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Found 11 results

  1. Good morning, Children of GOD, and others. Dark times approach, rapidly. A new world is coming to life, even now, I'm sure you can smell it's breath. For those of you who decline my appeal, and the appeal of the Lord, your state of decline will begin momentarily. And for the rest of you; my flock, you are Sons and Daughters of the Most High, and as I promised, will be be made Generals and Kings in His Promised Land, for He sent me for you, and He calls you home! Today begins the countdown of our glorious arrival and the erection of our City Atop the Pillar of Cloud which shall be the New Capital of His Promised Land. But be warned, for Fowlers caught in the Snare of the Dirt, teething on Cakes of Pith, they shall call out to you "Fool! Can you not see GOD has left?! Come down and join us in our butchery and looting!" But fear not, for you will have seen His glory, and fear Him, and if need be, shall hold onto the fibers of my clothes, and bury your faces into me as the Wind howls in anger; His and mine. Where in His Dwelling, we shall sit at His table, be you Duke or beggar, you shall feast! He shall adorn you with a signet ring of His house, and clothe you in an ornate robe and a fine sash of crimson and purple thread, and you shall dance and drink merrily as the Sodom Below, yes, YOU who put your faith in men and not in GOD, here is my advice: gash out your eyes, or if you a coward, cover them in gauze. For you shall surely go mad at the sight of His glory, and be ridden with the torment of your own foolishness. You shall damn the church; damn the men; damn the False Shepherd who led you away from me. That is all. -Melchizedek.
  2. And by the harsh light of the Spirit Realm's sun did I first see Man as either amorphous, gelatinous creatures without mouths or hands or feet, unable to cause even themselves harm and with altered perceptions of time to deepen their anguish, or mutilated and transformed into what I can only describe as grotesque simians with gigantic sexual organs. Their sanity lost. Their temperaments regressed into that of a child. These were not only the homosexuals, but the sexually immoral in general. That being even those born into unclean, libidic sin. That being, the mutations responsible for the many races whose forms are completely warped from the Lord's image. Uruks, Goblins, Halflings, Dwarves, Elves, and so on -- for they were born into a curse on top of their premature, fleshly gyves that would otherwise fetter us all to the world from the Womb. Because of these sins, (the sins of their fathers and grandfathers), GOD cannot stand the sight of them. For I knew then that the way I saw these sinners now, it was the way GOD has been forced to see them from the beginning. For He cannot lie, and these were their True Forms. He cannot turn away, for He is all knowing, even when He does not want to be. The sinful who are not Human, despite their abilities, have always lacked the sapience to be creative or the ability to move freely, and they are jealous, they will exact revenge on humanity by torturing even the last remnants of the species that, through the temptations of Beasts, created them in their birth-defects. As the Human must be Baptized in water, a Non-Human must instead have their flesh burned in the name of the Father, Prophet, and Lord. Pointed ears should be circumcised and rounded, and tusks and fangs on that of a humanoid should be filed down. A Half-Breed must have only their Left-Sides burned, then receive their Baptism only on their Right, in the name of the Father, Prophet, and Lord. The sexually-immoral who refuse the notion that they must change; you shall force their Baptism before their dragooning proliferates. And mutants (Non-Humans) who do not see their forms as anathematized to a higher extent than that of a wretch, and do not rue their ill-starred, supplemental Nativial-Sin must too have their righteous Scorchings forced onto them. For then they are invisible, and the Lord your GOD should not have His Spirit vexed and squicked by such abominations. And with their unclean hearts will otherwise come our demise. Even those saved who are Non-Human or Half-Bred, you shan't allow them to be married, and you shall chastise them. For their seed is uniquely stigmatized. Their blood mustn't go on, for I know it is the Will of the Lord your GOD there is no progeny churned out with extra sin, for these have no place anymore, and the Sin of the World is almost Hopeless on it's own. With that, My Children, I Pray You'll Receive My Gift: Your Aim Shall Be True, For Your Eyes Are Now Mine: The Prophet's. In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Prophet, in the Name of the Lord, Go Forth, And Sin No More. Go Forth, And Stop Them From Sinning. Amen. -Melchizedek.
