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  • Hello applicant, and welcome to The Lord of The Craft! This page will guide you through applying to the server.

    Feel free to log in at mc.lotc.co as a wandering soul and explore the server before submitting your application.


    Here are some important things to know before you apply:

    • You need to read the server rules before applying - find them here.

    • Register an account for our forums here.

    • Everything in your application must be your own work! Plagiarism results in automatic denial and could lead to being banned from applying to the server.

    • If your application is denied, you need to wait the full time that the AT member posts before re-applying. Take this time to look over your application and correct the errors. If you need help, send a forum message to the AT that reviewed your application.

    • You may only post up to five applications each calendar month. It’s a lot of work to review applications all day, so make sure you feel your application is up to scratch before posting it.

    • Your character can't be royal/noble/child of a famous person, an important character, come from lands other than those in the server lore or have any form of magical qualities. If you wish to learn magic after being accepted, you may find a teacher in game.

    • You may not have an overpowered character. For example, your character cannot easily take down four opponents at once.

    • Your application must include server lore, such as a location of birth and where you live. World events would also work.

    • Your character must be over eighteen years old (once you’re accepted, you can have a character of any age). However, remember elves are not culturally considered adults until the age of 50.

    • Players are allowed to be evil and commit acts that may harm other player’s characters. It’s very important that you are aware of villainy rules and follow them. If applying with a villainous character, remember it must make sense for the character.

    • The content on this server is largely online interactions and thus may contain explicit violence, including that towards defenseless people and killing without motive, strong language, sexual references, simulated gambling, depiction of drug and alcohol use, or discrimination. Due to this, you must be at least 13 years of age to play this server.

    • Only post completed applications. Work in progress applications are at risk of being processed with all rules still applying.


    Here are few tips before you apply:

    • Try to keep the application clear of spelling and grammar mistakes to the best of your ability. This will make reviewing process easier.

    • Make sure you read up on your race first and include lore in your biography. You will find lots of helpful information in our wiki.

    • Put time and effort into your application, in the long run it all pays off.


    NEW - Waiting for the Application Team to see your application? Have a minecraftforum.net account? Please notify us by going HERE and posting a reply. Submit your Minecraft username and tell us you have applied. We want to get you Roleplaying as soon as possible.


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  • Your Age: 20 Rules: Yes Timezone: GMT - 8 (Pacific Time US & Canada)
    Referral: Through a Friend
    What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is when you reveal/release IC (in character) information to OOC (Out of character) sources such as: Discord, Skype, and personal messages for improving in characterly.
    What is Powergaming?: Powergaming is when you act over-powered. Doing something you wouldn't be able to do realistically, such as slicing body parts off with a single slice without giving the other person a chance to avoid/deflect/take the attack.
    1 Status: Accepted

Theevil Dodru was raised in the city of Linandria, along with his own parents for years. Though, following the traditions of the Dark Elf ways, his parents and others of his kind would often practice in the distant forest. Aiming to train him and the younger generation of the old traditional ways, the practices were often tough and at times punishing. Taught to stand his ground but to not engage in others battles, he took knowledge of the history his people had had with the wood and the high Elves. Living in the city of Linandria, Theevil was taught the basics of Aspectism as it was the ruling religion among all the elves in the Dominion of Malin. He had taken a liking to the religion, seeing that religion was something  to be considered new to him as he was taught to worship his ancestors instead. to  By the time Theevil was the age of 25, he had began teaching the other young elves, no matter the kind, about the ways of a Dark Elf if interested. He taught and protected his own son had gained from his romantic lover he had at the time. Though, a sudden attack inside their home sent Theevil into a spiral of emotions. Their home was small, and only held the necessities as wealth wasn’t something he was taught to flaunt.  With such little visible, they held other objects like family heirlooms and brooches under compartments of the home.  To this day, Theevil still is unaware of who had broken into his home that night, due to the darkness, the figure blended in fairly well. The man who took his family from him, their innocent lives for attempting to protect what was theirs. It broke Theevil, it hurt him deeply. He took months to heal, and even to this day he still is very sensitive to it. He left the home, the city, and still wander the lands. Not entirely trying to find where the killer had gone, but how to find his old happier self. Along the way, he had met several people, those ranging from lone High elves to Humans to even Ogres who had attempted to attack him at one point. 

Character Name: Theevil Dodru
Character Race: Dark Elf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 36
Character Description: A dark elf standing at approximately 6'2 and around 148 lbs. His skin is a dark grey, along with light red eyes, straight teeth, and very clear skin.
Interesting Facts:
Is often quiet, though when speaking he comes off as rude.
Has trouble sleeping, nightmares, feelings of anxiety. (The modern PTSD.)
Has a drinking problem, usually used to sleep.
Screenshot of Skin:
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1yPM0YR.png You are almost there, you just need a little bit of help.

  1. Your Biography is a little lacking in the servers lore. I would request you please look upon it and add onto it using some lore. If you need help here is the wiki. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Main_Page

(You have 24 hours to fix these few changes, until it is automatically denied, unless you are actively working on it.) If you ever require assistance feel free to privately message me on the forums, or in the discord. Cornivore#8461 Also feel free to join the public server discord: https://discord.gg/4W6GXP4 You can also join the New Player discord for extra help: https://discord.gg/4W6GXP4

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