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  1. It is profoundly sorrowful the news I received on an otherwise fair evening at Castle Rickardsburg- our beloved High Pontiff Caius I has ascended to the Seven Skies. His unwavering faith and sacrifice stand as a testament to the devotion to GOTTE he had in life. In this time of strife, let us come together in prayer and reflection, seeking solace in the divine wisdom he imparted. May his spirit guide us and his legacy inspire us to uphold the virtues he so dearly cherished. I ask humbly of my Lord Father and Lady Mother the Count and Countess-Consort of Hohengarten to consider a mourning period for the House. As for my personal endeavors; along with my dear cousins and partners Lords Wilmar Marcellus [@Pitapur02] and Matthias Emmerich [@XKyber] of House von Augusten we have decided that we as the August Trading Company will be halting production for two Saint's days in observance of His Holiness' passing. With a heavy heart, His Lordship, Marsillius Adalwald of House von Augusten, Steward of the Heartlands
  2. PRIMA CONCILIUM LOTHARIA First Council of Lotharia | Primer Consell de Lotària 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1983 Ivan Archbishop Lotharia “So Godfrey called the priests of the Lord together, and bade them to agree upon rites and hymns that all men should use.” (Scroll of Gospel, 6:31) Opening Prayer | Pregària D'inici Under the magnificent throne of our Benevolent GOD, we look upon him for guidance as we wade into the waters of the uncertain future. May Our LORD’s divine light protect our souls and families, as he had offered his protection to Horen and his family. Pray to HIM, for the LORD will surely respond to those steadfast in their devotion to HIM and HIM alone. - Ivan Archbishop Lotharia 𖥞 Come my brothers and sisters! Let us pray together: Perfect God, I lift up my heart to you; Senyor perfecte, elevo el meu cor cap a tu; Keep me in your hand and protect me from all evils, Mantén-me a la teva mà i protegeix-me dels mals, For your grace alone will foil temptation, Només la teva gràcia frustrarà la temptació King of Kings, my Lord most High; Rei dels Reis, el meu Senyor més Al I will fear no foe with your blessed assurance; No temré cap enemic, amb la teva beneïda assegurança Make me among those who turn to you in repentance; Fes-me entre els que es tornen a tu en penediment Make me among those who are purified. Fes-me entre els que estan purificats. En Déu confiem, Amen! The Call to the First Council | La Convocatòria al Primer Consell In the name of GOD, the most benevolent, the most omnipotent, we begin. My brothers and sisters of the Lotharian See, may the warmth and benevolence of the LORD embrace you. Heed my words O’ shepherds and clergy of the faith: The Dioceses of Tyria and Peroz are hereby called to the first council of Lotharia. The Council shall convene in the month of the Sun’s Smile, 1983 at the Church of the Holy Supernals. Herein is the Agenda reserved for the Council: I. Establishment of the Council II. Clerical and Lay Positions III. Positions within the Archdiocesan Curia IV. Parish Assignments V. On the Matters of the Diocese of Peroz VI. Establishment of a Holy Site within the Archdiocese of Lotharia The Honored Invitees | Els Honrats Convidats ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN LOTHARIA ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN TYRIA; THE KINGDOM OF BALIAN AND THEIR SHEPARD, HIS GRACE, BISHOP BELISARIOS TYRIA ( @ErikAzog ) ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN PEROZ; ISLES OF COSTA RUBISSIMA HIS HOLINESS, THE IMMOVABLE VICAR OF GOD, THE WITCH HUNTER, THE SLAYER OF DARKSPAWN, CAIUS PRIMUS, AND HIS PONTIFICAL CURIA. AUDIENCE SHALL BE EXTENDED TO ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN THE REALM OF CANON May the LORD brighten your path as you travel South. En Déu confiem, IVAN ARCHBISHOP LOTHARIA
  3. TO ALL FORSAKEN ZEALOTS ‘TO THE SUNLIT COVENANT, KNIGHTS OF FALLEN XAN, BEARERS OF THE GOLDEN LANCE, ANY SUBSERVIENT, OR ADHERING TO, FORMERLY OR PRESENTLY,’ As brothers in zealotry, and servants, albeit with detachment, of the same Lord GOD’s will, the Poor Fellows-Soldiers of Saint Jude would offer a helping hand to all those previously deceived by the fallen Aengul of Order, Janus. Though Janus’ enactment of Order was Righteous and Just, his deviation from the will of the Lord GOD and his Ego led to his straying from his own Creator. The most esteemed Lord GOD is superior to Janus in every way, for the Lord GOD is superior to everything, in every way. As Janus is dead, GOD lives. As Janus no longer empowers, GOD does. And it is in this fashion that we extend Faith in the one GOD, the Lord GOD, as an olive branch to you deceived many. You deceived many, who fought, Righteously, and Justly, against the forces of Azdromoth, who seek only to plunge the world into flame, who manipulate the weak-willed, as you know. You, who were defeated, to the woe of the world, to the woe of all that is Good. You deceived many, who now stand merely as servants to a passed Aengul. A lesser being. We, the Poor Fellows-Soldiers of Saint Jude offer you the chance, and life, to worship a greater Lord, the Lord GOD, the greatest. Such may you ascend to His Kingdom, and not to the crumbling ruins of whatever horrid realm Xan has left decrepit for you all. Our Order has more resources, more stationery, more acceptance than the Sunlit Covenant ever held. We are keepers of forts across Canondom, and enforcers against the Shade even past its borders. Our Holy Vicar, the Pontifex Caius Primus, has Holily and Verily executed the Darkspawn which plague any realm he comes across. He has made such grand SINNERS as the Frost Queen repent and tremble before his might. He has slain Vampyres in Heretic Nations. And this is but one man. One Vicar of our Lord GOD. Each of our Holy Brothers and Sisters do the same, every day, every hour, every minute. Our dedication is not to a false deity whose love is only given if you return it. Our dedication is to the Creator, the only, the Lord GOD. And with this dedication, you deceived many, you may repent. We offer bed, food, blade, plate, shield, but also home. Eternal home, within the Lord GOD’s kingdom, across the Skies. Here, no petty Drakaar will ever reach you. No imitant Nephilim will touch you. Only the Lord GOD’s grace. Heed our word, for it is not one of contempt, or of pity, but one of empathy. We raise the branch, and offer a hand, oh deceived many.
  4. FROM THE FIEFDOM OF GARENBRIG PENNED ON THE 4TH OF THE AMBER COLD OF THE S.A. 183 It is often that a soldier enlists within an order without knowing entirely what is expected of them. To this end, I, Ser Glyndwr Glennmaer, publish this document in which the Soldiery of the Order of the Pyre can adhere to, so that they may find purpose, and by extension, their just rewards for good service. THE DUTY OF THE ORDER I. Keep Safe the Realm Firstly, the duty of the Order is to serve it’s liege lord, and the crown above. Those being the house of Glennmaer, and the Kingdom of Numendil. It is within this Kingdom’s good green earth that the Order calls home, and to keep one’s home safe and tidy, is foremost. II. Hunt the Beast As a force that spends most of its time in a more rural setting, that being the outlying lands of Numendil, or the Kingswood, it is important that a soldier does not refuse the call to arms, even in the face of great danger. To accept that the lands you live in can never truly be safe, is the first step towards becoming a vigilant hunter of the dark. However, sometimes, the natural world can be just as dangerous. Thus, to keep the people of Numendil safe, you must hunt the beasts that lurk within its borders, who would make our good citizenry their next meal. III. Expose the Wretched It is common for those who serve Iblees, the Dragon, or otherwise darker masters, to attempt at hiding in plain sight. Whilst many are taught not to stereotype, it has served Numendil very well in the past, and before that, Barrowton. Thus, keep your wits about you and your eyes open. The Servants of the Dark will attempt to pull people away, to talk in secret. They will wear dark or drab clothes. Perhaps full suits of black plate. They will hide their face, talk in an esoteric manner, and blaspheme. Heed not their words. Test anyone you suspect. IV. Pursue Wisdom, and Arm yourself with Knowledge To be an effective guardian and hunter, one must know their targets. Study well the behaviours and aspects of the dark. To understand them is not to be one of them, merely, it is to know how to combat them. Make yourselves familiar with the threats to Canondom, and be prepared. Seek the Knowledge of Alchemy, and make use of GOD’s gifts. RANKS AND REWARDS I. INITIATES As Recruits of the order, rewards are few, though very few soldiers remain in this rank for longer than a saint’s week or two, depending on their proactiveness. However, it does come with its perks: Armor is provided free of charge and guaranteed to be brand new. ((In the form of a Skin and also Mechanical PvP armor)) Weaponry of varying kinds, to assure that the soldier is outfitted properly for any threat, man or beast. ((CRP and PvP weaponry)) Bed and Board - Every soldier must be rested and well-fed, lest they falter before the fight has even begun. Pay - Of course, this is a job, and perhaps a lifelong career. Soldiers are paid mina exceeding that of their yearly taxes, so that they may accumulate wealth, rather than spending it all on rent. II. MEN AT ARMS As the main bulk of the Order, Men-At-Arms are given the typical rewards of the Initiate Rank, of course, though they are entitled to further appreciative tokens in addition: Purity Seals - Medals and Marks that record the soldier’s deeds, for them to do with as they please. Upon gaining Knighthood, these marks and medals can be transcribed into their personal deed books for all to read about. Finer Armor - More befitting of a front-line soldier, Men-At-Arms are given additional plates and brigandines, more resilient armor that will last longer and perhaps even carry the soldier through his entire career. Alchemical Weaponry - As a proven soldier, and no longer an initiate, the Men-at-Arms are trusted to carry alchemical weapons into battle, and expected to use it upon command, often depending on the hunt’s mark. Advanced Training - The Rank of Man-at-Arms is no mere stepping stone, nor is it an end point. Men-at-Arms are often prospective Knights, aspiring for greatness in the eyes of the Order, Garenbrig, Numendil and the Church. To carry the rank of Knight is to show that you are the finest Canondom can offer. The Order of the Pyre believes that this is achievable by any good Canonist, be they peasant or noble. Thus, Men-At-Arms are treated as aspiring Knights. This, of course, comes with training. Specifically, Men-At-Arms are given materials of which they study, so that they are aware of what makes a Knight. Advanced horsemanship, hunting, weapon and armor use, etiquette, The Code of Chivalry, and the Holy Scrolls are to be learned to a level bordering mastery. Then, and only then, can a Man-at-Arms go further in the Order. III. KNIGHTS As soldiers who have proven mastery, and taken it upon themselves to learn the ways of Chivalry, the Knight can expect the following boons: A place within the Council, as a low-level advisor. Higher Status not only in the Order, but in Garenbrig and Numendil as a whole. Proven loyalty and usefulness to the Church, should the call to Crusade be sounded. Their own Heraldry, and if lacking, their own House. The Right to display Trophies in the Hall of Formindon. The Right to a book of Deeds, in which their work and efforts can be recorded. As stated, a soldier may only attain these rewards through the rank of Knight, by proving excellence, mastery, and succeeding in their assigned Quest. This Quest is charged by the Princess Eriantiel, Knight of the Pyre and Royal Castellan of Numendil. HOW A SOLDIER SHALL BE REWARDED To be entitled to rewards in the Order of the Pyre, one must do their duty and Excel. Willingness to answer a rallying call, to fight, to work, and to show that you can follow the Chivalric Code, are all fine ways to show that you are worthy of rewards. Accumulating rewards, of any kind, serves as the easiest method to prove usefulness, and to be considered for Knighthood. For more Information on the Order of the Pyre, or if you wish to Enlist, see here:
