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  1. "Now thes es dwoggers." Said Grand Marshal Sigrun 'Undeadslayer' Stonehammer
  2. Sigrun 'Undeadslayer' Stonehammer regales in dwarven glory. "Narvak oz Urguan! Dungrimm smoiled upon us thes day!" He let out as he turned back to his dwarven legions with a prideful smile and a flash in his eye.
  3. ISSUED BY: SIGRUN ‘UNDEADSLAYER’ STONEHAMMER ᛁ ᚨᛗ ᛈᛟᛟᚱ SIGRUN’S HUMBLE REQUEST. ᛈᛚᛖᚨᛋᛖ ᛖᛞᛞᚤ Dear Edmund, King of Aaun. I write to you this missive to wish you the best and a speedy recovery after the horrific attempt on your life, something that must have surely left you terrified. I come requesting a simple thing, as when I swiftly arrived to your aid and put my own life on the line to ensure your safety, as any courageous warrior would, I lost my arm whilst defending you from a sword to the head that would have surely left you dead. I then passed out and woke up with a tourniquet around my arm, courtesy of the fine gentleman known as Sir Gaspard. I now need a new arm, and as a devout Urguanite would like a golem arm made by our finest golemancers, and I hope that you find yourself kind enough to grant me a sum of two-hundred minae to pay for such. I wish you all the best and a recovery blessed by Anbella herself. Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand Champion of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammer Clan Hero of Dungrimm, Urguani War Mastermind.
  4. The now armless Sigrun 'Undeadslayer' Stonehammer nodded.
  5. Which person has pleasantly surprised you the most after they initially seemed non-pleasant.
  6. good job greehn!
  7. Notice how it's always Haeseni players.. Peculiar.. (Congrats)
  8. islamaDON cannot get dwarves out of his MIND man
  9. Sigrun 'Dragonslayer' Stormhammer grins the moon's grin at the missive. "WEH GET TOH KILL WOT ES LEFT O' OREN! AAAARRRUUUU!" He roared out in excitement at the war ahead.
  10. That is rather straightforward, with a teleportation spell you just charge wherever the person was last, same with kani backflips. You can adjust the charge path slightly, but you can't do a full 180.
  11. [T4] DAUNTLESS CHARGE - ACTIVE In the course of battle, a Templar may deem it necessary to charge upon cravenly or fleeing opponents. A Templar may thus swell with their flaming courage, and propel themself forth with the fury of Malchediael. MECHANICS: This ability requires [3] emotes to cast: The First requires a Templar to draw upon their courageous aura while focusing upon a single target as Holy White Flame gathers under their feet, the Second to completely envelop their bodies with their Holy White Flame, and a Third to charge and slam unto an opponent, resulting in their fiery maelstrom to disperse upon contact. When Dauntless Charge is cast, the Templar may charge down a single target at a range of [10] Blocks. When struck, the concussive force of the charge is comparable to that of a sledgehammer. The maelstrom of White Flame also possesses the properties of "Furious Flame", thereby granting it the debilitating effects of Aurum. It is noted that, should [1] Emote elapse without delivering the charge, Dauntless Charge will dissipate. This spell may be cast ONCE per combat scenario. REDLINES: • This spell has [1] charge per combat encounter. • A Templar may not cancel their charge after the second emote has passed and will not be able to cast another Dauntless Charge unless under effect by the Valiant Banner. • A Templar may strike with their weapon at the completion of the charge to focus the concussive nature of their attack into a single strike. This said, they may also opt to simply shoulder bash. • When enveloped with their Courageous Aura (2nd emote), the Templar's vision will be considerably reduced, resulting in a Templar only being able to see rough shapes. • When charging their spell, a Templar may move [3] Blocks per turn until cast. This enables a Templar to move a grand total of [16] Blocks over the course of [3] Emotes. • Dauntless Charge's concussive force will not stack with the material of a weapon used, nor will it result in a cutting-like effect. This is to say that the damage delivered by the Charge will always remain concussive in nature. • Dauntless Charge has to go over solid ground and the enemy must be mechanically accessible. • Should a Templar slam into anything that would be able to resist a hefty sledgehammer swing like in Dauntless Charge, they would get bruised and it would count as [1] minor wound for the Touch of Jophiael. CREDITS: Islamadon: Formatting.
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