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Found 28 results

  1. idk why that was so large or how to make it smaller Minecraft name/s: NotTeegah/MassEffected Age: 20 Timezone: CST Skype/Discord: justind731 (skype) RammerJammer73 (Discord) What is your availability: I am usually around most days, my work schedule fluxes between 5:30 am to 1:30 pm and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: The only real issue that I can think of currently. I'd rather not name any names in this open environment but a few members of the staff team seem somewhat entitled and think themselves above the average playerbase. The good eggs do outweigh the bad but I have noticed that. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: Patient, Open a player shouldn't be afraid to come to a GM you shouldn't have that aura of intimidation around you or you're defeating the overall purpose of what you should be as a GM. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: I fully believe in the concept your environment sort of breeds your outlook and personality. It goes hand in hand with the previous question a lead in all cases should be serious enough to make sure the job gets done. But also chill enough to provide a nice atmosphere around the team. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Ateegah, Assassinofawsome, GlutenFreeWater_ What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: Well due to the recent purge I'm not very familiar with many on the team but I do consider some friends but most just acquaintances What are you finest and worst traits?: Patient: I would say I'm quite patient when it comes to dealing with people. Which I believe you need to be when it comes to something along these lines having players that do not really understand the server it might become difficult having to repeat things or explain some things perhaps most of us take for granted. Sort of gullible: Really it's in the name. A lot of times thing do tend to fly over my head or I don't fully pick up on if someone is joking or being serious and I think they are joking Friendly: I've been told that I am a friendly person just coming from second hand might be something along the lines the people who vouch for me could prove or disprove Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: Alright, so I joined the server around 3 years ago back around Mid-Athera I then took a several month hiatus came back around late Athera joined in with the Vanir group as a guard. And that was really the group that helped me find my foothold in the server which if any of you guys are reading I thank you for. So time went on met some friends some friends left etc. etc. but I joined up with the then Dunamis and I have been apart of quite a few groups up to that point. IE: Vanir, Savoy, Orcs, Courland but the group that I had personally found to be my favorite was the Dunamis/Dreadlands due to the fact everyone seemed to be how I myself view the server as its just a game when they died they were not like most saying 'grr pixels grr' they shrugged it off and went on their way. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: I would be extremely interested in working with the War Team if I did become a GM, other than that a few ideas I had to improve RP combat and try to make it more enjoyable for say an outside force attacking or just guards attacking said outside force. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Steel, Gus, really a good portion of the pre-purge GM team fro an outside looking in perspective it seemed to work well before the purge. Link me a good song: I don't care if this is an old movie and its disney this is a good song and I will fight anyone who says otherwise
  2. Kevinblabla7

    [✓] Kevintarianism ban appeal

    Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Kevintarianism Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Letting a banned player onto my account Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) Malgonious Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) Malgonious used my account while he was banned. He wanted to use it during a warclaim and was caught and therefore I was punished. That's pretty much all of it. Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) I have waited my one month ban and have changed my password and I am really sorry. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable) No
  3. Zhulik

    [✗] Tin Foil Armor

    LORE PROPOSITION - TINFOIL ARMOR A Harian Tinfoil Warrior, Circa 1600 In a world where magic runs rampant alongside the growth of an ever present aura of paranoia, it is of the utmost importance to defend oneself against mind probing huns. Innocent men and women are becoming deceived by such vile magicians, leading them to believe that they are the opposite gender if not already resulting from their pineapple illatian pastries. Tales of such illusory and probing have spread far and wide, and thus the demand for magic resistant armor is high. As a result, smiths across the land, most notably Haskill of the Freeman’s forge, have taken to pressing melted tin to a papyrus thin state so that it may be molded with ease. With this invention, denizens across the lands may sleep in peace- and in tin, to ensure that their internal viscera is not morphed to that of a bestial creature. Tin foil equipment will allow the user to deflect magical influence and attacks without flaw depending on its crumpled state. Akin to sound proofing, the more crevices and bumps a piece of tin armor holds the more resistant to magic it is. For example, a smooth sheet of tin would be useless to magic whereas its crumpled counterpart would be impervious. Despite its extreme defense to magic, it's delicate and thin state makes it quite useless against any other form of attack. To provide balance to magic users, quite literally anything (bar magic) can destroy this armor. Arrows can pierce it, fingers can poke it, and more importantly, one could rip it by simply walking. Despite its detriments, however, tinfoil armor remains the go-to headwear for those fearing illusionists. Waldenian Soundproofing, circa 1364 To craft Tinfoil Armor, one must gather tin through roleplay means, melt it, and then press it into its thin state. Once this is accomplished, one must then carefully craft it through roleplay means. Should you roll anything less than a twenty in its careful construction, the armor will be torn. Once in combat, should the armor be damaged or torn, the exposed area would then become vulnerable to magical attacks once more. Mechanically speaking, it may be possible to statgen base chainmail to have hugely negative defensive debuffs (practically none) with its durability also being modified to be destroyed within two hits. Furthermore, due to its light nature, if a mechanical armor set were to be created it would hold no speed debuffs. The way one would determine whether someone was wearing tinfoil armor or not is purely dependent on their skin, which should look something along the lines of: Should this lore be accepted, I believe it will add an additional level of role-play not yet seen on any medieval fantasy server. This document is purely science based, and now that the current year is 1600, a time in which pirates roam, the need for tinfoil equipment is necessary. However, should this lore not be accepted, I truly believe people will still craft such equipment through roleplay means even if it woiuld not provide the additional magical protection as they would hold the belief that it truly does. I have kept this short and sweet, like an innocent child, for I believe I've nailed my points across rather effectively. For those who are too lazy to read, I shall summarize in a tl;dr. Tin Foil Armor should be magic resistant depending on its crumpled state (coating your armor in tin will not do anything unless it is pure tin!). Tinfoil headgear should prevent illusion magic and mind probing from affecting the wearer. To craft a single piece of armor, or the tinfoil itself, smiths must roll a perfect 20/20 in role-play to provide validity to the tin foil's stability. Tin Foil armor has no durability nor defensive buffs to ranged or melee.
  4. Minecraft names: CloudsOnMars, OwOwotstis. Age: 16 Timezone: GMT+1 Skype/Discord: gustav.arentoft & GusanoArentonio#2557 What is your availability: Around 9+ hours on weekdays and more on weekends. Weekday hours are predominantly 3:00PM to 00:00AM (My time). Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: The absolutely horror that is knowing who the primary region owner and tile owner are. It’s extremely messy and not a thing that’s properly kept track of. This is a huge problem for both staff and players, and it needs to be fixed very soon. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: I don’t believe that GMs have to act overly professional around the playerbase. It’s better to portray yourself in a more casual way to the players, as to not make yourself seem like a corporate goon, and more like a real person. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Mostly the same as above, the GM team should not present itself as overly professional corporate goons. They have to be casual with the players and actively seek out what issues the players have, where they also need to heavily listen to the players, the players will usually knows an issue better than staff simply due to them being the primary victims of it. The team also needs to work very well together for it to really properly function, without cooperation it won’t get anywhere. Please list three four players who will vouch for you: Angmarzku. Cablam. Kincaid. Cal has also volunteered for this wonderful thing. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I have no disputes or disagreements with any of the current GMs, we got along just fine. And I believe I could work well with any GM honestly, though specifically I believe I would do fantastic work in the company of Ang. I only believe that my current relationship with the GM team will allow me to easily fit in with the team, and thus work with them. What are you finest and worst traits?: Patient: I’m very patient when it comes to most things, and will not get angry or stressed over any situation that should occur. It gives me the opportunity to get a clear judgement. Diligent: I work very hard, I always do my best to put out a good piece of work instead of something mediocre, even if it takes a huge amount of time. This and patience tend to go very well together, making it so I can provide my best work. Lax: I have a lax attitude. I am not very strict, I believe this helps me get a perspective from both sides before I make a judgement, instead of going strictly by the book without no understanding of the situation whatsoever. Overly worried: I have a tendency to become extremely worried after I’ve made a decision, usually about whether I did the right thing or not. This also leaves me to overthink decision before I make them. Easily distracted: I easily get distracted, even if I find the thing I’m doing extremely interesting, it’s likely that something will come by and steal my attention. Though, the former task can steal my attention back as easily as it was taken. Lacks seriousness: I don’t have a very serious attitude towards a lot of things, and tend to mostly joke about things than treat them seriously. It mostly tends to be things about myself, or things such as the recent GM purge. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I was invited onto the server by a friend, in March 2016, who I know from two other servers I’ve played on. I wouldn’t say that I’ve specifically played with one player group on the time I’ve been here, though the Warhawkes have been the most player group I’ve been in. When it comes to staff teams, I was accepted onto the Application Team in late August and promoted to Manager in October, I’ve also been on the Wiki Team (Though, I was rather inactive there), and finally I was on the GM team from November until very recently. Being staff has by far been some of the most memorable time on the server for me, I’ve honestly enjoyed helping people a lot, whether it was when I was on the AT or the GM team. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Well, I’m very interested in helping the server and the players whenever needed. Doing their modreqs, working to improve the server, all of that. Another factor for me keeping my interest is primarily just the great friends that I have on this server. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team? I would like to see most of my former comrades return, they're all good people. Link me a good song:
  5. Pureimp10

