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  • Hello applicant, and welcome to The Lord of The Craft! This page will guide you through applying to the server.

    Feel free to log in at mc.lotc.co as a wandering soul and explore the server before submitting your application.


    Here are some important things to know before you apply:

    • You need to read the server rules before applying - find them here.

    • Register an account for our forums here.

    • Everything in your application must be your own work! Plagiarism results in automatic denial and could lead to being banned from applying to the server.

    • If your application is denied, you need to wait the full time that the AT member posts before re-applying. Take this time to look over your application and correct the errors. If you need help, send a forum message to the AT that reviewed your application.

    • You may only post up to five applications each calendar month. It’s a lot of work to review applications all day, so make sure you feel your application is up to scratch before posting it.

    • Your character can't be royal/noble/child of a famous person, an important character, come from lands other than those in the server lore or have any form of magical qualities. If you wish to learn magic after being accepted, you may find a teacher in game.

    • You may not have an overpowered character. For example, your character cannot easily take down four opponents at once.

    • Your application must include server lore, such as a location of birth and where you live. World events would also work.

    • Your character must be over eighteen years old (once you’re accepted, you can have a character of any age). However, remember elves are not culturally considered adults until the age of 50.

    • Players are allowed to be evil and commit acts that may harm other player’s characters. It’s very important that you are aware of villainy rules and follow them. If applying with a villainous character, remember it must make sense for the character.

    • The content on this server is largely online interactions and thus may contain explicit violence, including that towards defenseless people and killing without motive, strong language, sexual references, simulated gambling, depiction of drug and alcohol use, or discrimination. Due to this, you must be at least 13 years of age to play this server.

    • Only post completed applications. Work in progress applications are at risk of being processed with all rules still applying.


    Here are few tips before you apply:

    • Try to keep the application clear of spelling and grammar mistakes to the best of your ability. This will make reviewing process easier.

    • Make sure you read up on your race first and include lore in your biography. You will find lots of helpful information in our wiki.

    • Put time and effort into your application, in the long run it all pays off.


    NEW - Waiting for the Application Team to see your application? Have a minecraftforum.net account? Please notify us by going HERE and posting a reply. Submit your Minecraft username and tell us you have applied. We want to get you Roleplaying as soon as possible.


  • Your Age: 13 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT - 5 (Eastern Time US & Canada, Bogota, Lima)
    Referral: Google
    What is Metagaming?: "Metagaming" is the action of using "OOC" (out-of-character) knowledge to your advantage while "IC" (in-character)
    What is Powergaming?: "Powergaming" or "power-emoting" is the use of roleplay that is either overpowered or takes control of another player's character without time for them to react, for example: "Tom lunges forward with his pike, stabbing Tim in the chest."
    1 Status: Accepted

     Alein Ronedhel was born in a small farming community on the outskirts of Dominion. His mother, Elsie, died shortly after he was born, and his grieving father commited suicide a few days after. this resulted in Alein being sent to an orphanage in Dominion, where he spent most of his childhood. Eventually, he escaped the orphanage and roamed the streets homeless, until he was found and taken in by a poor single mother named Gana. She taught Alein everything she knew and loved him dearly, working over-hours at the tavern cleaning, so she could make enough money for the two to survive. Gana taught Alein how to read and write, and to some extent, fight. 30 years passed, and Gana’s memory began to fail her. Day after day, her mental state declined, until one day, Alein returned to see his stepmother, dead in her chair. Alein had no choice but to pack up what little he still had and set out on the road again, not certain of what would happen in days and months to come.

Character Name: Alein Ronedhel
Character Race: Elf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 67
Character Description: Alein has teal eyes, a slim body, and brown hair. He has defined eyebrows and a thin face with sharp cheekbones, as well as a defined jawline.
Interesting Facts:
Alein is a bit shy, and sometimes stutters in public, and when under pressure.
Alein is a closeted homosexual.
Alein has a severe allergy to pineapples, and will get rashes while in the vicinity of them.
Screenshot of Skin:

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Your application has been:

On behalf of the server and AT members I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! As soon as this is posted, you should be whitelisted onto the server. Contact me or make an /atreq if there’s any issues with whitelisting or similar issues.


Feel free to browse the Wiki, and you can also join our New Player Discord, here you get to meet the rest of the Application Team, as well as many players of the server willing to help you settle in. You can learn about the different nations, races and cultures of the server with just one click!


I hope you enjoy your time on the server, and if you ever have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Jondead#0753) or by /msg Jondead in-game. You can also /atreq on the server to place a ticket if you require assistance from any of us application team members.


Happy roleplaying!

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