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Found 2 results

  1. [!] This missive would be hung around as many nations’ board as this writer could go to Vikela Traiteur Beswen! (Vikela needs Doctors!) Esteemed Practitioners of Aevos, I am Walter Blanc, Tèt Medic Ofisyè nun Vikela. I write this missive to all in hopes of finding fellow practitioners who fancy a new location, or another location on their list where they can work as a doctor. The categories of the experts of medicine that are needed are as follows: - Medic nun Caden: This subcategory of medic solely focuses on the combat, high-risk scenarios. Critical thinking, sharp reactions and steady hands are necessary for this field. As one can speculate, this branch will be in close contact with the Military of Vikela. - Medic nun Mundane: This subcategory focuses on mundane medicine. Anything that does not require more than falling under the intermediate competence scale of medicine. As a bonus, they may work with herbs, salves, and etc. Essentially anything that is not alchemical, or of arcane origin. - Medic nun Magi/Arcane: This category solely focuses on injuries/treatment that involve elements of arcane. Beginner/Intermediate Fire Evocationists are a great example for this category as they are able to cauterize wounds. They will be in close contact with the Minister of Magic. - La Traiteur: This category is mainly for the doctors who fall under the expert/advanced competence level. From alchemical salvation, to maximizing their equipment to the fullest of potential. If interested, do send a bird to yours truly, or come by Vikela and find me in the clinic. Signed, Son Altesse Éminente, Tèt Medic Ofisyè, Konso Walter Blanc de Vikela
  2. *Within the Human Kingdoms and near the Roads by the Cloud Temple there can be found a few small posters that contain the following information.* The Brotherhood of the Red Cross The Short History of Our Order The Order began in Anthos when a young Lord by the name of William Darkstar was knighted under the Holy Order of the Red Dragon. He then proceeded to help defend the capital against insurgents and rebels. However he watched as the Knights proceeded to cause injury and death, yet would do nothing to help those who were left dying in the streets. While he would not challenge the Imperial Crown nor his own Order he still felt his duty as a Knight to help those who sorely needed his aide. During this time there were a few doctors spread about the land, many of whom were alchemists and persecuted by the Imperial Crown for 'heretical practices'. He met with them privately giving them protection for their time and knowledge. In the years to come he had obtained a balance of swordplay, alchemic, medical, and tactical knowledge. He became a battlefield medic, and just in time. During this time creatures began to invade the Empire, and sickness plagued much of the land. He and others would bring sick and wounded into the Church in order to help them through their sickness and injury and perhaps even fix and cure a few of them. He then began to take on a few apprentices. While he did this he took the Red Cross for his personal sigil and traveled around as a Medic Knight. However he was but one man, and had few followers. He became very poor, and lost much of his prestige as a lord and knight. Deciding that he needed time alone he left to lands unknown, but gave his apprentice, by name of Renart, the challenge to bring together what he could not. Brother Renart traveled the land of Anthos hoping to find other like minded men, in order to create a Brotherhood of Man that would spend time to help better their fellow man through health and service. The Three Branches There are three branches within the order led by the Magni Magistri or the Grand Master. The paths of the Vestis, Ensis, and the Tincturam. Currently there are few members, and therefore the Three Branches are suspended, currently all membership is watched over by the Magni and Brother Renart until the Order is fully alive. They are searching for men with the skills in the art of Medicine, Protection, and Alchemy in order to create a true brotherhood to serve Man. Current Socio-Politico-Religious Information While this is a Brotherhood of Holy Monks and Knights, this brotherhood takes men from all walks of life as long as they swear to uphold the ideals of serving and protecting their fellow men. They serve God and in that serve this truth, but they treat all religions with respect. They deny no race nor creed, but they mainly serve within the Human Kingdoms. For Those Who Wish to Join Those wishing to join may send a letter to the Tavern in Abresi near the fountains to contact Brother Renart and the Magni Magister. Please include your race, year of birth and current age, talents within the areas of Combat, Alchemy, Medicine, and Healing Magics, any other talents such as cooking, farming, or blacksmithing, where you live if you have a home, and any other allegiances or titles you may have. Most of this is for the future of the growth of the Brotherhood and some of it is for documentation purposes. It is my sincerest hope that any unaffiliated doctors, medics, alchemists, and even Knights please do consider the brotherhood for the sake of your fellow man. Remember Knowledge is power and power should be used to help your fellow man, not to harm it. -Brother Renart
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