    [Denied] Pureimp10's FM Application

    Minecraft Username: PurePimp10 Age: 16 Time Zone: EST Skype: I can PM to whoever needs it, though I think most FMs and AT people have it. Have you been previously banned or warned, and if so how many times and for what?: I have been banned before, once for block glitching into the dark elf city (I believe Ricky banned me for this) and another time for making a meme of someone (which they weren't happy with). I have since apologized to the player, and have worked on being kinder with him. I have been warned before, mostly for posting on ban reports (this is back when I was a very new player). I try to keep my posts clean and within the rules. What experience do you have using forums, or as a staff member on this server?: I was an Application Team member for six months (accepted June of 2015, resigned December 2015). Being on the AT was such a fun experience, getting to work with people from different playerbases that I probably would not have met otherwise, working with new applicants and seeing how interested and excited they were to play on the server. My time on the AT showed me how forum pex works, which I think would come in handy and allow me to hit the ground running. I also got to meet a lot of people from the FM team, many of whom still remain on the team. This means that I wouldn't be coming in as a complete stranger, and I would be able to work efficiently with other members of the team as I would have known and worked with them before. I've also seen some of the stuff forum moderators do, particularly when helping out the AT with applications. This is a huge benefit as it would take less training time/prep for me to start doing my job. Why should you be a Forum Moderator?: In the two years I've been on the server, I'd say I've developed a way of working with the many groups on here. I believe that I am professional and can work well with a team, as I've had to do so many times in both school and extra curricular activities. I've also worked with the Application Team, which has given me a basic understanding of what it is the forum moderators do, and has also allowed me to form good, healthy relationships with current members of the team, which will definitely help me work with them. All in all, I believe I have the professionalism, maturity, responsibility, and the knowledge required to be a useful and cooperative member of the Forum Moderator Team. Anything else you'd like to mention?: (If this isn't your first time applying, feel free to link previous applications here.) I do like this server, and despite some of my posts, I do think that the staff are doing a proficient job at keeping the server and forums in shape. Past application here:
  6. Captain Aasim

    I was killed by my soulstone

    I was confused (new player) and used the soulstone nether star and it teleported me to "home" which I don't have. I was stuck in blocks and died then was in a bed and died because no one "helped" me or something like that. Can I have my items 12 redstone and 5 iron I got from my keys due to voting back and be put back at the Order of St. Karlsburg brigade's HQ?
  7. Nekkore

    [Denied] Nekkore's AT Application

    MC Name: Nekkore/Nekks_ Skype Name: nuhriel.reyes (should come up with Nekwhore, is subject to change) Timezone: GMT +0:00 Age: 18! Do you have Discord? (you need to): Yes! I do have Discord. Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: Yes I do have a solid grasp of our lore, this is due to being a member for four years. I have a rough understandings of the application standards and I am hoping that the AT team will have time to sit down and give me a solid view of what the standards should be. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I have never donated anything to the server, so as a response I think this is a good position I should take to show support towards this server. I can indeed work with others, I do work part time and part of our training is to work and collaborate with others. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: Taking a step beyond and actually messaging them to ask them if they have any questions for me, this gives a good idea of making the applicant welcomed and not left in the dark to work on his/her's application. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: In my personal opinion, is to re-add the roleplay questions to we know the ability of one's person to roleplay. They shouldn't be too hard, but really just as a way of indicating if they are capable of roleplaying and so we are given a set guideline on how we can teach them to improve. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: I'm set to Uni in September and won't be available for a good few days, but after that I should be completely free. Tell me a joke: I found these funny:
  8. I made a thread about this almost a month ago and it was moved to completed support even though the issue was neither addressed nor fixed. Can we get SOMETHING in regards to when this will be fixed??? And why it's broken in the first place???
  9. Current Issue: Registration Issues within the forums. Lately there has been a re-occurring question, and problem of the new players who have been wanting to join our community. That have been unable to fully log into their forum accounts. As in not receiving the validation email. Others are having a problem with their display, and email. Some screenshots were provided: As shown in the screen shots, the display, and email is clearly shown as available. Then after clicking they both become 'Taken.' The player has said "Once I add in my forum display name, and email. It shows it as available, right? Then when I click 'Create my Account' it becomes unavailable and does not let me use the display name, or email." Also they have said they have made three emails, and different display names each time. I would like a admin/gm/staff to please handle this ASAP. As it seems to be a re-occuruing topic this week.
  10. Nature of the bug: Auction reclaiming isn't functioning and no notice of CT removal First occurrence: The exact time was the day after the deletion of the Cloud Temple and the auctioneers there. Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: The evening of when the Cloud Temple was deleted, I dumped a total of 1521 minas into the auctioneers over an Alchemy Tome and a Mirror Banner. I waited anxiously for the next day to realize I still hadn't received my minas back nor items which is when I found out the Cloud Temple was deleted. I then submitted a modreq that Mitto answered. After explaining the issues, he stated that 99% of the GM's didn't even know about this transition and that there wasn't a notice to anyone about it. We had heard things on the forums of the monks being removed but not the entire Cloud Temple on a specific date. I then went to Pandann to discuss possible solutions on skype. Nothing was achieved here other than more confusion as to why I hadn't received anything back. Here is an example of our conversation: From there, I have been trying to catch Telanir on the server in order to message him about this which was Pandann's suggestion but I haven't been able to catch him. I have talked to other players, one who lost multiple tomes in the auction house, that haven't been compensated for any items. What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally: It isn't allowing for me to reclaim my items nor am I being compensated for my minas. Complaint: It is policy for the GM's to not hand out items willy nilly and I completely understand this. But there was no post at all in the forums informing players that they should void any activity with the auction houses and remove things from spawn before it was deleted. There wasn't a post presenting an official date, and it should've been done a week earlier. I earned a lot of minas from RPing as a merchant and voting to keep this server popular on websites for publicity. Other players have done a lot to work for their MC items and their minas. The staff teams know better than to throw something immediately onto the people without notice. I ask that players who lost items be compensated within reason if they can declare their chests at the old spawn (talking of stalls) and their auctions in the old auctioneer house.
  11. Onslaughted

