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Found 2 results

  1. MARCHING ORDERS: OPERATION ANCHOR IUDICIUM ACCEDIT Issued by the THE COVENANT OF FIVE on this 30th of Harren’s Folly MISSION TITLE: OPERATION ANCHOR OBJECTIVE: ANNEXATION OF THE FERRYMAN KEEP MOBILISATION DATE: 17TH OF GODFREY’S TRIUMPH AIMED COMMENCEMENT DATE: 21ST OF TOBIAS BOUNTY PARTICULARS: On the MOBILISATION DATE, all COVENANT OF FIVE forces are to embark from RALLY POINTS A, B, C & D and march to the staging ground, where a fortified encampment is to be erected under the garrison of the BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL. Once all COVENANT OF FIVE forces are assembled, they will enter the lands of the LEAGUE OF VELETZ on the COMMENCEMENT DATE to execute OPERATION ANCHOR. The operational objective shall be the capitulation of the FERRYMAN KEEP and annexation of its environs to be repurposed as a new staging ground for subsequent campaigns into the LEAGUE OF VELETZ. On the COMMENCEMENT DATE, the full COVENANT OF FIVE forces shall approach the FERRYMAN KEEP in PALISADE FORMATION, and erect artillery weaponry behind LINES 7, 8, 15 & 16. Operation of artillery engines shall be the responsibility of BSK TASKFORCE “MITHRIL”, and PETRINE TASKFORCE “TRIDENT”. All other COVENANT OF FIVE forces, under the command of KING ALEKSANDR, shall maintain a defensive PALISADE FORMATION around the artillery. PHASE ONE shall commence with artillery bombardment of the FERRYMAN KEEP by TASKFORCES MITHRIL and TRIDENT while the main force defends against enemy sallies. When the FERRYMEN KEEP has sustained sufficient damage, PHASE TWO shall commence by storming the keep. MITHRIL and TRIDENT shall comprise two strike forces intended to breach and flush the keep, assisted by strike forces who split from the main army in the form of TASK FORCES “HAMMER” and “ANVIL”. END OF BRIEF. WARCLAIM WARGOAL: COMPLETE ANNEXATION [Starting with Tile 21] ATTACKERS: The Kingdom of Haense The Kingdom of Balian The Commonwealth of the Petra The Viceroyalty of Hyspia The Grand Kingdom of Urguan DEFENDERS: The League of Veletz and its Allies LOCATION/WARPATH: DATE: TBD
  2. VAMPIRISM CURED! 14 MENSIS TOBIALIS 2A59 TO THE ESTEEMED DESCENDANTS OF ALMARIS, The Brother Lectors of Kaer'Lassar are pleased to inform that the clinical trials for ST. HUMBERT'S QUINTESSENCE have been a success. VAMPIRISM HAS A CURE! The Flaming Covenant has dispatched its riders to deliver the alchemical recipe and procedure to every Nation, Settlement and Virtuous Guild. The Brother Lectors shall also provide the cure, and the recipe, to any who make pilgrimage to the Temple of Kaer'Lassar. Let it be known that this is a blessed endeavor and that we Lectors do not seek a price for the knowledge. The identity of the individual cured shall remain anonymous as to not slander their name. The Lectorate extends its gratitude to the following individuals: Doctor Primrose Gendik, for providing the blood necessary for the Human cure. Lhoris the Wanderer, for providing the blood necessary for the Elven cure. The Fisher King Ahng'Lur, for providing the blood necessary for the Orkish cure. The Honorable Garrond Frostbeard, for providing the blood necessary for the Dwarven cure. Lord Quentin Brae, for graciously researching and providing the medical procedure. May the world know this process as "Brae'ing". DEUS MAGNUS, The Flaming Covenant
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