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  1. The Crow in the Cage [!] A random painter’s creative interpretation of the roads in the Wick woods.[!] A lone figure sat upon a horse, her crown glistened from the lone beams of sunlight that lit up the forest as she galloped across the rough path through the Wick Woods. The leaves rustling from the wind as all seemed well and peaceful. But it was all a trick, for hiding in the bushes were evil thoughts and that of greed. The Koenas of Haense had realized that day that she should have never left on her own as men darted out from behind the thick brush lining the road. She was dragged from her horse and beaten by the two figures, her lack of strength was made clear as she was no warrior like her predecessor. Terrified and battered, she was thrown into a cage where her only company would be that of rotting human corpses. The group of bandits taunted the young Koenas, was she ever to see her beloved country again? As the sun began to set she began to lose faith, was anybody coming to her rescue?. But soon a familiar voice was heard. The shouts of the Lord Marshal and the Keong echoed across the forest. Her Koeng had come to rescue her, and with him was his army. She was to be free once more! They fought valiantly, as the warriors of Haense slaughtered the bandit ranks with ease. This of course could only be accomplished by the help of Nish Igrimmir’s crippling arrow volleys he had let off that would kill and injure many of the opposing Brigands, and the brute force of Zodd Caliban and his lumbering Greatsword that would later be thrown to impale a weak hedge knight that had chosen to run from the field of bloody battle. As the gruesome and unforgiving battle went on, some were bound to be harmed as the Lord Marshal, Manfred Barclay, would find himself with a devastating arrow lodged into his knee that would leave his men to fend for themselves against the overwhelmingly big force of Brigands. Though leaderless, Haenses great force of good would prove themselves as great fighters on the battlefield as they pushed on in the horrifying face of danger while without their Lord Marshal to accompany them in the front lines The young Koenas longed to be free, and soon she would. But she relished too quick in her relief as an arrow struck her arm. She cried out in pain, but the arrow had not come from the enemy forces. A soldier of the Haense Royal Army shot his own Koenas accidentally as he had aimed for one of the bandit guards in front of her cage. It would not be the last arrow sent by him. The Koeng himself loosened his arrow towards one of the archers standing on top of the Koenas’s cage. Alas his horse had a fright from an enemy crossbow bolt which caused the Koeng’s arrow to fly in the direction of Ser Demetrius var Ruthern, hitting him in the back and knocking him off his horse. But Koeng Josef would prove himself a mighty warrior later as he struck a bandit down with his sword. The soldier named Ithilien who had earlier shot the Koenas was struck by an enemy arrow in his knee. Causing him great anger as he started loading his crossbow soon after. For he would again send an arrow in the direction of the Koenas This time his aim was set on her. His eyes glaring at her as he perhaps cursed her in his mind? Maybe it was anger at being hurt from the bandits, or annoyance at having to come and save the Koenas.The arrow found its way to Isabel’s stomach this time. Causing her great pain and agony. A pitiful thing as she was given more harm from a soldier of Haense than that of the bandits that had taken her. In the meantime a bandit was hacked apart, his fingers flying around as he died a cruel death to the arms of Ser Demetrius. His blood turning the grass red and the soldier that took his life relished in his victory. Others fell to Ser Boris var Ruthern as he hacked them apart with his sword or trampled them with his horse. The royal army started to fell the bandits one by one as the rest were filled with fear. The bandits began to run, crying out for safety and their mothers after having seen so many of their comrades die at the hands of strangers. The last bandit to die was one that had gone mad from rage and sadness of seeing his men die. He lunged out and shot blindly with his bow. Though no man was harmed by his arrow. Ser Boris charged at him with his horse. But the bandit evaded his lunge as he took out a knife and stabbed his horse. This caused Ser Boris to fall off and land hard onto the ground due to his horse’s reaction to being stabbed. He turned to Ser Boris now laying there helplessly and lifted his knife. But that would be his doom. For the brave squire Theodosiya of house Vyronov took a stand as she saved her mentor Ser Boris from the mad bandit’s knife. Her sword went deep into the man, his blood painting the woman in a shower of red. A group of men cracked open the wooden bars that kept the Koenas in her cage as they hurried her out of there and on top of a horse. The soldier Mio Mackensen doing most of the work. Time was nigh as they hurried her back to Reza to be treated. Godan was on their side that day as the medic treated the Koenas. She was no longer on the doorstep of death, but on that of life. Godan save the Koenas! OOC:
  2. As the early sun rose upon the Reza gates, the slight sounds of wheels rolling shakily across the dirt road accompanied by the sounds of horses calmly clicking and clacking around the sleeping city would be heard as the Haense people woke from their homes expecting another regular day of Haense life. As they left their homes, they were met by an unexpected sight as they left the city gates. to the side of the city stables, would stand a mysterious looking man in robes. As he sat next to his wagon, he would smoke a pipe as he watched the passing townsfolk. As they passed, no one could really distinguish the man’s features because his face was covered by cloth. As the unknown wanderer would sit, it would almost seem that he was waiting for someone or something to meet with him. As the people of Haense would finish their cautious glances and worried looks toward the drifter, the people would notice a wagon assumed to have supplies within it. after hours of sitting and waiting, Amelot would walk up to the suspicious fellow. Though as he approached he’d let out a puff of smoke, setting the fine wooden pipe down on a little stand. His head would slowly look toward the Haenseti soldier as he would ask in an offsetting, dark raspy, voice the drifter would ask a question to the man clad in armor. ”Say...sellsword. Ya ever hunt a monster before?” the man would lean back against the wagon as he spoke, somewhat calmly though in a dark ominous tone. Amelot would jump a bit at the question, replying in a confident happy voice ”Well, I’ve never hunted them though I have fought them before!” Amelot swung his arm up as he tilted his gaze for a moment to examine the heads and skulls paraded out on the drifter’s set up barrels. As Amelot looked at the skulls in amazment, the drifter would let out a little forced chuckle as he’d pull out and hold a golden wolf medallion the size of a coin up toward the soldier. “Then I think you’d be cut out for a certain line of work sellsword...” the man would speak in an off setting voice still as he continued, flipping the medallion onto the table “see, I plan to set up a bounty dealing here. If ya do Enough bounties, this bounty hunter’s medallion will be yours lad...” Amelot watched as the coin landed, smiling a bit underneath his helmet as he responded in his same happy tone and posture “ That sounds like a bit of fun sir, I suppose I’ll have at it.” At hearing this, the drifter would pause for a moment, taking a long hit of his pipe as he looked at the happy man. After a moment, the tense quietness would be broken by a few simple words as he let out some smoke, Standing up and crossing his arms toward Amelot. “Then I welcome ya into the season of the great hunt young sellsword...” And so, the drifter’s career as a bounty dealer had begun with his first season of bounty hunting. With his only hope being that Haense would adopt this culture into their own so he may become a wolf in the hunt. Welcome to the season of the great hunt. may you become a master hunter. Rp location: Haense, Reza gates next to the city stables.
