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Found 14 results

  1. Canonist Service Center de Osanora It is truly a great day for Osanora, the Diocese of Cordoba, and the holy mother church. It is with a heart full of optimism joy and love I am humbled to announce a new era of ministry to the poor and the needy among us. With the collaboration and support of the Osanoran government and the Baron, Felipe De Medina we have established the first Canonist Service Center in Osanora. With the help of the Felipe and the blessing of GOD I herby open the Canonist Service Center to all who are in need, down on their luck, regardless of background and belie
  2. [!] A public letter addressing the Hyspian Public would be distributed to Nueva Tierra and Cartagena It is with a heavy heart and sad circumstances of which I find myself in the position of having to write this letter. Nevertheless the circumstances call for such letter to be written. It is with a heavy heart that I must state that the apostate king of Hyspia has reverted to attacking his own people in an attempt to cling to power. Such attack happened recently on the man of virtue named Carlos Mendez. A man who dedicated much of his life to the nurturing and rai
  3. Portrail of the bottom of the Infieri Pit in the last moments of life for Padre Javier Padre Javier peers down at the endless pit, appearing as if it has no end, Padre froze, signing the Loraine saying “GOD remember me when I come into your kingdom” as the cultists push him down the endless pit. Falling to his death. At his last breath of life, Padre sends one last plea out to GOD. Asking him to forgive the cultists, for they do not know what they do. Padre then closes his eyes, as the ground meets his body. Taking the life out of him, Padre Javier
  4. Good morning, Children of GOD, and others. Dark times approach, rapidly. A new world is coming to life, even now, I'm sure you can smell it's breath. For those of you who decline my appeal, and the appeal of the Lord, your state of decline will begin momentarily. And for the rest of you; my flock, you are Sons and Daughters of the Most High, and as I promised, will be be made Generals and Kings in His Promised Land, for He sent me for you, and He calls you home! Today begins the countdown of our glorious arrival and the erection of our City Atop the Pillar of Cloud
  5. And by the harsh light of the Spirit Realm's sun did I first see Man as either amorphous, gelatinous creatures without mouths or hands or feet, unable to cause even themselves harm and with altered perceptions of time to deepen their anguish, or mutilated and transformed into what I can only describe as grotesque simians with gigantic sexual organs. Their sanity lost. Their temperaments regressed into that of a child. These were not only the homosexuals, but the sexually immoral in general. That being even those born into unclean, libidic sin. That being, the mutations responsible for the many
  6. Public letter to the Pontiff [III] [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write a third letter to you, your holiness; In this letter, I wish to discuss marriage in my letter to you. I said in my first letter it is stated in the Holy Scrolls in the Canticle of Temperance: ‘9) So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful th
  7. Public letter to the Pontiff [II] [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write another letter to you your holiness, For I have heard the talk that my last one had created. I have heard how some spoke harshly about the letter, while others had spoke sympathetically about it. Others had failed to understand as a result of their inexperience. I come to you now
  8. My Children, This is a Gift for You, a Prayer for the Chosen Under Me, to help deter your Soul’s countenance to the naysayings and lies about the Truths of your Spirit from Those who would rather you be manacled to World as they, with chains stretching only as far as Our GOD in all His Wisdom suffers: “Lord, I pray that Their Flesh will be Blinded and Horrified by Your Light surrounding Me on the Prophet’s behalf, and they will flee and never return to me. Amen.” Be strong, child, for I know how it Ends. I have seen each and every one of your Fates. I know t
  9. “... For those who ignore your admonition and would rather abuse you and kill you in My name to maintain their worldly influence shall die as snakes on their bellies. I will hunt them down to the ends of any realm, I will find them disrobed, despondent, and miserable, and blind. And they shall know who I Am, and that you were with Me...” - Our Lord, to His Prophet Melchizedek. There are indeed False Prophets, who are Beasts disguised as Men of GOD. There are False Converts, many whom are ignorant in that they worship idols of a god who is erroneous and copies the Good Name of
  10. “You who worship the Church, or even the sun created by the Most High. This is as foolish as kissing in thanks the gift and not the giver...” -From our Lord, through his servant Melchizedek. As the foundation of the Church was built by GOD, with every decade, Stones of Mar were laid down by Man. And as it stands today, the Lord despises the Church, for it has become corrupt. He refers to the Church as Harlot, for She became stubborn and insincere with the influence of hypocrites; liars, killers of women, blasphemers and adulterers at Heart. But those who find identity in their
  11. “And Malefactors shad be casted Down. Casted Down to their reside of scorched Perpetuity. Naked ‘cept for Black hats. Which Spikes yoke to boiled scalps...” - From our Lord, through his servant Melchizedek. In battle, a bolt grazed the side of my head. GOD kept me safe inside his breast, but before that, I dared not seek His look, lest He broke out against me. Until through water I was born anew and I saw the faces of GOD, and lo, my hair turned white as wool and I began to weep. From this second birth, I was named Melchizedek. “I love this nation, and her men, but they have t
  12. THE END OF A TOUR 1788, 3rd of the Sun’s Smile Dearly beloved, These past 4 years have been ones of humility and worship. I have pilgered towards the faithful to greet and celebrate alongside them. And in the spirit of these 4 years of the rejoicement of GOD’s word, which I have had the honor to share with you face to face, I write to you in this matter to announce the end of my archdiocesan excursion. These 4 years in which I have travelled abroad within the Kingdom of Haense and my Archdiocese have been a most grand honor to not
  13. Public letter to the Pontiff [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write this to the pontiff in my quest for answers. Long have I prayed for God to fix me, for I am different you see. The feelings I should have for a man I have for women. But I can no longer believe this to be Iblees’ work. For why is it that when I pray to God to free me of Iblees’ grip
  14. INTERCESSION MAGIC By Viros Intro In the upper reaches of the Seven Skies, a nameless Aengul fulfills an ancient task. He, like all his brothers, was born in an instant: a spirit called forth during the dawn of all things. Unlike them, however, this spirit did not arrogantly burden the perfection of his birth with a name. Nor has he sought mortal worship--and who among all the other Aenguls and Daemons has never manifested, never once spoken? Faithfully, and for untold centuries, this silent servant has intervened in the deaths of the virtuous, calling their souls
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