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  1. THE EMBER PROTOCOL 2 MENSIS OVENITIUS 1930 By the grace of GOD and his Three Prophets, we who have willed our covenant’s survival through the Great Expulsion shall duly endeavor to again act as the bulwark of Humanity. To those of pious virtue we compel thee - blow upon our embers and watch as the pyre swells. DEUS VULT, Grand Inquisitor Stefan de Burnett OOC: Friday. August 4. 2023.
  2. [!] A letter is dispatched to the applicants. GOD BLESS, The Lector Board of Admissions has reviewed your resume and has deemed you worthy of partaking in an interview. Per the instructions of our blessed document, you are thusly invited to attend the Lector Council of 2A79 within Felder's Rock. There, you will observe Lector proceedings and will be interviewed and voted upon for Proselyteship. If you are unable to attend, it is requested that you inform the Lector Board of Admissions that you will be unable to attend so that a different date might be set. [OOC: Saturday June 4th at 9 p.m. EST] DEUS VULT, Explorator Janus
  3. THE DIVINE CONTRACT 5 MENSIS OVENITIUS, 2A78 ARTICLE I: RULES OF OPERATION Our Voices Are Equal: All Lectors of Owyn within the Third Mission shall possess the same weight in voting when making decisions. The Lectorate is a collective of Brothers who have sacrificed their time and offered their lives to the Mission, and thus it is unethical to deprive anyone of equal say. Honor Your Elders: Any and all positions of leadership are designed with the intent of setting precedent for and facilitating the operations of the Cohort. Respect is given to the most diligent, and competence will be rewarded with greater duties. Those who have been entrusted with setting the example should be honored rather than disgraced. Reject Governmental Obligations: All Lectors of Owyn shall refuse to accept positions of power within any Nation, City or Religious institution. Power leads to corruption; it is what doomed the Second Mission. Reject Honorifics Which Demand Responsibility: All Lectors of Owyn shall refuse to accept titles which demand responsibility from the recipient. The exceptions to this rule are titles of benevolence and friendship, which seek to lift the spirit of a Lector rather than prescribe unto them a role in a society. Brothers Before Others: All Lectors of Owyn shall be expected to prioritize the mission before romance and other types of amicable relationships. It is implored that the Lectorate maintain a watchful gaze to avoid the corruption of their Brothers by external influences. Raise No Army: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to refrain from actively recruiting and indoctrinating new Proselytes. In the case that a Lector truly believes that an individual may be worthy of Brotherhood, they may recommend the lifestyle and encourage them to undertake the Path of Owyn and the Novitiate Trials. It is imperative that the Flaming Covenant not attempt to raise an army. Deny Bloodlust: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to act in a calm and intelligent capacity. Therefore, though Lectors may crusade against iniquity, it is imperative that the Third Mission not fall victim to the desire for constant battle and unwarranted death. Refrain From Lawyering: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to understand the essence of the Divine Contract and refrain from using legalist terminology and justification for its violation. Additionally, Lectors shall refrain from engaging in intrafactional politics as it undermines unity and cohesion. ARTICLE II: PUNISHMENT Mockery: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect mockery from their Brothers for the duration of a single year. Leasing: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect their Brothers to lease their services to an ignoble profession for the duration of one year. Nomenclature: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect to be provided with a terrible title or nickname by which their fellow Lectors shall refer to them until the end of time. Blackmarking: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation on a consistent basis, they shall expect to be blackmarked by their Brothers. They will be stripped of their rights and mantle the role of a Novitiate. Possessing no rights, no honor, nor name, they shall only be referred to as “Blackmarked”. Excommunication: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation on a consistent and irreparable basis, they shall expect to be deemed ‘Excommunicado’ by their Brothers and shunned from all Lector activities. Their name shall be expunged and they shall be forgotten. Death: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation to a severe degree, they shall expect to be hunted and slain, banished to the void for their treachery. ARTICLE III: TRIAL In order to receive punishment, a Lector must be confronted by two of his Brothers and accused of violating the Rules of Operation. Once the Third Mission has gathered, the accusers and the accused shall make their case as to why the Rules of Operation were, or were not, violated. The Lectors present, including the accused, shall cast a vote as to whether the Divine Contract was violated. Should the accused be found guilty, they shall be prescribed a punishment befitting the extent of their failure. ARTICLE IV: AMENDMENTS The Third Mission maintains the right to add amendments to the Divine Contract provided there is unanimous support.
  4. LECTORATE OF OWYN 5 MENSIS OVENITIUS, 2A78 MISSION STATEMENT More than an Exalted Year ago a handful of Lectors embarked on a voyage to Almaris with the intent of spreading the Owynist Rite. These men sought to inspire Humanity to become the shield of civilization that descendant kind so desperately needs. The Lectors’ preferred method: to improve one's community and to aid those who struggle against the forces of darkness. The purpose of a Lector is to serve the virtuous, be they noble or layman, and inspire them to better not only themselves but the world at large. A Lector swears upon their very being to spread the faith and to study the blessed World which the Creator had so benevolently brought into being. A Lector vows to never turn their back upon a foe, and to investigate and uproot the profane where they uncover it. To lay down one’s life in the pursuit of upholding the Virtue is the highest honor any man can hope to acquire. ORGANIZATION The Lectorate of Owyn spawned not from the Canonist Church but instead the Greater Flame of Gaekrin, the father organization of Lectors who reside upon the continent of Aeldin. Due to the laws of the territory, it was forbidden that the Church of the True Faith refrain from establishing a standing army of men as to limit the power of the faith militant. As such, the Lectorate’s structure was molded to act as an ecclesiastic monastic order rather than a collection of Holy Knights. Brothers Lectors are taught to prioritize theological endeavors and studies before the martial arts; in this sense, Lectors are intended to be a supportive organization rather than a spearhead. Within the Greater Flame, there exists an Arch-Lector Council whereby prominent members of the organization convene and debate issues pertinent to the Owynist Rite and the Lectorate as whole. Within the Almaris Lectorate [The Flaming Covenant Cohort], all who have obtained the rank of “Lector” are provided a voice within the Lector council and are provided a singular vote. However, before one can obtain this most blessed of titles, one must first prove themselves worthy of the Lectorhood. RANKS Proselytes act as the entry-level layman for the Lectorate. Often consisting of children and those seeking redemption, Proselytes will perform simple tasks such as cleaning and maintenance in order to develop handy skills and discipline. They undertake the “Path of Owyn” and study the Holy Scrolls. Only when a Proselyte has demonstrated adequate knowledge of the Faith may they be advanced to the rank of Novitiate. Novitiates, upon ascension, are immediately assigned to two Brother Lectors who shall act as their mentors, or “Fathers”. Novitiates accompany Lectors on their many missions and, depending on which path they decide to take, they will learn the skills necessary for their future role within the Lectorate. The period of Noviatehood ends upon completion of the Novitiate Trials in addition to nomination by both Fathers. Lectors comprise the bulk of the Lectorate and are oathed after a Novitiate’s nomination is approved by the Lector Council. They swear an oath to the Divine Contract, and agree to the tenets of the organization. Following this, they are made equal to their fellow brothers and shall serve faithfully and diligently in whatever the Lectorate requires of them. Lectors can be identified through their crimson tabards adorned with the sigil of a flaming shield and sword. Lector-Elders, elevated for their competence and dedication to organization, are Brother Lectors who represent and set the example for their respective Lector Path. These brothers act in an advisory capacity to their Arch Lector and establish the expectations for those under their responsibility. The presence of both Elders is necessary in order to establish a Lector Council quorum. Arch-Lectors are Brother Lectors who have been entrusted to establish and maintain a Lector cohort of their design. Nominated and approved by the Arch-Lector Council of Gaekrin, an Arch-Lector is intended to represent the peak of Lectorhood. Incorruptible, mission focused and self-reflective, an Arch-Lector takes responsibility for their cohort acts as its chief executive. The presence of the Arch-Lector is necessary in order to establish a Lector Council quorum. PATHS OF THE LECTOR When one becomes a Novitiate, they are provided the choice of which Lector’s path to take: The Cleric, or the Sword-Bearer. Clerics are Lectors who act as the support wing of the Lectorate. They specialize in the study of the Holy Scrolls on top of other passive support skills such as medicine, history, archaeology, alchemy, cooking, smithing, sanitation, etc. The more prominent and truly devoted Clerics are often offered the chance to become a Lector-Explorator, a role which has a Cleric becoming attached to a cohort as the primary source of knowledge and counsel. This class is indicated its their silver armor. Sword-Bearers are Lectors who act as the rank-and-file of the Lectorate. They specialize in the art of war and all things combative, including artillery operation. The more prominent and truly devoted Sword-Bearers are often offered the chance to become an Inquisitor, a role which has a Sword-Bearer becoming attached to an Arch-Lector to act as one of their personal body-guards and most trusted weapons. Inquisitors undertake a vow of silence; however, over the years, they have developed their own system of communication through grunts. This class is indicated by its ebon armor. NOVIATEHOOD Noviatehood is the period in which an aspiring Lector undergoes training. They are assigned two “Fathers”, either one representing their respective Cleric and the Sword-Bearer class. Novitiates are expected to undertake a plethora of quests while under the close oversight of their Fathers and other Brother Lectors. These quests take the form of tasks representing an aspect of the Cleric and Sword-Bearer lifestyle. Once deemed worthy by their Fathers, the Novitiate will be nominated to the Lector council and will be voted upon for full membership. Lector Cleric Tasks Fortitude: A Novitiate will author a theological thesis and present it to the Brother Lectors. They must defend their position with adequate dialectics in a respectful and productive manner. Diligence: A Novitiate will specialize in a service that will better the Lectorate. They must study this desired profession and display competence in that field, ultimately providing the Lectorate with a new recipe, idea or masterpiece. Patience: A Novitiate will venture to a heathen territory and engage in dialectics with a heathen or heretic with the supervision of a Brother Lector. They must attempt to understand the viewpoint of the heathen and refrain from the wanton giving of offense. Lector Sword-Bearer Tasks Glory: A Novitiate will complete a valorous quest and/or succeed in combat with a display of competence. They must bring glory to the Lectorate and uphold the Virtue when acquiring such. Inquisition: A Novitiate will investigate a local disturbance with the supervision of a Brother Lector. They must accept the possibility of a dead end, and attempt to discover new angles to the case. Leadership: A Novitiate will take control of a Lector Squad for the duration of one Saint’s hour. They must demonstrate an ability to take control of a situation with a calm and collected demeanor in addition to vocalizing and comprehending basic commands. TENETS To adhere to the Divine Contract. To adhere to the Primitive Rule. To conquer ambition. To spread the faith and aid the virtuous. To never raise one’s weapon unless one is ready to take a life. To cooperate in battle and crisis. To respect those placed in authority. To respect just and honorable laws. To spare the truly repentant. To ever endure on the quest for knowledge. To be technically and tactically proficient. To defend tradition. To set the example. HOW TO ENLIST The Lectorate is actively seeking Proselytes. Those who wish to live a life of Virtue and service to the Owynist Rite are extended an invitation to attempt the Path of Owyn, and to showcase their skills. Should one seek to enlist within this sacred Brotherhood, applicants need only provide a resume to the Brother Lectors. Should the intent and background of the individual appear genuine, they will be provided instructions to report to the Temple Fortress of Saint Felder’s Rock. There, the applicant shall be interviewed further by a convened Lector Council and voted upon for confirmation. It is noted that service within the Lectorate is expected to be a life-long endeavor, and cannot be forfeited so easily. RESUME Name: Place Of Origin: Background: Skillset: Reason(s) For Enlistment: RELEVANT DOCUMENTS:
  5. THE TSUTENKAKU REPORT Issued by the Flaming Covenant Cohort 11th of the Sun's Smile, 2A74 In honor of Brother Isaac. PREFACE Tsutenkaku and Takajiro were two fortresses of Eastern origin that formerly resided North-West of Yong Ping. The location was wedged between the Tomblands and the Jade State; it was distinguished by a bamboo forest and lake. Tsutenkaku was the fortress erected on the surface of the continent whilst Takajiro was suspended above via a blood magic circle. The destruction of both strongholds occurred when Takajiro collapsed in devastating fashion on top of Tsutenkaku. The cause has been determined to be a lack of fuel. The result was the release of numerous monstrous entities from the bowels of Tsutenkaku and environmental ruination within the immediate region. The South-West of Almaris has seen years of chaos wrought upon by dark entities. Xionists and Vampires have all sought to prey upon the helpless normals of the world. The Lectors initially came to Luciensburg with the intent of living a purely monastic lifestyle; yet, after Owyn de Vitus’s attack on a local guardsman, the Flaming Covenant Cohort has made its focus to defend the parish and virtuous life. This is the culmination of years of investigation. TSUTENKAKU TIMELINE An entity now identified as THE LAUGHING HAG has existed for centuries. Confirmed to be a turned abomination known as a KIJO, this entity was vampiric in nature and possessed the ability to float upon clouds and teleport at will. This Entity can be identified by their bloody armor, deformed, callous grin and their cosmetic crimson horns. The HAG was first reported to the Lectorate [30] years ago by a group of children known as the “Yokai-Za”. It was said that the HAG sought the blood of these children and that there would be consequences if they reported the incident to any adult. It was also stated that mundane weapons had no discernible effect on the entity. One child, Lex O’Hara, directed the Lectors to the fortress known as “Tsutenkaku”. He claimed its owner, Hirano Tsune, was a Vampire. His claims were further justified by the strange change in behavior demonstrated by Masamune Yukio, another member of the Yokai-za, who had acquired an apprenticeship in the fortress. At the request of Lex O’Hara, the YPA conducted a search into Tsustenkaku helmed by Watanabe Setsuna. The YPA discovered nothing suspicious within the walls of the fortress bar a book labeled “XIONISM” that was given to them by Tsune herself. Yokai-za member Kato Oijin is bitten by an unidentified male Vampire roaming the roads between Luciensburg and Yong Ping. The Vampire is described to have floated upon a cloud. Search attempts failed in apprehending the entity. A Hexer by the name of Grifter identified a fog which indicated