  3. 1st Regiment Recruitment Office Just past the front gates of Helena stands the impressive red Bastille. All about you are posters with a snowy haired General pointing directly at you with the simple slogan “Oren wants you!” written in bold red letters. From within the Bastille a line of bright young patriots are lined up before a smartly dressed soldier of the Imperial State Army. An additional cadre of professional men at arms stands idly by with an astute look in their eye as they scan over the fresh prospects. As you take it all in, one of them beckons you over with a wave and a toothy grin- you can’t help but comply. You are quickly handed a pamphlet with many names delicately transcribed in gold ink, as well you are given a hearty pat on the back. “Oren wants you to join the Imperial State Army! Be a part of something that is truly greater than the sum of its part. Earn glory and purpose among an unforgettable group of comrades, fighting for the majesty of the Empire. Contact a recruiter today to get the process started- we hope to see you in red soon.” Below the preamble is a short list of names as well methods in which to communicate with them. In addition, a general mailing address for the ISA headquarters is provided should you opt to mail in your interest using the template provided . . . Lt. Colonel Peter Baldwin d’Arkent (Erik0821) ((ErikAzog#8112)) Captain Erik Othaman (grnappaa101) ((grnappa#6709)) Lt. Matthias Stafford (wyvernbro) ((wyvernbro#5602)) Lt. Viktoriya Châteaudun (treesmoothie) ((TreeSmoothie#2018)) Lt. Stervon Shadowsteel (adventuremaan) ((AdventureMaan#2645)) Lt. Arceus Reine (Arcean_) ((Arcean#3296)) Lt. Casimira de Sarkozy (Disheartened) ((Alicia#9441)) Sgt. Willem Galbraith (01wagwan) ((wagwan#0270)) Sgt. Ledicort d’Azor (da_emperors) ((Da_Emperors#2757)) Imperial State Army Enlistment Form Full Name (+MC Name): Age: Race: City of Residence (+Discord name):
  4. You wake up with something in your mouth. You open it, and pull out a crinkled up piece of paper that tastes like dirt and grubs. You wonder who it could possibly be from. And what ever the hell this is
  5. AN EVERARDINE’S OPINION ON THE HAESENI SECESSION 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1787 By Lemuel de Langford, esq. The subject of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s secession, expulsion or extrication from its benefactor state, the Holy Orenian Empire is evidently a matter of great controversy; that which appertains as far as to the terminology of the issue itself. Secret to none, the political friction between the Kingdom of Haense and the Empire trascends the facet of the ‘senior-vassal’ relation which has been all but common throughout our Empire’s feudal predecessors, but stretches on lines of ethnic, religious, cultural, objective and moral differences. The aim of this opinion essay is not to expand and chronicle these tribulations of the past, which undoutebdly laid a heavy burden on both governments and their peoples, but instead examine the ‘bigger-picture’ consequences of this seperation aswell as explore the underlying essence of human polities; their course thus far in history and their possible diversion from said route in our modern era - for better or worse. The question of ‘What constitutes an Empire?’ has inevitably crossed the minds of many citizens since the declaration of Haensetic secession. The terminological consensus would likely describe an Empire (in very loose terms) as; “A polity, the authority of which exceeds that of a kingdom.” Or, in a layman’s translation, a ‘step-up’ from a kingdom, much like a duchy mighty exceed a barony and precede an archduchy in its authority. The answer I seek, however, might not stem from the definition of an Empire, but perhaps its fundamental purpose. Note: An Empire, in explicitly the human, Canonist sense. Many ancient sources might ascribe the name ‘Empire’ to various nonhuman polities, like the mythical Khajiiti homeland Karakatuan, or the defunct ‘Empire’ of Urguan, but these deviate from the bona fide Empire, that of humanity and the subject of this text. Therefore, our analysis brings us to examine this: The fundemental purpose of an Empire. We can, again, draw this from logical conclusions; to exert its hegemony across all its dominions, or to centralize state authority in Imperial leadership. Altough these and much similar ‘behavior’ can be attributed to almost all Empires in human history, I believe the real principle in guiding an Empire’s course lies in its religious legitimacy. The Divine right to rule, ‘Diet et mon droit’. God’s mandate has vested political legitimacy in human polities since the days of Exalted Horen and continues to do so today, in full effect. Studying further the right bestowed on God’s anointed leads us to conclude its existence might serve multiple practical reasons (but ofcourse His divine plan is beyond our grasp, and in no way do I intend to realize it; simply its effects throughout history). One might be to keep order amid His children through a natural organization of hierarchy, and therefore to prevent chaos. Another reason, to shepherd His children, judge their wrongs and guide them to progress and to common wealth. An additional reason, to keep the Lord’s faith in a ruled people, a reason further supported by the existence of the role of Fidei Defensor. Another, however, and the subject which I intend to bring to discussion in this essay - is to unite all His children, all peoples of Humanity, under one - explicitly under one Empire. The first instance throughout history of a sacred vocation to unite all mankind is in Ex. Owyn’s reconquest in wake of Harren’s downfall (in uniting the fractured realms of his uncles). The next is in Ex. Godfrey’s declaration of the Holy Orenian Empire, first to encompass all humanity. Later, Ex. Sigismund’s liberation of humans from the yoke of nonhuman tyranny, and thereafter progeny of the Exalted’s lines through the various successor kingdoms and empires in human history. These examples of a repeating circumstance, to unite all mankind under an Empire which draws its legitimacy from God, might serve to shed light on the real purpose of an Empire. Were one to believe an Empire’s charge is to unite all mankind, then it might seem our Empire has, to some extent, failed in its task to follow in that divine task. If the accumulating conflict forced our leaders to act so, then so it must be. I in no way hold our monarchs at fault, and accept the decision as a necessary means for the common good. I, however, would like to propose a different idea while keeping true to the belief that “here is still a division of the Sons of Horen, and so we should also weep with our celebrations.” (High Pontiff James II, Address on the Seperation of Haense and Oren). Following an afternoon discussion with William Helvets, Josephite candidate, in the streets of Kaedrin, I came to the conclusion that the crippling of human integrity following Haense’s departure from the Empire is not everlasting. Through the careful efforts of our successors in decades, if not centuries to come, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska (or her successors) and our Empire (or her successors) will again unite, in good faith and in compatible mindset, for such is the nature of statehood and the nature of our kin. In our course as a people we’ve bore witness to Empires rising and falling, to a united landscape and a fractured one. I pledge my faith in our people as a whole to guide Humanity in the direction of goodness, for it was prophesied by God’s chosen on our earth, and such is the sacred nature of our people. Therefore, today, I can work and pray, too, as can the common man, that the mandate to strive for unity and peace is entrusted in the our representatives in the House of Commons. As a constituent to the House of Commons and candidate of the Everardine Party, I pledge it my duty to represent the ideals of our society and our wholeness in the House of Commons. I implore our citizenry to allow us to lay the foundations of a fruitful future, to work and serve the common good of not only our Orenian Empire, but too her charged; those of all Humanity. By Lemuel de Langford, candidate for the honourable EVERARDINE PARTY Of the 20th Imperial Diet, vowing to GOD, EMPIRE AND MAN TICKET I LEMUEL DE LANGFORD THEODORE ZIRID LAJOS KĀROLY TICKET II BOUDEWIJN GERBRANDY RICHARD PERCTARIT PRUVIA-ALBAROSA DECLAN DE DENESLE Register in the Census of 1787-1797 For eligibility to vote.
  6. A VERDICT ON THE XANNIC PALADINS WRITTEN BY HIS EMINENCE ALFRED CARDINAL JORENUS THE AUDITOR OF THE TRIBUNAL 4th of OWYN’S FLAME, 1787 Dearly Beloved, It has come to the attention of the Dicastery for the Canon Law that there are Canonist believers who affiliate with a group known as the ‘Xannic Paladins’ . This group of descendants, through intercession, receive magical power from the Aengul Xan to uphold his ideals, following their Paladin creeds. These paladins are no different from regular Descendants outside of bearing an ember of Aengulic power close to their souls, a manifestation of Xan's intercession. After investigating the matter personally and interviewing several paladins, the Dicastery has determined that their core value is to use their magic solely to protect the innocent, for it is against their creeds to use their magic for personal gain; such an attitude results in the disconnection of their intercessory gift. We have also examined their beliefs and practices, and determined they do not express any elements of heretical worship or practices. Their traditions are capable of existing within the Church without threatening the Virtue of their followers. It is due these findings, alongside prior reports, I hereby issue the Church’s verdict on the ‘Xannic Paladins’: The organisation known as ‘Xannic Paladins’, after rigorous investigation, are found not to contradict the teachings of the Canonist faith and its Holy Mother Church. As always, those Canonists who utilize Aengulic intercession are still charged to obey the Virtue and refer to a Church confessor frequently. It is with this fact, I announce they are free of suspicion. This organization’s beliefs are found to be free of heresy. In Nomine Dei et Horeni, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  7. APOSTOLIC UNIVERSITY OF ST. PONTIFF SIXTUS IV authorized with the blessing of His Holiness, JAMES II PREAMBLE The apostolic University of Saint High Pontiff Sixtus IV stems from great tradition and education of past ecclesiastical colleges. It is officially recognized by canon law of the Church of the Canon. The University is licensed by our Holy Mother Church to grant ecclesiastical degrees to graduates in: Theology Canon Law Ecclesiastical Philosophy Herbalism Elixism Church History Furthermore, each student of the Apostolic University may not only graduate in one of the aforementioned subjects, but also complete a military exercise and training with the Palatine Order. It is there the initiates are tested to their limits and capabilities in serving our Holy Mother Church by bearing arms. EDUCATION AND DEGREES Within the University, students have a huge array of knowledge available to them. Such ranging from direct ecclesiastical assistance from the shepherds of the faith, to the palatine library and its books. The University follows a strict set of code in accordance with the life and legacy of Saint Pontiff Sixtus IV. Furthermore, the students' education is divided into 3 different degrees. All ranging between the available subjects within the University. An academic degree is a qualification awarded to students upon successful completion of a course of study in higher education within the University of Saint Sixtus. The most common undergraduate degree is the bachelor's degree , yet there are lower level higher education qualifications that are also titled degrees. Those degrees are; Graduate - A student who graduated within a subject after 2 years of study. Bachelor - A student who graduated within a subject after 3 years of study. Magister - A student who graduated within a subject after 4 years of study. Doctore - A student who graduated within a subject after 6 years of study. Every passing year of a class, the students are required to take an exam on their level of knowledge of their respective subject. Once passed the test, the student is then handed their degree and graduates from the University. On the other hand, students who fail their exam are required to repeat a year of study and retake the exam upon completion of the repeated year. STAFF The University of Saint Sixtus has a wide array of staff to tutor the students with the best extent of their knowledge. The Professors of the University are highly educated and have at least a Magister degree within the subject they teach. Teachers may provide instruction in Theology, Canon Law, Ecclesiastical Philosophy, Herbalism, Elixism and Church History, on the accordance of them having graduated the University with the title of Magister or Doctore. Formal teaching tasks include preparing lessons according to agreed curricula, giving lessons, and assessing pupil progress. A teacher's professional duties may extend beyond formal teaching. Outside of the classroom teachers may accompany students on field trips, supervise study halls, help with the organization of school functions, and serve as supervisors for extracurricular activities. JOINING THE UNIVERSITY To join the University of Saint Sixtus, one must fill out the following application forms to be accepted! Name: Age: Race: Birthplace: Subject/s: Signed Holy Sir Johan Vuiller Horens Giant & Cardinal Aquila. Knight-Regent of the Holy Palatinate of Aquila Head of House Vuiller Knight of the Black Sepulchre & Cardinal Judge Headmaster at the University of St. Sixtus Protector of the Church of the Canon and its faithful
