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  1. The wandering and travelling elf stumbled across the missive as her lips curved into a warm smile over her sister’s name. Scanning through the various lines of text, she’d roll the missive into her satchel as she glanced around with her signature toothy grin. A thought crossed her mind, “I’m sure, kaikua’ana wouldn’t mind if I showed up. I mean, the ohana is a literal gathering of tinkers!” The elfess glanced back down again, at the now scrolled missive in her satchel, before giving a determined huff, “I’ll see you again soon, my dear sister.”
  2. Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening, Everyone! Congratulations to the winners of the Auction! I will shortly be editing this post to say that it's sold out as well as sending a message through Discord to the winners! I'm so sorry for the late reply to the Auction! I had some IRL matters to tend to. I WILL SEND THE SKIN AFTER THE PAYMENT OF MINA! Thank you so much everyone for the support, and for the participation! It makes me so glad that so many people enjoy my skins and enjoy what I create. I plan on creating another Auction next month with a different theme soon! Look out for that! Additionally, I will be making a commission website for skins for those who have been asking me about skin commissions! I will now list who the skins are going to so that they know about it! Once more, thank you again everyone!! ≿━━━━༺❀༻━━━━≾ AUCTION WINNERS! Watermelon Wheat Field Hanbok Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok Soft Sugar Plum Kimono Sakura Tea at Midnight Kimono Tangerine Dreams Pale Marine Gin
  3. Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening, Everyone! ♥ It has now been TWO DAYS since I posted the Auction! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Once more, thank you everyone for participating and enjoying my skins! This was the first time that I ever even posted my skins on the Forums! I find it crazy that this is even a trending topic. I thought that no one would even notice that I had an Auction up (since I'm not that well known on LOTC. I've only been here since Feb 2nd!) As per usual, I will be posting what is the highest bid as of today. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY THAT YOU CAN BID! So, get ready to bid before the deadline tomorrow, which is at TUESDAY, AUGUST 24th - 5PM MT (Mountain Time)! A reminder that all winners of the Auction tomorrow will get their skins IMMEDIATELY AFTER PAYMENT OF MINA. Additionally, if you need any help with merging a skin base with the OUTFIT, let me know! I'd be happy to help out! ଘ(੭ ᐛ )━☆゚.*・。゚ Now for the top bidders of August 22nd! ≿━━━━༺❀༻━━━━≾ Highest Bidders Per Outfit ➴ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok - 290 Mina | @MayRndz ➴ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok - 250 Mina | @tadabug2000 ➴ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono - 380 Mina @AudTheOdd ➴ Sakura Tea at Midnight Kimono - 450 Mina | @Tentoa ➴ Tangerine Dreams - 600 Mina | @Amayonnaise ➴ Pale Marine Gin - 500 Mina | @Disheartened ≿━━━━༺❀༻━━━━≾ Once More Good Luck on Bidding! 。゚+.ヽ(´∀`*)ノ ゚+.゚
  4. Sorry, there was already a Bid on it! (Which was 250), Please Bid at a Higher Price!
  5. Good morning, afternoon and evening, everyone! ♡ It has been nearly about 24hrs since I posted the Auction and I honestly find it surreal that there is so many bids already! Everyday, I will be keeping track of how much has been bid, for the convenience of not just myself - but also, you! I'll be doing this everyday before the Auction Closes officially, and when the skins are given to the winners! REMINDER: I WILL BE ASKING FOR THE PAYMENT AS SOON AS THE AUCTION IS OVER. IF NOT, ASAP THEREAFTER. To keep things organize, please COMMENT/REPLY/QUOTE if you are continuing to bid on a specific skin. This is so that I can keep track easily of who has the highest bid, per skin! And as always, thank you so much for participating in my first ever Auction! Look out for my Skin Commissions being open soon, as well as another Auction coming around the next month! ≿━━━━༺❀༻━━━━≾ Highest Bidders Per Skin Please QUOTE the Skin that you are going to BID on: ➴ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok - 270 Mina | Bid by @MayRndz ➴ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok - 250 Mina | Bid by @tadabug2000 ➴ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono - 360 Mina | Bid by @AudTheOdd ➴ Sakura Tea at Midnight - 450 Mina | @Tentoa ➴ Tangerine Dreams - 600 Mina | @Amayonnaise ➴ Pale Marine Gin - 250 Mina | @Edennoire ≿━━━━༺❀༻━━━━≾ Good Luck Once More! ♡
  6. Damn your skins holy cow <3

    1. jihyunah


      Thank you so much! I never really posted my skins before but it was about time that I do! :D


  7. Thank you so much!! I’ll be making an Elf Skin Auction soon!!
  8. ❦ Cozy Cafe Skin Auction ❦ [ SOLD !] This is my first ever skin Auction! I didn't know that I coincidentally named every single outfit after food when Imade these, thus leading to the 'cafe' theme! These skins are for females and are based on the clothing from Haense, Oren and Yong Ping! ALL SIX SKINS ARE MADE BY YOURS TRULY! ♥ ───── ❝ RULES ❞ ───── ➤ All bidding starts at 250 Mina ➤ Minimum Increase of Bids will be 10 - 100 Mina ➤ No editing any of your bids. Only comment if you are bidding. If you are bidding again please make a NEW COMMENT. ➤ No reposting/claiming/reselling ANY of the Skins. ➤ Any edits to the skin MUST BE REQUESTED to me, after the Auction is over and is sold to the winners. ➤ If you have any questions, please DO NOT COMMENT IT. Send the question to my Discord : agape#1755 ! The Auction will end in 3 days. Tuesday, August 24th, 5PM MT (Mountain Time)! ❝ FORMAT COMMENT ❞ DISCORD: IGN: SKIN TITLE: BID: ───── ༻✧༺ ───── ❦ SKIN MENU ❦ [ CLICK TO VIEW UP CLOSE! ] ❀ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok ❁ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok ✾ Sakura Tea At Midnight Kimono ❋ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono ✧ Tangarine Dreams ❇ Pale Marine Gin ❦ Good Luck! ❦
  9. you're a literal genius - i absolutely love the playful aesthetic of this this really needs to be a thing :D
  10. Deciding to fully stop playing Eileine Ularan... For now!

