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    Carrak was born in Kal’Tarak, the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, to a family of no great note. His father Azrak is a Jewler of modest talent, but Carrak doesn’t know his mother. All Carrak knows of his mother is that she died before he could remember her, no one would speak of her, even his father. He has overheard whispers that she was executed but he doesn’t know if that's true or even who might have killed her or had reason too. When Carrak was young he was often teased by the other children that he had a “pretenders name”, he once asked his father why he had a “pretenders name” and received a thorough spanking, Carrak did not make that mistake again. When Carrak was of age he began to apprentice with his father, to one day take over the family business, a small but fine jewelry store. Carrak was taught the ways of Armakak, the Merchent Father, and the ways of mercantile. Carrak was always able to work hard, being clever was difficult, wealth never seemed to come his way and luck always seemed to favor other dwarves. Carrak had a lot of questions for Armakak but none of them ever seemed to get answered. When the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah disolved it was a chaotic time for all dwarves and Carrak left with his father, at first to the human lands (which caused them to lose much of the wealth they were able to escape with), then to the new Kingdom of Agnarum and the city of Kal’Azgaryum. In the past 11 years Carrak has assisted his father with contract work and odd jobs for wealthier dwarves, but they have not been able to reestablish themselves in Kal’Azgaryum. Carrak knows this has something to do with “Polyticks” but he’s not sure exactly what that is. This past winter Carrak was out with his father looking for gold and gems, they were down by the cliff side on the beach scouting for veins when they were attacked by a Giant Crab. Carrack suffered great wounds across his back, but his father was not so lucky and succumbed to his wounds. Carrak is now alone in the world, he has always been isolated but now he is truly alone. His only hope is that Armakak will look over him and guide his path.
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