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    Alein Ronedhel was born in a small farming community on the outskirts of Dominion. His mother, Elsie, died shortly after he was born, and his grieving father commited suicide a few days after. this resulted in Alein being sent to an orphanage in Dominion, where he spent most of his childhood. Eventually, he escaped the orphanage and roamed the streets homeless, until he was found and taken in by a poor single mother named Gana. She taught Alein everything she knew and loved him dearly, working over-hours at the tavern cleaning, so she could make enough money for the two to survive. Gana taught Alein how to read and write, and to some extent, fight. 30 years passed, and Gana’s memory began to fail her. Day after day, her mental state declined, until one day, Alein returned to see his stepmother, dead in her chair. Alein had no choice but to pack up what little he still had and set out on the road again, not certain of what would happen in days and months to come.
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