    I'll just be saying that she'll be gone overseas from Almaris for quite awhile since, well - who knows when I'll pick her up again. She is a very fun character after all, but every time I think about what can be done for her, I can't seem to think of where she can fully fit in, in this current time, of course. I will be missing her though! She was the first ever character that I ever made on LOTC, and she had so much development! But right now? There isn't much I can do! 


    I'll be missing her! <3 And thank you guys for understanding.

    Whilst this is happening... A new character will be coming in :D

    Edited by jihyunah
  11. Passing through the roads of Elvenesse, the Ex-Tahorran, Ululani spotted the letter giving a read, a saddened look appearing on her caramel face as she ruffled her hair, mumbling to herself as she spotted names that ached her heart, “If only words could solve everything over night Lari’onn.” She’d slip the letter through her grasp, exhaling heavily, “May the Aspects guide you on this one, dear sister.”
  12. ───── ❝ The Abandonment of A Keiki ❞ ───── PK Response - Ululani Momoa [16] [!] A youthful 'ame's seafoam eyes fixated on the rippling water, the sand littered between her toes as a familiar dimly glowing flower would be cradled in her palms. A blanket of stars stared down upon her as the sea's breeze caressed the child's cheeks, that had been dampened. Humming a soft familiar tune that the father-like mali had sung to her, she'd stop for a second to lift her head towards the horizon, words fumbling out of her lips. “Makua, if you’re out there… P-Please,” Ululani blinked into the horizon with eyes dwelling on confusion and hurt. A sense of abandonment washing over her as she questioned the two-year disappearance of the mali. “Tell me where you went… Please?” Settling herself at to crouch by the shore, she’d stare up to the stars, tears rolling down her familiar caramel cheeks, resting the night glow beside her on the sand. Murmuring to herself, the breeze caressed her once more through her brunette locks; it was as if Anessén were petting her on the head, as she would recall the story of the stars to herself as her heart wrenched. "The stars are our ancestors, who watch over us. For this, we do ne have to fear the darkness of the night. They guide us when we are lost, and bring us back into the moonlight. But I did ne tell you about the stars' feelings, ti?" "When a star had joined the rest of the family, it could only cry longing to be with the rest of them, back here on the ground. Those tears would fall into the earth, creating what we know as Night Glow. These blossom from the tears of our ancestors longing, as they wish to be together with us once more again. And one day, we'll all be together once more..." Ululani once more, lifted the dimly blue glowing flower in her palms as the tears on her cheeks rolled and split as if they were the vast rivers that they had once fished upon. The child 'ame could only hope, that the Makua... The Maln who abandoned her would come back soon. Little did this youth know, what was to await her, if she were told about the mali's death...
  13. I've been on LOTC for around 3 months or so now! (Maybe you have seen me around? Hehe.) And I have been doing a lot of skinning to suit the style that LOTC has. I'm wondering if I should start a Skin Auction/Skin Commission Site. I have a couple of skins that I am very proud of style wise and feel that maybe I could create some more for Auction. Including that, I have been learning how to make Plush Heads! Thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements? Have a look at my skins below! (I have made more but I can't fit all the image files so I have some Gyazo Links too!) ∘◦ ❉ ◦∘ Skin Examples : Ululani Momoa (My Char!) New Leaf Skin: (Wood Elf - Youth Female) Eileine Ularan (My Char!) Daffodil Daze: (High-Wood Elf - Adult Female) Feliskey (Felix) Valdemar (My Char!) Scarlet Dance: (Child - Male) ∘◦ ❉ ◦∘ Gyazo Link Skins: Ululani Momoa (My Char!) Peacock's Dance: ( Wood Elf - Child - Female ) https://gyazo.com/e9ef607effff2997b5d0ab6566baa842 Koa Momoa (Boyandarrow) Oceania: ( Wood Elf - Adult - Male ) https://gyazo.com/a2d426dbfa4b42489171f57ef584eff7 Ululani Momoa (My Char!) Nighting Gale: ( Wood Elf - Child - Female ) https://gyazo.com/819c5ed2618818a85a4cdad8d9c865be (Scrougeoforder) On the Hunt: ( Dark Elf - Adult - Male ) https://gyazo.com/3090d0c877247924efc7ffbca0c1f587?token=aa34093dde3baa37fff7362b849c0f90 Ji'Vanna Eileine Ularan (My Char !) Jaded Youth: ( High-Wood Elf - Adult - Female) https://gyazo.com/78756a6bf14579a8ed25dc9292f2e621 ∘◦ ❉ ◦∘ Gyazo Plush Head Links: Rupert (Swan_Teeth) Tiny ZUKO Plush: ( Human - Adult - Male ) https://gyazo.com/1af7102a9e9f8b20a2413318de0b762f Kaiulu Leihana Momoa (Her User Keeps CHANGING HAHA) Tiny Plush: ( Wood Elf - Adult - Female) https://gyazo.com/8fd00c3a812073b16cbb127030e54955
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