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Found 7 results

  1. ISSUED BY: SIGRUN ‘UNDEADSLAYER’ STONEHAMMER ᛁ ᚨᛗ ᛈᛟᛟᚱ SIGRUN’S HUMBLE REQUEST. ᛈᛚᛖᚨᛋᛖ ᛖᛞᛞᚤ Dear Edmund, King of Aaun. I write to you this missive to wish you the best and a speedy recovery after the horrific attempt on your life, something that must have surely left you terrified. I come requesting a simple thing, as when I swiftly arrived to your aid and put my own life on the line to ensure your safety, as any courageous warrior would, I lost my arm whilst defending you from a sword to the head that would have surely left you dead. I then passed out and woke up with a tourniquet around my arm, courtesy of the fine gentleman known as Sir Gaspard. I now need a new arm, and as a devout Urguanite would like a golem arm made by our finest golemancers, and I hope that you find yourself kind enough to grant me a sum of two-hundred minae to pay for such. I wish you all the best and a recovery blessed by Anbella herself. Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand Champion of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammer Clan Hero of Dungrimm, Urguani War Mastermind.
  2. [!] A horrid poster sits nailed to the wooden board ahead of you. It covered an older flier of the same theme, but much less . . . Suspicious, and ugly. THERE'S A HOT SINGLE RICH AWESOME (LIVING) WOMAN IN YOUR AREA! Lady Dowager, DAME VIKTORIYA I, ‘the Silver Drake’ Founder of House Tsecsar, Former Captain of the Imperial State Army, Knight of the Most Noble & Most Ancient Order of the Lion, Former Imperial Queen of Arms, Coolest person alive, Also the hottest person alive, And the hottest person dead, And the coolest person dead, But also not dead, ‘Allmother’ of the Eight Precepts, Úlfhéðnar of the Father, Et Cetera DAME VIKTORIYA I is in search of love. Again. If you have a heartbeat, please reply. I’m begging you. NAME: Viktoriya somethingsomething Forgot Last Name AGE: Middle-aged, maybe. I forgot. OCCUPATION: Illegal substances vendor Alchemist HOBBIES include razing heathen (anti-GODAN!) villages, worshipping GODAN, potion-making, taking long walks on beaches, taking short walks in swamps, begging for people to court her through courier pigeons, sleeping, dissection, hanging out in the suspicious alleyways of Providence, sleeping, and potion-making. And dissection. APPEARANCE: [!] A single picture was attached . . . Drawn in some hideous ‘pixel-block’ fashion: CRITERIA: Must be a man. Preferably. Please don’t be a cultist. I’ve had enough cultist husbands, I think. Preferably has a pulse [Optional] Somewhat mentally stable [Optional] That’s it. My standards are low. I’m desperate. WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE An old young woman with lots to offer. Possibly, a home. Dame Viktoriya tends to swing between homeless, not-homeless, and dwelling in the caves beneath Oren. One free compliment a day. Potions! Did I mention . . . Mina? Should you be interested, send a bird! Please. please. Dame Viktoriya.