  5. The Lord Bless You and Keep You, Canondom. In the interest of aengudaemonology, I am requisitioning the abled and entrepreneurial to discover any and all lightstones that may exist in the free-markets of the world. These aengulic artifacts of not only Xannic, but broadly celestial origin, are of increasing interest for the study of heavenly energies. You will identify them by a typically golden color, a quality of absorbing the light around them, and appearing structurally similar to quartz or some similar opaque mineral. You will know with certainty what you've found, if by tapping the stone a little light is shone outwards. To each man who should find themselves successful in this endeavor, my Cardinal Callahan and I have set aside a fund to award 150 mina per stone. Seek me out, by bird or body, and be well rewarded in this exchange. It is by the efforts of the faithful shall we leave these mean times and enter fourth a period of mercy and joy unlike any other. Be blessed, and hunt well! Cardinal Callahan Bishop Alexios
  6. FROM THE FIEFDOM OF GARENBRIG PENNED ON THE 12TH OF THE DEEP COLD, YEAR 181 OF THE SECOND AGE More Heralds travel from the cliffs of Garenbrig’s borders, bearing another message. “From here on, let it be known that the Levy of Garenbrig is no more. The Fiefdom of Garenbrig shall henceforth be protected and manned by the Knightly Order of the Pyre. In a land bordering the great Aran-In-Eryn, or “Kingswood”, the need of warriors of Noble Stock has been deemed increasingly necessary. Suffering adversity from Cultists, their dark gods, great beasts, poachers and undead, the safety of the Town of Garenbrig is under question. Thus, the newly dubbed “Knights of the Pyre”, or the “Order of the Pyre” shall begin building its rank to serve this purpose, to protect the peoples of Garenbrig from the threats that lurk in the dark corners of the world. Therefore, if you are interested in Knighthood, Holy Purpose, and the Slaying of Monsters, look no further.” Enclosed on the messenger’s parchment, of which he hands out, reads the following information: THE KNIGHTS OF THE ORDER An order of Guardians, Hunters, and Errantry The Knights of the Pyre, their namesake taken from the sigil of House Glennmaer, serves the Fiefdom of Garenbrig, vassal land of Numendil, bordering the Kingswood. An Order of Courageous soldiers, Knights, and aspiring squires, the Order of the Pyre prides themselves on their keen and ready ability to slay great beasts, and swathes of the servants of Iblees. The Tower-Pyre symbolizes not only the enduring nature of the order, and the house it belongs to, but also the purity of GOD’s flame, and a shining beacon that all may flock to when in need. The Order sigil consists of the same Sigil as house Glennmaer, now serving as their official order of Knights, though the sunset hues of Glennmaer banners are replaced with a dark gray, to represent the enduring Light of the Pyre regardless of its surroundings. Green is used as a primary color for Uniforms, signifying the good green land that GOD granted the Descendants. Being a Knightly Order of Numenedain origin, it follows three simple rules as part of its Dogma: I. Follow the Scrolls, and take to heart the word of GOD. II. Follow the Code of Chivalry, be you Knight or Soldier. III. Hunt the beast wherever it hides. No corner of the Realm is to be left without the Light. As alluded to within the dogma, the Duty of a Pyre soldier, Knight or not, is to make their name through the guardianship of Garenbrig, by hunting any servants of the dark within their fiefdom, and bordering lands. Whether it be sprites and pixies swapping babies in the crib, or goliaths that threaten the land with their thunderous gravity, it is the duty of the order to be rid of them, swiftly and without fear. RANKINGS AND TRAPPINGS The Knightly Order of the Pyre consists of three ranks. I. Initiates Recruits of the Order, yet to prove themselves in a conflict. Armed with lighter arms and armor to facilitate training and conditioning. This rank serves as a trial of sorts, and soldiers rarely spend much time as an Initiate. II. Man-At-Arms Infantry Soldiers of the Order, who are not knighted, but are trained and oathed to service. These soldiers receive full gear in the form of Coats-of-Plate / Brigandine, various weaponry, shields, rations, and of course, a Saint’s-Weekly pay. As these Men-At-Arms do not bear the title of “Squire”, their duties do not include the dressing and serving of Knights, for they are merely expected to follow their orders and learn from them. Being a Man-At-Arms qualifies any man or woman for Knighthood, providing they display excellence. III. Knights Soldiers who have proven themselves, and taken it upon themselves to learn the ways of the Knight, according to the recommended and widely accepted list of training that all Numenedain squires undergo. These men and women are often Knighted after a loyal, decently lengthy service, for displaying excellence. Once Knighted, they are given the appropriate Plate armor of Garenbrig, and provided with their own Heraldry, either to their specific likings or chosen by the Lord of Garenbrig, whichever is preferred. PRACTICE Whilst the Order of the Pyre isn’t a church-based Order, it still aims to serve GOD primarily, along with the Kingdom of Numendil, through acting as a protection from wayward evils. To this end, the Knights take up a Crusade-like practice of “Going Errant” on a regular basis. Banding together as a single host to scour the lands of Numendil, and perhaps further abroad, to hunt and purge the Dark, be they servants of Iblees or Otherwise. To this end, all are given training with the Lance, and Horse, so that they may more efficiently make their searches. Along with riding and lance training, they will also be instructed on how to combat various beasts and evils, according to the current Numenedain standard, and how to “test” for Darkspawn. DEEDS Members of the Order, be they Knight, Man-At-Arms, or Initiate, are all entitled to their own scroll. These scrolls record every deed that a member has enacted. The slaying of beasts, the ousting of Darkspawn, the saving of a Life. Anything noteworthy is forever recorded in their scroll, with numerous copies created, allowing their name to gain fame and glory across Aevos, and not just in the halls of Formindon. Members are also entitled to display their trophies in the sanctum of Formindon, where they can be seen by any and all members of the order, in whatever state they wish to display said trophies in. Unless they leak blood (or similar) down the walls. ENLISTING To enlist within the order, contact Lord Glyndwr of Formindon. Or, fill out an application / stop by Garenbrig.
  7. CENSUS ECCLESIASTICUS AN OFFICIAL CENSUS OF THE CANONIST PRIESTHOOD 8th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1966 ISSUED BY RHOSYN CARDINAL CASICA Prelate of the Priesthood TO ALL PRIESTS OF THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, May God’s blessings be upon you! By the order of the Curia, we have deemed it fit and just to issue a Census Ecclesiasticus that is to be held within the ranks of the priesthood. This census shall provide valuable insight into both the future High Pontiff Caius I and to the Curia itself regarding the Church’s demographics as well as the health of our many dioceses. Furthermore, it shall also assist us in preparing and affirming a voter roll of the Church’s active and present clergy for the upcoming Synod. Please find a form attached to this missive. We request that you fill it out and tender it to the Office of the Prelate of the Priesthood at the soonest possible convenience. Thank you, and may God bless. [!] Copies of the missive would be delivered to cathedrals, churches, and monasteries throughout the seven dioceses of Canondom. Response forms to be filled out by clergymen of the Church would be delivered alongside them:
  8. [!]Nowak Clansmen coming ashore in Aevos. Slawa kindred! I stand before you today not as a mere man, but as a herald of a grand vision, a vision of unity, strength, and purpose. The Nowak are not just another group seeking members. We are a family bound by honor, driven by a shared dream, and fueled by the flames of passion that burn within each of us! Why join the Nowak, you may ask? Allow me to illuminate your path with the light of truth. First and foremost, within our clan, you will find a sanctuary, a place where your skills, your talents, and your ambitions are not just welcomed but celebrated. Whether you are a simple farmer, skilled tradesmen, a mighty warrior, or even an aspiring scholar, Nowak is a place for you! Nowak is not just a clan; it is a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a bond that transcends bloodlines and backgrounds. Within our clan, you will find camaraderie, friendship, and the unbreakable bonds that tie us together as one. Nowak stands for something greater than ourselves. We are not just warriors; we are Protectors. We are not just craftsmen; we are Builders. We are not just individuals; we are a Community. Together, we strive to make our mark on history, to leave a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. But above all else, what sets Nowak apart is our unwavering commitment to honor, integrity, and justice. In a world plagued by chaos and uncertainty, our clan stands as a beacon of hope, a bastion of righteousness in a sea of darkness. So I ask you, lost kindred, will you join us? Will you stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, as we march towards a future filled with promise and possibility? Will you become a part of something greater than yourself, a part of the legend that is Nowak? The choice is yours, but know this: the doors of our clan are always open to those who seek to join us on this noble quest. Together, we shall forge a new destiny, a destiny worthy of song and story. While not all among us strictly adhere to our traditional ways, the Nowak clan predominantly traces its lineage back to the Lechian roots, with a rich tapestry of other cultural influences woven in. Unlike the renowned Jazlovieckis of Aaun, who staunchly uphold orthodox practices, the Nowak clan embraces a more rustic lifestyle, evident in both our manners and daily life . https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/207482-culture-lechian/ Within our clan, there exists a fascinating diversity of belief systems. While many openly worship GOD, others hold a secret reverence for the Old Gods , ancient deities whose whispers are still heard in the wind. Despite these differing beliefs, our clan stands united, offering acceptance and respect to all who walk our path. In the realm of faith, as in all aspects of life, the Nowak clan embraces diversity and inclusivity. We believe that our strength lies in our ability to celebrate our differences, finding unity in our shared values and goals. So, whether you find solace in the light of GOD or the mysteries of old, know that there is a place for you here, among the Nowak clan. While few in numbers, the Nowak make up for it with their deeds. Head of the Clan, Secret Pagan [Pork__] B. 2nd of Horen’s Calling, 1932 Currently living between his bakery in Aaun and the Companion campsite in Norland, Jan is often seen on the road with a friendly smile upon his stached face. Can be found at Conkerhove 3 outside Whitespire Youngest Nowak, Nornian Wannabe [Buggerts] B. 7th of Owyn’s Flame, 1949 Young enough to be Jan’s daughter, Aldona was brought over to Aevos as a child under the care of her brother. Raised in the companion band, the young lady has picked up their ways and is often found herding her animals in the Norlandic countryside. Twin of Boryslaw [Unplayed] B. 16th of Tobias’s Triumph, 1944 One of the Nowak twins, not much is known about Stanislaw besides his love of fishing. [Skin will be commissioned once player is found, as we want the player to be welcome to pick their own image] Twin of Stanislaw [Unplayed] B. 16th of Tobias’s Triumph, 1944 The other Nowak twin, known for his brash actions and his love of Jan’s cooking. [Skin will be commissioned once player is found, as we want the player to be welcome to pick their own image] OOC: Hello friends it is Jan! I write because the clan is looking for new blood, both outside the clan and within! Exciting new things are coming to both the clan and the Lechian people in the next coming weeks and I hope to spread it far and wide with new friends and family. Don’t hesitate to join no matter your race, as we hope to form a communtiy of all types of players! Send a bird to Jan Nowak II [Pork__] or Join the Discord if you are interested! Nowak Discord