    Onslaughted's blacklist appeal

    Person Reported: Onslaughted People Involved/ Allowed to post (specific people only): Everyone that was there, the situation was weird. Rules Broken: Bad villain rp. Screenshots: There wasn't any screenshots of the situation, is was just a gm decision. Proof you attempted to solve the issue with them first: N/A I do apologize more my actions on Lotc, i've been going around and taking it less seriously then I should have, thus got me blacklisted. I do apologize for ruining other players rp experience on the sever, it is very selfish of me to run there and ruin other players roleplay, I should have known before I did my actions. I will improve my villain rp so it is far more enjoyable to others.
  12. _mkkk_

    [Actor] mkkk's ET App ^.^

    Minecraft name(s): mkkk Skype ID: mkkk864 Time zone: EST Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: Nope you sillies Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? Nope D: What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Borderlands, Skyrim, Oblivion, Destiny, all Halos ( HALO 3 IS BEST), and more xbox games. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become an Event member? One Mali'aheral; I currently am. I only plan on having two active characters at a time to not spread myself thin. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. I believe any group! I’d especially have fun with ones dealing with religious/military orders to circulate RP. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? -A civilized and flexible ET member to cultivate reasonable roleplay and acclimate to the situation -Providing players with choice rather than having a concrete idea of what will happen -Further roleplay progress whether it be in a story line or impacting a character/faction in some way personally -Including all players present! It isn’t fun to be neglected or not involved while waiting on the sidelines whether you are new or not. When was the last time you saw an event? Currently the one involving the sky as well as one concerning the details of it within Laureh’lin. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I am quite knowledgeable on the lore, and I do a considerably well job at prioritizing and organizing my activities (I take 7 AP’s, swim, and community service). I also create skins on a regular basis too (look at my profile feed) so I have patience as well. I feel as if I could be a unique addition to the event team through my personal experience on Lotc. I haven’t been here for the longest time (Getting close to four months) which gives me the perspective of understanding new players well. I dish out my time, my work, and my energy for others on here because I want to. I would be an active (look at my MC and forum activity. . .) and constantly constructing ideas for all the public displays players will be faced with. Lastly, I can see myself attracting players into staying on this server through a more unified conduction of events. My notable and extensive vocabulary (practicing for ACT and SAT) are able to paint out concise events too. I intend on creating unusual events rather than the regular combative situation where something ends up dying too. Why do you want to be part of the ET? There are a lot of lucid and uninvolved answers to this that I feel lump everyone into the same category. . . I haven’t read all the event team applications but I am about to get on a touchy subject. I intend on joining the event team to provide the players of Lotc, not just the staff team members, with an opportunity to leave their footprint on Lotc history. I have seen quite recently that staff team members have the majority of impact in events while other regular players stand idly by and have minimal effect (please, I don’t intend on backlash or slander spread about me). I am not saying I have an issue with the staff team either; I know plenty of them including Disco which are perfectly willing to cooperate and comply with other players and Connor which is upbeat and chatty on skype! Lastly, I’d like to be an individual who has the players in mind rather than their own self interests. It seems like a few of the staff members have become more desensitized to the feelings of players in which it gives off the impression they don’t personally matter. I provide tips with players in RP, answer questions, read over and provide feedback on ideas (like the Codex de Lunettaé), and make skins openly! Again, it isn’t close to the fully majority of staff members that are like this but I have viewed a few examples. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Raelplayer, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) For 1-3 person Winding Windmill Other individuals have occupied splotches of land today referred to as Vailor before the mass migrations of mortals crept over. Within this time period, simple cultivation and idol representation flourished through these small communities that have left remnants of what they once called home. A ruined and damaged old farm house, fields leeched of nutrition and run over weeds, and a windmill would be one of these remaining pieces of evidence. The tiny group would be welcomed to investigate the old farm house lined with old roots and herbs (alchemy ingredients) and a mediocre yet intricate rusted blade along the fireplace. The fields would be filthy and ruined, the soil crumbling under any simple weight and weeds intertwined into it. Players would have the opportunity here to dig down, if they wish to, into the soil to find different vegetables at the various depths of dirt. This could create a revelation (like one in cognitism) that crop rotation was a once practiced and particularly useful activity. Lastly, the windmill would be falling apart and deconstructed inside which would mean players must do parkour (MC wise) to reach the top! At the top, there would be a few dairies (approved by LM’s) that would reveal what life was like during that time. These diaries could be spread amongst Vailor to the multitude of libraries for a fascinating insight or either could hold information of an idol to be discovered if accepted by LM’s. 2) For a group of 5-10 A Looming Lur On the outskirts of the human lands that trail towards the reign of the Iron Uzg, a few dastardly Lur wolf pups would linger aimlessly in pursuit of their mother. The few cuddled closely together as their trembling paws linger through the peaceful grass blades that would be disturbed by the clanking armor of the men and few women. The two groups would travel upon one another, the humans eyeing the creatures hesitantly and the pups becoming progressively aggressive at the visage of each pale skinned mortal in fear of being harmed. It would now be the choice of the humans to either slay or capture the wolves. The only boons the humans would gain would be the heads, pelts, and the status of triumphing over these creatures. If deciding to capture them appropriately, they could attempt in training them on their own which may lead to a dangerous fate. However, these humans could communicate with the druids in order to have proper assistance in taming and training them. This could lead to bonds between the two usual competing groups which may test the religious principles of the Church of Canon. 3) For a group of 20+ Trembling Turmoil At the disposal of Oren, elites (talking about you sassy gals) at some point would call for a regal ball or massive social gathering in the name of the Canon Church. Most of these social gatherings are conducted in a prestigious and notable building such as the castle connected by bridge to Felsen. Within the confines, noteworthy noblemen and prancing mistresses with the occasional bystander would fill the halls already sounding with laughter and a rhythmic melody of instruments. Mingled in the banquet halls would be various hardy tables lined that seat a few people gorging on the plump fruits and juicy delicacies. The brick and stone reinforced fortifications would begin to involuntarily shake not due to the social gathering but from the Earth. The candles of the chandeliers would extinguish their flames with the fluctuation of wind whisking through and fragile objects clattering into the floor. Trampling footsteps would most like head towards the doorway. However, the wooden doors would splinter and crumble in the presence of raining stone from above. The people inside would be forced to test their survival experience in searching for a way out of the castle grounds without being pummeled by the flying projectiles. Depending on their personal ties, people would have to decide on saving the injured few or ensuring their own safety. This event could also lead to an opportunity for guards of the Kingdom to become honorable due to their actions or either be imprisoned for disregarding the provisions they must take by default in emergency. Lastly, this could revitalize the determined are with roleplay as well if dormant. How long do you plan to stay in the ET? As long as you’ll let me be yours ^-^ Tell me a joke: Your life . . . your life is the joke ;-;
