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  1. I think we all remember when MaltaMoss mossed all over LOTC in 2017
  2. Arjen Oswald Morovar clutched his chef's knife in disbelief. "Atleast we could work our relationship out before mea borsa passed, thank vy Godan for that." Arjen shed one more tear as another one of his closest relatives bit the dust.
  3. Dave roamed around it's house. "UNFORTUNATE!" The Atronach roared out before departing it's home, heading towards Kosher.
  4. thoughts about the war of the wigs?
  5. Only time i got uncomfortable is when nooblius said "i gotta make a salad" before absoluting obliterating my character in a force pk event. +1
  6. This is very facts Understandable. Yes you are babe
  7. The premise is very simple, which race is one you just DONT wanna roleplay with the reasoning behind it. I will not roleplay a halfling because i will always feel like a weaker dwarf
  8. Will you ever stop calling me mutie? It hurts my extremely masculine side. As a pvper with a big ego it feels condescending.
  9. why did you write this post in ******* piss yellow dude
  10. amazing roleplayer, even better person. o7
  11. Do the random shit you wouldn't do normally and break the rules of the nation you are in if it generates fun roleplay. And lots of shouting for no reason
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