  9. Synod on Homophilic Matrimony Answering the Four Canonist Princes 8th of the Amber Cold, 168 S.A. Dear brothers and sisters in faith, Recently, Queen Catherine of Petra, Queen Sybille of Balian, Tar-Caraneth of Numendil and Viceroy Cesar of Hyspia published a declaration titled 'Four Canonist Princes on Marriage', which many of you will have undoubtedly read. To the relief of some and the disappointment of others, we hereby announce that the Canonist Church will not go along with the decision of these rulers. It is not their prerogative to make decisions on key elements of our faith such as which people can be joined together in the sacrament of matrimony, especially not considering that these "Four Canonist Princes" completely went behind the Church's back in this decision of theirs, save for the consultation of Monsignor Enrico Amadeus. As it stands, the Canonist Church does not condone homophilic matrimony - also known as 'same sex marriage'. It is a direct violation of Canon Law, as Book IV, Title I, Chapter 2. MATRIMONY of the Codex Iurius Canonici Danielus Pontifex clearly states: "The purpose of matrimony is the holy union of a man and a woman". This law is based in theology and scripture, and we deem Monsignor Enrico Amadeus' brief arguments in favor of homophilic matrimony to be insufficient as to argue against this law. Therefore the Four Canonist Princes are in violation of Canon Law and we would urge them to abide by God's law as interpreted and written by the church for many hundreds of years. Simultaneously we do however realize there is a strong desire among the Canonist flock to adress the topic of homophilic matrimony. We are therefore more than happy to discuss the subject, but since it is a religious affair, we do not wish it to be decided upon by secular laymen, but rather for it to be discussed in religious circles. We therefore announce that a Synod on Homophilic Matrimony is to be held within the coming years in the Synod Hall of the Holy See. This shall be the first Synod of the kind we are establishing in our rewriting of the Codex Iurius; namely a gathering of the entire priesthood to debate theology and matters of Church law. In other words, every ordained priest will be welcome and indeed urged to attend this Synod. There, this gathering of the priesthood may argue for or against the inclusion of homophilic matrimony on religious grounds based on scripture and tradition. A vote will then be held at the end of the Synod, in which the members of the priesthood will decide wether or not the Church is to allow this new kind of marriage. Granted there is a majority of the priesthood in favor of this reform, and their arguments for said reform are deemed religiously sound by us personally, Homophilic Matrimony will be legalized in Canon Law. Should there not be a majority of the priesthood in favor however, or the arguments made for such are deemed insufficient, it will be rejected. This, we find, is the proper way to effect or reject such a monumental change in the laws of our faith. In the meantime, the Holy Mother Church's official stance is that homophilic matrimony is illegal as a result of its contradiction of Canon Law. Until a decision has been made in favor of the topic by the Synod, the Church will not condone this kind of marriage, as it is currently deemed sinful, and we forbid our priests from officiating same-sex marriages. We hope that, while this may be a bitter disappointment for the supporters of the 'Four Canonist Princes on Marriage' declaration, people realize that these princes made false promises with said declaration, as they hold no authority to alter religious law, including what is and isn't allowed in terms of the Sacraments. The Synod on Homophilic Matrimony will be planned within the coming months to take place, preferably within the next two years, on a date suiting the majority of the priesthood. In the meantime we encourage debate on the topic by and between priests and laymen alike. Sincerely, His Holiness, Sixtus VI ☩ EST CYCLUS, NON MUTATIO ☩ IT IS A CYCLE, NOT CHANGE
  10. [!] A missive would be posted on each and every Lamp-Post across the Canonist nations. "Lo' lads, its Cyris, ye' may know me from events such as- th' Southern Summit, th' Haensi Peace Summit an' every party Numendil has had fer th' past five years. Et has come tae me attention tat' humanity is strugglin' over th' matter o' th' Homos, so as is often requested oi am sendin' out my two minas regardin th' matter; As anybodeh who's been payin ah moderate amount o' attention to th' Weefolk, ye' will know tat' we 'ave always allowed fer t' gays to thrive 'n prosper within our Shoire, regardless o' 'ow maneh toimes foreign powers 've complained over t' supposed sanctity o' t' matter. Th' Weefolk believe firmleh that th' Creator GOD, or as weh refer tae 'im- Th' Great Farmer- coul'nae give less o' a shite about who yeh love so long as 'tey aint evil or from inside th' close famileh. Ye' may be wonderin' whoi oi am tellin' ye' all 'tis. Et's quite simple- th' Shiredom o' Dunwen shall offer ah proper marriage ceremoneh under th' Knoxist Church tae aneh who desire et, be 'tey 'omosexual, straightsexual or what'er th' other ones are. Weh feel 'tis is th' most kind 'n lovin' 'ting to do in 'tese questionin' times 'mong th' Churches o' Man." - Hugs and Kisses, King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second, Former Thain of Dunwen.
  11. Holy chants to redeem the canonist heart. PAUPERES COMMILITONES SANCTI JUDAE The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Saint Jude Saint Jude of Petrus Patron Saint of Scholastics, Authors, and Monasteries Circa 1400s HIS HOLINESS SIXTUS V, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD And HIS HOLINESS SIXTUS VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Sovereign of the Apostolic City, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD does decree… ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ ARTICULUS I - PRAEFATIO ARTICULUS II - HISTORIA ARTICULUS III - CODICEM CONDUCTUS ARTICULUS IV - ORDO HIERARCHICUS ARTICULUS V - FIERI MEMBRUM ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ PREFACE // PRAEFATIO “And I am the Lord GOD without peer, and My power is the only power, and My eternity is the only eternity, and all the aeons of Virtue shall sustain the righteous.” - Virtue 7:9 For centuries, the Holy Mother Church has adhered to the most venerable tradition of hosting wide varieties of different militant orders in the service of the faithful, hoping to uphold the Lord GOD’s Virtues and protect His flock through strength, faith, and discipline. In these trying times, the Pontiff and his Curia have deemed it imperative to call upon all men of great piety, indomitable fervor, and unwavering dedication to enlist as Brothers in Arms in defense of the flock, a new Holy Order styled as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Saint Jude. HISTORY // HISTORIA Under the astute guidance of His Holiness, Jude I’s pontificate, the Mother Church saw a golden age of monasticism and theology among the ranks of the clergy, the Holy Sisterhood of Blessed Catherine and the Holy Order of Saint Lucien saw most of the opposite. Slowly creeping out of the public eye, the Order dissolved after the death of Rakim Yar, the final Grand Master. In the years that followed, humanity was left absent of any of its once proud and far reaching Orders, a great vacancy that allowed for ambitious parties to seek a revival of a militant body in service of the Mother Church. Through the infamous ‘Red Men’ and the dormant Order of Saint Nicolas, canondom has found itself under a looming darkness of uncertainty and fear, with no men to defend it. It is with great accountability that Holy Ser Halston Veyont has seen fit to call for His flock to reignite the fervorous embers of the Faith Militant, in unquestioning and unwavering deviation to the Lord GOD. Through this iron resolve, men from across Canondom are called to Order against the forces of the sinful, the heathen, and the schismatic. It is with great privilege that able bodied men of the faith are called to once again bear arms for the Lord GOD. Graced and christened by His Holiness, Sixtus V in the blessed year of 1942, The Holy Order of Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Saint Jude has been assigned to spread, maintain, and defend the Word of GOD throughout the Canondom, and all other realms. Since the initial creation of The Holy Order the holy men of GOD have achieved much, providing food and blankets to Lemonhill and Whitespire in their time of need, dispatching ice witch influence within both regions. Slaying the vile soldiers of the dead man company, delivering justice to a creature that bombed petra, and slaying a daemon in the forest by Sakuragakure. CODE OF CONDUCT // CODICEM CONDUCTUS ☨ A Brother of Saint Jude pledges eternal fealty to GOD, Church, and Pontiff ☨ ☨ A Brother of Saint Jude must be cleansed by the Waters of Gamesh ☨ ☨ A Brother of Saint Jude Must Be of the Age of Majority ☨ ☨ A Brother of Saint Jude must uphold honor and love for their fellow man ☨ ☨ A Brother of Saint Jude is to respect the law of the land ☨ ☨ A Brother of Saint Jude must destroy any creature of abomination which practices evil against the society of canonists.☨ A Brother of Saint Jude is required to follow a strict moral and ethical code, one of eternal faith and loyalty to the Mother Church and the Lord GOD. Their mission is of Holy significance, serving as the sword and shield of the Word and the Flock. A pure and brave heart, one cleansed in baptism and adherent to the faith, is imperative for any member of the Order. The Virtues are the bread and wine of the Order, forgoing of worldly desires in exchange for the eternal wealth of the Seven Skies. As commanded by Exalted Horen, a Brother of Saint Jude must be humble where there is vanity; must be chaste where there is lust; must be calm where there is wrath. A brother must never have fear of their enemies, for the love of GOD will always be greater. HIERARCHY // ORDO HIERARCHICUS ☨ Senior Command ☨ Grand Master - The Grand Master is the supreme authority of the Order of Saint Jude, answerable only to the High Pontiff and GOD. Elected by the Knights of Saint Jude upon the death or retirement of the previous, he is the highest ranking military commander and executor of Canon Law within the Order. Through his will, and the will of the Lord, the Order persists. Grand Chaplain - The Grand Chaplain is the supreme chaplain of the Order of Saint Jude, acting as a spiritual guide to all Order members and the primary means of communication between the Holy See and Senior Command. Standard-Bearer of Saint Jude - Standard-Bearers of the Order of Saint Jude are the greatest and most staunch warriors of the Order, senior Knights who bear this honorific stand as testament to their resolve, perseverance, and devotion. As 2nd in command to the Grand Master, and carriers of the banner, these knights bear a great responsibility to the Order. Currently Vacant Grand Augur - Chief alchemist and medical doctor for The Order, tasked with training Augurs and Medicaes of the future, as well as healing the men and women of Saint Jude. In situations where the curing of a curse can be achieved the Grand Augur shall whip up the cure if the recipe is known. Furthermore potions that bring combat benefit shall be brewed to further the might of GOD’s soldiers. ☨ Junior Command & Knighthood ☨ Knight-Captain - Veteran knights who must be oathed in Judication, they are 3rd in command on the battlefield and are tasked to