  13. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): In Title Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): DrakeHaze Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Oren Chat, GM Team. Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): What I did I did as a joke in my eyes, although looking back on it now it can clearly be seen as some form of antagonistic action against a group. I wanted attention, I wanted to lighten the mood. Both of which I did so poorly as I was banned under suspicion of buying alts for banned players. I'll state again that I have never purchased, given or hacked alt accounts for /any/ players. It has been 2 months of my 3 month ban, I have had time to reflect upon my actions and to see how childish they were. I am deeply sorry for what I have done, I have matured from this experience and respectfully request a ban length reduction. I understand this is just a minecraft server hosted by volunteers. Volunteers time I wasted with my immature joking in LoTC related skype chat and so on. I strongly believe I am ready to return to the server and regain my privilege to login. For reference my ban expires on November 3rd, 2015. I was banned on August 3rd, 2015. It is currently October 6th, 2015. I attempted to contact an admin over forums but never received a response, so I believe making an appeal will be more straight to the point. Screenshots/Vids (Link): N/a
  14. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): http://i.gyazo.com/fde19b218eacc1e9e2e55ec6e8e7f81b.png Sky did it when he was an admin. Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): TapeSauce. Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Pugsying/No-RP killing. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Vaereroes/Bioxard, Noperism, Sky, and people in the Red Rose Tavern. Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Before I talk about the event, and all that transpired within it, I just want to talk a moment in my writing to explain all this recent tomsfoolery I’ve been involved with on the server. Yes, I made a troll-esque ban appeal and yes, someone made a poll thread to have me unbanned. Those were all stupid jokes in good fun, and I apologize for simply wasting everyone's’ time in dealing with that. Perhaps it was my way of getting more comfortable with finding a time to just sit down and write a real, sincere ban appeal. The major reason I’m posting this is because a lot of my friends on here want to play with me again, and I too want to have that large platform in which we can communicate, and have fun with each other. That poll thread showed me who wants me back, and who doesn’t. In total there was about 40 people who said “yes”, and exactly 20 who said “no”. A good few of those 20 I know just voted against me jocularly, but some of the others may really have strong feelings against me. I understand that. To them, I’ve only displayed the worst of the worst, some incredibly terrible behavior. And the worst part about it is that all I can say is I’m sorry. I can say I’ll change because my reputation with a good portion of the community is one of untrustworthiness, and so my only chance would be to prove it. Judging by the verdict of this ban appeal, I may or may not be able to. Anyhow, derailing from my tangent on what’s new, this would be the real event’s contents: Well to sum up what exactly happened, Vaereroes, Noperism and I pugsied the Red Rose Tavern. I think 10+ people died and we did it during the middle of their roleplaying sessions. Sky was in fact one of the roleplayers involved, and we attempted to kill him to no avail because of his godmode. When it was being orchestrated, Noperism kept insisting that Vaereroes and I should do it with him and we said yes because we were fed up with things in and outside of our lives. I was really depressed IRL since I experienced a big loss in my family and Vaereroes was very frustrated with the staff because he was previously banned for swearing without understanding that there was a censorship plugin installed. When we arrived at the tavern, I immediately began to seem a bit regretful about something we hadn’t even done yet. I told them that we shouldn’t but in our wrothful states of mind the others and I pressured myself into killing the people there. Yeah, what we did was stupid and our own personal problems don’t nullify our misdeeds at all. And yes, I do regret it. It was foolish; it was a spur-of-the-moment decision that we all made very late at night under the influence. Sky came in Teamspeak with us and we were so engrossed in what we had just done that we showed no remorse. Honestly, most people take time to regret their decisions, it’s never instantaneous. So, that’s just how it went down -- at the time we didn’t care about anyone on the server and we didn’t care about breaking the rules. We were infatuated by the idea of killing some people, as we figured it would be a good way to garner more reputation for us. It all comes down to Vaereroes and I having been under the influence and not taking the time to look at our future consequences. Sky claimed on our ban report that we wanted to go out with a bang. If we did it is as I said: we were under the influence. That much I think Sky could’ve or had deduced when he was speaking with us. I do recall him asking us why we shouldn’t have just peacefully left, and therefore have been able to return at any time we so pleased. To that I ask myself the same, because it would’ve saved both Vaereroes and I the embarrassment of having to write these appeals. It’s just like those “I told you so” situations where we did as we pleased, lived in the moment, and ignored our consciences. Since the incident I’ve had multiple discussions with Sky that included a lot of fond times and laughs. We have no grudges against each other and I consider him friendly, and hope that he believes it vice versa. I’m not planning on shifting the blame, really. It’s nobody’s fault but mine for doing what I did in the circumstances that I did it. I’ll just leave it here and wait for the verdict. Thank you, in advance for bothering with it. [EDIT:] Last time this thread was posted, CosmicWhaleShark was the one to deny it. However, seeing as that we both have poor history together I believe that there was a significant level of bias playing a factor in the response. So as this is posted a second time, I humbly request that an admin preside over this appeal, just as it was an admin who banned me. Screenshots/Vids (Link): Refer to ban report.
  15. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): SupremacyOps Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Onslaughted, Pito444, DaRial, needgear Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Duping, having illegal items Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Supremacy ops and any other staff present during the investigation Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Well in truth, its hard to begin . . I suppose we should start with the duping. I will admit that at the time, our chests had an abundance of items, both seemingly duped and as well as items having banned items (The items I'm referring to is the weightless diamond armor and potions.) I do admit we did have duped items, but I can explain it. We did not discover a dupe glitch/bug to gain said items, but we did withhold from telling anyone of an incident regarding a staff error. I, as well as the rest of my group, greatly apologize for such. I'll go more into detail... Back in Athera, when we were The horde of Dunamis, we were contracted by the dwarves to fight the high elves. We had made a road side fort to hide in whenever things got a bit hairy outside. In the end, the fort got utterly demolished, but was first copied and pasted someplace else to ensure we didn't lose our things. This is where we ended up getting doubles of our items, for while the fort was exploding, we tried to grab as much items as we could before the Orenians could get into our chests and take it for themselves, logging out with it all as the fort shattered to pieces. We honestly didn't think that our stuff was going to be copied over, so when we were tp'd over to our copied chests to take our items back, we were gifted with an extra dread bringer (An OP bow we had) and doubled iron, diamond armor, and all the likes. (We ended up again with two more dread bringers in the future from a rollback as well.) This is something we should have definitely told the staff about. I do wish we had done the right thing and given it all back, and in all honesty I do not think a simple sorry will cover it. We were a group that were quite an annoyance to staff I am sure, and truly I apologize for that, along with Pito, Darial, and needgear. We have no excuse for being rude to the staff for just doing their jobs, it was very much out of line. We are truly sorry. Most of the items we had in our chests were illegal and duped, we admit that fully. But, we did not dupe it through any sort of bug or the likes, we merely took an advantage over a staff slip up. The other items that were banned were acquired through the countless skirmishes and raids we partook in. I do believe a few staff members recall having to tp constantly to announce the skirmish/raid was off. We had fought Oren probably about 6 times a day at max, always ending off the day with either a loss in loot, or at most times gained some crazy OP items (such as strength potions, weightless diamond a few times, REALLY OP diamond axes and swords, and whatever else was dropped.) In the end thats what happened. We broke rules by having banned and duped items and kept it a secret from staff. Such a thing is wrong, and it is something we will not do again. We have learned our mistakes and hope that you may forgive us for what we've done. Thank you. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None really.
  16. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    [Complete]In Need Of Carbarum Pickaxes

