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Found 2 results

  1. ENCYCLICAL LETTER PAX DEI ET TREUGA DEI PEACE AND TREATY OF GOD OF THE HIGH PONTIFF EVERARDUS SEXTUS Addressed to the Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and all the lay faithful. For the Cause of Martial Cessation and Unity Throughout Canondom HIS HOLINESS EVERARD VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD. “You will know him, for with peace he gathers the sons of Horen, where the sword has divided them.” (Gospel 7:53) Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. Before We were elected to inherit the laurel of the Exalted, Our predecessor High Pontiff Tylos sought to further unify the Canonist princes in their shared faith. His mission was a unified front of all such sovereigns, to serve as a deterrent to heretic and pagan invaders of Canondom, and to bring peace between Canonists. We share Tylos’ dream, to bring peace to all descendents of Horen through our shared faith in God, for our God is peace, as Our predecessor Jude II made known in the Encyclical Letter “Deus est Pacem”. It is for this reason that We applaud the work of Our Princes in Hanseti-Ruska and Savoy, for their treaty of peace and defense, grounded in their shared identity as brothers in God. We are reminded of the words of Johan Cardinal Allobrogum during a sermon on Canonist unity, “Let all men set aside their swords, and work to build love between Canonist brothers and sisters”, as God intended. We are also reminded of the words from the Scroll of Auspice, “And by God’s will I redeem you of your failures, and send you to work Peace upon it.” God is peace, and by this treaty, Hanseti-Ruska and Savoy come ever closer to fulfilling the will of God. Therefore, building upon the fraternal love between the Canonist Princes of Hanseti-Ruska and Savoy, and following the example of Our namesake Everard IV, We declare the Peace of God, that no arms be raised against our brethren in humanity and the Church. We extend this proclamation to protect all Canonists: the meek, the civilian, men and women of the Church, and their property. All adversity and hostility are hereby condemned under penalty of admonition. The will of God for His chosen people is supreme, and those who act in defiance of this declaration condemn themselves to the Void. Furthermore, We declare a Truce of God, reaffirming Our Church’s standing prohibition on armed conflict between the levies of Canondom. We are all called to remember who our true enemies are: not our brethren in God, but rather the heresies and evils of Iblees. Henceforth, let it be known that disagreements between Our people must be solved through law and consultation, and that the Church makes herself available as a mediator when it is necessary. Heed that none among us ought to be filled with wrath; those who strike first, rejecting the will of God shall be rebuked and damned. To Our clergy: Your service has never been more important. Our God is Peace, Love, and Mercy, and it is we who must deliver that message to our flocks. We offer a spiritual wealth for which there is no worldly substitute. When you work, do so with the knowledge that We go with you. To Our laymen, know that We work for the greater good of all Canonists, that the will of God, and therefore of Peace, shall be realized and come to pass. The quadricentennial of the Revelation of Exalted Sigismund shall soon be upon us. During this most holy year, let us pray for the strength to seek Peace in all things, to show Mercy to those who have wronged us, and to Love our brothers as we love ourselves. Written in and published from the Pontifical Residence in Karosgrad, given to all Our flock on the 17th of Sigismund’s End/17th of Joma & Umund, in the year of our lord, 1846/399 ES, the eleventh of Our Pontificate. ☩AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM☩ FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD UNITATEM IN DEO, THE VICAR OF GOD Sanctitas, Papa Everardus Sextus
  2. THE CONVERSION OF ROZANIA An artist’s depiction of the baptism of William Buckfort and his council by Everard VI, c. 1836. Pontifical couriers would spread throughout the Canonist nations, leaving bulletins on Church notice boards for all to see. “To all Our faithful, We are pleased to announce a new member to Canondom, the Duchy of Rozania. Duke William Buckfort and members of his council were baptized by Us at a ceremony in Corazon, witnessed by Vladrick Cardinal Nescia and the Lord Commissioner of Savoy, Lomiei. All freely confessed to sins committed before their conversion, and then were baptized in the Holy Waters of Gamesh. We are excited by this expansion of Canonism, and hopeful that faith will continue to spread through the good works that Duke William will do in the name of God. We are, however, aware of accusations that the Duke is undead. Let Us put these to rest here and now. The Duke is niet undead, nor should he or his people be treated as heretics and pagans. They are Canonists, brought to the light by the Holy Scrolls, the Exalted, and all the Saints in the Seven Skies. Any further aggression against them shall be viewed as a disruption of the peace between Canonists that God demands, and shall be treated as such. ☩UT BENEDICAT TIBI DEUS OMNIA☩ GOD BLESS YOU ALL Signed, HIS HOLINESS EVERARD VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD”
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