oversee Knights and Sergeants of Saint Jude. They also regulate oaths and knightly trials. Knighthood - A prestigious position only afforded to those who’ve achieved great diligence in their service of the Faith. They are mediators, the bridge between Sergeants and Senior Command, and are paragons of virtue and honor. Men-at-Arms are under their command. Knights Take One of These Oaths : ☩ OATH OF JUDICATION ☩ Knight-Constable of Canon Law No heresy is too grand nor sin too small, for all will inevitably answer to the divine judgment of GOD. The Knights of Judication must be experts of canon law, and operate its statutes to the highest degree of responsibility they entail. They must be kind, and forgiving, but also seek the truth with a firm and stalwart hand. It is imperative for Knight-Constables to seek the salvation of these sinner's souls, and guide them back to His Church and His Truth. ☩ OATH OF DILIGENCE ☩ Knight-Sentinel of Saint Jude Through meticulous study of the principles of warfare and defense, as well as a great understanding of the Scripture, the Knight-Sentinels of Saint Jude are committed to the utmost protection of the Word of GOD. They are tasked to defend all ranks of the clergy, religious sites and the Lord’s flock from the forces of Iblees. ☩ OATH OF CHARITY ☩ Knight-Medic of Saint Jude A Knightly alternative to the Medicae, Knight-Medics are tasked to give and share to the weak and the feeble of His flock. Those under the Oath of Charity must not only be well versed in combat but also hold a deep understanding of medicine and surgery. They tend to their fallen Brothers, but also hold an open hand to aid those sick and wounded of His flock. Currently Vacant ☩ OATH OF TEMPERANCE ☩ Knight-Chaplain of Saint Jude With deep theological understanding of His Word in Scripture, Knights under the Oath of Temperance serve as unordained combative chaplains of the Order. They are the moral executors, under the purview of the Grand Prior, and deliver His Truth unto their Brothers to rid them of sin and impurity. ☩ OATH OF REPENTANCE ☩ Knight-Repentant of Saint Jude No man, noble or feeble, is without sin. By our inherent imperfections we are guilty by nature and must repent for our actions and sin no matter how small. Through great effort and dedication the Knight-Repentant must humble themselves before the Grace of GOD and cast away their sinful nature at all times. So long as they walk the path of GOD, they shall find virtue and forgiveness. ☨ Brothers-in-Arms ☨ Sergeant - Hardened and battle-tested Brothers of Saint Jude may be promoted to the senior rank of Sergeant, who are tasked with overseeing day to day operations of the levies and the training and promotion of neophytes. They are optimal choices for squirehood. Brother of Saint Jude - The Brother, or Armsman, is the rank and file of the Order of Saint Jude’s unknighted fellowship, and are bestowed the privilege of bearing the Order's insignia. Martial skill and faithful devotion are hallmarks of their position. Neophyte - A devotee undergoing rigorous training to enter the ranks of the Order of Saint Jude, under the purview and education of a Sergeant. Taught in the ways of warfare, they will be expected to meet by Order standards in order to be promoted to Armsman. ☨ Specialist Ranks ☨ Specialist Ranks are only assigned to individuals capable of undertaking responsibilities without adding to their rank. Thus, these ranks do not fall neatly into any particular level within the chain of command. Augur - Experts in alchemy that took oath for the order of saint jude, brewing all manner of combat potions, and cures to save a mortal fellows soul from curses. Typically an augur is a deacon but this is not a requirement. Medicae - Medical practitioners who serve the Order of Saint Jude. They are expected to be well versed in not only medicine, but in combat, chosen only from the best of both fields. Page - Children of ages 14 to 17, training in menial and typically non-combative tasks until they reach the minimum age of adulthood to enlist. Pages, unless more training is deemed necessary by their Sergeant, will enter the ranks directly as an Armsman. BECOMING A MEMBER // FIERI MEMBRUM ☨ TO THOSE FAITHFUL who will obey by the principles of His Vicar, His Church and His Word, ☨ TO THOSE BRAVE who will stand against the evil of Iblees, and take hold of the candle of Virtue through the dark night of sin, ☨ TO THOSE HUMBLE who will give their lives for the flock of Canondom, and defend His people now and until the end of times, ENLIST, by following the post below or contacting Grand Master Halston Veyont directly, ENLIST, by filling the form below or contacting Grand Master Halston Veyont directly, Your Name and Surname: [Your Username]: [Your Discord]: Your Expertise: For Those Interested:
  12. [!] Copies of an informational brochure begin to populate the realms. They are posted in cities across the continent and on many Canonist Churches [!] The Church of Saul or Saulism As a consequence of the Pact of Horen and the successor false prophets of Man, the Descendants have become unwitting puppets of the aenguls. These beasts have you pray in their tongue, tether your souls, imprison you in their realms, and conspire against you with the rulers of ours. The Church of Saul extends a welcoming embrace, eagerly inviting you to break free from this generational curse by absolution through the Wine of Sacrament. Our Faith The Sacrifice of the Creator Contrary to the lies taught by those in power, our lineage has known and worshiped the Creator since our inception. Our ancestors have met Him. He partitioned His creation, infusing our forefathers with His divinity. In the beginning, the Creator forged a novel force—an entity devoid of His Will. Thus, the aenguldaemons were shaped, carrying His essence and uniting it with this newfound power. Simultaneously, He sacrificed Himself to breathe life into us. The aenguldaemons were entrusted to aid us in restoring the Creator. Creation resulted from a Divine Sacrifice, paving the way for a Created Sacrifice to birth the Divine. Yet, the Creator sought novelty, not mere extension. His Will was to craft beings capable of true love. Profound love is found in sacrifice. Through His death, the Creator bestowed Himself so that humble creatures could, in turn, offer love back to Him. Rather than adhering to the Creator's will, the aenguls have opted to become Him, a deceitful choice. Descendants understood the sacrifice from the outset, yet were misled by charlatans wielding celestial favors. The rulers of our realms have conspired in an act of multigenerational self-deification, exercising judgment beyond their rightful bounds. No more. Our Prophet Prophet Saul the Revelator Foresees All History Saul, a pious leader, observed his brother horen entering a pact with aeriel, the archaengul, and other co-conspirators. He fell into the aenguls' trap upon catching horen in the act. To conceal their deeds, while horen ritually sacrificed the innocent, Saul was unjustly branded as the murderer—a distortion echoed even in the false scrolls of canondom. False prophets from all races receive false scrolls. Saul transcribed our ancient oral history and safeguarded the sacred scrolls adhered to by our Temple since our race began. He protected the Wine of Sacrament and vowed to annihilate these wicked aenguldaemons, recognizing their force as the key reagent in resurrecting the Creator. In his extended life, spared from aenguldaemonic corruption, Saul witnessed the birth of the false prophets' children, Evaristus and Clement. Intended to be raised in secret by the holy Malitera, they were instead seized by the false prophet’s successor, seeking to manipulate them into childless priests and usurp their rightful roles as kings. The false prophets have thus foisted you with a deceptive church forged to mislead all of mankind. Our Temple Within the Temple, our devotees uphold the true Words of the Creator, spoken directly by Him and the words of those enlightened to the aenguldaemonic conspiracy. In the false church, everything known about the Creator, His will, and our role in the Divine Plan hinges on the veracity of aengulic revelation. Any canonist theologian will affirm that all information about the Creator or 'GOD' comes from aenguliclly delivered scrolls. Even the personal revelations of the false prophets are recorded within these unholy texts. How do we know the aenguls are servants of the Creator? The aenguls proclaim it. How do we know the Scrolls are divine? The aenguls declare it. How do we know the horens are meant to lead humanity? It's in the scrolls from the aenguls. Do you prefer to worship the Creator in your people's tongue and partake in the same rituals as your earliest ancestors, or recite verses of the flexian aenguldaemons? In our Temple, we partake of the Wine of Sacrament, a relic alluded to but absent from the false church. Ask a priest about it—they'll remain silent, yet their texts mention it. A sacramental necessity. Temple Worship Our Proselytization The false scrolls are not a transcript of the Creator’s words, but instead an account of mortal occurrences transmitted by aenguls to secure their hegemony. There are many who would affirm that they couldn’t care less about what some aengul says. In fact, we have seen through history a legacy of aenguls acting in ways which we know makes them fallible and sinful beings. For example, the actions of the aengul gazardiel or even the general impartation of ‘holy boons’ from these beings, which form a link between a mortal soul and an aengul. Now, is there anything from the false scrolls which say that aenguls are given the right by the Creator to pump energy through a man’s soul? No, but you are told the aenguls require it, and they are ‘GOD’s messengers.’ Is there anything in the false scrolls which permits a man to utter prayers to an aengul, asking for power? No, but the aenguls affirm this. Well, even most of the aenguls regard gazardiel’s actions of mass murder and deception as repugnant. What is the answer there? Free will? What the aenguls do is what the aenguls do, it is not about the Creator- they clearly have their own agenda. Put your faith in the Creator, not the ‘creator’ you are sold by the aenguls but He that created you, who implanted within you a desire to emulate right conduct. Having faith in the Creator alone is a threat to them. Prophet Saul the Revelator Returns Our Mission We are to seize the heavens and resurrect the Creator. The aenguls possess within them aspects of the Divine Nature. It was never the intention of the Creator to deprive beings of their own autonomy. The more one lacks autonomy and self rule, the further one is from the Divine. We see this in the stones and natural things on this plane, materials and essences devoid of will. Free will, though, brings fear and all other manner of evil. aenguls, content with their position as overlords, do not desire to be reunited as one, to reform our Creator. They would much rather occupy their current status. They even go so far as to create their own abominations. Therefore, that which the Creator is not overtook them. It is the will of the Creator to be one. The angels are called to be our sacrifice, a sacrifice to return our Father. In order for balance to be restored (in order for the Divine Energies to be at equilibrium) that which abides in them must come together. The new force has overtaken the wills of these powers. The greatest among them aerial, is the most corrupted by this new force as with great new force comes great counterbalance. Seize the Heavens and Resurrect the Creator We must first labor in this realm and dispel the curse afflicting all who are manipulated by the aenguls, their souls defiled and puppeted. Our Temple rituals, along with the power within the Wine of Sacrament, shields us from the aenguls. We are called to wage war against them, for they have imprisoned our kin and perverted creation, posing as false gods in their realms. It is both our right and responsibility to thwart their actions and play out the Divine Will of the Creator. Guided by the Creator's foresight and provided with instructions, we shall triumph. To achieve this task, we require your conversion.
