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Found 1 result

  1. ISSUED BY: SIGRUN ‘UNDEADSLAYER’ STONEHAMMER ᛁ ᚨᛗ ᛈᛟᛟᚱ SIGRUN’S HUMBLE REQUEST. ᛈᛚᛖᚨᛋᛖ ᛖᛞᛞᚤ Dear Edmund, King of Aaun. I write to you this missive to wish you the best and a speedy recovery after the horrific attempt on your life, something that must have surely left you terrified. I come requesting a simple thing, as when I swiftly arrived to your aid and put my own life on the line to ensure your safety, as any courageous warrior would, I lost my arm whilst defending you from a sword to the head that would have surely left you dead. I then passed out and woke up with a tourniquet around my arm, courtesy of the fine gentleman known as Sir Gaspard. I now need a new arm, and as a devout Urguanite would like a golem arm made by our finest golemancers, and I hope that you find yourself kind enough to grant me a sum of two-hundred minae to pay for such. I wish you all the best and a recovery blessed by Anbella herself. Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand Champion of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammer Clan Hero of Dungrimm, Urguani War Mastermind.
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