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  1. Cornivore

    The Steel Contract, 1689

    Ulric Grimlee seems confused. "Don't think my village of Nordengrad rebelled, seems someones spreading bullshit."
  2. The Grimlee Family Fields n Stable ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] Iris Grimlee leading the pony's back into the stables [!] On the 9th of The Grand Harvest, 1689, The Grimlee Family Fields n Stable would like to open its doors to all of Nordengrad to be able to work and get paid for their work in the Fields. The Grimlee family would also like to include their stables for the citizens of Nordengrad to be able to use for their own purposes, of keeping their horses safe and protected. The taxes for using the stables is five marks per full cycle. The working in the fields is paid by bundle of hay, one mark per bundle(64). The prices are negotiable talk with Ulric Grimlee if you are interested. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Ulric Grimlee, Chieftain of The Grimlee Family Amaryllis Grimlee, Chieftess of The Grimlee Family Iris Grimlee, Daisy Grimlee, Lille Grimlee, Rebekka Grimlee, Bjorn Grimlee,
  3. Cornivore


    I'm looking for some good people to change their MC names for the greater good, all you must do is change your name to a certain group. I.E. EmpireOfMan : D -Cornivore and Ponder
  4. Minecraft Name Cornivore Discord Cornivore#8461 Timezone Central Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Well for one I know that humans have come from the cannonist god and stuff, along with him making the Horens which was the royal house and humans came from them. I know that the elves came from Malin as descendants of him, sons and daughters, which then each had a war and it started to show the sub races for them. Orcs are descendants of krug. The dwarves are a descendant race, Children of Uruguan. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant The other pieces of lore I know about, is some basic dark elf stuff from being with the warhawkes, I also know about a ton of Santegian lore because I have been there ever since it has started, I also know a fair bit about lore from Courland even though its gone, its still useful in rp because of the Santegian Rebellion that people could write about in their applications. I also have vast knowledge of Norland, with the rebellion that sparked for many nations against Oren, the first real rebellion that Courland backed away and left the Rurics and Grimlee's from truly winning the war. I know know about the Red Faith a strong religion in the days of its prime in Norland. I know a little about Haense lore enough to be able to help with new players. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I love to help New Players, to help them learn the basics in how to rp, the basic commands they need to learn, as a seasoned veteran of the server, I know most of the commands by heart, and think I could answer many questions they might have, I am in the new player discord, and help out whenever theres a question, I have plenty of time to use to help the Application Team out, and the New Players of Lotc out. I would also Love to help the new players find a place that is right for the rp style they have, help lead them to the player base, that their race they are currently using, I Enjoy helping people. Now that I am back, I find my time coming back to what I was doing before I quit the server, I really just enjoyed rping with New players, helping them, and making sure they are enjoying their time on the server as much as I enjoy playing. I have found that rping in Haense there has been an influence of new players and I am glad that I am able to help them get their start on the server. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications One way I would be able to help the players of Lotc, would have to be, helping them find their place, because there are many nations and its scary when you're starting out, because you have no where to go, I also already stay quite active in Wandering soul chat helping them with questions, along with the New Player Discord. I want to find a way to set up an area that can teach new players the basic commands to rp, like how to use * or " or /s /w /q /rp ) I also think its important to help them find their place, as it is hard to keep the players to play when they are confused and do not have a place to go. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made The servers application to me, could possibly add a bit more lore requirements, because some of the same old back stories of parents killed by orcs, or just the ones that you see over and over get accepted, I would like to see more variety in the players understanding of the Lore. Even as it stands today the process needs some work, I remember back when I applied it was much harder to actually apply, it wasnt just type three sentences have one piece of lore and you're good, it was like two paragraph minimum three pieces of lore, and I think putting in that extra work, made me want to continue to play. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed I play the saxophone, and I am in a hard working band program that makes me, continue to push myself each day to be able to keep up with a steady growth process, I would use that process to put forth into Lotc, to help the New Players out Tell a joke How Many Trumpet Players Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? Five. One to actually do it and the other four to tell him how much better they could have done it.
  5. Cornivore