    *a note appears to be pinned to the message board in cloud temple* I'm in desperate need of carbarum pickaxes! I will pay up to 300 minas for every pickaxe you can supply me. Contact Nargulg'Glogol for further details pm: dragonmaster0219
  17. bobisthebest1234

    [Denied] My Fm App

    Real Name: why do you need this thats all? Minecraft Name: jacobcraft04 RP Name: willam Time Zone: i don't know How Long will you be online per week: i don't know Experience: on the forums good Previous Forums: oh i don't want to link this just go to my stuff on my profile Why I should be a FM: i want to help Other Info: nope
  18. bobisthebest1234

    My Ban

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link):NA Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): jacobcraft04 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): my skin Character Witnesses (Name(s)): everybody who saw me! Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): my skin is me i love it and if no i don't think is not nice to put peoples skins down/ and I'm so sorry! Screenshots/Vids (Link): NA please
  19. (sorry)ww2buff99

    Ww2Buff99's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None made. Minecraft Name: ww2buff99 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): I was never told. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): atlasboy8 or something, SupremacyOps Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I was walking along the road when I spotted atlasboy. I walked up to his character, and holding a vendetta against non-Dwarves, my character whispered "Ugly *****". We proceeded to have some fun banter go back and forth, when suddenly SupremacyOps flew out of the sky, and told me "I thought you said you had changed". Assuming he meant trolling, I replied that I didn't think I was trolling, I was just having some fun rp with atlasboy. He rudely retorted, "If that wasn't trolling, than this isn't a ban hammer", and before I could say anything he banned me. Even as he banned me, atlasboy was inquiring as to what was going on, as he was just as confused as I was. Upon my asking Supremacy about the incident, he simply said to appeal to Geoboy via forum pm, which is unusual, as the GM who bans you is supposed to A. State a reason for banning and B. Handle the issue himself, which Supremacy did neither of. Nonetheless, I did as told. Geoboy never even looked at the PM, and he resigned yesterday. I'm completely confused as to what's going on. I only just got back from a four month ban. If the reason I was banned was for trolling, no one complained about my rp at all, and if they had, I would have left them and ceased. If my actions came across as trolling I'm sincerely sorry. However, I think that is not the case. I do not mean to insult, accuse, or damage the reputation of SupremacyOps when I say I truly believe he holds an ooc vendetta against me, even though I have tried to come to terms with him. That may not be the case, I simply don't know. Please help. Once again, to reiterate, I'm terribly sorry if my rp insulted, inconvenienced, or simply annoyed anyone. I'm just confused as to what to do. Screenshots/Vids (Link): -
  20. Tady787

    Tady787 | Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): I don't think I had a player report Minecraft Name: Tady787 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): hitting players Character Witnesses (Name(s)): none Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I am sorry I thought this would be like skyrim when you can hit anything. Please forgive me. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None.
  21. Huh

    Event Team Application

    Minecraft name(s): Skype ID: Time zone: Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I have received none. Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions?: Nope! What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present): I have played WoW, DnD, and Rift before. I have also played Fate and I am playing Van Hellsing, which are storyline/quest type games. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member?: I have one main character, Elizabeth. While I am able to sacrifice her, I would prefer not to simply because she is an enjoyable character to play. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain.: I believe my events would cater more towards neutral guilds. I don't have any strong ties or knowledge in large groups so I feel those would be best. As an example: Druids, The Seekers. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? An Idea: If you don't know what you're going to do, you're not going to get very far. Refinement: The idea you created was most likely brainstormed! Refine it so that it fits within lore and capabilities of all parties involved. Organization: Find out: who, what, when, where, why, and how. If the event isn't planned out, it's going to end up being a mess. Set up: Is there a building that needs to be created for the event? How are the parties involved going to find out about the occurrence? Making sure these things are answered before starting the event are important. Commitment/action: Someone needs to be able to follow through on the time agreed upon, and need to be able to handle the event. Then you can do the event! Fun!: If people aren't having fun at the event, your time was most likely wasted. The reason people play on this server is because it's fun! Otherwise we'd all have left. Feedback: While this is not apart of the diagram or important to the event at hand, it is good for after the fact analysis. Getting feedback from the people you hosted the event for is important so that you can improve any future events. When was the last time you saw a event?: The leaving event to Athera. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing?: While I am not /the very best/ role player there is, I am able to set up and organize things fairly well. Why do you want to be part of the ET?: It might sound selfish, but to have fun! And if that fun brings enjoyment to others, then it's a win win situation. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Ouity, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) For 1-3 person: The Roaming Mimic An old mimic wanders the main path between the cloud temple and the racial capitals disguised as a bag minas! Should a traveler, thinking themselves extraordinarily luckily, go to pick up the bag of minas they would end up with quite the surprise. The mimic would morph into a chair, catching the poor traveler off balance. Should the traveler be angry, which no one would blame them being so, the mimic would transform into a precious metal to mess with the person. These shenanigans would continue for a while before the mimic would make a move to bite the traveler. This would entail a small scale encounter, ending with the mimic slain and a real bag of minas left in it's place. Spoiler https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/94935-%E2%9C%93-monster-lore-the-mimic/ 2) For a group of 5-10: A Journey in the Tunnels Should an group of adventurous explorers go and seek around the snowy mountains they would be bound to stumble upon the entrance to a massive tunnel system. Do they enter? Of course they do, they're not boring. As they get deeper and deeper in the labyrinth of tunnels the explorers feel a rumble beneath their feet. Continuing on as the brave people they are they would come across a bunch of eggs, the surrounding ground being sticky. Another rumble would pass through before the explorers see what is quite possibly the biggest worm they've ever seen. Fearing for their lives, they do what any sensible person does: run. Thus would ensue a chase out of the cave system, the number of tremors causing some of the tunnels to collapses. Should anyone try to return to the tunnels they would need to bring pickaxes and supports. Spoiler https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/90445-beast-lore-ollph%C3%A9ist-craiceann-the-flesh-worm/ 3) For a group of 20+: A House Party Many an invitation is sent out to a number of unsuspecting person's. If they were to open the invitation they would find that they have been asked to come to a house party, hosted at a fancy mansion in a beautiful forest! As the guests arrive at the set time and place that was stated in the letter, they would suspect nothing but a load of entertainment for the night. But what they didn't expect was that the reason for this party was so that the host could slowly pick off people one by one! The participants would be flung into a whodunit scenario where clues about the killer would be placed in timed intervals at random locations. Should they not end up dead, the group would discover that the killer was a person of their own group! How long do you plan to stay in the ET?: For as long as I can, given real life doesn't give me more than I can handle. Tell me a joke: People who don't vote.
  22. Treshure

    [Revamped] House Colin

    Skins: Colin Guardsmen: http://minecraft.nov...House-Guardsmen OOC Note: We are aware House Colin does have a reputation for being trolly, and a reputation for being altogether not quite serious. I and others are aware of it and are making measures to stop it. House Colin will, from here, strive for the best RP. Give us a chance. ;) Picture of the Keep History The Colins began in a humble environment, simple merchants, with a strong faith, with a view on profit. A single item had caught their eye the most, shining brighter than a freshly polished iron ingot or a diamond in it’s raw form. Lapis Luzili. They became obsessed with the blue hue of the gem, implanting it into their clothing and focusing on selling it. Times passed to where they went from mines and farms, to the streets of merchants, and to the battlefield. When times of need called, the current head of the family, Hiedrin, decided to focus on military things. He pursued and pursued it. But yet their love for the blue gem did not falter on the field. In times of war and famine they prayed deeply to the Creator, to give them insight on the situation. The Colins rode on this tidal wave of warfare for a long while, the constant struggle of battle eliminating a member of the family every once in a while. When the numbers began to dwindle, a meeting was held with the few members of the Colins. They decided to pull out of the warfare style their family had been living in, and instead try and start a settlement, where peace would reign. But it would not be so easy. Deep in the night thundering hooves hit the packed down sand of the newly found town, with blazing torches in hand. With a few minutes of commotion the entire village was burned down, and it was back to the nomadic lifestyle for the Colins. They roamed until they found the town of Ambriel, it’s landmaster Huron Silverblade. Still very aware of their dwindling numbers, they set out to find more to their cause, and tried to have as many Colin children as they could, for scarcity in numbers ruled supreme. During this time, when loyal to Oren, they departed. Because of this, they had battled the Decterum and Lucienists constantly. The bane of war followed them. And now they sit, as the seat of the West in Mistmont Keep, overlooking the fledgling town of Algesis. The drums of war beat again, and as the Colin numbers start to grow, their neutrality as vassals to Alras grow as their interest in the world’s conflicts grow as well... Allegiance House Colin was originally apart of Oren, then defected to Alras. They have now defected back to Oren, planning to stay. Rankings The council of Ministers is a group managing all Colin affairs, in industry and war. The Lord of the House has his final say, and overlooks all operations of House Colin. Lord of the house: Adarin Colin (Devland99) Minister of Conflict: Syles Colin (Treshure) Minister of Diplomacy: Celcian Colin (Hoodmaster906) Minister of Trade: Alcher Colin (phillip_2011) Family: Cicero Colin (cococococo5) John Colin (oddman11) Zeller Colin (Catbug) Lydolf Colin (Legoboy7984) Wessly Colin (Archmage_cataris) Gregory Colin (None) Alric Colin (Tapesauce) Claire Colin (None) [bannerman] Arius Methenil (Stalkon) [bannerman] Casey Short (casey33) Relics Thanhic Greatsword Taken from the evil Northern peaks of Anthos, the Colins were instantly in awe and shock of this magnificent ore. They gathered on the 1st of Malin's Welcome, putting the ore in the forge and smelting it with the best of their ability. It was a blade of cold and chill, gifted to his Imperial Majesty Emperor Chivay as a gift when they defected. Lapis Luzili Throne Taken as a chair from Hiedrin himself, the throne behind the Colin throne signifies their seat and representation in the world. Application If you want to play a bannerman, fill out below. If you want to play a Colin, talk to devland99, we’d love to have you! OOC: MCNAME: SKYPENAME: How Active are you?: Do you have teamspeak?: IC: Name: Race: Age: Experience: Short Bio: The Oath: The wisdom of the Elves The ambition of the Dwarves The strength of the Orcs The integrity of the Humans We shall have it all And though war cursed With a bane all four we will emerge through the rock with a blue hue of value. Bannermen Oath: _________, swear up most loyalty to the house of Colin, and will follow its creed during my time inside of it. I am willing to die for its beliefs and its honor.
  23. tapesauce