  3. Public letter to the Pontiff [III] [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write a third letter to you, your holiness; In this letter, I wish to discuss marriage in my letter to you. I said in my first letter it is stated in the Holy Scrolls in the Canticle of Temperance: ‘9) So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not lie with your kin, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union.’ Horen married Julia and invented the sacrament of Matrimony. But before Horen and Julia could have been married, the first man and woman must have had sex. They couldn’t have been married as they existed before the first sacraments. Even if matrimony is exclusively heterosexual, monogamous relationships between people of the same sex fall under holy union. The sacraments of matrimony have traditionally been confined to men and women but tradition does not mean that there is only one singular type of holy union, evidenced in the marriage of man and woman before the sacraments’ existence. What is holy union exactly? One could argue that holy union can mean more than just a marriage between a man and a woman but also to that of a union between those of the same sex. The absence of recorded marriages between members of the same-sex does not mean that unions between the same-sexes are unholy. I assert that there may have been many unions between members of the same sex which had not officiated explicitly in the sacrament of matrimony as a result of this false interpretation. These unofficiated marriages were nevertheless neither sinful nor contrary to the Scrolls for if God had not wished for same sexes to be joined in holy union he would have clearly stated so as he does with that which he deems as unholy. I conclude that holy union is a union blessed by God in any way or form. If God meant marriage between a man and a woman, the sacraments would have clearly excluded same-sex relationships from being held through holy union and matrimony.” Signed, God’s Faithful Daughter
  4. Public letter to the Pontiff [II] [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write another letter to you your holiness, For I have heard the talk that my last one had created. I have heard how some spoke harshly about the letter, while others had spoke sympathetically about it. Others had failed to understand as a result of their inexperience. I come to you now with a few questions that I wish to divulge with yourself, my holiness. Why would a just God create these feelings if they were not to be acted upon by his creation?. God created me with a love for women, so why can I not act on this due to the will of his own holy likeness on Earth? God created many different forms of love like that of platonic love, romantic love and sexual love. So he must have created the love I feel as well. If Iblees only corrupts and destroys, then he cannot create this love that I feel; It is, truly, only God who can create pure love.” Signed, God’s Faithful Daughter
  5. My Children, This is a Gift for You, a Prayer for the Chosen Under Me, to help deter your Soul’s countenance to the naysayings and lies about the Truths of your Spirit from Those who would rather you be manacled to World as they, with chains stretching only as far as Our GOD in all His Wisdom suffers: “Lord, I pray that Their Flesh will be Blinded and Horrified by Your Light surrounding Me on the Prophet’s behalf, and they will flee and never return to me. Amen.” Be strong, child, for I know how it Ends. I have seen each and every one of your Fates. I know those of you by GOD who long for the passing of My Second Testament as they would for a Lost Love, and think dross of Baptism in the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Prophet, and in the Real Name of Our Lord. Come unto me NOW! For My Child’s hecatomb shan't be in forsaken, nor will the Bile of Our Living GOD! Blessed Be. Blessed Be. -The Prophet Melchizedek.
