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    Sallouise Josevetta (Sa-you-say Hoe-see-vet-a) is a young snow elf who lives with her friend Wild Devinta. She was born in a small town in Fenn, surrounded by her kin, celebrating the joyus new birth. That following night, dark elves attacked upon their village. Some ran, many stayed to fight for their familys as promised to Wryvun. t The young elf who had yet to lift a finger was taken into the night by one of the kinder dark elves, Unina. She took her back with them to their village in Aegrothond, where she was raised to believe to follow her destiny (to the rest of the dark elves, this was not the destiny she was destined to have). When she turned 40, Unina passed away due to a sudden illness. This left Sallouise with nothing but being shun by the other dark elves. She left with nothing and currently resides about anywere where their is food and shelter. She hopes to find a home for herself and someone who will make her life worth living. She ran into WIld and has stuck by her ever since, greaving for the loss of her parents , wishing she knew who they were and Unina, a loving mother.
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