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Found 1 result

  1. Yes the title is a clickbait. Yes I do hate druids. Yes I also hate magic. This rant is going to be in two parts mainly because I have criticism for the magic system and community as a whole. And before you ask, yes I am coping, seething, and malding. Please do the same if you get angry at this. Part One: The Druids Oh my god, I never though I would have to make this rant in a lifetime. But I got annoyed and decided to write it anyways cause why not. Druids. They're in the southern and eastern reaches of the map, as well as some parts of the west. They come in many shapes and sizes, and most of them are golden brown because they are Wood Elves. They wear tattoos, revealing clothes, no shoes, and usually are thought of as peace loving hippies(They are). So can you tell me why a nation and a conclave of only Druidic and Aspect followers DO ******* NOTHING 24/7, 365 DAYS A ******* YEAR? To the heavens above I preach on why you all are inactive. Don't even say you can't do anything, cause you can. Go to Freeport which is plagued by smog and bless it, attack Oren because they HAVE to be killing heaps upon heaps of livestock to feed their population IRPly. Go after the Azdrazi for revenge! I don't know, but every time I ask someone 'what have the druids done', they always give me a bullshit answer. And when I bring these up, people mention the "fAtHeR cIrClE". The Father Circle has done nothing besides fight an evil tree which no one knew about besides druids themselves. I would love to help and join the community, but trying to become one is like trying to get into a mean girl cliché at a highschool. People speak behind your back, say some shit, and even doing anything CLOSE to ecoterrorism that gets your town put on a map means you instantly get shut down and unattuned because you "did something bad". Well what the **** are you supposed to do? Hide behind a wall all your life and do ERP and Slice of Life? Sometimes I think Druids are obsolete because of the fact that I could do more with a knight group that fights for nature like 'Team Trees'. The Vale only has people on when Miven is on, and I'm still surprised that the Druidic Grove has their tile, cause every time I go there, there isn't a single player to be found. I once wanted to be one of you, a cool nature loving hippie who could turn ecoterrorist, but your community is too scared to be hated by anyone, so you don't do anything anymore. Part Two: The Magic Community Speaking of Highschool Clichés, getting magic on this server is immensely hard as is. Trying to get an Evo magic makes me have to suck at least 20 voidal mage's taints before I can even get close to a person with a TA. My good friend Lockage's once told me "If you want magic, get close to the community and the people." I love you Lock, and I have your feet pics to lick, BUT HOW THE **** AM I SUPPOSED TO GET CLOSE TO SPOOKS, AZDRAZI, AND ANY OTHER DANGEROUS GROUP OF MAGIC USERS? Please if you have any advice tell me, but as it stands, magic is gatekeeped so ******* hard its almost as bad as the problem with have with nations closing their gates, if not WORSE. I get wanting to give your friends magic, I do, and I also get wanting to keep a cool magic to yourself to keep yourself as your own Lord of the Craft, but at some point it has to be spread at least SOMEWHAT. I also hate the fact that its borderline OOC and metagaming when friends give each other magics and feats. For example, lets say some dude gets Heraldry for the Azdrazi. He's a bit know by the others and somewhat in the Cliché, but he's not trusted enough to become an Azdrazi. He sees a guy have his Heraldry taken away and is like "damn I don't wanna be that guy". A second later, he's given it back for no IRP reason, only because he's good friends with guy. The other player is baffled, and thinks its okay to do. So he does the same, and is pushed from the community because he isn't good friends with the others. Seems like something to happen, right? I don't know, it may just be me but all of this advice I'm given on "how to get a teacher" and "Don't ask just get close to them" seems like actual bullshit to me. So I've take the best alternative possible. Just not wanting magic at all anymore. Turns out, I can just have Aurum arrows and snipe a mage with a longbow or Arblest from 20 blocks away as long as they are in sight of me. Druid attacking me? **** it, hit them with another bow shot and rush them before they can do shit. At the end of the day, why leer for gatekeept magic when you can just **** them up with a bow and arrow like an English Chad. Also, don't hate the Azdrazi was just using it as an example cause it was the first thing I though of lol. Please don't hunt me down.
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