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  1. Sigrun Ireheart grumbled at the news. "Who taeh fook will weh war nohw!"
  2. A good lad will be missed
  3. Sigrun Ireheart grins at the news as he drank his coffee. "Toseh farmers know wot tey were doin'." He said before lounging back in his chair. "May taeh lad rest in piece, an' oi thank taeh lad fer taeh battles we had becauseh o' him, tey wereh ah blast." The Ireheart grinned once more as he raised his mug high.
  4. Sigrun Ireheart took a deep breath. "All Gold clans... SUCK ARSEH!"
  5. Sigrun Ireheart threw the piece of paper away. "Why thoogh."
  6. Sigrun Ireheart hopes Bakir would be impressed with the meeting he planned, his writing skills and his relationship with Gustaf.
  7. I think hamburgers and cheeseburgers go well with fries
  8. Darius Romstun grinned as he plucked his mustache. "May GOD rest his soul, and may he bless my killing spree."
  9. Darius Romstun plucked his mustache.
  10. 5k x 5k i think is a bit better. Leaves more room for new communities after the main nations have chosen their spot on the map. This current map though is way too big and whilst looking for nodes the amount of dead land in the north and south is astounding.
  11. Sigrun Ireheart would pat Bakir on the back. "Toseh fockers nevah knew wot hit tem."
  12. 9th slot in hotbar is the only acceptabele option
  13. I want a place to spend my mina lol.
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