  3. STILT STRIDER Physiology Stilt Striders, named such due to their stilt-like legs, are large carapaced arthropods which loom proudly at a height ranging from 15-20 meters and weighing 1 ton. Possessing six spindly and crab-like legs, these creatures are able to traverse rough terrain with relative ease as they are able to stabilize themselves upon unforgiving footing. Beneath their mouth, two pincers are adorned which can aid the creature in consuming food. A Stilt Strider's carapace appears ash black in hue due to their volcanic origins and can be carved into without causing the creature pain due to the lack of nerve bundles. The primary organs and tissues of the creature reside within the stretch of its underbelly, too protected by carapace similar to that of a tortoise. Unfortunately for the creature, fungus and mosses tend to build up upon their underbelly and carapace; it is for this reason that Stilts are welcoming to domestication as the symbiotic relationship with their jockey allows them to be well manicured. Stilt Strider meat tastes comparable to poultry. When reproducing, a Stilt Strider will lay a cluster of approximately 20 eggs the size of a watermelon once a year [1 OOC week], most if not all of the embryos perishing before hatching. Should an embryo hatch, a Stilt Strider would find itself maturing after two years [2 OOC weeks]. These eggs are usually steaming hot, and are thusly laid in a field of mud in order to cool them down. The eggs themselves are soft-shelled and dense with fat. Those experienced enough with alchemical processes could extract the fatty liquid from the white of the eggs; this can be used as a substitute for lard or butter. Aspiring chefs would find that the eggs themselves, due to their high fat content, make a delicious delicacy. The yolk, green in hue, hardens into a savory solid substance similar to bone marrow. When scrambled, a single egg could feed at least five people. Habitat Stilt Striders are most often found within the fire lands and other arid regions. However, some have since found themselves roaming about the continent in search of precious hog flesh and carrion. It is noted that frigid environments are deadly to the Stilt Strider, for the frost bites at their legs and will eventually drain Stilt Striders of their energy. A Stilt Strider will, when it is ready to lay eggs, establish a muddy nest whereby they can cool themselves and their eggs. It is for this reason that a Stilt Jockey must provide their partner an adequate nest where they can rest after a long day of ferrying. Behavior Personality wise, Stilt Striders are extraordinarily timid and skittish creatures, yet trusting of those who offer them an easy life. Those who discover a Stilt Strider may find them easy to tame with a steady supply of meats from which they can devour. Stilt Striders take an extraordinary liking to hog flesh and can often times be found chasing a pack of boars (though they will never catch them). This creature also finds itself inexplicably prone to Siliti rites of restraint, perhaps allured by the scent of pork. If accosted, the Stilt Strider would instead opt to flee from the scene rather than fighting as significant damage to any one of their legs could prove fatal for the creature in the long term. Occasionally, they will release audible howls which are often interpreted as soothing or highly irritating to the common descendant. Abilities The carapace of a Stilt Strider is extraordinarily dense and will shield them from most natural elements, primarily that of extreme heat and dust storms. The legs of a Stilt Strider are rather powerful and are able to penetrate into the soft ground in order to provide them with an anchor point when scaling steep terrain. If frightened, Stilt Striders can spit a stench-ridden bile towards would be accosters in attempt to dissuade them from further attacks. Tamable, Stilt Striders can be used for ferrying across unforgiving terrain by those who can keep them well nourished. Druids would be able to commune with the Stilt Strider, but would find that they are of remarkably low intellect. Red Lines Cannot be weaponized in any capacity; combat would make them terrified. Carapace can be used for transporting goods and passengers within reason. Unable to haul carts due to their height and unpredictable pathing. Legs can be harmed through blunt or heavy piercing weaponry. Stilt Striders cannot be used to sniff out Siliti. Stench Bile cannot be weaponized or harvested ; it would lose its potency a minute following expulsion. Change Log: Added reproduction cycle, egg quantities, and uses for eggs. Added preferred nesting habitat. Added a desire for hog flesh. Added symbiotic reasoning for domestication. Added stench bile defense system. Added druidic communing.