a soul prison on the premises. Similar fog was discovered North-West in the Tomblands proper, the home of the Xionist Mystics. Lector reconnaissance identified numerous Mystic actors leaping about the fortress of Tsutenkaku as if they were residents. Hirano Tsune “dies” of old age and is cremated before a crowd. Hirano Nanako, her supposed adopted niece, took control of the Hirano clan with the intent of finishing Tsune’s work. Hirano Nanako is confronted and explains that Xionist actors sought to liberate the creatures lying in the depths of the fortress. Hirano Nanako PASSES a salt test. Hirano Nanako explains to the Flaming Covenant that the creature they were pursuing was known as a Kijo, a vampiric monster of eastern origin. The Kijo is described to be the result of a woman consuming the fruit of an evil “Blood Tree”. These yokai supposedly seek to make deals with descendents for some twisted goal, and possess a great fondness for children. It was also explained that there were Three Kijo, the Sisters, who were truly immortal; the HAG is one of them. The HAG continues to pester the South-West as if it were playing with toys and pets; most engagements are non-fatal. In one encounter, the Flaming Covenant Cohort identified the Kijo’s critical weakness to fire. The HAG fled the scene. Following the destruction of Ando Alur, a similarly floating fortress known as Takajiro appeared to the South-East of Yong Ping. Its owner is identified as Juniper Wick. The HAG engages in a Shadow Game against Lector Isaac, and is defeated in a game of chess. They explain to Isaac their concept of “Cosmic Alchemy”, a synonym for what will later be identified as blood magic. During the Du Locian Flesh Pit Incident, a Third unidentified Kijo appears alongside the HAG when attempting to commune with and feed an extra dimensional being known as the “Gibbering Heart”. The duo are engaged by the Lectorate and flee the scene, having taken the Heart’s brain with them. Hirano Nanako and her Ishiguntai work alongside the Lectors in the detainment and eradication of a vampiric cell located within Yong Ping. Lex O’Hara is identified as a member of the coven and opts to take his own life before confessing to his crimes and/or attempting to clear his name. A fourth unidentified Kijo appears alongside the HAG in an attempt to acquire service at the Boppin’ Scrib Cornerclub, Du Loc. A fight breaks out and the unidentified Kijo is slain via beheading. The corpse and head of the creature vanish; it is presumed that Kijo are truly immortal. Flesh Alchemy is instructed to the Lectorate by Hirano Nanako as a reward for furthering Medical Alchemy and to act as a possible alibi. It is explained that, through alchemy, one can cheat the curse of Iblees. It is also explained how one can make artificial abominations which can take the appearance of people. It is noted that homunculi can resemble already existing descendents. The HAG is confronted by Lectors Danzen and Paco and is beaten in a Shadow Game. As per the terms, the HAG confessed their sins and answered the questions of the Lectors. The HAG confirmed that they were at Dobrov and used blood magic to rip the castle from the continent and transport it elsewhere. It was also stated that the HAG sought vengeance upon Hirano Nanako for having imprisoned them for centuries. The HAG also claims that they used Juniper Wick to infiltrate Tsutenkaku. The HAG is spotted attempting to murder Yokai-Za member Kin in the streets of Yong Ping. The HAG themself is spotted floating, as if defying gravity, linking them to the unidentified male Vampire that bit Lector Oijin. Lector Danzen dialogues with the HAG and convinces them to leave the city, and to not seek vengeance on Kin. Nanako Hirano is spotted fleeing Tsutenkaku, being pursued by the HAG. Nanako Hirano is slain and the HAG is beheaded by a Lector patrol. Though immortal, the creature is stripped of its infernal armor. The Lectorate receives testimony from the Orenian government that a male vampiric entity offered the Empress of Oren immortality. He was described as having floated upon a cloud similar to the HAG and the unidentified male Kijo that bit Lector Oijin. Hirano Nanako manifests into a new body and confesses that they have always been Hirano Tsune. They explain that they used Flesh Alchemy to cheat death and chose the body of an elf to live for eternity without suspicion. Hirano Tsune believes that the HAG is Juniper Wick. A Blood Circle is discovered within the walls of Takajiro by Hirano Tsune; it presumably keeps the castle afloat. The circle radiated mana at an extraordinary level and began to rapidly heat Thanhic weaponry. She claims that it was a timed explosive set by Juniper, in order to destroy Tsutenkaku. Hirano Tsune passes a second Vampiric test. No adverse effects were visible or detected. Hirano Tsune vanishes into the wind. Tsutenkaku is destroyed per the failings of the Blood Powered Circle. Brother Isaac sacrifices himself in order to thwart the tear in reality. JUNIPER WICK TIMELINE Juniper Wick, born of Hanseni blood, moves to Vasoyev after being banished. She is the adopted grandmother of Moliana, former Baroness of Worldzmir. Juniper Wick acquires employment in Ando Alur as the head librarian. Lector Oijin is directed to continue his alchemy studies with Juniper Wick from Solana, an alchemy professor residing within Haelun’or. Following the destruction of Ando Alur, a similarly floating fortress known as Takajiro appeared to the South-East of Yong Ping. Its owner is identified as Juniper Wick. Juniper Wick instructs Lector Oijin in the art of Automaton crafting at the fortress of Takajiro. Moliana confesses to Lector Danzen that she knew individuals who sought to use the material alphabet for magical purposes, using blood as a conductor. These rituals are used to harness powers from beyond and possess the ability to do unnatural things. She asserts that she never participated. This description aligns with the HAG’s explanation of “Cosmic Alchemy”. Juniper Wick disappears for unknown reasons. Hirano Tsune claims that they departed for “sabbatical” and gifted them the fortress of Takajiro. A Lector informant reveals that Moliana made a deal with Kijo to teleport Dobrov to Haense. The informant fears that Moliana had become enthralled and that Juniper and her companion, Nanako, had always sought to corrupt them into using blood magic. A Blood Circle is discovered within the walls of Takajiro by Hirano Tsune; it presumably keeps the castle afloat. It radiated mana at an extraordinary level and began to rapidly heat Thanhic weaponry. A Ghost is dispelled within the Savoyard Palace in proximity to a second blood circle. It damns the name of Juniper Wick’s brother repeatedly. Juniper Wick’s brother is discovered by Lectors in the city of Providence. The suspect fails a Salt Test and attempts to murder Lector Stor. The suspect is dealt with great prejudice. Moliana, per her penance, confesses her sins to the Lectors. Moliana elaborates how she believed herself to be the victim of an Azdrazi kidnapping, only to be rescued by her foster Grandfather. It is explained how her Grandfather and Grandmother were in fact vampires, and had stolen her away from Worldzmir. The Grandfather is identified as Lothar, and the Grandmother as Juniper Wick. Moliana details how Juniper Wick participated in Blood Magicks, which used the Material Alphabet to send coded messages via rituals; bloodied runes would amplify the power of equivalent exchange and the “message” was supposedly sent out beyond the veil. Moliana claims to have been marked with the carving of a Spider, which prevented her from speaking to others what she had seen in addition to forcing her to comply with the requests of Juniper Wick. Upon begging for the mark to be removed, Juniper Wick supposedly conceded to Moliana. She explained to her that she would undertake a prolonged vampiric slumber, and that Hirano Tsune would watch over both she and her holdings. Moliana explains how the HAG possessed ties to Tsutenkaku, and how she possessed no doubt in her mind that the HAG was, in fact, Tsune Hirano. LOTHAR TIMELINE Moliana describes Lothar as her adoptive Grand-Father and ruler of Vasiyev. It is said that he was a Vampire and that he was the husband to Juniper Wick. Lothar signs an advertisement for an auction pertaining to the Vampiric cure. It is assumed that Lothar sought to profiteer on the very disease his kind manufactured. Lothar is reported as having floated about in the Providence Palace before Empress Anastasia, offering immortality. The Empress refused and, according to her own testimony, had the man “slain” either during the encounter or at a different point in time. Following the testimony regarding Juniper Wick, Moliana continued to be pestered by the Vampiric entities who kidnapped her in youth. It is explained that the one who continued to loom over Moliana was not Ostromir Carrion, but instead her Grandfather “Lothar”. Years later, Lothar’s coven cornered Elimar, the husband to Moliana, with the intent of having Moliana slay him in order to prove her loyalty to the “family”. Moliana refused and she and Elimar fended off the five vampiric assailants. Elimar managed to escape whereas Moliana’s fate is unknown; it is assumed that she perished. The household of Worldzmir announces their deaths publically and holds a funeral. Just prior to the attempted murder of Elimar, it was said that Lothar engaged in a boastful monologue whereby he described numerous details regarding Greater Vampiric culture. Lothar described a code referred to as the “Hexalogue” whereby Vampires are sworn into secrecy - those who violated its tenets being considered “exilat”. Lothar also described a process known as “boxing” which saw the immortal beings being stored away in a container of some kind if they betrayed their kind. Lothar also described how members of the Greater Vampiric class can eat one another, and become ostracized and tainted as a result of such. Lothar explains that the LAUGHING HAG was devoured for revealing Juniper. Though there is no way to verify Elimar’s claims, his paranoia, terror and thirst for vengeance was genuine. Elimar passed a salt and aurum test and was checked for the mark of the spider - nothing was found. In addition, it is unlikely that Elimar is enthralled or lying due to his connection to the Aengul Xan. Ultimately, his testimony aligns with what was already explained to the Lectors by Moliana. CONCLUSION Lesser and Greater Vampires Throughout the years, the Lectorate has sought to further its knowledge with regards to the dark creatures of the world. Hexer Grifter aided the Lectorate in pursuing the Striga menace, only for the trail to go cold. Hirano Tsune informed the Lectors of the “Kijo” yokai, making it the up-to-date source despite its shaky origin. However, the “Kijo Concept” is inconsistent with the findings of this investigation and thus has been deemed as an inaccurate classification for both the HAG and Juniper Wick. First, the Kijo Concept is inconsistent with the outbreak of salt-vulnerable vampires, primarily due to the fact that these new creatures could both be male and were unable to float upon clouds. These salt-vulnerable vampires were found to be curable through alchemical, shamanistic and Xannic means. The Lectors thus dub these creatures “Lesser Vampires''. Second, the entities investigated are inconsistent with Lesser Vampires. These creatures were monstrous in appearance, possessed the ability to teleport, were able to float upon clouds and could enthrall others through markings. Every trail left by these vampires led to blood magic rituals. Although these vampires were primarily female, the biting of Lector Oijin and the sighting within the Imperial Palace prove the existence of male variants; these entities cannot be “Kijo”. It is noted that there is no known test for these vampires. The Lectors thus dub these creatures “Greater Vampires”. Lastly, due to the testimony of Elimar, it is presumed that these Greater Vampires - and perhaps all vampires - abide by a code of silence known as the Hexalogue. They can potentially be imprisoned via “boxing”, but the process is unknown. In addition, it seems that these Greater Vampires possess the ability to devour one another; it is unknown as to whether this is a slight or a method of execution. Attempting to question any of the aforementioned individuals will likely result in silence or misdirects. Juniper Wick Juniper Wick is a Blood Magician and likely a Greater Vampire. The Lectorate has confirmed that Takajiro, Juniper Wick’s personal property, was suspended through the use of Blood Magic while she still resided within it. Moliana and the Informant both identified Juniper Wick as Vampire who participated in blood rituals. Further, there is sufficient testimony from both virtuous and evil sources to believe that Worldzmir was teleported via Blood Magic. Though it remains possible that Juniper Wick is the HAG, it is more likely that she is one of the unidentified Greater Vampires. The appearance and disappearance of Juniper Wick is not consistent with HAG activities; likewise, only after Takajiro appeared did the majority of other Greater Vampires manifest themselves. Hirano Tsune Hirano Tsune is a Blood Magician and possibly the HAG. Throughout every twist and turn of the investigation, everything pointed towards Hirano Tsune being a Vampire of some kind. An alibi was provided for every single piece of evidence, to the point where Tsune could explain away their immortality through alchemy. Further, they passed every salt and aurum test. The Lectors of Owyn witnessed Tsune being run down by the HAG and slain; it is noted, however, that the cadaver could have been an altered being, a homunculus, or some kind of illusion. This said, Hirano Tsune indeed possessed a deep bond to Juniper Wick; it is more than likely that they participated in blood rituals and held links to Greater Vampires, both of which were corroborated by the testimonies of Moliana and the Informant. The sudden discovery of a “Blood Circle” within Takajiro was all too convenient after the HAG was questioned. The Lectors would even go so far as to accuse Tsune of being the HAG outright if it were not for the lack of an incriminating vampiric test and the numerous plausible alibis. Thus, though the Lectors cannot prove the certain vampiric nature of Hirano Tsune, we do assert that they participated in Dark Arts and have even confessed to collaborating with Xionist Mystics in order to protect Yong Ping from their attacks. AUTHOR’S NOTE Readers of this document may accuse the Lectors of being lax in their investigation and not being as assertive and/or as ruthless as the inquisitions of prior eras. Though the Lectorate does not disagree, we do wish to elaborate as to why the tactics were such for the investigation. To begin with, the Lectorate is bound by the Divine Contract and is sworn to not interfere in the politics of other nations. When operating within foreign lands, the Lectors of Owyn adhere strictly to the laws and regulations of the territory. Tsutenkaku was both protected and sanctioned by the Yong Ping government through an official treaty. Further, Hirano Tsune served as the Chancellor of Yong Ping for many years, making her a notable governmental official. Had the Lectors sought to terminate Hirano outright without a solid case, it would have clearly violated Yong Ping law and the Red Treaty from which our Brotherhood was permitted to operate. Similarly, the Flaming Covenant believed that to acquire a true victory, the operation of Tsutenkaku had to be uncovered over time rather than abruptly uprooted due to the failure of the Setsuna led YPA investigation. Further, the Lectors deemed it illogical to attempt and slay a creature they deemed “immortal”. Such an impermanent defeat would only encourage the creature to adopt a new disguise, persona or territory to roam. Instead, the Lectors sought to dialogue with the encountered Greater Vampires to determine their morals, beliefs and powers. When innocents or brother Lectors were threatened, the Flaming Covenant did engage in combat. Lastly, we Lectors expect some form of backlash for this document's release. Though our names may be dragged through the mud as schemers plot their vengeance, we Lectors assert that we can sleep soundly knowing we worked in the service of GOD and his blessed endeavors. Should we be destroyed as a result, may the world know that we did our best. OOC This investigation has spanned over a real life year. We are publishing the findings to cap off this year's long journey. Anything that has been reported in this document can be corroborated through logs and screenshots. Please do not harass anyone OOCly due to these findings, it is extraordinarily tacky. EDIT: Removed the term "clone" from the document to prevent any accidental PK clauses from noobs who spout it about... It squeaked by our filters.