    Tape's Apple Please Eat

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): There ain't no player report. I ain't no meanie. Minecraft Name: TapeSauce. Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): I don't think I broke any rules. And honestly I'm not really sure who banned me. It might've been Ouity because I'm pretty sure that he was the only moderator online at that moment. I will elaborate on what happened in the event details, but it might've been because I went against staff orders on the server for something. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Probably Ouity. Kralek is the only person I spoke with right after getting banned. Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Get ready for the ride of your life!: It all began when Tythus banned me. *cue flashback harp~.* TapeSauce -> Tythus: Pull the plug. Tythus -> TapeSauce: Why? TapeSauce -> Tythus: Pull the plug pl0x. Tythus -> TapeSauce: Why? Tythus -> TapeSauce: Say why. TapeSauce -> Tythus: Why. Then I got banned :P. That was my first offense on the server. The reason I was banned this time is. . . Honestly I'm not sure. It all happened pretty quick. There was some kind of bug on the server where people could essentially speak to every chat at once or at least to the same defect as that. I saw people doing it and I wasn't paying attention so if a GM broadcast'd for us not to do so it's my fault for not catching it. One of my buddies messaged me how to do what everyone else was doing: [Redacted] So I did! *TapeSauce Hreyy. Then after a while~ *TapeSauce Make Adunians. After that I was banned so I'm quite sure that's the reason. I guess Ouity told everyone that we weren't allowed to abuse the server bug. However I was too busy chatting on Skype and rarely doing any actual attentive role-playing on LotC. I simply received a message that told me how to do what the cool kids were doing. From now and 'til the end of time I shall be Sorry if what I did was really bad and made things difficult for the staff. I was half-asleep when I did it. And if I am not accepted entry back into LotC I understand. I just want to say something to you all one last time if that is the case. . . Screenshots/Vids (Link): That's all I got.
  24. Minecraft Name: Ziko99 Skype ID: Kardel.Irongut Time Zone: EST Have you ever been banned or relieved a strike? If so please link the report: I have received 2 strikes a long time ago when i first joined, but i cant find them. They were for powergaming, but I think that issue has been resolved a long time ago. What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event?: Originality: What I DON'T like seeing is an event that I have seen before. I'm not saying that people re-create the same events, but they use the same ideas at times. I like to make my events unique, and make sure that no two experiences are the same. This keeps participants interested in the event, and enables the rp to be fun for everyone. Suspense: In my opinion, a key factor to an event is suspense. How I define suspense is the accumulation of curiosity of the participants to a point that they don't really know what to accept. I like to get the participants of my events exited and always interested in more. After all, no one likes a boring event. Challenge: Challenging events are always fun in one way or another. They make the participant want to get involved, and overcome the challenge. The more difficult the situation, the better the rp (in most cases). After experiencing a challenging event and winning, the participant has a sense of pride, and another story to tell. The event has more significance on them and is bound to affect their rp for the better (And sometimes even worse. . .but i try to avoid things like that) in some way. Reward: I believe that good rp through a challenging event should be rewarded in some form. Perhaps through the event the participant gains some knowledge, but i would much rather prefer giving him/her an item. I think that these items allow rp outside of the event to develop and cause more questions to be raised. At times, these little trinkets might even lead to a chain of events that could be fun for everyone. Good Back-Story: LotC is an RP server, a sanctuary for the creative to channel their creative ideas and make them come alive within the server. Events should be like this too. they should be well thought out, and have some backstory or lore to them. Questions like 'Why is this happening?' or 'Why is this happening here?' deserve answers that have been thought out beforehand. I think that a backstory/lore to back the event is extremely important and one of the most necessary parts of the successful event. Good Protagonist/Antagonist: The protagonist/antagonist of the event at hand should always be a good one, with a story to back him up, and possibly some lore. A developed protagonist/antagonist to the event is by far the most important characteristic of a good event. The event revolves around this object (As the protag/antag does not have to be living, or even a material object), and thus the protagonist/antagonist is the most important part of the event. Location: Location also plays a huge part in the makeup of a good event. Sometimes locations can compliment the theme of the event, such as a scary area for a scary event. Sometimes, location can totally contradict the event idea, like a peaceful village being the stage of a scary event. Either way, the location tends to help define the event. A complimentary location would make the event logical, but too expected. Meanwhile, a totally unexpected location would totally confuse participants, and cause in a pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise. Either way, location helps the event drastically. Target: Some events are targeted at certain types of people, while others are for everyone in general. Some are made for small group rps, while others are made for large scale rp. Events have to correlate with the crowd that they affect, as if said events do not correlate with the right crowd, they could totally lose their value. Events like haunting are made (in my opinion) for small group RPs. Events like plagues are best made for large scale rps, as they affect a large number of people. You cannot inflict a plague over a small number of people, and you cannot possibly hope to create an effective haunting over a large number of people, like an entire population. The target of the event is an important aspect to a successful event. Influence: Good events always leave a sort of 'legacy' after they finish. One knows an event was good if many people are talking about it, or if server lore, or at least a small community's lore was affected by it. Legacy is not exactly an aspect of a good event, but it is a mark of one. It shows that events should be made to last after they are conducted, that they should leave an influence that lasts. Organization: An unorganized event is just a bunch of emotes floating around in midair, getting nowhere while some PvE or PvP goes on in the background. I learned this after my initiation into the ET for the first time. Even though improvised events can feel relaxed and not ‘pushed-onto’ the players, they can become chaotic and not pleasant at all. In my opinion minimal planning beforehand is required for an event so it can be successful. Sensibility/Fairness: This is something that can sometimes be a controversial to the players. It is known that making your event character over powered and giving the participants too much of a challenge can ruin the whole event big time. When devising an event, make everything sensible and fair. I believe that by giving the players an equal opportunity to yourself makes the event a whole lot better, as the participants do not feel harassed or that the ET is ‘powergaming’. Plugins should not be abused at any time, and if the event is a PvE mob levels should be kept to a ratio of a maximum of 8 mobs to 1 player to avoid overpowering the participants. Length: Even though this is considered as a minor issue by me, the length of an event needs to be of good proportion if the event is to be enjoyed to the maximum. Short events are over too quickly and leave no real room for fun. Long events, on the other hand, bore the playerbase. An event needs to be of appropriate timing. A large event squeezed into a small time frame can make the event feel rushed and is extremely unpleasant, yet a small event stretched until breaking point throughout a long time frame can be even more tedious and annoying, leaving players not only bored, but making the ET look amateurish and unqualified. Dynamic-ness: When I say this I mean it: nobody likes static events. If an event simply stays on a boring track with no plot twists, words worth mentioning, or no excitement, the event is by all means a failure. An event needs to involve the players in it, make them stay aware and experience emotions. An event needs to make the participant feel involved and important, and make him fear (or anticipate) what might be after the next turn. Date/Time: Another little trick I learned from my time in the