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  • Hello applicant, and welcome to The Lord of The Craft! This page will guide you through applying to the server.

    Feel free to log in at mc.lotc.co as a wandering soul and explore the server before submitting your application.


    Here are some important things to know before you apply:

    • You need to read the server rules before applying - find them here.

    • Register an account for our forums here.

    • Everything in your application must be your own work! Plagiarism results in automatic denial and could lead to being banned from applying to the server.

    • If your application is denied, you need to wait the full time that the AT member posts before re-applying. Take this time to look over your application and correct the errors. If you need help, send a forum message to the AT that reviewed your application.

    • You may only post up to five applications each calendar month. It’s a lot of work to review applications all day, so make sure you feel your application is up to scratch before posting it.

    • Your character can't be royal/noble/child of a famous person, an important character, come from lands other than those in the server lore or have any form of magical qualities. If you wish to learn magic after being accepted, you may find a teacher in game.

    • You may not have an overpowered character. For example, your character cannot easily take down four opponents at once.

    • Your application must include server lore, such as a location of birth and where you live. World events would also work.

    • Your character must be over eighteen years old (once you’re accepted, you can have a character of any age). However, remember elves are not culturally considered adults until the age of 50.

    • Players are allowed to be evil and commit acts that may harm other player’s characters. It’s very important that you are aware of villainy rules and follow them. If applying with a villainous character, remember it must make sense for the character.

    • The content on this server is largely online interactions and thus may contain explicit violence, including that towards defenseless people and killing without motive, strong language, sexual references, simulated gambling, depiction of drug and alcohol use, or discrimination. Due to this, you must be at least 13 years of age to play this server.

    • Only post completed applications. Work in progress applications are at risk of being processed with all rules still applying.


    Here are few tips before you apply:

    • Try to keep the application clear of spelling and grammar mistakes to the best of your ability. This will make reviewing process easier.

    • Make sure you read up on your race first and include lore in your biography. You will find lots of helpful information in our wiki.

    • Put time and effort into your application, in the long run it all pays off.


    NEW - Waiting for the Application Team to see your application? Have a minecraftforum.net account? Please notify us by going HERE and posting a reply. Submit your Minecraft username and tell us you have applied. We want to get you Roleplaying as soon as possible.


  • Your Age: 13 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT + 2 (Kaliningrad, South Africa)
    Referral: minecraft-mp.com
    What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is when your character finds information that has not happened (through Skype, Discord) or is not in game to use it in RolePlay to help or get benefits.
    What is Powergaming?: Powergaming is when you control a person and do not give him the chance to make a decision on the action he is doing.
    1 Status: Accepted

I was born in the Dominion. My mother decided to call me Bellas , because I loved playing bells. In Dominion, i spend majority of my childhood. My dad was part of Virarim Armies, which is why he was always in various battles or things I did not understand then, but when he was free, I spent a lot of time with him, learning how to survive in different situations, how to fight and how to be a tactician. When my father was gone, I had nothing , most part of my time I was studying from the crowd of books that he brought me.


 Once, I decided to go to a Dominion elf dealing with the art of weapons and utensils to take me as an apprentice. I really enjoyed doing it, but one day I saw what I was not supposed to see. That elf received a special order, and told me to go home. I did not want to, and I wanted to see what that order was about. Then I saw how from the elf’s hands come out something dark , and he covered the sword whit that substance. He saw me, laughed like a demon, took the sword and said,
"You should not have seen this, now I have to kill you"

I ran as fast as I could, but when I got home, my mom was not home anymore. I saw only my dad, who gave me a wooden sword and a backpack and told me to run and not to go back. I listened and I did, I went out on the gates of town and ran as much as I could , but I did not know why he told me to run . 


A few days later, I was caught by some people. I fought as much as I could, but I could not beat them with a wooden sword. They took me to a boat and locked me in a cage. I spent weeks in the cage maybe even months, eating the remnants that people gave me, but someday an elf girl came and opened the cage and told me to save myself. She was so beautiful, she had yellow eyes like me. He handed me the things that people took from me and he also gave me a sheet of paper.


While I was running, I found a cave where I decided to get rid of myself for a while. There I slept for a few hours until I was raised by a big spider that was coming toward me. I ran again, escaping. I did not know what to do, to expose myself to danger, or to go back home. After I got rid of the spider, the sheet of paper that the girl handed me fell off the backpack. I did not even read what she was writing about, and at that moment I decided to do it. There were only a few words written on the sheet:
"Find Your Sister" 

At that moment a lot of questions struck me, but I did not have time to think about their answers. The only thought that haunted me was to find my sister. 


(this biography combines with the biography of my previous character. Bellas is looking for his sister. I do not have access to that account, which is why I decided to do so in order to create the end of my previous character)

Character Name: Bellas Banfy
Character Race: Wood Elf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 64
Character Description: A tall mali'ame , around 5'8" ft and 120 lbs . He has yellow eyes and he has brown hair left on the back and a sword in his sheath

Interesting Facts:
He is an educated person who shows respect for others and always respects what he does.
it's afraid of spiders who live in caves, covering you with canvas and eating your head
He likes to discover and explore
Screenshot of Skin:

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