    Elevation: Uther "The Old" Grimlee

    Uther Grimlee smiles from Vallhala next to Hakon Ruric.
  6. Cornivore

    Songs of The Feild V2

    Seems like a feller'd ort 'o jes' to-day Git down and roll and waller, don't you know, In that-air stubble, and flop up and crow, Seein' sich craps! I'll undertake to say There're no wheat's ever turned out thataway Afore this season!--Folks is keerless tho', And too fergitful--'caze we'd ort 'o show More thankfulness!--Jes' looky hyonder, hey?-- And watch that little reaper wadin' thue That last old yaller hunk o' harvest-ground-- Jes' natchur'ly a-slicin' it in-two Like honey-comb, and gaumin' it around The field--like it had nothin' else to do On'y jes' waste it all on me and you!
  7. If anyone is interested in playing a new persona come talk with me. Either Pm me on discord the Forums or In-Game.

  8. Cornivore


  9. Issued and confirmed by Ulric Grimlee and Kjartan Arden On the 14th of Edvard’s Day, 1682 With the recent events being as they are, a decision has been made. The fierce Clan Grimlee, and the noble Clan Arden, deem it fit to take a step in the right direction, by unifying those of the Grimlee Clan and of the Ardenin Clan in a marital alliance. Hence, the marriage of Xalid Arden and Rebekka Grimlee has been decided and set in stone. There will be a momentous celebration of their unification, as their coming together is a turning point in the clan relations in our fine city, and will undoubtedly bring Nordengrad towards a more positive, harmonious future. We appreciate the support of you, our countrymen, and would like to congratulate the soon-to-be-wed couple. Writ En Namen De Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad Ulric Grimlee, Cheiftan of the Grimlee Clan, First Artisan of Nordengrad
  10. Cornivore

    Nordengrad Maeyr Election of 1682

    "I nominate myself." -Ulric Grimlee says.
  11. He would be another great choice, just like Malgonious. +1
  12. 14th The Suns Smile 1677 Ulric and Yvonne were sitting in their humble abode with their two daughters Rebekka and Josefina when word came that a settlement of refugees from their homeland has been made, Ulric at once stood up and turned to his wife. He spoke calm but he had energy as he was ready to see other folk who have been scattered because of Renatus "I will head to Nordengrad and find us a new home to stay in with people from our homeland." Yvonne gave a soft smile towards Ulric as she watched him gather his armor out of storage, she noticed he picked up a hatchet that looked like a relic, she asked him "Is that what I think it is?" He quickly responded with a warm smile "It is Skofnug the Hatchet of our family, the one Uther was bestowed by Hakon Ruric himself." He spoke with pride as he realized that was the only thing he managed to take with him out of the Krag. 14th The Suns Smile 1681 As Ulric woke up early that morning he realized there was a letter sitting at his bedside, he quickly opened it as he saw the stamp of Clan Grimlee. He read the following "Dear Ulric, it has been four years since we last saw each other, but it is time that the rest of your family arrives in Nordengrad to fill the Grimlee halls once more of the proud family of Grimlee. By the time you read this letter we should be halfway to Nordengrad. -Love Yvonne" At once Ulric ran downstairs to begin his preparation to fill the halls with the smells of cooking, Ulric began to bake the Grimlee bread, Honeyed Pork, Steamed Carrots, and Pumpkin Pie. A few hours would pass and several knocks were at the Clan Hall doors, Ulric at once opened it to welcome his wife and two daughters. He spoke to them quickly in excitement that they made it home at once "I have prepared for you a feast to celebrate your arrival to Nordengrad." They all sat down at the old table made ages ago feasting upon their desires. Too Be Continued....
  13. Cornivore

    We Should Bring Back Caskets

    All I know about grinding resources like old times is, I miss the random chance of getting a little box called a casket, back when the server was using Nexus. I was just wondering if we could get caskets back to add some enjoyment in farming with tools better than stone.