  8. https://youtu.be/K-EthATzWzo [Art by Yuri Nikolayev] Cuisine of Hanseti-Ruska “Eat your food, child, lest you want the cold to nip at you more fiercely! Go on, eat!” Haeseni Babushka A cultural treatise presented by Her Royal Highness, Alexandria Karina Wick; Royal Curator of Hanseti-Ruska. The climate of Hanseti-Ruska is cold and cruel, and can be unforgiving to many - especially the unprepared. It has led to the belief the hardly many quality ingredients can be gathered within our Kingdom’s borders in order to prepare a delicious and hearty meal; many people over our generations have gradually taken to forgeign recipes and foods from the Crownlanders and other warmer regions, which has nearly made the spirit of Haeseni cuisine to fade entirely. This document is made in order to save and preserve it - as well as the urge for the denizens of Hanseti-Ruska to follow this example. Despite the hardened climate and landscape of the Haense, there are a wide variety of ingredients able to be grown, hunted, and gathered within the boundaries of the Kingdom. Grains Wheat A commonly grown and hardy grain in the flattened territories of Haense, abundant in supply and used in the preparation of various breads and other doughy goods within the Kingdom. It is one of the most important staple foods within Haense, for bread is a food found in many a Haeseni meal and plays an important role within Haeseni tradition to begin feasts; Breaking the Bread. Barley Being chiefly important with its role as stockfeed for those following the agrarian way of life within the Kingdom, barley is commonly used for various sorts of brews within Haense; most commonly Waldenian ales. Aside from that, the grain makes for a pleasant ingredient for various vegetable and beef stews. Rye Due to its similar uses to wheat and barley, rye may also be cultivated within the borders of Hanseti-Ruska. Haeseni porridges mainly utilize this grain. Meats Venison Deer are abundant in the forests of Hanseti-Ruska and make for a common game for Haeseni hunters and trappers to pursue. Oftentimes, it is prepared for less special occasions due to the gamey flavors of the meat; however, it still provides a quality amount of nutrients and an ample amount of meat for various stews and other fulfilling meals. Mutton A meat that has a strong and gamey flavor, used commonly in Haeseni stews due to his toughness; however, it isn’t as easy to acquire as venison and is saved to cook for more special occasions or to add more flavor to stews in the winter months. Rabbit A meat cooked and treated similarly to chicken, and often used in place of chicken when it is not available. It remains another popular choice for the preparation of hearty, Haeseni meals. A wide variety of meats plays into the cuisine of Hanseti-Ruska, since it offers so many nutrients to keep a Haeseni or Ruskan strong. To avoid repetition and for the sake of brevity, a simplified list of other meats often found in the Kingdom’s borders are as listed below: Pheasant Whale Goat Boar | A favorite game to pursue for Haeseni hunters, though dangerous. Often served at grand festivals or other celebrations by being slow-roasted over a fire. Cod Herring | One of the more favored seafoods of Haense; commonly found in territories bordering large bodies of waters, due to the love many Haeseni bear for the seas. Salmon Cow Fruits, Vegetables, Ect. Haeseni Wild Apples A rather small sort of apple that grows in the territories of Hanseti-Ruska with more mild climates. It has a rather tart taste, which grows sweeter the more it is ripened. It is often an added ingredient to certain stews or porridges for extra flavor and nutrients, though is favored mostly when prepared for pastries such as Ruskan cakes or pies. Prikaburren The national fruit of Haense.Red berries found commonly in the Haense wilderness or in the gardens of those with a sweet tooth. It’s used to accent dishes - often ones with meats; and is rather popular for pastries as well. Teas and alcohols have also been prepared from these berries, proving that they are truly a Haeseni favorite. More information on them may be located in the Tarcharman’s study: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191294-prikaburren-prikaz-berry-national-fruit-of-haense/?tab=comments#comment-1771196 Pears Ruskan Olives | An olive favored by Prinzenas Aleksandriya Karina i Haense for its medicinal uses; an oil produced from these olives have acted as a base for salves that relieve muscle pains. Potatoes Beetroots Carrots Baby Bella Mushrooms | Small brown-capped mushrooms that grow in the gentler parts of Hanseti-Ruska, most notably clearings and meadows. Named after Prinzenas Theodosiya Ysabel i Markev, since the insides of these mushrooms are a luminous white that was reminiscent of her skin tone. Turnips Onions Herbs and Spices Paprika Oregano Thyme Rosemary Parsley Bay leaves Dill Mint Garlic [Art by Yuri Nikolayev] Recipes Pies Startlaefaf Pirok A savory pie favored by many Haeseni fishermen and sailors, its name translating to common as Salmon Pie. Made primarily from salmon, rice, cabbage, mushrooms, and a mixture of various other vegetables based on the cook’s choice. Cooked eggs, minced red onions, cheese, and parsley to help bring out more flavor. [ https://withinthewild.com/our-recipes/russian-alaska-salmon-pie/ ] Ruskan Apple Cake A sweet and crumbly cake made from Haeseni wild apples, a simple treat for all to bake in the spring and summer months of Haense; other fruits may be used within the cake, if apples don’t fit one’s fancy. Prikaburren are known to be used for cakes such as these. [ https://natashaskitchen.com/apple-sharlotka-recipe-russian-apple-cake/ ] Haeseni Vatrushka A Haeseni cheesecake that can be made sweet for desserts and tasted with prikaburren jams; or savory to eat with soups. If the filling is sweetened, some bakers are known to add dried fruits into it for added flavoring. [ https://russianrecipebook.com/vatrushka/ ] Stews or Soups Huntna Stew A hearty stew made with a wide variety of meats from a boar, vegetables, and wild herbs. Often slow-cooked within a cauldron over a day before it is served to a large group. Meant for celebrations and other popular festivities involving crowds. [ https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/polish_hunters_stew/ ] Mutton Stew A savory stew meant for smaller gatherings, though is fulfilling nonetheless. Cooked with a wide variety of vegetables to accent the mutton. [ https://www.recipecottage.com/german/lamb-stew.html ] Winter Soup Very nutritious and fulfilling, and made from Haeseni vegetables capable of enduring some of the harshest of climates. Winter Soup is a common meal within the Kingdom, especially when meats are difficult to obtain - mainly in the winter months. [ https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/nordic-winter-vegetable-soup ] Roasts Janz Dinna A juicy and tender roast made from the beef of a cow, once the favored dish of Komit Jan Kovachev i Carnatia, though still remains a popular dish for many other Haeseni for its simplicity and delicious flavors. [ https://www.theseasonedmom.com/dutch-oven-pot-roast/ ] Koengzdaf Often called a meal for a King, though it’s not an entirely complex recipe; the few ingredients involved, however, remain rather costly. [ https://nordicfoodliving.com/danish-roast-pork-with-crackling-flaeskesteg/ ] It is encouraged for other Haeseni to prepare and present their own dishes, or to even reference this document in moving forward with their cooking and baking. The soul of a nation is found in their food, and it’s the duty of every citizen of Hanseti-Ruska to keep it thriving.
  9. [!] The invitation would be delivered by a courier to all friends and relatives of the O'Rourke's and De Motte's. OOC: Saturday, September 19th 5pm EST. The Church of St. Thomas, Kaedrin.
  10. It appears someone has eaten all of the medicine out of your house. Lucky(?) for you, it has been replaced with a brand new issue of buck news.
  11. Just when you thought you were safe.. a brand new buck news is taped to your face when you wake up this morning. That way you can walk and read! How convenient. And another one nailed to your door with 13 nails.
  13. ----------------- The Death Of A Ranger----------------- The day started as any other, Archer Biano awoke in the HRA barracks. After eating a few rations Archer slowly got dressed in his ranger uniform. He had lost his arm a month before to a bandit with a great-sword. The wound was still semi fresh as he had to change the bandages several times a day. Making his rounds around the city of New Reza he had saw Reyna standing in the town center, to him her beauty was unmatched. Slowly he walked up to her, “Hey Reyna, how are you doing?” He had asked, leaning slightly on the giant statue podium. They continued to talk for around 30 minutes before a bird landed in between them with a letter. As Reyna opened the letter with Archer standing behind her, they read out about another bounty. Soon the both of them had armored up for it, Reyna bringing her Crossbow, Sword, and plenty of arrows. While Archer grabbed his shield and a dagger, since he had yet to retrieve his sword from the young Joren. As they set out for The Drifter's wagon they spoke to each other. “Which camp’s were on the map?” He asked, gripping the shield as he walked. “It didn’t specify, but there were 4 of camps.” Reyna told him, walking a bit faster to keep up with Archer’s longer legs. After another minute of walking they arrived at The Drifter's wagon, seeing more than those who were there last time. The lot of them stood in a half circle formation infront of the wagon, listening to the strange man speak about the place to attack. ------=======------ As soon as Archer had left his group, it had all gone to ****. One of the cultist’s had yelled out letting the others know of us. Astoro, Genevieve, and Ruben were in a ditch of sorts, fighting off the enemy berserker. Archer had whipped around, attempting to use his shield to block an incoming attack at his calf. He had failed as the sword went into his calf, scraping just past the bone. As the fight went on Archer got attacked again, this time a man was aiming at his throat. It caused a deep gash to appear going down from his chin to his collarbone. He thankfully he pushed the man back, letting Reyna rain flame arrows over him. Archer soon passed out, holding his shield over his body. ------=======------ When Archer awoke again, Astoro was standing infront of him. “W-where is Reyna-na?” He asked, as he slipped his hand out of the shield. “She is up on the hill, she is safe.” Astoro replied gripping onto his hand, his helmet hiding his face. He only continued to ask, “S-she is safe, and un-unharmed right?” “Don’t worry she’s perfectly fine, only one of us to be unharmed. You’ll be able to see her soon alright?” Astoro spoke through gritted teeth, the lie flowing out like water. “You’re a good man, thank you for being there.” Archer held onto his hand, holding onto him like a lifeline. As Reyna ran up to Archer, Astoro mouthed to a medic that he was dying. “Archer-No!” She cried out, trying to push past Astoro to get to Archer. “Shhhhh, it's fine Archer you'll be fine alright, just fine.” He continued trying to maintain his composure while lying , letting Reyna move closer and removing his hand. Archer reaches out his hand, firmly holding onto her hand. “Reyn-a I need to explain som-me things….” He pasused taking a breath, “You have been the best friend I could ever ask for, you were a kind soul to me in a dark time. You helped me look at a better light, a better future and for that…. I thank you. You could call me crazy but, I love you Reyna. W-Will you take this? For me?” He would retract his arm grabbing a ring from a small bag. Archer slowly and wobbly he placed it on her finger. “H-how would you like to be a Biano?” Reyna nods her head, helping him put the ring on her finger. Then Archer pulled Reyna in giving her a kiss on the check. “Stay happy for me, you are my blessing.” His dying whisper came out, his eyes becoming dull. ------=======------ Archer slowly opened his eyes to a blinding light, a figure standing in the middle of it. “Who?” He asked, holding his hand up infront of his eyes. As the light dyed down his eyes widened with tears brimming the edges. “Momma?” He asked reaching up at the figure. “Yes my dear?” His mother replied, pulling her son up. The boy cried, holding onto his mother for dear life, crying “I love you”s and “I missed you”. As the reunion happened a big black rottieweiler bounded up and jumped onto Archer licking his face. The rest is history....