ET is that putting a good event on a weekday will not attract a lot of participants. Why? I think this answers itself. On the other hand, putting an event on a friday night is probably going to attract more players to the event. If no one can attend an event, is it really an event at all? What type of events are you interested in creating?: Mini-Quest: Your classical mini-quest. The chosen participant runs into something strange, that enables him to continue on to the next step of the event where he undergoes a challenge. After this challenge, the participant encounters the antagonist and after a standoff gains the reward. This event is made for group rp, and would create quite the lovely story if conducted well. Haunting: My personal favorite type of event is the haunting. What i refer to as hauntings are not necessarily your traditional ghost hauntings, but are anything that includes suspense, and the elements of fear and terror. Stalkings by the supernatural, poltergeists, apparitions, and other 'scary' subjects also make up this category of mine. I think hauntings are perfect for only one player to face, and make for challenging rp and great stories. Natural Abnormalities/Encounters: Pixies, beasts, ents, and all the other wonderful dwellers of tolkienstique fantasy make up this genre. I have deduced that this type of event is the most preferred out of all types of events. They usually are accompanied by a reward of some sort, and the overall experience is great. Perhaps during this event, the natural abnormality might even reveal something important that only these dwellers of fantasy know to the participant, and that always makes for some great RP. What strengths could you contribute to the event team?: Accept for the usual manpower, efficiency, and wider range of flexibility for events, I could offer my ideas, and my time which i would dedicate to livening up the everyday rp of your average anthosian. My ideas include build ideas, as well as background stories for events, lore (Which i would write with pleasure at the disposal of the ET) and some ideas regarding events in general and the locations and times on where they should be conducted. I would gladly do any forum-work for the team as I find myself on the forums for a long time, and I could always provide skins and materials necessary for events. I don't know what else to say, but I think that I could contribute a lot to the ET, especially on providing ideas and materials. I could also act as a builder and build for the event team if necessary. I also intend to build my own event stages/dungeons to spare the ET builders some work so they can do other things. If need be I can manage a small sub-team of the ET like a mini antagonist/protagonist and plan all the events out. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you, as an actor, could create for others (one paragraph each): Scenario 1: The Watchers of the Willows Scene: Dwarven Lands Event Type: Natural Abnormality/Haunting Event Size: Medium (3-7 players) Time Frame: 1 hour In the hills to the east of Kal’Ithrun, the city of storms, lies a vast pine forest cloaked in fog and masked in mystery. This unexplored area is rarely tread on, and the creatures inside of it are allowed to thrive peacefully. . .but with the movement of the Dwarven population north, land has become scarce. Shepherds bring their flocks of sheep to graze upon the plentiful grass of the forest, thinking of the forest as perfectly safe. Hunters hunt the game among the grey-green pines unaware of their presence. And all this time, they watched from the shadows, watched from the fog, from the canopies of the trees. . . And all this time they waited, patiently. . . But now they were tired of waiting. . . Now they were ready to attack. The first appearance of these things was during the month of the First Seed, when a shepherd noticed some of his sheep had been slaughtered in the strangest way. Their heads had been severed and their entrails spilled onto the floor. The shepherd went to the King’s Seat in Kal’Ithrun and complained that eight of his sheep had been ravaged. The crown simply dismissed it as a wolf, and so the shepherd decided to investigate himself. Afraid of the potential danger, the shepherd hired an Adunian ranger to help him rid the woods of this menace. The Ranger accepted the shepherd’s coin and escorted him through a scouting of the woods. For days they searched, but never did they find something. But one day the shepherd and ranger were caught under the thick green canopy of the sentinel pines, like a shroud censoring the terror that was about to occur from the rest of the world to spare their eyes. The Ranger took the first night’s watch. They camped under what seemed to be some sort of unfinished building, at the foot of a mountain. As they set up camp, they heard a strange sound, a sound like dripping water and the squishing of flesh. Followed by a swine’s squeal and then an ear-splitting whimper-screech, like that of a dog in pain mixed with the moan of a miserable human being. The ranger, alarmed, approached the source of the sound. It was grey, a pale, sickly grey, like the skin of an ill man. Its eyes were but sockets, black sockets that caw much more than eyes could see. Out of its frail hands protruded a set of five gigantic claws painted a sickly red by the gore covering them. It had no nose. . .only a mouth full of teeth, sharp, deadly fangs dripping with thick scarlet blood. It was tall, and moved hunched to appear harmless. . .but it was not. It was not harmless. It seemingly tried to be human, it tried to act human, it tried to speak like a human. . .and its voice. . .its voice. . . It was the voice that drove the ranger mad. It had a language, but it spoke like some sort of helpless infant in the greatest torment and agony that the Creator could deliver. It’s voice was deadlier than its fangs and long, sharp claws. It said something, perhaps it wanted to appear harmless, but the ranger knew it was not. He let loose of an arrow, and the creature with a speed faster than any destrier dodged the arrow and lunged forth at the Adunian. As it ripped the man to pieces the Adunian screamed and twisted, only to plunge himself deeper into the creature’s claws. And so the shepherd heard this and ran, screaming, He ran out of the forest frantically, stricken with madness. He ran to a nearby house and explained the situation, and so emerged the tale of the Watcher, the Bloody Stalker. . .a beast that has haunted the pine forests of the dwedmar for years now. . .every attempt made to kill it failed. *This little event would be a monster board event for the Bloody Stalker, a monster that I created back when I was an ET but never got to expand on properly. It is made for a small group of players and it made to scare the s*** out of you, which can successfully be accomplished through a freaky skin, the vanish command, gloomy lighting and tiny render distance. Player would pretty much trek through the forces as they discover a series of revelations that ultimately lead to the creatures themselves. These creatures will appear amidst the trekking and will attempt to split the players up.* Scenario 2: The Frost Queen Scene: North Event Type: Haunting/Mini-Quest Event Size: Small (1-3 players) Time Frame: 1-1 and a half hour(s) In the far reaches of the north, Setherien’s forces as not the only thing to be feared. The land is stalked by everything from boars and wolves all the way to dragons and harbingers. Yet even these creatures fear something, and it is neither a force of setherien or a force of nature: it is the frost queen. Commonly mistaken with a Frost Witch, the frost queen is far from one. She does not eat men and convert women to what she is. . .she is simply there to kill, to haunt, to make something miserable with her icy touch. She does not command ice, she is ice. It is said that she was once a beautiful maid who was bullied and harassed into a demonic pact with Ondnarch, who transformed her into a specter of cold. Even though most cultures talk of her as a mere fairytale, she is very real. In a tomb in the lands of the north which the very minions of setherien shun, she resides deep beneath the frozen earth in her icy coffin, waiting for anyone foolish enough to awaken her. Recently, many adventurers have been visiting this now uncovered tomb. Brave souls in search of northern treasure have been trekking into the halls of the Ice Queen, and came back with mounds of gold and piles of jewels. With ever growing curiosity, the Ice Queen’s tomb has become an Antho’s Wide phenomenon, something to visit for any eager adventurist. . .but the mortal people of Anthos are about to find out what the Ice Queen has in stalk for them. Even if these adventurers were to pass her many traps and mazes, and solve the puzzles that guard her tomb. . . even if these same, brave thrill-seekers and treasure-hunters were to get past all the wards guarding her frozen likeness and open all the locked doors blocking the path to the Ice Queen’s chamber. . .even if they could fend of the hordes of cave creatures and dark minions found within the icy confines of her labyrinthine caves. . . . . .the Ice Queen would still be there to guard her hoard of treasure she was buried with. . .the only remnant of her past life. And when these adventurers awake the Ice Queen herself, when they re-introduce that ancient power to the world of Anthos all those who come in contact with her will freeze until a small group of adventurers and warrior decide to destroy her. They would pass he dungeon and reach her location, and finally defeat her and claim all that gold and all those jewels for their owns. . . . . .that is, if they can survive the encounter! *This event is a recurring dungeon event that would use the dungeon plugin. It would be located in the far north and a moderate-difficulty dungeon would lead up to a mini-boss while being driven on by one or two ETs. The rewards for this adventurous feat would be great treasure to the champion who defeated her. The Ice Queen herself would be an Event Team member who would act her out and fight with the participants. The time span for this event would be around a good hour or so, but no less, it wholly depends on how the players react.