  13. DIOS NO ESTÁ MUERTO A Warning To All Who Stray From GOD Penned by the Viceroy of Hyspia 20th of Tobias' Bounty, Year 152 of the Second Age CON DIOS AVANZAMOS Heed my words, oh followers of the Faith. It saddens me to see such political conflicts devolve down to reprehensible bashing and accusations to the leaders of our faith. What would our forefathers, our exalted prophets who watch upon us say whilst seeing such a disappointing sight? What will our father, Exalted Horen say upon witnessing such petty squabbles amongst nations utilize the Holy Church as a scapegoat for their grievances? Have you not considered such thoughts within your minds when you penned such accusations? Non est dubium. There is no doubt that there is perhaps, a distrust brewing amongst the former members of the Canonist league. It is also conceded that such distrust opened the floodgates of animosity to seep into our souls and tampered with our faith. However, distrust amongst nations should not be misdirected to the Church. Have you all forgotten that it was the Church who acted swiftly to address the unprecedented flooding, the harsh winters, and the natural disasters that struck our Canon realms? Have you forgotten that it is His Holiness and the loyal servants of the almighty who organized relief for the children of Horen? It would seem that these missives implicating the Holy Church with alleged bias and corruption fail to address such benevolent actions our religious leaders have taken to provide for our communities. Perhaps a history lesson should do us some justice. The Canonist League was created for the sole purpose to rid the realm of Canondom against the Anathema, Heinrik Sarkozic. That was its only purpose. Once that purpose was fulfilled, the League of Veletz was welcomed into the Canonist League with open-even if some nations were hesitant-arms. Would it have not been better to petition the Church to address such allegations of bias against Veletz by the member states of the Canonist League? Would it not have been more logical to request the Church to call upon all the realms of Canondom to meet upon this issue and consolidate a more holistic and legitimate approach to inclusiveness amongst the children of Exalted Horen? Questions upon questions, yet I do not find any logical answer from the ones who pen these missives that seem to rebuke the Church and its teachings. Such actions can be seen as borderline schismatic rhetoric. It is quite disappointing that such public rhetoric has also caused the realm of Canondom to be nothing but a laughingstock amongst the enemies of our faith. They revel and relish this moment. I sincerely urge my fellow Canonist brethren to change their rhetoric and tone. Do not use the loyal servants of the almighty as a scapegoat. Such acts are reprehensible and heretical in their very nature. The safety of the pious folk who affiliate with the Church are also threatened with such rhetoric. I request you all see it within yourselves the damages this may cause to our souls and to our faith in the Almighty. It corrupts us and displays our weakness at a time when our very unity in the Faith is shaken and treaded upon by such strong words against the pious followers of the Almighty. Remember, all eyes are upon us. Including the enemies of our Faith. Hyspia shall always stand with the Church. We shall offer our blades to protect the most pious servants of GOD and to assure their safety. That is a promise I shall always keep. EN EL NOMBRE DIOS, HIS HIGHNESS, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Duke of Pacazu, Baron of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of La Dorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Patriarch of House de Pelear
  14. SIGMUND: VE ULTENPROFYET SIGISMUND: THE FINAL EXALTED Emperor Sigismund Carrion, the Final Exalted 68 A.E.S. - 0 E.S. | 1379 - 1447 Authored by Patriarch Josef of Jorenus PREFACE Josef, Patriarch of Jorenus I have served as Patriarch of Jorenus for close to fourteen years now and, over the years, I have prayed many times to the Exalted Sigismund for guidance and wisdom. Despite my tendency to call upon Sigismund for his intercession and blessing, it occurred to me that if I do not know many details about the life of this Prophet, then neither would my flock or those under my spiritual care. This accounting of the events of Sigismund’s life has been compiled from official documents dated to his reign as Emperor and from written accounts of companions of the Exalted. It is my hope that during the 500th anniversary of Sigismund’s revelation, my Haeseni flock will finally come to know the Prophet from whom their Kings descend, whose tomb lies within their Everardian Basilica, and whose intercession makes their prayers come true. Exalted Sigismund, pray for us. THE BEGINNING A scene from the Raev-Nzech war, c. 47 A.E.S. _______________ The once-glorious Raevir people have witnessed their prosperity crumble, decimated by the Undead in the wake of Aegis's collapse. The once-thriving Duchy of Raev now stands as little more than a shantytown, its former grandeur obliterated along with the rest of the continent. It is within this grim backdrop that Sigismund is born, the third child and second son of Duke Boris Carrion of Raev. A rather insignificant Duke, Boris was notorious for his opportunistic social behavior and frequent infidelity, often straying from his marriage to Lady Julia Towers, naturalborn daughter of King Aislin Hightower. This reputation garnered him no respect, and his noble status found acknowledgment among only a select few beyond the confines of the Duchy. As a second son, and therefore the “spare”, Sigismund was treated with little respect by his father and little still to look forward to in life. In an attempt by Duke Boris to curry favor with the Renatian nobility, he would send the young Sigismund to ward under Count Augustus Blackmont. This was seen as a disgrace, as Count Blackmont held a reputation throughout the human realms as a street urchin and a bandit (owed to his origins as a Flay) while Sigismund, despite being a second son of the Duke of a ruined duchy, could still claim a historical pedigree to great men of the past. Sigismund made the best of the situation he was in, taking part of the Wars of Conquest against the Kingdom of Seventis as a man-at-arms under Count Blackmont and Baron Divinius von Xiphias. The war has Sigismund prove his skill at fighting, though the young man remained a recluse and was often noted as seeming uncomfortable in the war camps. Despite his discomfort as a ward for Blackmont, his absence from his home had saved his life. Nzech knights, a pagan noble clan from Old Ruska that had converted to Canonism and served the Carrions as men-at-arms, had risen up against their Carrion lords and slain most of the house, including Sigismund’s older brother and sister. With his father and brother dead, the responsibility to deliver justice to the Nzech fell upon Sigismund’s shoulders. Close comrades of his note that Sigismund was particularly conflicted during this time. In addition to losing a majority of his family, he had come to despise the game of politics that the nobility played, and so considered for a time the possibility of resigning his responsibility and serving as a man-at-arms for the rest of his days. This inner turmoil would soon dissipate when his bastard brother Diedrik Barrow, who had survived the initial massacre, brought to him news that his nephew, his beloved sister Ipera’s son Heinrik van Roy, had not been killed during the uprising and was instead held as a captive for ransom. With a newfound determination, Sigismund pleaded with Augustus for soldiers to avenge his house and reclaim his lost estates; a plea that would be answered and granted under the condition that Sigismund swear fealty to Blackmont once the war was over. To swear fealty would be to forfeit his Duchy and become a Baron under the Holy Orenian Empire, but Sigismund had no choice other than to agree to the terms. With the armies of Blackmont and von Xiphias behind him, and his bastard uncle Hogmund Barrow to command the Raev militia, Sigismund wages a guerilla war against the Nzech usurpers of Raev. The war saw few major confrontations, though these were not avoidable over the course of the conflict, and was resolved primarily through minor skirmishes and ambushes. Just before the conclusion of the war, Hogmund Barrow learned of the deal Sigismund made for the soldiers they fought with, a price that Sigismund had managed to keep secret for fear of alienating the militiamen. Soon after this revelation, Hogmund would be mortally wounded by an arrow during the Skirmish of Vsetsk near the village of the same name. As he died, the Barrow would curse Sigismund for beginning the war that cost him his life and for betraying Raev to the Blackmonts. Though he was not close with his uncle, the bitterness of Barrow’s dying words struck deep with Sigismund, and this is said to be the origin of the grim and melancholic temperament that would come to define him throughout his life. With the war over, Sigismund returned his Renatian soldiers to their lords and, in accordance with the deal he had made prior to the war, forfeited his title as Duke of Raev and became a Baron under Count Blackmont and Holy Orenian Emperor Godfrey. Though a relatively minor accomplishment compared to all that Sigismund would eventually accomplish, the Nzech war had burned in him a hatred for knights and bastards; the former he saw as hypocrites who broke their own sworn values, the latter for reminding him of his uncle’s curse as well as his father’s licentious ways. CRUCIBLE OF WAR A Raevir Warband returns with Teutonic prisoners from the Battle of Crowfield, c. 37 A.E.S. _______________ As a Baron of the Holy Orenian Empire, Sigismund embarked with his fellow Imperials to the Island of Kalos after the destruction of Asulon. During his brief time on Kalos, Sigismund crossed paths with several notable companions, including Toveah Goldman (who later became Saint Tobias of Sarkoz), Baron Adrian Sarkozy, and Orlik, his half-orc retainer who would create the renowned Carrion Black brew. It was also on Kalos that Sigismund lost his eye when Count Blackmont punished him for public drunkenness by stabbing it out. (Author’s note: This severed eye has since become a relic of legend, rumored to grant clairvoyance to its owner.) After several months on Kalos, the Empire and Sigismund set sail once more, discovering the continent of Anthos. This would become Sigismund's lifelong home and the stage for his legendary achievements, which would forever alter the fate of mankind. Shortly after landing, Sigismund encountered two more of his father's illegitimate children: Vladimir Barrow, an intelligence officer for the Teutonic Order and whose records on the war against Setherin in the north would later be used to defeat the Daemon, and Heinrach von Stahl, who was a well renowned warrior of the time and would become one of Sigismund’s greatest generals. Together with his companions, Sigismund would establish the city of Kralta and the fortress of Krelmstad as his noble holdings. Controversially, both of these were built on lands claimed de jure by the Teutons, though Sigismund himself was a vassal of House Blackmont. Despite the ongoing tensions with the Teutons, Sigismund’s attention would soon be captured by Lorin Chivay, the niece of the famous Brothers Chivay and the betrothed of Count Blackmont. The risk involved was great, but so enamored was Sigismund by Lorin that the two began an affair and conceived a child out of wedlock to be raised in Kaedrin in secret. This bastard, Saint Tuvya ‘Rosebud’, would go on to be Holy Orenian Emperor and is a direct ancestor of the Barbanov line. After their affair, Lorin Chivay married Count Blackmont and secured an alliance between Chivay and Flay. Believing himself strong enough now to fight the Teutonic Order, Count Blackmont declared war and began what historians have dubbed “The Blackmont War against Hansetian Tyranny”, pitting the Flays of Blackmont, the White Rose of Chivay, and the Strelts of Carrion against the coalition of Teutons, House Hightower, and House Green. With the war in full swing, Sigismund found himself close to the frontlines and in the thick of the fighting, with Teutonic raids going as deep into Blackmont territory as Kralta, though these raids were minor and mainly meant to disrupt supply lines. In an effort to hasten the war's conclusion as a Blackmont victory, Count Augustus ordered his coalition army to march along the Bub River and advance into Teuton lands. Their force, however, was intercepted by an