  6. LECTOR ALCHEMY PACK II KEEP FIGHTING AGAINST EVIL! CREDIT @Islamadon @Shady Tales @Wowj @venstreni [T1] HANGOVER CURE [OPEN] BACKGROUND Based upon an anecdotal Oyashiman hangover cure, Lector Oijin developed this remedy to act as a quick reliever for young Novitiates and Lectors who frequently engage in solitary/celebratory drinking. The intent was to enable these men to perform their duties with energetic clarity the following day. RECIPE BASE: Maple Syrup Mundane | Clarity x2 Mundane | Heat x1 Mundane | Grace x1 EFFECTS When added to water and sipped slowly this golden brown concoction will cause its consumer to feel mildly warmer while also alleviating a variety of symptoms associated with hangovers over the duration of twenty narrative minutes. These symptoms include dehydration, headaches, fatigue, gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation of the body. NOTE: If consumed without the addition of water, this recipe may lead to further dehydration and body aches. REDLINES Hangover Cure must be consumed with water to receive its benefits without consequences. Hangover Cure is incapable of acting as a meal supplement or a substitute for proper nutrition. Hangover Cure will not act as a source of heat when consumed. Hangover Cure, albeit relieving a body of fatigue, will not boost bodily energy nor restore exhausted individuals to peak potential. Hangover Cure will not alleviate magically induced fatigue. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T1] INSTA-PATCH [OPEN] BACKGROUND Developed by Explorator engineers to aid in the mending of leaking Automatons, this sticky paste was soon discovered to have use in other repairs. Have a hole in your bucket? A crack in your ship’s hull? A draft from your window? A simple application of Insta-Patch will do the trick! RECIPE BASE: Honey Mundane | Rigidity x1 Mundane | Curtailment x1 Mundane | Lethargy x1 EFFECTS Taking the appearance of a dull paste-like substance, Insta-Patch can be applied to a surface in order to fill potential cracks or punctures. The paste will harden and create an air-tight seal [1] emote following application, provided that it is exposed to air. The strength of the dried paste is roughly equivalent to that of a tanned leather; it is durable, but prone to lacerations and punctures. The substance can be removed via tearing or the use of aqua vitae and other alcoholic substances. RED LINES Insta-Patch cannot be used as a throwable potion akin to Tanglefoot. The paste would remain congealed. Insta-Patch cannot be used for long term medical treatment. The paste interferes with the healing of wounds and leaves it prone to infection. This said, it may temporarily stifle surface level bleeding. Insta-Patch cannot be used to suffocate another person by forceful ingestion; the fluids of the throat/stomach would keep it moist enough to not harden. Insta-Patch, if applied over a surface, can be pried off akin to wax. Alcohol will also dissolve the substance. Insta-Patch lacks the durability to keep objects stuck together. Insta-Patch can only provide one application per bottle. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T2] CARTILAGE BRACER [OPEN] BACKGROUND Designed by Lector Isaac who sought to remedy the flaccidness in the ears of one his Elven friends, Cartilage Bracer was discovered to strengthen all forms of cartilage. Through clinical testing, this potion proved useful in asserting the firmness of a boxer's nose and in protecting elven ears from being snipped away by preying angry knights. RECIPE BASE: Bone Broth Mundane | Rigidity x3 Mundane | Endurance x2 Mundane | Connection x2 Mundane | Order x1 EFFECTS When consumed, this light-blue potion would grant enhanced durability and strength [comparable to iron] to cartilage portions of the body for the duration of two narrative hours. Though the flesh itself is prone to laceration and burning, the cartilage itself would find itself acting akin to a strip of metal. Sharpened objects are unable to cut through the affected cartilage, albeit a heavy metal hammer or blunt object may find success in denting/crushing it. REDLINES Cartilage Bracer only grants enhanced strength to areas of the body that rely on cartilage. Cartilage Bracer is unable to reinforce one's throat or bodily joints. Cartilage Bracer does not increase the weight of cartilage. Cartilage Bracer does not grant the ability to make actual knife-ears or noses; it simply hardens the cartilage. Sharpening will not work. Cartilage Bracer makes cartilage able to withstand sharp objects, albeit surface level flesh remains vulnerable to damage. Hardened cartilage may still be bludgeoned by heavy metallic or similarly dense objects such as hammers, maces, clubs, etc. Fists and gauntlets do not meet this requirement. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T2] SCENT MASK [OPEN] BACKGROUND Formulated by the Lector Inquisitorium, this recipe initially sought to bolster the effectiveness of the mundane methods at hiding one’s scent. In clinical trials against monstrosities, it was discovered that adding this substance to mud or other masks was entirely unnecessary as the oil itself masked the scent of man plenty. RECIPE BASE: Lard Mundane | Blindness x2 Mundane | Endurance x2 Mundane | Impediment x1 Mundane | Dark x1 EFFECTS When this murky oil is applied to a person or object, the subject’s scent would dissipate to a neutral aroma similar to the surrounding environment. Beasts (monstrous and natural) and Descendents would find themselves incapable of discerning the scent of the affected entity. When contact is made with water, however, this oil would run loose and the scent would be freed once more. REDLINES Scent Mask renders applied surfaces scentless for the duration of the encounter or RP session. Scent Mask CANNOT be treated onto alchemical filters. Scent Mask will stain the applied object with a murky brown hue until washed away by water. This, in theory, will warn people from unknowingly consuming affected foods. Scent Mask cannot be applied to liquids or gaseous substances. Scent Mask will fail if an ample amount of water is applied to it; casual sweat and crying is not enough to overpower the oil. Extensive sweating, rain, bleeding, water spells, water splashes, etc. will. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T3] EPISTLE SMOG [RARE] BACKGROUND Concocted as a means to aid the Lectorate in crowd control during the infamous Culling of Mort’on, this Explorator brewed vapor seeks to corral wily civilians and potential hostiles. Having been employed to great success by the Owyn’s March Cohort, this recipe found its way to the Third Mission of Almaris by virtue of the Grand Explorator. Its name derives from the Scroll of Spirit’s “Epistles” whereby Owyn admonished the members of Harren’s court and forced them to repent. RECIPE BASE: Onion Juice Air | Chaos x2 Mundane | Death x2 Mundane | Poison x2 Mundane | Rage x3 EFFECTS When shattered and exposed to air, this yellow-hued gaseous concoction would expand rapidly and encompass a 3x3x3 area before expanding to a 5x5x5 area the following emote. Lasting a total of [3] emotes, those within the affected area will find themselves beginning to cough wildly whilst having their vision obscured by tears. This causes aim and focus to deteriorate significantly, leaving those within vulnerable to attacks should they not vacate the affected area. This would disrupt the charging of spells [enchants excluded], the aiming of munitions and effective swordplay. This vapor can be dispersed via air displacement or alchemical filters. It is noted that this gas will cease to obstruct the breathing and eyesight of afflicted individuals should they leave its area of effect. REDLINES Epistle Smog is not fatal under any circumstance. Epistle Smog will disrupt the charging of spells [excluding enchants], the accurate aiming of projectiles and the skill of swordsmen. In essence, one cannot “power through” the sensation to cough and tear up unless they move out of the way or have adequate counters. Unobstructed breathing and eyesight will immediately return to those who leave the area of effect. Alchemical filters, goggles, face masks, and other biological counters [ex. Tawkin Mutations/Siliti] can provide adequate protection from the gas. Epistle Smog can be diffused by means of air displacement [air evocation, etc.] or alchemical air purifiers. This potion is considered “Rare” knowledge and must be learned through roleplay. Requires an ST Signature. [T3] ORGAN MENDER [OPEN] BACKGROUND Developed in response to numerous botched medical procedures, the titular Organ Mender was designed to aid in stabilizing internal injuries without providing unnecessary risk to patients. RECIPE BASE: Mandragora Oil Mundane | Life x2 Mundane | Impediment x3 Mundane | Swiftness x2 Mundane | Order x2 EFFECTS When consumed, this elixir will begin to cauterize and mend minor internal damage that may afflict the body one emote following consumption. The consumer will find themselves being rendered unconscious and left in an incapacitated state for the duration of [1] OOC day on the provision that they suffer from internal injuries. It is noted that although this potion aids in stabilizing internal injuries, this potion will not aid in the repair of vital organs such as the heart or unstabilized lungs. REDLINES Organ Mender will not aid in the repair of vital organs such as Lungs [unless stabilized] or the Heart. Organ Mender will render the patient incapacitated, but conscious, for the duration of 1 OOC day. Organ Mender cannot be forcefully fed to a patient to induce incapacitation unless they suffer from internal injuries. Organ Mender will not aid in the mending of large gaps and/or sizeable holes in the body nor will it repair shredded and removed innards; it is effective in mending puncture wounds and deep lacerations. Does NOT require an ST signature. CHANGELOG: Insta-Patch's durability has been clarified as being similar to that of tanned leather. Insta-Patch has been clarified to provide 1 application per bottle. Cartilage Bracer redline added which clarifies that it will not strengthen the throat or joints in the consumer's body. Cartilage Bracer duration lowered to 2 narrative hours. Epistle Smog duration has been lowered to [4] emotes. Epistle Smog has been clarified as not affecting those who leave its area of effect. Hydrophobic Oil has been removed. Strength Serum has been removed.