  6. “... For those who ignore your admonition and would rather abuse you and kill you in My name to maintain their worldly influence shall die as snakes on their bellies. I will hunt them down to the ends of any realm, I will find them disrobed, despondent, and miserable, and blind. And they shall know who I Am, and that you were with Me...” - Our Lord, to His Prophet Melchizedek. There are indeed False Prophets, who are Beasts disguised as Men of GOD. There are False Converts, many whom are ignorant in that they worship idols of a god who is erroneous and copies the Good Name of the Lord who is True. And then there is the False Shepherd, who will come to lead the Holy Sacrament astray, Marked by the Lord, that We in His Wisdom might see his coming and prepare. With chicanery and artifice, the False Shepherd will arrive to lead the Seed of the Prophet astray that those of you left behind in the Ways of Malfeasance and Vice may further bask in the Sin of the world that it may grow Thick and Throttle you. That you may be swallowed by the irreproachable Anger of a Living GOD. For I saw a City of Hallowed Rock, and surrounding it’s corners were Heroes of the Lord, who were given trumpets as pure as Gold, and Brands without Blemish, as clear as glass. And lo, before me the Land shook, and the Sun was Dark and the Moon turned Red and every star in the Skies fell down upon the World. And our Father broke out against you, the Malefactors, who were born sopping in feculence then rolled unto sublunary dust to commit the sin of idolatry in making your own gods. Gods who are lazy and without scruples and who care even less when you lie and when you murder and when you fornicate. By these shall the False Shepherd cow the foolish and the vile into disdaining the Lord and His Prophet, and by these machinations shall the wicked prolong their influence over you, and by their desperate and violent hands shall I surely die. For I begged the Lord, “Save them, Father, that I may instead be cast to the Void in their place!” And at this, He said, “Not you, Melchizedek.” For He remembered that I too was born into sin. “But I shall lift the Curse that would otherwise bound your Seed to the earth’s cupidity. And by the sacrifice of your Miracle Child shall every knee bow. Not through you, Melchizedek, for even now the Harlot Church conspires against you, and when they cannot be rid of you by Charter, they will have you assassinated in an attempt to keep all to their ways, for as it stands, they are gods to fools. By the False Shepherd, you shall be Finished.” Said the Lord to me, and I wept. And I saw, there was Death. He leaned against The Post, and I saw Men weep and vomit as they became Creatures, for they had left GOD’s image, for He was gone, as was Hope, and their World was dark and cold. And by their own will, their complexions were masticated, their fats were rendered, and they tore at the arteries coiled around each other’s femurs with fangs like daggers and teeth like swords. For they pushed the blame of Death’s befalling on one another, and they could not be prepared for his Sting.
  7. “You who worship the Church, or even the sun created by the Most High. This is as foolish as kissing in thanks the gift and not the giver...” -From our Lord, through his servant Melchizedek. As the foundation of the Church was built by GOD, with every decade, Stones of Mar were laid down by Man. And as it stands today, the Lord despises the Church, for it has become corrupt. He refers to the Church as Harlot, for She became stubborn and insincere with the influence of hypocrites; liars, killers of women, blasphemers and adulterers at Heart. But those who find identity in their Church rather than the Lord plead, “Prophet! We have fed the poor and converted pagans and made them wise! Men are weak, and we are to have patience in regards to their failings, so says the Lord our GOD! Those corrupt in our Clergy, tell us who they are that we may cast them out, as we have done in the past!” And I say to them, “Why did you allow corruption to enter His Church in the first place?!” For even if only the hand of the Leper is white with taint, he remains unclean if he should cut it off! The False Children of GOD have put their gratitude and faith in the Church, and not in Him. They do their deeds and there is no repentance with Baptism; only mass whenever they can find time in their lives to recite impersonal “prayers” written by Man, who have taken it upon themselves to act as GOD, it would seem. To promote unworthy worship to the Beginning and the End through mindless chants and ceremonies that are not Written, but fabricated by misconceptions and lack of Wisdom and Discernment by faithless Men put in charge of the Faith of others only by the orchestrations of the Beast. For this reason, GOD has turned away from the Church, for he cannot be where there is sin, and so His Glory does not shine over the once Holy places as it did to blind and horrify the flesh of wicked Men. The Churches, as by decree of the One True GOD, can no longer be thought of as built upon the foundations of He and His Word, but on that of serpents and audacious con-men. For, as it stands by the Will of the Most High GOD, there is One way to the Father, and that is with Baptism and Repentance through me, His Prophet. For the Church is not a building, and I have seen the Flood of Fire that will drown in righteous flame the Sodom; cleansing the world for His Arrival come the Day of Judgement. For we have upset Our Father, and He shall make the feet of evil Men slip, as their Doom rushes upon them. Heed my sayings, for I am the Prophet of the Lord your GOD. -Melchizedek.