  4. LORE PROPOSITION - TINFOIL ARMOR A Harian Tinfoil Warrior, Circa 1600 In a world where magic runs rampant alongside the growth of an ever present aura of paranoia, it is of the utmost importance to defend oneself against mind probing huns. Innocent men and women are becoming deceived by such vile magicians, leading them to believe that they are the opposite gender if not already resulting from their pineapple illatian pastries. Tales of such illusory and probing have spread far and wide, and thus the demand for magic resistant armor is high. As a result, smiths across the land, most notably Haskill of the Freeman’s forge, have taken to pressing melted tin to a papyrus thin state so that it may be molded with ease. With this invention, denizens across the lands may sleep in peace- and in tin, to ensure that their internal viscera is not morphed to that of a bestial creature. Tin foil equipment will allow the user to deflect magical influence and attacks without flaw depending on its crumpled state. Akin to sound proofing, the more crevices and bumps a piece of tin armor holds the more resistant to magic it is. For example, a smooth sheet of tin would be useless to magic whereas its crumpled counterpart would be impervious. Despite its extreme defense to magic, it's delicate and thin state makes it quite useless against any other form of attack. To provide balance to magic users, quite literally anything (bar magic) can destroy this armor. Arrows can pierce it, fingers can poke it, and more importantly, one could rip it by simply walking. Despite its detriments, however, tinfoil armor remains the go-to headwear for those fearing illusionists. Waldenian Soundproofing, circa 1364 To craft Tinfoil Armor, one must gather tin through roleplay means, melt it, and then press it into its thin state. Once this is accomplished, one must then carefully craft it through roleplay means. Should you roll anything less than a twenty in its careful construction, the armor will be torn. Once in combat, should the armor be damaged or torn, the exposed area would then become vulnerable to magical attacks once more. Mechanically speaking, it may be possible to statgen base chainmail to have hugely negative defensive debuffs (practically none) with its durability also being modified to be destroyed within two hits. Furthermore, due to its light nature, if a mechanical armor set were to be created it would hold no speed debuffs. The way one would determine whether someone was wearing tinfoil armor or not is purely dependent on their skin, which should look something along the lines of: Should this lore be accepted, I believe it will add an additional level of role-play not yet seen on any medieval fantasy server. This document is purely science based, and now that the current year is 1600, a time in which pirates roam, the need for tinfoil equipment is necessary. However, should this lore not be accepted, I truly believe people will still craft such equipment through roleplay means even if it woiuld not provide the additional magical protection as they would hold the belief that it truly does. I have kept this short and sweet, like an innocent child, for I believe I've nailed my points across rather effectively. For those who are too lazy to read, I shall summarize in a tl;dr. Tin Foil Armor should be magic resistant depending on its crumpled state (coating your armor in tin will not do anything unless it is pure tin!). Tinfoil headgear should prevent illusion magic and mind probing from affecting the wearer. To craft a single piece of armor, or the tinfoil itself, smiths must roll a perfect 20/20 in role-play to provide validity to the tin foil's stability. Tin Foil armor has no durability nor defensive buffs to ranged or melee.
  5. *a note appears to be pinned to the message board in cloud temple* I'm in desperate need of carbarum pickaxes! I will pay up to 300 minas for every pickaxe you can supply me. Contact Nargulg'Glogol for further details pm: dragonmaster0219
  6. Skins: Colin Guardsmen: http://minecraft.nov...House-Guardsmen OOC Note: We are aware House Colin does have a reputation for being trolly, and a reputation for being altogether not quite serious. I and others are aware of it and are making measures to stop it. House Colin will, from here, strive for the best RP. Give us a chance. ;) Picture of the Keep History The Colins began in a humble environment, simple merchants, with a strong faith, with a view on profit. A single item had caught their eye the most, shining brighter than a freshly polished iron ingot or a diamond in it’s raw form. Lapis Luzili. They became obsessed with the blue hue of the gem, implanting it into their clothing and focusing on selling it. Times passed to where they went from mines and farms, to the streets of merchants, and to the battlefield. When times of need called, the current head of the family, Hiedrin, decided to focus on military things. He pursued and pursued it. But yet