  14. ~Prologue~ One cold day, the drifter sent out a group of Sellswords to check out a small cave, and none seemingly returned. As the days went on, Bounties would be handed from one hunter to another. Months later, the Drifter wouldn’t know of what had happened to his hunters as none of the parties who got involved in his bounties to search for the missing hunters would find them. As the year would conclude, the Drifter finally decided to stop sending hunters aimlessly out into recon after recon the wick wood to search for what could be deemed as a myth or tale. What really had happened that day in the cave would spark a dark ominous threat, leading people into its grasp of death. This story went a bit as follows... the four brave hunters ventured into the unknown dark cave expecting good pay from a run in the mill bounty, as it was for some reason a tier 3 bounty. The group would find that inside of the cave lied simple traps and other mechanisms to be all over the cave. About an hour would pass as the four struggled to get through trap after trap placed by someone who obviously didn’t like visitors. reaching the lower cave, the four would come across the recover mission that they were tasked with. retrieving one of the Drifter’s supply crates that was stocked with food and stolen by the unknown. Concluding someone probably just left it here to either grab later or leave to rot the group started their walk back up out of the cave as they would be met by a towering figure, that stood 4 meters tall, upon reaching the front of the entrance/exit. The hunters would prepare themselves as they knew they were about to die. After a few moments of the hunters drawing short swords, bows, and mace, the cyclops had already thought up a rather simple plan. Whilst the four brave hunters stood to fight the cyclops, the egotistical giant would pridefully spout out ”Rigut is prop’et...great sav’or to hum’e race” while speaking these words, the 4 Sellswords would look to eachother rather confused as one of them would ask cautiously, still gripping their weapon ”Porphet to our race?” . Rigut would give them a small nod before speaking in a sly Cavemanish tone ”Rigut wont sav’ humee’s unless humee’s help me”. The hunters would watch the prideful one eyed man spout this off, not believing him for a moment. ”Give Rigut meat, and Rigut might help humee’s” the Cyclops went on as the hunters still were quiet unbelieving of the giant as they gripped their weapons not wanting to help this obvious liar. Seeing that the humans still resisted his offers, the cyclops would simply walk out of the way from the cave’s entrance. Though as the hunters left the cave, they would meet the same grizzly fate as just about anyone else who ventured out into that cave and didn’t join this Cyclop’s cult. They would all be struck down , later being used as the Cyclop’s breakfast, lunch, dinner. With this tale ending you might be asking, just how did the Drifter know where to send Sellswords on this first bounty? Well, its quite simple really. The Drifter had heard reports of local people in the Wick wood going missing, and so he sent out one of his Sellswords all on his lonesome to search and find out what has been taking people. After a few months passed, the Drifter grew restless, awaiting for the man’s return he would go out to search himself. Unfortunately the man couldn’t find really anything as he searched through the woods, eventually reaching the bandit camp finding corpses to be missing from the camp, shown by the trails of blood exiting it. Upon finding this, the Drifter would then have a bounty prepared and ready for the next group of Sellswords that came along to his wagon. ~The Two Bird’s Camp~ As the day went by, and Haense Duma would end, Haense soldiers would flock to the Drifter’s wagon expecting a hard bounty based off of what they had been hearing for the past few days. Approaching the wagon, the group of 6 would stand by the Drifter’s wagon awaiting his debriefing. The Drifter would wait until he had took a long puff from his pipe before speaking in his low raspy tone, though anyone could tell whatever was wrong was clearly troubling the man as all of his movements seemed tense and forced. ”Right, I guess this should be enough of you lot.”. The Drifter spoke, leaning back into his wagon before he continued onto the debriefing, ”There have been recent local reports of people going missing near the Wick wood. I sent out one of my sellswords about a month back and he has either failed and is to ashamed to bring himself back here, or he was likely dead because of whatever he found. I sent him out to go near that bandit camp your men sieged a while back. Since he never returned, I decided to go do it myself. Though as I looked around the camp, I only found trails of blood exiting the back of it. I want you lot to go search the area and find some conclusion of what happened to my man.”. And so, the Sellswords were off on their bounty. They found themselves in the camp that had previously been sieged , now becoming a corpse dump it would seem as the group of HRA would see a few men covered in one eyed masks dragging carcass’s of half eaten, rotted humans/animals into the camp and leaving them around the area. Trying to be silent, the HRA hid to the sides of the gates as Ruben Var Ruthern would practice his acting skills and start screaming in pain ”AAARGH, AHH NO NOT MY.” . Ruben left off as the three body dumpers would send out a single one to go over to him. As the man reached him, he drew his knife readying it behind his back as Ruben stood in front of him, towering over the man in his plate as the cultist would ask ”Whats wrong friend?” the cultist asked, prepping his dagger behind his back assuming Ruben was hurt. Tough before the situation escalated any further, Astoro would slit the man’s throat trying to be stealthy as the other two noticed. They would run screaming ”ALERT ALERT, RUN!!” . The HRA would chase down 2 more men killing one of them as they question another that had rolled violently down a hill. From what they could draw from the questioning is that the men of this cult would most likely rather die then reveal their burnt skinned faces to anyone else, and that there was a nearby camp just down the pathway to the left. Going down that road the HRA would start to smell the putrid, stench of rotting corpses that the camp gave off. As the group would start going toward the camp, a few men would be visible behind the small wooden defenses they had though they were very unmoving. as Astoro ordered a few seperate groups to loop around the camp, they would find themselves being ambushed by a giant outnumbering force of the cultists as they were all separated. Astoro and archer would hear their comrades engaging in a fight as they started into the camp and discovering that the men behind the defenses were indeed a trap. though without any second to respond, Astoro and Archer would find themselves ambushed from behind. As the long hard fight went gruesomely on, the HRA would gain the upper hand as they slowly but surely scraped along killing the cultists throughout the fight. As the battle had finished, or so they had thought, the group would then be attacked by a hedge knight as he challenging anyone who wished to step up and fight. His opponent, Astoro, would hold his own against the knight. Though the duel would not end how one might think. It would be rudely interrupted by Archer as he stabbed into the back of the man’s neck. The long hard fight now being over, it would be followed by a big sigh of relief being there no injuries as the HRA went along to search bodies and the camp. They would that every one of the dead cultists held a bottled eye as some sort of ID? They would also find a map locating what seemed to locate 4 other cultist camps. The 6 made started their long walk back to the drifter, once returning would offer the drifter the map and one of the cultist’s bottled eyes. The Drifter would seemingly except this as enough for their payment as his stress and curiosity only grew. The Cultist Camps -In depth- The first one the two bird's camp. Its called this because the cultists that had lured people into the camp would hide in the tree's as the unsuspecting men would wander in as they thought they saw cultists standing behind defenses as when they wandered into the camp, they would find the bodies to be dead as the cultists would come out from the surrounding forests, and kill those who wandered in. The second one is known as the Boiling Pot because the cultists themselves had taken up eaten humans and animals as so did the cyclops. the made a camp for the cooking of the Humans/animals in the wick wood as they had a giant pot underneath a campfire to boil dead creatures. This camp would be somewhat defensible as it's their main point of food making for the followers. The third known as the house of darkness. this house would be placed as a decoy cave to the cyclop's home. upon entering the cave, it would be seen that it is littered by traps of all kinds. It would also hold cages holding bears, wolves, and boars (not greymanes just regular ones). there would be beast handlers that set off cages as well as a few people guarding them. The fourth would be known as the cannibals commons camp. this camp is one based by the Cyclop's cave as it holds a lot of the followers. It would be seen as there main home if they were not staying in the cave with the Cyclops. The fifth camp is known as the burner. known as the area where the skinning and burning of faces happens. It is heavily guarded by some hedge knights and a few others as this camp houses all of their medical cultists. The main Base of Operations is known as the One Eyed Kingdom. the most fortified. known as the Cyclop's main home, there would be walls set up outside of the cave as the inside would be disorienting to those not wearing masks because the moss would cause disorientation -2 to all rolls to anyone inside EXCEPT for the Cyclops. the cave would most likely have traps in it as he was known as a more intelligent Cyclops. a trickster. let me know what you think, its my first time making a forum post for eventlines.
