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Found 1 result

  1. Frederiqe de Bar Age Thirty-seven Height 5’7 Appearance Frederique wears a tiresome expression across her face. Her features are narrow, and tight. They consist of sharp edges, and casts off a curt sight. Frederique wears prominent bags beneath her eyes, most likely due to the lack of sleep she receives. She has long, black unattended hair, which is mostly pinned back with a golden clip. Her dark shimmering eyes are hidden behind some of her black locks, which she shares with the whole de Bar family. Personality The noblewoman keeps a sullen gaze drifting over her environment, and prefers to observe rather than speaking. A blunt, and dull tone is mixed in her voice, which signs the little interest she usually presents to you. Like her two brothers, Frederique is more calculating in any situation, and gives off a cold impression. Family Parents: Richard de Bar, Ipera Carrion Siblings: Adrian de Bar, Guy de Bar Spouse: Otto Rovin (deceased) Children: Klara de Bar, Baldwin de Bar Nieces: Annabelle de Bar, Lucienne de Sola née de Bar Nephews: Carden de Bar, Denis de Bar, Adelric de Bar, Sergius de Bar, Joachim de Bar, Edmond de Bar (deceased) Distant Family: Emelie de Bar née de Sola (sister-in-law)
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