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  1. MC Name: Jondead RP Name: Sighard Af Markev Link to creature lore(Wiki and Creature Index if applicable): Karins - Wiki – Karins, the Crystaline Kittens - Outdated Lore – Karins - Creature Index, second half of the post linked. Screenshot Evidence(Of applying it to crystal and possibly knowledge): https://gyazo.com/24c273c1b48a6ce8f6851115f7a8ea8c – https://gyazo.com/e097c2b38f4e0a016a87e99258a59f31
  2. Jondead

    [Your View]Coups

    As long as they are purely Roleplay based and won’t have PvP we are good, and perhaps a PK clause as it breaks the Descendant Peace thing blah blah Iblees blah blah, though I would love if any group could coup just saying, not just Nation Based ones, it would end up in my personal opinion making dynamic roleplay that much more exciting.
  3. Jondead

    Say something nice about the person above you!

    Well what can be said other than you are an amazing person and a funny guy, I remember this from months ago, and I think it still holds true.
  4. Jondead

    Magical Licensing

    [OOC] Username: Jondead Discord: Jondead#0753 [RP] Name: Sighard Af Markev Gender: Male Place of Residence: Fenn, Sutica, and a few huts here and there in the wilderness. Race/Subrace/Culture: Human, born and breed Henseti. Type of Magic: Water Evocation and Illusionary arts of the senses. Why do you want to use magic within the Princedom?: I want to use the Magic for teaching in the Union that I am apart off run by Azkel Frostbeard, I also want to use Water Evocation for self-protection and city defence to the best of my abilities. For an in-depth look at my reason for illusionary is that I can use it for showing monsters and mirrors of creatures and or plants for the reasons of again teaching, unlike Water Evocation which I intend to use for self-defence. And household reasons.
  5. Jondead

    The Iron Wolf Clan

    Name: Sighard Af Markev Age: 37-ish Gender: Male Combat Experience: Faught against the September Prince on multiple instances and been in wars. I have fought many with hand-to-hand, blade and Magic in my time also. Is Sutica your Homeland? If not then where: I was born in Markev, Heanse.======= OOC =======IGN : Jondead Discord: You got it already
  6. Thanks for subbing gamer, get ready for toxicity and pettiness on a scale never before seen. Remember to smack that like button.

    1. Jondead


      The like button is pressed ❤️ 

  7. Jondead

    AT Monthly Update Log- January

    Well it was good to be Application Team whilst it lasted, I had a great old time and a blast. But it is time for me to move on in many different ways, likely also soon away from the Server, but also @Ivoryyy_ you forgot to put stepped down for me ❤️ you know I only quit because of the merging for personal reasons which I can’t get into detail here as it is inappropriate for the forums to hear about in this place. But I hope the Team strides far more into future ambitions and future goals! It was honestly a wonderful time working on the Team even with people like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on the Team to begin with. Along my time I was going through some hard times though which I still am and is seeking professional help for. But as said above it was it was a blast I did not have a single bad day on The Team throughout my entire time there no matter how much pressure those two placed on me those being [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] But it was not meant to last however as the latest merge of Teams lead me to leave for personal reasons, deep personal feelings and terrors with a player I would be forced to work with. And I will be honest, I am missing every single second of being able to stand there and help full force with new players I just hope this year is going to be wonderful for the new CT.
  8. Jondead

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    Very cool Mister Fireheart on high 😉 sadly I won’t be joining the Moderation Team and I think you know the reasons why, yes not reason but for reasons, I cannot speak about lest the big boy admins get angered more than likely. (heh.) As much as I’d love to join the Team or apply I simply can’t for the reason that [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED], but hey if you need help with anything you goonies I am here, I am always happy to help, but I cannot join the Team if that makes sense. And congratulations to the current members of the roster, being a Moderation Member can and will be harder and seem bleak, but try to be on top and show a little kindness it does help in solving matters peacefully.
  9. Jondead


    Have fun Simba, I hope you find something good to do whilst you move one, have a wonderful life, and the Sutican incident whilst I was there was wonderfully RP’ed when I was there, so I hope that gives you a little hope now that you are saying goodbye, it is sad to have something happen to someone who can actually do decent villainy roleplay. Have fun man.

  10. Go ahead
    Throw your rocks at me
    From your little glass house
    And then take off running
    You're no better than me
    We've both made mistakes, haven't we?

    I won't undo what I'm doing
    Sit in judgment of what makes us human
    I don't claim to be proud
    But my head won't be hung in shame

    I didn't plan it
    But the light turned red, and I ran it
    And I'm still standing
    It's not what I wanted, but now that it's right here

    I understand it
    A story written by my own hand
    It's life biting right at your heels
    I didn't plan it
    But it's finally something to feel

    Look around you
    Ain't no saints here, baby
    We're all just looking for a little less crazy
    And sometimes, it's a hard left turn
    Down a road you never thought you'd see

    I didn't plan it
    Taking back what's been taken for granted
    And I can't stand it
    I'm sick of the way I've been waiting to break free
    I needed saving
    And a good mistake needed making
    Maybe you need the same thing

    Something to feel
    To race through your blood
    And remind you you're here
    To open your eyes and look around
    And see the sky when you're underground

    I didn't plan it
    But that's life
    And I'm finally feeling alive
    It's not right, but it's mine
    And it's finally something to feel

    1. rukio


      Hello? ?? ?? This is my thing hello ? ?? ? ?

