it is mighty and honorable. Our very existence is an insult to these folk who desire what we have so much, but cannot have it. The Nordling government demanded a ransom from our Empire for the mere fact that a man was arrested in the course of criminal ravings, and forced to kneel in the process. They considered it a violation of their national pride, and demanded either gold or blood. But what a fragile pride is this, that for such a minor incident, an entire nation can be sent to their death in battle? It is doubtful that most Nordlings truly feel this war is justified, but their leaders are so barbaric that the populace fears punishment from their own ruler more than Orenian steel. An entire generation is now sent to their doom to satisfy Chief Sven’s fragile ego. And what does he have to be proud of? Our people live in prosperity, obeying the faith of their fathers, with a patrimony extending back to the dawn of the world. His people live in huts of mud and driftwood, worshipping a dead tree. It is tragic that Imperial justice is so necessary for these poor tribes, but one must strike the dog that bites him, even if it is gaunt and starving. Our Empire did not ask for this war, but we will see it finished; we must free the Nordling people of the chains forged by their Chieftain’s envy. Even if we defeat the hordes this time, unless their outlook is fundamentally changed, the same war will recur over and over. a painting of the young Rev Vuiller while writing the missive, painted by one of his triplets. The importance of Godans teachings While our children are catechized at an early age, Nordling leaders have denied their people the salvation of God’s teachings. In the first few years of an Orenian child’s life, they are already baptized in the waters of Gamesh, beginning to pray, and bearing witness to sacraments. These children are taught God’s promise that the world shall belong to the virtuous, who love him. In contrast, a Nordling child is taught that the world is a dark, fearful place with only a few cinders of warmth to huddle around. The Nordling ‘god’ is neither omnipotent nor omniscient; how is a youth to trust such a deity, if it cannot make him any binding promise? These fundamental differences between Canonism and the Red Faith are why the Empire will win this war. Canonist soldiers fight for a greater cause, and have no fear of the reward that awaits them after death. Some of our most notable saints are martyrs of battle, who gave their life defending the teachings of the Holy Scrolls. We see evidence of God’s plan all around us: the apparitions of St. Harald (who was my own grandfather), the miraculous intercession of the Archangel Michael at the last battle of the Inferi war, and even the founding of our own Empire by Ex. Godfrey. I would wager that much of Norland’s envy, and therefore their troublesome behavior, would be rectified by bringing them in line to the True Faith. While they do not live in a way we are accustomed to, the particular culture of any region is not important to God. The governments of Oren, Haense, and Luciensburg may differ greatly, but they are all Canonist states, and so they exist in mutual peace and prosperity. Our Imperial State Army demonstrated their dedication to this effort in the Elysium Offensive. First, they modeled mercy by allowing any who would not fight to flee. Second, they offered a Canonist baptism to any who would accept it. Some did take the sacrament, but sadly not enough--too many fear what would become of them if they accepted God’s gifts, for Chief Sven is a wicked and vengeful ruler. But our cause is still a noble one, and many more will convert once they are freed of his infernal yoke. All who seek redemption for their sins will find it in the house of God, and because we are not ruled by a pagan tyrant, the house of God is welcome to all in the Holy Orenian Empire. No matter how great the horde the Nordling chieftain sends to our walls, no matter how many cities they might siege, they cannot win. It is said best in the Scroll of Auspice, 2:45 “And though they are many, the strength of GOD does not serve the wicked.” It is true that the virtuous may suffer and fail temporarily, but His promise is they shall prevail in the end. If even a single believer perishes in quiet solitude, the gates of the Seven Skies will open to him with thundering clarions. We fight so that those gates of heaven may be open to all the world. When you hear the sound of battle horns and warm steel on steel, know this: we are ready, and we have no fear. God save the Emperor, God save the Empire, and God save the Orenian people! Signed ~ Rev Vuiller