  7. VAMPIRISM CURED! 14 MENSIS TOBIALIS 2A59 TO THE ESTEEMED DESCENDANTS OF ALMARIS, The Brother Lectors of Kaer'Lassar are pleased to inform that the clinical trials for ST. HUMBERT'S QUINTESSENCE have been a success. VAMPIRISM HAS A CURE! The Flaming Covenant has dispatched its riders to deliver the alchemical recipe and procedure to every Nation, Settlement and Virtuous Guild. The Brother Lectors shall also provide the cure, and the recipe, to any who make pilgrimage to the Temple of Kaer'Lassar. Let it be known that this is a blessed endeavor and that we Lectors do not seek a price for the knowledge. The identity of the individual cured shall remain anonymous as to not slander their name. The Lectorate extends its gratitude to the following individuals: Doctor Primrose Gendik, for providing the blood necessary for the Human cure. Lhoris the Wanderer, for providing the blood necessary for the Elven cure. The Fisher King Ahng'Lur, for providing the blood necessary for the Orkish cure. The Honorable Garrond Frostbeard, for providing the blood necessary for the Dwarven cure. Lord Quentin Brae, for graciously researching and providing the medical procedure. May the world know this process as "Brae'ing". DEUS MAGNUS, The Flaming Covenant
  8. THE LECTORATE OF OWYN Flaming Covenant Cohort, 3rd Mission PUBLIC PRESS RELEASE REGARDING PHASE ONE CLINICAL TRIALS: ST. HUMBERT’S QUINTESSENCE To the esteemed descendants or otherwise denizens of Almaris: The Brother Lectors of Kaer’Lassar are pleased to inform of a recent breakthrough in our alchemical studies. The Flaming Covenant believes that, through divine inspiration, it has synthesized a cure to Vampirism. Presently, the Lectors have obtained twelve vials of St. Humbert’s Quintessence, three for each of the descendent races. With the discretion of the Lector Council, it has been declared that phase one clinical trials are to commence. Let the message be clear: if you are an infected lesser vampire and you wish to be cured, seek out the Lectorate in Du Loc. You will be extended the full degree of Guest Rite - no harm nor ill will shall come to you. Those who participate in the clinical trials are entitled to one of many compensation packages. Compensation Package I: 1 McBrae’s Combo Meal, free of charge. 50 Minae gift card to the Du Loc Heritage Museum. Compensation Package II: 1 Lectorate’s Living Teddy Bear. 2 Flaming Cohort carriage decal sets. 1 Bottle of Godsflame Cinnamon Whiskey. Compensation Package III: 2 Gibsco Jelly Funk. 1 El Cigarro del Rey. 1 Flaming Cohort Hookah Set [matches not included]. The Lectorate graciously thanks Doctor Primrose, Lhoris, Ahng’Lur and Garrond Frostbeard for aiding in our research and providing blood samples capable of potentially curing these afflicted beings. Should these clinical trials find success, may their names be sung as those who saved their races.
  9. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PONTIFF: DWARVEN AGGRESSION 12 MENSIS HORENITIUS 2A59 Your Holiness, The Lectorate of Owyn writes to inform you of the goings on in the City of Du Loc. For two decades now, we have endeavored to create a bastion of virtue in the South-West of Almaris. We have converted heathens, redeemed evildoers and have earned great many friendships with those we have come to interact and work with. We have always acted with the greater interests of Humanity in mind, learning the alchemical arts in an attempt to both heal and advance our peoples. However, something vile and wretched has occurred in our parish. Clan Ireheart, soaring on the high of slaying Orenians, has deemed it their prerogative to place our parish beneath their stubby heel. There can be no mistake in this matter, for Du Loc has always maintained an irrefutable adherence to neutrality and un-involvement in the greater political sphere. The Clan Father, Bakir Ireheart, has demanded the unconditional vassalizing of Du Loc under threat of razing and the murder of the faithful. They preach peace, yet practice war. We Lectors write to you now not to plead for aid, but to establish a record prior to a Second War of Dwarven Aggression. There remains no doubt in our minds that the Irehearts will attempt to sway the Urguani Kingdom to back their attempts of domination. We doubt they will be met with opposition or admonishment. At what point does Humanity take a stand against this? Du Loc intends to defend home and country at any and all costs, and we Lectors are obliged to defend the parish. Should the city burn, and the faithful along with it, may the world know the truth. May the descendants watch as the first domino is knocked upon. Du Loc may become ash, but the spirit of the virtuous shall live on for eternity. We shall not kneel to those who would still remain shorter than we. DEUS MAGNUS, The Flaming Covenant
  10. The Lectors of Owyn REJOICE as Saint Felder is finally recognized for the defeat of Setherien. A silent prayer is offered for the late Saint Caius.
  11. [!] A missive is pinned in the major noticeboards of Almaris by the hands of crafty crimson monks. TO ASPIRING MINERS AND MERCHANTS, The Lectorate of Owyn is interested in providing to its member Brothers weapons forged from Boomsteel, so that they might wield flaming weapons. However, the supply of such a material has seemingly dried up! Known mines often find themselves destroyed, and the monastic lifestyle of the Lectorate thwarts our attempts from delving into the deepest reaches of the world. THUS, the Lectorate is willing to engage in equitable trade and/or mina purchases of the raw material. Trade negotiations may be performed in person at Kaer'Lassar, with the provision of guest rite, or via letter. Trades the Lectorate may be willing to share includes rare smithing knowledge (Thanhium excluded), weaponry, books, and/or rare alchemical recipes. The Lectorate reserves the right to cease negotiations should a vendor be deemed a malicious actor, a terrorist, or an agent of iniquity. GOD BLESS, The Lectors of Owyn
  12. LECTOR ALCHEMY PACK FIGHT AGAINST EVIL! CREDIT @Letharian @breeni @Titanium430 @Abeam @venstreni @TheBull [T1] SMELLING SALTS [OPEN] BACKGROUND Due to the chaotic nature of combat and crime, Lector Medics deemed it necessary to develop a streamline substance which could aid in the expedient revival of those who were made unconscious via poor circumstance. After all, no one should sleep on the job. RECIPE Base: N/A Earth | Curtailment x1 Mundane | Chaos x2 Mundane | Rage x1 CREATION Mix the “Mundane | Chaos” and the “Mundane | Rage” symbols until they render a coarse powder. Infuse the “Earth | Curtailment” symbols in a vial of Distilled Water. Combine the coarse powder and infused water in a shallow dish; mix thoroughly. Allow the liquid to soak and evaporate over the course of a narrative day. Collect in a vial, paper parchment or container of choice. EFFECTS This substance is salt-like in texture and possesses the ability to revive an individual who is unconscious a single emote after application. These smelling salts are able to do such via their sharp and pungent odor which forces the body to initiate a physical response. It is noted that this substance is unable to revive those suffering from a coma, severe head trauma or magical effects. REDLINES Smelling Salts CANNOT revive someone who is in a coma. Smelling Salts CANNOT revive someone who suffers from severe head injury. Smelling Salts CANNOT revive someone who is induced via magic. Smelling Salts CAN revive someone who is affected by Knock-Out Potions. [T2] FLAMING SALVE [OPEN] BACKGROUND It is written that the Exalted Owyn possessed a holy blade of flame which facilitated the purge of the most holy cities of Edel. For centuries, crusaders have sought to mimic their prophet and thus the alchemists of the Lectorate devised a viscous and volatile salve which enables a method of ignition for both war and utility. RECIPE BASE: Bee’s Wax Fire | Heat x3 Fire | Burning x3 Fire | Rage x2 Mundane | Instability x1 CREATION Heat Bee's Wax on a low heat until malleable; do NOT let it boil. Add the "Fire | Heat", "Fire | Burning", and "Fire | Rage" symbols and mix thoroughly. Once cooled, add the "Mundane | Instability" symbol and mix thoroughly. Add completed salve to a container of the Alchemist's choice. EFFECTS When applied to a weapon or object, friction will cause this viscous salve to burst into flame for the duration of [4] emotes or until its fuel has burnt away. As a result, Flaming Salve has found use in the sparking of camp fires, stage performance and within crusader aesthetics. It is noted that this salve does not burn as hot as other alchemical sources of heat; however, it can render first degree burns, warp metals after repeated usage and spread flame akin to a torch. REDLINES Sufficient friction can be obtained by firmly sliding or grinding the salve onto a surface. Mundane Steel will warp after a single application. Daemon Steel will warp after three applications. Medium and High Density Boomsteel will NOT warp. Flaming Salve is only capable of inflicting first degree burns if weaponized. The flame produced is akin to a torch, thus it will effect creatures weak to fire in the same capacity as a lit torch would. Flaming Salve is unable to cauterize wounds. [T2] ST. AMYAS’ DRAUGHT [RARE] BACKGROUND Conceptualized by Lector Medics due to the need to stave off blight inflicted by Ratiki Rot-Steel and Azhl Anemia, St. Amyas’ Draught seeks to aid the consumer’s body in the fight against infections. RECIPE BASE: Gislocinovi Juice Mundane | Reduction x4 Mundane | Purity x2 Mundane | Life x2 Mundane | Impediment x2 EFFECTS Possessing a base of Gislocinovi Juice, this remedy utilizes the antiseptic potential of Gislocinovi. As a result, those who consume St. Amyas’ Draught would find themselves curbing infection and Azhl Anemia following [5] emotes or thirty narrative minutes, the effectiveness of which is dependent on the severity of the wound or illness. Cleaning wounds remains advisable in order to prevent future infectious flare ups. Side effects may include dizziness and disorientation. REDLINES Wounds require proper medical treatment in order to prevent future flare up. St. Amyas’ Draught is unable to destroy pathogens. When recovering from Azhl Anemia, a day’s worth of bed rest is recommended for optimal effect. St. Amyas’ Draught cannot cure those with chronic Azhl Anemia. St. Amyas’ Draught will make the consumer feel dizzy and disorientated for approximately twenty narrative minutes. [T2] ST. ROBERT’S STOMACH [OPEN] BACKGROUND Initially developed by Lector Alchemists seeking to combat poor Hyspian cooking, this elixir sought to aid its consumer in acquiring an iron stomach for dinner hour. Soon after its creation, Lector Medics found use in the elixir to soothe stomach pains and nausea. RECIPE BASE: Distilled Water Mundane | Impediment x3 Mundane | Peace x3 Mundane | Endurance x2 Ground Charcoal EFFECTS When consumed, one can stomach practically anything for the duration of one narrative hour. As a result, one may find themselves able to consume a stupendous amount of liquor, rancid meals or certain items one might wish to smuggle. Medical practitioners may find use in this elixir as a stomach soother. It is noted, however, that though the body will not reject inedible objects, its stomach and internal organs can still be damaged by them. REDLINES The “Iron Stomach'' is figurative and not literal. Substances containing magical effects wrought by culimancy, enchantments or spells still apply if consumed. Substances containing alchemical, narcotic or alcoholic effects still apply if consumed. Inedible objects retain the ability to damage one’s internal organs, i.e. knives, metal shards, lava, poison, etc. An individual cannot consume more than their stomach can hold. [T3] ST. FELDER’S VITALITY [ST] [RARE] BACKGROUND The result of experimentation by the Lectorate, Saint Felder’s Vitality was intended to provide a counter against nefarious fear magicks and general cowardice. Lector Alchemists believed that such a counter would be a form of liquid courage which possessed an inebriating effect that would allow the consumer to power through fear. However, upon development, it became evident that the tincture possessed unexpected side effects. RECIPE BASE: Blood Lotus Broth Mundane | Rage x3 Mundane | Strength x3 Mundane | Courage x2 Mundane | Endurance x2 EFFECTS When consumed, the user will become highly hostile while exhibiting a shift in their skin tone to a bright red hue. The consumer will discover their fear subsiding and succumbing to wroth as they invariably begin to express their hatred for their paranoias for the duration of one narrative hour or [10] emotes. As a result, Saint Felder’s Vitality, though temporarily nulling fear, causes its consumer to become highly irritable, prone to outbursts and will deprive them of the ability to act with common sense or strategic thinking. The consumption of more than one Saint Felder's Vitality per encounter will strain the heart and result in cardiac arrest. REDLINES Natural cowardice, fear magicks and sensible caution are made null when consumed. The consumer’s flesh will shift to a bright red hue for the duration of 1 narrative hour. Those with darker complexions may simply appear as if they have a fever. The impulsivity and anger caused by the potion would cause the consumer to act first and think later; one would be unable to think strategically, act with common sense or possess an adequate sense of danger. Outbursts include vocal disrespect, physical lashings out, and anger-fueled ramblings. Cardiac Arrest cannot be induced via forced consumption; it is the result of constant strain over time rather than an increased heart rate. Heart Calmer cannot negate this effect. DOES NOT provide berserker strength or enhanced physicality. Requires ST signature. [T3] HOUND’S HOWL [ST] [RARE] BACKGROUND Inspired by the numerous encounters with a particular spectral foe and their trusted amulet, Lector Alchemists sought to replicate the effects of an accursed hex without the use of devilry. RECIPE Base: Aqua Vitae Air | Sound x3 Mundane | Fear x2 Mundane | Chaos x2 Mundane | Curtailment x2 EFFECTS When released, this black-hued and gaseous substance would disperse in a 3x3x3 area and emit an ear-piercing howl which would last for [1] emote. This high-pitched noise would effectively disorient those within its radius for who lack ear protection for the duration of one emote and will disrupt focus based connection to charge spells. The noise can be mitigated via the use of ear plugs or by simply covering one’s ears. REDLINES The thrower, if within the 3x3x3 radius, is affected by the noise as well. The gaseous substance, and noise, can be dispersed via adequate mundane or magical air displacement. Disorientation implies a fight-or-flight response, a physical stun OR a natural predisposition to covering one’s ears. Ultimately up to the player being affected. Disrupting the charging of spells is inapplicable to enchantments. The noise can be mitigated by protecting one’s ears; one can cover their ears prior to the gas being released. Requires ST signature. [T3] TACTICAL GREASER [ST] [OPEN] BACKGROUND Inspired by the tales of Holy Ser Rosencrantz and his scented oils, the Lectorate of Owyn sought to replicate such a lubricant with the addition of further utility. RECIPE BASE: Melted Butter Water | Growth x2 Mundane | Instability x3 Mundane | Agility x3 Mundane | Chaos x2 EFFECTS When applied to one’s flesh or attire, Tactical Greaser would cause the applied surface to become drastically more greasy; this enables one to become highly slippery and difficult to grapple. In addition, this oil can be used to aid in the squeezing between objects or tight spaces provided that one can realistically fit. Depending on the surface and when thrown at the ground, this potion can be used as a greaser to potentially slip opponents in a 3x3 area for the duration of [3] Emotes. The user is warned that moving swiftly may result in them slipping. REDLINES The substance is NOT flammable. Moving at a pace swifter than walking will result in the user slipping unless on adequate terrain (see below). Cannot be used to escape handcuffs, adequate bindings or nets. Cannot be used for FTB scenarios - get your mind out of the gutter. Applied surfaces can be neutralized with the application of water OR dirt, sand or shavings. Tanglefoot is UNABLE to overpower the lubricating effects of the oil if applied prior; the goo would slide off. Cockatrice Breath is ABLE to overpower the lubricating effects of the oil. Arctic Mists is ABLE to freeze the oil. The greaser is ineffective on DIRT, CARPET, GRAVEL or SAND as the oil will be absorbed and/or covered by dust and rocks. The greaser is effective on HARD SURFACES or GRASS. Requires ST signature. EDIT: Reduced ST. AMYAS' DRAUGHT "Mundane | Purity" symbols from 4 to 2. Reduced HOUND'S HOWL "Air | Sound" symbols from 6 to 3. Replaced FELDER'S VITALITY "Mundane | Vigour" symbols with x2 "Mundane | Endurance" symbols. Replaced FLAMING SALVE "Mundane | Burning" and "Mundane | Rage" prefixes with "Fire". Added FLAMING SALVE creation process. Renamed ROSENCRANTZ'S PRIDE to "TACTICAL GREASER" Changed SMELLING SALT'S "Mundane | Chaos x1" to "Earth | Chaos x1" 11/17/21 Added ST recommendations. - Water cannot dehydrate individuals or be applied in a spot more than once ... cannot make a river. - [10] emote duration added to FELDER'S VITALITY; Cardiac Arrest occurs upon second WILLING consumption. Clarified the anger effects. - [5] emote duration added for ST. AMYAS' DRAUGHT to take effect. Azhl Anemia recovery the same as Alabaster Leaf cure. - HOUND'S HOWL confirmed to actively disrupt focus based spell charging. Disorientation lasts for [1] emote. - SMELLING SALTS take effect the emote following application. Sign discrepancy fixed. - FLAMING SALVE possesses the potency of a torch. Medium-High Boomsteel warp immunity added. - ROSENCRANTZ'S PRIDE slip clause added. - Added ST signature requirements to redlines.
