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Found 1 result

  1. Buff pigs. seriously I RP a Gorkil, (an Orc clan that is infamous for its boars.) And since I don't have aether, I decided to ride a pig mechanically. I rode from Krugmar to an Amathine Vassal today, and tbfh, it took a long while. Think they should be buffed. ___________________________________________________________________ WDYM?! Speed The default speed currently is [2.4 m/s], speed boost depends (its random) I think the default and boost speed (using carrot-rods) should be buffed to a higher amount. Health Did you know you cant heal a pig with any food, only regen potions? They currently only have 5 hp, and no possible way to heal them in LOTC. This can be improved by adding more health OR adding WAY more health than horses, making them tanky, slow pigs. (It be funny that way) Mounted Combat Mounted Combat on Pigs work perfectly right now, other than one hand being full due to the rod. Add lances to be useable on pigs, would be funny. BALANCE I dont think pigs should be as fast as horses, (maybe more health to compensate for their speed) but just something that’d make the pig atleast fun to use. If its possible, remove the carrot-stick and replace it with a smaller item, maybe something resembling reigns? Idk, a lead or smtn. As for spawns, I think they should be maybe the same way horses have whistles? Idk. THOUGHTS?
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