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  1. CHARACTER NAME: Sigrun Ireheart IGN: xMuted AGE: 219 WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Urguan DISCORD: xMuted#7195
  2. (Username)): xMuted Name: Sigrun Ireheart Age: 219 Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Aye Are you of Urguan Folk?: Aye
  3. Sigrun Ireheart rubs his hands together excitedly.
  4. Year 119 of the Second Age, 11th of the Amber Cold. It was a cold, foggy evening in the city of Karosgrad. An unease could be felt in the city coming from the direction of the docks. Lord Marshal Sebastian Bishop has received a report of beasts rising from the depths, terrorizing people at night who traveled the docks of Karosgrad. He rallied his forces at the Brotherhood of Saint Karl barracks and gave them a report of the situation, alongside a speech to remind them what they have sworn to do. Soon, the brave men and women of the Brotherhood marched towards the docks, ready to face any enemy to send them back to their watery graves. [!] A depiction of the brave men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Lord Marshal Sebastian Bishop led his Brotherhood of Saint Karl soldiers towards the docks and pier, as his force noticed bubbles arising from the depths below. the Lord Marshal ordered Sergeant Weiss and Lieutenant Barclay to form a squad and take the right and left flank respectively. The Lord Marshal led the group on the pier with a squad consisting of Juan-Augosto del Sol Naciente, Cadet Vander, A’lia Vershar Kervallen, Armsman Onon and Viktor var Ruthern to engage the skeletons on the pier. The Lord Marshal led first, slaying one of the foul undead with a great strike of his massive greatsword. Armsman Onon assisted Cadet Vander as the group mowed through the undead, finishing them off with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine. The left flank led by Lieutenant Barclay, consisting of himself, Wilhelm Von Berkhoven and Initiate Merce had a rougher fight ahead of them, an outnumbered fight against undead skeleton sailors! Yet they persisted, led by their Lieutenant all soldiers fought valiantly as Footman Kortrevich later joined them, truly turning the tide against the undead threat as too they soon got bested by the detachment of the Brotherhood. Meanwhile on the right flank led by Sergeant Weiss, they too fought a tough battle. Cleverly commanded by Sergeant Weiss, they began hacking through the undead with Initiate Skaul, Ki’el and Aries Kruk at the front. They fought like true beasts, showing the skeletons what metal they were made of. Soon the last skeletons had been bested by these brave men of the Brotherhood. As the battle raged on, all the undead had been dealt with before the roar of battle soon turned into an eruption of patriotic cheers from the brave men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, from the insides of the city these cries could be heard for quite some time before they proudly marched back into the barracks.
  5. Sigrun Ireheart raises a brow at the massive fines. "Thromdick, our kingdom es naeh poor yeeh half-faced bastard."
  6. Sebastian Bishop salutes his friend and former Marshal, and is prepared to take the job.
  7. Why would you ever pay to upgrade from diamond to bedrock VIP, i see absolutely NO reason so WHY did you do it? (please only respond with clearly formulated arguments that do not consist of fallacys.)
  8. Sigrun Ireheart wonders what brought them to do this.
  9. Year 117 of the Second Age, ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ ᚱᛁᛉᛉ ᛗᚨᚾ TAKING OFF THE BELT. ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚢᚱ ᛞᛖᛈᚨᚱᛏᛋ It has come to my attention that my time as Clan Father should come to an end. Whilst I like to believe I have led our clan according to our core values and clan tenets, my reign as Clan Father of the Sons of Yavok was not as successful as I, Sigrun Ireheart would have liked it to be. I am announcing that I am officially stepping down as Clan Father. May one of the previous Clan Fathers, Bakir ‘Orcs Blood’ Ireheart rise up once more to lead our clan into glory, and keep to the clan values and tenets as I have. Now it is time for the Sons of Yavok to put their loyalty and trust towards our previous Grand King, Bakir. It has been twenty-five years of leading our clan, and I thank all my brothers and sisters of the Irehearts for the unconditional loyalty and trust they put into Sigrun Ireheart as Clan Father. Elder of the Irehearts, Grand Master of War, Grand Champion of Urguan, Dragonslayer, Champion of the Wilds, Captain of The Obsidian Guard. Master of Dungrimm’s gym, Urguan’s international chess Grandmaster. Clan Father of The Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III
  10. Sigrun Ireheart laughs really loudly at the irony.
  11. Sigrun Ireheart furiously slammed a fist into his desk as a few tears dripped down the dwarf's cheek. "Youh fookin' BASTARD, Acanthus! Yeh donnaeh get toh leaveh friends behoind loikeh tat youh fookin' knoife-eared cowardleh sack o' shoiteh!" The dwarf exclaimed from his office in Urguan before he calmed down and opened up a sacred bottle of whiskey in the man's honour. "Taeh amoont o' darkspawn weh wereh gonnaeh purgeh from thes world, an' yeh doh thes." He took a large chug of the whiskey before letting out an excruciating sigh.
  12. bro didnt have to do them like that man
  13. "Yemekar does naeh bless blades, Dungrimm does - however oi doh hopeh thes gives our loveleh goldwank kin a chanceh toh man up fer onceh en ahn appropriate environment, an' away from less cowardiceh enduced Dwedmar." Sigrun commented at the missive in Caras'anor, wondering if any Goldhand would actually man up.
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