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  1. As the sun sets over the Silver City, the Malauriran, vested as they are with the wisdom of their past tenures, begin to file from the Citadel. In the days to follow, the results of the their deliberation would be made public. REMEMBRANCE OF THE BEE: THE MALAURIRAN CONVENE A MISSIVE TO THE CITIZENRY OF THE SILVER STATE Following the assassination of the late Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal, it became the solemn duty of the heial’malauriran to deliberate on her succession. The Silver City shall never flourish without an interpreter of Larihei’s intentions and one dedicated solely to the pursuit of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The malauriran express their concern with the events of the past several elven days. The assassination of the embodiment of Larihei and the haste with which the subsequent trials were executed all present serious threats to the continued prosperity of the mali’thill as a people. Azorella Elibar’acal, The Bee, will be remembered as a faithful servant of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, undone by the treachery of an unclean sect among her students the mali’thill. Her memory shall live on in her teachings and in the histories of our people. It is the decision of the heial’malauriran that the mali’thill best situated to mend this shattered state of affairs is Acaele Lazul. We encourage Acaele Lazul in his capacity as the Maheral to pursue a path of reconstruction and reconciliation and trust in his disposition toward doing so. The restoration of the peace will require the most aggressive elements on either side of this apparent rift to lay down their arms and for those of cooler sentiment to seek justice for all crimes recently committed against Larihei’s legacy. May the person of the Maheral remain a mediator in the face of internal strife and uncertainty, and may the people of the Silver City heed the call to spill no more blood until the proper legal frameworks can be exercised with the involvement of all internal factions. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA LIEWYN’LARIHEI ELTAELEH WALEHE OHN VALLEIN ELTALIYNA WALAHE Signed, Maheral Acaele Lazul Malaurir Iaria Elervathar Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Malaurir Ceruberr Asul’Ailer Malaurir Athedil Haler’thilln Malaurir Lelien Lazul Malaurir Avern’dionne Adriane Malaurir Iatrilemar Elervathar
  2. ON THE MATTER OF THE SILVER WITCH AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SILVER STATE The Woman became aware of the recent events in the Citadel of Silver, permitting negligent response in the idle action of frozen-demeanour. A Woman that had wailed and wept for something greater than her own vulnerable persona, choosing to relish in the overwhelming anguish that encompassed indomitable setting.“I am mournful. I had promised silence.” Alas, the deplorable action of another assassination had been concluded and nigh upon chaotic habitual climate, sudden and forceful blustering of ever-frozen winds ejected forceful motion inside the rotten abode of a stagnant persona. The Woman eventually, and ultimately succumbed to the paralyzing fear of her own creation, and curse. “No. No. This cannot be.” The tales of the icebound Woman had been riddle and imagination, accompanied in desperate pleas that followed this wretched being in the strange decision to ascend from boundless rest. The Woman had made her mind up and still within the abysmal night-sky that reigned over her heart and mind, hearsay plagued infertile rumours. “I cannot bear it.” Until this day, grand controversy had surrounded the idea of what or whom had concluded this reign of misfortune and mischief. As common, rumours presumed certain demise approached her in pitiful action, upon woeful evening. Were she young, energetic and zealous, perhaps she’d have conjured an army, to destroy the grotesque beast. Albeit, the Woman knew better and in determined heap of eternal agony, she bid her farewell.“Farewell, once more.” An everlasting sense of solitude dominated the Woman, until the momentous morning she emerged from the depths of the cavernous settings she hid within. This was not her final plea, but a precaution in vengeful purpose. The Woman had concluded and the message was sent to the realm. Mali’aheral We believed her demise, the down-fall of a feral creature that beseech upon the souls of those unable to escape the frozen grasp of the Fjarriagua. Her name had not been uttered for centuries, for she had disguised in the bitter conditions of her disappearance. Adeline, no longer. The Lady of Corruption, Eloh’ra Cuth’arlin, heeded not our warnings. The Vixen’s actions were not her own, but for Xion and the infatuated practice of their unfaithful message. There is no consolation, nor solace that allows her resolution from the constant sorrow that torments this wretched