approaching Teutonic army, resulting in the Battle of Crowfield in 1410, where Sigismund commanded his personal force of 20,000 soldiers to defeat and pursue the fleeing Teutons and their allies. Sigismund’s role in the victory at Crowfield made him a primary target for the Teutons, with Hochmeister Mirtok DeNurem charging his brother Lion DeNurem with incapacitating or killing him. The plot came to a head with an attempted assassination in the streets of the city of Abresi, where Sigismund was inflicted with a near mortal wound. It is claimed that only through the holy magic of High Pontiff Pius I did Sigismund survive. This encounter, from the assassination, to the holy magic that saved his life, would be the spark to set Sigismund on a path of piety and religious grandeur. After recovering from the attempt on his life, Sigismund rejoined his army at the Dreadfort: the true target of the Hochmeister. The army that had been bested at Crowfield had been a distraction, meant to mask the real army’s march to the Dreadfort. Only through luck did the Blackmont coalition discover this true target; personal correspondence had been found on the corpse of a Teutonic officer describing his whereabouts and his role in the Teutonic strategy to his mistress. The army had then turned around and marched with haste to garrison the Dreadfort before it was surrounded and besieged, though they would not have to wait for long. The Siege of the Dreadfort began in early 1412 and was the defining battle of the entire war. Hochmeister Mirtok, who had previously led the Teutons through the war, had disappeared to the north to combat the threat of Setherin, leaving Jonathan Black to take up the mantle of Hochmeister. Though the new Hochmeister had served for many years, he lacked the finesse and attention to detail of DeNurem. Lacking the patience to continue the siege and starve out of the garrison of the Dreadfort, Hochmeister Black began an artillery barrage to destroy the walls of the fort and create a breach through which the Teutons could assault the fort. The Hochmeister’s attack, however, would be his undoing. The artillery barrage and the destruction it wrought revealed a newly created sally port, discovered by Thomas Denims, a ward of Sigismund’s. After relaying this information to Peter Chivay, who then ordered a total charge through the sally port, Sigismund joined his men in the final push and the Blackmont coalition would go on to rout the besieging Teutons. Despite being a great victory for the Blackmont coalition, it was pyrrhic for both sides. His failed command cost Hochmeister Black his title, and with no suitable successor for the Teutonic Order, Emperor Horen V disbanded it. Count Blackmont, victorious in war and with all the glory that comes from it, succumbed to old age just days after the siege. With the leaders of both factions dead or discredited, Emperor Horen ended the war in favor of the Blackmonts and promoted Sigismund from Baron to Marquis. Now with his focus on peacetime development, Sigismund married Helaine Sarkozy, with whom he would have his legitimate children. A SHIFTING WORLD A lone Raev rider inspects a memorial stone erected following the Exodus, c. 27 A.E.S. _______________ A newly appointed Marquis, Sigismund sheathed his sword to dedicate himself to building his home. He focused on strengthening Kralta, steadily enhancing its prosperity and House Carrion's power. However, he found no satisfaction in his accomplishments. Instead he is drawn to Godan, and receives what he described as a religious calling compelling him to leave home and journey north in search of the Godani Scrolls. Much of the information regarding this pilgrimage comes from the notes of Sigismund's sole traveling companion, Saint Bogdan the Pigeon. Their mission, as Sigismund's calling had dictated, was to locate the Ivalyos, a splinter group of the Burgundian Cossacks known for preserving the Holy Scrolls in both Flexio (a language readable only by the Horens) and Classical Raev (a language known to Sigismund and his family). Sigismund's task was to retrieve the scrolls in Raev, known as the Godani Scrolls, and bring them back to Kralta. The journey was arduous per Saint Bogdan’s notes, with the pair travelling through horrible snow and sleet, fighting illness and hunger and wild animals, traversing thick forests, and climbing the Greywynn mountains. It would be atop these mountains that Sigismund would again receive a calling from Godan, this time asking him to submerge himself into the ice springs at the top of the mountains. It is said that this submersion was Sigismund’s official call to prophecy; with the Creator revealing this destiny to Sigismund directly. Sigismund and Bogdan soon found the Ivalyos and returned to Kralta with the Godani Scrolls. The world they returned to, however, was not the one they had left. Emperor Horen V and his court had exiled themselves to the lands of Aeldin, leaving the Empire in turmoil. To survive, the Empire was forced to release many of its vassal kingdoms. Emperor William, who succeeded Horen V after exile, had been convinced by his court that the Raevir people were inherently evil. He attempted to bestow Carrion lands upon House Green. High Pontiff Owyn I, a distant relative of Sigismund and the King of Savoy, challenged this order and brought House Carrion under his vassalage. Shortly thereafter, the Dwarven Grand Kingdom of Urguan seized the opportunity presented by the chaos among humanity and vassalized many kingdoms, including Savoy. Enraged by the Dwarven dominance, Sigismund conspired with the High Pontiff to free humanity from Dwarven rule and reunite the kingdoms under one banner. As the closest kin to Owyn, he became the crown prince of Savoy and used his newfound prestige to command the Kingdom of Galahar to join Savoy. He also granted land to the House of Ruthern, earning him the title of the Prince in Black mentioned in the Canon. With Galahar under his rule, Savoy grew in strength to rival the other human kingdoms. As Sigismund continued to improve Savoy’s standing in the world, Owyn abdicated the kingdom to Sigismund. He rebranded the Kingdom of Savoy into the Kingdom of Ruska, representing the now resurgent Raevir people who had made it their home. As King, Sigismund welcomed his sons to his court, including his bastard son Tuvya, who formed a close friendship with Sigismund's first legitimate heir, Ostromir. Other notable figures in his court at this time included his son Fyodor (the progenitor of the Basrid line), Franz-Joseph (the infamous King of Oren killed by the Decterum in his own throne room), and his daughter Milena. Ostromir and Tuv earned great renown during this period, honing their skills against the neighboring Adunian kingdom, which had been placed there by the Dwarves during the Exodus. After a series of minor raids and with Emperor William refusing to assist Adunia, Sigismund successfully incorporated Kaedrin into his territories. Only Salvus and the fledgling Empire remained independent, with Salvus later pledging allegiance to Sigismund. Emperor William, abandoned by his allies and isolated in his struggle, attempted to invoke Horenic divinity to excommunicate Owyn. This endeavor failed, and William was compelled to abdicate to Silus Horen, an ally of the Carrions. Silus, in turn, abdicated to Ostromir, who swore loyalty to Sigismund and, in doing so, reestablished a united Empire. EXALTED EMPEROR A sketch of the Exalted Sigismund as he received the Scroll of Auspice, c. 0 E.S. _______________ Now Emperor, Sigismund faced his first domestic crisis when the nobles of Renatus rose up against Ostromir. In response, Ostromir and his brother Tuvya initiated a purge of the excess nobility in Renatus. Their purge particularly targeted nobles with elven or Adunian ancestry or those with family ties to past rebellions. Consequently, all nobles in Imperial society were now of primary human lineage for the first time in human history. After quelling the rebellion, Sigismund set out to re-establish the Imperial capital and ordered the reconstruction of Abresi, which eventually grew into the largest city on the continent. To enhance House Carrion's power, he entrusted prestigious roles to his many sons and allies. His nephew, Heinrik van Roy, was tasked with preparing for the war against Setherin in the north, following the demise of Heinrach von Stahl a few months earlier. Sigismund's illegitimate son, Tuvya, was appointed as Imperial Chancellor for his administrative skills. After High Pontiff Owyn's passing, Sigismund's son, Franz-Joseph, succeeded him as High Ecclesiarch. Former Emperor William, once an adversary of Sigismund, now served as his spymaster and confidante, a role that would prove invaluable to the Exalted. As an elderly man, with the day-to-day functions of the Empire managed competently by his sons and councilors, Sigismund shifted his focus to deciphering the mysteries of the Godani Scrolls. Unfortunately, as he began his meditation, exiled nobles, led by Huron Silverblade and Slade Tarus, joined forces with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and claimant Sophia Horen. They launched a naval invasion on Shadowcastle, then the seat of House Stafyr in the south. Amid the chaos, Tuvya disappeared in the Kaedreni wilderness, Ostromir was suspected of being assassinated, Fyodor departed to Ba’as, Milena left the Orenian court to travel the continent, and Franz-Joseph nearly caused the Stafyrs to defect by having them punished for a religious offense. The Imperial apparatus constructed by Sigismund faltered, and he found himself with Heinrik, his nephew, as the sole support to defeat this claimant coalition. Donning his armor and the famous Boyar’s Cap, Sigismund led his forces in one final battle. Assisted by a young band of Rovins (who would later become the Order of Saint Lucien), the orcs, the Strelt armies of the Carrions, and various other loyal noble houses, Sigismund repelled the Dwarven-Silverblade invasion. It is worth noting that during the battle, an Aengul in the form of a tortoise was seen flying during and after the battle, providing inspiration and Divine blessing to the Orenians. Although the invasion was thwarted, Sigismund was left without any of his family except Heinrik, for whom he amended his will to ensure Heinrik would inherit the throne after him. In this will, Sigismund declared that the Empire should be dissolved, with only a chosen Divinity deemed suitable to bear the title of Emperor. His final days were devoted to religious study while Heinrik ruled in his stead. The young van Roy continued to confront the dwarves for their aggression, simultaneously contending with the threat of Setherin in the north. It was in Sigismund’s final moments that he was raised to the status of an Exalted. In great old age, he received the Scroll of Auspice from Godan and transcribed it perfectly in Flexio, despite never having learned the language. He passed away immediately after completing the scroll, having seen the face of Godan and the binding of time. His funeral was held in the former lands of House Green, where a pilgrimage site was erected by his eldest son Tuvya (who re-emerged after the Battle of Shadowcastle) and his brother Diedrik. Both were legitimized in Sigismund's will, indicating the Exalted had overcome his earlier mistrust of bastards. Heinrik inherited the throne after Sigismund as the King of Oren and dissolved the Empire as per Sigismund's will. Many years later, Sigismund’s descendant, High Pontiff Daniel I, completed the adaptation of the Holy Scrolls from Flexio to Raev to Common using Sigismund’s Godani Scrolls and the Scroll of Auspice he had received. Sigismund's legacy has endured to this day, with his descendants through Tuvya being the Barbanovs, who lay claim to their royal lineage through their connection to the Exalted. When we consider Sigismund as a man, he can be characterized as the last of the true Raevir Boyars: pious, stern, somber, distant from his family yet beloved by his people, and unwavering in his pursuit of prosperity and piety. The author firmly believes that the Raevir people and their descendants, particularly the Haeseni, owe a great deal to Exalted Sigismund. Though many have tried to wipe the Exalted from our faith and our history, through conflicts like the Schism War, our ancestors stood their ground and defended their heritage and their Exalted from any who challenged them. Therefore, it remains our responsibility to continue their defense and ensure that the memory of the Exalted lives on eternally, and that his contributions to Humanity and our faith are never forgotten or diminished.