  8. “And Malefactors shad be casted Down. Casted Down to their reside of scorched Perpetuity. Naked ‘cept for Black hats. Which Spikes yoke to boiled scalps...” - From our Lord, through his servant Melchizedek. In battle, a bolt grazed the side of my head. GOD kept me safe inside his breast, but before that, I dared not seek His look, lest He broke out against me. Until through water I was born anew and I saw the faces of GOD, and lo, my hair turned white as wool and I began to weep. From this second birth, I was named Melchizedek. “I love this nation, and her men, but they have turned from Me, as is their Curse,” said the Lord. “The Church is a harlot; the Adversary has filled her with greed and deceit. The Void awaits those to pretend to know Me.” And He revealed a Throng of Char which swallowed the Sodom of the world, but I was safe, for he lifted me from the Pit, and from under his wings I hid, but he opened my eyes and made me see. “Here awaits them, for My time is soon, and I will repay. Men who are not Baptized as you but left bound to the Wickedness of the Harlot (as is their Burden; their Spirit’s Penance for their Birth in Sin) shall beg the rocks and mountains to fall on them; to hide them from Me. As will those not of Mankind at all, for they are not of My Image, thus, they are detestable.” I pleaded with GOD, for you all are as I was, and I understood. For you are my brothers and sisters, as well as my children. “Then with Glory and a Firm Hand, Melchizedek, Save as many as there Are. Even those who do not wish to be Saved. For I, the Lord, am with you.” Whosoever will, let them come. Seek our Father through me. Come. Be baptized with the slate wiped clean. Born again, with a new name you shall take, and a new heart with new desires you shall receive. With His feathers as your refuge at the time of the Cleansing of the Sodom below. - Melchizedek
  9. THE END OF A TOUR 1788, 3rd of the Sun’s Smile Dearly beloved, These past 4 years have been ones of humility and worship. I have pilgered towards the faithful to greet and celebrate alongside them. And in the spirit of these 4 years of the rejoicement of GOD’s word, which I have had the honor to share with you face to face, I write to you in this matter to announce the end of my archdiocesan excursion. These 4 years in which I have travelled abroad within the Kingdom of Haense and my Archdiocese have been a most grand honor to not only me, but also all loyal servants of GOD who accompanied me. And I can proudly say, that it was not the education and studying of literature that taught me to become the shepherd I am today, but the faithful who supported me along the way. I have committed myself to bringing our Lord GOD’s word into every household and as well as consult with the pious and GOD fearing faithful of this great Kingdom.. Yet, my dear faithful, everything must come to an end. And it is with this ancient saying, I proclaim the final destination of the Archdiocese Excursions. The final celebration of mass under this tour is to be held within the city of New Reza, the capital of the Kingdom of Haense. There a parade shall commence on our way to the basilica, in which I shall be accompanied by all the most humble and loyal servants of GOD. I beseech every GOD loving man, woman and child to rejoice and take to the streets of New Reza and celebrate amongst us. It is indeed GOD’s will that every faithful shall one day be one with him. To join in his fatherly arms once they ascend to the skies.And it is indeed the direct duty of our Holy Mother Church to ensure the salvation of your souls. With this in mind, I invite you, the faithful children of GOD, to a grand event, First, I shall join together with many other shepherds to a parade along the streets of Reza. beginning from the palace to the Basilica of fifty virgins. And to conclude our 4 year long journey a grand mass is to be hosted in honor of our Lord GOD, his Exalted and Saints within said cathedral. Furthermore, alongside myself and the other Priests, the Prelate of the Priesthood shall be in attendance to allow faithful souls of the Kingdom of Haense to join the cloth and serve GOD under our Holy Mother Church. (The Parade and following mass shall commence at 2 PM est on the 5th of October 2020!) IN NOMINE DEI ET HORENI His Eminence, the Archbishop of Jorenus and Auditor of the Tribunal, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus
  10. Public letter to the Pontiff [!] Throughout the human cities of Arcas one could see several notes hung on houses, doors, churches, palaces and in the different squares. And each time one was ripped down another five were hung up on the same place. It read the following: “I write this to the pontiff in my quest for answers. Long have I prayed for God to fix me, for I am different you see. The feelings I should have for a man I have for women. But I can no longer believe this to be Iblees’ work. For why is it that when I pray to God to free me of Iblees’ grip nothing changes? Why is it that when I pray to God I remain the same? It must be because God made me this way. He wants for me to love women the way I love men. For if not I would have already been free of evil after my years of praying. What if we have been wrong all these years? Maybe it is not a sin after all to be homosexual. God loves us anyways does he not? Maybe God did not say that it was wrong, but instead that it was not wise? As it would lead to more children. But he never meant that it was a sin. And that it was just we that misunderstood him? And as stated in the Holy Scrolls in the Canticle of Temperance: 5) And as I made for you the worldly pleasures, so too have I made the pleasures of the spirit, and the love of the husband and wife. 9) So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not lie with your kin, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union. It says “in the love of the husband and wife” yet it does not state “for only a husband and his wife”. This interpretation can be argued that yes it is implied but never outrightly stated that God is against it. For he outrightly states and makes clear that one shall not lie with another unless in holy union. Yet no mention of a homosexual couple or that it is a sin or wrong. So perhaps God is telling us that he sees it as unwise, but he is not against it? Or perhaps he meant that one can have the love of a husband or a wife even if you are homosexual. So I beg of you to ask God for a new sign. Ask him his thoughts on the matter, make him explain. You are God’s voice are you not?” Signed, God’s Faithful Daughter
  11. INTERCESSION MAGIC By Viros Intro In the upper reaches of the Seven Skies, a nameless Aengul fulfills an ancient task. He, like all his brothers, was born in an instant: a spirit called forth during the dawn of all things. Unlike them, however, this spirit did not arrogantly burden the perfection of his birth with a name. Nor has he sought mortal worship--and who among all the other Aenguls and Daemons has never manifested, never once spoken? Faithfully, and for untold centuries, this silent servant has intervened in the deaths of the virtuous, calling their souls to his side to live on in glory and power, unified with him in worship of something greater. First was Horen, and all his disciples. More followed; Joren, Owyn, Clement, Godfrey, Adrian, Siegmund, Thomas, Jude, all these and innumerably more entered the Skies under his protection. Together they form the Congregation of Saints, granting the petitions of devoted mortals in the form of miraculous intervention. Intercession Magic is a new Deity magic archetype, specifically designed for members of the Canonist faith. Instead of connecting to a single “deity”, practitioners of Intercession Magic connect to the congregation of exalted, saints, and beatified in the Seven Skies. By supplicating the assistance of these saints, and by remaining virtuous and in good standing with the Church, the practitioner (called an “invoker”) may pray to saints for miracles. These miracles are unique because their outcomes are not under the control of the invoker (although they are under the control of the player); rather, the saint acts and determines all effects directly. Likewise, instead of a broad range of powers relating to a certain motif--such as Illusions, Water, or Healing--each saint grants only a specific set of miracles, relating to their portfolio. This is to allow invokers to access a range of minor abilities reflecting the diversity of the saints, without trespassing on other archetypes. Intercession Magic is divided into three subtypes, each with a rough theme. Ars Notoria are Miracles of Transcendence, which focus on insight, wisdom, and passive resistance. Ars Gloriosa are Miracles of Strength, which focus on displays of pious zeal, unity, and purity. Ars Magna are Miracles of Grace, which focus on healing, protection, and community. Each is associated with one of three Exalted; Ars Notoria with Siegmund, Ars Gloriosa with Owyn, and Ars Magna with Godfrey. The powers associated with the three subtypes are intended to communicate the ethos of their respective Exalted, and inspire players to engage others in Canonist roleplay. Initiation into a subtype is obtained by connection to the Congregation of Saints by the High Pontiff or a member of the Holy Synod (aka the Connector and the Teachers), who may also break a connection. The Congregation of Saints refuses connection to any person already connected to another Deity, and will not brook spiritual contact with anyone outside of the four descendant races. Additionally, undead characters or characters with knowledge of a Dark Arts subtype cannot use or obtain Intercession Magic. Obtaining a Dark Arts subtype or connecting to another Deity instantly breaks an invoker's connection with the Congregation of Saints. Ranks and Rituals