creature. The Silver Witch must be stopped. Lest we remain in constant apprehension and unlawful concern of our peers, in daunting thought that she might still be here. The howling of the wind shall unfold her frozen heart, succumbed to ache and torment. Not something. But SOMEONE urges the despicable Woman forth, despite the obvious limitations of her mortal coils. At first, few survivors remained upon the cursed land that she trod but we now unite to rid of this curse. As time elapsed and centuries reign, we recall the Woman’s unlawful actions against the nations and people of our realm. A presence that manifested hatred in essence, bringing forth a reckoning of darkness wherever HER name was mentioned. The Fjarriagua’s conspiracies against the State of Celein, the State of Laurelin, the Silver State of Haelun’or, the Druidic Order and the populous that attempt lawful livelihood instilled alarm and hesitation since her ungodly birth in Vailor. The Silver Witch must be stopped. We cannot bear another attempt of supreme ruling from the cultists of Xion and the abundant reign of terror must be terminated, as soon as possible. Find her, rid the Witch of her curse once and for all. We must find peace in the troubled times we meet. FREE THE SILVER WITCH, THE LADY OF CORRUPTION. Mabel Durette
  3. THE RESIGNATION OF THE MAHERAL Issued from The Office of the Blessed Diarchy on the 8th of Grand Harvest, 1760 My kin, my friends and loved ones.. The Silver Bastion has always asked for a keen mind to preserve its rich culture. Teaching young and eager High Elves the tradition which Larihei Lohmani rigorously paved for our people has always been crucial to the foundation of our glorious culture. Mali’thilln like the esteemed Lucion Sullas, the radiant Lelien Lazul or the sagacious Iatrilemar Elervathar have shared their enlightened wisdom to their people and shaped our home into the marvel we know today. My contribution to the state is one that has stretched over a prolonged period of time, established ever since the very vulnerable phase of my adolescence and extending far beyond the years of my adulthood. As your Maheral, and your guiding light, I have took many of my years for granted. I served elcihi’thilln dutifully, swearing both my loyalty and clever supervision to the Mali’thilln for what is nearly a century now. This once weak framed Mali’thilln was subject to ridicule, skepticism and doubt, yet you have still allowed me to be your beacon to bring prosperity to what was once a city tainted with corrupt ideas and fruitless efforts. Both these tenures as Maheral combined have brought great success to something that was initially perfected already by its founding fathers and mothers, yet it has also delivered a feeling of eternal gratitude I’ll forever be indebted. However, just as the world changes around us so shall we. The Blessed Diarchy are awaiting OFFSPRING, which shall continue the Elervathar tradition of guidance at the helm of the Silver State when the time is ripe, with the wisdom of their grandfather Iatrilemar Elervathar, the beauty of their mother Iaria Elervathar and the fervor of their father Dimaethor Elervathar. Our promised successor, the Child of the Blessed Diarchy. With this, I reluctantly declare my RESIGNATION from the position of Maheral. Okarir’mali Azorella Elibar’acal shall ascend to the position of Sohaer in my place and join Sohaer Sullrael in a newly formed Diarchy. They are, in addition to their common duties, expected to teach and mentor the young Child of the Blessed Diarchy. signed by Iaria Elervathar
  4. [!] Notes were hammered onto several bulletin boards in Haelun’or for its citizens! Bearing the quentessential traits of a missive sent out by the Blessed Diarchy, the text however bore a much flowerly cursive handwriting than normal. An Elervathar Soirée Issued from The Maheral’s Mansion, Home of the Blessed Diarchy The 5th of Snow’s Maiden, 1760 - To celebrate and commemorate our industrious contribution to Haelun’or’s rich history, the Elervathar invites the citizenry of Lareh’thilln to a private soirée within the confinements of the city’s opulent Citadel. True excellence is always looked at with skepticism first, but soon we realize that true splendour comes from inherited brilliance no person can compare to. The Elervathar have proven many times before that they create an everlasting impact on the Silver Bastion with great success following their noble pursuits. Henceforth we wish to share our brilliance with everyone, hoping it could enlighten and meliorate all and sundry. We look forward welcoming you, lliran. - signed by The Elervathar Talonnii [[Citadel, 21st of March, Saturday. 22:00 CET / 5 PM EST]]
  5. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as an Ailer. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. (Please message me over the forums or on Discord if you haven’t had the invitation yet to our Discord group!)