  21. [!] Letters of fresh parchment sealed with the crest of House Vyronov would arrive across to each head of the noble houses in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by a messenger bearing a most noble uniform while fliers were tacked to the notice board in the square for all to see. A UNION BETWEEN VYRONOV & BARCLAY 370 of Vzmey and Hyff It is with great pleasure that the houses of Vyronov and Barclay officially announce a long anticipated union between her Ladyship Marie Barclay and his Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov, Baron of Astfield. The ceremony will take place in the Basilica of Saint Henrik conducted by KML Alfred Patriarch Jorenus. Following the ceremony, a reception will be held at the Barony of Astfield, the future home of the newlyweds. Food and drink will be provided and the guests will be welcomed to join in merriment with music and dancing. We anticipate your arrival on the most joyous day! Special Invitations Listed Below His Royal Majesty, Heinrik of House Barbanov and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Friedrich of House Barclay and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Ruslan of House Baruch Baruch and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Fiske of House Vanir and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Maric of House Ruthern and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, Kazimar of House Ludovar and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Aldrik of House Amador and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Janb of House Kortrevich and his esteemed pedigree Laurir Tarathiel of house Asul'onn and her esteemed pedigree The Aevaris Household Imperial Practitioner-General Doctor Mayan Avern All Haeseni Subjects and Allies of the Iron Accord Signed, His Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov Baron of Astfield Her Ladyship, Marie Barclay [[OOC: Friday April 30th @4:00 pm EST/ 9:00 pm GMT]]
  22. House de Rosius Seeks Members! ❃ ~✽~ ❃ ❃ ~✽~ ❃ Symbol: The Rose accurately represents the members of the House de Rosius as the motto suggests they are "Beautiful and Dangerous" like the flower itself. History: The Rosius' are an upper-middle class family of Auverge decent. Based in Providence, many members involve themselves but are not limited to Orenian Politics and the Ministries of Justice, Treasury, and Interior. The members vary in the means of looks but mostly have brown hair, green, blue, grey, or amber eyes. Although the House had a rough upbringing like extreme poverty, the death of Abolios de Rosius, the loss of their parents Sophia and Marcus de Rosius. They have truly made the most of such horrible conditions and plan to expand their influence all over Oren and beyond. Join us in this effort and enjoy some A tier roleplay. ❃ ~✽~ ❃ The list of current members is as follows : Role: Name in Game, Minecraft Username, LOTC Profile, Brief Description Previous Head of House: Valent de Rosius, (Valecius) @Valecius. Valent, divorced, Male. Passed Away Attorney General of the Ministry of Justice (Head of all Crown Solicitors), Alderman, Undersecretary of the Treasury, Clerk of Providence. Heir of House: Otis de Rosius, (0TI5) @0TI5 Otis, male, husband to Claude. Representative at the House of Commons, Served two terms as Alderman and Lord Mayor of Providence, Architect, Seneschal of Redenford, Clerk of Providence, and Head Butler at the Augustine. Julius de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Julius, male, single. Alderman and Lawman of the Ministry of Justice. Passed Away Dr. Francis de Rosius, (Noveau_Chapeau) @Nouveau-Chapeau. Francis, male, single. Criminal Psychologist, Commissioner of the MoJ. Hughbert de Rosius, (Emp_Palpatine) @Emp_palpatine. Hughbert, male, single. Previously residing in Haense, Assistant Diplomat of Haense. Passed Away Constance de Rosius, (RougeViolet) @RougeViolet. Constance, female, single. Exiled Slyvia de Rosius, (KryTheRat) @Remyy. Slyvia, female, single. Businesswoman, Owns the Rosius Apothecary at the Carrington Emporium. Passed Away Anne de Rosius, (FawnyTheTurtle) @Fawnytheturtle. Anne, female, married. Actor. Elodie de Rosius, (phoebe202) @Majesticpasta. Elodie, female, in a relationship. Takes interest in botany and worked as a maid at the Augustine. Claude de Rosius Nee de Frand, (Pomplemousse) @Pomplemousse. Claude, female, wife to Otis and sister to Aimee de Frand. Tailor. Hera de Rosius, (VictoriaMinaj) @Vi . Hera, female, single, eldest child of Otis and Claude, takes interest in Magic and Medicine. Athena and Eris de Rosius, (spleenbeans & Willow_Beatle) @Spleen @Willow. Athena and Eris, adopted twins of Otis and Claude, come from Yong Ping. Leander de Rosius, (gamerdude09) @Viraj Dobrial. Leander, male, newest born of Otis and Claude. Dominique de