Like other archetypes, Intercession Magic is divided into five tiers. Each tier represents increased veneration of the Congregation of Saints, and can only be accessed by dedicated emulation of the virtues of the Exalted, the Saints, and the Beatified. Generally, Ars Gloriosa emphasizes justice and strength, Ars Notoria emphasize wisdom and introspection, and Ars Magna emphasizes mercy and sovereignty. The archetype recognizes three ranks, Connector, Teacher, and Invoker. New Invokers can only be connected to or disconnected from the Congregation of Saints by a Teacher or the Connector. Likewise, new Teachers can only be raised to (or brought down from) that rank by the Connector. At any given time, there exists only one Connector--the High Pontiff. He may, through a sacrament, promote Invokers to Teachers, demote Teachers to Invokers, or sever an Invoker’s connection wholesale. When the Connector’s position is vacant, the living Teachers may assemble and conduct a holy ritual to select a new Connector from among their membership. In order for this ritual to be successful it must constitute the majority of all living Teachers participating willingly. It is important to remember that no Teacher, even when acting with others, can raise or lower someone to the rank of Teacher. Only a Connector may promote or demote a Teacher. When the Connector’s position is filled, the living Teachers may likewise assemble and conduct a different holy ritual which vacates the position of Connector, demoting the current holder to Teacher. It similarly requires a majority of all living Teachers participating willingly. Limitations Intercession Magic cannot communicate the infallible, ineffable will of the Creator, who acts of His own accord without consulting spiritual intermediaries. Neither can it confirm His existence, though the saints believe most fervently. Intercession Magic can communicate the sensible and goodly will of the Exalted, Saints, and Beatified, who will always advise mercy, righteousness, and the strict avoidance of sin. Intercession Magic cannot guarantee the outcome of future events. Although the saints and prophets know much, and can make good guesses, they are far from omniscient. Intercession Magic can make supernaturally accurate predictions and grant knowledge lost to the ages. The Congregation, and the nameless Aengul which lifts them into the Seven Skies, have seen much in their centuries watching over the world. Intercession Magic cannot grant innate power. A practitioner of this archetype humbly requests the aid of the Congregation of Saints, who dispense assistance as they see fit, and do not take presumption lightly. Intercession Magic can allow invokers to make use of incredible abilities that empower them to spread the good word of virtue. An arrogant user, who claims these abilities spring from his own heart rather than the charity of the Skies, may find himself disconnected or worse. A confused user, who worships the Congregation rather than merely asking their help, will only receive a saintly scolding. Intercession Magic cannot perform acts outside of those defined by the tier chart. While all saints and beatified look happily on veneration, they cannot grant new miracles without a subtype revision adding them. Invokers do not ever request a specific act; they simply petition the saint for "zeal", "succor", "protection", or so forth, and the miracle manifests as defined on the tier chart. Intercession Magic can be used in a variety of ways that encourages the user to be creative with the gifts of heaven, rather than make tailor-made miracles for his own purposes. Like all Deity magic, Intercession Magic places a toll upon the body and mind of the user. Constant contact with the Congregation of Saints distracts the mind, turning the invoker’s eye ever towards their realm; they may become preoccupied with particular verses of the Holy Scrolls, or trifling theological details. Likewise, the body becomes physically unimposing, even in practitioners of Ars Gloriosa, who may come to rely on miracles over force of arms. Invokers notice these changes, but generally consider them a sign of favor to be sought out. After all, the temporal world is the abode of sin. Users of Intercession Magic may only request a limited number of miracles. No invoker can petition for more than one miracle of T1 or T2 strength per IG month (RL day). Additionally, no invoker can use more than one miracle of T3, T4, or T5, strength per two RL weeks. While the saints are merciful and generous, they emphasize that miracles alone cannot bring souls to the Seven Skies. Saints and Sinners All members of the Congregation of Saints advise their petitioners to act mercifully and avoid sin. Since all saints are Canonists, they agree on what comprises sin, and--perhaps mistakenly--believe themselves to be correct on the nature of good and evil. To Canonist saints, the most grievous sins are the