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  1. Jondead

    Clickbait, probably

    Do you bork or bark?
  2. Are you going to rewrite the Cervitaur lore? Just interested seeing as I quite enjoy playing one ❤️ one of my fav Lore pieces and races. :D 

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    2. Jondead


      Sweet if I can find any and they say yes I'll tell you ❤️ 

    3. Kim


      i say no.

      edit: haha jk that sounded harsh

    4. Slothtastic


      Tf man. Satyrs are where it’s at

  3. Fun fact, being stressed out is not fun, I can confirm this fact right now.

  4. Jondead

    Third Generation Blood Magic

    This is great, a bloody mess I might say 😉 ((Great work people, you did it again.))
  5. Jondead

    Sprites Rewrite

    Very well done, I have to say as a fellow Fae player I am impressed by this, it is set up perfectly and explains a lot, I hope this goes though!
  6. Jondead

    >me being inactive as heck

    What about a madman? They always seemed interesting to me!
  7. Jondead

    [Feedback] I hate the forums

  8. cool song in your bio

    1. Jondead


      Thank you ❤️ 

  9. Jondead

    Goodbye, for now.

    Have a great time man! And use the feedback to improve on yourself, seek peace and drink some tea! Might help you a bit ❤️
  10. Jondead

    Poor Leadership

    Well then, you know I never had anything against Chorale, but after this, I'm not sure anymore, I might not like Gay pride do to it not being needed, and only makes a bigger distance from Gay folks being "Normal" people- But I'm getting off-tracked, after seeing this I dont know what to think about him, I have got nothing against gays, nothing sinful about a mindset, infact it's an interesting thing if anything! 😄 but seeing all of this drama pop up makes me question him. All I can say really. Not going to start anymore drama up, just wanted to post my opinion on the matter, though I think he has been acting a bit rude lately, but that can happen to anyone if they are stressed. ❤️
  11. SKINNER NEEDED: I'm looking for someone to make me an Cervitaur skin, if you are interested DM me on Discord! ❤️ 

    1. Slothtastic


      Cervitaurs are shelved sadly


    2. Jondead
    3. Jondead


      Still need a new skin for Zylan!

  12. Hello people, I'm making this post for a few reasons, but oh well... I have to take a few months off this server I have gotten so much OOC s*** the past few weeks and I need a break from it, people need to this is just an Roleplay Server some people think it's some kind of god given right, that must stop, people take stuff too serious and need to back off, I have tried so hard to have a good time even though I got the OOC stuff, it worked for a time, because I had friends behind my back, then I was DC'ed from the Ascended was the time I knew I had to take a break, my year long road has ended for now -- All that said I will return in the future, and I have to thank my great friends I made along the road, this time I wont just leave for five months without people knowing, anywho time to thank people and not break TOS and other stuff 🙂 - Let's start with the Ascended, you all have always been great people, even though I have had a few problems with some of you, I will always enjoy the Lore and all that jazz, I will miss you all, you have all given me a smile, even when I went though a rough time in my life. - Also a shoutout to my friends in the Dark Community and the rest of the Holy one, you have all been great, and I shall miss you all greatly, the community of many nations may be rough and seen as toxic, but not all people in one are, try it out some time! - Times might look rough for ya'll but try to stay calm and dont get paranoid, remember it's just an MineMan server, we are here to have fun and Roleplay, remember the Golden Rules: Never mix OOC with IC stuff, Never ever attack a person because of something they did IC, and whatever you do dont Metagame or break people's Trust, people are desiving and benign by nature, but we must stay calm and show a smile and stay optimistic. "Burn bright until you shine brighter then the sun." Now that is out of the way, I'd like to send a personal message to some of my dearest friends. - @nepir You are a good and bright man, I hope I see you around until I get back on the server, and try not to do to much havoc until I return 😉 I dont want to miss the fun on the server. - @Master Sage Delaselva Hang in there buddy, I know things can be stressful but remember you got people to back you up if people get tough, you have some good friends, keep strong friend! - @Space_Gene You have always been there for me since I joined the server, you showed me the light of the server and the good on it, I hope to see you around in the future, this is simply a stepping stone I have to get over in my life, stay good, and stay wild! - @Rella101 Ah yes, here we are, you thought you could escape my thanks! Not a chance! You helped me join the server, and I am greatful for the rest of the AT Goons that helped like @h e x and @Cordial along with the rest that helped me. - @Dewlox Keep up the good work buddy, and fight for the Horde and all that stuff, and I hope to see you on Lord of The Craft when I return, I know why you have not been on much, and it's understandible. - @iMattyz Sad to hear you got banned mate, you have always seemed like an reasonable person to me, always ready to listen to people, I hope you get unbanned soon that year ban was harsh on you. - @GildedDuke You might be a newer friend of mine, but I see great promise in you, just dont srumble your chance, I like you my good man! - @Clayphish You will forever have a high place in my heart always ready to support someone when needed, keep that up we need good people like that on the server. - @Sweet Plants Keep up the good work my dude, you are a great and understanding person, the community needs more people like you, just dont get turned into a toxic monster and everything will be fine ❤️ Now people I hope you liked me, and wont miss me too much whilst I take an break from the server, I will of course return just dont explode on me, and big thank you to @Tythus for making LoTC a reality and keeping it alive. Farewell for now, and see you all later! It was fun whilst it lasted, but it's time for me to take another break.
  13. SKINNER NEEDED: A have a small "MArt" that needs to be skinned, if you feel compy in doing it PM me in game or DM me on discord and I will send you the details.

  14. :feels: I am going to post this here, enjoy.

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      Not sure what to do so I've just been going around doing random things

    3. Jondead


      Random things is good. Do more random stuff. 

    4. PieOnBreak