Rosius, (BarcardiBreeza) @BarcardiBreeza. Dominque, female, single, daughter of Julius de Rosius. Louis de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Louis, male, in a relationship, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. Philip de Rosius, (13E666L13) @13E666L13. Philip, male, single, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. Maria de Rosius, (Emi_Sohma) @EmiliainWonderland. Maria, female, single, daughter of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. CADET HOUSE: Head of Cadet House: Jacker Gendik-Rosius, (Ariyanqwq) @Ariyanqwq. Jacker, male, married to Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Sergeant in the ISA (Msg him if you'd like to join the Cadet Branch) Josephine Gendik-Rosius, Josephine, female, married to Jacker Gendik-Rosius. Heir to the Cadet House: Stephan Gendik-Rosius. Stephan, male, son of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Dolly Gendik-Rosius. Dolly, female, daughter of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Below you can find the current 'Family Tree' : If you are interested, reach out to any of the members listed in game, over discord Matti#2192 , or comment using the format below, Thank you! ❃ ~✽~ ❃
  23. OTIS DE ROSIUS FOR CHANGE Depicted above is a artists interpretation of an amusement park ride. Accomplishments of Otis de Rosius: After living on the streets for almost a decade, Otis took up a job as Secretary for the Lord Mayor Halcourt from which he began his political career at the early age of sixteen. He was recently reelected for his second term as Alderman. Since the age of eighteen, he wrote and passed Acts to benefit the lower and middle classes of Providence. This includes the: Tax Reduction Act, which introduced the necessary pay and reduction of tax on MoJ employees. Tax Act Proposal of 1809, decreasing tax on all businesses by fifty percent, but after the conduction of the Revised Tax Act Survey it led to the: (seen below) Revised Tax Act of 1810, decreasing the tax on business by twenty five percent. Ran many, many surveys and polls to determine what the the citizens of Providence sought necessary, such as the Tax Act Survey, Revised Tax Act Survey, Sanitation Act Poll, etc. Worked as an Imperial Staff Member and was further promoted to Head Butler after a few years of service. Began a soon to be successful Architectural Firm, providing service from Halstiag to Redenford. Elected as a Josephite backed Representative in the House of Commons. Built and oversaw the building of Redenford, and serves as Seneschal of the countryside town. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ If Elected, Otis plans to: Coordinate the rebuilding of the Susa Stalls Set up a Mining Guild and refurbish the Warehouse Reinstate The Lodge/Homeless Shelter in Rochefort Street 1 Fund the Home Office to continue it efforts to beautify the city Create a viable transportation system between the inner and outer cities Collaborate with local business owners to set up events Encourage tourism with events and attractions such as an amusement park and arena A handwritten signature and note from Otis can be found below OTIS DE ROSIUS Many can say, few can do.
  24. ARCHITECURAL PORTFOLIO Hello, if you are viewing this you must be interested in Otis' Architectural Services (OAS) These services include Interior Exterior Landscaping Demolition Beautification If you are interested speak to Otis de Rosius or leave a letter at Selm Nine! We will be happy to assist. You be given an estimate upon viewing the property. Our prices are the cheapest and most affordable in Almaris, below you will find customers reviews and architects sketches of their homes. Rochefort Street 2: https://imgur.com/wrT1hVg https://imgur.com/i5p61dP https://imgur.com/1eINvho Pompourelia Street 5: https://imgur.com/H6B8uT7 https://imgur.com/uarDbTB https://imgur.com/hl6VC3s Pompourelia Street 8: https://imgur.com/QNtIrxQ https://imgur.com/fQA4uyv https://imgur.com/d7SLikE Selm Street 8: https://imgur.com/QJXivz5 https://imgur.com/j1czev3 https://imgur.com/ch9taRV
  25. EXALTED SIGISMUND’S DAY FAIR Haeseni Canonists celebrate a religious festival, 342 ES To the faithful Haeseni flock, The Reverend Archbishop Yaromir of Henrikev and Grand Maer Franz Barbanov invite all believers to join in the Exalted Sigismund’s Day celebrations! The High Pontiff shall begin the day with a prayer over the Exalted Sigismund’s grave, which shall then be followed by festival games which offer prizes, free food and drink, and a Haeseni Saints trivia! GODANI JEST WIELKI Signed, The Most Reverend Yaromir, Archbishop of Henrikev His Highness, Franz Leopold Barbanov, Duke of Schattenburg, Grand Maer of Karosgrad
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