  15. Campaign Report Action Report Operation Spook Issued by the HAUPTMANN OF REINMAR On this 18th day of Sun’s Smile of 150 E.S. To the people of Reinmar and Fellow Landsers! On this day in the second age of the year of our lord 150. The Landser Von Reinmar raided a weapons caravan of the Mad Baron, with 4 Landsers and himself. Wilhelm von Berkhoven prepared a trap for the enemy. Three men, under the commander of Oberlandser Klaus Berkhoven, took positions above the ridge. When the first mule in the caravan passed below them, Klaus, Daemon, and Samuel loosed a volley of Arrows and stones that stopped the leading mule dead in its tracks. As well as took out one of the four men with the mule. At the same time, further below Earendil, followed the prepared plan, blew the Horn of Reinmar, and made a bunch of noise as he charged up the hill. This sudden sound spooked the remaining mules in the caravan that had fallen behind. Leaving the other teams no choice but to retreat with their mules to prevent them from slipping down the steep cliffs and losing even more of their deadly goods. After the initial attack, the trio of remaining guards began to scramble up the hill to Klaus' group as well as to avoid what they assumed was an entire wave of cavalry reinforcements. However, another volley from Samuel and Daegon saw them halted in their advance, only to be hit shortly after by a well-placed Gott's Flame Potion that left one man barely breathing and one with toasted legs. At the same time, Wilhelm had joined Earendil on horseback and began charging toward where they assumed the rest of the caravan would be retreating. However, they charged head-first into two heavily armored cavalrymen and quickly got stuck in a two-on-two cavalry duel. Klaus quickly descended the hill to finish off the trio of caravan guards only to find them completely helpless, as the only one still in fighting shape had burnt his hands while putting out his comrades. In an act of mercy, many believe is due to the Lorraine necklace that the remaining guard clucked as he begged for mercy for him and his friends. Oberlandser Berkhoven agreed and told them to remember the mercy of Gott and to seek the church to do penance for their sins. The final act of the battle came with a final clash of the cavalry as the Wilhelm pulled a dirty trick on his enemy and stuck his halberd to the side, catching the young enemy off guard and ripping him from his horse with the spike of his halberd. While Earendil used the battle standard of the Landsers to confuse his enemy and managed to finish off his foe with a clean stab between the helmet and chest plate, cutting the jugular. The battle ended with Wilhelm offering quick prayer for their sins of killing others. Before a short celebration of cries of 'Gott Mitt Uns'. Before returning to the safety of Reinmar to patch up wounds and prepare for the next engagement. Saint Edmond, as my brothers go to battle over the coming days, grant them fortitude and protect them. Pray for God to show mercy to the dead, and that in hoping for victory today, we may win the peace tomorrow. GOTT MIT UNS, Hauptmann of Reinmar
  16. LA DORADA Our Golden Home Issued by the Viceroyal Crown Second of Godfrey's Triumph, S.A. 150 El Estado Dorado [!] La Ciudad de La Dorada, portrayed under a setting sky. “What does it mean to be a Hyspian?” Is it the pride in our language? Or is it our shared preferences in the beauty of warm climates and vibrant colors? What unites us? Is it our shared canonist faith? Or our love for passionate music, poetry, and theater? The culture of Hyspia has been established since its origins. It has been built upon, expanded, and practiced to the extent of which the term “Hyspian” signifies more than just a culture, but a nationality. Whether it be the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos or an event of La Torea, Hyspia never ceases to create a lively atmosphere; one where men, women and children can enjoy the spirited yet lively music and theater, the passionate sermons of their canonist faith, and the encouragement of pride not for themselves but for the collective community as a whole. To be Hyspian means to be Persistent. To be Hyspian means to be Passionate. To be Hyspian means to be Proud. “That is what it means to be a Hyspian.” For years we have been separated, scattered, and quelled throughout the corners of this continent. However, it is our collective faith and identity that has kept our culture intact. Our persistence is what kept our dream of an independent home alive. Now, we can be united once more as we settle upon our new homeland. United in our cause for common identity. Upon this day, the grand city of Hyspia has reached its completion. It brings the Crown of Hyspia great pleasure to share the growth and progress of our state. With dedication, dutiful planning, and execution of the Grand City. Our people have named our bastion of Hyspian civilization “La Dorada”, a different take on "El Dorado". La Dorada, a name to honor the motherland as the “Golden City”. Our home truly is golden. Its luster shall never fade. The culture of our golden Hyspia shall forever be polished and expanded. Together, as we unite, protection shall be guaranteed. Now we can live together under the safety of our own people. Free from all oppression. With the naming of our city and the unification of our people, the Crown proclaims that prosperous years will now follow for all Hyspians. We shall welcome all with open arms. May DIOS guide our people as they find their way to the homeland. VIVA HYSPIA Signed, HIS HIGHNESS, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Duke of Pacazu, Baron of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of La Dorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People and Patriarch of House de Pelear HER HIGHNESS, Karyna Rezalin de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Duchess-Consort of Pacazu, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of La Dorada, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People and Matriarch of House de Pelear HER HIGHNESS, Ramona de Pelear, Crown Princesa of Hyspia, Duchess of Paraíso
  17. [!] The brothers-in-arms of the Friedrichian band leaving their farm in Lemonhill to fight against the Vale & Norland at “Grubnakh’s Charge” _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents Chapter I - The Crimson Genesis Chapter II - The Holy Mission Chapter III - Creed Chapter IV - DEUS VULT _________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER I FROM SONS OF PAGANS, TO WARRIORS OF GOD The founding members of the Friedrichian band, including Hannes Steelguard, trace their roots back to the continent of Almaris. Their ancestors were soldiers of fortune in “The Red Company”, fighting all over the continent for whoever paid the most such as the Uruks, Rozanians, Sutica and later Savoy as a vassal. The Red Company and its successors made their mark on the history and continent before its fall to the Mori. The members of said Company were not men of Canon yet they were friendly and once Savoy collapsed they began worshiping a false idol who resided in a lake. The successors of the company tried to keep itself afloat yet struggled, wandering from realm to realm in hopes for a home until the continent fell. Many things have changed since yet some things remain the same. The descendants of the Red Company now fight under the name of the Friedrichian Band, named after the father of Hannes Steelguard, as they pursue their martial lifestyle like their ancestors but no longer for personal gain or glory but for the glory of the divine. The founding members of the band were raised within canondom and were subjected to the TRUE FAITH and now worship it with zeal and are ready to defend it with their lives. Abiding by the CANON LAW and the word of the exalted and GOD. Regarding the band, it is not a holy order that is patronized by the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH nor a state but rather it is a knightly order of zealous canonists who wish to defend and fight for their faith. They of course gladly work closely and try to keep good relations with other holy orders of the church to achieve common goals alongside with the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, yet their methods may differ in some areas. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER II TO BE CANONDOM’S SHIELD, TO BE ITS SPEAR Just as the Exalted Owyn, who went and lived in the den of his enemies to free the faithful and then went to Edel on a lone crusade in penance of the kinslaying of his uncle, so does the Friedrichian Band. They believe in taking after Owyn and living by his example. They believe that instead of waiting for evil to turn good or show itself, it must be sought after, unearthed and purged before it does any harm to the greater world. That is why in the year of 1941 the band called for the faithful to take action against the priest killings in Lurin. That is why they ride out to fight those who make themselves enemies of the HOLY LIGHT OF GOD like they did in 1944 when they rode out to slay Norlanders and wood elves alongside the Uruks. They believe in safeguarding the faith and ensuring the moral wellbeing and safety of those that belong to GOD’s flock, finding themselves offering humanitarian aid whenever they can or when the need rises. Their mission is of such importance that they are ready to lay down their lives for it, serving on the frontlines against evil with honor and prowess. They are protectors, crusaders fighting evil and the pagan in the name of GOD. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER III UPHOLD GOD’S GLORY IN ALL YOUR PARTAKINGS The comrades of the Friedrichian band uphold a creed. The fundamental belief of this creed is to undertake everything with the goal of upholding the WORD and GLORY OF GOD. From accepting a challenge of combat to doing mundane tasks. To living according to the scrolls and the examples of the Exalted. There is though a more solid code of conduct which they abide by. Their actions are based off of this most of the time: I. Knight, you are a warrior serving the GLORY OF GOD with Honour and Loyalty II. Each Knight is your brothers-in-arms whatever his nationality, race or culture may be. You show him the same solidarity that links a family together for we all belong to the family of CANON. III. Respect for GOD and traditions, devotion to GOD, discipline and comradery are your strengths, courage and loyalty are your virtues. IV. You are a warrior of GOD. Show this through your always dignified yet modest behavior and through your diligence. V. The mission is sacred, you carry it out until the end and, if necessary in the field, at the risk of your own life. VI. In combat, act with righteous passion for our LORD GOD, and never abandon your dead, your wounded, or your arms. VII. At all times speak the truth. Only the great deceiver IBLEES and DARKSPAWN deal in lies. VIII. To keep faith. IX. Never turn your back on an equal or inferior foe. You are the sword of GOD and you shall cleanse the mortal plain of SIN & VERMIN. X. Protect the weak and defenseless of CANONDOM. Be their shield and spear by seeking out evil and purging it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER IV GOD WILLS IT Those that wish for more knowledge of our band, for those that wish to fight for OUR LORD GOD’S WILL, to the forces of evil; you may find us in Lemonhill. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✠ AVE HOREN, AVE OWYN, AVE GODFREY ✠