  15. The Call to Victory Written by Hraaken Underhammer, To every living descendant across Arcas. [Music] Where the Dwarves rest did a lone candle streak through the inky darkness. No forge was lit, no hammer rung, only blackness occasionally interrupted by the dim glow of bubbling magma below. An armored figure marched up the winding spiral of Kal-Evraal barely illuminated by the flicker of a lit wick. Shortly after did Hraaken Underhammer finally arrive in the clergy hall where a few other lit candles welcomed his own. As he entered the main chamber, Hraaken could see the High Preceptor passed out at a desk to his right, buried in parchments and books detailing the gods and times of old. To Hraaken’s left, Kazrin the Brown sat silently regarding him as the rest of the city slept restlessly, their uncertainty resounding through the quiet caverns. Hraaken then moved to pass the cave dwed, taking in details such as a newly forged axe by Kazrin’s side, and a few open books in front of him. He wondered whether the sage-like Starbreaker he saw was reading multiple books at once, he wondered what purpose such a person would have to be up while the rest of the world lays uneasy in their beds. Regardless, he continued on and left Kazrin to his work. Hit footfalls echoed to the shadowy back end of the library where he quietly took a seat on one of the wooden chairs, a small creak coming from under his armored weight. He took off his helmet and set it aside, the blackened glass inside metalwork faintly reflecting his candle as he passed the flame on to a few more candles at the table. There Hraaken sat, unfurling a blank parchment and beginning to scribe away at a document with enough power to potentially shape the future into a new fate. ”In this message, I wish to address all living descendants on Arcas. You may not know me, I am an Underhammer, a dwarf belonging to an old race, an old family of wise and unshakable workers. In my time on this land I have come to learn that despite those who are sun stricken being assailed by the light, they lead happy lives. They have families as I do, they have cultures, they have values, they have dreams and ideals they wish to hold to the end of their days. Countless others before me have wrote tales and recorded history, and I intend to believe that countless others after me will continue to do so. There are warriors of men, mothers that hold their children dear, there are lovers that embrace each other even during this perilous time. All of it would be for naught should we lose it all to the spawn of Khorvad. That being said I do not make this letter to bring yet another scroll of sympathetic dread to your doorstep, as I have heard of the mighty heroes across our many lands and realms of old. I have heard of the might of Kjell, I have read the wisdom of elves past, I have seen the will of Humans, the ferocity of Orcs. I have seen what occurs when all descendants band to together, they write history so strong that even the book recording their actions trembles at the raw power of change. I write this to all living descendants reluctantly, as it is not my place as a simple elder to ask for this. I am no king, I am no emperor, and I am no leader, but I am calling for every last one of you to band together once again to bring forth the tides of change to our history books. To that end, I will be gathering a small force including my son and grandson to travel to each of your major cities and discuss actions to be taken against the incoming threat. There is no where to run this time, there is no city to abandon this time. It is do or die, we have no time to bicker among each other over wrongdoing or one’s honor. What matters is that we win for those who have fallen as well as those who have not yet had time to enjoy the world of the living. I urge any nation leaders that may be reading this document to band together with your neighbors despite your differences, for they can be settled afterwards once we have ensured a future for us all. To reinforce this claim, I have already gathered workers to produce the resources necessary to fortify the lands with which our final stand will take place. I do not wish to win, I wish to beat them back into their hole, a total call to victory.” – Thane of Century Omega II and Clan Elder, Hraaken Underhammer With his document done did Hraaken rise from his seat, quietly push in his chair, and make to the exit of the clergy hall in haste for there was work to be done. As he proceeded past the tables where Norli slept, Kazrin still sat reading away as if sleep were not a concept applied to him. Hraaken gave him a solemn nod as he left, regardless of whether he noticed. It was only then did Hraaken come forth to endure the Endless Toil yet again as he ventured back down the spiral of Kal-Evraal’s walls. His footsteps again being the only disturbance to the snoring of countless dwarves in their homes. As he drew near the Underhammer clan hall, he passed his parchment to a figure hooded and cloaked like the dark itself before letting them walk out of the city into the night to spread his word in good faith. Soon after Hraaken returned to the small forge in their hall and unstrapped his armor to reveal his tree trunk arms with valleys of gray muscle rippling across. He would grab a hammer and continue to shape the Gorix-Az on the anvil in front of him as he prepared for war.
  16. [!] A small poster would be plastered across Oren. It has a hand drawn picture. OOC thing: I am way to proud of that picture
  17. Eighteenth Imperial Diet House of Commons ANNOUNCEMENT OF AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY for Sir Edward Galbraith, Secretary of the Interior 3rd of Sun’s Smile. 1782 My fellow Orenians, It is a sad day when this House sees fit to draft articles of impeachment, but in this matter, we see no other option. That is why on this 3rd of Sun’s Smile, I announce the beginning of an official impeachment inquiry into the Secretary of the Interior Sir Edward Galbraith. For this inquiry, the House lays the following charges against him: No confidence A lack of confidence by the House in the Secretary’s ability to perform his duties well. Abuse of power Charging significantly less on deeds that directly benefited the Secretary. Creating a hostile workplace, causing fear in those would speak out against him. Wrongful dismissal of employees. Mismanagement Failure to maintain proper records of Ministry of Interior work. Fabricating documents after-the-fact to appease House subpoenas. In the coming year, there shall be a trial presided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, during which time the Secretary may defend himself against these charges. Should he fail to attend, this House shall find him guilty and hold a vote to impeach immediately. Witness my hand and the seal of the House of Commons, at the City of Helena this 3rd of Sun’s Smile, 1782. Signed, President of the Commons
  18. A W E D D I N G - – 1780 – - I N R E V E L A T I O N [!] An Artist’s depiction of the soon to be wed couple, Chief of Intelligence, Sir Alaric DeNurem KL and the Right Honorable Imperial Director of Immigration, Lieutenant Viktoriya Helene Châteaudun. Freshly fallen snow crunched beneath a certain Lieutenant’s boots as she’d round the corner of the road leading up to the formidable fortress of the Eye of Man, Captain Alaric DeNurem close in-toe as they’d approach. There, the great bastion stood, ever-looming across the barren tundra of the Holy Orenian Empire’s North-Eastern woodland – the area around them still and silent, as gray clouds, laden with snow, hung heavy in the sky above. They'd approach the lake beside the keep, an eager grin upon Lt. Viktoriya’s face as she’d walk upon the ice. ”Hmmm . . . What’s this surprise you’ve been speaking of, Vikky?” Alaric called after her, outstretching a hand to sit upon her shoulder as they’d walk. Where they stood, the ice seemed exceptionally thick – showing that the Leftenant likely had scouted the area before taking him. ”Ye’ll see – Ye’ll see! Just follow me~,” Viktoriya told back with a hum, grasping his hand to intertwine their digits as she’d glance up at the DeNurem, an almost . . . Fond look in her hues, paired with her anxious smirk. An hour had passed as they traipsed around, sight-seeing and cracking jokes at one another – falling upon their arses and cackling, enjoying their time spent. After her last fall upon the ice, the Lieutenant didn’t seem to bother getting up as she’d reach for something within the depths of her satchel – a small, wooden box. A ring sat within its confines, atop a tiny velvet pillow – looking as if whoever had made it put tremendous thought & effort into the small gift. Using her offhand, she'd pull out another object – a bouquet, except, seeming to be made of carefully worked glass. Staring down toward the ice below them, she'd then slowly peer up to meet Alaric's hues - her anxious expression slowly melting into that of a longing gaze. “Alaric . . . Yer' my world - the dream in my ‘eart. The first time I'd laid m’ eyes upon ye, ae immediately knew we shared somet’ing special - and et wasn't long after t’at I'd fallen in love with ye & realized ah'd been meant to spend my life . . . With ye'. Yer tae most incredible man I've ever known, and ye make me feel amazing each and evereh day. At first, ae'd . . . Been incredibly nervous to say this. But, now - I'm elated to be ‘ere, upon one knee - proposing to the man I love. Ah can't promise ta fix all yer' problems - and I know t’at ye' can’nae fix all o' mine. But I can promise, t’at, from now on - Ye' won't have to face t’em alone.” Alaric's lips parted, his jaw lowering a tad as a grin flashed across his visage - His heart beating quickly as he heard her words, inside feeling his love for the Leftenant. The DeNurem's grin slowly settled on a loving smile, a sense of serenity arising midst her presence. “Viktoriya,” He began his part, drawing in a deep breath, locking eyes with her. “Since the days I set my eyes on you, way back- During my cadet days, a part of me was taken, lost and drifting through the halls of my mind for so very long . . . No more. When despair was cast upon my former marriage, so coincidentally, by fate or not, you were there - A light to guide that part of me that was so lost,” He paused a moment, simply adoring her features. “And in those quick days, I came to notice that my soul was truly incomplete - It was missing you. I love you Vik, so damn much. You're always there for me, one that takes life with such elegance, expertly sailing the waves of time with the things you do so well . .. I could go on for days, never to end on how eternal my love for you ist,” He concluded, widening his smile as he offered his hand for the ring, awaiting the question. “ . . . Yer’ much better at wording this than I am,” Viktoriya would quietly chuckle, bowing her head as she'd offer him the ring. “ . . . Will you make me t'happiest woman in the world-” Viktoriya would pause, then peering back up at him - a genuinely affectionate expression upon her scarred features. “And - And, marry me?” She'd finally choke out, the woman's grin broadening. The DeNurem slowly reached his right hand out further to slip the ring into his right fourth finger - His facial expression beaming with happiness and affection at that. “In doing so, I would, in turn, be the happiest man in the world-” He mirrored the pause, peering back deeply down at her eyes. “Viktoriya-Marie, with