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  1. Wulfery

    That magnifying glass on your pfp drives me insane. I thought I’m just seeing things. >:C

  2. "I'd like to see them try." Says a peculiar Fjarriauga with a scoff during the brief discussion over the pamphlet with one of her trusted companions.
  3. You're a hero for writing this, BNK. Excited to see how you'll act this out in roleplay! :')
  4. Speaking as a Frost Witch myself, I truly like the thing you've written. It's practical, and I've been in a few situations where this would've been very useful. Although, I do lack a few things that may have been resolved if you would've contacted us first. How would it function in her disguise? Would anything hint the magical limb if the Witch is disguised? It's not vert elaborated in my opinion, unless that was your intention. I'd be more than happy to help, if you require it!
  5. If that's the case, then I'd see this more as an ET creature than a playable one. If they 'basically' ask for a protagonist to kill them, what's the point of playing it? It's not your job, as a player, to create a creature that asks to purged by adding certain things that a large group of players can detect. Good lore, still. But I would moreso acknowledge this as an ET creature, rather than being playable.
  6. Although I imagine that the search for Hags might be enjoyable for one party, I see it becoming awfully dull, and maybe even annoying, for the people actually playing this creature after a while. It'll eventually become an endless cycle of druids constantly willing to track this creature (and maybe even kill it) over and over again. Perhaps it'll cause frustration with some? Or maybe not, it's just a thought I had. I like the written lore however! A unique piece in my opinion. It's thrilling to see what they can do, as I'm sure that they'll drive fear in some. I'm excited to see these creatures in RP if they're accepted in the end.
  7. ((m-more elf children.. yes... ((also Trinn's puns literally hurt my soul
  8. Trinn

    I found you.

    1. Nekkore


      Find Halsey

  9. Two separate written letters would be delivered to the Order of Magi. Name: Anwyn Izalith [MC name]: Halseyy Race: Mali'aheral. Magic you wish to study: Arcanism. Guild you wish to be associated with: The Sanctuary mages guild. ----- Name: Estelle Iriel [MC name]: Halseyy Race: Mali'aheral. Magic you wish to study: Sensory Illusion Guild you wish to be associated with: The Sanctuary mages guild.
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