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  1. [ooc] username: Omniway Activity: 1 day 15ish hours a week discord: Omni#2165 timezone: est [rp] name: Thorin Sylric gender: male place of residence: the Sylric manor race: snow elf do i swear obedience to the princedom of fenn and the grand prince?: yes
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    Onvyr Torlen being born in the capital Taliyna'maehr, Onvyr was the first born, growing up he was always eager to lean new things and see new places. Politics interested him at a young age and would always try to stay up to date as much as possible always hopping one day he would be able to have a a leading role himself. At a young age Onvyr had moved with other high elf’s to help construct the new city of Okarn'thilln. Onvyr was proud to attend the Eternal college, he had a love of learning and studied for years wanting to know everything from Arcane magic to science and was never fully fulfilled with his learning. During his study’s at the college Onvyr’s father had been killed by what was said to be a monster attack when his father was out of the city, this lead to his distrust of the human race since it was a human who delivered the news about his fathers death Onvyr never truly believed in what happened. Already disliking the other races for being half-breeds, lawless, and inferior and would almost certainly not have any acquaintance with any of them, this only added the humans to this list. Onvyr is a very proud elf, generally more of a pacifist he is not afraid to get his hands dirty if he is or his people is insulted. But after the political difficulties that had plagued the city, Onvyr had hoped Cenwall Maeyr’onn would be able to keep the high elf’s and there beautiful city to remain together and united. When ultimately things did not get better Onvyr left following the many other elf’s leaving the city to the city of men, to much disgust and knowing it was only temporary. When Onvyr heard that Dimaethor Visaj was leading the high elf’s to a new start he was eager to leave the land of men, to a new beginning a new promise Fi’halen.
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