all certainty GOD could bestow upon me - I do so graciously accept you in marriage!” He exclaimed, immediately leaning to a kneel before her as his left hand quickly search the back of her neck, resting there as he went in for a passionate kiss. Lieutenant Viktoriya-Marie's smile would grow wider as she heard him, tilting her head to press her lips upon his - tightly shutting her eyes as she'd lean into him. One arm would pull itself up & around his shoulders, while her other hooked underneath his right - pulling him into a tight embrace as they met lips. “Alaric . . .” She'd murmur between breaths, pulling away for a moment to speak. “You've never left my side, even after ah've been . . . Quite the troublemaker. I love 'ye. The mostest.” His eyes closed as their lips met, his hand around the back of her neck moving ever so slightly, giving her skin a little scratch - His right hand circled up to rest by her cheeks, cupping it while they embrace, his frame pressed against hers. “Vik . . . You've been with me in the darkest of times and made this day the brightest of them all- As I with you, you with me. I love you just as much as you love me,” He hummed as they took a pause, going back to the task at hand for a while longer - Before pulling but an inch out, his forehead pressed against hers as he watched her eyes longingly. I T I N E R A R Y Firstly, The Marital Proceeding Those invited & wishing to attend will gather within the Basilica of the Final Revelation, inside the Crownlands of Helena, to bear witness to Sir Alaric DeNurem KL & Lieutenant Viktoriya-Marie Châteaudun’s espousal. Leonardo Châteaudun, Ms. Viktoriya’s father, will lead the maiden down the aisle to ‘give away the bride’, per marital traditions. Alongside her, a Ms. Jacquelyn Cenobia will serve as her Bridesmaid – and Mr. Ostromir Carrion as the Groom’s Best Man. Secondly, Bestowals of Good Will After the holy ceremony, any guests who bare gifts for the couple, or wish to congratulate them, may approach the dais in orderly fashion in to do so. Be their bestowals physical gifts, or wise words of advice, all offerings will be graciously accepted. After all has been finished, while leaving to begin their after party, the newly-wed couple will throw two bouquets into the air – one for any woman attending, and a second for the event’s gentlemen – to grab. Thirdly, A Revelry in Jubilation An after-party event will be held within the grounds of the Dragon’s Rest Tavern, with servantry dispensing refreshments to those who had attended the event. The Bride will hand gift baggies out – containing unique & custom-made offerings to the guests as a thanks for their attendance. After all have eaten & received their bestowals, the newly-weds & their Best Men & Women will come together to host a toast – signaling the event’s next segment, of short games & happenings. Lastly, A Concourse of Fair Maidens & Sirs Once the toast has been made, the next few planned games & contests will begin – the prize pool over 2,500+ Imperial Marks! A Contention of Fine Wear – All fair Maidens & dashing Sirs that wish to participate in the after party’s first event are encouraged to don DeNurem colors: being Gold, Onyx, & White. Once all those that are partaking in the competition gather, the Bride & Groom will confer & select one individual each that they believe to be the most fittingly dressed – a pool of 1,400 Imperial Marks being given away in the first happening. We request that your outfit be made by yourself, or commissioned from another, with proof. Those that are wearing stolen skins will not be considered. The Drunken Jubilee – The Bride & Groom call upon the most avid drinkers to participate in an alcohol-tolerance competition. The drink being used in question is called the ‘Widowmaker Shot’ – notorious for bringing down the heftiest of ologs, and putting the most skilled drunkards into a deep sleep. In order to play, you must pay a sum of 150 mina – and the winner will get 80% of all profit from the pool, along with an extra two hundred per round they’ve stayed sober (With a maximum of Four Rounds). By taking part in the Drunken Jubilee, you understand that we will not take any responsibility for damage you may cause to yourself, others, or the surrounding area whilst drunk. You are in charge of yourself – it is suggested you bring company, in the event that you may black out. I N V I T A T I O N S House of Helane HIM Emperor of Oren, Peter III @ARCHITECUS And the honorable pedigree of House Helane. House of Novellen HIH The Duke of Helena, Joseph Novellen @Hunwald HIH Princess Imperial, Anne Novellen @DreamInSpace HIH Princess Imperial, Elizabeth Novellen @Ivorey HIH Prince Imperial, John Novellen @KosherZombie HIH Prince Imperial, Philip Novellen HIH Princess Imperial, Juliette Novellen @yandeer HIH Prince Imperial, Peter Novellen @Ark And all other honorable pedigree of House Novellen. House of Barbanov HM The King of Hanseti-Ruska, Josef Barbanov @CaptainHaense HH The Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Viktoria Barbanov @Zaerie HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Nataliya Barbanov @doreebear HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Stefan Barbanov @Flapman HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Aleksandr Barbanov @Xarkly HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Juliya Barbanov @MotherLay HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Franz Barbanov HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Analiesa Barbanov @ShannonLeigh HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Alexandria Barbanov @UnBaed HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Nikolas Barbanov @Eddywilson2 And the honorable pedigree of House Barbonov. House of Helvets HG the Duke of Cathalon, Robert Helvets HG the Duchess Consort of Cathalon, Letizia d’Aryn HL Peter Helton Helvets HL Wilhelmina Beatrix Helvets @marinaemily Governor-General Henry Frederick Helvets @Fishy The Rt. Hon Count Rochefort, Richard Victor Helvets @osumanduas HIH the Countess Rochefort, Princess Lorena Helvets of Helena @Starryy HL Adrian Othodoric Helvets The Hon. Victor Leopold Helvets The Hon. William Linhardt Helvets HL Lorena Anabelle Helvets @MunaZaldrizoti HL Theodora Angelica Helvets And the honorable pedigree of House Helvets. House of d’Arkent HG Duke of Sunhodt, John d’Arkent HG Duchess-Consort, Vespira d’Arkent HL Captain Peter d’Arkent @erik0821 HH Tatiana Barbanov @axelu HSH Grand Princess-consort of Muldav, Eleanor Victoria HL Theresa @marinaemily HL Alexander d’Arkent And the honorable pedigree of House d’Arkent. House of Carrington HL Baroness of Carrington, Mary Lucille d’Arkent @libertyybelle HL Baron-Consort of Carrington, Joseph d’Arkent HL Mary Jane d’Arkent @Branchio HL Mary Vespira d’Arkent HL Mary Sophia d’Arkent And the honorable pedigree of House Carrington House of Othaman The Rt. Hon. Viscount of Valles, Erik Othaman @grnappa And the honorable pedigree of House Othaman Personal Invitations His Excellency, The Secretary of War General Alren DeNurem KCL @Mirtok Lieutenant Reina DeNurem @devvy Ensign Wes DeNurem @GrizzlyWes Corporal Virgil DeNurem @Maur Miss Winter DeNurem @BimboBudgie And all others of DeNurem pedigree. His Imperial Excellency, The Archchancellor Sir Simon Basrid KCS @Cracker His Imperial Excellency, The Vice Chancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth His Excellency, The Secretary of Foreign Affairs Godfrey Briarwood @KBR His Excellency, The Solicitor-General Darius Basrid @Quantumatics His Excellency, The Secretary of the Interior Edward Galbraith @sergisala His Excellency, The Secretary of the Treasury George Galbraith @MrChenn1 His Excellency, The Secretary of Intelligence Riordain Armas-MacDroch @calculusdesola His Excellency, The Secretary of Civil Affairs Victor C. Halcourt @Lyonharted™ His Excellency, The Secretary of War Alren DeNurem KCL @Mirtok The Most Honorable, The Lord Lieutenant of Reza His Royal Highness Nicholas Barbanov, Prince of Hanseti-Ruska @Eddywilson2 The Most Honorable, The Lord Lieutenant of Owynsburg Henry Frederick Helvets @Fishy All Oathed Imperial State Army Soldiers & Officers Mister Leonardo Châteaudun @DylanDeNewb Sir Cassius Reine KL @auLune Mister Ostromir Carrion-Tuvyic @Lhindir_ Lieutenant Jacquelyn Cenobia @bloomtiara Miss Annabelle Kelmenour @audyush T I M E & D A T E The wedding between Alaric & Viktoriya will take place at The Basilica of Final Revelation [Church in Helena] on the month of Tobias’ Bounty, 1782. Afterward, an afterparty will be held at the Carrington Estate, upon the Eastern side of Helena. We Hope to See You There!
  19. The humble return of house Napoliza Issued on the 12th of Malin's welcome, 1781 ---------------------------------------- It is early in the morning when the gates of Fonsi bellowed and churned, hefting for what would seem to be the last time. Soldiers, servants and citizens could be seen packing their carriages as the noble household of Napoliza moved to stand on a lifted platform. Vague noises could be heard as lady Luciana Maria Napoliza spoke to her citizens one last time "Through struggle we persevered, and we found unity and success." The elderly exclaimed with pride "A motto that stands very close to my heart, and a motto that is true now more then ever. Today we shall leave our beloved town in the desert of Korvassa, so that we may rebuild our home once more." The illatian lady paused for a moment as she cleared her throat "With sixteen carriages full of supplies, stock and our prideful citizens we shall ride to a better place! The inferni have killed our children, diminished our state’s populace and our morale. Thus, let us pray one more time, and look forward to better times." Luciana performed a lorraine cross as she spoke the words, "Per dio e gloria!" And with those words, sixteen carriages rode out of Fonsi, the first carriage adorned with gold and orange gems carrying the Matriarch of house Napoliza and her immediate household. The second,third and fourth bore the government, noble entourage and notable business owners. All other carriages contained citizens, armor and supplies "Signore Maximiliano, please send this letter to the palaces of the three nations Oren, Haense and Kaedrin and to the imperial state army." ------------------------------------------------ "To whomever may read this, Earlier this morning, we left Fonsi as the city was no longer defendable against the inferni. We have stumbled upon ruins of Brunswick which we plan to settle on, west of the majestic Duchy Helena and subsequent Ducal crownlands. In these troubling times for the world, we ask our brothers and sisters that descended from Horen to pray for the soldiers on the battlefront, as we rebuild our community near your land. We hope to mend our relations with the Holy Orenian Empire, and persevere through these hard times together: United as one. As a sign of goodwill, the house of Napoliza shall donate its entire armory to aid supply the brave soldiers in their wars. We may supply around 300 soldiers with armor, weapons and food. Furthermore, we wish to announce that we shall name these ruins the province of Frontino until a more suitable name for the territory is discussed with either the house of Lords, or his imperial majesty and his wise advisors. For god and glory, her ladyship, Luciana I Maria Napoliza dei Frontino (Previously known as HSH Luciana I maria Napoliza of Vitenna, Duchess of Fonsi and Baroness of Vileux.)