  6. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as Amanaan. [!] A small note written on a piece of colored parchment paper was added to Athedil’s acceptance letter. “I like Visaj wine the best. – Iaria” Accepted as an Ailer. Accepted as a Disciple.
  7. Accepted as a Disciple. Your application is pending. Your application is pending. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as an Ailer. Accepted as a Disciple.
  8. Your application is pending. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as an Ailer. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as Amanaan. Accepted as Amanaan. [!] A small note was added to Cinh’llytn’s acceptance letter. “Don’t get on my nerves. – Your Maheral” Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as an Ailer.
  9. That magnifying glass on your pfp drives me insane. I thought I’m just seeing things. >:C

  10. ON THE MATTER OF STAGNATION 5TH OF SNOW’S MAIDEN, 1742 The Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya is an eternal structure that needs rigorous and ardent larbour to keep itself alive, requiring enough effort from elcihi’thilln’s citizenry to continue its blinding splendour. We celebrate and honour those who have been diligent in their work, the Talonnii, however I’ve discerned stagnation amongst my own elite. My concern has grown exceedingly large that I woefully feel accountable to formally address this deplorable quandary where a Maheral should commonly not worry over. The Uradir have been a distinguished bloodline that has stretched their relevance over several centuries in worldwide history. Nobody could compare to the magnificence of the extraordinary Kalenz, which is very apparent by his current generation ancestors. Okarir’san Silir Uradir, the bloodline’s representative on my council of Lauriran, has failed to find himself a suitor yet to continue the prestigious Uradir Talonnii. His blatant tardiness and evident reluctance to proliferate has made me believe that the end of Kalenz’s legacy may be near. I won’t tolerate it any longer. I give the Uradir Talonnii the ultimatum to find their Laurir an appropriate suitor in the span of four Elven weeks. If these terms are not met by the end of the given deadline, it’ll result in his prompt removal from elheial’lauriran and a marriage arranged by power of the Diarchy. Okarir’san, I challenge you to exceed elcihi’thilln’s expectations. It is not too late yet for you to veer back onto Larihei’s path. Albeit the Elibar’acal have built their legacy to a reputation of respect in a relatively short period of time, I feel their efforts slacking the moment after I honoured them by elevating their bloodline. Its Laurir, Azorella Elibar’acal, has shown remarkable development by flaunting her astounding intelligence and shrewd judgement. She has set herself as an exemplary member of society. However, it unfortunately seems like a poor habit for her kin to ride on her coattail and profit from her hard work. Talonnii are a representation of the work from a joint effort of all its members, not from their Laurir alone. I won’t tolerate it any longer. I give the Elibar’acal Talonnii the ultimatum to rise to the occasion and contribute to the Silver State through efforts with remarkable results. If these terms are not met in the foreseeable future, it’ll result in the removal of their Talonnii status and ultimately the abolishment of Azorella Elibar’acal’s position in elheial’lauriran. Do not make me undeservedly punish someone by grace of your disappointing tardiness, dear Elibar’acal. It is not too late yet for you all to veer back onto Larihei’s path. The two aforementioned Talonnii should heed attention to the Aldin bloodline, who single-handedly donated a total of two hundred seventy books to the Eternal Library. For their sensational work and keen dedication to the contribution of the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, I elevate their bloodline to Talonnii Status with Goan Aldin as its respective Laurir. Let this missive resonate, dear Mali’aheral. For if you feel addressed by my words of concern, then I implore you to reassess your decisions. It is not too late yet for us to veer back onto Larihei’s path. With the correct amount of dedication spent we can see Haelun’or flourish, as we are the only capable of doing so after all. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA LIEWYN’LARIHEI ELTAELEH WALEHE OHN VALLEIN ELTALIYNA WALAHE signed by, Maheral Iaria Elervathar