* Scenario 3: The Under-Realm Scene: Abresi Forest Event Type:Mini-Quest Event Size: Medium-Large (3-12 players) Time Frame: 1-1 and a half hour(s) *Note: I have been planning this event for a good month now, and plan to realize it if I am to be re-accepted into the ET, but will be building the dungeon nonetheless with the leave of Firespirit44.* All is quiet in the forests of Abresi. Their virgin trees and untouched springs remained as they were found. The forest was too dense and vast to be explored wholly, and thus many thing within it go unseen. . .un-noticed, even though they might have always been there. This is the case with a peculiar tree in these forests. If one was to tread the deepest reaches of the Abresi forest, where the canopy chokes up every single ray of light they would find a tall elm amongst a sea of pines. Under the tree, though, untouched by human, elf, orc, or dwarven hands lies a cave, and within this cave a locked stone door. Within the stone door, though, lies something far beyond imagination. Within the stone door lies the Under-City, a jolly city of a magical folk that resided under these forests since the beginning of time. Yet the city is different. This beautiful, colorful city has fallen under a curse, a corruption. The people inhabiting its halls have not been seen in a really long while, its jolly feasting halls empty with rotting, untouched food covering the worn out tablecloths of uncertain color. If one was to go through this door, he would find himself in a great, vast hall with a set table in the middle as if a feast was going on. But this once grand hall is now unkempt and falling apart from years of neglect and abandonment. The colorful banners are now worn out. . .but even though the halls look long-unused, something lurks within them. If one was to takes a few steps further, he would find himself in front of a horde of sick looking humans, with weeping sores and chunks of flesh missing from their bodies. They look as if they have been rise from the dead, as they attack. Getting past the horde of beasts would be hard enough, but it is manageable if a large force is to storm this dungeon. At the end of the dungeon sits a gigantic throne, a large skeleton sitting atop of it, laden with golden jewelry and holding a plate of rotten cake. To the left of the skeleton is a large door, and to the right there is a collapsed doorway. Through the left doorway leads outside, to a forest underground. As one progresses further into the forest, strange things are observed. The trees seem to be made out of sugar, of candy, and soon the grass itself seems to be candy like. The forest is labyrinthian, with its many trees blocking off some paths and opening others. Yet the deeper someone goes into the forest, the stranger the atmosphere gets. It seems as if the forest is rotting, and soon at the edge of it every single tree is black with rot and full of termites and maggots. It is a disgusting sight, but more unnerving is the bodies on the ground, which rise up into creatures similar to the ones observed in the main hall. As one exits the forest, they find themselves in a dark, gloomy village, full of gothic styled buildings that have long-faded colors under what seems to be a night sky with no stars. Here, the last remnants of the un-infected folk that inhabited these halls long ago still reside in miniscule numbers. The folk would have you believe that the source of the corruption is a demonic spirit located into the deepest reaches of the Undercity, taking the mortal form of a gigantic cat. Surely the villagers have lost their minds, but after all, what would be the harm of exploring a bit further? Going back is useless. . .there is no way out, with all those things blocking the exit. Northeast of the village, there lies a path that goes uphill. The villagers warn you not to go there, they warn you that only evil lingers within the ruins of the structure up there. If one was to chose to go up into the castle, they would find themselves in a large structure where hordes of these undead creatures infest its halls, which are hazardous to tread on. The castle itself is like a labyrinth and its doors open only when activated through some sort of puzzle. If one was to hop his way to the very top of the castle, undergoing this treacherous journey, they would find gigantic piles of gold and treasure waiting for them, unclaimed. Alternatively, if this brave explorer was to still have some sanity left it him, he would simply follow the road leading out of the underground village. Signs of corruption and death plague the scenery. Eventually, one would come up to a bridge, a broken bridge connecting two sides of a gorge together. At the bottom of the gargantuan gorge flows a river of lava, and the bridge linking the two sides is in pieces. One would have to hop his way through this obstacle skillfully to reach the other side. After traveling the remnant of the road, they would find that it quickly cuts off and leads into a dark, strange forest, with plants never seen before. The atmosphere is shrouded in mist as this adventurer walks into the brush, only to find that he is amidst a fine selection of carnivorous plants! And better yet, killer insects the size of a horse reside in this strange place. Most would simply flee from the sight, only to find that they have nowhere to go, but those strong enough would dive headfirst into this death-trap. If one knows what he is doing, perhaps he can come out of the other side of this forest with his limbs still intact. Further travel down the road would reveal a door of similar likeness to the one the adventurer passed through on his first time entering the dungeon. . .yet the door is locked. Its hinges are locked in place by thick, dark vines keeping the door still. Cutting them would be futile. . .but they originate from someplace deeper into the dungeon. After a trekking through what seems to be an endless road full of deadly traps and corruption so terrible it materializes itself into hostile creatures, one would face a gigantic set of open stone doors, leading into a nightmarish chamber. The walls of the chamber, once jolly and happy have all shifted into different shades of grey, and all the living plants (which by the way, are all made of a strange, candy-like material) seem to have died. In the midst of all this corruption sits a fat, purple cat with a large evil smile on its face. After a brief introduction it spits forth its minions of darkness at the adventurers and launches many torments at them, yet if one was skilled enough to strike its head then the creature would die, and the corruption would retreat, thus leaving the portal to the outside open, giving the heroes a chance to leave this damned place once and for all, for another unfortunate soul to be tormented by it. And if one was slick enough. . .maybe he noticed all the colorful eggs made of different jewels hidden amidst all the obstacles he faced. . .they would fetch a pretty penny. Yet if our adventurer was slick enough to get every single one of these hidden egg-shaped oddities, he would discover that the demonic monster in the end might not have proved as much of a challenge as it did. . .and that it yielded quite some handsome treasure in exchange for those bejeweled eggs. *This is my easter dungeon story line, mini-quest thing! I’ve been working on it for a whole month now and my original plan was to do it before I was forced to leave the server because of some RL issues. I was going to finish it, but never got to even start it. If I am to be accepted, I would work towards making this one of the main things for easter! The event itself is very complex. . .I’ve sent fire the basic layout of the dungeon and I have most of the designs created already in singleplayer. I went into deep detail planning this event, and truly hope that I can complete it if I am accepted into the ET!*
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