  20. [!] You see a flyer that has been plastered across Arcas, it looks brand new. It is signed in a very curly writing. It’s in both Blah, Elven, Adunian, and English! Blah: DA NUBDED hab started fighting all ober Arcas, and it's time for ub to see we must leave! Arcas hab becub an barren wabland, ib you care about your bruddah, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Twigizes , Quickzpawn, Gazat, Bruddah, and Zquealz will need new lin. Wheb the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. Wheb we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new goi! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May you and your bruddah all be safe. Elven: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for nae sulier we must leave! Arcas has become ata, if you care about your onn, nae will want ay leave Arcas! But of course, all the Valah, Malin, Bortu, Uruk, and Tali'bortu will need new lin. When the time comes, nae might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) kae will start a new linan'sae! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May nae all be safe. English: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for you to see we must leave! Arcas has become barren, if you care about your kin, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, and Halflings will need new home. When the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new city! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May you all be safe. Adunian: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for you to see we must leave! Arcas has become barren, if you care about yohn clahn, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Sehrin, Malin, Halmyn, Gnekyr, and Halflings will need new Ildic. When the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new Ildon! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. Alexandria Valjron OOC Discord: https://discord.gg/mFRn3P4
  21. Tigers Outfit Auction 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Heyo, so I’ve recently been seeing a bunch of these on the forums and I thought why not? All of these skins are either brand new, never used, or used maybe once. The categories will go as followed: Elvish, human, bundles and Miscellaneous. Please excuse some of my older works their shading is a bit wacky. None of these skin have been uploaded to pmc. If you later down the road upload it after being bought please remember to credit me!! ゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤RULES﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚ Once you post a comment, do not edit it! Please add a new comment to up the bid. You must be able to pay the full amount once the auction is over. Bidding starts at 500 minae, and the minimum it may increase by is 100. There are a few ones with recolours those come together and start at 800 mina Increase of bid by 100. Bidding will on end Saturday, August 8th. So you may bid properly it goes Spoiler, underneath it the name of the skin. BID FORMAT: Discord: Skin Name – Bid (List multiple separately please!) No editing your comments! 🙤 · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · 🙦 Elvish ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Mani Eagle Golden Beach Purple Party His sunlight Human ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Rouge Court Babushka’s Festival Watermelon Sugar Prince Edward Daisy Princess Navy Dream Morsgrad Child Ruska Violet Helena Magenta Magic Student Miscellaneous ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Desponnia Autumm Wedding Peach Hanbok Forest Gladiator Bundles (skin with recolours) ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Gothic & BabyBreath Druid Houzi Hanboks Dusk & Midnight To the dudes im sorry there are like 3 male outfits in here. sorry boys
  22. This takes place in Amber Cold, 1780. [!] The wind whips a cold breeze through the streets of New Reza, the winter month is not forgiving. In the month of Amber Cold, a small woman hurries from a shop back home. Walking as fast as she could to relief herself from the freezing cold inside her warm house. Althea held onto her stomach, being 9 months pregnant did not help her movements. Thankfully she got back inside her home, quickly closing the door as soon as both feet were inside. Shivering slightly, she places 5 logs into the small stove stoking a flame to life. “Demetre no one has entered the house right?” She asked the dog that mauled on a bone, cringing at a small snap. The dog looked up giving a bark at her turning back to the chewed bone. Althea sighed, “I wish Darien would come back, I don’t know when the little one will pop out.” Rubbing her stomach slowly, she pulled out a small pot to cook some stew in. Bustling around the small kitchen she worked, cutting up potatoes and carrots, de-boning a rabbit before cooking it above the slowing fire. As she finished stiring the stew, a knock came at the door. Silently, she hoped it was her husband returning from his trip. When Althea opened the door there stood her friend, Elizabeth, in her casual outfit. “Hello Lizzy, care to come in?” Althea asked, being polite and letting the girl walk into the home before closing the door behind her. The hour soon passed, both bowls lay empty. “I hope I find Darien before the baby arrives.” Althea spoke, resting her hands on top of her stomach. Lizzy comforted Althea, talking for another few hours lifting the worries of her shoulders temporally.
  23. Hello! I have tons of skins and am willing to auction them off so they are being used and not just taking up my space on my computer and so you can enjoy them just as I did! Here are the rules. Once you post your bid, do not edit it! Please only comment to up the bid and no spam. You must be able to pay the full amount once the auction is done. Bidding starts at 800 minas, and the minimum it may increase by is 100. The auction will last until 8/9/2020. Skins Format Skin Name: Bid: Previous Bidder:
  24. BETRAYAL AT ARASHI CASTLE 音楽 Thunder. Thundering boots. Thundering Words. Lightning cracked across the sky, splitting the clouds and the heavens before it; the iridescent flash banishing the black of night before fading back into darkness. Arashi Castle stood tall amidst the storm, overlooking the sprawling metropolis that was Yamatai from its hilltop vantage. The screen of a window was torn asunder, and Yorihide came to sit upon the cusp, staring out across the city as the torrential downpour of the monsoon season crashed against the land with all its fury. He found serenity amongst the chaos. It was what he had been taught from a young age, though he made the notion truly his own; the boy felt ill-at-ease when silence reigned, and so the steady pitter-patter of rain striking the sloped tiles came alike as a balm to what discontent found a home in the young Ishikawa’s heart. And to that end, he wrote. lightning sundered sky the moon yearning to be free— clouds herald darkness “Lord Ishikawa!” A voice cried out from the other side of the shoji that partitioned his room from the corridor. It stirred him from the lull of his contemplative state. Slowly did the young samurai rise to his feet, mulberry paper and inkbrush discarded to attend the commotion. And when the screen was slid ajar, two figures rushed in - one clamping their hand over his mouth, while the other took a defensive posture aside the entryway, hand poised to the hilt of his wakizashi. He had thought to scream - cry out; that assassins had come for him. Why would they? He was of no relevance, all bar his name. The second son of a second son, a bunke lord. But then he realized that he was in the company of friends. An indication to hush was voiced from behind the unsightly menpo donned by his assailant - Ishikawa Toru. And the samurai at his side, none other than Fujiwara Mutsuhiko. “Young master.” Mutsuhiko had begun, though whatever he had intended to say was cut short by the rattle of armor from further down the corridor. Toru quickly ushered Yorihide into the hallway, offering him no opportunity to protest while the samurai took the rear, facing down a pair of ashigaru who approached, blood staining the already-crimson of their Ishikawa livery and the uchigatana they toted. “Teme, shinu!” One of them cried, bearing down the hallway with their weapon raised. The prodigy of the Fujiwara stood with every bit poise and discipline, fingers tightening their vice around the handle of his shōtō, and when the levy’s charge finally brought him within striking range of the hardened yōsei, he struck. Sliding forward on his sandals, his blade was brandished within two shakes of a lamb's tail, and the corpse of yet another fool slumped onto the floor in a heap before him. The display was enough to break the resolve of the other soldier, already turning a corner by the time the dust had settled, Mutsuhiko raking the edge of his sword against his kote to clear the blood before returning it to the saya with fluid, practiced grace. “What’s going on? Why are my grandfather’s men after you both?!” Yorihide’s demand for answers fell upon deaf ears as he was dragged through the hallways by the silent determination of Toru. They had descended a floor before he finally spoke up, hushed words offered towards the lordling. “Those men are after you, Lord. Your grand-uncle has taken up arms against the Shogun. Arashi is no longer safe.” The gravity of the situation had finally begun to sink in with that. The clouds herald darkness… his haiku brought with it ill-auspices. It was so bizarre. Why, of all people, was Toru present to spirit him away? The last he had heard of his kinsman was that the Sōhei was in the south, investigating disturbances in Yamatai around the time of the eclipse. Though there was no time to linger upon thoughts. “Is my father safe?” He croaked, scarcely more than a whisper as they continued through the winding hallways of the Ishikawa Clan’s seat of rule with measured caution. His kin betrayed little in the way of emotion, and was just as insubstantial in providing an answer. Mutsuhiko had come to directly tail the lordling, a palm flattened against the boy’s shoulder as they descended yet another flight of stairs. Yorihide would not require an answer from either of them. What awaited them in the room beyond was confirmation enough. As the shoji was wrenched aside, a pungent, metallic scent wafted through the air - it was enough to turn the stomach, though nothing could prepare Yorihide for what he saw. Corpses were strewn across the common area; strangers and familiar faces both, dozens of Ishikawa retainers, the mangled bodies of samurai dismembered and eviscerated. The walls as much as the floor were all but painted in a scarlet sheen, and in the midst of them all? Family. He broke free of Toru’s grip, rushing towards the center of the room. His father was propped up - a set stage like it was some kind of ritual murder, decapitated. The man’s head was cradled within his lap, dinner plates for eyes and a gaping jaw set into the throes of rigor-mortis. His own sword was driven so deep into his chest the hilt pressed flush against his ribcage and the blade exited through his back to hold him upright, the tip poised to the floor. Yorihide collapsed onto his hands and knees before his father, the silk of his hakama mingling with the blood while he prostrated himself in mourning. Why did it have to be him, he thought. Could he not have taken his place? His thoughts raced, and sorrow gripped his pounding heart, tears spilling down his cheeks in a steady stream that was not abated even by the approach of Toru trying to stir him to his feet. “We cannot linger, Lord. He has made to serve the Yōkai. They are no doubt the cause of… this.” Disgust wore upon the Sōhei’s words. Or perhaps it was shame. No matter, Toru gripped Yorihide by the scruff of his neck and wrenched him to an abrupt stand. “We must go.” Mutsuhiko finally spoke up, mirroring the monk’s sentiments despite Yorihide’s distress. “I-... I failed him.” The young Ishikawa mumbled, heels keeping him planted firmly in place as he stood in his vigil over the corpse of his fallen sire. Sniffling, the flowing sleeve of his kimono was brought aloft to wipe snot and tears both away from his face. Yorihide kept it there, though. He sought to shield his disgrace from the two men. The realization had finally dawned on him. If they had come to his rescue, then, no doubt, it was because there were no others to save. He was their hope. And yet, his father laid before him, slain. He could not protect him, so how could he protect them? His head shook side to side and he withdrew the sleeve with a final sob, staring down at the remains of his father before endeavoring forwards to wrap his hands around the handle of the sword embedded into his chest. He