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  1. ───── ❝ The Abandonment of A Keiki ❞ ───── PK Response - Ululani Momoa [16] [!] A youthful 'ame's seafoam eyes fixated on the rippling water, the sand littered between her toes as a familiar dimly glowing flower would be cradled in her palms. A blanket of stars stared down upon her as the sea's breeze caressed the child's cheeks, that had been dampened. Humming a soft familiar tune that the father-like mali had sung to her, she'd stop for a second to lift her head towards the horizon, words fumbling out of her lips. “Makua, if you’re out there… P-Please,” Ululani blinke
  2. I've been on LOTC for around 3 months or so now! (Maybe you have seen me around? Hehe.) And I have been doing a lot of skinning to suit the style that LOTC has. I'm wondering if I should start a Skin Auction/Skin Commission Site. I have a couple of skins that I am very proud of style wise and feel that maybe I could create some more for Auction. Including that, I have been learning how to make Plush Heads! Thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements? Have a look at my skins below! (I have made more but I can't fit all the image files so I have some Gyazo Links too!) ∘◦ ❉ ◦∘ Skin E
  3. Ji'Vanna Eileine Ularan ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵ "Freedom in any case is only possible by constantly struggling for it." - Albert Einstein ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵ ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵ Race: Mali'Aheral [identifies as such, but is half-wood elf] Height: 5"7 Appearance: Pale, snow-kissed skin. Platnium-Blonde hair, with braids and two clips. Family: Kuskyn Ularan (Father/Not IRP), Jastira (Mother/Not IRP) Culture: [Past] Mali'ito Elberun'tir [Current] N/A Current Home: Unknown Past Home: Haelun'or Profession: Warrior [was go
  4. wife

    1. jihyunah


      hello my beloved wife. will you take this ring in holy matrimony with an 'aheral such as i?


    2. Sushzi


      this 'ker would :3

    3. jihyunah


      damn right lmfao ur father (cyrus) literally lives NEXT DOOR TO ME IN CAMLANNEN

  5. jihyunah

    shading some art

    did some shading for @Spoons as he requested. honestly, just love the drawing itself i really hope i didn't ruin it. i plan on maybe opening commissions again soon (since i have before, although i did not get many requests but i might since i have been getting asked if i do some. also yay! 8 days old on lotc. i feels unreal. hope you enjoy the art of the calithil! (i might have spelt that wrong i honestly hope not). [ note : this art is not mine! the drawing of the two characters were by someone @Spoons asked as commission! spoon also did the flat colouring i ONLY did the shading!
  6. .*+ Reserved! +*. IGN: jihyunah Category: Visual Art Art Work: [ Art of Leihana (Left) and Ululani (Right). Sisters!] ❝ STORGE. ❞ (/'sto:rgi/') the love and affection held between family. from parents towards offspring, from brother to sister, from companions to colleagues. it is a form of love often forgotten on the day of valentine's, as eros (romantic love) reigns over that day. on this day, cherish the love between family, as a reminder that there is a form of love here in your life.
  7. i've been making my own skins as of recently and somewhat i've become indecisive on the appearance of my character's skin since every time i look around - i feel like my character's skin doesn't fit in with the universe. is there any specific things/advice anyone could share about the skins i plan on making soon enough? do you think the outfit should suit the skill that the character is aiming for? it'd be a great help! note: my character is a high-elf, platnium-silver blonde hair, purple glowing eyes. currently studying under a druid to learn about medicinal herbs :D
  8. not my best art but it exists now. i mean i could have taken more time but then again i'm a very lazy person. i present thee, ji-vanna ularan - the high-wood elf that was not meant to be born and who was an accidental birth. (that was too detailed to be sarcastic i-)
  9. drawing my character ji-vanna but at the same time it looks really odd - like yes, it's not done but i am panicking inside as i'm doing it like. am i doing this right, why she built like that. i really don't know
  10. hello there! i'm jihyunah, aka ji-vanna uluran on the server. i just started yesterday actually and i'm loving it so far, although, i do feel kind of lost trying to find people to rp with. i did get to settle in today and i'm very happy about it, there was a group of elves that happened to help me out hehe it was really great watching how others roleplay and adapting to it. not sure if many would see this but, i absolutely love all the builds that i've seen all around, i decided to just wander around the map and wow - is it amazing! also, is there any certain place that anyone can re
  11. jihyunah


    Birth: Born in the city of Lareh'thilln , Ji-Vanna Ularan was born an only child of the family. She was not supposed to be born as it was an accident between her mother and father - Kuskyn Ularan and Jastira Lorazumin as it was against the law as it was cross breeding with kin which is outlawed and forbidden. Kuskyn Ularan took it upon herself to raise Ji-Vanna as a scholar starting from a young age to avoid suspicion of her parent's forbidden love. Kuskyn worked as a policing force in Lareh'thilln, doing his best to separate his association while Jastira was a Wood Elf focusing on The S
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