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  1. Jondead

    One last saga [PK]

    Sighard hearing of this grunts as he leaves for the Firelands "I suppose I cannot afford waiting anymore, the Ascended refused the call and so many others.... I think it is time to put the carade to rest." He lets out as he places on an illusion shifting his form as he looks on with a angered look on his face "Ahr'aaut ata'gjayy, attaita'ghaklr wlit." he lets out in a twisted tongue as he begins to head out a look of worry on his features as he looks to his new friend Alexander "llir, I cannot wait anymore, with his passing... with his passing it has shown me that time is short, people die and wither and I am FORCED to sit by and watch as this pain unfolds, first my family, then Wulf... and soon many more will fall." he lets out escaping the room and letting his friend out as he does the same.
  2. A shimering world is a world where man is fools and kings are pawns for the gods, alas that is the world we have chosen to live in, a verdict of the Emperors around this Plain of Existance we live in. The Fire of the Exile's gaze is all we have now to forget this wretched time of pain and sorrow after the High Abrix was cast into the voidal abyss that it held from ripping us apart. Atleast the shundering was passed with as much grace as we could have hoped, for it was not long after that beings of great power and malice sort to feast on the shell of a cosmic body we had left a great war arose in the Palace of the King's Corcord, a wast beacon of hope in the comming storms and hellish dark, who knew the once grant price of the formor Darkhold could be used to fight against that which wanted to spread darkness and desimation through the greater lands of Alir'okatania and the Imperial Forholds? I sure did not, maybe you did dear reader - or are you just one of those who finds my pages and does not know what to do with them, well, if you can read this it must mean you are strong enough to stand your own against the beasts, or you found this on my body just looking about, no matter, if you find anymore of my pages bring them to the Vakkul High Commander, and perhaps you shall be spared... who knows.
  3. [!] Posters would litter city walls To all that listen, I am giving you a warning, a plea that you will listen to my warning, a mighty force bigger then September or the Vaeyl is planning to invade, if this happens the Realm will surely end, I have seen the creatures in action once before almost lost my life, I write this to every, King, Emperor, and anyone else willing to defend the Realm once the threat decides to stick it's head out of the shadows, and when it does, we need to be ready to take it down, the entirety of the Dominion Forces once tried killing one of it's minions or fellow creatures and failed from what I heard... a threat yet to attack fully, playing it from the shadows, I have tried everything I can to halt it, but with the book burned it has no reason not to attack anymore, this is a call to arms, a rally, to stand up against it before it desimates everyone. [!] the other parts of the letter is nothing but mad scribbles and something written in a strange unknown speach
  4. Jondead

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    -Application- ((OOC)) Username: Jondead Discord: Jondead#0753 RP Full Name: Sighard Af Markev  Age: Seventeen Race: Human  Major subject: Alchemy Additional classes this semester (Write N/A if none): Defense Against Dark Forces, Medicine, Magic Theory.
  5. Jondead

    Torky's FM App

    Alright person.
  6. Give her a shot! I think she will nail the interview, and as long as she does not become one of those hated Elven Pocket GMs that only work for the Dominion and shows bias, then she will do fine, so I carefully give her a +1 and wish her a good try! Because everyone decerves a chance to prove themselves and do something like this, I just hope she can handle the hate and stress this job will bring, and remember, never use the GM chat! 😉 little hint for the future, the same goes for any other staff chat but still 😛 as stated before give her a shot at the interview and look from there, of course I cant say for sure if she will be able to keep up with handling two teams at once, but again a chance must be given, I have been hit by lies, which was taking into a direct action from her before, but a chance is always needed, which is why I needed to think before giving the plus one, but a lot could have changed from back then of course.
  7. Jondead

    [ AT ] Suggested Changes

    Right let's start with the current Application system, it is really bad and hard to navigate, might want to get that changed yeah? Also not to bad talk staff but... also the lowest bar I have ever seen, like honestly the f*** Application Team, just because they know how to set up an Account does not mean they will be a good Roleplayer, so how about we get that changed. Second, I think the Applications need to be a test to see if the person is ready to be let in, with a few Lore Refs like I had in mine back when Rella was head of the Team, it helped me get a feel of the system of fantasy the server had and proved I would become an a-okay roleplayer on the Server, and the Applications half the time is just "[Name] Lives in the Dominion" and it somehow get's let though the status quota, which begs the question, how low is the Application standart now a days? Because if people can get in with LITUALLY just a single sentence, something is wrong, because it does not show they are ready to play on the server at all. Thirdly I must agree with Grim-boi, if they are inactive just remove them from the Team, they should not be hogging the position because they can, the quota is not that big also, I say it would take like a week or two to forfil it tops, it gives them no right to just sit around and only help one or two people tops saying "Oh helping is the General Helper's Job" which is wrong, the Helper role is there to ease the stress of helping New Players or old Players, not to remove it completly, if it was it would be completly mental having to hawk-eye the entire Discord at all times, we are a community for the love of god, we help each other, not push it on a "helper" because they are suppost to help people. Now that is done with, I need to give your new Application Format a big thumbs up 👍 it is a good set up and makes it easy to tell if a person is ready to enjoy LoTC, or if they would be just a random neko-freak (which is a thing to say as I have seen some around.) So I hope this get's though as it would be a wonderful addition to the betterment of Lord of The Craft.
  8. Jondead

    ~!KnOX'S HARVEsT hAS COmE!~

    "So Knox returns after so long? Interesting" says Magnus in Holm
  9. Little reminder that you are all lovely people, and should always forgive and be kind to others like a good boy/girl like me! ❤️ I love you all very much, you all have your quirks that make you all special and important in your own interesting way! Also don't spread hate, or hate on other people, just forgive and do your best to brighten other people's day, trust me you will feel really really good if you do! 😜 no one wants to make rivals and nor do I.