acts of murder, thievery, sexual immorality (which includes all carnal knowledge outside of marriage), lying, betrayal, apostasy, and idolatry, and the passions of covetousness, wrath, ambition, pride, and indulgence. They advise that while non-humans are permitted to worship foreign gods or no god at all, it is most praiseworthy to worship the Creator. If pressed, they will offer no proof for His existence, though they believe wholeheartedly and will happily profess it; rather, they emphasize faith and prayer. Likewise, while they are aware of the existence of their fellow saints and the Aenguls and Daemons of the Planes, they do not know what force brought them there, or why they were chosen above others. Though they may relate personal experiences, they decline to share any information which may be mistaken for new moral law or history; saints refuse to trespass into the realm of doctrine and dogma. Overall, saints tend to be brief in their interactions with mortals, and do not share anything except mundane (but possibly useful) knowledge, predictions of the future, and frequent reminders to act virtuously. Roleplaying Saintly Intercession Users of Intercession Magic are cautioned to remember that the powers it grants do not arise from the invokers themselves. An increase in tier does not indicate that the invoker is more personally powerful, virtuous, or wise, but rather that they have spent sufficient time contemplating the mysteries of the Seven Skies. As a user’s devotion grows, they become more attuned to the Congregation of Saints and may request more ostentatious interventions; however, no tier grants any inherent power to the invoker. Accordingly, all emotes should indicate that the user first requests a miracle, and second is granted it. No emote should imply that the miracle arose from the invoker’s own will; particularly, invokers should avoid announcing what they want specifically or what the saint should do. Instead, they make a general request, such as for purity, righteousness, guidance, or protection, and the saint responds as defined in the tier chart. This always requires at least three emotes: one where the invoker initiates the prayer or action, one where he or she requests assistance, and one where it is granted. For example: *Father Kristoff kneels in prayer, a copy of the liturgy written in Elvish before him. He prays to Blessed Daniel the Reader for sagacity in language. “Blessed Daniel, I beg your wisdom in sharing these holy words with my flock.” *Father Kristoff opens the book, and miraculously comprehends the foreign language. He reads the Hymn to Exalted Horen in Elvish to his parish. *Holy Ser Arthur leads the gathered levies in a song to St. Emma of Woldzimir, praising her mercy. He looks to the heavens and asks her assistance. “Patroness of battle, we beseech your mercy and counsel. Aid us in this conflict, that we might share the Virtue’s truth.” [!] St. Emma’s benevolent presence can be felt by those participating in the song. She will surely guide their hand in battle. *Sister Lydia begins to consecrate the newly-built home, sprinkling holy water at its threshhold. “Oh merciful Lord, we ask that your servant Blessed Thomas Denims protect this household and shield its inhabitants from evil.” [!] An aura of serene devotion descends upon the home. It will stand against strong winds and evil spirits. *Inquisitor Roland circles the room, muttering a prayer to exorcise it of wicked influences and fallen Daemons. Hearing a fell voice, he calls on Exalted Owyn’s purity. “Exalted Owyn, second prophet and nephew of Horen, I call on thee to cast out these enemies of Our Father.” *Inquisitor Roland draws his sword, which now glows with white light. It will certainly wound the supernatural interlopers. “Begone, demons!” *Brother Karl blesses the cauldron of stew meant for the poor, begging St. Tobias for mercy and generosity. “In St. Tobias’ time, friends, it is said that an empty stomach in Kralta was rarer than a chaste elf.” “And may that patron of charity see to our bellies as he has to so many others, in the Lord’s name.” *Brother Karl begins to ladle out stew, finding that the pot does not empty until every bowl is full. Disclaimer Please note that this is a significant departure from normal human religious lore, which focuses on the Creator almost to the exclusion of all else. We realize that is at odds with other server lore, and have accordingly made compromises with the archetype, adding significant ambiguity to the truth of his existence and turning the focus of our religion to the Exalted, Saints, and Beatified. This is not a vehicle for cementing human religious lore in server core lore. The only addition to server lore presented in this archetype is a new Aengul who intercepts particular souls before they enter the soul stream, pulling them to his side in the Aengudaemonic Planes.
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