their love for the blue gem did not falter on the field. In times of war and famine they prayed deeply to the Creator, to give them insight on the situation. The Colins rode on this tidal wave of warfare for a long while, the constant struggle of battle eliminating a member of the family every once in a while. When the numbers began to dwindle, a meeting was held with the few members of the Colins. They decided to pull out of the warfare style their family had been living in, and instead try and start a settlement, where peace would reign. But it would not be so easy. Deep in the night thundering hooves hit the packed down sand of the newly found town, with blazing torches in hand. With a few minutes of commotion the entire village was burned down, and it was back to the nomadic lifestyle for the Colins. They roamed until they found the town of Ambriel, it’s landmaster Huron Silverblade. Still very aware of their dwindling numbers, they set out to find more to their cause, and tried to have as many Colin children as they could, for scarcity in numbers ruled supreme. During this time, when loyal to Oren, they departed. Because of this, they had battled the Decterum and Lucienists constantly. The bane of war followed them. And now they sit, as the seat of the West in Mistmont Keep, overlooking the fledgling town of Algesis. The drums of war beat again, and as the Colin numbers start to grow, their neutrality as vassals to Alras grow as their interest in the world’s conflicts grow as well... Allegiance House Colin was originally apart of Oren, then defected to Alras. They have now defected back to Oren, planning to stay. Rankings The council of Ministers is a group managing all Colin affairs, in industry and war. The Lord of the House has his final say, and overlooks all operations of House Colin. Lord of the house: Adarin Colin (Devland99) Minister of Conflict: Syles Colin (Treshure) Minister of Diplomacy: Celcian Colin (Hoodmaster906) Minister of Trade: Alcher Colin (phillip_2011) Family: Cicero Colin (cococococo5) John Colin (oddman11) Zeller Colin (Catbug) Lydolf Colin (Legoboy7984) Wessly Colin (Archmage_cataris) Gregory Colin (None) Alric Colin (Tapesauce) Claire Colin (None) [bannerman] Arius Methenil (Stalkon) [bannerman] Casey Short (casey33) Relics Thanhic Greatsword Taken from the evil Northern peaks of Anthos, the Colins were instantly in awe and shock of this magnificent ore. They gathered on the 1st of Malin's Welcome, putting the ore in the forge and smelting it with the best of their ability. It was a blade of cold and chill, gifted to his Imperial Majesty Emperor Chivay as a gift when they defected. Lapis Luzili Throne Taken as a chair from Hiedrin himself, the throne behind the Colin throne signifies their seat and representation in the world. Application If you want to play a bannerman, fill out below. If you want to play a Colin, talk to devland99, we’d love to have you! OOC: MCNAME: SKYPENAME: How Active are you?: Do you have teamspeak?: IC: Name: Race: Age: Experience: Short Bio: The Oath: The wisdom of the Elves The ambition of the Dwarves The strength of the Orcs The integrity of the Humans We shall have it all And though war cursed With a bane all four we will emerge through the rock with a blue hue of value. Bannermen Oath: _________, swear up most loyalty to the house of Colin, and will follow its creed during my time inside of it. I am willing to die for its beliefs and its honor.
  7. Information on the Chevaliers is publically available, as their members recruit actively. In addition, booklets are passed through the citizenry. The Chevaliers are adamant that they are not a knighthood, instead claiming to be an order dedicated to honor. The group has no holdings yet, and does not seek any until they have sufficient men to justify one. The current Marshall of the Chevaliers is Jeremiah de Valletta (Megazero34. That means dont bloody message Semperosa), who may be contacted for any questions relating to the order. Contacting the Order The Chevalier Principles Code of Honor Structure (Ranks) Allegiance and Fealty specifics Honorary Titles & Merit Awards Culture Information (Auvergnian) Noble Chapters The signature of the Patriarch of House Valletta, Adam de Valletta (Semperosa), is affixed to all booklets passed through the realm. In addition, the Marshal of the Chevaliers, Jeremiah (Megazero34), has signed below. Includes with the pamphlets are applications that can be turned in to any member, indicating a desire to join the group. Application for entry into the Chevaliers If you wish to apply to join our brotherhood, please state your name and information relevant to yourself. Your oath will be taken when you meet with an officer of the group, after you have been vetted for entry. Send a letter to the Marshall (Megazero34), or meet with an officer. Any soldat who is asked to take you to his superior will do so without question.
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