    2. Jondead


      @rukio😄 basically me except the last verse, trying to get there though


    3. rukio


      If if if if you wanna go about what I do you gotta sneakily cut lyrics and edit them so they dont fit the song but it narrates the story you’re tryna imply. I approve tho. Spam forums w/ me dude

  11. Rest in peace Watyll :c

  12. Jondead

    A Candidate Rises

    ”Wait was this not the person I met that one time at the Cloud Temple?” Mutters Sighard before he shrugged his shoulder going home to make more tinkering duties or something.
  13. Jondead

    Happy Birthday, Tarrebear!

    A new mellow for a year to come, the passing age is left behind, and a sparrow sits on the wooden fence you once passed on your way home from your daily activities, it sings a little every passing moment, today it sings for you. Once the sparrow sang the leaves rustled and the sun showed high into the skies, it’s warm embrace gracing your skin from head to toe, warming not only your body but mind. A new breath of happiness and a new beginning called forth from it all, and it willed it true. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy birthday Tarre, I hope you have a wonderful year ahead! Much love, Jondead.
  14. Right, I don’t make these sort of Status reports, but it fits in a way...

    So, hello people, have any of you seen the increased number of people not following Lore, like curses and so on, and having nothing done with it at all? Or people flat out not knowing the Lore? I have a feeling that that is something that has been going on and it intrigues me, and how that goes on for as long as it does, “come on man, we are a community at least read the Lore. Is what I would say if it really is real and not just me being jaded.

    Or people just showing basic disrespect for people and casually breaking rules like running from Roleplay as an example, just feels strange. Now I know your responses will be “Just report them reeee!!” But the problem with that is, it is on such a high level of mundaneness that... it is almost impossible to report it all, I don’t know, it could just be me, but it feels like LoTC has gone down the hole for too long.

    I know that I will sound like a meme like this, but can be somewhat brought back the Anthos Rules? The reasons I say this is because of the number of PvP instances I have been seeing and how much it flips mages and other roleplayers off, just seems a little weird to me that that is kept up, we have Warclaims for mass PvP after all, of course we can’t get rid of it fully, but let’s tone it down a little, if it is because you are not the best at CRP Nepir made a guide on it, and I am sure people are willing to help you in some way, if you need it that is.

    Now that we are done with those concerns lets move onto something else on the matters of things that likely need changing, and likely is being worked on.

    A guide for new players, this I know is being worked on, and comment on that post boys! The more the better! I need things to work with.

    I suppose we also need a way to do routines for moderation in the game to check for people breaking rules like “Ravens in the sky” over a city watching that sort of area, or something, but opinions, this might be too hard to pull off. Especially with the merge of teams that happened...

    Now this one goes to the Application Team I love and adore (I know how biased wow xD), I think a harder application formation will be key for raising the quality of LoTC at the current state it is in, which for the record the Application form is pathetically easy man, I know it needs to be alright, but raise the standards a little.

    I think that is everything that I personally, in my own opinion, needs addressing. Likely some points I am forgetting, but what can be done in the end. I can’t remember every point, I am human after all.

    1. xxx


      the lore is bad, I can’t find a comprehensive guide to it anywhere, and the time I could spend reading lore could also be spent playing this game on my very limited free time. the lore team’s priority has been solely focused on magic moderation for so long that there’s been almost zero effort taken in curating lore into an easily accessible format


      the curses are a fundamentally stupid idea and they’re set up in such a way that nobody should ever follow them. there’s plausible deniability with elf fertility (oh we just FTB’d and rolled 100 times), orc bloodrage is a bonus, dwarf greed comes naturally to players, and there are no hard and fast rules on human age. I don’t like elf women giving birth to triplets or 600 year old humans but at the end of the day it doesn’t affect my roleplay very much. you could rewrite the curses so they actually meant something (elves have higher infant mortality [which you can actually rp] rather than a higher dice roll for conception, humans are naturally bent towards destructive wars [because they are already], etc.) but the idea of having convoluted pros and cons just isn’t very good


      mages do not deserve any ******* quarter when it comes to pvp. once mages lose their thanos gauntlets that shoot fire and magic swords and invincible CA creatures we can talk about defender default being unfair. so long as you’re not attacking anyone you basically choose the rules of engagement, which means you can force someone to rp default against your huge advantage or go away. the system is fair for you, it isn’t fair for people who want to play mundane characters and not get dicked down by anime protagonists and bandits


      Edited by xxx