  13. B E S T I A * C O N L E C T I A An Owynist Project INTRODUCTION The BESTIA * CONLECTIA serves as the Lectorate of Owyn’s primary source of knowledge pertaining to the profane as it is the culminating product of all other recorded bestiaries discovered by the Third Mission. In addition, the Lectorate of Owyn has seen fit to provide entries and information discovered from personal experience and investigations. The BESTIA * CONLECTIA was designed to facilitate the eradication of iniquitous beings across the continent. The Information provided within is available to all who wish to read it, and the sources for said knowledge are provided thusly. New discoveries shall be added to the BESTIA * CONLECTIA when needed. If one desires a copy of the BESTIA * CONLECTIA, it is requested that they bring their own bindings to the Temple of Ard'Kharyll so that the Lectorate can produce copies accordingly. Currently, there are seven volumes. If one seeks to contribute to the BESTIA * CONLECTIA, they need only inform of us creatures that were left out. CONTENTS Monstrosities Spirits Turned Abominations Necrotics Cryptids Constructs Fairies BLESSED BE THE GUARD WHO IS FORCED TO DEAL WITH THESE ABOMINATIONS! [OOC NOTE: Due to the request of the Administration and our belief in RP, anyone who seeks to use the knowledge within must have access to the BESTIA CONLECTIA in game. Please do not metagame the information provided or cite the forum post as your source; get yourself a copy IRP, it's free! The entries below serve merely as an easy access point for those who already own the texts and don't want to sift through 100+ Minecraft pages for a Vodnik; it is also an advertisement merely to let people know we have copies. Lastly, for any Latincels, it's intentional. EVERYTHING BEYOND THIS POINT IS CONSIDERED OOC!] MONSTROSITIES CAVE LEECH [Poison Type] Description: A leech-like beast which drops down upon unsuspecting targets when in an environment of complete darkness. Some reports assert they’ve bat-wings for flight. Caution: Cave Leeches possess the ability to spew acid with enough potency to render armor useless. Cave Leeches tend to attack in swarms. Weakness: Illuminated Areas, Steel and Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that, when delving in caves, one bring an ample light source in order to dissuade the leeches from attacking. Alternatively, if one sought to brave it, they might find use in Alchemically treated goggles to either enable sight in the dark or to discern the whereabouts of the creature via its heat signature. Cut and burn as needed. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Fergus. COCKATRICE [Flying/Rock Type] Description: A fiercely territorial creature resembling the bastard offspring of a drake and rooster. Their head, long beak and talons appear similar to that of a chicken while their tail and wings resemble a draconic creature. Upon their necks dangles a wattle of flesh which is filled with stone-fluid. Cockatrice varies in size. Caution: A Cockatrice possesses the ability to exhale a thick gray smog which makes stone anything which comes into contact. The beak and claws of the creature are sharp enough to pierce plate armor, and their wings can be used as bludgeons. Steel Weaponry is ineffective in breaking their skin. Weakness: Aurum, Ranged Weaponry, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one engage the creature with a ranged weapon, employing the use of aurum or slayer-steel ammunition. Worthy targets include the eyes, the wing joints and its wattle in order to prevent them from exhaling their breath. It is noted that the best counter to a cockatrice’s breath is to submerge oneself in water until the fog dissipates. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Fergus. CYCLOPS [Normal/Fighting Type] Description: Giant, primitive humanoids with a single eye and intelligence befitting a cave-man. Their clothing of choice usually consists of hides as they lack the technological prowess to properly weave clothing. Highly territorial in nature, Cyclops are prone to great bouts of anger should a descendent trespass into what they perceive to be their home. One can determine whether a Cyclops is in the area by paying attention to the thrashing sounds of shrubs and trees, as well as looking for tracks. Caution: Cyclops possess enormous strength and will use their size to their advantage. They are able to throw large boulders and wield clubs which could easily smash an attacker like a bug. Weakness: Aurum, Fire, Ranged Weapons. Tactics: It is recommended that one initially engage a Cyclops from a safe distance and aim for their singular eye with a ranged weapon. The Cyclops will invariably attempt to use the environment to their advantage and thus it is imperative one remain on the move and not attempt a shield wall. Will’o Bottles have proven effective against these creatures, and will often distract them enough for hunters to close the distance. Aurum is able to cut them - steel has not been tested. If absolutely necessary, Cyclops can be reasoned with and pacified. Source: Lector Activities. ENT [Tree Man] [Walking Tree] [Grass Type] Description: Said to be the spawn of an Elvish aspect giving life to a tree, Ents are towering, ancient and wise tree-like creatures with an attunement for nature. When birthed, these entities are filled with a desire to protect their own kind - that of trees - and will thus act aggressive towards anyone who seeks to harm the forest. They are usually found near sacred druidic groves or ancient trees. Caution: Due to its large size and thick barks, Ents are extraordinarily tanky entities who can crush would-be attackers with ease. Weakness: Axes, Fire. Tactics: When confronting an Ent it would be wise not to engage it with a sword but instead a woodsman axe as, in essence, it is a living tree. In this same vein, the use of flammables to ignite the creature should be effective. Should the Ent employ some kind of magical defense, merely apply Auric Oil to your axe. Source: Elorna Avern. GREAT SPIDER [Magnus Aranae] [Poison Type] Description: A colossal spider possessing potent venom. Their appearance differs depending on the size and genus of the creature. An excess amount of webbing in an area may indicate an infestation. Caution: Due to their increased size, these enlarged arachnids possess great strength, swift speed and durable chitin. They possess the ability to lay insidious traps by spinning their silk. Beware the venom. Weakness: Blunt weapons, Aurum, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one use blunt weapons in order to crush the exoskeleton of the Magnus Aranae. Alternatively, one might choose to use Aurum weaponry to slash and sever the legs of the creature before finishing it off. The underbelly of the beast is vulnerable to attacks; however, you may run the risk of being crushed. Fire via a Will’o Bottle, Flamespitter, Molotov or magicks will also prove useful in crowd control and nest extermination. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Grifter, Lector Activities. HARPY [Flying Type] Description: An ugly bird-like woman with oily flesh and dark feathers. Razor sharp talons adorn their fingers and toes; some have been reported to possess beaks. Caution: Harpies are notoriously aggressive and will attempt to hunt any living creature. They will often hunt in packs and attempt to lift prey into the air before dropping it to an untimely demise. Using their talons, they will seek to attack the eyes, neck or face. It is said that they also possess a cruel sense of humor, and may possibly attempt to toy with a victim. Weakness: Sharp Weaponry, Fire. Tactics: It is suggested that one attempt to keep Harpies at bay using long and sharpened weapons. Due to their oily skin and reliance on nests, it would be wise to set a harpy, or its nest, ablaze with the aid of Will’o Bottles, molotovs or other viable fire-starters. It is said they are deathly attracted to shiny objects; thus, one might be able to set up a trap using a piece of gold as bait. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Falk Irongut. KRUMMAVISUR [Great Raven] [Flying Type] Description: Appearing as a colossal Raven, one can identify the creature via its likeness to the smaller bird and its size of roughly two to three houses. Caution: The primary tactic of the Great Raven is to use their considerable strength to scoop prey and toss them great distances. They will kick the ground in order to draw a cloud of dust to obscure vision. Lastly, they possess the ability to force a man to their knees with the great windy gales they can generate from their mighty wings. Weakness: Sharp Weaponry, Ranged Weapons. Tactics: It is recommended that a party, not a solo-adventurer, attempt and slay the creature. The feet of this creature are said to be vulnerable to easy amputation, thus making it a viable target to strike. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen LEAF APES [Rock Type] Description: A man-sized creature with flesh as hard as stone and bones like concrete. Though strong for their size, they are unable to pierce leather. There are varying reports with regards to their size - some imply that they are small. Caution: Leaf Apes will often claw and bite akin to hellions, and will use their hardened beings to bludgeon its attackers. Weakness: Aurum. Tactics: When using an aurum/slayer-steel blade, one can make swift work of these creatures. An aurum knife and full suit of armor should be prepared in order to engage the creature should it close the distance and attempt to grapple. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Fergus. MAN TRAP [Man-Eaters] [Grass Type] Description: A large plant adorned with a head of verdant jaws which blends in with surrounding foliage. When hunting, they will make use of their large tongues and thorny vines in order to coil about and thrash their prey before reeling them into their razor-sharp maws. They are found often in sunny, open terrain. Caution: Man Traps are virtually indistinguishable from foliage until they attack. They excrete an alluring sap which aids in luring smaller prey, and thus such a scent may indicate when one is the presence of a Man Trap. Weakness: Sharp Weaponry, Fire, Frost, Saffvil. Tactics: Man Traps are immobile and thus the primary danger arises in their vines; a suggested method is to simply throw a Will-o bottle upon the creature or to chop it to pieces. Source: Astmar Grandaxe. MINOTAUR [Normal/Fighting Type] Description: A large abomination of a humanoid which appears the bastard spawn of man and horned cattle. Its head appears similar to the average bull with great horns protruding from the sides of its head. Its legs are bipedal yet, unlike most humanoids, are more akin the shanks of cattle. Caution: Minotaurs possess great strength, speed, and are intelligent enough to use crude weaponry. They will blitz an opponent and attempt to overpower them in a berserker rage. They will tank non-lethal blows with ease. Weakness: Aurum, Sharp Weaponry. Tactics: The key to defeating a minotaur is simply avoiding being charged and hit. It is recommended that one continue to move and whittle down the creature with well placed thrusts towards vital areas. The use of Tanglefoot, Will’o bottles and Acuity Potions will prove indispensable when dealing with these creatures. Source: Lector Activities. SIREN [Mermaids, Sea Maiden, Water Nymph] [Water/Psychic Type] Description: A creature of the sea which takes the appearance of a wondrously nubile woman with large beautiful eyes. They possess slick, smooth skin and long flowing hair. Their skin ranges from murky grey, dark blues and sea greens. The lower half of their bodies are finned akin to a fish, and they have webbed fingers. Caution: Sirens will charm a victim by singing an alluring song and often appear as the woman of one’s dreams to their victim. Behind their closed smile lies a row of razor sharp teeth, akin to a piranha or shark. Weakness: Aurum, Fishnets, Oil, Fire. Tactics: When knowingly engaging a Siren, it is recommended that one bring ear plugs or some other deafening device. As they will seek to charm you from a distance, it is also wise to use a ranged weapon and fish net in order to prevent it from escaping. Plate armor is also useful, in the case you are charmed - it will be difficult for the creature to eat you. Source: Helvetti Bestiary v.2, Yong Ping Siren Attacks. SLIME [Digester, Bloodsucker, Sangbriseur] [Poison Type] Description: An obscene lump of acid which will adopt the idiosyncrasies of their environment. Varying in size, they are most commonly found in wetlands or volcanoes. Caution: Slimes possess regenerative and mimicking abilities. Those slimes who have adopted the traits of volcanic regions will be more difficult to burn, and will likely generate great amounts of heat. In one account a slime was able to take humanoid form in order to pursue its prey. Weakness: Separation and Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one chop a slime to pieces and then burn its remains. Any material left behind will result in the Slime regenerating and the birth of a new infestation. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Vicelin, Fergus. TROLL [Giant, Rockmen] [Rock Type] Description: A large, ugly humanoid commonly found in northern or mountainous reaches and beneath bridges. Trolls have flesh which varies on the subspecies; depending on the type, they could possess soft, hairy, or even rock-like skin. It is our assumption, from various accounts, that trolls tend to act rather child-like and without much cunning. Caution: Their enormous size and weight make them immensely strong, while their flesh may provide unto them greater durability. Weakness: Aurum, Siege Weaponry. Tactics: It is recommended that if one were to hunt a Troll that they bring a party equipped with aurum weaponry; aim for the creature’s legs as their weight will cause them to collapse. If possible, it is suggested that a siege weapon such as a ballistae, scorpion or cannon be utilized. If conflict must be avoided, it is likely possible to negotiate with a troll in order to diffuse their aggression. Source: Helvetti Bestiary v.1, Adeon of Rhoswen. WEREBEAST [Beastmen, Wolfmen, Werewolf] [Normal/Fighting Type] Description: A hairy beast-like humanoid, commonly adopting the likeness of a wolf. Though they can supposedly mask themselves with illusory techniques, they can possibly be identified through their dog-like stench, an excess in hair, aggressive and bold-like behavior, a tendency to be overwhelmed by a strong stench or through the skittering of animals near them. Caution: A werebeast is an exceptionally rare creature whereby little information over the span of centuries has been obtained. It can be assumed they possess heightened senses, strength and powerful teeth. Weakness: Bronze, Aurum, Loud Noises, Strong Stenches, Wolfsbane. Tactics: Very little is known about these creatures, and thus it is assumed that the best way to handle them is to simply keep them at range with an aurum spear, halberd, or other variant pole-weapon. By using particularly strong stenches or flash powder at close range, one can theoretically stun a Werebeast. Sources: Helvetti Bestiary v.2, Grifter, Fergus. SPIRITS HAUNT [Ghost Type] Description: A spirit with blank white eyes who is unaware that they have died. In their minds, they conceive of a warped reality formed from the construction of their memories and delusional thoughts. Haunts will attempt to continue with their mortal life until, inevitably, their veil is shattered as they begin to recognize the signs of their passing. If angered, they may manifest themselves in the physical world as strange noises, voices or physical entities. Caution: Invariably, once a Haunt begins to become aware of their passing, they will evolve into a revenant. Weakness: Aurum. Tactics: A Haunt is a rather harmless spirit as it is unable to interact with the physical world in a meaningful way. Contact with aurum should dispel the entity. It is recommended that one dispel a Haunt before it evolves. Source: Siegmeyer of Cepa. REVENANT [Ghost Type] Description: A spirit with blank white eyes who has become mildly aware that they have died. An evolved Haunt, a Revenant possesses the ability to interact with the physical world and has gained the ability to to float and become invisible. Caution: Invariably, once a Revenant is made aware of their passing, they will evolve into a Poltergeist if angered. Due to the newfound ability to become invisible, Revenants will likely attempt to escape confrontation. Weakness: Aurum, Aurum Filings. Tactics: It is highly recommended that one deal with a Revenant before it gains the requisites to evolve into a Poltergeist. Utilizing mana-detecting oculars may aid in tracking a revenant should turn invisible, though this has not been tested. One must put aside their empathy in order to aid the Revenant in passing before becoming a danger to others. Contact with aurum should dispel the entity. Source: Siegmeyer of Cepa. POLTERGEIST [Ghost/Psychic Type] Description: A Revenant who has been made absolutely aware about their death and who has become malevolent as a result. They can be identified by their reddish coloring and pitch black eyes. At this stage, they become extremely hostile towards living beings and will begin to terrorize civilian populations, Caution: Poltergeists have completely mastered their ghostly powers and have even gained the ability to perform telekinesis. Weakness: Aurum, Aurum-Filings, Exorcism. Tactics: It is recommended that one force a Poltergeist to manifest physically with the use of Aurum filings or Aurum bolts. One should adorn themselves in armor due to the tendency for Poltergeists to throw objects, both blunt and sharp, at would-be assailants. Contact with aurum should dispel the entity; if this fails, one must perform an exorcism. Source: Siegmeyer of Cepa, Fergus. SPECTRE [Ghost/Pyschic Type] Description: A Revenant who has been made absolutely aware about their death yet has taken it blissfully. They can be identified by their bluish coloring and blank white eyes. At this stage, they become rather passive albeit mischievous. Caution: Although normally harmless, Spectres do possess mastery of their ghostly abilities - only using them for pranks at worst. Weakness: Aurum, Aurum-Filings, Exorcism. Tactics: If combat can be avoided, it is recommended that one aid the Spectre in finding a way to rest. If they refuse to leave this plane, however, one must be willing to dispel them with aurum regardless of their friendly and passive nature. Forcing them to dispel with Aurum should make swift work of the creature if they do not attempt to escape. Source: Siegmeyer of Cepa, Lector Activities. AUGUR [Ghost Type] Description: A spirit akin to specters albeit composed of a yellow ichor-like substance. They are created should an individual be truly devoted to Yeu Rthulu and her Thirty Strictures. They levitate, on average, roughly one and a half feet off of the ground. Caution: Augurs are normally armored in plate and are completely immune to fire and electricity while in their spectral form. They possess the ability to manifest into their previous descendent body. Weakness: Unknown - Aurum dispels any spirit. Tactics: Currently, it is unknown whether these spirits are weak to Aurum but it is likely. Should one be forced to engage an Augur, it is recommended that one attempt to use Aurum or use potions while they are in their descendent form. Augurs are reportedly amicable and are impossible to anger; thus, conflict may be avoidable. Source: Revion Tahtron, Siol. LANTERN-HEAD [Ghost/Ice Type] Description: Necrotic, spectral beings which roam the frozen wastes at night. Their faces are an illuminated bright light, blue in hue, with no notable features. As they pass, one might hear incoherent whispers in their mind. Once felled, they will transform into a corpse made of pure ice. Caution: Lantern-Heads, when alerted to someone’s presence, will blind anyone in the surrounding area - even through the cover of one’s hands or clothing. They possess the ability to conjure the arcane and throw spells as weapons. Weakness: Aurum. Tactics: It is nigh impossible to defeat a Lantern-Head conventionally due to the blinding light they emit. The best chance of defeating one is to cover your face with a shield and thrust at it with an aurum weapon from the side. If no suitable barrier is available, it is best to try and remain hidden. Source: Lector Activities. WRAITH [Ghost/Dark Type] Description: A spirit bound to this plane by the trauma of their death and an item of particular importance/unburied corpse. Most wraiths appear as the spiritual remnants of female figures, rotting and bound in rags. Signs that one has encountered a wraith is to determine whether the area you are in has life which has aged to dust, no life at all, or exists in complete silence. The figure of the wraith will appear as floating a few inches off the ground. Caution: Wraiths possess claws powerful and sharp enough to shred plate armor. They are incorporeal unless made manifest with the use of aurum filings/weaponry. Wraiths hold regenerative properties and will eventually reform after temporary dispellation; it requires a banishing ritual to pure permanently. Weakness: Aurum, Aurum Filings, Ranged Weaponry, Ritual. Tactics: It is recommended that when one seeks to engage a wraith they employ aurum filings to force the creature to become corporeal and then finish it off with aurum weaponry. The best defense one can employ is to simply not be hit by the creature. After dispelling it temporarily, one must locate either the corpse or the item significant to the wraith. Wrap and douse it with a flammable mixture containing 2 parts refined oil, 1 part aqua vitae, 1 part camphor; add cleansing herbs - sage, rosemary, wormwood and mandrake. Burn the items and summon the wraith once more by shouting the name they held in life; dispel them once more to banish them completely. Source: Grifter. TURNED ABOMINATIONS BRYOPHYTE [Plant Person] [Grass Type] Description: Very characteristically a humanoid that is also a plant, green hue and all. Bryophytes were once descendents the same as any other yet were transformed by Druidic sorcery. Once transformed, they will retain the appearance of their former life with the caveat that they are now composed of flora rather than flesh. Innately pacifistic, Bryophytes will usually only become enraged should they observe someone destroying nature or its creatures. They are usually amicable. Caution: Despite their frail and peace-loving nature, Bryophytes are able to adeptly master the druidic arts bar Shamanism. Weakness: Sharp Weapons, Fire. Tactics: Ultimately a Bryophyte is merely a descendent that is also a plant. They can be felled normally as one would any other man or woman. Hacking a Bryophyte to pieces or setting it ablaze is the surest way to ensure its demise. Source: Horren Cottonwood. DARK-STALKER [Sword Lich] [Dark Type] Description: A being transformed through necromantic ritual which involves the transference of one’s life force to an object known as a phylactery. Differing from the Lich, Dark-Stalkers opt for a swordsman’s methods and adorn themselves in armor. They will often appear as a corpse or a skeleton. Caution: Despite being swordsmen by choice, Dark-Stalkers possess the ability to wield powerful magicks. They are stronger than the average man and usually possess centuries of combat experience, making them rather adept swordsmen. One account claims that a Dark-Stalker was able to drain their opponent’s life energies; though, it may be the result of other magicks. They will never tire. Dark-Stalkers will reform due to their phylactery unless destroyed. Weakness: Aurum, Blunt Weapons, Divine Magicks, Destroyed Phylactery. Tactics: When engaging a Dark-Stalker, it is recommended that one not do so alone and prepare as if one were intending to defeat an armored opponent. In order to temporarily defeat the creature, the attacking party must penetrate a Dark-Stalker’s armor in order to reach the body beneath with aurum weaponry; blunt weapons may aid in the destruction of a Dark-Stalker’s armor or in the shattering of their frames. Decapitation will ensure its temporary defeat. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a Dark-Stalker will hide their phylactery on their person or even in their lair; regardless, it is imperative that one atleast search for the object so that it might be destroyed. Source: Feanor. FROST WITCH [Ice Maiden] [Fjarriauga] [Dark/Ice Type] Description: A woman who has rejected their humanity in order to become empowered with the properties of Ice and Frost. Much like Sirens, they will take the form of elegant young women (masking their haggardly state) in order to lure prey. They can be discerned via chilled breaths, sharp teeth, frequent perspiration, distaste for males and a favorable view of the cold. All Frost Witches belong to a coven, led by a “Witch Mother”. Should this Witch Mother perish, the Frost-Witches of that coven will lose their powers as well. Caution: Frost Witches are adept illusory magicians and will likely mask their traits to the common descendent. It is said, however, that if one were to see through their illusory tricks then that Frost Witch would be obliged to offer a reward. Weakness: Aurum, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended, when investigating a Frost Witch, that one not look for their signs but instead for evidence related to murder and disappearances involving them. Illusory magicks may lead you in circles, and thus it is recommended that you anchor yourself in the truth of how they react to testing. When cut, they will bleed a slush-like substance regardless of their magicks. They are magicians and can be disposed of as any other necrotic mage. If one possesses alchemically treated Heat-Goggles, one might be able to determine if their core is warm or not. Source: Helvetti Bestiary v.1, Ikail the Witchunter, Gallidron Elindrow, Anya. KIJO [Dark Type] Description: An Eastern vampiric yokai created when a woman consumes the fruit of an evil blood tree. In their true, bestial state, they appear to have razor sharp teeth, grey skin and yellow eyes. They take the form of the woman they were prior to transformation when disguised. In most cases, suspects tend to be either haggardly, old or single women with a great fondness for children. Caution: Kijo, supposedly, attempt to make deals with descendents in order to harvest blood or achieve some twisted goal. Do not make deals with Kijo. They are completely immune to traditional weaponry. Weakness: Aurum, Fire, Dismemberment, Offerings. Tactics: When engaging a Kijo, one must ensure that that they do not strike a deal with it else they may be enthralled or killed. The primary method of dealing with a Kijo is to dismember its being and store its remains in burning pyres akin to standard vampires. It is said that offering the lost spirit of a child (Haunt, Revenant, Spectre) to a Kijo will cause its banishment; this is unconfirmed. Source: Nanako Hirano, Lector Activities. LICH [Dark Type] Description: A being transformed through necromantic ritual which involves the transference of one’s life force to an object known as a phylactery, causing them to become entities reliant on arcane power. They are extraordinarily power hungry and hold great hatred for those who might act as an obstacle. They often appear as a corpse or skeleton in robe-like attire. Caution: Liches are cunning, ancient beings which have devoted many years towards the strengthening of their magical capabilities. Liches will reform due to their phylactery unless destroyed. Weakness: Aurum, Divine Magicks, Destroyed Phylactery. Tactics: When dealing with a Lich it is recommended that one use Aurum weaponry in order to destroy their fragile bodies. It is suggested that one employs the use of Auric Oil in order to potentially dispel magical attacks. Decapitation will ensure its temporary defeat. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a Lich will hide their phylactery on their person or even in their lair; regardless, it is imperative that one atleast search for the object so that it might be destroyed. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen, Siegmeyer of Cepa. VAMPIRE [Vampyre, Strigoi, Blood Drinker] [Dark Type] Description: Likely the result of ritual, Vampires were once normal descendents who’ve since transformed into necrotic beings with an insatiable thirst for blood. Though appearing as normal descendents, they are often gaunt with pale flesh. Caution: Vampires have been reported to utilize thralls as minions and magicks to float and cast evil spells. They maintain the ability to transform into a bestial state, appearing similar to that of a humanoid-bat. It is said that they possess speed far greater than any Man and strength greater than the fiercest Uruk. They can also regenerate, even after supposed death. Weakness: Aurum, Salt, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one utilize numbers to overwhelm a vampire and employ Tanglefoot potions in order to slow them down. Aurum/Slayer-Steel weaponry is necessary in order to halt regenerative properties; following their defeat, one must separate pieces of the carcass and keep them in an open flame in order to prevent them from reforming. To test a vampire, one must cut open the flesh of a suspect and then add salt to their blood. These creatures will feel immense pain and will likely forcibly transform into a bestial state. Source: Helvetti Bestiary v.1, Grifter, Lector Activities, Dame Tavisha. NECROTICS BOGGEN [Dark Type] Description: A dark, slender being averaging around seven feet in height. Their faces appear twisted and wrinkled not dissimilar to the creases found in tree bark. Their eyes are crimson and they possess long, sharp teeth and claws. Adorning the center of their chest is a power gem which gives them life. They are found in dark areas with fog, commonly on battlefields or within shallow graves. Caution: Boggens are pack hunters who will generate fog in order to disorient and separate attackers. Their claws are sharp enough to cut through leather with ease. Weakness: Aurum. Tactics: It is recommended that one aim for the center of their torso so that one might destroy their life gem. In order to prevent becoming overwhelmed, one should engage Boggens with a well disciplined and armored party. Ocular devices which can detect mana may prove useful in their projected fog. Source: Otto Wittenbach. FLESH PIT [Dark/Bug Type] Description: A mass of rotting viscera lodged comfortably in the ground with tendrils that are able to shoot out in an attempt to grapple and devour prey. Should a descendant become afflicted with its harbored parasites and perish, they will be added to the mass of the Flesh Pit. At its core lies a beating heart which, upon destruction, kills the creature. Caution: Flesh pits are extraordinarily tanky and can easily take on numerous opponents at once. Flesh Pits possess the ability to summon bug-like minions which can tear at armor and spew acid. They can infect a descendent if they burrow into the base of one’s skull. Weakness: Explosives, Sharp Weapons, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one acquire a party and attack from numerous angles with the intent of burrowing into the pit itself so that its heart might be destroyed. The use of blasting potions on the heart is essential as to ensure that it does not regenerate or reform. Source: Lector Activities. GIBBERER [Dark/Fighting Type] Description: A necrotic being formed from a mutated and plague-bearing corpse. Infected individuals will appear insane and are adorned with hives. Once the infected individual dies, their body will rapidly mutate into a Gibberer. Bone-Blades protrude from their hands and they’ve razor sharp teeth. Their innards are on display for all to see. Caution: Gibberers are highly aggressive and possess the strength to dent and even pierce plate armor. They use their bone blades to scale walls with ease and will hunt nearby afflicted to spawn more of their kind. Aurum and Holy Magicks have no effect on the creature. Weakness: Fire, Conventional Weapons. Tactics: When combating a Gibberer, plate armor is a must to ensure that you are not torn to shreds instantly. It is highly recommended that one use fire to eliminate these creatures, either through enchantment, heat oil or Will’o bottles as they have been proven to be highly flammable. It is recommended that one aim for the torso or disable its limbs in order to defeat it conventionally. Source: Lector Activities. MORGHUUL [Ghoul] [Dark Type] Description: A soulless undead creature raised through necromancy with the sole purpose of serving its master. In order to retain their strength, they must feed upon living beings; if they do not feed they grow weak. They are commonly found adorned in light-weight attire due to their lacking strength. Caution: Although a Morghuul can be felled, their deaths are by no means permanent; as long as they hunger, they will rise once more and hunt. Morghuuls do not suffer from pain or mental anguish. Weakness: Aurum, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one aim for a Morghuul’s head with Aurum weaponry in order to slay it swiftly. Alternatively, one might ignite it with a Will’o bottle. It is recommended, after the fact, that one totally cremate its corpse so that the time of regeneration, if even possible, is extended greatly. It is unknown whether cremation will prevent a Morghuul from rising once more. Source: Siegmeyer of Cepa. NECROPHAGE [Zombie, Skeleton] [Dark Type] Description: Simple roaming undead with either a fleshed or skeletal appearance. They possess strength equivalent to a grown farmer or greater. They frequently roam about areas of frequent fighting or malice. Caution: Necrophages are invulnerable to pain and will continue attacking until they are destroyed. In packs they grow exceptionally dangerous. Weakness: Aurum, Fire. Tactics: Necrophages are standardly simple creatures to destroy; using aurum one can make swift work of these necrrotics as one could any man. aim for the neck or head. Ultimately, if engaging a horde, it is best to use fire as a means of crowd control. Source: Adeon of Rhoswen. VODNIK [Drowner] [Dark/Water Type] Description: A parasitic creature spawned by profane magicks. The parasite (vodnik) will invade a corpse (drowner) which has been left in water, causing it to mutate into a slimy and green necrotic. They possess sharp claws and teeth. They can be found roaming river banks or dwelling underneath the banksides or in caverns near a river. Caution: Vodniks attack in packs and possess the ability to paralyze men with potent venom which can be transmitted via their claws and teeth. Prolonged exposure to this venom can lead to organ failure, sepsis and likely death. Avoid confrontation in water. Weakness: Aurum, Blunt Weapons, Fire. Tactics: Vodniks are incredibly fragile creatures; thus, it is recommended that one simply cleave with long aurum blades in order to make swift work of Vodnik packs. Conflicting accounts say that the parasite of a Vodnik is located in the brain or in its heart; either way, the destruction of the parasite results in the destruction of the creature. Treatment for venom, as there is no known cure, includes leeching and disinfecting of the area. Source: Siegmeyer of Cepa, Fergus. CRYPTIDS BIG-FOOT [Magna Pede] [Normal Type] Description: A large and hairy ape-like creature with huge feet and a taste for ribs. Discovered in the Southern forests of Almaris, this creature acts relatively benign and appears out of curiosity rather than malice. Normally, it flees when approached by others. There has not been a recorded violent encounter with this creature. Caution: Due to its size, it can be assumed that it possesses great strength and may use its feet to stomp and crush any attackers. Weakness: Fire, Aurum, Sharp Weaponry. Tactics: Should Big-Foot become violent, it is recommended that one attempt to ablaze his fur with any means of ignition. If this does not make the creature flee, it can likely be felled through conventional means. Should one seek to locate Big-Foot, the use of alchemically treated heat goggles may aid in locating it through camouflage and flora. Source: Lector Activities CHUPACABRA [Capra Comedenti] [Dark Type] Description: A Hyspian legend which details small, patchy and canine-like necrotics who hunt domesticated creatures in the night. They’ve crimson eyes and thin spikes which protrude out from their spine. It is believed that they are feral vampires as farmers reported that they discovered their fallen livestock to be drained of all their blood. Caution: Much like other Vampires, it can be assumed that Chupacabras have heightened reflexes and strength. Due to their comparable size to a dog, it is likely they can hide in places we humanoids cannot. Chupacabras can likely regenerate akin to a vampire. Weakness: Aurum, Fire, Salt. Tactics: When hunting a Chupacabra, it is recommended that one leave livestock out as bait so that one needn’t search the creature. Once lured, you can throw a net at the beast or shoot it with aurum weaponry from a safe distance in order to disable it. Once slain, keep its carcass in an open flame so that it will not regenerate. Source: Padre Paco de Mantequilla MOTH-MAN [Hominem Lepidoptera] [Bug Type] Description: A pitch black humanoid with great moth-like wings and glowing red eyes. It appears randomly at night, usually in forested areas. Farmers have reported livestock disappearing whenever this creature is spotted. Caution: Like most airborne creatures, it will attempt to use altitude to gain an advantage over its prey by scooping them up into the air and dropping them. Additionally, its black figure gives it camouflage in darkness. Weakness: Aurum, Ranged Weapons. Tactics: When engaging Hominem Lepidoptera, one must anticipate its flight paths and use aurum projectiles in order to shoot it from the sky. At night this becomes especially difficult and thus one is recommended to use alchemically treated goggles or to track its glowing red eyes. If one has enough time for preparation, they may find use in a net or tamed Magnus Aranae in order to trap it. Source: Ard’Kharyll Archives SKINWALKER [Pedestrem Pellem] [Dark/Ghost Type] Description: An undead, shamanistic being with red eyes who is able to take the form of various creatures and men. Other sources indicate that they are parasitic beings which possess fresh corpses and use bodily mutations to morph them into any form they desire. Caution: Skinwalkers possess great morphing capabilities, and thus they may attempt to disguise themselves with local wildlife to evade hunters or morph into deadly beasts in order to kill them. Weakness: Aurum, Fire. Tactics: When dealing with a Skinwalker, it is recommended that one deal with their forms on a case by case basis and defeat it conventionally. Leopold of Marna indicated that in order to defeat a skin-walker, one had to destroy the parasite. Applying auric oil onto one’s weapon may or may not disrupt their ability to mutate as it has yet to be tested. Source: Ard’Kharyll Archives, Leopold of Marna. WENDIGO [Dark/Ice Type] Description: Towering and gaunt humanoids with glowing eyes. Usually, they appear as antlered bipeds with legs akin to a deer or horse. They are most commonly found in icy plains and forests, and will usually make their presence known through a chilling howl/cry. Caution: Wendigos possess the ability to conjure ice, blizzards and fog. Weakness: Aurum, Fire. Tactics: It is recommended that one use aurum or slayer-steel weaponry when engaging a Wendigo, preferably from some distance. The application of Flame Oil onto a weapon or the throwing of Will’o bottles may also prove useful in igniting and burning the creature. It is recommended that one prepare warm clothing prior to entering the icy wastes. Source: Ard’Kharyll Archives, Ando Alur Library, Lector Activities, Fergus. YETI [Nix Simia] [Ice Type] Description: Large and hairy ape like creatures with white fur and sharp claws found in Northern and snowy reaches. They are rather muscular and howl wretchedly when their territory is impeded. Caution: Yetis possess extraordinary strength for their size and will likely attempt an ambush. Weakness: Fire, Aurum, Sharp Weaponry. Tactics: When encountering a Yeti, it is best to prepare a means of igniting the creature’s fur as it will frighten them and force them to act defensively. From there, one can engage them as they would any other bipedal creature until they are felled. Source: Ard’Kharyll Archives, Lector Activities. CONSTRUCTS ATRONACH [Steel/Varying Elemental Type] Description: Creatures made of metal, harnessed from the void and paired with a type of voidal evocation. Their color, size and shape varies depending on the tastes of its creator. Regularly they must be recharged with more mana at a focal point. Caution: Atronachs possess the ability to cast spells as any descendent can, if not more powerful due to their voidal nature. These spells will be dependent on the type of evocation they are bound to. Weakness: Auric Oil, Blunt Weapons, Elemental Weakness. Tactics: When confronting an Atronach, it is highly recommended that one make use of Auric Oil. Though blunt weapons are viable when struck against their core, Auric Oil acts as a direct abjuration to voidal enchantments and spells and will likely dispel the Atronach in a few blows. Source: Lector Activities, Quentin Brae. DREAD-KNIGHT [Dark/Steel Type] Description: A highly malicious animated suit of armor bound by blood runes. They are filled with an unquenchable hatred for Descendents and will hunt until put down. Caution: Dread-Knights possess incredible strength and are nearly impossible to truly incapacitate as there exists no body to harm. Weakness: Aurum, Blunt Weapons, Grappling Hooks, Lined Harpoons. Tactics: When confronting a Dread-Knight, it is highly recommended that one form a posse equipped with blunt weapons and harpoons so that they can bludgeon, hook and peel the creature’s armor. Should aurum make contact with their runes, they will become inert. It should be destroyed completely in a high heat location, such as a volcano or forge. Source: Ando Alur Library, Fergus. GOLEM [Rock Type] Description: A large humanoid construct