  11. FIRST GATHERING OF THE LAURIRAN 11TH OF THE GRAND HARVEST, 1739 TRANSCRIBED BY ELOKARIR’HIYLUN, NELGAUTH MAEHR’TEHRAL As decreed by the blessed DIARCHY, and led by her most extolled Malaurir, today marked the first meeting of Elheial’lauriran. Attendees featured the current Talonnii Lauriran, consisting of: Dele Seregon of the Seregon Talonnii, Silir Uradir of the Uradir Talonnii, Uppori Visaj of the Visaj Talonnii, and Azorella Elibar’acal of the Elibar’acal Talonii. Issues covered were as follows: I. The issue of Mali’ata both within the blessed walls and in neighbouring nations. How these cases should be dealt with by Elheial’thilln, Elsillumiran, Elemyumiran and State. Conclusions drawn involved focussing disinfectant efforts through only Elemyumiran and collaborating with allies before arriving in their lands to make arrests. II. The issue of the Path of Purity and how Elheial’lauriran are involved. Resolve included the Sohaer promising changes in law, should the Lauriran fail in their duties, and accounted for the suggestion investigation should be made into the Malii that calls her haelun. III. Courtesy of the Visaj: The Lauriran issue of gate policy, after witnessing an influx of unsavoury company in elcihi’thilln. Most concurred that greater training should be provided to gatekeepers, more consequences for negligent Sillumir, and for lessers to be asked to provide more if they wish to access Lareh’thilln. It was also suggested passports might be introduced for actively visiting lesser, along with the issuing of a missive regarding gate policy. IV. Courtesy of the Elibar’acal: The Lauriran issue of reproduction, as she considers the populace slothful with the subject, of late. Most in attendance consider arranged marriages, whereas the Sohaer implores another Imperative of Reproduction is published. Miss Azorella is asked to lead the missive. V. Courtesy of the Uradir: The Lauriran issue of the Path to Purity is brought up, inciting the Heial’lauriran to consider its use being scarce compared to current, with execution used more steadily in its place. While little was agreed upon the topic, Malaurir agreed to reassess the laws and policy surrounding its employment. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA LIEWYN’LARIHEI ELTAELEH WALEHE OHN VALLEIN ELTALIYNA WALAHE
  12. [!] Notes were hammered onto several bulletin boards in Haelun’or for citizens who daily passed through the city’s streets! Bearing the quentessential traits of a missive sent out by the Blessed Diarchy, the text however bore a much flowerly cursive handwriting than normal. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ELHEIAL’LAURIRAN Issued from The Maheral’s Official Office, Representative of the Blessed Diarchy The 6th of The Deep Cold, 1738 - As Mali’thilln it stays our duty to steadily commit ourselves to Larihei’s principle and desire, the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Albeit as centuries pass, time allows for new troubles to arise and incites degeneracy unlike we have ever seen before. To rigorously regulate the system to Larihei’s predilection and preserve elcihi’thilln’s purity, Maheral Iaria Elervathar established elheial’lauriran - A council of the most esteemed members of society to help the Maheral decide on all matters regarding cultural affairs. The Lauriran of the Talonniian promoted, in pursuance of The Talonnii Act of 1717, seat this new Council, namely: Uppori Visaj Iatrilemar Elervathar Silir Uradir Dele Seregon Aiera Sullas Azorella Elibar’acal Goan Aldin This list is subject to change. In addition to the Lauriran, all Malauriran of the Motherland are invited to partake in the discussions and decision-making, as is only natural considering the nature of the issues. - MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA LIEWYN’LARIHEI ELTAELEH WALEHE OHN VALLEIN ELTALIYNA WALAHE signed by, Maheral Iaria Elervathar
  13. Iaria was not one to loiter in places where she’s not supposed to be, although the quality portrait of the Sohaer on display in the library does regularly take up a few idle minutes of her day. This time was no different, staring at the canvas for no particular reason at all. She harbored a meek smile of endearment, an expression so frail and foreign on the Elfess’ face. "For an eternity long, please."
  14. A certain Elfess wasted no time to blindly toss the missive in the fireplace of her quaint apartment, practically ridiculing the author for the message she published with loud chortles. “By the love of anything almighty, maybe I can fool everybody with folly like this next.”
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