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    Done, I really hope
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    Now how’s That 😄
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    Good Luck To My Dear Soul🤞
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    Michael was born to two blacksmiths, Mary Jane, and Clifford Jane. He grew up in a cozy village on the outskirts of town. Michael was an only child with a difficult childhood. His father, Clifford, was extremely abusive to his mother and him which was practically traumatic. He had to go to the mines from the rise of the sun. He earned pennies for his hard work which were snatched from him, from his greedy father. His father pushed him to the edge one day, and he just couldn’t take it so he ran, ran far away, further than his legs could carry him at the soul age of 19. He found shelter in the town Carolustadt. A family of canonists took his lost soul in, for years he had practiced they’re way of life, just trying to fit in, however, at the mature age of twenty two he was ready for a new adventure in his life.
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