    If you feel a little broken, someone like me is always ready to give you support to spread the love and care, so you might do the same, if someone is being rude to you, try to become their friend so you might turn them around also and make them stop being rude to others, you all seem very angered, and I am here to be here to support and be a good person to you, let us start to do that from this day and on! A future of forgiving people and making up to them. 💖

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      Love you mate


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      So sweet, you deserve much happiness. Likewise ❤️

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      Aw, that's very heartwarming.

  10. Jondead

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

    Why is this a thing? No matter! Begin building the Thanhium nukes to combat this and kill Tanks forever in an Fantasy setting!
  11. Jondead

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Love you too my dude, I have just seen Druidic Magic to be very overpowered as it can quite litually bend nature to the persona if a high enough tier, also I never knew Druids got exhusted after casting too much, never seen that happen strangely enough, sorry man, just get easily triggered about Druid things sometimes. Sorry if I miss-read anything man, it just seems like Druid magic can become insanely overpowered over time.
  12. Jondead

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Mani lore is Aspectian creations making them placed under the AengulDaemons, now that has been said, I have not ever seen the word Mani spoken until this single post, and I have been actively been playing for a long time, also Druids are not more bad with Roleplay then everyone else, that has standard on the matters of Roleplay, and I have no clue with the Immortality Spirits, I am pretty sure they are rarely summoned, unless needed, but idk, also your point of people saying that Animistic religions are an copy of Orcish stuff is questionable, also all gods should (if done right) be killible, unless it is a Deity like The Creator is one, also I'd be careful when acting like my points are y'know saying stuff that is not what I type. Points are: Make Mani Interactive and killible (which seems to be going forth) and not an Druidic powerconduit (this is one idk if is going forth, but should), give them a good reason to stay around, if no one uses them for Events they should be shelved, now as said good lore, just not much point of them being there is litually no one uses them for Events and them being Event Lore creatures. Mani as they have turned their backs against the Aspects and become something more, would not want to help the Aspects in anyway if they are an intelligent sect of creatures, unless of course they have something to gain, that is just how LoTC gods work, they have their own goals they want completed, and stops at nothing to get it done. At least that is what I understood them as. This is my opinions, sure they migth be a tad biased as I dislike Druids very much, but this lore is good, if not a bit inactive.
  13. Jondead

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    When you state that Druids can summon litual demi-gods they will do that, nothing wrong with having them summoned if their is a great gain for said Mani, and almost none for the Mani, Mani and other gods don't care about people, they give power away to gain the person as a pawn to advance their own ideals, even IF a Mani would grant some of their power to a person, it would have to be as temperary as a few minutes at best, as stated, they are less powerful then Aenguls or Daemons, whom are pretty strong on their own realm, but outside an AengulDaemon is so weak they are easily defeated and killed, also I have nothing against Druid Roleplayers just the consept of them gaining the ability of SUMMONING a Demi-god makes zero sense, because why would they ever? Is the powers the three Aspects granted them not enough for them, that they must use the Beasts that betrayed the Aspects to their own will, also I do not trust a community that has Meta-rallied in the past with something like a Demi-God for their own gain. Now the reason I dislike it is not because it is not good lore, it is great lore, it is because it enpowers Druidic people too much with the power it grants, you could quite litually just make it so everyone could summon it instead of saying some elven clans and Druids can have a chance to, this is smething I'd love to see everyone be able to use and not too see it discredited like so much other stuff the ruids can somehow get away with using like Shapeshifting for an example.
  14. Jondead

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Whilst you say this I am almost one hundred persent sure they would not care if an Voidal Terror came by, unless they had something to gain, gods would not give a single s*** about anyone unless they have something to gain from it, a god seeks power and to advance their own goal, Mani should not care about living people, only the Souls of the Forest or whatever, this rule Applies to anything AengulDaemonic, Aspects only care about Nature and the Animals, nothing more, Aeriel the Souls of people, not anything more, Tahariae purity, Dagur Hording Knowledge, the list goes on, also sure not all Spirits are from the Spirit Realm, all with meaning are (most of the time) it is not really a Orcish thing, it is a ground magicical lore, now if they are Fae it could work, makeing them created by the Aspects as a warden of everything Nature from the Desendants wicked cruel. Also Animal gods don't need to be summoned it could be they wander the realm and can be killed like everything else that claims to be a Deity, just like how Aenguls and Daemons can be killed, because they are just magical creatures and not gods per say, also Spirit lore is not Orc Lore fyi it is a Realm Untaimed and created to keep the tempermentals of Spirits a none-physical realm around everyone at all times, if I remember rightly, whilst Sprite Gods sound fun, they should just be apart of the Spirital Lore yeah? It would be a grand waste of time making yet another realm just for the Mani pretender-gods.