heaved. And he heaved. And he heaved. Pouring every bit of his strength and his soul into dislodging the blade. Gradually, it slid free, though through no small amount of effort, stained with the blood of its deceased owner. Trembling hands passed the weapon on to Mutsuhiko, who gave a knowing nod in return before they struck out, pressing onwards into the central courtyard. There was no small amount of bloodshed marking their path now; the same carnage they had witnessed inside, though blessed were they to not need to contend with the instigators of such a massacre. Infact, all they were greeted with was silence, aside from the downpour of rain which remained a constant throughout. Atleast, until they reached the gates. Beneath the shadow of great Arashi, a samurai fought. Cornered and surrounded; a wounded animal snapping back with all the fire and fury contained within its soul. A trio of yari spearmen surrounded the man, who even in the darkness shone in both his virtue and in the effervescent fervor through which he defied them. “Will you not strike at me with honor?! You know nothing of the nine virtues; cowards and dogs, all of you!” And surely his words rang true, they all hesitated, keeping distance despite clear advantage, and altogether oblivious to the arrival of newcomers from deeper within the castle whose approach was masked by the torrential downpour. As the standoff continued in earnest, Toru took advantage of the shadows, creeping up upon the group with his tantō in hand. It was only in the last seconds that one of the spearmen turned; lightning streaked across the heavens to illuminate the demon-masked killer for a fraction of a second, and in that moment, the blade ripped through the soldier’s jugular no quicker than he could scream. The samurai hitherto engaged in the showdown lunged forwards with a swipe of his blade carving through one of the ill-equipped levy, capitalizing upon the distraction to dispatch his assailants. The third stumbled backwards, crying out as his comrades were rendered newly-minted corpses to add to the slaughter, throwing his yari spear onto the blood-stained stones. “Please, please, my lords! I’m sorry! I did not mean to! I’ve always served Ishikawa!” He threw himself onto his hands and knees, pressing his brow to the ground while he begged. “Sumimasen! Sumimasen! I’m afraid, my lords, please!” “This bastard is not worth our time.” The stranger spoke up, though as Yorihide approached at the side of Mutsuhiko, the man was recognized as Kawahara Nobusuke, one of his grandfather’s many hatamoto retainers. Grunted affirmations of agreements left the sōhei and samurai. Joining the party, they left the ashigaru to whatever consequence awaited his cowardice. Crossing the precipice that separated Arashi Castle from the city of Yamatai stirred feelings within Yorihide’s chest. There was no going back. He knew that. To cross that line would be to change his life irrevocably forevermore, though what other choice did he have but to place his trust in his retainers? None. And so they endeavored into the winding streets of the capital, and for the docks that awaited them. When they had finally arrived, the rain had come to its end, and the first streams of morning sun sought to dissect the clouds and shine over Oyashima. He did not want to go. He did not want to leave his home behind. He was not even granted the courtesy to honor his father, to bury him and send him on to the spirits. But he knew, atleast, as he boarded that ship, that he was with friends. Toru, Mutsuhiko, Nobusuke. The Lord Hiroji who greeted him with a smile as they came onto the deck of the ship. And above all; his teacher and mentor, who had orchestrated it all - Fujiwara Musashi. A new journey had begun, and though its roots were watered with sorrow, he had to persevere. Not for himself, but for them. They all looked to him now, and he knew, above all, he could not fail them. As night fell and the waves carried them westward, towards Tomoe, he looked to the heavens for guidance, and with brush in hand, he wrote. stars shine like heaven— so muddied is the future how can their light guide
  25. [!] Before you lays a book, detailed with golden rims. The illustration on the book appears to be a lion, stabbing a rooster in the heart. The title reads: "Tales of The Revenge, Volume One, The Beginning". (OOC: Cover Art) As you open the book, you start reading; ”Written by Edward Redfist Volume One, The Beginning Day one, the 14th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 This is officialy the first day that I, Edward Redfist, can call myself Captain upon this vessel. I gathered a small crew together, some of the men I trust the most, and we went out to open sea with a small sloop. Once seeing another, bigger merchant vessel, we decided to make an effort to take the ship. Coming closer to the merchant vessel, some of the men jumped off-board, and started swimming towards the ship, snatching on to a rope and climbing up. Whilst they were focussed on our sloop, that kept getting closer, our men that climbed aboard assassinated most of the people aboard. By the time we arrived, the crew had already surrendered and the captain wished to parley with me. Once arriving in the Captain's Quarters, the man inside said in fear; 'Take what-ever you want, I have no need for it'. I chuckled for a bit. 'Alright then', I said. 'I'll take y'er ship'. The man looked confused and started to grin. 'I'm not joking, lad' I answered. The Captain then reached for his cutlass, laying on the desk next to him. Before he could get his cutlass, I swiftly removed his head from his shoulders. The ship was officialy ours! Day two, the 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 After taking command of this large vessel, the men and I decided to get some rest. When we woke up this morning, our men spotted distant land, shouting; 'LAND HO!'. We anchored not too far from the land, and headed to shore in longboats. Once arriving at land, there was nothing to see in the near distance. We decided to make haste and follow a road that we found a bit further inland. Travelling on the road for a while, we saw a settlement with grand, grey walls with yellow and black banners flying off them. 'Haense' is what they called the place. We went through the big, front gate of the settlement and started wandering about. Eventually, my long time friend and Quartermaster, John Silver called out to me. He found a tavern he said. Well, that was a delightful thing to hear after traveling that long. We went in and ordered some drinks. I asked around for places we could stay for the night, and we were allowed to stay in the tavern for the night. So, knowing that we now had a safe place to sleep, we decided to celebrate our new pirate crew! Day three, the 16th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 The following morning, we went to the local market and made sure we had some supplies for our next journey. We decided to try and get some trade going for us by hunting and selling fish, shark and every other edible creature in those waters. We bought some equipment and headed-off to open water. At first, most of the men were only catching cod and salmon, sometimes a clownfish or two. But the more we went into the open sea, the creatures started getting bigger. By the time we were officialy in open waters, it was time for us to get some rest. Day four, the 17th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 I woke up to the men shouting in joy this morning. The sun was shining through my windows and I smelled the open sea. Upon opening my door, and going to the upper-deck, I was met by a large shark cadaver. I looked around and saw another two large shark carcasses. The men looked at me, all of them with a smile on their face. ‘We’re in the good waters now, one of them said’. ‘Aye’ I screamed out, ‘AYE!’. The rest of this day was very profitable, we caught a whale in the evening. Whales are valuable because of their oil. They can be used to make lanterns. Back in the Redfist Keep, my father, Petrus, thought me how to make lanterns with whale-oils. I decided to use some of the oil we had to make some good lanterns for the ship, so the night’s wouldn’t be so dark anymore. By the time I finished, the men who were off duty had already gone to sleep, so I decided to go catch some good night’s rest aswell. Day five, the 18th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 It was still very early in the night, as we woke up to our ship crashing into something. Some of the men said that we must have hit a reef. We all went up, investigating what happened. We were in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight, the sails bracing the full winds. But still, the ship did not move an inch. We looked overboard and saw nothing, when suddenly, a group of large tentacles, around 39 feet tall, came shooting up out of the water, grabbing on to the ship. Using the hunting equipment and balistas we bought a couple of days ago, we started attacking the foul beast. We stabbed the tentacles with spears, cutlasses. We even shot them with balistas, bows and crossbows. It took us approximately half an hour to take out one tentacle, and as far as we had seen, there were six of them grabbing on to our ship, trying to pull it to the depths. We also bought one, bigger balista, but we could not use it because one of the tentacles damaged the platform in was resting on. We took out five of the six tentacles, taking us about two and a half hours. Once we started downing the sixth one, two, even larger tentacles starting coming up both sides of the ship. John Silver looked at me and nodded. He quickly ran away, running off to the broken platform with the bigger balista. Whislt we were fighting off the sixth tentacle, plus trying to down the two larger ones in the meantime, he tried everything in his power to fix the platform. The two larger tentacles reached a point where they were almost as grand as our masts, one of the tentacles started slinging back down, towards the middle of the ship with great force. Before the tentacle could hit the deck, John Silver shot a perfect balista-shot, the sizable reinforced arrow went right through the tentacle, splitting it in two and taking it down with it. In the meantime, me and my men slayed the sixth tentacle, and looked above us. The second tentacle started making the same, slamming movement. In a split second, another large, reinforced arrow went right through it, splitting it in half. We officialy defeated the beast known as a ‘Kraken’. Day six, the 18th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 The morning after defeating the beast, we all started fixing up the ship as best as we could, with the materials we had at the time. We decided to make port at the first mass of land we came across, which happened to be a small village by the seaside. Once making port, we asked the locals if we could dock our ship there momentarely and cut down some trees to fix up the vessel. The villagers received us with great positivety, and even offered to help us gather the materials needed. After repairing the ship for a full day, the locals gave us some supplies to survive another while longer on the open seas. We told the villager we would come back and pay them in full once we made our profits, since we now had chunks of kraken and three, large shark’s we could profit from. We decided to head back to the longboats and set out to open sea once again. Upon arriving on deck, we saw clouds clustering in the skies, and rain started pouring down on us. Bad weather had found us, but we had to make sail to a nearer, more civilized settlement, so we sailed off to the horizon. Day seven, the 19th of The Grand Harvest, 1762 After sailing for some time now, we saw a port in the distance, a large castle-like structure was built on a great rock, which seemed to be hollow on the inside, full of trade. We docked our ship not far off-shore and took the longboats to the beach. We were met by no-one, and there was no-one to be seen. We looked around the settlement for a while, and found a shipwreck that was decorated as a tavern, and a nice coral reef in between the rocks. I decided we should follow the path following along the shoreline, so that is what we did. We followed the path for some time, and arrived at a great gate, which appeared to be carved into the mountainside, allowing safe passage through. We made our way down a path going through a forest, passing high hills and mountains, when eventually seeing white cliffs. The closer we got to the cliffs, the more we saw what layed behind them. Enourmous walls, red of colour, with black, red and white banners flying of them. We arrived at The City of Helena.”
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