dotted with runes. They can be made of any inanimate material and will have varying designs and colors dependent on the tastes of their master. At their center lies a magegold core which acts as their power source. Caution: Golems possess immense strength and relative invulnerability; they are great allies and terrifying foes. Weakness: Auric Oil, Blunt Weapons, Great Falls, Immense Heat and Watery Depths. Tactics: It is recommended beyond all other strategies that one coat their weapon in auric oil as it will enable the wielder to cut through Golems like a knife through warm butter. It is imperative that one aim for the magegold core in order to destroy the construct. If auric oil is unavailable, it is recommended that one chip away at the construct with blunt weapons and/or lure it into pit traps. Sources: Adeon of Rhoswen, Grifter. HUNTERS [Stone Construct] [Rock Type] Description: Akin to a specter yet adorned with armor, it is said that Hunters are rogue golems who were programmed to hunt dangerous magi. They’ve since changed the parameters of their hunt to any who wield magic, regardless of morality or intent. Caution: Upon death, a hunter will explode and send shrapnel flying in all directions. Weakness: Aurum, Blunt Weapons, Auric Oil. Tactics: It is recommended that one use blunt weapons to bludgeon a Hunter if they’ve no Auric Oil or aurum on their person. Auric Oil, in conjunction with Half-Swording, should make swift work of the creature and may even dispel the creature from exploding. Aurum weaponry has also been noted to weaken the creature Source: Adeon of Rhoswen PALE-KNIGHT [Rock/Ghost Type] Description: Bluish-Green golem-like necrotics which consist of a soul bound to a suit of stone and eternal sorrow. They are created when Mystic magicians sacrifice a live soul and transform it into a large stone which is then adorned with armor. Caution: Pale-Knights are said to possess strength equivalent to that of an Olog and are golem-like in nature. As such, it is best to avoid direct confrontation lest one wish to be overpowered Weakness: Aurum, Blunt Weapons, Auric Oil. Tactics: Due to their stone-bound armor, it is uncertain whether aurum itself can harm a Pale-Knight unless the exterior is penetrated to reveal the spirit within. It is recommended then that one coats an Aurum weapon (Spear/Arrows/Bolts/Longsword) with Auric Oil in order to disrupt the constructs mana akin to a golem. If neither is available, the best method would be to bludgeon and chip away at the construct. Source: Ludwig FAIRIES BEASTFOLK [Cervitaur, Satyr, Sylvian] [Normal/Fairy Type] Description: Hybrids of beast and man who are empowered by the Fae Realm. There are many varieties of Beastfolk and they can be identified by the type of animal they resemble. Cervitaurs have the body of both elk and man, antlers protruding from their heads. Satyrs have the torso and face of a man while having the hooves and horns of a goat. Sylvians are squat beings with sheep-like features. Minotaurs are elaborated in the Monstrosity section as they are the most violent. Caution: These creatures are often pacifistic in nature or are little more dangerous than the average man. It can be assumed that their animalistic bodies may provide them with advantages in terrain, speed or power should they attack. Weakness: Pacts, Music, Food, Traps, Conventional Weapons. Tactics: Due to their benign nature, one can usually form a pact with these creatures. For both Cervitaurs and Satyrs one can earn their fellowship through the playing of music. Sylvians, on the other hand, can be tamed with offerings of food or booze. They can be slain by conventional means. DRYAD [Grass/Fairy Type] Description: An elven woman who heeds the call of the Fae and has merged themself with a tree that was grown to be hers. Caution: A Dryad functions similarly to a Bryophyte, and thus it can be assumed that they possess the ability to cast druidic spells and/or control the flora around them. Weakness: Fire, Axes, Auric Oil. Tactics: It is recommended that one simply attempt to ignite a Dryad with some sort of flammable, preferably a Will’o Bottle or spell. Alternatively, one might use an axe (coated in Auric Oil for maximum effect) in order to chop it to shreds. Source: Seer Barley. GNOMES [Pixies, Fairymen, Dwedlings] [Fairy Type] Description: Believed to be the spawn of the fae realms, dwarves or even fungi, Gnomes are reportedly mischievous and miniscule creatures who conduct pranks on descendents. Caution: Although rather harmless, gnomes are often mischievous tricksters who will attempt to deceive you and/or pester you to madness. They may orchestrate your demise and make it appear as an accident. Weakness: Totems, Mallets. Tactics: It is said that in order to ward a Gnome from pestering one’s property one must secure an owl totem upon their roof as gnomes will mistake it for a genuine bird of prey. Should one locate a gnome, however, a mallet or the bottom of one’s boot may prove indispensable in eradicating the creature. Source: Helvetti Bestiary v.1 IMP-FOLK [Imps, Gremlins] [Dark/Fairy Type] Description: Magical and enigmatic sorcerers of the Fae realm who wield powerful and alien magicks. They pass between realms upon nights with a full moon in hunting parties; those they capture are rarely seen again. They target the young and innocent. Caution: Imps have bizarre interpretations for exchanges; for instance, if someone were to admonish their child an Imp may believe they were willing to trade them away. If one looks an Imp in the eyes, it is said that they will submit to the Imp’s control. Weakness: Traps, Auric Oil. Tactics: Ultimately, it is unknown how to properly deal with these magical creatures. It is said the best way to handle them is to capture them and defeat them in a challenge; should this be accomplished one should garner their favor. Auric Oil may prove useful in dispelling their magicks with the assumption they’re mana-based. Source: Seer Barley. KELPIE [Water/Fairy Type] Description: A beautiful and mythical steed with a rear of an aquatic creature. They can supposedly be summoned by casting a golden rod and hare into a lake. They are predators, although it is said they can become eternally subservient if one were to steal their saddle. Caution: Kelpies will entice strangers to ride upon their backs with the aid of Fae spells. Once mounted they will return to the water so that they can submerge their rider and calmly drown them. Weakness: Nets, Sharp Weapons, Auric Oil, Ranged Weaponry. Tactics: Much like dealing with a Siren, it is best to deal with a Kelpie in a party by preparing a summoning ritual and trap. Once the creature emerges, cast your net upon it and defeat it conventionally. It is imperative that one prevent their comrades from mounting the creature. Source: Seer Barley. LEPRECHAUN [Draiochta] [Fairy Type] Description: Wish-granting Faes of short stature and schemes. It is said that they have nigh-divinity or are perhaps the avatars of the aspect’s children. Leprechauns, if one were to serve them, are said to grant boons and wishes and are commonly found after summer rains. Draiochta are the evil variant and will feign benignness for one’s servitude and eventual betrayal. Caution: It is near impossible to determine which variant of the creature one is encountering; this said, they cannot tell a lie and it is wise to heed everything they say as potentially deceptive or literal. Weakness: Wit, Traps, Auric Oil. Tactics: Leprechauns are dangerous purely due to their ability to outwit descendents. Overall, the best way to deal with these creatures is to ignore them. If one is forced to attempt to defeat them, a course of action would be to attempt and outsmart them or to trap them. It is unknown whether conventional weapons will be able to harm them - however, Auric Oil could act as a direct abjuration towards any strange spells they might cast. Source: Seer Barley. SPRIGGAN [Grass/Ghost Type] Description: A tree spirit bound to protect the place or grove from which they were grown, summoned by and subservient to a Druid. Oftentimes they display high aggression towards those who would seek to disrupt their peaceful home whereas they will be passive towards those who respect it. Caution: It is likely they can cast druidic magic and control nature. Weakness: Aurum, Axes, Fire, Auric Oil. Tactics: Much like any other spirit, Aurum will likely have an effect. Coating one’s axe in Auric Oil may also prove useful in dispelling the creature. Flame has not been tested, but like most natural creatures it can be assumed fire would have an effect. Source: Seer Barley. TREE-LORD [Grass Type] Description: A Druid who has succumbed to the Fae and has since become one with the wilds; they transform themselves from mortal to fairie. Should they be slain, it is said they will regrow in the coming spring. They are normally consumed by madness Caution: Tree-Lords can be assumed to have knowledge of Druidic spells. Their flesh has become wood and they have since achieved immortality, making conventional weapons rather useless. Weakness: Fire, Axes, Auric Oil. Tactics: Although described as pacifistic, one can remove a Tree-Lord temporarily by chopping them down through conventional means; though, they may simply regrow. Burning would prove useful against their wooden flesh. Source: Seer Barley. UNICORN [Licorne] [Fairy Type] Description: An extremely rare and magical pure white steed which has a singular twisting horn adorning its forehead. It is said they are drawn to young women with pure, incorruptible virtues. Caution: Unicorns may possess magical abilities via their horn, and may gore would-be hunters with a well-placed headbutt. Weakness: Sharp Weaponry, Auric Oil. Tactics: A unicorn is merely a magical horse and thus one only needs to locate it in order to slay it. Should the legends be true, it may be prudent to locate an unsuspecting and pure woman and observe her until a Unicorn makes an appearance - implying it would ever make one. Auric Oil may be useful in dispelling the creature should it possess combative magicks. Source: Helvetii Bestiary v.1 WOODLAND FAERIES [Fairies, Sprites] [Fairy Type] Description: Childlike creatures believed to originate from the Fae world, Faeries dwell within the woods of the Descendents and cause mischief wherever they go. They are said to possess the ability to make themselves invisible. They are said to be found in clearings during dawn. Sprites, in turn, are found at dusk. Caution: Fairies and Sprites, although not malicious, are a threat to young children who are easily lured and awe-inspired by magicks. Sprites, in particular, may lead a child away from home using a trail of flowers and leave them in the woods to perish unknowingly. Weakness: Loud Noises, Sage. Tactics: It is said that sage provides a potent stench which wards Fairies from entering one’s household; windchimes may generate a jarring sound to the distaste of Sprites. Ultimately, they are too small and discreet to combat effectively. One may attempt to trap them with a jar. Source: Helvetii Bestiary v.2.
  14. The Lectorate prays for their new Vicar, intending for him a glorious and stable tenure.
  15. LECTORS DECLASSIFIED: FALLEN COHORT VOLUME III - BEACH DAY BLUES NOTE TO READER Any events mentioned within this document have already occurred. The Archives of Third Mission have deemed this information available to the public; REDACTED information will be noted as such and shall imply potential compromise to operational security. RECAP A few days after the incident in Providence, the Third Mission returned to the KAEDWYN to speak with the Wise Brother. It is explained by Arch-Lector Galway that the agents of the [REDACTED] were a corrupt sect of Lectors from Gaekrin and that they sought the devil masks themselves. The Wise-Brother instructed us to prepare for our Northern trek, and that we would be accompanied by an Inquisitor. After docking at Camp Ember we sought to aid our Brothers in their labors - we had nothing better to do. A month prior, Luciensburg had been entirely destroyed by Chulk, the Putrid Demon Prince, and we were now homeless. When we sought to aid Brother Damon with his tedious labors, a large and jagged boulder soared through the air towards our position. Two Cyclops, a mother and child, sought to avenge the death of their beloved Bludhor. Brothers Oijin and Sigismund dealt with the enraged mother, setting it ablaze with Godsflame and striking true until it was no longer a threat. Brother Dante, however, opted to subdue the child as it was no larger than a man. Brother Dante forced the creature to submit when he severed its flexor tendons. Our Brother explained his intent to give the beast to the men of Owyn’s March so that they might use its strength to aid in their labors, as well as to ensure that it was no longer in the wild vowing vengeance. It was then that Quartermaster Emyael demanded that the creature be slain post-haste as was a monstrosity, going so far as to even shoot a bolt towards Brother Dante. A fierce debate ensued which drew the eyes and ears of the camp. Ultimately, those within Camp Ember favored the opinion of our Brother: Man must master nature and should not fear its monstrosities; glory awaited not within the safety of a camp but instead outside, in the World. The Arch-Lector too was drawn to this battle of convictions, finding great satisfaction in the words of our Brother. The Wise-Brother ordered the creature’s hands severed and enslaved, destined to drag crates and supplies for the remainder of its life. It was then that the Third Mission truly began to see the wickedness which would befall our Wise-Brother. Galway deemed Emyael was unfit for duty and a spy for the [REDACTED]. Without a trial the Arch-Lector drew an arbalest and shot Emyael directly in the head, ending him. The sadist grin on Galway’s face remains plastered in the minds of our Brothers to this day. We offered a prayer and departed, sensing malice thickening in the air. It was then and only then did Spearman Sam emerge from the woods as to warn us: Galway was not to be trusted.
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