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    Opal Applefoot has lived in Dunshire her whole life, and loves her town with her entire heart. The young daughter of Daisy Applefoot and Rollo Applefoot, the High Pumplar/Deputy and Thain of Dunshire respectively, she feels like she has some big shoes to fill. However, she’d rather support the town from the sidelines than take on a leadership position – she’ll leave the spotlight (and any expectations to fulfill) to her twin, Almond. Like most young halflings, she looks forward to the day that she can drink ale to her heart’s content, but currently her interests lie mainly in the outdoors instead of inside the tavern. If Opal wasn’t so attached to her home (and if studying was less boring to her), she might’ve pursued being a druid. She wants to eventually work on a farm and help provide for the town, and has become very good at pestering the current farmer, Miss May, as well as the Chubbs’ at Hollowmead Acres (although she’s gotten less obstructive with age). She’s not the most book-smart halfling in the village, but Opal has a kind heart, a green thumb, and tries to shower at least twice a week - dirt has a habit of mysteriously appearing on her.
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