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    Walter Blanc, William, Thaedas Koa Viola
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  1. MC Name: 6Dark Persona name: Walter Blanc ID: 81989
  2. Walter sat in the Chaephyra Clan Residence's ground floor, sipping his tea while reading the invitation, an impressed expression was concealed behind his mask, "You have done it again, dear Medea. Such marvelous news." He let out a relieved sigh as the efforts that she made were finally paying off "How bad of a friend would I be if I missed this important occasion, of course I will be attenting." He spoke to himself before getting up, tapping his cane on the ground.
  3. Walter would look at the letter that he has written with pride, puffing out his chest as he heard Medea's yelling, replying back with a calm manner "I wrote the letter with same care and precision that I do with my other writings, I do not seem to be finding this as a big deal. Tis but a trivial matter!" He said as he put down the letter, shrugging
  4. 6Dark


    Keaka Shurien was born in a small hut near Oren. As a child, he would often practice his swordsmanship with his father in order to survive. He had a peaceful life, he was happy with his family, he was doing well in his sessions with his father, all was good for him until the day he hit 11. Both of his parents left him that day due to severe poverty which left them no chance but to sell their child. He was sold to an old warrior from Morsgrad and he continued his training with him. His mentor trained him in the way of a Rouge, quick on his feet, and friends with shadows. He lived with his mentor for 6 years before his mentor died of his old age and left a note for Keaka. The note was his final task. It said, “Find where your heart belongs to in this unholy world, and help others so they won’t share the same fate”. Which brought the town Morsgrad to his attention. He now wishes to honour his mentor and find where he belongs to in this world.
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