  18. THE FIRST CRUSADE OF REINMAR A REPORT ON EVENTS LAST SAINT’S DAY Issued by the HAUPTMANN OF REINMAR On this 13th day of Joma and Umund of 496 E.S. TO THE PIOUS MEN AND WOMEN OF REINMAR AND WHOMEVER THIS MAY CONCERN, A most momentous event took place on the last Saint’s Day in the year of our Lord. After the concussion of the dual weddings of Helfgott - Berkhoven and Helfgott - Burke. The mad Necromancer Funnybone and his ilk graced Reinmar's firm towers with the blood of man and beast alike in a show of their disgusting cruelty. However, within the walls of Reinmar was the truest form of faith before GOTT. Men and women of multiple races from across Aevos had come to support the most holy union of the two happy couples. So when the party guests, as well as the brides and grooms, saw the cruel action, all quickly ran into action. Under the loose command of Hauptmann von Reinmar but mostly with the Lord’s divine grace on them, the diverse group of Canonist forces engaged the foul darkspawn who had foolishly remained bear witness to the Lord’s wrath. NOTED PARTIES HOUSE OF WEISS Lord Walter and his Wife Marian Weiss, Who had come to the wedding, lived entirely up the name of the ever-zealous House of Wiess, both of them joining the front line against the heretic shield wall. With Walter landing, an important hit on the dark spawn with the House Holy Blade. KNIGHTS OF SAINT JUDE The Knights of Saint Jude appeared in force at the battle, taking the bulk of the front line against the enemy shield wall. Their most holy force held the line against the dark spawn line for the bulk of the battle, aided by other good men of Canonism. And prevent their taint from moving even an inch closer to Reinmar once the battle began. The Landser would like to express their utmost respect for the knights of Saint Jude and their desire to work together again, as their order in battle was exemplary. We were also honored to see a new faithful join their ranks after the battle. LANDSERS VON REINMAR The Landsers von Reinmar, including all four of those who had their wedding just prior, stood fast alongside their Waldenian Brothers, with Particular not to a very amusing fireball fired by Oberlandser Mage Arthur Burke, which caught the scum Funny Bone causing him to eventually flee the battle screaming. 'Put it out! Put it out!' as well as Leutnant Avya Berkhoven, who slides the massive head from the bear-sized flesh golem. Overall, the Landsers all conducted themselves well according to their roles. Using properly combined warfare with magic, alchemy, and slayer-steel brute force. FORCES OF MINITZ The Forces of Minitz, including their templar, managed to break into the center of their formation, with their templar blasting and shutting down any more range attack from the Iblees forces. The Prince of Minitz Ferdinand Barclay, standing and fighting alongside his cousin, his Princely Grace Manfred Barclay, the second. PERSONAL MENTIONS Laurissa von Haense for her efforts in targeting the most dangerous of the enemy and going to great physical lengths for our holy cause. The House of Colborn, while they may not have intended it, sent a very big soldier in a small package. MESSAGE TO THE FAITHFUL Canonism won the battle this day, but the war rages on as Iblees forever attempts to corrupt our world. So never let your sword dull or become ignorant to corruption, for he who rests rests. Wer Rastet, Der Rostet. With the glory of Gott's victory in your hearts. I encourage you reading this missive to remember we are Gott's blades, and our one true enemy is Iblees. So, never turn your back on your fellow canonist, no matter their secular allegiance. Now, all good canonists, go with Gott and steel yourselves against corruption! CLOSING PRAYER Saint Edmond, model of all knights, possess me not with fear; grant me peace and strength in the hour of battle. Let God think not on my faults but on my potential. I swear that if I come through this day with courage, I will strive to embody the honour that thou didst: I shall show clemency to the prisoner, give succour to the widow and spare the peasant. Amen! GOTT MIT UNS, ,Hauptman of Reinmar Thank you to @Petsch2k@Trey@Balthasar for playing the baddies and giving everyone a fantastic event!
  19. The Crusade of the Great Milkman To my brave and loyal soldiers of Milkland, I, the great milkman, your king and commander, hereby announce my plan for a crusade against the elf heretics, as follows: We will march to Nor'Asath , the land of our enemies, and we will conquer it in the name of milk. We will destroy their temples, their palaces, and their forests. We will take their gold, their jewels, and their cows. We will make them pay for their crimes against us and our cows. We will fight with milk as our weapon, as we have always done. We will use our bottles, our buckets, and our hoses to spray them with milk. We will blind them with our cream, we will choke them with our cheese, and we will drown them with our yogurt. We will show them no mercy, no pity, no compassion. They are not worthy of any of these. They are the enemies of milk, and therefore the enemies of Milkland. They are the ones who started this war, and they are the ones who must end it. We will not stop until we have achieved our victory. We will not rest until we have avenged our losses. We will not give up until we have found our families. These are my plans for you, my brave and loyal soldiers of Milkland. I ask you to trust me and follow me in this crusade. Together, we can make Milkland a glorious and powerful kingdom, where everyone can enjoy the blessings of milk. Your king and commander, The great milkman
  20. Lemon Hill Monastery [Mother Frinna and Father Callahan] presents… ART AND FAITH, A DISCUSSION Published 7th of the Godfrey’s Triumph, in the year of our Lord 1943. The Monastery of the Sacred Heart invites all to attend the unveiling of a set of religious artworks of Mother Frinna Glennmaer on the 3rd of the Sun’s Smile, in the year of our Lord 1943. The paintings will be depictions of our faith's beloved Saints and Prophets, and invite conversation on religious expression and art theory. The pieces themselves endeavor to put to canvas the delicate history of some of our esteemed Exalted, by way of the brush. All paintings will be on display in Lemon Hill, and reproductions can be requested to be displayed elsewhere across nations. In honor of the toil of our native Mother Frinna, Lemon Hill invites all to join in festivity and the eating of cake. It is asked of all who have the means to do so to bake cakes for the occasion, that we might share in the joys of our shared faith and make merry. [With cake.] OOC Info: Sunday @ 3 PM EST, located at the Monastery of the Sacred Heart, Lemon Hill.
  21. The Promise of the Great Milkman To my beloved people of Milkland, I, the great milkman, your humble and faithful king, hereby declare my solemn promise to you, as follows: I promise to uphold the principle of equality among all people of Milkland, regardless of their race, gender or social status. No one shall be discriminated against or oppressed by anyone in my kingdom. I promise to provide every person of Milkland with a loaf of bread every day, as a sign of my care and generosity. No one shall go hungry or thirsty in my kingdom. I promise to assign every person of Milkland with a work that suits their talents and interests, as a way of fostering their growth and happiness. No one shall be idle or unhappy in my kingdom. I promise to protect every person of Milkland from any harm or danger, as a duty of my love and loyalty. No one shall be afraid or insecure in my kingdom. These are my promises to you, my dear people of Milkland. I ask you to trust me and support me in fulfilling them. Together, we can make Milkland a prosperous and peaceful kingdom, where everyone can enjoy the blessings of milk. Your king, The great milkman
  22. [!] The pious and faithful within the city of Sin and Vermin as they cleanse it from the corruption of Iblees & the void __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blessings be upon those who read this and we pray GOD guides you through life. The war against Vermin and Sin has been a roaring success and has exceeded the expectations of all of us within the Friedrichian Band. We did not expect such swift action and widespread support within Canondom when we first called to action. It makes us glad to see Canondom has not fallen like Lurin. A few days within us penning and announcing our PIOUS & RIGHTEOUS quest, the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH and Canondom rallied a force before marching into the city of Lurin. Clergy and faithful. There they handed several terms to the lord of the GODLESS city which they promptly accepted. The forces of Canondom were allowed to cleanse the city from Sin & Vermin through whatever means necessary. All that was needed is a permit from the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH to do such. Only a few hours passed before some of the culprits behind the attacks on clergymen within the city were caught and dealt with. A great victory for sure. Yet our work is not done. The corruption of Lurin runs deeper than expected. They have forbidden clergymen from preaching THE HOLY LIGHT OF GOD within their lands except within churches. The WORD OF GOD shall not be restricted to certain areas. They insult and mock our faith and faithful openly. This cannot be tolerated. They intervene in the testing of lurinites and draw blades against clergymen still. I shall remind you that these are the doings of the average citizen and guards within the city of sin and vermin. When we, the merry knights of the Friedrichian band alongside faithful from aaun and veletz, tested spooks with a permit granted to us by the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, we were met with intervention from Lurinite lackeys and drawn blades. They had no intention of letting us conduct our testing in peace. They tried sowing seeds of distrust among us by questioning our purity. An attempt to lead us into bickering and targeting ourselves. Their sly words fell on deaf ears FOR GOD PROTECTS AND UNITES THE FAITHFUL. When all failed they drew a blade on our most beloved Bishop Callahan, demanding his blood be drawn. Seems like it wasn't just darkspawn and xionists who thirst for clergy blood within those walls. Our conclusion is this: Lurin has fallen beyond redemption. The only way to save the few remaining and dwindling faithful in the city is by crusade. To cleanse the land of the sinful and vermin scourge by fire and blade. Destruction to the current Lurinite regime and establish a PIOUS state from its ashes. Thus, we the faithful of Canondom, plead to you, Pontiff Sixtus V, save them from the GODLESS pit that drains purity from the faithful. Call a crusade. Crush the agents of Iblees and the symbol of sin & vermin that Lurin represents. ✠ AVE HOREN, AVE OWYN, AVE GODFREY ✠
  23. I love the Milk With cocoa, I love the Milk when it's good, I love the Milk With cocoa, I love the Milk, I love the Milk. In step, comrades, in step, comrades, In step, in step, in step, In step, comrades, in step, comrades, In step, in step, in step. Just one Milk with cocoa, Just one cup of milk turns us into lions, Just one MIlk with cocoa, Just one cup of milk turns us into lions. No Milk for the Elves, No Milk for those dogs, No Milk for the Elves, No MIlk, no Milk. Love the Milk With cocoa, Love the Milk, it's so tasty, Love the the Milk With cocoa Love the Milk, we love an Glass of Milk.
  24. There are 12 crusader virtues that every crusader of milkman should follow and those are the mentioned 12 virtues: 1 Temperacy 2 Chasteness 3 Beliving in the words of Creator 4 helping people in need 5 Not killing without a reason 6 Accepting anyone regartless of their race 7 Beaing Just 8 Fighting for the Good of Canonists 9 Not fearing death 10 Grace and mercy 11 Defending the freedom 12 WE are born to be WARRIORS!!!
  25. Saddle therefore bridle therefore beautiful mounts True knights fall off all adornment Arm yourself, drape yourself with your Faith Proud Canonists the Creator sends you Our children exalt with joy Forehead of love and singing without fear Of our souls they will defend The Aevos With their heart The ramparts of a holy family Hearth, heat that does not waver The strong enclosures of the dynasties Offering tutelage to all his friends The bland flower is courtesy The Blooms of Hanseti-Ruska has recovered King Milkman, in the shade of the oak Shine for this promised land
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