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  1. IGN: Fostrel RP NAME: Arngrimm Irongrinder CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  2. Arngrimm reads over the documentation carefully inspecting every line playing out different scenarios in his head “T’is peice ov documentation es impressive tu say te least. Lots ov t’ought was put into et but t’ere are diffent potential errors regarding t’e system. T’at bein said you can’t make et perfect. One such example would be Article II Section 9:2. There es no layout fer what determines a true removal based off violation of t’e court versus a false removal t’at would promt te removal ov te king. T’ough et es a foine peice ov bureaucracy t’at”
  3. (( I love this so much I actually can’t even describe it. Good job honestly ))
  4. Imagine a majority of the serer getting on planetside and fighting
  5. “Merchant moi arse, t’is es an outrage” Thórólf would take sadness out of the fact his grudge could not be fulfilled by his own hands
  6. "A goot foe approachs. An 'onorable death awaits"
  7. Fostrel


    I am talking to the dwarven king right now about things but cool man, I am glad you like it
  8. Fostrel


    hopefully the skin is good enough this time. I took a base and recolored a couple of things and tried to make it a bit more grittier in lines with the rest of the dwarf models.
  9. Fostrel


    I am making a skin now, Thank you for the help
  10. Fostrel


    For some reason when I type in the traits section it limits the amount of characters I can type so that is why it is so short. Is there a way I can go to the next line or? also could I know what is wrong with my skin so I could to just edit it to make it fit better or do I need a completely new skin.
  11. Fostrel


    Gotrek was born far away from the capital in the deep dark recesses of the earth. His father was a hermit and wondrous warrior by nature preferring to do everything himself including defending his home. One time he asked his mother about why his father was so distrustful of others and she told him his father and his grandfather used to be apart of a clan of very honorable warriors. When Gotrek’s father was just a kid living in the high mountains a group of travelers were rescued by the dwarfs but the travelers started a bloody civil war. Gotreks grandfather was killed by his own brother as a r
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